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1st March 2010, 1:02 AM
I'm halfway through finding out the IVs of my 65 hatched Scyther. Already I found a couple of good ones to use. There's one with 14/25/24/25/22/24 and one with 9/25/31/25/31/29. There is one with 31/25/26/25/1/23, but with the speed it has I don't think I should use him.
Also got my three Jirachi from GameStop today, but the date on my old blue DS was set one day early. Now I have one from today and two from March 1st. And another weird thing is even though the store was closed, I got the events from the wireless signal. Like I said... Weird.

1st March 2010, 5:42 PM
PLatinum. I hatched two shiny eggs for the past two days (piplup and Gible) Yesterday i got Piplup all the way to EMpoleon and EV trained it very well. Now i have Gible as Gabite and Attack is almost maxed out. After that i'm going for maxing out Speed

neo darkrai
1st March 2010, 7:21 PM
I bred some Pokemon for the National Pokedex and altogether finished the Johto Pokemon. Now I only have three Pokemon left. That five star Trainer Card is so close.

Seen: 492 Caught 490

3 left (* means I haven't seen it yet)
Venonat *

1st March 2010, 7:31 PM
I got bored so I restarted my Platinum game until HG/SS games finally come out. Considering I'm tool lazy to to write the events from the beginning I'll share with you my latest events.

Current Team

LV 24

Picked Piplup after a long time. He has a careful nature and heightened Sp. Attack and Sp. defend. Evolved after defeating Roark in his first gym challenge.

- Peck

- BubbleBeam
- Metal Claw
- Pound

LV 22

Captured this little guy right outside of the Jubilife city. His ability is Rivalry and has a quite high Attack and Sp. Attack. Evolved after a battle right outside of Jubilife city.

- Spark
- Bite
- Charge
- Tackle

LV 22

I was originally looking for an Aipom and I managed to find one, but failed to catch it though, even after 7 Poke Balls and 1 Dusk Ball. So I went on the search again fully equipped looking for another one, but ended up finding this cute Cherubi instead on the Honey tree. Decided to capture it to see how will it fare in my team. Cherubi is male with high Speed and Sp. Attack.

- Grass Knot
- Leech Seed
- Sunny Day
- Bullet Seed

So I literally wiped out the entire Eterna forest with Cheryl on my side. Managed to level up Luxio and my Prinplup finally learned BubbleBeam. I went outside and toughened up my Cherubi on that fishing bridge. I met Cynthia and Barry and found a Draco Plate. Encountered Cyrus again and got cut from Cynthia.

Challenged the gym. I lost first two challenges, but barely won the third one with Cherubi against Roserade. Cherubi was already weakened and so was Roserade who was also paralyzed with the help of my Cut-Slave Budew, so I guess I owe this win to her too. But hey, a win is a win and so I got my second badge.

Met Cynthia and accepted the egg, still thinking about raising the Togepi inside. Lost the first battle against commander Jupiter in the building, but finally managed to beat her Skuntank with my Prinplup. Got a brand new Bike as a present from the owner of the Cycle Shop and got myself an Explorer Kit. I sat on my bike and headed towards the Cycling Road.

2nd March 2010, 4:10 AM
Downloaded Jirachi the other day, and just finished SRing for a Jolly one. The one I got has perfect attack 0.o, I'm gonna EV train it. I finished breeding the parents of my SS team, gonna start breeding them tomorrow.

neo darkrai
2nd March 2010, 7:25 PM
At Turnback Cave, I wandered around until I got to each Pillar Room. At Giratina's chamber, I saved and got ready for an almost epic battle. I was hoping for an Impish natured one, but I got a Bold one instead. I decided against soft resetting because of what I found out afterwards. I went to check its IVs and it has flawless IVs. Now I just need to trade it and that's it for the Pearl Legends Roundup. Hope you enjoyed it and the Platinum Journey Posts will soon come to an end. See ya.

3rd March 2010, 3:00 AM
So I started breeding for a Cyndaquil with HP Grass, and before long, I had one. Just tossed the egg in the PC, and then bred for a Modest Volt Absorb Chinchou. He finished on the 3rd egg, and now I'm working on a Brave Pineco, followed by an Adamant Larvitar.

3rd March 2010, 10:18 AM
Well, since I'm sick and in bed and with basically nothing good to do, I thought I give myself a little twist-challenge on my Platinum game.

I will finish the game using only pokemon...............................
.................................................. .....
.................................................. ..........................................that are blue. O_O

You may think that this will turn into a water monotype challenge. Well, NOT so! :D Here are my rules that I gave...to myself.

1. Only blue pokemon. No real standard for it. The rule of thumb is 'if the first word you'd use to describe it was blue, then it's blue. o_O'

2. No more than two same types allowed and even then ONLY if they have different type matchups. (they can be Water/Electric and Water/Rock, but not water and water)

3. If a blue pokemon's evolution is no longer blue, then the evolution may not be used. (Phanpy yes, Donphan no) If a non-blue pokemon's evolution IS blue, the non-blue pokemon can be trained so that it evolves, but ONLY using an XP-share or the switching-out method. No actual battling.

4. If a shiny version of a blue pokemon is no longer blue, it may not be used. However, if a shiny version of a non-blue pokemon IS blue, then it MAY be used.

5. Questionable colours (such as: "I see blue and you see green") are not allowed.

6. Only pokemon catchable in the game.

7. Non-blue HM slaves are allowed. ^^

Right. I've started the game and chosen Piplup.

3rd March 2010, 11:46 AM
I've also started a new game on platinum but, it's on an emulator, I don't feel like starting a new game on my actual cartridge as I'm trying to set a high streak at the Battle Factory. I plan on doing a grass monotype challenge which should be exciting as it's my very first monotype challenge, I plan on doing all of the types eventually:) Snicker, that sounds like a rather sweet yet difficult challenge you've given yourself, and as a side note blue is my favorite color:)

3rd March 2010, 6:39 PM
Team Cobalt update! xD /yes, I just made up the name on the spot/

~My Piplup now has a nickname, so I’ll introduce it properly. ^^

Hachi (Piplup, M, Lv6)
Nature: Adamant

~Listened to Dawn’s forced tutorial thingy. >_>
~Wanted to kill her.
~/in case anyone’s wondering, I’m a girl, but I picked the boy trainer cause his jacket’s blue xD/
~Went back to say bye to mom. /where on EARTH are these pokegames children’s FATHERS!? o_O” Norman being the exception, of course/ I’m beginning to think the moms eat them like black widows. >_>
~While receiving the parcel for my rival, wondered about his dad too.
~Concluded something suspicious is going on. *nods*
~Trained Hachi a little outside Sandgem. Contemplated Starly’s similarity to a musical note. Got icked out by Bidoof once more.
~Moved on…forced tutorial about catching pokemon. >_>
~Went back because forced tutorial reminded me I didn’t buy any pokeballs. xD
~Bought my usual ‘starter kit’ ~ 10pokeballs, 4potions, 1antidote, 1paralyze heal.
~Broke now. D’:
~Okay, MOVIN on! XD
~Caught a female Shinx on route 202 and named her Flik (after a certain, lightning-wielding Suikoden character who wore blue xD).
~New team member! xD

Flik (Shinx, F, Lv3)
Nature: Brave
Ability: Intimidate.

~Trained Flik until she was lvl10
~Training Flink until she was lvl10 grew into a Starly genocide. O_O’ /I wanted to give her speed EVs a little boost along the way/
~/facepalm/ Realized that I forgot to change text speed to fast…
~Beat my♫ first traineeers♪! ^o^
~Reached Jubilife, finished everything up there. Got a Poketech from a guy who got rich even though he has to use a device to count to three. >_> He even has clown minions! D: I want clown minions!
~Beat the trainers above Jubilife and moved on through the tunnel. Reached Oreburgh! XD
~Just as I was finishing up in the tunnel, Hachi evolved! xD ….GOD, Prinplup is hideous… o_O’ I find the white blotches on its stomach…deeply unsettling. I can’t wait till it evolves again. xD
~Battling Roark is a piece of cake… Heeeeey! Craniados is blue…WANT. O_O
~Aaaand first Gym done! xD BADGE-GET! And first (imaginary checkpoint) for team Cobalt!

I’ll check in again after the next badge. Stay real, everyone! (^o^)y

Dragon trainer
3rd March 2010, 9:27 PM
Diamond: Not been on this in aggggeesss. Trained up everyone and took on the first gym leader. Evolved Bananas into a Monferno and beat the gym leader. I'm now trying to catch a Geodude for Rock Smash. I'm trying to breed a Wish/Baton Pass Eevee for Vaporeon on Pearl. I'm also trying to breed a Rash or Mild natured Electivire for a mixed attacker.

Its going well espicially with Spiritomb training working very well using confuse ray and faint attack againest normal types.

4th March 2010, 9:51 AM
~Baaaack to Jubilife now. Oh, look. People fighting…*moans* WHY do they always need to involve me…? >_> *battles*
~Oh. Accessory case. Yay. O_O
~Polished badge.
~Ugh. Floaroma. I hate Floaroma. I want to stomp all over these stupid flowers! D:< MAN, they tick me off. >_>
~Took out my frustration on the mushroom-heads. AKA team Galactic. It was incredibly easy, I just used Flik and she’s still a Shinx since I cancelled her evolution. I just felt like it.
~Glad to be out of the creepy, two-house flower town. >.> Into the forest! xD
~I love this forest. ^^ *battles-battles* Hm…Meditite is blue. *makes note of it* Though I wouldn’t be able to evolve it if I trained it. :-k
~Aaah, out of the forest. :3 Now I just have to beat these fishermen and I can challenge the Gym! xD …….>_> Know what I hate, though? Trainers with six magicarp! D:< You’d better have six Gyrados when I challenge you with VS seeker later, mister!
~Since I’ll be using Flik in the Gym battle, I decided to beef up her level a little outside Eterna City. While doing that, I caught a new member for Team Cobalt! XD

Neo (Meditite, M, Lv13)
Nature: Calm

~Welcome to the family, Neo! xD Okay, level beefing time! Also, I might EV train Neo, since I won’t be evolving him. :-k I’ll think about it.
~While level-beefing Flik further, I came across a Bronzor. They’re blue. And I completely forgot about them. ^-^’’’’ In any case ~ new Team Cobalt member! xD

Lumpy (Bronzor, Lv14)
Nature: Calm. (another one? o_O’)
Ability: Levitate
AND ~ he came with Metal Coat! xD Luuuuuucky♥!

~Onward with the level-beefing! xD /this will take a while/ I’ve definitely decided to EV-train Neo and this is a good place for its decent Machop encounter rate. Mufufufufu…Machop genocide time… X3

~Next day…8:16 AM…uuuuuugggghhhh… *blood-shot eyes* I couldn’t sleep most of the night from excessive coughing so I ended up EV-training Neo. -_- I went back to Sandgem too, for the Starlys…His Speed and Attack are maxed now…nothing spectacular…except I’m pretty much DEAD. o_O’
~Well…all my pokemon are lvl25 now. And, disturbingly enough ~ LUMPY keeps OHKOing everything with Extrasensory. o_O’ Of ALL pokemon! This is my first time training a Bronzor so I’m really surprised. From battling them, I remembered them as WEAK. o_O’ We’ll see how he does in the Gym.
~THE GYM! D: I totally forgot! /rushes over there/ AWRIGHT! I was going to use Flik for this Gym, but seeing how AWESOME Lumpy performed in training, I’ll give him a shot instead. He’s got good defenses which will help and even better resistances. Plus his attacks aren’t half bad either. I foresee hypnosis and Confuse Ray helping me if I get in a pinch. :3 And Extrasensory (actually a cheap move, considering how early on he learns it o_O’), will come in handy against the part-poison types I may encounter there. ^-^
~But FIRST ~ a stop at the Mart. xD …when did I get all this money? o_O’’’ Anyway, stocked up on Super Potions, bought some NetBalls and got that digging thingy from the digging guy. >_>
~NOW I’m off to the Gym! xD ….>_>….the Gym trainers were pitiful as usual…on to Gardenia! xD …………..I beat her easily by shamelessly spamming Extrasensory. xD In any case:
~BADGE GET! X3 Second Checkpoint for Team Cobalt!

Team Report:

Hachi (Prinplup, M, Lv25)
Nature: Adamant
Metal Claw

Flik (Shinx, F, Lv25)
Nature: Brave

Neo (Meditite, M, Lv25)
Nature: Calm
HP Fighting
Calm Mind

Lumpy (Bronzor, Lv26)
Confuse Ray
Iron Defense

~Will check in again after next badge! Peace! (^-^)y

4th March 2010, 12:36 PM
Hatched an Adamant Larvitar yesterday, so I got started on HP [Fire] Sunkern, so far nothing. I hope it shows up soon, but I'm pretty sure it'll happen by tomorrow. Still unsure about what HP to breed for Natu, although I may not because he's got a better movepool than both Typhlosion and Sunflora.

I'm thinking:
Xatu @ Modest
-Air Cutter
-Silver Wind
-HP [Ground]

Psychic and Air Cutter for STAB, Silver Wind to hit Dark/Psychic types, and let's me save Shards I'd be using for Signal Beam, and HP [Ground] for Electric/Rock/Steel types.

4th March 2010, 12:38 PM
Hatched an Adamant Larvitar yesterday, so I got started on HP [Rock] Sunkern, so far nothing. I hope it shows up soon, but I'm pretty sure it'll happen by tomorrow. Still unsure about what HP to breed for Natu, although I may not because he's got a better movepool than both Typhlosion and Sunflora.

EDIT: I realised that Sunflora needs HP [Rock] much more than Fire, as it hits 4/5 of its weakness', and I got tired of breeding it. Also finished Natu pretty quickly, hatched a Modest Synchronize HP [Fighting] after about 5 eggs.

Gonna focus on my other Platinum until HGSS comes out, in 9 DAYS PEOPLE!!!

5th March 2010, 5:52 AM
So, started back on Monday. Chose Chimchar as my starter, and didn't find anything else satisfactory to train for a while. After going through a few likely ones and not liking them during my Gym challenges, I've settled on this as my current team:

Staravia (Fly and Defog slave) or Bibarel (all other HMs slave)

I just finished Distortion World about a minute before typing this. Failed to get Giratina before he wiped my team the first try, but second try I caught him with my very first Ultra Ball! I plan to have Azelf on my competitive team, so I'm probably going to give it the honor of my Master Ball.

Now, onto the 8th Gym and the Elite Four!

5th March 2010, 11:30 AM
So on my second Platinum last night, after a long hiatus, I got back to it. I traveled down Cycling Road, beat all the trainers. Talked to Lucas, and considered evolving Nosepass, but decided against it. Bumped into Cyrus, and picked some berries. Abused the VS. Seeker, got my team up to about lvl 25. Skipped the gym trainers, and challenged Fantina. She was easier than usual. Nosepass used Rollout, dodged a Will-o-wisp, survived a Shadow Claw and a Magical Leaf, and came back with the win. Was quite a suprise, and Rollout is really working well for me.

Magby lvl 25
Azumarril lvl 25
Snover lvl 25
Noctowl lvl 25
Nosepass lvl 26
Hippopotas lvl 26

I also downloaded PCP again, third one I've gotten. I most likely will get a fourth if I finish the game before HGSS, and I'll get my third Jirachi too.

Damn Nintendo will repeat PCP but won't repeat Secret Key. I still kick myself for reseting that away =(

Only good thing is now everyone can get the NEP.

5th March 2010, 11:38 AM
Got mah shiny Pichu via WiFi and that is about it really. I have a bunch of Tyrogues to hatch but I can't be bothered walking lol. I want a Himontop/Hitmonchan badly though.

5th March 2010, 12:40 PM
Platinum: Been training Pokemon and slowly filling pages in the Pokedex. (417 seen, 285 obtained.) My Manectric has reached level 100. My Breloom is currently level 77, my Sandslash is level 64, my Nidoqueen is level 59 and my Ninetales is level 55. Obtained a shiny Pichu over Wi-Fi, which will remain in Pokemon storage until I get Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Elite Four Muadita
5th March 2010, 2:19 PM
Got several events including the jirachi and pichu for HG. I cant believe its only 9 days left!

Restarted platinum in the time being. Choose Turtwig, traded over a Murkrow cause i really think its one of the best flying types.

Went to oreburg where my turtwig owned the gym, now headed towards eternia.

5th March 2010, 3:00 PM
And...here I am! The part two of my saga.

Team Update
LV 26

- BubbleBeam
- Metal Claw
- Pound
- Peck
Got from Rowan on route 202.
Evolved after defeating Roark.

LV 26- Spark
- Bite
- Charge
- Tackle
Captured in route 202.
Evolved after defeating a trainer.

LV 26
- Sunny Day
- Leech Seed
- Petal Dance
- Grass Knot
Captured on the Honey tree.
Evolved against a Hiker right north of Oreburgh city.

LV 22
- Dragon Rage
- Sand Tomb
- Take Down
- Sandstorm
Captured in Wayward cave.

LV 1
- Growl
- Charm
- N/A
- N/A
Obtained from Cynthia, hatched in Jubilife city.

I went through the Cycling Road and level up my team. Battled the hiker near the entrance in the Wayward cave and went looking for Myra. I forgot to bring Rock Smash-Budew with me so I ended up catching Legible instead as a new addition to my team. I encountered two Gible's as I failed to capture the first one, but I found the second one and used my Premier Ball on it.

Battled the trainers on my way to Jubilife and leveled up my newly obtained Gible. I cycled quickly to Jubilife where my Togepi egg hatched. I decided to bring the pokemon with me and I gave it a Soothe Bell to hold. I got a new Poketch app from the president of the company and I headed back home.

On my way to the east I met Dawn who gave me a VS. Seeker and a new Poketch app. Met Cyrus inside of the mountain and picked up a few items using the new app. Leveled up my team on my way to Hearthome and got a new Poketch app from the little girl for berries.

- Received an Odd Keystone.
- Met Keira and her Buneary.
- Met my mother in the Contest Hall and got my tuxedo.
- Talked to Fantina and made her go back to her gym.
- Went on a little walk in the Amity Park with my Prinplup.
- Battled my way later through the Hearthome gym.
- I defeated every single trainer and leveled up my team.
- Challenged Fantina and barely won with my Luxio against her Haunter.
- Got my Poffin Case and made a few poffins.
- Entered a Normal Rank Cool contest and somehow managed to win.

5th March 2010, 4:59 PM
This morning I finally completed my Pokedex in Pearl - apart from Arceus (but I'm going to the UK event on the 21st March, so I'll have one soon enough.)

The last time I managed to finish a pokedex was back in Pokemon Blue.

5th March 2010, 6:22 PM
~Yay, I can use Cut now so I’ll just CUT to the chase and whoop team Galactic. /BROFIST! xD/
~Aaaand I have a bike now! FINALLY! xD MOVIN on – on a BIKE! x3
~Took a brief stop at Old Chateau, to pick up the items. I gave the Dread Plate to Flik to enhance her bite, even a little. She can use ALL the help she can get since I’m keeping her a Shinx. ^-^’’’’
~Trained Flik up on the cycling road. :3 She’s actually not doing too bad, despite the fact I didn’t evolve her. That EV training session with her and Neo last night really gave her a boost. X3
~I can NOT put into words how amusing it is seeing an Onix’s attack drop from Intimidate…by a wee, little Shinx. XD /battling the trainers UNDER the cycling road now/
~I nosed about in the wayward cave for a bit and managed to catch a Gible! x3 It’s blue and so is its evolution, so I’ve decided to train it, though I won’t do any EV training with it. New member for Team Cobalt! XD

Nibbleton (Gible, M, Lv19)
Nature: Impish

~Too lazy to train it now…plus head hurts…I’ll just do the switch method until it gets decent… >_> MOVIN ON! x3

~DAY 3 of this madness ~ I took a ranting break because self-destructing Geodudes kept OHKOing Nibbleton! D:< And just after I haven’t saved for around fifteen minutes and had gotten a TON of work done! This just confirms my theory that ALL the games in the world are programmed to either crash or destroy your character the very SECOND you haven’t saved in 20 minutes or so. D:< RANT!

~Other than that… ( ._.)> …Route 208…Hearthome…In a fit of divine inspiration, I accepted the Eevee from Bebe to evolve into Glaceon later. I’ve never used one and it’s blue, so – perfect opportunity. x3 For now, though, it will sit in the box. ( ._.)
~I like what they did with the Hearthome Gym in Platinum. x3 Anyway, I feel bad for neglecting Flik. I’m going to give her a chance in this Gym and we’ll see what havoc a Shinx can wreack! xD
~Fantina was RIDICULOUSLY easy. o_O’ I just kept spamming Flik’s Bite /and she was holding the Dread Plate/, used a Super Potion once /but that was because that darn Haunter confused her and it succeeded Dx/ and poof ~ win! I took down Mismagius in two blows. o_O’ Eh…whatever…
~Nibbleton was holding ExpShare and he evolved into Gabite after the battle. x3
~BADGE-GET! XD Third Checkpoint for Team Cobalt! x3

Team Status:

Hachi (Prinplup, M, Lv26)
Nature: Adamant
Metal Claw

Flik (Shinx, F, Lv30)
Nature: Brave

Neo (Meditite, M, Lv25)
Nature: Calm
HP Fighting
Calm Mind

Nibbleton (Gabite, M, Lv24)
Nature: Impish

Lumpy (Bronzor, Lv30)
Confuse Ray
Iron Defense

~That’s it! Will check in after the next badge, guys! Off to beef up levels! Peace! (^-^)y

5th March 2010, 7:39 PM
Got the shiny Pichu today. Tried at ten past six in the morning, but got him after school. Yep.
I REACHED MAX TIME!!! My game is a-okay. Phew!
And... chained Duskull. Got to thirty eight, and... broke! ARGH!!! They keep breaking! I hope I'll get one before the 26th... *fingers crossed*

5th March 2010, 10:16 PM
So, having finished up with Team Galactic and obtaining Giratina yesterday, I mused on what my best approach to the 8th gym would be. I didn't have anything particularly effective against electric types, so I figured I'd go get one. After wandering a bit in Iron Island without finding a Steelix, I had an idea.

I headed over to Fuego Ironworks to get a Magnet Pull Magnemite. Only took two, and after getting back to Iron Island it only took a few encounters to get my Steelix. Its nature is horrible, but that's okay, it's not for competitive; I'll get a good one for that later.

So, after teaching Steelix Earthquake and Rock Slide, I sent it at everything the 8th gym could throw at me, and emerged victorious, although Volkner's Raichu's Focus Blast devestated Steelix and I had to throw in my Luxray and Crunch it to death.

Now, to do a LOT of training before I can even begin to think about challening the Elite Four.

Current Team:

Steelix, lv41
Luxray, lv45
Rupert (Kadabra), lv44
Sneasel, lv43
Ponyta, lv27 (in training)
Staravia, lv23 (Fly slave)
Infernape, lv47 (in PC)

6th March 2010, 3:00 AM
So since I last posted, I had beaten Fantina with only Nosepass and his Rollout. It was a real suprise. Anyway, I headed towards my rival battle with Ben. He was easy, as Magby took down his entire team with either HP [Electric] or Flamethrower. I trained along Route 209, beat all the trainers, and made it to Solaceon. Talked to everyone there, got a few apps, and got some PokeBalls from the Reporter. Walked around in the Ruins, and found the HM Defog, and taught it to a random Zubat. Made it to the top of the Lost Tower, and got the stuff from the old women. Hopped on my bike, and traveled towards Veilstone City. Beat all the trainers, and with my team at lvl 29, I cleared out the Gym. Realised I missed Wayward Cave, so I backtracked, and picked up the TM Earthquake. Beat all the trainers in the Cave, picked up the free Shards, found Mira, got out of there, and with my team at lvl 30, I hit the Gym. I have decided to replace Noctowl with Togekiss, and will give Togekiss one last horrah. Noctowl managed to survive a critical Karate Chop from Machoke, and 2HKO Machoke, and Meditite. Then my newly evolved Magmar came and OHKO'd Lucario with Flamethrower. I left, spoke to Lucas, and healed. Currently getting some pokemon ready for trade.

Magmar lvl 30
Milotic lvl 2
Snover lvl 30
Togekiss lvl 2
Nosepass lvl 30
Hippopotas lvl 30

6th March 2010, 3:05 AM
So since I last posted, I had beaten Fantina with only Nosepass and his Rollout. It was a real suprise. Anyway, I headed towards my rival battle with Ben. He was easy, as Magby took down his entire team with either HP [Electric] or Flamethrower. I trained along Route 209, beat all the trainers, and made it to Solaceon. Talked to everyone there, got a few apps, and got some PokeBalls from the Reporter. Walked around in the Ruins, and found the HM Defog, and taught it to a random Zubat. Made it to the top of the Lost Tower, and got the stuff from the old women. Hopped on my bike, and traveled towards Veilstone City. Beat all the trainers, and with my team at lvl 29, I cleared out the Gym. Realised I missed Wayward Cave, so I backtracked, and picked up the TM Earthquake. Beat all the trainers in the Cave, picked up the free Shards, found Mira, got out of there, and with my team at lvl 30, I hit the Gym. I have decided to replace Noctowl with Togekiss, and will give Togekiss one last horrah. Noctowl managed to survive a critical Karate Chop from Machoke, and 2HKO Machoke, and Meditite. Then my newly evolved Magmar came and OHKO'd Lucario with Flamethrower. I left, spoke to Lucas, and healed. Currently getting some pokemon ready for trade.

Magmar lvl 30
Milotic lvl 2
Snover lvl 30
Togekiss lvl 2
Nosepass lvl 30
Hippopotas lvl 30

6th March 2010, 4:02 AM
Word of advice. If the forum ever gives you that "you can not post so fast, try again in XXX seconds... it means you already posted the message, even though it's still on the message creation screen. Don't click post message again. ;)

6th March 2010, 9:13 AM
Hatched a Mareep egg in Platinum. Got real excited because I thought I had just hatched my first shiny, but was surprised and disappointed when I went to it's summary to realize it was normal...

Was anyone else deceived by Mareep's Platinum sprite? lol Damn and I knew a shiny Mareep was suppose to be pink too but had forgotten.

Dragon trainer
6th March 2010, 11:13 AM
All three: Got the shiny Pichu :) very chuffed. I'll happily trade one away for an Arceus.

Diamond: I'm training everyone up to level 15. Just reached Florama Town. Shadow and Tombstone are a bit behind i want to get Eevee onto my team soon and Elekid.

6th March 2010, 5:13 PM
So I decided to rethink my team late last night. First on the list was getting a Gallade that knew Shadow Sneak, so I set out to find a female Ralts (and realized I hadn't bothered to ever catch ANY Ralts yet). Took me maybe half an hour, and then I went to get my male Duskull, which took all of a minute over at Lost Tower. Stuck them in Day Care, ran up and down the road for a few minutes, got the Egg, ran some more and accidentally got a second Egg. Guess I'll stick that one in the PC and see if I want it later.

I was lucky enough to get an Adamant Ralts on my FIRST TRY! Sweetness. Started EV Speed training on Floatzel/Wingull/Electabuzz outside Sunyshore, currently have it 151. Having never EV trained something before, I didn't realize how goddamn long it takes.

After finishing with Gallade, my plan is then to start EV training my Modest Magmar, another one I was lucky enough to catch first try.

Current Team:

Luxray, lv49

Gallade, lv29

And HM slaves Bibarel and Staravia.

6th March 2010, 6:16 PM
I was bored, so I decided to go through Platinum with only a Bidoof. It's surprisingly strong, Hyper Fang is like killing everything in one hit, and Rollout is a beast when it gets going...I took down Roark at level 17, using only Defense Curl(yay for Simple) and Rollout. I'm currently at level 28 in Eterna Forest, and planning on being level 30 before I try Gardenia...merely for the fact that, while she'll be easy, Fantina will be a PAIN. Every level counts. :3

:B the Bidoof-level 28
Defense Curl
Hyper Fang

6th March 2010, 6:32 PM
After a long time of breeding, and having to trade back and forth between my two Platinum files, I finally got my Feebas and Togepi ready. Traded them back to my main Platinum, and evolved both. Took a while gaining Togepi's happiness, I drained most of my money for the Vitamins. Trained it up a level, evolved it into Togetic, and evolved it again with a Shiny Stone. Used some Heart Scales to get both Aura Sphere and Air Slash, and traded it to my other Platinum. Next I cloned some Pamtre Berries on my Emerald, sent them up to Platinum, and made a few Poffins. Feebas evolved shortly after, and then I traded it also. Currently training both up to the rest of my team.

Magmar lvl 31
Milotic lvl 25
Snover lvl 30
Togekiss lvl 19
Nosepass lvl 30
Hippopotas lvl 30

Going to evolve Nosepass soon, I'm pretty excited for one.

6th March 2010, 10:36 PM
I've been rethinking the Platinum team I built on my second one, and realized I wanted to build a new one. So now I'm working on a new roster. So far, I've bred a Phanpy and now I'm trying to figure out who will fill out the rest of the roster.

6th March 2010, 11:39 PM
Hmm. Making my first post in here kinda late into the game, but oh well :P .

I'm playing Platinum.
At the moment, I'm training my team in Iron Island for the Canalave gym battle. Hoping to get everyone up to Lv40 before Riley leaves :P . Here's my current team (In-game only. I don't do EV's/IV's. Not really natures either.)

Gallade Lv37 Hasty
- Swords Dance
- Leaf Blade
- Psycho Cut
- Brick Break

Crobat Lv34 Lax (sadly)
- Confuse Ray
- Wing Attack
- Fly
- Bite

Leafeon Lv40 Timid (meh)
@Miracle Seed
- Magical Leaf (temporary)
- Bullet Seed (temporary)
- Synthesis
- Quick Attack (temporary)

Rotom Lv40 Jolly (ergg)
@Spooky Plate
- Thunder Shock (eventually gonna switch with Thunder Wave)
- Confuse Ray
- Shock Wave
- Ominous Wind

Gabite Lv40 Lonely
@Amulet Coin ($_$)
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Aerial Ace
- Take Down (temporary)

Empoleon Lv40 Rash
@Sea Incense
- Surf
- BubbleBeam (temporary)
- Metal Claw (temporary)
- Brine (temporary)

Sooo Yeah :P . More updates coming later ^_^ .

6th March 2010, 11:44 PM
I finally got my Togekiss and Milotic up to the rest of my team, who are all at lvl 30, and I'm headed to Pastoria City.

7th March 2010, 3:05 AM
I got Gallade to Lv39 and decided against teaching it Feint. Leveled him up one more time making him Lv40. Then I started training Crobat. I took off Wing Attack for Poison Fang at Lv39. Got him up one more level. My whole team was then Lv40 :D . Beat the Galactic Grunts. I didn't have an open space in my party, so I just left Riley and his egg alone. Left Iron Island. Went to the gym and beat all the underlings with Gallade and Gabite. I OHKO Byron's Magneton with an Earthquake from Gabite. 2HKO Steelix with Gabite's Earthquake. OHKO Bastiodon with Empoleon's Surf. Went to the library, talked with the Prof. EARTHQUAKE!!! That's where I am atm. about to head to Lake Valor :P .

;444; Gabite - Lv41
;395; Empoleon - Lv41
;475; Gallade - Lv41
;479; Rotom - Lv40
;470; Leafeon - Lv40
;169; Crobat - Lv40

More coming soon :P .

7th March 2010, 3:27 AM
After my team evened out, I traveled to Pastoria City, and made it there quick, after beating all the trainers with Hippopotas so it could evolve, and returning a few times to heal off damage. I also flew to Mt. Coronet, and evolved Nosepass too, he's been awesome since evolving. Reached Pastoria City, and Snover/Magmar defeated my rival Ben. Hit the gym, defeating all the trainers, and headed out east. Beat all the Fisherman, found a TM Silver Wind and a couple of Shards, and reached Hearthome City. Flew back to Pastoria City, and challenged Crasher Wake. He was easy, as Probopass 2HKO'd Gyarados with Shock Wave, and Snover OHKO'd Quagsire, and revenge killed Floatzel after I sacrificed a severly weakened Probopass to heal off Snover. Got the TM and the Badge, and saved. I plan to let both Milotic and Togekiss take a shot at Byron, Magmortar and Probopass will take down Candice, and Hippowdon will solo Volkner somehow.

Magmar lvl 35
Milotic lvl 35
Snover lvl 35
Togekiss lvl 35
Probopass lvl 35
Hippowdon lvl 35

7th March 2010, 4:46 AM
I got a PCP on my Pearl and Platinum from the Gamestop event (forgot to post about it) and I am going to trade my Pearl PCP to Platinum once my Darkrai hunt finishes.
Darkrai Hunt is at 3000 SRs.
After that I will reset Pearl, download a new PCP, trade and then repeat till I have an army of PCP and will probably trade them off to people who don't have Wifi but will have Wifi after the event or for whatever.

7th March 2010, 5:02 AM
I got two jirachis today one for my diamond version and one for my platinum version. I'm all set for HG, i have pcp, arceus and jirachi.

7th March 2010, 8:57 AM
Decided to try out the battle hall with my Kingdra. Started out by destroying all the dragons with outrage (of course). Then I annihilated all the ice types. Decided to take out the ghost types. First pokemon off the bat, freaking SHEDINJA. I'm still staring at my DS screen now in disbelief. Of course I don't want to give up, but all my power is useless.

I hate Shedinja forever now.

7th March 2010, 1:08 PM
So I was thinking of doing a Fire Monotype in Pearl... 2 Pokemon, should be easy right? But decided against it and created a new team. Plus after 2 years I still haven't beaten the Elite 4, my goal is to beat it before HGSS is out.

Nabbed Chimchar, went off to level him off. Yadda yadda. Caught a Shinx, Zubat and Budew. Training them all now at Oreburgh Mine =D love the Onix that keep appearing.

Once they're all Level 16 I'm taking on Roark.

7th March 2010, 1:39 PM
First things first. I have FINALLY caught that Shiny Duskull! Took a lot of work, but worth it! Now my targets are Oddish and Zubat, with the occasional Numel or Castform chain.
Apart from that, not much. Tested Hades (he's the Duskull) out on Shinx, Bidoof and Ponyta. He's pretty good. Foresight doesn't work the other way round, so I ran from that Bidoof. So... yeah. Hopefully I can catch two or three more shinies before the 26th.

neo darkrai
7th March 2010, 3:28 PM
I've been doing stuff. I visited the Underground after who knows how long. I EV trained Pokemon from Pearl leaving only Giratina left. My Pokedex is close to completion, only needing one Pokemon to finish it. For those wondering what I need, it's Venonat.

7th March 2010, 4:15 PM
So after beating Crasher Wake last night, I continued on my journey. I spoke to Ben briefly, and saw Crasher Wake. The Grunt had his little rant, so I chased him down. Looker showed up, slow as ever to the scene. He left, so I kept going. Found the Grunt, and destroyed him with Togekiss. Cynthia told me to go to the Psyduck, after she was mistaken for being my sister, when she looks much more like Barry (that'd be weird if they were related. The older sister is the Champion, and the father is the Battle Tower Tycoon.) Anyway, helped the Psyduck out, got the Old Charm, and took HM Slave Tropius out of the PC. DeFog'd the area, found a couple of items, beat all the stupid ninjas, and made it to Celestic Town. Doubled back after I healed, beat the rest of the trainers on both sides, and the Grunt outside the Ruins. Checked out the cave painting, and talked to the Elder and Cyrus. (I keep forgetting to say no to him). Probopass wiped the floor with Cyrus, although it got frozen by Sneasel's Ice Punch. Afterwards, taught the Surf HM to Milotic, and headed to Canalave City. I Surf'd across, beat the Fisherman, talked to Lucas' father, and saved.

Hippowdon lvl 36
Probopass lvl 36
Magmar lvl 37
Milotic lvl 37
Snover lvl 39
Togekiss lvl 40

8th March 2010, 2:34 AM
Glad to be starting my scramble challenge. Here's what has happened so far:

-Started the game; named my character Masao and my rival Tetsuji.
-Did the Lake Verity event; chose Chimchar.
-After telling mom what happened at Lake Verity I got the running shoes from her; headed to Sandgem.
-In Sandgem, Rowan let me keep Chimchar, which is now known as Chimzaru. All my Pokémon in this challenge will have Zaru at the end of their nickname.
-Went back to Twinleaf and received a Package from Tetsuji's mother and I have to deliver it to her over active, ADD son.
-Learned how to catch Pokémon with the help of Dawn (am I the only one who wishes you could choose NOT to watch the capture tutorial?)
-Trained Chimzaru up to level 9 and it learned both Ember and Taunt in the process.
-Spammed Ember against the three trainers on Route 202. Murdered them all and made myself LAWL.
-Found Tetsuji in the trainer's school. He gave me a Town Map, what I believe is the most useless item in the entire game. Tetsuji tells me there's a gym in Oreburgh City. Guess I'm heading there next.
-Defeated the nerds in the trainer school; got TM10 (Hidden Power).
-Got a Pokétch.
-Battled Tetsuji for the first time. Pawned his Starly but had a difficult time with Piplup.
-OHKO all the trainers's Pokémon on Route 203 except for Sebastian's Machop.
-Got HM06 (Rock Smash) in the Oreburgh Gate.
-Arrived in Oreburgh City and was directed to the mine by Tetsuji.
-Right outside the mine, I received a Super Potion from some worker! I also found a stardust in a large hill of coal.
-In the beginning area of the mine, I found a X Defend.
-In the mine, I had an incredibly long battle with an Onix. It died with a burn...my fifth burn...which means...
-Evolved Chimzaru.
-Found the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City, Roark, in the mine. He returned to the gym.
-Owned the Oreburgh Gym with Chimzaru's Rock Smash (I didn't get it to get Mach Punch because it was past level 14 when it evolved).
-Received the Coal Badge and TM76 (Stealth Rock), which was then taught to Chimzaru.
-Ran into Tetsuji again. He told me to go to Eternea City for my next badge.
-Went back to Jubilife; entered a Tag Battle with Dawn and Turtwig against two Team Galactic grunts; we won and prevented them from performing 'massive damage'.
-Got an Accessory Kit from a man who works at Jubilife TV.
-Avoided the three trainers on Route 204 and entered the Ravaged Path; got an Antidote and a TM39 (Rock Tomb).
-Exited the Ravaged Path, continued to avoid Trainers as best as I could but got stuck battling the Aroma Lady; got an Awakening and TM09 (Bullet Seed).
-Arrived in Floaroma Town and immediately left and met a little girl who asked me to find her father at the Valley Windworks.
-Arrived at the Valley Windworks, found a potion and then went into the grass and caught a Buizel and named it Buizaru.
-Went and leveled Buizaru up to level 9 before deciding to call it a day

Current Party:
Chimzaru the ;391;
Level 19
Lax nature
Attack: 34
Defense: 26
Sp. Attack: 36
Sp. Defense: 25
Speed: 38
*Flame Wheel
*Stealth Rock
*Rock Smash

Buizaru the ;418;
Level 9
Relaxed nature
Attack: 16
Defense: 13
Sp. Attack: 18
Sp. Defense: 10
Speed: 18
*Water Gun
*Quick Attack
*Water Spout

Tomorrow, I'll train Buizaru more, do the Valley Windworks event, hopefully get started on Eterna Forest and possibly add two more members to my team! See you all then!

8th March 2010, 6:09 AM
Finished Speed EV training my Gallade, and now I'm sick of grinding. I think I'll grab my party and make a go at Victory Road.

Oh, and my Luxray, who was the one doing all the fighting for my Gallade's Speed EV training...HOLY CRAP; Speed is its highest stat now, when before it was just decent and about 30 points lower than its Atk/SpAtk.

Made my first go at the Elite Four, and after beating Aaron realized I stupidly forgot to PC my HM slave to get a 6th Pokemon, which would have been handy. Nevertheless, I pressed on and almost defeated Bertha. It came down to her Rhyperior against my Kadabra, with the rest of my team fainted. I Grass Knotted it and literally brought it down to a tiny sliver, and then it OHKOed with Avalanche. So, now I'm SpAtk EV training my Kadabra a bit, and then I'm also going to Atk EV train my Sneasel before heading back and trying again.

Current Team:

"Rupert" the Kadabra, lv47
Shock Wave
Grass Knot

Luxray, lv53
Charge (useless, havent gotten anything to replace it yet)
Thunder (for more damage or against Physically strong walls)

"Navi" the Haunter, lv44
Shadow Ball
Night Shade
Confuse Ray
Dark Pulse

Sneasel, lv46
Faint Attack
Ice Punch

Infernape, lv52
Flame Wheel
Mach Punch
Close Combat
Strength (need to replace now that I'm through Victory Road...)

Steelix, lv44
Rock Slide
Iron Tail
Sandstorm (Needs replacing)

Current Pokedex:
200 Seen
076 Caught

8th March 2010, 12:08 PM
Word of advice. If the forum ever gives you that "you can not post so fast, try again in XXX seconds... it means you already posted the message, even though it's still on the message creation screen. Don't click post message again.


8th March 2010, 12:39 PM
~O-KAY! Outside Hearthome, trained everyone until they were at least lvl30. Went back to Old Chateau to get Rotom. Doubled back immediately…encountered a clefairy in Mt. Coronet…DIE! D:<

~TWO DAYS LATER: I neglected playing pokemon for NWN! D’: It was SO weird, I don’t even LIKE that game! DX Anyway, I’m back at it! xD
~Caught a Staravia to be my second HM slave. ^-^ I have to chase away that fog at the Lost Tower SOMEHOW, hehe/ xD I love the Lost Tower. In fact, I love ALL them spooky-type places that have Gastlys and Haunters strolling about. Because I love Gastlys and Haunters. xD If I weren’t lazy, I’d hunt for a shiny one to use on my team, since shiny Gastlys are blue. :<
~Done in the tower and off to Solaceon. …GOD, the music in this town is boring! D:
~Easily trained everyone to Lv35 by challenging the breeder with vs seeker over and over and beating his Happiny to a pulp. ^-^ If only I knew WHY exactly that thing is worth 1255 XP… o_O’ Oh, AND I got alotta money! x3 I’m gonna spend it all on Moomoo milk!
~Also ~ Hachi evolved to Empoleon! ^o^ WHAAAAT!? Empoleon learns Aqua Jet!? D:/ But…but…it’s so burly and heavy and non-hydrodynamic! DX Eh…whatever… >.>
~Bought 58 Moomoo milks. :3 Aaaaaw, Psyducks are SO cute! ^o^ *crushhuggles them* I’d train a Golduck if I didn’t already have a Water type on my team. ^-^
~Aaaaaand, Veilstone at LAST! ^o^ DEPARTMENT STORE! Department Store! Whooo! ^0^ - - - Bought 71 lava cookies. x3
~After nosing around town for a while, I’m ready for the Gym! /looks grimly determined/ I have an undying grudge against the Gym leader for having Lucario before me. :< So now I will annihilate her! x3 /and her little DOG, too!/
~How I love kicking that kid’s rear end no one knows but me. ^-^ Nibbleton and Hachi did a fine number on her. x3
~In any case ~ BADGE-GET! ^0^ Fourth checkpoint for Team Cobalt! ^0^

~Team Status:

Hachi (Empoleon, M, Lv36)
Nature: Adamant

Flik (Shinx, F, Lv38)
Nature: Brave

Neo (Meditite, M, Lv35)
Nature: Calm

Nibbleton (Gabite, M, Lv36)
Nature: Impish.

~That’s it for now, folks! Will check in after the next badge! x3 Peace! (^-^)y

8th March 2010, 3:05 PM
Well I made it to Canalave City yesterday, and beat my rival with ease. My Snover beat Staraptor and Torterra, Togekiss beat Heracross, Milotic beat Rapidash, and Probopass beat Floatzel. I strolled around Iron Island, evening my team out to lvl 40, and finding a bunch of items, especially shard. I love shards. Took the boat back, and beat the Gym trainers. I challenged Byron with Togekiss and Milotic, and won handily. Togekiss OHKO'd both Magneton and Bastiodon with Aura Sphere, and Milotic OHKO'd Steelix with Surf. Afterwards, followed my rival Ben to the Library, spoke to people in there, who after the bomb goes off, all seem to say their legs feel like jelly... Anyway, I still don't understand how they could hear the explosion from the other side of the "earth". News also travels quick in that town too. Anyway back on topic. I flew to Pastoria, and biked to Lake Valor. My newly evolved Abomasnow defeated Saturn somehow, and I flew to Twinleaf Town. Spoke to my mom, and beat Mars at Lake Verity. Heard about what's going down at Lake Acuity, so I flew to Celestic Town and started the long trek up. With my Max Repels, I combed Mt. Coronet, and found loads of items. Made it out the other side, beat the trainers hanging around. Healed a few times, bumped into Maylene, which is so random. It'd be awesome if her Lucario was next to her, also training. Beat all the weirdos skiing in circles, and found HM08 Rock Climb. Spoke to the people in the houses, and beat more trainers. Made it to Snowpoint City, and trained my team to lvl 45. Beat the Gym trainers, and evolved Magmar into Magmortar. I then challenged Candice, where Magmortar wiped the floor with her. Healed, and currently Surfing around to new places like Fuego Ironworks and whatnot.

neo darkrai
8th March 2010, 7:38 PM
Although I didn't get that Venonat for the National Pokedex, I got an Egg of one. Hatching the thing later. I also had a wild encounter with a shiny Graveler on the Route south of Veilstone City. To be cautious I decide to send out Darkrai for a Dark Void. Graveler uses Selfdestruct on the switch and leaves me sad.

9th March 2010, 3:40 AM
^Wow that sucks about the shiny Graveler. Was that your first ever shiny?

Anyway, as for me, after I beat Candice, I used Rock Climb a lot on new places, Surf'd around, and spent some time Underground, found some useful items there. After I spoke to Jupiter at Lake Acuity, I flew to TG HQ in Veilstone, teamed up with Looker (even though he didn't do much at all), and beat all the Grunts. I just defeated Cyrus with my Probopass, and currently I'm climbing Mt. Coronet to dive into the mysterious place known as the Distortion World.

Typhlosion Trainer
9th March 2010, 4:14 AM
I did one thing on my games tonight. I traded over a Misdreavus, Seedot, Lotad, and Murkrow from my Diamond to my Pt. Still working on the pokedex.

9th March 2010, 4:33 AM
Made my second go at the Elite Four just a bit ago. Made it further this time, beating Bertha with still 4 Pokemon conscious. With great difficulty (In the form of his ridiculously fast and powerful Infernape. My Luxray was the only one who wasn't OHKOed) I got through all of Flint's team except Magmortar, and was ultimately defeated by him.

I realized that my Haunter is way behind level, and power-wise compared to the rest of the team, and in the event that I beat Flint I will need him powerful to defeat Lucian's Psychics, so I am now training him up. Also, since I've spent so much money on Potions of all kind and Revives, I'm almost totally out of money, so I grabbed the Amulet Coin from Amity Square and am now Vs Seeker spamming the rich people outside of Pokemon Mansion.

Oh yeah, also evolved my Sneasel to Weavile before that latest attempt at the E4. Thinking about replacing Steelix and training up a Gible, because this Steelix just isn't very good, and I need a good Ground-type for this group. The Dragon type is a nice bonus, too, I guess.

Current Team
Haunter + lv46
Kadabra + lv48
Weavile + lv47
Luxray + lv53
Steelix + lv44
Infernape + lv52

Time Played: 45:06
Pokemon Seen: 201
Pokemon Caught: 77

9th March 2010, 6:01 AM
I'm working on project "EV Train the Pokedex", which is where I EV train every non-legendary Pokemon. I've EV trained the Kanto Starters, Gyrados, Butterfree and Beedrill so far. I'm mostly going in order. Yes, I have time on my hands, but it doesn't take too long for me to EV train. Thank god for Pokerus and the special bands.

Pidgey is next. My Everstone Adamant Ditto so far has giving me other +Attack Natures and Modest. I'm rather annoyed.

neo darkrai
9th March 2010, 7:34 PM
^Wow that sucks about the shiny Graveler. Was that your first ever shiny?

Not my first shiny encounter, but I was still disappointed.

Anyways, I'm just walking around Sinnoh with this Egg that will be the last thing in the Pokedex. Although the last post is not yet here, I already know what to do for it. I'll let you guys know that I'm having a rematch with my Pearl Version for the last post. It's going to be big.

9th March 2010, 7:36 PM
Okay, I'm getting very close to beating the Elite Four. I got past Lucian this time, and with a Charged Thunder my Luxray OHKOed Cynthia's Spiritomb. But then she sent out her Garchomp, and it all went downhill from there. None of my Pokemon could outspeed it, and the only one who wasn't OHKOed was my Luxray, and you can imagine how effective he was. So, I am now Speed EV training my Weavile, and probably my Kadabra as well, before heading back in for my fifth attempt at the Elite Four.

I also realized that through all four attempts so far, my Haunter had never actually fought anything; it always acted as a meat shield while I revived/healed the rest of my team. As such, I am ditching it and will now try to figure out what to replace it with.

Current Team:
Weavile + lv49
Luxray + lv55
Infernape + lv53
Kadabra + lv50
Gabite + lv46 (in training)
(Sixth spot yet to be filled)

Pokemon seen: 205
Pokemon caught: 80
Time Played: 49:45

9th March 2010, 7:48 PM
I climbed Mt. Coronet last night, and just spammed the Itemfinder app, I found so many Star Pieces/Max Revives, it was awesome. Anyway, I combed the area, defeated the Grunts, and got some valuable experience for my pokemon. Made it to the peak, and beat the two Grunts that claim to be the toughest, but are far from it...

I saved before the climatic scene of Platinum, and challenged Jupiter and Mars with my rival Ben. Abomasnow was out first, and it set up Leech Seed on both Bronzors and Bens Munchlax, and then spammed Blizzard. Skuntank comes out, and kills Abomasnow with Flamethrower (there are so many more worthy pokemon to learn Flamethrower through level up, such as most of the dragon types.) Anyway, Hippowdon finished off Skuntank and then Purugly. The Golbats were last, and with absolutely no help fron Ben, Hippowdon KO'd both with Rock Slide. After Ben healed me, I watched the awesomeness unfold. I love the video no matter how many times I see it. Cyrus gets dragged into the Distortion World, with Cynthia and I in hot pursuit. I fumbled around in there, going in circles plenty of times, and finally finished the thing with the Pixies. Met Cynthia and Cyrus, and challenged Cyrus with Togekiss. It OHKOd all of them with Air Slash, thanks in part to flinch hax ;). Afterwards, I caught Giratina for no reason, in an Ultra Ball. I wanted it in a Pokeball, but I had about 3. Cynthia healed me, I flew to Sandgem, spoke to Rowan, and saved.

Abomasnow lvl 48
Milotic lvl 48
Magmortar lvl 48
Togekiss lvl 50
Probopass lvl 50
Hippowdon lvl 50

9th March 2010, 7:51 PM
I climbed Mt. Coronet last night, and just spammed the Itemfinder app, I found so many Star Pieces/Max Revives, it was awesome. Anyway, I combed the area, defeated the Grunts, and got some valuable experience for my pokemon. Made it to the peak, and beat the two Grunts that claim to be the toughest, but are far from it...

I saved before the climatic scene of Platinum, and challenged Jupiter and Mars with my rival Ben. Abomasnow was out first, and it set up Leech Seed on both Bronzors and Bens Munchlax, and then spammed Blizzard. Skuntank comes out, and kills Abomasnow with Flamethrower (there are so many more worthy pokemon to learn Flamethrower through level up, such as most of the dragon types.) Anyway, Hippowdon finished off Skuntank and then Purugly. The Golbats were last, and with absolutely no help fron Ben, Hippowdon KO'd both with Rock Slide. After Ben healed me, I watched the awesomeness unfold. I love the video no matter how many times I see it. Cyrus gets dragged into the Distortion World, with Cynthia and I in hot pursuit. I fumbled around in there, going in circles plenty of times, and finally finished the thing with the Pixies. Met Cynthia and Cyrus, and challenged Cyrus with Togekiss. It OHKOd all of them with Air Slash, thanks in part to flinch hax ;). Afterwards, I caught Giratina for no reason, in an Ultra Ball. I wanted it in a Pokeball, but I had about 3. Cynthia healed me, I flew to Sandgem, spoke to Rowan, and saved.

Abomasnow lvl 48
Milotic lvl 48
Magmortar lvl 48
Togekiss lvl 50
Probopass lvl 50
Hippowdon lvl 50

9th March 2010, 8:20 PM
Foxyman, I loled when I read that you Seeded your rival's Munchlax. It really is useless during that battle, doing nothing but Stockpiling and Swallowing with maybe 1 or 2 Body Slams. So, really, good idea on your part, that Munchlax is basically free HPs.

neo darkrai
10th March 2010, 12:30 AM
I've done some battles and have the maximum amount of money that I can carry. There's quite a few things left for me to do including hatching my Egg. All the things I plan to do will be done before HeartGold and SoulSilver are released.

10th March 2010, 1:15 AM
Well my ds broke so im getting another one on ebay tonight. :) Plan on getting platinum off lockerz and buying soulsilver so i guess im gonna sell my diamond, any real reasons to keep it?

10th March 2010, 1:18 AM
Foxyman, I loled when I read that you Seeded your rival's Munchlax. It really is useless during that battle, doing nothing but Stockpiling and Swallowing with maybe 1 or 2 Body Slams. So, really, good idea on your part, that Munchlax is basically free HPs.

Yeah, I did the same thing with Cheryl's Chansey in Eterna Forest, that thing is worthless as a partner. All it did was Stockpile and Swallow, until it got killed by Bronzor.

10th March 2010, 2:12 AM
Didn't get to do much the last couple days, but I have leveled Buizaru up to level 15 before I went to fight off Team Galactic in and around Floraoma Town and at the Valley Windworks.

It was pretty easy until I got to Mars's Purugly, which defeated Buizaru before being taken by Chimzaru.

Then, I went to Eterna Forest, where I caught a Misdreavus, which was named Misszaru. That's pretty much all that happened.

Current Party:
Chimzaru the ;391;
Level 20
Lax nature
Attack: 38
Defense: 29
Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 27
Speed: 43
*Flame Wheel
*Rock Tomb
*Rock Smash

Buizaru the ;418;
Level 18
Relaxed nature
Attack: 28
Defense: 23
Sp. Attack: 31
Sp. Defense: 16
Speed: 35
*Water Gun
*Quick Attack

Misszaru the ;200;
Level 11
Hasty nature
Attack: 21
Defense: 18
Sp. Attack: 25
Sp. Defense: 26
Speed: 28

10th March 2010, 7:53 AM
Woo! That EV training with my Weavile paid off. Also, I had my Gallade Exp Shared so its Attack EV training is now done and all that is left is to level it up.

I finally beat the Elite Four on my sixth attempt, and now intend to explore what's left of the world and really get started on my Pokedex -- what part of it I can get done without WiFi, anyway.

Went to the Battle Frontier, faced Volkner and Flint and was greatly annoyed by Volkner's Jolteon spamming Charge Beam, but got through it... rival Vincent was useless, of course. I then went through a round in the Battle Castle with Weavile/Infernape/Kadabra, although I never used Kadabra. Earned my first 3 BP, saved and quit for the night.

Current Team:
Luxray + lv56
"Rupert" the Kadabra + lv51
"Protoss" the Gallade + lv47
Infernape + lv59
Weavile + lv58
Garchomp + lv51 (probably not going to keep him around. I barely even used him during E4)

Time Played: 54:26
Pokemon Seen: 207
Pokemon Obtained: 081

10th March 2010, 6:47 PM
I started a new game recently. I am at Canalave City now. I am going to train at iron island for a little bit and challenge Byron.
My team is

Also, I am so happy! On sunday I was playing my Platinum, I was up at Fuego Iron Works. I then went over to Route 205 on accident and I went into the grass. I was so surprised. I had found a Shiny Buizel!!! I caught it in a great ball I think. I am very happy, I got one of my favorite Pokemon as a shiny! I am not going to use it in my platinum I am going to trade it to SS.

10th March 2010, 7:39 PM
Man... it's been a while. Let's see if I can remember what I did last before I go on to what I'm doing now.



Oh yes, now I know. Last time I checked I was working on my Gyarados. Okay, he's been taken care of, and from there, I went over to select my Kabuto to train (Jolly nature from Fire Red, score!), put my Riolu egg into a box as well as breeding a Porygon in order to get another egg. Both eggs shall be sent to Soul Silver once I get it.

From there... right, Kabuto. Seeing as it was traded from Diamond, it got boosted experience. Didn't exactly want that, so I gave it exp share, while using my Infernape to battle for it (doing this to get the right EVs: Attack and Speed). Evolved it, and now I'm currently working with a level 45 Kabutops.


neo darkrai
10th March 2010, 7:46 PM
I still have to hatch that Venonat egg. Other than that, I RNGd for a Hasty Pichu egg with Hidden Power Ice70. I'll trade the egg to SoulSilver later on and hatch it there.

10th March 2010, 9:17 PM
I picked up my Platinum file, and beat all the trainers along Route 222. I fished around for a good Remoraid to talk to the Fisherman, IDK what I would get anyway. My team made it to level 50 from a combination of Fisherman Cole and the Gym trainers. I also found out from a clown that the Underground Man is Byrons father, and Roarks father. Thats nice. I spoke to everyone in Sunyshore, including someone who mentioned Cyrus' childhood. Spoke to Flint too, and Jasmine. (Even though everyone says it, Jasmine being in a seperate series from her own is such a clear cut sign that HGSS was coming.) I challenged Volkner with Hippowdon and Probopass, the sooner who OHKO'd both Jolteon and Raichu with Earthquake, and the latter 3HKOing both Electivire and Luxray, but needed to be healed in the process. Afterwards I got HM Waterfall from Jasmine, and am currently Surfing towards the Pokemon League.

By the way, I love looking through the binoculars in Lighthouse at the Pokemon League, the fog makes it so ominous.

Magmortar lvl 50
Milotic lvl 50
Abomasnow lvl 50
Togekiss lvl 50
Probopass lvl 50
Hippowdon lvl 50

neo darkrai
10th March 2010, 10:52 PM
I've just been doing stuff. Not really anything productive, but I did want to list a few things that I'm going to different in HGSS posts.

-I'll actually start my posts at the beginning of my journey unlike these posts where I started posting during Hearthome City
-I'll detail what's in my team so people know what I'm using
-I'll try to make the posts good and stuff

On Platinum the Egg is close to hatching, but I got bored and decided to hatch it later. The battle with Pearl won't have a video number because I currently don't have access to Wi-Fi, but I'll probably make a spoiler detailing the battle.

10th March 2010, 11:57 PM
I made it to Victory Road after I Surf'd along Route 223. I beat all the trainers with my Probopass, and when he reached level 55, I made it to the first entrance to Victory Road. Tossed it in the PC, took out a HM Slave Bibarel, and entered Victory Road. I brought a few Max Repels, and used most of them. I beat every trainer that I could find, and combed the area with my Item finder app, and found bunches of items. I wish more Star Pieces had shown up, but beggars can't be choosers. Eventually I made it out, and currently powerleveling my team.

Magmortar lvl 50
Milotic lvl 55
Abomasnow lvl 52
Togekiss lvl 55
Probopass lvl 55
Hippowdon lvl 53

11th March 2010, 1:08 AM
Currently going into my 7th battle in the Battle Tower, and I've had to use nothing but my Weavile. The other two I brought were Infernape and Gallade, but if things continue this way, I won't need them at all, hehe. I'll delay posting this until I've done more...


Having never quite looked at the Sinnoh Dex list, I was not aware that I was only 3 away from completing it. Awesome! I just have to find a fisherman that has a Feebas (not going to try and find my own at this time) and then go to Uxie and Mesprit at their lakes. Easy-peasy.

There. I didn't bother to catch Uxie, and obviously Mesprit ran off. Why not catch Uxie? Well, I don't see myself ever using it -- Azelf is the one with good attack stats, and it's safely in my Master Ball. If I ever really want to actually own an Uxie, I can always trade for one at a later date. So, anyway, with my Sinnoh Dex complete, I went and grabbed the PokeRadar from Rowan and am now going to Pal Park some stuff over from Emerald. WOOT!

11th March 2010, 1:07 PM
Well its official. I beat the Pokemon League last night. It was easy at first, but soon became a challenge.

Probopass vs. Yanmega
OHKO'd with Rock Slide
Probopass vs. Vespiquen
OHKO'd with Rock Slide
Togekiss vs. Heracross
OHKO'd with Air Slash
Hippowdon vs. Drapion
OHKO'd with Earthquake
Magmortar vs. Scizor
OHKO'd with Flamethrower

Definitely the easiest of the lot.

Abomasnow vs. Whishcash
OHKO'd by Wood Hammer
Milotic vs. Gliscor
OHKO'd with Ice Beam
Milotic vs. Rhyperior
OHKO'd with Surf
Milotic vs. Golem
OHKO'd with Surf
Abomasnow vs. Hippowdon
OHKO'd with Blizzard

Easier than usual, based on the fact I had a Special Water (Milotic) rather than a Physical Water (Floatzel).

Milotic vs. Houndoom
2HKO with Surf, because he set up Sunny Day.
Hippowdon vs. Infernape
OHKO with Earthquake, but Infernape set up Sunny Day
Togekiss vs. Magmortar
2HKO with Air Slash
Hippowdon vs. Flareon
OHKOd by Overhear
Milotic vs. Flareon
OHKO'd by Surf
Milotic vs. Rapidash
2HKO'd with Surf. They set up Sunny Day again...

Flint was okay, but setting up Sunny Day really annoyed me, good thing I have both Sandstream and Snow Warning on my team.

Hippowdon vs. Mr. Mime
2HKO'd with Crunch, but they set up Reflect.
Milotic vs. Gallade
After a series of Potions and misses from Stone Edge, and a combination of Surf and Sandstorm, he fainted.
Togekiss vs. Alakazam
2HKO'd with Air Slash. Reflect wore off.
Togekiss vs. Espeon
2HKO'd with Air Slash, but paralyzed it, and forgot about Synchronize.
Magmortar vs. Bronzong.
OHKO'd with Flamethrower. That really suprised me, I usually have trouble with it.

Togekiss vs. Spiritomb
OHKO'd with Air Slash, but only after Togekiss used Nasty Plt twice.
Togekiss vs. Togekiss
OHKO with Air Slash.
Togekiss vs. Lucario
OHKO'd with crit Stone Edge
Magmortar vs. Lucario
OHKO'd with crit Stone Edge. Now I'm ******, after two consecutive crits.
Milotic vs. Lucario
Aura Sphere does about quarter while I Revive Magmortar.
Magmortar vs. Lucario
OHKO'd with Flamethrower after Stone Edge took about 3/4
Abomasnow vs. Milotic
This was another suprise, as Abomasnow just sat there, as it got worn down by Hail and Leech Seed, and I restored my team. After I finished, I finished off Milotic with Return.
Abomasnow vs. Roserade
OHKO'd by Sludge Bomb
Milotic vs. Roserade
It used Toxic while Ice Beam did more than half. It survived the Energy Ball, and I finished off Roserade, but Milotic died to Toxic/Hail.
Togekiss vs. Garchomp
I tossed it out there to heal Milotic, and Dragon Rush missed. I figured what the hell, let's see what happened. Air Slash did 1/2, but Garchomp KOd it with Dragon Rush.
Milotic vs. Garchomp.
Dragon Rush did about 1/2, and then Ice Beam killed it, and lo and behold, I am Champion.

Final Team
Magmortar lvl 56
Milotic lvl 59
Abomasnow lvl 55
Togekiss lvl 57
Probopass lvl 55
Hippowdon lvl 56

neo darkrai
11th March 2010, 10:13 PM
My Egg hatched into a Venonat!

Yes. I hatched my Egg in Twinleaf Town and ultimately completed the National Pokedex. After that, I decided to talk to Dawn and Prof. Oak to hear them congratulate me on my achievement. I then traveled to Valor Lakefront and talked to the game director to receive my Diploma (the image with all the starters from each region is pretty cool). The last thing I did was marvel at my Five Star Trainer Card and its amazingness.

Platinum Journey Post 150 will be the last post of my Journey. I'll post some more after that, but it'll be about stuff related to HeartGold and SoulSilver. They'll be after journey posts for lack of a better term.

12th March 2010, 12:10 AM
So I've just started the process of cleaning out my Platinum file, and afterwhich I shall restart my Platinum with a new team of Infernape, Octillery, Roserade, Gliscor, Dusknoir, and Bronzong, with the exception of Infernape and Roserade, none of which I've used before. I'm excited for it.

12th March 2010, 12:37 AM
I'm training a Magmar up to compete in Beauty contests. Got its Beauty as high as it's going to get (not max, used Wiki berries, since I don't have Pamtre berries yet, but whatever), now I just need to get it leveled for its moveset.

I also acquired my Villa, which is pretty cool, even if everything it is ridiculously expensive. That's where Amulet-Coin-Vs-Seeker-Spamming near Pokemon Mansion comes in, hehe. I went up to Stark Mountain and fought Mars and Jupiter, but didn't actually head in yet. I want to save the only real storyline the game has left for me until later, after I get bored Pokedex-filling and doing random side quests.

Current Team:
Weavile + lv63
"Protoss" the Gallade + lv57
HM slave Golduck
HM slave Fearow
Magmar + lv38 (in training)

13th March 2010, 12:02 AM
I was bored, so I tried out my Milotic out on Beauty contests. I cruised through the Normal and Super Beauty Contets, and tried the Ultra Contest. It went ok the first time, but I got 2nd place. I tried again, and somehow won, after my Milotic passed through both the Visual and Dance competitions. I had the most points from the first two rounds, and with a combo of Surf and Aqua Ring, I stayed ahead for the win. Finally, the Master Rank contest, where I faced off with Jasmine. I used Bulbapedia to know what the proper accessories were to use, and lo and behold, Rusty and I had the same amound of hearts. 100&#37; in the Dance competition gave me the edge, and then when Rusty put Keira at 4 hearts, I swoop in with Aqua Ring, and steal 13 points! One round later, I got my Master Rank Beauty Ribbon!

Now I have 4 Trainer Card stars, all I have to do is get a 100 Win streak at the Battle Tower, but that doesn't seem possible yet, but neither did winning the Master Rank contest, and that happened, but thats a completely different kind of battle.

Also, I reset my other Platinum, and right when I picked up Chimchar, I realised I deleted the PC Pichu and Jirachi I had yet to pick up. -_- Hopefully I can go today or tomorrow before I go to buy SoulSilver.

13th March 2010, 12:09 AM
training my water team for WiFi battle. Been trading to try and get all water pokeomon. I mostly need the legendaries but also need others. Getting into the side things like contest, game corner, and berry planiting/ poffin making.

13th March 2010, 3:29 AM
I posted about 2 or 3 weeks ago to say that I had caught my first SR'd shiny in Platinum, a Timid Dialga with pretty strong IVs (all but one stat in the mid-high 20's, can't remember the specifics exactly). After taking some time off from the grueling 10,000-odd resets it took to get the green dragon, I decided that I might as well spend my time awaiting the HGSS release by trying to get a shiny Palkia to complete the duo. So, I rounded up my Hasty Synchronize Ralts and headed to the top of Spear Pillar, expecting my character to be sitting there for a while. After my 3-week-long barrage of resets for Dialga, I decided that I would reset until HGSS are released, then call off the hunt so that I would be able to readily trade between my SS game and Platinum/Diamond. However, luck was definitely on my side. On my second day of SRing, 5 resets in, what do I see but a pink Palkia. I hit it once with my Lucario's Extremespeed, taking it down to about 2/5 health. I toss two Dusk Balls, and my shiny duo is complete. Palkia has the Hasty nature I Synchronized for, though its IVs aren't particulary stunning (10 or 11 in Attack, 0-1 in SpD, 10-11 in Speed, but high 20s in the rest). I can't wait to prepare my uber team for Wi-Fi (though I won't start training just yet; I've vowed to hold off on EV training until after I have defeated Red). My next update probably won't be until the HGSS recent happenings thread is well under way, when I've successfully caught my next target: a Timid or Modest (I haven't decided yet) shiny Mewtwo. I still have the Masterball I received in my Diamond game, so I'll be trading that over to make my hunt that much simpler.

13th March 2010, 4:10 AM
Well I've done quite a bit since I last posted.

Got my Pokes up to like Level 15 and went to fight Roark. He was honestly pretty easy, Rose and Ace got him down pretty easily.

Went off to go catch a Psyduck! (Didn't know you could get one this early till I explored). Caught him and named him Hibiki and was training him up to reach the levels of the others on my team. This is my first time using one =D

Once I was done I went over to Floaroma and trained up my Pokes to Level 20 before defeating Mars and heading over to Eterna Forest.

Now with Cheryl walking round Eterna Forest. How boring. Exp is extremely fast tho. Training up all my Pokes to Level 25 before I'm taking on Gardenia. Yay, Cygnus evolved into a Golbat!

Current Team:
Ace (Monferno) Level 23
Cygnus (Golbat) Level 23
Rose (Budew) Level 15 (not touching this one till I get the Friendship Checker thing, I want Roselia @ Level 16)
Hibiki (Psyduck) Level 23
Hikari (Luxio) Level 23
Bidoof (HM Slave) Level ?

Goal is to reach Maylene today, maybe Wake. Wanna complete the game asap before I get HGSS.

13th March 2010, 8:35 AM
Putting off training and stuff like that, just wandering around getting random stuff for the Pokedex. Planting berries, checking Honey Trees, doing some PokeRadar runs once in a while. Also, Pal Parking the rather pathetic amount of stuff I'd maanaged to get on my Emerald file before my Platinum arrived. I'll have to go back and get more of them to transfer over. Probably end up restarting it, too, so I can get the other two starters.

Recent Captures:
Shellder (evolved to Cloyster with a Water Stone)
Tyrogue (evolved to Hitmonlee)
Aerodactyl (acquired Old Amber while Undergrounding)

And more!

13th March 2010, 8:53 AM
Today is preparation day to trade every pokemon I have in Platinum over to Heart Gold ( main game for trading, battling etc. ) except the box that holds my SS team. I have 3 boxes of EV trained pokemon, a box for my legendary pokemon and a spot for those PCP ( lol.. PCP ) ready to be traded over to their respective game. It might take some time.

13th March 2010, 9:03 AM
Decided to run through Platinum again last week. Just about to take the 8th gym. Thought i'd try to get a SR shiny Giratina. 260 resets later a gave up. Want to have it beat before I get Soul Silver.

Team going into final gym battle
Rhyperior lvl 54
Luxray lvl 51
Infernape lvl 53
Leafeon lvl 56
Porygon-Z lvl 55
Swampert lvl 55

13th March 2010, 2:01 PM
Anyway, since I have nothing really to do until tonight when I go to the midnight release of HGSS, I realised I was low on cash (about 100k, which is low for me.) Took Infernape out of the PC, and abused Socialite Reina and Jeremy for a whopping 24400 each! I didn't get 999,999, as I took a break at 600,000 to go Underground, where I found two Plates I didn't have (Zap and Insect), a few Stones (Water x3, Sun x1, Thunder x1), a few Fossils (Claw x1, Dome x1), and a few Shards (Red x2, Yellow x1). Afterwards, I went to the Battle Tower, where I had a 28 win streak going, but lost at 30 to hax, when a Quick Claw Aggron outsped my Garchomp and OHKO'd with Ice Punch.

I also did the daily events, as I did win a 5th Exp. Share, got the Heart Scale and some Heal Balls, and a Red Shard from the Marsh guy.

neo darkrai
14th March 2010, 1:22 AM
This is it...
My last Platinum Journey Post and it is truly epic. I started off in Sunyshore City and traveled to the Pokemon League one last time. I challenged the Elite Four and defeated them one by one without a scratch. All that's left is Champion Cynthia. I had a good battle with my Eigakan Arceus dealing the final blow with Judgment. That win means I have conquered the Pokemon League 25 times. I now rest in Twinleaf Town after a long and grueling journey.

I leave Twinleaf Town after receiving a challenge from my Pearl version and go to the Pokemon Center in Sandgem Town. This is one of the harder fights that I've on Platinum and is detailed in a spoiler tag. The ending is truly epic if you can bother to read the whole thing.

This is a 6 vs. 6 battle so lets start! My friend was controlling my Pearl version just to let you know.
Platinum side vs Pearl Side

Torterra vs. Darkrai
Darkrai switches for Giratina. Torterra uses Earthquake.

Torterra vs. Giratina
Quick Claw activates and Torterra uses Crunch. Giratina uses Shadow Force and disappears.

Torterra vs. Giratina
Torterra switches for Staraptor and Shadow Force doesn't hit.

Staraptor vs. Giratina
Giratina switches for Dialga and Staraptor uses Close Combat

Staraptor vs. Dialga
Dialga uses Roar of Time, but it misses. Staraptor uses Close Combat and it gets a Critical.

Staraptor vs. Arceus (6 to 5)
Arceus uses Thunderbolt and destroys Staraptor.

Arceus vs. Arceus (5 to 5)
Platinum Arceus uses Judgment leaving the opponent with barely any HP. Pearl Arceus does the same move, but with less damage.

Arceus vs. Arceus
Pearl Arceus switches to Palkia while Platinum Arceus uses Spacial Rend and gets Critical

Arceus vs. Darkrai (5 to 4)
Darkrai uses Dark Void and puts Arceus to sleep.

Arceus vs. Darkrai
Darkrai uses Dark Pulse.

Arceus vs. Darkrai
Darkrai uses another Dark Pulse and brings the god down.

Darkrai vs. Darkrai (4 to 4)
Platinum Darkrai uses Dark Void and is successful.

Darkrai vs. Darkrai
Platinum Darkrai uses Ice Beam. Pearl Darkrai wakes up and uses Roar of Time which gets Critical.

Torterra vs. Darkrai (3 to 4)
Using the charge time, Torterra uses Wood Hammer.

Torterra vs. Mewtwo (3 to 3)
Mewtwo uses Me First and becomes Wood Hammer. Guess what Torterra uses. Torterra=1 HP

Torterra vs. Mewtwo
Torterra switches for Giratina-O and Mewtwo uses Thunderbolt.

Giratina-O vs. Mewtwo
Mewtwo uses Me First again. This time it becomes Shadow Force which is what Giratina-O uses.

Giratina-O vs. Mewtwo
Mewtwo attacks first, but misses. Giratina-O hits and defeats the opponent.

Giratina-O vs. Giratina (3 to 2)
Giratina-O uses Shadow Claw. Giratina uses Draco Meteor defeating it's look alike.

Shaymin-S vs. Giratina (2 to 2)
Shaymin uses Seed Flare and downs the behemoth.

Shaymin-S vs. Arceus (2 to 1)
Shaymin uses Seed Flare and victory is in sight. Seed Flare misses and Arceus uses Blizzard.

Torterra vs. Arceus (1 to 1)
Arceus attacks with one final Blizzard, but misses in spectacular fashion. Torterra uses Wood Hammer and defeats the mighty god... at the cost of its own life.

Final score: DRAW

Yes, that was exactly how it went. I couldn't tell you the full details on HP, but hopefully, you can visualize what happened.
Feedback on the battle is appreciated. After the battle, I walked back to Twinleaf Town and went home for a relaxing rest and I stand at the spot where I started my journey.

Although the Platinum Journey Posts have ended, I'll be posting stuff like the Platinum Anniversary (March 22) and other commemorative stuff. Hope to see you soon.

Next stop, Johto!

14th March 2010, 5:40 PM
A chain of 24 Kricketot broke because of a Starly. But I got my revenge, thanks to my new Pokemon - Arceus! He's quiet, good for his attacking - don't care about natures, but good nonetheless! I deleted Spacial Rend, Shadow Force and Roar of Time for Hyper Voice, Recover and Earth Power. I like to keep signature moves unique (as you can see, Judgement is untouched). Mucked around with an Icicle plate, but he's staying normal. So I took revenge on the Starlies! They are all GUILTY! MWAHAHAHA!!!
...Anyways, that was FUN! What a weird sounding legendary though. So high. I'm doing some Numel chaining now. Yay! Might update later. See you!

14th March 2010, 6:53 PM
Platinum: Been training Pokemon preparing them for the Battle frontier, battling at various Battle frontier facilities in order to earn more battle points for TM's and trying to get the coloured prints, and slowly trying to fill as many pages in my Pokedex as possible. (Currently: 420 seen, 294 owned.)

My Jynx is currently level 89, my Ninetales is level 80 and my Sandslash is level 77.

14th March 2010, 8:09 PM
I hadn't really had time to play the last couple days, but its March Break now so, I'll be playing as much as I can (which should be a lot). Here's a brief rundown of the things I've done since the last update.

-Leveled up Misszaru and then went to go through Eterna Forest, where I was accompanied by Cheryl.
-Upon leaving the Forest, I immediately went and got the Explorer's Kit from the Underground Man.
-Went Underground and, after a long while, found an Armour Fossil.
-Left the Underground and took the long road back to Oreburgh City.
-Resurrected a Shieldon from the Armour Fossil; named it Shieldzaru and taught it Hidden Power.
-Went back to Eterna City. Took the gym challenge. Gardenia nearly defeated me too! She even knocked out Chimzaru! But Misszaru helped out a ton and delivered the final blow!

Current Party:
Chimzaru the ;391;
Level 21
Lax nature
Attack: 39
Defense: 29
Sp. Attack: 41
Sp. Defense: 28
Speed: 44
*Flame Wheel
*Grass Knot
*Rock Smash

Buizaru the ;418;
Level 20
Relaxed nature
Attack: 31
Defense: 25
Sp. Attack: 34
Sp. Defense: 17
Speed: 38
*Water Gun
*Quick Attack

Misszaru the ;200;
Level 22
Hasty nature
Attack: 38
Defense: 31
Sp. Attack: 46
Sp. Defense: 48
Speed: 53
*Confuse Ray

Shieldzaru the ;410;
Level 21
Impish nature
Attack: 27
Defense: 66
Sp. Attack: 25
Sp. Defense: 42
Speed: 23
*Hidden Power
*Metal Sound
*Take Down
*Iron Defense

From now on, I'm going to post updates on my not personal Twitter. The forums are moving so slow due to HGSS's release so I'm just going to update there, OK? I'm @LostHeroPearl if you want to follow. I will still update you guys here every so often but using Twitter, you'll get up to date with whats happening in my challenge as it happens!

15th March 2010, 8:37 AM
Since there's no rule about posting twice on the same page...

I've done (and am doing) some prep for SoulSilver. Namely giving my Pokemon I'm trading useful items. Most have Pokeballs, berries or medicine. Others have plates. For example, since Max Revives are pretty useful and strog in terms of healing, it makes sense that my two strongest Pokemon (Mewtwo and Arceus) should have them. Shinies, starters and other useful Pokemon get medicine, berries and catching implements. The Pokeballs are really common, and for good reason - they're to replenish the supply I use to catch Pokemon for trade. I even have an order for which I'm trading them:

Starters (as soon as possible)
Shinies (before Ilex forest - guess why!)
Legends (after shinies as soon as possible - preferably not too late)
Other Pokemon (soon as possible)

15th March 2010, 8:59 AM
Well I beat the elite 4. Good thing because theres a couple of things I want to get done before my Soul Silver arrives in the mail (Ebay from America. Sif wait untill the 25th). My team at the end of the E4 was.
Rhyperior lvl 68
Luxray lvl 68
Infernape lvl 60
Leafeon lvl 64
Porygon-Z lvl 61
Swampert lvl 65
(this took some considerable training as well as the E4 battles themselves)

Now to teach my newly caught Smeargle his moves to make him the perfect catching pokemon tool :) I'm also going to get some fossils and catch as much as I can in the next week or so untill my game arives. Enjoy everybody.

15th March 2010, 1:54 PM
Went to do my daily events, lost in the lottery, but noticed there was star sparkling snow in Snowpoint City. Then went to do the rest of the events and went back to build my team.

15th March 2010, 2:39 PM
Watering berries; seems to be about the only thing I do in the game anymore.

15th March 2010, 3:06 PM
~The Rules~
* Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, four good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.


Then why bother posting, Overdose?

16th March 2010, 6:28 AM
Did my best Pal Parking yet, day 4 of it I believe:

~Rayquaza, level 72. I didn't reset for nature and I used it for a few E4 rushes, so this one isn't ever going to compete, it's purely for Dex completion.
~Ditto, I can finally do some decent breeding!
~Ninjask (don't really know why I sent this one, Nincada are available in Platinum)

All of them had useful TMs held that I hadn't used in Emerald.

I finally got a Heracross from Honey Trees. Stuck the Leafeon that I'd evolved as soon as I got my first Eevee in Day Care with the newly acquired Ditto. I can finally get the rest of the eeveelutions, which I couldn't do before as the Leafeon is male.

I'm also currently checking out Snowpoint Temple. Still haven't seen my Jynx. That Heracross I caught made me want to check out its stats, which made me want to check out other fighting-type Pokemons' stats, which made me change my pick for my competitive fighter from Gallade to Breloom. I'll start breeding for that some time soon.

17th March 2010, 2:09 PM
started over with a Piplup this time.

Piplup lvl 6

17th March 2010, 9:01 PM
This morning, I flew to Sandgem Town to see what the swarm was for today. It was Snubull on Route 209 so I decided to walk rather than fly there. I took a sort of roundabout there and caught a Sunkern whilst doing so. For a time being I also went underground and found a Dome fossil, which I then revived to a Kabuto. I did a couple daily events and watered my berries. Finally I made it to Route 209 and caught a Snubull which I named Fairy. I then traveled to Solaceon and showed the newspaper man a Gligar to get some Dive Balls. Then I discovered once again my two Growlithe have laid another egg. So I'm going to walk around to hatch that and continue to train Abe the Aipom who is now quite close to learning double Hit and evolving to Ambipom.

All in all, good day in the land of Sinnoh.

19th March 2010, 7:29 PM
This thread's kind of died down since HG/SS came out. Sorry about double posting, but, well, it HAS been two days since I posted last, so I don't think it should be a problem.

Training up a Froslass right now; this pretty little thing is easily my favorite 4th gen Pokemon. I've always been a fan of ghost types, and ice is awesome too, so an ice-ghost that looks this good is perfect.

I also went deep into Coronet and caught myself a Dratini. I intend to train it up to a Dragonair and then Everstone it -- I've always liked Dragonair better than Dragonite. But this will be later, as after Froslass, I'm going to work on the next Pokemon for my new team.

Yes, I've finally got a complete team planned, instead of random stuff. Check my sig to see what it is. Once it's completely trained, I'll head to the house full of E4 and Gym Leaders, beat them up, and then run off laughing to the Battle Frontier.

Current Team
'Sayuri' the Froslass + lv38
Luxray + lv62 (He's the trainer to help the others level)
Heracross + lv50
Jolteon + lv21
Gastrodon(east) + lv30

Currently breeding to get a Super Luck Absol, and I haven't done anything about getting a Rapidash yet. Later!

Current Pokedex
Pokemon Seen: 313
Pokemon Caught: 187
Time Played: 91:43

22nd March 2010, 4:39 AM
Really? Seriously? NOBODY else is playing Platinum anymore? Geez. I guess I won't bother posting again until somebody else does, otherwise this will just be a wall of my posts that nobody reads. How lame.

22nd March 2010, 3:01 PM
Traded my Infernape, Lucario, Gamestop Jarichi and my pikachu colored pichu from Platinum to Soul Silver. I also traded my lvl 1 Elekid, my lvl 1 Magby and my shiny Beautifly from Pearl to Soul Silver.

22nd March 2010, 5:21 PM
Worry not Dresden, I've just started over recently and I feel incredibly obsolete. I must say this is the fastest I've gone through a Pokémon game so far--having my sister's Luxray helped out a lot. From what I can remember, this is the important rundown of what's happened, if I remember correctly:

Mar. 18:
>By resetting a few times for a female, I got a shiny. Making it my second 4th gen shiny,
my first being a female Bibarel in Pearl. So yes, a relaxed hot-pink Chimchar for a starter. Named her Jacqueline.
>Caught Zubat, Shinx (Xavier), Lax Budew (Rosaire), Bold Psyduck (Elizabeth).
>Defeated Roark (morning).

Mar. 19:
>Freed Valley Windworks from Team Galactic.
>Caught Hasty Buizel (Dart)
>Proceeded through Eterna Forest with Cheryl.
>Defeated Gardenia (early afternoon).
>Caught Chingling.
>Received Togepi egg from Cynthia.
>Rescued Bicycle Shop Owner from Team Galactic.
>Hatched Naive Togepi (Kite) in the Old Chateau.
>Wondered whether or not to capture Rotom. Decided to postpone.

Mar. 20:
>Caught Cherubi. (morning)
>Defeated Fantina. (noon)
>Escorted Mira from Wayward Cave. (afternoon)
>Traded in-game Buizel for Chatot.
>Evolved Cherubi -> Cherrim.
>Caught Jolly Scyther (Friedrich).

Mar. 21:
>Received Porygon.
>Traded Shinx for Pidgey.
>Defeated Maylene (morning) and Crasher Wake (night).
>Evolved (Pidgey -> Pidgeotto) at Lvl. 16.
>Traded Jolly Scyther (Friedrich) for Calm Luxray (Ben).

Mar. 22:
>Caught Quiet Girafarig.
>Evolved Elizabeth (Psyduck -> Golduck) at Lvl. 33 (noon), Jacqueline (Chimchar -> Monferno) at Lvl. 41, (Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot) at Lvl. 36.
>Defeated Byron (early afternoon), Candice (mid-afternoon), and Cyrus in Veilstone HQ (late-afternoon).
>Escorted Riley. Drove out Team Galactic from Iron Island.
>Received Riolu egg.
>Solved the puzzle in Distortion World.
>Defeated Cyrus again in DW (night).
>Caught Lax Giratina (Thanatos)

- ;391; Lvl. 48 Shiny Monferno/F/Relaxed
- ;405; Lvl. 55 Luxray/M/Calm
- ;203; Lvl. 35 Girafarig/M/Quiet
- ;421; Lvl. 37 Cherrim/M/Calm
- ;055; Lvl. 43 Golduck/F/Bold
- ;018; Lvl. 38 Pidgeot/M/Hasty
Subject to change for 8th gym challenge.

... It's obvious I had nothing better to do. Actually I make it a habit to name all my Pokémon, but I forgot while I was typing. There are also a few other Pokémon I've caught and I usually remember each nature, but it's nearing midnight, so my memory's hazy. That's all to report for now. Hoping I get to finish all gyms in a week, and with one left to go I'm fairly confident.

22nd March 2010, 6:47 PM
Platinum: Been training my Pokemon, Ninetales has reached level 100. My Sandslash is level 87 and my Swellow is level 64. I'm now going to train my Skitty until she reaches level 46, then I will evolve her into Delcatty. Also, I caught a shiny male Combee today, but I didn't bother giving it a nickname since I already have a shiny male Combee, so I'll probably trade the second one away. It is level 14 and has a sassy nature in case you're wondering.

22nd March 2010, 7:09 PM
Having finished EV training my Froslass a couple days ago, I then worked on leveling and EV training my Shroomish to get Spore and then evolve it to Breloom. Just finished that, and now all that's left is EV training my Heatran before hitting the Battle Tower and finding out just how good this team can do.

Oh, and I'm using Rayquaza as my Fly/Surf HM slave :-P

neo darkrai
22nd March 2010, 9:10 PM
It' only been about a week, but it feels weird posting here...

Anyways, today marks the 1 year anniversary of when Pokemon Platinum was released in the US. That means it's also been a year since I started my journey. To commemorate this, I traveled to Solaceon Town and went into the Day-Care. I did some RNG stuff to get me an egg with a Impish nature and IV stuff. The Pokemon I put in the Day-Care was my starter Torterra. The egg of my starter will go into SoulSilver and will be EV trained. Turtwig will also be given a nickname.

So that's what I did to celebrate a whole year of playing Platinum and not starting over. I wonder if you guys will celebrate in some way. Well, good luck to all of you people playing!

23rd March 2010, 3:52 AM
I Hatched about 47 Baulbasaur egg's today to atempt at hatching a alt. one.After the hatching I imported my pokemon from Emerald onto plat and transfered 2 of them to heart gold.I trained my charmander to lvl 19 atempting to finish my national dex ,like I idd in Diamond.By the end of my playtime I finished it off with a contest and lost.about 1 minute after saving, my ds Power went off.

7 tyranitars
24th March 2010, 11:13 AM
started platinum again
-playing as dawn out of boreness lol :P
-choose chimchar
-defeated rivals piplup ^^
-went though the lucas tutorial
-catched a shinx (yey)
-arrived at jubilife
-got poketch
-defeated rival

24th March 2010, 4:15 PM
Well lately I've been obsessed with the Battle Tower and Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Platinum respectively so I've been creating and testing teams to try for a high streak. I also plan on chaining some shinies soon though I haven't decided on which one I want to go after, most likely it's going to be one of the swarm pokemon. Happy 1 year anniversary Pokemon Platinum:)

24th March 2010, 6:13 PM
Planning on finishing Speed EV training my Heatran today, getting my Breloom to 50, and then finally hitting the Battle Tower. Other than that, just been planting some berries and getting the daily ribbon and showing the Pokemon to the guy in Solaceon (if I have it).

Current Team:
Heatran + lv58
Froslass + lv63
Breloom + lv46

7 tyranitars
25th March 2010, 3:30 PM
previously on pokemon platinum adventure:

started platinum again
-playing as dawn out of boreness lol :P
-choose chimchar
-defeated rivals piplup ^^
-went though the lucas tutorial
-catched a shinx (yey)
-arrived at jubilife
-got poketch
-defeated rival

welcome in the second episode of pokemon platinum adventure
this is what hapened:
-chimchar evolved into monferno
-defeated the first gym
-defeated team galactic grunts who where bugging prof rowan
-forgot to get a geodude so catched a bidoof as HM slave
-went though the rock smash cave and got TM Rock Tomb
-arived at fleorama town
-catched a buizel
-defeated team galactic mars <-- hmmpf weakling. my monferno sure had fun punching her ugly cat.

team: I have already planned out my team it's only a suprise to find out which all except infernape and luxray haven't been used by me pre elite four so it's gonna be fun :)

buizel ;418; lv 14
- water sport
- quick attack
- water gun
- persuit

luxio ;404; lv 16
- tackle
- leer
- charge
- spark
monferno ;391; lv19
- flame wheel
- taunt
- mach punch
- fury swipes

and yes I know my team is not evely lvled but I'm woring at that it just happens to be so atm :p

25th March 2010, 5:52 PM
Went into the Battle Tower with Froslass, Breloom, and Heatran, and did pretty damn well for the first 20 battles. And then, unexpectedly, Palmer comes out with his Milotic. Well, my special attacker Froslass is useless against that, even with Thunderbolt. I sent out Breloom, but Milotic used Hypnosis before I could use Spore, and then proceeded to wipe the floor with my whole team.

A bit of an eye opener. I may need to replace Froslass or Heatran with a physical/mixed attacker, or maybe get a wall of my own.

26th March 2010, 8:05 AM
This may come as a shock to you, but...

I am no longer playing Pearl.

That doesn't mean that all those shinies, legends, starters and just plain old Pokemon are being left behind or deleted. Oh no.

Some people keep playing the game and get id of the Pokemon. I'm doing the opposite.

Today is March 26th, a day of new beginning.

And from this afternoon on, most of my Pokemon will be withme, just somewhere else. And they'll have a new companion. A little green dinosaur called Molly, but in time she won't be so little.

Guys and girls, get ready for Pokemon SoulSilver.

26th March 2010, 9:37 AM
The other day in Diamond, Magnemite was swarming in Fuego Ironworks. I saw this as an opportunity to train a Bagon I had migrated from Sapphire--he evolved to Shelgon after many trips to the rest house on Route 205.

After the evolution, I decided to abuse my little Illumise. Looking for a Metal Coat, I had her use Covet on every Magnemite that appeared, even after she got paralyzed and low on health. Of course, I did show a little sympathy. I said to her, "Okay, if you encounter five Pokemon in a row that aren't Magnemites, or if you run out of PP or faint, I'll let you call it a night." For the longest time the poor paralyzed Illumise with only a sliver of HP left used Covet on the Magnemites, until Arceus finally had mercy on her by showing her five non-Magnemites in a row.
Me: Gastrodon, Shinx, Luxio, Shinx, Floatzel... fine. You got it off easy this time.

I know, it was an awful thing to do... I bet she'll refuse to make babies with my Volbeat after this.

26th March 2010, 6:33 PM
Platinum: Been training my Pokemon, Sandslash reached level 100. My Ampharos is level 75, Swellow is level 71 and Gyarados is level 48. Just checked the honey trees, no Munchlax. Well, guess I won't be playing Platinum for a while, why? Because I bought my Heart Gold and Soul Silver games today and I'm ready to begin playing my Soul Silver, yay!

7 tyranitars
27th March 2010, 2:41 PM
well since pokemon HGSS is delayed here in the netherlands so

-chimchar evolved into monferno
-defeated the first gym
-defeated team galactic grunts who where bugging prof rowan
-forgot to get a geodude so catched a bidoof as HM slave
-went though the rock smash cave and got TM Rock Tomb
-arived at fleorama town
-catched a buizel
-defeated team galactic mars <-- hmmpf weakling. my monferno sure had fun punching her ugly cat.

welcome to the third episode of pokemon platinum adventure

-went though entrana woods
-defeated second gym leader
-defeated team galactic jupiter
-got a togepi egg :)
-got a bice
-went to the wayward cave and catched a gible
-got vs seeker and dowsing machine
-arrived at heartrome
-helped a buneary find it's boss :P
-saw mom at the contesthall on a vacation, and we did had money for a pool...
-gible evolved into gabite
-defeated the gym leader
-got an eevee
- evolved him into leafeon and learns him bullet seed and grass knot

gabite ;444; lvl 25
-dragon rage
-take down
leafeon ;470; lvl 21
-bullet seed
-sand attack
-grass knot
buizel ;418; lvl 24
-water gun
-aqua jet
luxio ;404; lvl 25
monferno;391; lvl 26
-mach punch
-shadow claw
-flame wheel

27th March 2010, 10:38 PM
Since I'm unable to use the DS with my SS on it, I got back to my now-barren Platinum file (whose boxes are chock full of Abra, Hoothoot, Ratatta, and Pidgey due to mass exodus to SS).
351 hours on this file. Up until a few hours ago though, I hadn't gone to Mt. Coronet for Dialga/Palkia. I went up with a Modest Synchronizing Abra and got a perfect Sp. Attack Dialga:
Dialga - #483 (Modest)
HP: 0 - 1
Att: 16 - 17
Def: 6 - 7
SpA: 31
SpD: 30 - 31
Speed: 23 - 24
I went up with the explicit intention to get this, and the Speed/Sp Defense is icing on the cake. See, I already have a trained Palkia from my Pearl so I don't really need another one, but I've never even used Dialga. But I did get this Palkia anyway:
Palkia, Modest, Lv.70 -
HP: 23 |
Atk:16 |
Def: 3 |
Sp.Atk: 22 |
Sp.Def: 28 |
Spd: 22
Depending on when I get my SS back, I might try chaining for that elusive Eevee shine after I EV train Dialga. Currently trying to infect it with Pokerus from my Rayquaza

28th March 2010, 3:36 PM
I've been breeding for my second HGSS team, almost done.


All of them are done except for Mareep, I'm breeding for one with HP Ice. Wish me luck, it will be a while.

EDIT: After about 20 eggs and an hour or two, I found a Modest Male Mareep (Quick to Flee), done with my next team, gonna start again by Wednesday.

28th March 2010, 4:38 PM
My recent happenings in Diamond includes raising and building my team. I caught an Adamant Gible with four flawless IVs, which was a really lucky catch on my part. At the moment, it's at level 57. I've entered into the Battle Tower a few times now and it's simply amazing how powerful it is. The rest of my is probably going to consist of Kanto Pokemon since I was to get a specific theme going.

29th March 2010, 4:53 PM
I'm frantically trying to evolve Bunny the Buneary. I'm also training her to be a contest winner. So far she's one the normal smart contest. Now Buneary isn't the best choice for normal contests, but that's what her nature gives preference too. I've been doing a lot of the daily events. I've also caught quite a few Pokemon. I caught a Sealo last night while looking for a Corsola, which was the swarm. I also caught an Oddish that way. Last week, Makuhita was the swarm so I caught one of those. I also got the Pikachu colored Pichu on the last day possible so I'm pleased with myself. Lastly, I took on the E4 again. The only one that seriously gave me trouble was Cynthia's togekiss. Eventually I took it out though.

Onyx Umeki
1st April 2010, 6:09 PM
Im doing a Bug-monotype challenge in Platinum..

So I traded over eggs/pokemon & am about to go into Oreburgh gate (roarksgunnademolishme)

1st April 2010, 8:08 PM
Since my first BT team ended up being less than perfect, I'm now making my second one. I've finished EV training my female Medicham named "Alys" (after my psionic monk Dungeons and Dragons character :D ) and am now EV training my male Mantine wall. I'm thinking about changing his name to The Man. Once I finish with him, I'll look around for a decent natured Sturdy Magnemite and start making my Magnezone.

I don't like Magnezone all that much, think it looks a tad strange, but, hey, it fills the 3rd spot perfectly on my BT team.

1st April 2010, 8:48 PM
Started my Scramble a couple days back. Chose Turtwig and started off on my adventure. Then caught Shinx and battled my way to Jubilife. After a skirmish with my rival (that I easily dominated) I finally made my way to Oreburgh and the first gym badge! But first I had to go down to the mines and find Roark! Down in the mines, Shinz evolved into Luxio! I was using him a lot because I knew I wouldn't be using him in the gym. The gym was easy with Turtwig's razor leaf. After the battle, I got my first badge!

Then I head back to Jubilife to grab a new Poketch app and found a couple Team Galactic goons. I fought them with Lucas and won with ease. Not long afterwards, I arrived in Floaroma Town. It was filled with beautiful flowers, but I couldn't help but notice another pair of Galactic goons. They mentioned something about Valley Windworks, so I headed east and found a little girl who asked me to rescue her dad who was trapped in the building. Being the do-gooder I am I of course complied to commit such a noble action. The entrance was blocked by a grunt, but he was easily defeated. But he then had the audacity to lock the door! But when I backtracked to Floaroma Meadow, the two goons were there just waiting to be defeated. They, naturally, dropped the Works Key. I returned and cleared out the area. I lost to Commander Mars the first time, but after teaching Luxio Spark victory was assured.

I have obtained several new Pokemon, including Lopunny, Gengar, Mismagius, Bonsly, and Bellsprout. My Pokedex is starting to fill out quite nicely. Currently training up a Murkrow to evolve when either Pachi or Aimbipom give me a Dusk Stone. I'm also thinking of revamping my ingame team and creating a team for battle frontier.

Pokemon Master Brandon
2nd April 2010, 7:37 PM
I just defeated the Elite four. Now I can go catch Reggigas so thats what I am going to do. First I have to trade Regice, Registeele and Regirock to my Diamond game.

3rd April 2010, 1:17 AM
Just finished beating up on my Rival in Burned Tower. My team is:

Lv20 Loomer (Hardy Togetic; Serene Grace)
Lv21 Kashmir (Modest Flaafy)
Lv20 Degausser (Naive Heracross; Guts)
Lv20 Catalyst (Rash Quilava)

My gym battle vs Whitney and Rival Battle are on Youtube -p

Took some time today to breed the Heracross until I got a decent nature. Caught 25 Pokemon so far iirc, been slacking just a little bit lately though.

BTW quick question, I can get the Shiny Stone for winning the Bug Contest before the Elite Four correct? I want a Togekiss :(

3rd April 2010, 11:45 AM
Currently in Oreburgh, training my Pokemon up to Lvl 18 before I take on Roark. My team is:

Lvl 16 Luxio
Lvl 16 Zubat
Lvl 16 Machop
Lvl 16 Psyduck
Lvl 16 Staravia
Lvl 16 Turtwig

Still undecided on what my final team will be. Might throw a Scizor in there at some point as I had on in another file.

I dunno. Any ideas.

3rd April 2010, 4:42 PM
I finally got Jolteon to lvl 100! I hope Flygon, Zangoose and Houndoom follow soon :) .

Pokemon Master Brandon
3rd April 2010, 10:44 PM
I caught Reggigas today! The puzzle to get to him wasn't that hard at all. He was hard to catch, I used 60 Ultra Balls on him. I haven't used that many Ultra balls since catching Moltres and, Rayquaza lol.

Elite Four Muadita
4th April 2010, 3:36 AM
Bought a new platinum today since my other game was stolen. So i did the same thing as always at the beginning of platinum. Went and got my first pokemon, a Turtwig named Twiggy, went to the lake, when to Sandgem, learned how to catch pokemon, deliverer packages, and then i started looking for members of my team.

First up came a starly which i decided to keep and named Sunset because thats when i caught him. Then i saw two Shinx that were both knocked out by Twiggy and as i was starting to give up on shinks this beauty came out of the blue! A SHINY SHINX!

PICTURE (http://twitpic.com/1d1n1d) Afraid of being knocked out i used starly and well i caught it.!

Now im training twiggy before heading out of Jubilife.

4th April 2010, 8:19 AM

Anyway. Today's (tomorrow's? It's 2am) swarm in Platinum was Cubone, so I decided to finally nab a Nincada from Eterna Forest and Compoundeyes for a Thick Club. Only took me three tries.

And the Thick Club was held by an Adamant Cubone. With Rock Head. That saves me so much time breeding. I LOVE YOU, GAME. Other than that and sporadic EV training for my Battle Tower team, I haven't been very active in my game lately.

5th April 2010, 2:50 AM
Today was a great day in pearl, thanks to easter and my cousin being at the easter party. First He helped me get shaymin, dont know how he got me there, i was eatting. Then he lent me his regi's that someone else lent him so i could get Regigigas. Took me about 10 resets to catch it. Then my sneasel egg hatched into a female, which is exactly what i wanted. He then chose to trade me a glalie for a sableye since he had 2 and didnt have emerald, so he couldn't get sableye. I amnow breeding the Glalie for a female snorunt so i can get Froslass.

I plan on trading Sneasel to SS later.

5th April 2010, 8:12 PM
With my Pokemon interests re-sparked, thanks to the release of HeartGold, I decided to finish up my Platinum.

I went to the Pokemon Mansion and added Manaphy to my Pokedex, and since it was night time I was able to challenge and catch Rotom with like three Ultra Balls. And with that, I headed to Sandgem and collected my prize - The National Dex. I was prettyy happy, considering it took me so long to get around to doing it. I caught a Swablu which I am now raising.

5th April 2010, 10:01 PM
Gonna start a new game as my old one wasn't going anywhere. It was taking me too long train my team up and it got boring.

Think my new team will be:


A few reliables with a couple of ones i've never had before. I just hope i'll be able to keep with this one and not get bored.

Typhlosion Trainer
6th April 2010, 5:31 AM
On Platinum: I recently traded over some pokemon from there to my HG

On Diamond: I traded some pokemon from there over to HG as well, and right now I am breeding some pokemon to send over.

6th April 2010, 2:08 PM
Started my new game on Platinum. Picked Turtwig as my starter and trained it up to Level 15 on Route 202. I was going to wait till Friday to get Driftloon but I couldn't be bothered so I bred an egg on Pearl and traded it over. My team at the moment is:

Driftloon Lvl 14
Turtwig Lvl 15

I might give them nicknames later on but I'm rubbish with them. Suggestions Plz. :)

First up came a starly which i decided to keep and named Sunset because thats when i caught him. Then i saw two Shinx that were both knocked out by Twiggy and as i was starting to give up on shinks this beauty came out of the blue! A SHINY SHINX!

PICTURE Afraid of being knocked out i used starly and well i caught it.!

You're so lucky. I never seem to get Shinies. I've only got 3 and one of them is SR'd. :(

EDIT: I need some help. I was going to get a Gallade but I'm not so sure now. If someone could help me pick o Pokemon to replace it I would be grateful or do you think that I should have a Gallade.

The Mighty Wurmple
9th April 2010, 1:10 AM
Lost in the Battle Factory just before the Brain again.

Jynx vs. Vileplume
Jynx used Blizzard! But it missed!
Vileplume used Grass Knot! (some damage)

Jynx used Blizzard!
Vileplume fainted!

(Opponent) sent in Tyranitar! (turns out it's the Scarfed one with the elemental punches)
Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (against Jynx? o.O)
Critical hit! *insert obscene language here*
Jynx fainted!

Cameron sent out Floatzel!
Tyranitar used Ice Punch!
Floatzel was frozen! *insert more obscene language here*
Flotzel is frozen solid!

Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (about 1/3 damage)
Floatzel is frozen solid!
(sandstorm damage)

Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (about 1/3 HP now)
Floatzel is frozen solid!
(sandstorm damage)

Tyranitar used Ice Punch!
Floatzel fainted!

Cameron sent out Flygon!
Yeah I died.

Starting again >_>

edit: 2 battles before the Brain.
Lost after Signal Beam missed three times in a row on a Weavile with Brightpowder Night Slash had a critical hit on Lanturn, Night Slash OHKOed Victreebell with a critical hit and Lucario was dead from a different Pokemon. God this pisses me off >.>

10th April 2010, 3:36 AM
Well I finally beat Tower Tycoon Palmer in the second round, it was my Starmie, Scizor, and Garchomp against his Cresselia, Heatran, and Regigigas.

Scizor VS Cresselia
Crit Psychic does 1/3 while I used Swords Dance.
Crit Psychic does 1/3 while I used Swords Dance.
Psychic does 1/6 while I OHKO with X-Scissor.

Scizor VS Heatran
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm finally hit.

Starmie VS Heatran
Surf KOs Heatran.

Starmie VS Regigigas
Surf does a little less than half, while Crush Crip does 2/3
Surf again, leaves it with at least 10 HP, while Crush Grip finished me off.

Garchomp VS Regigigas
Earthquake missed and Crush Grip does 1/3
Earthquake hits and KO Regigigas.

Now I'm going to move on to the Factory, and from there I'm going to get the Gold Prints in the Castle and the Hall.

10th April 2010, 12:09 PM
Beat Roark with ease using my newly evolved Grotle. Beat the Galactic goons in Jubilife and Valley Windworks. Evolved my Drifloon into a monsterous Drifblim while trekking through Eterna Forest. Got to Eterna City, healed up and went and caught a Nosepass. Then I demolished Gardenia with my Drifblim then I evolved my Nosepass into a Probopass. I trained it up to the level of the rest of my team then I went to Hearthome. I meant to enter my Probopass in the Tough Contest but accidentaly entered him in the Smart Contest and he didn't have any Smart moves. He won anyway. I beat Fantina to get my 3rd badge then proceeded on towards Socaleon. I've just caught a Scyther and added it to my team.

At the moment my team is:

Torterra ;389;
Lvl 36 @ Meadow Plate
Sassy Nature

-Razor Leaf
-Leech Seed

Personal Note: This guy is amazing. He can take out most thing at this point in one move.

Scyther ;123;
Lvl 21 @ Shell Bell
Impish Nature

-Wing Attack
-False Swipe

PN: Don't know alot about this girl as I haven't had her for long. Will probably keep her in my team now though.

Drifblim ;426;
Lvl 35 @ -
Naughty Nature

-Ominous Wind

PN: This will be the teams flier. He also has decent stats so he can hold his own in battle.

Probopass ;476;
Lvl 35 @ -
Quirky Nature

-Rock Slide
-Rock Throw
-Thunder Wave

PN: It's ability is annoying. Magnet pull tends to bring Bronzors to battle and I don't have any move handy against them. I'm gonna teach it Fire Punch when I get to the Shard Person.

I also have a Bidoof as a HM Slave but I'll swap that for a Bibarel.

11th April 2010, 8:28 PM
After managing to beat Palmer at the second round battle, I tried at the Battle Factory, but got really bored and started messing around.

After that I tried the Battle Hall with my Scizor, only made it to Battle 10 of Fire because the Infernape managed to OHKO me with Flare Blitz despite me holding an Occa Berry.

I hate the Battle Hall -_-

14th April 2010, 7:11 AM
Well I'm still in the Battle Frontier in my Platinum game, still holding one gold symbol, Battle Tower, and 3 silver symbols? from the Arcade, Hall, and the Castle. I still have yet to beat Thornton in the Battle Factory but, I'm going to continue to try for all gold symbols:) As for my Diamond, I'm starting breeding up again, beginning with Gastrodons.

14th April 2010, 5:23 PM
At victory road's beginning in my diamond. My team was severly underleveled (av of 40 when I got there) so I decided to train to lvl 50 before progressing further. Here are details
Mamoswine lvl 44 @Luck Incense(RSmash,EQ,IceFang,IceShard)
Heracross lvl46 @Cleanse Tag(AerialAce,Dig,CloseCombat,NightSlash)
Weavile lvl46 (BrickBreak,IcePunch,Pursuit,NightSlash)
Shelgon lvl46 @ExpShare (ZenHeadbutt,HydroPump,Fireblast,DragonClaw)
Slaking lvl46 (GigaImpact,Yawn,Pursuit,Earthquake)
Ambipom lvl 46 (Pursuit,FakeOut,Return,U-Turn)

And the pokemon here are strong. Anyway, gonna level 'em all up. Shelgon and Mamoswine are really hard to level up. Mamoswine faints easily with all the machoke/steelix/meditite evo stab super effective attacks, and shelgon doesn't pack a punch yet. Just waiting till it hits lvl 50, courtesy of exp share.

In my other games, I decided to breed lopunny. Also, I'll trick the Pokemon Box into giving me a good IV adamant zigzagoon with extremespeed tonight.

14th April 2010, 9:39 PM
Neat story, 3 days ago I was breeding two Tyranitar for a Adamant Larvitarar.
After a little over 30 eggs hatched, I came across a Shiny Larvitar! I also completed my original objective after I hatched the Shiny.

17th April 2010, 2:33 AM
reached i think 8 or 10 boxes full of eevees from breeding pm me if anybody needs specific nature and wants one

21st April 2010, 12:07 AM
Two wonderfully wonder things happened today.

I go right outside Hearthome City with my thief, a yanma that knows thief. Casually running through the grass when a chansy pops up. I use thief on it. "Lucky Egg has been stolen!" I about crapped myself.

Then I was out by Snowpoint City, training my lucario so he can be of help for the Mt Coronet events I'm about to do. Spam killing ice types like lucario likes to do, when BAM, a shiny swinub appears. I cry out in happiness, then panic. I was carrying a team of all 40+'s. Luckily I had fast balls and tossed one at the swinub. Didn't even fight the ball. I now have Oinky, a female, brave natured, shiny swinub.

Current team for Mt Coronet: ;389; ;448; ;215; ;134; ;078; ;445;

21st April 2010, 8:22 PM
Congrats Chappu on your first shiny especially on a random encountered shiny. Anyways I still have yet to start breeding Gastrodon's as I've been preoccupied with the Platinum Battle Tower Singles but, I'm going to begin breeding tonight by catching random Ditto's and Gastrodon's searching for good IV'ed ones, yay me:D

22nd April 2010, 3:58 PM
Ok so here is the odd thing.. Last time I saved the game was apparently back in January... Lols... SO I cannot remember a thing..

So I turned on the game, and apparently I was at that Shaymin Rock, but something didn't look right, there was a path going north that I have never seen before, so I decided to follow it... Well, I turned around 3 times because I thought it was a never ending trail. So I decided to place something on the arrow button until I hit whatever... So after leaving the ds alone for a second I run into this Shaymin.... I was like.. "Umm ok?" So I decided to capture it.. Duh... And wow, just my luck, it was a shiny... Now I didn't remember how or why I wound up there, but I was at the right place, at the right time. Luckily I had a few master balls left from numerous trades... So I used on... Ok I have a shiny Shaymin.. Don't get me wrong, it was a glorious moment =D... But its the next story that gets weird O.o

I decided, after getting a shiny Shaymin, that it was time to revisit that mountain top where I got Palkia, Diagla and company. So along the way, I hit the usual wild pokemon, taking them down with my 82 Mewtwo.... Forgot I had a Mewtwo... Until finally I get to the mountain stairway peak.. NOW... Here is the kicker... I take 2 steps, and I stopped... I tried to move and it won't let me... Dumb me, there was a textbox saying do I want to play the flute.... This was my reaction "What flute is this game talking about".... So I clicked yes of course, and boom, a set of stairs played... My intial thought was... "Did I just die or something" So as I am climbing the stairs... Ironcially Stairway to Heaven was playing on the radio at the time... And I saw this pokemon I have only seen on the card =P An Arceus... I nearly FLIPPED... So I saved it and had a snack...Then I went into battle.... Not only was it THE arceus... But it was gold =D....Wait.... OH MY.. It was shiny to XD lol... Anyways... Yeah, I captured it. So I did a celebration dance, *Walks to the left, up, down, left, right ,right, up, down.. and fly =D... XD

So afterwards, I flew over to the town with the casino, and lost about 50 coins before I won about 3000 back XD.... Then I got very very bored, and went to the fronteir island... Eventually my feet took me to Stark Mountain... I knew there was Skarmory here, so I decided to find a shiny one =D... About 50 minutes of searching I had no luck -_-;;;;... So I was about to leave, when I found a shiny Camerupt..... Wow.. Seriously

So in about 2 hours I found 3 sihnies for my collection.... It was a really lucky day....... Going to the lottery centre... I got no prize XD So for the next hour after that, I just randomly walked around aimlessly around the Sinnoh world.. Saved the game.. And played Soul Silver XD

neo darkrai
22nd April 2010, 5:12 PM
I can't believe it. It's been exactly 3 years since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released in the US. The changes they brought were amazing in my opinion and I personally like the games.

Back on topic. To commemorate this event, I just traveled all over Sinnoh to enjoy the scenery and see what's changed from Platinum. On my travels, I noticed that Snowpoint City has diamond dust which may or may not be a coincidence. My final thing I did was withdraw my starter, Torterra, and walked into my house in Twinleaf Town. I saved at the exact spot I started playing Pearl.

I hope Gen. V will be just as good as this Generation.

22nd April 2010, 5:23 PM
Wow, nice. Grats on the shinies. Especially shaymin. Always wanted that little bugger.

So I pushed through to the rest of the game. Did the giratina event. Decided to let him go for now, as I was not prepped to catch a legendary (no status causers except for the occasional freeze via ice punch and aurora beam). Will go after him again shortly.

Went to Sunnyshore and obliterated the gym. Torterra and garchomp made mince-meat of anything that stood in their way. Began heading north and nearly danced in surprise. Jasmine, one of my favorite gym trainers (Next to Flannery and Maylene)! She gies me waterfall and I head through to victory road.

I wasn't ready for the Elite Four. Or at least so I thought. After one defunct attempt at Aaron (vespiqueen took me by surprise), I plowed through them. Really surprised. I was under-leveled to the extreme. Went against Cynthia. Dropped Spiritomb with a Wood Hammer via torterra, togekiss got ice punched, roserade dropped my weavile, but got dropped by my rapidash, lucario met the broadside of torterra's earthquake...

And then I slammed head-first into milotic. She ice beamed my torterra. Dropped my rapidash (sent her out to stall). So I threw out my favorite wall: vaporeon. Dragon Pulse barely hurt, surf and ice beam tickled her. I used a dire hit and x spdef on vaporeon and then proceeded to use bite. Critted several times, and after exhausting almost all of my uses of bite, milotic fell. And then she sent out garchomp...Vaporeon stayed out. I fully expected her to drop. Garchomp earthquake'd and vaporeon barely survived. She countered with an aurora beam, which criticalled and 1HKO'd garchomp. I beat her, somehow. My team was, on average, 7-10 levels under her's.

Currently attempting to round out my Sinnoh Dex. Missing the trio, manaphy, umbreon, and SOMEHOW I missed dusclops. Pretty sure that's all that's left, though.

22nd April 2010, 11:27 PM
Haven't done much except breeding for my new Platinum team of Infernape, Roserade, Octillery, Rampardos, Gliscor, Bronzong.

Task List
-Mild Chimchar
-Modest Sniper Remoraid
-Modest Natural Cure Budew
-Adamant Hyper Cutter Gligar
-Modest Levitate Bronzor
-Adamant Run Away Aipom

Trying to find a Modest Natural Cure Budew with either HP [Fire] or [Rock]

28th April 2010, 6:05 PM
Well, a couple of days, I migrated my Fire Red team (Charizard, Persian, Kadabra, Vileplume, Raichu, and Lapras) to my Diamond game so that my brother could play Fire Red again on a new file.

Today, I was in school, waiting for my Mum to finish what she had to do as usual so we could go home. I got bored so I started playing Diamond with my Fire Red pokemon as my team. I got them up to Level 58 to be even with each other in Victory Road. I then went to the League. I was pretty bored and I was really just seeing how far I could get in the League before getting defeated. I beat the League. The final 'round' of the battle with Cynthia was my Level 59 Lapras vs her Level 66 Garchomp. I thought 'Oh man, that Garchomp has stupid stats and Ice Beam will only do a teeny bit of damage, and my whole team will get slaightered.' But I used Ice Beam anyway and was ready to the face the music.

The Garchomp fainted with one Ice Beam and it wasn't a critical hit. I just beat the entire league, thinking I would be defeated at one point. It only took about half an hour to go through the whole league. I was shocked. Well, that's two ribbons for each Pokemon (one for defeating for the Kanto League and one for defeating the Sinnoh League.)

I also decided to go to the game corner for a round. I can never get above 5 rounds, even if I did what Clefairy 'said' to do and that I didn't appear to get anything wrong. Maybe it's because I don't understand the red moon bit, and I don't understand why I always get replays. And I don't know why there are two Clefairies (One with green-ish ear tips, and looks worried, and one with brown ear tips and is always smiling.)

But Pokemon so far has gone pretty awesomely.

29th April 2010, 5:38 AM
Wait, you're surprised that Ice Beam OHKOed a ground/dragon? Why? The only move you could've hit it with that would have been stronger would have been Blizzard. It was even STABed

29th April 2010, 2:08 PM
Wait, you're surprised that Ice Beam OHKOed a ground/dragon? Why? The only move you could've hit it with that would have been stronger would have been Blizzard. It was even STABed

I kind of forgot that Garchomp is also a ground type. :redface: I remembered he was a dragon type, but I forgot he was ground. So I forgot that Ice Beam would be 4x effective with the STAB bonus as well. I realised a little later on.

29th April 2010, 10:13 PM
I decided to restart my Pokemon Diamond, and so transferred all wanted items and Pokemon over to SoulSilver.

Due to my current Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! craze, I named my female character Mitsumi and the rival Jun. Did the whole intro, and got a female Chimchar first time. And Modest, to boot. I was chuffed to bits, I can tell you that.

Voyaged to Sandgem, nicknamed her Pyra, and as soon as I got the Pokedex I traded over a menagerie of Eevee eggs. Two would evolve into Leafeon and Glaceon respectively. Named two of them Gloria and Verdant. One will become Glaceon, the other Leafeon. Also hatched an Elekid. Jolly <3. Was pleased with my luck considering how rare this is to happen.

Currently doing the whole Poketch thing in Jubilife. Tomorrow, will trade over Gloria and Verdant to Platinum. Can't be bothered to go through a good chunk of the game with just an Eevee. Will also train all up to Lv. 9 for first Jun battle.

Chimchar- Pyra Lv. 9, Modest, Female- Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt
Eevee- Verdant Lv. 2, Quirky, Female- Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand
Eevee- Gloria Lv. 1, Timid, Female- Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand
Elekid- Elec Lv. 2, Jolly, Male- Leer, Quick Attack, Ice Punch, Cross Chop

2nd May 2010, 10:13 AM
- Decided to train up a Dragonite to use in the Platinum BF
- Bred a few Dratini and got 2 Adamant ones, I kept both but decided to train the second one because it had better IV's
- Named it Valiant
- Fought the Old Couple below Hearthome for money to buy vitamins and gave them to Valiant
- After that I begun EV training it against a few trainers with the Vs. Seeker in HP, Attack, and Speed. It's spread is 248 HP/ 56 Atk/ 204 Spe
- I'm now raising it with the EXP.Share in the Trainer Cafe until it's a Dragonite

2nd May 2010, 12:37 PM
Platinum: It's been a while, I've mostly been playing Soul Silver lately. Now that I've bred a female Chikorita with leech seed that I will send over to Platinum, I've began playing Platinum so I can breed a Chimchar in exchange for the Chikorita. First however, I'm going to hatch a Natu egg I had earlier sent over to Platinum in order to have the spiky eared Pichu to Soul Silver. Currently hatching the Natu egg.

3rd May 2010, 1:34 AM
Just got all the power items, so EV training is going by super quick with those combined with Pokerus.

dragonish phoenix
3rd May 2010, 1:44 AM
Pearl: Been harvesting lucky eggs from wild chansey by teaching my Marowak the technique thief. I only go back to pearl every once in a while. I am addicted to heart gold and soul silver.

5th May 2010, 7:35 PM
Well today (at 1am,) I was hatching a Miltank egg (bred from a Miltank I got from the GTS,) and she hatched at 1am. I named her 'Sayori' (it's a Japanese girl's name with the meaning 'born at night' and she was, so it made sense.)

I then went about catching some Pokemon that I didn't have yet 2 Snorunts (one for Glalie and one for Froslass,) Sunkern (for Pokedex,) Caterpie, and Elekid. That's all so far.

I then went to the Veilstone Game Corner for a round of gambling. But I was hit by a massive stroke of luck, and for the first time ever, got 10 interrupted bonus rounds (well, I actually got 11.) I've got the Explosion but I won't using it. It's too risky (it makes your Pokemon faint, and it runs the risk of missing.) So that will be saved for a trade I think.

9th May 2010, 12:13 PM
Platinum: Well, I've been filling up a few more pages in my Pokedex (Currently: 425 seen, 305 obtained) by training and evolving some of my Pokemon, including the Natu and the Chikorita I traded over from Soul Silver. Currently in the process of EV training a Beldum. Also, my Swellow is almost level 100, so she's almost ready for the Battle frontier. I'm also thinking of starting up my Heart Gold game soon, and eventually have a Cyndaquil bred and sent over to Platinum. One of my friends have already promised me a Totodile, so I assume that if he has Heart Gold or Soul Silver, we might be able to take care of that next time we meet. Then I'll finally have all the starters from all the regions in my game.

10th May 2010, 3:28 AM
Today is Sunday and I was bored after taking notes for a research project, so I picked up my second Platinum and started a file. I did all the usual stuff, picked Chimchar, and now I'm on Route 201. I'm not sure of who I'll include on my team, so I'll just put it together as I go along.

EDIT: I've decided to search for a Nosepass and use that. Perhaps I'll add either Tropius or Tangrowth later on.

12th May 2010, 9:32 PM
got platinum for my b-day and i started play and i got just past cycling road and now grinding to lv 30 yea i know its ower kill for ghost lady but oh well i hate her...




Cyndaquil luber
13th May 2010, 2:55 AM
Started new file on pearl. Got to eterna forest and a shiny wurmple appears. I was afraid the chansey would faint it but in the end it didn't so this is my first shiny!!

15th May 2010, 10:27 PM
Realised I didn't have a Dragon Scale for my Kingdra, so I found one of a wild Horsea pretty quickly with my CompoundEyes Yanma and my Frisk/Thief Bannette.

On a side note, this thread has been very inactive, much less than the HGSS thread. I know they're the newest games, but just putting it out there.

Pokemon Trainer Brandon
16th May 2010, 4:22 AM
Started playing my Diamond game again. Today at (11:20 pm) I am getting ready to explore Stark Mountain. Earlier, I was training my Kirlia and evolved him into a Galade with the Dawn stone. I caught a Camerupt (lvl 55) outside of Stark Mountain.

18th May 2010, 1:57 AM
I've been very busy playing through Emerald the past few days, and I decided to go ahead and start a new Platinum game as well. The save slot has been empty for a while now, so it's about time I gave it some attention.

I will be playing Platinum and Emerald simultaneously, so the updates will probably be far between.

As for now though, my progress is laughable at best. I chose a Turtwig as my starter, and I caught all four available Pokemon before I headed to Jubilife. Right now, I'm parked next to the trainer school.

The next update will contain a whole lot more progress.

19th May 2010, 1:01 AM
Caught a Modest Shaymin today with Hidden Power Ice, 31 Spe IV's and 1 SpA IV :(

Ill stil keep im i think, got it on the 6th reset lol

21st May 2010, 5:33 AM
I got bored with HG, so quitting it.. starting platinum..

chose chimchar as starter. nickname chimp
Caught a shinx (F) , nickname rex on route 202.. Currently in jublife city

team chimp lvl 11
Rex lvl 4

22nd May 2010, 5:01 AM
Failed to get 49 wins in the Battle Arcade once again, so I'm going to raise a Garchomp and see if I can finally get my Gold Print.

22nd May 2010, 6:47 PM
lots of changes happened for me :D

from jublife city, went to oreburgh city, defeated the gym there.. then was floarama town, defeated galactic, rex and chimp evolved :D , caught a buizel in valley windworks[weasy], then crossed eterna forest with ease.. defeated eterna gym with my strong chimp :), defeated the galactic HQ, now currently in cycling road

see my sig for team

The Benmeister
23rd May 2010, 4:55 PM
Was thinking of restarting Platinum. But decided against it (especially since I'd lose my two gold symbols), and instead, am aiming to dust off Wuvdisc and get it as many ribbons as physically possible.

I am currently obtaining my nineteenth as I speak. Many more on the way hopefully :)

24th May 2010, 4:42 AM
GAHHHH! After losing in the Battle Arcade once again, I decided to try my hand at Shiny Hunting with the Pokeradar for the first time. I was on Route 222 chaining Skitty when all of a sudden...my chain is broken by a shiny Luxio who freakin Roar'd my Marowak and me away!!! I was deeply saddened...

I'm going to try again tonight though. My goal is to get either a shiny Skitty, Electubuzz, Luxio, Floatzel, or Pelipper. Wish me luck!

I also obtained all the Weekly Ribbons for my Lickilicky. He now has 23 ribbons.

Typhlosion Trainer
24th May 2010, 4:48 AM
I havent played Platinum that much since HG/SS came out but I did do some recent breeding on Pt for my HG.

24th May 2010, 11:08 AM
Woah.. i almost have a full team, got a female eevee at hearthome city :D, evolved it into umbreon.. egg hatched to togepi.. then got a abra from a trade in jublife city evolved into kadabra.. did lots of training.. all are lvl 27 now.. weasy evolved ;), on the way to solaceon town..

see my sig for team

The Benmeister
25th May 2010, 6:06 PM
Lost to Palmer AGAIN. If his Regigigas didn't have Brightpowder I could quite easily have won. But when EARTHQUAKE misses you know it's not your day.

On the other hand, my Luvdisc now has 23 ribbons. Also, it managed to take out 2/3 of Palmer's silver team by itself :P (And no, I was not moronic enough to keep using Luvdisc after that battle, just to get myself the Ability Ribbon for it.)

Wigglytuff FTW!
26th May 2010, 12:24 AM
So, I'm not sure if I should post it here or not, but I can't find any "Shiny Discussion" thread here, so I'll put it in here! After not playing my Platinum for a while, I forgot where all my berries are (the berry pots in HGSS are such a luxury!). So when I was going around looking for my berries, I did not put up repel, so I was wandering in the grass. "Aw jeez! Another one?!" But this guy was different. It was a Kadabra, and I noticed he was slightly paler than normal then *Buh-dink*. I was ecstatic. Luckily, he didn't know Teleport and I caught him in a Repeat Ball. Yay. Right now, I'm EV training him. i'll put a picture up if I can get my damn phone to transfer the pictue to my computer! X[

26th May 2010, 12:53 AM
I found my old Pearl and started it up today. I chose Piplup because he is awesome and started my journey. I beat Roark or whatever and then caught a Budew. I then made my way through Eterna Forest and caught a Buneary, but then I just pc'ed it in exchange for a Meditite and have been training that since. I'm going to challenge the second gym sometime soon.

26th May 2010, 6:48 PM
Since my last post I've decided to take a break on trying to get a shiny with the pokeradar because the man that once chained 48 Floatzel on his second day after learning how to chain, can no longer even chain 20 Skitty in a swarm -_-. To make matters worse, I challenged Argenta in hopes of getting my Silver Print for the Battle Hall and her Leafeon 1HKO'd my Electivire with Leaf Blade, I felt like such a failure -_-.

Now I'm EV training my Timid Ghastly named King Boo to help me in the Battle Frontier.

26th May 2010, 6:59 PM
Been breeding for my new Pt team of Infernape/Gyarados/Roserade/Luxray/Gliscor/Mismagius, and currently breeding Budew. Caught a Nuzleaf last night, leveled it up and taught it Extrasensory, evolved it and taught it Leaf Storm. Bred them with Roselia for a Modest Natural Cure Budew with Leaf Storm and Extrasensory.

Currently breeding my EVd Gengar with a Misdreavus for Shadow Ball and Focus Blast.

Once they're done, I shall start.

26th May 2010, 7:05 PM
Been breeding for my new Pt team of Infernape/Gyarados/Roserade/Luxray/Gliscor/Mismagius, and currently breeding Budew. Caught a Nuzleaf last night, leveled it up and taught it Extrasensory, evolved it and taught it Leaf Storm. Bred them with Roselia for a Modest Natural Cure Budew with Leaf Storm and Extrasensory.

Currently breeding my EVd Gengar with a Misdreavus for Shadow Ball and Focus Blast.

Once they're done, I shall start.

EDIT: Finally finished breeding Misdreavus, and booted up my other Platinum.

It turns out I still hadn't picked up my Jirachi I hadn't picked yet. I really wanted to start ASAP, so I just picked it. First one I got was Timid, so I was happy about that. Traded all stuff to my main Platinum, so I restarted.

Picked the girl, called Anna, and my rival Matthew. I talked to my Mom, she told me not to run into grass, blah blah. Matthew told me to meet him at the road, he tried to run into the grass, what an idiot. Rowan let me choose a starter, so I picked Chimchar, and beat my Rival. Headed back to my house, and my rival dragged to the lake, bumped into Cyrus, blah blah blah. Finally got the Pokedex, and caught some pokemon, traded them for eggs, and hatched them. Currently training them on Route 201.

Chimchar lvl 1
Magikarp lvl 1
Budew lvl 1
Shinx lvl 1
Gligar lvl 1
Misdreavus lvl 1

EDIT2: I trained my team to level 5 on Route 201, and headed for Jubilife City. Bumped into Lucas, he congratulated me on my 6 pokemon, and left me alone. Went to the trainer school, and talked to Matthew. Got a Town Map, and hit the road. Got a Poketch, and talked to some people. Got a few free PokeBalls, and then beat the trainers north of Jubilife City. Afterwards, I healed, and Shinx defeated my rival handily. Beat more trainers, and got the HM Rock Smash. Beat the trainers in the cave, and caught a few pokemon. Explored Oreburgh City, and got more free stuff. Talked to my rival at the Gym, somehow he beat Roark, but anyway, I checked out the Mine, and spoke to Roark, he went back to the Gym, and I followed him, after I caught an Onix, a Ponyta, and two Machops. Traded one away for Kazza the Abra, and trained my team to level 12, against the Mine Workers and the Gym Trainers. With Budew in front, I swept Roark easily, with Mega Drain and Leaf Storm. Afterwards, I healed, and bumped into my rival again. Caught a Bidoof and a Starly, and went into Oreburgh Gate. Then I beat the TG Grunts in Jubilife City with Chimchar, afterwhich he evolved into Monferno, learned Mach Punch. Made it to Floaroma Town, and saved. I also traded Magikarp to my other Platinum earlier, and evolved it into Gyarados.

Monferno level 14
Gyarados level 20
Budew level 15
Shinx level 14
Gligar level 14
Misdreavus level 14

EDIT3: I dealt with the TG Grunt outside the Valley Windworks, and then caught a few pokemon. Went to the Meadow, where Shinx evolved into Luxio and defeated the Grunts. On the way up to Eterna Forest, Budew finally evolved into Roselia, right in time for Leech Seed. Healed outside the forest, and helped Cheryl. Caught some pokemon in the Forest, and leveled up my team to level 19. Cheryl gave me a free Soothe Bell, and I hit the PokeCenter. Took Gyarados out of the PC, and defeated the Gym trainers. I also defeated the trainers near Mt. Coronet, and caught some more pokemon. With my team at level 20, I challenged Gardenia, who was a cinch. Monferno took down both Cherrim and Turtwig with Flamethrower, while Gligar 2HKOd Roserade with Wing Attack. Cleared out the TG HQ, and challenged Jupiter. She was harder than Gardenia, as Gyarados struggled to defeat Skuntank, those dang crit Night Slash's. Healed afterwards, got the Bike and the Explorer Kit, hatched the Togepi Egg, and went down Cycling Road. Beat all the trainers, got my HM Slave Bidoof out of the PC, and currently exploring Wayward Cave.

Monferno level 22
Gyarados level 22
Roselia level 22
Luxio level 22
Gligar level 21
Misdreavus level 21

29th May 2010, 5:59 PM
Diamond: I've gotten a lot done recently. Aside from soft resetting for a shiny Cresselia, I recently went on a GTS Spree; I got a whole bunch of female Pokemon from foreign areas. I also got a shiny Electabuzz and Machamp, and as far as I can tell, they are legitimate shinies (they have bad natures, normal level up moves...nothing looks suspicious about it, except that the Machamp was caught in a Master Ball). I don't know why anyone would put a legit shiny on the GTS, though, so I'm thinking they aren't legitimate.

Anyways, after that, my brother all of a sudden had a huge obsession with trying to do the 2nd Round Battle with Palmer on at the Battle Tower, so for the past few days, he's been playing the Battle Tower. Somehow, he managed to get to the 49th Battle in only a few days of trying; that's a feat that I've been trying to accomplish since the BT was introduced in Crystal! >_< What's worse is that he didn't breed any new Pokemon for it or anything; he just used the Pokemon I had! Apparently his "Dragon Pulse everything" strategy really works! But like I said, it took him a few days to get it, and I ended up getting like 150+ B.P. thanks to him. :)

Now that he's done with that, I'm back to SRing for a shiny Cresselia. On the side, I'm going to try to Masuda Breed for a shiny Absol with Mean Look and Baton Pass.

Platinum: Hatching for Riolu eggs. It's taking forever...

30th May 2010, 12:33 AM
Traded an Eevee and Houndour from my HG to my Pearl. I defeated Gardenia pretty easily, caught a Buizel to trade for a Chatot. The Chatot helped me defeat Maylene who was almost as easy as Roark. Then made my way to Pastoria to defeat her dad.

30th May 2010, 1:19 AM
VICTORYYYYY!!!!! After many failed attempts I finally got my Gold Print for the Battle Arcade. I beat Dahlia with only my Garchomp, I almost cried.

My Team was:

Timid Nature
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
-Focus Blast

Adamant Nature

Jolly Nature
-Stone Edge
-Swords Dance

I'm using this same team to help me get my Gold Print at the Battle Castle.

30th May 2010, 8:37 AM
I recently picked up all of my games, and decided to restart them. It has been a while since I have played in the Sinnoh region, so I might start with these games first.

In Platinum, I have just received Turtwig. It is probably my favorite starter of them all.

In Diamond, I have just received Piplup. I have never used this starter, so I hope this will be a fun experience.

I am not sure when I will actually start this play-through, but I expect there will be an update soon.

The Benmeister
30th May 2010, 10:56 AM
Starting my Diamond Scramble team - Vibrava, Octillery, Magnezone, Beedrill, Froslass and Golbat. Should be interesting. Shall commence trading shortly.

Meanwhile on Platinum, my Luvdisc now has 25 ribbons. Kickass.

Dragon trainer
30th May 2010, 12:04 PM
I'm going to re start on my platinum now ive traded over my PCP, shaymin and other pokemon.

Going to go with this team of:


Pearl: Going to breed a Bagon with Dragon Dance and Claw. For full movset of DD/DC/EQ and Flamethrower.

Lanturn to have a Modest Nature with Volt absorb surf/Ice beam/Thunderbolt and Toxic
Mismagius is to have a Timid nature with Nasty plot/Shadow ball/Thunderbolt/Will O Wisp
Umbreon will be obtained ingame
Mannoswine will be Jolly Natured with Earthquake and Rock Slide and will have Ice shard/peck/EQ/RS which is what ive used before.

31st May 2010, 1:09 AM
Just got a 100 steak in the BT, now have my first Gold card on any pokemon game ;)

31st May 2010, 10:05 PM
I started my Platinum yesterday, and I have made quite a bit of progress since.

Right now I am on Route 210 training my team, above Solaceon Town. I got very lucky on Route 209. As I was walking through the grass next to the muddy slope, the first patch of grass I entered contained a Chansey. I caught it because I figured it was rare and I could use the Pokedex entry anyways. As I threw the Pokeball I thought "Wouldn't it be awesome if it was holding a Lucky Egg?"

It was holding a lucky egg. This is the first time I have ever gotten one without chaining. I am very excited. Right now I am using the VS Seeker to battle the male Pokemon Breeder on Route 210. His Elekid gives me 700 exp, and his Happiny give me 1800. I am training my whole team to 40 before I move on. My Gabite has went from 27 to 38 in about 15 minutes.

If it continues to go this quickly as I reach the 40s, I may even train them to 50. As for now though, my team is this:

level 38
-Dragon Rage
-Dragon Claw

Level 28
-Mega Drain
-Razor Leaf

Level 28
-Dragon Rage

I am not sure if I will just keep these three or add another. If I do, it will be flying.

That is all for now. I hope everyone has as much luck as I have today!

1st June 2010, 12:34 PM
Wow, whenever I don't play my Platinum this thread is hopping, but when I play, its dead.

Anyway, I explored Wayward Cave, which I now know like the back of my hand. Found Mira, helped her out. Beat the trainers near Mt. Coronet, stocked up on items in the PokeMart. Talked to Lucas, got the Poketch app and the VS. Seeker, and talked to Cyrus too. Beat the trainers outside Hearthome City, and explored the place. Bumped into Mom at the Contest Hall, kinda weird. Trained my team to level 25 on the Gym trainers, and challenged the Gym. Misdreavus OHKOd both Haunter and Duskull with Shadow Ball, and Gyarados 2HKOd Mismagius with Bite. Afterwards I healed, and challenged my rival. My Gligar defeated Staravia, Luxio defeated Prinplup, Monferno defeated Roselia, and Gyarados defeated Ponyta.

Monferno level 26
Gyarados level 26
Roselia level 26
Luxio level 26
Gligar level 26
Misdreavus level 26

3rd June 2010, 1:01 PM
I just won a Master Ball in the lottery in my Pearl game :D
Bringing me to a grand total of 5 :p

Also managed to beat Maylene last night in my Platinum Scramble Challenge, definitely harder than I remember.
Gonna try and do some chaining in Pearl today, havn't done that for a while!

3rd June 2010, 7:11 PM
Since my last post I have successfully made my way all the way into the Distortion World, and right now I am Soft Resetting in hopes of encountering a shiny Giratina. My team right now is:

level 60
-Dragon Rage
-Dragon Claw

Level 60
-Razor Leaf

Level 65
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Everything is going great so far, and I must say that Lucky Egg really has come in handy. Hopefully my next post here will consist of my Elite Four triumph and a shiny Giratina.

EDIT: After about 40 SRs I got super lucky and encountered this:


I took it from my phone, so I apologize for the blurriness. Unfortunately I had to use my masterball because he started struggling and was one move away from KOing himself. Oh well.

I am very excited about this because this is my first ever SR shiny.

EDIT 2: It has a Timid Nature, and if that isn't bad enough, Its IVs are terrible. 0/11/0/7/17/12

I am both Lucky and Unlucky at the same time. Hehe, well at least I don't use Ubers!

3rd June 2010, 10:45 PM
Bred a Modest Chimchar, Adamant Floatzel and Rash Salamence to go on my new team.
Setting about breeding Wobbuffet.
EV training my Physical Attacking Blissey.
Thinking about buying a new Platinum (Would be my 9th) as my other games are running out of space.

4th June 2010, 2:54 AM
Since my last post I have beaten the Pokemon League and had the Double Battle with Flint and Volkner. I soloed the entire Elite Four with my Gyarados. I only used Garchomp and Torterra once with the Champion, and that was only because I wanted all of their levels to stay even. Everyone was 70 after Cynthia. I'm sort of OCD about my records so.. yeah.

My team right now is

level 70
-False Swipe
-Dragon Claw

Level 70
-Razor Leaf

Level 71
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Right now my Pokedex stands at 209, and I am in the process of capturing Uxie.

4th June 2010, 9:34 PM
Platinum: Have been training several of my Pokemon, while slowly filling my Pokedex. Currently, it's at 429 seen, 315 obtained. I'm pretty mcuh trying to fill as many pages in the Pokedex as possible, while training several Pokemon to be used in the Battle frontier.

5th June 2010, 1:05 AM
I finally got around to EV training my Careful Mudkip, I trained it against wild Tentacruel and Bidoof, and it evolved into Marshtomp along the way. I realized I didn't have any Lucky Eggs as all 12 are on my other Platinum or SoulSilver, so I'm currently chaining Chansey's for more, currently have 1 so far, may stop at 2, or go all the way to 6, it depends how lazy I am.

Dragon trainer
5th June 2010, 12:38 PM
Platinum: Restarted and eventually after many soft resetts settled on a Timid male Chimchar, beat the rivial and eventually got the pokedex. Nicknamed him PG TIPS.

Caught 5 pokemon and got a female Bagon which i called COOKIE from my pearl version. Cookie has gone fast and beat the trainers.

We beat the rival, Cookie did and got to Orugenbug City, the rock city gym. Cookie beat the trainers, and we have just received a female Swinub which i called DIAMOND.

I'm training up all pokemon to L14 before the gym leader, PG TIPS will stay a Chimchar until he has learned Nasty plot.

Currently in team:
PG TIPS - Male
Current Moveset

COOKIE - Female
Current Moveset
Dragon Dance/Dragon Claw/Aerial Ace/Flamethrower

DIAMOND - Female
L1 - Newly Hatch
Current Moveset
Tackle/Oder Sleth/Earthquake/Rock Slide

Current Task: Receive and Train all pokemon to L14. Pokemon to recieve include: Chinchou and Misdreavus.

5th June 2010, 1:30 PM
Well, I just finished EV training my Marshtomp, had to hold off on evolution until it could naturally learn Earthquake. Evolved it, and taught it Avalanche, and trained it some more to level 60. Dumped it in the PC, and now I'm currently breeding for a Bold Vaporeon with 31/x/31/+20/+20/x, so wish me luck.

EDIT: Hatched a Bold Eevee (F) with perfect HP, so currently breeding with a Hippopotas with perfect HP and Defense IVs until I find a Bold (F) Eevee with both.

6th June 2010, 12:40 PM
Platinum: Still working on training my Pokemon and filling up pages in my Pokedex. I recently got my Toxicroak and Typhlosion to level 100. Battling trainers has given a lot of money which I can use to buy coins at the Game corner so I can afford TM's for my Pokemon.

Shiny Espeon0429
6th June 2010, 3:29 PM

Grr... I've been hunting for a Lucky Egg for a few days now and no luck :(

However, compared to 3rd Gen, it's a walk in the park. I'm no longer catching the Chansey, but using my Mankey's Covet to try and get them. 16 Oval Stones, but no Lucky Egg. :(

EDIT: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Just got one! Finally! Now, to find a Feebas, before putting this Lucky Egg to use...

6th June 2010, 3:57 PM

Grr... I've been hunting for a Lucky Egg for a few days now and no luck :(

However, compared to 3rd Gen, it's a walk in the park. I'm no longer catching the Chansey, but using my Mankey's Covet to try and get them. 16 Oval Stones, but no Lucky Egg. :(

You should try this method, worked like a charm for me, got me 14 Lucky Eggs in a couple of days xD

1. Put a pokemon with CompoundEyes in the first slot, and have it fainted.
2. Put a high level pokemon with Frisk in the second slot, alive. For Chansey, Bannette works best, and can be caught at a high level near the Survival Area.
3. Make sure it knows Thief.

When you find a Chansey, CompoundEyes will double the chance of Lucky Egg from 5% to 10%. Frisk will activate and tell you what item they're holding.

I'm still breeding for a Wish Vaporeon, and so far so good, at the speed I've been getting what I need, I should be done by tonight.

Hatched a Bold (F) Eevee with perfect Defense, and currently breeding it with a Eevee (M) that has perfect HP and Wish, so wish me luck.

EDIT: Hatched these two beauties, so they're the new parents.

;133; - Bold Male - x / x / 31 / 31 / x / x
;133; - Bold Female - 31 / x / x / 31 / 31 / x

6th June 2010, 11:50 PM
Diamond: Chain breeding so that I can get a male Absol with 31 IVs in Attack and Speed. Once I get it, I will begin breeding for a shiny Feebas.

Pearl: SRing for a shiny Heatran. 2343 soft resets so far.

Platinum: Hatching for a shiny Riolu. 2050 eggs.

Edit: By the way, Diamond and Pearl are slow as ****. Everything takes so long to complete, especially the battles. Why are these games so sluggish?

7th June 2010, 6:03 AM
I've stopped my shiny hunting for the moment in order to train a Parasect as my Catcher. Also, I am going to train a Scizor for sweeping the Elite Four. After that I will continue the hunt. My Parasect is already level 57 and EV trained, so hopefully Scizor will be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

Also, I may start either Diamond or SoulSilver soon, or both. Only time will tell though.

Shiny Espeon0429
7th June 2010, 9:23 AM
OMG, OMG, OMG! First time hunting for a pokeradar shiny and I get a shiny sentret after a chain of 4!!!!

I'm so happy!

7th June 2010, 7:54 PM
Hatched a modest Finneon and EV trained it in HP and now I'm training it in Special Attack battling Gastlys.
I don't care if Lumineon sucks, it's cute.
Did the Stark Mountain sidequest thing.

7th June 2010, 11:43 PM
So I made a lot of progress in my Platinum today, and even got a badge. After defeating my rival in Hearthome City, I hit the road, and defeated the trainers along the way. Made it to Solaceon Town quickly, picking up a TM Steel Wing along the way. Bumped into my rival when I entered, and found out about HM Defog. Explored the Solaceon Ruins, and found it, along with a bunch of evolutionary stones and a Rare Candy. Healed up, and climbed the Lost Tower, defeating the trainers and getting some items. Hit the road, getting a TM Roost and some other items. Beat the trainers, and when I reached Veilstone City, I hit the Gym. Bumped into Lucas and Wake, blah blah blah. Defeated the trainers, and I got my team to level 30, when Luxio evolved. Challenged Maylene, she was easy, but mostly because of luck. Gligar OHKO'd both Machoke and Meditite, while Misdreavus 3HKO'd Lucario, because of paralysis and Metal Claw missing. I evolved Gligar and Misdreavus after the battle as a reward, and saved.

Monferno level 30
Gyarados level 30
Roselia level 30
Luxray level 30
Gliscor level 31
Mismagius level 31

Shiny Espeon0429
8th June 2010, 8:39 PM
Got bored of EV training Scizor in my Battle Frontier team. So decided to go for that last streak of 7 in the Battle Factory before I would face my first ever Frontier Brain!

Got to third trainer with a Kingdra, Tangrowth and Gallade. I had killed the first pokemon with Kingdra, but Kingdra had been weakened before and now it was up against Starmie.
This is what happened:

*I choose Outrage*
Starmie uses Hydro Pump.
Critical Hit! Kingdra fainted!
Go Tangrowth!
*I choose Toxic*
Starmie uses Hydro Pump.
Critical Hit! Tangrowth fainted! (WTF)
Go Gallade!
*I choose Thunderpunch*
Starmie uses Hydro Pump.
Critical Hit! (Oh, come on!) Gallade is on red health.
Gallade uses Thunderpunch. Starmie survives!
*I choose Tunderpunch*
Starmie uses Hydro Pump.
Gallade Faints!
[my Platinum name] loses!
*Considers lobbing DS at the wall*

Grr... Isn't Hydro Pump meant to have rubbish accuracy?

Anyway, was so mad, I refused to leave until I had at least got a first streak of 7 again. I did this and decided to go catch my swarm pokemon before going back. Caught several Pinsir, as well as Beautifly and Volbeat on Route 229, which I hadn't caught before! :)

Now back to EV training Scizor...

8th June 2010, 9:00 PM
I restarted pearl yesterday. I;m having my character keep a journal. I've also been doing Pokedex completion, but that's not the interesting bit. Yesterday's journal entry:

June 7th
Today, I woke up and turned on the television, just like I do every day. There was a special on a Red Gyarados, which confused me. I was under the impression gyarados were blue…
Then, I went downstairs and saw my mom, like I do every day. She told me Ogden was looking for me, like he does every day. Maybe one day he’ll stick around long enough to find out I come down the stairs like five seconds after he leaves.
So I then went off to his house, like I do every day. He ran out when he saw me and told me he’d meet me on Route 201 to go to the lake. Then he ran into his house because he forgot something. Typical Ogden. I may “slow” but at least I remember to get stuff.
Well, I met him up there and he said we were going to catch our own Pokemon. I laughed, but played along. So we went out to the lake and saw an old guy there. He had a younger guy with a red hat with him. They left and walked right by us without so much as a hello. How rude! But, they left their briefcase in the tall grass. Ogden and I went to go check it out and we were attacked by wild Starly! The briefcase fell open and revealed three Poke balls! I grabbed the one on the right, Piplup, and Ogden took the one on the left and we used them to defend outselves from the Starly. Then, the guy in the red hat came back. He was shocked we used the Pokemon, but he did not seem very mad. He left with the briefcase and the remaining Pokemon. We left not long after.
Ogden confided in me that he was torn. He knew we had to give the Pokemon back, but he had started to develop a bond with his Pokemon too. We ran into the old guy on the way back home. He and the fellow with red hat told us to visit the lab in Sandgem, the next town over before he started that direction himself. We separated to go talk it over with our respective mothers. My mom told me I must go. So I headed off. On my way, Piplup grew another level and a nice person gave me a potion to heal her with. When I arrived in Sandgem, the boy in the red hat was there. He finally revealed himself to be Lucas and we went right on into the lab. Or we would have if Ogden hadn’t come barreling out. He essentially said that the professor was totally out there and left. Lucas made the point that Ogden never slows down. I was like, “well, duh.”
I then went in and talked to Professor Rowan. He isn’t as scary as I thought he was. He let me keep piplup and name her Tiplouf. Then he gave me a Pokedex and asked me if I wanted to catalogue all the Pokemon in Sinnoh. It sounded like a giant task but I said I’d give it my best effort. Then Lucas gave me a tour of the town. I went to the PokeCenter to heal up and the PokeMart was having a Buy ten get a Preimier ball free deal so I took them up on it. On the way back home I caught a Bidoof and a Starly, named Bidiza and Benina.
My mom was stoked about the project Prof. rowan asked me to do. Then Ogden’s mom came by and asked me to deliver a parcel to him. She thinks he headed for Jubilife City. On the way there, I leveled up my other Pokemon and caught a shinx, which I named Schien. Then I gave Ogden his parcel at Jubilife and there were two maps inside! He gave me the other one. I poked around a bit and won a free Poketch! Then I headed north to catch a Budew, named Rosie, and a Zubat, named Rapti. Then on the western side of town, a man gave me a Old Rod. I used it catch a Magikarp, aptly named Poisson.
When I headed east towards Orenburgh and the first gym battle, I ran into Ogden again and he challenged me to a battle. I won using only Tiplouf, but it took skill. She’s getting to be very strong now, and she’s started accepting food from me sometimes. Rosie’s the same way. I went through to the Orenburgh Gate and a hiker came up to me and gave me HM06, which contained Rock Smash. I gave the technique to Bidiza and had her practice it on a couple wild Pokemon. Sure enough, I ran into a wild Geodude and caught it and named it Caillou. I then proceeded through the cave and arrived in orenburgh to find Ogden in front of the gym. He’d already gotten his badge and he told me Roark, the gym leader, was down in the mines. It was already nighttime when I went into Orenburgh Gate, so I figured I’d go fetch Roark in the morning. I’m really tired though so maybe I’ll just check in at the PokeCenter.

9th June 2010, 2:03 PM
Well a big update for me.

Since my last post, I headed for Pastoria, along the route south of Veilstone, found a Razor Fang and evolved Gligar and traded in a Dusk Stone for Misdreavus to evolve it.

Beat the trainers and all those stupid Fisherman and Tubers, and also got a White Flute from a woman who lost her Suite Key.

Made it to Pastoria, and before I entered the Gym, I had to deal with Matthew. Easy as usual. Staravia was KOd by Monferno, Gyarados took down Ponyta, Heracross, and Roselia, while Roselia took down Prinplup. He blabbed about being an apprentice, blah blah blah. I beat the Gym trainers after he ran off.

Headed for Hearthome City via Pastoria City, and beat all those trainers, even had my team reach level 40 by the time I had reached Hearthome. Flew to Pastoria, and hit the Gym. It was way too easy. Luxray OHKO'd Gyarados and Floatzel with Spark, and Roselia OHKO'd Quagsire with Giga Drain.

Wake yelled at Matthew after the battle, and heard about the bomb!?!?! BOOOOOOOOOM too late... No damage done anyway, and I chased down the culprit. Beat him to a pulp, and bumped into Cynthia. She gave me the SecretPotion (HGSS hint or what) and I cured the Psyduck. Headed for Celestic Town, had to bring a DeFog slave (what a waste of a HM) to clear that up, and the Karate Man didn't thank me =[ Finally made it to Celestic Town, and beat the funny space man outside the ruins. Cyrus challenged me to a battle in order to protect the painting, and it was a challenge. Mismagius barely came out alive. Got the HM for Surf and taught it to a Bibarel. Mismagius then defeated all the trainers out near Mt. Coronet, so I flew to Jubilife.

Beat the Fisherman with the Gyarados obsession and the other two, and talked to Lucas' father Anakin xP, and got a Pokedex update, just like the Serebii site! What a coincidence. Healed in the PokeCenter, and challenged Matthew. Again, he was easy. Gliscor took down Roselia, Ponyta, and Heracross, while Monferno defeated Empoleon and Staraptor (and subsiquently evolved). Beat the Gym trainers with Infernape and Gyarados, and checked out Iron Island. Beat all those Miners, abused Riley for level grinding, and beat the TG Grunts. Riley wanted to give me an Egg, but I had no room -_-' Also found a Shiny Stone, and finally evolved Roselia. Went to the Gym, and challenged Byron. Gyarados OHKOd Magneton and 2HKOd Steelix with Waterfall, while Infernape managed to OHKO Bastiodon with Mach Punch. Healed, and saved.

Infernape level 40
Gyarados level 40
Roserade level 40
Luxray level 40
Gliscor level 40
Mismagius level 40

9th June 2010, 9:16 PM
Getting eggs ready because I'll finally be buying Soulsilver friday. So i hatched an adamant elekid with ice punch and cross chop on the first try :)
i was shocked it only took one try :) today was a good day

9th June 2010, 9:43 PM
So, basically I bought Perl-Edition(Pearl in German) because A.) I am in Germany, and B.) The store I was at did not have Platin-Edition(Platinum in German) like I wanted. I naturally named my character after myself, and I named my rival Diamant. After a long and hard process(flipping a coin), I started with Chelast(Turtwig), which ended up being female like my Pearl. I fought of the Staralili(Starly), and then made my way to the Professor, fighting Staralili and Bidiza(Bidoof). Went back home and got the package for my rival and went to Route 202. Lucia(Dawn) showed me how to catch a Pokemon using her Gender changing Plifna(Piplup). In the grass, I saw a Male Sheinux(Shinx) with Intimidate, so I caught him. Made my way to the first Gym, defeating my rival. On Route 207, I caught a Machollo(Machop) to use on my team. Sheinux and Chelast evolved. I then defeated the gym leader, and made my way north to Flori(Floaroma Town). I defeated Mars and I am now heading north.

10th June 2010, 12:09 AM
After defeating Byron, I headed outside, and my rival grabbed me, told me to come to the library ASAP. Rowan lectured about evolution when BOOM! Another explosion? Yup, according to a local sailor. We split up, I headed for Lake Valor, and bumped into Saturn. My newly evolved Roserade swept him with Extrasensory. Flew to Twinleaf Town, spoke to Mom, she told me to have a rest. I went to the Lake, and saw Mars there, with her distinctive red hair. She battled me too, Infernape had no trouble. Rowan told me to check on Matthew, so I flew to Eterna, and traveled up towards Snowpoint City. Beat the trainers along the way, and found a slew of items. I hate the constant hail -_-'

Finally arrived in Snowpoint City, and hit the Gym. I took care of the trainers with ease, and found Candice. She was easy, as Infernape OHKO'd Sneasel, Mismagius OHKO'd Froslass, Gyarados OHKO'd Piloswine, but when Abomasnow came around, it was lucky I didn't lose. Luxray kept missing with Fire Fang, so he had time to smack me around with Wood Hammer, but I held on and finally took it down. So I got my badge, and saved.

Infernape level 45
Gyarados level 45
Roserade level 45
Luxray level 45
Gliscor level 45
Mismagius level 45

I've been secretly playing in class this week, mainly because its the last week of class xP

Dragon trainer
10th June 2010, 8:56 AM
Platinum: Restarted and eventually after many soft resetts settled on a Timid male Chimchar, beat the rivial and eventually got the pokedex. Nicknamed him PG TIPS.

Caught 5 pokemon and got a female Bagon which i called COOKIE from my pearl version. Cookie has gone fast and beat the trainers.

We beat the rival, Cookie did and got to Orugenbug City, the rock city gym. Cookie beat the trainers, and we have just received a female Swinub which i called DIAMOND.

I'm training up all pokemon to L14 before the gym leader, PG TIPS will stay a Chimchar until he has learned Nasty plot.

Currently in team:
PG TIPS - Male
Current Moveset

COOKIE - Female
Current Moveset
Dragon Dance/Dragon Claw/Aerial Ace/Flamethrower

DIAMOND - Female
L1 - Newly Hatch
Current Moveset
Tackle/Oder Sleth/Earthquake/Rock Slide

Current Task: Receive and Train all pokemon to L14. Pokemon to recieve include: Chinchou and Misdreavus.

Beat Gym 1: Easily using Earthquake/Dragon Claw on Diamond and Cookie.
Headed back and received my Chinchou Egg, hatched out and nicknamed Nerubes.
Caught a Geodude, taught it Rock Smash
Went though the tunnel
Got to Floroma Town beating trainers
Raised my pokemon to L15 and narrowly beat the commander and the goons.
Beat the trainers to the forest
Raised my pokemon to level 19 in the forest and beat all trainers
Went on a training spree to level 20.
Easily beat gym 2 with Flame wheel on PG Tips, Flamethrower on Bagon and Ice Beam on Chinchou.
Got my egg
Defeated nicely and easily using Diamond the TG Building
Went down cycling road
Beat the trainers
Got to Hearthrome and after several re sets got my Careful Natured Eevee, who I have nicknamed Stalker.

Now training very hard againest the trainers with the newly accquired VS Seeker to train each pokemon to L25.

Still Breeding for my Timid/Modest Nasty plot/Shadow Ball Misdreavus, who will hopefully level up very quickly. I need to finish that today!

Diamond: Going to get all my pokemon I need to breed for today as well then I can continue.

Been on standby for a while due to other commitments.

Will Edit later with pokemon details.

Platinum: Quick note that Nereus has evolved into Lanturn, it now destroys lots of stuff. Training to L30 to commence. Hopefully will get a Umbreon soon and then its a Midreavus to complete it wont start just yet though,

11th June 2010, 8:12 AM
Oh wow, after getting the national Dex I headed off to the battle frontier. After beating flint and volkner with my rival, I headed off to the resort area just so i can fly there later. Went back to the fight area, grabbed a super rod and headed north to the survival area. I forgot to repel and went into battle. What appeared before me? Non other then a shiny Machoke. Seeing as I haven't bought anything yet on platinum and all I had on me was a couple of poke'balls and a masterball + a team of lvl 100 pokemon that only knew damaging moves I just tossed the Masterball.

It has a Serious nature so its useless but shiny non the less. Its going to join my other useless shiny (Sharpedo) on HeartGold following me around as a Machamp.

11th June 2010, 7:59 PM
Since my last post, I've done a lot. After beating Candice, I bumped into Mars and Matthew at the Lake, he wasn't happy. She blatantly invited me to her place in Veilstone, so I flew there. Cleared out the HQ one annoying Grunt at a time, and made it to Cyrus in one piece. He was easy, as my Mismagius just spammed Thunderbolt. He ran away to Mt. Coronet, and gave me a pity Masterball. Afterwards, Roserade mopped the floor with Saturn, and Charon muttered something to himself. I ran off after Cyrus to Mt. Coronet, and made it to the top quickly. Spammed Itemfinder app, and found a boatload of stuff. Made it to the top, Luxray took down both Mars and Jupiter, with no help from Matthew. Cyrus forced Palkia and Dialga to appear, but got sucked down by Giratina, so I took after him. Helped out Mesprit/Azelf/Uxie out,and battled Cyrus again. Mismagius swept him again with Thunderbolt. Cynthia led me out, and told me to go talk to Rowan. I flew to Sandgem Town, and Rowan gushed over me. He told me to go to Sunyshore City, so I flew to Veilstone City, and headed south from there. Beat all the Fishermen and the trainers in the Gym, and when my team reached level 50, I challenged Volkner with Gliscor, who OHKOd all four of his guys with Earthquake.

Infernape level 50
Gyarados level 50
Roserade level 50
Luxray level 50
Gliscor level 51
Mismagius level 50

Currently Surfing towards the Pokémon League.

Atrum Animus
12th June 2010, 12:47 AM
'Bout to start an Eevee and evolution runthrough of Platinum. If I had a copy of SS (already completed HG and caught Mewtwo, ain't deleting that), I'd do that, but I don't, so... Yeah. Gonna be: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon. I'll have a Glaceon boxed.

12th June 2010, 1:23 PM
After beating Volkner, I Surfed to Victory Road, beat all the trainers in there, and my rival outside. When my team reached level 55, I challenged the E4.

Aaron was easy, Infernape swept with Flamethrower.

Bertha was easy, Roserade swept with Giga Drain.

Flint was easy, Gyarados swept with Waterfall.

Lucian was easy, Mismagius/Gliscor swept with Shadow Ball/Night Slash.

Cynthia was a challenge, up until a certain point.

Roserade OHKOd Spiritomb with Leaf Storm.
Luxray gets Togekiss down to half HP with Spark and she switches to Chomp.
Gyarados gets Chomp down to 1/4 HP with Ice Fang, and she switches to Milotic.
Roserade switches into Ice Beam and dies.
Mismagius dies to a crit Surf after I used Thunderbolt.
Gyarados comes back in, and just Dragon Dance's right in its face. Heal it up, and swept with boosted Waterfall.

And I'm champion, again.

Now I'm just clearing off all important items, and preparing for my Steel monotype.

Final team
Infernape @ Mild
-Close Combat
-Grass Knot
-Mach Punch

My favorite Fire starter, because he knows how to get the job done. Very powerful, Mach Punch is a godsend. 10/10.

Gyarados @ Adamant
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

This thing never died. Beast of the Elite Four. 10/10.

Roserade @ Modest
-Leaf Storm
-Giga Drain
-Leech Seed

Strong and fast, but screwed against any TG Grunt who use either Dark or Poison types. 9/10.

Luxray @ Adamant
-Ice Fang
-Fire Fang

My 3rd favorite Electric type, behind Magnezone (2) and Electivire (1). Intimidate really helps, and I love how it learns the Fangs. 10/10.

Gliscor @ Adamant
-Wing Attack
-Night Slash

I love him now. Massive Attack and Defense, nice HP and Speed, and Hyper Cutter to block those annoying Intimidates. His meh Special Defense cripples him. 10/10.

Mismagius @ Modest
-Shadow Ball
-Dark Pulse
-Mean Look

Last time I used this, it was on my first ever Pearl team (Empoleon/Luxray/Staraptor/Machamp/Mismagius) way back in August 07'. It was great, except for the crappy HP and Defense, it really needs more. 9/10.

Task List
-Modest Piplup
-Adamant Sheildon
-Quiet Bronzor
-Rash Riolu
-Modest Magnemite
-Adamant Skarmory

13th June 2010, 5:58 AM
Diamond: After Pal Parking over my shiny Trapinch, Meowth, and Scizor over from my Emerald version, I decided to EV-train my shiny Trapinch. I gave it a standard 252/252/4 spread. It is now a level 60 shiny Flygon, complete with a standard CB Moveset. I plan on training it to much high levels by fighting against wild Pokemon sometime in the future.

Pearl: Still SRing for a shiny Heatran. Currently at 7,541 soft resets.

Platinum: Still hatching for Riolu eggs. Don't know how many I've hatched at the moment.

13th June 2010, 11:07 PM
Well, I finally started my Steel monotype team on Pokemon Platinum, here's what I've done so far.

I started up, chose the boy, and named myself Jack. Talked to Mom, she told me to go see Kevin, my rival. He ran into me as he left his house, so I followed him around for a while until he tried to run into tall grass empty handed. Tsk tsk tsk. Rowan showed up at the right moment and saved our butts. After some begging and pleading, he let us choose our pokemon. I chose Piplup, and Kevin chose Turtwig. I beat him easily, thanks to a lot of missed Tackles and abusing Growl. I still don't understand how the trainer got tired from the battle... Mom told me to thank Rowan for the pokemon, so I ran to Sandgem with Piplup, and he gave me a Pokedex. Dawn taught me how to catch pokemon, and I caught 5 pokemon to trade for eggs. Hatched the eggs, and trained my pokemon to level 5 on Route 201, and Sheildon beat the trainers on Route 202. Dawn bumped into me at Jubilife City, and Looker appeared. I hate talking to him sometimes. Dawn told me where the Pokemon Trainers School was, so I checked it out and found Kevin. Got a Town Map, and later on, a Poketch. Beat the trainers up north, and then headed for Orebourgh City. Saw Kevin by the Gym, and found Roark in Orebourgh Mine. He went back to the Gym, and I followed him, and Riolu beat the trainers in the Gym. Piplup swept Roark, and evolved afterwards. I went back to Jubilife City, and Magnemite destroyed the TG Grunts. They ran off, and I got an accessory box, which I'll never use. Caught a HM Slave Bidoof, and taught it Rock Smash. Went through the cave to Floaroma Town, and met that little girl. She wanted me to help Papa, so I went to the Meadow and Skarmory took care of the TG Grunts. Got the free Honey, and the Key, and went to the TG Windworks Building. Mars challenged me, and Shieldon took care of both, and healed. Headed for Eterna Forest, and abused Cheryl for levels. Trained them to level 18, and beat all the trainers possible. When my pokemon reached level 20, I challenged Gardenia with Skarmory. Drill Peck OHKOd all of them. Saved, and healed.

Prinplup level 20
Shieldon level 20
Bronzor level 20
Riolu level 20
Magnemite level 20
Skarmory level 21

14th June 2010, 7:12 AM
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15th June 2010, 2:52 AM
After I beat Gardenia, I got HM Cut from Cynthia, and entered the TG Eterna Bldg. Beat all the Grunts and made it to Jupiter, who was a challenge for my Shieldon. He managed to take it down with multiple Rock Slides. Afterwards I healed, got the Egg, and the Bike. The egg hatched into a Bold Hustle Togepi which was quickly released, and I headed down Cycling Road. Beat all the trainers with Skarmory, and then made it to Orebourgh City. Riolu evolved on the way to Wayward Cave, where I got the TM Earthquake. Checked out the other section, and made it to Mira. I used an Escape Rope because I don't need to help Mira. Went to Mt. Coronet, and met Cyrus again. Beat the trainers outside Hearthome and in the Gym. Fantina went back to the Gym, and I followed. When my team hit level 25, and challenged Fantina. Lucario OHKO'd both Haunter and Duskull with Crunch, and then it was Bronzor vs Mismagius. Hypnosis shut it down, while I whittled it down. Got a crit hit with Extrasensory, and won the Relic Badge. Healed and saved.

Prinplup level 25
Shieldon level 25
Bronzor level 25
Lucario level 25
Magnemite level 25
Skarmory level 25

15th June 2010, 9:52 PM
Just caught a shiny stantler after many ultra balls, forgot to bring a pokemon to weaken it haha. Paniced when i saw that i only had pokemon lvl 50 and up

15th June 2010, 11:49 PM
After defeating Fantina, I beat my rival. Magnemite did most of the damage, and Sheildon cleaned up. Beat all the trainers in the Lost Tower and on the various routes, until I made it to Veilstone City. Went straight to the Gym, and challenged Maylene. Bronzor defeated Maylene after a long drawn out battle, and then put Lucario to sleep. My Lucario got a crit hit with Force Palm, and Bronzor defeated Machoke easily. Afterwards, I evolved my Magnemite, Sheildon, and Bronzor.

Prinplup level 30
Bastiodon level 30
Bronzong level 33
Lucario level 30
Magneton level 30
Skarmory level 30

17th June 2010, 8:51 AM
Finally! After countless months I finally did it! I finished the monumentuous task of completing the Pok&#233;Dex. Every single Pok&#233;mon from #001 to #490 not including any of the event only Pok&#233;mon are documented in my Pok&#233;Dex.

While waiting for HeartGold and SoulSilver to get the last few I even tried to get one of every single species in my PC. I didn't get quite that far but I did get at least one Pok&#233;mon in every evolution family.

I finished the Pok&#233;Dex off with a Typhlosion, one I hatched from a Cyndaquil just a few hours ago. All but one Pok&#233;mon was earned myself. The only one was a Rayquaza I Pal Parked from a friends Sapphire. The second I evolved that Quilava a flew to the hotel place and got the certificate from the Game Director. Then I checked out my brand new bronze Trainer Card, the first time I have ever gone over one Trainer Card Star. I finished off by going to see Professor Oak in Eterna City where I got a congratulations, can you imagine that, the Professor Oak was thankful for meeting me.

Right now all I can do is sigh in relief, the unimaginable task of mine is finally completed.

17th June 2010, 12:15 PM
My Salamence is a frail piece of crap. Can't believe it got OHKOed by a critical hit Crunch from a Snorlax at the Battle Hall.

17th June 2010, 1:30 PM
I'm starting a new game in Heart Gold and want an adamant Tyranitar so I have been breeding but I have gotten EVERY OTHER NATURE BUT ADAMANT.
I'm about 15 pokemon or less from completing my dex because I have been training my other Pokemon like mad! So now I need others to trade Pokemon with me because the rest I need are unobtainable in my Diamond game.

17th June 2010, 2:07 PM
Beat Palmer in the Battle Tower for the first time. His Milotic was a pain, though. It used Attract while my Gyarados was behind her Sub and...yesh. Luckily, I'd OHKOed his other two pokemon.

I got my Silver Print~! Now, off to get the Gold Print before I start over. xD

18th June 2010, 1:32 PM
Platinum: I've been training my Pokemon, and my Scizor has reached level 100. I am slowly filling up pages in my Pokedex, currently it is at 430 seen, 321 obtained. Currently at the Battle hall with my Scizor, trying to earn morebattle points. I should try to obtain a lot more battle points so I can purchase some TM's I need for some of my other level 100 Pokemon.

22nd June 2010, 7:03 PM
Well i just got over 1,000 SRs for my Giratina but still no shiny haha.

24th June 2010, 1:24 AM
Started a scramble challenge on my Diamond.
-Gardevoir (Elegance) w/Hypnosis, evolve after defeating all trainers in Hearthome Gym
-Wooper evolve w/Yawn.
-Stantler w/Zen Headbutt
-Rapidash evolves defeating 10 water types that aren't Magikarp
-Drifloon evolve w/Explosion.
-Absol can't battle any major opponents (Rivals, gym leaders, elite 4 etc.) until it learns psycho cut.

It was a pain beating the first gym because two of my Pokemon (Ralts and Drifloon) were overleveled and wouldn't listen, I couldn't use Absol because of the condition on him, and the rest only knew tackle and one stat-reducing move. Finally I just have Ralts learn Magical Leaf and thanks to luck I finally got the first badge. Pretty sad that I spent so much time on it...
I got up to the gym in Hearthome in two days with nothing especially interesting happening. It took an enormous amount of effort to beat the Hearthome team with Kirlia though (it was actually physically painful to make it through...well not really but still...). (How in the world does the leader's Drifblim knows Stockpile, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Spit Up and Gust or was my game just glitchy?)

Met evolution requirement for Ponyta early on and evolved after Canalave gym. Wooper and Drifloon both evolved before Hearthome. Now I'm trying to get up to Snowpoint and have my Absol stop being so underleveled

24th June 2010, 1:56 AM
Like Crimson above, I've began my Scramble Challenge on Platinum

My Restrictions
-Chimchar must be underlevelled(1 level below everything else from start - end of 2nd Gym.
3 levels below everything else from end of 2nd Gym - end of 4th Gym.
5 levels below everything else from end of 4th Gym - end of 6th Gym.
7 levels below everything else after the 6th Gym.)
-Gible w/ Dragon Claw by Gabite
-Mantyke w/ Hydro Pump to Evolve
-Seedot that evolves once defeats a pokémon using Bide
-Peliper, no HM moves
-Nosepass that must Survive an attack from Maylene's Lucario or Solo's the Rivals Pastoria battle

So I started, chose Chimchar, caught a Starly to trade for a Seedot Egg, hatched the Seedot Egg. Traveled to Orebergh, Trained hard, got Seedot to level16 to complete his requirement (really annoyed me) and Evolved Chimchar to basically Solo Roark except for Geodude.

soon traveled to Floroma and annialated TG with mostly Monferno. then on my track to Eterna, after a long Tiring travel through The Forest. Beat Gardenia with Monferno. wnet to catch Gible and get EQ. Caught Gible, who soon evolved into Gabite after Fantina battle. went through Mt. C and caught a Nosepass. took on Fantina and lost. did some training and Struck back and won.

then I traveled to Veilstone, atempted Maylene, lost horribly, twice, then I went and caught Wingull, evolved it, and searched for Leaf stones underground. failed. Trained. battled and beat Maylene. went to Pastoria after Evolving Nosepass, battled Wake and lost. trained. Repeat. lost. trained more. found a Leaf Stone after many Tries and evolved Nuzleaf into Shiftry. Trained more. soon to do more training and earn my 5th badge. team in sig

24th June 2010, 2:55 AM
On my way to Snowpoint City in Platinum, Masuda-ing for a shiny elekid in Diamond. 75 eggs thus far, and nada.

26th June 2010, 1:16 PM
Platinum: Been training my Pokemon, and slowly filling up my Pokedex. My Shelgon has evolved into Salamence. Downloaded Jirachi from Mystery gift, and planted the liechi berry it was holding in the berry patch in the Resort area. My Pokedex is now at 432 seen, 325 owned.

26th June 2010, 3:00 PM
Since my last post I bought my 9th Platinum (Storage) along with a Preowned SoulSilver. The SS hadn't had it's data deleted so I thought well I should at least check if the previous owner had any good Pokemon and what do you know he did. He had a box full of fully EV'd Pokemon along with a PCP and a Arceus both legit, I was in total shock.

Anyway after trading them over to my new storage Platinum, I carried on with my attempt to complete my Pokedex on all 5 4th gen games (Have done Diamond/Platinum/HG/SS) currently at 454/493 on Pearl.

Also started EVing a new Battle Frontier team that can be used in all the facilities(Well apart from the Battle Factory) as my previous teams where specifically made for seperate facilities.

Hatched 88 eggs so far to try and get a Jolly Shiny Bronzong to EV train for my Weird & Wonderful Wifi Team. (Had multiple Jolly Bronzor and also got a shiny one on my 83rd egg which I traded to my friend)

27th June 2010, 3:20 AM
Since my last post, I have gotten through Iron Island, but haven't gotten the Riolu Egg from Riley because I'm thinking about using him as a Battle Frontier Pokemon. Byron's Magneton had fallen to an Earthquake from my Probopass, his Steelix falling to two Water Pulse from Pelipper, and finally his Bastiodon fell victim to my Monferno's Mach Punch, gaining me my 6th badge.

As I exited the gym, my Rival had stopped me and told me to go to the library, but I decided to go to Iron Island to make sure all my Pokemon, bar Monferno, were level 42. As I got to the Library, Professor Rowan told me, my Rival, and Dawn about the Lake Guardians, which are going to be my Priority after the Capture of Giritina-O. Then, a viscous DOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! sounded and Professor Rowan asked if we were ok and to check the TV, the he ordered each of us to the Lake's, Pearl to Acuity, Dawn to Verity, and myself to Valor.

On arrival at Lake Valor, I saw many injured Magikarp and many Team Galatic's. one I got to Azelf's cave, I met Saturn and destroyed him, but he managed to Poison Gabite and knockout Probopass.

I soon rushed to Hearthome(wanted to be closer to Verity) to heal my team, then I took off to Lake Verity to assist Dawn and Professor Rowan. Once at the Lake, Rown told me to assist Dawn.I took down the many Grunts up to Mars, and he reminded me of the day which we battled upon Valley Wind works, then she called me and Dawn a "Lovey-Dovey couple" so I pulled out Shiftry, Peliper and Monferno and opened a can o' whoop *** on her, finishing with a Poisoned Shiftry.

I soon set out to Sandgem to heal and raced to Eterna to begin heading to Lake Acuity to assist Pearl. after I traversed Mt. Coronet, I made it out onto route 216(?) and battled the first trainer. I then saved to collect Jirachi on SoulSilver and Pearl, but once I'm done in Snowpoint, I'm Rocketing(haha pun. Rocket in a Galactic game) to Jubilife to activate Mystery Gift to receive Jirachi on Platinum to add to my collection of Jirachi.

Daniel M
27th June 2010, 2:03 PM
Yesterday I first got my Wish Jirachi from mystery gift :) After that I traded over all my pok&#233;mon from HG and travelled through Victory Road. I easily beat my rival then went through the elite four without much trouble. Cynthia was a little harder, her Quagsire and Wiscash were annoying to beat because of their dual-types and me having no grass moves in my team :/

After I bet the champion (which meant I had now seen all 150 pok&#233;mon) I went to see Professor Rowan about it and he gave me the pok&#233;radar, then I went to full-moon island to see the Cresselia and then to Turnback gave when after probably 300 ultra balls in total (was SR'ing) I managed to catch Giratina. Also I went back to the old house by Eterna Forest and caught the Rotom there.

Gonna go through the route next to the Resort Area now and get to Stark Mountain, hoping to catch Heatran today, my current team is:

Charizard (79)
Blastoise (65)
Tyranitar (59)
Lucario (46, training it up)
Pikachu (59)
Gengar (59)

Got plenty of other pok&#233;mon in my PC but I think I'll stick to this team for a while and train them up then I might try some wi-fi battles.

Typhlosion Trainer
28th June 2010, 6:08 AM
I just hatched a shiny Cyndaquil a few hours ago and I am trying to hatch a shiny Charmander right now on Pt.

28th June 2010, 10:29 PM
Right now I'm SRing for a shiny Mesprit, but it's slowing down my adventure. My goal is to have it by Saturday, and have the other 2 lake guardians by next Saturday. I'm a busy shiny hunter.

Dragon trainer
28th June 2010, 11:08 PM
Beat Gym 1: Easily using Earthquake/Dragon Claw on Diamond and Cookie.
Headed back and received my Chinchou Egg, hatched out and nicknamed Nerubes.
Caught a Geodude, taught it Rock Smash
Went though the tunnel
Got to Floroma Town beating trainers
Raised my pokemon to L15 and narrowly beat the commander and the goons.
Beat the trainers to the forest
Raised my pokemon to level 19 in the forest and beat all trainers
Went on a training spree to level 20.
Easily beat gym 2 with Flame wheel on PG Tips, Flamethrower on Bagon and Ice Beam on Chinchou.
Got my egg
Defeated nicely and easily using Diamond the TG Building
Went down cycling road
Beat the trainers
Got to Hearthrome and after several re sets got my Careful Natured Eevee, who I have nicknamed Stalker.

Now training very hard againest the trainers with the newly accquired VS Seeker to train each pokemon to L25.

Still Breeding for my Timid/Modest Nasty plot/Shadow Ball Misdreavus, who will hopefully level up very quickly. I need to finish that today!

Diamond: Going to get all my pokemon I need to breed for today as well then I can continue.

Been on standby for a while due to other commitments.

Will Edit later with pokemon details.

Platinum: Quick note that Nereus has evolved into Lanturn, it now destroys lots of stuff. Training to L30 to commence. Hopefully will get a Umbreon soon and then its a Midreavus to complete it wont start just yet though,

Skip alot and i've choosen Jirachi as my 6th pokemon
everyone is about L40
Easily beat 6th leader and just made it though the Mt.Cornet.

Next is to train to L45 and to beat 7th gym leader and beat the TG of the lake up north i cant remember the name in the snowy region.

29th June 2010, 9:37 AM
EV trained a special Kingdra and a scard Hitmonlee. The Kingdra was just because it was there, and the Hitmonlee is for my UU team, that I'll be using against a friend. Now all I need to do is update my Mismagius to a Perish-Trapper.

29th June 2010, 7:54 PM
Platinum: Still training my Pokemon, evolving them and working on filling up pages in my Pokedex. I'm also working on something with my GBA games so I can transfer the three Regis and three other Pokemon I need for my Pokedex to Platinum so I can finally go awaken the Regigigas in the Snowpoint temple and capture it for my Pokedex. The Regirock is ready, Regice is next. Anyways, the liechi berry plant is almost fully grown, so by tomorrow I should obtain the berries.

30th June 2010, 11:31 PM
On my Steel monotype on Platinum I beat Wake, Byron, Candice, and Volkner, and currently training for the Elite Four

Empoleon level 50
Bastiodon level 50
Bronzong level 50
Lucario level 50
Magnezone level 50
Skarmory level 50

1st July 2010, 2:02 AM
I just got a used Diamond version from Gamestop and it's all right, but from playing Platinum for a long time, it sucks compared to Platinum: bad graphics and it's slow! But at least I'm occupied. Right now I'm headed towards Oreburgh City with:

Shinx Lv8
Chimchar Lv10
I plan on adding a Zubat that will become a Crobat like I always have.

1st July 2010, 5:10 PM
Well since i have done everything i need to do in both my Diamond and Platinum versions i have just been shiny hunting for a Bagon and Absol.

The Bagon hunt has yielded me nothing yet, they are difficult to chain however i have EV trained my shiny Gloom in SpAtk, Def and SpDef. It has a Relaxed nature.

In Diamond i have put my Squirtle hatching on hold for now and i chained Absol for the first time. I got a shiny, Adamant, male Absol form that chain on the 29th one.

Much easier than chaining in that snow storm.

2nd July 2010, 3:33 PM
Out of boredom, I restarted my Pokemon Platinum game and surprisingly, I still enjoy it after all the times. And before I start, I'd like to point out that I don't look at EV's and natures. I battle with my favorites.

- Named myself Lucas, in honor to the original male protagonist to the Diamond and Pearl games.
- I choose Turtwig as my starter even though it lacks speed, as Barry picked Chimchar. Defeated Barry in my very first battle,
guess I really am a talent. :D
- Met Cyrus at the lake Verity and heard Mesprit's growl.
- Obtained a parcel from Barry's mom to deliver.
- I met Dawn and received a Pokedex from Rowan as well as the TM27 (Return).
- Received running shoes from mom and left on my adventure.
- Obtained 5 poke balls from Dawn.
- Met Dawn again and Looker, the guy from the international police. Obtained the Battle Recorder.
- Delivered the parcel and received a Town Map.
- Obtained my Poketch after finding three clowns and answering their questions.
- Looked around Jubilife and talked to EVERYONE. Eventually I decided to catch Starly and battled in the Trainer School.
- Obtained Old Rod from the fishing guy.
- Defeated Barry's team with my Turtwig.
- Trained my Pokemon and headed towards the Oreburgh Gate.
- Received HM04 (Rock Smash) from the Hiker Guy and progressed to the Oreburgh City.
- Met Barry again and later looked around the town.
- Trained in the coal mine and have finally found Roark.
- Challenged him to a battle and won my first badge, Coal Badge with TM.
- Caught a Machop and taught it Rock Smash.
- Caught a Geodude and showed it to the guy in the building. But I released it shortly afterward, it's better of in the wild.
- I left the town upon meeting with Barry once again and headed towards Eterna.
- Found Rock Tomb in the cave.
- After tough training, Starly evolved in Staravia, but still had to catch up with Turtwig.
- Teamed up with Dawn as we wiped out the floor with those TG grunts.
- Received a Fashion Case.
- Arrived in Floaroma and plucked some berries.
- I received a Sprayduck from the girl working in the shop.
- My Turtwig finally evolved in Grotle at Valley Windworks.
- I caught a cool-looking Buizel.
- Defeated the grunt guarding the door and went to the meadow to get the key.
- Defeated both grunts and saved the old man.
- I received the key and some Honey.
- Unlocked the door and entered into the building.
- Battled Mars and won with the help of my entire team.
- Trained my Buizel on the way to Eterna.
- I took a rest at the lady's house.
- Paired up with Cheryl and trained my Pokemon.
- Caught a female Buneary in the Eterna Forest.
- We found our way out and as a gift I received Soothe Bell.
- Gave up on Buneary and used some Honey on the tree.
- After awhile, I attracted Heracross and caught it with a Net ball.
- Met Barry and Cyrus once again, and later Cynthia who gave my HM01 (Cut).
- Found Draco Plate behind the statue.
- Received the stuff for going underground from the old man.
- Challenged the Eterna Gym with Heracross as my main Pokemon.
- Heracross defeated the most, but Staravia took over Roserade.
- I won my second badge and TM (Grass Knot) from Gardenia.
- Decided to save the bike salesman as I broke into the Galactic building.
- I saved my progress.

Current Team
Male/Level 20
Mild nature
- Tackle
- Withdraw
- Absorb
-Razor Leaf

Male/Level 20
Lonely nature
- Tackle
- Double Team
- Quick Attack
- Wing Attack

Male/Level 19

- Aqua Jet
- Quick Attack
- Water Gun
- Swift

Male/Level 15
Net Ball
Modest nature
- Aerial Ace
- Horn Attack
- Fury Swipes
- Cut

To be continued...

2nd July 2010, 5:43 PM
I beat the Elite Four earlier on my Steel monotype for Platinum. After I trained my team to level 56, thanks to the collected Rare Candies, I challenged them.

Skarmory w/ Drill Peck and Bastiodon w/ Earthquake swept Aaron easily.
Bronzong w/ Grass Knot swept Bertha.
Empoleon w/ Surf swept Flint.
Skarmory w/ Night Slash/Drill Peck swept Lucian.

Bastiodon wore down Spiritomb, and thanks to wonderful timing, managed to Poison both Garchomp and Togekiss with Toxic. Defeated Spiritomb, and switched to Bronzong, who after a few Charge Beams against Togekiss, managed to sweep Cynthia thanks to boosted Psychics and a lot of Full Restores.

Empoleon @ Modest
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-Aqua Jet

I love Empoleon as much as the other 2 Sinnoh starters, which is a lot. Empoleon is very powerful with Surf, and Aqua Jet really came in handy. 10/10

Bastiodon @ Adamant
-Rock Slide
-Iron Head

I'm not a fan of slow, defensive pokemon, and he was no exception. His Attack was crap, Toxic really helped out. 7/10

Bronzong @ Modest
-Charge Beam
-Grass Knot
-Gyro Ball

I prefer this over Bastiodon, although Bronzor was really weak. Thank god for the Charge Beam boosts, or he would have been a deadweight against Cynthia. 8/10

Lucario @ Lonely
-Aura Sphere
-Dragon Pulse

I love Lucario, his stats and his large movepool are awesome. Weak defensively, and why Nintendo made him a Steel type, I'll never know. 10/10

Magnezone @ Modest
-HP [Ice]
-Tri Attack

Just like most Electric types, he has a small movepool, but he has awesome Special Attack and Defenses. A bit slow, but KO'd everything with Thunderbolt. 10/10

Skarmory @ Adamant
-Drill Peck
-Steel Wing
-Night Slash

Surprised me it could learn Night Slash, meanwhile Crobat still can't. Powerhouse defensively, and helped at a lot of Gyms. 10/10

After that, I cleared off the file, and currently breeding for a Flying monotype on Platinum.


yay post #4000 of the thread =)

3rd July 2010, 2:51 PM
Started over on Platinum. Going for a new team this time. =)

This time around, my team will be~


-Choose Piplup
-Did all the usual stuff
-Got 5 pokeballs from Dawn
-Arrived in Jubilife
-Going to catch a budew and shinx to add to my team
-Saved game

4th July 2010, 2:17 PM
- Heracross defeated the most, but Staravia took over Roserade.
- I won my second badge and TM (Grass Knot) from Gardenia.
- Decided to save the bike salesman as I broke into the Galactic building.
- Leveled up my Pokemon as I took out the grunts.
- Defeated Jupiter with my team.
- Obtained a Bike.
- Accepted the Egg from Cynthia.
- Trained my Pokemon on Cycling Road.
- Visited the haunted house and caught a Rotom.
- Turned my Heracross into a HM Slave replacing him with Rotom.
- Did a foolish move and entered in the Wayward Cave without flash.
- I met Myra and had to help her get out.
- Was looking for an exit for maybe 40 minutes. -.-
- Picked up a bunch of invisible items via Dowsing Machine app.
- Found my way out. Finally!
- Obtained VS. Seeker from Dawn.
- My Buizel evolved into Floatzel.
- Went to Jubilife for a new Poketch app.
- Later, I met Cyrus in the Mt. Coronet.
- Trained my team on the way to Hearthome.
- Encountered a contest Judge, Keyra and her Buneary.
- I met my mother again and received a Tuxedo.
- Talked to Fantina convincing her to return to her gym.
- Obtained an Eevee rom Bebe.
- Visited Amity Square with my Grotle.
- Defeated the gym trainers and leveled up my team.
- Challenged Fantina and wiped out her team with Staravia and Floatzel.
- Obtained Relic Badge and TM27 (Shadow Claw)
- Met Barry again and defeated him a battle.
- Trained on my way to Solaceon.
- Obtained a Good Rod.
- Placed the Odd Keystone on the Hallowed Tower.
- Visited the tall tower and trained my team.
- I met Barry again.
- Visited Solaceon Ruins and found Unown.
- Got a Seal Case and some seals.
- Visited the cafe nearby and bought some milk.
- Battled their customers and defeated them all.
- Trained my Rotom and Staravia.
- I finally arrived in Veilstone city.
- Visited the huge mart.
- Obtained a Coin Case.
- Later, I encountered Dawn and soon enough, Crasher Wake coming out of the building.
- Entered the gym and saved my progress.

Current Team
Male/Level 29
- Tackle
- Bite
- Mega Drain
-Razor Leaf

Male/Level 31
- Tackle
- Aerial Ace
- Quick Attack
- Wing Attack

Male/Level 29
- Aqua Jet
- Crunch
- Water Gun
- Swift

No Gender/Level 28
- Thundershock
- Shock Wave
- Uproar
- Confuse Ray

Male/Level 15
HM Slave
Modest nature
- Aerial Ace
- Horn Attack
- Rock Smash
- Cut


4th July 2010, 2:59 PM
Finished ev training my Trapinch.
Started streak at battle factory, on the seventh battle I met a guy with Garchomp, Lucario and Infernape and I thought I was doomed but I managed to defeat him.YAY!

4th July 2010, 3:33 PM
Just started a new game on my Diamond Game.

- Started from Twinleaf Town.
- Chose Chimchar.
- Got my PokéDex and some PokéBalls from Female Rival.
- Caught some wild Pokémon to trade for six Pokémon Eggs.
- Hatched Hippopotas.
- Hatched Cacnea.
- Hatched Bronzor.
- Hatched Gible.
- Hatched Riolu.
- Hatched Shellos.
- Trained all of my Pokémon to lv. 9 before entering Jubilife City.
- Traded over some items and TMs from Pokémon Platinum.
- Trained all my Pokémon to lv. 14 in the Oreburgh Mines.
- Defeated Roark of the Oreburgh City Gym.

My current teams:

;449; ♀
Lv. 15
Sand Stream
- Bite
- Yawn
- Slack Off
- Stealth Rock

;443; ♀
Lv. 15
Sand Veil
- Take Down
- Sand-Attack
- Dragon Rage
- Sandstorm

;447; ♂
Lv. 14
- Quick Attack
- Force Palm
- Endure
- Crunch

Lv. 14
- Tackle
- Confusion
- Trick Room
- Hypnosis

;422; ♀
Lv. 14
Sticky Hold
- Mud Slap
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Earth Power

;331; ♂
Lv. 15
Sand Veil
- Dark Pulse
- Leech Seed
- Nasty Plot
- Energy Ball

I realize having Heatproof on my Bronzor is not the smartest choice, but I hatched four Bronzor eggs, and none of them got Levitate, so I just picked the Heatproof Bronzor with the best nature.

4th July 2010, 8:02 PM
I haven't posted because I was addicted to my game. Anyways I beat the elite 4 with my team in my sig (no Pokemon over level 50!) I had to use a lot of revives and hyper potions and those stupid Elite 4 members cheat. Then I saw every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex and migrated some Pokes from Sapphire and Leafgreen. I migrated my Blastoise holding a Master Ball 0.0 Now I'm bored and don't feel like chaining or do anything. I'm boreddddddddd.

4th July 2010, 9:56 PM
Bred for a new team on Platinum seeing as I finished the last one. Bred Adamant Turtwig, Gible, Poliwag, Starly, Sneasel, and a Modest Porygon. Also downloaded a Jirachi, third one was Modest =)

Started again, named Larry, and chose Turtwig. Caught pokemon to trade, and training now.

Turtwig level 5
Poliwag level 5
Gible level 5
Sneasel level 5
Starly level 5
Porygon level 5

5th July 2010, 4:51 AM
I just bought Platinum today because the Make a Wish Jirachi event is still active. I wiped out three times on Roark with my Piplup :( I beat him once but it made my piplup evolve at 17 and miss metal claw so i had to restart the fight and make piplup evolve before the fight. Now im on my way to floaroma town with a brand new Jirachi lvl 5 Hasty :)

6th July 2010, 3:03 PM
Pearl: Decided to send all of my previous file to Ranch, then do a solo run with Jirachi. I got Jirachi after the first badge, so I decided to bring Piplup along , because it was already trained, and might as well help in doubles. I'm not evolving it.

Platinum: EV Training/IV Breeding/Pokedex/Battle Frontier. I now have 230 hours on the game-card.

Shiny Mew2
6th July 2010, 3:52 PM
I treied to rng, but i screwed up. the good/bad part was that there were 6 taps and 9 flips! (it was showing happiness checker, not the one before it. and it was supposed to be timid!

6th July 2010, 6:03 PM
I don't know how I managed to do it, but I beat 5 gyms in a matter of two days, and could possibly beat both Byron and Candice tonight. My current team is;

Torterra level 35
Poliwhirl level 35
Gabite level 35
Weavile level 35
Staraptor level 35
Porygon2 level 35

Poliwag beat Roark.
Staravia beat Gardenia.
Sneasel beat Fantina.
Staravia beat Maylene.
Porygon2 beat Wake.

Currently hunting for Shards underground so I can tutor Ice Punch onto Poliwhirl (soon to be Poliwrath)