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Erik Destler
17th March 2008, 7:00 PM
This thread is for posting anyone who's scammed you in #SPP-wifi in terms of trading; say, traded you a crap Pokemon for a rare Pokemon and then disappeared without keeping their end of the deal.
Or, perhaps they used some nasty hacks in Battle, or something along those lines.
Maybe, you’ve even been scammed!

Anyway, follow the template to post any user(s) who've scammed you to add them to the list and discuss the theft.

If possible, post a screenshot of what happened. You can take a screenshot by using the Prt Scrn button on your keyboard if you are on a Windows PC, and then open Paint, and copy and paste, and save as a .jpg or .png. : )

Please no "Oh I'm so sorry that happened to you" posts; they will be considered spam, and infracted.

Name(s) (on chat):
In-game Name:
Friend Code:
Pokemon Scammed (if any):
The Story (What Happened):

* - To find the host name, you simply have to type /whois nick, or right click it, and then you click Status, and it’ll show you. Example 1 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v412/KingofRandom23/IRC%20Stuff/example1.png) Example 2 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v412/KingofRandom23/IRC%20Stuff/example2.png)

Do note, that there is a thread (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=308315) especially for the Trade Forums, so if you were scammed on the forums, post there please ^^;

20th March 2008, 9:18 AM
Name(s) (on chat): the-arbiter
In-game Name: Andy
Friend Code: 2964 6973 2311
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Choice Band
The Story (What Happened): Disconnected after receiving my pokemon, but I never received his; after the error screen on my DS, he said "dont worr its successful" and disconnected from the chat before I could ask why it didn't work on my end.

23rd March 2008, 5:34 PM
WiFiGuest3317 is WiFiGuest3@6AD69119.84FAE69C.44B613.IP * Java User
WiFiGuest3317 on #SPP-Wifi
WiFiGuest3317 using hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
WiFiGuest3317 has been idle 25secs, signed on Sun Mar 23 22:41:32
WiFiGuest3317 End of /WHOIS list.

With the FC of 1203 6492 5906
I scammed with From My Shiny Shiftry and Mamoswine level 99...
While that person trys to deny their own shelfishness away and making the situation worse for themself.
I advice you people not to trade with that person or any WiFiGuest(followed by numbers)
Unless it gives you there name in the HOIS list so they can be easily identified

4th April 2008, 12:20 AM
I wasn't scammed but I was going to be if I didn't check the summary:

[18:13] whitewolf #SPP-WiFi
[18:13] whitewolf hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
[18:13] whitewolf End of /WHOIS list.

I was going to trade 2 starter shinys to him. His spiritomb said "Pokemon League" (used a cheat to be able to capture other trainer's Pokes in-game) and his Moltres is from Hoenn.

26th April 2008, 5:49 AM
Names: ME: Trader HIM: PokeMart

Sorry, I still don't understand the hostmask thing

Friend Code: Mine is Jill 4124 1467 5145

Pokemon scammed: Shiny Beldum

The story: I met him online, said he had a mew for my shiny beldum. I told him that it wouldn't be a fair trade to him, cause mew is an event poke while Beldum is not. He begged and he begged and he begged and begged until finally I broke. He said he wanted to get rid of his legends because he felt they were cheap, and he wanted a team of non legends. He seemed to want it so bad. After we traded he immediately admitted it was a hacked mew. I checked the location it was found, and he was telling the truth. He refused to give me my beldum back.

UPDATE!: The scammer returned to me, and after he was kicked from the wi fi chat again, he returned the pokemon to me, only he fed it rare candies, so now it's a level 100 shiny metagross!

1st May 2008, 12:25 PM
Name(s) (on chat): arafath
In-game Name:arafath
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-78965A11.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au
Friend Code: ...........
Pokemon Scam:dragonite
The Story: arafath told me that we can trade pokemon is data in pokedex and I deal with him he swear that he will trade me a jirachi data for dragonite data and entei data we are connecting first i trade him a dragonite to get random pokemon (is gloom) and then i ask for the skitty he deal and I trade gloom back and get skitty but he didn't finish the trade he need to trade back to me dragonite and entei for jirachi (and back again meaning nobody lost pokemons) but just a second after that he disconnect and my dragonite was gone

13th May 2008, 10:41 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Pika
In-game Name: Sam
Hostmask*: [19:25] WiFiGuest7078 WiFiGuest7 PurpleSurge-2F50243E.rivrw1.nsw.optusnet.com.au * Java User
[19:25] WiFiGuest7078 #SPP-WiFi
[19:25] WiFiGuest7078 NorthernLight.purplesurge.com NorthernLight - your gateway from the US
[19:25] WiFiGuest7078 End of /WHOIS list.
Friend Code: 4425 2210 1516
Pokemon Scam: tyranitar
The Story: I was saying I had 492 pokemon and if anyone want any pre evolved pokemon for anything. He PM's me askign for a feebas. I add him and we both connect. We traded and he saw my tyranitar. He then said he needed it to complete his pokedex. He would also trade back straight after. I being a nice person traded him and then he dced wihout tradin back.
Edit: He said he had DS problems and that he would get back to me later so and that his DS ran out of battery. I guess I can trust him for now... if he was a real scammer he would't have contacted me.

26th May 2008, 5:50 AM
I wasn't scammed but I'm a vop and I got a report by a kid who was almost... beware anyone trading with someone with the IP in the log.

(8:41:38 pm) <slimy002> i need help
(8:41:47 pm) <Yeti> ok
(8:43:05 pm) <slimy002> there is this person and i said does bidoof evolve to eevee cuz i dont really know a lot about pokemon barley started and i said wat is worth him and he said shinies and i apprently had 3
(8:43:20 pm) <slimy002> so i was about to trade him until i checked
(8:43:29 pm) <Yeti> bidoof doesn't evolve into eevee lol
(8:44:37 pm) <slimy002> i know
(8:44:51 pm) <slimy002> he was going to trick me to trading him shinies
(8:45:04 pm) <Yeti> what a jerk :/
(8:45:06 pm) <Yeti> who was it?
(8:45:40 pm) <slimy002> wifiguest2462
WiFiGuest2462 is WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-E7F6B570.hsd1.ca.comcast.net * Java User
WiFiGuest2462 on #SPP-WiFi
WiFiGuest2462 using fusion.purplesurge.com Explosive chemical reaction
wifiguest2462 End of /WHOIS list.
(8:46:07 pm) <Yeti> ok, I'll report this on the forums so others know to be ware of him

Just be wary of trading with this guy, since he tried to rip this kid off.

28th May 2008, 7:14 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Me
In-game Name: Jack
Friend Code: 3995 6300 3925
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Nearly a shiny Doexys
The Story (What Happened): He said he would trade a shiny Groudon for my legit shiny Deoxys. I asked him if the Groudon was legit and he assured me it was. However, when we got onto wifi, I checked the Groudons status etc to make sure it was legit and it said it was caught in route 229 at lv51. I disconected straight away.

8th June 2008, 3:37 PM
Name(s) (on chat): G3ngar/WiFi guest 1593
In-game Name: Unknown
Friend Code: 1375-7256-0585
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiney level 100 Ludicolo
The Story (What Happened): I had a level 100 shiney ludicolo, and i decided after talking to him to trade for 2 pokemon, he said he would trade me both of them for it, however he only traded one and ran off, i have the entire chat log if you want to see it

8th June 2008, 4:13 PM
Name(s) (on chat): G3ngar/WiFi guest 1593
In-game Name: Unknown
Friend Code: 1375-7256-0585
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiney level 100 Ludicolo
The Story (What Happened): I had a level 100 shiney ludicolo, and i decided after talking to him to trade for 2 pokemon, he said he would trade me both of them for it, however he only traded one and ran off, i have the entire chat log if you want to see it

You kind of deserve that. The only people who do 2:1 trades are scammers and/or hackers, and I'm pretty sure they're against the rules too (at least I've seen some OPS kick people for it).

8th June 2008, 7:58 PM
You kind of deserve that. The only people who do 2:1 trades are scammers and/or hackers, and I'm pretty sure they're against the rules too (at least I've seen some OPS kick people for it).

yeah - that may be true...

16th June 2008, 9:32 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Arafath
In-game Name: Arafath
Hostmask*: arafath is WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-E4D972D9.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au * Java User
Friend Code: 2964-9316-2316
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Giratina (Legit)
The Story (What Happened): In the #spp-wifi chat I was searching for a legit event Darkrai. So this guy named Arafath pms me looking for shinies. I list them all. He picks 2: Shiny Giratina and Shiny Electivire. I said I would because I desperately wanted a legit Darkrai. He then asks me to trade Giratina first for a Clefable. I declined it and asked for him to trade Darkrai first. After 30 minutes of arguing I finally gave in and traded my Shiny Giratina. Then after the trade was finished he immediately left the chat and the game. After getting over my dissapointment I remembered I could post this here. Please make sure this WiFi criminal does not scam any more.

29th June 2008, 1:19 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WifiUser????, said his name was Jeremy
In-game Name: Sergay:) (the smiley face is part of his name). IDno.59210
Friend Code:?
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Nidoking, Japanese Ho-oh
The Story (What Happened): He offered me his 10 ANIV Celebi for the two pokemon above and a Kangaskahn from XD. We traded for the first two, then he disconnected and said his DS battery died so he'd get his charger. Then he logged off.

I don't have all the info since he signed off. Hope this is enough. I'll edit this if he comes back, but that doesn't seem to be the case

1st July 2008, 8:32 PM
Names on Chat: Guy, ihateshepard

Trainer names: Ash (name s/he gave me), Mick (name that came up during the trade)
Hostmask: @PurpleSurge-8037E956.lightspeed.sndgca.sbcglobal.net
FC: 1761 9271 8645
Pokemon scammed: Shiny Groudon
What happened: We were to trade my shiny Groudon and Mew for his Darkrai. He purposefully disconnected after I had traded him the first shiny in the deal. I threatened to report him, to which he seemed to capitulate, but then he never came on wifi again and left the server.

10th July 2008, 11:43 PM
Name(s) (on chat): AACD
In-game Name: OT-Anthony
Hostmask*: ?
Friend Code: jessie
Pokemon Scammed : Shiny Beautifly
The Story : I was looking for a mew and she said she had one so I offered my shiny Beautifly and we traded and once we traded she said that it was a hack and then I said she hacked me and they banned her Ip.

27th September 2008, 8:13 AM
name(on chat):--(forgot)
In-game name: aiden*female*
pokemon scammed:shiny lugia and a shiny feebas
The story:one of those annyoing 2 for 1 trades, she disconnected after she got shiny feebas.:(

Torkoal and Torterra
25th November 2008, 9:47 PM
Name(s) (on chat): SAYACK
In-game Name: SAYACK
Hostmask*: ?
Friend Code: Can't give, already traded and it hid the option to view friend code.
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Sableye (Holding custap berry)
The Story (What Happened): He was supposed to trade me a shiny spoink and a manaphy egg for my custap berry. So we traded the egg and the berry, and half way into trading spoink, he dced. After 30 mins, he never went back on and he logged off of the chatroom.

26th November 2008, 6:45 AM
Name on chat: Shadow_Trainer
In-game Name: Renz

[23:04] Shadow_Trainer WiFiGuest0 3751B7A6.7802EBA3.58999349.IP * Java User
[23:04] Shadow_Trainer #SPP-WiFi
[23:04] Shadow_Trainer fusion.purplesurge.com Explosive chemical reaction
[23:04] Shadow_Trainer End of /WHOIS list.

Friend Code: 3437 5604 5347
Pokemon Scammed: Deoxys, Jirachi
The Story:

So he was going to give me a legit Darkrai for 2 deoxys and a jirachi. Three events for one, hmm. Anyway after giving him one deoxys and the jirachi (for 2 junk pokemon), he immediately disconnected and tried making fun of me for being scammed. And then all of the sudden he tries to give me the Darkrai because he "doesn't want to be a bad person" and when I threaten to report him he says he's a one time visitor here anyway so "**** you". He even tries to convince me that one of the junk pokemon he gave me deletes pokemon (lol). Then he tries acting all apologetic, trying to ask for me even more legendaries and then tries to make the excuse that he throught my last Deoxys (which is Japanese) was hacked for some reason, so now he's accusing me of hacking after everything he did because apparently he thought Japanese text being longer signified hacking, or something along those lines. Anyway after a long drawn out convo and him apparently being remorseful I was going to give him the last deoxys for the darkrai finally, but said I'm only bringing that. Unfortunately you need at least 2 pokemon to trade, so I once I found that out I said I'd be back to get one last pokemon, so when I did that 30 seconds later he logged off and DC'd. Said something about going swimming earlier.

Too bad, I was going to forgive him and not do this. Also, claims to live in the Phillipines. I saved the latter half of the convo if anyone needs to read it.

By the way, don't give me any of that "only people who do 2:1 trades are hacker/scammers" stuff. I didn't really need any of those pokemon so i didn't care.

It's hard to keep track of all the scammers here. Might I suggest making a black list that's easily available to the chat room if you need to do a check?

24th December 2008, 9:26 AM
Name(s) (on chat): hunter
In-game Name: Alex (If I remember correctly)
Hostmask*: ...? It said Java User...
Friend Code: 2191 6560 5371
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Pidgeot, Shiny Pikachu

The Story (What Happened): So hunter posted that he was looking for some shiny Pokemon. I decided, why not? I have some extras from earlier trades. So, I went a sent him a message asking him what exactly he was offering. He simply said "good offers; maybe events if it's good." I offered him two shiny Pokemon, which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn. I offered him some more, desperate for an event Pokemon. He finally accepted these shiny PKMN: Pikachu, Pidgeot, Zangoose. I didn't like it; I only had one of each... and I liked Zangoose. Nonetheless, I accepted hastily when he offered an Alamos Darkrai for 3 of mine. Hmhm, how odd. We got into the trade and after I traded my Pikachu and Zangoose off, Darkrai being the final part of the trade, he paused and... bloop. Disconnected. He didn't get my Pidgeot, luckily, but the thing that got at me the most was the fact that he scammed me. Odd, yes. He logged off immediately after, never to be seen again. I posted on the public area not to trade with him, I was told by a mod to put him on the black list, and here I am.

So... watch out for him! It was a legit Darkrai, but the PKMN I got for my shiny ones were a Cranidos and Anorith... What a deal.

27th December 2008, 10:48 AM
Name(s) (on chat): hunter
In-game Name: Alex (If I remember correctly)
Hostmask*: ...? It said Java User...
Friend Code: 2191 6560 5371
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Pidgeot, Shiny Pikachu

The Story (What Happened): So hunter posted that he was looking for some shiny Pokemon. I decided, why not? I have some extras from earlier trades. So, I went a sent him a message asking him what exactly he was offering. He simply said "good offers; maybe events if it's good." I offered him two shiny Pokemon, which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn. I offered him some more, desperate for an event Pokemon. He finally accepted these shiny PKMN: Pikachu, Pidgeot, Zangoose. I didn't like it; I only had one of each... and I liked Zangoose. Nonetheless, I accepted hastily when he offered an Alamos Darkrai for 3 of mine. Hmhm, how odd. We got into the trade and after I traded my Pikachu and Zangoose off, Darkrai being the final part of the trade, he paused and... bloop. Disconnected. He didn't get my Pidgeot, luckily, but the thing that got at me the most was the fact that he scammed me. Odd, yes. He logged off immediately after, never to be seen again. I posted on the public area not to trade with him, I was told by a mod to put him on the black list, and here I am.

So... watch out for him! It was a legit Darkrai, but the PKMN I got for my shiny ones were a Cranidos and Anorith... What a deal.

You shouldn't be doing a 3 for 1 deal or any uneven amount of pokemon deal. Some idiots think they are funny by not trading the last one "OMG I GET TO KEEP MY ALAMOS DARKRAI AND I GOT 2 SHINEYZ TOOO LULZ!!!!11" Idk :/ It's too bad people don't know this by now :|

26th February 2009, 6:01 PM
Name(s) (on chat): La_memela_magnifica_delicious / FBI
In-game Name: Doom (If I remember it correctly)
Hostmask*: ? Java User
Friend Code: Don't know. I delete FC's as soon as I'm done with trading.
Pokemon Scammed (if any): EV-trained Abomasnow

I traded my EV-trained Murkrow and Abomasnow for this guy's EV-trained shiny Kingdra and shiny Azelf. His username on the chat wasn't the same as the one stated above, though.

The Azelf turned out to be hacked when it turned into a Bad Egg on PBR. I ran into the same guy by chance and I demanded my Abomasnow back. Because he had a different username, I didn't recognise him at first, but when he posted the list of Pok&#233;mon he offered for my shiny Glalie, I immediately recognized it as the list of the guy who scammed me. Exactly the same Pok&#233;mon in exactly the same order. But he claimed to be innocent.

I told him he could prove his innocence by giving me his FC and in-game name, because I remembered his in-game name. But he refused. Which made him look extremely guilty. If he was innocent, why would he refuse? What would he have to lose? It was quite obvious to me that I am never going to see my Abomasnow again. He then quickly changed his nickname to FBI in the hopes of avoiding detection.

26th February 2009, 6:15 PM
The Azelf turned out to be hacked when it turned into a Bad Egg on PBR. I ran into the same guy by chance and I demanded my Abomasnow back. Because he had a different username, I didn't recognise him at first, but when he posted the list of Pokémon he offered for my shiny Glalie, I immediately recognized it as the list of the guy who scammed me. Exactly the same Pokémon in exactly the same order. But he claimed to be innocent.

Is that the only way you think it's hacked? Did you check the summary, EVs, stats, IVs, etc...?

Believe it or not, Bad Eggs aren't there just as a hack-check. They also result if there's any sort of transfer error between the DS and Wii. I've had Pokemon that I bred myself turn into bad eggs on PBR.

24th March 2009, 10:06 PM
Name(s) (on chat): dunsingim, Dusty_Dunsing
In-game Name: DUSTY
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-1142A51B.cpe.cableone.net
Friend Code: 1161 5600 0979
Pokemon Scammed (if any): TRU Shaymin
The Story (What Happened): I was looking to find someone to trade my Shaymin to my Platinum Version, he said he'll do it. After the trade he started to spam me in IRC. *oh well* I still have 1 more Shaymin

8th April 2009, 9:25 PM
So, the person who scammed me was dIvA_pEiN.
Story-[13:47] <Maya> You didn't do a 2 for 1 trade did you?
[13:48] <PlatinumWaiter> yes...
[13:48] * Maya facepalms
[13:48] <PlatinumWaiter> god, im never doin that again...
[13:48] <Maya> That's why we don't want people to do such trades ^^;
[13:48] <Maya> Anywho, could you explain what happened?
[13:48] <PlatinumWaiter> ok
[13:48] <PlatinumWaiter> so i was trading for a dialga
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> and then he said a umbreon and mamoswine for it
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> evd
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> so.
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> we traded the umbreon
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> i got a taorus
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> then i traded my mamoswine
[13:49] <PlatinumWaiter> he traded his dialga
[13:50] <Maya> And then he disconnected?
[13:50] <PlatinumWaiter> then halfway through, he dc'd form here and my game
[13:50] <PlatinumWaiter> his name was
[13:50] <PlatinumWaiter> dEvA_pEiN
[13:50] <PlatinumWaiter> if not that
[13:50] <PlatinumWaiter> pEiN
[13:51] <PlatinumWaiter> i traded him before in a different name
[13:51] <PlatinumWaiter> so i trusted him
[13:51] <PlatinumWaiter> dang it
[13:52] <PlatinumWaiter> thank you for listening
[13:52] <Maya> could you please take a print screen from the conversation?
[13:52] <Maya> So I can ban him.
[13:52] <PlatinumWaiter> ok
Pokemon Scammed-Umbreon
Track-[20:45:29] * dEvA_pEiN (yOUrMoM_@49A98ADD.47FB4365.F0BD18E3.IP) Quit (Quit: )

8th April 2009, 10:00 PM
^ In response to that, I've compiled the additional information about the scammer:

Name(s) (on dEvA_pEiN or just pEiN
In-game Name: Don't remember clearly, but thinks it was DAVID
Hostmask*: yOUrMoM_@49A98ADD.47FB4365.F0BD18E3.IP
Friend Code: 2921 6320 2385
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Umbreon EV'd
The Story (What Happened): I asked what he wanted for the Dialga and he said evs. I offered him my Shiny evd Mamoswine. Then, I offered him my Shiny evd Umbreon. I gave the stats and moves of my Umbreon to him and he said Mamoswine + Umbreon = Dialga. Then we exchanged fc's and went on wi-fi. I got his junk Taruos for the Umbreon, then while trading Dialga to me he dc'd on me with my Umbreon with him. He also dc'd on Serebii so I couldn't flame him.

I banned him, but if such a person arises again, please reban.

Trainer Emily
18th April 2009, 11:41 AM
Name: shinies (on April 17, during 3-4 pm Philippine time)
In-game name: Ben
Hostmask: Don't know...
Friend Code: 4167 1003 2596 (with that Karate dude avatar)
Pokemon Scammed: Some of my EV'd & good-IV'd Pokemon holding items (Breloom with thunderpunch, Machamp, Timid Alakazam, etc...)
All 18 Pokemon.
What happened: He says yesterday that I can trust him (after we have spoken for an hour) for the transferring. I sent 18 Pokemon to him now at 12:00 noon my time here in the Philippines, but he never appeared since. He has stolen all of them.
We have been chatting yesterday though, somewhere at 3 - 4:30 pm my time.
Sorry, can't remember other details, since we have chatted yesterday. and we agreed on a schedule for the trading.

Collector Brady
14th June 2009, 6:23 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WifiGuest8585 (or something like that ... doesn't really matter)
In-game Name: Pedro (Male, ID 53126, Rich boy avatar)
Hostmask*: I don't know. If it was WifiGuest8525, then "alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego"
Friend Code: How do I find this?
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Ditto (nearly 10ANNIV Articuno)
The Story (What Happened): He was offering a VCG09 Milotic (which was in his party), asking for offers via PM. I offered a Lv. 70 10ANNIV Articuno and he asked for that plus a Ditto. I agreed and we exchanged friend codes. On Wi-Fi, he brought a Lv.1 Gible and a Lv.50 shiny milotic to trade for my Articuno and Ditto. I selected Articuno thinking that he'd select Milotic, but he selected Gible. Obviously I didn't want to trade Articuno for Gible first in case he disconnected, so I told him on chat to select Milotic. He said Ditto and Gible first, so I reluctantly did. Then he stalled for a bit an disconnected.

I suppose it was my fault for agreeing to trade 2 for 1 :(.

21st June 2009, 11:10 AM
Name(s) (on chat): iSTAYLEGITxiSTAYFRESH and PokeEvent
In-game Name:couldnt get./remeber.
Friend Code:
Pokemon Scammed (if any): My JEREMY vulpix for a HACKED french zigzagoon.
The Story (What Happened):so we agreed that we would trade zigzagoon for my Jeremy vulxpix. and i legit checked it and everything checked out. and then when i got it. he admitted that it was hacked i ahev the file.


thats the real convo. after i wanted my pokemon back which he refused.

Sapphire Milotic
5th July 2009, 12:53 AM
Name(s) (on chat): iSTAYLEGITxiSTAYFRESH and PokeEvent
In-game Name:couldnt get./remeber.
Friend Code:
Pokemon Scammed (if any): My JEREMY vulpix for a HACKED french zigzagoon.
The Story (What Happened):so we agreed that we would trade zigzagoon for my Jeremy vulxpix. and i legit checked it and everything checked out. and then when i got it. he admitted that it was hacked i ahev the file.


thats the real convo. after i wanted my pokemon back which he refused.

-NickServ- PokeEvent is Java User
-NickServ- Time registered: May 06 11:20:38 2009 CDT
-NickServ- Last seen time: Jun 27 06:22:39 2009 CDT
-NickServ- Last quit message: Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!

Ok, so that's good, it is a registered nickname. Hopefully, if any of the moderators have logs of this person entering and leaving the chatroom, they will be able to find the hostmask, and be able to ban the person. You have evidence that they scammed you, so now they will be banned. :3

5th July 2009, 1:27 AM
thir nick was devils. had a hiny deoxys lied it was legit and said they would trade it if i trade a shiny legit psyduck for a nidoran and then gave them a blastoise for the deoxys. i traded the psyduck for the nidoran,helled atorment throgh the mike and swtched of so i lost a LEGIT shiny psyduck for a idoran and never got the deoxys OR get my psyduck back. ... oh and the playername was ten

12th July 2009, 7:41 PM
Name(s) (on chat): GracediaKarma
In-game Name: Karma
Hostmask: NorthernLight.purplesurge.com
Friend Code: 3481 0709 0419
Pokemon Scammed (if any): UT Ageto Celebi
The Story (What Happened): I was trading my UT Ageto Celebi to someone on the chat for a supposedly-UT 10 ANIV Celebi. He said it was UT, so I looked and didn't find anything suspicious. I traded, and then I found out it wasn't UT, since it had slim XP on it, wich is noticeable only if you compare with UT Pokémon.

I told him I wanted to trade back, and trade him a clone of the Celebi so he could have one, but he didn't answer and disconnected.

[13:06] <Pingouin7> Is it UT?
[13:06] <GracediaKarma> It comes at lvl 70 so yeah
[13:07] <Pingouin7> yes but does it have any xp, unusual moves, ribbons, sheen, Pokérus?
[13:07] <GracediaKarma> one sec
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> Ok my 10 aniv celebi knows ancient power future sight baton pass and perish song
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> It doesnt have pokerus
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> no exp
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> No sheen
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> and no ribbions
[13:11] <Pingouin7> okay so it's UT
[13:11] <GracediaKarma> Yep
[13:12] <Pingouin7> My Ageto Celebi wasn't UT when I got it, someone had taught it Leech Seed
[13:12] <Pingouin7> I just used an Heart Scale, and it's back to UT. ^_^
[13:12] <GracediaKarma> What lvl is it?
[13:12] <Pingouin7> Lv 10
[13:12] <GracediaKarma> ok
[13:12] <Pingouin7> no xp no sheen no ribbons
[13:13] <Pingouin7> it just had learned another move, so I had to use Heart Scales to make it learn it's move back
[13:13] <Pingouin7> back to UT
[13:13] <GracediaKarma> Ok lets trade
[13:13] <Pingouin7> FC
[13:13] <GracediaKarma> 3481
[13:13] <GracediaKarma> sorry
[13:14] <GracediaKarma> 3481 0709 0419
[13:14] <Pingouin7> it says it's wrong
[13:14] <GracediaKarma> yours and my names karma
[13:14] <Pingouin7> it says the friend code is wrong
[13:14] <GracediaKarma> lemme type it again
[13:15] <GracediaKarma> 3481 0709 0149
[13:15] <GracediaKarma> lol typo
[13:16] <Pingouin7> 0045 0009 0549
[13:16] <GracediaKarma> your name?
[13:16] <Pingouin7> it doesn't matters
[13:16] <GracediaKarma> kk
[13:16] <Pingouin7> If you didn't give me the name, I would have typed "Karma" anyway
[13:16] <GracediaKarma> xd
[13:18] <Pingouin7> I got two Ageto Celebi, so I figured out I should as well trade one
[13:18] <GracediaKarma> kool
[13:19] <Pingouin7> I got an NZ jirachi too
[13:19] <Pingouin7> My friend has a Japanese Pearl, so he got a Jirachi
[13:19] <Pingouin7> he restarted and SRed for Mild nature so I could get one
[13:19] <GracediaKarma> nice I got mine for the HG SS event thats supposed to happen
[13:19] <Pingouin7> I'm pretty sure they're gonna release the Jirachi over Wi-Fi in USA too
[13:20] <GracediaKarma> XD I couldnt wait so I will have two
[13:20] <Pingouin7> I just wanted that Jirachi since it's the first ever Pokémon to be given away over Wi-Fi
[13:20] <Pingouin7> And one of the first ever events Canada could get
[13:20] <Pingouin7> With Wi-Fi, Canada will hopefully get more events
[13:21] <GracediaKarma> nice ty for ageto it will be part of my SS uber team
[13:21] <Pingouin7> secret key, jirachi, member's card, oak's letter, azure flute, etc.
[13:21] <Pingouin7> You know what?
[13:21] <Pingouin7> I think I owned a clone of that Celebi before
[13:21] <GracediaKarma> I have secret key
[13:21] <Pingouin7> me too
[13:21] <GracediaKarma> XD
[13:22] <GracediaKarma> I want members card and oaks letter but most of all azure flute
[13:22] <Pingouin7> My Jirachi was received on June 20
[13:22] <Pingouin7> since my friend SRed for the nature
[13:22] <Pingouin7> there's a nature chart on bulbapedia that gives the japanese natures names, so it helped a lot
[13:23] <GracediaKarma> So depending on what you name your pokemon thats what nature it gets?
[13:23] <Pingouin7> no
[13:23] <Pingouin7> on japanese games
[13:23] <GracediaKarma> oh
[13:23] <Pingouin7> the nature is written in japanese
[13:23] <Pingouin7> so he needed a chart to figure out wich nature was wich
[13:23] <Pingouin7> hey
[13:23] <Pingouin7> I just found out
[13:23] <GracediaKarma> hmm?
[13:24] <Pingouin7> your celebi has like 1 pixel of XP
[13:24] <GracediaKarma> ...
[13:24] <Pingouin7> no, seriously
[13:24] <GracediaKarma> I didnt look...
[13:24] <GracediaKarma> im sorry
[13:24] <Pingouin7> do you have any other events?
[13:24] <GracediaKarma> omg im so sorry I didnt look hard enough and those are all I have
[13:25] <Pingouin7> you only had the 10 ANIV celebi%
[13:25] <Pingouin7> well can you clone?
[13:25] <Pingouin7> so you could clone the Ageto Celebi
[13:25] <GracediaKarma> Idk how
[13:25] <Pingouin7> and trade me back one
[13:27] <Pingouin7> you have nothing else you could trade?
[13:27] <GracediaKarma> No im sorry
[13:27] <Pingouin7> I got an idea
[13:27] <GracediaKarma> hmmm?
[13:27] <Pingouin7> we could trade back, I try and clone the Celebi, then I give you a clone of Celebi
[13:29] <Pingouin7> helllo?
[13:29] GracediaKarma No such nick/channel

11th August 2009, 11:35 PM
Chat Name:Gigantocock
Player Name:Ryan
Hotmask: *!*@PurpleSurge-384EBA8D.home3.cgocable.net
Pokemon he scamed: Deoxys LV 100 (Event)
Story:He PM me asking if i wanted event arcues i did and said Mew for him he said to low I said Deoxys for him he said how bout both Me not thinking I said ok he came down "Forgot" Arcues and went back to get em. He brought it down and we traded deoxys for lavatar (which soon after I released Lavatar) He turned his game off when we were trading Mew/Arcues He then stoll my Deoxys and turend his chat on SPP-Wifi Off he went on as "Brad" and I contacted The Mod "Angie" we went on then he said i live in LA if you want it back left and said sorry I want to trade back I didnt belive him but i went on anyway and went trade back he tryed to snatch my mew by saying how bout 3 for 1 I said no and your banned he was banned by a mod and hopefully never scams you.



11th August 2009, 11:39 PM
Chat Name:Gigantocock
Player Name:Ryan
Hotmask: *!*@PurpleSurge-384EBA8D.home3.cgocable.net
Pokemon he scamed: Deoxys LV 100 (Event)
Story:He PM me asking if i wanted event arcues i did and said Mew for him he said to low I said Deoxys for him he said how bout both Me not thinking I said ok he came down "Forgot" Arcues and went back to get em. He brought it down and we traded deoxys for lavatar (which soon after I released Lavatar) He turned his game off when we were trading Mew/Arcues He then stoll my Deoxys and turend his chat on SPP-Wifi Off he went on as "Brad" and I contacted The Mod "Angie" we went on then he said i live in LA if you want it back left and said sorry I want to trade back I didnt belive him but i went on anyway and went trade back he tryed to snatch my mew by saying how bout 3 for 1 I said no and your banned he was banned by a mod and hopefully never scams you.


People are constantly warned for doing x for 1 trades. Even the moderators warn you against the risk, you decided to go with it. Not only that, but asking for Arceus isn't even allowed.

12th August 2009, 12:02 AM
Yes Suicune I Know Arcues isnt alowed HE OFFERED IT though.

12th August 2009, 12:05 AM
Yes Suicune I Know Arcues isnt alowed HE OFFERED IT though.

And you accepted. Now I'm not saying you're at complete fault, but you did have it coming to you.

12th August 2009, 6:38 AM
Chat Name:Gigantocock
Hahaha gg.

13th August 2009, 6:36 AM
Same Story Diffrent:
His Chat Name: Dr_Event
His FC:0259 9041 6093
Pokemon Taken:;386;
Click Story!

He seemed like he was for real but what ever the mods will blame me anyway.
He Gave me a buttiefly for deoxys me and my dumb *** thing i wasnt thinking I asked him and he seemed for real.

[00:14] <Dr_event> ill give u a legit movie arceus for the deoxys and lugia
[00:15] <Lugiaanddeoxys> okay but i want arcues 1st pokemon to trade because i had my deoxys stoolen b4 that cool
[00:15] <Lugiaanddeoxys> ...
[00:16] <Dr_event> im sorry ive been scammed before too and im not gonna trade my ultra event arceus first.
[00:16] <Lugiaanddeoxys> ugh um well i guess you promise on ur life u wont scam me
[00:17] <Dr_event> yea why would i scam i ahte it when people scam
[00:17] <Lugiaanddeoxys> what were u scamed outa i want a story and ill tell u mine to make sure were real okay
[00:19] <Dr_event> i was scared out of my TRU shaymin that i got from my diamond cuz this guy was gonna give me a shiny deoxys and manaphy for it then i traded my shaymin first cuz i trusted him then he just turned off his ds and i was like wth!
[00:19] <Lugiaanddeoxys> Okay so my story starts out someone msg me he offered me a arcues for Mew(traded already) And Deoxys he took the deoxys and i got the lavatar during mew for aruces he shut his ds off and i got stuck with lavatar
[00:19] <Lugiaanddeoxys> i got it back from tricking him [00:19] <Dr_event> lol nice
[00:19] <Lugiaanddeoxys> that i banned him from nintendo wfc and got it back lol
[00:19] <Dr_event> nicee
[00:20] <Lugiaanddeoxys> okay so we going to trade?
[00:20] <Dr_event> ok my fc is 0259 9041 6093
[00:20] <Dr_event> urs?
[00:20] <Lugiaanddeoxys> mine 2106-5959-6771
[00:20] <Dr_event> k
[00:20] <Lugiaanddeoxys> i mean 6781
[00:20] <Lugiaanddeoxys> sorry lol
[00:21] <Dr_event> its all good lol
[00:21] <Lugiaanddeoxys> also i want to let u know if you scam me i will report ur friend code to nintendo i dont wana be scamed again k
[00:21] <Dr_event> kk
[00:23] <Dr_event> are u on?
[00:23] <Lugiaanddeoxys> im saving
[00:23] <Dr_event> k
[00:24] [Dr_event VERSION reply] : PJIRC 2.0.3
[00:24] [Dr_event PING reply] : 0.325 seconds
[00:24] <Dr_event> im on.
[00:24] <Lugiaanddeoxys> i c
[00:26] <Lugiaanddeoxys> u jerk
[00:26] <Lugiaanddeoxys> reported
[00:26] Dr_event No such nick/channel
LATER:He Hacked my computer and kicked me from my chat

14th August 2009, 12:55 AM
Lmao. >_>

People can't "hack your computer" to kick you from the chat.

And reporting his friend code to Nintendo will just annoy them.
They cannot ban someone from using WFC.

18th August 2009, 9:38 AM
Hello all. I would like to report that user [TV]crono of spp-wifi scammed me by giving me a false movie event Shaymin. The Movie11 Shaymin was claimed, by him, to be completely legit, though after I received it I saw it was obtained on August 18, 2009.

Name on chat: [TV]Crono
Friend Code:3008 3886 1537
Hostmask: Unfortunately, I can not attain this as he fled once confronted.
Pokemon Scammed: Shiny Charmander
The Story: I was looking for the movie event Shaymin that I missed. He responded to my WiFi Chat message and we had this conversation:

<[TV]Crono> i have one
<Zelrio> What do you want for it?
<[TV]Crono> dunno...what are u offering?
<Zelrio> I can offer EV'd pokemon and shinies
<[TV]Crono> do you have shiny shinx?
<[TV]Crono> or shiny charmander/charizard
<[TV]Crono> or charmeleon
<[TV]Crono> or maybe a nidoran
<Zelrio> YES
<Zelrio> I have shiny charmander
<Zelrio> Adamant, with outrage!
<[TV]Crono> nice
<[TV]Crono> nidoran? do you have?
<Zelrio> No
<[TV]Crono> neither shinx?
<Zelrio> Charmanders the only one on your list
<Zelrio> It's UT
<[TV]Crono> hmmm want a movie arceus also?
<[TV]Crono> for another pokemon
<Zelrio> Well it depends
<Zelrio> Is it legit?
<[TV]Crono> yep
<Zelrio> Okay, so what are you interested in?
<[TV]Crono> well..atm i don't have many shinies..just shiny entei/raikou/suicune/groundon/mew/rayquaza...so i'm looking for some good shinies..honestly i don't even know what i'm looking for xD that's why i said for you to make an offer
<Zelrio> Shiny Max Attack Gyarados?
<[TV]Crono> no
<[TV]Crono> do you have shiny dialga
<[TV]Crono> ?
<Zelrio> No and I don't think I really have anything you're interested in for that Arceus. But would you still do the Shaymin - SHiny Charmander deal?
<[TV]Crono> yep that trade is available:P
<[TV]Crono> tell me ur name and fc
<[TV]Crono> mine is Crono 3008 3886 1537
<[TV]Crono> sec to power up my ds
<Zelrio> Kk, mine is 4338 9063 8701
<[TV]Crono> sec to add ur f
<[TV]Crono> fc*
<Zelrio> Kk, Np
<[TV]Crono> done
<[TV]Crono> going down in pkmn center
<Zelrio> Thanks man. I've been looking for this event for ages
<[TV]Crono> No Problem
<[TV]Crono> know where to get the gracidea?
<Zelrio> Floroama town, right?
<[TV]Crono> yea
<[TV]Crono> from a girl there
<Zelrio> Thanks
<Zelrio> So why does this Shaymin claim to be met at August 18 2009?
<Zelrio> I thought the event was from February 8 - 14.
<Zelrio> I see...
[TV]Crono No such nick/channel


If an OP can, please permaban this scammer. I do not suggest this out of anger that I was scammed, but out of fear that he will accomplish this again on a more innocent person.

21st August 2009, 8:43 PM
Update: I have attained the Whois data of user Crono, who scammed me of a shiny Charmander in exchange for a hacked Shaymin.

Whois:Crono lucidobres 896A2457.D1F447B7.D3E2E788.IP * &#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; SPPScript &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;
Crono #spp
Crono fusion.purplesurge.com Explosive chemical reaction
crono End of /WHOIS list.


He soon added:
<Crono>Laugh Out Loud, you think this is the only forum where I can trade/chat/battle?
<Crono> that's why i don't care
<Crono> btw i'm already perm banned


23rd August 2009, 1:57 AM
That Shaymin is not hacked...
You can change the date on your DS, and the date on the Pok&#233;mon will be the same as your DS'.

For example, you get the Shaymin at the event, you change your DS' date for August 18th 2009, and when you pick it up, it will have the date August 18th 2009.

So you just basically reported someone for trading you a legit Pok&#233;mon.
Care to go to the Hack-check thread before trying to report someone?

13th September 2009, 4:54 PM
Ok so here it is:

Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest2788
In-game Name: I think it was Jason
Hostmask*: I think it's PurpleSurge-2C4AE57A.nycmny.east.verizon.net
Friend Code:3523 8452 7046
Pokemon Scammed (if any): I traded him a shiny ;322; legit for a shiny ;101; hacked.
The Story (What Happened): We were trading and everything was fine, then when the trade was done, he said it was hacked and he disconnected.

[09:38] <WiFiGuest2788> is speal ut
[09:38] <WiFiGuest2788> shiny
[09:38] <WiFiGuest5765> yeah
[09:38] <WiFiGuest2788> male?
[09:38] <WiFiGuest5765> No sorry it's a female
[09:38] <WiFiGuest2788> is numel ut male
[09:39] <WiFiGuest2788> ?
[09:39] <WiFiGuest5765> UT, but a girl too
[09:39] <WiFiGuest2788> DAMM
[09:40] <WiFiGuest2788> hav any other shinies
[09:40] <WiFiGuest2788> nam ethem
[09:40] <WiFiGuest5765> UT Feebas, Milotic VGC09, UT Electrike nicknamed, Pcp, Numel, Zubat, Clamperl, Entei, Starly, Machamp, Solrock nicknamed, UT Charmander, UT Spheal, girafarig, Gastly, Venusaur, Darkrai, Snorlax, Mamoswine, Heatran, Miltank, Altaria, Metagross, Latias, Mew, Swellow, Weavile, Lombre, Mudkip, Lucario, Dialga, Ralts Male, Horsea, Manaphy
[09:40] <WiFiGuest2788> which ones are ut
[09:41] <WiFiGuest2788> ?
[09:42] <WiFiGuest5765> Eevee lv.1, numel, mudkiplv.1, pichu, clamperl lv.1, feebas lv.1, charmander lv,1 spheal lv 1, gastly, altaria, miltank
[09:43] <WiFiGuest2788> what is the nature of gastly and numel
[09:43] <WiFiGuest2788> ?
[09:44] <WiFiGuest5765> Gastly was caught at lv. 16 he has pkrs and mild-natured, Numel is sassy
[09:45] <WiFiGuest2788> hmmmm
[09:45] <WiFiGuest2788> ...
[09:45] <WiFiGuest2788> ill take the numel
[09:45] <WiFiGuest2788> ill trade u a shiny electrode
[09:47] <WiFiGuest5765> FC?
[09:47] <WiFiGuest2788> 3523 8452 7046
[09:47] <WiFiGuest2788> urs
[09:47] <WiFiGuest5765> 2535 9614 6542
[09:47] <WiFiGuest2788> ok
[09:49] <WiFiGuest2788> i traded with u once
[09:49] <WiFiGuest2788> lol
[09:50] <WiFiGuest2788> if u hav a fire stone can u put one on the numel
[09:50] <WiFiGuest5765> yeah sure
[09:50] <WiFiGuest2788> thx
[09:53] <WiFiGuest2788> u in???
[09:53] <WiFiGuest5765> saving
[09:53] <WiFiGuest2788> k
[09:56] <WiFiGuest2788> im stuck
[09:56] <WiFiGuest2788> trade
[09:57] <WiFiGuest5765> why is it in a masterball?
[09:57] <WiFiGuest2788> caught
[09:57] <WiFiGuest2788> it in a master ball
[09:58] <WiFiGuest2788> the numel isnt even ut
[09:58] <WiFiGuest2788> jus trade
[09:58] <WiFiGuest2788> trade
[09:59] <WiFiGuest2788> wow
[09:59] <WiFiGuest2788> trade
[09:59] <WiFiGuest5765> Yeah it is, it was caught at lv 20 and no touched him so yeah it is, ut doesn't mean lv.1
[10:00] <WiFiGuest2788> thx
[10:00] <WiFiGuest2788> bye
[10:00] <WiFiGuest5765> Can you quit please
[10:00] <WiFiGuest2788> its hacked
[10:01] <WiFiGuest5765> the electrode?
[10:01] WiFiGuest2788 No such nick/channel


8th October 2009, 7:46 PM
[INFO] Query view for “WiFiGuest9885” opened.
=== WiFiGuest9885 <WiFiGuest9@65F6C338.40A3B11C.5B7993D6.IP> “Java User”
=== WiFiGuest9885: member of #SPP-WiFi
=== WiFiGuest9885: attached to alias.purplesurge.com “Your Alter Ego”
=== WiFiGuest9885: idle for 4 seconds (on since Thursday, October 08, 2009 1:01:15 PM)
--- End of WHOIS information for WiFiGuest9885.

I'm not exactly certain this is all the information, but its what appears in Chatzilla.

Friend Code: 1806 1492 9375 and in-game name was Quinton
Pokemon Scammed (if any): All Pokes, all legends, were in a Master Ball. The only obvious hack was the Darkrai using Spacial Rand, a move exclusive to event Darkrai in a Cherish Ball.

The Story (What Happened): See above.

9th October 2009, 3:34 AM
[INFO] Query view for “WiFiGuest9885” opened.
=== WiFiGuest9885 <WiFiGuest9@65F6C338.40A3B11C.5B7993D6.IP> “Java User”
=== WiFiGuest9885: member of #SPP-WiFi
=== WiFiGuest9885: attached to alias.purplesurge.com “Your Alter Ego”
=== WiFiGuest9885: idle for 4 seconds (on since Thursday, October 08, 2009 1:01:15 PM)
--- End of WHOIS information for WiFiGuest9885.

I'm not exactly certain this is all the information, but its what appears in Chatzilla.

Friend Code: 1806 1492 9375 and in-game name was Quinton
Pokemon Scammed (if any): All Pokes, all legends, were in a Master Ball. The only obvious hack was the Darkrai using Spacial Rand, a move exclusive to event Darkrai in a Cherish Ball.

The Story (What Happened): See above.
Well, Pokémon can be in Master Balls.
The only one I could think of being hacked is the Darkrai.
If you would provide more info, I could get more answers.

10th October 2009, 6:35 AM
Well, Pokémon can be in Master Balls.
The only one I could think of being hacked is the Darkrai.
If you would provide more info, I could get more answers.

There's no more info I could provide. I'm aware that Master Balls could be legitmate captures for all of them, but it seemed highly unlikely.

9th November 2009, 1:17 AM
I think I got scammed in a trade. I don't remember the person's FC, but the person is in my Pal Pad

Name(s) (on chat): rickybobby
In-game Name: I didn't check
Hostmask*: Don't know
Friend Code: Can't figure it out, but the person is in my Pal Pad
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Arceus for VGC09 Milotic
The Story (What Happened): I had been looking for a VGC09 Milotic, he PMed me, saying he had one. I wanted to trade an Arceus I had on Pearl, for it, but wanted the Milotic to be on my Platinum. He came up with a way for that: I trade him Arceus, he gave me a random Pokemon (on Pearl). I was supposed to get on Platinum and then he would trade the Milotic for my random Pokemon there, thus completing the trade, but when the first trade (Pearl) ended, he disappeared from the chat room!

I am really mad about this! I don't know what to do about it..

26th April 2010, 6:10 PM
It was my first trade ever. I made a deal with player Name:Jack CODE:
0646 8425 8432,that I will give kyogre and dratini and he will give archeus unfortunately I gave him kyogre and he gave me unknown saying we will trade dratini with archeus later which never happend.I do not care about the pokemon I lost but its really unpolite to steal pokemons. again
CODE: 0646 8425 8432

Trainer Emily
27th April 2010, 6:28 AM
I copied the codes through the "Who Is" thingy...
[10:38] ARES WiFiGuest6 PurpleSurge-90FCA6A9.rgv.res.rr.com * Java User
[10:38] ARES is a registered nick
[10:38] ARES #SPP-WiFi
[10:38] ARES alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
[10:38] ARES End of /WHOIS list.

WiFiGuest9208 WiFiGuest9 PurpleSurge-90FCA6A9.rgv.res.rr.com * Java User
[12:17] WiFiGuest9208 #SPP-WiFi
[12:17] WiFiGuest9208 alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
[12:17] WiFiGuest9208 End of /WHOIS list.

His name in WiFI chat is ARES and WiFiGuest9208 after he DC'd while being ARES.

Name: ARES
FC: 2880 1896 9626

He just ran away with 6 of my Pokes after he promised me to transfer them back to my Pearl.

Edit: He appeared again, as if teasing me:

[12:42] WiFiGuest6481 WiFiGuest6 PurpleSurge-90FCA6A9.rgv.res.rr.com * Java User
[12:42] WiFiGuest6481 #SPP-WiFi
[12:42] WiFiGuest6481 hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
[12:42] WiFiGuest6481 2 seconds idle, signon time
[12:42] WiFiGuest6481 End of /WHOIS list.

1st May 2010, 9:48 AM
Name: Kindling
In-game Name: Snorlax
Hostmask: He logged fast off after the 2nd time
Friend Code: I quited the chat so IDK anymore...
Pokemon Scammed: Chimchar and Piplup
The Story: I was trying to get a Chimchar and Piplup, I gave him a Drowzee and a Gible egg, He gave me two eggs, when hatched, it were 2 woopers! after that I told him and he re-traded me with "good Chimchar and Piplup", Hatched again the eggs, now it are two Tropius... Two times scammed!

3rd June 2010, 10:15 AM
My name:Pokefan4
In-game name:ANGEL
Hostmask:Java user
Friend code:(my):5070 4074 6615
Pokemon Scammed (if any):Shyni EVD Garchomp, Shiny EVD Shuckle.

16th June 2010, 2:33 AM
i got scammed by this evil guy who claimed he had a mew but when he traded it he asked me to get hisother pokemon because he wanted to clone my manaphy,
i reluctantly accepted and lost the event manaphy holding a red scarf,
ifor some reason felt really bad and felt like throwing up because i gave him one of my hacked pokemon by accident and he GOT MAD!!!!!
he was gonna do it anyway,(the hacked pokemon was not mine,i got it traded by some other jerk)
so then he takes my manaphy and says he will give it back if i give him level onhundred shiny's.
i only have his friend code and his name is james;490;
to this day i still want a manaphy event,
if you have one please tell me :[

30th June 2010, 10:55 AM
Name(s) (on chat): AAAfirst
In-game Name: Don't remember
Hostmask*: SPPGuest
Friend Code: 1205 3298 4350
The Story (What Happened): Used hacked pokemon in battle, like a Ninjask with explosion and a shiny Slaking without truant. I beat him dispite the hax, and he disconnected.

2nd July 2010, 4:34 PM
Name(s) (on chat): ShinyCollector
In-game Name: Micheal, Id NO.34770
Hostmask*: Couldn't Check, Probably Java User
Friend Code: I do not remember, however the name and ID No. can do something about it.
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Japanese Eigaken Arceus
The Story (What Happened):

That was a disaster up there. He said he'd give me a rare Pokémon for just letting him borrow my Arceus. I agreed, and he took it to use it for the Eigaken event, and then said he was gonna do something for his mother, and left and did not return. now all what remains of him is his registered character in my Friend Roster and his damn Pokéwalker Pikachu (Utterly useless.)

18th August 2010, 5:15 AM
Name on chat:Pokemanz

Host mask: Chat-Guest@PurpleSurge-7014269C.hsd1.ca.comcast.net or PS-Guest
Pokemon scammed : shiny green banette.
My friend code: 2665 2393 4343
Guy that scammed me: hello
His host mask: Don't know PS-guest
His friend code: don't know
Story: I was going to trade for the 2 crowned beasts (raikou and suicune) and I was going to trade zapdos and moltres but then he said "Do you have a shiny?" and I said "Yes" and i chosen my shiny banette and then he said "Can you trade your shiny first" and then I said "Yes" and when i traded my shiny banette he disconnected and he left in wifi chat. Watch out he mite be using another name to scam other people!!!

19th September 2010, 3:36 AM
Name(s) (on chat): NYG
In-game Name: ASH
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-5D935BF.dsl1-erie.roch.ny.frontiernet.net
Friend Code: I was an idiot and didn't write it down
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Susumu Mew
The Story (What Happened):
I asked for a Crown Suicune, and NYG responded. I gave him a list of offers, and he chose my TRU Arcues and Susumu Mew. He asked if I was willing to do a 2 for 1 trade, which I declined. He then offered to trade an EV'd Togekiss as well. We trade the Susumu Mew and Togekiss, and he disconnects right after. Now, granted it was partially my fault for not requesting the Crown Suicune first. It also is not like it was my only one, but it is still infuriating.

8th January 2011, 5:57 AM
Name(s) (on chat): <SPPGuest9061> on Jan 07 2011 around 6:00
In-game Name: Ivan (31513)
Hostmask*: (I was unable to get it)
Friend Code: (I can’t get it out of my DS, however it says they are with the group “RAREPOK”
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Aerodactyl and Shieldon
The Story (What Happened): Offered me a Pikachu, which I denied. Kept pressing me, so I got suspicious and went along with it. Was very persistent in giving me a “Manaphy Egg.” Upon seeing the egg I could easily identify it as not being the egg from Pokemon Ranger—as I already have one. Still curious, I went along with it (I have extras of said pokemon and don’t mind losing them.) So when I tried to trade the Aerodactyl they asked for, they wouldn’t give me an egg and instead offered a bellsprout. I was still curious, so I went along with it. I got said bellsprout for one pokemon and then got an Egg from a link trade for the second pokemon. I then pointed out that Manaphy Eggs look different, which they automatically denied.
It is most likely a scam, but seeing as the egg is yet unhatched I don’t know. I figured I would report it for further reference. Sorry I was unable to get some of the information.

8th January 2011, 10:03 PM
If the egg was traded, it WILL say "Link Trade" on the summary.

13th January 2011, 9:04 PM
It ended up being a Snorunt inside of the egg.

4th February 2011, 11:40 PM
Name(s) (on chat): aa, TyplosionExplosion
In-game Name: Ash
Hostmask: Didn't get it.
Friend Code: 1935 5974 8177
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Chimchar
The Story (What Happened): Here's the conversation:

[15:54] <aa> ihave shiny mew2 and celebi
[15:54] <TyplosionExplosion> Would you take Shiny Chimchar for any of those?
[15:54] <aa> let me think can u wait 2 min
[15:55] <TyplosionExplosion> Sure.
[15:57] <aa> ıll give u shiny celebi but u must be quik ı have to go toilet
[15:57] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright
[15:57] <TyplosionExplosion> my FC is 0647 2350 8122
[15:58] <aa> oh danm wait my ds in down stairs
[15:58] <TyplosionExplosion> I'll wait.
[15:59] <aa> 1935 5974 8177
[16:00] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright.
[16:00] <aa> although celebi has pokerus
[16:00] <TyplosionExplosion> That's ok.
[16:02] <aa> saving
[16:02] <TyplosionExplosion> Connecting.
[16:03] <TyplosionExplosion> Hmm... I got a communication error.
[16:04] <aa> ı can wait ı have some problems with connections too
[16:04] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright.
[16:04] <aa> ıve got eror too :D
[16:05] <TyplosionExplosion> I see you in there.
[16:05] <aa> be fast
[16:05] <TyplosionExplosion> I will.
[16:06] <TyplosionExplosion> Thank you!
[16:08] <TyplosionExplosion> ...Wait, this is hacked.
[16:32] <TyplosionExplosion> Hello?
[16:32] aa No such nick/channel

I should have looked at the status screen when trading... It's partly my fault for not looking at the screen. The celebi was Level 100, caught on route 202, and was in a Luxury ball.

27th February 2011, 3:22 PM
Name(s) (on chat): swampert101
In-game Name: REINIER or Matt ID 48136
Hostmask*: @PurpleSurge-63A249A3.lns3.wel.bigpond.net.au
Friend Code:
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Kingdra
The Story (What Happened): I trade my Seadra with a dragon scale with Swampert101 (trainer name Matt) for a lvl 15 Krabby. After the Seadra had evolved Swampert disconnected and claimed his batteries were running low. Afterwards I saw him a couples of times trading though, and now he doesn't respond.

18th March 2011, 1:33 AM
Issue resolved thanks to help from IRCOp GEROMY and cooperation from scammer in question.

Toge Tamer
30th March 2011, 11:50 PM
I strongly dislike how B/W removed the ability to check summaries. The dude traded me a Shiny Scraggy for my EV'd Gengar. tbh, I didn't really want the Gengar, just wanted a Shiny Scraggy. I don't want the Gengar back, just potential justice? idk

[22:43] <BlueJello> You know.
[22:43] <BlueJello> To be honest.
[22:43] <BlueJello> I don't like being scammed.
[22:43] <BlueJello> Apparently met at Pinwheel Forest? Really?
[22:43] <[DR]Juice> yeah swarm
[22:43] <BlueJello> What.
[22:43] <[DR]Juice> Swarms
[22:43] <BlueJello> You gotta be shitting me.
[22:43] <[DR]Juice> pokemon show up in swarms
[22:43] <[DR]Juice> no shitting
[22:44] <BlueJello> Random Pokemon?
[22:44] <[DR]Juice> no
[22:44] <[DR]Juice> someone tells you
[22:44] <BlueJello> Who?
[22:44] <[DR]Juice> in the game i think they are in nimbasa
[22:44] <[DR]Juice> i think.....idk
[22:45] <[DR]Juice> i gtg, pce out
[22:45] <BlueJello> I'm reporting you.
[22:45] <[DR]Juice> for?
[22:45] <BlueJello> Trading me a hack.
[22:45] <[DR]Juice> its not a hack!
[22:45] <BlueJello> You know full well that those conditions aren't possible.
[22:45] <[DR]Juice> lol yeah
[22:45] <[DR]Juice> but hey
[22:46] <[DR]Juice> SawkMyCawk

He then goes on to call me homophobic and racist, for some reason.

31st March 2011, 12:27 PM
Name(s) (on chat): "Theo", then changed to "Brad", then disappeared

In-game Name: Hg name : Somie (male) (his avatar in the wifi room is a bald guy wearing a black shirt with a gyarados on its back), OT number : 54155

Hostmask*: ???

Friend Code: cant give, cant check his Hg fc, BUT i can say his White FC: 1377 7153 8489

Pokemon Scammed (if any): Ditto (JOLLY), Ludicolo (TuTTiFrUti(two heart symbols here) (female cant rmeember the lv), Nidoqueen (ISABEL XII) and Manectric (male lv 100)(Relámpago!) (all raised by "Lonset" my name in pokemon pearl. except for the ditto)

The Story (What Happened): well, i was looking for someone to help me transfer my some pokemon from heart gold to my white, he offered to help me and i traded my pokes for his fearow, oddish, krabby and spinarak, then he told me to wait because he was doing the transfer, then he told me if i could give him something as a reward, he told me he was doing this for free because he told me "I know how u feel i used to ask people to transfer my pokes" and he didn't ask for anything, well then he told me to give him something, i offred some pokemon with good natures, he refused and told me nvm about me giving him something, and then he just went away, i kept waiting on wifi room thinking he could come back, but no. then i talked to an active op, and he told me that he had changd his name to "brad" and banned him or kicked, not sure, then i never saw that guy again. hopefully he cant change the nicks of my pokes if u see someone using the pokemon listed before, pls contact me, i really need to get back my pokes

pls get that b*stard ;057;;057;

1st April 2011, 6:52 AM
Nickname: x-metalix
Username: WifiGuest0
Hostname: F88DD94D.813484A3,IP
Real name: Java User
Server: alias.purplesurge.com
Server info: Your Alter Ego
Channels: #SPP-WiFi

traded me a hacked shiny beldum for my japanese perfect IV ditto. i don't care about the ditto but he scammed somebody else out of a life orb and three power items - just want this guy done.

1st April 2011, 7:22 PM
not sure if a double post would be appropriate here. i assume it is and apologize if not.

Whois wifiguest9203?

Nickname: wifiguest9203
Username: WiFiGuest9
Hostname: PurpleSurge-AAF7DF1C.tampfl.fios.verizon.net
Real name: Java User
Server: patience.purplesurge.com
Server info: Patience... a common virtue
Idle time: 3 minutes
Channels: #SPP-WiFi

WiFiGuest9203 what do u want for ferrothorn and chandelure
12:26 paperfairy http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3264697/list.txt <- I collect Pokémon with unique ID/OTs so I only want ones with different IDs
12:28 WiFiGuest9203 i dont get it... is that list of pkm the pokemon that u want?
12:28 paperfairy yes
12:28 paperfairy but you want two pokemon
12:28 paperfairy i don't want two pokemon from the same OT
12:30 WiFiGuest9203 so u want two pokes from that list with different OT's correct?
12:30 paperfairy yeah
12:30 paperfairy =]
12:31 WiFiGuest9203 okay i have the pokes from two OT's but let me see if i have the ones one your list
12:32 paperfairy k
12:33 WiFiGuest9203 okay i do... i have mamoswine and shelmet with different OT's
12:34 paperfairy awesome
12:34 paperfairy 2752 1028 7872
12:34 paperfairy but i have three trades ahead of you
12:34 WiFiGuest9203 okay
12:34 paperfairy fc?
12:36 WiFiGuest9203 3310 4501 9537
12:36 WiFiGuest9203 what are the specs on ferrothorn and chandelure??
12:36 paperfairy IVs: HP 31, Atk 14, Def 31, SpA 20, SpD 31, Spe 21 EVs: HP 252, Atk 0, Def 1, SpA 0, SpD 254, Spe 0, Total 507
12:37 paperfairy Attacks: Spikes Gyro Ball Stealth Rock Power Whip
12:37 paperfairy Sassy Male
12:38 WiFiGuest9203 what is the attack stat?
12:38 paperfairy i dunno i'm in the trading room
12:38 paperfairy you can calculate yourself with an IV calc though
12:38 WiFiGuest9203 okay
12:41 paperfairy last trade
12:41 paperfairy then you12:45 paperfairy your turn
12:46 paperfairy don't see you
12:46 WiFiGuest9203 had to go eat sorry
12:47 paperfairy np
12:47 WiFiGuest9203 going in
12:48 paperfairy k
12:50 WiFiGuest9203 okay im in
12:52 WiFiGuest9203 chandelure?
12:54 WiFiGuest9203 thanks!
12:55 paperfairy np
12:55 paperfairy thank you
13:14 paperfairy so
13:14 mibbit wifiguest9203: No such nickname online.

Mamoswime was hacked - had no location data. Don't want my Pokémon back, just want him banned.


this is not my day!

Nickname: wifiguest9291
Username: WiFiGuest9
Hostname: 886A0F19.6A3CE3A0.3E79CFA1.IP
Real name: Java User
Server: alias.purplesurge.com
Server info: Your Alter Ego
Channels: #SPP-WiFi

12:47 WiFiGuest9291 ?
12:47 paperfairy you asked about maxed pokemon
12:47 paperfairy max EV right?
12:48 WiFiGuest9291 anything else?
12:48 paperfairy *Offering*:
12:48 paperfairy *_Shiny_*: Venomoth, Litwick, Azumarill, Sawsbuck, Butterfree, Golbat, Machamp, Rotom, Bagon, Musharna, Flygon, Jirachi, Virizion
12:48 paperfairy *_31IVs_*: Ditto, Scizor, Cresselia, Manaphy, Archeops,
12:48 paperfairy *_Shiny31IVs_*: Duskull, Ninjask, Umbreon, Charmander, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Chinchou, Pichu, Suicune, Lugia, Milotic, Groudon, Gible, Riolu, Azelf, Dialga, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Archeops, Chandelure, Leafeon, Hippowdon, Dusknoir, Breloom
12:49 paperfairy *_Shiny/31IV/EV'd_*: Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
12:49 paperfairy and lots of events/legendaries
12:49 paperfairy that's everything i have
12:49 WiFiGuest9291 moltres is UT?
12:50 WiFiGuest9291 I am interested in that
12:50 paperfairy yeah level 50 no EVs
12:51 WiFiGuest9291 31 ivs in?
12:52 paperfairy HP 31 / ATK 31 / DEF 30 / SPATK 30 / SDEF 31 / SPD 31
12:52 paperfairy Hidden Power is Grass at 70 BP
12:52 WiFiGuest9291 nice ivs
12:53 WiFiGuest9291 nature?
12:53 paperfairy Modest
12:53 WiFiGuest9291
12:53 WiFiGuest9291 Ok
12:54 paperfairy the damn thing is perfect, you want a silver platter lol
12:54 WiFiGuest9291 I can trade shinies(can be maxed out)
12:54 WiFiGuest9291 dang u havr them
12:55 paperfairy what pokemon?
12:55 paperfairy i can be persuaded
12:55 WiFiGuest9291 virizion and metagross, but you have them
12:55 WiFiGuest9291 (max speed and atk metagross with egg move agility)
12:56 WiFiGuest9291 (virizion with 31 ivs in speed and def)
12:56 paperfairy hmm
12:56 paperfairy your Virizion is slightly better than mine
12:56 WiFiGuest9291
12:56 paperfairy I'll trade my Virizon and Moltres for your Virizon and something else
12:56 WiFiGuest9291 ok brb dinner
12:56 WiFiGuest9291 I speak in like 5 mins once i done
12:56 paperfairy k
12:57 WiFiGuest9291 i have some more shinies and stuffz
12:57 paperfairy lol k
13:02 WiFiGuest9291 ok bk
13:02 WiFiGuest9291 I have shiny magby, bronzor, trapinch all UT
13:03 WiFiGuest9291 And..Shiny Chandelure max sp atk
13:03 WiFiGuest9291 interested?
13:05 paperfairy bronzor and trapinch interest me
13:05 WiFiGuest9291 trapinch wasn't caught by me. the natures of them both are as followed
13:05 WiFiGuest9291 Acutally neither was bronzor
13:05 WiFiGuest9291 weird
13:05 paperfairy actually
13:05 WiFiGuest9291 Ok anyway
13:05 paperfairy wait
13:05 paperfairy that's fine
13:05 paperfairy I don't care much for the statsw
13:06 WiFiGuest9291 huh?
13:06 WiFiGuest9291 ah ok
13:06 WiFiGuest9291 i have shiny bronzong level 100
13:06 paperfairy also interested
13:06 WiFiGuest9291
13:06 paperfairy not so much interested in virizon anymore
13:06 WiFiGuest9291 hehe
13:06 paperfairy make an offer!
13:07 WiFiGuest9291 hmph
13:07 WiFiGuest9291 anything u have seen
13:07 WiFiGuest9291 Choose!
13:07 paperfairy bronzong is also a differnt OT then bronzor/trapinch?
13:08 WiFiGuest9291 yep
13:08 WiFiGuest9291 I collect more than anything
13:08 WiFiGuest9291 Well used too
13:08 WiFiGuest9291 I now try to battle
13:08 paperfairy I want all three - what can I do to persuade them from you
13:08 WiFiGuest9291 uhmm
13:09 WiFiGuest9291 dunno
13:09 WiFiGuest9291 I dont feel very strongly about them tbh
13:09 paperfairy Ditto is Japanese and has perfect IVs
13:09 WiFiGuest9291 just bring another poke that interests me? Doesn't have to be perfect just like a shiny for shiny thing
13:10 WiFiGuest9291 OOoh
13:10 paperfairy there we go
13:10 WiFiGuest9291
13:10 WiFiGuest9291 lets trade!!
13:10 paperfairy gotta poketransfer the ditto
13:10 paperfairy gimme a bit
13:10 WiFiGuest9291 fc?
13:10 WiFiGuest9291 okk
13:10 WiFiGuest9291 Your awesome
13:11 WiFiGuest9291 I wanted to make a sunny day team
13:12 paperfairy 2752 1028 7872
13:13 WiFiGuest9291 Ah i have seem to lost it somewhere in the generations
13:13 WiFiGuest9291 the bronzong
13:13 paperfairy oh no =[
13:13 WiFiGuest9291 i have houndoom shiny
13:13 WiFiGuest9291
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 like houndoom?
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 i can give u evd ursaring
13:14 paperfairy houndoom is fine
13:14 paperfairy wait
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 ok coolz@_@
13:14 paperfairy Houndoom's OT
13:14 paperfairy different from Bronzor/Trapinch
13:14 paperfairy ?
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 yep
13:14 paperfairy then yes
13:14 paperfairy =]
13:14 paperfairy fc?
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 All collected back in pearl hehe
13:14 WiFiGuest9291 2666 1329 2125
13:15 WiFiGuest9291 where are u in poketransfer=]
13:16 paperfairy done
13:16 paperfairy in thw wifi room
13:16 WiFiGuest9291 nice
13:16 WiFiGuest9291 oooh
13:16 WiFiGuest9291 coming
13:16 paperfairy Moltres for Houndoom, Trapinch for random Purrlion, and Bronzor for Ditto
13:16 paperfairy ?
13:18 WiFiGuest9291 ok
13:22 WiFiGuest9291 nice little ditto
13:22 WiFiGuest9291 thanks for the trades
13:22 paperfairy np
13:22 paperfairy ty too
13:23 WiFiGuest9291 =)
13:23 WiFiGuest9291 cya
13:26 paperfairy well
13:26 paperfairy wow
13:27 paperfairy all of these are yours?
13:27 paperfairy that's a lot of shinies
13:27 WiFiGuest9291 hehe
13:27 paperfairy they're really all yours
13:27 paperfairy ?
13:27 WiFiGuest9291 i was a collector back in the day
13:27 WiFiGuest9291 I would trade things for them
13:27 WiFiGuest9291
13:27 paperfairy oh well
13:27 paperfairy the bronzor is hacked
13:28 WiFiGuest9291 oh
13:28 WiFiGuest9291 not mine so yeh
13:28 WiFiGuest9291 cant blame me
13:29 paperfairy interesting, you also said bronzor and trapinch had differnt OTs
13:29 paperfairy they do not
13:29 paperfairy looks like you're getting reported buddy
13:29 WiFiGuest9291 what?
13:29 WiFiGuest9291 Dude i said they were the same
13:29 WiFiGuest9291 Not my faul, jeez
13:29 *** WiFiGuest9291 is now known as Woopdewoop
13:30 paperfairy we'll see what the mods have to say
13:30 Woopdewoop I didn't do anything. Why are you reporting me for not doing anything?
13:31 paperfairy you claimed the bronzor and trapinch were different and you traded a hacked pokemon
13:31 paperfairy which is against the rules in and of itself
13:31 Woopdewoop i didn't know though!!
13:32 paperfairy it's in a cherish ball
13:32 mibbit woopdewoop: No such nickname online.
13:32 paperfairy big red ball
13:32 mibbit woopdewoop: No such nickname online.

So I was scammed in that Bronzor and Trapinch both have the same OT - I can get over that part though - Bronzor was still caught in a Cherish Ball.


Nickname: dawn
Username: WiFiGuest5
Hostname: PurpleSurge-E03D7565.abhsia.telus.net
Real name: Java User
Server: patience.purplesurge.com
Server info: Patience... a common virtue
Idle time: 0 seconds
Channels: #SPP-WiFi

18:08 Dawn You interested in events?
18:08 paperfairy Depends on what they are but I have most of them
18:08 Dawn Shinies: Azelf, Electrivir, Beautyfly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Peliper, Yamega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Togipi, Pichu, and Bulbasaur.
18:08 Dawn Events: 10th Anni Raikou, Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus, Hall of Origin Arceus, TRU Regigigas, Shiny Faraway Lugia, WSHMKR Jirachi, Flower Paradise Shaymin, and Ranger Manaphy.
18:09 paperfairy *Offering*: *_Shiny_*: Venomoth, Litwick, Azumarill, Sawsbuck, Butterfree, Golbat, Machamp, Rotom, Bagon, Musharna, Flygon, Jirachi, Virizion *_31IVs_*: Ditto, Scizor, Cresselia, Manaphy, Archeops,
18:09 paperfairy *_Shiny31IVs_*: Duskull, Ninjask, Umbreon, Charmander, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Chinchou, Pichu, Suicune, Lugia, Milotic, Groudon, Gible, Riolu, Azelf, Dialga, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Archeops, Chandelure, Leafeon, Hippowdon, Dusknoir, Breloom *_Shiny/31IV/EV'd_*: Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
18:09 Dawn What did you want?
18:10 paperfairy Only the Shinies but
18:10 paperfairy I collect Pokemon with unique IDs - are they all owned by different ID numbers?
18:11 Dawn yup lol
18:11 Dawn be surprised if any are same id
18:11 Dawn I would be interested in shiny evd
18:11 Dawn So from that list I believe my options are Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
18:11 Dawn ?
18:12 paperfairy Beautifly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Pelipper, Yanmega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Topepi and Bulbasaur are my interests
18:12 Dawn Assuming Stats are right I would be interested in Magnezone, Porygon, Gengar, Lucario, Scizor, and HErcross.
18:12 Dawn Special Interest in Gengar / Scizor. Possibly Porygon.
18:12 Dawn They Max EV I presume? If SO make an offer / trade
18:13 paperfairy I'm in a trade right now - let me finish it so I can focus on this deal
18:13 paperfairy k?
18:14 Dawn yup kk
18:18 paperfairy Magnezone, IVs: HP 31, Atk 30, Def 31, SpA 30, SpD 31, Spe 30 EVs: HP 252, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 4, Spe 0, Total 508
18:19 paperfairy Porygon-Z, IVs: HP 28, Atk 13, Def 4, SpA 30, SpD 20, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 508
18:19 paperfairy Gengar, IVs: HP 30, Atk 10, Def 26, SpA 31, SpD 27, Spe 31 EVs: HP 6, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 510
18:19 paperfairy Lucario, IVs: HP 28, Atk 24, Def 30, SpA 31, SpD 31, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 508
18:19 paperfairy Scizor, IVs: HP 31, Atk 31, Def 31, SpA 31, SpD 31, Spe 31 EVs: HP 0, Atk 255, Def 0, SpA 0, SpD 0, Spe 255, Total 510
18:19 paperfairy Heracross IVs: HP 10, Atk 30, Def 4, SpA 10, SpD 10, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 252, Def 0, SpA 0, SpD 0, Spe 254, Total 510
18:20 Dawn They are not Evd fully?
18:20 paperfairy they are
18:20 Dawn ah okay I see waht you mean
18:20 paperfairy 508 is the practical max
18:21 paperfairy make an offer
18:22 Dawn Make an offer with what you want and what I want
18:22 paperfairy do you want all six of those?
18:23 Dawn Could you list the full stats properly for Scizor and Gengar and Porygon?
18:23 Dawn Been up since 6am too tired to decode that mess of numbers lol
18:23 paperfairy gimme a moment
18:24 Dawn kk
18:24 paperfairy porygon-z:
18:24 paperfairy HP 309 ATK 160 DEF 149 SPATK 404 SPDEF 175 SPD 279
18:25 paperfairy Scizor: 281/394/236/131/196/229
18:26 paperfairy gengar: 261/130/151/359/182/350
18:26 Dawn yup i'll take all 3
18:26 Dawn probably the others 2 if they have similar stats.
18:26 Dawn work out a trade
18:26 paperfairy which other two? I posted six
18:27 Dawn other 3*
18:27 paperfairy Magnezone: 344/157/266/393/217/155
18:27 paperfairy Lucario: 28/24/30/31/31/31
18:28 Dawn yah i'd grab all
18:28 Dawn Definately want first 3 though
18:28 paperfairy Heracross: 281/382/159/85/205/269
18:29 paperfairy my six for your: Beautifly, Pelliper, Yanmega, Slowking, Roserade and Geodude
18:29 Dawn works for me
18:30 Dawn could you give me sec to do another trade quick?
18:30 Dawn 5414 9206 9598
18:30 paperfairy sure np
18:32 Dawn or he can dc
18:32 Dawn kk i'll trade with you quick till he comes back
18:33 Dawn fc?
18:33 paperfairy 275210287872
18:34 Dawn waiting inside
18:37 paperfairy see me?
18:37 Dawn yah wtf I keep freezing when people try to talk to me
18:37 Dawn there we go
18:40 Dawn sec
18:40 paperfairy k
18:42 Dawn whoops wrong one
18:47 Dawn beautifly is pretty
18:49 Dawn I will take the weavile I guess as well if you wanted to select another shiny
18:50 Dawn Shinies: Azelf, Electrivir, Beautyfly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Peliper, Yamega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Togipi, Pichu, and Bulbasaur.
18:51 paperfairy oh
18:51 paperfairy uh
18:52 paperfairy Ponyta!
18:52 Dawn kk
18:52 Dawn and then all you will have evd wise is tt?
18:53 paperfairy yep
18:54 Dawn kk, already have one of those
18:54 paperfairy thanks for the trade
18:54 paperfairy s
18:55 Dawn yup
19:02 paperfairy hey
19:03 paperfairy beautifly and pelipper have the same OT and ID
19:03 paperfairy ASH / 45438
19:03 paperfairy that was not our agreement =[
19:04 paperfairy same with Ash
19:04 paperfairy err
19:05 paperfairy Slowking
19:05 paperfairy all three

see the chat log - Beautifly, Pelipper and Slowking all the same ID and I missed out on three EV'd Shinies with awesome IVs. Again, don't want my Pokémon back, just want justice. :/

Although four times in 24 hours is really bad - not even counting all the ones in the last WEEK. :/

Green Blockhead
13th May 2011, 12:29 PM
I've been scammed before. I diden't know of this thread at the time so I don't know the hotmask or anything.

Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest2103
In-game Name: (It's a swear word).
Hostmask*: Don't know.
Friend Code: I forgot, I erased him from my Pal Pad after it happened.
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Dialga
The Story (What Happened): I said I was looking for a Shiny Squirtle/Treecko/Ekans and evolutions, then someone replied and said he had a Shiny Squirtle, male and everything. I offered him my Shiny Dialga, he accepted with no hesitation. We exchanged friend codes and all that and got to the trade room (where you can see your partner's team). He had the Shiny Squirtle in his party, selected my Shiny Dialga and I foolishly forgot to check it's summary page. It was met on Route 206. After I got the shiny and left the WiFi, I tried to save. An error occured. My game restarted and then it said that the save file was corrupted so it was erased. I raged so hard. I still haven't recovered. I lost everything.

27th May 2011, 12:22 AM
I almost got scammed the guy said he would give me a melloetta (yes I know but he offered it openly on chat like this Offering Melo... pm me) so he wanted to give me bronzong first but I did not want to get scammed i would've lost my legit japanese arceus i disconeccted immediately also I lost my legit shiny for a "legit shiny giratina" I was really mad

27th May 2011, 4:26 AM
^ I'd suggest checking the first post and filling the form correctly - no logs or anything, nevermind you're not mentioning who did that...we can't deal with unnamed people you know. =p

8th June 2011, 1:25 AM
Name(s) (on chat): klow
In-game Name:klow
Hostmask*: Gaah, Still dont get this
Friend Code: I deleted it
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Zekrom, Mewtwo, Articuno, Tyranitar, SMR2010 jirachi, Arceus
The Story (What Happened):I first bumped into him saying that we wanted to have a battle, we have it, i found it unfair because I dont have all lv 100 on my team and he didnt give me a chance to Change my pokemon, we battled i lost he kept on bothering me for it and demanded free pokemon, he comes later telling me that he needs rufflet, i ask him what he offers and he says he'll give me legends when we traded he showed me this horse that ive never seen(keldeo) i wanted it(i didnt know it was hack only). but he says i have to trade him mewtwo and articuno first, i do the trade then he steals my tyranitar, saying he wants it too, then I tell him that we should trade now for keldeo, then he dcs


A few weeks later, he PMs me again saying thats he's sorry then he traded a keldeo for my zekrom a arceus for my arceus(his had a better nature) and a SMR jirachi for a Shiny Zekrom, after we trade, i look up keldeo, its hack only, and it has pressure, the arceus was a hack, even though mine was a LEGIT TRU arceus and then I found that zekrom cant be shiny.( and it had pressure)

Im akicked from spp wifi but i dont want scamming any more of you good people.

P.S. he always talks like this:
20:56<klow> jajaja
20:56<klow>Ill give you back
20:57<klow>your pokes
20:57<klow> NOT!
This is a real piece of our conversation this is the only part I had saved.

P.P.S Tell me if hes on the forums too

10th June 2011, 3:18 AM
idk if u would count this as scamming but in the random battle in black and swhite, people on there will cut their ds off if they know they are gonna lose and it really ticks me off so i dont get any wins :P

10th June 2011, 6:05 AM
idk if u would count this as scamming but in the random battle in black and swhite, people on there will cut their ds off if they know they are gonna lose and it really ticks me off so i dont get any wins :P
yeah we don't allow this in the chats but the random battles aren't really relevant here, so

16th June 2011, 1:32 AM
Name(s) (on chat): monkey123
In-game Name: JIMMY
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-7C25AC4B.dyn.centurytel.net
Friend Code: 1291 9413 1745
Pokemon Scammed (if any): None, though he was trying to scam my Dream World Arceus
The Story (What Happened): I asked for a Movie Victini, he brought a Lv. 40 Victini caught in a regular Pokéball and apparently tried to pass this off as a Movie Victini.


Session Start: Wed Jun 15 19:17:19 2011
Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324
[19:17] Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324 (PurpleSurge, Pingouin7) (WiFiGuest9@PurpleSurge-7C25AC4B.dyn.centurytel.net)
[19:17] <WiFiGuest9324> i hyave victini
[19:17] <Pingouin7> and you are interested in trading it for my dream world arceus, right?
[19:17] <WiFiGuest9324> yeah
[19:17] <Pingouin7> ok
[19:18] <WiFiGuest9324> fc
[19:18] <Pingouin7> my fc is 3825 7852 0098
[19:18] <WiFiGuest9324> 1291 9413 1745
[19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> u there
[19:21] <Pingouin7> yes
[19:21] <Pingouin7> do you see me?
[19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> no
[19:21] <Pingouin7> i'm going to exit and enter again
[19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> k
[19:23] <Pingouin7> noob
Session Close: Wed Jun 15 19:23:36 2011

Session Start: Wed Jun 15 19:25:46 2011
Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324
[19:25] Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324 (PurpleSurge, Pingouin7) (WiFiGuest9@PurpleSurge-7C25AC4B.dyn.centurytel.net)
[19:25] <WiFiGuest9324> trade
[19:26] WiFiGuest9324 is WiFiGuest9@PurpleSurge-7C25AC4B.dyn.centurytel.net * Java User
[19:26] WiFiGuest9324 on #SPP-WiFi
[19:26] WiFiGuest9324 using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
[19:26] WiFiGuest9324 End of /WHOIS list.
[19:26] <Pingouin7> no
[19:26] <Pingouin7> I'm not trading with you
[19:26] <WiFiGuest9324> y?
[19:26] <Pingouin7> you'd have to be really retarded to think your Victini was a movie Victini
[19:26] <WiFiGuest9324> its liberty pass vivtini
[19:27] <Pingouin7> learn to read
[19:27] <WiFiGuest9324> dumb ***
[19:27] <Pingouin7> You should learn to read instead
[19:27] <Pingouin7> I specifically said "Movie Victini"
[19:27] <Pingouin7> you're kinda immature aren't you?
[19:28] <monkey123> im 11 stupid
[19:28] <Pingouin7> so that's why
[19:28] <monkey123> shut up
[19:28] <Pingouin7> stop being so butthurt
[19:29] <Pingouin7> Look, if you really need to trade that Victini
[19:29] <Pingouin7> Just find someone actually looking for a Liberty Pass Victini
[19:29] <monkey123> ok dumby
[19:29] <Pingouin7> go
[19:29] <Pingouin7> do it
[19:29] <monkey123> ok

20th June 2011, 6:53 AM
Posted by quilt.
It keeps autologging me to this account.

Not demanding anything back just submitting.
Context in Attachment.
Then changed his nick.

TL;DR Account in question Tiisko.
Traded for an Event Mystery Egg, instead got a Horsea.
Complete denial.

Session Start: Mon Jun 20 12:35:33 2011
Session Ident: pumpkin
09[12:35] <quilt> OHAI Can I have a mystery egg?
09[12:35] <quilt> *snort*HA*snort*
[12:36] <pumpkin> ur fail attempt to scam me is laughable
[12:36] <pumpkin> *snort*HA*snort*
09[12:36] <quilt> But I just want a mystery egg.
09[12:37] <quilt> How come I'm not the one changing my nick and trying to hide
[12:37] <pumpkin> and u got one and u are now trying to get two
[12:37] <pumpkin> when i asked u u said u wanted two
09[12:37] <quilt> I'll trade you back then Egg then
[12:37] <pumpkin> i remember now
[12:37] <pumpkin> gtfo outta here
[12:37] <pumpkin> u gonna give me a random horsea
09[12:37] <quilt> ROFl
[12:37] <pumpkin> and keep the event egg
[12:37] <pumpkin> and i'll give u mesprit back?
09[12:37] <quilt> I think I know where that's happened before.
[12:37] <pumpkin> wtf
[12:37] <pumpkin> lol
[12:37] <pumpkin> nice try bro
09[12:38] <quilt> Brice nry rro
[12:42] <pumpkin> lol pathetic kids these days trying to scam people over a pokemon egg. u got some neerve after i traded u legit events. lol silly clowns.
09[12:43] <quilt> Clowns? so multiple people are proclaiming you've scammed them :/ This isn't going to look good in the post.
01[12:43] No such nick/channel

So yeah.

Reposted for thread.

30th June 2011, 10:42 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WifiGuest0154
In-game Name:
Friend Code: 5028 5736 4975
Pokemon Scammed (if any): bronzong
The Story (What Happened): said perfect IV larvitar, got decent all round. just hoping he will notice he did that and look here. Scammer, pm my forum account if you see this.

No. 1 Machop Fan
9th July 2011, 12:18 PM
Name(s) (on chat): SPPGuest0232
In-game Name: Unknown
Hostmask*: SPPGuest02@2EAF3877.BFC03B26.F08467F7.IP
Friend Code: Unknown
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Gurdurr
The Story (What Happened): I wasn't scammed, but the guest appeared in #SPP and gloated about it. These are the logs:

* SPPGuest0232 has joined #SPP. ( SPPGuest02@2EAF3877.BFC03B26.F08467F7.IP )
(SPPGuest0232) hahahahaha
(SPPGuest0232) some idiot in trade chat told me that he needs to evolve his gurdurr
* SPPGuest3463 has joined #SPP. ( SPPGuest34@PurpleSurge-21CD71B5.bb.sky.com )
(SPPGuest0232) so i told him ok i'll trade it and back
(Machop_Fan) you obliged and didn't give it back?
(SPPGuest0232) it was a shiny adamant gurdurr and fully EV'd
(SPPGuest0232) and yes
(SPPGuest0232) i didnt give it back
(SPPGuest0232) trolololo
(SPPGuest0232) hmm
(SPPGuest0232) i think now i can officially call myself a team rocket member
(SPPGuest0232) since i steal pokemon from trainers
(Badger) how honourable of you
(SPPGuest0232) hahaha
(SPPGuest0232) like i care
(SPPGuest0232) if i cared about honour or such bullshiz i'd trade it back
(Badger) i hope karma hits you where it hurts
(SPPGuest0232) i dont believe in karma
(SPPGuest0232) so its ok
* Cairne|nothere is now known as Cairne
(SPPGuest0232) hahah
(SPPGuest0232) i dont even feel sorry for that noob
(Cairne) I don't even feel sorry for someone who cheats in a easy game because they can't play otherwise.
(SPPGuest0232) people just dont need to be that idiot,believeing me when i tell tham that i'll trade it back
(SPPGuest0232) i hope he and such people dont learn from their mistakes so i'll steal more pokemon from them in future

I sincerely hope he's lying.

10th July 2011, 11:23 AM

Pokémon scammed: Shiny Jolly good iv'd Mienfoo

IP/Hostmask: (ok_happy_1@PurpleSurge-B637BEBE.hkcable.com.hk)

Friend Code: Can't remember

I traded a shiny offspring to him for his allegedly perfect iv ferrothorn offspring, which turned out to be far less perfect than advertised...

10th July 2011, 12:36 PM

Pokémon scammed: Shiny Jolly good iv'd Mienfoo

IP/Hostmask: (ok_happy_1@PurpleSurge-B637BEBE.hkcable.com.hk)

Friend Code: Can't remember

I traded a shiny offspring to him for his allegedly perfect iv ferrothorn offspring, which turned out to be far less perfect than advertised...

Just checking, do you know the proper way to check the IVs of a Pokemon? Perhaps it does have perfect IVs, but you're checking them incorrectly.

Abstinence Pistols
10th July 2011, 2:30 PM
Just checking, do you know the proper way to check the IVs of a Pokemon? Perhaps it does have perfect IVs, but you're checking them incorrectly.

This. I thought I had a near flawless Scraggy, when the actual IV's were all below 20.

27th July 2011, 1:34 AM
Name(s) (on chat): zeldafan128
In-game Name: Jesse
Hostmask*: Unknown
Friend Code: 1678 3844 4676
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Tornadus
The Story (What Happened): I was looking to do a trade swap, I borrow your Thundurus for dex and to get Landorus, then give back and let you use my Tornadus to do the same. He PMed, asked why he should trust me, said he once got scammed. I decided (stupidly) to put some faith in a fellow human being, offered to let him go first. He agreed, swapped codes, met in wifi room, traded... he left and dropped from chatroom. No word, nothing. I waited in chat and wifi room for 20 minutes.

Oh well, don't trust people.

Him in room before PM:


6th August 2011, 10:35 PM
Name(s) (on chat): attackoftheCLONES
In-game Name: forgot. Maybe Jeramy
Hostmask*: (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-A0D411FA.eastlink.ca) (according to Jiggly)
Friend Code: 0518 4881 6478
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Manaphy, Deoxys, Jirachi
The Story (What Happened): While loocking for a Darkrai for 10 days, I found attackoftheCLONES, who was offering a level 100 Darkrai (which, at the end, I get to keep). Then he asked me for all my event so he could clone using his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay (He probably worships it or something. He kept saying how cool it is). He said the he would clone them and give me 1 of each back. I was dumb enough to giving him my Jirachi, Deoxys, and later Manaphy. I did question him and said how did i know did i know he would give me back my pokemon he said, "ill give you a event for the one your going to give me so if i wants it back i got to give you yours back"
[15:06] <jpdc11> ok
[15:06] <attackoftheCLONES> i wont take it if im getting a event out of it
Then he took my pokemon one by one. First Deoxys, then Jirachi. Then i asked him for a Razor Claw, which came with a Latias... but it costed my Manaphy. At the end i got Darkrai (Yay!) Celebi and Latias (which i already had) Well, I know he did it on purpose. And he probably didn't even have his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay. What a loser (I don't like cheating devices, but according to him, ActionReplay's are super-cool... and mighty)

12th August 2011, 8:10 AM
Name(s) (on chat):WifiGuest7089
In-game Name:I dont remeber but on the hacked poke it says "ANGUS"
Hostmask*: unknown
Friend Code: 1979 0921 2061
Pokemon Scammed (if any): He took my Shiny FLawless Starmie, and he Gave me Hacked Lv. 100 Flawless Reshiram
The Story (What Happened): He told me he had one if I traded him a max IV poke so I told him to look at what I had. He wanted my Flawless starmie so He took like 25 minutes making the fake poke then traded with me when I told him it was hacked and was going to report him he left.

I have pictures but it wont let me upload them

31st August 2011, 5:14 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Sacha, sacha
In-game Name: Sacha
Hostmask*: [17:05] sacha sacha PurpleSurge-D93C7FA3.bb.sky.com
[17:05] sacha is a registered nick
[17:05] sacha #SPP-WiFi
[17:05] sacha patience.purplesurge.com Patience... a common virtue
[17:05] sacha End of /WHOIS list.

Friend Code: 1678 5561 8591
Pokemon Scammed (if any): a tornadus, nearly an arceus
The Story (What Happened): Well Sica, i just made an email and forum account to tell you this, i think these will explain it:
i couldn't remember your forum name and thought that you were going by your the end of it.

edit: met him again, asked for my lv 100 arceus and lvl 50 movie victini wanted arceus first like he was gonna scam twice over... i ended up dcing

18th September 2011, 4:19 AM
name on chat:turtle
in-game name: KRAZY-J
hostmask:dont know
friend code:????
spammed pokemon:lvl 100 giratina
the story(what happened): i was looking for movie victini and this guy comes up with this shiny legit movie victini, he wanted my giratina and my cresselia(i thought it was a fair deal) so i said:"i dont wanna be scammed, offer the victini first", he answered like: "no, the weak pokemon first", i answered no, but he persisted saying, "i dont cheat i PROMISE i wont", so i said "ok" so we traded giratina for lvl 4 audino¬¬ and then i selected cresselia, but nothing happened, so i said:"what are you waiting for" and he answered:"you were scammed,hahahahahahahahaha" and he disconnected.

25th September 2011, 10:26 PM
Name: shinies (on April 17, during 3-4 pm Philippine time)
In-game name: Ben
Hostmask: Don't know...
Friend Code: 4167 1003 2596 (with that Karate dude avatar)
Pokemon Scammed: Some of my EV'd & good-IV'd Pokemon holding items (Breloom with thunderpunch, Machamp, Timid Alakazam, etc...)
All 18 Pokemon.
What happened: He says yesterday that I can trust him (after we have spoken for an hour) for the transferring. I sent 18 Pokemon to him now at 12:00 noon my time here in the Philippines, but he never appeared since. He has stolen all of them.
We have been chatting yesterday though, somewhere at 3 - 4:30 pm my time.
Sorry, can't remember other details, since we have chatted yesterday. and we agreed on a schedule for the trading.

Whenever you're doing things like trading pokemon to transfer or to evolve, trade your pokemon with one of his/her rare pokemon, so he will have to give your pokemon back unless he/she wants to lose them.

14th December 2011, 9:19 PM
Name(s) (on chat): SPPGuest9203
In-game Name: Sector
Hostmask*: *!*@PurpleSurge-AD29E655.neo.res.rr.com
Friend Code: 4513 4146 5998
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Smeargle
The Story (What Happened): He offered a shiny shellos, so I offered my smeargle with a bunch of legendary moves. I traded with him and when I left the wifi club I looked at my new shellos. It had every single ribbon possible, caught in a sport ball, was "Met at level 0" in the mystery zone, OT Ash and ID 00000. I chatted back that since it was hacked I wanted my smeargle back, but he did not respond. ;235;

24th February 2012, 4:43 AM
Name(s) (on chat): XxvashingxX
In-game Name: It was William, if I remember well...
Friend Code: 4985 9646 7006
Pokemon Scammed (if any): I traded a totodile and a Chikorita for a shiny pidgey and a shiny spheal
The Story (What Happened): So this guy was on the chat and asked if anyone had a chikorita or a totodile for Heart Gold. Since I have bred a few extras, I thought well, why not helping. I asked:

[21:01] <fa11ingstar> what do you offer for a chikorita or totodile?
[21:01] <XxvashingxX> well...ill offer some shinys.......
21:03] <fa11ingstar> I have both that I have hatched from eggs!
[21:03] <XxvashingxX> i got a shiny metapod a shiny slowpoke a shiny pidgey a shinys
[21:03] <XxvashingxX> shiny bellsprout

(i'm just putting extracts of our conversation, but I have saved the full one)

So I was very surprised and suspected them to be hacked, and furthermore I didn't feel like it was very fair so I told him I would only take Pidgey (since he offered!) and he could send me any pokemon he would like to get rid of.

[21:09] <fa11ingstar> Is there a specific nature you would like for the totodile? I got only one chikorita but I have a few totodiles...
[21:10] <XxvashingxX> hasty...if u dont got its cooll.....do i get both...?
[21:10] <fa11ingstar> Yes, you can just trade me a pokemon you don't want for the second one, I feel like it would be unfair for you otherwise! Are your shiny legit??
[21:11] <XxvashingxX> yeah......
[21:11] <XxvashingxX> its cool if they aint legit....

So there it goes, and he traded me a Shiny pidgey and a shiny spheal. My am not tooo angry because I have a few spare starters, but still I would not like anyone to get caught by him... He suggested this after the trade:

[21:24] <XxvashingxX> wait....
[21:24] <XxvashingxX> do u have soulsilver.....
[21:24] <fa11ingstar> yes why?
[21:25] <XxvashingxX> welll ill trade u my kyogre for groudon because im trying to get rayquaza.....
[21:25] <XxvashingxX> an i neeed the red orb....
[21:25] <XxvashingxX> which u got......
[21:25] <XxvashingxX> ill give the blue orb....

But I don't have Groudon yet so, luckily, I didn't get caught. I hope you can do something, it happened not so long ago tonight! I don't want my Pokemon back, just want him to be punnished or I don't know :)

24th February 2012, 8:43 AM
I wasn't scammed but I was going to be if I didn't check the summary:which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn.

24th February 2012, 12:43 PM
can you not spam the threads in this forum up? they are for help, not for conversation

10th May 2012, 5:17 PM
ok so this is against the dude that wants nintendoclub pin numbers

i asked for a shiny drain punch lucario, he said he got it so i asked him what he wanted, he wanted nintendoclub pins so i had one and i didnt want to get screwed

here is the rest of the convo

[07:55] <WiFiGuest5884> send the code first and if it goes through we got a deal
[07:55] <WiFiGuest5884> im already sending lucario over now thats why
[07:57] <WiFiGuest5884> ?
[07:58] <GhostDad> hmm
[07:58] <GhostDad> well ive been screwed over so i really dont want to take the chance again
[07:58] <GhostDad> ive been screwed over but im honest regardless
[07:59] <GhostDad> ill give u half the code now and the other half when the trade is completed
[08:00] <GhostDad> just to be fair about it
[08:00] <WiFiGuest5884> giving half the code doesnt show me if u made it up or used it already
[08:00] <GhostDad> BTW-TC6Z
[08:00] <GhostDad> the last 7 digits u will get after the trade
[08:00] <GhostDad> i didnt use it
[08:00] <GhostDad> im not gonna lie to u bud
[08:01] <GhostDad> but im not gonna take the chance to be screwed over again
[08:02] <WiFiGuest5884> me to
[08:02] <WiFiGuest5884> forget it then bro
[08:02] <GhostDad> ok u screw me over i will make sure u get a perma ban
[08:02] <GhostDad> deal?
[08:02] <GhostDad> the code is
[08:03] <GhostDad> BTW-TC6Z-FH4A-6FK
[08:03] <GhostDad> this convo has been recorded by the way

then he left at 8:04.

so i got screwed and there is no shiny drain punch lucario.

also a couple months back a person named Alfredo in the chats scammed me out of a darkrai during a 4th trade. yea it was a stupid 1 for one legend trade and he was like plz take this poke too, its an egg move poke. so like an idiot i took it and he laughed and siad thnx and D/C.

see to it that these people are taken care of and are not welcome here. its not tolerated in my book, the scamming and im an honest person. ask ANYONE ive traded with here and they will say im honest and dont scam. id like the same respect plz. kthnx bai

11th May 2012, 4:10 AM
to be frank you were breaking the "pokemon only" rule, and it's always a gamble to do trust trades (and actually against the rules also for this very reason)
besides anything, we need a host to ban someone which you haven't provided
next time something like this happens report it to an op as soon as it happens so we can actually do something about it

just be more careful next time

11th May 2012, 5:27 PM
to be frank you were breaking the "pokemon only" rule, and it's always a gamble to do trust trades (and actually against the rules also for this very reason)
besides anything, we need a host to ban someone which you haven't provided
next time something like this happens report it to an op as soon as it happens so we can actually do something about it

just be more careful next time

i see your point. but that doesnt give them an excuse to scam. at all.

and i messaged asuka when it happened and he or she didnt reply so that was a big help -.-

so i figured id complain here.

if theres anymore issues here ill be sure to post them and thnx again for the help moot

12th May 2012, 3:52 AM
i see your point. but that doesnt give them an excuse to scam. at all.

and i messaged asuka when it happened and he or she didnt reply so that was a big help -.-

so i figured id complain here.

if theres anymore issues here ill be sure to post them and thnx again for the help moot

i know he doesn't have the right to scam but i can't exactly tell him off when i don't know who he is lol
asuka is usually afk so it's a better idea to PM people who have a % or @ next to their name (or dragonite if he's on)

12th May 2012, 6:25 AM
i know he doesn't have the right to scam but i can't exactly tell him off when i don't know who he is lol
asuka is usually afk so it's a better idea to PM people who have a % or @ next to their name (or dragonite if he's on)

alright thnx again for the help

and the dude who asks for codes normally remains a guest. now im not an op on this channel but i know u can IP ban someone. so if he comes back on asking for codes, i will give u or another op the ip address so he cna be taken care of. or yall can give him another chance but idk. since asking for codes is forbidden on the chat anyway.

itd make more sense but thats up to u.

thnx again for the assistance

14th May 2012, 10:09 AM
Hahahahahahahahaha (http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb385/Heartlesshallow/k.png)

Shadow Fox22
5th October 2012, 3:38 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Sky
In-game Name: Sam
Friend Code: 2838 7688 4212
Pokemon Scammed (if any): I traded a legit event victini for a jirachi
The Story (What Happened): i was offering up some event victini's for trade and sky came up to me saying he wanted the movie 11 one i had in my box heres the chat log of it all:

[20:37] <sky> hey looking for the non lierty garden one
[20:38] <SPPGuest5756> you mean the movie11 one or the wifi one
[20:38] <sky> movie11
[20:39] <SPPGuest5756> kk but its a japanese one, is that an issue?
[20:39] <sky> whats it lv
[20:39] <SPPGuest5756> 50 untouched
[20:39] <sky> k what ya want for it
[20:40] <sky> also lookin dor deoxys and darkrai alimos fyi
[20:40] <SPPGuest5756> what are you offerng?
[20:41] <sky> want lv 100 legendary event ? need somewhere to start lol
[20:41] <SPPGuest5756> got any d/w icy cave pokes -prefer females-
[20:42] <sky> sorry no dw anything else want a event milotic
[20:43] <SPPGuest5756> got any event mews?
[20:44] <sky> no mews srry
[20:46] <SPPGuest5756> jirachi? celebi? manaphy? mespirit? cressilia?
[20:53] <sky> jirachi
[20:57] <SPPGuest5756> yay
[20:58] <sky> one thing what moves does it know
[20:59] <SPPGuest5756> v create fusion flare fusion bolt searing shot
[21:00] <sky> yep whats your fc
[21:00] <SPPGuest5756> 4556 3316 7542
[21:00] <sky> 2838 7688 4212
[21:02] <sky> im in
[21:04] <SPPGuest5756> waiting on u
[21:04] <sky> im in cant see you
[21:04] <SPPGuest5756> let me reconnect
[21:06] <SPPGuest5756> are u coming back?
[21:06] <sky> yeah
[21:09] <sky> cool you have deoxys or darkrai alimos
[21:10] <SPPGuest5756> no
[21:10] <SPPGuest5756> and are u sure the jirachi isnt hacked?
[21:11] <SPPGuest5756> im more than certain that jirachi cant surf
[21:11] <sky> i think its real i got it through a trade with my friend
[21:14] <SPPGuest5756> the jirachi is hacked
[21:15] <SPPGuest5756> i want the victini back or give me a legit event
[21:15] <sky> how do you know?
[21:15] <SPPGuest5756> i looked up jirachi's legal moves and none of them are what your jirachi has
[21:16] <sky> ah
[21:17] <SPPGuest5756> i want a legit event or give me back the victini
[21:17] sky No such nick/channel

the i.p address of this person is: 7592FE3B.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net

update i saw him again and really let him have it:

[23:57] <SPPGuest2949> thief
[23:58] <sky> what are you talking about
[23:58] <SPPGuest2949> you stole my event victini for a crappy hacked jirachi
[23:59] <SPPGuest2949> give it back
[23:59] <sky> dude seriously what are you talking i just got off work i havent been on all day
[00:01] <SPPGuest2949> dont even lie sam
[00:01] <sky> im not
[00:01] <SPPGuest2949> i got your i.p address from when you ripped me off
[00:01] <sky> my what
[00:02] <SPPGuest2949> your internet provider address
[00:02] <sky> well then i can prove my innocence what is it
[00:02] <SPPGuest2949> scroll down to the end: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?308288-Scammed-in-SPP-wifi-!-Post-here!/page5
[00:03] <sky> what the hell is that it looks like an= website address
[00:03] <SPPGuest2949> click the link
[00:05] <sky> okay i did its a forum?
[00:06] <SPPGuest2949> look down towards to the end
[00:08] <sky> k
[00:11] <sky> question how is that postd at 2 am lol
[00:11] <sky> are you from the future
[00:12] <SPPGuest2949> no
[00:13] <SPPGuest2949> im from the past and i want my victini
[00:13] <sky> okay what do you want me to do
[00:13] <SPPGuest2949> give me back my victini
[00:14] <SPPGuest2949> open up your ds, turn on poke b/w find the japanese event victini and fork it over
[00:14] <sky> dude i didnt take it think about it this is a world chat room dont you think their could more then one sky
[00:14] <sky> leve me alone stop harrassing me
[00:14] <SPPGuest2949> dude i've checked your i.p thing with the thief's it matches perfectly
[00:14] <SPPGuest2949> stop lying and give me the victini
[00:15] <sky> dude i didnt take it now seriously leave me alone
[00:16] <SPPGuest2949> why do i not believe you
[00:16] <SPPGuest2949> i think you're lying to me
[00:16] <sky> cause your a supernerd who cant be logical
[00:17] <SPPGuest2949> oh i am logical you're just a lying sneak
[00:17] <sky> dont talk to me unless yo;u have proof and from the thing on the forum it looks like the guy thought the jirachi was real
[00:18] <SPPGuest2949> the thief's i.p address: 7592FE3B.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net your i.p address: [00:15] sky WiFiGuest4 PurpleSurge-7592FE3B.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net
[00:18] <SPPGuest2949> oh my the two match perfectly
[00:18] <SPPGuest2949> which tells me you're lying
[00:19] <sky> not really now seriously leave me alone
[00:20] <SPPGuest2949> im not gonna leave you alone until you cough up my japanese event victini
[00:21] <sky> fine ill just ignore you you have no proof and like i said im pretty sure the forum says trade at your own rish
[00:21] <SPPGuest2949> i gave you the most concrete proof the i.p address
[00:21] <SPPGuest2949> no two people have the same one
[00:21] <SPPGuest2949> which means you're the thief that stole my victini
[00:22] <sky> one you got a pokemon so its not really stealing
[00:23] <SPPGuest2949> it is if you knew the pokemon in question was hacked when i said i wanted a legit event
[00:23] <sky> do me a favor and read the top of thie web page
[00:24] <SPPGuest2949> you scammed me and stole a legit event for a crappy hacked jirachi
[00:25] <sky> read the top of the page come on i know you can read and its not a scam if it was thought to be real
[00:25] <SPPGuest2949> i told u it wasnt real and that i wanted the victini back
[00:25] <SPPGuest2949> you're a thief and a liar
[00:26] <sky> read the top of the page you know its illegal to make false accusations btw
[00:27] <SPPGuest2949> its also illegal to steal pokemon when you know what you're offering is hacked
[00:29] <sky> one didnt know it was hacked two call the cops on me please watch them laugh in your face
[00:29] <sky> your not 5 think about it
[00:30] <SPPGuest2949> this type of thing is what serebii admins are for
[00:30] <SPPGuest2949> watch them kick your butt
[00:31] <SPPGuest2949> give me my japanese victini back
[00:32] <sky> for what trading you so;mething i thought was real and it turned out to not be thats not my fault dude why are you being so serious about pol=kemon
[00:33] <sky> If i saved them id show you messages with people were i know something of f=mine is fake and i tell them i say something if i have the slightiest notion that its fake sorry you got a raw deal and one slipped past me
[00:36] <SPPGuest2949> aha so you admit that you're the one who gave me the hacked jirachi
[00:37] <sky> dude ill tell you right now yo;ur not getting it back now ill give you something else but by posting something about me you insured that cause now a mistake looks like a scam
[00:38] <SPPGuest2949> i want either a LEGIT event or the japanse victini back
[00:39] <sky> your not getting a event ill give you a lv 100
[00:39] <SPPGuest2949> i told you that it was hacked and you did nothing to help the situation with me, all you did was disappear that dude is scamming
[00:39] <sky> lookin for lv 100 dewatt
[00:40] <SPPGuest2949> i want a legit event or the japanese victini that you scammed from me
[00:42] <sky> listen you posted something you did something that cant be undone your not getting a event or victini you turned a mistake and to something more than it was supposed to be
[00:43] <SPPGuest2949> if it was a "mistake" you would've stayed put and helped the situation instead of disappearing like a coward
[00:44] <SPPGuest2949> yes i did post the whole thing because you handled it like a scam when i expressed that i wasnt happy with the jirachi
[00:44] <sky> let me ask you this how do i know your not scamming me how do i know its not a real jirachi and your just not saying its fake to try and get another event
[00:44] <sky> btw thats not my internet provider
[00:46] <SPPGuest2949> dude i got nothing to gain by making **** up
[00:46] <SPPGuest2949> why would i waste time doing that
[00:47] <sky> cause obviously this is your life and you gain two for 1
[00:47] <SPPGuest2949> yea not really
[00:47] <sky> how am i to know that
[00:47] <SPPGuest2949> i just dont like being lied to and when i do trades im as honest as can be
[00:48] <sky> dude i thought it was legit it still might be for all i know
[00:50] <SPPGuest2949> but its not look at the move set: crunch surf -2 other moves that are impossible for jirachi to know-
[00:50] <SPPGuest2949> its hacked
[00:50] <sky> i didnt know that its my first jirachi
[00:51] <SPPGuest2949> anyone with a lick of common sense would look up jirachi and see what is normal for jirachi to learn
[00:52] <SPPGuest2949> im not a satisfied customer and i do want a pokemon refund
[00:52] <sky> guess what thios isnt my life
[00:52] <sky> how old are you
[00:52] <SPPGuest2949> its not mine either but i want an honest trade
[00:56] <SPPGuest2949> the key to a good trading rep is honesty honesty honesty
[00:57] <SPPGuest2949> and if the customer isnt happy you bend over backwards until they are happy\
[00:57] <sky> im not mcdonalds and im a customer by those standards and i am happy
[00:58] <SPPGuest2949> nien, you're the salesman in this case and you got a angry customer right here
[00:59] <sky> not really im no salesmen you came to me
[01:00] <SPPGuest2949> nien again you came to me asking about the victini
[01:00] <sky> are you russian ?
[01:00] <SPPGuest2949> nien is no in german
[01:01] <sky> i knew it was not american your just mad we kicked your *** in both world wars
[01:02] <SPPGuest2949> hahaha shows how little you know about me
[01:02] <SPPGuest2949> im 100% american
[01:03] <SPPGuest2949> just because i know a few words that arent english doesnt make me from that area
[01:05] <sky> where are you from
[01:05] <SPPGuest2949> massachusetts new england
[01:05] <sky> damn it you american
[01:05] <sky> lol
[01:06] <SPPGuest2949> damn straight sherlock
[01:06] <sky> ****ing yankee lol
[01:08] <SPPGuest2949> yeah moving on, the jirachi was hacked hence i would like it to be fixed via another legit event or the victini i gave u for it
[01:09] <sky> ill giive you a lv 100 cause your a fellow american

17th November 2012, 1:12 PM
Name(s) (on chat): lee (his)
In-game Name: Not sure
Hostmask*: He logged off before I could get it
Friend Code: He didn't give
Pokemon Scammed (if any): NEARLY a Shiny Event Raikou
The Story (What Happened): Well, I'm not completely sure he was trying to scam me but I posted here anyway, just in case. So it's the normal thing, he says "lf events pm me" and then he lists the events he's looking for and Raikou's on there. Since I don't use legendaries in battle and I already got Zoroark, I PMed him and said "ive got shiny event raikou what do you offer?" so he said "i dont have any events soz" so I said "what about rare shinys or normal legends?" he said "im only trying to get data for my pokedex" and I replied with "ok so we swap then swap back so nobody loses any pokemon?" and I was trying to use precautions I also added, "send a shiny legendary so its fair - ps if you try and scam me i wont hesitate to inform an op!" And he logged off then, so I think he was planning to scam me and then when I mentioned reporting him if he had tried to scam me he backed out.

So just in case, look out for "lee" or anybody else that wants to 'swap events' to complete their Pokedex! BTW, my nick is Aazo.

8th January 2013, 7:00 AM
Name(s) (on chat):
Me: Tatoba
Him: MetallicJirachi
In-game Name: DEMON (him)
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-3E19849D.bendcable.com *
Friend Code: Unfortunately I cannot provide this.
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Japanese Ditto
The Story (What Happened):
I had a spare Japanese Ditto that I was offering. After a few other offers, this guy PMs me wanting it, offering a shiny Spiritomb. I didn't notice until hours later that the Spiritomb had a Premier Ribbon on it and when I confronted the guy about it, he lied about being clueless about the whole thing and refused to return the Ditto because being rightfully pissed about it was apparently ******* behavior, despite being a complete hypocrite.

Edit: A log.

[23:49] <Tatoba> I want my Ditto back.
[23:51] <Tatoba> The Spiritomb you gave me had a Premier Ribbon on it, which they aren't supposed to have.
[00:17] <MetallicJirachi> Sorry.
[00:17] <Tatoba> Sorry isn't good enough. I still want my Ditto back
[00:17] <MetallicJirachi> fine
[00:17] <MetallicJirachi> Be a dick
[00:17] <MetallicJirachi> My ditto *****
[00:18] <Tatoba> I wouldn't have to be a dick if you would just trade back.
[00:19] <MetallicJirachi> wWell you are one
[00:19] <MetallicJirachi> So
[00:19] <MetallicJirachi> No
[00:20] <Tatoba> I'm willing to bet that you knew that the Spiritomb was hacked too.
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Actually I didnt
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Honestly I didnt
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> So I said sorry
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Which to that you became an assho;e
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> *******
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> so
[00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Good day
[00:21] <Tatoba> It wasn't even that dickish.
[00:21] <Tatoba> It's only natural I would be pissed and would want my legitimate Pokemon back after getting scammed.
[00:22] <MetallicJirachi> Be warned that if you trade here, you do so at your own risk. There are people whom will try to scam you out of your Pokémon. Do not do 2 for 1 trades and always be careful with what you trade
[00:22] <Tatoba> So you admit that you scammed me.
[00:22] <MetallicJirachi> No
[00:22] <MetallicJirachi> I admit you should be more careful around people who can be ignorant, like me at times
[00:23] <Tatoba> If you were truely sorry, you would just give back the Ditto.
[00:23] <MetallicJirachi> You kidding? No. Ive been looking for a jappanese ditto since RSE
[00:23] <Tatoba> Seriously, you're being a hypocrite.
[00:24] <Tatoba> The Masuda Method wasn't even around back then.
[00:24] <MetallicJirachi> Idc. I love ditto, and its japanese name looks cooler
[00:25] <Tatoba> Then find another one. Don't deliberately steal someone elses.
[00:25] <MetallicJirachi> Wow now your ignorant
[00:26] <Tatoba> No, I just don't believe you about being ignorant.
[00:26] <MetallicJirachi> Oh now you call me a liar? in that case I will find another japanese ditto
[00:26] <MetallicJirachi> And release this onew
[00:26] <Tatoba> Go ahead.
[00:27] <MetallicJirachi> Nah
[00:27] <MetallicJirachi> thats stupid
[00:27] <Tatoba> Just like the way you stole that Ditto.
[00:28] <MetallicJirachi> call it whatever you want
[00:28] <MetallicJirachi> Its mine now

25th May 2013, 11:34 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Tatoba (me), Aaron- (him)
In-game Name: White (me), Milton (him)
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-EA793FC3.nyc.res.rr.com
Friend Code: 2409 2954 6062
Pokemon Scammed (if any): RNG'd shiny Musketeers.
The Story (What Happened):
<Tatoba> All of them Jolly.
<Aaron-> what are you lf
<Tatoba> Mostly other shiny legends.
<Aaron-> do you care about nature
<Tatoba> Not at all. I'm not a competitive battler, I'm just a collector.
<Aaron-> oh ok
<Aaron-> ive got lots
<Aaron-> uxie
<Aaron-> latios
<Aaron-> latias
<Aaron-> thundurus
<Aaron-> tornadus
<Aaron-> could i trade those for your 3
<Tatoba> I'll trade you for Tornadus, Thundurus, and Latias.
<Aaron-> oh wait nvm i dont have the tornadus forgot i traded it
<Aaron-> also have palkia
<Aaron-> cresselia
<Aaron-> heatran
<Tatoba> Then I'll trade for Palkia instead
<Aaron-> ok
<Aaron-> fc?
<Tatoba> Normally I wouldn't trade all three at once, but you seem like a trustworthy guy. Hold on, let me get my Black.
<Aaron-> mmk
<Aaron-> 2409 2954 6062
<Tatoba> 2753 0644 2326
<Tatoba> Going in now.
<Tatoba> Hmm... the lower case in the Palkia's name is kind of suspicious.
<Aaron-> easily explained
<Aaron-> back in HGSS the
<Aaron-> arceus event
<Aaron-> actaully in the game itself
<Aaron-> i made all my pokemons name
<Aaron-> proper
<Aaron-> no point in all caps..
<Tatoba> Hm... alright then.
<Tatoba> Well, there you go.
<Aaron-> had a nice time trading with you
<Tatoba> If they turn out to not be to your liking, I'll be happy to trade back.
<Aaron-> ok
<Tatoba> So.
<Tatoba> I ran all three through a legality analysis.
<Tatoba> All of them badly hacked.
* Aaron- has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

After that, he came back under a different name.

<Tatoba> Yeah, no.
<Tatoba> You can't hide that easily.
<WifiGuest0909> Hello?
<Tatoba> Don't play dumb, you have the same vhost.
<WifiGuest0909> Do I know you
* WifiGuest0909 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

And again.

<Tatoba> Still not going to work.
<WiFiGuest8024> working is my hobby
<Tatoba> I want my trio back.
<WiFiGuest8024> a what????????????
<Tatoba> The ones you traded me the hacks for.
<Tatoba> And again, you have the same damn vhost.
<WiFiGuest8024> a vhost?!?!
<WiFiGuest8024> is that scary
<Tatoba> It's the thing that identifies you.
<Tatoba> PurpleSurge-EA793FC3.nyc.res.rr.com
<Tatoba> You have that very same vhost.
<WiFiGuest8024> fiction
<Tatoba> Thoughout all the alts you're trying to hde behind.
<Tatoba> Not fiction. Reality.
<WiFiGuest8024> como estas
<Tatoba> I know you speak english.
<Tatoba> Changing your name doesn't work either.
<tasty> u r very intimidating
<tasty> miamigo

I have no doubt that all the "wishes" he was granting in #spp-wifi were all hacked aswell.

30th October 2013, 12:04 AM
Name(s) (on chat): BulletPunch87
In-game Name: Korado
[16:49] BulletPunch87 SPPGuest96 PurpleSurge-4AAFB950.skybroadband.com * Java User
[16:49] BulletPunch87 #spp #spp-wifi
[16:49] BulletPunch87 patience.purplesurge.com Patience... a common virtue
[16:49] BulletPunch87 35 seconds idle, signon time
[16:49] BulletPunch87 End of /WHOIS list.
Friend Code: 1736 1202 3435
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Torchic
The Story (What Happened):
[16:30] <BulletPunch87> yo i got 5 iv larvitar 5 iv speed boost torchic or 5 iv charmander for it
[16:31] <BulletPunch87> yo
[16:31] <SPPGuest8643> torchic
[16:31] <SPPGuest8643> FC 0018 1358 6740
[16:31] <BulletPunch87> 1736 1202 3435
[16:33] <BulletPunch87> name?
[16:33] <SPPGuest8643> daredel
[16:33] <SPPGuest8643> give me a sec
[16:35] <SPPGuest8643> send me trade
[16:35] <BulletPunch87> yo
[16:35] <BulletPunch87> what nature is honedge?
[16:35] <SPPGuest8643> adamant
[16:36] <SPPGuest8643> Adamant 31/31/x/x/31/x Honedge
[16:36] <BulletPunch87> ok
[16:39] <SPPGuest8643> just 1 iv -.-
[16:39] <BulletPunch87> **** WRONG ONE HANG ON go bk on
[16:40] <Daredel> -.-
[16:50] <Daredel> ?
[16:50] <Daredel> i'm going to report you
[16:51] <BulletPunch87> what for?
[16:52] <Daredel> you said it was 5 iv, but just 1
[16:53] <BulletPunch87> **** u little boy il cut ur ****ing head off
[16:53] <BulletPunch87> dont lie
[16:54] <Daredel> i have pics
[16:54] BulletPunch87 No such nick/channel

3rd November 2013, 9:30 AM
name on chat: cannot remember
his in game name :Viral
fc:2208 5730 2278
pokemon scammed ":frisk trevenant
the story :He said he chat he needed a frisk pokemon I pmed him telling him I got one he offered me a few 4iv pokemon I choosed bagon we then traded after that I check put in day care and used iv chcker it was far from 4 ivs

7th November 2013, 8:57 AM
Name on chat: Zoroark
Game name: Robert
pokemon scammed: IV bred Riolu
Story: general trading IV pokemon. He offered a 5 max iv Honedge, but it really only had 1 max IV.

[23:25] <Zoroark> what do yo u have to offer?
[23:26] <Xalrons> i have a 5 iv jolly riolu
[23:26] <Xalrons> with all the physical egg moves
[23:26] <Zoroark> is bullet punch on there?
[23:26] <Xalrons> yup
[23:26] <Zoroark> alright sounds good to me
[23:26] <Xalrons> what ivs does honedge have
[23:27] <Xalrons> everything but speed?
[23:27] <Zoroark> 31/31/31/31/31/X
[23:27] <Xalrons> what gender?
[23:28] <Zoroark> male
[23:28] <Xalrons> alrighty
[23:28] <Xalrons> <my friend code>
[23:28] <Zoroark> 0791-2416-9160
[23:34] <Xalrons> uh
[23:34] Zoroark No such nick/channel

18th November 2013, 4:12 AM
Chat Username: WhirlwindBidoof
Game Name: cj
FC: 2079-7203-7860
Pokemon Scammed: IV Bred Bagon
Story: Typical
<jnrust> You need Bagon?
<WhirlwindBidoof> ivs?
<WhirlwindBidoof> and what are you looking for?
<jnrust> 5 Max IVs except sp atk.
<WhirlwindBidoof> Nature and ability?
<jnrust> Adamant
<WhirlwindBidoof> What do you want?
<jnrust> 5 IV Slowpoke, eh?
<WhirlwindBidoof> yeah
<jnrust> What's your fc?
<WhirlwindBidoof> 2079 7203 7860
<jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
<WhirlwindBidoof> nature prefered?
<jnrust> Bold/Relaxed/Modest
<jnrust> Quiet
<WhirlwindBidoof> i got 1
<WhirlwindBidoof> Relaxed
<jnrust> That works.
<WhirlwindBidoof> only has 4ivs though
<jnrust> As long as those maxes are not atk or spd then its fine.
<WhirlwindBidoof> lol
<WhirlwindBidoof> nvm then. I would be cheating you
<WhirlwindBidoof> 1 is attack
<jnrust> I could opt for a 5er regardless of nature since I have Dittos.
<WhirlwindBidoof> Okay
<WhirlwindBidoof> I have a brave one
<WhirlwindBidoof> 5
<WhirlwindBidoof> perfect except for special defense

19th November 2013, 7:35 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest8882/WiFiGuest2059/WiFiGuest6639
In-game Name: Tom
Hostmask*: WiFiGuest2@13993EFD.757D0BFE.C4167CB0.IP
Friend Code: 5043 2212 4431
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5 IV Marill
The Story (What Happened):

[17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> im looking for a adamant huge power marill
[17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> what IV's?
[17:51] <Tamaru> Do you have a 4 IV Ditto?
[17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> yes
[17:52] <Tamaru> Let me check.
[17:53] <Tamaru> I can offer a female with 31/31/31/x/31/x
[17:54] <WiFiGuest8882> hmm
[17:54] <WiFiGuest8882> no 5 iv?
[17:55] <Tamaru> Yes, I do, but it'll be male.
[17:56] <WiFiGuest8882> it has aqua jet, belly drum, adamant and huge power yes?
[17:56] <Tamaru> Yep.
[17:57] <WiFiGuest8882> why did you say about it being male then?
[17:57] <WiFiGuest8882> its not for breeding
[17:58] <Tamaru> Some people prefer to breed more.
[17:58] <Tamaru> But you're right, you could just use it.
[17:59] <WiFiGuest8882> yeah this will be just to use so is the 5 iv male only missing sp atk?
[17:59] <Tamaru> Yes.
[17:59] <WiFiGuest8882> okay then
[17:59] <Tamaru> What IVs does your Ditto have?
[18:00] <WiFiGuest8882> hp atk def spd
[18:00] <Tamaru> Sounds good.
[18:00] <Tamaru> 2277-6970-9519
[18:01] <WiFiGuest8882> 2 mins just getting my 3ds
[18:01] <Tamaru> K
[18:07] <WiFiGuest8882> 5043 2212 4431
[18:09] <Tamaru> IGN is?
[18:09] <Tamaru> Tom?
[18:10] <WiFiGuest8882> yea
[18:11] <WiFiGuest8882> thank you
[18:11] <Tamaru> ...
[18:11] No such nick/channel

20th November 2013, 5:31 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Pirateguy, Rustyspoons
In-game Name: TBK
Friend Code: 0404-6827-2008
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Lost my 5 IV Modest Dragon Pulse/ Aura Sphere Squirtle
The Story (What Happened):
<PirateGuy> WTT 5IV: Clauncher, Magikarp, Charmander, Froakie, Chinchou, Cacnea, Espurr, Hawlucha - Shiny Medicham. LF offers
<jnrust> 5 IV squirtle. Yeah?
<PirateGuy> I'm down, what nature
<jnrust> I can breed either a Modest or a Bold.
<PirateGuy> I'll take modest please. What do you want for it?
<jnrust> I'll go with Clauncher.
<jnrust> I have a spare modest squirtle.
<PirateGuy> coolio sounds good. I'll get my fc
<PirateGuy> 0404 6827 6876
<jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
<PirateGuy> k. I'm in the middle of a trade right now. mind waiting a few minutes?
<jnrust> k
<jnrust> Your code is invalid
<PirateGuy> the last four digits are 2008
<jnrust> Ah.
<PirateGuy> This guy is messing up. Put his trade pokemon in his battle box D:
<jnrust> Meh.
<jnrust> Didn't realize you can relearn egg moves through move relearner.
<PirateGuy> trade finishing up. What's your in game name
<PirateGuy> ?
<jnrust> John
<PirateGuy> k cool
<jnrust> Which one are you?
<PirateGuy> i'm tbk
<PirateGuy> I don't see you
<jnrust> Your code is 0404-6827-2008, right?
<PirateGuy> yes
<Rustyspoons> Internet crashed for a sec. This is the guy you were gonna trade the blastoise to.
<Rustyspoons> squirtle
<jnrust> Ah.
<jnrust> I don't see you.
<Rustyspoons> me neither. Send me your FC again
<Rustyspoons> 0404 6827 2008 is mine
<jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
<jnrust> Did you connect online?
<Rustyspoons> yeah
<Rustyspoons> you?
<jnrust> Yep.
<Rustyspoons> See you
<Rustyspoons> Sent it
<Rustyspoons> You wanted clauncher, right?
<jnrust> Right.
<Rustyspoons> thanx

20th November 2013, 11:54 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Kid, jblaze
In-game Name: KID
Friend Code: 0275-5828-2625
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Lost my 5 IV Bagon
The Story (What Happened):
<jnrust> What you offering?
<kid> for what?
<jnrust> 5 IV HA Bagon
<kid> i have 5 iv ghastly, abra axew zubat gible riolu
<jnrust> I'll take the 5 IV Axew.
<kid> ok cool
<kid> fc?
<jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
<kid> 027582842625
<kid> ok just added you
<jnrust> I've just added you.
<kid> ok cool
<kid> are you online?
<jnrust> Yes.
<kid> are you john?
<jnrust> Yes.
<kid> ?
<jnrust> connection failed, oddly.
<jnrust> Huh.
<jnrust> Your axew only has 3 max IVs...
<jnrust> You going to retrade for 5 IV Axew?
so far, no response.
He/she went offline.

25th November 2013, 2:53 AM
Name(s) (on chat): GabeZ, Zigzag
In-game Name: Gabe
Friend Code: 3024-6356-5920
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Didn't really lose anything actually.
The Story (What Happened):
<Zaroff> What could you possibly want?
<GabeZ> for what?
<GabeZ> dittos?
<Zaroff> 5 IV ditto.
<GabeZ> I just got extremely lucky by farming them in safaris
<GabeZ> since they cant be breeded
<GabeZ> Got a few 5 ivs by catching like 100 dittos
<Zaroff> Nice.
<GabeZ> What can you offer for them?
<Zaroff> Hard to match that value. Either a 5 IV Larvitar with DD and SR or 5 IV Squirtle with Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse is my best offer. That and possibly breeding other 5 IVs.
<GabeZ> Where are IV's on squirtle?
<Zaroff> Modest with max IVs in all except atk
<Zaroff> or Bold with same spread.
<GabeZ> What are the other options?
<Zaroff> I can breed a 5 IV Drilbur, Pinsir, Scyther, Fletchling, Abra, Bagon, Skarmory, Gible, Gligar, Dratini, Dwebble and Solosis.
<GabeZ> I'll take the squirtle
<GabeZ> FC?
<Zaroff> 4227-0733-5921
<GabeZ> 3024 6356 5920
<GabeZ> Added
<Zaroff> same
<GabeZ> Sec, SD glitch
<Zaroff> kk
<GabeZ> Connecting
<GabeZ> ign?
<GabeZ> ?
<Zaroff> John
<GabeZ> Says your in a trade
<Zaroff> I am.
<GabeZ> says your in a trade
<GabeZ> try dcing
<Zaroff> I'm still trading.
<GabeZ> Oh your in a trade
<GabeZ> okay
<Zaroff> I'll tell you when I'm done.
<GabeZ> k
<Zaroff> I'm done.
<Zaroff> Serious Ditto: 26/31/22/30/18/31 IV spread. Only 2 Max IVs.
<GabeZ> this is the 5 iv ditto
<Zaroff> Nah, bro.
<GabeZ> I put powder on him to track it
<Zaroff> I got Instacheck.
<GabeZ> let me see the other one
<Zaroff> the other what? Squirtle?
<GabeZ> Ditto
<Zaroff> kk
<GabeZ> sec
<Zaroff> kk

30th November 2013, 7:16 AM
Name(s) (on chat): BumJi_Jung
In-game Name: Aditya
Friend Code: 2252-5322-5565
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Almost got scammed out 5 IV Pumpkaboo.
The Story (What Happened):

<BumJi_Jung> hey what is the size of pumpkaboo
<Oblivion> Super
<BumJi_Jung> I have 5IV rotoms, abra, heracross, pinsir, gible
<BumJi_Jung> charamander
<BumJi_Jung> karbink
<Oblivion> I'm interested in the spreads of Carbink and Rotom as my Pumpkaboo is max IVs in all but sp atk.
<BumJi_Jung> rotom is modest 31 in everything but attack
<BumJi_Jung> karbink is 31 in everything but speed
<Oblivion> I'll just go with the Rotom.
<BumJi_Jung> fc
<BumJi_Jung> 2251 5322 5565
<Oblivion> 4227-0733-5921
<BumJi_Jung> btw did u watch the movie oblivion?
<BumJi_Jung> it was tom cruz
<BumJi_Jung> has*
<Oblivion> Yeah.
<BumJi_Jung> just saw tht, and ur name reminded me of it
<Oblivion> and I just realized that.
<BumJi_Jung> im on ur ign is baized?
<Oblivion> my ign is John
<BumJi_Jung> im online
<BumJi_Jung> u connecting?
<Oblivion> Yep yep
<Oblivion> ign?
<BumJi_Jung> adita
<Oblivion> That rotom...does not have 5 max IVs.
<BumJi_Jung> yeah it does
<BumJi_Jung> check it with insta check
<Oblivion> Rotom - Modest, Levitate, 6\14\5\15\4\21
<BumJi_Jung> are u making numbers up?
<Oblivion> Nope.
<BumJi_Jung> If you talk to guy on kildeuo city or
whatever, the person said its 5IVs
<Oblivion> OT ID: 51521, SID: 13272 Trainer Shiny Value: 4009
<Oblivion> Nah, this rotom is not 5 IVs
<Oblivion> So...do you have said Rotom with 5 max IVs in all but atk?
<BumJi_Jung> I dont believe you, how come your gorgeist has 1 31 iv stat?
<Oblivion> I have 1 31, huh? What's my spread?
<BumJi_Jung> 31/11/2/12/9/5
<Oblivion> and my shiny value?
<BumJi_Jung> 2071
<Oblivion> Yeah, your done.
<BumJi_Jung> Are you using instacheck?
<Oblivion> Of course I am.
<BumJi_Jung> Then why is tell you my SID is 13272, its 52839
<Oblivion> You got my Trainer shiny value wrong. That alone is reason enough that you're making numbers up. To me at least.
<Oblivion> Also, I got a screenshot.
<BumJi_Jung> same
<Oblivion> ok.
<BumJi_Jung> but seriously bro thts not cool
<BumJi_Jung> next time dont try ro scam me
<Oblivion> Pff. I'm posting this on the forums.
BumJi_Jung No such nick/channel
BumJi_Jung End of /WHOIS list.

1st December 2013, 4:37 AM
I got scammed. I gave a 5 IV Adamant Larvitar for a 1 IV Mawile

Name in chat: kassadin
In-game Name: Mahfuz
FC: 4527-8163-4428

Chat log:

[10:46] <kassadin> yo
[10:46] <kassadin> what for a larvitar
[10:47] <kassadin> ?
[10:53] <kassadin> ?
[10:59] <Cheetos> what do you have?
[11:01] <kassadin> 5 ivs
[11:01] <kassadin> rotom
[11:01] <kassadin> maril ha aqua jet super power
[11:01] <kassadin> toxic spike frokie ha
[11:01] <kassadin> goomy ha
[11:02] <kassadin> mirror coat sturdy bergmite
[11:02] <kassadin> switcheroo noibat
[11:02] <kassadin> rock blast heracross
[11:02] <kassadin> ralts
[11:02] <kassadin> mawhile
[11:02] <kassadin> take ur pick
[11:03] <Cheetos> interested in the rotom
[11:03] <Cheetos> what are the ivs and nature? :)
[11:03] <kassadin> timid
[11:03] <kassadin> 4 iv
[11:05] <Cheetos> wht's the stat that's not 31? haha
[11:05] <kassadin> attack and sp def
[11:07] <Cheetos> how about the mawile?
[11:07] <kassadin> adamant
[11:07] <kassadin> sp attack and sp def
[11:07] <Cheetos> no 5 iv?
[11:08] <kassadin> its 4 iv
[11:08] <kassadin> wait
[11:08] <kassadin> got another thats 5
[11:09] <Cheetos> ayt
[11:09] <Cheetos> i'll get the Mawile, i'll give you a larvitar
[11:09] <kassadin> cool

2nd December 2013, 5:52 AM
name in chat: quaddle
3ds name: quaddle
name in game Aditya
Friend code: 2251 5322 5565
Pokemon Scammed: 5iv Rough Skin jolly Gible

Also have pic of chat logs but it won't let me add link cause I'm new to the site

Chat log:
[23:15] <quaddle> tht works
[23:15] <Gastly> i'd take a rotom, it has 5iv?
[23:15] <quaddle> yeah
[23:15] <Gastly> cool
[23:16] <Gastly> 2320-6309-8396
[23:17] <quaddle> btw wats the gender of ur pokemon?
[23:17] <Gastly> male
[23:17] <quaddle> 2251 5322 5565
[23:17] <Gastly> that ok?
[23:17] <quaddle> yeah
[23:20] <quaddle> ur in game name?
[23:20] <Gastly> DVX
[23:22] <quaddle> why does ur gible have o 31 ivs?
[23:22] <quaddle> ...
[23:22] <Gastly> what?
[23:22] <Gastly> its got 5
[23:22] <quaddle> no...
[23:22] <quaddle> wow I got scammed
[23:22] <quaddle> please dont lie
[23:23] <Gastly> nah i'll trade back if you want
[23:23] <quaddle> m
[23:23] <quaddle> kk please
[23:23] <Gastly> it was marked as 5iv
[23:23] <quaddle> im online
[23:23] <quaddle> send invite
[23:24] <quaddle> ... u sending it u there?
[23:24] <Gastly> i did
[23:24] <Gastly> i dont scam, mustve got it mixed up
[23:26] <quaddle> dude
[23:26] <quaddle> u press trade?
[23:26] <Gastly> yes
[23:26] <Gastly> it says waiting on you
[23:26] <quaddle> why does it say canceled?
[23:26] <Gastly> 1 sec, geez
[23:27] <quaddle> wow
[23:27] <quaddle> u left
[23:27] <Gastly> no it was messed up
[23:27] <Gastly> seriously
[23:27] <Gastly> sent a new trade
[23:28] <quaddle> dude...
[23:28] <Gastly> accept, or send me one
[23:28] <quaddle> whatever im just posting ur fc and stuff to the scam page, I have more of them anyway..
[23:28] <Gastly> no i dont scam, take this thing bac
[23:28] <Gastly> i dont really even need it
[23:30] <Gastly> just take this thing back and stop being a ****ing retard
[23:31] <quaddle> stop talking to me scammer
[23:31] <Gastly> your doing this **** on purpose and not trying to take it back, what are you 9? im 33 years old with no need to scam you people
[23:32] <quaddle> Every time I sent the request you deny it
[23:32] <quaddle> or u never respond
[23:32] <Gastly> you never sent a request, send one
[23:33] <quaddle> I DID jesus
[23:33] <quaddle> stop trlling
[23:33] <quaddle> trolling
[23:33] <Gastly> i keep sending them over and over
[23:34] <quaddle> dude
[23:34] <quaddle> u say all this but ur not doing htem...
[23:34] <Gastly> whats your in game name?
[23:35] <Gastly> aditya?
[23:36] <Gastly> LOL you scammed me, 1 iv rotom
[23:37] <Gastly> though its not really a scam when i got armys of both gibles and rotoms with 5ivs =p
[23:38] <quaddle> wow scammer, giving me a bad iv pokemon
[23:41] <Gastly> lol your hilarious

3rd December 2013, 9:12 PM
Name(s) (on chat): wifiguest1362
In-game Name: Jenny (Bigj on 3DS)
Hostmask*: Didn't get it on time
Friend Code: 4957-3720-1433
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Happy Hour Smeargle
The Story (What Happened): I was seeking 5IV HA Froakies. This person said they had 5IV Froakie, and I offered Happy Hour Smeargle. They said yes. After trading, I saw the Froakie had 3 perfect IVs, not 5. Log below.

13:34 WiFiGuest1362 i have 5iv ha froakie
13:34 WiFiGuest1362 timid nature
13:34 Yorble 5IV Larvesta for it?
13:35 WiFiGuest1362 i already have 2
13:35 Yorble Happy Hour Smeargle?
13:35 WiFiGuest1362 y
13:35 WiFiGuest1362 4957-3720-1433
13:35 Yorble I need a minute to make another one tho, I just realized I traded my last one
13:36 Yorble 0963-0528-8268
13:36 WiFiGuest1362 what else can you offer?
13:36 WiFiGuest1362 4957-3720-1433
13:36 Yorble That, and one of the 16 BP items.
13:36 WiFiGuest1362 ill wait a min
13:36 Yorble Okay, thanks
13:39 Yorble By the way, which of the elemental birds do you have?
13:39 WiFiGuest1362 moltres
13:40 WiFiGuest1362 but still need to chase and catch it
13:40 Yorble Got Moltres also, looking for Articuno
13:42 Yorble Dammit, no Smeargle showing up...
13:44 Yorble Thank god finally one shows up, BRB gonna teach it
13:45 WiFiGuest1362 ok trade me when ready
13:45 WiFiGuest1362 jeanny ign
13:45 Yorble Yorble IGN
13:49 WiFiGuest1362 btw do you have razor fang?
13:50 Yorble No sorry
13:53 Yorble Almost done, just have to get through a few more restaurant battles to finish this
13:54 WiFiGuest1362 ok
13:55 Yorble Going in now
13:55 Yorble Smeargle got pokerus just now by the way
13:56 WiFiGuest1362 i keep infecting my whole team
13:56 Yorble Lol same
13:58 Yorble Perfect, thank you. By the way, I have prize money level 3. Let me know when you want me to activate it for you
13:59 WiFiGuest1362 ?
13:59 WiFiGuest1362 pls tell me how it works
13:59 Yorble Sure
13:59 Yorble It's one of the O-Powers
14:00 Yorble You can send it to others or to yourself, it triples battle prize money for 3 minutes
14:00 WiFiGuest1362 wow nice
14:00 Yorble If you have amulet coin, have the power, and have happy hour, you gain 12 times as much prize money
14:00 WiFiGuest1362 is there a 0-power for bp?
14:00 Yorble Lol I wish
14:01 WiFiGuest1362 i will but first im going to get the other 3 power items and razor fang
14:01 Yorble Sure, I can offer you any of the power items if you want
14:01 mibbit wifiguest1362: No such nickname online.

4th December 2013, 1:23 AM
Name(s) (on chat): djthekid, later changed name to loltrolled
In-game Name: DJ
Hostmask*: I tried to post the hostmask but this forum won't allow me to post "links." If you pm me I will give you the hostmask.
Friend Code: 0104-0547-8033
Pokemon Scammed (if any): umbreon
The Story (What Happened): He offered a 5iv snubbull for umbreon, but the snubbull wasn't the way he described. I tried to post a link to a screenshot but the forum won't allow me to because this is my first post. I'll post the transcript though.

Tesseracts: i would like 5 iv pokemon
[6:21pm] Tesseracts: i have 4-5 iv growlithe, scyther, larvesta, some others
[6:21pm] djthekid: OK CAN YOU GET ME A umbreon
[6:21pm] Tesseracts: yeah i have umbreon
[6:21pm] djthekid: wat lvl
[6:22pm] Tesseracts: hold on ill check
[6:22pm] djthekid: ok
[6:23pm] Tesseracts: 37
[6:24pm] djthekid: could u get me a lvl 20 one if you can
[6:25pm] Tesseracts: i suppose. why do you need that level, out of curiosity
[6:26pm] djthekid: for a team im putting together and im on route five and i wont go any further until i get the pokemon i need
[6:27pm] Tesseracts: ok ill try to evolve an eevee at level 20
[6:27pm] Tesseracts: do you want it to have wish
[6:27pm] djthekid: it dont matter
[6:29pm] djthekid: it dnt have to be at lvl 20 just somewhere around there
[6:29pm] Tesseracts: ok
[6:34pm] Tesseracts: ugh it evolved into espeon
[6:34pm] Tesseracts: i saved the game just before it evolved though
[6:34pm] Tesseracts: i forgot its not night in my game for another hour
[6:34pm] djthekid: damn
[6:34pm] Tesseracts: i could change the clock and try again
[6:34pm] djthekid: ok
[6:37pm] Tesseracts: what 5iv pokemon do you have
[6:38pm] Tesseracts: it evolved into umbreon
[6:38pm] Tesseracts: currently level 10 but i can bring it to 20 if you want
[6:38pm] djthekid: snubbull thats it
[6:39pm] djthekid: 10 is fine
[6:39pm] Tesseracts: what ivs does snubbull have
[6:40pm] djthekid: sp.att def speed hp sp.def
[6:40pm] Tesseracts: ok
[6:40pm] djthekid: yea
[6:41pm] Tesseracts: 2466 1942 9341
[6:42pm] djthekid: 0104-0547-8033
[6:42pm] djthekid: added u
[6:46pm] Tesseracts: this snubbull doesn't have any perfect ivs
[6:46pm] djthekid: u got fooled lol
[6:47pm] Tesseracts: dude its not hard to evolve your own eevee

4th December 2013, 10:09 AM
FC: 0731 5882 5498 IGN: Austin

He took a 4iv Beldum and gave a common Zorua

He didn't contacted me by any means and errase me from friends list instantly

6th December 2013, 10:28 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Hoetsie
In-game Name: Guillaume (3ds: guytje)
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-FD0376C7.cm-5-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl
Friend Code: 3539-9967-6484
Pokemon Scammed (if any):
timid perfect gastly traded for a 1IV in spAtk axes
The Story (What Happened):
He messaged me saying he had an adamant axew with 31/31/31/x/31/31 IVs in all but attack and would trade for my 31/x/31/31/31/31 timid gastly. When the trade was done I checked it, and it only had one IV in spAtk. I asked him about it, and he argued saying my gastly was flawed, and that the axew was guaranteed perfect.

After about 30 minutes he started talking to me again saying he did scam me and felt bad about it. Rather that trading me back my gastly or a correct axew, he tried offering a random Yveltal.

[14:05] <hoetsie> hey
[14:05] <Panda> hi
[14:05] <hoetsie> do you want a 5iv axew for the gastly?
[14:05] <Panda> cani assume all but spAtk IVs?
[14:06] <hoetsie> yes
[14:06] <hoetsie> adamant nature
[14:06] <Panda> perfect
[14:06] <Panda> gastly is all but atk, timid
[14:07] <Panda> 1891-1696-8822
[14:07] <hoetsie> nice
[14:07] <hoetsie> 3539 9967 6484
[14:08] <hoetsie> added
[14:09] <Panda> ign panda
[14:09] <hoetsie> i see :)
[14:11] <hoetsie> nice mate
[14:12] <Panda> ehh, the axew u traded only has a 31 iv in spAtk?
[14:12] <hoetsie> are you fooling me
[14:13] <Panda> no
[14:13] <hoetsie> i had one with 31 spatk
[14:14] <hoetsie> but it took one of the box that was filled with axew
[14:14] <hoetsie> your gastly isnt 31 either
[14:15] <Panda> the IVs are 31 not the level
[14:15] <hoetsie> yes i know
[14:15] <hoetsie> but thee arent 31
[14:17] <Panda> hmm, yeah they were. double checked before trading
[14:39] <hoetsie> hey
[14:40] <hoetsie> are you still in here?
[14:41] <hoetsie> i ****ed you up
14:41] <hoetsie> but i regret it
[14:42] <hoetsie> i can trade an yveltal if you like
[14:42] <hoetsie> just for a bidoof or something

I didn't really wanna try dealing with him again so I haven't responded to him.

I've still got the axew with his in game name if any Mods or Ops want to take it and check it.

EDIT: So I did go an message him. I kept an eye on his name in the list of the chat and he was on for the longest time. When I finally messaged him, he just signed out.

[14:42] <hoetsie> just for a bidoof or something
[15:45] <Panda> yo was playing some league, I'd really rather the axew or just the gastly back
[15:49] <Panda> still there?
[15:49] hoetsie No such nick/channel

10th December 2013, 7:03 PM
ign: Donatello
friend code: 2251-5106-6939
Pokemon Scammed: Shiney chansey with pinsirite
Story: He was offering a 5iv ditto for shinies i offered the chansey he wasn't wanting just that added in the pinsirite when he asked. went through with trade and the ditto was only 2 iv's and not the promised 5 and refuses to work it out.

also was not on chat didn't find out till after that the person who set up trade was a friend not the actual owner was going by name shinyhunter in chat his friend was. PurpleSurge-38AA253A.hsd1.fl.comcast.net

15th December 2013, 10:42 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Ricardo
In-game Name: Julian
Hostmask*: was unable to get, user disconnected from chat
Friend Code: 5069-3935-4337 - Jules
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5iv Shellder
The Story (What Happened): Offered a 5iv shellder for his 5iv ha dratini, completed the trade, checked the iv's on the dratini and it was only 3iv.
I know it happens, but its lame.

[16:25] <DatMaru> you have 5 iv ha dratini?
[16:25] <Ricardo> yes
[16:25] <DatMaru> i have a 5iv jolly shellder skill link rock blast ft.
[16:26] <Ricardo> oh cool
[16:28] <Ricardo> well if your happy to do the trade, so am i
[16:28] <DatMaru> sweet.
[16:28] <DatMaru> 4484 9299 2209
[16:29] <Ricardo> 5069-3935-4337
[16:31] <DatMaru> julian?
[16:31] <Ricardo> yep
[16:32] <DatMaru> k
[16:33] <Ricardo> cool stuff!
[16:35] <DatMaru> your dratini is only 3 ivs.
[16:35] Ricardo No such nick/channel
[16:37] Ricardo No such nick/channel
[16:37] Ricardo No such nick/channel
[16:38] ricardo No such nick/channel
[16:42] <DatMaru> yo
[16:42] Ricardo No such nick/channel

27th December 2013, 5:26 AM
Name: Mawile2810
In-Game Name: Hayden
Hostmask: SPPGuest43(AT)PurpleSurge-B4A9BC8C.satx.res.rr.com
Friend Code: 2509 1302 9728
Pokemon Scammed: Larvitar with two Egg moves and 4 perfect IVs
The Story (What Happened):

(This is a reposting of another post I made. I couldn't find the right thread before so I'm posting in the correct forum this time.)

At approximately 10:40 PM (-6:00 GMT) on December 21st, a user known as Mawile2810 PM'd me on #spp-wifi for a 4 IV Larvitar I was offering for trade. He offered a 4 IV Ferroseed with the egg moves Spikes and Stealth Rock. I agreed to the trade and we began.

Around 10:50 PM, we finished our trade. But as soon as we finished, he claimed that he had to go to bed. I asked if he wanted to check the IVs, but he seemed to be in a rush to log off. Naturally, I got suspicious and checked the Ferroseed he sent me. He logged off before I could speak to him again.

It had Sassy nature, which is good. It had the egg moves as he promised. But it did NOT have 4 perfect IVs as he claimed. Only Defense was perfect, and nothing else. The IV Judge in-game said its potential was only above average. Because he didn't bother to check with me if I got exactly as he promised, I could only guess that he downright fabricated the 4 IV claim.

I'm not expecting to receive the Larvitar back, but I would like to protect other traders from this user.

This was my earlier advertisement in #spp-wifi:

On trade: Larvitar (4 IVs) with Dragon Dance and Outrage, one Torchic (4 IVs) with Baton Pass, Pineco (4-5 IVs) with Stealth Rock, Durant (4-5 IVs, male, some may not have Truant). Also have about 700 BPs to spend. Looking for: other 4-5 IV Pokemon.

Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/mawile2810_zps27583937(DOT)png

Name: spencer
In-game Name: Ray
Hostmask: WiFiGuest0(AT)PurpleSurge-CC2742E0.nc.res.rr.com
Friend Code: 1736 1379 5528
Pokemon Scammed: Chimchar (Iron Fist HA with Egg moves Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Fake Out; 4 perfect IVs)
The Story (What Happened):

This one happened to me today. I was posting trade offers for several IV bred Pokémon, including HA Chimchar with Egg moves. The user spencer PM'd me for the Chimchar. He gave me offers and I gave him the exact details of what the Chimchar has. I asked him due to the added value of Chimchar with not being available in X/Y, the egg moves, the HA, and the IVs, I would like both his Noibat and Houndour. He agreed to the trade and we began. He also asked that I give the Chimchar first. I highlighted those words because his choice of words meant he acknowledged this trade agreement and he knew what he was going to get.

So after he gave a Noibat (which checked out with the IVs) and he got my Chimchar, he quit the trade immediately and went offline in the game. I told him in IRC that our trade wasn't finished and he said it was. He then accused me that I'm ripping him off and he wouldn't give me the Houndour, despite that he agreed to trading both Pokémon. He also accused that a two-for-one trade is breaking the rules and he would report me for it (if that is actually the case, I apologize in advance). I told him again that was the trade he agreed to, and then he made up an excuse that he thought I was someone else trading him a Chimchar. He still defended that the trade was legit and he didn't need to fulfill the other half of the agreement. By this point, his attitude had changed completely and he kept acting as if he was not at fault. I told him if he thought the trade was a ripoff, then he should give back the Chimchar and I would give back the Noibat. Again, he refused to do so. So after a few minutes of arguing, he signed off IRC.

In short, he agreed to this trade and changed his mind. At the last second, he broke the trade agreement and quit the trade after giving only one Pokémon. He also refused to give back the Pokémon when he said he thought the trade was a ripoff (in other words, fixing the problem). His previous choice of words showed that he acknowledged that he had to trade two Pokémon, so he might be baiting me to get in trouble as well.

Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/spencer_zpsc2ee2193(DOT)png

Name: WiFiGuest5446
In-game Name: KingPin
Hostmask: WiFiGuest5(AT)PurpleSurge-5862F93B.twcny.res.rr.com
Friend Code: 0404 6398 9101
Pokemon Scammed: Truant Durant with 4 perfect IVs
The Story (What Happened):

(I seem to be on a roll with scammers lately.)

So this one PM'd me in response to my advertisement in the channel. He wanted to know the spread of the Durant and I "sell" the Durant's positive features. We agreed to a trade of a 4 IV Durant for a 4 IV Inkay. While this Inkay was indeed Adamant nature as he claimed, the IVs were incorrect. According to the IV judge in the game, this Inkay only has perfect attack and its stats overall are above average. When I tried to notify KingPin about this, he had already left the network. So yet another case of incorrect IVs and fleeing the scene.

Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/WiFiGuest5446_zps963fbbc4(DOT)png

31st December 2013, 3:46 PM
Name(s) (on chat): kento
In-game Name: Kento
3DS mii name: teddy (default)
Friend Code: 2122 - 6133 - 6571
Pokemon Scammed: Timid Piplup with 4 31 IVs, with egg move Agility. OT is Demetria.
The Story (What Happened):
I was advertising for a 4IV timid piplup with agility until said user sent me a private message. The person offered quite a lot of pokemon which can be viewed down below. I asked for a pokemon of similar value, since i didn't feel that my 4 IV'd one was worth said person's 5 IV'd ones. I asked for any 4 IV'd ones if he could check, and if not i would take his 5 IV'd one, if it would be alright with him. Said user, was willing to offer 5 IV'd one for my 4 IV'd piplup. Trade ended, said person thanked me for it, then when i viewed the pokemon's stats in kiloude, I got a 3 IVd swinub (supposed to be 5 IV'd - this was the trader's promise though; for my 4 IVd piplup with agility). Tried to contact the person, but when i was offering his pokemon for a replacement, said trade was cancelled. Later said user was engaging with a communication with another person, i wasn't able to engage in a trade again because shortly after that, said user disconnected in-game.
21:47 WiFiGuest3727 what do you want for piplup
21:47 WiFiGuest3727 ?
21:47 *** WiFiGuest3727 is now known as Kento
21:48 Mackenzie hi. do you have 4IV spitbacks?
21:49 Kento uhhh i have 5 iv swinub, 5 iv greninja ev trained, squirtle with dragon pulse and aura sphere, 4 iv honedge
21:50 Mackenzie is your honedge female?
21:50 Kento nope sorry
21:51 Mackenzie oh. do you have other 4 Iv pokemon? or are you willing to trade your swinub for it?
21:51 Kento yea sure
21:52 Kento i have mutiple off them so i can spare one
21:52 Kento 2122-6133-6571
21:52 Mackenzie is it jolly?adamant. either way, sure my fc is 5000 - 3334 - 4793
21:52 Kento adamant
21:53 Mackenzie alright, going to be back in a sec. have a trade atm if you don't mind.
21:53 Kento sure
21:53 Kento ingame name?
21:54 Mackenzie Demetria
21:54 Kento k im kento invite me when ready
21:56 Mackenzie sure thing. going to check what i've got first
21:57 Kento what do you mean
21:57 Mackenzie just checking the IVs of the person's pokemon i traded with.
21:58 Kento o oke
22:07 Kento you almost done
22:08 Kento ?
22:09 Kento
22:11 Mackenzie sorry
22:11 Mackenzie mom had to use the computer
22:11 Kento np
22:12 Mackenzie ugh, just got scammed
22:12 Kento u ready?
22:12 Mackenzie connecting
22:13 Kento did you add me?
22:14 Mackenzie yes
22:14 Kento oke
22:14 Kento im reconnecting
22:16 Kento thx
22:17 Mackenzie 31/x/31/x/x/31
22:18 Mackenzie do you have a 5 Iv one? could you replace it?
22:19 Mackenzie ?
22:21 Mackenzie or 4 IV one.
tried to contact him but no response. Asked for an in-game trade, but got trade cancelled. Later the person disconnected from both the game and the spp-chat.

I could provide screenshots just in case, but the thread wouldn't let me.

Thankfully, Fenix already ip banned said person, but just in case someone notices said user again.


Name(s) (on chat): wasn't able to note (but it was default guest to say the least)
In-game Name: Mike
Friend Code: 5343 - 8287 - 1480
Pokemon Scammed: Timid Piplup with 4 31 IVs, with egg move Agility. OT is Demetria.
The Story (What Happened): I was advertising a 4 IV piplup then a wifiguest asked to trade with me. Although i forgot to take note of the hostmask, i could remember that said user offered a 5 IVd
In the end, I got a 3 IV'd sneasel with the person's OT and ID No. 25130. It was claimed to have 5 31 IVs, but judge in kiloude only recognized 3 31 IVs. I conducted a trade with said user to ask for a replacement of a similar value to the one he claimed to offer. I offered his own seansel in return but i later found out he was asking for a modest piplup. He was probably thinking that what would suffice his (probable 4-5 IV pokemon in the second trade) was my modest piplup. I was unable to tell him i didn't have one, and that I was the person being scammed in the trade, and that I've indicated the nature beforehand. When i was able to go back to chat (I had to take a brief leave, as someone in our household wanted to use the computer), I tried messaging said user, but he already left the chat.

3rd January 2014, 9:48 PM

Username: None found- incident happened via Serebii wifi chat
Scammer's IGN: Calem
Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

This user with the friend code 3797-7428-1904 and IGN (In-game name) Calem scammed me out of a 5IV totodile with egg moves. He offered me a 5IV riolu with 5 max IVs. I naively traded, only to receive a riolu with one max IV in HP. He offered to battle and I also accepted. He quit halfway through when I was winning. After that I checked the riolu's IVs and they did not match what I requested. When I told him that it only had one max IV, he disconnected.

I am a trusted trader- I usually trade on the Serebii and Smogon forums under the username 'Lizilla' ad 'Lizilla89' If you have any issue with the validity of this, you can contact me on there.

I'm posting this it so that others don't make the same mistake that I did and so that his friend code is searchable in google.

Scammer's IGN: Calem
Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

[04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv noibat
[04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv goomy
[04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv riolu
[04:56] <Liz> Hmmm... I might be interested in either a goomy or a riolu
[04:57] <WiFiGuest7559> which one?
[04:58] <Liz> I guess I'll go with a riolu. What type of IV spread does it have? 31/31/31/x/31/31 or 31/x/31/31/31/31?
[04:59] <Liz> I'm looking for 31/31/31/x/31/31
[04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> 31/31/31/x/31/31
[04:59] <Liz> Ah good
[04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> cool ur in luck
[04:59] <Liz> ok, lemme find my fc really quick
[05:00] <WiFiGuest7559> gimme a min as well
[05:00] <Liz> My FC is 380-3160-3355
[05:00] <Liz> kk
[05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> it says invalid
[05:03] <Liz> whoops
[05:03] <Liz> forgot a number
[05:03] <Liz> 2380-3160-3355
[05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> mine is 3797-7428-1904
[05:03] <Liz> kk adding you now
[05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
[05:06] <Liz> calem, right?
[05:06] <WiFiGuest7559> yup
[05:08] <WiFiGuest7559> also what u want for the shiny?
[05:08] <Liz> Looking for other shinies and considering other things as well
[05:09] <Liz> I also have shiny Audino, Feebas, Ponyta, Sentret, Arcanine, Golett, Fletchling, Bergmite.
[05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> anything for the fletchling?
[05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> i have charmander aand starly
[05:09] <Liz> Its 4IV and only has big picks though
[05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> ok nvm then
[05:09] <Liz> which kinda stinks
[05:09] <Liz> haha
[05:10] <Liz> Yeah, I didn't have the best luck with that...
[05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> it's ok
[05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> u wanna battle?
[05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
[05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
[05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are
[05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
[05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
[05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
[05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are
[05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
[05:20] <Liz> uh oh
[05:22] <Liz> I just checked the riolu you sent me... it only has 1 max IV :/

Chatlog, what I actually received, and screenshots:

4th January 2014, 3:12 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Legless
In-game Name: Tyler
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-B99206C2.res.bhn.net
Friend Code: 2895-7729-9289
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Kyogre
The Story (What Happened): He asked me for Kyogre's dex entry, and I traded to him under agreement of trade back. I then got a disconnected message and he said "serious wifi problems". After he came back online, he said he was going to trade me back my pokemon, but he never did, only offered a spritzee. I never saw him again.

7th January 2014, 3:49 AM
Name: WiFiGuest4477
In-Game Name: Zach (Pretty Sure)
Pokémon Scammed: Shiny Eevee
Story: I was offering my shiny eevee to people for a 5-6 iv ditto. He told me he had some and was willing to trade them. He also told me fake Stats and characteristics of the ditto so the it would register as a 6 iv ditto in the Serebii IV Calculator. I have screenshots of chat but it won't let me post them on here.

8th January 2014, 4:44 AM
Name: SPPGuest*
In-Game Name: Not sure
FC: 3523-2192-1885
Hostmask: PurpleSurge-CFDFA57.access.hol.gr
Pokemon Scammed: Nothing went through
Story: This guy is a serial scammer that needs banning.
He tried to sell me a 5IV ditto a week ago. tny.cz/3630d65f (won't let me post URLs)

He's still spamming, and now Heisenberg has warned that he's a scammer too.
19:05:11 Heisenberg SPPGuest6495 is a scammer, don't trade stuff to him
I decided to report him.
I said he was a scammer a couple times and he quit soon after. He returned though.

15th January 2014, 1:11 AM
He's still here...
His new host is PurpleSurge-1B83C93D.access.hol.gr, with realname Java User.
His old host was never banned...don't people read this thread?

15th January 2014, 2:05 AM
we read this thread, but you said he didn't even trade with you and all i can get from the logs is this guy doesn't speak english too well

21st January 2014, 12:41 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Litmick
In-game Name: Gale'
Friend Code: 2036 7931 7198
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5IV Timid Feebas with great eg
The Story (What Happened): I saw he was offering 6IV Timid Protean Froakies so I asked him what he wanted and showed him what I had available. He said he'd like my Feebas so he told me his fc, and his ign name then logged off. I just joined serebii chat today for the first time so I didn't know if that was normal or not. We then traded. His Froakie was Timid and Protean like he said so I didn't think anything was up but after we finished I checked the IVs of it and it only had 3! My 5iv Feebas for a plain 3iv.. I saw someone then log into chat with the name GaleD offering the SAME pokemon and I told him he lied to me, which he then logged off that account as well.

[14:12:49] Common channels with Litmick: #spp-wifi
[14:12:54] <Dragonz> what do you want for your 6iv froakie?
[14:13:18] <Litmick> offer
[14:14:44] <Dragonz> Charmander with DD, dragon pulse, flare blitz, and outrage. Deino with earth power, dark pulse, ice fang and fire fang. Hyper Cutter 5 IV Mawile with Growl, Fairy Wind, Astonish, and Metal Burst (working on one with sucker punch EG) Solar Power 5 IV Timid Charmander with Scratch, Growl, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Dance.Gale Wings 5 IV Adament FletchlingObilvious Feebas with 5 IVs and Mirror Coat, Captivate, Hypnosis, and Confuse Ray. (working on one with dragon pulse) (also have a Timid 5IV Milotic)Iron Fist Chimchar with 3-5 IVs and Fake out, Focus Punch, Thunder Punch, and Fire Punch.Rough Skin Gible with 4-5 IVs with Outrage, Multiple Adaptability/Run Away 5 IV Eevee with multiple movesetsAlso working on a 5IV Timid Protean Froakie with Toxic Spikes
[14:16:32] <Litmick> I'll take the feebas
[14:17:26] <Dragonz> sweet ok
[14:18:18] <Dragonz> my fc is 2423 3632 6013
[14:18:32] <Litmick> 2036 7931 7198\
[14:19:08] <Dragonz> added
[14:19:48] <Litmick> k
[14:21:04] <Litmick> trade me, my ign is Gale'
[14:22:00] Litmick has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

21st January 2014, 5:07 PM
I just got scammed again! Dx

Name(s) (on chat):
In-game Name: Stuart
Friend Code: 2019-9755-0046
Pokemon Scammed (if any): My Charmander with DD, dragon pulse, outrage and flare blitz
The Story (What Happened):
I was offering my Charmander out and he PMed asking what I wanted for it and I said what do you have and he offered a 5iv Cyndaquil which I said alright to. After we traded I checked the stats and it didnt even have 1IV! I am literally about to cry i;

25th January 2014, 3:31 AM
Name(s) (on chat): "shinys"
In-game Name: "DADO"
Friend Code: 0791-2828-3802
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Sunkern for Ditto
The Story (What Happened): He whisped me to trade a 6 IV Ditto for my Shiny Sunkern 2 IV, and obviously it was a 2 IV Ditto only, also other people then stated on the chat he cheated them too (after I posted it on public)

31st January 2014, 3:45 AM
Name(s) (on chat): TeamRocket
In-game Name: Chris
Friend Code: 3200 9447 1360
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny eevee for shiny scoliopede
The Story (What Happened): Was posting in the wifi chat that he had a shiny 5IV scoliopede with HA to trade, I PMed him, checked the markings on the Pokemon traded him my 5IV shiny eevee only to find out it was a 3IV shiny scoliopede. He then logged on with a different name and harassed me in the public post after people agreed with me.

1st February 2014, 7:08 AM
name on chat :dovahkiin
in game name: Miguel
friend code 2294 4356 5540
pokemon scammed shiny trevenant
I pmed him telling him I am interested in his shiny gourgesit after choosing, he told me he wanted the trevenant I agreed and asked him if it was instachecked he said it wasn't
we then traded after that After trading I checked and found out it was a instachecked shiny
[13:41:06] <Dovahkiin> yes
[13:41:11] <WiFiGuest2982> ok so?
[13:41:11] <Dovahkiin> level 35 and 68?
[13:41:13] <WiFiGuest2982> yeah
[13:41:32] <Dovahkiin> is lax level 35? or is naive level 35?
[13:41:39] <WiFiGuest2982> let me check
[13:41:49] <WiFiGuest2982> nive
[13:41:52] <WiFiGuest2982> naive*
[13:42:18] <Dovahkiin> sure �
[13:42:22] <Dovahkiin> ^_^
[13:42:37] <Dovahkiin> 2394-4356-5540
[13:42:39] <WiFiGuest2982> ok 1907 9229 6653
[13:42:50] <Dovahkiin> wait i think mine is wrong
[13:42:58] <Dovahkiin> 2294-4356-5540
[13:43:19] <WiFiGuest2982> as long as the gourgeist is not instacheked i will take it idc about nautre/ivs/pokeball just want it for collection
[13:43:43] <Dovahkiin> whats instacheked???
[13:44:08] <WiFiGuest2982> means that the gourgeist was traded to another person in the egg and the other person hacjted it
[13:44:14] <WiFiGuest2982> hatches*
[13:44:36] <Dovahkiin> oh :/ yeah it was hatched by my friend
[13:44:45] <WiFiGuest2982> the gourgeist summary on how it is obtianed it day care couple or link trade?
[13:45:03] <Dovahkiin> idk? im in the pokemon league standing here
[13:45:09] <Dovahkiin> *** me and u can check for me plz
[13:45:25] <WiFiGuest2982> ? i dont understand
[13:45:31] <Dovahkiin> add*
[13:45:51] <WiFiGuest2982> but i cant check unless the owner has it
[13:46:31] <Dovahkiin> fine i'll check
[13:51:30] <WiFiGuest2982> ?
[13:51:59] <Dovahkiin> im trying to check :/ but**the problem is, i'm in the pokemon league training haha
[13:52:11] <Dovahkiin> im trying to trade with people so i can look at a summary of ym pokemon
[13:52:13] <Dovahkiin> my*
[13:52:57] <WiFiGuest2982> oh ok just check when u are done anyway do u know if it was your**friend egg or somebody else's egg?
[13:53:28] <Dovahkiin> his im pretty sure
[13:53:39] <WiFiGuest2982> then its fine
[13:53:54] <Dovahkiin> did u add me?
[13:54:01] <WiFiGuest2982> yeah ash i am online
[13:54:21] <WiFiGuest2982> migueal?
[13:54:30] <Dovahkiin> miguel haha yes
[13:55:28] <Dovahkiin> � yay
[13:55:35] <Dovahkiin> i love shiny trevenant
[13:55:36] <Dovahkiin> haha
[13:55:49] <Dovahkiin> my friend gave me one but he gave it a stupid nickname -_
[13:55:54] <Dovahkiin> i have other shinies haha
[13:56:52] <Dovahkiin> u want the magnemite?
[13:57:34] <WiFiGuest2982> oh just checked its a instachecked shiny well its ok
[13:57:55] <Dovahkiin> how is it?! O.o i dont understand what u mean by that
[13:58:24] <WiFiGuest2982> cause in the summary it says from a link trade if it was from the same person it will say day care coupl
[13:58:49] <Dovahkiin> whats wrong with that?
[13:59:05] <WiFiGuest2982> cause instachecked shinies are ually easier to obtain
[13:59:53] Dovahkiin has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

3rd February 2014, 6:48 PM
The person who scammed me was SPPGuest4309.

FC-0662-3293-3264/ign Chansey

He/she traded fake ivs with Trevenant scammed as 1iv as it supposed to be 5ivs
So my 5iv Hyper voice Eevee was taken from him. He marked his Trevenant as 5iv which is lie

Story-[12:30:38] Common channels with SPPGuest4309: #SPP-WiFi
[12:30:38] <SPPGuest4309> i like eevee
[12:30:47] <SPPGuest4309> i offering trevenat shiny 5 ivs
[12:30:47] <SPPGuest4309> ?
[12:31:03] <SPPGuest6731> hmm
[12:31:09] <SPPGuest6731> nature?
[12:31:24] <SPPGuest4309> Careful
[12:31:28] <SPPGuest4309> natural cure
[12:32:30] <SPPGuest6731> So it's not harvest
[12:33:08] <SPPGuest4309> no,S natural cure 31,31,31,x,31,31
[12:35:24] <SPPGuest6731> ok
[12:35:52] <SPPGuest6731> fc 1048-9662-4280 what's urs?
[12:36:40] <SPPGuest4309> 0662 3293 3264
[12:39:50] <SPPGuest4309> thanks
[12:39:51] SPPGuest4309 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

16th February 2014, 10:48 AM
Names: In Game: Arthur In Cahtroom: SPPGuest6161
Hostmask: Didnt get in time
Friend Code: 0387-8875-3804
Pokemon Scammed: 6IV HA Pokerus Ditto
[11:07:03] Common channels with SPPGuest6161: #SPP-WiFi
[11:07:13] <UberCat> Interested in one with HA And pokerus?
[11:07:23] <UberCat> And 6IV ofc
[11:07:28] <SPPGuest6161> yep
[11:07:39] <SPPGuest6161> nice
[11:07:39] <SPPGuest6161> what do u want
[11:07:44] <UberCat> Offerz
[11:07:58] <SPPGuest6161> regigigas?
[11:08:05] <UberCat> Got IVs?
[11:08:16] <SPPGuest6161> i have to check ok?
[11:08:19] <UberCat> k
[11:08:30] <SPPGuest6161> wait please
[11:08:41] <SPPGuest6161> give me 2 minutes
[11:09:13] <SPPGuest6161> im going to kiloude
[11:11:10] <SPPGuest6161> ok
[11:11:10] <SPPGuest6161> V iv
[11:11:10] <SPPGuest6161> level 68
[11:11:21] <UberCat> So 5IV?
[11:11:27] <UberCat> Cause V
[11:11:46] <SPPGuest6161> 5 iv
[11:11:54] <UberCat> k
[11:11:58] <SPPGuest6161> ?
[11:12:10] <UberCat> Is it shiny ﷯
[11:12:32] <SPPGuest6161> no
[11:12:32] <SPPGuest6161> its legit
[11:12:48] <UberCat> k
[11:13:08] <SPPGuest6161> what does it mean k?
[11:13:52] <SPPGuest6161> are u still interested?
[11:15:58] <UberCat> k mean Ok
[11:16:03] <UberCat> Gonna think agaib
[11:16:12] <SPPGuest6161> latias level 100
[11:16:18] <SPPGuest6161> ?
[11:16:20] <SPPGuest6161> japan version
[11:16:40] <UberCat> Got already latias
[11:17:43] <SPPGuest6161> so what about this regigigas
[11:17:47] <SPPGuest6161> 5 iv
[11:17:54] <UberCat> Umm
[11:18:13] <SPPGuest6161> ?
[11:18:35] <UberCat> I dont know yet
[11:19:22] <SPPGuest6161> o may gad
[11:19:44] <UberCat> I could breed 6IV Phiones (maybe w Pokerus)
[11:20:20] <SPPGuest6161> i have 6 iv phiones
[11:20:28] <UberCat> U got mana ttoo?
[11:21:27] <SPPGuest6161> yes
[11:21:42] <UberCat> Me too. U have Meloetta? :3
[11:22:25] <SPPGuest6161> no
[11:22:29] <UberCat> Aww
[11:23:22] <SPPGuest6161> ok
[11:24:01] <UberCat> Well,that regigigas is probalty best offer i will get
[11:24:10] <SPPGuest6161> so?
[11:24:38] <UberCat> I go get my ds first
[11:25:00] <SPPGuest6161> 3ds
[11:25:15] <SPPGuest6161> its 6 gen
[11:25:30] <UberCat> Ik lol
[11:25:41] <UberCat> But i dont have 3DS
[11:25:43] <SPPGuest6161> oki
[11:25:45] <UberCat> I got 3DS XL
[11:25:50] <UberCat> Lol
[11:26:02] <SPPGuest6161> me to LOL
[11:26:05] <UberCat> LOL
[11:26:34] <SPPGuest6161> so your FC?
[11:26:42] <UberCat> It takes longer to shut down 3DS than DSi. And i have to check again
[11:27:00] <UberCat> 2423-3522-4057
[11:27:00] <SPPGuest6161> i have 10 minutes
[11:27:08] <SPPGuest6161> then i have to go
[11:27:48] <UberCat> Im starting my internet atm
[11:28:02] <UberCat> Your FC? Pfft
[11:28:11] <SPPGuest6161> 0387 8875 3804
[11:28:51] <SPPGuest6161> 0387 8875 3804
[11:30:02] <SPPGuest6161> whats ur name in the game
[11:30:07] <SPPGuest6161> ?
[11:30:32] <UberCat> UberCat
[11:30:47] <SPPGuest6161> okioki
[11:30:59] <UberCat> Wait
[11:31:06] <UberCat> Thats japanese regigigas
[11:31:08] <SPPGuest6161> what?
[11:31:15] <SPPGuest6161> yes
[11:31:18] <SPPGuest6161> u want english?
[11:31:52] <UberCat> I prefer eng
[11:32:08] <SPPGuest6161> so?
[11:32:09] <UberCat> IVs on that?
[11:32:15] <SPPGuest6161> 5
[11:32:22] <UberCat> U sure?
[11:32:33] <SPPGuest6161> yes
[11:33:00] <SPPGuest6161> thanks afterd trade
[11:33:10] <UberCat> Gonna check ivs anyways
[11:33:16] <SPPGuest6161> m going to delete fc
[11:33:23] <SPPGuest6161> i have no space
[11:33:25] <UberCat> Why
[11:33:28] <SPPGuest6161> thanks
[11:33:39] <SPPGuest6161> 98 people
[11:33:43] <SPPGuest6161> im trading
[11:33:47] <SPPGuest6161> herre
[11:33:58] <SPPGuest6161> thanks
[11:34:04] <UberCat> 1IV
[11:34:09] <SPPGuest6161> 5 iv
[11:34:10] <UberCat> Reporting
[11:34:17] <SPPGuest6161> i checked it
[11:34:32] <UberCat> Me too

21st February 2014, 3:48 AM
Name(s) (on chat): BlakDragon (me), Wifiguest7741 (them)
In-game Name: Couscous (them)
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-50A7CCE6.mc.videotron.ca
Friend Code: 1821 9675 2919
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Leftovers (item)
The Story (What Happened): The guy was asking for leftovers and was trading 5IV guys in return, so I took a chance and traded with him.
Not bothered by the loss since I have 5 more, but I'd rather not have them do this nonsense to others.

Can't give links of our convo (the forum system won't let me), but I have 'em ready and can PM to a mod on request.

28th February 2014, 10:52 PM
Name(s) (on chat): SPPGuest2459
In-game Name: Stefano
Hostmask*: They disconnected before I could get it.
Friend Code: 1779-0816-3760
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Meloetta
The Story (What Happened):

[08:31:41] Common channels with SPPGuest2459: #spp-wifi
[08:32:07] (me) <WiFiGuest1304> I have meloetta what are you offering
[08:33:44] <SPPGuest2459> FT shiny raikou, shiny zoroark, shiny gyarados, shiny darmanitan
[08:34:11] <WiFiGuest1304> darmanitan have any IVs or is it kalos born?
[08:34:58] <SPPGuest2459> it has 5ivs but is not kalos born
[08:37:52] <WiFiGuest1304> Sorry was in a trade
[08:38:04] <WiFiGuest1304> i'll trade for it though I guess if it has 5ivs =)
[08:38:06] <WiFiGuest1304> whats your fc
[08:38:36] <WiFiGuest1304> mine is 0619 4461 6765
[08:38:48] <SPPGuest2459> 1779-0816-3760
[08:39:20] <SPPGuest2459> nick?
[08:39:28] <WiFiGuest1304> Ign it's aiven
[08:39:52] <WiFiGuest1304> yours
[08:40:07] <SPPGuest2459> stefano
[08:42:11] <SPPGuest2459> ty
[08:42:19] <WiFiGuest1304> you're welcome, enjoy!
[08:43:28] <WiFiGuest1304> It's not 5IV at all.
[08:43:50] <WiFiGuest1304> I'll be putting your name on the scammer board, along with your FC.
[08:44:08] SPPGuest2459 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).
[08:49:13] No such nick/channel "SPPGuest2459"

2nd March 2014, 4:40 AM
Name(s) (on chat): PokeMaster
In-game Name: Joe
Friend Code: 1693-1548-4173
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Leftovers
The Story (What Happened): PokeMaster was offering a Modest 6 IV Japanese Ditto for Leftovers. I had Leftovers and was looking for a foreign 6 IV Ditto. I offered, and we traded. Obviously you can't check IVs in the summary, although I did check the summary and everything else checked out. After we traded he quit the chatroom and disconnected with his 3DS. I then checked the IVs of the Ditto he traded me, and it had no perfect IVs at all. Not even one.

2nd March 2014, 8:20 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Pedro, Shiny
In-game Name: Alex
Friend Code: 3840 6862 5061
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Lugia
The Story (What Happened): Was gonna trade a Shiny Lugia and Torchic for a Shiny 6iv Greninja. We traded the first pokemon and then he DC'ed.

9th March 2014, 10:13 PM
Name(s) (on chat): PokemonRocks
In-game Name: Alyssa
Hostmask*: (I don't have this)
Friend Code: 3DS Name: matt, FC: 4811 7568 4555
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5IV Modest Rotom
The Story (What Happened): I was offered an HA Mienfoo, which I was seeking. I offered a 5IV Modest Rotom(Which I had like 3 extra just sitting around), which the other person accepted. There was a long delay, but I figured they were getting an egg of the HA before giving it off to me, so I bared with them. In the end, it was an Inner Focus mienfoo.

[15:29:15] <PokemonRocks> I have an ha minfoo
[15:29:19] <Crazycolorz5> Cool
[15:29:22] <Crazycolorz5> Anything you looking for?
[15:30:17] <Crazycolorz5> Hello?
[15:30:27] <PokemonRocks> shinys but i dont mind if you dont trade them for my ha minefoo but what do you offer?
[15:31:13] <Crazycolorz5> Hmmm how about a 5IV Modest Rotom?
[15:31:26] <PokemonRocks> sure thats good
[15:32:25] <Crazycolorz5> fc 2707 2362 2869
[15:32:40] <PokemonRocks> ok hold on my minefoo is in the daycare
[15:32:44] <Crazycolorz5> okay
[15:36:36] <Crazycolorz5> I think I got a trade with someone else
[15:36:40] <Crazycolorz5> Possibly
[15:36:53] <PokemonRocks> hold on im getting it
[15:36:56] <Crazycolorz5> ok
[15:42:57] <PokemonRocks> Its almost out
[15:43:06] <PokemonRocks> i need to get money
[15:43:12] <Crazycolorz5> *sweatdrops*
[15:43:19] <Crazycolorz5> SEell some pokeballs
[15:43:25] <Crazycolorz5> and I'll put a big nugget on the rotom
[15:43:26] <PokemonRocks> I am
[15:43:33] <PokemonRocks> ok
[15:46:39] <PokemonRocks> ok now im heading to get it
[15:47:34] <Crazycolorz5> your fc?
[15:50:21] <PokemonRocks> its 4811 7568 4555
[15:50:22] <Crazycolorz5> Hello?
[15:50:23] <Crazycolorz5> okay
[15:53:31] <Crazycolorz5> reckless, right
[15:54:48] <PokemonRocks> done thank you for the rotom
[15:54:51] PokemonRocks has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).
[15:54:51] <Crazycolorz5> This is inner focus ;P

12th March 2014, 4:09 AM
serebii name: dc
ign: Clausel
FC: 0533-4378-5372
Pokemon scamed: traded my shiny 5iv noivern and shiny 5iv meowstick for shiny scizor and shiny pinsir witch he said were also 5iv but after checking scizor is 1iv and pinsir is 4iv... lying mutt.

12:21:16] Common channels with dc: #SPP-WiFi
[12:21:25] <Quazar> hey i want the pinsir sir
[12:21:28] <Quazar> lol
[12:21:43] <dc> what do you have
[12:21:55] <Quazar> 5/6iv kalos shiny pkmn
[12:22:02] <Quazar> what r u after?
[12:22:17] <Quazar> i have most of them
[12:22:35] <Quazar> the gen 6 i mean
[12:23:22] <dc> im looking for geny6
[12:23:28] <Quazar> cool
[12:23:32] <Quazar> i have most
[12:23:39] <dc> u have them
[12:23:41] <Quazar> witch ons u wnt?
[12:25:14] <Quazar> well?
[12:25:53] <Quazar> also do by any chance have a shiny spritzy or pumpkaboo
[12:26:23] <dc> no thats what i was going to ask u for
[12:26:32] <Quazar> lol
[12:26:40] <dc> but give me a sec and can u tell me wht u have to offer
[12:28:08] <dc> hello
[12:28:23] <Quazar> ok 5/6iv shiny: starters talonflm aegislash heliolisk goodra tyrantrum slurpuff meowstick klefki noivern
[12:29:17] <dc> nature, and ability on Goodra, Tyrantrum, Slurpuff, Meowstic, klefki, and noivern
[12:29:30] <Quazar> badish stat shiny: pyroar clawitzer skiddo florges dedenne pancham bergmite trevenat furfrou
[12:29:51] <Quazar> diggersby vivilion
[12:30:19] <Quazar> All HA good natures
[12:30:28] <Quazar> klefki has prank
[12:30:41] <Quazar> noiver has frisk
[12:31:02] <dc> moves on Meowstic, Noivern, and Slurpuff
[12:32:03] <Quazar> noivern is timid w/ d meteor hurricane flamethower tec meowstick is male w/ prankster dual screens t wave
[12:32:23] <Quazar> slurpuff is lv 1 w/ belly drum
[12:33:05] <dc> I want meowstic and will u take a Shiny 5-6iv Adamant Technician Scizor that is kalos born
[12:33:25] <Quazar> yeh i would like that
[12:33:26] <dc> or a Shiny 6iv Bold Porygon-z for Noivern
[12:33:33] <Quazar> scizor
[12:33:45] <Quazar> what about pinsir?
[12:34:21] <dc> I want to trade Pinsir and Scizor for Meowstic and Noivern
[12:34:38] <Quazar> ok
[12:34:45] <Quazar> give me a minute
[12:36:16] <dc> 0533-4378-5373 ign is Clausel
[12:36:51] <Quazar> 043096946930
[12:37:02] <Quazar> ign terry
[12:38:25] <dc> ok
[12:42:51] <Quazar> adding
[12:43:07] <dc> ok im in a different trade already
[12:43:30] <Quazar> ur fc is incorrect
[12:43:58] <dc> sorry 0533-4378-5372
[12:44:06] <Quazar> k
[12:44:23] <Quazar> np
[12:44:35] <dc> accidently hit 3
[12:44:44] <Quazar> its fine bro
[12:44:53] <Quazar> im online
[12:45:03] <dc> connecting
[12:45:10] <Quazar> send reqst when ready
[12:45:53] <dc> ty
[12:49:21] <Quazar> ty bro have a good 1
[12:49:21] No such nick/channel "dc"

13th March 2014, 1:44 AM
name: loOZ
FC:4527 8512 2241
pkmn scammed : lied about ivs on shiny gourgheist said it was bred with 6iv and was marked that way ended up loosing my own bred 5iv shiny aegislash for a FS gourgheist

26th March 2014, 3:07 PM
name on chat wifiguest3381
ign leon
fc3969 5151 6841
pokemon scammed shiny pyroar
forgot to get the log
story I was offering some shinies. he pmed me said he wanted my shiny pyroar and offered a shiny fletching.i accepted the trade and found out after trading he cloned .so I got a cloned shiny flecthing for a NOT cloned shiny pyroar. what a rip off

28th March 2014, 12:57 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuestGuest7624, NinjaMaster
In-game Name: Mike (Mii name MrAmazing)
Friend Code: 5343 8287 1480
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Brave 4IV Honedge
The Story (What Happened): He offered a list of Pokemon, one being a 6IV Timid Ditto for it. I assumed it was cloned, so I agreed for the Ditto. It turned out the Ditto had no perfect IVs.
He then resigns on to the chat and inquires about trading for another post I had offered, but I refused and made it apparent I know he was trying to scam.
It's partially my fault as I input what I did know about the Ditto into an IV calculator but wasn't sure how to read it properly.
Please be aware.

28th March 2014, 5:36 AM
the persons ign is KING
His friend code is 521510301746
Hostmask:PurpleSurge-2E3E7F22.gdj-co.client.bresnan.net (Serebii WiFi Guest)
pokemon scammed is a mew

hes out there now. dont have the conversation but hes out there so beware hes ign is KING.
i ran into him several times with different nicknames. moderators get him now!

29th March 2014, 3:59 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest3655
In-game Name: Ivan
Friend Code: 0834 1463 1957
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny 4 IV Sylveon
The Story (What Happened):
[18:42:44] <WiFiGuest3655> sorry got disconnected
[18:42:51] <WiFiGuest3655> is the shiny Sylveon still up for grabs?
[18:42:59] <Allonsy> Yes. c:
[18:43:09] <WiFiGuest3655> My zoroark is as well!
[18:43:11] <WiFiGuest3655> FC?
[18:43:22] <Allonsy> 2680 9752 9380 IGN Nyny c:
[18:43:29] <WiFiGuest3655> 0834 1463 1957 IGN: Ivan
[18:44:14] <Allonsy> Ok lemme just finish this trade and ill add you
[18:44:24] <WiFiGuest3655> Got it
[18:46:23] <Allonsy> Okay about to connect
[18:47:16] <WiFiGuest3655> invite sent!
[18:48:08] <WiFiGuest3655> sorry hit B by accident
[18:48:18] <Allonsy> Are you sure it's 4IVs?
[18:48:31] <WiFiGuest3655> positive
[18:48:58] <WiFiGuest3655> and fully EV trained
[18:49:36] WiFiGuest3655 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

Zoroark had no perfect IVs.

29th March 2014, 5:53 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest2958
In-game Name: Chris
Friend Code: 1048 8194 2606
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny 3 IV Togekiss
The Story (What Happened):
[20:32:29] <WiFiGuest2958> i ahve a bunch
[20:32:30] <WiFiGuest2958> 1sec
[20:32:48] <Allons-y> Okay
[20:34:08] <WiFiGuest2958> agislash 5 iv
[20:34:27] <Allons-y> Any others?
[20:34:30] <WiFiGuest2958> dusknoir 5 iv
[20:35:14] <WiFiGuest2958> peotgon z 6 iv its lvl 1 i just got it
[20:35:20] <WiFiGuest2958> porygon z *
[20:35:33] <WiFiGuest2958>** tryantrum
[20:35:36] <WiFiGuest2958>**iv
[20:35:44] <Allons-y> Ooh, can you list all the ones that are LV 1? C:
[20:38:12] <WiFiGuest2958> gligar
[20:38:14] <WiFiGuest2958> 6 iv
[20:38:21] <WiFiGuest2958>**and ill throw in a toxic orb
[20:38:27] <Allons-y> Sure, I'll trade for it �
[20:38:31] <WiFiGuest2958> ok
[20:38:34] <Allons-y> my fc is 2680 9752 9380
[20:38:35] <Allons-y> IGN Nyny
[20:38:39] <WiFiGuest2958> 1sec thou im in a batttle
[20:38:46] <Allons-y> Fo sho C:
[20:38:48] <WiFiGuest2958>**my fc is 1048 8194 2606
[20:41:04] <WiFiGuest2958> whats your fc?
[20:41:09] <Allons-y> my fc is 2680 9752 9380
[20:46:29] <Allons-y> im online
[20:46:51] <WiFiGuest2958> il put fling on him so you can fling your tosix orb =DDDDD
[20:47:10] <Allons-y> Awww thank you C:
[20:48:20] <WiFiGuest2958> its gltiching out
[20:48:22] <WiFiGuest2958> hmmm
[20:48:41] <Allons-y> ?
[20:48:52] <WiFiGuest2958> nm my ign is chris
[20:51:04] <WiFiGuest2958> thank you =D
[20:51:16] <Allons-y> Thank you too!
[20:51:21] WiFiGuest2958 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

Again, no perfect IVs.

16th April 2014, 2:52 PM
name on chat jacksteele
ign jack
fc 1091 8803 7446
hostmask(don't know if this is but this is what I got) IP: PurpleSurge-B50CF23A.as13285.net (Serebii WiFi Guest)
story he said his shiny tyrantrum was 5 iv and I traded him a shiny 5 iv heliolisk for it receienved it only to find out its only 4 iv missing atk and speed

19th May 2014, 12:14 AM
Name on chat : SPPGuest3020
IGN: Relentless
FC: 1306-6422-8865
He really wanted 2 of pokes, pancham and regirock and traded them for palkia and giratina, he told me he would clone the pancham and regirock himself because otherwise it would have to wait for a long time. So i traded it against him and then he DCed and didn't say a word anymore. I know it was wrong on the cloning part but he came with the offer so I figured why not x.x

3rd June 2014, 7:39 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest8031 (the scammer) & Paramount (me)
In-game Name: Jericho
Hostmask*: patience.purplesurge.com
Friend Code: 3995 6761 1080
Pokemon Scammed (if any): GAMESTP shiny Entei, along with Pinsirite.
The Story (What Happened): Long story short, he promised (2) 6IV Eevees for my Entei & Pinsirite. None of the Eevees were 6IV, they didn't even have 3IVs. After I checked for their IVs, I told him. He said "are you sure?" then I began to ask for my things back, he said okay, just to "wait a minute." Several minute pass by, he's kind of ignoring me. Then just logs out on Pokemon & on Serebii chat.
[00:42:21] Common channels with WiFiGuest8031: #spp-wifi
[00:42:25] <Paramount> What kind of events?
[00:43:08] <WiFiGuest8031> Any kind as of right now cuz I dont have any hehe, But any shiny or legendary events would be best, And nothing that has already been used
[00:44:02] <Paramount> I have a shiny Entei unused, Adamant Nature
[00:44:21] <WiFiGuest8031> Event or non event?
[00:44:36] <Paramount> GAMESTP
[00:44:38] <Paramount> event
[00:45:08] WiFiGuest8031 has quit (Connection reset by peer).
[00:45:42] <WiFiGuest8031> ?
[00:45:57] <Paramount> GAMESTP event
[00:46:04] <WiFiGuest8031> Ok sure
[00:46:09] <WiFiGuest8031> that sounds good to me
[00:46:35] <WiFiGuest8031> FC and name?
[00:46:55] <Paramount> What are you offering or what do you have for trade
[00:47:12] <WiFiGuest8031> 6 IV eevee's
[00:47:25] <WiFiGuest8031> Other stuff as well
[00:47:39] <WiFiGuest8031> Also looking for a Pinsirite, Do you have one?
[00:47:44] <Paramount> I do
[00:48:15] <WiFiGuest8031> I could add in 2 Eevee's if I can snag that from you
[00:48:22] <WiFiGuest8031> I really need one haha
[00:49:22] <WiFiGuest8031> 3995 6761 1080 Is my friend code and jericho is the name
[00:50:05] <Paramount> Oh I already have you added lol
[00:50:22] <WiFiGuest8031> what really?
[00:50:27] <WiFiGuest8031> Who are you?
[00:50:35] <Paramount> Tyler 0447 6744 8713
[00:50:40] <WiFiGuest8031> haha
[00:50:47] <WiFiGuest8031> I traded with you earlier as well
[00:50:50] <Paramount> Yes
[00:51:08] <WiFiGuest8031> Well we can resume now ^^
[00:51:21] <Paramount> Okay, can I have 2 6IV Eevees w/ different natures
[00:51:57] <WiFiGuest8031> Ya sure, I cant guarantee that they will be awesome natures though, I have just been getting a whole bunch of them trying to get one with a good nature
[00:52:11] <Paramount> It's fine, I can always change 'em
[00:52:16] <WiFiGuest8031> Alrighty
[00:52:22] <Paramount> Just as long as they're 6IVs & different natures
[00:52:34] <WiFiGuest8031> K, u in game?
[00:52:43] <Paramount> Nope, loading it up in just a minute
[00:53:00] <WiFiGuest8031> U watch anime?
[00:53:06] <Paramount> Absolutely
[00:53:11] <WiFiGuest8031> sick
[00:53:20] <WiFiGuest8031> What kind of stuff you watch?
[00:53:48] <Paramount> Gundam, Zoids, DBZ, Inuyasha, Bleach, Ruroni Kenshin
[00:54:10] <WiFiGuest8031> Ahh all filler series heh xD
[00:54:18] <WiFiGuest8031> Gundam is pretty cool though
[00:54:29] <WiFiGuest8031> have you ever watched clannad or gurren lagaan?
[00:54:39] <Paramount> Never heard of it quite frankly
[00:54:46] <WiFiGuest8031> Oh really?
[00:54:50] <Paramount> Yep. ;p
[00:54:57] <WiFiGuest8031> http://myanimelist.net/panel.php
[00:55:01] <WiFiGuest8031> Check out this site
[00:55:05] <Paramount> Is that a site for anime?
[00:55:11] <Paramount> I use Anime Freak
[00:55:19] <WiFiGuest8031> It litterally has every anime ever made on it
[00:55:23] <Paramount> But I've just loaded up Pokemon Y, I'll bookmark that site too, thanks
[00:55:36] <WiFiGuest8031> you cant stream anime from it but its really good to get info from
[00:55:44] <WiFiGuest8031> Register and add me : Greenbeans
[00:57:09] <Paramount> Sec, gotta find the Pokemon so I'm not searching lol
[00:58:16] <WiFiGuest8031> oh k no prob
[00:59:25] <Paramount> Alright
[01:00:26] <WiFiGuest8031> what happened?
[01:00:31] <WiFiGuest8031> something go wrong?
[01:00:35] <Paramount> DC apparently
[01:01:31] <WiFiGuest8031> As for anime I suggest you look up clannad or Gurren lagaan and watch them
[01:01:41] <WiFiGuest8031> really good
[01:02:19] <WiFiGuest8031> Do you clone your pokes?
[01:02:21] <WiFiGuest8031> jw
[01:02:25] <Paramount> Nope
[01:02:30] <WiFiGuest8031> k
[01:02:39] <Paramount> Too annoying
[01:03:01] <WiFiGuest8031> And if you have time could you help me out with filling some of my pokedex?
[01:03:13] <Paramount> How so lol
[01:03:53] <WiFiGuest8031> Well when we were talking earlier you said that you had a bunch of legends and I need to fill my dex with them
[01:03:56] <WiFiGuest8031> Do you mind?
[01:04:32] <Paramount> Let me try something then I'll see
[01:04:40] <WiFiGuest8031> k
[01:06:44] <Paramount> None of the Eevee's you gave me have 6IVs
[01:06:47] <Paramount> Not even 3 lol
[01:06:59] <WiFiGuest8031> U sure?
[01:07:09] <WiFiGuest8031> I used destiny Knot
[01:07:14] <WiFiGuest8031> So there should be
[01:07:23] <WiFiGuest8031> If not I can always breed more
[01:07:33] <Paramount> That doesn't mean it's 1005 Guaranteed
[01:07:36] <Paramount> 100%*
[01:07:44] <Paramount> You still have to check their IVs from the IV guy
[01:08:01] <WiFiGuest8031> would you like some of the others?
[01:08:11] <WiFiGuest8031> I know some of them did for sure
[01:08:21] <Paramount> I'd just like to have my things back & then when you get your hands on 6IVs then we can re-trade
[01:08:32] <Paramount> I'd rather not just wait around
[01:08:53] <WiFiGuest8031> Ok sure that works
[01:09:14] <WiFiGuest8031> Just gime a few min
[01:11:08] <Paramount> Alright lol..
[01:13:03] <Paramount> I take it you're cloning the Entei w/ the Pinsirite
[01:15:13] <Paramount> So... I have to be up in the morning for work tomorrow.. Kind of need to get this done now
[01:15:19] <Paramount> I'd like to go to bed
[01:15:34] <WiFiGuest8031> Sorry Be with you in a sec
[01:15:42] <WiFiGuest8031> Sorry for the wait
[01:15:51] <Paramount> You're cloning the Entei w/ Pinsirite that's obvious
[01:16:02] <Paramount> Or attempting to at least
[01:16:30] <Paramount> I mean what else could you possibly be doing that you can't spare one minute for lol
[01:17:43] WiFiGuest8031 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).
[01:17:52] <Paramount> Cool..
[01:17:53] No such nick/channel "WiFiGuest8031"

25th July 2014, 4:44 PM
hey i know im stupid to actually agree to a clone trade but this guy really is someone kinda charming to make me agree and what he traded me was trash please ban him.... please....he scammed me diancie and shiny darkrai.... it happedn the other day and i dont know there is this forum that u can post scammer so i just cry for a day and a half so i cant post a screenshot of what happen but i saved his fc so please ban him here is his deatails:

Name(s) (on chat): Ramdon Wifi guest he dont use nickname
In-game Name: Bo
Friend Code: 1375-8611-1838
Pokemon Scammed (if any): diancie and shiny darkrai
The Story (What Happened):He promise to clone trade them he gave shitty collateral and and disconnect me i know it my fault for the clone part sorry about that but he has persuasive powers....


29th July 2014, 7:20 AM
Name(s) (on chat): WifiGuest90
In-game Name: Young Money
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-52741D9E.bltmmd.east.verizon.net
Friend Code: 2638 0902 4745
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Latios
The Story (What Happened): We were going to trade a 5IV Ditto for my Latios, and the Ditto ended up being 2IV and as soon as the trade was over he logged off.

5th August 2014, 5:23 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Momsen
In-game Name: Matt♠
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-2AB25EFE.lightspeed.wepbfl.sbcglobal.net
Friend Code: 3411-2648-9631
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Helioptile 6IV
The Story (What Happened): We made an arrangement to trade his 5IV Trapinch for my 6IV Helioptile. When I went to check its IVs, it was a 4IV. When I went told him, he didn't respond; When I went to trade to get it back, he went offline.

11th August 2014, 4:20 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest1038
In-game Name: Jordi
Hostmask*: Not sure what Hostmask is..
Friend Code: 1564 3822 6676
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny flawless 5iv kb HA Noibat
The Story (What Happened): He was posting in trade offering a 6IV HA Goomy so I whispered him my offer. He accepted and when I told him I was going to go check the IV's he immediately logged off. After checking the IV's of the goomy I realized that I was scammed. The Goomy has 3 IV's. It's not too horribly heartbreaking but a scam is a scam.

11th August 2014, 10:04 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Pepas, Pepas1, Popas, WiFiGuest7790, WiFiGuest7799, WiFiGuest1929876
In-game Name: Pepas
Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-EB37C20B.cpe.netcabo.pt
Friend Code: 0473-7758-8989
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny 6iv timid Gastly
The Story (What Happened): I was trying to trade a few shiny 6ivs and he offered a shiny 5iv Bulbasaur, missing only Attack. I took it, and checked the stats before I traded to be safe. The Bulbasaur's stats all looked as legit as possible. After trading, I checked and saw that it had only 3ivs. He was honest about the nature and ability and I still got a decent Pokemon from the trade, but a scam is a scam and 6iv shinies aren't easy to come by. I messaged him telling him about it, and he randomly accused me of scamming him back. He offered to trade back, but I knew he would log off and disconnect from WiFi before I even sent the trade request, and that's exactly what happened. The Bulbasaur wasn't his originally, so I can't provide his Trainer ID, but if I think of other ways to identify this scammer, I'll edit this post.

21st August 2014, 7:06 PM
Has been talked over and resolved in a diffrent trade.

Name(s) (on chat): _SweetApril_
In-game Name: KauwGen
Hostmask*: n/a
Friend Code: 3840 6298 2792
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Gligar
The Story (What Happened): He was offering a Shiny absol with 4 ivs. So i offerd a shiny gligar and a 5iv eevee. He gently asked to first send another pokemon so that he was sure not be scammed like in the past... And so he disconnected after the first trade o-O;

(Warning; Partly Dutch)

[18:38:27] Common channels with _SweetApril_: #spp-wifi
[18:38:42] <Leanna> can i offer you a shiny gligar and a 5 iv modest eevee? ^-^
[18:39:46] <_SweetApril_> Hello
[18:40:07] <Leanna> Hi =D
[18:40:40] <_SweetApril_> Wait can i message you? i need to restart my Firefox Browser?
[18:40:58] <Leanna> eh...?
[18:41:00] <_SweetApril_> Message you back*
[18:41:04] <Leanna> i can say hi again....
[18:41:05] <Leanna> ?
[18:41:09] <Leanna> sure
[18:41:12] <_SweetApril_> I have to restart my browser give me a sec
[18:42:05] <_SweetApril_> im back : )
[18:42:12] <Leanna> ^-^
[18:42:25] <Leanna> you had a shiny absol? What are its ivs actually? =O
[18:42:26] <_SweetApril_> oke u wanted the shiny absol 4IV right ?
[18:42:33] <_SweetApril_> 4IV
[18:42:46] <Leanna> in which stats? <3
[18:43:06] <_SweetApril_> spec atck******atack****** HP****** speed
[18:43:16] <Leanna> cool!
[18:43:18] <_SweetApril_> nature mild
[18:43:26] <Leanna> can i offer you a shiny gligar and a 5 iv modest eevee? ^-^
[18:43:58] <_SweetApril_> uhmm yeah shiny gligar is cool**: )
[18:44:11] <Leanna> ^-^
[18:44:12] <_SweetApril_> and eevee to breed : )
[18:44:22] <Leanna> it has wish too ^-^
[18:44:31] <Leanna> 0232-8858-0750
[18:44:35] <_SweetApril_> fc**is
[18:44:36] <_SweetApril_> 3840 6298 2792
[18:44:44] <Leanna> i would like to hit around with a pretty red mega absol Xd
[18:45:02] <_SweetApril_> hahahaha its realy a beast
[18:45:10] <_SweetApril_> ign kauwgen
[18:45:46] <_SweetApril_> added you
[18:46:01] <Leanna> same here ^^
[18:46:17] <Leanna> nog een hollandewr
[18:46:30] <_SweetApril_> is it oke to trade the gligar for a random first because i got scam 3 times
[18:46:31] <_SweetApril_> ja : D
[18:46:33] <_SweetApril_> makkelijk
[18:46:56] <Leanna> wat is een random fist? en eat je er voor geeft maakt nie uit
[18:47:18] <_SweetApril_> ik geef je eerst een normale voor de gligar en daarna the eeevee voor de absol
[18:47:22] <Leanna> nouja ik heb em ook hier van de chat... dus zijn afkomst weet ik niet ^^;
[18:47:31] <Leanna> ohh ja tuurlijk
[18:47:32] <_SweetApril_> geeft niet : )
[18:47:34] <Leanna> ^-^
[18:48:18] <Leanna> het wemmelt hier van de nederlanders
[18:48:21] <Leanna> kom er een paar per dag tegem
[18:48:28] <_SweetApril_> haha moooi tog
[18:48:36] <Leanna> kikkerlandje =)
[18:48:45] _SweetApril_ has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

31st August 2014, 8:14 PM
Name(s) (on chat):
In-game Name: Mudkip
Hostmask: Didn't get to check, the name wasn't registered.
Friend Code: 1478 5391 8919
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Roselia, nicknamed Onna.
The Story (What Happened): Basically, the guy promised a 6 IV Sableye for a shiny. He did not deliver and logged off after the trade. Good thing I didn't do a bulk shiny trade with him like 've originally intended.

Edit: Err, that didn't quite work in full resolution, and I can't seem to post the url to the image/chatlog because of 'forbidden words'.. can provide in PMs to whomever, I guess.

19th October 2014, 6:43 PM
Name(s) (on chat): jmc02399
In-game Name: Josh
Hostmask*: Don't know what it is
Friend Code: 2809 9962 9611
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Jap 4iv drillbur
The Story (What Happened):

So basically I was trying to look for a jigglypuff for breeding and after along awile,this guy showed up.

[11:34:40] <jmc02399> i have a bold igglybuff
[11:35:06] <ShadowJosh> does it have egg move
[11:35:10] <ShadowJosh> and iv
[11:35:26] <jmc02399> yeah it has hael bell and wish
[11:35:29] <jmc02399> and it has 5 ivs
[11:35:33] <ShadowJosh> k
[11:35:34] <jmc02399> heal bell
[11:36:03] <jmc02399> add me
[11:36:11] <ShadowJosh> what you want for it
[11:36:12] <ShadowJosh> ?
[11:36:44] <jmc02399> mmm do u have any of the trio : landorus, thundurus, tornadus
[11:37:07] <ShadowJosh> yes**but i do not trade legendaries
[11:37:22] <ShadowJosh> i got battle ready fletchings
[11:37:48] <jmc02399> mmm i already got one
[11:38:15] <ShadowJosh> what iv is it missing?
[11:38:26] <jmc02399> attack
[11:38:39] <ShadowJosh> so it battle ready?
[11:38:46] <jmc02399> yeah
[11:39:08] <ShadowJosh> i got a 5iv piplup without attack iv
[11:39:13] <ShadowJosh> modest
[11:39:38] <jmc02399> can we trade and u show me ur pkmn until i see a nice one
[11:39:51] <ShadowJosh> fc
[11:39:58] <jmc02399> ok
[11:40:18] <jmc02399> 2809 9962 9611
[11:40:31] <jmc02399> fc?
[11:40:37] <jmc02399> yours
[11:40:44] <ShadowJosh> 4055-3454-1299
[11:41:14] <jmc02399> thanks
[11:42:01] <ShadowJosh> btw i was hoping for one i can breed for myself
[11:42:03] <ShadowJosh> lol
[11:42:42] <jmc02399> wait a min'
[11:43:05] <jmc02399> yep
[11:43:11] <jmc02399> got a jigglypuff
[11:43:15] <jmc02399> only has wish
[11:43:21] <jmc02399> but good ivs
[11:43:51] <ShadowJosh> k
[11:44:50] <jmc02399> listen, i have an audino with wish and heal bell
[11:45:04] <jmc02399> u could breed it and i give u a jigglypuff
[11:45:09] <jmc02399> too
[11:45:27] <ShadowJosh> nah i need the jigglypuff
[11:45:43] <jmc02399> okok
[11:45:46] <jmc02399> lets trade
[11:45:53] <ShadowJosh> ign
[11:46:09] <jmc02399> i can give u my jiglypuff
[11:46:10] <jmc02399> have lots
[11:46:51] <ShadowJosh> what you want for it
[11:46:53] <jmc02399> do u have any Repeated mega stones?
[11:47:13] <jmc02399> nope
[11:47:29] <jmc02399> nope
[11:47:45] <jmc02399> do u have totodile?
[11:47:51] <ShadowJosh> nope
[11:48:21] <jmc02399> mmm
[11:48:43] <jmc02399> already got him
[11:48:43] <ShadowJosh> this one is female with ha
[11:48:51] <jmc02399> yep already
[11:49:02] <jmc02399> do u have any ou
[11:49:06] <jmc02399> that is hard to get?
[11:49:12] <jmc02399> nope
[11:49:49] <jmc02399> yesss
[11:49:50] <jmc02399> plzz
[11:50:24] <jmc02399> thanks
[11:50:33] <jmc02399> any other pkmn that u need?
[11:50:44] <ShadowJosh> like?
[11:51:11] <jmc02399> like**speed boost whirlipede
[11:51:38] jmc02399 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).
[11:53:24] <ShadowJosh> hey
[11:53:31] <jmc02399> hey
[11:53:41] <ShadowJosh> the jigglypuff does not have bold
[11:53:48] <ShadowJosh> and no wish
[11:55:17] <ShadowJosh> can we retrade
[11:55:29] <jmc02399> okok
[11:55:30] <jmc02399> sorry
[11:56:24] <ShadowJosh> your in a trade
[11:57:54] <jmc02399> yeah wait
[12:03:49] jmc02399 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).
[12:04:38] <ShadowJosh> you there
[12:04:38] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
[12:07:11] <ShadowJosh> hey
[12:07:12] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
[12:07:23] <ShadowJosh> jose
[12:07:23] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
[12:10:04] <ShadowJosh> yo
[12:10:05] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"

After the trade, I noticed it was not bold with wish and good iv i needed for breeding. So I tried to ask him again to give me one with bold and wish. But then when we were trading, he keeps cancelling the offers given to me and I noticed he was doing a rush trade so that he can scam me. Also he was not on the chat but he was online on Pokemon. So basically I did not get the jigglypuff I wanted and lost a pokemon I could use for breeding. Don't scam kid's it makes you look stupid.

1st December 2014, 11:55 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest5247
In-game Name: Chrystian
Hostmask*: Not sure what that means
Friend Code: 2234 8480 0850
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5 (missing Sp atk) IV Adamant Shiny Speed Boost Torchic.
The Story (What Happened):
[08:17:18] <WiFiGuest1224> I have a lvl 1 shiny adamant speed boost torchic with 5 ivs, not nicknameable sadly though
[08:17:35] <WiFiGuest5247> i only want the mudkip nicknameable
[08:17:56] <WiFiGuest1224> Ah cool
[08:17:57] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
[08:19:00] <WiFiGuest5247> what are you lookin for?
[08:19:09] <WiFiGuest1224> Other 5-6 iv KB shinies
[08:19:22] <WiFiGuest1224> or Hoenn shinies, though I doubt many people have gone crazy breeding yet lol
[08:19:53] <WiFiGuest5247> 5iv shiny mawile?
[08:20:13] <WiFiGuest1224> Any others?
[08:20:42] <WiFiGuest5247> yes
[08:21:10] <WiFiGuest5247> 6iv shiny kb altaria, lopunny, infernape, noivern, vileplume, dedenne, and gourgeist
[08:21:45] <WiFiGuest1224> Wooh
[08:21:55] <WiFiGuest1224> May I know nature of Altaria?
[08:21:56] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
[08:22:07] <WiFiGuest5247> modest
[08:22:51] <WiFiGuest1224> Sweet
[08:22:55] <WiFiGuest1224> Which ability?
[08:23:01] <WiFiGuest1224> I'm happy to trade for that Altaria haha
[08:23:16] <WiFiGuest5247> cloud nine ability
[08:24:03] <WiFiGuest1224> Works for me
[08:24:07] <WiFiGuest5247> fc?
[08:24:09] <WiFiGuest1224> 3454 1036 5707
[08:24:13] <WiFiGuest5247> mine is 2234 8480 0850
[08:24:52] <WiFiGuest5247> added
[08:25:09] <WiFiGuest1224> ok, adding you in a sec
[08:25:16] <WiFiGuest1224> just saving and x-ing out of oras
[08:25:20] <WiFiGuest1224> almost up to catching rayquaza!
[08:25:28] <WiFiGuest5247> cool
[08:25:49] <WiFiGuest1224> Yeh, I'm keen :-D
[08:26:38] <WiFiGuest5247> ign?
[08:26:52] <WiFiGuest1224> Celine
[08:27:22] <WiFiGuest5247> im Chrystian
[08:28:23] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok :-)
[08:30:37] <WiFiGuest1224> Thats the german name, when it evolves name will change to normal.
[08:30:47] <WiFiGuest5247> i need to go remove its hm
[08:30:48] <WiFiGuest5247> can you exit
[08:30:52] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok
[08:35:10] <WiFiGuest5247> ready?
[08:35:15] <WiFiGuest1224> Reconnecting
[08:35:16] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
[08:36:19] <WiFiGuest1224> um
[08:36:21] <WiFiGuest1224> its only 5 ivs
[08:36:30] <WiFiGuest1224> missing def by the looks of it
[08:36:33] <WiFiGuest5247> oh crap wrong one
[08:36:34] <WiFiGuest1224> XD
[08:36:53] <WiFiGuest5247> be right back it in my battle box
[08:37:22] <WiFiGuest1224> Okeys
[08:37:45] <WiFiGuest1224> Cause I already have a little shiny swablu that I can nickname, but it's only got 4 ivs so I want a competitively viable one if you know what I mean
[08:37:46] <WiFiGuest1224> x3
[08:39:23] <WiFiGuest5247> i really need this rochic cause i want to start Omega Ruby off with a shiny
[08:39:34] <WiFiGuest1224> that
[08:39:37] <WiFiGuest1224> altaria is the same lvl
[08:39:52] <WiFiGuest5247> i raised both my swablus at the same time
[08:39:58] <WiFiGuest5247> thats why
[08:40:12] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok
[08:40:15] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
[08:40:23] <WiFiGuest5247> thank you so much
[08:40:24] <WiFiGuest1224> I do that too lol
[08:40:34] <WiFiGuest1224> Raised a shiny and non shiny aron
[08:40:42] <WiFiGuest1224> shiny one for my new game, non shiny to trade for other ev trained mons
[08:40:42] <WiFiGuest1224> XD
[08:40:49] <WiFiGuest1224> but he's still low level, like..20
[08:40:54] <WiFiGuest5247> lol
[08:40:58] <WiFiGuest5247> well thanx
[08:41:01] <WiFiGuest1224> so fun for new games if you cbf ev training before grinding against random mons
[08:41:02] <WiFiGuest1224> NP
[08:41:04] <WiFiGuest1224> enjoy torchic
[08:41:09] <WiFiGuest5247> enjoy altaria
[08:41:12] WiFiGuest5247 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

So basically..I was a bit tentative when he showed me the Altaria the second time since it was the exact same level, but it had a different move so I figured maybe he was telling the truth. After he had disconnected I went off to check with the Judge what the Altarias IVS were, Found that it was in fact the same Altaria as from before, Missing defense ib. Not such a huuuge loss since I like Altaria...but I am still pretty bummed out so posting this here so hopefully the same dude wont get away with being dishonest like this twice.

28th December 2014, 7:43 AM
Name(s) (on chat): ilovemoney
In-game Name: Austin
Hostmask*: idk
Friend Code: 5301 0711 4669
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Emboar
The Story (What Happened): [01:08:54] Common channels with ilovemoney: #spp-wifi
[01:08:54] <ilovemoney> u there
[01:09:10] <FogxTempest> yeah are you overgrown?
[01:09:19] <ilovemoney> yeah
[01:09:27] <ilovemoney> can we trade
[01:09:33] <FogxTempest> Ok Im asking can you hatch the egg for me
[01:10:04] <ilovemoney> i cant because i am helping 10 other people
[01:10:43] <FogxTempest> lol no you're not
[01:10:50] <ilovemoney> why
[01:10:56] <FogxTempest> im not getting scammed so
[01:11:06] <FogxTempest> you sound pretty shady
[01:11:08] <ilovemoney> ok i got one hatched with the stats
[01:11:18] <FogxTempest> hatched
[01:11:32] <ilovemoney> yeah fc and ign
[01:11:41] <FogxTempest> 5301 0711 4669
[01:11:52] <FogxTempest> Ign Austin
[01:13:20] <FogxTempest> did I already ask if its ha?
[01:13:32] <FogxTempest> cause if Its not I dont want it
[01:16:05] <ilovemoney> it does
[01:16:23] <FogxTempest> Ok i need ur fc
[01:16:43] <ilovemoney> 5 minute brb
[01:16:45] <FogxTempest> focus on this real quick so we can be done, its late
[01:16:54] <FogxTempest> omg
[01:17:11] <ilovemoney> dude ive got a egg u want hatching the egg
[01:17:48] <FogxTempest> Ok fine i'll trade the egg
[01:17:56] <ilovemoney> ok
[01:18:32] <FogxTempest> im trusting you
[01:18:42] <ilovemoney> my fc is 5043.3750.0156 ign harry
[01:18:44] <ilovemoney> ok
[01:19:19] <FogxTempest> add me man
[01:19:35] <FogxTempest> im online and ready
[01:19:36] <ilovemoney> one sec
[01:21:08] <ilovemoney> coming online
[01:21:15] <FogxTempest> Ok
[01:22:05] <ilovemoney> go send me trade
[01:22:13] <FogxTempest> you just sent me one
[01:22:15] <FogxTempest> right/
[01:22:17] <FogxTempest> *?
[01:23:33] <ilovemoney> got any shines
[01:23:46] <FogxTempest> nope
[01:24:06] <FogxTempest> so when i hatch this, its gonna be shiny and the nature and evs i want?
[01:24:12] <ilovemoney> yeah
[01:25:23] <FogxTempest> and why do u care about shinies so much
[01:25:25] <ilovemoney>**have
[01:25:34] <ilovemoney> collection
[01:25:38] <FogxTempest> if you can make any pokemon shiny
[01:27:04] <FogxTempest> Ok im going to give you a chance here to make things right
[01:27:14] <ilovemoney> yeha
[01:27:15] <FogxTempest> or else I report you and u get banned
[01:27:21] <ilovemoney> ok
[01:27:22] <ilovemoney> why
[01:27:32] <FogxTempest> trade me back my emboar
[01:27:53] <ilovemoney> why
[01:28:04] <FogxTempest> cause you gave me a treeko
[01:28:10] <FogxTempest> thats why
[01:28:47] <ilovemoney> sorry ill get you the right one back
[01:28:54] <FogxTempest> no u wont
[01:29:01] <FogxTempest> I want the emboar or else
[01:29:05] <FogxTempest> you got 2 mins
[01:29:06] <ilovemoney> ok
[01:29:48] <FogxTempest> and i dont even care about that emboar lol its the fact you lied
[01:30:02] <ilovemoney> wat wait i am giving it back
[01:30:04] <FogxTempest> yeah
[01:30:21] <FogxTempest> 1 minute
[01:30:36] <FogxTempest> im dead *** too lmfaooo
[01:30:37] <ilovemoney> dude 5 minutes make u a better emboar
[01:30:46] <FogxTempest> nah man mine or ban
[01:32:51] <FogxTempest> alright im reporting you
[01:32:59] ilovemoney has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

28th December 2014, 9:51 AM
ilovemoney came online under another username r and in refusal to own up to being the same member despite the evidence, they have an untimed ban.

11th January 2015, 1:09 AM
Name(s) (on chat): lol
In-game Name: Helen
Hostmask*: n/a
Friend Code: 2165-6642-7519
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Lugia
The Story (What Happened):
[18:53:33] Common channels with lol: #spp-wifi
[18:53:46] <DragonFruit23> I really want that Hoopa o.o
[18:53:55] <lol> what will u give me?
[18:54:15] <DragonFruit23> I have a shiny Eevee?
[18:54:21] <lol> no
[18:54:41] <DragonFruit23> Shiny Lugia?
[18:54:50] <lol> sure
[18:55:23] <lol> mine is 2165 6642 7519
[18:56:32] <lol> ? u there
[18:57:20] <DragonFruit23> Yeah
[18:57:27] <lol> kk
[19:00:25] <lol> still want hoopa?
[19:01:14] <lol> crap i was wrong hoopas not level 100 hes level 14 but he still is shiny and has 6 ivs
[19:02:08] <lol> u here?
[19:03:10] <DragonFruit23> Sorry I had to charge my 3DS
[19:03:18] <lol> oh ok
[19:03:22] <lol> want hoopa still?
[19:03:22] <DragonFruit23> Yeah I still want Hoopa
[19:03:27] <lol> kk
[19:04:08] <lol> tell me when ur ready!
[19:04:16] <DragonFruit23> 0602-6943-8419
[19:05:02] <lol> add me on there mine is 2165 6642 7519
[19:05:17] <DragonFruit23> I added you already
[19:05:17] <lol> ill add u in a sec
[19:07:09] <lol> need to restart pokemon
[19:07:17] <DragonFruit23> Okay
[19:07:25] <DragonFruit23> I assume you have a powersave?
[19:07:40] <lol> ya
[19:07:54] <lol> i also have some other hacktools
[19:07:58] <DragonFruit23> Lucky... Pretty much everyone and their dog has one but me.
[19:08:04] <lol> lol
[19:08:41] <lol> i added u but ur not showing up on my pokemon friends list!
[19:09:29] <lol> oh i wasnt connected to internet xD
[19:09:31] <DragonFruit23> What's your IGN?
[19:09:34] <lol> helen
[19:09:53] <lol> there we go
[19:10:37] <DragonFruit23> Um...
[19:10:51] <lol> ?
[19:11:05] <DragonFruit23> That's a Flebebe
[19:11:06] <lol> oh forgot to mention
[19:11:28] <lol> since its powersaved it looks like a random pokemon on the others screen but when u get it it will be hoopa dont worry
[19:11:42] <lol> i swear on god
[19:12:02] <DragonFruit23> Do the moves change?
[19:12:05] <lol> no
[19:12:15] <lol> its a hoopa
[19:12:22] <lol> when u get it it becomes a hoopa
[19:12:27] <lol> just since its powersaved
[19:12:37] <lol> it looks different in trades
[19:12:42] <DragonFruit23> I'm quite weary on this one so, I'll send over a random poke and if it turns into a Hoopa i'll send the Lugia. Deal?
[19:12:48] <lol> so the system doesnt know its a hacked pokemon
[19:13:03] <lol> no dood i swear its hoopa and i dont wanna send it over u could scam me
[19:13:30] <DragonFruit23> I promise I won't scam you. Trust me, i've been scammed before and I was pissed.
[19:13:46] <lol> I SWEAR on my life its hoopa its just a temporary graphical change so its tradeable
[19:13:53] <DragonFruit23> I'll send over a pokemon of equal value if you want?
[19:13:54] <lol> i really dont trust u im sorry
[19:14:00] <lol> just trust me bro
[19:14:34] <DragonFruit23> One sec
[19:15:07] <lol> its a thing tht makes the system think its a random pokemon so it lets us do the trade then when u get it it notices its not flebebe and changed it back
[19:15:13] <lol> *changes
[19:16:07] <DragonFruit23> I'm just asking my friend a question
[19:16:25] <lol> kk bro
[19:16:50] <lol> i traded 1 to my friend and it showed it as a charmander
[19:17:14] <lol> because usually trying to trade powersaved pokemon doesnt work and gives u a bad egg
[19:18:07] <lol> ps a bad egg is a egg that never hatched and glitches out youre game
[19:18:12] <lol> *hatches
[19:20:12] <DragonFruit23> Sorry if this is taking a while
[19:20:33] <lol> xD brony forever!
[19:20:44] <DragonFruit23> Yeah XD
[19:21:24] <lol> sup to the wack playstation SUP
[19:21:26] <lol> xD
[19:21:49] <lol> thats what a 50 year old man trying to be a teenager sounds like
[19:21:54] <lol> sup to the wack playstation SUP
[19:22:04] <DragonFruit23> Well then XD
[19:22:34] <lol> ready to trade yet?
[19:23:56] <lol> and...he fled
[19:24:02] <lol> xD
[19:24:05] <DragonFruit23> Yeah, that happens
[19:25:26] <lol> ready to trade yet?
[19:26:10] <DragonFruit23> I'll get back to you I just gotta do something
[19:26:14] <lol> k
[19:29:10] <lol> crud
[19:29:19] <lol> i just got 5 minute banned from the main chat xD
[19:29:21] <DragonFruit23> Got kicked?
[19:29:31] <DragonFruit23> Darn
[19:30:10] <lol> i said can anyone action replay me in a pokemon (even though i have my own) just to troll and got 5 min banned xD
[19:30:26] <lol> what r u doing?
[19:32:07] <lol> im sooo bored xD
[19:35:29] <lol> i put a quarter under my joypad button on the ds put my pokemon in the daycare went to the center of liberty city and my player is just walking around and around liberty city leveling up my pokemon
[19:35:33] <lol> #good idea!
[19:35:50] <DragonFruit23> I've heard of that
[19:35:54] <lol> ya
[19:36:03] <lol> its a good way to level up pokemon
[19:36:08] <lol> can u trade yet?
[19:36:28] <DragonFruit23> Not yet sorry : ( when I can i'll get back to you ASAP
[19:36:37] <lol> why are u taking so long?
[19:37:07] <lol> i will be back in 5 minutes brb
[19:37:15] <DragonFruit23> Okay
[19:37:54] <lol> why does it show that u r trading on my ds screen?
[19:37:57] <lol> xD
[19:38:17] <lol> are you TRADE cheating on me!
[19:38:22] <lol> rofl
[19:38:27] <DragonFruit23> No XD
[19:38:50] <lol> why cant u trade with me yet (Cri Cri)
[19:40:24] <lol> :"(
[19:40:38] <DragonFruit23> Sorry about this :/
[19:40:52] <lol> wyb u take so long
[19:41:19] <lol> why u take so long?
[19:41:47] <DragonFruit23> Sorry but, you're just gonna have to be patient
[19:41:53] <lol> kk
[19:42:01] <DragonFruit23> I'm almost done anyways
[19:45:05] <DragonFruit23> Almost done : D
[19:47:19] <lol> ROFL SCAMMED
[19:47:32] <DragonFruit23> The Lugia was a clone.
[19:47:37] <lol> lol idc
[19:47:40] <lol> still a lugia
[19:47:42] <DragonFruit23> I knew it was going to happen
[19:47:56] <lol> i still got a lugia so idc
[19:48:20] <lol> thx for the lugia!
[19:49:45] lol has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules).

*I don't normally trade clones, by the way. I gave him a clone lugia because I had a feeling he was a scammer*

11th January 2015, 8:23 PM
Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest3389
In-game Name: Ryan
Hostmask*: none
Friend Code: 1006 1238 6213
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Level 80 Spanish Battle Ready Garchomp holding Choice Scarf
The Story (What Happened): They asked for a br Pokemon and i asked if they has a 6iv Sassy swablu and they gave me a non-6iv quirky swablu instead of what was supposed to be given. Disconnected from chat and ended trade before i could say anything or trade back the swablu for my garchomp.

Spi Jirachi
19th January 2015, 3:14 PM
Name(s) (on chat): Sempron
In-game Name: Jeffery
Hostmask*: Not sure.
Friend Code: 1204 0334 3247
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Arceus (lol)
The Story (What Happened):

[08:27:41] Common channels with Sempron: #spp-wifi
[08:27:41] <Sempron> I have a Shift Gear Genesect
[08:27:50] <Spi> Oh, is it shiny?
[08:28:04] <Sempron> Yeah, it's the event one
[08:28:09] <Spi> That's great.
[08:28:16] <Spi> You saw my offers, right?
[08:28:17] <Spi> LF: Shiny Shift Gear Genesect, FT: Korean Arceus, Shiny Rayquaza, Manaphy, Meloetta, Shiny Shaymin, Mew, ect.
[08:28:26] <Spi> Not sure what you're looking for.
[08:28:46] <Sempron> I thought you were looking for all of them sorry
[08:28:52] <Spi> ?
[08:29:06] <Spi> You have all of those already?
[08:29:31] <Sempron> Yeah
[08:29:52] <Spi> What're you looking for, then?
[08:30:04] <Sempron> Thoough I'm looking for a real arcues because I think mine is hacked
[08:30:21] <Spi> Mine is legit Korean Arceus... but not sure if you want it.
[08:30:27] <Sempron> Then I'll be down Genesect
[08:31:43] <Spi> Are you interested in any way towards my Korean Arceus? Or are you looking for an english one or something?
[08:32:39] <Sempron> I am, but I'm just thinking about it haha
[08:32:53] <Sempron> you dont mind it being JPN?
[08:33:04] <Spi> The Genesect?
[08:33:08] <Sempron> Yeah
[08:33:13] <Spi> Nah, that's fine.
[08:33:26] <Spi> Idc about the stats of the Genesect either.
[08:33:50] <Sempron> all the events would have the same stats wouldnt they?
[08:34:04] <Spi> Yeah, I think the shiny genesect is automatically Hasty nature.
[08:34:11] <Sempron> Yeah
[08:34:48] <Spi> I talked to a lot of people who had a shiny genesect, but most of them made it forgot Shift Gear XD Shift Gear is the reason I want it
[08:34:56] <Spi> Since I already have non-shiny Genesects
[08:35:54] <Spi> Well, if you want to trade, tell me if you made up your mind.
[08:36:01] <Sempron> Pretty sure mine is UT, I try to keep them UT, is your non shiny Genesect UT?
[08:36:08] <Spi> UT?
[08:36:14] <Spi> Sorry, I'm still a little new at this.
[08:36:17] <Sempron> untouched
[08:36:20] <Spi> yes
[08:36:24] <Spi> It's untouched
[08:36:26] <Spi> and Arceus too
[08:37:01] <Sempron> What do you want for your genesect?
[08:37:34] <Sempron> just so I can replace it in my collection ﷯
[08:37:48] <Spi> Idk, the only thing I'm looking so far is a shiny Genesect. I guess I'm looking for other event Pokemon that I missed.
[08:38:18] <Spi> But I got most of the event Pokemon already, except Celebi.
[08:38:29] <Sempron> I have a spare Stevens Beldum and Diancie
[08:38:39] <Spi> I have those.
[08:39:00] <Sempron> I only got Celebi thanks to the bank haha
[08:39:28] <Sempron> Speed boost torchic?
[08:39:33] <Spi> Yes I have that.
[08:40:41] <Sempron> This is hard haha
[08:40:56] <Spi> yeah, it is when you have everything.
[08:41:28] <Sempron> Yeah, and only one of everything haha
[08:41:35] <Sempron> any shinies?
[08:41:53] <Spi> I have a shiny Rayquaza and a few other shinies, but I'm not really looking for shinies atm
[08:42:02] <Sempron> I wish I knew how to clone haha :c
[08:42:06] <Sempron> I have shinies
[08:42:15] <Sempron> rotom, Palkia
[08:42:49] <Spi> Nah, not looking for those.
[08:43:26] <Spi> You still haven't decided for your shiny Genesect?
[08:43:58] <Spi> What else are you looking for besides Arceus and UT Genesect?
[08:44:28] <Sempron> no sorry, as much as I want too, I might have to decline, I just got every legendary a few weeks ago and I dont really want to break them up
[08:44:39] <Spi> I see.
[08:45:06] <Spi> Well, my final offer for that Shiny Genesect is both Arceus and my UT Genesect. That's because I have extra Genesects.
[08:45:48] <Sempron> That would be amazing...
[08:45:57] <Spi> It's my final offer.
[08:46:05] <Sempron> but how would we do the double trade?
[08:46:22] <Spi> Just trade Arceus first, then trade for the Genesect with some random fodder.
[08:46:57] <Spi> They don't allow you to do double trading or that stuff.
[08:47:16] <Sempron> should we leave the arcues/genesect trade last as they're the most vaulable and how do I know you wont run away?
[08:47:36] <Spi> I won't run away. If I did, I'd face the consequences.
[08:47:45] <Spi> The Arceus first, since it's more valuable.
[08:47:53] <Spi> Then the Genesect, since I have extras.
[08:48:19] <Sempron> I've had a few bad experience with doubles that's all, just trying to learn from my mistakes
[08:48:27] <Spi> Oh. I understand.
[08:49:00] <Spi> I'm not going to do anything like that, it's completely dickish.
[08:49:27] <Sempron> I know, happened to me alot when I was younger
[08:50:09] <Spi> How about this? If you really trust me, trade a fodder for my Arceus first, then trade the shiny Genesect last for my Genesect.
[08:50:50] <Sempron> okay then
[08:51:24] <Sempron> 1204 0334 3247
[08:51:39] <Spi> 5344-0517-8750
[08:51:44] <Sempron> How rare is the shiny genesect?
[08:52:05] <Spi> As rare as my Arceus, I believe.
[08:52:17] <Sempron> how rare is that? haha
[08:52:34] <Spi> I don't know. I'd trade my Shiny Rayquaza for one.
[08:52:48] <Spi> It's hard to tell the rare value when it comes to Pokemoon.
[08:53:18] <Sempron> Yeah, I think it would be harder to find since Japan gets all the cool events
[08:53:37] <Sempron> but then I just look up how old the event is to guess how rare it is
[08:53:39] <Spi> Shiny Genesect was released here too.
[08:53:57] <Sempron> I dont think I got here is AU
[08:54:48] <Spi> Did you add me yet?
[08:54:54] <Spi> I added you.
[08:55:02] <Sempron> Yeah just connecting
[08:55:20] <Sempron> IGN is Jeffrey
[08:55:47] <Spi> Do you want Adamant or Modest Genesect?
[08:56:25] <Sempron> I dont mind, I dont use ubers, it just going into my collection
[08:56:29] <Spi> ah ok
[08:56:32] <Spi> Modest then
[08:57:28] <Spi> Show me the shiny Genesect first so I cans ee you have it
[08:57:38] <Sempron> okay then
[08:57:53] <Sempron> i'll go as far so you can check it's summary?
[08:58:05] <Spi> No thanks, just need to see the thing.
[08:58:23] <Spi> It has shift gear, right?
[08:58:32] <Sempron> I pressed a sorry
[08:58:33] <Sempron> yeah
[08:58:44] <Spi> oh okay
[08:58:46] <Spi> That's good.
[08:58:51] <Spi> So fodder pokemon first
[08:59:15] <Sempron> I cant deselect it
[08:59:21] <Sempron> you might have to press b
[08:59:26] <Spi> there
[08:59:57] <Spi> Thats shiny?
[09:00:02] <Sempron> yeah
[09:00:21] <Sempron> no one wants it haha
[09:01:20] <Spi> Cool, thanks.
[09:01:37] Sempron has quit (Client exited).

Basically, the story is he offered a shiny Genesect, and I offered two Pokemon. He wanted to trade the fodder first and then he stole the Arceus without giving me the shiny Genesect for the second trade. He bolted right away after he traded for the Arceus. I'm a little new at trading so I tend to trust others too easily. But hopefully he'll face the consequences of doing something like this.

2nd February 2015, 6:33 PM
Name(s) (on chat): VIKIBROSXD
In-game Name: Orlando
[11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] IP: AF2440B4.981B7DAF.D7B2847E.IP (Serebii WiFi Guest)
[11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] Channels: #spp-wifi
[11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] Server: hollywood.purplesurge.com (the most addictive drug)
Friend Code: 5043:4078:6944
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Almost Ditto
The Story (What Happened):
I would post links but haven't made enough posts to be allowed to post them yet.
[10:17:14] Common channels with VIKIBROSXD: #spp-wifi
[10:17:34] <namexgoesxhere> Hello, do you care about ivs on the imposter ditto? c:
[10:17:47] <VIKIBROSXD> not rll
[10:18:08] <VIKIBROSXD> are you here for a genesect??
[10:18:27] <namexgoesxhere> Actually I'm interested in one the shinies lol
[10:18:57] <VIKIBROSXD> hyper voice sylveon and zoroark both 6 ivs?
[10:19:04] <VIKIBROSXD> and shiny'
[10:19:46] <namexgoesxhere> Are they cloned/rnged/hacked/whatever-ed?
[10:20:04] <VIKIBROSXD> no
[10:20:43] <VIKIBROSXD> you cant even hack in this game
[10:21:22] <namexgoesxhere> Well idk what game your playing, sorry. I'm interested in the zoroark c:
[10:21:40] <VIKIBROSXD> are you xy or oras?
[10:21:46] <namexgoesxhere> oras
[10:21:52] <VIKIBROSXD> then we can trade
[10:21:54] <VIKIBROSXD> im oras too
[10:22:24] <namexgoesxhere> Okay here's my fc, 2724-1164-5251
[10:22:29] <namexgoesxhere> and my ign is Amanda
[10:22:47] <VIKIBROSXD> is your ditto shiny?
[10:23:22] <namexgoesxhere> No, sorry
[10:23:24] <VIKIBROSXD> fc:5043:4078:6944
[10:23:33] <VIKIBROSXD> thats fine
[10:23:56] <VIKIBROSXD> what lvl is your ditto?
[10:24:48] <namexgoesxhere> lvl 34
[10:24:55] <VIKIBROSXD> derp
[10:25:05] <namexgoesxhere> It has perfect ivs in HP and Speed
[10:25:13] <VIKIBROSXD> k
[10:25:22] <namexgoesxhere> Lol, if you don't want to do the trade it's fine with me c:
[10:25:23] <VIKIBROSXD> just asking do ivs matter when he transforms?
[10:25:30] <namexgoesxhere> I believe it does
[10:26:10] <VIKIBROSXD> i think evs matter
[10:26:29] <VIKIBROSXD> my igm Orlando
[10:26:42] <namexgoesxhere> I've never battled with dittos so I guess I wouldn't know 100%
[10:27:05] <VIKIBROSXD> k
[10:27:52] <VIKIBROSXD> lol someone gave me a celebi for zoroark just now
[10:28:10] <VIKIBROSXD> k ill send you a trade
[10:28:30] <namexgoesxhere> So you don't have the zoroark anymore?
[10:28:54] <VIKIBROSXD> i have 2
[10:29:12] <namexgoesxhere> Ooh okay
[10:30:59] <VIKIBROSXD> im finishing a trade
[10:31:04] <VIKIBROSXD> wait plz
[10:31:09] <namexgoesxhere> No problem
[10:33:12] <VIKIBROSXD> do you have event legendaries?
[10:33:23] <namexgoesxhere> Nope
[10:34:34] <namexgoesxhere> Thank youu c:
[10:34:39] <VIKIBROSXD> np
[10:36:42] <namexgoesxhere> Cute, you received the egg on 1/31/2015 and it hatched 15 years ago
[10:36:57] <VIKIBROSXD> ?
[10:37:02] <VIKIBROSXD> in 2015
[10:37:45] <VIKIBROSXD> i breed for it 3 days ago
[10:38:04] <namexgoesxhere> According to its sumarry, it was hatched 1/1/2000
[10:38:18] <VIKIBROSXD> 1/31/2015
[10:38:40] <VIKIBROSXD> in the first of jenuary 31 of 2015 thats when i hatched it
[10:39:00] <VIKIBROSXD> at the battle resort
[10:39:09] <namexgoesxhere> It says "Egg Received: 1/31/2015" and "Egg Hatched: Apparently 1/1/2000"
[10:39:18] <VIKIBROSXD> wtf?
[10:39:25] <VIKIBROSXD> your lieing?
[10:39:31] <namexgoesxhere> I can show you if you want.
[10:39:42] <VIKIBROSXD> min says i recived it 1/31/2015 and hateched 1/31/2015
[10:39:57] <VIKIBROSXD> the same for my sylveon i hacted them both the same day
[10:40:27] <namexgoesxhere> Whatever.
[10:40:47] <VIKIBROSXD> look at my sylveon if you want
[10:41:33] <VIKIBROSXD> my normal one that i was hatching say 1/31/2015 on both and my slveon
[10:41:43] <VIKIBROSXD> sylveon*
[10:41:51] <namexgoesxhere> Look at my zoroark if you want. I don't care about what your sylveon says, I didn't trade my ditto for sylveon
[10:43:21] <VIKIBROSXD> mine says nature:Sassyegg recived:1/31/2015 from day care helpers egg hatched 1/31/2015 characteristic:mischievous
[10:44:13] <namexgoesxhere> I. Dont. Care. What. Your. Sylveon. Says.
[10:44:22] <VIKIBROSXD> my zoroark
[10:44:24] <namexgoesxhere> Just forget about it, I'll just catch another ditto
[10:45:00] <VIKIBROSXD> lol obiously your leying the date cant change like that
[10:45:15] <namexgoesxhere> I would show you, but you refuse to look at it
[10:45:30] <VIKIBROSXD> i said i will
[10:45:42] <namexgoesxhere> Okay go online then
[10:45:57] <VIKIBROSXD> i am online
[10:46:16] <namexgoesxhere> It doesn't show that you are
[10:46:24] <VIKIBROSXD> i see you online
[10:46:31] <namexgoesxhere> Send me the trade then
[10:46:39] <VIKIBROSXD> accept my trade
[10:48:23] <VIKIBROSXD> i cant see in a trade
[10:48:43] <namexgoesxhere> send me my ditto back so that you can see zoroarks entire summary?
[10:49:00] <VIKIBROSXD> mm k
[10:49:10] <VIKIBROSXD> send you a ditto?
[10:49:16] <namexgoesxhere> MY ditto
[10:49:44] <VIKIBROSXD> what nickaname does yous have?
[10:49:50] <namexgoesxhere> it's just ditto
[10:50:13] <VIKIBROSXD> this one?
[10:50:27] <namexgoesxhere> No. Lvl 34 american ditto with imposter
[10:50:45] <VIKIBROSXD> i got the on i showed you and a limber shiny one
[10:51:26] <namexgoesxhere> You're ridiculous
[10:51:53] <VIKIBROSXD> this one
[10:51:55] <VIKIBROSXD> it has imposter
[10:52:19] <VIKIBROSXD> is it the one nicknamed true sel lvl 100 with imposter
[10:52:27] <namexgoesxhere> omfg.
[10:52:43] <VIKIBROSXD> its the only one i have wit imposter
[10:52:53] <VIKIBROSXD> lol nvm found it
[10:55:08] <VIKIBROSXD> i knew your were leying.
[10:55:10] <VIKIBROSXD> F YOU
[10:55:15] <namexgoesxhere> okay
[10:56:27] <namexgoesxhere> Next time you try scamming someone, try a little harder and don't f up the date so badly
[10:56:49] <VIKIBROSXD> yeah if i hacked it how did i only have 2?
[10:56:58] <VIKIBROSXD> and why would i pick femal gender
[10:57:32] <namexgoesxhere> How do i know that you actually only had two? And what's wrong with it beinng female, what does it matter?
[10:57:50] <VIKIBROSXD> i like all my pokemon male
[10:57:59] <VIKIBROSXD> expect sylveon or blaziken
[10:58:16] <namexgoesxhere> And why would even try scamming someone out of a ditto when you already have a lvl 100 ditto with imposter
[10:58:31] <VIKIBROSXD> i need 6 imposters
[10:58:45] <VIKIBROSXD> i want a team full of dittos
[10:58:52] <VIKIBROSXD> and i have no use of that zoroark
[10:59:01] <namexgoesxhere> Except to get more dittos
The rest of the convo is them throwing insults at me.
TLDR; They gave me a hacked pokemon. Its summary said that the egg was received on 1/31/2015 and it hatched 15 years ago (1/1/2000) lmao.
I did get my ditto back, but I know that they will try this again on other people.

24th March 2016, 2:42 AM
(Wouldn't let me post with a URL )

Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest22897
In-game Name: Red
Friend Code: 1306 8432 2774
Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5IV Protean Froakie for a Foreign Vulpix with no IV's

Not sure if this counts as a scam at all, but I couldn't get any info otherwise.

I had asked for a Foreign Vulpix with 5IV's, they messaged me with an offer, I asked them to double check since they said one might have one, then they came back and said two had 5IV's. We traded pokemon, and as soon as I told them that the pokemon had no IV's they left.

i have a spain and 2 japanese vulpix
They 5IV?
i think one is
Would you mind checking? If one is then I'll trade you whichever of the pokemon I listed for it.
the spain and 1 japanese have 5ivs
Alright, might I take the Japanese then? Also which of the pokemon that I was offering did you want in return?
froakie but if you have a waterstone ill take that
I'm afraid I have no evolution stones
ok then ill take the froakie
Alright, just send your FC over, I'll grab mine
1306 8432 2774
In game I'm Rakki
This pokemon doesn't have any IV's at all
← WiFiGuest22897 has quit Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client

They quit after that, the thing wouldn't let me post that part since i haven't posted enough yet.

11th November 2016, 5:16 AM
Name(s) (on chat): Al105alx2, Terrypotter
In-game Name: Alex, Em
Hostmask*: synIRC-76E6E135.dhcp.slid.la.charter.com
Friend Code: Scammer > Terrypotter 1607-2758-8307
Pokemon Scammed (if any): JPN Event Movie 14 Diancie
The Story (What Happened): The person who scammed me was Terrypotter ("jdgigs" 3DS name) ("Em" IGN OR) offered my Diancie for an US Genesect code. traded with him and got an invalid code with 2 missing letters and when I replied back to him about it he said 1 sec and proceeded to log out of wifichat.

17th December 2016, 3:45 AM
Name(s) (on chat): RoyalSymon
In-game Name: Symon

> /whowas RoyalSymon
RoyalSymon [RoyalSymon!RoyalSymon{at}1B46A6C0{dot}5E150CA5{dot }E8539A05{dot}IP] * RoyalSymon
Connected to server: avarice{dot}wa{dot}us{dot}synirc{dot}net Fri Dec 16 17:54:33 2016

Friend Code: 4657-0629-9439
3DS Friend Card Name: Sy
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Modest Synchronize Abra w/ Destiny Knot
The Story (What Happened):
RoyalSymon posted in #spp-wifi that he was looking for a Destiny Knot in Sun/Moon. I mentioned I had an extra and asked what he was offering. He PMed me and we agreed on a 5IV Wimpod for the destiny knot. I told him I'd throw in a free Synchronize Abra with a nature of his request, since I had some extras. He requested a Modest nature. We exchanged friend codes, traded, and I received a 3IV Wimpod instead of a 5IV wimpod. He immediately disconnected from chat.


RoyalSymon: can I have it please
Krebert: not for free. Took me an hour to find this thing with a party full of pickup pokemon
RoyalSymon: 5IV mon?
Krebert: I'm open to it. What kind?
RoyalSymon: Jangmo o
Krebert: already got one. Anything else?
RoyalSymon: Mareanie
RoyalSymon: lapras
Krebert: anything else?
Krebert: Got a good mareanie, not interested in lapras
RoyalSymon: wimpod
Krebert: yeah sure, I'll take a 5iv wimpod for it
RoyalSymon: ok
RoyalSymon: FC?
Krebert: I'll throw the knot on a synchronize abra for you since I have some extras. No IVs, just usefor for synchronize ability. Any nature you want?
RoyalSymon: Thanks man
Krebert: oh cr*p, actually, those are on my other cart
RoyalSymon: Ok ill wait
RoyalSymon: 4657 0629 9439
Krebert: what nature you want?
Krebert: 0662-3804-2332
RoyalSymon: erm modest
RoyalSymon: IGN?
Krebert: Corwin. But just a sec, getting the abra on the right cart
RoyalSymon: ok
Krebert: k, getting onto festival plaza now
Krebert: k, online
Krebert: ign?
Krebert: k
← RoyalSymon has quit Quit: {kiwiirc} - A hand crafted IRC client
Krebert: gee, thanks

Note: replaced periods with "{dot}" and at symbol with "{at}" to avoid overzealous spam filter

30th December 2016, 5:47 AM
Name(s) (on chat): MysticMeowstic
In-game Name: Joe
Hostmask*: (quit before i could get this information)
Friend Code:
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Scizor
The Story (What Happened): I wanted to trade 3 pokemon to someone so they could evolve and then trade back so I have them for my pokedex, we ended up trading two of them but the last one he knew it was rarer (Scizor) so he kept it and said he would only trade back if I gave him something good for it. I then called him out for it in which he denied and proceeded to leave acting like he was the victim

I can help you
I remember how much of a pain it was to evolve mine too
thank you!
i have three pokemon to trade forward and back if you dont mind
No prob! :)
i just need them for my pokedex lol
yeah I understand xD
my FC is 0173-1341-9858
ign is logs
why logs?
If I may ask
my name is logan
so a lot of people call me logs
People usually call me Joseph
Because my name is Joseph
very accurate
im in festival plaza now
one second connecting to internet
sent you a request
i dont see it
third one, here we go
I'll trade yours back and you trade me the next one. Then finish with chinchou, it saves time :D
i guess not lol
I knew you'd save the best for last
k thanks bye
what an *******
don't do that
What will you give me for it?
your pokemon back?
I'll trade it back but I want something good for it. If you really want it I need something good for it.
I just want it for my pokedex
like literally
I had to go through a lot to get the metal coat
Then you'll give me something good then. Then you'll get your scizor.
I would rather just get you banned from this chatroom
I have screenshots and everything
Oh no ;-;
Bro, just give me the Scizor, like really
← MysticMeowstic has quit Quit:- A hand crafted IRC client