View Full Version : the superhero/villans club

25th January 2008, 6:38 PM
this club is for your superheroes that you make up and talk about others heroes or villans that you think are good, creative or aren't that good.

heroes are to get started

Joseph can grow multiple parts of his body called body subsitution and has temporal duplication.

sara can inflict people with toxic cemicles, infect electronics with a virus so they do her commands

Crystal will use the surrounding land and use whatever she can as a weapon.

Aidan has the ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured or exposed to.

Drake has the power called disintegration where he can turn the hardest metal into crumbs

Presscott has super strength and he is made of metal which is a bulletproof coating.

Skyla is a very common power called animal mimicry which lets her take on the abilities of certain animals

Sarah Lee can consume any sort of matter without any ill effects on her.

Dylan is a technopath and has a weak sense of mediumship in him

Cory has gravity minipulation,intangibility and supposingly he thinks he has immortality.

heroes don't have to have superhero names and you can have a discussion about your superhero or villan story.