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8th March 2008, 4:39 AM
Pokemon Sweepers Club

-Section 1-
This club is for people who love sweepers. These are pokemon with high attack and speed who use their stats to knock out most of the opponents team.

Basically in this club you will be talking about sweepers, and also will be battling or trading other members. Most of the trades or battles are just because you want to. Sometimes we will do some experimental battles where we use a specific number of sweepers in our party. (All the battles don’t have to be with level 100s. If you have some sweepers that you could use that aren’t level 100, just agree with the person you are battling with a new level)

Prizes will also be given out for people who trade and win battles. Normally it is a rare pokemon that is hard to find in the game.

You will also get points for trading, winning a battle or just being active. Ranks are also given for the number of points you have. Here are the amount of points you get for each thing, and how much points you need to get to a rank:
Being active enough for a week: 30 points.
Doing a successful trade: 50 points
Winning a normal battle: 80 points
Winning a special sweeper battle:120 points

Rookie Trainer: Starting Rank
Average Trainer: 80 points
Studious Trainer: 120 points
League Challenger: 180 points
League Champion: 250 points
Undefeated Trainer : 450 points
Moderator(of the club): 800 points

Being a moderator of the club is the highest rank possible. If you are a moderator things you will have to keep the club running successfully, and make sure no-one is breaking the rules. If you reach the moderator rank and don’t want to do these things, just tell me and your rank will be set to: “Retired Moderator.”

If you want to request a trade with any other member who has the pokemon you want post a reply in this thread saying the pokemon you are trading and what pokemon you want. Here is an example:

Pokemon wanted: Mesprit lvl 50-100. EV trained SpAtk(252) and Speed(252)
Pokemon Trading: Zapdos lvl 100. Evs= 129 SpAtk 129 Speed 252 Attack

If you want to trade a specific member, send a PM to them.
The same thing applies for a battle. PM or put a request if you want a normal battle or special sweeper battle. Here is an example for a battle request:

SpSweep battle. Full party sweepers.
Lvl 50
No ubers.

-Section 2-
Helping the Sweepers Club will raise your points and rank very quickly. Even by just putting a link to this thread in your signature will raise your points by about 100. We are still looking for a banner though. Making a banner for the Sweepers Club will raise your points by 250. Basically the point of being in this club is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t feel like you are under pressure. I won’t ban anyone for not being online often. Sweepers are great pokemon to use in your party. Unlike some pokemon who faint on the same turn they get switched in, sweepers can mess up any of your opponents plans.

While you are a member, you have the choice to be a Sweeper advertiser. If you are a sweeper advertiser I will raise your points by an extra 20 for each week you are active. Anyway, if you are a sweeper advertiser you basically will have to give a small effort to advertising sweepers. This doesn’t mean creating a thread called ‘Sweepers rule,’ or replying to the wrong thread just to advertise. You might just it in your signature, or if there is some thread about pokemon stats you might scrutinize sweepers there. Here is an example of how to advertise sweepers(It doesn’t have to be this big, normally just one or two lines)

Ever thought of the pokemon which just kill your opponents team in 2 seconds? These are sweepers, the key to winning a pokemon battle.
Sweepers get rid of stallers, team supporters, and defensive walls. Think of the top-notch trainers you see on Youtube. They all have at least one sweeper.

Well, that’s it. If you think of sweepers just like me, join the sweepers club.

Oh, and to join post these points:

1)Why you like sweepers
2)Optional:Your Friend Code
3)Favourite sweeper

2nd April 2008, 1:35 AM
Sorry for double post, just posted ^^ twice

Legendary Warrior
2nd April 2008, 1:53 PM
Hello i would like to join!

1)Because you never know fast equals more hits on the Oppenents and getting away is far more achivialble than ordinary Pokemon

2)I do want to give it out but i can't be bothered to get on my game


also i can be a club artist if yo need one