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11th April 2008, 2:09 PM
Hey! Pikachu has landed with an explosive bang! Yeah I'm a Pokemon diehard. Pokemon lighted up my life. Yeah really. I remember those high school days when you were the most popular kid in school if you have a level 100 Mewtwo and thrashed the Elite Four for the XXXXth time and possess a Charizard Card! Pokemon made me, the resident silent emo guy, popular overnight! I really owe Pokemon my social life and for giving me the opportunity to learn how to make friends. It was a new start alright.

Moving on, I grew on to Pokemon with a mix of gratitude and adoration. I anticipated pay day more than ever. (Meowth, go!). And I would binge on TCG all day long. Buying boosters and trading. I eventually joined the Pokemon TCg league nearest my area of residence in which I lived out the happiest days of my life, doing nothing but striving to be a Pokemon Master in my own right.

Life was a real grind after those Golden Days. I became too busy to hang out with my Pokemon Buddies after that. For two years I missed all that is Pokemon (even the shows!)! due to my busy schedule. I eventually forgot the entity to which is swore my eternal loyalty to. Recently, I was listening to an mp3 song "Pikachu's Goodbye", and the lyrics really touched me. I will not part with Pokemon like the lyrics described so easily!

The following Sunday, I paid a visit to the location of the TCG league and was met with despair when the league closed down a few weeks ago! My Pokemon days were over... ...NOT! Signing up for a forum account in a place which I knew would still have Pokemon lovers would be the first step in my journey back to Pokemon! The Pokemon culture will not wane so easily!

So fellow forumites, be my guiding stars back to the wonderland that I knew. The world of Pokemon beckons!

P.S. I might be a bit retarded on the Diamond/Pearl series so please be patient! However I am well-versed in Emerald versions and below!

11th April 2008, 4:33 PM
Sad story. Well, this would be a good place to continue your pokemon hobby. And of course I have to say the usual "Have fun and follow the rules!"

11th April 2008, 6:34 PM
That's okay, some of us that never left the fandom are still behind. I was just playing Colosseum for the first time a few months after XD came out. And I still haven't fought the E4 in Pearl despite getting to them back in September/October. XD I procrastinate when it comes to video games, lol. I've also missed most episodes of Hoenn and Sinnoh. So yeah, don't worry if you're behind. The site'll help you catch up and this place will help with anything it doesn't cover. :D

Random babble aside, welcome to SPPf! ^_^

(Anyone else surprised that Pikachu wasn't already taken as an username?)

Dark Arceus
11th April 2008, 7:43 PM
Hi, have fun read rules etc.

His name is actually PlKACHU, so not that suprising really.

11th April 2008, 7:44 PM
Hey thanks guys for the warm welcome! Yeah I really immerse myself in Pokemon once more. Not Nostalgia but New Beginnings! Hopefully Pokemon will remain more than just a hobby but also an integral part of my life! Yeah I gotta start posting!

P.S. The reason why I could choose 'PlKACHU' as a user? Take a real CLOSE look at my user!!! Its not what it seems!

11th April 2008, 7:59 PM
You used the line? Haha, I wouldn't have noticed that if you hadn't hinted at it. Nice trick there.

11th April 2008, 8:12 PM
Welcome, eh. I'm the opposite to you, since I'm mostly new to Pokemon (I started with Ruby and I only watched the first season of pokemon). If you need to catch up don't be afraid to look for the right forums (this coming from a fairly new member!). Just don't spam or flame and you should be fine. Have a good time and hopefully you're caught up in (or actually get) D/P so you can trade and battle.