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12th February 2008, 7:37 PM
Welcome! This is a club to discuss your berry and underground hunting progress! Please read the rules before you ask to join.

1. Please refrain from using only a one sentence post. ex. "Just got a fossil in the underground." would not be acceptable. Please follow these rules. This will keep the forum from clogging up.

2. Try to edit your posts. For ex. " i wantz ot jion plz" is a little bit over the edge. Capitalization errors are fine, but we need to be able to read your post. (noobs as well as more experienced members are both welcome. We will learn to help each other.)

In your first post, please tell us why you would like to join and your fav. underground item and berry. Also, you must include the phrase, "Hey whats up I'm -insert username here- and I have clearly read the rules and understand them." Then continue with her post. Also tell us your favorite pokemon and something else about you. Please Enjoy this club and follow the rules!

My Post would be:
Item: Root fossil
Berry: Pumkin aka. enigma
Pokemon: Piplup
My Favorite Color is pink.
"Hey whats up I'm -Sunny13- and I have clearly read the rules and understand them."

1. Owner- Sunny13
2. Co-owner-
3. Co-owner-
5. Underground explorer
4. Berry Master

Only these people may let people in. Only owners and co-owners can ban people.

So, who wants to join?

P.S. This club has many topics for the reason of, we want a variety of members. If this club doesnt suceed join the underground diggers club!

19th February 2008, 11:15 PM
Closed upon request.