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25th February 2008, 8:37 AM
The Jimmy/Kenta/Gold fanclub~

If you've wandered in here, you are either aware of what this club is about or you're not aware. Quite simply, this is a fanclub in honor of the star of the 90 minute Raikou special in Pokemon Chronicles.
http://www.studiopokemon.com/imagenes/oro-plata/informacion/kenta.gif(credit to Ken Sugimori)
He is an energetic and heroic boy who believes in doing the right thing! Some like them because he seems cooler than Ash, others are just emotinally attached to him. He is better known as the hero of Pokemon Gold/Silver! Not only may we discuss Jimmy/Kenta in this club, but also his manga counterpart Gold.

Of course, what club exists without its own set of rules? These rules are to be followed by all, no exceptions:
-You must follow all Serebiiforum rules.
-Clearly state that you want to join when joining this club. To get in you must answer this: "What do you like most about Kenta?" You must provide atleast two sentences on what you like most about him.
-Don't make one sentence posts. I'm telling you this for your own good.
-When posting fanart of Kenta or Gold, please give credit to the original artist, even if you were the one who made it. If you cannot find out who made it, please state that you don't know. On another note, it's best to post fanart of Kenta or Gold as a link, just incase the image is fairly big.
-Anybody is free to make a topic.( but you must not abuse this rule)Topics should not be changed until enough people discuss it. Obviously, the topic has to relate to Kenta or Gold.
-Please try to use proper grammar in this club. I really don't want this club to give itself a bad name.
If anybody thinks up any more decent rules for the club, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
-If a member flames another member even ONCE, they will be "banned" from this club on the spot. I don't tolerate jerks and neither would Kenta. Therefore, keep your insults to yourself.
-You must have a post count of atleast 30 to join. This shows that you actually come on to Serebii often enough and are worthy to join the club.
-You may join if you're not on Serebii often, but don't expect to become a Co-Owner.

Club Banners
None as of yet.
Member List
Owner: ^^Yoshinichi^^
Co-Owners: You must prove yourself worthy to be a co-owner. That means posting often, being respectful, getting Kenta fanart..things like that. DO NOT ASK TO BE A CO-OWNER. If I find you to be worthy I will PM you. Co-Owner's help moderate the club and notify the Owner if there are any problems.