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13th April 2008, 9:33 AM
HI!! >3< I'm not sure I'm allowed to write when it's a "return" but I'm doing it anyway ~ I'll survive, even if someone bans me.
I think I'll return to this forums again, so yeah, I don't really think any would remember me, coz' I didn't write a lot the two-three last time I've been here...
So yeah... Hi to the people ~!
My name's Nicku... Yeah, It's not my real name >3>; My real name is Frederikke (can you pronounce that? 83 ) and I've been at this earth in 15 years for now.
And were do I live at this so-called earth? Denmark : D
Enough with that, I like Pokemon, and ... that's kinda why I'm here ... Surprise ..? xD
I'm in the most side of the Pokemon world; I like to draw and just "collect" (which is pretty hard when there's NOTHING to collect, in denmark when we talk Pokemon stuff _ _). I'm watching the anime, in Japanese! Me don't like the Danish/English version D:! (The Danish version is the WORST one ... Same voice over and over again T_T).. I read the Pokemon manga, Pokemon adventures ... And I want to read lots of other pokemon mangas .. but no no ... I live in Denmark _ _ I don't play Pokemon TCG, but I have some cards or 100 .. xD
And I play a love the Pokemon games, all of them, or, all I've tried. Right now I'm trying to learn EV training (Or does my signature tell that O.o)

So yeah xD Hi.
And btw: Sorry for that big headache ^^;; I know my English sucks, but the best Pokemon forum I can find in Danish, is with okay lot's of (around 1000) members with no one really active _ _ And the half of them is the same person who make lots of accounts...

~ Wild Nicku fled using its Run away ability ~

13th April 2008, 6:54 PM
Hi and welcome back! :)

13th April 2008, 7:02 PM
Hallo there =D Dude don't worry, your English is really good in my oppinion ^_^ You'll do fine here if you stay this time XD

Anyways, some of the rules have changed most probably since you have been away, so make sure to take a look at them again, okies ^_-

Have fun anyways =D