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13th March 2008, 1:59 AM
Hi there this is sunny13 and This is the....


So I'm sure youve got plenty of Questions, So let me answer a few before you all ask:
Q- What is the Purpose of this club?
A- Well, this club is to make non-evolved pokemon more known in the pokemon world. For example- Rhydon is more commonly seen in teams than Rhyhorn. Now, I under stand that most un-evolved pokemon are pretty weak. So, to test out your newly trained-non evolved pokemon, you can battle other members with the same pokemon on this forum through Wi-Fi. THE POKEMON YOU USE MAY NOT BE EVOLVED UNLESS STATED OTHER WISE.
Q-Do I have to Have Wi-Fi to join?
A-No! Of course not. I dont even have Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is just used for fun and is not required for this club.
Q- I've seen a lot of grammer and spelling rules on other clubs. Some wont even let you join if your bad. Is that the case here?
A- No absolutly not. Just please make your messege legalble. One liners not allowed.
Q-What are the rules?
A-Well, Stay on topic, unless the topic is at least 3 hours old. And, If you are gone for about two weeks, its understood. Just PM at anytime to give me your reasoning, and to let me know you are currently active. Thats pretty much it!

Help Wanted!
We need a person to make us banners, user bars and picture links. Please help! You dont have to be a member.

Heres the member list!
1- Sunny13-Super Mod! President.

Each month, there will be a Pokemon Of the Month. (POM) That is the pokemon we will raise, But not evolve for the next month. So please eveyone,

Join and Enjoy!

13th March 2008, 3:09 AM
Well...um hi, can I join, and possbly be a co-owner, I love (certen) Unevoved pokemon, manly Chimchar, and Munchlax, sorry but I know not a thing about making banners

13th March 2008, 8:29 AM
well, can i join, but i might not be able to do it with every pokemon though, i do not have wi-fi yet, i am thinking of getting it though.
and can i be a co-owner?

13th March 2008, 11:32 AM
Hey, can i join too, maybe possibly co-owner (if u allow it, but if not, i completely respect it). I love some unevolved pokemon, like Poliwhirl, Electabuzz, Haunter, and even Eevee! So please, can I join?