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7th January 2011, 7:00 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex. It is currently at 468 seen, 442 obtained. My Garchomp is currently level 99 and my Froslass is level 96. I've EV trained a Duskull and a Venonat, that I'm still currently training. Haven't decided on which Pokemon I should start EV training next.

8th January 2011, 10:43 PM
Started a new game on Platinum. Went for ages with just Turtwig/Grotle. Eventually caught a (male - wink wink) Ralts in the route just before Hearthome and got a nice Modest Eevee from Bebe (SR ftw). Now training Kirlia and Eevee for Fantina.

Torterra L32
-Razor Leaf

Kirlia L24
-Magical Leaf
-Double Team

Eevee L21
-Helping Hand

The plan is to catch Marill, Houndour and Swablu in that order. This is likely to be my last Gen 4 playthrough due to exams and that, so I wanted a full team of 6 for a change, and a few of them I haven't used before. Should be fun!

11th January 2011, 12:55 AM
Been a while since I've updated my Platinum progress. Mostly because life got in the way.

My last post had me... entering Hearthome, right?

Well, now I'm training for Byron, so... It's been a while. I'll skipt the usual banter and talk about the Pokemon, evolutions, and Crasher Wake's gym (bcause I can't remember what happened in Fantina's and Maylene's)

So, after using Autumn, Tom, and Kelso against Gardenia and the Galactics, I went to Hearthome City, where I picked up Summer the female Eevee. I battled Fantina and won.

Then I made my way to Veilstone and something pretty awesome happened.

My second evolution! Autumn evolved into a Dragonair, which rocks.

Unfortunately, that was the end of my team's changes until after Crasher Wake.

I used my team and battle Maylene and we won.

Then I trained everyone to level 35 to battle Crasher Wake, and immediately decided it'd be nice if I taught Tom Shock Wave, otherwise I'd be essentially attackless against Wake.

The battle went like this:

Tom versus Gyarados - In two Shock Waves, Tom won.
Tom versus Floatzel - Tom Yawned him and put him to sleep. Then I switched to a different Pokemon.
Summer versus Floatzel - It was an arduous battle, but in the end Summer won, and I returned her so the final battle could take place.
Autumn versus Quagsire - In a couple Dragon Rages, Autumn won.

And that was that. to celebrate, I evolved Summer! She evolved into a Vaporeon!

Then I did the Psyduck quest and all of the stuff in Celestic (including kicking Cyrus' ***) and arrived in Canalave, having taught Summer Surf.

I healed up and was trying to make my way to Iron Island when my rival, Noland, challenged me to a match.

It was awesome fun!

It started as Tom versus Staraptor, but Noland returned him and it became Tom versus Roserade. Then I returned Tom and sent out Kelso, who fried Roserade, but not before she got a layer of Toxic spikes down.

Oh boy.

he sent out Floatzel, who waterlogged Kelso, leading to return of Tom, whose Shock Wave knocked him out. Then the poison kicked in and Tom was almost gone, so I returned him and sent out Summer against Noland's Heracross. Summer won easily, and hse was returned so Autumn could beat Noland's starter, Infernape. Aqua Tail owned him, leaving the returned Staraptor against Summer's Aurora Beam.

It was a great battle. I had fun.

then I healed and went to Iron Island and did the Riley thing and got my egg, who hatched into David the male Riolu! I've never used one before, haven't used most of these before actually, except Dragonair back in Crystal. so this whole game's fun!

I'm currently training David (named after David from David and Goliath), he's level 9.


Species - Dragonair
Gender - Female
Level - 39
Nature - Quirky
Ability - Shed Skin
Moveset -
1. Aqua Tail
2. Dragon Rage
3. Extremespeed
4. Dragon Rush

Species - Bibarel
Gender - Male
Level - 39
Nature - Bold
Ability - Simple
Moveset -
1. Shock Wave
2. Water Gun
3. Take Down
4. Yawn

Species - Ponyta
Gender - Male
Level - 38
Nature - Calm
Ability - Flash Fire
Moveset -
1. Flame Wheel
2. Agility
3. Stomp
4. Fire Blast

Species - Vaporeon
Gender - Female
Level - 38
Nature - Rash
Ability - Water Absorb
Moveset -
1. Aurora Beam
2. Quick Attack
3. Surf
4. Bite

Species - Riolu
Gender - Male
Level - 9
Nature - Quirky
Ability - Inner Focus
Moveset -
1. Quick Attack
2. Foresight
3. Endure
4. Counter

Also, I'll be restarting my Pearl file soon and have the team in mind. It'll be good.

11th January 2011, 6:34 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, it is currently at 472 seen, 449 obtained. I've just evolved a Horsea into Seadra, and again into Kingdra. I've also recently gotten both Garchomp and Froslass to level 100 and evolved my Venonat into Venomoth and my Duskull into Dusclops and again into Dusknoir, adding the legendary Pokemon Mew and Latias to my Pokedex in the process. Have resumed training a Tyranitar, which is currently level 62 due to not really knowing what else to train at this point.

Considering EV training either a Poliwag I hatched the other day, or maybe my Phanpy, or maybe a different Pokemon. I haven't decided yet.

11th January 2011, 9:41 PM
I've been working on my Platinum, clearing off hacked legendaries, or those that weren't caught by me, with the exception of the Kyogre I need for SS, to catch Rayquaza, seeing as I've been prepping space in my boxes for the upcoming slew of events in the US. I got three Crown Raikou's the other day, making it a total of four, as I've EV trained a Japapnese Crown Raikou. SR'd for each of the Raikou's, and all had similar IVs.
Next, I caught both Palkia and Dialga, Timid natures, with great IVs. After that, I caught all the roaming pokemon, except for Cresselia, going to save that one, to try and catch a Bold nature. Finally, I headed to Uxie, catching an Impish natured one with 30/31 in HP, Defense, and Special Defense.

Now, I'm training up an Empoleon I had previously EV trained, currently level 60.

12th January 2011, 5:41 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex and training my Pokemon. I have began EV training my Phanpy. I've began to notice that the sound on my DS lite sometimes fade out the sound of the Pokemon's attacks occasionally, I wonder if I should consider getting a new one soon. Anyways, I've decided that in addition to training my Tyranitar, I'm going to continue the training of my Dusknoir and Kingdra.

16th January 2011, 8:17 PM
I needed something to tide me over to BW, so I decided to start over my Platinum. It's accumulated over 400 hours in three years, but I managed to send everything of value to HeartGold. Picked Chimchar, time to take a walk down memory lane.

Update: My new Platinum team will be Infernape, Flygon, Electivire, Milotic, Gardevoir/Gallade, and Glalie/Froslass. A good mix between my all time favorites and the rarely used.

17th January 2011, 10:20 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Started my journey today at Eterna City, right after defeating Team Galactic. Walked over to heal my Pokemon and saw Cynthia again. And guess what. I got my Togepi egg!

I tried walking back into Eterna Forest to see if I could go back into that spooky looking house but no, some creepy little bug catcher keeps INSISTING that I go down Cycling Road. So I went off and trained over by Mt. Coronet for a while. Both Chimpy (Monferno) and Sticks (Onix) grew a level. I caught a Chingling and a Meditite here too, and I was tempted to leaving the Meditite in my party, or trading it out for Sticks, but I decided against it. I went and dropped them off into my PC before I headed out.

Went down Cycling Road where I defeated those cyclists there. I don't understand why they insist on staying there but ok. I battled my way to Hearthome (picking up some berries along the way). When I got there, I stopped this Buneary from getting away from its trainer. She thanked me and invited me to the Contest Hall later. I should go and do that sometime.

But I ran straight to the Pokemon Center and healed my party. I walked over next door and made a new friend name Bebe. She apparantly deals with the Sinnoh branch PCs. That's cool. She even gave me one of Bill's Eevees! She's so cool!

But anyways, I remembered seeing that weird looking rock thing in Eterna Forest so I ran all the way back there to investigate. I heard that Eevees can evolve if you train them in the area, and I need a grass type, so I went ahead and tried it. I sure hope Forina (Leafeon) doesn't mind. I'll make it up to her and make her some Poffins when I have the time. But yeah, I trained her up there and she evolved. My Togepi egg hatched too! I name him Taro, though I might rename him sometime.

And that's all for today! I'll probably do some more later but I'll write about it in my next entry.

Team Applesauce:
Monferno (Chimpy), Male
Onix (Sticks), Female
Leafeon (Forina), Female
Togepi (Taro), Male

19th January 2011, 12:33 AM
Platinum - Trying to complete my Pokédex so I've Pal Park-ed across some Pokémon bred on Emerald. Also explored Route 228, as I've not battled some trainers there to train up Salamence and Metagross for the Frontier. There was also a Beldum swarm but I wasn't able to catch one. I also popped about and did the daily bits, like the lottery and getting a new word from Snowpoint. Also caught an Illumise from near the Resort Area to add to my 'dex.

Pearl - Did daily things and then went to check the GTS, but my cordless phones are interfering with my WiFi I think. :-/

19th January 2011, 11:44 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

I'm kind of sad. I had to give up on Sticks (Onix). I love her, she's been a real good partner since I caught her, but she's too much work. It's been kind of difficult to train her, so I put her in the PC. I might use her again someday.

Anyways, after evolving Forina (Leafeon), I headed back to Hearthome and checked out the city. It's a beautiful place, really! I'd love to live here! I met all these nice people; they're all so friendly!

Then I decided it was time to get a move on. I met this fisherman who directed me to the Contest Hall. That place is huge! I'm so glad I'm wearing this coat, it's really warm and the Contest Hall was freezing, despite the weather outside. My mom was inside with that Idol Lady I helped out earlier. It's was so surreal! I've never seen my mom outside of the house before. She was always such a loner... Hm. Anyways, she gave me a pretty dress for me to partake in Pokemon Contests in.

Then it was time to take on Fantina. I heard that I could find a Duskull in the Lost Tower, and I felt like a Duskull would be the perfect next addition to my party, so I went to go and try to leave the city. There were these two guys blocking me, though, so I went ahead and challenged Fantina.

Very interesting lady. It would have been tough defeating her, since I put away Sticks (Onix), but Chimpy (Monferno) was more than good enough to take on her Pokemon. We won with ease, needless to say. It's a good thing I reached Eterna City with just two Pokemon, it really allowed them to toughen up.

So it worked and I went off and headed to the Lost Tower. It took me almost an hour, but I was finally able to find a Duskull. I caught it with ease, using Nomnom's (Gible) Dragon Rage to knock it down to 1 HP. Lucky me. Sent it to sleep with Taro's (Togepi) Yawn, and tossed a Dusk Ball at the ghost. Caught it on my first shot and named it Cature, since I was listening to Panic! at the Disco's Build Got, Then We'll Talk.

19th January 2011, 12:21 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, I've finished EV training a Dratini and evolved it into Dragonair. My Pokedex count is currently 472 seen, 451 obtained. My Tyranitar is currently level 76, my Dusknoir is level 57 and my Kingdra is level 51.

21st January 2011, 2:33 PM
Just had the best battle in my SS Normal Monotype challenge. I redid the Elite Four (original team) just for fun and beat Karen using only Dunsparce.

My Dunsparce was lv 51, had Serene Grace and this moveset

-Charge Beam
-Fire Blast

I started out with 2 Charge Beams (100% Sp Atk Boost with Serene Grace) on Umbreon. Did Blizzard before it could Double Team further, succesfully freezing it but only left Umbreon with red life (and thawing immediately damn it). Karen used a Full Restore and I used Ancientpower twice, succesfully getting an all stat boost both times to my surprise (even with Serene Grace it rarely happens).

Umbreon finally fainted and Karen sent out Gengar, quickly using Focus Blast on Dunsparce, lowering my Special Defense. Fortunately Dunsparce took it like a champ and retaliated with a +2 Fire Blast, KOing Gengar.

Houndoom came next and was met with an Ancientpower while it used Nasty Plot, which gave me another all stat boost!

Next was Vileplume which fell quickly to a Fire Blast. Lastly was Murkrow- I wanted to save Ancientpower's PP so it fell to one Charge Beam, thus ending the luckiest Dunsparce sweep!

My normal type team is actually pretty fun to use. Another highlight was my fight against Blaine where I use my Intimidate Stantler with Light Screen. It's fast and is guaranteed to set up, and it was fun Intimidating Blaine's team, causing their White Herbs to kick in before they could even use Overheat. Light Screen was very useful after the Overheats, as they grew weaker every time.

I've updated my Stantler to be a Dual Screener, making him hold Light Clay and have both Screens. Should be fun, I've survived Machamp's attacks with just an Intimidate and a Reflect (bar a criticial hit Cross Chop =__=)

21st January 2011, 6:03 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Lots of training today. I stuck around Route 207, training my party by battling the trainers there. I was able to evolve Whiskers (Whiscash) here while training, and Chimpy (Infernape) did too! It was so cool.

After everyone, excluding Taro (Togetic) and Chimpy (Infernape), was at about the same level, I decided it was time to move on. After a couple of rebattles along the way, I made my way through the Solaceon Ruins and picked up the items there.

And now we're in the Lost Tower, about to Defog that one floor.

Team Applesauce
Chimpy (Infernape)
Taro (Togetic)
Forina (Leafeon)
Cature (Duskull)
Whiskers (Whiscash)
Birdy (Starly) HM Defog

22nd January 2011, 2:56 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex and training my Pokemon. Have EV trained my Murkrow now, and I'm still training my Dragonair. My Pokedex count is still at 472 seen, 451 obtained. My Tyranitar is currently level 82, my Dusknoir is level 62 and my Kingdra is now level 59.

22nd January 2011, 4:24 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Ugh. Tiring day. LOTS of training today. Cature (Duskull) finally evolved! He's a Dusclops now! I leveled Taro (Togetic) up a bit too; along with Forina (Leafeon) and Chimpy (Infernape).

I caught the last member of my team today too! Introducing; Wrecker the Rhyhorn! We have a long way to go, this one, but I'm willing to raise it up. I guess you can say that Wrecker is a replacement for the hole Sticks (Onix) left in team. We'll see....

After that, I did some digging, picked up some nice treasures while in the Underground. Got a nice trash can for my secret base too! And then I made some Poffins, since my team has been working so hard the past couple of days. Get them something yummy for their tummies!

So yah, that was today. Lots of training, a little bit of exploring, some buying and selling, digging, baking and spending time with my Pokemon. A pretty good day, if I may say so myself.

Team Applesauce:
Chimpy (Infernape)
Taro (Togetic)
Forina (Leafeon)
Cature (Dusclops)
Whiskers (Whiscash)
Wrecker (Rhyhorn)

23rd January 2011, 2:47 AM
Trained my EV trained Gallade up to level 100, it was stuck at level 70 for a while. I also SR'd for some great IV'd Entei's from both my Platinum's and SoulSilver, sending them, Latios, and the Hoenn Continent Trio over to my main Platinum. Just waiting for the upcoming Ash's Pikachu/Crown Suicune to start, when I'll fill in any remaining gaps in the Event Boxes.

Currently EV training and leveling a female CM Gardevoir I had IV bred on SoulSilver (Power Items <333333);

31 / x / 31 / 15 / 31 / 09

23rd January 2011, 3:22 AM
Been hatching touros eggs hoping for a shiny but with no luck. Gonna try chaining maybe. Never have been able to but maybe this time will be different.

7 tyranitars
24th January 2011, 10:34 AM
I went to stark mountain on my pokemon platinum and I encountered a shiny Pelliper! it was sort of funny how it happened I was surfing then I encountered, me being not the sharpest knife in the drawer in the morning was like, 'aren't pellipers supposed to have blue not olive green, then I was like wait a sec this is a shiny! got him after 1 dive ball 1 net ball and 5 ultra balls with an ultra ball :) so happy second shiny ever :P even tho I prob won't use this one :P

25th January 2011, 11:27 AM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, my Pokedex count hasn't changed since my last post. Still training Dragonair and Murkrow so I can evolve them and get two more Pokedex entries. I'm also going to start EV training my second Poliwag soon so I can get a Poliwrath. My Tyranitar is currently level 87, my Dusknoir is level 66 and my Kingdra is level 63.

25th January 2011, 10:40 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Slightly busy day. Did a bit of training along the path headed to Pastoria where Wrecker finally evolved into a Rhydon, then headed back to Canalave City. As soon as I crossed the bridge, Nolan jumped out at me and battled me again. I won, thankfully, with each member of my party being able to go one on one with each of his Pokemon.

Then he told me something about Iron Island. It seemed like a good idea, of the Gym Leader trains there, so I headed over. Did lots of training, and got most of my Pokemon to an even level.

I saw Riley and trained with him for a while, while we tried to figure out what was going on with all the wild Pokemon. Then we saw these two Galactic goons and we kicked their butts pretty hard. He tried to give me an egg, but my party was full, so I'll have to go back for that one. I wonder what it is... It's too bad I won't be able to really raise it though, my party's full.

Anyways, this was the best part of today. I was picking up all sorts of items in the area, just because it'd be a waste if I missed some of the left over items. Then I found a Protector and a Shiny Stone!

I gave Wrecker (Rhydon) the Protector, since he seemed to really want it. He almost tackled me for it. That would have been bad. I have Hermes (Togetic) the Shiny Stone, since he seemed a little intrigued by the stone. Then he started glowing. I was so shocked; Hermes evolved into a Togekiss!

So I headed off of Iron Island, and I met this girl from another region. Her name was Charade and she said she was from a place called Johto. She told me that I should trade Wrecker with her, and she'd trade me her Totodile for him. I declined, but she said we'd trade right back. So I reluctantly agreed.

I couldn't believe it. Wrecker evolved again when he got to Charade! She sent me back my new Rhyperior for her Totodile and she asked fro some of my information. Then we parted ways.

Today was a good day.

Team Applesauce
Chimpy (Infernape)
Hermes (Togekiss)
Forina (Leafeon)
Besitos (Dusclops)
Whiskers (Whiscash)
Wrecker (Rhyperior)

26th January 2011, 2:00 AM
I started a Ice Ghost type challenge, and have just beaten Roark. Gonna go to Gardenia later tonight.

Lapras Lv12
Smoochum Lv10
Glaceon Lv11
Shuppet Lv10
Duskull Lv10
Spiritomb Lv10

31st January 2011, 5:22 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex. My Dragonair has evolved, and I EV trained my Bellsprout, which also evolved. My Pokedex count is now at 472 seen, 453 obtained. Considering EV training my Grimer next. As for other Pokemon I'm training, my Tyranitar is currently level 96, my Dusknoir is level 77 and my Kingdra is level 73.

1st February 2011, 4:13 AM
Hatched a Phanphy with 31/31/31/x/x/x after a few eggs on SoulSilver, was a nice surprise, the parents weren't that great. Anyway, I traded it to Platinum, EV trained it, and leveling it up now, currently level 68.

My Ice/Ghost monotype Platinum file is going well, no major bumps yet. I've got 6 badges now, and going to Snowpoint City soon.

Jynx level 40
Glaceon level 40
Lapras level 40
Banette level 40
Dusknoir level 40
Spiritomb level 40

Gardenia: Glaceon + Icy Wind = death
Fantina: Spiritomb + Ominous Wind = death
Maylene: Duskull/Shuppet + WOW = death
Wake: Jynx + Nasty Plot + X Speed = death
Byron: Dusknoir + Fire Punch + WOW = death

3rd February 2011, 4:08 AM
I reset a Pearl version I got from my friend in exchange for some other game. I named my rival Mordred and myself Orpheus (going with my mythical/legendary theme I began in HG) and got a Piplup to start with named Horus. I caught a Starly to train and named it Eros, then beat my rival and continued to Roark's gym. I'm in the middle of losing to him, but that's okay because I didn't grind very much.

3rd February 2011, 3:42 PM
I'm getting pretty close to finishing Emerald. I just need to catch the Regis, beat the Elite Four, explore the Battle Frontier, and ultimately catch the Weather Trio, which, when combined with my hatched Hoenn starters as well as my soon-to-be-bred Squirtle, will eliminate the need for me to beat Red altogether. Now I'm trying to find time to do one last run of Platinum before I pick up White. Only problem is, I don't really know of any dynamic Electric- or Flying-types to use. I guess I can use a designated Thunderbolter until I'm able to catch an Electabuzz. But I'm using Gardevoir in Emerald, and I'm not the patient sort who could wait until level 33 for a Haunter to be useful. But the dilemma is that I fear Gyarados. I guess I could use Togekiss and make do with Shock Wave. That's like, 240 damage to a Gyarados hands down.

4th February 2011, 1:59 PM
Platinum: I've EV trained my Grimer and my Surskit, and my Grimer has evolved. Still working on filling up my Pokedex as much as I can. The Pokedex count is currently 472 seen, 455 obtained. My Tyranitar has reached level 100, and my Dusknoir is currently level 83 and my Kingdra is level 76.

4th February 2011, 2:05 PM
Been a long time since my last Platinum update. Been training my team for a while and caught a Croagunk as a temporary 6th member. Managed to beat Crasher Wake fairly easily with Gligar taking down Floatzel's accuracy and Roselia coming in to Paralyz and continuously drain it's energy. Rotom took down Gyrados in one hit too which made it easier.
I've just got to Celestic town and going to be training around there for some time now, want to have Monferno evolved before moving on.

Sir Marly
4th February 2011, 2:18 PM
I found my Platinum under my mattress during a 2 AM room cleaning fit I was having and decided to restart. Decided to play for what I thought was going to be a half hour. I ended up playing till 7 and getting to the 6th gym using Pokemon I've never really trained before like Gastrodon.

Current Team:
Gastrodon lvl 36
Infernape lvl 36
Tangrowth lvl 36

5th February 2011, 3:31 AM
I beat Roark, then proceeded to evolve my Piplup and Staravia while exiting Oreburgh. Having defeated Team Galactic at Floaroma, I caught a Misdreavus in Eterna Forest while traveling with Cheryl, leveled it up, and procceeded to destory Gardenia completely. Galactic's second base was no problem, so I beat them and decided to travel down Cycling Road to get the Vs Seeker and Itemfinder from Dawn while training. Will soon get a Bronzor to add to my team, which is:
Prinplup Lv. 23
Staravia Lv. 23
Misdreavus Lv. 23

Planned additions:
Palkia, or maybe some other nonlegendary

5th February 2011, 10:16 PM
I've been playing my Platinum like crazy to beat it before tomorrow, because I know i won't finish it for a while if I restart SS. I'm about to enter Victory Road, so I'll beat them later tonight after work while watching the new Zoroark movie!

Jynx Lv52
Glaceon Lv52
Lapras Lv52
Banette Lv52
Dusknoir Lv52
Spiritomb Lv52

5th February 2011, 10:26 PM
Got to Canalave City and beat my rival with ease. Been training on Iron Island before taking my team into the gym and got another potential 6th member for my team from Riley, but I'm also looking into a Psychic type that could be rotated.

Current team:

Infernape: Lv39
Roserade: Lv39
Gastrodon: Lv39
Gligar: Lv37
Rotom: Lv38
Croagunk: Lv36

6th February 2011, 1:27 PM
Just managed to beat Byron without breaking a sweat. After all that levelling up for Croagunk, he was still knocked out by one hit from Magneton. So Gastrodon took over and ended up beating his whole team thanks to HP Fire.

6th February 2011, 4:32 PM
I beat the Elite Four last night, wasn't too bad, except for Cynthia. Her Togekiss is usually a pain in the ***, but surprisingly, Jynx outsped it and critted with Ice Beam. After that, I had to worry about her Garchomp, which thankfully missed with Dragon Rush, letting Glaceon KO it. Mitotic was last, and Lapras easily beat it, thanks to Body Slam and Curse, not to mention Water Absorb. Now I'm gonna start breeding on my other Platinum for my new SoulSilver team;


6th February 2011, 7:05 PM
Grabbed a Bronzor from Wayward Cave to train, then led out Mira while training it up. I climbed up the Lost Tower after getting the Poffin Case at Hearthome. Now fastforward through Solaceon(didn't dawdle there) and the following routes (battling every trainer as I go) I beat Maylene fairly easily. I ran down the following route, making a stop at the cafe in Valor Lakefront to train in all those double battles, then procceeding to defeat every trainer in Wake's gym. Before battling, I decided to train up against wild Pokemon until all mine were level 33, thus evolving my Bronzor and getting a level away from evolving Staravia. Next up: Crasher Wake. He'll be a cinch, as all my Pokemon are three levels higher than his strongest.


Planned additions
Palkia, or another nonlegendary

6th February 2011, 7:12 PM
Im starting Platinum over so i can play through. Im going to do a blog about it on another Pokemon site. Ive let readers of the blog choose my starter and most want me to choose Piplup, but I'll make my final decision tonight.

lucario beast
6th February 2011, 7:21 PM
im in solaceon town with
luxray level 30
monferno level 30
staravia level 27
i started over yestersay

6th February 2011, 11:57 PM
Well, finally remembered to pick up a Razor Fang and evolve Gligar. He proved to be useful fighting Team Galactic at Lake Verity and Valor. Decided to use the battles to train up my HM slaved Starly as well, seeing as I'll probably need it in battle at some point...

7th February 2011, 2:51 PM
Platinum: Downloaded the shiny Raikou from Wi-Fi to all five of my games, so far I've only picked it up at the Pokemart in Platinum. Still working on my Pokedex and training my Pokemon. I've EV trained my Numel, and I'm working on getting my Poliwhirl to level 53 so I can evolve it into Poliwrath. My Dusknoir is currently level 86 and my Kingdra is level 80.

7th February 2011, 6:07 PM
Platinum: Did some PokéRadaring - and obviously failed, I seriously need help at it :P Currently in the Battle Hall, with Staraptor. So hard to get past the Electric stage -.- Planning on possibly EV training some Pokémon but tbh, I might just wait until B/W. But I do want to fill my Pokédex to a reasonable number - it's only on 280: Seen and 66: Obtained.

EDIT: Get to level 10 of Electric in the Hall and Magnezone comes up. *DOES HAPPY DANCE* But no, it has to hold on by one HP even with Close Combat and destroy Staraptor with Thunder. Hopes = crushed.

EDIT (again): BOOOYAH. Staraptor finally beat all 10 ranks of Electric. I'm so going to win the Battle Hall with it and get my first coloured print :D! THANK GOD FOR WACAN BERRIES. It truly was an epic battle. Staraptor vs. Jolteon. Jolteon goes first, uses Discharge. Wacan Berry leaves me with 35HP. Staraptor uses Close Combat. IT'S A CRITICAL HIT, AND STARAPTOR WINS! I was so thrilled :)

8th February 2011, 4:03 PM
Downloaded the Crown Raikou last night, now instead of three, I have five ;)

8th February 2011, 8:38 PM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex, the count is currently at 473 seen, 457 obtained. Planted the micle berry that was attached to the crown Raikou I downloaded to Platinum, as well as a persim, sitrus and liechi berry. Evolved my Poliwhirl into Poliwrath and my Weepinbell into Victreebel. My Dusknoir is currently level 90 and my Kingdra is level 82.

lucario beast
9th February 2011, 1:49 AM
about to beat team galactic at their velstone hq team
infernape 50
luxray 47
staraptor 44

9th February 2011, 8:36 AM
Just got to Snowpoint City, skipped a lot of the trainers on the way there just so I can Fly back. Gone back now to fight them all, caught myself a Sneasel which will most likely end up in my team at some point, but until then Croagunk evolved and has proven pretty useful which I was surprised at.
Currently training everyone up before tackling the Snowpoint gym.

lucario beast
10th February 2011, 4:32 AM
i challenged the elite 4 today and beat it with of my team of
infernape 55
staraptor 55
luxray 55
and geodude to heal other pokes rempriad to heal other pokes and absol to heal and to resist phsycic
and bertha was hard had to restart to beat her
and i had to stall out garchomp with staraptor for more than 15 turns

11th February 2011, 3:14 AM
Okay, this is a little late 'cause I was planning to do this for each gym, but here we go with part 4.
I defeated Wake in a heartbeat with some high leveled Pokemon. After the battle, I chased down the bomb-carrying grunt to get the Secret Potion, through which I accessed the road to Celestic Town. My Staravia and Prinplup then evolved to their next form. After performing the necessary duties in Celestic, I defeated every trainer in Fantina's gym (there's a lot) and proceeded to battle her, my Misdreavus stalling out her Drifblim by using Pain Split and defeating the Drifblim with a Shock Wave.
I then ran through Iron Island with Riley tagging along, training as I went. I defeated Byron with almost none of my Pokemon losing any HP, then went to Lake Valor as was Rowan's request and defeated Saturn without any trouble. Decided to go up to Snowpoint before defeating Mars at Lake Verity (haven't done that yet) and on Route 216 caught a Sneasel to use instead of the planned Abomasnow. Training it up now.

Current Team (lv. 42 unless otherwise noted)
Sneasel (lv 38)

Planned additions:
Palkia? or some other nonlegendary

11th February 2011, 3:15 AM
After approximately 1 year since downloading the event items, "Member's Card" and "Oak's Letter", I finally went ahead and actually did them.

But... before any of that, I decided to first take care of a little side task. Unfortunately, I hadn't really bothered taking care of the Heatran side quest, and therefore decided to complete it yesterday, due to the fact that I had been in the process of doing trades of the Crown Beasts downloaded from EB Games.

Completed that, went back and caught Heatran (took a couple tries to get one of a decent enough nature, Timid), then went ahead and decided to take care of the Member's Card event. Turns out, I had yet to actually take care of that secondary thing involving Eldritch. Got the Lunar Wing, lifted the kid's nightmare, then proceeded to go to the abandoned in.

What a freaky thing. Glad you only have to do it once. It made absolutely no sense. It was almost like I had temporarily went back in time, but only in the vicinity of that Inn. Arrived on New Moon Island (I noticed a boat, but I had no idea what it was for, or what, so I didn't bother). Went in front of Darkrai, saved and proceeded to catch it. First try, Timid nature with a personality that raises Sp. Attack :D.

Now, I'm in the process of the getting myself Shaymin... and was almost beaten by a damn Elite trainer with a level 57 Gyarados that decided to do 2 Dragon Dances and practically swept my entire team with Aqua Tail (Didn't really help that I only had 5 Pokemon on me at the time, and Aqua Tail was so freaking powered up that nothing I had could take it). Lucky for me, my Infernape had Mach Punch, and was able to take it out.

Now, I'm in the process of heading over to the location where Shaymin is, saving and then using my Bibarel (level 32) to catch it with. I'm thinking it's not going to be easy in the least.


11th February 2011, 8:41 AM
After levelling up quite a fair bit, and failing to beat Candice a couple of times, I got through the Snowpoint City gym.
Then after messing around with HM slaves, I went to go help my rival with Team Galactic expecting a battle at Lake Acurity.... Oh well, back to Veilstone!

11th February 2011, 4:30 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Slow day today. Yesterday, my boyfriend Justin traded me a Horsea when I decided that Whiskers (Whiscash) just didn't fit in my party. I still kind of feel bad about it, but it's the truth... So I spent all morning and afternoon training her, until she evolved into a Seadra. I was happy, and so I trained her up some more.

I brought her to the Footprint Guy, and he said that she still didn't really feel affection from me. So I flew over to Hearthome and made her some Poffin, and then I flew to Veilstone to get her a massage. Then we headed over to the Restaurant and battled there. I partnered her up with Besitos (Dusknoir) and later Wrecker (Rhyperior).

After that, I taught a few of my Pokemon some TMs. Justin left me a message. He said that we should do a quick trade. So I obliged. He traded me a Murkrow in exchange for my Seadra. I was confused, but he told me he'd be right back. I decided to give the Murkrow my Earthquake TM since I wasn't going to need it (yet at least) so that he could teach it to his Flygon. He came back and we traded back.

What I got back was not my Seadra. First, her name was Dorrie now. Second, she was a Kingdra. Apparently, he had attached a Dragon Scale to the Horsea when he traded it to me. I hadn't noticed. He remembered it and when I told him about my Seadra, he did me a favor. He also decided to name her Dorrie, which explains why he left.
But anyways, that's my day. My party is now complete! But I really didn't do much today.

Team Applesauce
Chimpy M, lv. 48
Albus M, lv. 45
Forina F, lv. 46
Besitos M, lv. 47
Wrecker M, lv. 46
Dorrie F, lv. 36

12th February 2011, 1:00 AM
I plan on finishing Emerald this weekend (Victory Road, Elite Four, exploring the Battle Frontier, and hopefully catching the Weather Trio and battling Steven over the next week). This'll leave me with a small window to beat Platinum one more time before I play White. I'm going to use primarily Piplup and Ponyta until I get Eevee, which I plan to evolve into Leafeon. I plan on using a Gliscor with Hyper Cutter so Gyarados won't be a problem, as well as Girafarig and Toxicroak. This ought to be a fun team if I can finish it before White.

EDIT: You know what?I may just leave it for after I finish Black, which I plan on doing after White.

12th February 2011, 11:31 AM
Platinum: Still working on my Pokedex. The Pokedex count is currently at 474 seen, 460 obtained. Currently EV training my Rhyhorn. When it comes to the other Pokemon I'm training, my Dusknoir is currently level 92, my Kingdra is level 85 and my Poliwrath is level 60. I also taught Poliwrath ice punch from a move tutor today.

12th February 2011, 1:10 PM
So Electivire gets through Ground and something else in the Battle Hall. Round 3 I decide to mix it up, fighting different types. On the 30th Battle I lost - it's so annoying! Electivire is probably my best Pokémon for the Battle Hall but it still can't win. So I'm pretty annoyed.

Got into the Ribbon Syndicate today - huzzah. Might try some chaining later.

13th February 2011, 7:28 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

Sooo... I didn't do much, but this is heavy.

I know Team Galactic's plan.

I originally thought they were just a crazy cult, doing stupid things for stupid reasons. Nothing to be afraid, just people to keep from getting out of hand.

I was wrong.

So today, I met up with Looker and we infiltrated the Galactic Hideout in Velstone. We started in the basement and we moved up. I battled a few of their Grunts and picked up some items along the way.

Then I found Looker looking in on a huge gathering of Galactic Grunts. It turns out, their leader, Cyrus, was giving a speech. That was where he stated their true intentions.

They want to destroy the world and create a new world in its place...

Me and Looker had to scramble to avoid detection when the Grunts all dispersed. We had to climb onto a ceiling and hide in some shadows. I'm pretty sure we weren't well hidden, so stupidity and ignorant blindness must be a requirement. Or at least the standard.

I caught up with Cyrus later on, and he revealed that he was actually going to just create the world for himself. He was betraying the Grunts and using them to fulfill his own desire for power. Or peace and completeness, so he calls it. He got mad at my being pure and giving in to my emotions, so he challenged me to a battle. I held my own pretty well, although Besitos (Dusknoir) wasn't able to keep up. I'm gonna have to get rid of Attract for Thunder Wave...

But he ran off and I went off to go find the three legends of the lakes. I found their lab. It was... Horrifying. The people in there were just as horrified as I was. There were unidentifiable objects floating in the test tubes, and they looked like they were alive. At least just barely. And then I found them.

Their faces were painted with pain, it's scary just recalling the memory.. They shuddered, and writhed in pain it, I couldn't watch them. I battled the other Galactic Admin, I forget his name, so that I could get to the button that freed them. When I won, I pressed the button and the trio teleported out of there almost immediately.

I made my way out after that. I could still feel the sweat dripping down my back despite the cold as I made my way back to the Pokemon Center. I plan on following Cyrus and stopping his plan as soon as possible, but I need to let my team rest. They've had a rough day so far. But as soon as they're rested, I'm going after Cyrus. He needs to be stopped.

Team Applesauce
Chimpy M, lv. 50
Albus M, lv. 48
Forina F, lv. 47
Besitos M, lv. 48
Wrecker M, lv. 48
Dorrie F, lv. 47

Blazing Charmander
13th February 2011, 7:54 PM
I got a craving for a new Sinnoh journey last night, so restarted my Diamond version this afternoon and chose a Turtwig as my starter. After proving to Rowan that me and my friend Derek (a name for my DPPt rival that has lived on through every one of my files so far, so it has to be a tradition now :p) were worthy of our chosen starters and more excited kids than delinquent youths, Rowan entrusted me with Turtwig, who I named Donatello after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles.

After bidding my mother goodbye before setting out on adventure, I reached Route 202 where Dawn taught me how to catch a Pokemon (boooooring -_-) and gave me 5 Pokeballs to start me off. I caught a Starly, Bidoof and Shinx on the same Route and decided to keep Shinx as a permanent fixture on my team, nicknaming him Leo in the process. With Donatello and Leo's help, I won my first trainer battles with relative ease and discovered on the way that, to my surprise, my party had been infected with PokeRus (for the first time since I had it on my first Emerald file in 2005)! I deposited Starly and Bidoof as soon as I reached Jubilife in order to retain the PokeRus for future EV training convenience and went to the Trainers' School to give Derek the Parcel that his mother entrusted to me back in Twinleaf before defeating the two Abra trainers for the Hidden Power TM. I then ended a hectic start to my new journey by winning a Poketch.

Donatello the Turtwig
Lv 10

Leo the Shinx
Lv 7

14th February 2011, 3:53 AM
Pt Update:
*Obtained my 7th badge
*Went through Team Galactic's HQ
*About to battle Cyrus

D Update:
*Pokedex is now up to 443 or so. Most remaining entries are trade evolutions and friendship evolutions -_-

14th February 2011, 12:40 PM
Just finished up in Team Galactic HQ, Cyrus seemed like quite a pushover compared to when I first played Diamond. Team's levelling up nicely (not sure of the exact levels right now), but I've also got Riolu and Sneasel on the back burner.
Thinking of swapping out Roserade as it's been pretty useless since beating Crasher Wake.

14th February 2011, 5:15 PM
Platinum: Downloaded the shiny Entei to my games today. Picked the Entei up at the Pokemart and put it in a PC box with the other legendaries. My Pokedex count as has not changed since my last post. My Dusknoir is now level 96, my Kingdra is level 88 and my Poliwrath is level 66. Still working on EV training my Rhyhorn, will continue the EV training tonight when the Kricketune come out to increase it's attack stat.

14th February 2011, 6:58 PM
So I had a craving for a new proper game, so I decided to restart Pearl and play again. I will also keep you updated on Platinum ;)

Started with Piplup - and got a female on my first try, HUZZAH :D!

Caught a Starly on the way to Jubilife and raised it up to match Piplup's level. Gave the Town Map to Barry and battled the kids in the Trainer School. Gonna head to the Oreburgh Gym pretty soon.

Blazing Charmander
15th February 2011, 7:46 PM
Continuing on from my last playthrough I caught a Magikarp at the fishing spot just west of Jubilife after receiving an Old Rod from the Fisherman in the gatehouse. I nicknamed her Karpy and considered keeping her on my team for the future, but I doubt I will do. Nonetheless, she picked up PokeRus from Turtwig and Shinx and I continued onwards to Oreburgh City.

After beating a few trainers on Route 203 I decided to try my luck with catching an Abra whose Hidden Power was Fire. I SR'd every time an Abra didn't have that HP type and by some fortune I didn't have to wait too long for a HP Fire Abra, whose type I found out through battling a Magikarp and Budew to test the move's effectiveness. Abra, now nicknamed Trixie, will be a good ally on my journey through Sinnoh with Hidden Power Fire due to the shocking lack of Fire types in the region, though I may decide to use a Ponyta or Meditite (who can be taught Fire Punch as a Medicham) eventually.

I'm now in Oreburgh Gate, just about to enter Oreburgh City with a healthy team of three (four if you count Karpy who I don't intend on using now but i've let her tag along for now lol).

Donatello the Turtwig - Lv 12
Leo the Shinx - Lv 9
Karpy the Magikarp - Lv 6
Trixie the Abra - Lv 8

16th February 2011, 12:26 AM
I started over on my platinum yet again. I started out with piplup again and transfered over a charmnder from my other platinum. I finally got a female piplup, that took about 20 tries XD I just beat Roark and here is my team currently:

Piplup lv 15
Charmander lv 13

16th February 2011, 1:51 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:

I thought my last journal entry was heavy. THIS is what I call heavy.
I, like Red before, have defeated an evil team! hahahah! I defeated Team Galactic!

Cyrus tried to get to the top of Mt. Coronet to summon both Dialga and Palkia, but that didn't happen. Well, he was able to summon them, but it didn't go according to his plan. A gigantic black hole appeared in front of him and the two legendaries, and then Giratina came out and dragged Cyrus into the Distortion World. Me and Cynthia decide to follow him.

That place is crazy. I've never felt so... Free, mainly because not even the laws of galaxy apply. It was weird... But, the two of us made our way through, and we found Cyrus. I fought him in battle, and defeated him. Chimpy (Infernape) fell in the battle, so I think I need to teach him a stronger fire attack. Probably Flare Blitz. But we did defeat him. And he ran away. Haha, little baby! He thought he was so slick, trying to trick me into leaving Giratina alone, but Cynthia saw through him and encouraged me to capture it. And I did. HOLY SNAP. I CAUGHT GIRATINA. OIHGIAHGHGIRAHLGHR!!!

Wow... Ok ok, back to the entry. Uhm... After that, Cynthia and I were transported out of the Distortion World to Sendoff Spring. Cynthia told me to go say hi to Professor Rowan and let him know I'm alright, so I made my way out of Sendoff Spring (and found an X-Scissor too, which I taught to Forina (Leafeon)). I got Albus (Togekiss) to fly me to Rowan, and he urged me to continue my journey.

So now, I'm on my way to Sunyshore City. Chimpy (Infernape) finally learned Flare Blitz, so I'm just slowly training my Pokemon up before getting to the city.

It's only a matter of time now... And I'll have all eight badges!

Team Applesauce
Chimpy M, lv. 57
Albus M, lv. 49
Forina F, lv. 49
Besitos M, lv. 48
Wrecker M, lv. 50
Dorrie F, lv. 48

16th February 2011, 8:42 PM
I forgot that lucario and magnemite are part steel so I've decided to go with gastly instead. I've used it alot but hypnosis will be more helpful. I just beat Mars and am about to catch a gastly. Here is my team:

Charmelion lv 20
Prinplup lv 22

17th February 2011, 1:44 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Josh's Journal:

I'm baaack! It's been a while, this vacation stuff gets kind of addicting. But I'm back! And I have a surprise!

My original line-up is back! For the first time in two years, Team Killjoys is finally back to all the original members! I'm just doing some move revamping, since I've learned a few things in the past few years of team searching.

So, I had to do a little bit of training. The returnees aren't in horrible shape, but they need to stretch their legs a little bit. I renamed most of my party too, since we all felt that the names weren't really... appealing to us. We all chose them two years ago when we were young, we've grown a little bit. I battle Candice, Byron, Fantina and Mira in the Battle Cafe. I mostly trained my newly named Viola (Floatzel) and Raus (Lucario) since they had spent the most time out of my party. I plan on doing some Battle Frontier challenges to earn some BP, and get some new TMs.

But that's all so far! I'm excited, just gotta do some work!

Team Killjoys
Lily, F lv. 81
Viola, F lv. 77 (returnee, hasn't been in my party for a little over a year)
Edward, M lv. 80 (returnee, hasn't been in my party for a few months)
Z, lv. 78 (returnee, hasn't been in my party in a few months)
Raus, M lv. 77 (returnee, hasn't been in my party for a little over a year)
Brunbru, M lv. 79 (returnee, hasn't been in my party for a few months)

17th February 2011, 7:15 PM
I managed to catch a combee from the honey tree, unfortunatly this mornings pokemon was also a combee. Hopefully tonights will be different. I got gastly up to scratch with my other pokemon. Here is my team before battling Gardenia:

Charmeleon lv 23
Prinplup lv 22
Gastly lv 20

18th February 2011, 11:59 PM
Wow, its been ages...
Big update time!
Last time I think I was raising a Metagross. I got it to lvl 53 and its EV trained and everythingmeaning I had 2/3rds of my team. When I tested my wifi it didn't work so a friend is trading me a Suicune. All the moves were prepared but I didn't teach the moves incase something stopped me. I had already trained them by mid-January so I was stuck on what to do for the remaining month. In that month I decided to find a better sweeper than Metagross. I spent over a week fishing in Mt. Coronet for a suitable Dratini. Eventually I settled on a Dragonair with a Lonely nature that had a perfect atk IV. Its EV trained in atk and HP and abuses DD and the Dragon-Fire combo. I'm going to use Draggy for my BT team while 30 Dratini and 35ish of the Beldum line rot in my PC. Now all I need to do is survive half-term waiting for that dang Suicune and manage to get to Battle 100 before April 8 when I get White. The last month of this gen. Coincidentally, this monday will be the final episode of DP in the UK.

19th February 2011, 8:24 PM
Here we are again. Part 5 goes all the way past Victory Road, so here goes.

I ran up to Snowpoint, then when I got there healed and ran back down R217 and 216 to defeat all the trainers. My Sneasel was leveled to the level of the rest of my party, then I traded over a Dusk Stone and Razor Claw from Platinum to evolve Misdreavus and Sneasel respectively. Then I defeated Candice no problem, and went down to Lake Verity to rescue Rowan and Dawn. Then I defeated Team Galactic at their HQ and progressed towards Spear Pillar, where I defeated Galactic once again and caught Palkia (in a Master Ball, if it were after game completion I'd try to catch it in another ball but I didn't feel like wasting time). Then I caught Azelf (three times, actually, but the first few I got a Sp. Attack lowering nature and SRed).

So then I defeated Volkner, then traveled up to Victory Road and ran around in there a while, getting items and battling trainers. Eventually I made it to the Leaugue, defeated my rival (named Mordred) and then left. Explored the routes next to the Pal Park. Then I decided to run around in the Underground, which I got caught up in. My most recent playing was sphere farming in the Underground, its addicting. Today I'm going to rank up my flag by borrowing a sibling's DS and getting flags from another game of mine.

And of course I'll be VS Seeker training. My team now is, all level 51:
Azelf (yeah I did say I'd catch another nonlegendary or use Palkia as a final member, but whatever)

Nutter t.KK
19th February 2011, 10:59 PM
Excerpt from Pokémon Trainer/Water Mage Nakato: (Diamond 1)

Feb 18

I don't know what I did recently, but some how this Delivery guy finds me, as I was browsing the top shelf of the Magazines.. What? It's "Pokémon Breeder Monthly." ;)

First, He gave me a Riolu. Nurse Solana Joy asked me later how did he Learn Aura Sphere. I didn't know he had that move. It must have been this "Kyle" person. I really don't know any one in Alima. Ranger Allison, whom I met in the bushes on Route 212, said that their HQ is there. She also said that I'm welcome to pop in to the any Sinnoh Branch, but she's almost always on duty. :(

I don't know how my Linoone does it but he often has a Nugget up his nose.. No, not snot. Gold. Getting it out is not easy, I've had Nurse Ester Joy use first aid on me. Today, I didn't need Nurse Joy or her first aid kit. I went back to the Pokémart, to grab some Band Aids. As I as preparing to look like Gym Leader Maylene, that Delivery guy Sneaks up to me, again!

Anyway, He's got another Package, it's another Pokémon. After I got my hand unstuck from the Band aid, A Raikou was mine. A mate of mine in Jotho has one, his had a Purple mane, as the Pokédex. What I didn't find was it's gender. So I tried to sneak behind it and check out myself. I was just out of range of feeling the answer myself, when saw him or her use Zap Cannon. Ow.. I got it back in the PokéBall before anymore trouble.. I think I couldn't move after that.

Excerpt from Pokémon Trainer/"BookKeeper" Trey: (Diamond 2)

Feb 18 - Sandgem Town

Clear skies, apparently a Thunder Storm in Solecon Town.

Stocked up of Potions and Pokéballs, (Special Offer: Buy 10 Pokéballs and get a Premier Ball for Free). While in store: a Delivery Person had two Packages for me. Strange. I don't remember ordering anything.

The Packages contains a special ball, known as Cherish Ball, in each. A Raikou and Entei, two thirds of the Johto Lengendary Beast. They didn't seem wanting to listen to me, and one was very Adamant about it.

I need to get a badge or two to control them.

Excerpt from Pokémon Trainer/Muse Kat Kleinson/2k: (Pearl 2/Ranch Mii)

Feb 18

Hayley recently show me the new arrivals from Trey.. How did he get a Yellow Raikou, and a Black cheek-plated Entei? I forgot to bring my Faithful trio of Lucario, Luvdisc and Unown.

I got a phone called that I got Delivery back at home. Who order it? I wonder, I didn't.

Excerpt from Pokémon Trainer/Staff "Big" Nutter: (Platinum)

Feb 18

I had a really bad dream of Canned Meat products attacking a Celebi, the Canned meat was also Yodeling in Russian.. Why Russian? They sang: "ТРОЛОЛОЛО!" (Trolololo!)

I decided to pick up Acerus and Jirachi, since that Weird Delivery man had been following me for the last week.

20th February 2011, 9:55 AM
Diamond - I loaded up my spare Diamond properly (had used it to download the shiny dogs previously) and found out it has my little brother's save on. He had a few eggs, so I hatched those into three Shellos and two Phione as some have been there since November 2007. Looking through his boxes I saw that he's given most of his Pokémon nicknames that are real names like Esau and Samuel, so have carried on this trend. Boxed dogs away in "Shinies!" box along with the Pikachu-colored Pichu and a Ponyta.

Pearl - Quick GTS visit where I got a Japanese Abra, and a lottery check. Boxed dogs away in "Legends" box because there's no room left in my "Shinies!" box.

Platinum - Evolved Wartortle and Gastly (who went in my "Trading" box along with Machoke etc.). Next up is Rattatta. I'm also attempting to catch more Relianth to get their DeepSea held item for evolving my Clamperls. Then a Carvanha hunt in the Great Marsh.

20th February 2011, 6:30 PM
I've been meaning to restart my Platinum. I bought a second one but I'm pretty sure I left it overseas. What a dilemma. Either way, I might trade over the important stuff in my boxes (legendaries, HOF team, eggs, etc.) and start again.

kill and run
20th February 2011, 7:46 PM
Diamond 1: Nothing as of yet, might start over.
Diamond 2: """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""".
Pearl 1: Just recently started over, used piplup, so far at first gym, team piplup, starly, shinx, transfering over a treecko as well.
Pearl 2: Just chilling in pokecenter, havent played much, going to transfer over my Shiny Drifloon to HG/SS soon.
Platinum 1: Havent played in a while, just started over.
Platinum 2: Need to organize boxes, and most likely will start over soon.

Havent been really playing these games, as i have been playing HG/SS more. Will update if anything happens more within these games.

21st February 2011, 10:31 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Renee's Journal:


I DID IT! I DID IT~!! I DEFEATED CYNTHIA! I am now the Champion of the Sinnoh Region!

Or at least I would be if I had accepted. I honestly think Cynthia's a much better Champion than I; I'm pretty sure my win was a fluke. I'm not sure I'd win if I ran against her again.

But wow. I can't believe it. A month ago, my mom was telling me not to go into the tall grass because she was afraid a little Starly or a Bidoof would come out and tackle me or something. And today, I defeated the Champion's Pokemon. Mind boggling!

So my day started like this. I beat Volkner. I know, right? The dude seemed pretty happy about it too. I guess I brought back the passion into his battling (although, I think my looks may have something to do about that... just kidding!)

And then some girl named Jasmine gave me Waterfall. She said she's a Gym Leader from Johto, but I'm not sure I entirely believe her. She looked so thin, shy and fragile. How could she be a Gym Leader?

So we made our way through, and then poof! Victory Road! I kid you not, I was lost inside that stupid cave for like, 6 hours! I went around in circles before I finally figured out where I needed to go. Battled the trainers that were in the cave, but I used like, 30 Super and Max Repels trying to keep the Pokemon away. I wasn't really in the battle a Pokemon every 2 seconds mood.

And we were out. It was about... 10 o'clock in the evening? Yeah, about that time. I spent my entire day inside that cave! Arrgh! I thought I wouldn't be able to beat the League that evening. But I decided to give it a try. Why the heck not?

So I ran up and, POOF! Nolan comes up to me. Battle!
I did better than usual too. 5 Pokemon to take on his 6. Yeaaaaaahhh!

And then it was Aaron. Bug Pokemon. He had a pleasant personality. He was kind of cute too, but Justin's a lot better. Despite Chimpy (Inernape's) type advantage, I believe I used Wrecker (Rhyperior) a lot in this battle, along with Nox (Electivire).

Next in line was Bertha. She was a breeze; Forina (Leafeon) and Dorrie (Kingdra) played a major role in this battle.

Flint was up next too. He was pretty excited about our match. I gave him as good a match as I could. Dorrie (Kingdra) and Wrecker (Rhyperior) took out the bulk of his team, but I sent out Chimpy (Infernape) to take on his Infernape. And we won! Hahaha!

Lucian was a bit of a pain. He kept dodging my attacks, but Nox (Electivire) took down his Bronzongs after some time. The rest of his Pokemon were taken down by an assortment of my team.

And then Cynthia. She was a real challenge. I took down Spiritomb fairly easy using Chimpy (Infernape). She called on Garchomp next, to which I responded with Dorrie (Kingdra). Ice Beam would have played a major role in this battle; except that she was too slow. Garchomp took her down with one swift Dragon Rush. So, despite my doubts, I sent out Wrecker (Rhyperior). I hope his defense would be able to withstand Garchomp's Earthquake. Miraculously, somehow, and I love Wrecker for this, Wrecker did survive! He took down that Garchomp with one super-powered Avalanche (thanks to the hit he recieved). I knew Wrecker's slowness would help him out someday. Milotic fell to a combination of Forina (Leafeon) and Nox (Electivire), and her Togekiss too Nox (Electivire, but not before her Togekiss took out my own (Albus). I need to train him up some more, probably teach him a better moveset. And then her Lucario. I wanted to finish this battle off with a bang, so I called on Chimpy (Infernape). I wasn't sure if he'd pull through, but I figured it would be fun. Chimpy did pretty well though. I have to give him credit. One Close Combat and... WE WERE CHAMPIONS!

It was amazing. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it.

Cynthia inducted me into the Hall of Fame after a few words with Professor Rowan and then, I was on my way home. I took the slow way, surfing and biking my way there. Oh, the memories...

And now, I'm off to bed. GOOD NIGHT! I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

Team Applesauce
Chimpy, M lv. 59
Albus, M lv. 52
Forina, F lv. 55
Wrecker, M lv. 55
Dorrie, F lv. 58
Nox, M lv. 55

21st February 2011, 10:43 AM

In preparation for Black and White, I finally decided to catch the Legendaries of Sinnoh. As I already had the 3 Regi's with me, I first went after Regigigas. The battle itself wasn't too bad, as after Roserade used Stun Spore and whittled down his health, my lvl 88 Venasaur stood in to take any attacks Regigigas threw at me. After about a dozen Ultra Balls, he was caught.
I moved onto making Mespirit and Cresselia start roaming, as they were still waiting for me to show up to begin with. Still haven't caught them yet because I haven't been well prepared, so I'm working on a Ghastly to level up with Mean Look.
So next was Giratina, and the first time I battled him, he broke free from every ball I could throw at him and eventually knocked himself out. So I reloaded my save and just threw the Master Ball at him.
Luckily I didn't need it for Heatran, who was caught pretty easily in a Dusk Ball.

After failing to beast Cyrus in the Distortion World, I'm currently just levelling up my team, as they're all around the low 40's right now.

22nd February 2011, 6:55 PM
loljk I decided to start again using a Turtwig. It's a pretty decent Pokemon and I've used it in all my successful runs of D/P/Pt. And I want to use a Flareon but having two Fire-types would be redundant. Final team is probably gonna end up being Torterra, Flareon, Lucario, Alakazam, Froslass, and Milotic. Lots of Pokemon I haven't used there sans Torterra and Milotic.

Turtwig Lv 5

23rd February 2011, 6:02 AM
Restarted the game and chose Raoult the Turtwig. It's now a Level 21 Grotle.
Caught Raquel the Starly and evolved it. She raped the 2nd Gym and is now at Level 22.
Caught Smash Ball the Geodude at Level 5. It's a Ball intended for Rock Smash.
Caught Randall the Buizel and watched him get raped repeatedly by the Trainers on Route 205. He's now holding his own at Level 21.
Caught Doofus the female Bidoof at Level 13. Cut slave. Need I say more? I just hope she doesn't Cut herself...
Caught Raster the Level 20 Rotom on the first Pokeball. Not a Great Ball, not an Ultra Ball, not even a Nest Ball - a Pokeball. And now I've got 49 Pokeballs I'm never going to use.

EDIT: Downloaded Entei and Suicune into Platinum. Now I have three Legendaries before the third gym! u jelly?

Also downloaded all three Legendary Beasts of Johto to Diamond, one from GameStop and the others from WFC. Got another copy of each in HG plus the one Raikou I got in Platinum before restarting the game. I now have three of each shiny legendary beast, hurr hurr.

24th February 2011, 12:18 AM
I've spent the last two days playing Platinum nonstop. Well there have been food, sleep, and bathroom breaks, but that's besides the point. After crafting my team on paper, I started playing. I caught a Starly on Route 202 and trained her. She and Turtwig were the only two Pokemon on my team for quite a while. As a result, after I made it down Cycling Road, I had a Torterra and a Staraptor. Huh.

Anyway, I made it to Hearthome and got my Eevee. It was considerably underleveled compared to Torterra and Staraptor. I trained it up a bit and got a Fire Stone in the Solaceon Ruins. I used it and evolved it to Flareon. I then trekked eastbound and down to Veilstone. I linked up with HeartGold and sent myself a Feebas egg. It hatched and I fed it a lot of Poffins. I now have a Milotic. Currently getting that one up to speed.

As of now, I'm sitting on Route 214, training my Milotic against the trainers and wild Pokemon. Probably gonna backtrack and do the Lost Tower before I forget. Should be good practice for Milotic.

Torterra Lv 35
Staraptor Lv 35
Flareon Lv 34
Milotic Lv 13

Dark Sharpedo
24th February 2011, 4:48 AM
Just finished up doing some half-hour training at Victory Road, gonna head down to Solaceon Town to check out how my Day-Card Poke's are doing... After that Ill probably be walking through Route 214, while training Jumpluff to be much stronger!
After that I may backtrack back towards Sunyshore City, when there Ill probably stack up on some goods at the Poke Mart, then head up to Victory Road yet again!
Not much on the list of things for me to check off today. But as I think about it, why not head down to the Lottery in Jubilife? I may even head down to the Battle Tower, you never know!

My Team as of right now:
Lv. 47 Furret ;162;
Lv. 42 Typloshion ;157;
Lv. 41 Jumpluff ;189;
lv. 84 Sharpedo ;319;
Lv. 57 Espeon ;196;
Lv. 100 Noctowl ;164;

^ If anyone here knows anything about competitive WiFi battling you'll notice my team is based around a future-NU team ^

25th February 2011, 1:45 AM
Spent another long time playing today after my morning run. Started up at the Valor Lakefront. At that point I was still getting my Milotic up to speed. Went to the restaurant and tore it up. My Flareon was given the Amulet Coin beforehand, so I picked up a lot of cash. After that, I went to the grass and trained Milotic some more. After a bit of training, Milotic was up to speed with the rest of the team. Hooray!

I then journeyed west towards Pastoria. I healed up my team and went to the gym, only to be greeted by my rival. The battle actually took me aback, considering at how high leveled his Staravia was. I wiped the floor with him and then went in to the Gym. I battled Wake. My strategy was fairly simple. I went in wit my Torterra. It took out his Gyarados while remaining at full health. His Floatzel got him with a pretty powerful Ice Fang, but Torterra was left with a sliver of HP. This activated Overgrow, and Razor Leaf destroyed Floatzel in one hit. Quagsire was destroyed by Razor Leaf for being slow and derpy. Fen Badge, get!

I walk out of the gym and my rival is there, notifying Wake and I of the bomb. I'm relegated to chasing down the grunt. After getting him back to the lake, I took care of him pretty easily. Cynthia showed up and gave me a SecretPotion. I then took off for Route 210, used the potion and made my way across the route. I then arrived in Celestic Town, where I last saved.

Torterra Lv 37
Staraptor Lv 37
Flareon Lv 37
Milotic Lv 36

25th February 2011, 7:08 PM
This is the first time I played Platinum in a few months. Since I had not yet caught Cresslia, Dialga, Palkia, and the three legend birds, I decided to do that today... Well so I decided I start by catching Dialga up at mount coronet.
And Wow!... I just went up to Mt. Coronet to get Dialga and Palkia (I have platinum), and dialga suddenly went in already on the 3rd ball... Wow... Never had I imagined that this pokemon, with half of it's HP left, with no status problem, would be caught that fast...

EDIT: Oh my god...
I restarted the game because dialga had such a bad nature (hasty :/...). I had of course saved right in front of him, and when I fought him, I caught him at the first try! And he even had half his hp left. Okay okay you may say that I am over reacting now, seen as dialga's capture rate is 30 and not 3 as many other legendaries. But what is the chance that I first catch it on my third try, and following that on the FIRST? And this is the first time I'm playing this game in three months...

25th February 2011, 8:29 PM
before April 8 when I get White.


I've been SRing for a good set of IVs on the M13 Celebi's I downloaded earlier for my two Platinum's and SoulSilver.

25th February 2011, 8:38 PM
I attempted to defeat. Cynthia in Platinum, but I'm a bit underleveled and she defeated me no matter how many times I soft reset the game. I'm currently training my team in order to beat her. All of my members are between the levels of 51 and 55, minus my HM slave.

26th February 2011, 10:08 AM
Played rather sporadically over the last day and a half. Went to Iron Island, chilled with Riley, beat up Galactic Grunts, and got a colorful egg. I ran around Canalave (Trainer's legs: toned!) and my egg hatched into a Riolu. I spent MORE time running around then went into Canalave Gym. Crushed Byron's gym and team with my Flareon. By the time I left, I had a Mine Badge and a Lucario in tow.

My rival demanded that I meet him at the library. I healed up my team and went to the library. As Rowan gave us an assignment, DOOOOOOOOOM happened. Team Galactic blew up Lake Valor. I was tasked with going to investigate. I arrive, and the place is swarming with grunts and Magikarp. I disposed of the grunts and took out Saturn. Next I had to make sure Lake Verity was OK. Because Dawn is a load of derpyness, I had to save her. I beat Mars easily and Rowan says I must go check on my impatient rival up north.

I fly to Celestic Town and head through Mt. Coronet. I arrive in a wintry wonderland. No wonder we got these clothes at the beginning. I take out a bunch of trainers and arrive at Snowpoint. I then return to the grass and look for a Snorunt. Specifically, a female Snorunt. I had picked up a Dawn Stone earlier in my travels, so my goal is to pick up a Snorunt for a Froslass. The first Pokemon I see as I enter the grass is a female Snorunt. Excellent luck on my part. I caught Snorunt, saved, and here I am, training to take on Candice.

Team (finally complete):
Torterra Lv 42
Staraptor Lv 42
Flareon Lv 42
Milotic Lv 42
Lucario Lv 34
Snorunt Lv 34

26th February 2011, 10:46 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Josh's Journal:

Well, today was a pretty chill day. Lots of training and exercise, nothing too stressful.

Got everybody back up to speed. My entire team finally made it to level 80. I battled a couple of the Gym Leaders at the Battle Cafe again, along with Mira.

Did lots of digging today too. I wanted Viola (Floatzel) to learn Ice Punch, since I realized that I hadn't utilized her strengths to her attacks. Since she's more of a Physical attacker, I realized Blizzard might not be the route to go. So I went digging for some Blue Shards, since they were basically all I was lacking. It took about 3 hours, but I was finally able to scrounge up 6 of those tiny things.

Jeez, these Move Tutors are gonna run me dry. Anyways, I flew over to Pastoria on Edward (Togekiss) and got Viola (Floatzel) to learn Ice Punch.

Now I'm at lost at what to do. Flint and Volkner are chillin at my Villa, and I'm jsut listening to the two debate on everything on my bed. I don't know if I should go challenge the Pokemon League again, train up my Pokemon there, or if I should go to the Battle Frontier and see how I do there. I've been researching on my computer here some of my Pokemon's learnable attacks, and I know that I should probably teach both Lily (Torterra) and Raus (Lucario) a Rock type move, and Viola (Floatzel) definitely needs to forget Strength and learn something else. Maybe I should save some money and buy enough coins to get Edward (Togekiss) Psychic at the Game Corner too. Again, again. Decisions, decisions. Too much time on my hand, I miss when I didn't ahve all the badges. I should probably travel to Johto or something, I dunno...

Team Killjoys
Lily, F lv. 81
Viola, F lv. 80
Edward, M lv. 81
Z, lv. 80
Raus, M lv. 79
Brunbru, M lv. 80

26th February 2011, 6:58 PM
I decided to see if I could do a speed run on Platinum before B/W come out. I planned out a team, which will be a sandstorm based team, meaning Rock/Ground/Steel types. I'm also going to nickname all my Pokemon. So I started out with Turtwig (Turticle), and rushed through the beginning as fast as I could. Turticle evolved, and I defeated Roark. I made my way to Floroma and captured a Shellos (Slink). I just defeated Team Galctic in the Power Plant and I am making my way towards Eterna Forest.

26th February 2011, 9:38 PM
Pearl - Simple GTS check and lottery check.

Platinum - Evolved Ekans and got a Pichu from the PC to make in to a Pichu. Also got a male Nidoran out ready to evolve. Trying to fill my Pokédex.

27th February 2011, 11:06 AM
Platinum (Compeleted):
I have traded over my Shiny Suicune from SS to my Platinum, and my SS copy got a Japanese Croconaw. I also have a Japanese Quilava, and it's breeding with Ditto in the Daycare. 30 Eggs, and still no shiny... I'm going to EV Train my Wobafett with Suicune. Calm natured Wobba, and Bold Suicune. :P


My Steel Type Monorun is going well. I defeated Roark with Hikari (Prinplup), and then searched Orebrugh Mine for an Onix. I headed to Jubilife and beat the Galactic Grunts. I then went to Floroma Town and easily beat them at the Valley Windworks. My Prinplup died against Mars, and Onix took out her Zubat and Purgly. I then saved after Looker appeared.

27th February 2011, 2:21 PM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Josh's Journal:

Today started while I was in my Villa. Flint and Volkner had skidaddled and I was watching some tv, when a special news flash came on. It showed Justin battling the Pokemon League. He'd shown some progress from when I first traded him his Gallade, so I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to take on the Battle Tower with me.

He seemed really excited, and sped over to the Battle Tower. When he got there, I noticed that he had changed, grown up. It made me think back to when I had first started my journey...

But anyways, we quickly signed up and got ready to roll. I used Lily (Torterra) and Z (Porygon-Z) for our first run through. He used his Feraligatr, Chopper, and Flygon, Toothless. I remember when I first sent him that Trapinch egg... He wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer so bad, so I sent him an egg, as per his mom's request. And his Totodile... A Feraligatr already!

We beat the first seven trainers, and challenged again. This time, I called on Brunbru (Magmortar) and Z (Porygon-Z) for help. He used his Mamoswine, Sniffles, and his Mismagius, Clarisse. We pulled through again.

This kid's gotten so much better. He's really going to be formidable when he gets to about my level.. I can't wait!

Team Killjoys
Lily, F lv. 81
Viola, F lv. 80
Edward, M lv. 81
Z, lv. 80
Raus, M lv. 79
Brunbru, M lv. 80

27th February 2011, 3:41 PM
I reached the Eterna Forest and spammed the Double Battles for exp. When I reached Eterna City, I immediatly went and got the Explorer Kit. I went underground in search of a fossil. Luckily, on my fourth attempt I found a skull fossil. I ran back to Oreburgh and revived the fossil into Cranidos (Skulram). I ran back to Eterna and trained Skulram against various trainers before I headed to the gym. Skulram took out Turtwig, and Turticle took out Cherrim and Roserade. I quickly headed to capture my next Pokemon, avoiding trainers along the way. That pokemon was Gible (Puff). I am currently training Puff, and I am about to spam the double battles in the cave below cycling road, which I cannot remember the name of for the life of me.

27th February 2011, 5:38 PM
I am currently training Puff, and I am about to spam the double battles in the cave below cycling road, which I cannot remember the name of for the life of me.

Tis called the Wayward Cave (?)

Anyway, me being me, I headed on my journey.

I had beaten the trainers on Route 205. There was one girl that used a Piplup - had she gotten it from Prof Rowan? I then pressed on. A beautiful woman came up to me, and asked if I would help her get out of the forest. Her Chansey healed my Pokemon while I was with her, so I was fine. We cleaned the trainers in the Eterna Forest, and when we parted ways, she gave me a Soothe Bell, to remind me of our friendship. It would come in handy later. I was sure of it.

Well, I started to fight a few Fishermen on the northern part of Route 205. I quickly ran into Eterna City, thankful that I was out of there. I saw my rival, Barry, and he looked at the statue on the eastern side of the city. We found the creepy man from Lake Verity was there. We decided to ignore him. Barry claimed that he was going to challenge the Eterna Gym with his Staravia. I wished him luck, though I secretly wanted him to lose so I could get ahead of him.

I fought a sneaky Ninja Boy, a happy Hiker, and a bustling Bird keeper, while on my way to Mt Coronet. I walked about the cave, until I hit my face on something hard. It was a Bronzor, perfect for my Steel type challenge! I caught it with a Great Ball, and decided to use it for the 2nd Gym. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, and ran back to Eterna City to check it out.


Bronzor LVL 14
Prinplup LVL 21
Onix LVL 19

27th February 2011, 8:10 PM
Just started again seen as Black and white is about to be release im gathering up pokemon from my HG SS and Platinum for good pokemon and my favourite that I can transfer to my B and W.

Im not too far I am at sandgem town with a Lv 10 Chimchar and Lv 5 Shinx

28th February 2011, 4:07 AM
Just finished some trading with my brother so right now i am at sndgem town. After getting all my stuff from the proffeser, i caught sparks(shinx) and Airo(pidge). Then i traded with my brother for Sentret and Pidgey.

Team Lan:

Thinking of boxing Pidgey

28th February 2011, 2:09 PM
I trained my team in the Double Battles of Wayward Cave, where both Slink and Puff evolved. Once I was done there, I headed for Hearthome. Skulram and Turticle were the heroes of the Hearthome gym, and I then proceeded to Solaceon, but not before fighting my rival who I always forget is in the gate after Hearthome. On the path to Solaceon, both Skulram and Turticle evolved. I explored the Solaceon Ruins, catching a bunch of Unown. I am going to go catch my next member and then come back to Solaceon to train it.

28th February 2011, 2:39 PM
Downloaded the M13 Celebi's, and got three of them, one Modest, one Timis, and one Bold =D

28th February 2011, 9:16 PM
This whole week I'm leveling pokemon to level 50 for white.;310;

1st March 2011, 3:06 AM
Spent about 20 minutes looking for a male Hippopotas, but I finally caught one. I trained it up to be similar levels to the rest of my team and then I took on Maylene, and defeated her easily with Hippotan, Skulram, and Slink. I then quickly ran to Pastoria, Hippotan evolved along the way, and I took on the gym there. Gyarados gave me some trouble, but Puff pulled through eventually, and Turticle finished Quagsire and Floatsel off. I defeated the Galactic Goon and I am almost to Celestic Town. Geez I want my sixth member.

1st March 2011, 2:16 PM
Platinum (Compeleted):
I have traded over my Shiny Suicune from SS to my Platinum, and my SS copy got a Japanese Croconaw. I also have a Japanese Quilava, and it's breeding with Ditto in the Daycare. 30 Eggs, and still no shiny... I'm going to EV Train my Wobafett with Suicune. Calm natured Wobba, and Bold Suicune. :P


My Steel Type Monorun is going well. I defeated Roark with Hikari (Prinplup), and then searched Orebrugh Mine for an Onix. I headed to Jubilife and beat the Galactic Grunts. I then went to Floroma Town and easily beat them at the Valley Windworks. My Prinplup died against Mars, and Onix took out her Zubat and Purgly. I then saved after Looker appeared.

What is your team?

1st March 2011, 11:13 PM
I defeated Cyrus and made my way to Canalave City. I boarded the boat headed for Iron Island. I trained my team to lvl 42 before leaving and taking the egg. The egg finally hatched into a Riolu (Rukario). At level 16, Rukario evolved into Lucario. I have been training Rukario on the trainer who has Elekid and Happiny above Solaceon Town. It currently resides at lvl 27 while the rest of my team is lvl 42-43.

2nd March 2011, 4:26 AM
Wow alot has happened since my last post lolololol I currently have 4 Badges and my Team is

Infernape Lv 47
Luxray Lv 30
Staravia Lv 30
Floatzel Lv 30
Scyther Lv 18

I did catch 2 other Scythers both at Lv 19 but I breeded them for a a level 1 so I can EV train it.

2nd March 2011, 3:52 PM
So I have decided to turn my back on the Diamond scramble challenge I was going to do and my SoulSilver Kanto campaign for now in favor of getting as close as possible to completing my pokedex in Pearl. It shouldn't be too difficult, since I already have most of the pokemon that evolve at around Lv. 50 and non-event legendariesin one game or another. I'll just need to do a lot of migrating and trading. First up: Sinnoh pokedex completion. I really only need a few evolutions, most of which were Diamond-exclusive.

2nd March 2011, 8:09 PM
Today, I swapped my team around. Spent a few minutes finding a Nosepass in Mt Coronet, and replaced my Bronzor, who's Confusion was absolutely terrible. Nosepass soon evolved into Probopass, and he's going to kill Gardenia's Gym.

Probopass - LVL 15
Prinplup - LVL 23
Onix - LVL 19

When do you think I should evolve Onix? Soon pl0x.

2nd March 2011, 11:38 PM
I got Rukario to lvl 40 before I took on Byron, which Rukario solo'd. I did the Galactic stuff, and headed for Snowpoint, which would have been difficult without a Fighting type. When I got to Snowpoint I immediatly challenged the gym. Rukario defeated Sneasel, Piloswine, and Abamosnow but lost to Froslass. Hippotan ended up finishing it off. I quickly headed to Veilstone to defeat Team Galactic, and Puff evolved! I just defeated Saturn again and I am about to head for Mt. Coronet.

3rd March 2011, 11:19 AM
I just restarted my Platinum game.
I chose to be a girl for once, and named myself Hera (after Hera Björk, my favourite artist ;) )

Started up, did all the stuff in the beginning. Eventually, I could pick my Pokémon. All three of them shouted for me to pick themselves. In the end, I ended up with Turtwig :)
I could finally start my adventure!

Did all the stuff until I came to the Oreburgh Gate, where I caught a Psyduck for my team. Trained a little, to be ready for Roark. He was no match to me.

Went over to Floaroma to do all the stuff there. I changed the day into Friday, so I could catch a Drifloon, and so I did :)

Got through the Eterna Forest after doing some training there, and beat Gardenia easily too. Then I went to the Team Galactic building, beat all the trainers there, for the exp.

And now I'm in Hearthome City, where I will pick up my Eevee!

Current team:

;388; Grotle - Lv. 24
;054; Psyduck - Lv. 21
;425; Drifloon - Lv. 22

I know I have to do some training ;)

Dark Sharpedo
3rd March 2011, 2:33 PM
PEARL Recent Happenings (March 3rd, 2011 8:30 AM EST):
Been training my Leafeon for a upcoming WiFi Tourney, just around Sunyshore City... it's a great place to go train since my Leafeon has grown tired of Iron Island...
Now, dont ask why, but I only have two other Pokes in my team, since Im waiting for my other Pokes to be done being trained by a friend of mine.

My Team as of 8:30 AM EST:
;470; Lv. 42 Leafeon
;277; Lv. 41 Bab Weezy (Swellow)
;065; Lv. 41 Alakazam

4th March 2011, 1:56 PM
I climbed to the top of Mt. Coronet, defeating all the Galactic Goons along the way. Cyrus was taken to the Distortion World, so I followed him. I made my way to him, defeated him (Stupid Gyarados) and decided to defeat Giratina also for extra exp. I ran to Sunyshore and took on the entire gym with Hippotan so it could get the exp. Once I was done I surfed to Victory Road and cleared out all the trainers in the first room. That is where I stopped. I will attempt to finish Victory Road today, and I am excited that I should be able to finish my Sandstorm playthrough before Platinum comes out.

4th March 2011, 7:41 PM
Yesterday I caught uxie, azelf, and mesprit in regular balls again. I'm also about to battle the elite 4, just have to get everyone to lv 50.

Dark Sharpedo
4th March 2011, 7:53 PM
Still training my Swords Dance Leafeon to its fullest! :D
Getting him ready for a UU Tourney that is coming up soon in my clan!
Really not much to talk about, except for the fact I have been chllenging some PokeGyms Gym Leaders, and with out failure, beating them :P

4th March 2011, 11:37 PM
I did it! In just one week I defeated the Platinum Elite 4. Granted this isn't exactly the most amazing accomplishment, I am still proud of myself. I didn't have any real trouble until Lucian but I still managed a semi easy win over him. Then came Cynthia. She had 4 Critical Hits in our battle. I had 0. Skulram almost defeated Spiritomb before being taken out by one of her critical hits, so Puff finished it off. Milotic defeated Puff but Rukario came in and saved the day. I allowed Rukario to be knocked out by her Lucario in order to revive Puff. Turticle defeated Lucario. Togekiss came in and defeated Turticle and Puff (Stupid critical hit Air Slash!!!) and Hippotan knocked it out. I revived Puff again while Hippotan was defeated by Roserade. Puff took out Roserade. So it was Puff and Slink against Garchomp. I leave Puff in but it is taken out by a critical hit Dragon Rush, so I send in Slink. Slink lost half of its health to an Earthquake, and got in an Ice Beam which did not defeat Garchomp. I revived Puff in order to revive Slink after it got knocked out, and Puff was hit the fourth critical hit. Slink with half of its health remains. Her Garchomp used Dragon Rush...which missed. Slink used Ice Beam, and I was the winner. Very intense battle. I will most likely finish my Heartgold game while I continue to be jealous of everyone who has Black/White.

Aurora Valor
6th March 2011, 9:35 PM
It's been so long since I've posted anyting on these forums, but as I've picked up playing Diamond again, why shouldn't I?

Anyway, I'm currently trying to get Toraipen (Toraidento + Pengin, Trident + Penguin), my Empoleon, up to level 100. It's currently level 94. He is Calm natured, so he stats the stats to be a special wall, although his SpA is good enough for me to have given him four offensive Special moves: Surf, Grass Knot, Blizzard and Flash Cannon. I also collected my daily Berries (6 each from my Wepear and Pinap plants, 5 each from my Rawst and Aspear plants, I always plant the Berries I get every day), showed the guy in Solaceon my Dialga and recieved Repeat Balls, and I did some treasure hunting in the Underground. Here's what I found:

2x Blue Shard
3x Yellow Shard
1x Red Shard
1x Star Piece
1x Everstone
1x Fire Stone
1x Thunderstone
1x Sun Stone
1x Heat Rock
1x Mind Plate
2x Heart Scale

7th March 2011, 6:18 PM
Just won a close battle against Flint in Platinum (E4 Round 1).

My team upon entering:
> Staraptor lv 57 @None > Close Combat, Fly, Double Team, Aerial Ace
> Floatzel lv 57 @None > Surf, Ice Beam, Crunch, Strength
> Torterra lv 55 @None > Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Climb, Giga Drain
> Rotom lv 56 @Magnet > Shock Wave, Discharge, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball.

(Yes, I only have four Pokemon. Sue me.)

Magmortar had killed my Floatzel with Thunderbolt and my Torterra with Flamethrower earlier in the battle, and Staraptor was weakened from her fight against Infernape. Now it was Rotom vs. Rapidash. Rotom opened with Confuse Ray, and Rapidash killed me with Flare Blitz. Then I sent in Staraptor, my last Pokemon. Staraptor prepared Fly while Rapidash got Confuse Hax'd. Staraptor almost knocks out Rapidash with that single Fly, leaving it with just enough HP to die from another Confuse Hax. However, if Rapidash were to break through its confused status, I would lose, and my last save point was before Aaron. It all came down to that random number generator: Would I win or would I fail?

The foe's Rapidash is confused!
It hurt itself in its confusion!
The foes Rapidash fainted!

Very lucky break for me back there.

8th March 2011, 1:55 AM
I got my Celebi for Diamond and Platinum the other day. I also finished the Stark Mountain story a few days before Black and White's launch. I probably won't be doing much with my 4th gen games until I have played through Black and White.

Aurora Valor
8th March 2011, 11:03 PM
Here's what I did in Diamond yesterday and today. It's quite a lot :p

Did the dailies as usual, had to show the news guy in Solaceon a Dustox, so I took the chance to raise whe Wurmple I had sitting in my PC and got some Great Balls. Also, I did some treasure hunting in the Underground, finding 3 Thunderstones, a Hard Stone, an Icy Rock, an Everstone, a Heat Rock and a Helix Fossil. Then, I picked my Berries, and I got a whopping 10 Pinap Berries from one plant, and 5 Berries each from my Cheri and Aspear plants. Lastly, I raised Toraipen, my Empoleon more, and after beating the League again, it was level 99 and almost 100, so I beat some wild Pokemon in Route 229, catching an Ariados in the process. Now that it is 100 I can start training Seidotaka, my Lonely Staraptor. It has an Attack boosting Nature, which is good. I have taught it this moveset: Close Combat, Return, Aerial Ace, Roost. (No Brave Bird, a -Def nature and Close Combat and then adding a recoil move is not my style :p)


Again, I did the daily stuff, showing the guy in Solaceon my Chingling and receiving a few Heal Balls. Then, I competed in the Battle Tower with my Toraipen, Seidotaka and Kurosai, my Hippowdon. Managed to get three win streaks of seven, meaning that I could battle the Tower Tycoon, Palmer. I had fought him once before but lost back then. This time, Toraipen slaughtered Dragonite with Blizzard even after taking an critical Dragon Rush. Rhyperior was sent out, and was a total fluke, as Toraipen outsped it and scored the OHKO with Surf. Milotic was a different story. Using Hypnosis and Hydro Pump to take out my injured Toraipen, I had to resort to Seidotaka, who barely survived a Hydro Pump, and damaged Milotic with Return. The Water type's next Hydro Pump missed, a lucky thing for me as otherwise I would have been down to Hippowdon, who is way slower than Milotic and weak to it. I took no chance, abusing Staraptor's insane Attack stat and the Attack boosting nature by sealing the win with Close Combat.

Also, earlier that day, I chained a bit, something I suck at and therefore never do. My previous record was 23 Buizels. I broke that record today by chaining 38 Machop, before accidentally breaking it by stepping into a wrong patch when I was resetting the Radar, so no Shiny for me today. Regarding my Berries, I got five Berries from all my plants, and I had one Sitrus and three Pecha plants. I also worked out my ingame team's final movesets, and came to the conclusion I don't have to do too much, just get ANOTHER Return TM and maybe a Thunder Wave TM, both for my Luxray. Also, Seidotaka is currently level 90, a good first day of training as it started the day at level 83.

9th March 2011, 2:27 AM
I downloaded 4 Celebi's at Gamestop while I was purchasing Pokemon White Version. 2 of them are currently on my Pearl and Platinum.

Pearl Progress: From wherever was the last time I posted, I made it to Palkia. I traded over a synchronizer from my Heartgold to my Pearl before climbing Mt. Coronet. Palkia was pretty easy to catch, a few ultra balls and it as caught, even got the nature I wanted on the first try (Thank you synchronize). I am now trying to catch Azelf and Uxie for the Pokedex.
Bob the Torterra Lv. 45
Santa the Swellow Lv. 45
Jerry the Typhlosion Lv. 48
Ken the Banette Lv. 44
Squishy the Tentacruel Lv. 45

Platinum: I honestly don't know what to do with this file. It was a great file that gave me a shiny Buizel (now a Floatzel) and a Shiny Giratina. The game was going great until I decided to try getting a shiny Darkrai. The boring process of SRing and school making it so I could not SR much led to only 2000 SR and then I just stopped playing. I started it up last year after I had been playing Heartgold a lot and ended up just catching Darkrai. I'm thinking about doing any of the other stuff in this game like catching Shaymin and the other legendaries and see if I can get back into it. Might end up restarting it. Nothing will be done with it though as now I am playing White.

9th March 2011, 7:21 AM
Ok, I'm posting this again in a different color, I'm so sorry I didn't realize what an eyesore the pink color would be D:

So I started a new file in my Platinum game, as the poor thing has just been sitting in my room dusty and neglected.. -.- And this was about a week ago, so, so far, I have made it to Solaceon town and saved there.
My current team right now consists of:
Irenia, a female Buizel
Ember, a male ponyta
Turtle, a male Grotle
Drifloon, male
Mystic, a female Meditite
And a shiny Suicune-one that I got from a wifi event.

I'm currently in the process of evolving them all! ^-^

15th March 2011, 9:01 PM
I started my journey through Sinnoh on pearl today. Started with a male Piplup and called him Emperor. I trained him to lvl 10 and decided to catch a female Shinx to support my team. I called her Lucy and I am currently in the process of training her.

22nd March 2011, 12:15 PM
So it's been like 3 months since I last posted on SPPf (or was it more?)...

Actually restarted Pearl again, now I'm continuing from my last restart (?).

Currently in Mt. Coronet, heading towards Hearthrome City. Team's pretty decent, I doubt I'll pick up a 4th member till later.

Current Team:
Aphrodite (Female Clefairy): Level 28
Athena (Female Beautifly): Level 31
Hermes (Male Grotle): Level 31

and a Bidoof HM Slave. Currently @ 2 Badges, my pace is kinda slowly. I'm a grinder I guess

22nd March 2011, 3:10 PM
Finally got my three pokes to level 55, now to get them to sixty, then off to get the sixth badge. :D

22nd March 2011, 3:36 PM
I just got to the city with the 6th gym in it, I'd probably be able to defeat if with my team as it is, but Imma try to get them all to lvl 45-ish before I go in anyway ^^
Current team:
Luxray lvl42 - Alakazam lvl41 - Roserade lvl41 - Empoleon lvl41 - Rapidash lvl 41 - Staraptor lvl41.

neo darkrai
22nd March 2011, 9:07 PM
It's been a while since I've posted about Platinum. I've kind of been busy playing 5th Gen. Either way, I played some Platinum today. I went to the Battleground since it's been forever since I've battle any of the Gym Leader. I beat them all with what's in my team. My team still hasn't changed in Platinum. I also walked around and enjoyed the scenery. Doesn't compete with Black and White, but I remember when this game came out. Well that's it for this post. Happy Anniversary to Pokemon Platinum!

24th March 2011, 10:23 AM
Reached Hearthrome, finished three contests and won all three (Tough with Hermes, Smart with Athena and Cute with Aphrodite)

Fought rival and won easily, Hermes evolved into a Torterra now.

Current Team:
Aphrodite (Female Clefairy): Level 30
Athena (Female Beautifly): Level 31
Hermes (Male Torterra): Level 32

25th March 2011, 11:34 AM
I have just been continuing my Diamond scramble challenge:
- Cobalt the Cranidos lvl20
- Pimplup the Prinplup lvl28
- X-Wing the Starvia lvl20
- Denub the Cheubi lvl21
I still have to add a Medicharm to my team and one more pokemon that has yet to be picked.

While leveling i random encounted shiny Bronzor and manged to capture it, it is relaxed nature and my first shiny for 4th gen.

27th March 2011, 9:38 PM
Recently; I've been having problems both in platinum and in heartgold global terminals.

Could somebody tell me whats going on?

28th March 2011, 7:45 PM
I arrived in Veilstone and after looking around for a while, I went to the gym and beated Maylene. I helped Dawn with getting her Pokedex back and that was it for the day.

3rd April 2011, 4:40 AM
So I finally decided after a lot of White to start my Baby Scramble challenge in my Diamond.
Even though I haven't really played it in several years, and had already transferred all the desirable Pokemon and berries out of it and into PtHGW...I still was a little regretful and seeing the data deleted. I took a few pictures before I did, just for posterity, though.

So, putting that behind me, I started up a new game.
-A boy again, this time by the name of "Diamond" while my rival will be "Barry"
-Usually starting game stuff goes here. My scramble didn't include a starter, so I just picked a Piplup since I've never used on before.
-Woah Starly come a wow Diamond battles are waaaaay slower than gen 5 battles like god damn. This is going to take some getting used to.
-Always nervous going through those early battles with no Pokeballs. One day I know I'm going to encounter a shiny and there will be nothing I can do about it.
-Did you know Pound has no real animation to it? The sprite remains stationary.
-I make it to Sandgem, and Piplup gained a level. Decided to name it Peppy.
-Why is there never an option to skip these tours and capture tutorials. Yes yes I get it is for new players but come on give a yes/no option!Baffling that the only game to do so was FR "We have tutorials for EVERYTHING"LG
-I caught a couple of Shinx so I can actually start my challenge proper. See, my challenge calls for a Munchlax and a Cleffa. There is noooo way I am leaving an entire team slot for a Pokemon with a 1% chance of showing up on a tree that takes a day to get a Pokemon to it. So I transferred over Grant the Winner's Path Munchlax; he's level 5, has Pick Up, and the virtually useless in the early game Leftovers. The other thing I traded over was a Cleffa egg; it needed to know Metronome so I had to breed for it. Hopefully it comes out male.
-NOW for adventure

4th April 2011, 2:44 PM
Made a lot of progress since I last posted.

- Crushed Maylene's whole gym with Beautifly, Torterra dealt with Lucario however.
- Went off to crush Wake now, equal effort by Clefairy/Beautifly/Torterra
- In-game stuff blah blah, reached Celestic and all.
- Crushed Fantina's whole gym with Torterra alone.
- After that it's running off to Canalave. Had to evolve my HM Slave Bidoof to a Bibarel though.
- Crushed Rival then crushed Byron's gym with just Torterra, surprisingly Bronzor gives me problems
- Probably need to start buying TMs for Clefairy because I am definitely having trouble with the numerous NPC Gyarados.
- Caught three Gible, decided to use the female one and name her Artemis.

Current Team:
Athena, Level 45 Beautifly
Aphrodite, Level 45 Clefairy
Hermes, Level 47 Torterra
Artemis, Level 19 Gible

Training up Artemis now, got the Wayward Cave part with Mira not done yet as well as Iron Island so this is good.

5th April 2011, 4:50 PM
Diamond: Hatching for a shiny Torkoal.
Platinum: Random encountering for a shiny Gible. I have around 7600 encounters for it. It's taken me a while to get to such a number because I've been keeping track by killing every Pokemon I see in Wayward Cave. I really hope I get Gible to shine this time.

6th April 2011, 3:47 AM
Here is a summation of events over the past few days

-I traded over Smoochum!
-Gardenia more like Gardead

This is not as enjoyable as I thought it would be. It's always something, it seems and the conditions aren't helping. And I still need to reraise a Happiny, hunt down an Azurill and augh

11th April 2011, 8:22 PM
After picking up Platinum after months of hiatus I found myself outside of Sunyshore City with all 8 gym badges. I decided it was time to train at Victory Road, so after making some party adjustments so I could get there I defeated a couple of swimmers and found a Heart Scale so I could teach Torterra Wood Hammer. After that I managed to get to Victory Road, but upon realizing I was low on some items I flew back to Sunyshore and purchased 40 Full Restores, a couple Revives and Max Repels along with 75 Ultra Balls. My first encounter was a female Gabite, I decided to catch it and to my surprise it was an Adamant natured so I kept it and put it on my team. I was currently training Shelgon but I ditched it in order to use Gabite. After about 4 hours of training I finally got her to evolve into Garchomp. Looking through my TMs I realized I never went to get TM Earthquake so I headed back to Wayward Cave to get it to teach to Garchomp.

I finally made it through Victory Road where Infernape finally learned Flare Blitz(never realized how much recoil I took from it.). After knowing I was still under leveled for the Elite Four I decided to challenge anyway to at least gain some EXP. But who comes barging in before I can talk to the man to prove I can challenge the E4? That's right Barry himself, he challenged me to a battle, and I can never back down from a Pokemon Battle. He opened with Staraptor and against my Garchomp, Staraptor was up to some funny business as it used U-Turn about 3 times not allowing Garchomp to get a hit in. After some back and forth I was down to my Porygon-Z and Barry was left with a Roserade, which was taken down with Ice Beam. I proved that I deserve a shot against the Elite Four and my first E4 opponent was Aaron.

Infernape lvl 58
Garchomp lvl 53
Torterra lvl 54
Porygon-Z lvl 53
Gyarados lvl 51
HM Slave Bibarel

18th April 2011, 3:50 PM
I got a bunch of random Pokemon out of my box in Diamond and bred them with a Ditto. I'll trade the eggs to Heartgold to use as my ingame team at a later date.

19th April 2011, 11:22 PM
I was kept changing the game clock so the swarm would switch to Beldum, it took be about an hour trying to catch 5 different ones as their capture rate is really low. After a combo of Uxie and Rotom I finally caught one in a Dusk Ball with a Naughty nature which is acceptable as I wasn't trying to do this again. Kinda frustrating when a Pokemon kills themselves on the move Struggle. After that I decided to item hunt. I am going back over looking for Rare Candies and Shards that I might have missed. I went and found about 5 Star Pieces that I traded to Mr. Fuego for some shards. I want a ton of shards so I can teach my Battle Tower team moves and along with the team I plan to use in Heart Gold once I reset that game while playing Black because I've noticed that I can't keep myself to one game or else I'll lose interest even though I love it.

I'm not really training or anything right now, I know there's a lot I still need to do post-game, such as Stark Mountain and finish exploring the Resort Area but I'll get to all of that in do-time. Especially once I figure out what I plan to use as my Battle Tower team.

20th April 2011, 5:22 PM
Well, I just bred a new female Snorunt and Elekid to replace my Electivire and my most beloved Froslass from my stolen games.

Enoana (Froslass) was Modest, but I'm doing Timid this time. Also, her Snow Cloak won me 2nd place in a tournament some time ago, so I'm keeping Hail on her.

Rather than straight physical sweeper, I'm doing a mixed attacker with my new Electivire.

Next I plan on breeding a new Venusaur, but in order to get Power Whip I'm leveling my shiny Lickilicky, which really should have been trained by now anyway.

21st April 2011, 4:50 AM
I bred Jolteon and Luxray for a Eevee and I just made a battle video with my friend. I just uploaded it. I also rechallenged the Elite Four and won. Then, I started training Eevee after defeating another friend.

neo darkrai
23rd April 2011, 2:33 AM
It's been 4 years since the 4th generation arrived to the US. So I popped in my Pearl and started playing. I took a look at everything different from Platinum and was surprised at how so much has changed. I also took a look at my boxes and laughed at how different I was back then. It's a reminder of how I played Pokemon as a little kid. I'm definitely keeping this save file the way it is.

23rd April 2011, 9:49 PM
Started playing right before the release of BW and now that I've gotten through BW I've decided to pick up Diamond again. Just went and got the Forest badge and working on leveling up my Twiggy (Grotle). Mostly playing through these so I can trade over Twiggy to BW or SS once I've beaten the game. Just got the bike too and not sure how I feel about the "gears".....I can see why they didn't keep up with that tradition in other games.

26th April 2011, 2:17 PM
I pulled out my Pearl game and looked through the boxes for a good Pokemon to breed to transfer to White. I decided on Skorupi, but I am gonna breed it with a Male Gliscor to get Night Slash on it. I am currently training a Gligar so I will have to train it less when it becomes a Gliscor. Curse my EV Trained Gliscor for being female! Oh, and I also still have the Gamestop Deoxys waiting to be picked up on this game. Weird.

4th May 2011, 8:45 PM
Well, I've been concentrating on training new Pokemon to replace the ones I lost on my stolen cartridges. I hatched a new Weedle, and a Power Whip Bulbsaur. I've been concentrating on getting them EV trained, along with my Blastoise.

I just finished EV training my Charizard by chaining Machoke and Raticate. Didn't get any shinies, but ah well. Now I'm taking out Blastoise and Golduck against Dugtrio, with Venusaur and Beedrill soaking up EVs and XP.

5th May 2011, 10:15 AM
Excerpt from Pokemon Trainer Justin's Journal:

I had two reasons to go on this journey.
a.) My best friend, Tommy, is an impatient butthead who drags me on all sorts of crazy adventures.
b.) My girlfriend, Renee, is crazy, and really really wants me to catch up and travel with her. Well. Not bad crazy. I'm excited. She's been begging me to start my journey since before she started, and even more when she did start. I guess PokeGear conversations just aren't enough. They really aren't.

So here I am. I'm in the Eterna Forest, and I guess from looking at my Town Map that I'm about to hit Eterna City. Which would place me one city behind Renee. Gooootttaaaa speed things up.

I started with a Turtwig, from the awesome Professor Rowan. She was a girl and I named her Laia. I caught a Bidoof as an HM Slave, whom I named Herp-Derp II after Renee's Bibarel Herp-derp, and I traded a Machop for an Abra. I don't plan on training the last two, but Laia evolved into a Grotle before I even got my first badge.

I traded with Renee via internet earlier too. She traded someone for an Abra too, and it evolved into a Kadabra. I helped her out and evolved him into an Alakazam. She calls me often, asking for help, since she never really studied Pokemon (while I have been since my childhood).

Team blank
Laia, lv. 27

(NOTE: I just felt like sharing with you, the wonderful thread-goers of Serebii, that I restarted my Platinum for the sole purpose of playing-through it alongside my girlfriend, who I just got into Pokemon. She's playing it through on my old Pearl version, but after she beats it, we might upgrade her to Pokemon White. But yeah, it's really fun.)

28th May 2011, 4:26 PM
I finally rounded up enough shards to teach Sneasel Ice Punch, and it's really helping the damage he dishes out. Because he know has a physical Ice- move, I can train him on Iron Island. Going to train my team to all level 45 (except Empoleon, he's gonna be 46)then I'll head to Snowpoint.

;395; lv 44
;215; lv 42
;475; lv 42
;444; lv 42
;468; lv 42

Next Team member: ;487-o;

Nutter t.KK
29th May 2011, 3:44 AM
From the Journal of Pokémon Trainer/"Water Mage" Nakato (Diamond 1 (Female Trainer))

May 28th

Man.. That Was a Long Nap, I slept for 3 months.. That's got to be the Second longest time I've been in bed.. The longest was with my girlfriend, Babirye, and we... (BN: Removed due to Rule 34, subsection 69 of the Moderators Handbook.)

Anyway. I got a Message from Kanto (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=12625917). Kat wanted some help with getting some Pokémon to Unova, some Isshu with Bills PC, apparently.

I got a Unown Called Tyrnon and a Luvdisc who shot a Ice Beam which knock my hat off.. Gahh! I end up up with hair that looks like Cat Ears..

Anyway.. Kat wants Nutter in Unova to have a female Lucario.. And we can't find one.. Anyway as Page 34 of Pokémon Breeder Monthly explicitly shows that Ditto can Make Pokemon Eggs for the other Pokémon, even if the species are just Cute Girls, or ... just guys.

So that's got me Racing around Solecon town on Macargo.. and I've got a terrible chaifing due to being in the saddle for a few days in a row.. I managed to Fill two whole boxes of male Riolu, until I found a girl!

Due to ease of getting Making Riolu in a Lucario for me.. I'm off Getting a Massage..

1st June 2011, 12:49 AM
I've decided to, yet again, start over on my platinum since I'm seriously sick of white XD I breed a piplup, turtwig, stunky, and heracross to transfor over to it. I then taught turtwig seed bomb from the move tutor.

2nd June 2011, 3:59 AM
Started a new journey in Platinum, which I received from a friend today.

I powered it up and named my character, the male, Alex. This was after my character in my lost Diamond. I first was going to start with Piplup but went Chimchar, who sadly had a Timid nature instead of Jolly or Rash but I think I can work around that. I sadly was beaten by my rival, which didn't make me happy. But I went to Sandgem Town afterward and talked to Prof. Rowan, naming Chimchar Chocs. Finally I saved.

Team Wonderball
Chocs (Chimchar) - Lvl.6 Male

2nd June 2011, 5:18 AM
I caught a female bidoof, male starly, and male shinx. I'm going to be training them all opnce I get my other pokemon transfered over.

3rd June 2011, 5:44 AM
I picked up my Diamond again today for the first time in over a year. I decided to finish my current file so that I can get some TMs to trade to Platinum before restarting Diamond. I looked through my journal to see how far back it went. To my surprise, I still have the page from when I started this particular file, which was in...April 2008. O__o

I checked my trainer card to see what my total play time was...just over 11 hours. This is quite embarassing when compared to my Pearl (780+ hours) and English Platinum (nearly 940 hours) versions. >_>

So anyway, I realized that I had seven badges and was at the Mt. Coronet part of the game. I went to Mt. Coronet to beat Team Galactic, but the cave was still blocked off. I went to the Galactic Veilstone building, where I found out that I forgot to battle Saturn. I beat him with my over-levelled Infernape.

Infernape was the only decent Pokemon I had on the game, so I traded in a Milotic and Drapion from Platinum that were EV trained a long time ago. I took them to Mt. Coronet and beat everyone there. I captured Dialga, using only four Ultra Balls.

I went to Sunyshore afterwards. I immediately went to beat the Gym and didn't really do anything else there. I saved and quit after getting the final badge. Later, I might try getting through Victory Road and beating the League.

3rd June 2011, 11:40 AM
Started a new game on platinum with text speed increased and movement increased cheat codes. Something went funny and my turtwig starter was replaced by a voltorb! Oh well, I think it will just make things more fun.

6th June 2011, 4:52 PM
Finally transfered my turtwig, heracross, stunky, piplup, larvitar, shiny zangoose, and milotic ^^ I just beat my rival with a little bit of difficulty since everyone in my team was lv 1 except bidoof who was lv 3 and starly and chimchar which were lv 8. Now I'm going to train everyone to lv 8 before getting to Oreburgh city, also going to catch a abra to train.

8th June 2011, 7:21 PM
I started over my Platinum version this morning. I decided to use Pokemon that I have never used before or Pokemon that I used but never managed to beat the Elite 4 with them. So I did all the beginning stuff and chose Piplup so that my rival would have Turtwig. I spent a little while searching for my first Pokemon...a Kricketot named Herbie (The Love Bug). Man does Bide suck. But oh well, I leveled it on Route 201 all the way until it evolved into Kricketune at level 10. Now to head up to Route 202 and battle the first trainers.

8th June 2011, 8:03 PM
I finally caught every pokemon in the Eterna Forest. I sware the cascoons are rarer than beautiflys and dustox's >.>

8th June 2011, 9:58 PM
Trained my Lucario to 80. Knows Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, and Dragon Pulse.

9th June 2011, 12:42 AM
I'm almost done training everyone to lv 18 before battling Gardenia. I just need to get kadabra, heracross, stunky, and bibarel to lv 18 now.

9th June 2011, 1:59 AM
I managed to defeat all the trainers on Rt 202 and headed into Jubilife. I did all the childish events there and headed to Oreburgh, defeating all the trainers along the way with Herbie. Once I arrived in Oreburgh I finally switched to raising Piplup so I could stand a chance against Roark. So with Herbie at lvl 15 and Piplup at lvl 12 I challenged Roark. Piplup defeated Geodude and Onix no sweat but was defeated by Cranidos. I almost turned off my game at this point because I knew there was no way Herbie would beat a Rock type. But then I remembered........Bide. So I used Bide and it worked. Cranidos brought Herbie down to 3 HP before Bide OHKO'd it. I love Bide. With my new badge, TM, and pride I headed for Floaroma where my next team member is located.

9th June 2011, 2:39 AM
I beat Gardenia fairly easily although her roserade was a pain in the butt like always.

9th June 2011, 4:38 AM
Well I managed to arrive in Floaroma. I quickly dispatched of all the Team Galactic members with exception of Mars who defeated me twice before I managed to pull out a win. And, like Roark, it was all thanks to Bide. Now I wait. Hurry friday hurry!

9th June 2011, 5:07 PM
I finally caught a male gible. It was lv 17 and I was hoping to catch one that was lv 20 so I wouldn't have to train it for awhile. Guess what pokemon I found next..... a lv 20 male gible XD I didn't catch it though.

9th June 2011, 5:32 PM
I adjusted my clock on the DS to Friday so I could get my next team member Drifloon (Purploon). I trained it and Herbie in the Eterna Forest. When I exited the forest I quickly ran to Mt Coronet to acquire my third team member Bronzor (Mironze). I saved here with the intention to train it later.

10th June 2011, 5:04 PM
I got to Hearthome city and battled all of the trainers in the gym. I also caught a roselia, ralts, clefairy, and nosepass. Also got a bashful eevee =D

11th June 2011, 3:51 PM
I used Mironze to defeat all the trainers around Eterna City for experience and then headed for the gym. My team is really effective against Grass types so I managed to take out all the trainers and Gardenia will little trouble. I then took on Team Galactic in their Eterna headquarters and managed a close win against Jupiter. I quickly ran to Hearthome, trying to avoid as many trainers as I could to get my next Pokemon Eevee (Weedeater). I quickly ran back to Eterna Forest to evolve Eevee into Leafeon. Now I am going to take Weedeater and the rest of my team into Wayward Cave to get some training out of the way. Unfortunately, Weedeater will be my last Pokemon I obtain until after I have 6 badges.

11th June 2011, 4:42 PM
I got everyone to lv 22 and am now getting everyone to lv 24. I thought larvitar evolved at lv 24, I guess not >.>

12th June 2011, 10:10 PM
I arrived in Wayward Cave and quickly made my way to the back. I joined up with Mira and trained my team with her thanks to the Double Battles. Purploon even evolved! I got my team up to around lvl 26-28 before leaving. Now I am headed back to Hearthome where Fantina will be defeated with ease......hopefully.

14th June 2011, 3:47 PM
Picked Chimchar and began to SR for a +Speed, but not Minus Atk or SP.ATK one, so I could raise a fast mixed attacker for ingame. So, I need to get a Naive or Hasty One :P. I also plan to Random Encounter for a Timid/Modest Omanyte by trading the Fossil across, and I will also trade a Shinx across with Ice Fang and Quick Attack Across. (Yeah, I know hes there early on, But I want him to be able to defeat more Pokemon. :/

15th June 2011, 7:25 PM
I took part in a Super Contest for the first time ever and came in second with Herbie. Then I headed for the gym. I took care of the gym trainers with Mironze and Purploon and eventually began my battle with Fantina. Purploon quickly took care of her Duskull then I switched when she used Mismagius. Both Herbie and Weedeater were defeated by Shadow Balls but Purploon finished the job. Mironze took out Haunter and I had my third badge! I also defeated my rival at the gate, then saved.

15th June 2011, 8:58 PM
Using the Poke Center Trainers and Victory Road, I've trained Mikau up to level 60. As of now, half of my Platinum team below is trained. If all goes well I should be facing the Elite 4 on Saturday. Miss Rova's going to be trained tommorow.

16th June 2011, 7:46 PM
Just started a new game on Platinum. I'm aiming to use different pokemon, and not use my starter on my team. I started off with a Chimchar and made my way up to Jubilife city. I'm deciding to catch either a Shinx or wait to get an Aipom for my 1st pokemon.

17th June 2011, 2:06 AM
Thanks to Fisherman Cole and his dual Gyarados, Miss Rova's training took no time at all. I was also able to train Faunora thanks to the Pokemon Center Trainers. All that's left is Bronzock. I have a feeling it'll be difficult to train him.

17th June 2011, 3:21 AM
All that's left is Bronzock. I have a feeling it'll be difficult to train him.

Don't say that!

I battled all the trainers on my way to Solaceon for the experience. When set foot in Solaceon I went to the Ruins to get the HM05. I went backwards into the Lost Tower for more experience. I beat the trainers north of Solaceon where Mironze evolved. Once I decided I was trained enough I went to Veilstone and saved in front of the gym.

Unova's Champ
17th June 2011, 3:47 PM
Started over my platinum this morning. Started out with chimchar and I'm working on catching a starly atm

17th June 2011, 8:11 PM
My Platinum team is fully trained to at least Level 60. Went to the Velistone Department Store to overprepare by buying Lemonades, Hyper Potions, Revives, etc. Put some Seals on my Pokemon to make them look "totally fabulous" Here is my team's final stats.

Goku: Flame Wheel/ThunderPunch/Close Combat/Flare Blitz
HP: 187/A: 159/D: 111/SA: 161/Sp. D: 109/S: 158

Togekiss: Flamethrower/Air Slash/Aura Sphere/Thunder Wave
HP: 196/A: 86/D: 145/SA: 196/SD: 153/S: 129

Milotic: Surf/Ice Beam/Recover/Dragon Pulse
HP: 204/A: 95/D: 155/SA: 155/SD: 174/S: 128

Mismagius: Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/Psybeam/Confuse Ray
HP: 164/A: 86/D: 98/SA: 146/SD: 132/S: 174

Leafeon: Seed Bomb/Secret Power/X-Scissor/Dig
HP: 179/A: 167/D: 178/SA: 95/SD: 91/S: 161

Bronzong: Earthquake/Zen Headbutt/Hypnosis/Gyro Ball
HP: 173/A: 136/D: 156/SA: 101/SD: 149/S: 63

My Elite 4 and Champion fights are tomorrow! It's a tradition to have these fights on weekends. Usually Sunday.

20th June 2011, 5:27 PM
I walked into the Veilstone gym confident due to Mironze and Purploon. I was able to defeat the Quad fighters and navigated my way around the maze of punching bags. Then it was time for Maylene. Purploon took out Meditite with a single Omnious Wind while Mironze took out Machoke with a single Extrasensory. I decided to try out Herbie against Lucario but it fainted to a Critical hit, while Weedeater didn't do much better either. Mironze came back in and took it after confusing it first. 4th badge get! I left the gym and headed to the Galactic Warehouses to help Dawn get her Pokedex back. I saved before battling the grunts.

21st June 2011, 4:39 AM
After sweeping the Elite 4 and Champion, I skip through the credits and apparently my rival Jorge told me to meet him at the Battle Zone. After a quick boat ride I'm sent into a tag battle with Volkner and Flint. It was a bit awkward due to lack of a reliable Earthquake move, but I still managed to win rather easily. So Jorge ran off, and I explored the entire island, offing having to rotate my members due to Rock Climb. We are resting at the Resort Zone and will go to Stark Mountain next.

25th June 2011, 9:00 PM
I decided to restart my Diamond version, after trading valuable Pokémon to Platinum. This time, at the lake, I chose Chimchar. I left Twinleaf Town with it in tow, and headed to Sandgem, training along the way. I obtained my Pokédex there, and nicknamed my Chimchar. I decided to train on Route 202 before heading any further, where I also obtained a Starly for my team.

.:Current Team:.
;390; Pyro Lv. 7
;396; Apollo Lv. 5

25th June 2011, 11:59 PM
I beat the grunts and got the Pokedex back. I went south towards Pastoria while defeating everyone for experience. I eventually arrived and headed straight for the gym. My rival stopped me and we had a battle which I won. I beat all the gym trainers and defeated Crasher Wake in a rather boring battle. I saved after exiting the gym.

26th June 2011, 3:11 AM
So my Pearl file keeps freezing, which is a shame cos it was the first game that I got for my DSI. Is it possible to get it fixed? If not I think I might use it for cloning stuff since it's already broken... What do you think?

Nutter t.KK
26th June 2011, 3:19 AM
So my Pearl file keeps freezing, which is a shame cos it was the first game that I got for my DSI. Is it possible to get it fixed? If not I think I might use it for cloning stuff since it's already broken... What do you think?
May be.. I know my first Diamond is like that, but then it's missing most of the contacts.

26th June 2011, 3:23 AM
May be.. I know my first Diamond is like that, but then it's missing most of the contacts.

Is that the golden metal bit? cos mine is still intact. I think it just gathered a lot of dust from lying on the floor half the time.

26th June 2011, 6:09 PM
I continued on along Route 202, having my first trainer battles. I reached Jubilife City and got a Pokétch after collecting the three coupons, and then delivered the parcel to Barry at the Trainers' School. I explored the city, and then headed north, soon hitting a dead-end. I went onto Route 203 and battled the trainers there. I also spent some time catching an Abra for my Pokédex, finding my Chimchar's Taunt to come in handy.

.:Current Team:.
;390; Pyro Lv. 12
;396; Apollo Lv. 11

The Benmeister
2nd July 2011, 6:04 AM
Started Platinum again about a week ago. Two gold frontier symbols gone...oh well, I never played it anyway. Could never beat the tower, I lost to Palmer three times, mostly due to Brightpowder hax...

Well anywho I started again, with my previous DPPt games I'd gone Turtwig, then Chimchar, then Piplup, so it's Turtwig's turn again. Just breezing through the game as you do. Forgot what the Dream World looked like so I await that. Just got my sixth badge.


;389; Twiglet lvl.40
Leech Seed
Razor Leaf

;414; Bugger lvl.39
Aerial Ace
Silver Wind
Hidden Power [Grass]

;437; Steelore lvl.39
Shadow Ball
Gyro Ball

;464; Balboa lvl.42
Hammer Arm
Take Down
Rock Blast
Iron Tail

;340; McGee lvl.37
Mud Bomb

Badges: 6

Team evaluation:

Torterra - Obviously a beast. Never really needed Leech Seed as Earthquake and Razor Leaf do the job just fine.
Mothim - Amazing! Looks good and takes down many a Pokemon, not to mention I finally get lucky with a Hidden Power!
Bronzong - Bit of a chore really, but hey, it can take hits, and I know Hypnosis will come in useful...
Rhyperior - Moveset could do with some work. But since I just evolved it I look forward to greatness...
Whiscash - Badass, recently got it and proceeded to sweep Bryon, nuff said.

Not sure on my sixth team member, I might not even use one.

2nd July 2011, 1:52 PM
I entered Oreburgh City, and found the Gym Leader down in the mine. After exploring the city, I challenged Roark at the Gym and had little difficulties winning, thanks to my newly-evolved Monferno and his Mach Punch.

I then headed north to Floaroma Town, and went to Floaroma Meadow to stop Team Galactic. I obtained the Works Key and then entered Valley Windworks to fight Commander Mars. I won, and headed back to town. Before advancing further, I stuck around, putting honey on trees to attract Pokémon. After two days, I finally got the Pokémon I was wanting, and added it to my team.

I traversed along Route 205, to reach Eterna Forest. I met Cheryl inside, and we explored the forest together. I soon reached the exit and found myself on the outside of the forest. I battled the trainers there and went into Eterna City, where I saved at the Pokémon Center.

.:Current Team:.
;391; Pyro Lv. 18
;397; Apollo Lv. 16
;418; Torrent Lv. 17
;190; Dixie Lv. 17

2nd July 2011, 9:28 PM
I trained up my team some more when I had an epiphany. "How am I going to beat Byron with a Krickitune, Drifblim, Bronzong, and Leafeon?" I needed a team member so I retraced my steps and captured myself a Rhyhorn (Rhytastic). I am training up Rhytastic before I head towards Celestic. Team is lvl 39-41 with the exception of Rhytastic.

2nd July 2011, 9:40 PM
After about a month of lazily playing through Platinum for my first time, I obtained the National Dex. I defeated the Elite 4 about 2 weeks ago, but I was just too lazy to evolve my Aipom. I then set up a trade for a Totodile, idiotically I forgot I hadn't obtained the National Dex left. So, I went to the Elite 4 and started rebattling them switching from my Aipom to my stronger Pokemon. After about 2 times beating the Elite 4 it lvld up, and I received my Totodile. Now, I am exploring the Fight Area and the rest of the island.

3rd July 2011, 9:49 PM
I'm finally playing Platinum again just to get the legendaries to transfer over to White when I can. Right now, I'm trying to get a Bold Cresselia. Then, I'll go for a Modest/Timid Heatran. Then I'll go for Dialga, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I still also need to do the Darkrai event I got a few years ago.

4th July 2011, 11:30 PM
I explored Eterna City and earned myself the Explorer Kit. I did errands for the old man, and then went to challenge the Gym. It was pretty easy, although it helped me gain a few levels. I then went to the Team Galactic building, and battled Jupiter. I got a bike from the man I rescued, and soon headed down Cycling Road. I found myself back in Oreburgh, and so - after exploring the route beneath Cycling Road and recruiting a new team member - went through Mt. Coronet. I traversed the following routes, until I reached Hearthome City.

.:Current Team:.
;391; Pyro Lv. 21
;397; Apollo Lv. 21
;418; Torrent Lv. 20
;190; Dixie Lv. 21
;436; Dotaku Lv. 18

6th July 2011, 12:47 AM
Decided to restart Platinum. Did the minor things, I choose Piplup even though I wasn't going to be using my starter. I traded over a Houndour and Riolu egg to use as part of my team for this adventure. Two Pokemon I haven't used in a while. Trained them up to Around level 15 then took on Roark and Riolu swept his rock type pokemon. Made my way through Floaroma Town and Team Galatic with ease. Riolu finally evolved into Lucario in the Eterna Forest. Houndor evolved into Houndoom right before the Eterna Gym Leader and swept once again with ease. I then traded over a Murkrow from Heart Gold and as of right now I am going to go through Wayward Cave to get some items.


Houndoom lvl 26
Lucario lvl 28
Murkrow lvl 27
Tropius lvl 28(HM slave)
Togepi lvl 1
Piplup lvl 7

7th July 2011, 7:52 AM
.:Current Team:.
;391; Pyro Lv. 21
;397; Apollo Lv. 21
;418; Torrent Lv. 20
;190; Dixie Lv. 21
;436; Dotaku Lv. 18
You have such a nice team, I wish I would've been that prepared.

Anyways, I went through the Fight Area and the Island, trained my whole team to lvl 65+, went to the Pokémon Center and healed, then forgot to save after I turned off the game. So, I got frustrated and forgot about training. I then started Pokéradaring, and after not catching any shinies and breaking my chains, which the lowest was about 21, I stopped playing.

9th July 2011, 4:45 AM
Just swept Gardenia in Diamond... using a Bibarel... that was level 19... Oh yeah...

9th July 2011, 12:17 PM
On my Diamond, I finally got around to going through Victory Road and beating the Pokemon League. After that, I went around trying to fill the remaining spots in my Sinnoh Pokedex. I filled in most of the missing spaces pretty easily. However, I had a lot of trouble filling in the space for Tentacool of all things. I spent over half an hour trying to find a trainer with one, until I finally encountered a wild one. -__-

The last spots I had to fill were those of the Lake Trio, since I wanted to get decent natures for them for once. I went for Uxie and Azelf first, and got them after only a few resets. Mesprit was WAY harder. It took me around *two hours* to finally get it to have the right nature.

Then, I got the National Dex and went to the Battle Zone. I went to the Survival Area and then to Stark Mountain. I'm currently exploring in there with Buck. Later, I'm going to go get Heatran.

Oh, and last night, I used the tweaking glitch to catch Darkrai, after getting Shaymin with it last year. :D

9th July 2011, 4:30 PM
On my Platinum version, I hatched all pre-Gen V starters to send them over to White. It was a bit of a chore, although it was nice seeing them altogether in their base forms in my box.

I haven't been playing Diamond much lately, as I'm focusing on my White National Dex. I want to be sure of my last team member, too, before I move on any further.

9th July 2011, 6:18 PM
On my Pearl Version I am Migrating Kanto starters and Evovling them to final Evolution I have Chairzard and Venusaur done , Blastoise to Go .

9th July 2011, 6:42 PM
Ive picked up Diamond again, realizing I really want to finish it so I can get the Pokeradar and start chaining again. I put together a team to fight Volkner, with the main Pokemon being a shiny Numel Id traded for a while ago. I raised it to Lv 41 and evolved it to Camerupt after it had learned Earthquake. Then I went and battled Volkner. Numel didnt survive the whole battle, and I belive it was actually my Luxray that won it for me.

Now I am working on my Elite 4 team.
Right now this is the team Im planning:
Torterra-currently raising it from a Lv 1 Turtwig I bred.
Unsure of the 6th member.

Im leveling them all up.

10th July 2011, 1:49 PM
Have during this week been EV-training my new team in Platinum. Finished the last of them today, so I am now ready to start the real training... almost. Need to evolve Flare first, then I am going to make a trade with one of my other 4th gen games in order to evolve Flare and Newborn into their final stages. After that, the real training can start for real.


;286; Runaway - level 30
;240; Flare - level 16
;394; Antarctic - level 19
;064; Newborn - level 20
;147; Reborn - level 26
;200; Bellona - level 17

11th July 2011, 2:34 PM
Started a new game on one of 4 Platinums and chose Piplup as my starter, got a modest nature on the 3rd try. Battled and beat Barry and his troublesome Turtwig and then set off on my adventure. Caught a Bidoof, Starly and Shinx on Route 202 and finished training my Piplup. Beat bothersome Barry again and headed into Oreburgh City. Found the runaway Roark and then defeated the delirious dolt in a short showdown. At the moment I'm murdering some Machop and poisoning some Ponyta with a Zubat I caught in a cave.

Current Team:

Prinplup Level:19
Zubat Level:16
Bidoof Level:15
Shinx Level: 15
Ponyta Level: 13
Abra Level: 13

On a completely unrelated note I've fully fill all of the boxes on one of my other Platinum cartridges with Level 100s, Events, Shinies and EV trained Pokémon.

11th July 2011, 7:23 PM
Trained Flare to level 30 in order to evolve him. Made a trade between Platinum and HeartGold so Flare and Newborn evolved into their final forms. Also did some other training to add a few more Pokemon to my dex, I have now got 492 in DPP, the only one missing is Celebi. Now training my Platinum team, will get them all to level 40 so they all are at the same level.


;286; Runaway - level 34
;467; Flare - level 31
;394; Antarctic - level 19
;065; Newborn - level 20
;147; Reborn - level 26
;200; Bellona - level 17

12th July 2011, 1:49 AM
FINALLY picked this game up again.

I trained Rhytastic and went to Celestic where I beat the Galactic Grunt and Cyrus. I ended up teaching Rhytastic the TM for Earthquake due to its sucky movepool. I beat the trainers west of Celestic and flew to Jubilife. I surfed west while battling trainers and arrived in Canalave City. I beat my rival on the bridge and saved. While typing that last sentence I realized that I should surf towards the Pal Park for extra training. I don't know if I should do that before or after Iron Island. Team is lvl 38-42.

13th July 2011, 5:12 AM
On Diamond, I finished exploring Stark Mountain with Buck and then I went to catch Heatran. After about only three soft resets, I caught one with the right nature. I then traded it and the other legendaries I caught in the game to my Platinum. The only legends I haven't caught in my current Diamond file are Regigigas and Giratina, but I'm not sure if I'll get them yet.

On Platinum, I won a contest with my Articuno. Then, I went to the Battle Tower and entered the multi battle rooms. I brought my Butterfree and Hitmonlee with me, and picked Riley as my partner (as I always do). I won all seven matches, even though Butterfree sucked most of the time...

13th July 2011, 6:56 PM
I decided to play again and am still getting everyone to lv 40 to battle the 7th gym leader.

15th July 2011, 6:47 AM
I started my Platinum file 2 weeks ago and did a lot without updating. I chose Turtwig as my starter and went through all the beginning of the game stuff. I caught a Starly at route 201. I easily beat Roark with Turtwig and Starly evolved while battling team Galactic.

I caught my third team member Geodude at the Orburgh mine. Turtwig evolved in the Valley Windworks.

I defeated Gurenia in a surprisingly hard battle today and saved.

15th July 2011, 9:30 PM
Well. I've Decided to restart my Diamond.
I PokéTransferred to Black, then Restarted my Game.

After all these years, I Forgot how good the music was!
aaah, the 'welcome to the world of Pokémon' music, Gives me many good memories! :D

Anyway, back to the Game,Chose a Boy, called myself Duncan, and named My Rival Barry. I will Update later with my team!

EDIT 1: decided to do a text/tumkblr/blog style entries, hope you like them!

"Wow, I went to the Lake with Barry, and I got Attacked! luckily, this old dude left a breifcade with 3 Pokéballs in, and I got the one with Piplup in. After mine and Barry's wild encounter, we wnet back to town.
I talked to mum, and she gave me some running shoes and convinced me to give my pokémon back to the old guy, who lives in Sandgem town, at the end of route 201, and So, i set off there.
I got to sandgem town, and saw a Girl about my age, Dawn, wating at the entrance of the Guys' Labratory. We were just about to head in, but all of a sudden, Barry came bursting out. he was yaddering on, and then left, and I went in, The professor (the old guy) decided to let me have the puplup! so I called him; Hans, like te colour han Blue.
and so, im texing while dawn is making me follow her round sandgem! Have to learn the basics! what Dawn? that building has a RED roof? ummm, actually its more orange,, sooo. BOOOM. :-) Buy Guys!

16th July 2011, 1:37 PM
(uhhh, I GUESS i can post agin, seeing as the thread is dead XP)

Entry 2: wow, dawn took me around sandgem, it's pretty nice! the beach is really peacefull! after Dawn's tour, I headed home and had dinner with Mum.
we talked, and she let me head out on an adventure. I Feel pretty bad, becasue I hate Leaving my mum, and ever since it's just been me and mum, i feel really protective over her...
after a long sleep, I woke up this morning, and jumped out of bed, gave my mum a MASSIVE hug, spruced myself up, and rushed out of the house. I screamed "BBYYYYYEEE!" to her, as I saw barry's mum.
Barry's mum gave me a parcel for me to deliver to her son (lazy thing, she just stays at home all the time!) and so, I headed off to sandgem.
I got to sandgem and heled my pokémon, Hans, at the ORANGE-roofed building.
I thenset off onto route 202, and saw dawn. who taught me how to catch pokémon. (haha, now she has a Bidoof!) and I ran through the route, battling 3 people, which was quite chllenging! I found myself at the foot of a massive city, I saw a sign saying "JUBILIFE CITY" and I explored the place.
I was denied access to the back of an alley, which made me suspicious, and scared. and I found the triner school! and suprise surprise, who was there? BARRY.
I gave him the parcell, which had 2 town maps! He gave me one! :3
and then he rushed out XP. I learned a few things about status problems, whcih was handy! and then I went to head straight up, towards route 204, when a dude stopped me, and asked me to find 3 clowns! after 10 minues, I was done, they were pretty easy to find! and they each gave me coupons! I then Headed back to the guy, and gave the coupons in, and He gave me a POKÉTCH!!!! I read about these in all the magazines :D
I then went to route 204, and caught myself a Female Budew! It's so tiny and sweet! I called her Gemma! I am now sittyin g by a pond on route 204, with My newly caught Budew, spending quality time with her!!

so proud of her!!

16th July 2011, 4:02 PM
Plat update:

-chose Turtwig (adamant)
-defeated Roark & Gardenia
-Turtwig evolved into Grotle
-currently SR for a good Togepi from Cynthia

16th July 2011, 5:01 PM
Yesterday- I got a shiny Drowzee to replace the last of the shinies I lost when I misplaced a few of my Pokemon games. Feels good, man. I also finished training Faiya, my Golduck, the original one of which was also lost, as well as Bug Zap U, my treasured Venomoth with a perfect Special Attack IV. Dug up a Heart Scale to teach my Dugtrio Sucker Punch.

Today I'm working on Digtron 3K the Dugtrio and Loki the shiny Meowth (which, luckily, is Jolly). Just finished Pokerus-ing both of them, and am now chaining Electabuzz for some speed EVs.

17th July 2011, 4:19 AM
I finally got everyone to lv 40 and beat Candice with just houndoom, heracross, and zangoose. Zangoose helped alot against her froslass.

17th July 2011, 1:51 PM
Plat update:

-got the bike
-hatched a male Togepi (timid with serene grace) from Cynthia
-got the explorer kit
-defeated Sabrina
-Grotle evolved into Torterra
-arrived in Solaceon Town
-currently looking for a Feebas

17th July 2011, 7:34 PM
Have done a lot of training in Platinum, almost every member of the team is now fully evolved. Got Runaway and Flare all the way to level 60, and am now working on getting Antarctic there as well. The others are at level 40 or a little above, they will be trained next. Training Reborn will be a pain though, as she will not be able to learn any of her final moves before she becomes a Dragonite.


;286; Runaway - level 60
;467; Flare - level 60
;395; Antarctic - level 56
;065; Newborn - level 42
;148; Reborn - level 40
;429; Bellona - level 42

20th July 2011, 8:01 PM
Training, training, training, still to make up for the fully trained Pokemon I lost when I lost a set of my cartridges. At the moment I'm training a team of my most-used favorites for competition: Flygon, Electivire, Salamence, Mawile (yes Mawile), Suicune and Froslass. The levels of all these Pokemon were around level 90 when I lost them, and I still have a way to go. I'd like to get them more or less at where their predecessors were, or raise them all to 100 except Mawile, which I kept stubbornly at level 99 in case it ever gets an evolution that requires leveling.

21st July 2011, 4:12 PM
Plat update:

-I spent the afternoon trying to breed a male timid growlithe and wondering why I kept getting mixed natures until I remembered that the everstone trick on males only worked on the gen four remakes and BW. *facepalm.*

21st July 2011, 5:19 PM
Trained everyone in the team to level 60. Reborn finally evolved at level 55, making her able to learn all of her desired moves, and made everyone in the team fully evolved. Battled all the trainers in the Battleground today and yesterday to get some more training, my team are able to defeat them even if some of their Pokemon give me trouble. Next up is training everyone to level 80, I have already started, though I need to find some new training spots before I continue.


;286; Runaway - level 65
;467; Flare - level 62
;395; Antarctic - level 61
;065; Newborn - level 62
;149; Reborn - level 62
;429; Bellona - level 63

22nd July 2011, 3:29 PM
Plat update:

-finally got around to breeding the rest of my team. My team now includes:

Torterra (adamant)
Growlithe (timid)
Feebas (bold)
Heracross (adamant)
Starly (jolly)

Time: 10:55

23rd July 2011, 7:18 AM
Started a new game on one of 4 Platinums and chose Piplup as my starter, got a modest nature on the 3rd try. Battled and beat Barry and his troublesome Turtwig and then set off on my adventure. Caught a Bidoof, Starly and Shinx on Route 202 and finished training my Piplup. Beat bothersome Barry again and headed into Oreburgh City. Found the runaway Roark and then defeated the delirious dolt in a short showdown. At the moment I'm murdering some Machop and poisoning some Ponyta with a Zubat I caught in a cave.

Current Team:

Prinplup Level:19
Zubat Level:16
Bidoof Level:15
Shinx Level: 15
Ponyta Level: 13
Abra Level: 13

On a completely unrelated note I've fully fill all of the boxes on one of my other Platinum cartridges with Level 100s, Events, Shinies and EV trained Pokémon.

Been a while since I posted. Anyway since then I've beaten 4 more gyms; Gardenia, Fantina, Maylene and Crasher Wake. They were all pretty easy. Currently I'm training on Iron Island.


Empoleon Lv:45
Crobat Lv:44
Rapidash Lv:42
Umbreon Lv:40
Espeon Lv:39
Tangrowth Lv:37

Tropius Lv:30 (HM Slave)(Fly, Defog, Rock Smash, Cut)
Bibarel Lv:27 (HM Slave)(Strength, Surf)

24th July 2011, 10:13 AM
Plat update:

-defeated Fantina, Crasher Wake, Maylene & Candice!
-evolved my Pokemon to their final evoltions
-started level grinding for the E4
-Got a Riolu (adamant) from Riley!


Lv55 Torterra (adamant)
Lv36 Arcanine (timid)
Lv25 Milotic (bold)
Lv31 Heracross (adamant)
Lv36 Staraptor (jolly)

Time: 21:31

24th July 2011, 8:19 PM
Trained Runaway and Flare to level 80, am now working on getting Antarctic there as well. Will finish training him either later today or tomorrow. Have been battling every trainer in the battleground everyday, as well as my rival today and yesterday. Other than that, I have mainly been using my two training spots. Might be able to finish everything this week.


;286; Runaway - level 80
;467; Flare - level 80
;395; Antarctic - level 75
;065; Newborn - level 64
;149; Reborn - level 62
;429; Bellona - level 65

25th July 2011, 3:27 AM
I started my fighting monotype challenge three days ago on my Platinum. I just defeated my rival in Canalave City and I'm about to go to Iron island.


;392; lv: 41
;067; lv: 39
;308; lv: 38
;454; lv: 37
;214; lv: 23 (Currently training)

26th July 2011, 2:41 PM
Plat update:

-defeated Cyrus!
-got the masterball!
-caught Giratina (bold), Uxie (careful) & Azelf (naive)!

Time: 26:00

26th July 2011, 5:44 PM
Trained Antarctic and Newborn to level 80, am now working on Reborn. I will likely not finish her today, but maybe tomorrow. Have been battling all available trainers in the Battleground as well as the 2/3 trainers on my training spots. None of them are optimal for Reborn, but I have to use them anyway.


;286; Runaway - level 80
;467; Flare - level 80
;395; Antarctic - level 80
;065; Newborn - level 80
;149; Reborn - level 70
;429; Bellona - level 65

27th July 2011, 11:23 AM
Pearl: I bought My Pokémon Ranch again recently to fuel me to do things in Pearl, such as catch Pokémon. Working so far, I have caught a Golbat from Lost Tower along with many Gastly to add to Ranch.

Diamond: Just loaded up to check my brothers game, tons of Ponyta on there that I'll likely transfer to Ranch.

Platinum: Trying to fill my Pokédex, and have Pichu with a Soothe Bell and Prinplup with Exp. Share to try and achieve this.

Ranch: As stated, got a few days ago, Ranch expanded today, and Hayley bought some extra Bastiodon with her. Now I need to get a Tentacool, along with Nidorina & Torkoal. Ranch is expanding again tomorrow, and Hayley will be bringing Buneary.

28th July 2011, 9:50 AM
Plat update:

-defeated Volkner!
-defeated the E4 and Cynthia!
-got the Pokeradar!

Time: 31:46

28th July 2011, 10:14 PM
Battled all Battleground trainers for two more days in order to get more training. Got both Reborn and Bellona up to level 80. Noticed that training Bellona went very quickly, I suppose she belongs to an experience group which needs little experience to reach level 100. Next up, I am going to challenge the Elite 4, but that will have to wait for a few days.


;286; Runaway - level 80
;467; Flare - level 80
;395; Antarctic - level 80
;065; Newborn - level 80
;149; Reborn - level 80
;429; Bellona - level 80

29th July 2011, 11:11 AM
Pearl: Caught a Tentacool for Hayley on Ranch, and now she wants a Shedinja instead. Got to breed a Nincada then and start levelling it up.

Ranch: Sent Tentacool over, and traded Hayley it for her Staravia. Ranch expanded and will expand again tomorrow. Also sent Wingulls that I caught whislt after Tentacool. Hayley also still wants Nidorina and Torkoal, but she can get stuffed. Hayley will bring Elekid when I visit next.

29th July 2011, 10:07 PM
I explored Hearthome City, picking up a Poffin Case among other things. After learning that Fantina had left Hearthome Gym, I too left. I obtained a Happiny egg from a hiker, and then went on my way to Solaceon. I battled the trainers on the routes that lay ahead, collecting various items and Pokémon. I soon reached the town, where I healed and headed to the Lost Tower.

In the tower, I battled trainers and picked up items, scaling to the top. I got HM04, Strength, from one woman, while the other gave me a Cleanse Tag. I saved back in the Pokémon Center.

.:Current Team:.
;391; Pyro Lv. 22
;397; Apollo Lv. 22
;418; Torrent Lv. 22
;190; Dixie Lv. 23
;436; Dotaku Lv. 22

30th July 2011, 10:28 PM
I arrived on Iron Island and began training Rhytastic. After what felt like hours of training, it evoved into Rhydon. I still need to train the rest of my team a little more before I leave. Then I go to the gym!

31st July 2011, 10:02 PM
Challenged the Elite 4 and won against all 4 of them and the Champion. Trained my team to level 85 afterwards by battling my rival, the trainers in the Battleground, and the trainers at my two training spots. Also found a trainer on Route 229 that I appearently never had battled before, which surprised me quite much.

The final result:

;286; Runaway - level 85
;467; Flare - level 85
;395; Antarctic - level 85
;065; Newborn - level 85
;149; Reborn - level 85
;429; Bellona - level 85

Will now take a break from Platinum. Next time I play it, I will probably test my skills at the Battle Frontier once again.

1st August 2011, 12:30 PM
I've just bought an used Platinum (it's original). The previous owner didn't delete the save, so I've checked it out. I hoped that legendaries won't be caught, but they were. But I found out that he had a Deoxys! Sadly, it was hacked, but still. Now I'm gonna do a lot of trades to my Heart Gold.

4th August 2011, 7:58 AM
Plat update:

-completed level grinding my team (for now)
-started farming the E4 and Champion for money
-started transferring pokemon/ items from HG into Plat


Lv81 Torterra (adamant)
Lv81 Arcanine (timid)
Lv85 Milotic (bold)
Lv82 Heracross (adamant)
Lv50 Staraptor (Jolly) (flyer)

Time: 33:57

Grey Wind
6th August 2011, 1:27 AM
So I began a Platinum Nuzlocke run, and started with Turtwig. I did all the usual start of game stuff, and headed to JUbilife City, cathing myself a male and female Starly on the way, Naming them Dot (female) and Dingle (male). I met Looker, and headed north and caught a Budew, which I named Dekka. I got the Poketch, and went to the trainer's school, where Dingle was brutally murdered. I then battled Barry, winning closely.

I went to the Oreburgh Gate, cathing Storm, the Psyduck there. I got Roark back in his Gym, and after catching Blair the Ponyta, defeated him without too much trouble.

6th August 2011, 1:42 AM
Ok, I had just finish most of the game in Platinum, I was going through Snowpoint temple to get the items, when suddenly I encountered a Shiny Golbat. I used a Quick ball which failed so I used Dusk ball which succeeded. After that I battle some gymleaders again at the house in the Survival area.

6th August 2011, 9:52 AM
Defeated the pokemon league, now I'm waiting for my friend to come online, in order to send me the lake trio and Rotom for pokedex (I don't want to touch them now, as I'm going to SR them).

Grey Wind
7th August 2011, 12:59 AM
I headed to Floaroma Town, and battled with Team Galactic at the meadow, where Dot evolved into Staravia. I then went to Valley Windworks to confront Galactic, and added Sizzle the Buizel to my team. Sadly, Blair died fighting Mars, but I won in the end. Heading up to Eterna Forest I met with Cheryl, and traveled through the forest. Against two Psychics who had two HP Fighting Abras (stupid hax), Storm also died. Platinum evolved while training in Eterna Forest. I countinued to Eterna City, capturing Zena the Combee, and Iroh the Bronzor.

Platinum (Grotle)
Dot (Staravia)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Budew)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Buizel)
Iroh (Bronzor)
Zena (Combee)

9th August 2011, 3:35 PM
I feel the most useful way to catch up on what's been going on in the interim is to look at my journal.

Journal excerpts Aug 1 - Aug 8th

Pearl: Battled Marco at Route 210
Got MIKY's Tauros from GTS (Spanish one)
Went underground and met my Plat persona 32 in order to catch me a Spiritomb
Mixed records between Platinum, Diamond, Pearl and Mrs. Pkmn's Diamond
Caught some Pokémon from an old Sapphire save in the Pal Park
Started breeding Japanese Spiritomb and English Spiritomb to see if I can up my collection of blue shiny Pokémon
Put Spiritomb on GTS and got a Voltorb from Song (uknown location)

Trying to find a Nidoran-F. Oh! There's one, mid-message. Hurrah.
Levelling up Sandshrew to evolve and have a Pichu with a Soothe Bell.

Grey Wind
9th August 2011, 4:43 PM
I battled Gardenia, raping her on taost with Dot. i then went to Team Galactic's building, where I trained against the grunts, and defeated Jupiter and her Skuntank. Skuntank almost killed Dot, but I prevailed througha combination of Dot and Platinum. Iroh died somewhere, but I can't remember how. Never liked him anyway.

I then went down cycling road, and into Wayward Cave's secret entrance, hoping to get a Gible. I was lucky enough to run into one, which I named Ruto. She mauls everything. Including my team trying to catch her.

I then continued to Hearthome City, where I got Finbar the Eevee from Bebe. Impossible to train the little foxy guy, only damaging move is Tackle. And why won't Dekka evolve ;_;

Platinum (Grotle)
Dot (Staravia)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Budew)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Buizel)
Iroh (Bronzor) Deceased
Zena (Combee)
Ruto (Gible)
Finbar (Eevee)

9th August 2011, 6:05 PM
I've finally started catching legendaries.
First one was Azelf. Took me a few hours hunting for a Timid nature and high IVs. It was hard to catch.
Now I'm hunting for a Modest Heatran with Hidden Power grass 65+. It will take much longer.

9th August 2011, 7:47 PM
About to do my very first Nuzlocke.
I choose to do it on my Pearl as that was the Pokémon game I did the least with. Already traded the importand Pokémon towards an other game card. Only traded 3, the Crown Beasts. All the other Pokémon that were on it were not very special. I trained the strong Pokémon that were in it already in other games like my Diamond and Platinum.

I'm going to use Chimchar as my starter. Never used one before as I don't really liked it. But I'll give it a shot as I trained a Piplup in my Diamond and Tutwig in my Pearl and Platinum walkthrough.
I hope I will be able to use it well.

I'm going with the rule if one of my Pokémon faints, I put them permanetly in my box instead of releasing them. I'm also going to nickname all of the Pokémon I catch.

I've stated the game and deleted the save file.
Called my Character "Drac" Because "Dracoste" couldn't fit. I really though the max was 8 characters, not 7. Oh well, Drac is fine.
It took a while to come up with a name for my rival. But in the end I called my rival "Dj".

Got to lake Verity and choose Chimchar as my starter. It was female. And I named her Pearl.

11th August 2011, 11:40 AM
Started a Nuzlocke on Platinum. I'm very obsessed with Nuzlockes, It seems.

Choose my gender and named myself ''wolfie''. Choose Barry as my rivals name, couldn't be bothered to make something up. Choose ;390; as my starter, decided to call him Nocktin. Went to Sandgem, got the pokčdex, blah blah blah.

Caught a ;399;, which was sort of a shame, I was hoping to catch a ;403; or ;396;. Named him Carmon and started training them both. Got to Jubilife, Met Looker, went to catch something in the grass up north. Found a female ;406;, caught her and named her Dot. Leveling again. Battled some trainers, then battled Barry. Nocktin took out his ;396;, and Dot took out his ;393;. Easy, he wasn't hard. Found an Abra, the little jerk teleported away. Went into the cave, got Rock Smash, and caught a female ;041; whom I named Nosfera. Went to battle a bit in the mine, Lou the ;074; joined the team. Taught her Rock Smash. Got Rorak back to the gym, then went to train in the grass up north. Male ;066; called Samuel was caught. Toughened him and Dot up, then challenged the gym. The gym trainers were cake-walk, But Rorak was harder. His ;408; almost gave me a heart attack as it got Samuels HP down to 5. Won eventually, no deaths.

Got up to Flomora Town, and found a ;422;. Sent out Carmon to weaken her, She used Water Pulse, and guess what. Critical hit. Carmon fainted. ''What did you just do?!'' I exclaimed , yes, I talk to my game. Sent out Lou, who was a few levels above the ;422;. Mud-Slap didn't hurt Lou much. Lou used tackle, taking off a few HP points. Water Pulse. Crit again. Lou fainted. I was really annoyed with this ;422; now, Sent out Dot and used Bullet Seed. Got her HP down and threw a Pokčball. ''You better get in the damn ball.''. Caught her, Named her Tammy. She's not my best friend right now, though.

Beat Mars with Samuel and Nocktin, Nocktin evolved. Went up to the forest, grinding levels atm.

Pokčmon count:

Nocktin, ;390;, Male. Naive nature.

Dot, ;406;, Female. Bashful nature.

Nosfera, ;041;, Female. Sassy nature.

Samuel, ;066;, Male. Lax nature.

Tammy, ;422;, Female. Relaxed Evil nature.

Body count: 2

14th August 2011, 1:14 PM
Plat update:

-got Milotic to level 100!

Grey Wind
14th August 2011, 1:46 PM
I trained my Pokemon and headed to the Hearthme Gym to battle Fantina. I swear to god, Haunter was designed to be annoying as hell. "Haunter used Hypnosis!" "Dot fell asleep!" "Dot woke up" "It hurt itself in confusion!" "Haunter used Hypnosis!"


After a tough battle, Dot and Platinum managed to defeat Fantina's Pokemon. I should really stop using those two. I then left Hearthome, and battled Barry. His Pokemon were a lot stronger than mine, but I managed to pull off a win without any casualties. Ruto evolved into Gabite battlling some trainers on the way to Solaceon. Awesome. I also captured Marni the Chansey, luckily.

When I got to Solaceon, I headed to the ruins where I found a Thunderstone, which I used to evolve Finbar. I then put my new Jolteon in the Daycare, since he was only lv 20. And Dekka still won't evolve. WHY DEKKA WHY.

Edit: She finally evolved. I forced some Poffins (what are they anyway?) down her throat, and she evolved out of happiness. Took her long enough.

Platinum (Grotle)
Dot (Staravia)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Budew)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Buizel)
Iroh (Bronzor) Deceased
Zena (Combee)
Ruto (Gabite)
Finbar (Jolteon)
Marni (Chansey)

14th August 2011, 3:46 PM
Started over on Platinum, naming my character Alex, and getting a Turtwig as my starter. I name him Dave, get my Pokedex and Pokeballs, and we go on our merry way. We breezed through Route 202, went to Jubilife, and got everything there. On Route 204, I defeated all the trainers and got all the items I could, and got a Magikarp, who I named Mr. Fish. I now know that even with switching, Magikarp are a PAIN to train. For every 2 1/2 levels Dave gains, Mr. Fish gains 1. GAHHH! Anyways, I'm now clearing out the trainers on Route 203.


;387; Dave (♂) - 11 - Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb

;129; Mr. Fish (♂) - 10 - Splash

15th August 2011, 10:14 PM
I've just caught a Heatran. Modest nature, IVs: 4/28/22/27/25/29. Every IV except HP is satisfying. I think that I'm gonna catch Dialga/Palkia/Giratina.

16th August 2011, 1:03 PM
It's been way too long since I last played. Anyway, I recently explored Solaceon Ruins and the routes north of the town. After that, I traded over a Cranidos egg from my Platinum version, as I couldn't be bothered to slave away down in the Underground. I soon headed east for Veilstone, battling the trainers in my path.

In Veilstone, I battled the Gym and won easily, and obtained HM02 Fly. I taught that to my Staravia, and continued on my way. I began to head south for Lake Valor and Pastoria City, but trained before doing. My Buizel evolved in the process. I then rested at Veilstone's Pokémon Center.

.:Current Team:.
;391; Pyro Lv. 27
;397; Apollo Lv. 27
;419; Torrent Lv. 27
;190; Dixie Lv. 27
;436; Dotaku Lv. 27
;408; Pedro Lv. 27

16th August 2011, 3:46 PM
Pearl: Battled against some new friends (whom I know via Twitter) and won both times. Forgot to adjust things but annoyed with a Milotic with Recover, Attract and Toxic, which I believe is Gentleben's old one from here.

16th August 2011, 7:52 PM
I finally grew impatient with grinding Mr. Fish to Level 15, so I traded over some Rare Candies from SS, and stuffed them down his throat. Dave then proceeded to rape and pillage all of Oreburgh's inhabitants. After getting our badge, we went back to Jubilife, where we battled Team Galactic for the first time. Mr. Fish slaughtered them both with two HP remaining, and poison. We healed up, and went back to Route 204, where we caught our HM Slave, Dan the Bidoof. Right now I'm skipping the trainers on the Floaroma Town side of Route 204.


;387; Dave (♂) - 17 - Tackle, Curse, Absorb, Razor Leaf

;129; Mr. Fish (♂) - 15 - Tackle, Splash

;399; Dan (♂) - 4 - Tackle, Rock Smash

19th August 2011, 11:58 PM
Just chained my first shiny. Chingling. I was lucky.. 9th chain.

Unova Hustler
21st August 2011, 11:39 PM
The story so far:

Picked Chimchar as my starter - he's now a hasty natured Monferno.
Caught an Abra and after an hour or so of grinding - It's now a mild natured Alakazam.

With my ridiculously over-trained team of two, I took down Roark and his team of rocky behemoths with absolute ease.

Defeated some grunts and headed north..

Grey Wind
23rd August 2011, 3:14 PM
So I continued on to Veilstone, and Sizzle evolved along the way. I'm thinking of getting a new Water type, since this is the third time I've used Floatzel.

In Veilstone city, a rather nice man gave me a Porygon, whom I named Pythagoras. Lovely little guy. I trained up my team for battling Maylene, and evolved Pythagoras. Le yayz. I was terrified of Lucario, but then Platinum evolved and learned Earthquake. Forgot he evolves early.

I went in to face Maylene and defeated her easily enough. SCREW YOU LUCARIO. I then went with Dawn, who's Pokedex was snatched by baddies. Beating Team Galactic, I got Fly. Come fly with me...

I continued down to Pastoria, and accidently went into the battle against Barry. It was tough, but I managed to pull through.

Platinum (Torterra)
Dot (Staravia)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Roselia)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Floatzel)
Iroh (Bronzor) Deceased
Zena (Combee)
Ruto (Gabite)
Finbar (Jolteon)
Marni (Chansey)
Pyhtagoras (Porygon2)

23rd August 2011, 5:44 PM
Chained a shiny Jolly Starly, and I've just caught a shiny Bibarel (random encounter). The funny thing is that it broke my chain.

Grey Wind
26th August 2011, 7:59 PM
I started training to defeat Wake, so I battled some trainers. WOOP Dot evolved into Staraptor and learned Close Combat. That gurl is kickass.

I then tweaked the rules and traded myself a Poliwag from Diamond, taking Sizzle off my main team. Don't look at me that way. I named the Poliwag Apollo, and trained him until he evolved into Poliwhirl.

I then went to battle Wake, and OHKOed all of his Pokemon. Such a bad Gym leader. Even Ash beat him without any deaths, and he's a tit.

I then followed some Team Galactic guy who blew up something, and met Cynthia, who gave me a potion to heal the Psyduck's 'chronic headache'. I healed the Psyduck, and took Cynthia's charm to her grandmother. After battling Cyrus, I got Surf and taught it to Apollo. Woohoo.

I then headed to Fuego Ironworks, and got lucky enough to capture a Magmar. I named him Vladimir, and put on my team over Dekka.

Platinum (Torterra)
Dot (Staraptor)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Roselia)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Floatzel)
Iroh (Bronzor) Deceased
Zena (Combee)
Ruto (Gabite)
Finbar (Jolteon)
Marni (Chansey)
Pyhtagoras (Porygon2)
Apollo (Poliwhirl)
Vladimir (Magmar)

29th August 2011, 11:24 PM
Been a while since last time. So quite a lot happened.

Alright, went to Sandgem town and got my Pokédex. Watched Dawn's demonstartion on catching a Pokémon and managed to catch my own. A male Shinx with Rivalry named Zerk.
Got to Jubilife City found the clowns and got my Poketch. Went north and caught a Pokémon. A female Starly, as I was talking about cinnamon with some friends, I found it fitting to name her Cinallia.

I trained all my Pokémon till Lv 15. Beated my Rival Dj(Piece of cake) and caught my next Pokémon. A male Abra(Yeah that's right :3) as I found myself lucky with him, I wanted his name to begin with "Lu" so I named him Lumiere. Taught him Hidden Power, lucky for me, the type was Ground, very handy when he's battling Roark. Trained him and he evolved towards Kadabra, as I have another DS, I immediatly evolved him towards Alakazam.

Caught a Geodude in Oreburgh Gate, named him Wallfred. Caught a male Machop on Route 207 named him Rebon and tought him Rock Smash. I'm going to keep this guy. He will make a perfect . Got to the mine caught a female Onix named her Amalia.

Trained Pearl, Zerk, Cinallia, Lumiere, Wallfred and Rebon to level 18 and headed towards the gym.

Defeated the 2 trainers. And got to Roark. Beated Geodude with Pearl's Mach Punches. Onix with Lumiere's Ground Hidden Power and Cranidos with Rebon.
All in all Roark was pretty easy.

Heading towards Jubilife, defeated the Team galactic grunts, Caught a Zubat in that cave near Floaroma Town, named her Illabel.

A friend of mine also was doing a nuzlocke, and lost his Shinx Tiberius to a crit hit from Mars' Purugly, so I decided to take Revenge for him.
Also caught a Pachirisu in the Valley Windworks. Named her Chantal.
Trained Zerk towards level 21 to get ready for the payback.
Went inside the building, squashed the 2 grunts like they were little bugs.

Got to Mars. As Zerk's abilty is Rivalry this was meant to be a challenging battle.
Squashed Mars' first Pokémon, but then it was Purugly's turn.
Managed to paralyze her with a Spark. And damn Sitrus berry... Got her HP to 1, and finished like Tiberius wanted it, with a critical hit.

Bought some honey and slathered 2 trees, hoping for a Cherubi. 1st tree was a Wurmple, KO'd it. 2nd one was a...Cherubi! caught her and named her Dehlila ;3 Replaced Wallfred for her.

Went towards Eterna Forrest, nothing interesting happened on the way.
Got inside of it and am currently abusing Cheryl's healing powers until all of my Pokémon are Lv 25.


30th August 2011, 1:25 AM
Just got a shiny Manafi off of the GTS today in exchange for an extra Mew I had :). Now trying to get a level 9 and under Jirachi...

30th August 2011, 11:32 PM
Well yesterday I wanted to play Platinum some. I started saved in front of the gym and I then looked at my meditite and saw that it's only physical move was rock tomb. I traded it to my other Platinum game and taught it Ice Punch,Brick Break and Zen Headbutt. I quickly beat all the trainers with my Meditite and it gained 5 levels in there. I battled Gardenia and meditite took out Turtwig and Cherrim. I switched Meditite because it had seeds on it. I sent out Roselia and a stall war began XD. I spammed growth's until I reached +6 the only move roserade could use on me was poison sting. Everytime I reahed below 20 HP I would use a super potion. I then used Magical Leaf and 2HKOed Roserade and got my 2nd badge. After that I healed and went to the galactic building. I quickly beat everyone with Meditite and Prinplup. I then came in on Jupiter and battled her. I easily KOed her Zubat with an Ice Punch. Her Skuntank then came in and OHKOed Meditite with a crit night slash. I sent in Prinplup and began spamming bubblebeams. I 3HKOed it(Do to it's berry). I won and everyone ran off. I then saved in front of the bike shop so I can SR for a good Togepi.

Prinplup LVL26
Roselia LVL23
Meditite LVL22

Meowth City
1st September 2011, 3:06 PM
I decided to get back into Diamond temporarily to complete a few things I've missed from when I last played (which has been too long).
Short update: I went to the Pal Park with FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby and Sapphire inserted in the DS slot and got the Crown, Tiara, Underground Background and the Seafloor Background accessories respectively from the lady there [only missing the Sky Background as I don't have Emerald]. Also in the Pal Park, I got the Kitchen Timer and Color Changer Poketch apps from another girl after showing her a Snorlax and Kecleon respectively.

2nd September 2011, 3:48 PM
Pearl: Just daily business, checking the lottery, hatching eggs and so forth.

Ranch: Hayley bought Pachirisu and I deposited some more Voltorbs caught from Pokéradar-ing.

2nd September 2011, 6:32 PM
Got a Darkrai off the GTS recently, along with a Moltres and a Zapdos :). Been releasing some of my Pokemon to make some space as well.

2nd September 2011, 7:12 PM
I caught a spinda in a swarm today and yesterday I got a corsola.

3rd September 2011, 11:26 PM
A few weeks ago I started my first Nuzlocke. Only one pokemon fainted and meanwhile I'm at veilstone and beat the gym leader there. Now I'm grinding my pokemon till level 40, I try to train my pokemon 5 lvls each route. More info about my nuzlocke is in my sig.

Grey Wind
4th September 2011, 2:06 PM
Whew, lots of stuff since the last update.

I headed to Canalave City, and battled Barry there. Idiot boy. I trained for the Gym, and wrecked Byron with Vladimir, Dot and Platinum. The there was a big boom, and we went to the library to talk to Rowan and Dawn. Sent of to the lakes y'all. I also found a Shiny Stone and evolved Dekka.

Valor had some freaky Magikarps flopping around. I decided to evolve Apollo, just incase I had to face Cyrus again. Oh no, it's just Saturn. Boy or girl? Anyway, after defeating him/her/it, I went to Verity and defeated Mars. The off to Snowpoint woop.

Freakin hard. I hate that long trekk to Snowpoint. So much snow ;_; I evolved Vladimir as well, to have some extra power. Worst thing is all the Ice Pokemon. Ruto, Platinum, and Dot are almost useless, and they're my most rapetacular. I caught a Snover which I called Nefaery.

I finally got to Snowpoint, and saw Barry running around on top of a cliff. Hope he falls off. I saved after healing my Pokemon.

Platinum (Torterra)
Dot (Staraptor)
Dingle (Starly) Deceased
Dekka (Roserade)
Storm (Psyduck) Deceased
Blair (Ponyta) Deceased
Sizzle (Floatzel)
Iroh (Bronzor) Deceased
Zena (Combee)
Ruto (Gabite)
Finbar (Jolteon)
Marni (Chansey)
Pyhtagoras (Porygon2)
Apollo (Poliwrath)
Vladimir (Magmortar)
Nefaery (Snover)

6th September 2011, 12:13 AM
Just training my current team on Pearl.

Buneary, Luxio, Staravia, Grotle, Prinplup, Monferno.

Caught a Bonsly last week.

I currently have 2 Gym Badges.

Meowth City
7th September 2011, 2:15 PM
Diamond: I decided to go for my next trainer star by checking out the Sinnoh Underground for the first time. With my Explorer Kit that I recieved a long while ago, I finish all the training missions given by the Underground Man which includes making and decorating my Secret Base (which I set up under my house in Twinleaf Town). In addition, I played the flag stealing mini-game using my Pearl game. I also used that opportunity to talk to my Pearl character (a boy named JJ) 32 times just to unlock the Spritomb at Hallowed Tower [which I don't really need since I already traded for it anyway]. After the tedious task of taking JJ's flags 50 times, I finally upgraded to a Platinum Flag and earned the Silver Trainer Card.

7th September 2011, 3:41 PM
Ranch: Hayley wanted an Onix - Obtained, and now a Fearow & Roselia. She bought her Finneon, but is just bringing a Crobat tomorrow when the Ranch expands. I'm currently depositing Plusle & Minun for the event.

Pearl: Caught some Geodude, Onix, Steelix and bred some Plusle so that I could add them to Ranch.