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22nd February 2008, 12:54 AM
Yes, there has been an old club here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=277274) but the previous owner closed it due to being unable to be active on these forums.

Warriors is an original fantasy series created by three authors[two writers(Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry) and one editor(Vicky Holmes) under the pen name Erin Hunter] that follows the adventures of various wild cats as they try to survive in their forest homes under a set of laws called the warrior code.
After the original series was completed (with a total of six books), the Erins created The New Prophecy and are currently working on Power Of Three where each have/are supposed to have six books as well. They have some extra field guide and special edition books as well as manga.

This is a club where we discuss the current book(s), the older books, characters, shippings and recent news about the series. Members can share and discuss basically anything related to the series whether it'd be a debate or a conversation on the plot/storyline, romantic themes/relationships(thus pairings/shippings) or plainly just a topic.

Oh, yes. Everyone's seen it around forums and this is no exception.
1. All SPPf rules still apply.
2. No double posting. There is an edit button for your posts.
3. No spamming. This is for discussion and sharing news, not chatting.
4. No profanity. This should be obvious. Keep swearing to a minimum. Best if used not at all.
5. Try to avoid getting into subjects like racism, politics and religion.
6. No flaming/trolling. Treat others with respect.
7. No exclusive claiming of a character and no "___ is better" posts.
8. Don't ask to be promoted. It is up to the Leader or Co-Owner(s).
9. Fanart is allowed. If the image is large, please post a link instead. We don't want to lag dial-up users.
10. No advertising.
*FOR SPOILERS* 11. This only applies to the current book(s). Post spoilers ONLY if you use spoiler tags.
*FOR JOINING* 12. You cannot join if you never even read any book from the series. You would not understand anything that is discussed.
13. Upon joining, you may appoint yourself to a Clan and give yourself an apprentice name. Be original and realistic. Also, state which book you are up to and update it every time you finish a book and start a new one. Manga, special edition and field guide books do not count. People who reach a certain amount of posts or are extremely active can receive warrior names or possibly be co-owner.
14. If you would like to join, the first sentence of your post must be underlined. Also, give a few reasons for why you would like to join. No one-liners. No "I like ___", please.




All Warriors Books

The Original Series
Book 1 - Into The Wild
Book 2 - Fire And Ice
Book 3 - Forest Of Secrets
Book 4 - Rising Storm
Book 5 - A Dangerous Path
Book 6 - The Darkest Hour

The New Prophecy
Book 1 - Midnight
Book 2 - Moonrise
Book 3 - Dawn
Book 4 - Starlight
Book 5 - Twilight
Book 6 - Sunset

Power Of Three
Book 1 - The Sight
Book 2 - Dark River
Book 3 - Outcast *title name confirmed, unreleased*
Book 4 - Eclipse *title name confirmed, unreleased*
Book 5 - Long Shadows *title name confirmed, unreleased*
Book 6 - ???

Super Edition
- Firestar's Quest
- There will be a super edition book based on Bluestar. *title name unconfirmed, unreleased*
- There will be a super edition book based on SkyClan. *title name unconfirmed, unreleased*

Field Guides
- Secrets of the Clans
- Cats of the Clans *title name confirmed, unreleased*

Warriors Manga

Graystripe Trilogy
Book 1 - The Lost Warrior
Book 2 - Warrior's Refuge
Book 3 - Warrior's Return *title name confirmed, unreleased*

The Rise of Scourge
The Rise of Scourge *title name confirmed, unreleased*

Tigerstar and Sasha
Into the Woods *title name confirmed, unreleased*

Warriors play/script
After Sunset: We Need To Talk - It can be viewed here (http://warriorcats.com/data/downloads/we_need_to_talk.pdf).

- Cats Of The Clans cover revealed here (http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Cats-Clans-Erin-Hunter/dp/0061458562/ref=pd_bbs_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202946537&sr=8%20-2). Expected release: June 24th.
- The Rise of Scourge cover revealed here (http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Rise-Scourge-Erin-Hunter/dp/0061478679/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b). Expected release: June 24th.
- Power Of Three: Outcast cover revealed here (http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Power-Three-Outcast/dp/0060892080/ref=pd_sim_b_img_2). Expected release: April 22nd.
- Warrior's Return manga cover revealed here (http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Return-Erin-Hunter/dp/0061252336/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b). Expected release: April 22nd.

Reference Links
Wands And Worlds Author Chat (http://www.wandsandworlds.com/community/node/2998)
Official Warriors Website (http://warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html)
Author Kate Cary's Website (http://www.theguttersnipe.co.uk/)
Amazon.com's Warriors book list. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_6045682_2?ie=UTF8&docId=1000157201&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=hero-quick-promo&pf_rd_r=1QEV5CF2W05E6HDNV595&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_p=339464601&pf_rd_i=0061478679) Great for keeping accurate release dates and revealed cover art.