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Cipher2 Echo
8th April 2008, 8:14 AM
Hey all,

I've been visiting this site for a good while now but I've never bothered posting anything because I never had to. But I'm on a mission. I have an idea that would change the way we all play Pokemon forever...

You see, I have loved this game since the beginning and ever since 3D graphics arrived in the gaming scene, I figured there would be a truly awesome Pokemon RPG to come out that worked just like the original game boy games. But to this day, the closest thing we've ever gotten to having a full fledged Pokemon RPG in 3D is Pkmn XD. Now, I enjoyed that game very much, dont get me wrong. But I still feel like there's something missing.

I have a radical new idea that will take a lot of support from the true fans and gamers to accomplish, but I'm hoping that it could work if I put in the effort. I will list my major complaints and my ideas and if any of you will add in it would be much appreciated. My plan is to put an entire game proposal together and send in this request en masse to Nintendo. I know this is a long shot, but Nintendo is still one of the most open to suggestion companies out there and it just might work. Ok, Here goes...

Ideas for the New Age Pokemon Game

Render the characters: How long have we waited for our beloved pocket monsters to truly feel alive. In this next generation of gaming, is it too much to ask for new character models? Please Nintendo, stop using the same recycled models from Pokemon Stadium!

Dynamic environments: Remember the days of Red and Blue (in fact all the Game Boy titles) when you could just roam around and take in the scenery? There should be an active and living environment with free roaming pokemon and an active weather system. Time of day features would make this superb.

Less linear Storyline: We all love our gym battles and team rocket encounters. But wouldn't it be great if the player could choose how they want to complete the story? Adding more encounters with people needing the hero's help in odd jobs, or even an epic quest that is not connected to the main storyline could diversify the world. I believe these types of add-ons would make the game play all the more enjoyable.

(This one could be controversial)
Real Time Battle System: I know that the turn based system has been a standard for this series, but it may be time for change. Instead of a random encounter with wild Pokemon by walking in tall grass, what if you would see the target Pokemon and engage it or leave it at will? And if a battle was initiated (either by you or the Pokemon), it would play out in real time with any number of outcomes becoming a reality. I will explain the way battles could be played out later in this draft.

Disambiguation of Gameplay

"Pokemon World"

If any of you have played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you can get a better sense of what I am talking about. You, the trainer, will enter into a truly dynamic environment with wide open fields, forests, lakes, oceans, islands and a host of other aesthetically pleasing locales. Pokemon will roam free across the land and will have their own functions in the environment. depending on the location, there will be different types of Pokemon available. You will see Pidgeys flying, you will see Magikarp swimming in the lakes and you will see many other favorites wandering around just like the T.V. show. Also, every Pokemon you see will be the actual size it is described as in the Pokedex. If you happen upon Rayquaza, you're in for a BIG surprise!

The trainer will be seen in a third person view (much like in Mass Effect), and will traverse the environment freely. If you want to stay on the roads and trails, do so and you will move much quicker and encounter less Pokemon. If you want to travel in the fields or the forests, you can, and many more Pokemon will be in your sights.

Trainers will scatter the landscape just as they do in the rest of the games. Except in this world, they are not static avatars that are only waiting for you to battle them. They each have their own lives, they will all have their own preset activities and routines they will follow depending on that characters background. You might even see two computer characters duking it out in the middle of a forest because they happened to bump into each other. The point is to make the gamer feel like they are immersed in a fully active and dynamic world that they must stake their claim in. They are not the only one trying to become a Pokemon master.

My idea is to make the Pokemon RPG and really expand it for really serious gamers. My character class model will further expand on what we think of a "trainer" in the Pokemon world. First of all, there will be an in depth character creation start-up prior to any game play. The player will choose their character's facial features, height, build, gender, hair color and skin tone. Secondly, the player must choose their avatar's background i.e. where in the world they will start off their adventure. Players can choose to start off their adventure in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or even the Orange Isles. All of these areas will be available to explore, but the story will change depending on where you start out from. Not only will the player choose where his trainer is from, but after an introductory mission, they can choose the trainer's profession. Let's say you never wanted to battle your Pokemon, but instead just wanted to Breed them, or put them in contests. This new profession feature will directly affect the Pokemon and how fast or slow they develop and let you live out your Pokemon dream the way you want to. There will be four major classes of trainer:

Pokemon Trainer--Standard battling class that lives and breathes battling. This class of trainer has high skill in battle reaction timing and command skills. Also, the morale of the trainer's Pokemon is increased due to more skill in battling. Attacks are less flashy and varied that that of a Contest trainer, and are do not pack the power of a Breeder's Pokemon moves, but they have the perfect balance of speed, variability, and power that would make any other class green with envy. Pokemon trainers can learn to handle multiple Pokemon on the battlefield at once. Pokemon trainers will also have to ability to learn a "First Strike" ability which allows the trainer to call out an attack for his Pokemon to use while still confined to its Poke Ball, thus allowing for either a surprise attack or a quick retaliation move against an opponent.

Pokemon Breeder--This group of trainers has some of the healthiest and happiest Pokemon in the world. They will often have only a few Pokemon companions that would go to the ends of the earth for their human. One of the advantages of this class is that their Pokemon evolve quickest of the three classes due to the high amount of attention they get from their trainers. Their attack sets, however, grow slower than that of other trainer classes. Despite this setback, their Pokemon can achieve the highest attack and defense statistics of all the trainer types and they produce Pokemon with stronger base statistics than other classes.

Contest Trainer--As you may have guessed, this trainer's assets are devoted to Pokemon contests. Their Pokemon have the weakest battle abilities of all trainer classes, every statistic pertaining to battling would grow much slower. However, this class receives special contest move sets for their Pokemon depending on their experience and time spent with the Pokemon. While their battling attacks develop extremely slow, their contest moves will develop as fast as the trainer can train them by either specializing in certain move types, or just by winning contests. These trainers will receive bonuses when entering contests because of their class advantage. A Pokemon's nature and mood directly tie in to how well the trainer can handle their Pokemon in a contest.

Pokemon Researcher--This class of trainer is an expert in all things technical in the Pokemon World. They will have a higher understanding of all the items in the game and will receive the most benefit from them. For example, when a Pokemon trainer uses a rare candy to raise the level of his Pokemon, it only raises the Pokemon's stats superficially. But when a Pokemon Researcher uses the same item, it will raise all the stats of the Pokemon as if it had trained to gain the level. Also, crucial items such as Poke Balls will be substantially more accurate and effective when used by a Pokemon Researcher, therefore giving the Pokemon Researcher class some of the most varied Pokedex's in the Pokemon World. Also, as with the Pokemon Breeder, this class of trainer will receive some small bonuses when breeding Pokemon, but different from any other class, they will know the exact outcome of the Pokemon to be hatched, i.e. stats, nature, move sets, etc. This is not a class for beginners.

Battle System

As I stated earlier, I am opting for a real time battle system that would have the player thinking on his feet while in the heat of battle and having to plan things out ahead. The trainer wont have all the time in the world to spend thinking about his next move and will have to take a more active role in keeping his beloved Poke friend from fainting.

When traveling the world of Pokemon, Battling will still be the main focus of game play. In reality, the battle system could make or break the playability of a game like this. I've thought of a dynamic real-time system based on games like Mass effect, The Elder Scrolls IV, Pokemon Stadium, and other RPG's. A typical battle could play out like this:

A wild Pokemon attacks the trainer. To avoid getting hurt, a trainer can either throw a Poke Ball, use an item from his inventory (or from the environment), or send out a Pokemon to defend. There will be a split second pause in the game at this point so that the trainer can make his first decision without worry.

Once the battle has been initiated, the trainer can choose to run away from the battle at any time by simply walking (more often, actually running) away from the Attacking Pokemon. If the trainer chooses to stay and fight, he has the option of choosing any Pokemon from his lineup to battle first by using a button selection menu similar to how you selected Pokemon and attacks in the Pokemon Stadium games to make the game play faster and more fluid.

When the Pokemon are out on the field they can start attacking almost immediately depending on their trainer's abilities and decision making statistics. The trainer will be able to call out attacks that are preset as "Favorites" on a four button scheme, but can still call out moves used less often from the start menu. So you see there can still be an element of choosing attacks from a menu if the player chooses to.

However, there will be new features that could be added that would be a breath of fresh air to most players. The "Dodge" and "Defend" abilities would provide a new dynamic to the battle system. Now, when you know your Pokemon is going to get attacked, depending on your Pokemon's agility, speed, strength, and defense ratings, you can lessen the blow or avoid the attack altogether!

Once the battle is over, either all your Pokemon have fainted, you've captured the attacking Pokemon, or you've made it faint. But unlike the other Pokemon games, not all Pokemon will disappear after you defeat them. Lesser Pokemon will be fainted for a while, giving a rookie trainer ample time to throw a Poke Ball to capture it. On the other hand, stronger Pokemon might run away from you if their health gets too low. This will just add a bit more depth to the game, I think.

With Trainer Battles, it will be slightly different. Some trainers that you encounter might not want to fight and need persuading to do so. Others will ambush you and you might not have time to defend. In any case, when in a fair battle, the opposing trainer will either define the rules of the match or ask you which set of rules you wish to follow while battling. These can include, Free for All, League Rules, or any other types of rules defining how the battle plays out. And of course, no stealing other people's Pokemon! (Unless you join a gang who's job it is to create mischief!)

Their should be factions in the game as well that could add to the storyline or become a separate story altogether if the player so chooses. You could join Team Rocket, be part of the Police Force and help Officer Jenny. You could even become a Gym Leader!

There are so many possibilities in this Pokemon World and with the technology that we have today, this is just a small step. My goal is to gain the favor of all the major Pokemon sites, fan clubs, organizations and gamers in general to voice their ideas to Nintendo to make this dream of a true Pokemon RPG a reality. Please, if you've read this far, I would love some feedback on my ideas (they are far from perfect), maybe even ideas of your own. I just want to get people excited about Pokemon like they were when the first games came out. So please, respond to this post. Send it to other forums. Just try to get people talking and agitated. Put the pressure on the corporations to make the games we want to play.

Azure Wolf
8th April 2008, 4:41 PM
I respect your goal in this issue but the right place to post it would be here http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=2
if you want to get public opinion.

Anyway, welcome to the forum and good luck.

Lord of Music
8th April 2008, 4:46 PM
We've been telling him to post it in the right place all day....

Anyway, good luck here, don't take things TOO seriously, and I hope someone understands you.

Cipher2 Echo
8th April 2008, 7:26 PM
Thanks guys, I posted in a new thread in the general pkmn discussion. I hope my idea sounds ok.

8th April 2008, 7:31 PM
i like your idea honestly myself i was thinking of coming up with an idea similar to that one to play on the PSP cause i have pokemon games for almost everygame system other than that