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2nd March 2008, 11:11 AM
Well, seeing as the last Final Fantasy club has been inactive for a while, I decided to make a new one!

So...Welcome one and all to the Final Fantasy club, dedicated to one of the most popular gaming series ever invented! It started all the way back at Final Fantasy I (now released on Game boy advance and PSP) all the way up to the in the making Final Fantasy XIII (coming to PS3) and not to mention the nicely added extras on the side such as sequels, prequels, movies and even un-linked content such as Crystal Chronicles and Tactics. Yes Final Fantasy has been around for a long time and has attracted players of all ages with its stylish graphics, awesome game play and breathtaking plots. It has become one of the most fondly regarded RPGís of our time.

This club is not only dedicated to the series, but to its characters, merchandise and even its makers. You will be able to discuss favourites, least favourites, characters, to beís and not to beís and even your own ideas and thoughts of the series. But this is not only just for the discussions you will be allowed to participate in competitions, quizzes, RPGís and post your favourite links and art!

So if youíre a Fan of Final Fantasy in any way, then please feel free to join and be with those who share your love! =D

Final Fantasy

Below is a list of all (or at least I think all) of the Final Fantasy series. I may be missing a few books and extra chapters, especially with Final Fantasy VII, but the list is mainly so that you members know what you can discuss etc. The list ranges from the games, to spin-offs and movies. But donít let the list limit you, you can discuss action figures, soundtracks, walkthroughs and books:

Final Fantasy Series
Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XI (PC, Xbox 360)
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII(In the making)

Prequels and Sequels
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (The lost episode)
Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (Mobile)
Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis II (Mobile)
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy VII: Remake (Rumoured)
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy XIII: Agito (Mobile, in the making)

Movies and TV
Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals
Final Fantasy: Spirits within
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
Final Fantasy Unlimited

Chocobo Series
Chocobo Racing
Chocobo World
Chocobo Dungeon
Chocobo Dungeon II
Chocobo Tales: Final Fantasy Fables

Other Final Fantasy Media
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles the Crystal Bearers
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Grimoire of the Rift

Other Media
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts: Coded
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep


All forum and club rules apply but I also wish to add my own and emphasise some others:

No1) You have to be a fan of Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. You can be a fan of one character or the OSTís, it doesnít matter but you have to be a fan.
No2) Please remember than this is a Final Fantasy fan club, not a Kingdom hearts one. If you want that then go to the Kingdom Heart club if there is one. I donít mind fans of Kingdom Hearts, but its mainly Final Fantasy.
No3) No bashing! By this I mean, donít come here for the pure purpose of bashing either the club or something related to Final Fantasy. You can dislike something, but I donít want flaming.
No4) Make your post count. I want you to contribute to the club, so make your post count by adding something to them, make them longer than one line if you can please.
No5) Read posts! Donít come in here going Ďwhat are we talking about?í. Read the posts!
No6) Be active! I donít want you joining and then not be active, which is the main reason of the ranking system. If you are not active you go down in rank until you are banned from the club, okay.

Ranking system

Now to ensure activeness, you will all be given ranks in the club. So the more you post and contribute the higher your rank will go. If your rank lowers and you become inactive, then Iím afraid you will be banned from the club for the time being. There is to be a president (me) and a vice president (someone I choose) to lead the club, the rest of you will go up in ranks:

Turk (Owner)

General (Co-Owner)


SOLDIER class 1

SOLDIER class 2

SOLDIER class 3


Shin-Ra Cadet

Ex SOLDIER (Banned)

Topics of Discussion

There is only to be one topic of discussion at the time. If that one seems to have come to an end then feel free to post another. But the club isnít just about topics, feel free to talk amongst yourselves but try and keep on the topic of Final Fantasy as much as you can. Any current topics of discussion will be recorded here:


There will be competitions and the sort, such as quizzes, fanart, fanfiction and even the chance to join in on RPGís. S o lets keep the club alive, yeah? Any running competitions and past competitions (and winners) will be recorded here:

Member content

You are able to post fanficion, fanart music videos and anything of the like. I will try my hardest to list them here as often as I can, I may even make a photo gallery for fanart etc depending on how popular things are. So if you have anything of the sort, feel free to post it up here ^_^:


You can post sites, but not forums. The sites can be to do with Kingdom hearts or Final Fantasy, but please make sure not to post any forums. Those go in your signature and are there for someone to click on at their own will, so neither do I want anyone saying Ďlook at my signature!!!í So Links will be recorded here:

Walkthroughs and Guides

If you are having trouble with a game then you can request help, so donít be shy Iím sure youíll find someone here who knows what theyíre doing. But you can also post links up here that lead to walkthroughs and guides and they will be listed here for future use:


Show your dedication by putting a club banner in your sig. If you have more to contribute, then please post them:




Blackjack Gabbiani
4th March 2008, 11:30 PM
I'm in. My favorite is VI, it totally rules.

I think it's a shame there's almost no merchendise for 6 and before. I've got some keychains and the Master Creatures figure of Kefka, and that's it.

5th March 2008, 9:53 AM
I haven't played six yet ;-; My boyfriend has it put aside for me in work so I'll get it soon. But at the moment, Final Fantasy VII is my ultimate favourite and I love it so much I really don't think I'm going to be blown away by another game ;-; Which is saddening lol.

11th May 2008, 10:42 AM
I'm in the final fantasy I love is the ninth

12th May 2008, 8:35 AM
I want to join. My favs is IX, VII and V.

Yonowaru in Chaos
12th May 2008, 8:44 AM
*looks at the amount of clubs I'm in...*

Well I just couldn't resist joining! uhh...well even though the only one I've ever played thoroughly is FFIII (DS), FFX and FFX-2 as well as the two main KH titles, I am ver much interested in the other games. The only reason why I haven't got them is because I only started becoming a fan three years ago.

I would've loved to have enjoyed FF right in the PS ages but sadly, to put it in to harsher words, I couldn't give a damn. And I even remember FFIX staring at me right in the face! Or was that Chrono Cross...? Well, I deserved to die back then, but then, I wouldn't be posting here, if I was...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to XIII and the remakes of IV and V on DS, as well as KH: 358/2 days also on DS. If I had a PSP, I'd probably also get FFVII: Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep.

I'm also a really big fan of FF and KH music. I'd loved to get Uematsu's signature, but Shimomura's is enough! (you probably wouldn't know what I'm talking about here...) Along with Castlevania and Pokemon, Final Fantasy must be one of the best franchises out there!

Oh yeah...can I join?

Blackjack Gabbiani
12th May 2008, 9:05 AM
They've confirmed V for the DS? Ooooh...I hated V, but that means VI can't be far behind.

Yonowaru in Chaos
12th May 2008, 9:12 AM
I guess. I know about IV, and V was mentioned along with it. I never really like V really, the only thing good about it in my opinion state right now is Clash on the Big Bridge.

Oh yeah, VI was also awesome! The music was great there: Dancing Mad, The Wedding Waltz Duel, Aria di Mezzo Carattere (Darkness and Starlight, for the Black Mages) and Techno de Chocobo! Kefka Dancing Mad! *sigh* too bad I never played the game.

I might e-bay the PS version at some point in time....

Blackjack Gabbiani
12th May 2008, 9:23 AM
The music in VI is awesome. My favorite is Terra's Theme. I could listen to that all day long it's so pretty.

Dancing Mad is the best end boss music ever. One Winged Angel can suck it.

Yonowaru in Chaos
12th May 2008, 9:26 AM
I like Advent: One Winged Angel though, but not really the original one, the instrumental choice was rather bad.

Have you heard the Black Mages version?

For the themes, Relm, Gau and Edgar and Mash are good, as well as Cayenne.

Blackjack Gabbiani
12th May 2008, 10:48 AM
Oh yeah, I've heard most of the Black Mages stuff. Except for their new album, I've only heard the opera off that.

And someone needs to do a live performance of that. I know a place downtown where I live that'd be perfect for it, but we'd need to stage it.

13th May 2008, 4:39 AM
HI can i join i love vivi and bathier and i have final fanstay 3,6,9 and 12

24th May 2008, 7:12 PM
I would like to join. My favorite Final Fantasy game is VII.

24th May 2008, 8:37 PM
Count me in too! I mainly like the original, IV, VI, VIII, X, and XII. I also have a fanfiction based on the world of the original (it's in my sig, if you want to read.)

Currently, I've been playing IV on my GBA, and I've been grinding away at XII.

24th May 2008, 8:42 PM
I'd like to join as well.

Though, to be honest, I'm more a fan of the spin-off games than the main series... :p

Blaziken Fan
30th May 2008, 6:25 PM
I'd like to join. I've played FF X-2, FF III DS, FF XII Reveant Wings FF I PSP FF II PSP FF Tactics The War of The Lions and Final Fantasy V Advance. I'm getting Final Fantasy IV DS when it comes out.

Blackjack Gabbiani
31st May 2008, 6:22 AM
I've been so bad. I just racked up 400+ hours on my Pearl game but still haven't beaten FFVI even though I've had it since last winter.

Yonowaru in Chaos
31st May 2008, 6:44 AM
Even though I've never played it, FFVI always seems like such a long game to me, compared to other Final Fantasy games, isn't it?

The storyline also seems rather long.

Blackjack Gabbiani
31st May 2008, 10:10 AM
I thought 8 and 9 were longer. 6 is so much fun you don't notice the time. And heck, it's got a key plot point that involves an opera being crashed by a giant octopus. Respect.

Yonowaru in Chaos
31st May 2008, 10:13 AM
I never studied them more than I did with IV, VI, VI, so that may be so.

Incidentally, that opera is the only opera ever composed for a video game. The vocals on the original versions was a tad bit disturbing though.

Blackjack Gabbiani
1st June 2008, 2:31 AM
It is, really? The only one? Wasn't there an opera scene in Parasite Eve? They must have used a previously written piece then.

And yeah, they were. I wonder how they'll do it should they do the rerelease with voices like they did with IV. Because it's brought up that Celes can't sing. I mean, having a history as a military commander, she should be able to project just fine, but as for the vocal...well, Locke broke into hysterics when he heard her.

Yonowaru in Chaos
1st June 2008, 5:05 AM
It is, really? The only one? Wasn't there an opera scene in Parasite Eve? They must have used a previously written piece then.

And yeah, they were. I wonder how they'll do it should they do the rerelease with voices like they did with IV. Because it's brought up that Celes can't sing. I mean, having a history as a military commander, she should be able to project just fine, but as for the vocal...well, Locke broke into hysterics when he heard her.

lol, use the power of magicite to sing!

They did make numerous remakes of 'Aria di Mezzo Carattere' with an Italian opera singer who sang on numerous occaisions on numerous vocal albums, like the Final Fantasy Vocals Album (it has everything up to 'Melodies of Life' from FFIX if memory serves me correctly).

Blackjack Gabbiani
1st June 2008, 5:19 AM
Yeah, but the professional singer wouldn't work for Celes because she can't sing.

Of course, of greater importance would be what they'd do for Kefka's laugh. It's probably the most recognizable sound effect in the series. So would they have the voice actor laugh instead, or would they use the same 16-bit sound they've used from the beginning? Or some mix thereof like in the old Tarzan movies?

Yonowaru in Chaos
1st June 2008, 5:23 AM
Well if it works for pokemon cries, perhaps Kefka's laugh will remain the same, unless there is a disturbing element that prevents the developers from doing so.

I don't know, did they do that for the GBA version?

Blackjack Gabbiani
1st June 2008, 6:21 AM
They kept it the same in the GBA remake, but I meant if they did a remake with voice actors like they did with IV.