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Rhino Regirock
5th April 2008, 4:16 AM
Well, originally I found the site back in like November '04 when I was still into my FireRed and playing Colloseum, posted like a few times in the Special section and some of the misc. Anime/Manga forums, then.. registered two or three times again in like 2006, but never really came back, and...

Now here I am joining a forum I started visiting over 9,000 three years ago haha. AS of right now, I'm not interested much in Pokemon at all currently, being that I can't stand the show for more than a microsecond, my interest in the games is growing thin being that I haven't played them since literally a year ago in May when I found a shiny Floatzel (gold, literally) on my way to the electric city after I beat Galactic and that snow gym or whatever, accidentally KO'd it, and coming to the realization that it was essentially the same exact game I've played since GSC with all the win replaced by some new features I'd have killed for but not being done right. The manga is sort of a "Oh, I hate it, it's still a little addicting though" thing for me, and I won't be a hypocrite and say that I ****ing hate it, because I still go over to the bookstore a few times every two months and grab it (that being 27 volumes now) for over 4 bucks (which is a lot for a comic book over here in Korea), but it's still pretty ****ing redundant, being that everyone spams their ice abilities and their second ****ing cousin gets frozen and brought back to save the world from a guy with his ****ing body made of nevermeltice. The ice-cuffs and the constant Polywrath beatings every other fight I could handle, but.. wtf @the artwork, story, out-of-characters if they even exist, and a REGICE having trouble fending off a CUBONE.

Yeah, that pretty much does it for introductions and whatnot, but on another note, I'm not much into games, anime/TV, or movies at all since I haven't watched any of those in four years pretty much, and not much manga do get the pleasure of me ever reading them, but the ones I do are Berserk, Vagabond, 20th Century Boys, Sanctuary, and a few others though I have like three local disc hard drive's worth of manga downloaded that I never get around to reading. I also have a rather huge collection that's taking up a third of my room, but it's mostly mountains of old stuff I buy for no reason at all basically only for the sake of having them. Ha.

5th April 2008, 6:11 PM
Welcome back to SPPf, Rhino!