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8th March 2008, 1:53 AM
Hello! Cacaruka here.
This club is a place to discuss the Rockman series, games and anime, or even that old Megaman cartoon.
Please don't spam up the thread-intelligent discussion only.
If you do actually start spamming the thread, I will have to put you on the banned list, so beware!
Members can start topics or games, the latter will be accepted as long as it has reasonable rules and actually relates to the series. (Hell, you can even discuss the Misadventures of Tron Bonne here. It's Rockman, isn't it?)
I'm around almost every day, so if you want to join, you can PM me or just post in the club thread.
(If you want to RP, you can start a mini-RP if you'd like, as well. If it gets too out of hand I'll have to stop it, though, so be cautious.)
Club Owner:
Co-Owners(2 spots available):
Banned List(hopefully I'll never have to use this):
Serebii Forums rules apply.
1. Don't spam up the thread.
2. Keep the bad language to a minimum.
3. Don't loop a topic and keep going at the same argument.
4. If you even TOUCH the subject of yaoi or hentai, I will HURT you so very badly.
5. Got some interesting art or a fanfic? You can post a link to it in the thread, and I'll put it up, but don't post the whole thing, especially if (for pictures) it's really big, or (for fanfics) it's really long.
6. There are a million topics in the Classic series alone, I'm betting, so I think you won't have any problem discussing any series. Try not to go off topic.
7. I KNOW Bob and George is popular, and it relates to Megaman, but it's not official, so we won't discuss fancomics here. Speaking of fancomics, you can also post links to them as well.
8. NO LEET SPEAK. Be coherent! I'm sure if a 12-year old like me can type this up in proper english, you can too.
That be all. See you later! Happy posting!