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14th March 2008, 8:06 AM
Good day. This club is one that will focus on the continuing study of pokemon and the pokemon world. Here, members will act as trained professionals in the group, actively reporting new discoveries on their (each professor's) specialty. If you think you are capable of developing the pokemon world in your own little way y expressing and sharing your findings of pokemon and the pokemon alike, then please join the club. But first, the rules:

1. The standard Serebii.net rules
1.1 No spamming
1.2 No flamming
1.3 No multi-posting
1.4 No one-liners
1.5 Respect every member.
1.6 All the others....

2. The club rules
2.1 Read all the rules.
2.2 People willing to join the club must fillup the sign-up sheet that follows
and submit them to me via PM (Private Message).
2.3 Do your best to speak proper English with correct grammar and usage.
2.4 Club ranks DO NOT mean anything.
2.5 The club can only accomodate two (2) co-owners with me (bastoise3)
as the owner.
2.6 Members are required to HAVE FUN!

The SIGN-UP SHEET (no one-liners...pls)

1. Why would you want to join the club?

2. What can you contribute to the club?

3. What is your Professional Field/Specialty (explanation below) ?

4. Why do you like your Professional Field/ Specialty?

5. Do you think your findings can help the Pokemon World? How?

6. Are you willing to contribute anything you can for your studies?

7. How do you think you'll have fun in this club?

*Answer these questions properly and send them to me via PM and I'll reply to you saying whether or you're in.


1.1 To promote the study of Pokemon and the Pokemon World
1.2 To better understand Pokemon and the Pokemon World
1.3 To conserve and preserve the Pokemon World
1.4 To share findings and discoveries on Pokemon and the Pokemon World

2. Each member will act as a Pokemon Professor specializing in his or her own field in his or her own respectable way.

3. Topics can be raised by ANYONE and discussed by EVERYONE.

4. Professional Fields/Specialties are what a Pokemon Professor specializes in. It can be anything about Pokemon and the Pokemon World (Example: Prof. Oak specializes in Human-Pokemon Interaction. Prof. Elm studies Pokemon Breeding. Prof. Birch studies Pokemon Habitat and Distribution. Prof. Rowan studies Pokemon Evolution.) Specializations can also be about a single species pokemon (e.g. Scyther) or any evolutionary family (e.g. Poliwag family). It can be about a specific elemental-type (e.g. Flying type) or Pokemon Species of a certain Habitat or distribution (e.g. Sea Pokemon). It can also be about a certain area/dungeon (e.g. Viridian Forest, Mt. Pyre), Route (e.g. Route 1), or region (e.g. Johto Region) in the Pokemon World. Furthermore, it can also be about a certain Pokemon Legend (e.g. The Groudon - Kyogre - Rayquaza legend). Pokemon Specializations know no bounderies!

5. Each member is encouraged (but not required) to share any of their findings/discoveries, or current studies on their field on a certain time basis.

6. There will be corresponding club ranks depending on the number of contributions given by a member:

Expert Pokemon Professor: Given to those who have made around 150 points
worth of contributions. Automatic rank for the
Club Owner.

Senior Pokemon Professor: 120 points. Automatic rank for Club co-owners.

Pokemon Professor: 50 points. Given to those who contributed a lot.

Junior Pokemon Professor: Starting rank for new members of the club.

Professor's Assistant: ONLY given to those who have MADE SERIOUS

*Remember: Club Ranks DO NOT mean anything

7. Point System:

Addition of:

10 points - Expression of new discoveries
5 points - Expression of current studies
1 point - Posting on thread
30 points - Making club banner
50 points - Helping out in club (Varies: Under Owner's or Co-owner's

Deduction of

10 points - Plagiarism of Old Discoveries (Only deduct the second (2nd) time
THE SAME discovery was expressed by THE SAME PERSON and
onwards (3rd, 4th, 5th........)
80 points - Minor offense towards Club Rules and/or Club Members
120 points - Major Infraction / Gross disrespect towards Club Members

8. Members are encouraged to please make a club banner for the club.

9.1 Owner
9.1.1 Follow rules
9.1.2 Report infractions to club moderators
9.1.3. Be responsible for handling club
9.1.4 Be helpful to all members
9.1.5 Retain Club Activity
9.1.6 HAVE FUN

9.2 Co-owner
9.2.1 Follow Rules
9.2.2 Report infractions to club moderators
9.2.3 Make members list
9.2.4 Handle club in owner's absence
9.2.5 HAVE FUN

9.3 Member
9.3.1 Follow Rules
9.3.2 Report to club moderators
9.3.3 Be active in club
9.3.4 HAVE FUN

10. Remember that ALL Serebii.net rules apply here. The ultimate rule here is RESPECT, HAVE FUN, and MAKE NEW FRIENDS!

*New members, when you receive your PM saying your in, please introduce yourselves here. Thank you!