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Gale ForceX
21st March 2008, 2:20 AM
hey guys... im not new to pokemon.. ive been playing the original games since i was 5 years old.... im 16 now... why did i start playing them again? idk lol.

well lets see, i started playing leaf green, and i have a question cause im trying to fill this pokedex...

Yes, i beat the elite 4,
Yes, i gave the ruby and sappihre plate to Celio...
When i select become leader, nothing comes up and on ruby, it still says please wait, press b to cancel =p
Do i have to like beat a certain point in ruby? cause i started a new game on it, dunno if it was a smart move... -_-... well,, anyway, please post if you can help me =)


Shiny Magmortar
21st March 2008, 2:49 AM
Well, if you're trying to use a Wireless Adapter, you won't be able to contact Ruby, from Leaf Green, so you need to use a Link Cable... Ruby and Sapphire weren't made to be used with the Wireless Adapters, as they were out before the Wireless Adapters, and therefore weren't programmed to recognize that you want to communicate with another game, using it...

Virtual Headache
21st March 2008, 2:52 AM
This place is for asking questions about the forums, ask in the right forum.