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12th February 2008, 10:11 PM

First of all, this club is meant for people that like Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3 from the Xbox and the Xbox 360. If you are also a fan of the novels you may join.

Secondly, I need some people that are good at making banners. The first three people to make awesome banners become co-owners of the club. I want a banner for every covenant species: grunts, jackals, drones, elites, hunters, and brutes.

When you want to become a member state what alien you would like to be and I will add you. And you start at the lowest rank of that species and rank up by the number of posts that you have.

*Elites and Brutes have the most ranks because they are the two most respected species within the covenant. Just because the other species have less ranks doesn't mean that they are pointless to be. Everyone still has to have 100 posts to fully rank up.

Here's the ranking system for each species:

Grunt Minor- sign up
Grunt Major- 25 posts
Grunt Heavy- 50 posts
Special Operations Grunt- 75 posts
Grunt Ultra- 100 posts

Jackal Minor- sign up
Jackal Major- 35 posts
Jackal Sniper- 70 posts
Jackal Ranger- 100 posts

Drone Minor- sign up
Drone Major- 35 posts
Drone Pack Leader- 70 posts
Drone Queen- 100 posts

Elite Minor- sign up
Elite Major- 10 posts
Elite Ultra- 20 posts
Elite Ranger- 30 posts
Stealth Elite- 40 posts
Special Operations Elite- 50 posts
Special Operations Commander- 60 posts
Elite Honor Guard- 70 posts
Elite Honor Guard Ultra- 80 posts
Elite Zealot- 90 posts
Elite Councilor- 100 posts

Hunter (By itself)- sign up
Hunter Pack- 50 posts
Hunter Pack Leader- 100 posts

Brute Minor- sign up
Brute Major- 10 posts
Brute Ultra- 20 posts
Brute Stalker- 30 posts
Brute Jumppack- 40 posts
Brute Bodyguard- 50 posts
Brute Captain- 60 posts
Brute Captain Major- 70 posts
Brute Captain Ultra- 80 posts
Brute Chieftain (Crimson/Black Armor)- 90 posts
Brute Chieftain (Gold Armor)- 100 posts


4th March 2008, 9:09 PM
I will join i really want to get Halo 3 for xBox 360 But i dont have the money for the game or an xBox 360<_>

17th March 2008, 3:58 AM
I'd like to join as an Elite please?