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Legendary Warrior
2nd April 2008, 2:51 PM
Welcome to the Pikmin Club a club where you talk about the Pikmin Series or the SSBB appearance of Captain Olimar feel free to post ideas for Pikmin 3 or maybe a DS version. Have Fun


1.All SPPF rules apply
2. No one-liners
3. No Swearing
4.No SPAMming
5. No Flamming
6. Only Members can post in this club
7. Have fun!


Olimar-Legendary Warrior- 1 Pikmin
Louie- Pachirisu- 1 Pikmin

Purple Pikmin-

White Pikmin-

Blue Pikmin-

Yellow Pikmin-

Red Pikmin-
Dragodynamite- 1 Pikmin


This is how you get points (Pikmin)

Points are Pikmin you have

0 Pikmin- Red
20 Pikmin- Yellow
40 Pikmin- Blue
60 Pikmin- White
80 Pikmin- Purple

First Member will be Louie(Co-owner)

SO if the first member doesnt want to the second would have to post "I want to be Louie" in their post if they want to be him

After Purple you will have to keep getting pikmin and you will get Mod in brackets next to your name


If used credit to Legendary Warrior


Legendary Warrior
4th April 2008, 2:08 PM
Wow i9 didnt realize this was up OK everyone it is up so feel welcome to join


4th April 2008, 2:56 PM
Ehh I like the Pikmin series so I guess I will join. Does this make me co-owner? I dont really care if i'm not though. I also like using Olimar in Brawl. And I have both Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2. I'm hoping they will make a Pikmin game for the Wii. So can I join?????

Legendary Warrior
4th April 2008, 6:55 PM
You can Join Pachirisu and you can be Co-owner(Louie)

Also i wish Pikmin 3 was out on Wii or at least put a release date for it (if it ever comes out)

it is a good idea to have it for the becasue of the Wiimote it might make things easier

5th April 2008, 12:34 AM
Yeah the Wii remote would make thigns easier IMO. Well, I would put the link to this club in my sig, but my sig is full and I cant put anymore things in it lol. Hopefully there will be a Pikmin for the Wii. Now that would be worth the 50$. Or however much it would be.

11th April 2008, 7:17 PM
I have only the second pikmin game, but i must say that i love the series, and it doesnt hurt to join ;p
so can i?
if i can choose my ranking or something, i wanna be purple!

Legendary Warrior
11th April 2008, 7:44 PM
No you start of at red then gane more Pikmin into higher lvls

You can join

11th April 2008, 9:37 PM
thanks! and sorry that i failed <.<
how many members untill we can make topics?

Legendary Warrior
11th April 2008, 9:47 PM
1 More Member

AAlso you get one Pikmin for Posting (if it is useful)

13th April 2008, 1:36 AM
I'm sorry for being inactive. I have been really busy lately.

Hopefully one more member will join. There has to be more than three picmin fans in the whole world. Atleast I think so.

13th April 2008, 12:23 PM
hopefully it is, they just need to find us B|

Legendary Warrior
13th April 2008, 1:31 PM
There is more Pikmin fans can you to either put a Banner or Link in your sig to advertise?

I already am with a Userbar


Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy
15th April 2008, 5:48 AM
Nice, may I join?

I would like it on the wii, but not the plucking with wiimote option. I hate waving that thing around, and it would give me a lot of shoulder and arm pain...

And definitely not on the DS; the 3D graphics on that console suck so horribly...

Legendary Warrior
15th April 2008, 6:05 PM
I know what you mean by DS 3d Just look Assassin creed, Ranger 2 has poor graphics (But it still is a Pokemon game so it doesnt matter) and thare is worms and Simcity ds

also Welcome


16th April 2008, 8:11 AM
Welcome Bill!
and i kinda disagree, super mario 64 DS graphich was much better then the original.
but thats all i know x,x

Legendary Warrior
20th April 2008, 4:24 PM
Come on PPl please try and keep this alive

If there is a Nonmember looking at this please Join!

Topic: What's Your Favorite Colour Pikmin?

21st April 2008, 1:29 PM
What's Your Favorite Colour Pikmin?
white and purpler wins without discussion. but yellow is cute too.

Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy
21st April 2008, 1:39 PM
Other than white, I personally like the Purple Toadmin the most. You know, the ones infected by Puffstools.

21st April 2008, 1:46 PM
Hello. May I join? Am a fan of the Pikmin games (especially the humour in the second one)- hopefully there will be a third one (and it's a possibility as well).

What's Your Favorite Colour Pikmin?
Probably Purple. (Oh, alliteration).

Legendary Warrior
21st April 2008, 5:44 PM
Welcome to the Club now New Topic since everyone has answered

Olimar or Louie?

21st April 2008, 8:10 PM
Olimar or Louie?
Always choosedolimar before louie, only choosed louie when i had to split up the pikmins.

Legendary Warrior
21st April 2008, 8:46 PM
Olimar or Louie?

Olimar Why:
1. He is in Brawl
2. He is in Brawl
3. He is in Brawl
4. He is in Brawl
5. He is in Brawl

22nd April 2008, 2:18 AM
Olimar or Louie?
To be different - Louie. An interesting character - and 'king of the bugs'? Hm... Like how he is actually a treasure, and the ship has a sales ptich for him. :)

Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy
22nd April 2008, 2:35 AM
Olimar or Louie?
Louie- Poor guy was sold for ten pokos! He needs someone to care about him...

27th April 2008, 6:38 AM
Hey, I'd like to join. I'm a big time fan of the Pikmin series. I love playing as Olimar in Brawl. Blue Pikmin are loads of win.

Olimar or Louie?

Wow, uhm..... I'd have to go ahead and say Louie. He was so fun to watch in the beginning of Pikmin 2.

Legendary Warrior
27th April 2008, 11:31 AM
Welcome to the Club!

Its about time we get some more members

OK so new Topic: Do you think Purple Pikmin should not be hurt by anything? (Eg Yellow Electricity)

So i was Looking on EBAY and found that Pikmin 2 is at High price and i got Pikmin one for 4

Can someone tell me where its cheep EG 20

27th April 2008, 12:18 PM
Do you think Purple Pikmin should not be hurt by anything? (Eg Yellow Electricity)
he should survive rock and ground skills!

Legendary Warrior
27th April 2008, 4:43 PM
Do you think Purple Pikmin should not be hurt by anything? (Eg Yellow Electricity)
he should survive rock and ground skills!

Yeah they should since they are Powerful enough to break them as well

Good thinking

28th April 2008, 2:18 AM
I don't see much point - why make one type of Pikmin that much more 'better' than the others? One aspect of Pikmin was getting by with all of the types - not much point if there's one which resists everything... I think it can be left as it is.

28th April 2008, 8:58 PM
I second Bobandbill. I don't really see much of a point either.

Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy
2nd May 2008, 1:21 AM
I think Purple pikmin are okay as is. Sure, they can carry things 100 times their body weight. That doesn't mean that they should be owning boulders, especially with those stubby limbs which shouldn't shatter a pebble.

By the way, is this the sort of place where "Waterwraith" is considered a curse word?