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4th March 2008, 8:53 PM
This is my first club ever!Woohoo!

Firstly,this club is for people that like/love Trauma Center or/and they are fans of Trauma Center.

1.Follow all Serebii.Net rules. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=4220622)
2.You can bash about characters but not too much.
3.Use correct grammer and spelling.
5.Do not use MSN language.(For example U=You Y=Why etc.)
6.Do not act like a noob.Doing so may lead to you getting banned and making a complete idoit out of yourself.
7.I am a female.
8.Don't be shy to ask questions.
9.No fighting.
10.Feel free to PM me.

The Member List

Now onto the member list.




Elite Members:Nobody

Special Members:Nobody

Normal Members:Nobody

The banned list:Nobody

The Member List Explantion

Normal Members can discuss Trauma Center.

Special Members can discuss and create topics about Trauma Center.(For example Who is your favourite character in Trauma Center Second Opinion?)

Elite Members can discuss and create topics and can tell people off,if they are breaking the rules.

An Assistance can discuss,create topics,tell people off.However if the Co-owners are not available the Assistance looks after the Club.

Co-owners can do the same as the Assistance expect they look after the club all the time.(Unless they are busy or ill etc.)

The Leader is in charge of the whole Club and can give promotions to people that desevere it.

The Trauma Center Games

These are the Trauma Center games:

Trauma Center Under the Knife

Trauma Center Second Opinion

Trauma Center New Blood

Banners and Userbars

Feel free to post your banners and userbars!And please could somebody create a banner for our Club?

Thank you for reading.If you spot any mistakes just PM me.Have fun!