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godzilla 3000
14th March 2008, 6:10 AM
In this club, we talk about the anime, Lucky Star.Who’s your favorite character? Do you think the main characters are cute?

- Normal SPPf Rules.
- No SPAMing.
- No Flaming or Bashing. Especially if you are NOT a member.
- If you have more knowledge in this anime than someone else,think yourself as their mentor.
- Please use spoiler tags incase someone doesn’t want to get spoiled.
- USE THE FORM IF ASKING TO JOIN. Failure to do so and you will be ignored.
- Remember the motto of this club and follow it at all times.
- If you are corrected, do not get mad. This happens all the time.
- If someone asks a stupid question that you think everyone knows by now, just answer it!
- Have fun!

Failure to follow the rules will result in the following:

1st offense: Two day ban
2nd offense: Week ban
3rd offense: two week ban
4th offense: banned for a month and reported
5th offense: Per-ma ban

Form for asking to join
How do you know about this animé?:
Other favorite animé’s besides this?:
Why is it you want to join?:
How or who were you referred to here by?:


godzilla_3000 (owner)

Club Banners:


godzilla 3000
19th March 2008, 5:23 AM
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