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7th July 2010, 6:55 PM
Platinum: Been training my Pokemon and slowly filling pages in my Pokedex. I am also working on my little project with some of my GBA games so I can soon transfer the three regi's and three other Pokemon to Platinum, and so I can finally go catch Regigigas. Regirock and Regice are ready, and I'm currently working on obtaining a Registeel. I will also soon begin EV training of a Totodile I recently obtained in a trade. My Pokedex is currently at 433 seen, 329 obtained.

8th July 2010, 6:09 PM
- Managed to defeat the Karate Quad and made my way towards Maylene.
- Won my fourth Cubble badge and a TM (Drain Punch) with it as always.
- Helped Dawn to get her Pokedex back.
- I met Looker and obtained HM02 (Fly)
- I taught my Staravia the move Fly.
- Staravia evolved in Staraptor. :D
- Grotle evolved in Torterra.:D
- Trained my team on the way towards Pastoria city.
- Caught a Houndour as my fifth team member.
- Traveled towards Mr. Backlot's mansion.
- Battled the maids in his house training my Houndour.
- Houndour evolved into Houndoom. :)
- Helped that poor lady find her suite key.
- Obtained at least 5 pearls on the beach using Dowsing machine app.
- Arrived safely in Pastoria town.
- Used a Heart Scale to teach my Torterra Wood Hammer.
- I met Barry again before entering the gym.
- My Rotom and Torterra wiped out Wake's Pokemon, but it was actually pretty hard
to achieve.
- Obtained my fifth Fen badge and so the TM Brine.
- That Galactic grunt activated the bomb.
- I chased the strange guy upon encountering Looker again.
- I met Cynthia and obtained the SecretPotion.
- Cured the Psyduck group of their chronic headaches.
- Went towards Celestic to give the Old Charm to Cynthia's granny.
- Trained up my team, again. -.-
- Arrived in Celestic and met Cynthia's grandma.
- Battled the grunt and examined the painting in the cave. Interesting indeed.
- Defeated Cyrus in our very first battle.
- Obtained HM03 (Surf) and gave the Old Charm back to the old lady.
- Floatzel learned Surf.
- I immediately visited all the places reachable only via water routes.
- Went on west approaching Canalave.
- Defeated Barry on the bridge. He still thinks he has a chance? :D
- Did a trip on Iron Island.
- Met this guy Riley and obtained HM04 (Strenght).
- Partnered up with him and toughened my team.
- I declined to take the egg, actually I didn't have any space left.
- I've challenged the steel gym.
- Wiped out everyone with Houndoom and his Flamethrower, and of course with a small
help of Floatzel.
- Obtained my fifth badge and a TM, Light Cannon.
- Went to that guy who teaches moves for shards, and he taught my Floatzel Ice Punch.
- Met up with Barry, Dawn and Rowan at the library.
- After the explosion I headed on the lake Valor.
- Defeated Saturn and his grunts.
- Flied towards lake Verity to assist Dawn.
- Defeated Mars and saved my love (Dawn).
- Headed towards north for Acuity lake and the Snowpoint city.
- Saved my progress in a heavy snowstorm.
- Obtained HM08 Rock Climb.
- Challenged Candice to a battle and won my seventh Icicle badge.
- Obtained Avalanche with it.
- Encountered Jupiter and Barry at the lake. Seems like poor Barry lost.
- Headed towards Veilstone and I met up with Looker.
- Broke into the building with his help.
- Met Looker again inside. Lol at Cyrus's speech.
- Found the Galactic Key and later battled Cyrus eventually defeating him.
- WO! A master Ball! 8)
- I defeated Saturn in yet ANOTHER BATTLE. -.-
- I managed to free the pixie trio.
- I've headed towards the Mt. Coronet after stuffing myself with Max Repels.
- Battled my way without problems throughout the peak.
- Battled the first two grunts and pursued towards Cyrus.
- Barry arrived teaming up with me against Jupiter and Mars.
- Jeez, thanks Barry. After healing up my Pokemon (with Barry's help) I approached Cyrus.
- Cyrus used the weird red chain summoning the ancient deities.
- Three mysterious lights hovering over the ancient peak?
- What!? Dialga and Palkia?
- Suddenly, a third creature appears out of the shadows.
- Cyrus is swollen by the the shadow, as a strange portal opens.
- Cynthia arrives telling me about Giratina.
- Curious about the other world, I suddenly leap into the portal together with Cynthia.
- After awhile, I solve the puzzle of the pixies.
- Now I'm able to fight Giratina, but is that Cyrus standing on my way.
- After defeating him, Cynthia healed my Pokemon as I prepared for the ultimate encounter.
- Giratina seems to hover from the shadows.
- And...I use my Master Ball! Thanks Cyrus!
- After capturing Giratina the portal closes sending me and Cynthia home. But what
happened to Cyrus?
- We both arrive in Sendoff Spring in front of a cave.
- I saved my progress after all the excitement and thrill.

Current Team
Male/Level 49
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Mega Drain
- Razor Leaf

Male/Level 47
- Take Down
- Aerial Ace
- Close Combat
- Fly

Male/Level 47
- Surf
- Crunch
- Ice Punch
- Swift

No Gender/Level 47
- Thunderbolt
- Shock Wave
- Confuse Ray
- Ominous Wind

Male/Level 47
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Fang
- Bite

8th July 2010, 9:35 PM
Been working on some of the unfinished EV'd pokemon, such as an Altaria, Azelf, Infernape, Gallade, Ninjask, and Gyarados. Have been spending most of my time underground, found a load of Shards and Fossils. I want to breed and train a pokemon, but I don't have easy access to Wi-Fi to check IVs. Also working on clearing off the EVs of a Magnezone to see if it has better IVs than the one I EV trained.

9th July 2010, 8:30 PM
So, I decided to pick up Platinum because I became a bit bored with SS/HG. So I chose Turtwig, nicknamed him Sam. I looked at his stat page after I got to Rowan's and discovered he had PokeRus. The second Shinx I caught (first was to save PKRS and is sitting in my PC), was Adament. :3

10th July 2010, 10:46 PM
EV trained a Synchronize Timid Alakazam today with x/x/x/31/x/31. Also just hatched a Bold Wish Vaporeon with 31/x/30/28/31/x. Gonna EV train it tonight.

ZekromS Master
11th July 2010, 7:30 AM
how do u ev train stuff? ive red up on it but i dont fully understand also getting platnium in 1 week :D

11th July 2010, 10:22 AM
Platinum: Still training my Pokemon, slowly filling up pages in my Pokedex. My Totodile has evolved into Croconaw, and again into Feraligatr. My Pokedex is now at 435 seen, 331 obtained. I'm also almost ready to transfer the three Regis (and three other Pokemon I need for my Pokedex) to Platinum so I can finally go awaken Regigigas. I just need to capture one more Pokemon before I do so.

11th July 2010, 5:49 PM
I haven't posted here before but something good happened so I will just post from where I am now.

After almost a month of SRing, I finally found a shiny Giratina, and Masterballed it, I am so happy all that work payed off. :)

I am currently heading towards Sunyshore, my team as of now.

Torterra Level 45
Staraptor Level 46
Luxray Level 46
Tentacruel Level 47
Porygon-Z Level 48

Will update when I get further.

12th July 2010, 3:21 AM
how do u ev train stuff? ive red up on it but i dont fully understand also getting platnium in 1 week :D

Let's talk about this in hearts, like in Zelda.

If you get 4 heart pieces then you will get a full heart.

Each Pokémon will give out either one, two or three heart pieces in any of the six stats. Example:

If you're Pokémon beats a Chimchar then the Pokémon that beat it will gain 1 speed heart piece.

If you're Pokémon beats a Monferno then the Pokémon that beat it will gain 1 speed heart piece and 1 Special Attack heart piece.

If you're Pokémon beats an Infernape then the Pokémon that beat it will gain 1 Speed heart piece, 1 Special Attack heart piece and 1 Attack heart piece.

This means that if you defeat four Monferno's, for example from that Pokémon Ranger on the route below Hearthome City then your Pokémon will get two full hearts, one in Speed and one in Special Attack.

What one heart means is an extra point in a particular stat. Going on from the previous example your Pokémon will have an extra point in both Speed and Special Attack.

This is very useful for competitve battling because it could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Another thing; a Pokémon can have a maximum of 510 heart pieces in its bank. Also a Pokémon can have a maximum of 255 heart pieces in one particular stat. This translates to a maximum of 63 hearts. This means that a Chimchar that has been fully EV trained in Attack can have an attack stat that is 63 points higher than a Pokémon that hasn't.

Just like the Exp. Share if a Pokémon is holding an Exp. Share but isn't in battle it will gain all of the EV points a Pokémon will give. All Pokémon will gain the maximum EV points as well. EV points are not shared like experience.

If you're Pokémon has PokéRus then it will gain twice the EV points than normal.

If you're Pokémon is holding the Macho Brace then it will also double the EV points a Pokémon gains.

Also the Pokémon vitamins will give 10 EV points to that stat that is says in the description.

Bear in mind, EV points are not turned into a stat as soon as a Pokémon gains a level. It will drip fed the points until there are no more hearts to give out.

I don't think I have covered everything here. Go back to the mainsite and read the guide over and over. Also go to sites like Smogon. I didn't understand it straight away but after reading the guides over and over then you will understand it eventually.

Hope this helps!

12th July 2010, 5:46 PM
Platinum: Still training Pokemon and filling up my Pokedex. Finally transferred over the three Regis, along with a Koffing, Torkoal and Spinda for my Pokedex. Brought the three regi with me to Snowpoint temple and awakened Regigigas. After weakening it with my Pachirisu, I began throwing ultra balls at it, until it occured to me that I could probably just use a nest ball since Regigigas is level 1 and my Pachirisu is level 100. Easily caught it with the nest ball, and put it and the other regis in Pokemon storage. My Pokedex is now at 439 seen, 339 obtained.

13th July 2010, 10:57 PM
I've been growing the EV reducing Berries like mad lately, since last week I've grown about +50 of each, and I've been EV training a few new pokemon. I've trained a Timid Alakazam, Careful Swampert, Bold Vaporeon, and currently IV breeding for a Bold Gardevoir 31/x/31/+20/+20/+20, so far I have a female Bold Ralts with x/x/31/x/31/x, and a male Ralts with 31/x/x/x/31/x and it knows Will-O-Wisp.

14th July 2010, 10:52 PM
I just discovered what my secret ID is, so I decided to try breeding for shinies. I think I must be doing something wrong, because not only am I not being successful, but I put a female Swablu in to be bred with a Ditto. When I pulled the Swablu back out of the daycare, after a failed egg attempt, it now has the gender of male. How did that happen??! So, now I have to get a female Swablu again.

Shiny Espeon0429
15th July 2010, 5:04 PM
^ you sure it wasn't male to begin with?

As for me, I collected my first ever Silver Print by beating Dahlia in the Battle Arcade. I was briefly in trouble against her Ludicolo, but fought back to win.

Also, I realised that for my first ever EV training, I calculated flawlessly. :D

16th July 2010, 4:37 PM
Currently breeding Heracross, I havn't raised one in a while so I decided I would. Its taking ages getting one with the right nature and ability. fun fun!

20th July 2010, 1:56 AM
I caught Uxie a while ago on Pearl. I SRed a few times until I got one with a Bold nature. I just need to catch Azelf and get a Manaphy to complete the National Dex. I also got a Leafeon for my HeartGold Pokedex. I'm working on breeding another Eevee for a Glaceon right now.

I also just got Platinum and I'm working on a scramble challenge. I SRed a bunch of times because I got Chimchar as my starter and I didn't like the natures I got. It was annoying, but I ended up with a Jolly one. Right now it's my only Pokemon besides a Shinx I caught just for trading since I need to trade with my Pearl and HG to get some of my team members.

Dark Arceus
20th July 2010, 2:15 PM
Attempting to take on the Elite 4 with my pitifully underlevelled new team I created. Flareon, Medicham, Weavile, Gyarados, Bronzong and Lumineon (whoese levels are all around 50) cruised through Aaron, but i've got a feeling my lack of Grass and Electric types on my team is going to cost me in the future. Onto Bertha!

20th July 2010, 4:35 PM
Restarted my Platinum to test a theory that the female sprite is more likely to run into a shiny pokemon (not chained or hacked, just accidently found), than the male. Yes, im aware its not true, but humor me.

Started the game, named myself Andrea, as my middle name is Andrew.

Picked Turtwig, which after three resets, got me a Calm(- Att, +SpDef), with 20+ in both defenses, and a 31 Att IV. Also, it was female.

Made my way through Jubilife and into Oreburgh, fighting as few people as possible. Caught all the wild pokemon able to be caught before getting Oreburgh badge.

Had my wife trade me over a Murkrow egg, as its a flying type I havent used before. Traded over a Exp Share to myself for the murkrow, once its hatched.

1) Turtwig, Calm, Female, Lv. 15
Razor Leaf, Return, Withdraw, Absorb
Item: Quick Claw

2) Murkrow Egg

Next stop, hatch the egg, beat the gym!

21st July 2010, 3:03 PM
- Hatched my Murkrow egg. Hardy nature, or something Neutral, dont remember.
- Turtwig swept through Oreburgh gym, which brought Murkrow up to about lvl 9, thanks to the Exp Share I had it hold.
- Fought a bunch of trainers I went passed to level up Murkrow some more.
-Beat Team Galactic at the Wind place, and freed the little girls dad.
-Caught a Buizel for my team, since Ive never used one.
- Went through the forest (HATE having to fight alongside that Chansey).
-Dug up some stuff in the udnerground for awhile. No Fossils though :(
-Murkrow swept second gym easily.

Currently: Trying to get a good nature on Rotom in the forest before moving on, and working on catching pokemon ive missed so far in the forest and honey-trees.

Pokedex: Seen: 41, Caught: 23?
Badges: 2

Grotle lvl 20
Buizel lvl 20
Murkrow lvl 23

21st July 2010, 4:32 PM
Went in the underground for about 70-80mins. Managed to get about 10 H-Scales, 15 Evo-Stones and 15-20 other items.

After that I did some EVing on my Spinda and then used the Battleground to level her up. Now I'm planning on chaining whatever swarm Pokemon I get today as I haven't chained in like 2 months.

24th July 2010, 1:28 PM
I've been training up a few EV trained pokemon in my PC that were at about 50, so far I've trained Machamp, Vaporeon, Swampert, Salamence, Dragonite, Gengar, Infernape, Breloom, Altaria, Ninjask, and currently training my Azelf.

I also bred another Breloom with False Swipe and leveled it up to learn Spore, its currently in my second Platinum, in the Daycare, because I didn't enjoy training the first one.

Azelf is currently level 67.

lethal Xsanity
25th July 2010, 2:26 AM
Hello guys, just got Platinum and I already know what team I'm gonna use,
I've been planning it and bred them accordingly on my Heart gold version.
Of course, they are still there and, I will trade them to a friend later in order to recieve them on Platinum :]
Gonna start the game and Pick Piplup, I then plan to get a whole bunch of Bidoof for the trades! Might keep one though. Still pondering that Idea since I might not have enough room to train it.
Never have I played Pearl nor Diamond. This is my first run through of any real 4th Generation games, I've been needing a new adventure so here we go.
I am real excited for this one :D

Dragon trainer
25th July 2010, 4:23 PM
Finally got though the torn world on my platinum which I had forgotten about oops! My Mannoswine is a Crobat killer and my Shellgon got a Crit on 22hp and killed the Weavile with Flamethrower.

Now on 31hrs and i'm going to catch myself a Giritina.

lethal Xsanity
25th July 2010, 11:54 PM
Alright, already played 3 Hours into the game. Instead of picking Piplup, I opted to pick Turtwig that way Barry gets Chimchar -whom I don't want anything to do with and, Dawn recieves Piplup.

I played up to the 3rd Town where the 1st gym is, so far the cities are spectacular.
Before Jubilife, I caught about 8 Bidoof,the first being in a Premier ball ^.^
The rest are gonna be used to trade my team in :D

Trained up Turtwig to level 14, and Bidoof to 12.

Yes I know Bidoof is extremely challenged but, hey I like him better than rattata, zigzagoon and, sentret. I'm definently avoiding catching anything that I'm not gonna use on this run. Next stop my first gym battle.

Level 14 Turtwig
Level 12 Bidoof

26th July 2010, 2:36 PM
-After beating the second gym, I made my way to Eterna, where I quickly cleared out the Galactic building.
-Talked to the underground guy, and messed around down there for awhile, looking for fossils. Probably spent close to two hours so far, and not a single one found. Kinda disapointed.
-Randomly encountered a shiny pokemon!!!! Male Combee sticking to one of the honey trees, and I caught it! First one ive ever seen, lol.
-Leveled the team up a bit more, went through Turnback Cave to get the Dusk Stone, so i could evolve Murkrow.
-Got the Hearthhome, found the gym leader, and after whoopin up on all her cronies, blew through her like nothin.

Team (all level 27):
Grotle, Rotom, Floatzel, Honchkrow

PLanning on catching a Slugma and a Croagunk as my last two team members.

Too Funk to Druck
26th July 2010, 7:28 PM
I just started over my Platinum in order to do a scramble challenge on it. After learning what Pokemon I had to use, I started playing. First I got my Chimchar, named Gorrilaz which happened to be Naive on the first try. After doing all of the boring beginning stuff, I caught my Shinx. While training Gorrilaz and Shinx, I ended up finding a shiny Starly. It's Impish, so it doesn't have the best nature, but oh well. Then I traveled to Jubilife, did everything I need to, and then continued on to Oreburgh.

Current team:
Gorrilaz/Chimchar lv 13 Naive

Shinx lv 12 Naughty

Shiny Starly (not using in my team) lv 4 Impish

26th July 2010, 7:46 PM
Trained my EVd Azelf to level 100, and then EV trained and trained an Impish Gliscor to level 100, with the moves Earthquake/Stone Edge/Swords Dance/Roost. EV trained an Adamant Beldum, and currently training it. Its level 39.

Also traded around for the Crown Beasts, and a Timid Ditto with 31/31/31/31/31/31.

lethal Xsanity
27th July 2010, 5:04 AM
-Randomly encountered a shiny pokemon!!!! Male Combee sticking to one of the honey trees, and I caught it! First one ive ever seen, lol.

Dude that's awesome :D
You should use it on your run...if not trade it?...I don't know. I love bug pokemon so yeah ;)

I got all my bred pokemon traded to me, the list is as follows.

Level 1 Piplup
Level 1 Riolu
Level 1 Snorunt
Level 1 Starly
Level 1 Magby
Level 1 Magnemite
Level 1 Eevee

It's really hard to decide what 4 to take along with my Bidoof, I mean my Bidoof shouldn't last that long but hey I want it to stay a while. I'm also gonna take my Turtwig the whole way.
Piplup will probably be my water type the entire run, Magby being my Fire,but I want to take Riolu and Starly along for the ride too.
That leaves Magby,Magnemite and, Eevee as Alternates for now :]
I'm gonna train them all up tonight.

27th July 2010, 9:07 AM
I just started my adventure on Platinum, so far I've named my character Tudor and my rival Joe. And that's it!

I'm going to be trying to play this differently than all my other Pokemon games where I relied on brute force and type advantages. So I'm going to ensure my team has at least two types that I've never been bothered with, Poison and Ghost. But right now I need to choose a starter...

The Benmeister
27th July 2010, 12:07 PM
Started Diamond again. Pearl has a 492 dex and Platinum two gold frontier symbols, so no way was I going to restart those.

I intend on using a team I have never (or at least, very rarely) used before. Unfortunately none of these members were available until after the Valley Windworks so I had to shack along with Chimchar/Monferno until it was done (so that Barry ends up with his Empoleon team).

After that I caught my first team member, a Buneary named Lupa. I also slathered three trees with honey, in the hopes of getting a Burmy/Combee/Cherubi to add to my team. Unfortunately my first round resulted in getting Silcoon and Aipom (and an inexplicable disappearance of one of the honey from the tree), so I'm currently waiting for round two to come by. Just the eight more hours then...

27th July 2010, 1:23 PM
Well, my Platinum journey is officially underway!
Chose Chimchar as my starter again, I really wanted Barry/Joe to have his Empoleon team again.
Won the battles against his Piplup with ease, though it's Growl got annoying. Beat two Bidoof on the way to Sandgem town and currently sitting at home watching TV again, ha!
Gonna be getting some balls and start catching new Poke's later.

lethal Xsanity
27th July 2010, 1:56 PM
Trained up my entire Squad over level 10 with the EXP.Share I brought over.
Level 10 is about when they stop obeying.Through all that grinding my Turtwig ended up at level 20.
Of course I don't want evolve my Pokemon that soon :]

I did get the coal badge easily with Turtwig, I did use Riolu a bit against Roarks Geodude and it did Disobey :/

Now I'm gonna leave Oreburg

My Team-
Level 20 Turtwig
Level 13 Bidoof
Level 12 Piplup
Level 12 Riolu
Level 11 Starly
Level 10 Snorunt

Level 10 Eevee
Level 10 Magnemite
Level 10 Magby

27th July 2010, 9:02 PM
I just transferred some Pokémon over from leaf green. I caught a Banette and Fearow as well. I just got the national dex a short time ago.
Team = Empoleon, Haunter, Honchkrow, Luxray, Garchomp, Froslass- trying to level them up.

28th July 2010, 8:40 AM
After buying 6 Pokeballs and catching Starly and Bidoof (who'll be used later for HM's), Dawn showed me how to catch Pokemon and gave me 5 more Pokeballs...
I then caught Shinx and Kricketot, both of which went straight to the PC as I'm not planning on using either of them in my team.
Currently training Starly and Bidoof on Route 202 to level 10 before moving on to Jubilife City.

The Benmeister
28th July 2010, 9:54 AM
Progress was finally achieved after I located a Cherubi in one of the honey trees. And so the journey continued.

I caught a Meditite soon after I reached Eterna. I had problems with Gardenia, so I had to use Monferno, after which I chucked it in the PC and taught the HMs to my team members instead.

Added a Stunky and a Goldeen to my team. Any suggestions for a last team member? Preferably something with Rock Climb.

28th July 2010, 1:35 PM
Just EV trained, evolved, and leveled a Riolu I specially bred (agility + crunch riolu).

Now testing it on WiFi :)

28th July 2010, 1:48 PM
Is my team underleveled? I have just arrived in hearthome and my team is:
Psyduck Lvl. 18
Kadabra Lvl. 19
Luxio Lvl. 18
Gible Lvl. 19
Staravia Lvl. 19
Monferno Lvl. 24

28th July 2010, 2:57 PM
Strolled into Jubilife City after beating the rest of the trainers on Route 202, met Dawn and saw the Looker (was that his name?), anyway, rather odd fellow.
Got the Town Map from my rival Joe in the trainer school, then beat the two trainers in there. Didn't manage to give Bidoof or Shinx any EXP because they both fainted, but Starly and Chimchar saved the day!
Picked up the Poketch, and headed North to find a permanent member of the team. After defeating a couple of Bidoof, I found the Budew I was looking for!

Currently in the Jubilife City Pokemon Center after healing my current team up.

28th July 2010, 6:32 PM
My Lvl. 22 Luxio got hit with Horn Drill from a Lvl. 30 Goldeen. I was NOT expecting it.

29th July 2010, 12:39 AM
I restarted my Platinum version earlier today. I picked the girl and named her Alison, after my sister. I was going to pick Piplup, but at the last second, I picked a Chimchar, who I named Dante (for Dante's Inferno), and did the usual beginner's stuff.

Once I got to Jubilife, I caught a Budew, which I didn't nickname just yet because I wanted to see if it had Natural Cure before I got attached, which it did, so I'm good to go.

I trained up Dante a bit, evolving him into Monferno before I made it to Oreburgh City. So I meet Roark, fight the Workers, and then the Gym for my big battle with Roark.


I led off with Budew, who didn't one-shot Geodude like I thought she would, but she managed to live through Rock Throw and kill it with Absorb (I remember her being level 12 going into the battle. She did the same thing with Onix, and I'm pretty sure that was when she learned Mega Drain. I switched her out for Dante against Cranidos since I had a Screech on me. Dante 2HKO'd Cranidos without a problem. The Sinnoh games really take care of you! Coal Badge, GET!

Back in Jubilife, I took on the Galactic Grunts with Lucas and took care of them without much problem. Afterward, I get the idea to grind steps for Budew to evolve. I did it, but it was not fun. I dunno if I'm gonna do the same for Togepi - hell, I don't know if I'll even use it! - but if I do, at least I'll have the advantage of a Bicycle. And my sources say a Shiny Stone is on Route 209, so at least that's something.

I dunno if I'm going to use Floatzel or Luxray. I've used Floatzel twice now, and Luxray is my best option for an Electric-type barring Jolteon and Raichu, both of which I'm trying to avoid using. Magnezone might be worthwhile, but I used Magneton in SoulSilver, and besides, neither of its abilities really help me. I could wait until late game for Electabuzz, but really, it's just a more diverse Luxray. You know what? I'll find a good Special Attacker and teach it Thunderbolt, becaue all I'm really interested in is taking down Gyarados.

Current team:
Dante (Monferno): Level 17
Roselia: Level 15.

29th July 2010, 12:38 PM
Nothing really new apart form using the GTS to find shinies. No luck, two Dragonites for lv 80+ Drapion and Swalot bleh. Also training my shiny Eeveelutions, they're in their 30s now.

Oh I was chaining Bagon again (been chaining the little mite for ages with no luck) and on the 3rd chain in a non shiny patch i find a shiny one!

I had a fainted jolly sync up front and he turned out Jolly ^.^

IVs are TERRIBLE but still! A random encounter, poke radar exclusive shiny Bagon!

Also Electabuzz is now lv 99 with Rapidash and Machamp at 97 and Empoleon, Staraptor and Garchomp at lv 100

29th July 2010, 1:08 PM
Moved off from Jubilife City, taking only Chimchar, Budew and in case of emergency, Starly who's learnt Wing Attack.
Made it through Oreburgh Gate with no drama at all, Budew destroyed everything!
Caught a Psyduck on the way hoping he already knew Water Gun, only had Water Sport though so he went straight to the box, along with Starly.
Went into the mines to find Roark, tried catching an Onix as a possible team member, but Budew kept making them faint in one hit, so gave up on that idea.
Once Roark returned to the Gym, I headed up to route 207, was thinking about catching a Machop, but as Chimchar was dealing plenty of damage (and I had plans on another fighting type to be on the team) I just kept knocking them out. Eventually, Chimchar evolved into Monferno and learnt Mach Punch.
I'm all set to wipe out Roark's team, but I want Budew levelled up a bit more. So currently still training in Route 207, going to be heading into the mines to stop Budew having to deal with Ponyta.

29th July 2010, 2:39 PM
So, I dont remember what the last thing I posted on here was, lol:

-Got to Hearthome, and went directly to the Contest Hall, so my mom could give me a dress (playing as the girl). After talking with her, I told Fantina I was going to kick her butt in this hall if she didnt get back to her gym NOW.
-Followed Fantina through the gym, beating her flunkies as I go.
-Didnt bother healing before fighting Fantina, as all my 'mans know a Dark move, cept for Rotom. Took the badge pretty easily.
- Picked up the rest of the items in the town, and made my way towards Celstic and Veilstone.
-Did everything in the Celstic area, though I didnt stick anything in the daycare, so I dont have the Poketch app for it yet.
-Got the Veilstone, did some shopping. Took the badge more easily than expected, as Lucario couldnt use Drain Punch on Rotom.
-Helped Lucas get his 'Dex back, which seems odd somehow that its the boy asking the girl for help cause the big bad men stole his dex, instead of the other way around. Not trying to be sexist or anything, it just seems wierd.
-Got Fly.
-Preparing to go South out of Veilstone to make my way to Pastoria.

Team: all lvl 31-32
Grotle: Razor Leaf, Return, Bite, Curse
Rotom: Ominous Wind, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Confuse Ray
Honchkrow: Assurance, Fly, Steel Wing, Night Shade
Floatzel: Crunch, Aqua Jet, Quick Attack, Swift
Buneary (Cut and Rock Smash)

Dex: Seen ~ 91, Caught: 50

29th July 2010, 4:46 PM
Platinum: Still training Pokemon and filling up my Pokedex. It is currently at 440 seen, 354 obtained. I'm planning on soon beginning another little project with my GBA games so I can transfer six more Hoenn Pokemon I need for my Pokedex to Platinum. I'm currently at the Battle factory, I've beat my current record and I'm trying to see how far I can get.

29th July 2010, 10:45 PM
I decided on Shinx and Buizel for my team, Shinx to handle the rare Gyarados easier, and Buizel because I didn't want to use Vaporeon again (I used it for FireRed and SoulSilver). If I can find the patience, I'll just evolve my Eevee into Glaceon and grind it up after the whole Team Galactic plot is resolved. Otherwise, I'll catch a Sneasel. *sniffles* Why do you get Glaceon so late?

In terms of actual gameplay, after grinding Shinx to level 10, I set out for Floaroma Town with Shinx leading the way. I used her so much that she evolved into Luxio in the last battle before Mars, who was cake with Luxio and Monferno.

I caught two Buizel, one Impish and one Modest. I decided to train the Impish one. So I gave Buizel some training, and by the time I made it through Eterna Forest, I had everyone at least level 18 (except HM slaves).

I got to Eterna City, where Barry showed me the Pokemon Statue, and I got HM01 Cut from Cynthia. From there, I challenged the Gym, and swept with Sundance the Monferno (formerly Dante).

Then it was time for the Galactic Eterna building. Against my better judgement, I sent Jet (my Buizel) out first, hoping Pursuit would be enough to kill the Scientist's Kadabra, which of course it wasn't. The little ****er went through two of my Pokemon before I was forced to resort to Sundance. Needless to say, I had to heal before the Jupiter fight. Zubat was cake for Corona, Skuntank killed Sundance after a good fight, and Corona cleaned up thanks to Intimidate.

So I got Togepi from Cynthia, which had a Timid nature, but Hustle as its ability, a combination I just couldn't deal with, so no Togekiss for me! Now, if it was Jolly, I'd have a place for it...

Other than the Bicycle and Explorer Kit, nothing more to say.

Current team:
Sundance (Monferno): Level 24
Thorn (Roselia): Level 20
Corona (Luxio): Level 21
Jet (Buizel): Level 20

29th July 2010, 10:56 PM
I've been training up my EV trained pokemon, so far I just need to finish training up my Timid Alakazam, Impish Hippowdon, and Jolly Gallade.

Yesterday I recieved and shortly thereafter EV trained a Crown Raikou, Rash nature obviously. It has HP [Ice] 70, and knows Discharge, Hidden Power, Aura Sphere, and Extremespeed. I EV trained it in Special Attack and Speed, and leveled it to level 100.

After I finish the Alakazam, Hippowdon, and Gallade, and I will IV breed and EV train a Feraligatr, Mismagius, Donphan, and Jirachi.

31st July 2010, 12:02 AM
Started a new game on Pearl.

I chose Turtwig and then decided to use a team of random Pokemon.
I randomly chose them from the PC in Heartgold. I ended up with Cyndaquil, Shuppet, Tentacool, and Tailow.
Interesting team, I have never used Shuppet or Tentacool and I haven't used Cyndaquil since Colloseum. I also have not used Tailow since Ruby and Sapphire.

I traded over eggs to Pearl and hatched them.

Right now I am training them before heading towards Jubilife City.

Shuppet Lv. 7
Tailow Lv. 6
Turtwig Lv. 8
Cyndaquil Lv. 8
Tentacool Lv. 6

31st July 2010, 4:18 AM
Factory Match round 1:

My team: Dugtrio, Staraptor, Electivire

His Team: Magnezone, Aggron, Jolteon

I EQ his Magnezone in one shot, then I EQ his Aggron which doesn't get one shotted, Iron Heads for the KO, then I send out my Staraptor and Aerial Ace it, KO, Jolteon Thunderbolts Staraptor, then it's down to Electivire and Jolteon.

Jolteon's Moveset:

Baton Pass

Electivire's moveset:

Thunder Punch
Cross Chop
Thunder Wave

So 4 of my 5 Cross chops missed, so I couldn't make a KO, so I was stuck with Thunderbolt, which Jolteon has Volt Absorb and E-vire has Motor Drive...


I won though, I struggled first :3

The Benmeister
31st July 2010, 7:15 AM
^Impressive. And that's only round one :P

My game progress has halted somewhat because I'm trying to find a bleedin' Heart Scale underground but can't. Sometimes the yellow flashy areas don't even appear. And yet I've gotten six Skull Fossils (and have actually found eight), along with at least 5 different types of Arceus plate.

Are there any overland Heart Scale locations so that I don't have to go underground to get them? Help would be very nice. (I did actually find one on the route south of Veilstone)

31st July 2010, 11:00 PM
Bah, real life prevented me from getting as much done as I wanted to over the past couple days. Yesterday, I went into Wayward Cave's basement and got Earthquake, a Gible, and a Gligar. I eventually decided on the Gible due to Garchomp's ridiculous stats with a neutral nature (Docile). If I had caught Gligar first, I definitely would've used it, because I wanted to somehow justify my playing Platinum since my team so far is easily available in Diamond and Pearl. After clearing out the Trainers on Cycling Road, I named my new Gible Crash.

Today, I explored Wayward Cave for real. Mira is so helpful when you want to train up your team. I trained everyone to level 24 except for Sundance, who was already there, and Crash, who I raised to level 25 for Slash. He evolved into a Gabite soon after.

Speaking of evolving, I trained Jet up a level after getting Mira out because I was looking for a Rare Candy said to be in Wayward Cave, but no luck. Instead, I found the hidden one on Route 207 and fed it to him, evolving him into a Floatzel, and learning himself Crunch in the bargain (Dowsing Machine and Vs. Seeker, too, but that's not important). Fantina, your *** is mine. >:)

I met Cyrus in Mt. Coronet and reached Hearthome City. I got the Poffin Case, then deposited my HM slave Buneary in the PC so I could get Bebe's Eevee. I SR'd for a female one, which had Adaptability as its ability. I'm currently debating whether or not to use it as a Glaceon or wait for Sneasel later in the game. I'm also toying with Gengar for Mean Look and Yanmega for Speed Boost sweeping. I dunno, PM me your thoughts on what my sixth team member should be.

Current team:
Sundance (Monferno): Level 26
Thorn (Roselia): Level 26
Corona (Luxio): Level 25
Jet (Floatzel): Level 26
Crash (Gabite): Level 25

lethal Xsanity
1st August 2010, 10:05 AM
So I left Oreburgh town with the Coal Badge ^.^
The story takes me to Eterna City- Where I've heard holds the nearest gym and where I can aquire a shiny new Bike!
I did the part of the story where Team Galactic is trying to take power from Windwork Valley if I remmember correctly? ...Kinda bad with Sinnoh names.
Bidoof evolved in a battle with a Galactic Grunt :] I actually like him a lot, he has come through very well with moves such as Rollout and Rock Smash.
My Starter(and strongest Pokemon so far)Turtwig wasn't used much until the Boss battle with the redhead galactic commander-Mars.
I used all of my pokemon but Magnemite during the while I played, here is an updated list of my squad.

Level 21 Turtwig
Level 16 Bibarel
Level 14 Starly
Level 13 Eevee
Level 13 Piplup
Level 11 Snorunt
Level 11 Magby
Level 13 Riolu
Level 10 Magnemite ( Not Used Yet)

Since I traded over too many pokemon, I'm having trouble on capturing others, and the obedience of those I brought in. I'm definently not catching or training much until I get the 2nd badge.

The first pokemon I was tempted to catch was a Psyduck because I've always wanted one and this is the first game where I could raise one up so early on, I did not catch it because it would then compete with Piplup.
I then saw a Level 10 Golbat which surprised me, I was really interested but just decided to get some good exp off of it - I already have a flying type in Starly.
I ran into Budew which, I actually will catch later. I passed on the chance this time beacuse I needed someone to weaken it down since I planned on catching him with a Premium Ball :D
Lastly I passed on a Level 12 Pink Shellos which would have fit perfectly into my team, they seem really awesome bu then the competition between the other types will kinda consume my time and somewhat ruin the gameplay.
Because of this, I kinda regret bringing in those Pokemon. I can now see which ones I don't need and which ones will get replaced sometime very soon because so far I do want a Shellos and a Vespiqueen! I do love Bug Pokemon what can I say?

So at that, I honeyed some trees and am ready to hit Eterna Forest where I may get my Female Combee ^.^

The Benmeister
1st August 2010, 11:17 AM
Well I FINALLY found a Heart Scale after about five in game hours of trying. (No thanks to you guys...) Then I found out I had enough already. I was annoyed to say the least. Thankfully I just decided to use it anyway, I taught Medicham Thunderpunch, Seaking Poison Jab (which I later found a TM for anyway...ugh) and Lopunny Mirror Coat.

And now at long last, it is time to arduously cover all of the Surf areas, hopefully evolving Snover in the process.

lethal Xsanity
1st August 2010, 1:25 PM
So going through Eterna forrest with cheryl-the green haired girl-was pretty cool actually!
Leveled up alot in the double battles and even against the wild pokemon.
I caught a level 10 Budew with a Premier ball, thank god that chansey didn't kill it as it did with the few beforehand!
Went into town, the gym leader Gardenia invited me in but I wanted to see what the hype was with team Galactic. Barry met up with me and showed me the Statue, Cynthia then introduced herself and I got HM Cut!
The only way to get in the Galactic Base was to use cut, and the only way to use cut was to beat Gardenia...so back to the gym I went!

Since most of my squad were traded in-except for Turtwig and Bibarel, they were pretty weak and unreliable due to their obedience :S
I had to only use those two which was kinda tough, the trainers weren't that bad but Gardenia was!
Bibarel is weak to grass so I was only left with my Turtwig.
Her Turtwig was pretty easy.Roserade was a total beast,,had to use a couple potions but I eventually threw it off, by this time my Turtwig was to weak to face her last Pokemon so I begged for some luck by sending Magby...then Snorunt...then Starly...then Bibarel..all of them defeated due to not being able to hit a move, My last pokemon was my Level 15 Magnemite who was in with an EXP Share, I Luckily hit a couple Sonic Booms and after a hard fought victory, I recieved the Forrest Badge!
Which most importantly means I get to grind my team up and they will obey!
Thank god!

Level 23 Turtwig
Level 20 Bibarel
Level 17 Snorunt
Level 16 Magby
Level 16 Magnemite
Level 15 Starly
Level 13 Riolu
Level 13 Eevee
Level 15 Piplup
Level 10 Budew

Really Hard to pick which are gonna stay for the long run :/ :/ :/ :/

1st August 2010, 7:26 PM
After getting the Dress (remember, I'm playing as the girl character in this playthrough), I met and beat Fantina. It was almost a clean sweep with Jet's Crunch, but I did have to sacrifice Thorn so Jet's confusion wouldn't kill him. Glad I'm not playing a Nuzlocke challenge. XD

So after owning Barry in the worst possible way (I think his strongest Pokemon was Staravia, but that's only because Barry is an Evasion noob), I made my way to Solaceon Town, where I called it a night after catching a male Ralts and a Technician Scyther. I'm actually considering Scyther for my main team due to the fact I don't have a Flying- or Psychic-type for Maylene, and obviously, a base 90 STAB-powered Wing Attack would be awesome, its Timid nature hinders that, meaning if I want Scyther to continue to be a power of my team after Maylene, I would have to evolve it into Scizor eventually. Now that I'm done with the Lost Tower, I'll try to catch another Technician Scyther, and if I like its nature better, I'll use it, otherwise, no dice. I did catch a Gastly, though, and that's worth consideration, I guess.

EDIT: Holy crap, I just witnessed two Aspear plants blooming! I dunno if anyone else ever saw Berry plants growing, but it was cool!

2nd August 2010, 12:18 PM
Haven't done much since my last update, beat Roark no problem using just Budew for Geodude and Onix, Monferno took down Cranidos with Mach Punch.
Went back to Jubilife City and helped Dawn beat the two Galactic Grunts, carried on North beating the trainer and am currently outside the Valley Windworks ready to take down more Galatic Grunts!

2nd August 2010, 10:56 PM
EDIT: Holy crap, I just witnessed two Aspear plants blooming! I dunno if anyone else ever saw Berry plants growing, but it was cool!

Yeah, its awesome. Just a random glitter appeared one time on my screen, at first I was like WTF, but then I realised what happened.

I'm training a Mismagius I EV trained earlier with 31/31/14/31/17/31, EV trained it in Special Attack and Speed, and taught it Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, and Nasty Plot, and its currently level 68. Afterwards, I'm gonna breed and EV train a Phanpy and a Jirachi.

3rd August 2010, 2:11 AM
I know, right?!

In between posts, I fought two Gym Leaders. I'm not going to mention all the random innocuous bullcrap I did between battles because if I did it would just take too damn long. So first up was Maylene, who I was absolutely dreading due to no type advantages. Thorn led off the match and KO'd Meditite with Magical Leaf, though I'm not sure if I did a Growth first... oh well, doesn't matter since I switched her out for Corona once Machoke hit the floor. A couple Shock Waves put it in its place. Finally, there's Lucario. I managed to paralyze it at the cost of Thorn. Once Corona came out, though, the hax were on my side as Lucario failed to attack twice in a row, leading to its defeat. Cobble Badge, get!

Crasher Wake was easier. Corona and Thorn took care of Gyarados and Quagsire respectively. I foolishly tried to Stun Spore Floatzel when it came out, but in defense of Roselia as a species, they're just not meant to take Ice Fangs. Oh well, at least Corona Intimidated it, forcing it to use Brine. Fortunately, Corona was still in the green, so a Moomoo Milk took care of that problem. Boom! Fen Badge, get!

Now I gotta cure the Psyduck, but first, I need to explore Route 212. In team news, I decided if I don't get the five Blue Shards I need to teach Ice Punch before I catch a Sneasel, I'm going to train up that Eevee into a Glaceon after the Team Galactic storyline is resolved.

lethal Xsanity
3rd August 2010, 2:58 AM
So I didn't want to go in Galactic HQ yet, Headed into the forest to level up and I passed Gardenia who talked about that creepy Haunted building, leveled up Magby and Snorunt..of course still need to work on the rest of the team.
Went into the Haunted House and ran into Rotom and caught it in a Dusk Ball just before it died of its burn ^.^
Really Don't know If I'll use it, I was looking forward to catch a Gengar in there but didn't have the patience to wait :/
That would be really cool to have! But oh well.
The actual Ghosts in the building( Not talking about Gastly nor Rotom) were really cool haha.

3rd August 2010, 6:34 AM
After training to Lv. 9, I battled my rival. Cyndaqul took out Starly while Tentacool took care of Chimchar.
Tentacool seems to be harder to train but oh well, hopefully all of the training will pay off. Training to Lv. 10 and then I will continue into Route 203.
Thinking about adding a Gible to my team soon because I have never had a Garchomp before.
Turtwig Lv. 9
Cyndaquil Lv. 10
Tailow Lv. 9
Shuppet Lv. 9
Tentacool Lv. 9

3rd August 2010, 11:28 PM
I haven't really made a post here before so this will be a thing for my diamond and if I should restrt my platinum.

In my diamond I have 7 badges, a team with at least half of the pokémon I have never used before.

Drapion (never used)
Lucario(never used)
Rapidash (almost never used)

The team is going strong at the moment but I have a strong urge to restart my platinum because it was a far more enjoyable experience to me. Only problem is that I'm a bit attached to my team on it with no means to trade them over to another. :(

4th August 2010, 2:36 PM
Made my way to Pastoria, catching a Houndour on the way, and decided to train it. Gave it an EXP Share and within a couple minutes I was the proud owner of a Houndoom, which ive never used, which didnt know any fire moves.

I flew back to Veilstone, bought Fire Blast, used 3 PP Ups on it, and called it a day.

Finished getting down to Pastoria, got some berries, caught some pokemon in the Great Marsh, but no Croagunk, which I was wanting as 'man #6 for the team.

Headed into the gym to take on Crasher Wake, Pokemon's version of Chuck Norris (help me come up with some Crasher Wake jokes people). Had Rotom and Torterra blow through his minions, and took on the big guy himself. Sent out Torterra to face his, oops Gyarados. Swapped out for Rotom, but thanks to the turn 1 switch, I wasnt able to beat his Floatzel and lost. RESET! Switched so Rotom was out first. Shockwave OHKOs Gyarados. He sends out Floatzel. I get another Shockwave, which activates his berry and puts him back to high enough HP that Wake doesnt use a Hyper Potion. He downs Rotom, I switch in for Torterra. He ice Fang's me, leaving me with like 12 hp, but I down him with Razor Leaf. Out comes Quagsire, but with his x4 weakness to Grass, is OHKOed by Torterra using Razor Leaf again. Woot!

Went south a bit, heading into the swampish area, found a Croagunk. Caught it, and when I pulled it out of the box a little later, found out is was Adamant. Pretty sweet, though I was hoping for one with Dry Skin, and this one has Anticipate. If I manage to find another, I may switch out for Dry Skin, even if its got a worse nature.

lvl 35 Torterra: Leech Seed, Substitute, Razor Leaf, Earthquake
Lvl 34 Rotom: Ominous Wind, Shockwave, Confuse Ray, Double Team
Lvl 33 Honchkrow: Fly, Assurance, Roost, Night Shade
Lvl 33 Floatzel: Quick Attack, Crunch, Swift, Aqua Jet
Lvl 32 Houndoom: Fire Blast, Bite, Fire Fang, Roar
lvl 25 Croagunk: Revenge, Swagger, Pursuit, Faint Attack

5th August 2010, 12:07 AM
Bah, not much to say. Went up to Celestic, owned Cyrus, and explored everywhere I can explore with Surf. Tonight, I plan on catching Rotom, tomorrow, I'm going to Canalave City to battle Barry and take on Iron Island and leave it at that. Friday, I'm hoping to get Canalave Gym and the whole Team Galactic storyline out of the way, which should take up most of my day (I like to do everything from the Mine Badge to Giratina in one sitting if I'm able.

So I got all the Shards I need for Ice Punch, meaning everything is ready for my future Sneasel. I've heard there's a Razor Claw hidden somewhere in the Team Galactic HQ, so I'll be sure to check my Dowsing Machine while I'm there. Actually, I'm also considering using the Riolu I get from Riley because if I catch a Sneasel, I'll want to teach it Brick Break, which would deprive Sundance of a Fighting-type move I can rely on besides Close Combat. This is a problem, because I want to be able to cover Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon Weavile would be otherwise helpless against. I figure if I take the time to train a Lucario, I could teach it Aura Sphere and leave Brick Break to Sundance. So, PM me your answers to this question: Weavile or Lucario?

5th August 2010, 2:35 PM
If Sundance is your Weavile, then yes I say teach it Brick Break. Also, if it isnt the Weavile, then teach it Brick Break. I find the mroe pokemon I have that can help cover their own weaknesses, the better. Most of the time, anyway.

Also, Darth Osiris, question about your sig: Do you mean 95% of the actors/ actresses that play Disney villains are Jewish or the characters themselves? Cause if you mean the characters, Im quite confused on that.

Update on my game:

Didnt play much last night. made my way through the swamp, fighting people as I go. Went to the Trophy Garden, but didnt manage to catch anything I didnt already have.

Team is now between 34-35, but I stuck Croagunk back in the box when I realized I was going to need something with Cut (Buneary, the HM slave) to get through the swamp.

5th August 2010, 3:45 PM
Sundance is my Infernape.

I mean the characters themselves. It refers to Walt Disney's anti-Semitism.

I caught Rotom last night. It has a Jolly nature, which doesn't lend itself to any stats, but suits it as a Pokemon. Besides, I don't plan on using it anyway. By the way, can Rotom breed?

5th August 2010, 11:26 PM
Just recently got Pokemon Platinum so I've been playing that lately.
Currentlyy I have 4 badges and I have chased down the Galactic Grunt and finished him off. I plan on going to the Pokemon mansion next before moving on the Celestic. I like having new characters in the game, Looker and the new Galactic Boss even though I don't know much about them I find it cool.
My current team is:
Torterra lv 34
Staravia lv 34
Floatzel lv 32
Gabite lv 30

6th August 2010, 3:17 AM
Sundance is my Infernape.

Give Sneasel/Riolu Brick Break, and use Mach Punch in the last slot for weaker pokemon, so you save PP for CC and don't unnesecarily lower your own stats.

Can Rotom breed?

Yes, with Ditto.

6th August 2010, 1:11 PM
I got the beacon badge since the last time, made my way to the entrance to victory road but didn't enter yet. I need to train my team a bit but can't find good places for empoleon and rapidash, anyone who can give me a tip?

Empoleon lv. 41
Rapidash lv. 40
Drapion lv. 41
Lucario lv. 43
Roserade lv. 41
Luxray lv. 47

6th August 2010, 9:55 PM
Give Sneasel/Riolu Brick Break, and use Mach Punch in the last slot for weaker pokemon, so you save PP for CC and don't unnesecarily lower your own stats.

Meh, I'll probably give Sundance Flamethrower for STAB, Thunderpunch to cover Water and Flying, maybe Calm Mind to boost Flamethrower's power (since he has a Careful nature) or Strength or Rock Climb (since while I believe in HM slaves, I don't believe in not having my whole team with me in a major dungeon such as Victory Road or Mt. Coronet), and Close Combat as a last resort. I would use Flare Blitz, but the recoil turns me off, so if I can somehow get 18 Blue Shards, I'll teach Ice Punch to Weavile or Floatzel (I primarily want Weavile just to deal with Cynthia's Garchomp, but Floatzel's worked well for me in the past, so if I end up liking Riolu enough to take the time to train it, I'll give Jet Ice Punch later on and end up giving him a NeverMeltIce to boost it) and the remaining Punches to Sundance. But what I'm asking is, should I use Lucario or Weavile?

6th August 2010, 9:58 PM
Easily use Lucario over Weavile. His defenses are better, more resistances, a much bigger movepool, and can learn Dragon Pulse if Cynthia's Garchomp really annoys you.

The Benmeister
7th August 2010, 1:12 AM
Progress has been slowwwwwwwwwww.

Snover did evolve, and I haven't used it since. Did the two Team Galactic bosses and now have to go through to Snowpoint. Fun.

7th August 2010, 10:54 PM
I'm really bored lately, so I've been debating in my head whether to start over my Platinum game again using Butterfree/Ledian/Ariados/Beautifly/Dustox/Kricketune. They evolve fully very early, and I'd get bored somewhat quickly, unless it was really challenging, I'd imagine Maylene's Lucario would be the needle to pop the balloon that is my idea. Writing this now has inspired me to do it, so I'm breeding for my team now.

Mild Caterpie
Naughty Ledyba
Adamant Spinarak
Mild Wurmple x2
Adamant Kricketot

This file will probably die quickly, but I don't care, I want to try the Johto bugs properly, and see how Butterfree/Beautifly/Dustox have changed in the generation shift. Kricketune is there because I'm using Beedrill on an FR Poison monotype, and because Vespiquen is statistically too strong compared to the rest.

8th August 2010, 12:38 AM
I decided I'm going with Weavile. The reason for this being I forgot to save before battling the Galactic grunts on Iron Island, so I got stuck with a male Riolu since I didn't want to redo all of Iron Island. See, I'm OCD when it comes to the genders of my team. When I'm playing as the boy, I like at least half my team to be male, so you can probably imagine I would want the girl's team to be at least half female. Right now, my only females are Corona and Thorn, so of course I wouldn't want a male Lucario upsetting that delicate balance.

Speaking of Thorn, I'm just about ready to evolve her into Roserade. My only problem is deciding on her final moveset. Petal Dance is a given, and I'm also considering Sludge Bomb when I get it, but except for damage, it becomes redundant with Toxic. Stun Spore is a must when catching Pokemon (especially Legendaries), but I'm also pondering Grasswhistle for stalling purposes. If I end up with Toxic, Shadow Ball will be there for filler. Here are the movesets I'm thinking of:
Stun Spore
Petal Dance
Toxic/Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball/Grasswhistle

Any thoughts on the matter?

8th August 2010, 2:25 AM
No progress on Pearl.

I realized I didn't have any Pokemon on Heartgold that could easily get BP so I went with Platinum which already had a set of the EV Training Items. I chose my team of EV Trained Salamance, EV Trained Toxicroak, and Shiny Floatzel. I made it to Palmer in the Battle Tower but lost. I tried the Factory but kept on losing early on so I decided to go counter clockwise. I went to the Hall with Salamance who quickly got me to Argenta who had a Tangrowth. I used Dragon Dance and then two Dragon Claws to get my first Silver Print. I then went to the Castle which is one of the easiest if you use your CP correctly. I mostly used it to sometimes heal, check on opposing team, attach a Sitrus Berry if it looked like I didn't need to fully heal but needed some HP, and to reduce the levels of some Pokemon I didn't have any Super Effective Moves for or for the Frontier Brain. I quickly destroyed the Frontier Brain with Salamance and got my second Silver Print! I went to the Arcade and, using the same team, quickly got to the Frontier Brain who was tougher. It was thanks to the Poisoning that I won.

For the Fight with the Frontier Brain of the Battle Arcade (Dahlia), go to this number on the GTS:

I have almost enough Points to get all of the EV Training Items I need, I only need two more. I would have needed one more except for the fact that I seemed to be missing one of the items for my Platinum Set of Ev Training Items.
Tomorrow I will go and take on the Factory and hopefully the Tower next.

8th August 2010, 2:48 AM
Diamond- No progress
Platinum- Made it to wayward cave. Looking to catch a gible for my dex, then go to the other normal cave and help the little girl.

8th August 2010, 7:36 AM
Here are the movesets I'm thinking of:
Stun Spore
Energy Ball
Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball

Any thoughts on the matter?

Don't bother with Grasswhistle, the accuracy is crap. If you can get your hands on an Energy Ball TM, use it over Petal Dance.

As for me, I just restarted my Platinum, names Danny, chose Turtwig, tossed it in the PC after I traded over my eggs, and currently training them. I luckily hatched two Wurmples that evolved into both Cascoon and Silcoon =D

Metapod level 7
Ledyba level 7
Spinarak level 7
Silcoon level 7
Silcoon level 7
Kricketot level 7

I'm excited for Roark =D

9th August 2010, 12:43 AM
^I realize Energy Ball is the superior choice. I'm using Petal Dance because I don't want to have to trade for it.

I decided on Stun Spore/Toxic/Petal Dance/Shadow Ball for my Roserade. I need Stun Spore for catching Legendaries, Toxic saved my *** in Emerald, so I'm throwing that in for good measure, Petal Dance is a good STAB move as long as I can get past being locked into it and confused afterwards. Oh well, I have the battle style on Shift, so it should all work out. As for Shadow Ball, I'm sacrificing the power I'd normally get in Sludge Bomb for type coverage. Now all that's left is to teach everything to Thorn.

9th August 2010, 4:45 AM
Just beat Roark on my Platinum with my Bug team, it was easier than I thought. Beautifly managed to OHKO Geodude and Onix with Absorb, and held its own against Cranidos even after it spammed Leer and Pursuit, leaving me with 1 HP, while I 3HKO'd with Absorb. Currently heading for Floaroma.

Butterfree level 13
Ledyba level 13
Spinarak level 13
Beautifly level 15
Dustoxlevel 13
Kricketune level 13

9th August 2010, 10:06 AM
Been a while since my last update, so I'll pick out the important bits.
Beat Roark no problems using Budew's Mega Drain, but gave Cranidos to Monferno for the extra XP.
Beat the Galactic Grunts in Veilstone City with no help from Dawn, seriously, the girl is useless.
Got to Floroama Town and caught Shellos to be a permanent member of the team, she learnt Hidden Power and so far I've founf it's super effective against grass types. So I'm hoping for HP Fire there.
Beat Team Galactic in the Valley Windworks with the combination of Water Pulse and Mud Bomb from Shellos, followed up by Monferno's Mach Punch.
Made it through Eterna Forest picking up a couple of Pokemon along the way that were all box bound.
Went through the motions in Eterna City and beat Gardenia with ease. Then cleared out the Galactic building!
Received the Togepi egg from Cynthia and contemplated having it be a team member, still thinking on that one.
Went down the Cycling Road, then turned back onto Route 206 where, after a couple of failed attempts, I caught Gligar with a Heal Ball who's now a permanent team member.
travelled down to Hearthome and Togepi hatched, I've put it in the box for now since I don't want to ruin any happiness by using it against Fantina (and ultimately losing).
Currently training to take down Fantina, Gligar just learnt Faint Attack so should be a cake walk.

9th August 2010, 4:54 PM
~ Fought my way through the swamp, fought the trainers around the mansion.
~Beat up the running Galactic Grunt who blew up the Great Marsh and got the headache medicine for the Psyducks.
~Fought my way to Celstic town and wooped up on Cyrus.
~Finally got Surf, so decided Id go exploring in the water instead of going straight to Canalave. Almost reached the Pal Park when my Croagunk (kept the Adamant one after all) evolved into Toxicroak, so I flew back to Sandgem (so I could go back to the Pal Park after finishing all my trading). And thats where I stopped.

Im have-heartedly, at this point, trying to complete my pokedex on pearl, most of my current team, plus a few Ive caught in this game so far, I didnt have, so I was going to mass trade once I got Toxicroak. Sent over 8 total from this game, plus 6 from my SS, and 6 from my wifes HG for a total of 20 dex entries I didnt have on pearl. Im up to 380ish, I think.

Platinum dex:
Seen: 140+, Caught: 71 or 72

Current Team:
Lvl 36: Torterra, Floatzel, Honchkrow, Rotom, Houndoom
Lvl 37: Toxicroak

9th August 2010, 4:56 PM
Platinum- Beat Fantina. Going on to grind my pokes. Gonna catch a Rhyhorn asap.

9th August 2010, 6:49 PM
On my Bug Platinum, I just beat Gardenia. After making it through Eterna Forest, I met my Rival, he dragged me to the statue. Cyrus was there, blah blah blah. With my team at level 20, I went to the Gym. Beat the trainers, and Butterfree challenged Gardenia. Took down the first two no problems, except for Leech Seed. Stole Roserades Sitrus Berry, and wore it down with Gust. Just about to finish it off, and I'm paralyzed, and Leech Seed saps my HP. Tossed out Spinarak because it resists Grass and Poison, and finished it off with Poison Jab. It leveled up to level 22, and evolved! Finally, my team are all evolved. Saved afterwards.

Butterfree level 21
Ledian level 20
Ariados level 22
Beautifly level 20
Dustox level 20
Kricketune level 20

I'm really enjoying this team, much more than I thought. Its been a challenge with all the Hikers around, and Cycling Road will be tough with all the Staravia's and Ponyta's. I don't know what to do with Fantina, although Ledian is awesome at setting up the screens. Wish me luck!

9th August 2010, 8:58 PM
Okay, before I begin with the whole recent happenings thing, just know one thing: I am very ****** off, and will continue to be so for the rest of the day. Why, you might ask? Because I had to use my Master Ball on Origin Forme Giratina. Pain in the ***... >:( Meh, I guess Quick Balls will have to work for Mesprit.

Starting off from Canalave, I finally challenged Byron. Crash beat magneton no problem with Dig, but I did get cocky against Steelix. Ice Fang didn't kill, surprisingly enough, but it did force me to switch into Sundance, but what's this?! Apparently, Byron has some good prediction skills because the second Sundance got in, Steelix used Earthquake. LAME! It was up to Jet to finish off Steelix and Bastiodon, which it did. Not the way I wanted it, but Mine Badge, get!

After that, I met everyone at the Library, and once the Earthquake happened, I high-tailed it to Lake Valor, where I beat down Saturn, but not before realizing he led with Golbat instead of Bronzor, meaning big trouble for little Sundance. Then it was off to Lake Verity where I gave Mars the same.

From there, I hit Route 216, where I finally caught my female Sneasel, who I named Isis (Weavile's design was based heavily on ancient Egypt according to Bulbapedia, so the best option seemed to combine an Egyptian name with a bad pun, so Isis it was. Get it? Ice-is? Never mind...). Best part about her? She's Adamant! ;D I then went back to teach her Ice Punch on Route 212. From there, I continued through the snow with Isis holding the Exp. Share, though she did hold her own against the various Skiers with Brick Break.

I eventually got to Snowpoint City, where I wasted no time with the Gym challenge. Isis beat Candice's Sneasel handily, Jet Surfed Piloswine to death, and Sundance made up for Byron by taking out both Abombasnow and Froslass. Icicle Badge, get.

From there, I met Barry and Jupiter at Lake Acuity, then made my way to Veilstone to get Isis a Razor Claw free the Lake Pokemon. After that, I scaled Mt. Coronet and had a surprisingly easy time of the double battle with Mars and Jupiter due to taking out the Light Screen Bronzor. From there, I entered the Distortion World with Cynthia, solved the puzzle (though I accidentally sequence broke it) and eventually, faced Cyrus for the third and final time.

By now, you must have noticed that I didn't describe the Team Galactic battles at all. That's because if I did, this post would be unnecessarily long (longer than it already is, at least). And as mentioned, I'd rather not talk about Giratina...

After everything was said and done, I went back to Sandgem to check in with Rowan and Lucas, and they said to challenge Sunyshore Gym. But first, I plan on catching Thorn up to the rest of my team and eventually evolving Isis.

9th August 2010, 10:23 PM
From there, I hit Route 216, where I finally caught my female Sneasel, who I named Isis (Weavile's design was based heavily on ancient Egypt according to Bulbapedia, so the best option seemed to combine an Egyptian name with a bad pun, so Isis it was. Get it? Ice-is? Never mind...). Best part about her? She's Adamant! ;D I then went back to teach her Ice Punch on Route 212. From there, I continued through the snow with Isis holding the Exp. Share, though she did hold her own against the various Skiers with Brick Break.

I laughed at the irony of that nickname, I'm no good with nicknames, I get too OCD about them. I'm never really happy with them unless it was a random thought that popped into my head, I can't come up with them on the spot like that. I tried to nickname my team earlier but I couldn't come up with anything good, so I changed them back.

10th August 2010, 12:46 AM
Well, I'm glad you liked it. Fun fact: I originally conceived my Infernape's nickname to be for a Rapidash, kind of like a reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Of course, this was assuming I had caught a Ponyta after picking Piplup instead of Chimchar, a decision I only half-regret. I mean, I never really gave Piplup a fair shake, but Infernape's Fire- and Fighting-types pretty much dominated the Gyms.

10th August 2010, 7:08 AM
No progress in Pearl.

I tried to get the Silver Print in the Battle Factory. Only got to round 3 once and got to the second round about 2-5 times. It gets hard and that is why I haven't made it the Battle Frontier Brain after 1-2 hours.
Once I have enough BP for the rest of the EV Training Items then I will take a break from the Battle Frontier. I most likely won't get to the leader of the battle frontier leader before that since I need about 3 more BP to get.

I migrated some Pokemon from my Firered that you cannot get in Platinum like Murkrow. Tomorrow I think I will start randomly migrating Pokemon since I have almost everything I need.

10th August 2010, 9:10 AM
Tried to beat Fantina last night, but her Mismagius decimated my team (two of which are weak to her Psybeam) so I'm rethinking my strategy and looking for a new Pokemon to join the team, if only temporarily.
Hold on, the Old Chateu has ghost types! Travelled up there and laughed at Gardenia running off like a scared little kid. Went inside and went straight for Rotom, caught it in a Great ball I picked up as I completely forgot to stock up on other balls.
So now it's training time for my current team, if I can't beat Fantina easily, then I haven't trained them enough.

11th August 2010, 4:24 PM
Platinum: Training Pokemon and filling up pages in my Pokedex. Evolved my Graveler into Golem and added Lugia to my Platinum Pokedex by doing some trading between Platinum and Soul Silver. My Porygon-Z recently reached level 100. My Rapidash is currently level 69, and my Mamoswine is level 60. I am in the process of EV training a Cleffa, and I have still not obtained a Munchlax yet.

12th August 2010, 2:23 PM
Currently breeding my new SS Normal Monotype, all that's left is my Slaking.

Currently breeding my new SS Normal Monotype, all that's left is my Slaking.

12th August 2010, 2:53 PM
^What happened to Bug Platinum? Wait, don't tell me, Fantina happened?

12th August 2010, 7:42 PM
No, I have two Platinums. My second Platinum has the Bug monotype on it, and its still going. I just wanted to restart my SS before I went away on a short vacation.

13th August 2010, 6:57 PM
Platinum's been sitting there untouched for a few days. I feel bad about it, but Giratina just sucked all the fun out of the game for me, simply because I had no choice but to use the Master Ball. I'll try to get Sunyshore's Badge tomorrow after class, then train my team up to level 50 before I make my way to the Pokemon League. On the plus side, Isis and Crash both evolved, so I'm happy about that.

Ironic, isn't it? I'm becoming apathetic to the game before fighting an apathetic Gym Leader. Wow!

13th August 2010, 8:32 PM
Diamond Play-through

I restarted my Diamond file, and intend on posting updates throughout it. Now, I picked the girl trainer since that's my gender, and promptly named her Raina. My childhood friend was name Jude; both were named after characters of mine. At any rate, I followed Jude to the lake, where I was given the chance to select my starter:


I nicknamed him Verimo, for no peculiar reason. We made our way to Jubilife after sweeping through some trainers, and are currently training on Route 204. I hope to add a Buneary to my team soon, but from what I remember, they aren't found until after Eterna Forest. Oh well.

Current Stats

http://www.gtsplus.net/files/images/sprites/md2-mugs/390.png Verimo ♂
Nature: naive || Moves: taunt, ember, scratch, leer || Item: none

16th August 2010, 4:25 PM
In platinum, I got to Canalave, whooped up on my rival, then went to the gym to get my sixth badge. Went through, fighting all the junior trainers, and thought I might need to go to Iron Island to train for awhile before taking on the leader, cause a couple of the juniors were giving me problems. Decided to give the leader a try though, and soundly defeated him.

Talked to my two rivals along with professor Rowan, but decided training on Iron Island was more important than going to check out that stupid lake.

Got to the island, teamed up with Riley, and I want to kill him so badly its ridiculous.

I HATE HATE HATE having to do these team ups in the game. They always attack the pokemon I want to catch and kill it (Steelix in this case) and keep getting KOed in fights with actual trainers. Anyway, Im still in there right now.

Pearl: Spent Friday night hanging out with some friends, most of whom play Pokemon, and traded a bunch with their games. Got my dex to 443. 50 more to go!!!! Only non-legendary that I dont have at least one evolution of are Snubull and Spiritomb. Just got to level a bunch of stuff up, now, lol.

20th August 2010, 5:03 PM
Started over my Platinum game. Chose Piplup, which will be the only Pokemon on this team I've used before. Caught a Bidoof and evolved it into Bibarel. (So technically I've used Bibarel as a HM slave, but never for a in game team) Beat Roark, got some Honey, and luckily Combee was on the first tree I checked. (Was going for Combee or Burmy) Took 15 minutes before a female finally came up. I trained it in Eterna forest where it evolved. Got the Underground Kit and spent hours in the underground looking for a fossil. Armor fossil finally showed up, ran all the way back to Oreburgh to revive it, and ran all the way back to Eterna. Currently training for Gardenia and team is in sig.

21st August 2010, 2:25 PM
Platinum, I have decided to start playing it again. After completing the story I left it asdide for a while but now I have a new team and I'm training them to be the best they can. This morning I started by having some double battles at the Lake Valor restaurant with my Leafeon and Glaceon who are both Level 37. After, I went to find out what the swarm of the day is and it is Skitty so I went to Route 222 and started to SR for a shiny as I've heard it's easier to SR for a swarm shiny. The chain broke at 17- a fail. I may return to SR there a bit later. Bought some more supplies and considering a new Frontier team, don't know who to put in yet. Two Frontier Brains down (Arcade, Tower) three to go...

My New Team:
-Glaceon Lv 37 (Ice Beam, Bite, Ice Shard, Avalanche)
-Leafeon Lv 37 (Magical Leaf, Aerial Ace, Synthesis, Ice Shard)
-Dustox Lv 60 (Psybeam, Silver Wind, Confusion, Aerial Ace)
-Garchomp Lv 49 (Fire Blast, Slash, Dragon Claw, Crunch)
-Lumineon Lv 61 (Water Pulse, Waterfall, Aqua Ring, Surf)
-Drifblim Lv 38 (Omnious Wind, Fly, Gust, Payback)

lots of variation in Levels I know, but I just want to train some Pokemon who haven't battled in a while. If anyone wants to comment on my team, feel free to.

Dancing Destroyer
23rd August 2010, 3:53 AM
Well, seeing as I was bored I restarted my Platinum. (a bit redndant now) I chose Chimchar, got all the way up to the first Cyrus battle. I went the path least taken and trained a Magikarp from level 5 when I got the Old Rod. It evolved after the Gardenia Battle and from then on it gained at least +3, +4 HP points ^^ It's a tank at 39 with 132 HP and 114 Atk.

When I got to Hearthome, I caught a Male Ralts, who I EXP. Share trained from then on to 30. After Maylene, it was boring training, so I decided to go to Pastoria. I swept my Rival's team with Gyarados and Gallade (got the Dawn Stone and taught him a way better moveset to compliment his massive attack stat). Along the way to Pastoria Monferno evolved into Infernape.

My team stands at this:

Male/ "Blaze" Level 40
-Feint (to be changed)
-Mach Punch (reliability)
-Flame Wheel
-Close Combat

Male/ "Yenru" Level 39
-Ice Fang
-Splash (lol...)
-Aqua Tail

Male/ "Gardna" Level 40
-Psycho Cut
-Shock Wave (suggestions?)
-Night Slash
-Leaf Blade

23rd August 2010, 4:13 AM
Today I realized how tedious it is training a Slakoth if you're determined to level it on its own rather than have it hold an Exp. Share at least until it evolves. But I did it, and little Stoick is growing stronger.

23rd August 2010, 11:19 PM
Caught Giratina, Uxie, and Azelf, and I'm just now going to Sunyshore in Platinum.

It took me five tries to catch Giratina.

First try: Roserade successfully paralyzed it with Stun Spore, but then during the Ball Throwing stage, it knocked itself out with Struggle.
Second try: Roserade's Poison Point took effect.
Third try: Roserade failed to hit with Stun Spore.
Fourth try: Roserade took a OHKO from Shadow Force.
Fifth try: Successful capture using about 10-15 balls.

Roserade 45-F
Gabite 46-F
Luxray 46-M
Infernape 46-F
Golduck 46-F
Crobat 45-M

24th August 2010, 1:20 PM
Copied from Nuzlocke thread:

Here's my progress since I started 2 posts above here.

Emp0, my male Piplup is lvl 10. He is hardy nature, I have no idea if that's good, but I don't really care.

The first pokemon I met was a Bidoof, I caught him and called him Bill. Then on the next route I found another Bidoof! I called this girl Bill2. I didn't want to train Bill at first, but then I decided I could always use a Bibarel as HM slave. Although I'm starting to like my Bidoof, so I might just use a Bibarel in my team.

Copied from Nuzlocke thread:

Here's my progress since I started 2 posts above here.

Emp0, my male Piplup is lvl 10. He is hardy nature, I have no idea if that's good, but I don't really care.

The first pokemon I met was a Bidoof, I caught him and called him Bill. Then on the next route I found another Bidoof! I called this girl Bill2. I didn't want to train Bill at first, but then I decided I could always use a Bibarel as HM slave. Although I'm starting to like my Bidoof, so I might just use a Bibarel in my team.

Dancing Destroyer
24th August 2010, 6:55 PM
Okay I'm up and ready to challenge the Elite Four. I ported over a Bagon egg and an Absol egg, then I had to rebreed to get a Male Bagon. I also finished Iron Island finally so I could get the Riolu egg. I did do a couple levels of grinding last night but I got bored.

Will this team do it? :

Gyarados / "Yenru" Level 57
Hasty Nature Male
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Infernape / "Blaze" Level 57
Hardy Nature Male
-Grass Knot
-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat

Gallade / "Gardna" Level 59
Impish Nature Male
-Psycho Cut
-Night Slash
-Close Combat
-Leaf Blade

Also Have a Bagon and Absol not really worth mentioning...

24th August 2010, 8:46 PM
Okay I'm up and ready to challenge the Elite Four. I ported over a Bagon egg and an Absol egg, then I had to rebreed to get a Male Bagon. I also finished Iron Island finally so I could get the Riolu egg. I did do a couple levels of grinding last night but I got bored.

Will this team do it? :

Gyarados / "Yenru" Level 57
Hasty Nature Male
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Infernape / "Blaze" Level 57
Hardy Nature Male
-Grass Knot
-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat

Gallade / "Gardna" Level 59
Impish Nature Male
-Psycho Cut
-Night Slash
-Close Combat
-Leaf Blade

Also Have a Bagon and Absol not really worth mentioning...

Its fine, a DD Gyarados rips the E4 to shreds. Water is SE against Flint and Bertha, and he is a great counter for Cynthia's Garchomp, being immune to Earthquake and resistant to Flamethrower and Brick Break. Not to mention Intimidate weakening Dragon Rush.

Dancing Destroyer
24th August 2010, 10:02 PM
I had a lilttle trouble, but I got through it. I couldn't set up DD because of Togekiss but I somehow managed to beat the E4 and Champ. Now I gotta complete the Sinnohdex then off to level grind for round 2 =D

25th August 2010, 3:46 PM
Well, yesterday I finally went in search of the Lucky Egg, and got two. I also managed to grab two shiny Chansey, though neither of them is of an ideal nature. I may just train the Sassy one, though. I've been wanting a shiny Blissey for some time.

I'm about to go over to Soul Silver and breed a Head Smash Aron, and I hope to get that done today.

27th August 2010, 5:41 PM
Beat Gardenia and rushed through to Hearthome so I could capture my next Pokemon quicker. Shieldon evolved along the way, thanks to the Exp. Share. Fantina surprisingly was difficult. Bibarel barely beat Duskull, Prinplup barely beat Haunter, Vespiquen couldn't beat Mismagius (Stupid Confuse Ray made me hurt myself 3 times in a row), but Bastiodon easily finshed it off. Beat my rival, went underground and talked to 32 people. Caught Spiritomb, and went back to Wayward Cave to train it with Lyra. I'm currently heading towards Solaceon and my team is in the low 30's.

27th August 2010, 10:35 PM
After over two months of soft resetting, I finally obtained a shiny Heatran. It took over 27,000 soft resets for it to appear! Yikes!

But now that I'm done with that, my games are finally free for other things.

Diamond1: Breeding for Piplup
Platinum2: Hunting for Magmar or Gible
Platinum1: SRing for a shiny Piplup

Wish me luck :)

28th August 2010, 3:10 AM
After over two months of soft resetting, I finally obtained a shiny Heatran. It took over 27,000 soft resets for it to appear! Yikes!

But now that I'm done with that, my games are finally free for other things.

Diamond1: Breeding for Piplup
Platinum2: Hunting for Magmar or Gible
Platinum1: SRing for a shiny Piplup

Wish me luck :)

Ouch. It's posts like this that scare me away from the idea of soft resetting. Good job! Question, if you're listening: How did you keep track of how many times you'd attempted it?

28th August 2010, 10:14 AM
Well, yesterday I finally went in search of the Lucky Egg, and got two. I also managed to grab two shiny Chansey, though neither of them is of an ideal nature. I may just train the Sassy one, though. I've been wanting a shiny Blissey for some time.

I'm about to go over to Soul Silver and breed a Head Smash Aron, and I hope to get that done today.

You found two shiny chanseys, just like that? How did you manage it? I searched for lucky eggs a while back, and got two, and I didn't meet a single one D:

28th August 2010, 2:24 PM
I'd guess he chained for it... yes?
speaking of chanseys I caught a chansey a while ago, hoping that i would be really lucky and get a lucky egg. I didn't check, and just yesterday I checked on it, and despite of the mere 1/20 chance of having it, the chansey did have a lucky egg on it.

I recently beat the League with 6 pokemon in lvl 60. It was quite easy, as I had trained my pokemon a total of 60 lvls in the victory road.
After that I have captured Heatran, uxie and azelf.
And yesterday, on my first really succesfull chain ever, after 12 hours of failing, I met two shiny marills.
After that I bred a regular marill and got 8 azurills, one of which I will train to a high lvl without evolving.
I bred a wobuffet and got wynaut, and now I'm going to the league to get it to a really high lvl.
As soon as I get a pikachu/pichu, whatever, I will do the same with it. It'd really be cool to have a lvl 100 pikachu some time :P
Too bad wynaut and wobuffet can't learn many moves.

28th August 2010, 2:42 PM
Made it all the way to Veilstone, but decided not to fight Maylene yet. I ran all the way to Pastoria, trying not to fight any trainers, in hopes of getting my sixth member. Went to the Great Marsh, and after four tries I finally caught a Tangela. I'm gonna fight trainers in the Cafe to evolve Tangela and Prinplup, then I'm off to fight Maylene.

Flame Haze SnS
29th August 2010, 9:49 AM
In Battle 63 in Battle Tower in Diamond, I sent out Gyarados and my opponent sent out Aerodactyle. Gya used Dragon Dance and Aero used Rock Slide, but my Gya survived because of Focus Sash, but it flinched, fainting it the next turn. I sent out Tyranitar, but Aero used Earthquake, fainting my Tyran. I sent out Garchomp and had it used Sword Dance and Aero used EQ, but the damage was too little to my Gar. Gar used Iron Head after Aero used EQ again and Aero fainted. The next two Poke my oppenent sent out are Glaceon and Umbreon, but Gar did "sweep" em with its Iron Head and EQ. I won that battle with my Garchomp after my first two Pokemon fainted to my opponent's first Pokemon.

3rd September 2010, 3:17 AM
Well, after countless attempts to chain Buneary, I finally got three shinies today. None of them are great, but I decided to train the Mild one that will have Cute Charm as opposed to the Gentle with Klutz, or the Bashful one.

3rd September 2010, 1:16 PM
Evolved both Prinplup and Tangela before the fight with Maylene. Swept Maylene with Vespiquen, Tangrowth, and Empoleon. Headed to Pastoria, fighting all the trainers along the way. Used Tangrowth to fight all the gym trainers, where it had no problem. Bastiodon, Tangrowth, and Bibarel swept Crasher Wake easily. Chased the Galactic grunt, got the medicine, and headed all the way to Celestic. I also spammed the Umbreon/Espeon trainer to level up Vespiquen. Gonna go back to Rt 110 to fight some of the trainers I missed, then take on the grunt and Cyrus. Team is all around lvl 40.

Metagross Guy
11th September 2010, 3:47 PM
Defeated everyone at the Trainer cafe and then proceeded to chain Ditto where i am still at a chain of 54.

13th September 2010, 8:46 PM
I restarted my Platinum last night, named myself Steven, and talked to my rival Alex. Eventually picked Chimchar so Empoleon would be a challenge. Met with Rowan, he gave me a Pokedex and a few PokeBalls. Caught a few random wild pokemon. and traded over three pokemon from my SS Arceus Ruins Of Alph Event:

;483; Lv. 1
Dragonbreath/Scary Face
;484; Lv. 1
Dragonbreath/Scary Face
;487-o; Lv. 1
Dragonbreath/Scary Face

18th September 2010, 7:10 AM
So, I restarted the old Pearl of mine that I have never finished, not even once. I thought, seeing as Black and White are out I might go and celebrate what kicked off Generation IV, good old Diamond and Pearl.

I started as a boy and named myself Issac, although I think I spelt the name wrong. Then I named my friend/rival Frankie, but that strikes me more of a girls name than anything.

I avoided the hefty $10 million fine by making it to the lake on time where I quite rudely eavesdropped on a creepy old man and his, ahem, rather young assistant. The pair left leaving behind their briefcase which Frankie and I broke into while being pecked in the face by Starly. After thinking about it for a few minutes while getting pecked by a Starly I chose ... http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081231214140/pokemon/images/4/46/Turtwig%28DP%29Sprite.png as my starter. Despite only being young and inexperienced he was extremelly brave in the face of the vicious Starly, unlike me who was unsure of what to do and scared out of my wits.

After the quick battle I headed home and spoke to my mum who told me I should take the Pokémon back as it didn't belong to me. Stupid mother, always making me do the right thing, http://pokesplash.net/pokedex-hgss/sprite.php?natid=241

So I went off to Sandgem Town where the creepy old man said he wanted me to keep the Turwig. He seemed to like the name Fen so we stuck with that. He then practically shoved the PokéDex down my throat telling me he needed me to get data on every Pokémon. Dawn felt uninvolved in the conversation so blurted out the odd redundant statement which the old man quickly interrupted. I left with Fen to have a tour of Sandgem by my soon-to-be-stalker and then headed home, then came back to Sandgem Town all because Dawn told me to go and see my http://pokesplash.net/pokedex-hgss/sprite.php?natid=241 of a mother. I hate her.

My stalker then taught me how to catch a Pokémon, at least she has some worth in her meaningless existance. I then cruised up the route to Jubilife City catching every Pokémon I could see to rot in the box. I got my Pokétch then battled my rival. He was no match to my super strong Turtwig.

I battled the few trainers on the route east of Jubilife and beat the lass who somehow managed to defeat Roark with her Level 5 Bidoof and Starly. I think she proved her worth to him with means other than battling. I got to Oreburgh, got called a noob then found Roark in the mine who tried, and failed, to impress me by smashing a rock. I got to the gym and one shotted each and every Pokémon with Turtwig's Razor Leaf. The conversation with Roark before hand took longer than the battle. Afterwards I caught some more Pogeyz then made my way to Floaroma Town. I promised to save the little girls father but was siftly locked out of the Valley Windworks. I went to get the other key and saved the honey man in the process. My reward, a stingy honey. One honey pot. I saved the mans business, you'd think he could spare more than one honey that I will never use.

So back to the Valley Windworks I go and somehow managed to defeat Mars in one go, her Purugly spammed scratch while Turtwig used Razor Leaf. I remember her being much harder in previous runthroughs. So, with my only reward for saving the man his awful stench I healed up and got to Eterna Forest by avoiding as many trainers as possible. This is because I wanted to save the EXP. for my newest team member ... http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen4/dp/427.png.

Right now I am saved on Route 205 training my Buneary.

Current Team:

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081231214140/pokemon/images/4/46/Turtwig%28DP%29Sprite.png Level 23

http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen4/dp/427.png Level 12

19th September 2010, 9:10 PM
Platinum: Still working on filling up my Pokedex. Recently transferred over a Numel, a Baltoy, a Cacnea, a Carvanha, a Wailmer and a Clamperl from Emerald. My Pokedex is currently at 449 seen, 378 obtained. I'm slowly filling up pages by evolving many of my Pokemon. Using legendary Pokemon from my Soul Silver game to evolve my Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve, I should be able to fill several pages.

Brave Birdy
22nd September 2010, 4:46 AM
I decided that I was going to get a Lucky Egg to make training my Latias a lot easier. So I taught a random pokemon in my box thief and walked to route 209 to start chaining Chanseys. The third pokemon I found was a Chansey, and on the very first Chansey had a Lucky Egg. I guess you could say I got...lucky.

7 tyranitars
22nd September 2010, 8:19 AM
restarted my Platinum
-chose name etc.
-chose Piplup as my starter
-did the whole 'tutorial'
-caught a shinx (yey :))
-did the whole jubilife city thing
-beat my rival easily
-arrived at oreburgh city
-defeated the gym
-piplip evolved and is now a prinplup
-catched a geodude for as my rocksmash slave
-back a jubilife I had to take care of a galactic grunts
-went to fleorama city and on my way there shinx evolved into a luxio (YEY =))
-did the whole team galactic stuff
-arrived at entrana forrest (SAVE)


;404; Luxio level 20

;394; Prinplup level 20
-Metal Claw
-Water Sport

23rd September 2010, 10:44 PM
Okay, I restarted my Platinum.

First, traded over the six stars from my old game (Empoleon, Luxray, Togekiss, Glaceon, Tangrowth, Rampardos. A very blue team. They rock, though.) to my HeartGold file.

Then, I captured a female Dratini and put her in the Daycare with my Extremespeed Dratini, and they created an Egg.

After choosing Turtwig (the only starter from Sinnoh I've never owned.) I went through all of the early game stuff (named myself, named my rival Noland). After receiving my Pokedex, Dawn told me I should go tell my Mom about my journey.

Instead, I went to the Mart and bought a couple Pokeballs and captured a Starly (as a placeholder). Then I went to the Union Room on Platinum and traded Turtwig for the Dratini egg, and the hatchling would be my 'starter.'

It took forever to hatch the egg, but after a long time of running around Twinleaf Town in a circle, the Egg hatched into a female Dratini. I named her Autmun, and finally went to notify my mom about my journey. Then Noland's mom came and I offered to take Noland's journal to him.

Then my friend, and Professor Rowan's assistant, Dawn, showed me how to catch a Pokemon. Which was pointless, but oh well.

It took a little while, but soon, before the first trainer battle besides Noland, Autumn became level five. After that, I finally put Starly in the box and went in search of my next team member. Then, I found him at level two, Tom the male Bidoof. I named him after a mixture of two television and movie characters with the same name (Tommy and Tom), they were also played by the same actor.

I then began the arduous journey to Jubilife with my low level Bidoof and Dratini. I made it, met Looker, got the stuff form him, and gave Noland his Journal.

Then I trained until my teams levels were 10 (Autumn) and 8 (Tom).

Then I met Noland on the outskirts of Jubilife City, and we battled. I won, and it was easier than anticipated. I was worried I would run out of Extremespeed PP or Tom would faint. But we won!

That's where I saved, and here's my current team and they're moves:

Species - Dratini
Gender - Female
Ability - Shed Skin
- Wrap
- Leer
- Extremespeed
- Thunder Wave

Species - Bidoof
Gender - Male
Ability - Simple
- Tackle
- Growl
- ---
- ---

I'll either post again later or update this post after I beat Roark and get to Eterna.

7 tyranitars
24th September 2010, 6:21 PM
I'll keep it short got the 2nd and 3rd badge now, 2nd gym was a pain, caught a ralts and a roselia, ralts evolved into kirlia who evolved into gardevoir later


;282; Gardevoir level 30
-Double Team
-Magical Leaf
-Calm Mind

;315; Roselia level 29
-Giga Drain
-Toxic Spikes
-Magical Leaf

;404; Luxray level 30

;394; Prinplup level 20
-Metal Claw
-Grass Knot

24th September 2010, 8:55 PM
Since my last update, I've made it to Eterna Forest.

After defeating Noland, Autumn, Tom, and I battled our way to Oreburgh City, where, once again, we met up with Barry. However, he informed us the Gym Leader wasn't at the Gym. But, that was okay because we weren't ready to battle the Gym Leader yet, I always battle Gym 1 around level 15.

So the three of us went to the Mine, battle some workers, and met Roark. Then, after he went back to the Gym, we continued training. While we were training, Autumn learned Dragon Rage, which will totally come in handy.Guaranteed to do 40 damage!

Then, something awesome happened. Tom and I were training, and he was on a roll. He hadn't lost in a while, and then he grew to level 15. And my first evolution in the game happened. Tom the Bidoof became Tom the Bibarel and learned Water Gun. I did a couple of other battles, to test Tom's new strength, and he's really powerful.

So I went to the Gym, and completely destroyed Roark. Autumn defeated his Geodude with one Dragon Rage, and then Tom beat his Onix and Cranidos with a few well placed Water Guns. It rocked! (no pun intended)

So, I won the Coal Badge!

Before I left Oreburgh I wanted to capture a Ponyta, because I've never used one, I've wanted to use one, and it's an awesome Fire type.

So catch one I did. With one Tackle from Tom, I had the Ponyta right were I wanted him. I tossed a Pokeball, and I captured him! I wanted to name him Secretariat, after the famous horse (Seabiscuit is too watery), but there were too many letters. So, instead, I named him Kelso, after the horse and the character from That 70s Show. So, I added Kelso the male Ponyta to my motley crew.

I ventured back to Jubilife and met with Looker.

However, since Kelso was only level 6 when I caught him, I had to train him. So I used him in a couple wild battles, and against the Team Galactic Grunts were I met up with Dawn. Together (with my Ponyta and her Piplup) we defeated them and saved Professor Rowan's research.

Then I got a Rock Smashing Geodude from my PC, and started for Eterna, where my next Gym challenge would be.

Along the way, I used Kelso in every battle, so by the time we got to Floaroma Town he was level 13. Then, I saw Team Galactic and raced with my Pokemon to stop them. I beat the Grunt blocking the Valley Windworks, got the Works Key, and defeated the grunts in the Windworks.

All who was left was Mars, the Galactic Commander.

Kelso defeated her Zubat, and made a start on her Purugly before he fell to the big cat.

So I brought in Autumn, who crushed Purugly ruthlessly.

And with that, Galactic was defeated, I saved the little girl's father, and I've just met Cheryl in Eterna City.

Current Team:

Species - Dratini
Gender - Female
Level - 17
Ability - Shed Skin
- Twister
- Dragon Rage
- Extremespeed
- Thunder Wave

Species - Bibarel
Gender - Male
Level - 16
Ability - Simple
- Tackle
- Water Gun
- Defense Curl
- Rollout

Species - Ponyta
Gender - Male
Level - 16
Ability - Flash Fire
- Flame Wheel
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Ember

My next update will... Probably be after Hearthome. So, look forward to: a new addition, two Gyms, a new villainous plot to foil, and another encounter with Noland.

25th September 2010, 12:33 PM
Today I caught a shiny starly. This is my 2nd shiny in Platinum, and my 5th overall (not including red Gyarados).
my current shinies from most recent to oldest:
Starly: lvl 2 Pt caught lake verity
Totodile: lvl 8 SS starter
Croconaw: lvl 22 SS starter
Ursaring: lvl 50 SS victory road
Articuno: lvl 62 Pt Route 205

I might try training it, and Then try pokeradaring a wurmple. I really want one of those purple little bugs.
Still SRing for the other Johto Starters. 4000 SRs

Elite Four Muadita
26th September 2010, 6:35 AM
@Araleon i love the way you write.

This time ill make it simple. Re-started my platinum and chose Chimchar as my starter. Im still unsure if ill use it or not. Did all the early game stuff and arrived to jubilife city.

26th September 2010, 6:39 AM
Started Diamond over again, thinking I may do a Nuzlocke challenge. I have a Turtwig currently.

26th September 2010, 6:28 PM
Decided to use a witchy-theme team this time around in Pearl. My projected team by the end is going to be Crobat, Mismagius, Bronzong, Murkrow, Purugly and Weavile. All eeevil Pokémon, you agree. I'll have to trade over the Murkrow, and anyway Murkrow looks more magical than its gangster evolution.

- Started, named my character Rachel (after Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue). Named my rival Helsing. Picked Piplup at lake, raced through beginning until I obtained Zubat, who I named Gii, Quirky nature.
- Decided to hold onto Piplup until I could get Misdreavus, if only because otherwise Roark would be an uphill battle. I dislike unneeded grinding.
- Did all that stuff up till Roark. Used LOADS of bubbles until eventually Cranidos went like 'X(' and stuff.
- Piplup evolved into Prinplup. EXP-leeching penguin GUH.
- Beat Mars pretty handily with a crit-hit Bite. I started to phase Prinplup out slowly but surely.
- Time-travelled to catch Hardy female Misdreavus, nickname Hermione. Trained her up to lv. 20, then Gii. Her only offensive options were Astonish and Psywave, which wasn't great. I managed anyway, but yeah, it sucked until she learned Psybeam at Lv. 23. But that's getting ahead of things.
- Used Cheryl as a mule for healing during training. Isn't that what everyone does? Poor dear, along with the rest of her 'Stat Trainer' friends, second only to Ditto and Smeargle as sex slaves in the D/P/Pt character abuse trade.
- Gardenia's gym was pie, when one has a Zubat that super-resists Poison and Grass. This was probably the easiest time I had against that Roserade ever, even when I had Monferno. Sadly, Roserade only gave enough EXP so he was just nearly Lv. 22. An evolution would have been a perfect finale. But that had to wait until some other stuff,
- ZUBAT! Does that sound like a ninja bursting from cover? Uh... no? :/
-Garaktiku-dan attacks! Wow, Lv. 13 Wurmple. You guys are seriously awesssommee when you could have Beautifly and Dustox by now. There's a huge level jump from these Grunts to Jupiter, although when you're comparing bosses Jupiter is actually lowered levelled than Gardenia. Why don't those Gym trainers do anything other than rely on us all the time to clean up their messes? Then again, Skuntank knows Flamethrower. That DRUGGED-UP SKUNTANK that technically should still be a Stinky.
- Yay. Gii evolved into Golbat upon decimating Skuntank. I think I overused Hermione, as she was Lv. 25 whilst he was Lv. 22. But this new power is extremely helpful.
- Murdered everyone on Cycling Road, including a woman named Rachel. How dare she attempt to have the same name as the Lady Alucard? Molested by random boy commoner named Lucas. I have never understood how the Dowsing Machine works.
- Caught a Bronzor in Wayward Cave called DoomMirror in a shiny pink Heal Ball. Those are neat defenses. Taught it Stealth Rock off the bat. Why not? Imprison is worthless at this stage. Yay confusion moves on everyone.
-I hate Pachirisu when they have trainers. They're like SparkSparkSpark and Golbat don't like Sparkin'. But Heatproof is cool as an ability, because it basically means DoomMirror is only weak to Ground. Why do people prefer Levitate? Silly people.
- Shorts Dude. Quickly, find him in Black and White.
- Saved in front of Mt. Coronet, ready to go to the Home of Hearts.

Most long-winded Recent Happenings EVAR.

Gii the Golbat, Male, Quirky Nature, Lv. 25- Bite/Confuse Ray/HP Fire/Quick Attack
Hermione the Misdreavus, Female, Hardy Nature, Lv. 26- Spite/Confuse Ray/Psybeam/Astonish
DoomMirror the Bronzor, Genderless, Lonely Nature, Lv. 18- Hypnosis/Stealth Rock/Confusion/Confuse Ray

7 tyranitars
26th September 2010, 9:26 PM
ok a lot of things happened I have catched a houndour and a swablu both evolved into their evolution, defeated several gyms and now training for canalave just because I feel my team is extremly underleveled

;334; Altaria level 35
-Aerial Ace

;282; Gardevoir level 37
-Focus Blast
-Magical Leaf
-Calm Mind

;315; Roselia level 36
-Giga Drain
-Toxic Spikes
-Magical Leaf

;229; Houndoom Level 36
-Fire Fang
-Thunder Fang

;404; Luxray level 37
-Thunder Fang

;394; Empoleon level 38
-Metal Claw
-Grass Knot
-Aqua Jet

29th September 2010, 9:05 PM
Booted up my Platinum earlier after a two week hiatus, and finished training my EV trained Mismagius to level 100.

Also planning a new team for my other Platinum;

Rapidash/Gastrodon/Rampardos/Gallade/Drapion/Rotom or Glaceon or Froslass

1st October 2010, 12:25 AM
Ok I started a Nuzlocke challenge. The rules I'm following are: Faint = Death, first pokemon on the route rule, and nicknaming. I chose chimchar, did all the beginning of the game stuff, and on route 201 and 202 I was stuck with 2 Bidoffs.

Team: Backups

;390; AKA Crackers ;390; AKA FAIL
;399; AKA FAIL #9

1st October 2010, 3:22 AM
I was in the Battle Factory and it was the seventh battle of the round (14 overall)

I thought, "Just one more battle to go." And it seemed really simple, the two Pokémon I knew were Mismagius and Ampharos.

My team going in was Salamence(lead), Staraptor and Lucario. Salamence could easily take down Mismagius and Ampharos. This will be too easy.

Long story short it was down to my Lucario and his surprise Skuntank.

Skuntank comes in. I thought I could take it down in two hits, what with it being poison/dark and all, not too much of a threat for a steel/fighting.

Wrong. Skuntank is faster and proceeds to blow a flamethrower in Lucario's face. As the HP went down I got upset. I was so close to getting 5BP and was about to have it snatched away.

ZOMG with 16 HP to spare Lucario uses Aura Sphere. I realised it wouldn't be a one hit knock out so I was about to turn off the system when I hear Skuntanks cry. Lucario got a critical hit. :)

So I got my 5BP and saved. The last couple days I have been in the Battle Frontier taking on the Battle Tower and Factory.

1st October 2010, 6:56 AM
^Now that was lucky.

Recently got to the E4 in Diamond. Managed to get to Cynthia first go with severely underlevelled pokemon (like, Lv 50-60), and quite a few items were used. I lost, naturally, so I'm gonna get a Torterra and see if that helps.

1st October 2010, 8:05 PM
I was in the Battle Tower last night, and beat Palmer in the first round, but lost on battle 32. I was so confident, but a Steelix and Gallade managed to beat me after SE Elemental Fangs wore down my team of Starmie, Garchomp, and Scizor.

Then I bred a Modest Pachirisu, and started training it like it was an actual playthrough.

2nd October 2010, 8:46 PM
Just got Platinum. In brief as i've done a lot today:
Got Jolly Chimchar.
Got Starly, Shinx and Bidoof.
Beat Roark.
Got all the way to Eterna and beat Gardenia.
Caughht Shellos on the way.
Now fighting up the Eterna Galactic building.

2nd October 2010, 9:08 PM
Started chaining for a shiny Bidoof, got to 18 and it just broke for no reason. So I decided to give up for a bit. Moved onto the Battle Frontier and got a chain of 9 in the Battle Hall with my Gyarados, but then it came up to the Rank 10 Electric (I get the hard ones out of the way first.) Obviously, I lost. Moved onto the Battle Tower and I'm currently on my third battle. Wish me luck!

2nd October 2010, 11:47 PM
i started the game back in Jul.15,2009 and beat the elite Four at Aug.10,2009

but today i decided to stop being lazy and climbed Mt.Coronet again to get Palkia and Dialga.

got Dialga whit a Dive Ball and Palkia whit a Quick Ball.

3rd October 2010, 12:24 AM
Managed to beat the E4 (Had to transfer a Lv75 Torterra from my Platinum to do so). Naturally, Torterra was the hero. Next thing I might do is transfer one of my Modest Empoleon from Plat to HG or SS. They're quite useful.

3rd October 2010, 5:44 PM
Got to Hearthome and beat the gym.
Waltzed to Solaceon town and raided the ruins.
Ttrained a Bibarel to lvl 26, then found it was female.
Ttrained a Bidoof to lvl 25 and learned Yawn, getting to Veilstone in the process.
Currently breeding decent Shellos with Yawn and training for my 4th badge.

3rd October 2010, 7:01 PM
I was battleing my friend, and he had out his Arceus, and i had out my Blissey. I switched it in to Shadow Force (which did nothing, of course), and he tried a Spacial Rend (did little damage), and i used Fire Blast (since its holding a Steel Plate) Then on the next turn he did Roar of Time (again, very little damage) and i used Softboiled to heal, then on the recharge turn i swapped out for Mewtwo, and then used Aura Sphere. that was his last pokemon and it was down.

On the next battle (he wanted a double battle) the first pokemon we send out are on my side Blaziken and Pikachu, and on his side Garados and Chansey. Blaziken kills his Chansey in one hit with Sky Uppercut and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on his Garados. He was like WTF, and i had to explain that the Chansey line are weak to physical attacks. Turns out he only picked Chansey because of how well Blissey was doing to Arceus.

4th October 2010, 1:00 AM
well i am playing platinum, and doing the battle factory. If you dont know what that is its were you get six random pokemon, you get to pick three then you try to win 7 matches in a row. One of my options is Walrein with a Rofl attack setup

here it is
sheer cold :p
fissure :p
sleep talk

4th October 2010, 3:07 AM
I was battleing my friend, and he had out his Arceus, and i had out my Blissey. I switched it in to Shadow Force (which did nothing, of course), and he tried a Spacial Rend (did little damage), and i used Fire Blast (since its holding a Steel Plate) Then on the next turn he did Roar of Time (again, very little damage) and i used Softboiled to heal, then on the recharge turn i swapped out for Mewtwo, and then used Aura Sphere. that was his last pokemon and it was down.

On the next battle (he wanted a double battle) the first pokemon we send out are on my side Blaziken and Pikachu, and on his side Garados and Chansey. Blaziken kills his Chansey in one hit with Sky Uppercut and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on his Garados. He was like WTF, and i had to explain that the Chansey line are weak to physical attacks. Turns out he only picked Chansey because of how well Blissey was doing to Arceus.

well i am playing platinum, and doing the battle factory. If you dont know what that is its were you get six random pokemon, you get to pick three then you try to win 7 matches in a row. One of my options is Walrein with a Rofl attack setup

here it is
sheer cold :p
fissure :p
sleep talkMerged your threads with this one as this is for posting stuff that happens in your games + they don't need their own threads either (too specific/not enough discussion will come from it).

4th October 2010, 5:03 PM
Yesterday was a big day for me in my recently restared Diamond game. First off, I caught a wild honey tree munchlax! I've been trying to catch everything through in game means rather than trading or breeding whenever possible.

Later on I won the Master Rank Tough Contest with a level 29 geodude! Maxed out voltage on the center judge on the final turn! I'm not a big fan of super contests, just did it for the star on the trainer card. I'm super happy about that.

4th October 2010, 6:25 PM
My first Yawning Shellos was modest. :D
My Shellos grew eight levels after the first battle. exp.share + double battles = madness
Trained my way to 27 bar Shellos who's at 23.
Beat Maylene, Meditite was quickly handled by Leafeon. 2 returns and that was all she wrote. Lucario was oddly out second. It mangled half my team but Staravia held on and KOed it with quick attack. Machoke took out staravia with rock tomb. A crit karate chop got luxio to the yellow but it survived a rock tomb and still outsped it with a strong spark for the win.
Got rid of TG and claimed my fly.
Taught Fly to staravia and headed south on my way to Pastoria.

6th October 2010, 5:34 PM
Currently on a challenge at the Battle Factory, rested on my 10th battle and will continue tonight. I challenged the Castle earlier this week and got to my 13th battle and lost, which was upsetting. Not touched the Arcade for a good while, I'll do that after Factory.

Nutter t.KK
6th October 2010, 11:19 PM
I recently made mod of a popular Pokémon forum.. Wait! Wrong Topic.. (Actually, this means I'll be reading your posts here!)

I'm currently trying to clear out a Diamond of useful/Rare Pokémon so I can restart it. It was hacked.. Anyway, Pal Parking the Regi Trio for the first time.

7th October 2010, 12:33 AM
I'm thinking of IV breeding and EV training two new pokemon;

Gardevoir @ Bold
252 HP/252 Defense/6 Sp. Def
-Calm Mind

Donphan @ Impish
-Rock Slide
-Ice Shard
-Knock Off

7th October 2010, 5:05 PM
Started my first ever Platinum Game... Just got it thanks to my Brother accidentally finding his other one, He had to lose the first one and buy another one... But I digress...

I chose Chimchar for my starter and have made it to Oreburgh City, picking up a Zubat in the Oreburgh Gate. Once in the City I headed out to the Grass above there and caught myself a Machop.
I'm gonna be training the Machop in the Mines once I've trained my Zubat just before the Gate to Level 10 at least.

Current Plans are:

Train Zubat to Level 10 (Minimum)
Train Machop after Zubat to Level 12 (minimum)
Hit the Gym, taking out Roark with my Machop and Zubat. (Chimchar won't be much help unless I feel like giving him Rock Smash... Which I might do.

EDIT: Ignore the stuff about taking Roark out with a Zubat and Machop team up... I've only just now found out that Zubats arn't worth Sh*t untill Level 13 when it learns Bite. :/

7th October 2010, 7:55 PM
Fought my way to Pastoria, blitz trained to 31 and beat Wake. Got to Celestic town, surfed Sinnoh and now training in Iron Island.

8th October 2010, 8:06 PM
Got the Canalave Badge, Infernape and Gabite owned this gym.
I beat Saturn at Valor and Mars at Verity
I trained Gabite to 41, taught Leafeon X-scissor and now at Route 211 on my way to Snowpoint City.

9th October 2010, 12:58 PM

First off I finished my 14th battle at the Factory with Ivysaur, Crawdaunt and Quilava. One more round and then it's my battle with Thorton!

Then in the Arcade, I still had my 7-win streak from God knows how long ago. So I go again and get up to 14 with Torterra, Staraptor and Electivire (non-EV trained!). Next round I go through all 6 then Dahlia challenges me. I am thrilled. It was an epic battle - recorded on my VS Recorder!

The event is all Dahlia's Pokémon are poisoned.

So it starts off with me sending out Starro and she sends out her Dusknoir. I get Starro to use Fly, then Dusknoir uses Trick Room, then is hurt by Poison. It uses Will-O-Wisp, misses and then I use Fly. Dusknoir is down to half health. Will-O-Wisp is used and it hits Starro. I use Fly again and knock Dusknoir out.

Medicham is sent out next. It knocks Starro out with Zen Headbutt. So I send out Turty. Medicham's Zen Headbutt misses but my Earthquake hits it's mark. Medicham is low on health. It uses Endure and I use Earthquake, which it obviously survives. BUT! It's poisoning finishes it off, huzzah for my roulette skills!

So Dahlia sends out her final Pokémon, Ludicolo. Swords Dance from it as I use Seed Bomb. Down to half health, it uses Swords Dance again and I use Seed Bomb again. It's knocked out and I win!


Gonna do the Factory now, hoping to get my third print!

On an unrelated note, I'm also trying to get some Villa Decorations, which is harder than it looks.

10th October 2010, 10:57 PM

I was making my way to Veilstone on my newly restarted Platinum (boy, named Lucas). I went back to heal when I ran into... A SCYTHER!!! I knew if it had Technician, I was catching it, and thanks to my Kirlia, I learned it did, so I caught it. I decided to replace my Staravia for it (even though I taught her Pluck, which would help against Pokemon with Sitrus Berries. In fact, if it weren't a HGSS-only move, I'd teach it Bug Bite. STAB, Technician, and it negates Berries. I'm trying to do this run without external trades, so Bug Bite is unfortunately not an option for me). I'm not going to evolve it unless I can figure out how to work that GTS glitch, and even then, it's still up in the air, since Wing Attack loses STAB in the transition from Scyther to Scizor, and I value Speed and Attack power equally, so it's gonna stay a Scyther. It can't be that bad, I beat the Elite Four on HG without evolving my Magmar.

EDIT: Just found out my Scyther has a Bold nature, which LOWERS ATTACK!!! WHAT THE ****?!?! I mean, how does BOLDNESS reduce ATTACK POWER?! If anything, your Attack should RISE BECAUSE YOU'RE BOLD ENOUGH TO ATTACK!!! Nintendo Logic at its finest, folks!

But I already made the effort to train Scyther, so here's what I'll do: I'll keep it and Staravia on the team until the latter evolves into Staraptor. Then I'll compare and contrast their stats and keep the one whose stats I like better.

11th October 2010, 12:19 AM

I was making my way to Veilstone on my newly restarted Platinum (boy, named Lucas). I went back to heal when I ran into... A SCYTHER!!! I knew if it had Technician, I was catching it, and thanks to my Kirlia, I learned it did, so I caught it. I decided to replace my Staravia for it (even though I taught her Pluck, which would help against Pokemon with Sitrus Berries. In fact, if it weren't a HGSS-only move, I'd teach it Bug Bite. STAB, Technician, and it negates Berries. I'm trying to do this run without external trades, so Bug Bite is unfortunately not an option for me). I'm not going to evolve it unless I can figure out how to work that GTS glitch, and even then, it's still up in the air, since Wing Attack loses STAB in the transition from Scyther to Scizor, and I value Speed and Attack power equally, so it's gonna stay a Scyther. It can't be that bad, I beat the Elite Four on HG without evolving my Magmar.

EDIT: Just found out my Scyther has a Bold nature, which LOWERS ATTACK!!! WHAT THE ****?!?! I mean, how does BOLDNESS reduce ATTACK POWER?! If anything, your Attack should RISE BECAUSE YOU'RE BOLD ENOUGH TO ATTACK!!! Nintendo Logic at its finest, folks!

But I already made the effort to train Scyther, so here's what I'll do: I'll keep it and Staravia on the team until the latter evolves into Staraptor. Then I'll compare and contrast their stats and keep the one whose stats I like better.

I'm pretty sure the GTS glitch was removed from Platinum...

11th October 2010, 3:06 AM
^No, I mean the trade evolution glitch. I guess I could set up my Pearl version as a dummy and evolve Scyther that way. The lack of Speed's gonna hurt, but I really need to compensate for its hindering nature.


If I had thought of that before, I would've used Gastly instead of Kirlia! Oh well, Scizor takes precedence.

Jenny Harper
11th October 2010, 2:16 PM
Just bought Platinum. I'm playing as a girl, I'm undecided on my starter right now but as a friend of mine has a Chimchar I might get Piplup so I can trade later.

I have the game guide about this one so I'll be following that, I'll be going for a powerhouse team. Watch this space :)

11th October 2010, 4:44 PM
After EV training the Latias, I taught her Trick, Flash, and Thunderwave, and started at the Battle Tower. Didn't have any major problems, except luckily dodging a Kingler w/ Guillotine that I'd Tricked the Scarf onto, but was OHKO'd before I could paralyze. Also had some trouble with a Persian with Bite, mainly because it flinched Scizor 6 times in a row before I could get behind a Sub.

Made it to the battle with Palmer, here's the video;


You can also rate my team through the link in my signature.

11th October 2010, 8:51 PM
I am seriously conflicted on what to do regarding my team.

On Platinum, I currently have Prinplup, Roselia, Staravia, Gardevoir, Flareon (I'm only using it because it's one of the Eeveelutions I've never used before), Scyther, and my newest addtion, Raichu (I sequence broke to the Trophy Garden before Veilstone Gym and caught myself a Pichu (I wanted Nasty Plot, sue me)). Now, my team wasn't originally going to include Scyther, but once I found it with my Trace Kirlia, I knew I had to catch it. I caught it up to my team before realizing its Bold nature reduced its Attack stat. And herein lies the problem.

I wasn't going to evolve Scyther into Scizor because I valued its Speed too much, but now I'm thinking of evolving it to compensate for the lost Attack power. Only problem is, Scizor's slow as crap compared to Scyther, and I really want to use Raichu, but losing Scyther/Scizor would mean I have no strong Physical attackers should the need arise. I've narrowed my chopping block down to Staravia/Staraptor, Gardevoir, Scyther/Scizor and Raichu. Staraptor is a Fly slave I can actually use in battle, but Technician Scyther makes Staraptor inferior, since Fly's a two-turn move. Gardevoir's a decent Special wall with Calm Mind, but it's been a bit too slow as a Kirlia for me to really earn a permanent place on my team. Technician makes Scyther amazing with Wing Attack, but its overall Attack is hampered by its nature, meaning I would have to evolve it to compensate for that at the cost of Speed. I guess I could give it Agility and have it set that up on a Physical attacker or something it resists, but I'm not 100 percent on that. Raichu is there just to deal with any and all Gyarados, which Gardevoir could also do, though I doubt it'd outspeed an average Gyarados. It also doesn't help that I wasted Shock Wave on Raichu thinking I'd have the patience to catch it up to the rest of my team. Actually, now that I think about it, Gardevoir has Trace, which can copy a Gyarados's Intimidate and afford me a little defense there. So can someone tell me what to get rid of and explain why?

11th October 2010, 10:23 PM
@Darth Osiris - Scizor > Staraptor. Just give it Swords Dance to compensate for the Bold nature, and use Bullet Pawnch to compensate for the Speed.

-Bullet Pawnch
-Aerial Ace/Wing Attack
-Brick Break/X-Scissor
-Swords Dance

Gardevoir > Raichu. Much better pokemon, and isn't actually that slow, in terms of in-game, Base 80 is fine. Calm Mind makes it unstoppable on the Special side, while Will-O-Wisp/Thunderwave/Hypnosis/Reflect can shut down Physical sweepers.

-Calm Mind

My streak has been going strong in the Battle Tower today, had some problems with pokemon that were faster than me after I Tricked the Scarf, and carry SE attacks, starting to regret having a Bold nature instead of Timid, but not much. Had a few very close calls when Latias couldn't properly shut down the lead, and had a fast strong sweeper whittling down my HP. Actually ran into the same problem twice with a Lanturn that has Hydro Pump/Thunder, but Suicune got lucky getting a few free Calm Minds and Thunder missing.

Check out the Round 2 Video here;


11th October 2010, 10:42 PM
@foxyman: I don't find status all that important for in-game, except for strong Gym Pokemon. For example, I used Roselia to paralyze Maylene's Lucario and then sacrificed it once its job was done, giving Flareon a free switch-in to Fire Blast it. As for Scizor, I'm pretty happy with Scizor's Attack stat even with a hindering Nature, so really, Speed's my first priority. Besides, Scizor doesn't get Swords Dance until level 57, and I'm not grinding that much in the long run. But Staraptor has Intimidate, an ability that's helped me a lot in various playthroughs of Pokemon games, and it has a Lax nature, meaning its Attack and Speed are at the levels I like. I guess I could give Staraptor Toxic or something, then spam Fly to rack up some damage.

I only need to lose one Pokemon, so I'm either going to keep both Staraptor and Scizor or Gardevoir and Raichu, but I will be dropping something from both pairs.

12th October 2010, 5:17 AM
I lost :'(

Battle 90, it just went wrong from the beginning. Bad decisions coupled with bad match ups = loss.

Check it out here;


12th October 2010, 9:33 PM
I decided to just say "**** it" and restart. I don't want to, but I'm really starting to regret ever training that Scyther. I figure the best way to get over it would be to start with a clean slate and move on. I'll use the same team I had before, except I'll catch a male Ralts which will eventually become a Gallade, and if I end up with another Technician Scyther with a good nature (and by good nature, I mean anything that doesn't hinder Attack or Speed, I'll replace Staravia with it (or even Kirlia if I end up getting frustrated with it).

12th October 2010, 11:49 PM
@Darth Osiris, wouldn't it have been easier just to breed a new Scyther and Ralts instead of starting from scratch?


I'm still reeling from my loss at Battle 90 in the BT, but no worries, I tweaked Scizor's EVs for Max HP and Atk, and started from 0. Now I'm just starting battle 29, wish me luck.

13th October 2010, 12:21 AM
@foxyman1167: Yes. I'm not a speed runner, but I like to get on with the game as quickly as possible. I already ground out 40,000 steps apiece for Budew and Pichu, which took up a good chunk of play time. I'll start tomorrow.

You know what? I'm going to put the five Eeveelutions I want to use into a die in numerical order and build my team around the result.

Nutter t.KK
13th October 2010, 1:27 AM
Just started my PokéWalker Hayley Mew Challenge..

Long story short: I trade my Pokewalker "junk" to the Ranch. But having just Lost all my DP Games.. I had to start a new game.

I picked up "Twiggy" Turtwig as the starter..

What this Serebii say there's an event Next week?

13th October 2010, 2:56 AM
Lost on Battle 43 just now, I was getting a bit cocky because of the 89 streak I had yesterday.

Now, I'm back to 0, hmph.

14th October 2010, 12:22 PM
Yesterday, I breeded myself a Dratini. Jolly nature, attack IV 30 and other IV's quite decent as well, so I deemed it In-game worthy.
Currently, it's a lv. 57 Dragonite with maxed EV's in HP and Attack. It's moveset:
-Dragon Dance

I just love it how you can buy EQ tms in this game. Sure, they cost 80 bp, but I had 1035 bp stored, so no problem ^^

This Dragonite will most likely be used to breed a new DDmence later.

@ foxyman 1167

Don't give up! I had my record streak at 84 for months, until I somehow managed to get it up to 267, which is my current record.
Good luck, don't stop trying! :)

14th October 2010, 10:06 PM
Got the Canalave Badge, Infernape and Gabite owned this gym.
I beat Saturn at Valor and Mars at Verity
I trained Gabite to 41, taught Leafeon X-scissor and now at Route 211 on my way to Snowpoint City.

My last post, wow it has been a while.
Snowpoint Candace was a joke yadda yadda...
WHAT THE FLIPPIN HECK!!! DIStOrtIon WoRld! I thought that was an anime interpretation like that iron Island two-part episode but gosh I didn't expect this.
The puzzle took me half an hour, Azelf is a lazy ****. 'Bring the boulder over you fat pixie!'. Cyrus was actually a good challenge. Only a poisoned Infernape and my HM slave stood after the battle. Giratina got annoying after a few Ancient power boosts but Gastrodon's Yawn eventually got it, it never used Shadow Force oddly.
I sent Mespirit roaming, caught Uxie and KOed Azelf in desperation. +6 swifts don't really bode well with my team.
Beat Volkner, a clean sweep for Gabite.
Conquered Victory Road.
Barry's final fight was waay to easy. I only lost Luxray as I forgot Snorlax had Earthquake.
Trained infernape and my new 'chomp to 52, Luxray and Staraptor to 53 and leafeon and gastrodon to 54.
I will challenge the elite 4 tomorrow at noon, just like when I challenged Red at noon in Heartgold. This will become a theme with me, I know it.

15th October 2010, 12:08 AM
After losing at Battle 43, I started my streak again, and currently on Battle 55. All these streaks at the BT has seriously added massive chunks of BP, currently just a bit short of 800 BP.

15th October 2010, 10:59 AM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex and training up my Pokemon. Since I haven't had much luck finding a Munchlax, I decided to expand my search and use sweet honey on more trees. Still haven't found one yet. My Pokedex is currently at 452 seen, 386 obtained. Currently pondering on which of my Pokemon I should continue training now that my Feraligatr has reached level 100, and which Pokemon I should start training next. I'm considering training my Gorebyss, as I also need to breed her with another Pokemon so I can get another Clamperl I can evolve into Huntail.

15th October 2010, 1:53 PM
I just beat the elite 4. It took me almost an hour but i beat them.
Cynthia was the only one that posed a critical situation.
I had no max Revives and was against Milotic. Only it kept on KOing my last half healthy pokemon until I sent in Garchomp. I had revived Infernape and garchomp survived Surf with 3 HP. I used earthquake and only Lucario stood.
It used ExtremeSpeed and KOed 'chomp while only Infernape stood. Extremespeed took infernape to the red and I thought I was done for with one revive left but Close Combat managed to take it out.
It was even closer than the cyrus battle when only Infernape was concious(but I used no revives and had 5 battle pokemon).
A truly great champion.

Claimed my national dex and pokéradar.
I saved sailor eldritch's son and sent cresselia roaming.
Re-stocking my items and then heading to the battle zone.

15th October 2010, 1:59 PM
I just beat the elite 4. It took me almost an hour but i beat them.
Cynthia was the only one that posed a critical situation.
I had no max Revives and was against Milotic. Only it kept on KOing my last half healthy pokemon until I sent in Garchomp. I had revived Infernape and garchomp survived Surf with 3 HP. I used earthquake and only Lucario stood.
It used ExtremeSpeed and KOed 'chomp while only Infernape stood. Extremespeed took infernape to the red and I thought I was done for with one revive left but Close Combat managed to take it out.
It was even closer than the cyrus battle when only Infernape was concious(but I used no revives and had 5 battle pokemon).
A truly great champion.

Claimed my national dex and pokéradar.
I saved sailor eldritch's son and sent cresselia roaming.
Re-stocking my items and then heading to the battle zone.

15th October 2010, 2:25 PM
I've finally done it! After 3 failed streaks of 89, 42, and 69, last night at 12:23PM, I beat Battle 100! Using my new TrickScarf team of Latias, Scizor, and Suicune, the battle started against a Vaporeon. Lati Trick'd and it got stuck in Aqua Ring. TWaved it, then switched to Scizor, who set up a Sub and Swords Dances, and swept her Vaporeon, Espeon, and Leafeon.

Now that I finally have a 5 Star Trainer Card, I'm gonna focus on getting the other 3 Gold Prints I'm missing, from the Battle Hall, Castle, and Factory.

20th October 2010, 12:07 AM
Completed the battle zone and now grinding up to just under 70 for the upgraded elite 4. I can't be bothered actually training so I go round fighting the daily trainers and rematching gm leaders. I should be at the right levels in 5 days or so as my team is 62.
And how many ribbons do you need for the ribbon syndicate. I've got six now and have to resort to contests *shudders* to speed up the process.

21st October 2010, 7:53 PM
Platinum: Still training Pokemon and working on my Pokedex. Obtained a Corsola via Wi-Fi trade, and I just evolved a Clamperl into Huntail by trading between my Platinum and Soul Silver games, adding Raikou's data to the Platinum Pokedex in the process. I still haven't found a Munchlax yet. My Platinum Pokedex count is now at 455 seen, and 391 obtained. As for the Pokemon I'm currently training, my Gliscor is currently level 98, my Gorebyss is level 73 and my Vileplume is level 68.

Darkmaster Rannon
23rd October 2010, 4:44 AM
Trained up a Moltres (Found in my box, no EV's and a modest nature!) and from birth a Houndoom, Zigzagoon and Mothim. Now in SS.
Breed for a Jolly Lavitar, Adamant Croagunk with Cross chop, Encore packing Timid Chatot and Adamant Stantler. All but Stantler are fully trained and transferred to SS.
Kept an entire box of the unwanted babies, to lazy to release them- Good trade fodder.
planted some EV reducing berries to get enough to bring down my Dialga's EVs for actual training- Will begin training alongside Stantler (Blitzen).
-Preparing to Breed (And eventually train) an Adamant Ninjask, Modest Venomoth and Yanmega.

24th October 2010, 7:11 PM
*fanfare* I beat the elite 4 second round! *fanfare*
Here's my team if anyone wants to steal/replicate it.
-Flare Blitz
-Mach Punch
-Close Combat
-Thunder Punch

So powerful and fast. His minamal bulk is annoying but he hits so hard it doesn't matter.

-Brave Bird
-Close Combat
-Quick Attack

Brave Bird makes him the second most powerful attacker. Oh and Intimidate gosh that was useful.

Mild(I kept telling myself to breed for Ice Fang but I couldn't let him go.)

Starpator + Luxray + double battle + physical attackers = hilarious.

-Seed Bomb
-Sand Attack

Adamant and male on the first try. My HG Eevee was Modest and female on the first try. Weird.
This guy taught me that grass types could be awesome pokemon.

Gastrodon@Quick Claw
-Ice Beam
-Earth Power

Modest and a perfect spatk IV on the firts egg = epic win. With Yawn he pratically caught me my legendaries.

-Dragon Claw
-Fire Blast

Does he need an intro? He has won me countless battles with his awesome speed and massive attack. An awesome team member that is highly recomended.

All I need to do is fight upgraded Barry an I've fought every trainer in the game minus the 6 magikarp man on route 205 north. He's expendable.

25th October 2010, 6:23 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex and training my Pokemon. Captured a Skarmory and a Spearow today, and used them to breed myself a Skarmory with drill peck, and another Spearow. I do not really need the Skarmory and Spearow that I caught anymore, so I'm going to trade them away. (If you're interested in one of them, PM me.)

Anyways, my Pokedex count is now at 456 seen, 394 obtained. And my Gorebyss is currently at level 97, I think I will start EV training my Misdreavus soon. And I have still not obtained a Munchlax yet.

While looking through my Pokedex, I noticed that I had not yet captured a Spoink, which is odd because I thought I had done that already. So, I hope there will be a Spoink swarm soon. (Today's swarm was a Natu swarm, which doesn't really help me at all.)

26th October 2010, 10:54 PM
Just restarted Platinum (here's hoping I can actually finish it this time! XD), boy named Lucas, beat Roark and the TG Grunts (love that scene!), and am currently grinding happiness to evolve my Budew. Thing is, I'm debating whether or not to train a Ponyta while I'm waiting. I'm waiting for Flareon, but if someone can convince me Rapidash is worth it, I'll train one and go with Jolteon again (even though I already used it).

26th October 2010, 11:55 PM
Just restarted Platinum (here's hoping I can actually finish it this time! XD), boy named Lucas, beat Roark and the TG Grunts (love that scene!), and am currently grinding happiness to evolve my Budew. Thing is, I'm debating whether or not to train a Ponyta while I'm waiting. I'm waiting for Flareon, but if someone can convince me Rapidash is worth it, I'll train one and go with Jolteon again (even though I already used it).

Flareon has higher Attack, access to Curse, but best it gets is Fire Fang, and has other somewhat weak physical attacks Ex. Bite, Dig, Iron Tail.

Rapidash has higher Speed, access to Hypnosis, and gets Flare Blitz, the rare Megahorn, and Iron Tail to smack Rock types.

27th October 2010, 11:10 AM
Platinum: Haven't been able to catch a Munchlax yet, but at least there was a Spoink swarm today. So, I've caught myself a Spoink. I've EV trained my Misdreavus and my Cacnea. Just evolved my Elekid into Electabuzz. My current Pokedex count is at 457 seen, 396 obtained. As for other Pokemon I'm training, my Gorebyss has reached level 100. My Vileplume is currently level 78.

(Haven't gotten any offers yet, if you're interested in the Skarmory or the Spearow I mentioned in my last post, PM me.)

28th October 2010, 5:20 PM
Platinum's going all right. I managed to beat Gardenia and Jupiter, not to mention hatch the Togepi from Cynthia. I also caught a Gligar, which I plan on using for my team. Trying to psych myself up for Wayward Cave, but I just don't want to do it because o how long it'll take (I usually use that time to get my team up to level 24 across the board).

29th October 2010, 1:42 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, my Pokedex count is currently at 458 seen, 401 obtained. And I still haven't caught a Munchlax yet. My Vileplume is currently level 81. Currently working on hatching a Pidgey egg. I wonder which of my Pokemon I should EV train next.

(The Skarmory and the Spearow are no longer available.)

30th October 2010, 2:47 AM
Made it to Hearthome, got a female Eevee (now a Jolteon), did the other stuff I'm not too crazy about, like getting the damn Tuxedo. Wouldn't bother if it wasn't required.

Anyway, I beat Fantina. Ponyta had no problems against Duskull, but by the time it beat Haunter, she was too weak to go on. I paralyzed Mismagius with Roselia, bought some damage with Giga Drain, and finished it off with Gligar's Faint Attack. Called it quits for the night.

The next day, I beat Barry (WHY IS HE SO SMART THIS TIME?!?!) and made my way to Solaceon Town. I stopped by the newspaper just because, and he asked to see a Gligar, WHICH I USE ON MY TEAM. That is unparalleled, that is unrivaled!

Before doing anything else, I sequence broke to Route 215 and got myself the Shock Wave TM for my future Jolteon. I did the Solaceon Ruins and got all kinds of cool stuff, including a Thunderstone and Defog. Then I backtracked to the Valley Windworks to catch two Buizels, one for me, one for the Chatot trade. While I was there, I noticed Drifloon was hanging around the Windworks for a battle. I caught it, traded one of my Buizel for the Chatot in Eterna City, then nicknamed all my Pokemon based on video game characters.

The last thing I did was the Lost Tower. The final floor blew up in my face. Not only did I have Charap in the second slot, but my Roselia got raped in the last double battle, and I had to send out Gligar to finish the job. Urrrgh!

Tomorrow, I plan to reach Veilstone. I'm actually thinking about replacing my Ponyta with a Houndour, just because it evolves at level 24 as opposed to Ponyta's level 40 evolution. Then again, Ponyta has great stats for a base form, so I guess I could suffer until it evolves.

Nutter t.KK
30th October 2010, 4:09 AM
Sneaking around Team Galactic Veilstone HQ - Made me wish I had a cardboard Box.. What?! Snake?

Anyway, my 5 member Pokéwalker team are around L35-40. Oh, a Turtwig Egg has just hatched!

30th October 2010, 4:13 AM
I just restarted Platinum version so that I could go ahead and make an attempt for a Shiny Giratina. I thought that I might as well try and get some Shiny Pokemon I missed out on before, so restarting was a good choice in my opinion. Went with my rival (Barry) and we were about to run through the grass when Rowan and Dawn showed up and Rowan allowed me to have a Pokemon. I chose Piplup as my Starter. Had a rival battle with Barry and beat him. Went back home and talked to my mother and took care of some things at Lake Verity and then went to Sandgem Town to meet with Rowan again. Battled countless Starly and Bidoof along the way and leveled-up Piplup to level 9 before getting to Sandgem Town. Got the PokeDex from Rowan and saved before doing much else.

30th October 2010, 3:14 PM
Beat another round in the BT, now my streak sits at 119, and still climbing! Gonna play it some more later, right now I'm focusing on my SoulSilver file.

30th October 2010, 3:30 PM
I got an early start to take care of the Joggers I missed before. After that, I made the official trip to Veilstone. Am currently in the Pokemon Center getting ready to explore. Also, I decided against the Houndour because of its appearance rates at Valor Lakefront, and I'd need a level 28 one to make up for my Ponyta, so that gets the shaft.

1st November 2010, 2:45 PM
Platinum: I've been working on filling up some more pages in my Pokedex. It is currently at 459 seen, 407 obtained. I think I've decided on what moveset my Misdreavus should have after she evolves, I will evolve her when she reaches level 50. I'm currently at the Battle frontier, trying to win some more Battle Points, and see if I can get any closer to getting the gold prints.

Nutter t.KK
1st November 2010, 3:31 PM
Diamond: Half way up Mt Coronet.. At the "problem" T-junction! I'm not sure if my party can Last to the top.. Let alone a fight with Dialga.

Emerald: Considering to breed an army of Paras with Spore and False Swipe. Need a Male Nincada for False Swipe. Some to be sent to Diamond. Caught a Female Nincada, has Ditto will breed.

Fire Red: Caught a Female Paras.

Nothing done with any other game..

1st November 2010, 3:46 PM
My BT streak is continuing, now its at 140! Took a break from it, and started catching some pokemon that I only have females of, and be replaced.

1st November 2010, 6:55 PM
Levelled my previously EV trained Jolteon to Lv. 100. Its Speed IV sucks arse, but meh. EV trained a Timid Darkrai, levelled it to Lv. 100. Its Speed IV is 30. Is it stupid that I'm annoyed by that? Its Special Attack IV is 22, but I traded it to Platinum and taught it Nasty Plot, so it really doesn't matter.

1st November 2010, 9:35 PM
Levelled my previously EV trained Jolteon to Lv. 100. Its Speed IV sucks arse, but meh. EV trained a Timid Darkrai, levelled it to Lv. 100. Its Speed IV is 30. Is it stupid that I'm annoyed by that? Its Special Attack IV is 22, but I traded it to Platinum and taught it Nasty Plot, so it really doesn't matter.

I guess you're angry because the IV is 1 short of being perfect. I do the same thing, I'm a perfectionist with that stuff.

2nd November 2010, 1:00 AM
After restarting Platinum for the 9001st time (this time I'm a girl named Dawn), I think I actually like this team I'm putting togetherI started with a male Piplup yet again, caught a female Budew yet again, made my way to Roark. Budew was unfortunately killed, leaving Piplup as my only hope (they were my only Pokemon), and I somehow pull off the win, earning me the Coal Badge, yet again.

While grinding steps for my Budew, I caught and trained a female Starly into a Staravia, then made my way to Floraroma (sp?) Town, cleared out Team Galactic from the Windworks, got through Eterna Forest into Eterna City, swept Gardenia with Staravia, beat down Jupiter, and got and hatched the Togepi.

I'm going into this playthrough with a linear plan of how my team is going to pan out.


Empoleon: I want to go through the game having given it a full chance.
Roserade: My go-to for paralysis (and maybe Toxic, but who's to say?).
Staraptor: Partly so I could take on Gardenia, partly a physical attacker.
Flareon: Token Eeveelution, and one I haven't used yet.
Raichu: There because I fear Gyarados. Could potentially take over Roserade's paralysis duties.
Froslass: Exists simply because I don't want to use my Master Ball on Giratina yet again. But then, I could always use the Master Ball on it and use Quick Balls for Mesprit. I dunno, is that really plausible?

2nd November 2010, 1:30 PM
Damn, my streak ended at the BT at 141. It was a horrible battle from the start. Muk was up against TrickScarf Latias, so I couldn't Trick because of Sticky Hold, so switched in and out to TWave and Charm it down. Then Suicune set up, but was paralyzed. The entire team had the elemental punches, and Suicune was critted by a Kangaskhan TPunch. Scizor couldn't even come close to an OHKO with BP, and it critted with FPunch.

I guess I'll focus on the other facilities where I don't have gold prints.

2nd November 2010, 6:06 PM
Wow, I'm impressed by my progress. I went to Hearthome after ignoring every single Trainer on Cycling Road, and SR'd until I got a female Eevee. She has Run Away, but meh.

With Eevee in hand, I hit the Contest Hall, got the Dress, and talked to Fantina. But before the Gym Battle, I hit Cycling Road to take on the Trainers there. Eevee's so close to level 23, and I have a Rare Candy for once it hits that mark, so I don't need to do Wayward Cave at all! I'll probably do it after I beat Fantina just so I can get some experience.

I decided on Jolteon and Houndoom for two of the last three members of my team, though I'm not really adverse to trying something like Toxicroak. I dunno, it's going to be a while before my last team member makes an appearance. Does anyone have any positive experience with Toxicroak they'd like to share?

2nd November 2010, 6:45 PM
Does anyone have any positive experience with Toxicroak they'd like to share?

Well I've trained one before, and despite the low Defensive stats, its got some good offensive power, and access to a pretty wide move pool.

2nd November 2010, 8:47 PM
Well I've trained one before, and despite the low Defensive stats, its got some good offensive power, and access to a pretty wide move pool.

I assume you used Sucker Punch or U-Turn to deal with the double weakness to Psychic?

I just had an inspiration: What if I used Drapion? It's a great Physical tank, and even though Gliscor is better, it only has a Ground weakness. Of course, I'd have to use Flareon, but that could potentially give me access to Gardevoir. Meh, I'll see what I dig up in the Underground before I make a final decision.

EDIT: Quick update: I beat my rival, and after a very long drawn out process of using a level 18 Bidoof to flush out a level 19 Ralts (female, so no Gallade for me. :(), I decided to just teach it Thunderbolt in lieu of an actual Electric-type. The only Flying-type I really fear is Gyarados, and that's part Water, so, yeah, a strong Thunderbolt from anything with decent Special Attack will OHKO it without a frickin' problem.

With my Ralts in hand, I'm going to hit the Old Chateau and catch Rotom, and tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to finally take on the Wayward Cave to get my hopefully Kirlia's levels up to par with the rest of the team, then Solaceon Ruins and Lost Tower.

3rd November 2010, 2:06 AM
I've been waiting for swarming corsolas with out any luck so far. I did chain shinies for spinda, dunsparce, beldum, and natu. While waiting also chained a plusle in the victory garden, first time there I got the chain higher than 10(staravias or pichus breaking the chains).

3rd November 2010, 3:52 PM
Funny story about Rotom: I bought like, twenty Great Balls, thinking I'd need them to catch it. For my first ball, I decided to try a Poke Ball just to get rid of it, and... IT WORKED!!! I mean, I was like, "Seriously. That's it?" Hoo, good thing I wasn't doing a Let's Play of this game, otherwise I'd have some very disappointed/******-off fans. Oh, and Ralts evolved/learned Magical Leaf, meaning it can take on the Geodudes in Wayward Cave without any problems.

I decided I'm not going with Froslass after all, since I can just use my Master Ball on Giratina and catch Mesprit with Quick/Dusk Balls. The jury is out on my last team member, and I'm considering Toxicroak, Drapion, Lucario, or Mamoswine.

3rd November 2010, 4:30 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, and I'm starting to think I might come pretty close to filling it up completely. My Misdreavus just reached level 50, so I evolved her into Mismagius. My Pokedex count is now at 461 seen, 410 obtained. I have still not been able to obtain a Munchlax yet. Currently working on hatching a Shuckle egg.

When it comes to the other Pokemon I'm training, my Vileplume is currently level 90, my Electivire is level 74 and my Arcanine is level 63.

Emperor Giratina
3rd November 2010, 8:11 PM
Platinum: Finally finished EV training my Togekiss and Rampardos. Now to challenge the Pokemon League (again). I return to Pokemon after a year long hiatus, you know.

4th November 2010, 12:14 AM
I beat Wayward Cave, Solaceon Ruins, and Lost Tower today. I stuck Flareon in the Day-Care before Lost Tower just to get her to learn Bite, and just before entering Veilstone City, I Day-Cared the level 29 Kirlia up to level 30. The reason for this is, I know for a fact that there's a Rare Candy just outside of the Team Galactic Headquarters, and I intend to feed it to her, leveling her up to 31, allowing her to learn Psychic, and ultimately evolve into Gardevoir. I'm still a little miffed that my Ralts ended up being female, because then I could've used a Dawn Stone on it and evolved it into Gallade. All right, I've decided. I'm going to campaign for equal rights in 6th Gen. Male Froslasses and female Gallades. I mean, if Gardevoir can be male and Glalie can be female, there's really no reason their alternate forms can't be female and male respectively, right?

On a brighter note, I caught my sixth team member today. I decided on Croagunk for my physical attacker. He's Serious with Dry Skin. Sure, Anticipation sucks, but at least it would've taken away the Fire weakness. I haven't trained him yet, but I did teach him Brick Break, so I may use him anyway. It's just that if I use Toxicroak, it'd be the absolute least used team member against the Elite Four. Weakness to Ground, weakness to Fire, and double weakness to Psychic, though I'm hoping Sucker Punch can take care of the Psychic weakness.

In other news, I caught a Gastly and a Houndour just because I could. I would've used the Houndour, but I evolved my Eevee into Flareon, so there's really no room for it.

5th November 2010, 2:45 AM
I've been catching and subsiquently replacing pokemon in my boxes that are female, but I want males of. So far tonight, I've caught/evolved Absol, Mantine, Dusknoir, Chatot, Luvdisc, Sableye, Delcatty, and Chimecho.

Just Gorebyss, Skuntank, Purugly, Lopunny, and something else I'm blanking on.

5th November 2010, 4:06 PM
I beat Maylene. Staravia OHKO'd Meditite, and Machoke got unlucky with Rock Tomb, allowing me to keep Staravia at full health if I needed her again. I sent out Roselia to paralyze, which it did before succumbing to Metal Claw. That left Flareon to OHKO with Fire Blast. Cobble Badge, get!

I beat the two Galactic Grunts with Lucas by my side. Figured it was as good a time as any to try Prinplup's new Blizzard move, which made short work of them. I ended up getting Fly for my efforts.

I traveled down Routes 214-213 again (remember, I had to to get my Croagunk), this time fighting all the battles. I'm currently in Pastoria City, where I'll make an attempt at fighting Barry, but probably go all the way up to the Pokemon Mansion just for some training before Crasher Wake. Level 37 Floatzel equals a terrible time for me.

EDIT: Seems I didn't save when I got to Pastoria last night and had to make the trip AGAIN! ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!

Oh well, I made it, I beat Barry with just my Gardevoir (it may seem overpowered now, but I think Empoleon or Roserade might outshine it once everything evolves. For now, though, she's my best defense against Crasher Wake, given Shock Wave. I actually have this crazy idea about replacing Magical Leaf with Trick Room temporarily and using it to beat Floatzel, but hopefully, it won't come to that. Meh, I'll just train on Route 212 for a bit.

5th November 2010, 8:55 PM
I decided to re-start my Platinum game, and this time, since I've always gone with Turtwig as my starter forever, I decided to choose a Piplup. :3 I'm in Jubilife City now with 6 Pokemon caught, and I'm about to catch a Magikarp then go fight my rival on Route 203. Currently, my team's pretty noobish:

-Piplup, Lvl. 10 ;393; Drizzle.
-Starly, Lvl. 10 ;396; Beak.

More to come soon. >: D

6th November 2010, 4:10 PM
I beat Wake - I mean, Crasher Wake. After leading with Gardevoir failed to do anything, I led with Roselia, tried to do a Stun Spore, but it FLINCHED FROM BITE!!! So after the second Bite, I got my Stun Spore off, and on the turn I healed, I got the Para-hax! I believe I did a Growth while it bit me again, and I wore it down with Giga Drain, leaving Gardevoir to finish it with Shock Wave. So he sent out Floatzel, and I was like, "****." So it did Crunch, and I did a good chunk with Shock Wave, meaning I could Intimidate with Staravia and heal Gardevoir while Staravia got KO'd. So Floatzel's weakened Crunches weren't enough to get the KO, and I beat it. Quagsire was a joke, one Magical Leaf was enough to take it out. Fen Badge, get!

Anyway, the Galactic Grunt set off the bomb in the Great Marsh, and I chased him down with no problem. That's when Cynthia gave me the SecretPotion to give to the Psyduck on Route 210, but first, I took care of Route 212 and taught Croagunk Ice Punch.

I'm currently in Hearthome City on my way to cure the Psyduck.

8th November 2010, 6:32 PM
I've caught the remaining pokemon I needed males of, and now I'm breeding for a new Platinum file. My planned team is;

Rapidash/Gastrodon/Rampardos/Gallade/Drapion/Glaceon or Rotom-F (if my friend can hack a Secret Key for me.)

8th November 2010, 9:05 PM
Cured the Psyduck, traveled Northern Route 210 and Route 215, being very careful to avoid the "Double Battle From Hell." (The one with the Raichu and Gyarados), got to Celestic, beat Cyrus at the ruins and got Surf for my troubles. From there, I explored all over with Surf, getting cool moves like Flamethrower and Thunderbolt for my troubles. Alas, all good things must end, so I eventually moved on to Canalave City.

I fought Barry on the bridge. I was tempted to set up another Gardevoir sweep, but I took on his Staraptor, Heracross, Rapidash, Floatzel, and Torterra with Gardevoir, Staraptor, Flareon, Roselia, and Empoleon respectively. Blizzard + Grass-type + Ground-type = You have no chance to survive make your time.

Anyway, the trip to Iron Island was uneventful. I just fought all the Trainers, beat the Galactic Grunts, and got my Riolu Egg.

After that, it was Gym time. I led off with Toxicroak against Byron's Magneton, who had higher Defense than I remembered since it survived Brick Break. Thunderbolt paralyzed me, and I figured while he healed, I could get another Brick Break off and Sucker Punch the next turn... BUT HE GETS THE DAMN PARA-HAX!!! You can guess Toxicroak's fate from that. Flareon OHKO'd Magneton and Steelix with Dig and Flamethrower respectively, which led to Bastiodon. Flareon's Dig did a nice chunk even after the Sitrus Berry, and Bastiodon used Stone Edge, which I thought I could live through, given Bastiodon's not an attacker... BUT HE GETS THE DAMN CRITICAL!!! That left Empoleon to Surf it to death. Mine Badge, get.

After healing, I taught Gardevoir Shadow Ball, Empoleon Flash Cannon, and Flareon Strength. I tried to go to Route 216 right away, but apparently, there's a couple Galactic Grunts blocking the way until the explosion at Lake Valor. So, I'm going to meet Barry at the library and go from there.

8th November 2010, 9:33 PM
Pokémon Diamond
Bred a few pokémon for trading purposes, it was mostly the starters and Vespiquen.

Pokémon Platinum
Trained my team a bit, caught Heatran and beat a couple of gym leaders in the battleground.
Currently trying to catch Dialga and Palkia in a pokeball, wish me luck. :)

9th November 2010, 10:52 PM
I restared my Platinum today, after my friend got the Secret Key for me, so now I'm training my new Pokémon on route to Oreburgh City.

Ponyta level 7
Shellos level 7
Cranidos level 7
Skorupi level 7
Rotom level 7
Gallade level 20

9th November 2010, 11:53 PM
Eh, I really liked the start I had, but I always seem to stall at Canalave City because my OCD demands I do everything from the Gym to the Distortion World in one sitting. I may end up restarting and picking Chimchar this time.

10th November 2010, 2:15 AM
I easily swept Roark with Shellos, and now I'm on the way to Ecruteak City, fingers crossed the Secret Key works.

Ponyta level 12
Shellos level 14
Cranidos level 12
Skorupi level 12
Rotom level 12
Gallade level 20

10th November 2010, 10:51 AM
Finally EV trained a bold Milotic that had been sitting in my box for years. At level 29 I managed to hypnosis stall a lvl 51 Gastrodon down with surf and recover. It would have been much quicker to just switch out to Pidgeot and destroy it, but nowhere near as lol-worthy.

Tried chaining again, broke at 4 and I gave up. Never been good at it.

10th November 2010, 1:36 PM
After Roark, I dealt with TG at the Windworks. Mars' Purugly was disposed of by my Rotom's Thunderwave+Confuse Ray. Made it to Eterna City, hit the Gym immediately. Beat the trainers, and Skorupi swept Gardenia after it set up Acupressure, getting Attack +6 and Speed +4, not to mention Sp. Def +2, accuracy +4, and evasiveness +4 ;)

Then I cleared TG out of Eterna, and Gallade made his battle debut with an easy sweep of Jupiter. Then I used the Secret Key to transform ;479; into ;479-f;, and saved.

Ponyta level 21
Shellos level 21
Cranidos level 21
Gallade level 21
Skorupi level 21
Rotom-F level 21

10th November 2010, 4:45 PM

I just fought Cyrus in the Distortion World and... he raped me :/
I cannot believe this! This is the first time I have a lost to an in game character with a fully healed team since the noobish days of Gold and Silver!

This is my team (on a scramble challenge, but surely good enough to take on Cyrus?!)

Crobat lv 48
Buizel lv 48
Probopass lv 49
Clefable lv 48
Carnivine lv 47
Lucario lv 48

Here's how it went;
First up was Carnivine, as per the rules of the Challenge. Cyrus sends out Houndoom.
Flamethrower! Carnivine is dead.
Out goes, Buizel!
Dark Pulse! Buizel is dead.
Out goes, Lucario!
Flamethrower, Lucario is dead.
Out goes, Probopass!
Probopass survives a Flamthrower by above half and uses Power Gem.
Houndoom uses Will O Wisp, and with another Power Gem, Houndoom faints.
Cyrus sends out Gyarados.
Gyarados uses Waterfall! Probopass is dead.
Out goes, Crobat!
Crobat uses Confuse Ray, Gyarados does not hurt itself and uses Ice Fang.
Next turn, Cross Poison does about 10hp, Gyarados snaps out of confusion (!?!!?!) and two Ice Fangs later, Crobat is dead.
Only one left - Clefable.
Ice Beam does a minimal amout of damage, and even with stall from Cosmic Power and Moonlight, Clefable dies.
Player scurries to Pokemon Centre, and because I didn't save, I have to do the Distortion World all over again!

I'm sad :(

10th November 2010, 6:18 PM
^**** like that is why I don't do scrambles.

11th November 2010, 6:41 PM
Made some serious progress on my new Platinum file, got three badges since yesterday...

After changing Rotom's forme, I went to Hearthome. Gallade destroyed Fantina after Swords Dance and Shadow Sneak. Then beat my rival, got HM Defog, made it to Veilstone. Changed ;479-f; to ;479-h; and swept Maylene. Then went to the two Rich people, and made 500k, to buy TM Thunderbolt, TM Ice Beam, and TM Swords Dance. Taught it to Rotom, Gastrodon, and Skorupi respectively. Changed ;479-h; to ;479-c; and swept Wake. Then saved.

Ponyta level 35
Gastrodon level 35
Rampardos level 35
Gallade level 35
Skorupi level 35
Rotom level 35

11th November 2010, 9:25 PM
Well today I was on the bus talking about the pokemon my friend lost on his corrupted Heartgold.
One was metagross, he went on and on about how hard it is to catch Beldum.
I found Beldum were swarming that day. Going only with the knowledge that it only used Takedown and had the catch rate of a legendary, I went to catch one.
Quick Ball failed
Beldum used Takedown against my Gastrodon which caused about 1/32th damage to it.
Gastrodon used Ice Beam which got it to 1/3rd health.
I allowed it to wear itself down into the red until I used Yawn.
Ultra Ball. Fail
Ultra Ball. Fail.
Ultra Ball.
Uber lolz.

I've caught two more Beldum, much to the spite of my friend. none were good for a physical metagross nature-wise though, but I plan on using a Synchronizer.

13th November 2010, 12:59 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, which is currently at 462 seen, 420 obtained. Have not been able to obtain a Munchlax yet, but tomorrow I'll be visiting a friend of mine who might have one that he's willing to trade me. I'm currently EV training my Froslass, and once I'm done with that, I plan on breeding her with another Pokemon so I can get another Snorunt to evolve into Glalie. Oh, and I also captured another Tyrogue today, and evolved it into Hitmontop, after evolving the two Tyrogue I already had into Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

14th November 2010, 2:35 PM
Just completed my Platinum Scramble Challenge!

These were the terms of my challenge:
Carnivine called Leavra that must know Power Whip, Toxic and Grass Knot
Must be the first Pokemon in your party from the moment you catch it.
Clefable named Fipps that must know Cosmic Power and Moonlight.
Probopass named Snoofle that must know Block.
Buizel named Screwdriver that can only evolve after soloing Volkners Electivire & Jolteon
No Ground or Ice type moves and must know Water Gun as permanent move
Lucario named Top Dog that must know Dragon Pulse
Can be evolved after it defeats Byron's Bastiodon.
Zubat must know Confuse Ray
can only evolve to Golbat after soloing Gardenia's Roserade, and to Crobat after soloing Maylene's team

I trained them all to level 60 yesterday, after beating Volkner the day before, and took on the E4 this morning.

Aaron was very easy, with Probopass's Power Gem, Clefable's Flamethrower and Lucario's Earthquake (for the Drapion) taking care of all of his pokemon.
All of Bertha's pokemon fell to Carnivine's Grass Knot or Power Whip.
Flint's Houndoom took out Carnivine in one Flamethrower, but then Floatzel destroyed the rest with Surf, until Magmortar. This was the first real challenge of the E4 - it managed to defeat Floatzel, Probopass, and Clefable before Crobat defeated it with Fly.
Lucian's team was also fairly difficult, as I had no Bug or Dark type pokemon. Carnivine's Crunch came in handy, but after Espeon defeated it with Signal Beam, it was a mixture of wearing down the opponent with my pokemon's most powerful moves, until Lucario sorted out Bronzong with Aura Sphere, and I won.
Now Cynthia was a real challenge. I lost the first time to her last pokemon, Garchomp. Fortunately, I had saved beforehand, and I attached several items to my pokemon this time, such as the Quick Claw to Clefable and Miracle Seed to Carnivine.
Carnivine defeated Spritomb with two Power Whips.
Togekiss reduced Probopass to 5HP with Close Combat. Discharge then paralysed it, and Power Gem finished it the next turn.
I can't quite remember the order after this, but basically, Clefable defeated Roserade with two lucky Quick Claw'd Flamethrowers, Lucario fell to wearing down by Carnivine whilst I healed my team (he used Stone Edge 5 times and it didn't hit once), and then several Flys and Air Slashes by Crobat, Milotic to Carnivine's boosted Power Whip, and finally Garchomp.
I wore down the beast with Crobat surprisingly successfully, with Fly doing almost a quater damage each time, Confuse Ray hax and Dragon Rush missing. When I wore it to yellow, however, I did not want Cynthia to heal it, so I switched to Lucario. He fell to one Earthquake, as per my plan, and I sent out Clefable. Now, in theory, as I learnt from my first challenge, Clefable could withstand one of Garchomps' Earthquakes or Dragon Rushes, and I would easily defeat it with Ice Beam. However, Earthquake critical hitted, and Clefable fainted. However, Floatzel saved the day with one Surf, and I had won!

Here's run down of my opinion's on the team:

Carnivine: I've never trained one before, and it spent at lot of time fainted, in order to bypass the first in the party rule. It was pretty useful, however, in the Elite Four it took down Bertha and Cynthia's Spiritomb and Milotic by itself. Worth training, but not amazing.

Lucario: I was looking forward to training a Lucario, but I was disappointed. It was not nearly as good as I had hoped. It was fairly useful, but its defence meant lots of things destroyed it easily, although its fairly versatile movepool came in handy.

Floatzel: Now, Floatzel spent most of the challenge as a Buizel, so I haven't had much experience with it at all. As a Buizel, it was a major hindrance, with pathetic defences, but as a Floatzel, I think it is pretty useful. I was stuck to teaching it only water moves and Crunch, but I'm definitely considering training one outside of a challenge.

Probopass: I was not looking forward to training one of these, as it is as ugly as f*** but it turned out to be extremely useful. With massive defences and a useful typing, with a variety of moves, I actually enjoyed using it. The only problem was the massive weakness to fighting moves, especially Close Combat, as I found out against several Staraptors.

Crobat: I like to think of Crobat as my starter, as I used it to take on Roark all by itself. Throughout the challenge it was the most trustworthy of my team, with few pokemon able to fell it easily, and Cross Poison and Fly doing a nice bit of damage. Its massive speed was not to be sniffed at either.

Finally, Clefable: The Black Horse of my team! I have always thought of Clefable as being weak and annoying, but in this challenge I would say it was my favourite to use. With such a massive movepool and good HP meaning it could withstand most hits, it covered the lack of fire and ice types in my team with Flamethrower and Ice Beam very successfully, and I would definitely train one again!

14th November 2010, 4:20 PM
Been on a bit of a hiatus since Thursday, but now I'm back. After defeating Wake, I hit the road, and beat the TG Grunt. Blah blah blah trainers blah blah blah more trainers. Made it to Celestic, had trouble with Cyrus because Skorupi is so ******* weak. Blah blah blah Surf blah blah blah Canalave City. Beat my rival easily, then Ponyta beat the Gym trainers, and finally evolved! Went to Iron Island, near the exit, Skorupi finally evolved too! When my team reached level 40, Rapidash destroyed Byron with Fire Blast/Flame Wheel. As of this battle, I have new found respect for Fire Blast. Now I'm on the way to Lake Valor, going to be in Snowpoint City later tonight.

Rapidash level 41
Gastrodon level 40
Rampardos level 40
Drapion level 40
Gallade level 40
Rotom level 40

16th November 2010, 2:17 AM
Well... this feels kind of awkward (might be the year + since I've been in this area).

So what's new? Well:

- Did some trading between Diamond and Platinum/Soul Silver in order to get certain pokes into specific games.
- Now that some friends of mine are becoming avid battlers, I've decided to go back to Platinum to train guys I haven't even touched since playing Soul Silver (which has been months), which basically means going back to Sinnoh for a while (can't believe how much I forgotten already).
- Mainly just leveling up a Gabite I remember having for training purposes to a Garchomp to be used in Soul Silver.

And that's pretty much it so far.


Nutter t.KK
16th November 2010, 2:31 AM
Diamond - Beat Voltner.. and then continued breeding, and catching Pokémon.

My Pokémon Ranch - Now at over 900 pokémon..

17th November 2010, 9:35 AM
I did my daily events swarm was cubone.
I got my Empoleon to lv 85 and the rest of my team to lv 80.
Went to the battle frontier to do some battles so i could get the choice items.
Continued to chain for a shiny Vulpix on route 209.

17th November 2010, 1:59 PM
After Byron, I beat TG at both Lakes, and traveled to Snowpoint City. When my team was level 45, I challenged Candice with Rampardos, who OKHOd most of them all with Rock Slide, and got a lucky flinch on Piloswine, who was 2HKOd. Froslass was a biatch, with Double Team+Snow Cloak, but I eventually hit it. Now I'm getting ready for TG HQ in Veilstone City.

Rapidash level 45
Gastrodon level 45
Rampardos level 47
Gallade level 45
Drapion level 45
Rotom level 45

18th November 2010, 12:34 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, which is now currently at 462 seen, 422 obtained. Haven't been able to obtain a Munchlax yet, turns out my friend didn't have one after all, so I guess I'll have to keep checking the stupid honey trees, or hope that I'll find someone who can trade me one. Also training my Pokemon, my Mismagius is currently level 85, my Arcanine is level 83 and my Luxray is level 54.

Missingno. Master
22nd November 2010, 1:00 AM
Restarted Platinum recently, picked Chimchar. Caught a Starly, a Psyduck, and a Shinx. Right now I'm in Oreburgh Gate, and hoping to get my Coal Badge before the night is done. Chimchar's nowhere near evolving, but my Psyduck just learned Water Gun, so I'm hoping that will do.

Psyduck lv. 10, male
Lax nature
-Water Gun
-Tail Whip
-Water Sport

Starly lv. 9, male
Gentle nature
Keen Eye
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack

Shinx lv. 10, male
Brave nature

Chimchar lv. 11, male
Rash nature
-Rock Smash

22nd November 2010, 1:43 AM
I cleared out the TG HQ earlier, not many troubles. Cyrus was a bit of a pain, but Rotom helped out some with Thunderwave. Made it up Mt. Coronet easily, and then through the Distortion World with no trouble, and beat Cyrus again. Now I'm going to Sunyshore City.

Rapidash level 48
Gastrodon level 48
Rampardos level 48
Gallade level 48
Drapion level 48
Rotom level 48

22nd November 2010, 1:25 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, while I was searching for a Mankey with my Pokeradar, I found a shiny Machoke. Since I didn't really need it, I traded it over Wi-Fi for a Munchlax. Evolved the Munchlax shortly afterwards, and now having both a Snorlax and a Kecleon, I was finally able to get the last two available applications for my Poketch. My Pokedex is now at 463 seen, 424 obtained.

27th November 2010, 4:06 AM
I recently started a new file on my Diamond. This is my first playthrough of Diamond, so it's kind of exciting! Anyway, I SRed for a female Chimchar. Named her Hestia. Did all the boring tutorial stuff, blah, blah, blah. I caught a female Abra, whom I named Ophelia. She's modest nature, so I tried to EV train her but that got really boring really fast so I gave up. I made my way to Oreburgh, then into the mines where Ophelia evolved into Kadabra. Right now I am challenging the gym.


WAY easy. Ophelia completely decimated Roark's team with hidden power ice and confusion. Didn't get hit once. Now I'm going to move on to Eterna Forest and hunt for a double encounter shiny while simotaneously training Hestia for the next gym.

Chimchar (Hestia) lv.12, female

Kadabra (Ophelia) lv. 18, female
-Hidden Power (Ice)

27th November 2010, 1:08 PM
I started a new Platinum file a few days ago, but with intermittent playing sessions, I haven't made it very far yet.
I chose Piplup and named it Nandos, after all of the boring beginning stuff which takes so long on this game! I then set off into route 201, and caught myself a Starly, named Coven, a Bidoof named Lindoor, a Shinx named Flex and Kricketot named Muse. Whilst training them, however, I found Bidoof and Shinx to be depressingly weak, and I could not be bothered to train a bug type pokemon with Bide as its only attack, so all where boxed, except Starly. I then travelled to Jubilife, met Looker and received the Town Map and Poketech, amongst other things. I then travelled east, defeating my rival and the various trainers with ease. In Oreburgh Gate I caught a Psyduck, which I named Sonly and in route 207 I caught a Machop, which I named Anto. Both proved useful, with Psyduck learning Water Gun at level 9, and Machop beginning with Low Kick and learning Karate Chop early on. I also caught a Magikarp, for the lols, and called it Alwyn.
I then trained them all to level 10, found Roark in the mine and am currently defeating the trainers in his gym, before raising my entire team to level 13, before taking the challenge.

Nutter t.KK
28th November 2010, 4:10 AM
Diamond: Making it though the E4. FlashLight the Lanturn with Surf/Aqua Ring/Discharge managed to make it though of the E4 alone. My Rapidash and Noctowl did the Bug guy. Cynthia's Garchop wiped us out. PP up and A few more moves levels to get there.

My Pokémon Ranch: Got 1000 Pokémon and an Egg, I mean, Mew.

29th November 2010, 2:13 AM
Diamond: Doing a "Your Best Shot" challenge with all purple Pokemon. At the moment I've just got a Koffing (sent over as an egg) and a Zubat, but just managed to beat Roark. Here's my current team:

Twinkie (Zubat) - level 13 - Naughty - Hidden Power/Bite/Astonish/Supersonic
Koffie (Koffing) - level 13 - Adamant - Gyro Ball/Smokescreen/Smog/Willowisp

Twinkie's Hidden Power was a Hail Mary play by me, and it just happened to be super effective against rock types. I'm pretty sure it's either Water or Grass.

Future team members will be Aipom, Stunky, Drifloon and Skorupi.

2nd December 2010, 8:50 AM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex. The Pokedex count is currently at 465 seen, 430 obtained. As for the Pokemon I'm training, my Luxray is currently level 78 and my Garchomp is level 64. Apart from certain legendary Pokemon, I should be able to come pretty close to completing my Pokemon if I manage to obtain a Seel and then keep evolving my Pokemon.

2nd December 2010, 6:44 PM
Pokemon Diamond: From my understanding the only way to obtain a spiritomb is to talk to 32 people underground before placing the odd keystone in the hallowed tower. I ended up putting the stone in before I even got my mining equipment. Would I still be able to catch a spiritomb some how?

2nd December 2010, 7:37 PM
Pokemon Diamond: From my understanding the only way to obtain a spiritomb is to talk to 32 people underground before placing the odd keystone in the hallowed tower. I ended up putting the stone in before I even got my mining equipment. Would I still be able to catch a spiritomb some how?
I thought you had to put the stone in first...

Anyway, I restarted Platinum -- again. I named my character Rix, though Lucas looks nothing like him. >.> (You can tell when I really miss someone because I'll name a video game character after them.) I think I'll do a bibarel run again. It was fun the first time.

2nd December 2010, 8:15 PM
Oh, okay now I just have to find someone that has pokemon diamond close by.

3rd December 2010, 4:17 AM
It's been a while since I've posted here.So I'll put up the significant events

.Got a shiny Quagsire in the Safari Zone,with my second ball.And given this is the Safari Zone,I'm even luckier than regular shiny catch

.Fought Cyrus in the Distortion World.I didn't have an Electric Pokemon or an electric move,so Gyarados was pretty tough

.Caught Giratina there,in my first try(not first ball,first try).Took about 11-13 Dusk Balls to get it

.Caught the lake trio.I had a Dusknoir as a main party member to use Mean Look

.Currently training for the Elite 4-I should be ready once each of my Pokemon is Lv 56.Rhydon are a great way of getting exp

My team at this moment

Jean the Empoleon(Level 51)
Torrent ability
Surf,Waterfall,Peck(hoping to replace with Drill Peck),Steel Wing
Naive Nature

Donald the Magmortar(Level 50)
Flame Body ability
Faint Attack,Flamethrower,Rock Climb,Fire Punch
Mild Nature
Caught at Fuego Ironworks,November 25 at Lv 28,with a Great Ball

Banana the Tropius(Level 55)
Solar Power ability
Razor Leaf,Air Slash,Fly,Solar Beam
Naughty Nature
Caught at Great Marsh,November 19 2010 at Lv 28,with a Safari Ball

Thanos the Dusknoir(Level 52)
Pressure ability
Thunderpunch,Payback,Trick Room,Shadow Punch
Serious nature
Caught at Sendoff Spring,November 28 at Level 40,with a Dusk Ball

Gonzalea the Weavile(Level 51)
Pressure ability
Faint Attack,Ice Punch,Slash,False Swipe
Impish nature
Caught at Route 217,November 27 at Level 34,with a Ultra Ball

Pokedex data:169 obtained out of 206 seen

3rd December 2010, 5:40 PM
I've made it quite a bit further since the last post: I now have three badges, and am about to fight Maylene.
I've been switching my team around a lot, to see who is good or who I can drop. I think I have a more or less permanent one now, although I would quite like to add a Froslass, and possibly drop a few with weaker movesets.

I'm currently on the route to the left of Pastoria - going to make it to Pastoria, move tutor a couple of moves and then fight Maylene.

Sonly the Psyduck
Ceeki the Aipom
Lady the Vespiquen
Raoil the Rampardos
Lexius the Gliscor
Stasis the Kirlia

All level 30 or 31

3rd December 2010, 10:33 PM
Platinum: currently chaining Cubone. I've got Scyther as the lead using Thief to steal potential thick clubs. Got 3 so far with a chain of 25. I'm hoping for a shiny one by tonight.

Other than that, just chaining random requests for my friends. I made it 153 straight in the battle hall (Electivire) before taking my leave from a swords dancing, focus sash holding scyther....I'm still pretty depressed so I've been collecting shinies until I'm ready to try again.

8th December 2010, 8:07 AM
I beat the Elite 4 and Cynthia!My next challenge was,of course,getting the legendary birds.

My plan was to use Thanos's Mean Look to deliver the beating,and Gonzaela's False Swipes(combined with her insane speed) to get them to 1HP.Since they now Roost and were a couple levels stronger than Thanos,I was at risk.I've caught one of them;Zapdos.I didn't want it use Roost so I just went "Eh,what the hell,I'll throw a Dusk Ball immediately".And I caught it.Srsly.Of course,I've used balls against it before but this was rather surprising.Nicknamed it Zeus.It has a srs nature

And once the other two are mine,something that's been waiting a long time for will commence

Sapphire Kirby
10th December 2010, 4:28 PM
In Platinum, I've been EV training my Mantine (Kine) in Speed and Special Attack, courtesy of the Old Chateau and that power item that increases Speed. I plan on creating a flying type team, So I've bred a Starly and Skarmory to train over the holidays. I'm not sure on the other members though.

Back to Kine! Yesturday I used Kine in the Battle Hall, and we got a 100 pokemon streak at the moment! When I battle the Frontier Brain, she used an Oymastar. Thanks to my leftovers, Kine was able to hang on by 7 HP. I got lucky.

Yes, I am well aware that Kine is an ocean sun fish, not a manta ray.

10th December 2010, 7:50 PM
Well, after beating Palmer I had nothing left to do, so I decided to make a Battle Tower team.
I've bred an Adamant Beldum that is know level 30 after an Exp.Share E4 run. I also caught my Calm natured Uxie. Now all I need is a bulky water type. I could restart my HG for a Suicune but that isn't ideal. Milotic is my only other option but we all know how hard they are to get. So for now I'll train my Metang to level 50 and teach it the neccessary moves as well as prepare my TrickScarf Uxie.

11th December 2010, 6:56 PM
My Metang got to lvl 10 after Aaron's Yanmega. O_0 It was at level 30 by the end of the elite 4. By switching traning so it got 3/4 experince I got it to level 40. I'm hoping to have my Metagross by the 4th E4 battle.

12th December 2010, 10:01 AM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, it is currently at 465 seen, 433 obtained. When it comes to Pokemon I'm currently training, my Luxray is level 89, my Garchomp is level 79 and my Froslass is level 68. I think I will start EV training my Stunky soon.

13th December 2010, 4:05 AM
I've finally caught the three legendary birds!Now,I am preparing to sr for a shiny Shaymin.Its one of only two events I've ever been able to get(sadly,I missed Darkrai and Latios.Still bitter about that.),the other being that Mew.I got this event a while back,so you can see I'm trying to get the best out of it

Also,captured my first two non-Sinnoh dex Pokemon,sans the legendary birds.After SRing,I'm going to trade for the event Regigigas so I can have the regis(who will be teh shinies)

13th December 2010, 6:18 PM
Bred my starter pokémon and traded the hatchlings to Platinum and SoulSilver.
I've also caught around 379 Pokémon by this point.

Found a shiny Budew while training my newly hatched starters.
Bred my Infernape and traded two newly hatched Chimchars to SoulSilver and Diamond.
Got a streak of around 16 in the battle tower.

15th December 2010, 5:59 PM
Released around 200 Pokémon on Platinum & Pearl. Traded some Pokémon over Diamond who I then moved to My Pokémon Ranch.

I also started to train a new team for a tornament that me and seven friends are having. My team is Sceptile/Ampharos/Altaria/Dunsparce/Ninetales/Ambipom.

16th December 2010, 6:13 PM
I know have my Metagross. I gave it a chunk of attack EVs and I'm know mass farming the EV-reducing berries. I finally got my Hondew berry from the berry master too, so the Spatk EVs my Metagross currently has can be resetted. All I need know is a Resttalk Suicune that will come from my HG restart and some Shards. Hopefully I'll have the team up and running by Summer. I've got a lot of games to be playing up to Summer so HG will be subbed a lot.

Nutter t.KK
17th December 2010, 8:24 PM
Just Beat the Elite 4. Cynthia kept swapping her party just before I was about to faint it, and then k/o ing the party member I had out. I managed to keep my last pokémon FlashLight, my Lanturn, Alive long enough to take down the last Fresh Pokemon. With help from Aqua ring I sweeped most of the rest.

I'm now, just missing the 3 "Pixie" Legendaries and Prinplup!? for the Sinnoh Dex.

18th December 2010, 12:35 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex. It is currently at 466 seen, 435 obtained. Haven't decided on which Pokemon to start training next, but I'm considering EV training my Koffing. When it comes to other Pokemon I'm training, my Luxray is currently level 95, my Garchomp is level 85 and my Froslass is level 78.

23rd December 2010, 12:33 AM
I went to the Great Marsh because I wanted to catch a Skorupi, but instead I encountered a shiny Quagsire! After throwing 4 Safari Balls, it fled :( ! This was going to be my first Diamond shiny!

23rd December 2010, 10:12 PM
I need to wait to get a shiny yanma with speedboost but once I do I'm starting over on my platinum for the 5th time XP I'm transfering over a turtwig, chimchar, stunky, anorith, lucario, jolteon, leafeon with seed bomb, shiny yanma with speedboost, weavile, and mawhile. Yeah this is another Robin's train alot of pokemon challenge XD

3rd January 2011, 2:10 AM
I just won a MASTER BALL from the lottery!