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Meowth City
9th September 2011, 9:28 PM
Started a new game with Pearl.

~ Picked girl named Karen.
~ My rival was named Barry.
~ Choose Piplup as starter Pokemon.
~ Caught Starly which evolved into Staravia.
~ Defeated Roark and got my first gym badge.
~ Traded an egg over from Diamond.
~ Piplup evolved into Prinplup.
~ Defeated Team Galactic.
~ Egg hatched into Houndour.
~ Caught Buneary in Eterna Forest.
~ Arrived and saved at Eterna City.

;394; Penta ♂ - Level 19
;397; Sky ♀ - Level 18
;228; Mars ♂ - Level 17
;427; Buster ♂ - Level 11

9th September 2011, 9:47 PM
Hatched an Adamant, Likes to thrash about Gible. Hell yea. If he turns out to have superior over all IV's I'm gonna use berries to perfectly EV train him later.

Fed it 10 protein and 10 carbos, and slaughtered Electabuzz's outside Sunnyshore for a good two hours, gaining speed Ev's and leveling up. Hahaha i love the ground type.

Also switched out to Jolteon when a Floatzel appeared. Of course I had the exp. share on Gible. Now I didn't manually keep track, b/c I'm not worrying about taking forever to perfectly EV train him now, when I can use berries to do it later, but i have been EV training him in Speed and Attack the best I can.

Am currently on route 206 killing ponyta's and machop's to get attack EV's. I'm pretty sure I've maxed his speed, since I must of slaughtered at least 50 Electabuzze's and Floatzels.

My future Garchomp "Hitokiri" will soon be strong enough to single hand-idly annihilate the entire Electric gym. Of course that Electirizer knows Ice punch, so he'll most likely need back-up..haha

Meowth City
10th September 2011, 12:54 PM
Diamond: I decided to get the last remaining Poketch apps that I was missing. By showing some guy in Sunyshore City a Pokemon with a Serious, Naive and Quirky nature, I received the Calender, Drawing Board and Roulette apps respectively [I now have all the apps available except the ones exclusive to events]. Another random thing I did was talk to Mr. Goods for a Gym Statue for my Secret Base. After three days of playing, I was able to obtain a Black Belt, Expert Belt and Focus Sash from a man living in a house near the Pal Park bu showing him different Pokemon of certain levels daily. During this time, I battled all the joggers in the game as I have never managed to do so before due to the fact that they will only battle you in the mornings and I often play at night. Also, I took my Skitty for a walk in the Amity Square and got all the items there. Finally, I managed to gain access to the Ribbon Syndicate in the Resort Area by bringing my Azumarill with its ten ribbons attached.

10th September 2011, 7:47 PM
Decided to re-train a "special attacking" Lucario instead of the "attacking" I have now. Currently hatching eggs until I get a Timid or Modest male. Got my Gabite up to level 42, with his attack and speed stats dwarfing his others. Fast and strong, just how I like um'.

12th September 2011, 9:35 AM
Ranch: Hayley is a *****. She wants a Wingull (which I've already caught, fine) and a Persian (difficult to get on Pearl, but I might get one) and finally a Garchomp...

She bought Ponyta today, and Ranch expands tomorrow with Walrein coming. I visited Tanner's Tauros Ranch yesterday, for my third Club Look-See visit.

Pearl: Thinking Hayley still wanted a Fearow & Roselia I caught some more of them and then remembered her actual list of wants. Caught Wingull on Route 205, and then another one. Put that on GTS for a Persian to see if I can shortcut around that way, as though it's in the Pokédex, I don't seem to have a Meowth or Persian in my PC Boxes. I'm breeding my Garchomp, to get a Gabite, Gible and Garchomp to send to Ranch to try and fill it with at least one of each Pokémon. I also caught some Pichu in Backlot's garden, got a Jigglypuff called "Pummelpuff" from the GTS.

Meowth City
12th September 2011, 2:08 PM

~ Defeated Gardenia and got my second badge.
~ Met Cynthia for the first time and got HM01 Cut.
~ Defeated Team Galactic again and got a free Bicycle.
~ Received an egg - which later hatched into Happiny.
~ Defeated Maylene and got my third badge.
~ Got HM02 Fly in Team Galactic's hideout.
~ Caught a Pachirisu on Route 205.
~ Houndour evolved into Houndoom.
~ Visited the Great Marsh and got HM06 Defog.
~ Defeated Crasher Wake and got my fourth badge.
~ Got the SecretPotion from Cythnia.
~ Cured the Psyducks' headaches.
~ Saved at Route 210.

;394; Penta ♂ - Level 30
;397; Sky ♀ - Level 31
;229; Mars ♂ - Level 30
;427; Buster ♂ - Level 31
;417; Taylor ♀ - Level 30

13th September 2011, 7:44 PM
Got a Modest, Scatters things often, male Riolu. Got him to evolve way early, so he loves me, and have been ev training him the best I can without macho brace or anything else...

He's level 20, and now I'm gonna slaughter some Psyducks/Golducks on the route north of Jubilife for the Sp. Attack EV's.

Meowth City
13th September 2011, 8:20 PM

~ Got HM04 Surf from Cynthia's grandmother.
~ Defeated Fantina and got my fifth badge.
~ Staravia evolved into Staraptor.
~ Defeated Byron and got my sixth badge.
~ Battled Team Galactic at Lake Valor.
~ Prinplup evolved into Empoleon.
~ Battled Team Galactic at Lake Verity.
~ Found HM08 Rock Climb on Route 217.
~ Arrived and saved at Snowpoint City.

;395; Penta ♂ - Level 38
;398; Sky ♀ - Level 38
;229; Mars ♂ - Level 38
;427; Buster ♂ - Level 37
;417; Taylor ♀ - Level 37

14th September 2011, 8:52 AM

Hayley's wanted
Persian - Annoyingly after catching on LG and levelling against Dunsparce, and evolving, Meowth are now at Backlot's. Grrr.
Mime Jr. - Bred female Mr. Mime, got female Mime Jr., called it Mimien.
Garchomp - Have a Gible egg, that I'll hatch, and then get another. So I can put Gible, Gabite & Garchomp on.
Roserade - I don't have a Shiny Stone, so I'll be digging in the Underground for it.
? - There was something else that was sort of easy to get, but I forget now.

Visited Magnemite Ranch, and took a photo of Maggie beside a Magneton.

Hatched Mime Jr. and another Plusle. Nicknamed them Mimien and Pluses respectively. Also took a trip near to Valley Windworks, and surfed to catch some more Pokémon and discovered that, even though I've played this game since April 2007, more than four years later I haven't picked up TM24 from behind the building.

Meowth City
15th September 2011, 3:51 PM

~ Caught Snover on Route 217.
~ Buneary evolved into Lopunny.
~ Defeated Candice and got my seventh badge.
~ Witnessed Barry getting owned at Lake Acuity.
~ Defeated Team Galactic at Galactic HQ.
~ Snover evolved into Abomasnow.
~ Saved Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.
~ Defeated all Galactic Commanders and Cyrus.
~ Caught Palkia at the Spear Pillar in a Pokeball.
~ Arrived and saved in Sunyshore City.

;395; Penta ♂ - Level 44
;398; Sky ♀ - Level 43
;229; Mars ♂ - Level 43
;428; Buster ♂ - Level 43
;417; Taylor ♀ - Level 42
;460; Snowy ♂ - Level 42

15th September 2011, 5:24 PM
I've caught a Modest Giratina with good IVs (I didn't care about attack, because I don't want to use this stat). It's got a perfect defense IV.

16th September 2011, 12:13 AM
Pearl: Have been trying my hand at shiny PokéRadar chaining to no avail. But I've boxes full of Kricketot, Starly, Shellos & Zunat for Hayley on Ranch tomorrow.

16th September 2011, 3:20 PM
Pearl: Caught Drifloon at Valley Windworks as well as a male Combee off the tree. Might rest Pearl for a bit, besides daily things and Ranch.

Platinum: With Movie 08 Regigigas with me, I went to catch Regice, and it took me 20 Ultra Balls, and a U-Turn and Pursuit from Flutters (Yanma). Regirock next I think, after I get some more money to afford to buy stuff.

Hayleys wanted
Kricketot - Caught and traded for her Pachirisu I think
Garchomp - No chance Hayley.
Roserade - No shiny stone, so also no chance
Barboach - Easy enough, so yes, she'll likely get that

Ranch expands again tomorrow

17th September 2011, 7:51 PM
So I beat the elite four on my first run through. Had to Max-revive once against Cynthia but meh, they use full restores...

Afterwards I only had to see two more pokemon to get to 210. Rotom was easily seen through the TV at the Old Chateau, and I knew the last was Porygon. I planed to use this Porygon as my EV trained one that I will trade to Soul Silver to use for the in-game experience. So I waited until I had access to the Battle Frontier to find out his IV potential.

Yaayy. After about 50 or so soft resets, I finally got a Timid, Alert to sounds Porygon, with superior overall IV's and a perfect Speed IV. I'll EV train him in Sp. Attack and Speed later.

So now I can finally get the National Dex and continue exploring Sinnoh!

18th September 2011, 7:32 PM
I've just started a new Platinum. I am just about to battle Maylene, and am really enjoying playing it again. My team is:

Monferno 31
Mothim 35
Gabite 31
Porygon 25 (only just got it)
Roselia 30

18th September 2011, 8:48 PM
- Got my national Dex upgrade and got to meet Professor Oak. Heard of the legendary birds roaming the Sinnoh region for some strange reason. Have ran into Moltres and Zapdos but not yet Articuno. Mesprit is still out there as well. Dragon Trio has been caught, and I have met the Regigigas statue, but I am going to have pal park the legendary golems from my future emerald version to catch him. Cresselia, I'm not sure about yet. I'm thinking I need to progress the story before she begins to roam around Sinnoh like the rest of um'.

- When on a berry planting spree (The EV draining ones) all over Sinnoh, and bought tons of honey and slathered every tree in Sinnoh with honey. Looking for the damn female Combey. Also re-explored a few nooks and crannies with the Dowsing machine with my two HM slaves in party to clear the way of obstacles and annoying waterways.

- Was about to explore the battle Zone to get a super rod, when I ran into a fisherman right outside the entrance. Now I can finally catch a Feebas! Now I can train a pokemon I've been very interested in since I first saw it in Emerald. Milotic!!! I'll breed one to be Modest and Mischievous, with superior over-all IV's and a perfect Sp. Attack IV. Her Sp. Attack and Speed stats will be EV trained to the max.

- Am now going to figure out which four spots Feebas can be caught in that pool inside Mt. Coronet.

Meowth City
18th September 2011, 11:08 PM

~ Defeated Volkner and got my eighth and final badge.
~ Met Jasmine and got HM07 Waterfall.
~ Arrived at the Victory Road.
~ Reached the Pokemon League.
~ Defeated Barry at the entrance.
~ Witnessed Mesprit at Lake Verity.
~ Caught Uxie at Lake Acuity.
~ Caught Azelf at Lake Valor.
~ Currently training my team.

;395; Penta ♂ - Level 48
;398; Sky ♀ - Level 48
;229; Mars ♂ - Level 47
;428; Buster ♂ - Level 47
;417; Taylor ♀ - Level 47
;460; Snowy ♂ - Level 47

20th September 2011, 6:00 PM
Just caught a shiny Sneasel. Jolly nature. Its IVs are good, except sp.def, speed and sp. atk (I don't care about it, though). 19th chain, not so bad. I'm gonna chain more.

Meowth City
21st September 2011, 12:24 AM
Pearl Team:
(Before the League)
;395; Penta ♂ - Level 48 - Moves: Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, Surf, Peck.
;398; Sky ♀ - Level 48 - Moves: Aerial Ace, Take Down, Close Combat, Fly.
;229; Mars ♂ - Level 48 - Moves: Crunch, Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Faint Attack.
;428; Buster ♂ - Level 48 - Moves:Quick Attack, Jump Kick, Bounce, Dizzy Punch.
;417; Taylor ♀ - Level 48 - Moves: Spark, Swift, Quick Attack, Discharge.
;460; Snowy ♂ - Level 48 - Moves: Swagger, Wood Hammer, Ice Shard, Blizzard.

First of all, I stocked up on a lot of healing items. Then I defeated the Elite 4 (Aaron, Bertha, Flint and Lucian) with hardly any problems. My biggest challenge was the unbelievably close battle with the Champion who happened to be my stalker, Cythnia. I did a lot of stalling and healing, but I defeated her with only Snowy left. I got lucky with Blizzard which froze Milotic - her last Pokemon - had this not happened, I might have lost the battle. My Pokemon and I were recorded into the Hall of Fame. I viewed the credits. THE END!

21st September 2011, 3:43 AM
Finally found a Feebas patch! Took four freakin' days, although it's not like I play all hours of the day... but still.

Now I'm gonna catch as many as I can. Maybe like 30, or even 50, to get the nature I like, which is Modest of course, and luckily with good IV's. I had enough patience finding the ugly fish, I can easily take my time catching as many as I want. I'll breed to get the one I prefer of course, I just hope Feebas ain't a baby pokemon. I don't think it is though. I'll check Bulbapedia.

A super awesomely trained Milotic is within my grasp!

Roulette Dares
24th September 2011, 6:17 PM
Yay, I love these kinds of threads. Well, this morning I decided I would restart Diamond. I'm not too far, but I'm still playing as I type this up. I'll probably post daily in the form of a log.

Well, first thing's first in a journey. I chose my starter, named my character, etc. I went with Chimchar this time. It's my standby starter in the 4th gen, and I rarely choose anything else. Infernape is one of my favorite Utility Pokemon to date, and I think that its movepool and playstyle really compliment playing through a game's story. After getting all of the basic stuff finished, I was able to actually start playing.

I head to Sandgem Town and do everything that needs to be done there (get the Pokedex, Dawn teaches me to catch Pokemon), and now I'm finally free to explore a little bit uninterrupted. I take the time to train Chimchar a bit. I get him to around Lvl 10 on wild Shinx and Starly, which should make fighting the local trainers pretty easy. I catch a Bidoof as well to use as an HM Slave later so I don't have to waste move slots on my more useful Pokemon. I go through Jubilife, get my Poketch, deliver the package to my rival, battle the Trainer School students, and obtain TM Hidden Power from them. I decide that I want to catch member #3 of my party, so I look through my dex to see what I've encountered. Abra catches my eye, so I head east to look for one.

First I have to battle my rival, who is easily handled by Chimchar. After defeating him I start looking around for Abra. Now, if you've ever tried catching one, you know how tedious it can be. I probably spent 20 minutes searching before encountering my first one. Not knowing my Chimchar's strength, I accidentally KO'd with Scratch. Luckily, all the searching had caused Chimchar to grow a lot from battling the wild Pokemon. Through the process he learned Taunt. Remembering that Abra always uses Teleport to run from battle, I quickly taught it to Chimchar. After a few more random encounters I finally found a Male Lvl 4 Abra. Chimchar Taunted it, forcing it to Struggle its health away. I threw a Pokeball and caught it on my first try.

Once the battle was done I used my recently acquired TM Hidden Power on Abra, since it doesn't get any attacking moves until it evolves. I evolved Chimchar into Monferno sometime before heading to Oreburgh, and managed to get Abra to about lvl 12. I did everything in Oreburgh, which mainly consisted of visiting the mine. This just left battling the gym. With Abra leading, I easily took down the two gym trainers. The second victory gave enough EXP for Abra to evolve into Kadabra, and learn Confusion as well. Still not knowing my Hidden Power type, I was glad to have a good STAB move. Kadabra OHKO'd Geodude, but I switched Monferno in to fight Cranidos. Mach punch 2HKO'd it, and 3HKO'd Onix, letting me defeat Roark easily and obtain TM Stealth Rock and the Coal Badge.

I left the gym and headed back toward Jubilife. I taught Bidoof Rock Smash first, and then headed north. Professor Rowan and Dawn were waiting for me, talking to some Galactic Grunts. Dawn and I battle them, and Kadabra handles both Pokemon (Wurmple and Zubat) pretty easily with Confusion.

This is where I stopped to take a break. I'll probably play more tonight, and I'll try to update again tomorrow :D

The Team:

Monferno- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/70/391MS.png
Level 16
Fury Swipes
Mach Punch

Kadabra- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b6/064MS.png
Level 16
Hidden Power-???

Bidoof- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/bc/399MS.png
Level 2
Rock Smash

Current Location: Jubilife City
Badges: Coal

Mr. Combover
24th September 2011, 7:18 PM
Platinum: Caught a Chingling, raised its happiness and evolved it.

Diamond: Started a new file, and chose Chimchar.

Roulette Dares
26th September 2011, 3:14 AM
Huzzah, time for entry #2

From Jubilife to Eterna

After defeating the grunts pretty easily, it was time to head toward Floaroma Town. I always forget how time consuming this portion of the game can be, which is why I didn't make it that far in this entry. With Monferno, Kadabra, and Bidoof, I set out to rid the Windworks of Team Galactic.

The task was simple enough. I did everything Floaroma had to offer, which was mostly gathering a few berries and getting a sprayduck can. Once I beat Team Galactic I headed north toward Eterna Forest. If you've played the game, you know how monotonous this section is. Fighting the same Pokemon over and over again alongside Cheryl's incompetent Chansey took me forever. However, it was a great way to grind a little bit of EXP before arriving at Eterna, so I managed to get Monferno and Kadabra to about Lvl 23. I skipped over the fisherman outside the forest in case I caught another Pokemon while exploring the areas around Eterna; they would be good for some extra EXP. I decided this time to go straight for the gym instead of doing the Team Galactic mission.

The gym trainers were easy enough. I cycled Kadabra and Monferno, trying to get them even amounts of EXP. They both hit lvl 24 while at the gym, giving me quite an edge over Gardenia. I used Monferno as my lead, who easily OHKO'd her Cherubi and Turtwig. Roserade was somewhat more difficult, but her Stun Spore didn't work out, so Flame Wheel 2HKOd. I got TM Grass Knot and the Forest Badge, and headed back out to Eterna.

Once I did all of that, I decided I would explore a previously blocked off area, The Old Chateau. I got HM Cut from Cynthia and headed back west toward the mansion. I skipped the fishermen again, instead taking the sideroute above them to pick a few berries. The first Pokemon I encounter inside the Old Chateau is an interesting one who I've never had experience with using: Gastly. I love Gengar, but I've never actually used one in a playthrough. I figure that now is as good a time as any, so I go for the catch.

Using Monferno, I go with the same strategy I used with Abra. I taunt, but I'm not as lucky this time when it attacks. Since both of my Pokemon more than double its level, I decide that I might as well just start throwing Pokeballs. My first choice, a regular Pokeball, works just fine, and Gastly is mine. I move him to the front of my party so I can get him some experience while I explore the rest of the building. I got the few items out of the building and then left, battled the fishermen, and then headed back to Eterna. I guess this is where I'll stop for today.

The Team:

Monferno- http://serebiiforums.com/images/smilies2/391.gif
Level 24
Fury Swipes
Mach Punch

Kadabra- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b6/064MS.png
Level 24
Hidden Power-Dragon?

Gastly- http://serebiiforums.com/images/smilies2/092.gif
Level 16
Night Shade
Mean Look

Bidoof- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/bc/399MS.png
Level 2
Rock Smash

Current Location: Eterna City
Badges: Coal, Forest

26th September 2011, 12:58 PM
Pearl: Caught a few things to stick on Ranch, and got defeated by a Swords Dancing Pinsir when I wasn't paying attention.

Hayleys wanted
Barboach - Easy enough, so yes, she'll likely get that
Oddish - Easy to get
Starly - I don't know why, there's tons at the Ranch

Ranch expands again tomorrow

27th September 2011, 2:23 AM
My Milotic is a beast. The strongest pokemon I have ever trained. Took me a while to hatch the Feebas I wanted, but it was well worth it.

She ( Mihoshi ) is Modest and Mischeivous, and has outstanding overall potential, with perfect IV's in both Special Attack and Special Defense. Maxed her Speed and Sp. Attack EV's, and now she is so freakin' powerful.

For now, these are her moves:

Hydro Pump, Blizzard ( Want to replace with Ice Beam later on somehow, since it's so inaccurate) Aqua Ring, and Attract. I got the Shell Bell on her like Palmer.

Ditched some of my early team and re-trained a perfectly EV trained in Speed and Attack, Jolly, Likes to thrash about Charizard ( perfect attack IV ). I really, really wanted an Adamant one, but damn platinum version makes it a pain in the *** to breed for a specific nature if all you have are males...that's why I love HeartGold/SoulSilver.

I am now outside the cave at Stark Mountain about to finish off Team Galactic once and for all with my awesomely EV trained trio of Milotic, Garchomp, and Charizard.

27th September 2011, 8:43 AM
I've had a sleepless night.. what to do? Chain!
I've chained two shiny Houndours.

3rd October 2011, 12:20 AM
Decided that I need a Gallade for my battle tower team. Charizard is weak to water/ice types and electirc, like Milotic and Garchomp, so that won't work.

So I finally hatched a Jolly Alert to sounds Ralts, who I ev trained in Speed and Attack obviously. Leaf Blade, Close Combat, Psycho Cut and X-Scissor are his moves for now. Stone Edge will be taught to him as soon as I can afford it, to one shot the Flying types.

About to explore the survival area.

6th October 2011, 10:50 AM
Pearl: Caught a ton of Illumise & Volbeat for Ranch.


Hayley bought Absol and traded my Starly for her Croagunk.

Hayleys wanted
Starly - Easy
Oddish - Okay, maybe
Quagsire - Also simple

16th October 2011, 4:24 PM
Restarted Platnium, and having fun. Barry won me, Dawn dragged me everywhere, and Rowan gave me TM 027, Return.

Team ATM:


Chili the Chimchar, LV 5.

17th October 2011, 8:02 PM

Finally got to face Palmer the second time, and I swear I had him beat.

It was the most epic fight I've ever had.

My Garchomp, Gallade, and Milotic, vs his Regigigas, Cresselia, and Heattran. Cheatin' ******* using legendaires that I already caught, and that there are only one of!...haha anyway

Garchomp went out first, and so did his regigigas. I switched out to Gallade to try one one shot him with Close Clombat. Didn't work...then he kills me some how I forget...but I know I killed his Regigigas with Garchomps Earthquake.

Now his Cresselia comes out, and I hit her with Outrage, she stays in the green...then one shots me with ice beam..

Now I'm worried. My last pokemon vs two of his. Milotic vs Cresselia. I start with Hydro Pump, it misses of course...then I use Aqua Ring to stay alive. I spam Hyro pumps till one finally hits critical..but of course it still left her with one hp....Damn it all.

So I Ice beam and kill her, after she hits me one more time with psychic... then he brings out a pokemon that I loved to see, Heatran!!! Awesome. My water type should beat this thing with relative ease....

Damn you Focus Sash!!!!! You have saved me so many times but why does Palmer have it on his Heatran!!!

Anyway, I was in the yellow, had like 84 hp, and one of Cresselias psychics lowered my Sp. Def, which is already perfect on my milotic, just not ev trained.

Heatran holds on with 1hp and uses Earth Power. At this point I think Milotic can hold on, having awesome Sp. Defense and knowing earth power is not stab boosted...but of course her lowered sp. defense from the previous psychic was enough for her to die....

So close, so damn close...

Also got a 98 streak at the Battle Hall, and would've faced the Brain again, if that damn Poliwrath's Hypnosis didn't hit.

Gallade had Close Combat, Pshyco Cut, Leaf Blade and X-scissor. He was raping everything in his path with his trusty focus sash on ( tried choice scarf for a while, but i still couldn't one shot certain high defense guys, he is Jolly alert to sounds after all... so decided to take the safer route...), and all I had to do was beat this last water type.

Leaf Blade brought him down to yellow, cuz i wasn't sure if the STAB boosted Pshyco Cut would have done any more damage. And of course his hypnosis hits and i don't wake up in time to kill him while he's drowning my Blade with Surfs. Even with his great sp. defense, he couldn't wake up.

So yea, this team of mine in the strongest Battle Tower/Hall team I have ever had. Garchomp is a freakin' beast, Gallade is fast enough and strong enough, and extremely versatile to one shot opponents with his SE attacks, and my Mystic Milotic is a survivor with a uber powerful Hydro Pump.

Nothin' left to do but to try, try again.

20th October 2011, 6:09 PM
I'm about to battle the seventh gym leader in both Pokemon Pearl and Platinum, and my team for both games are:

Pearl: ;389;;392;;395;;398;;405;

Platinum: ;389;;392;;395;;398;;405;;444;

20th October 2011, 11:45 PM
I've decided to take on the battle fronier in Platinum.
Diamond...haven't been on that for a while.

Sergio Aguero
22nd October 2011, 3:59 PM
started a new game on pearl, chose chimchar ;D

26th October 2011, 6:25 PM
(in Diamond)

Two days ago I bred myself an Adamant Bagon with Dragon Dance and nice IVs.
EV trained it and leveled up, and used it in the Battle Tower before getting HAXED to death by a Sheer Cold spamming Dewgong. Luckily it was only like the 30th fight so I didn't lose much.

So today I got the urge to start leveling up random stuff in my boxes, so I decided to train my shiny Venomoth I've had for a LONG time. I quickly visited the Underground for some Heart Scales, and used them to teach Venomoth Sleep Powder and Signal Beam.

Then I suddenly got the urge to visit the Marsh to catch myself a few Skorupi. I got 4 of them, and 2 of them actually had very good IVs, so I took the female one and placed it in the Daycare with a high-level Scyther I had lying around. While waiting for the eggs to show up, I traveled to Acuity Lakefront, and leveled up my Venomoth by 6 levels. (It being migrated plus holding Lucky Egg really helped :))

Then I flew to Solaceon, deposited everything and withdrew my Slugma, and started hatching those eggs. It didn't take too long to hatch an Adamant Skorupi who had pretty much inherited the best IVs from both it's parents and the moves Swords Dance, Night Slash and X-Scissor from the Scyther. Then I just infected it with Pokerus, used vitamins and maxed out it's EVs in Attack and Speed. Gonna start leveling it up tomorrow :)

30th October 2011, 4:54 AM
A new adventure has been started in a reset Platinum game, starring the heroic adventures of Joe, a scrawny, cowardly kid who tries to be crazy prepared for every situation. After watching some TV, his super hyper friend Ron, who had a British accent similarly to a famous wizard named Ron, rushed in, checked his friend's laptop, and ran back off again.

Joe hesitantly followed him to his house, and Ron ran back, and ran back out again. He came up with an ingenious idea to run to Sandgem Town. After all, the only thing out there was small birds and beavers. But since they are still classified as "Wild Pokemon", an old guy stopped him and said it was reckless. The old guy was Prof. Rowan however, and was going to give them Pokemon, as long as. I quote:

You must never recklessly endanger yourself again.

...Yeah, like that's never gonna happen. Anyhow, Dawn, the ten year old assitant of Rowan, came with a briefcase to hand the Pokemon to the two. Joe was cautiously picking a Pokemon, and was rather unhappy with the selection. However, the Chimchar leapt up and grasped onto his leg, annoying him, unintentionally choosing her. Ron chose a Piplup, the Prof. and Dawn left, and Ron rushed over to Joe to start the rival battle!

Hilarious, Hyper, and Hardcore Harry Potter Fan
;390; V.S. ;393;

It was basically a Scratch and Pound fest with a Leer and Growl every once in a while. Joe and the Female Chimchar became victorious, and the two retreated to their homes for now, later checking the nearby lake for legendaries. However all they found was a creepy guy named after space. Lame.

30th October 2011, 4:50 PM
I am currently stuck in Team Galactics hideout in Veilstone City. I have just went to Lake Acuity and obtained Snowpoint City Gym Badge. Also, I was wondering what I can do to change up my team to be able to go through Team Galactics hideout without losing everyone but Empoleon. Here is my team. Please Help Me. I would greatly appriciate it and thanks in advance.

Diamond Team:
1.Steelix LV.34
2.Empoleon LV.45
3.Ponyta LV.31
4.Staraptor LV.39
5.Sneasel LV.32

31st October 2011, 3:07 AM
Ron wanted to give the Pokemon back to Rowan at that point, so he left Joe by himself to get their. After getting Running Shoes, he chased after him. Along the way, he got a free Potion. Even along the way, he still did not like using Chimchar. When at Rowan's Lab, he declined the option to nickname it, even. He then after some manipulating, decided to see every Pokemon in Sinnoh. Dawn showed Joe the basics of Pokemon, and then forced him to say bye to his mom.

At his place, he was given a useless journal, and a parcel to deliver to Ron. Along the way, he bought some PokeBalls and caught some Pokemon, but they were filler. He then traded them to get some awesome Pokemon in eggs- a Shinx named Emolion, and a Budew named Rosemon.

"The starters are overrated. I'm going to go through this adventure without using this starter from here on out!"-Joe

After training Emolion and Rosemon to around Level 7, he headed out and was stopped by Dawn to be shown how to catch a Pokemon, despite having more than one already. Dang, Dawn is dumb; would it kill her to actually ask if he knew how to catch a Pokemon? Anyhow, Joe continued to the end of the route, while battling some classic Youngsters and Lasses. Once at Jubilife, Dawn criticized Joe for not having enough Pokemon, and dragged him to the Trainers School, thinking Joe was an idiot and new nothing about Pokemon, wheras really he knew a lot.

Before that however, they interrupted a police officer named Looker. That's a horrible code name, honestly. He could've just named himself "Handsome" and it would be better. Though Game Freak isn't fine with American boys calling the police Handsome, but they're fine with the Japanese doing so. After the talk, Joe went into the Trainers School, battled some school children, and delivered the parcel to Ron. The parcel was a pair of town maps, and one was given to Joe.

1st November 2011, 4:57 PM
Well, finally defeated Team Galactic in their hideout and I was able to capture Dialga, (unfortunate that it was not a shiny). After the capture of Dialga, i went to Lake Acuity to capture Uxie, (with success). After the capture of Uxie, I flew to Lake Valor and Captured Azelf. With those 2 caught I went to Sunyshore City to Challenge Volkner. As I do naturally, I defeated all trainers in Volkners gym. After the defeat of Volkner, i met someone named Jasmine, who claims she was from the Johto region and a Gym Leader! Afterwards I continued on to Victory road In attempt to get to the Elite Four but on the top floor lost to a Steelix and all I had was a Staraptor (one of my weakest) and ended up back in Sunyshore City. So here is my team so far.

My Diamond Team:
1. Staraptor LV.40
2. Dialga LV. 53
3. Gastrodon (East sea) LV.40
4. Emploeon LV.51
5. Steelix LV.46
Cant remember the 6th pokemon

1st November 2011, 8:49 PM
After receiving a map, a weird guy came up to them and got mad because he didn't have a Poketch. So then he was sent on a quest to find some clowns and answer ridiculously easy questions, and all of them were the same answers: Yes. He got a nice Poketch, but he wanted a green one... So when he was about to go to the next Route, Ron rushed up to him, somehow passing the weird man, and challenged him to a rival battle!

;403;;406; V.S. ;396;;393;

Since she didn't know Spark yet, Emolion took two Ice Fangs to defeat it due to a Growl. Rosemon defeated Piplup with one Energy Ball. Ron ran away, sad and confused why Joe didn't use Chimchar. Anyhow, he continued walking along the path, defeating trainers along the way.

Inside the cave, a random Hiker gave him the HM for Rock Smash. Joe defeated some other scouts, and ended up at Oreburgh City. A Youngster was just dying to call Joe a noob, but just didn't have the need to today. Ron ALREADY defeated the gym, but the leader went into the mine. Joe also stared at a Camper running back and forth for a long time to the music.

After that, Joe rushed into the mine, and Emolion wanted to evolve, but Joe wanted her to learn Bite first, so he held off on that for a few levels. After fighting some Workers with an awesome piano solo, they found the Gym Leader, Roark, randomly wrecking rocks, returning to his post right afterwards.

1st November 2011, 10:30 PM
I started a new game on Diamond, and started with Piplup.

2nd November 2011, 3:04 AM
"Yo, champ in the making!" The legendary gym person called out to Joe as he entered the gym. He also mentioned he said the same thing to an impatient boy earlier. There were two paths to the Gym Leader, and easy and hard way. Joe took both of them, sweeping through the trainers without trouble. Joe then went face to face with...

Rugged Red-Headed Boy With a Real Gender Confusion
;403;;406; V.S. ;074;;095;;408;

There are a lot of red heads in this series that can be mistaken for girls... Only half of them are. Anyhow, Emolion gets in an Ice Fang while Geodude sets up Stealth Rock like a competitive player. One more Ice Fang KOs it however. Joe cautiously switched to Rosemon, who takes entry damage, against Onix. One Energy Ball decimates the enormous, 28ft. rock monster that doesn't even fit in the gym logically. Last up is the headbonkin' Cranidos, who instantly falls to an Energy Ball, giving Joe the win, as well as the Coal Badge!

After leaving, Joe is bumped into by Ron, who mentions Eterna City as the next destination, and dashes away without counting. Before he goes to Jubilife, he explores the cave along the way to find some goodies. When he does get their though, he's greeted with some Team Galactic goons harassing Prof. Rowan and Dawn. Rowan was being a hero and was insulting said goons.

"Let me list some lessons you still need to learn. #1: Don’t loiter about for no good reason. #2: Don’t interrupt others while they are attempting to converse. #3: If you don’t get your way, don’t raise your voice to be intimidating. #4: Don’t think you’ve grown strong just because you’re in a group. #5: What is with those outlandish outfits you have on? My goodness... You call yourselves adults?!"

"Eeeee! Now you made it personal!"

Emolion and Dawn's Piplup destroyed Team Galactic, and they left because said team is beneficial to all or some random thing. Then the two spoke about evolution and stuff, and as they left, a generic fat guy came up to Joe and gave him a Fashion Case. Because Joe is really a fashionista.

2nd November 2011, 4:52 AM
I just got Platinum afew days ago, currently sitting aside my Diamond and focusing on Platinum instead!

Grotle - lv20
Luxio - lv20
Ponyta - lv20
Staravia - lv20
Psyduck - lv20
Geodude - (slave)

Currently at cycling road and chilling at Wifi-Plaza after

Roronoa Zoro
3rd November 2011, 12:24 AM
I started the game in my bedroom. After walking around, Barry barged into my room and told me to meet him at his house. After he left, I went downstairs an talked to my mom for a bit. She told me to be safe. I exited my home and went to Barry's. He ran into right outside his door and told me he forgot something. I followed him. After that, we headed to route 201. We were about to run into tall grass to go to Sandgem town to get our own Pokemon, when we were stopped by a loud voice. From behind us came Prof. Rowan and his assistant, Dawn. He questioned our actions and gave us a choice of one rare Pokemon. I saved before making my choice.

3rd November 2011, 6:31 AM
My Garchomp, Milotic, and Gallade own the battle tower and the battle castle. I am close to getting the gold plack things for both of them.

3rd November 2011, 7:13 AM
Joe continued up the next Route and laughed at a Youngster threatening to beat him up with the Magikarp he got from his papa. Via HM, Joe tought Rock Smash to a Bidoof for it to break through the rock along the way. He then scrambled through a few more trainers and some creepy twins to reach Flororoama Town. Right before that however, Emolion evolved into Luxio!

"Emolion... is a lot bigger and a bit more tough. She's still the same Emolion I remember though; no major changes." -Joe

Joe grabbed the TM for Pluck from a random girl inside a house, and some botanists gave him a watering can for no apparent reason. When he tried to leave, another girl told him to rescue her daddy from the Valley Windworks, because spacemen forced him to do so. Joe had no choice, because Team Galactic were being jerks and blocked the way, even though Emolion or Rosemon could defeat them. He later defeated another Galactic Goon, who hid inside the windworks like a coward. So he went back the way he came and found some more Galactic Grunts threatening a random man, and this exchange was made.

"We must have it [the honey] to attract Pokemon in great numbers!"

Joe really liked how they said that, but sadly had to beat the two up anyway without trouble. For doing so, he found a key, as well as got some free honey! He's not a honey person though, and let it rot in his infinity backpack of holding. Joe busted into the Valley Windworks dramatically, beating a few goons along the way, and fought against a weird red-haired lady named Mars who sounded like Amy Rose. Joe knew this because he plays a ton of video games, but isn't as a nerd as Whitlea *White RH reference* was.

Rosemon defeated Mars' Zubat with one Extrasensory, while Purugly was a bit of a pain. Emolion Intimidated it, but it was still strong. However, thanks to some Paralyzation hax and raw Spark power, Joe defeated the Galactic Commander. Another random dude was there, but Joe didn't care about him. The girl and scientist treated him like a hero, albeit the lab coated man was smelly... Then Looker arrived, but he was super late.

3rd November 2011, 1:30 PM
yesterday.. I was hunting for a Gible and I found a blue Gligar. I thought it was shiny and tried to catch it, spending all my pokeballs/greatballs I saved for Gible. After spending like 20pokeballs and 5 greatballs, I FINALLY CAUGHT IT. but then I raged when I check its summary, for it was a normal Gligar!!!!!!! I didnt know that Gligar was blue in Platinum instead of purple like other pokemon games. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Okay well, after done raging I head on and now Im at Crasher Wake's gym.

My team:
Torterra - lv32
Luxray - lv34
Ponyta - lv32
Psyduck - lv32
Staravia - lv32
Gabite - lv30

currently stuck cause of his Floatzel owning my team..

4th November 2011, 5:24 AM
Joe rushed through North of the Windworks after saving it to the Eterna Forest. Most of them were no trouble at all for the dynamic duo of Emolion and Rosemon. Though, the experience was piling quick... Joe was concerned that if he was going to trade for other strong Pokemon later, he shouldn't get the levels TOO high...

Joe entered the forest and a lady with green hair asked him to escort her. Due to his shyness, the trainer didn't hesitate at all. He also tried to run to the exit as quickly as possible due to the awkwardness. Joe did catch a Buneary though, just for the heck of it. At the end, Joe was given a Soothe Bell for his troubles. He skipped all the Fisherman, thinking he would get KO'd by them easily due to their epicness.

6th November 2011, 7:04 PM
Recently restarted Diamond (I had beaten the E4 about 20 times and gotten bored) but finished off with this team before restarting.

Empoleon lv.73
Dialga lv.80
Gyarados lv.66
Honchkrow lv.70
Mothim lv.71
Garchomp lv.76

After restarting I chose Turtwig as my starter and soon after captured a Starly @lv.2, Shinx lv.4. So here is my current Diamond team:

1.Earthbound(Turtwig) lv.14
2.Shinx lv.10
3.Starly lv.12

6th November 2011, 10:06 PM
Once in Eterna City, there were a ton of random Galactic Goons running around. Then Ron ran out of nowhere and dragged Joe to a statue. An eccentric guy passed them, and then the rival revealed the surefire way to become a Pokemon Master: Make sure your attacks hit, and enemy attacks are dodged. Wow! I would've never thought of that!

So as he was heading to a gym, a goth lady went up to him and looked through his stuff. Uh... Yeah. She saw the Pokedex and started conversation. She was Cynthia, and told him to give rewards to Rowan, and that she was into old legends. After all of that, Joe was finally able to take on the gym! ... It had a giant turning flower. Joe also learned that Natural Cure cures a Pokemon's statuses after battles as well. The Grass types were easy to defeat, and after another heal, Joe took on the gym leader...

Just Jocund and Jumpy Jungle Juvenile
;404;;406; V.S. ;387;;421;;407;

You might be thinking, "Oh no, she has more Pokemon than you do! The odds are against you!" Well think again because Emolion's Ice Fang actually FROZE Turtwig, making another Ice Fang destroy it as it was immobile. Next up was Cherrim, who was a bit more difficult due to its bulk. It took quite a bit of HP off of Emolion with Leech Seed and Magical Leaf, but it still went down in the end.

Last up was Roserade. Now, in all my previous playthroughs, it was impossible to defeat a Roserade with just a Budew. Except I'm proving it is possible with Extrasensory! Due to how long it is, it's rather hard to explain it in a step-by-step detail. It was mostly using Extrasensory, getting hit with Poison Sting, switching to another Pokemon when stunned, and slowly withering it down. In an amazing fight, Rosemon was victorious, and Joe got the Forest Badge! But... what?! Rosemon is evolving?

"Rosemon was so happy after defeating its final evolutionary form that it evolved into Roselia! That was amazing considering how quickly I was running through the adventure!" -Joe

7th November 2011, 3:46 AM
Well I recently decided to restart all of my Pokemon games from Ruby onwards. I'm currently on Diamond. I started out the game with Turtwig and proceeded to catch Starly, Ponyta, Shellos, and Croagunk as my journey went on. I currently have 4 badges and I'm on my way to Celestic Town to meet Cynthia's grandmother.

My current team:
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/44/Spr_4d_077.pngPonyta-Lv. 38
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/Spr_4d_398_m.pngStaraptor-Lv. 38
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/cf/Spr_4d_454_f.pngToxicroak-Lv. 38
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/ac/Spr_4d_423.pngGastrodon-Lv. 39
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3a/Spr_4d_389.pngTorterra-Lv. 40

7th November 2011, 5:10 AM
Well, now that Joe can train Outsider Pokemon up to Lv. 30, it's time to bring in the new guys; both referencing the same show! Ghostfreak the Duskull and Stinkfly the Yanma. Both happen to be a bit Quirky.

"Ghostfreak is pretty mysterious. Granted, all Ghost types are mysterious, but that one eyeball two socket thing is what creeps me out. He's not mean though, just a bit freaky." -Joe

"Stinkfly, despite his nickname, smells quite clean. Can't really compare to another Yanma since I haven't seen another, though. He doesn't like socializing much though, but he's super good at fighting. He does get tired quickly, though." -Joe

While training them both early in the morning, Joe saw Gardenia staring at an old mansion. She seemed frightened, and out of curiosity, he checked it out himself. He found a ton of Ghosts, which were great for training off of. Surprisingly, despite many rumors, there was no Electric/Ghost type in a TV, even at 5 a.m. in the morning. After the training, Joe went into the randomly looming building, and it was a Galactic Building!

The amazing disguiser Looker unveiled his disguise in front of everyone else to prove he was him to Joe, which was dumb, though the goons didn't see him because they were not in their lane of sight. So he ran up and fought all the trainers, and learned what Team Galactic's main goal was to achieve: Tragedy, Terror, Drama, Glory, Humor, some other random stuff that was funny but I don't remember. At the top was Jupiter, a Galactic Admin or whatever. She fell pretty easily. Not to be offensive, but wouldn't Jupiter be a better name for a more chunky Admin?

8th November 2011, 5:32 AM
Pal Parking my 3rd gen shinies and some pokes over to my Platinum.
Boring hours of transporting them.. around 6 boxes of pokes..

8th November 2011, 3:53 PM
Joe rescued the stranded Bicycle Shop Manager, Rad Rickshaw. When he was going to get his reward, the creepy stalker Cynthia asked if she could share her egg with him. After being disgusted and clarified what she mean, he took the egg. He went inside and got a free bicycle for his troubles! Now he could go on Cycling Road! At least until he went underground first.

One talk to and old man later, Joe was cycling down at full speed, crashing into multiple people and fighting them. It took a bit of time to defeat them though, since both Stinkfly and Ghostfreak didn't have the best moves yet; the Bug/Flying hybrid didn't even have any Flying type moves. They did the best they could, and reached Oreburgh City from going South, then headed East to Hearthome. After some more fighters, Joe's other stalker Dawn gave him a VS Seeker and Dowsing Machine Application... Do stalkers just give you that for free?

Inside Mt. Coronet, the division between the two sides of Sinnoh, the creepy blue haired guy ranted on random stuff, then left. The hero just shrugged and continued on, fighting even more people, and one of them asked if he could share some food with him. He didn't. Joe then fought a famous painter that would create a wonderful creation... "My Pokemon is Fight!" Then they met the Berry Master. There is a master for everything in the world now. A master for berries, a master for Pokemon, a master for juggling... The list goes on and on.

Ruby Blue
12th November 2011, 6:28 PM
I restarted my Platinum game a few nights ago, and I'm really enjoying replaying it so far~

I chose Chmchar as my starter, and soon caught a Zubat and Budew.
Budew evolved after rigorous running around Jubilife City and Roselia managed to completley destroy everything at the Oreburg Gym.

I'm currently beginning the Valley Windworks.

;391; Hotpot / Monferno - Lv. 14
;315; Bushy / Roselia - Lv. 16
;041; Blind / Zubat - Lv. 14

12th November 2011, 7:01 PM
Right when Joe entered Hearthome,a Buneary rammed into him! The owner returned it and encouraged him to enter the Contest Hall. After being dragged by a Fisherman to it, he explored and got a Shell Bell from a lady in a building. Which had elevators to reach the second floor. What if a fire happened? The Pokemon Fan Club Chairman gave Joe a Poffin Case for no particular reason, and attempted to stroll with his Pokemon, except the receptionist lady promptly refused because he had no "cute" Pokemon.

http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e2/Spr_4p_193.pngHow is this not cute?!

So in the Contest Hall, Joe found his mom chatting with the lady he helped earlier. Lol, his mom's name is Johanna and her son's name is Joe. His mom randomly gave him a Tuxedo and went off. The Gym Leader was their as well, and was a weird foreign person. She seemed unsettingly creepy. Joe dashed to the gym, and was given a flashlight by the Gym Guy. Yeah, like he couldn't have just had Emolion use Spark to light up the room. The Gym Trainers were pretty tough actually, though thankfully all of Joe's team were equipped to fighting at least one type of Ghost (Stinkyfly and Ghostfreak both knew Shadow Ball, Emolion had Bite, and Rosemon could use Extrasensory). At the end however, Joe went head to head against...

Deathly Deceitful Dancer with Distinguishing Dress
;404;;315;;355;;193; V.S. ;355;;093;;429;

Emolion bit the opponent's Duskull, but got burned by Will O Wisp in the process. After taking a Shadow Sneak, Duskull went down. Next up was the big boss Mismagius, who after knocking out Emolion faced Ghostfreak. It took a bit of planning with Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak, and working around Confuse Ray but Ghostfreak barely pulled off the win. Last up was Haunter, who despite Sucker Punching Rosemon got OHKO'd with an Extrasensory, giving Joe the win!

Ruby Blue
13th November 2011, 8:48 PM
Mars turned out to be no trouble and I continued on my way to Eterna City. Upon reacking the forest, I trained my Zubat rigorously for it's evolution with the assistance of Cheryl. I got the Soothe Bell, shame I already have max friendship on my team >_>

At Eterna, I swept through Gardenia with Hotpot's Flame Wheel and saved before taking on Galactic Eterna Building.

;391; Hotpot / Monferno - Lv. 22
;315; Bushy / Roselia - Lv. 18
;042; Blind / Golbat - Lv. 22

13th November 2011, 9:17 PM
The fifth member of the team was traded after the fight against Fantina- a Barboach! Out of my several years of Pokemon playing, I have seen NO ONE ever use a Barboach or Whiscash. What's cool about this one is that it knows Spark, which will help with a specific gym down the road. Joe's all about being overprepared, so a Whiscash with a random move like Spark fits his character. Anyhow, Mastazu is its name because her evolution ate a Master Ball in the anime! So as the group was about to leave Hearthome, Ron rushed in and challenged them all to a rival battle!

;404;;315;;355;;193;;339; V.S. ;397;;315;;077;;394;
The Ronster started out with Staravia, who Mastazu took down with a few Ice Beam shots, while Staravia Double Teamed, which failed. Rosemon faced Roselia, who easily beat her counterpart with an Extrasensory. Mastazu took out Ponyta with a freshly timed Earthquake. Emolion finished the battle against Prinplup with a Spark.

Ron freaked out after realizing his strategy didn't work worth beans and ran off. Joe slowly followed after getting a Good Rod from a good fisherman so he could get good Pokemon because he was feeling good at the moment on that good day. He then skipped the nearby tower because he was a chicken. Joe attempted to catch a Pikachu but it ended up being a cosplaying kid. When he reached the next town Ron was there and encouraged Joe to go into the nearby caverns or whatnot.

Joe headed inside and found a bunch of unknown Pokemon, which were actually Unown. After searching deep enough he found the HM for Defog, and after teaching it to a random Hiker got a Green Shard for free.

16th November 2011, 5:12 PM
I finally got the rest of the gba exclusives on platinum. I got lunatone, sableye, lombre, seviper, weedle, vulpix, and sandshrew. Then I brought over my mewtwo from firered via palpark along with some other pokemon I don't need from that game. Next I have to get 2 clamperl from ruby or sapphire, and transfer over my legendaries from heartgold and my other platinum >.>

Darmanitan goes ape
17th November 2011, 12:09 AM
I'm making my way through platinum for only the 2nd time but am enjoying it again after getting a bit bored of black and well messing my teams up lol. I have got to hearthome city so far and just defeated fantina and am happy with how my team is going so far. it looks like this:

Empoleon level 38
staraptor level 35
bronzong level 35
gabite level 33
kirlia level 20 (needs training)

Next thing to do is make my over to solaceon town

17th November 2011, 1:15 AM
I finished breeding and hatching all of the pokemon I needed to. Now I just need to evolve all of my pokemon that need it. Thats going to take a while >.>

17th November 2011, 3:19 AM
Joe went from Solaceon onwards, and went face to face with a Rancher who had a Gameshark! He had a Rapidash WAY before it's supposed to evolve. He also purchased a dozen bottles of milk, because you never know when you'd need milk. Got milk? Our hero then bravely ventured into the rain, and fought an annoying trainer with a Bronzor. Using Ghostfreak against it wasn't a good idea... Joe faced an even more annoying group of trainers a bit farther down, fighting a Double Team of Ace Trainers with annoying Pokemon. Along the way though, Emolion evolved!

"Emolion's gotten a ton of confidence after that Karate guy fight. Which begs the question; what are they doing in the rain?" -Joe

The team made it to Velistone City, and rushed to the Pokemon Center to heal. While they were there, they did some shopping errands by grabbing a ton of Lemonade, they received a Porygon from a nearby house, got a TM from a random Roughneck, and a winner was him as he got a Coin Case from a Clown. As he tried to enter the Gym, Dawn the stalker forcefully chatted with him, as a superstar Gym Leader came out- Crasher Wake! He had his own awesome theme song and is my favorite Gym Leader of the game. I imagine him sounding like Bowser from Super Paper Mario (yeah!).

The gym itself was a pain. Not because of the annoying trainers screaming about love, hope, and stuff like that, but because of how long it took for the giant punching bags to be dragged! I liked the other puzzle from D/P better. After a ton of punching and receiving sore hands, Joe initiated combat with...

Painfully Powerful Pink-Haired Puncher
;405;;315;;355;;193;;339; V.S. ;307;;067;;448;

Ghostfreak faced Meditite and OHKO'd it with a Shadow Ball. Rosemon then took on Machoke and defeated it with a few Extrasensory hits. A Rock Tomb did quite a bit of damage but not a ton. The last match was between Emolion and Lucario. The intimidation and a lucky paralyzation weakened it, but Emolion got KO'd by Bone Rush. Mastazu defeated Lucario with Earthquake, giving Joe the badge!

17th November 2011, 5:07 PM
S far I've evolved squirtle, chikarita, totodile, and treecho. I just need to evolved the rest of my starters >.>

Pokegirl Fan~
17th November 2011, 9:33 PM
I restarted both of my Pearl and Platinum version, to honor the DP saga. I restarted my Pearl version just an hour before the last DP episode premiered in the dub and I restarted my Platinum on September 9th. Right now in my Pearl I have beaten the elite 4 and Champion and in my Platinum I am currently training my Pokemon for the elite 4 and champion.

17th November 2011, 11:51 PM
I evolved cyndaquil all the way now only 4 starters left.

18th November 2011, 4:42 AM
Joe was creeped out when he saw Dawn purpousely waiting for him in front of the gym, telling him she lost her Pokedex to Team Galactic... If she got all the way to Velistone, why the heck did she not be strong enough to take on said grunts? They're no Lex Luthor.

Anyhow she's relying on Joe to beat them up for some reason. So they join together to form "the ultimate dream team" Despite that, she's only got a random Clefairy, a naive Kadabra, and a hopeless Grotle. Joe on the other hand has a powerful Luxray, a smart Roselia, a terrorizing Duskull, a hyper Yanma, and a bickering Barboach. In the end, Joe did most of the winning, while Dawn just had her Pokemon stand still and take hits. The Galactic Grunts yelled "We'll get yours!" and ran like the grunts they were after they returned Dawn's Pokedex. Then Looker leapt onto the scene too late to be helpful. After investigating, our hero got the HM for Fly, but didn't feel compelled to teach it to Stinkfly.

Joe then went back the way he came to do any of the things he skipped. This included...

...going into the Lost Tower and defogging it, finding it to be a waste of his valuable time except for training.
...fighting trainers that he skipped.
...being an idiot and forgetting to go into the Wayward Cave. It just hit me now several weeks after this happened.

18th November 2011, 4:49 PM
I finished evolving all of my starters. Now I just have to evolve the rest of my pokemon. I think I have 15 or 20 >.>

19th November 2011, 5:05 AM
South of Veilstone City, our hero thought it would be time to obtain his last Pokemon. What was it, you ask? Why, a Houndour! They are a bit of a pain to catch due to their catch rate and that they know Roar. After some patience, Joe caught a Male Houndour and named it Demolosse, after one of its other bilingual names. A slam dunk home run man in a Game Corner Exchange Corner said its Hidden Power was Rock, and after paying large sums of money taught it Hidden Power. The thing frustrating about it is that it gains levels sooooo slowly... It fought nearly every trainer on the route and didn't even gain enough levels to match the wild Pokemon on the next one. It did evolve rather immediately.

Speaking of evolution, both Mastazu, and Stinkfly reached their final forms, Whiscash and Yanmega. This occurred as Joe and company passed a very high-rated restaurant that didn't actually give Joe any food. Aw... Right after that though, was Dr. Footstep! After examination, he gave Emolion and Rosemon ribbons, but not to the rest of the team.

And with that done, they were at Pastoria City. The team didn't enter the gym immediately due to being a bit underleveled at this point, so they stopped for a few days to get up in levels. Afterwards, when they did try to enter the gym, Ron ran and interrupted Joe's challenge to sport another one!

;405;;315;;355;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;397;;315;;077;;394;

Just look at how puny that team looks to mine O.O Emolion takes down Staravia with a few Sparks despite a Double Team and Quick Attack. Ron's Roselia fell to a Fire Fang from the well-trained Demolosse. Mastazu Earthquaked Ponyta to pieces. Rosemon Energy Balled the Prinplup despite getting hit with a Peck. After the fight, Ron ran off, wanting a theme song.

19th November 2011, 4:09 PM
I evolved wailmer, pidgeoto, and sentret. I still have a ways to go though >.>

20th November 2011, 1:13 AM
Time to achieve the Fen Badge! Now this Gym Badge technically makes no sense on how to get; how the heck does the water level actually rise and lower constantly from specifically colored buttons? It makes no sense! The trainers there were a bit tricky, but nothing too harmful. At the edge of the gym, Joe went face to face with...

Mighty and Mega Masked Man of Serious Seas
;405;;315;;355;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;130;;195;;419;

Emolion seemed to have the advantage against Gyarados, though both Intimidates wrecked both of them. A Spark took a ton of health away, an Aqua Tail only knocked down some of it. Another Spark finished it off. Next up was Quagsire, who got OHKO'd with Rosemon's Energy Ball. Emolion came out once again to face Floatzel, who took alot of damage from Spark and dished out pain with Brine. In the end however, it was Mastazu who got the finishing blow with Spark, giving Joe the Fen Badge!

After leaving, Ron told them that a Galactic Dude blew up a bomb. The grunt rushed away, with Jow folling him. Eventually, Looker caught up to them except was lazy and didn't keep running. When our hero did catch up to the grunt and knocked him out, he broke the Pokemon law (stopping your entire life if you lose a battle as a grunt) and continued to the nearby Lake. And just to make the moment even more peachy, the spicy stalker Cynthia made Joe do a fetch quest.

22nd November 2011, 5:02 PM
I finally evolved my baltoy. For such a weak pokemon it sure evolves late >.>

22nd November 2011, 5:34 PM
Joe went out to towards Celestic Town after beating all the trainers to the west. However, due to the fog, he had to drop Demolosse for the ride. He used an unknown Starly to clear the fog. The trainers were a bit challenging, especially the duo of Raichu and Gyarados. Also, there were NINJAS! No, ninja boys. This game isn't awesome enough to have actual ninjas. Try one of the sequels or prequels. Along the way however... Ghostfreak evolved into Dusclops!

At Celestic Town, a Galactic Grunt threatened to blow the town up with a bomb... I'm surprised Game Freak could get away with that in a Pokemon game. You're making them look like terrorists. Joe beat up the terrorist grunt with Rosemon and Ghostfreak. After making him get out of there, the hero went inside to look at the weird markings on the wall. An old lady, who we gave the thing Cynthia wanted us to give, said they were legendaries or something like that. And then out of nowhere the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus, ran up to us and challenged us for this weird artifact!

Despite being the boss of Team Galactic and had overdramatically awesome music... He was easier than the trainers from the last route... He started out with Sneasel, who fell to Ghostfreak, with its newly learned Brick Break attack. Murkrow was next, who dueled with Stinkfly... It turned out to be a bad Pokemon selection due to how strong Drill Peck was. The crow was still knocked out by Emolion's Spark, but still... Last up was Golbat, and Demolosse battled it. A few Hidden Power Rocks did the trick, and it didn't care about confusion.

After losing Cyrus spouted out nonsense and then left. The old lady was thankful and gave us the HM for Surf. Once Joe left the cave, the stalker Cynthia was a jerk and didn't help us in the fight, but rather waited outside and watched the whole thing. Geez, she sure is lazy. She directed us to Canalave City.

23rd November 2011, 10:02 PM
Well I had stopped playing for awhile but I finally resumed my Diamond play through. I just beat Fantina and got my 5th badge. Her Drifblim's minimize was annoying...

Rapidash-Lv. 41
Staraptor-Lv. 40
Toxicroak-Lv. 40
Gastrodon-Lv. 41
Torterra-Lv. 41

24th November 2011, 1:28 AM
Tons of stuff could be done now with Surf. Surf was taught to Mastazu. The first priority was to go to the Fuego Ironworks to get the TM for Flamethrower, plus enough shards to trade Emolion away and teach it Superpower with the help of a Move Tutor.

The next priority was to Surf south of Sandgem Town, fighting many Swimmers. However, Joe was dissapointed to find nothing worthwhile, and found some workers still constructing stuff. After that was some surfin' south of that seven star restaraunt for some goodies and battles. Due to how annoying some of the Water types were, Joe gave the Move Releaner a "honest to goodness Heart Scale" to teach Ghostfreak Thunderpunch.

Last up was to explore west of Celestial, and found a guy who kept saying he was strong for a long period of time. Joe startled him and gave him the TM for Psych Up. Another trainer was going to show him owl best. Get it? Owl- our, so hilarious.

Finally it was time to get to Canalave City. The trainers along the way were mostly fisherman bored out of their minds. But there was an ambush as Dawn's father, who was also a stalker, gave Joe's Pokedex an upgrade. After several attempts to quench a police officer's thirst, our hero reached Canalave City. After healing, he wanted to go to the other side except Ron ran up to him and battled!

;405;;315;;356;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;398;;407;;078;;214;;395;
Whoa, Ron's been doing some training! And hacking because he has an underleveled Rapidash. Loser. Emolion fought Staraptor, and the two Intimidated each other. Staraptor missed with Take Down, and Emolion Sparked bringing it down to like 1 HP. Ron shows off his "intelligence" and tells it to use Take Down, taking itself down while not doing much to Emolion. Smooth move, Ron. Worthy to be named Ron Stoppable and Ron Weasely.

Rapidash was up next, and it fought Demolosse. It just whipped its tail after it took a Hidden Power Rock, and fainted after another one. The big starter boss Empoleon was next, and Ghostfreak battled it. It was a throw of Bubblebeams and Thunderpunches, but Ghostfreak's massive Defense helped it win and pulled it through. Demolosse came out again to burn down Roserade. Heracross was taken down with just one Air Cutter from Stinkfly. Ron ran away, but still bragging because he had his 6th badge.

Steph Shion
24th November 2011, 10:57 PM
I was really bored, and I went to the Game Corner... and when I got the Clefairy it was shiny... Is that normal? I normally get the Dittofairy...

25th November 2011, 12:40 AM
I was really bored, and I went to the Game Corner... and when I got the Clefairy it was shiny... Is that normal? I normally get the Dittofairy...

Sort of. It can happen, but it's pretty rare. If it comes up you usually get a lot higher streaks then the others.

Joe took a boat (he was on a boat!) to Iron Island to do some training with this weird guy Riley. He first got the HM for Strength, and in the end fought some Galactic Goons. He also received a Riolu egg, plus found a Shiny Stone! It was quickly used to let Rosemon reach her final form- Roserade!

After a boat ride back, it was then time to face the sixth gym! It goes vertically, but is a bit odd when you consider that you face quite a few Steelix. Also everyone has Magnemite that should be a Magneton by now. Something a bit sad was even after a Spark and Superpower Emolion could not defeat a Scizor... He needed a Protein. Similarly even after evolving, Rosemon couldn't OHKO a Magnemite. Nevertheless, it was time for a fight against...

Durable Defense Loving Daddy of Dirt
;405;;407;;356;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;082;;208;;411;

Bye bye Ron, buh bye! Ghostfreak went against Magneton. Both threw around Brick Breaks and Thunderbolts, but the Dusclops barely beat it. Bastiodon somehow lived an Earthquake from Mastazu, and ironed itself up with Iron Defense. A Surf attack ended it. Steelix fell to a few Energy Balls from Rosemon, while being able to set up a Sandstorm. Byron healed it, but after even more Energy Balls it fell to the rose, giving Joe the badge!

25th November 2011, 10:35 AM
Yesterday night, just before going to bed, I migrated my lovely shiny Charmander from FireRed to Diamond. Today I EV'd it and have so far leveled it to lv. 59. It has a Jolly nature, and it's final moveset is gonna be: Flare Blitz, Swords Dance, Earthquake and Fire Blast/Overheat. It took me about 4 weeks of SRing to get this beautiful beast and I was kinda hoping I would get a Spec. Attack boosting nature, but meh. It's still a shiny so can't complain :)

Here are it's IVs if someone is interested:

HP: 0-1 :-(
Attack: 27-28 :-D
Defense: 21 :-)
Special Attack: 14-15 meh...
Spec. Defense: 25-26 :-)
Speed: 28-29 :-DD

Pretty good for a shiny I think :)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and it's nickname is Ancalagon

26th November 2011, 2:31 AM
It turned out Ron was waiting right outside the gym and forced the protagonist to go to the library. Once there, Joe did not even try to open the super-detailed books inside, and went to the top. For some reason, it was a gathering of Joe, Ron, Dawn, and Rowan. They were all assigned to go to lakes, and then an Earthquake randomly occurred! And it was NOT Mastazu's doings, either. On TV, which happened to be live, it showed a puff of smoke. Everyone evaculated, though Joe got a chuckle from the receptionist who was lying about being scared.

A sailor talked to the group outside, referring to them as "old dude and kids!" It turned out all that happened was noise. So Joe ran off to the eastmost lake, and it turned out all the water has been dried up, and there were Magikarps flopping around. But what about all the other Water types? Like Psyduck or Goldeen? Where did they go? Joe rolled in completely unaposed, beating up Galactic Goons along the way, and then met a poor grunt who was fooled into guarding the entrance. He did a really bad job at it, too. So our protagonist went inside and found a blue-haired person, who was an Admin named Saturn, who fought him.

Ghostfreak did an epic battle with Golbat, involving confusion and hitting yourself in confusion, until the bat fell to a Thunderpunch. Bronzor was next, and was burned by Demolosse. Toxicroak was OHKO'd by Rosemon's Extrasensory. So all the Grunts fled, before directing Joe to go to the lake by Twinleaf. After a quick flight, he found the grunts being beat up by Prof. Rowan's mustache. Dawn sadly couldn't even beat Mars, and the two were called a lovey dovey couple to the rescue. JoeXDawn Shipping is the new JimmyXLyra Shipping!

Mastazu took on the Golbat, who was also taking tons of Confusion damage, at least until it froze the bat and defeated it. Bronzor was once again taken down by Demolosse. Purugly was destroyed by a Spark and Superpower from Emolion. Those goons left, and Rowan instruced Joe to go toward Snowpoint.

27th November 2011, 1:06 PM
restarting my platinum cause the USA version had errors on GTS, now starting on the EU version.

named my rival Dumbo and chose Chimchar as a starter. named it Chimpy and saved

27th November 2011, 9:53 PM
Rosemon had to be temporarily benched for the quest to Snowpoint. She's not a fan of the cold, anyway. A Bibarel with Strength was brought on in place of her. Then, Joe entered Mt. Coronet from west of Celestial Town. Our hero was smart and bought plenty of Max Repels, not caring about how Super ones cost less. The road was even fogged up ahead, but our hero didn't let Stinkfly defog the fog because then it would be a waste of time.

...And Joe was out into the cold. He was completely fine with it, because jeans and a jacket is good enough while the regulars were dressed in several layers of clothing. The trainers were rather annoying, but there was a rest stop partway there. Even past that, Joe encountered Maylene! She was going to see the next gym leader, and due to her awesome powers of a gym leader, she also didn't need layers of clothes, plus she could pass regular trainers without needing a fight. An intense snowstorm was ahead, forcing Joe to walk amazingly slowly. He managed to find the HM for Rock Climb though.

Even after getting past the snowstorm, he found Ron on a Rock Climbable mountain about to fight some Galactic goons. He ignored him for now to reach Snowpoint City. Maylene was in the Pokemon Center, and some healing and rotating, it was time to face the seventh gym! The gym was very fun actually- full of slipping and sliding into snowballs. The battles were full of hax however. Two Pokemon of Joe's were frozen, but Stinkfly got the 10% boost of everything twice in a row! After braving the bold ice, Joe encountered...

Interesting Icy Lady Indicating Illeism
;405;;407;;356;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;215;;221;;460;;478;

The fact that she refers herself in third person is a mistranslation- Someone using their own name instead of I means they are feminine, while over here that makes them look dumb... Culture differences are weird like that. Enough about that, Mastazu took some trouble against Sneasel, being healed after a Hyper Potion and getting attacked Faintly. It still won after a Surf and an Earthquake. Abomasnow came out next and got Flamethrowered by Demolosse. Piloswine was taken down with one Energy Ball from Rosemon. Lastly, and anticlimactically, Demolosse took down my favorite Pokemon, Froslass, with a Flamethrower. Even with Snow Cloak it still hit. Joe won his seventh badge afterwards!

28th November 2011, 7:26 AM
currently at eterna forest, just killing stuff with Cheryl's Chansey and waiting till its night so I can catch a Misdreavus.

Team now:
Monferno: 16
Piplup: 14 (its starting to disobey me cause its traded)
Shinx: 14
Budew: 19 (evolve already!!!!)
Bidoof: HM slave

28th November 2011, 10:27 PM
After getting the badge, Joe was then able to go up to the nearby lake (which for some reason isn't frozen...), and found Ron getting beat up by Jupiter. If he could beat the gym leader to be able to use Rock Climb why can he not beat Jupiter? He must've been underleveled... Anyhow, the Galactic Admin escaped to their hideout in Velistone. So since Ron was so depressed, Joe had to take chase. Before that though, Joe took the nearby Reapers Cloth and traded Ghostfreak to another game and back to evolve it into Dusknoir! That completes the team...

There was a lone grunt staring at an antennae, but once it saw the protagonist he fled. Then Looker ran in and told Joe to enter the Galactic Headquarters!
"Cosmic energy for the win!" -Galactic Grunt
No one cared that a ten year old was wandering around beating other grunts- no alarm sounded, no grunts were on high tech computers like the anime, and they were cracking jokes left and right. About halfway through, Joe encountered a mass encounter of Galactic Grunts who were listening to Cyrus' speech. Quite patronizing, plus I like the graphics. After some more fights, Joe eventually encountered Cyrus with an epic shade in the background. And, what else to do but battle?

Ghostfreak in his new form went up against Sneasel, who OHKO'd the weasel with one Brick Break. He tried going up against Honchkrow, but despite having only 52 base defense (base 100 HP justifies) a Thunderpunch only brought it to half. Ghostfreak went down, but Mastazu took it down with Ice Beam. Crobat fell to a few Flamethrowers from Demolosse. Because he lost, Cyrus randomly gave Joe a Master Ball.

After pretending to make an epic speech, Joe continued into the deep laboratory of Galactic, and found Saturn and Charon. Also the three legendary pixies. Joe fought Saturn for it, and it was mostly the same as last time. Demolosse burned Bronzor, Ghostfreak took down Golbat, and Rosemon defeated Toxicroak. Saturn let Joe free the Pokemon and headed towards Mt. Coronet. The old man Charon did some random quoting as well.

29th November 2011, 5:26 AM
well... i looked for misdreavus in the forest but no luck the first 30mins, so i went online to double check where it was. turns out, theres none in platinum. so i got a misdreavus through trade and went ahead with the journey. won the Eterna City's badge, got Togepi egg and hatched it.

Team now:
Monferno: 23
Priniplup: 23
Roselia: 25
Togetic: 26
Mismagius: 22
Luxray: 23

love my team

29th November 2011, 12:06 PM
Been SRing for good ivs on the PBR Pikachu.
Got an 11-13/22-25/17-19/29-31/2-7/30-31. Stuck with it and may make it mixed.

Otherwise, Murder the ♀ Haunter took down 2 of Fantinas Pokes, getting Knocked out by her Mismagius. Charlie the Bold ♂ Prinplup took it to half health with Ice Beam but took a critical hit Magical leaf to the face. Only Nuke the Jolly ♂ Gabite was still around, and after setting up a Sandstorm while Fantina used a super potion, Nuke thankfully lasted with one HP to use a final Shadow Claw, winning me the badge!

30th November 2011, 4:55 AM
Mismagius: 35
Monferno: 33
Luxray: 33
Togetic: 34
Roserade: 34
Priniplup: 33

Just won Crasher Wake and continuing the journey. Might RNG for some eggs idk

30th November 2011, 5:00 AM
It was time for the climbing of Mt. Coronet... Stinkfly had to be rotated for a Bibarel for HM purposes. Joe bought tons of Max Repels and potions to trek up the mountain. Before that though, he challenged the Echo Man. Yahooo! He was just an average Hiker that somehow used Rock Climb.

Partly up the mountain Looker was there and he was all, "I'm a useless guy so you do the rest of the work for me. Here's a flute." Joe just stared at him and ran on ahead, facing numerous Galactic Grunts. One threatened him to send him back in time! Pfft, like that's gonna happen. Easy ways to get Celebi were not invented for another year. Our hero had to go through snow and blizzards to reach the tippy top of the place. Demolosse, Emolion, and Rosemon took care of most of the grunts, with an occasional Mastazu every now and then. Ghostfreak was only used at the two grunts near the top.

At the top however, it was about to be a double battle between Joe and a fight with Mars and Jupiter, but Ron ran in at the last second to make it fair. Ghostfreak and Munchlax versus a pair of Bronzor... Wait, how did Ron train it to level 40 and it not evolve? I guess he was feeding it herbs or it fainted a lot. Nearly all Confuse Rays were aimed towards Joe's side, but it was doing a hefty amount of work, Brick Breaking a Reflect and Light Screen. Both Pokemon eventually fell so Mastazu and Staraptor had to clean up a bit. But for no reason at all a Golbat knew Giga Drain, leaving Emolion to clean their clocks.

And after Ron healed the Pokemon, Cyrus was about to do something amazing. He summoned Dialga AND Palkia at the same time! And even though the three pixies arrived it wouldn't do anything. Then out of nowhere a dark snake thing comes out of a portal and eats him.

1st December 2011, 6:57 AM
So umm... got the 7th badge and the coin toss Poketech app, saved the 3 legends from the Galactic villains. Went through the Giratina world and killed it instead of catching. (lazy pls)

Team now:
Roserade 45
Togekiss 45
Infernape 45
Empoleon 45
Luxray 45
Mismagius 45

now im rushing through the game so I can start RNGing shinies

Flame Mistress
1st December 2011, 8:33 PM
FINALLY reached Snowpoint City in Platinum after hours of wandering around, lost in the snow. Need to grind my team some more... It doesn't really help that half my team's 4x weak to Ice-Type Moves. Gotta pwn with Flareon and Rampardos, somehow...

My team:
Sky: Empoleon, Male, Level 41
Yvonne: Flareon, Female, Level 42
Blackthorn: Rampardos, Male, Level 42
Banananana: Tropius, Male, Level 40
Flavia: Gligar, Female, Level 41
Lola: Roserade, Female, Level 41

Just a few more levels, then I'll be ready.

2nd December 2011, 2:09 AM
I decided to "adopt" some more of Cynthia's milotic(s?) through the GTS. I didn't see any for trade, so I offered a regice and asked for a female, level 60+ milotic.

Well, I didn't get Cynthia's milotic. I got a level 60 milotic with two maxed out contest stats (tough, beauty) and one almost maxed-out contest stat (cool), plus it was caught in Mount Coronet. It had a Japanese OT but an English name, which means it's been traded before. I absolutely fell in love, and decided to EV-train it and give it an obscene amount of ribbons.

So far, I have fourteen:
Effort Ribbon
Cool Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon Great
Beauty Ribbon Ultra
Cute Ribbon
Smart Ribbon
Tough Ribbon
Shock Ribbon
Downcast Ribbon
Careless Ribbon
Gorgeous Ribbon
Royal Ribbon
Footprint Ribbon

Next is the Sinnoh Champ Ribbon. After that, I'll work on the battle tower ribbon and the other daily ones. She's definitely getting the Gorgeous Royal Ribbon, too. It's been really fun so far. :3

2nd December 2011, 5:16 AM
Cynthia came too late to see Cyrus getting eaten, but instead of leaving, Cynthia made Joe go inside the little portal that the giant snake left, and ended up in a crazy messed up, torn and distorted world.

Now, since the whole thing was a giant maze, there wasn't anything interesting that happened there. Joe was freaked out so he ran through the entire thing in about ten minutes. At the end though, Cyrus had a meltdown and challenged Joe. Cynthia didn't decide to help even though possibly the world was at stake. Joe had to fight alone with...

Demented Dimensional Doomsday Destroyer Dude
;405;;407;;477;;340;;229; V.S. ;229;;130;;169;;461;;430;

Right off the bat, it was a Demolosse V.S. Houndoom fight. Demolosse unleashed a rocky Hidden Power while the opposing dog used Thunder Fang. The boss healed while Demolosse kept using Hidden Power, defeating it. Gyrados was next, but Emolion OHKO'd it with Spark. Weavile Night Slashed Ghostfreak, but due to its defense got KO'd by Brick Break. Somehow the incoming Honchkrow didn't take much from Mastazu's attacks, but it was eventually taken down. The catfish fainted to the bat coming up though, but due to how dumb Crobat was with knowing type advantages, Rosemon took it down.

So Cyrus got mad and left, Cynthia healed Joe's Pokemon, and for some reason Giratina wanted to fight him. The monster was caught in a PokeBall. Enough said. A portal randomly appeared letting the two leave, but Joe was inclined to push Cynthia into the void after all she did to help him.

2nd December 2011, 1:28 PM
Just won E-4 with my team, woot finally I can trade/palpark haha.

Team were lv50-55 at the Hall of Fame. Mismagius did the most of the battling and Luxray was the worst of it all... kept dying cause it was lvl 48 when I started the E-4. used like 30+ restores and a few dozen revives and finally made it through. ho ho ho

3rd December 2011, 3:15 AM
Joe and Cynthia ended up in a completely random area, so they were left to do as they wanted. Joe had to go meet Rowan again to progress the story, then went towards Sunnyshore City. Along the way, our hero met a man wanting to beat the League with just Pikachu... Good luck with that. One of them was a lie, anyways. He also fought a policeman and a weird Sailor.

When he stepped into Sunnyshore, a guy with a weird afro greeted him, and told him to reignite the gym leader's pashion for battling. That guy was an E4 member and is named Flint! I like Flint, he's a happy guy. Joe first bought tons of Seals for his adventure, and then told Volkner to stop being an emo Naruto and go to his gym. Afterwards, Joe followed into the gym, and it was full of electricity and gears! Yikes! It looked very dangerous, plus the Pokemon were rather strong. Demolosse even carelessly got beaten by an Electabuzz! Nevertheless, Joe eventually fought...

Bashful Blonde Bolt Boy with Bad Intentions
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;135;;026;;405;;466;

Why does it look like this guy always wants to sit on me? Demolosse fought Jolteon, beating it, though it got hit with a Charge Beam. Raichu was against Rosemon, who blasted a Signal Beam but Rosemon responded with Sludge Bomb. Before it fainted from another Sludge Bomb, the rat Quick Attacked it for extra damage. Next was an epic Emolion V.S. Luxray fight. Both of them used Crunch and both of them got Critical hits, but Emolion was faster and Superpowered it to defeat its counterpart. Last was Electivire, who Demolosse faced for some good ol' fashion revenge from earlier. The wolf Flamethrowered, burning it, and Electivire missed with Giga Impact. It Quickly Attacked, but another Flamethrower destroyed it, giving Joe his eight and final badge!

Mr. Reloaded
3rd December 2011, 4:16 PM
I restarted my platinum and stared with plipup beat barry and got the sinnoh dex I caught starly and leveled it up to lv9 now heading to jublife city.

3rd December 2011, 4:39 PM
Just caught my Duskull, so I'm now 4/6ths complete with my team. Only Croagunk and Tropius left.

3rd December 2011, 6:00 PM
Joe was heading towards the Pokemon League, when Ron stopped him out of nowhere, and spouted his most intelligent quote yet: "I hate to say it, but you're better than me." Well, DUH! He then ranted on how strong he'll get and rushed off. Jasmine, the gym leader from Johto, came out of nowhere and gave Joe the HM for Waterfall.

So then our hero went out into the ocean and fought many swimmers, some wanted him to swim, but riding on a giant catifsh seemed safer then swimming in an ocean with jellyfish. Once they reached the waterfall though, they had to go back and drop off Demolosse and take out a Bibarel, to use Waterfall and go into the dastardly evil Victory Road. While he is doing that, let's reminisce...

Rugged Red-Headed Boy With a Real Gender Confusion
Rosemon Energy Balls Cranidos so hard that its rocky head crumbled.

Just Jocund and Jumpy Jungle Juvenile
Rosemon barely beat her final evolutionary form Roserade with an Extrasensory, as nature looked brightly upon the protagonists.

Deathly Deceitful Dancer with Distinguishing Dress
Rosemon used Extrasensory against the Haunter, spooking it rather than vice versa.

Painfully Powerful Pink-Haired Puncher
Mastazu Earthquaked Lucario dramatically proving to pack quite a punch.

Mighty and Mega Masked Man of Serious Seas
Mastazu finished off Floatzel with a Spark attack, and if Floatzel had pants it would've wet itself.

Durable Defense Loving Daddy of Dirt
Rosemon Energy Balled Steelix so many times that the sweat from Bastiodon was making it rust.

Interesting Icy Lady Indicating Illeism
Demolossse burned Froslass with a fiery Flamethrower cooling it down from the hail.

Bashful Blonde Bolt Boy with Bad Intentions
Demolosse burned the Electivire with Flamethrower, and the win was such a surprise it shocked Volkner back to normal.

Only half of my team got to land finishing blows... Rosemon is such an attention hog.

The road to victory was tough, but Joe made it out victorious with all of his Pokemon intact.

Mr. Reloaded
6th December 2011, 9:20 PM
So I ended up getting a lot of things done over the weekend I first entered Jublife city with my baby team only to encounter Looker who mistook me and Dawn for whatever I can't remember. So I get the Vs.Recorder and I deliver the parcel to Barry at the trainer School where he kinda thanks me running off as usual. After that I got my Poketch from the Owner after the coupon deal and head of to route 3 for Oreburgh city to Find out Roark the gym leader is in the mine thanks to Barry's logic. So after I find him I challenged him to a gym battle and here's how it went down His team http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/de/SpriteRoark.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ed/Spr_4d_074.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/ad/Spr_4p_095.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/97/Spr_4p_408.png
Vs Me Prinplup and Staravia which all I did was spam bubble and Won the badge easily after that I had battled the team galactic grunts beat them with dawn headed on to the wind valley battled the grunt there and made my way through the honey garden saved the guy and took team galactic out and made my way into Enternia City where I got the underground kit did some exploring there with my team members Prinplup,Ponyta,Staravia. Next I challenged Gargeina and beat her and finally fantina after all that happened I went to to veilstone city and doing some grinding.

7th December 2011, 1:08 AM
Once Joe got his Pokemon all ready to go, Ron ran out of nowhere and challenger our hero to one last rival battle at the League!

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;398;;407;;078;;214;;143;;395;

Mastazu went up against Staraptor, who U-Turned right out to Roserade, who got Ice Beamed in the face. Joe switched to Rosemon, his own of the same species, resisting a Giga Drain very well. Rosemon defeated the other Roserade with Extrasensory. Rapidash then encountered Demolosse. The horse stompled on the hound while Demolosse used Hidden Power Rock. The enemy missed with Bounce and Dark Pulse KO'd it. Ghostfreak and Empoleon brawled next, throwing Thunderpunches and Brines back and forth, but the ghost became victorious. Snorlax and Emolion struggled with attacks as well, but the Electric type won in th end. Heracross was Air Slashed by Stinkfly, and the bug destroyed Staraptor with one Ancientpower. The match was Joe's and Ron ran away.

So after several hours of training, Joe got all of his Pokemon to at least lv. 60, with Emolion being the odd one out of 61. Here are there stats, boldest being highest in that category:

Emolion: 186/180/122/136/125/111
Rosemon: 169/110/77/177/135/148
Ghostfreak: 152/144/183/91/191/85
Stinkfly: 200/124/120/170/88/153
Mastazu: 208/117/117/125/105/101
Demolosse: 186/147/72/174/112/151

Alot of my team is gimmicky, and uses one big trait to its advantage- Emolion's Intimidate, Rosemon's Extrasensory, Ghostfreak's Thunderpunch, Mastazu's Spark, and Demolosse's Hidden Power. Stinkfly seems pretty normal unless its speed counts.

12th December 2011, 3:22 PM
Pearl: Traded Arceus over to HeartGold for the Sinjoh Ruins thing and back, caught some Sandshrew to trade to Platinum, attached Moon Stones for evolving the Nido's on there.

Platinum: Caught some Voltorb with the PokéRadar so that I can trade to Pearl for stuff Platinum actually needs.

12th December 2011, 11:24 PM
It was thus time for the Elite Four battles. Joe bought tons of healing items, and entered the door to meet...

Calm Creepy-Crawly Loving Kid with Crazy Hairstyle
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c1/LucasChallenge.png V.S.http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/28/VSAaron.png
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;469;;212;;214;;416;;452;

I originally had a script detailing all the E4 fights, but due to it being FOREVER since the last update due to no one posting, and I accidentally deleted it due to not saving, it is gone forever, so most of this may not be true...

Stinkfly OHKO'd Yanmega with an Ancientpower, and received the super boost from it. It proceeded to KO Vespiquen and Drapion, but was switched to Rosemon to take on Heracross. It was not a good idea however since Extrasensory wasn't enough to KO it, and it got hit back with a Swarm-boosted Megahorn. Demolosse took out that and the following Scizor. Aaron was down, and next up to battle was...

Timely and Too Old Tectonic Trainer
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c1/LucasChallenge.png V.S.http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/VSBertha.png
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;340;;472;;076;;450;;464;

It was a throw back and forth with Mastazu encountering Whiscash, but Mastazu won out in the end with Earthquake. Emolion barely took out Gliscor with an Ice Fang after barely living an Earthquake. Mastazu came out again to take down Hippowdon. Rhyperior and Golem were OHKO'd with Rosemon's Energy Balls.

12th December 2011, 11:45 PM
After an incredibly easy climb up Mt. Coronet, and defeating two incredibly easy commanders, Dawn and Cynthia entered the blue portal and came out of the orange one placed on a higher ledge to a strange world, which Cynthia described as a 'Distortion World'. At the bottom of this weird place, we met Cyrus, who spouted more c**p about the world being terrible... whatever, we soon took care of his rambling, though he was alot tougher than I remember... Then, we met the creature that bought us here in the first place, Giratina! When the battle started, I suddenly realised I forgot to buy Ultra and Dusk balls. Woops... Because of this, the battle went on for much longer than usual! In the end, I decided to SR and just defeat it. This is a Normal monotype anyway, so I'm not too bothered. After entering the portal and appearing at Sendoff Spring, I saved my game and came off.

After defeating Team Galactic (for now...), I realised I was very proud of my monotype team for coming so far! This has been one of the most fun run's I have done, and I will definitely be doing another one!

Current Team:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f4/Spr_4p_428.png Ciara, Lv52
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/21/Spr_4p_424_f.png Hanna, Lv47
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d8/Spr_4p_398_f.png Reach, Lv43
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b5/Spr_4p_474.png Roboto, Lv48
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/98/Spr_4p_242.png Dream, Lv41
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/2a/Spr_4p_400_f.png Race, Lv33

13th December 2011, 8:41 PM
After an incredibly easy climb up Mt. Coronet, and defeating two incredibly easy commanders, Dawn and Cynthia entered the blue portal and came out of the orange one placed on a higher ledge to a strange world, which Cynthia described as a 'Distortion World'.

Portal reference <3

I restarted my Platinum the other day, chose Turtwig, named Alex, and currently just waiting on Route 201 for some Eggs.

PS. I have the most posts in this thread, such a loser of a record :3

14th December 2011, 4:23 AM
PS. I have the most posts in this thread, such a loser of a record :3

At least 200? That is quite a bit. I have 31 :p

Anyhow, on to Joe's elite Elite Four encounters, he faces...

Confidentially Cindering Cool inCinerator
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;229;;136;;392;;078;;467;

Surprisingly this battle was harder than the next. Quite a Demolosse V.S. Houndoom stalling match arose, with Dark Pulses and Hidden Power Rocks thrown around until Joe's Houndoom won. Emolion carefully defeated Rapidash with multiple Sparks. Another stalling war was between Ghostfreak and Flareon. It took way more time than it needed to for the Ghost to pull off the win. Stinkfly took down Infernape with an Air Slash. Mastazu took on Magmortar. It charged up a Solarbeam, but Surf didn't KO it. Joe then switched to Rosemon to take the hit and KO it with Sludge Bomb. After burning Flint to cinders, it was time for the final Elite Four member...

Psychic Spectacle Superstar, Secretly a Story Slasher
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;

Mr. Mime magically set up a Reflect before fainting to Emolion's Crunch. Demolosse Flamethrowered the Bronzong harshly. Gallade took on Ghostfreak, who got its Reflect broken first with Brick Break. Espeon and Alakazam were both OHKO'd by Stinkfly's Bug Buzz, with one of them being a critical hit.

15th December 2011, 4:28 AM
So... I'm kind of playing these DS gens in reverse. I did just about everything possible with White, and now I just got Diamond. Currently, I'm about to arrive at Hearthome City. I've played it on an emulator before, but never the DS. My current team is:
http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3f/Spr_4d_391.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/8b/Spr_4d_054.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/8a/Spr_4d_315_m.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/dd/Spr_4d_404_m.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/76/Spr_4d_397_m.png

I plan to add Gible as soon as I get Strength. I follow different criteria for in-game teams than I do for competitive teams. This team is by no means competitive.

16th December 2011, 2:41 AM
Well, it was then time for Joe's battle with the champion. Said boy walked into the dark, but small-looking room, and encountered the champion.
"Have you been keeping well? Thank you for Mt. Coronet. And the Distortion World. I'm truly grateful."
"Oh hey, it's that lady who never helped me at any time during this adventure."
"Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult. It means that you've triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too."
"Uh... No I haven't Emolion is still weak to Ground..."
"The power you learned... I can feel it emanating from you."
"Woah... how can you do that?"
"But that's enough talk."
"No seriously how can you do that? Tell me!"
"Let's get on with why you're here."
"To tell me how you can emanate power?"
"As the Pokémon League Champion, I accept your challenge!"
"I still wanna now! Well, at least now I can get revenge for all of this stuff that you were to lazy for do! It's on, lady!"

Spicy Stalker Sensation Superpower Sorority Sister Summoning Serious Business Super-Monsters
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c1/LucasChallenge.png V.S. http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b1/VSCynthia.png
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;442;;407;;448;;350;;468;;445;

The epic final League battle between Joe and Cynthia began with both of their Dark types, Demolosse and Spiritomb, facing each other first. Demolosse set up a Nasty Plot while the spirit thingy tried a Silver Wind. Demolosse OHKO'd Spiritomb with one Flamethrower, but had to face Milotic next. He Dark Pulsed as much as he could but got drenched by Surf. Ghostfreak finished Milotic off with a Thunderpunch.

Lucario was next, and Mastazu attacked it with Earthquake. It threw back a few Shadow Balls and was healed before Mastazu eventually took it out with Earthquake. Roserade was next, and took on Rosemon. Both had a nearly identical moveset, both throwing back Extrasensories. Rosemon was quicker though, and beat it first, but both had similar Sp. Attack power. Stinkfly went against Togekiss as a risk. Stinkfly used Ancientpower, but Shock Wave did as much as it. After some healing though, Stinkfly barely won.

Last up was the big, hefty, Uber-leveled Garchomp. Stinkfly tried to outspeed it and Air Slash, but was outsped and given a rushed Dragon Rush. Emolion came out to try and halt it with Ice Fang, but Earthquake did a lot more than it should've. Mastazu tried to give it an Ice Beam but it got taken down with a critical hit Earthquake. Rosemon didn't take Earthquake well either. Ghostfreak was left as it tried Shadow Punching, with Garchomp missing Dragon Rush. Joe revived Mastazu just in case with Garchomp hitting hard. Ghostfreak Shadow Sneaked right before he fell. Emolion was up left but Cynthia jerkishly healed her dragon. Emolion Ice Fanged, but Earthquake made Joe have to heal. It kept using Earthquake, but in the bridge of despair Emolion finished Garchomp off with an Ice Fang, defeating Cynthia for good, making Joe the Sinnoh champion!

"...Just moments ago, you were the most powerful challenger, and now, you're the most powerful champion! I-"
"Are you going to teach me how to emulate power?"
"No that was just a joke."
"..." Joe at this point ignored what Cynthia said, went up the magic elevator, Prof. Rowan somehow caught up to him and gave him a chat of coming of age, and Joe left his Pokemon in the Hall of Fame while Cynthia was still babbling.

What will become of Joe, Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse? I don't know... Is this adventure over? Well I'm not sure. Considering how slow this thread moves along and the fact I get no posts from it, it's really disencouraging me to keep posting. If people really like it, I guess I could keep going. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope to see you next year, when I start up FireRed.

16th December 2011, 10:28 AM
I finally caught Dialga (modest) and Palkia (hasty) in my Platinum version. I've been meaning to do this for months now...

16th December 2011, 3:47 PM
What will become of Joe, Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse? I don't know... Is this adventure over? Well I'm not sure. Considering how slow this thread moves along and the fact I get no posts from it, it's really disencouraging me to keep posting. If people really like it, I guess I could keep going. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope to see you next year, when I start up FireRed.

Keep going!! I loved reading your adventure, and the names you came up with were very funny!

Oh, and I reached Sunnyshore. Twice, since my DS decided to turn off randomly, so I had to start at Turnback Cave again... Won't post levels yet, since I don't have my DS to hand.

16th December 2011, 7:06 PM
Why not? I'm on Christmas Break anyways.

Joe and his team were sleeping on the floor of his room, when his Mom told him Ron wanted him to go to a faraway island via Snowpoint... So he gave chase after him to make sure he doesn't kill himself, or at least so he's there to see it. At Snowpoint, Joe was going to be on a boat with drills on the front of it. Best boat ever. He ignored Cynthia's rambling and went at high speeds to the island.

Once there, Ron was angry at him for waiting, but ignored it as he showed Volkner and Flint randomly decided to go against them. After a brief chat, a very massive fight occurred with...

Bashful Blonde Bolt Boy with Bad Intentions Teamed With the Confidentially Cindering Cool inCinerator
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229;;398;;407;;078;;214; ;143;;395; V.S. ;405;;229;;135;;136;;466;;467;

Uh... hate to tell it to you, Flint and Volkner, but you're SERIOUSLY outnumbered right now. Mastazu starred in this fight with Demolosse coming in near the end. Ron's Staraptor, Snorlax, and Empoleon all made appearances. The rest of the Pokemon were either taken down or had no appearances at all. I forget what the fight was like- it happened long ago, but I do remember Mastazu spamming Earthquake as much as she could...

After dominating with an entire team left to battle, the crowd fled, and Ron found his long lost father Palmer, as they bumped into each other. They also run, leaving Joe to himself. He picks up a Super Rod before he headed east.

19th December 2011, 2:16 PM
After I break from my Platinum Challenged, I continued, and began in the Sunnyshore terminus. I entered the city, and was greeted by a guy with, quite frankly brilliant hair, named Flint, who turned out to be a member of the Elite Four! He said something about cheering the Gym Leader up, I don't know. I was too mesmerised by his hair. Anyway, once he ran off, I decided to heal up my Pokemon, then I decided to wander round abit. Whilst on the solar panels, I saw a rock, shaped like a Munchlax?! I was like OMGGGGGGG...

Moving on. I went to the lighthouse, and met Volkner, who decided to return to the gym. Sorry for being such a burden, but you know, THAT'S YOUR JOB?! So I went to the gym. It proved to be good training, and when I reached Volkner, my team was pretty strong, and I was quietly confident. I spoke to the leader, and the final Gym battle began!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/00/Pt_Dawn.pngKayla -VS- Volkner!http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/38/VolknerPlatinum.gif
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;135;;026;;405;;466;
The battle began with Volkner sending out Jolteon, and me sending Hanna into the battle. Probably because of the 4 level difference, Hanna outsped the Eeveelution, and hit it where it hurts with Return, 1HKO'ing it! I kept Hanna in, him sending Raichu out. Hanna outsped the Electric Mouse too, and also took it down with one Return! However, Static paralysed Hanna! So I switched to Roboto to battle Electivire. I bagan with a Nasty Plot, and he ThunderPunch'ed, taking about a 3rd of Roboto's health. Next, I used Tri Attack, pummelling Electivire with its Adaptability boost! Last up was Luxray, but Roboto used Tri Attack again, earning Kayla the Beacon Badge and TM57, Charge Beam!

I exited the gym, and flew to Canalave to delete one of Race's moves, so there's room for Waterfall. Then I flew back, and spoke to Jasmine, who gave me the HM07! I taught it to Race, and started my journey up route 223! I battled the trainers, collected the items, and eventually reached a huge Waterfall! Race climbed it, and we entered the PokeCenter at the top, where Kayla healed her team, saved, and quit for the day.

The Team so far!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f4/Spr_4p_428.png Ciara, Lv 56
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/21/Spr_4p_424_f.png Hanna, Lv 54
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b5/Spr_4p_474.png Roboto, Lv 53
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/98/Spr_4p_242.png Dream, Lv 44
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d8/Spr_4p_398_f.png Reach, Lv 44
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/2a/Spr_4p_400_f.png Race, Lv 33

As you can tell, I have my top 3 (Ciara, Hanna and Roboto), the two I'd love to be strong, but raising them is tough at this stage (Dream and Reach), and Race is my HM slave, pure and simple.

19th December 2011, 5:24 PM
Joe and co. Surfed east, fighting a bunch of swimmers, some with odd Pokemon he's never seen before. Though, he just had to laugh at Luvdisc...

At the far east part of the island, Joe reached the Resort Area. His first incentive was to go into the Ribbon Building, but a blonde kicked him out for not having enough types of ribbons. Even if he had a thousand of the same ribbons she would not let him in. Even by threatening to burn the building down the ribbons with Demolosse there was no response. Ghostfreak didn't feel like sneaking him in somehow that day.

Other than that, Joe flew back to the original part of the island and headed north. There were even more trainer, most of them were Aces or Rangers, with a Bird Keeper and Psychic randomly thrown in their as well. A man in a building randomly gave him water as well. How generous. There, on the middlemost part of the island, was an odd arrangement of houses, one had Joe unable to ruthlessly enter.

So he continued on, but had to bring a Bibarel for Rock Smash. After a bit more trekking he met a Hiker called the Meister, and immediately ran away from him, but then realized he was deserted on an island. How did he get here, anyway? Did he swim? Continuing even further, Joe went face to face with a Sandstorm! A Hippowdon must've been hiding somewhere. It was a harsh track full of hax with abilities, but Joe and his team barely made it threw. He didn't get was that a Fighting dude was hiding in the sand, and that no sand fell into the water... Joe passed the sandstorm and a few extra trainers, and healed in the Resort Area, curious to see what the jungle-like place above was.

19th December 2011, 7:39 PM
I'm having a dilemma right now. I have a copy of pearl that currently has three stars 610 hours of play and began on Apr 22, 2007. I have taken the time to transfer every single Pokemon off of the game and every rare item I got. So I am now ready to restart the game. My problem is that I want to replay bad and I hate the character name I chose back then, but I don't want to lose that start date. Am I being stupid? Should I restart?

20th December 2011, 5:44 PM
Deleted my last post so I could post this one, so I'll repeat what happened yesterday: I continued from the Pokémon League PokéCenter, exited, and flew to Canalave to delete Reach's Defog. Then, we flew to Pastoria, and entered the Great Marsh for the first time! The point of this was to find blue shards, so I have enough to teach Ice Punch to Ciara. While there I ran into two Noctowls that would not flee, at all, and a few other Poké's. Anyway, I got the Matchup-Checker, flew to Pastoria, got Ice Punch.

Today, I flew back to the Pokémon League, and entered Victory Road! The strong trainers were brilliant training for the up coming challenge! I found a few TM's, Rare Candy's etc., but I used Repels so I wouldn't run into wild Pokémon. Once I finally reached the Pokémon League building, I restored my Pokémon, then flew to Canalave to begin the final preparations. I deleted Dream's Strength, and replaced it and Psychic with Softboiled and Substitute, to make the perfect Toxic staller, who will help me shut down Spiritomb, hopefully, despite the level difference! Then, I flew back to the League building. I went up to challenge the Elite, but before I could, Rob came running in and challenged me to a battle!

Rose -VS- Rob
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;398;;419;;214;;078;;143;;389;
Rob sent his Staraptor out against Ciara. Ciara moved first, with Ice Punch, but because of Intimidate, it didn't even take half it's health off! After surviving a Close Combat, the lowered defence meant after another Ice Punch Staraptor was down! I switched to Hanna against Heracross, and used Arial Ace. Down in one! Floatzel V Roboto, next. One Tri Attack later, Floatxel was gone. Ciara was sent out against Robs Torterra, despite her low-ish health. An Ice Punch left him on very low health, but an Earthquake took Ciara out. I sent out Reach, and healed Ciara while he used Synthesis! I flew up, and he used Synthesis again! Next turn, Reach used fly, taking him down to half health, and he crunched, not doing much damage, but lowering Reach's defence! I used fly, but he used Synthesis. He used Leaf Storm after Fly took him down to half health again. This time I used Secret Power, which Paralysed him! However, a Crunch defeated me! Ciara finished him off! Ciara defeated Snorlax with two Jump Kicks, and Rapidash fell to Roboto's Tri Attack. Rob had been defeated for the final time!

I healed, saved and came off. As this is the last post before I challenge the League, I'm going to do an extra long team post.

The Team

Ciara, the Lopunny @ Kings Rock
Lv 60
Cute Charm
-Jump Kick
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch
Ciara's my main Pokémon, and hits hard, and fast. Her Return is especially powerful.

Roboto, the Porygon-Z @ Wise Glasses
Lv 55
-Ice Beam
-Nasty Plot
-Tri Attack
-Dark Pulse
The special powerhouse, nothing hurts more than a double STAB damage Tri Attack.

Reach, the Staraptor @ Kings Rock
Lv 44
-Close Combat
-Secret Power
First and foremost a flyer, she gets me where I need to go. Her Fly is pretty powerful, though.

Dream, the Blissey @ Amulet Coin
Lv 46
Serene Grace
Hit her with a physical move, and she goes down quicker than lightning, but she walls special attacks like a pro.

Hanna, the Ambipom
Lv 55
-Brick Break
-Shadow Claw
-Arial Ace
Fast, strong and diverse, Hanna is also brilliant for picking useful items up.

Race, the Bibarel @ Quick Claw
Lv 33
-Rock Climb
-Rock Smash
Race's speciality are HM's, and that's what he does best. He gets me to those hard to reach places.

I'm coming to the end of my challenge now... it's quite sad... unless I continued after the League? I'm not sure. Well, I'll decide later. I've enjoyed this challenge alot!

20th December 2011, 7:03 PM
After being dissapointed with a Nugget found by a random man north of the Resort Area (Joe was already rich), Joe started going towards Stark Mountain. Along the way, he encountered Ron and Crasher Wake, who the former wanted to go into somewhere cool. They both left, and Joe slept in an old ladies home for no particular reason.

Joe then found a guy who talked to him earlier- his name was Buck. Buck wanted Joe to investigate Stark Mountain. Joe said he just wanted to beat up all the trainers, not investigate. However, Buck was an overall jerk and stated "I'll keep asking until you say yes!" I wish you could do that in real life, but that's sadly impossible, as people would ignore you. Joe wanted to ignore him, but couldn't as Buck was wrestling him onto the floor. So Joe was forced to bicycle over thin ledges and fight more trainers, one with a Dragonite!

Right before the entrance, Joe encountered some Galactic Goons! He followed them in finding out the whole thing was an ambush! Mars and Jupiter were there as well as an old guy. Both Admins challenged him, and were promptly swept with Mastazu, Emolion, and the like. The two became ordinary girls magically and fled. The Galactics and old man went further into the cave. At that point Buck HAPPENS to arrive then, and the two guys tag team to face all the guys in the cave who didn't happen to encounter the Galactic Goons at all or mention or try to stop them. Nope, just Joe and Ron. The other trainers stared at each other as if love at first sight.

Apparently the old guy Charon wants to revive Heatran from the dead and burn everything with the power of legendary. But then Looker transforms from being a rock and arrests him! The other grunts flee and so do the trainers. Team Galactic is officially gone for good, and Looker leaves to go gamble in Veilstone City, waiting a few years down the line for another adventure... In the past? It's a secret to everyone. Buck returns the magical Heatran summoning thing and invites Joe to his battle place, full of people who battle.

21st December 2011, 1:06 PM
So this is it. We entered the door after getting our badges checked, went down a corridor, and entered a room where a green haired guy waited for us. We spoke to him, and the battle between Rose and Aaron began!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9a/DawnChallenge.png -VS- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/28/VSAaron.png
Rose -VS- Aaron
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;469;;212;;416;;214;;452;

First up was Ciara, against his Yanma! Ciara's Fire Punch got him well below half health! He Double Team'd. Next turn, he U-turned to Heracross! Ciara's Fire Punch bought him down to just below a quarter health, and another Fire Punch took him down! I sent Roboto against Vespiquen. I used Ice Beam, taking it down to very low health, and freezing her for the turn! He used a Full Restore, and Roboto used Ice Beam again. A Tri Attack finished it off. Yanmega V Reach now... after flinching from an Air Slash, I switched to Ciara, and he used Bug Buzz. U-turn switched the Ogre Darner pokemon with Scizor, who resisted Ice Punch! A Fire Punch bought it down though. I switched so Roboto faced Drapion. He used Cross Poison, hardly damaging me at all, and Roboto used Tri Attack, which got him to red, but he restored his health with a Sitrus Berry! Cross Poison from Drapion, but Tri Attack took it right down. Yanmega V Hanna now, and the battle began with Hanna using Arial Ace, which finally defeated the U-turning Pokemon! One down, three to go...

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9a/DawnChallenge.png -VS- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/VSBertha.png
Rose -VS- Bertha
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;340;;472;;450;;076;;464;

So Bertha, the Ground type specialist, was next. I healed, then began my battle with her! First up, was Roboto battling Whiscash. Roboto used Ice Beam, taking it down to roughly half health. She used Sandstorm. I used Ice Beam again next turn, defeating my opponent! Roboto was kept in against Gliscor, and it used Ice Beam, and 4x damage was more than enough to 1HKO the flying bat... thing. Next, Ciara V Hippowdon. After being horrified because I thought she had a Shiny Hippowdon, then remembering that's what it's gender difference looks like, I used Ice Punch, which didn't even bring it down to half health! She used Earthquake, which did the same, but Sandstorm bought my health down more! Next turn, I risked a Return, which did not defeat her, but for some reason it Yawn! So, next turn, she healed. Of course. Ice Punch, not doing enough, and now I'm asleep. Damn. I switched to Reach to avoid Earthquake. Reach flew up high! When he came down... Fly did next to nothing. And he got Yawned, So I U-turned to Roboto, which is what should have happened in the first place, really. Roboto took a Stone Edge to his... 'face', but survived it, and took the bloody hippo down with Ice Beam. Finally... next was Golem. I risked sending Race out first, for some reason... I couldn't outspeed it (duh), and was Earthquaked right out of battle, so I sent out Roboto, who used Ice Beam, which bought it to red, but a critical hit Earthquake defeated me! Hanna was next, and used Brick Break after she Full Restored Golem. Not even half gone. Another Brick Break, survived an Earthquake, and took it down with another Brick Break. Last up was Rhyperior, and I switched to Reach, so I could revive Roboto. The rhino's Rock Wrecker missed, so I Close Combated next turn, and Rhyperior flinched thanks to Kings Rock! Another Close Combat bought him to yellow, but he used his Sitrus Berry to heal, and took me down with Avalanche. Roboto was next, and Ice Beam secured the win against Bertha! Two more left!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9a/DawnChallenge.png -VS- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/94/VSFlint.png
Rose -VS- Flint
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;229;;136;;078;;392;;467;

After healing, I entered the firey next room, and faced the red afro guy I saw in Sunnyshore! Flint was my next battle! It began with Dream against Houndoom. He used Sunny Day, and I set up a Substitute. Next I used Toxic, which missed, but not before he broke my Substitute with a sun boosted Flamethrower! He used Flamethrower again, and I used Softboiled. Next turn: Flamethrower, Substitute. Next turn, he used his Flamethrower (I know, so surprising!), and I used Toxic, which finally hit. His flamethrower hardly did anything, and I used Softboiled again. While he used Sunny Day, I set up a Substitute (Yep, this is as boring for me as it is for you). I think you get the idea now, I'll just skip to the end. Dream won thanks to Toxic Damage, and was safely behind a Substitute when Infernape came on, meaning I could Toxic him before he defeated me! When a Mach punch took me down, I sent out Ciara, who used Return! It didn't quite defeat the monkey, but after Ciara survived a Flare Blitz, the recoil did! Next was Flareon, so I switched to Roboto. He used Tri Attack, twice, but not without being burned in between. I stayed in to face Rapidash, and used Tri Attack, which so nearly defeated it! The horse used Sunny Day, and healed next turn, while I used Tri Attack again. Somehow this one took it down. Eh? Anyway, Rapidash was down, which only left Magmortar. I switched to Race to heal Roboto, and was taken out soon after with a Flamethrower. I sent out Roboto, and the real battle began. A Tri Attack took the... thing down to yellow, but his sitrus berry restored him! Flamethrower did a scary amount of damage, but Roboto hung in there! Another Tri Attack was later, Flint was down, and but one Elite Four member remained!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9a/DawnChallenge.png -VS- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/45/VSLucian.png
Rose -VS- Lucian
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;

Lucian, the final Elite Four challenge, and master of Psychic Pokémon. I healed, then spoke to him to begin the match! First of, I sent Ciara against Mr. Mime. She used Return, which took the Mime Pokémon down in one! Next up was Gallade. Uh oh. I switched to Hanna, who Arial Aced, not quite taking half his health off. His Drain Punch took me down, AND completely restored him! Roboto was next up, and he used Dark Pulse... Yeah the same problem as with Hanna, although Drain Punch didn't defeat me. I used Tri Attack and hoped for a Status Problem, but He didn't contract one. But then his Stone Edge missed! So I used Tri Attack again... and took the Psychic/Fighting Pokémon down! Alakazam was next, so I switched to Ciara. His Focus Blast missed, and Return did big damage... but not big enough. He hung on, and restored. I used Ice Punch. Next turn, his Focus Blast missed again, and Return defeated him! Ciara stayed in against Espeon, and used Return. Took it to yellow health, and it used Psychic back at me. He Full Restored next turn, and I used Return again. One more Return and Espeon was no longer a problem. Not that it ever was. Ciara took Bronzong down with a few Fire punches, and Lucian, the final of the Elite Four, was finished! But then he told me there remained the champion, an immensely powerful trainer who was most definitely not Cynthia. I healed, took a deep breath, and... saved and came off for now.

Won't post my team again, check the last post if you're interested, theres only minor changes since then. Since this thread moves very slowly, if no one posts between now and the next time I play, I'll just edit this post.

21st December 2011, 5:20 PM
Heh heh, I see my style is catching on! Someday it will be revolutionary!

So Joe went to Buck's place, the Battleground, and encountered the trainers he helped, plus the gym leaders. He fought some of them, leaving out Volkner because he couldn't find him. Right outside of the Battleground, on a Saturday, Ron was rearing to battle.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;398;;407;;078;;214;;143;;395;

Ghostfreak encountered Staraptor and gave it a nice Thunderpunch. The bird chickened out and U-Turned to Heracross. Ghostfreak also switched to Stinkfly, and Air Slashed the bug. Rapidash tried to burn it but Demolosse gave it a few Hidden Power Rocks and Dark Pulses. Rapidash wanted to Bounce around more than anything though.

Empoleon went against Emolion, who shot out harsh Hydro Pumps, but Emolion just Sparked it to death. Rosemon went against her counterpart Roserade, and defeated it with just two Extransensories. Last up was Snorlax, which Mastazu couldn't really take out on its own, nor with the help of Ghostfreak, so Emolion finished the fat cat off.

Ron said he didn't care and would keep training. Joe decided he should rematch the Pokemon League once more now that all of his Pokemon were lv. 70 automatically, so he flew to the league via small Starly.

22nd December 2011, 6:27 PM
Pearl: Caught a Volbeat for Ranch, and Nosepass were swarming on Route 206, so I caught a bunch of them, and then was rudely interrupted by a Baltoy. Stuck them all on Ranch.

Ranch: Transferred lots of Nosepass on, traded Hayley her Snover for my Volbeat. Picked up Phione and some other Hayley Pokémon. 315 in the Ranch now, and she wants a Lapras. I have never caught one in Pearl ever, so I guess that's a to do. She wants that by 01/01/2012 so that's feasible.

22nd December 2011, 9:17 PM
It was then time for Joe to refight all the Elite Four Masters and Dr. Cynthia in a free-for-all brawl via Pokemon. First up on the roster is Bug Man- I mean Aaron.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;469;;212;;214;;416;;452;

The fight against Aaron was more or less the same. Stinkfly Ancientpowered Yanmega for a start. Demolosse destroyed both Scizor and Vespiquen. Emolion took out Heracross, and Mastazu Earthquaked Drapion.

Next up was Earth Woman- I mean Bertha...

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;340;;472;;076;;450;;464;
Mastazu eventually defeated Whiscash with a bit of time. Rosemon destroyed Rhyperior and Golem with a bit of Ghostfreak's help. Mastazu took down the surviving Hippowdon and Gliscor.

Who wants a bonus battle? Joe then fought against Fire Man... No wait, Flint.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;229;;136;;078;;392;;467;

Demolosse went agaisnt Houndoom, but for once Flint actually was smart and switched it out for Flareon. It got Dark Pulsed and so did the following Rapidash. Infernape got Air Slashed by Stinkfly, luckily. Magmortar charged up a Solar Beam against Mastazu, but once again Rosemon Sludge Bombed it. Demolosse came out one more time to defeat the leading Houndoom.

Three Elite Four members down, one member and an Ex-Champion to go.

23rd December 2011, 4:28 PM
Whilst watching a Muppets Christmas Carol (standard, really), I finally began my way to challenge the champion, who without a doubt couldn't be Cynthia... Oh wait, it was, how 'surprising' that was! Speaking to her began my final challenge...

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9a/DawnChallenge.png -VS- http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b1/VSCynthia.png
Rose -VS- Cynthia
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;442;;407;;468;;448;;350;;445;

The epic battle began with Cynthia talking, as always. After she finally shut up, wind somehow entered the room, despite there being no windows, and epically blew Cynthia's hair... Anyway, to begin the battle, Dream faced the champion's Spiritomb! Dream used Substitute, and the Ghost/ Dark Pokémon used Dark Pulse, which didn't even break Dream's Substitute! Next turn, Dream used Toxic, and Spiritomb broke Dream's Substitute with Dark Pulse. I'll shorten the next turns, in fear of it becoming like the Dream/ Houndoom battle report.
D: Substitute - S: Dark Pulse
D: flamethrower - S: Dark Pulse
D: Substitute - S: Dark Pulse
D: Flamethrower - S: Dark Pulse.
After that, Spiritomb fell to Toxic damage. Next was a Lucario VS Ciara battle. Ciara began with Jump Kick, and Lucario used Stone Edge, both getting their opponents health to yellow. Lucario then surprisingly used Extreme Speed, defeating Ciara! I sent Race out to restore Ciara, and Race was defeated by an Extremespeed soon after using a Max Revive. Ciara defeated Lucario with Fire Punch. Togekiss was next. Ciara used Ice Punch, and Togekiss didn't even loose half it's health! It sent a powerful Aura Sphere at my Lopunny. Ciara used Return, Togekiss using Air Slash, defeating Ciara. Roboto used Nasty Plot while Togekiss was Full Restored. Next turn, Roboto defeated Togekiss with an Ice Beam. Next, Roboto took on the ultimate Dragon, Garchomp! Garchomp used Earthquake, but Roboto hung on, and defeated Garchomp with a double Super Effective, Nasty Plot boosted Ice Beam! Milotic was next, and was taken down to very low health with Tri Attack! Unfortunately, Milotic survived and defeated Roboto with Surf. Hanna was next, and Milotic was restored before Hanna could use Return. Another Return took the Water type down to red health, and Milotic used Surf. One more Return, and Milotic went down! Last up was Roserade, and Hanna started with Return. Down to red health! But Sludge Bomb defeated my Monkey. I sent Reach out next. Roserade was faster, and 1HKO'd Reach with a Sludge Bomb! I sent out Dream, and Revived Ciara. Dream was also defeated by Sludge Bomb. Ciara quickly and easily handled Roserade with Ice Punch!

And, with that, Cynthia's final Pokémon was down, and the Champion became the Ex-Champion! We entered the Hall of Fame, and recorded my Pokémon for all eternity. I watched the credits roll, and was a little upset that my Pokémon Platinum Normal type Monotype challenge was over...

Or... was it? After somehow ending back up in Twinleaf Town, in my house, none the less, I went downstairs and spoke to my Mom, who was in exactly the same place as she was in October. Man, she needs to get out more. Anyway, she said something about Rob, and a boat at Snowpoint...

So, here I have a couple of decisions to make. Do I continue with the Story? If I do, do I continue with the Monotype? Do I continue to report it here? So many choices... what do you guys think? I suppose this is also a way to see if anyone reads these ^_^ post with your opinions please!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0a/428Lopunny_Dream.png Ciara, Lv61!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/1d/242Blissey_Dream.png Dream, Lv46!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e7/398Staraptor_Dream.png Reach, Lv44!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/8a/474Porygon-Z_Dream.png Roboto, Lv58!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/02/424Ambipom_Dream.png Hanna, Lv56!
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/df/400Bibarel_Dream.png Race, Lv33!

23rd December 2011, 5:15 PM
Considering you were the one who wanted me to continue, I'd say go ahead. Even though this'll be my last post here for several months, hopefully someone in will pop in eventually.

Back to my side of things... Joe faced off against Psychic Man- I mean Lucian up next.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;

Stinkfly OHKO'd Mr. Mime with one Bug Buzz. Ghostfreak carefully defeated Gallade, taking a Leaf Blade and Stone Edge rather well. Demolosse Dark Pulsed Espeon. Emolion Crunched away Alakazam. Mastazu took a bit of time, but managed to defeat Bronzong with timed Surfs.

And last but not least was the true final boss, Dr. Cytnhia- err, just Cynthia.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;442;;407;;468;;448;;350;;445;

Despite their levels gaining a bit more of an increase compared to Joe's- the battle was a lot smoother. The battle was pretty much the same-

Demolosse Nasty Plotted, but Spiritomb didn't go for Silver Wind and instead Dark Pulsed... Odd, but one Dark Pulse from the dog did it in. Demolosse Dark Pulsed the following Milotic as much as he could, but it got drenched by Surf. Ghostfreak Thunderpunched the sea thing as it set up a useless Aqua Ring. Rosemon faced off against Roserade once more, and the battle was also the same. Both used Extrasensory, with Rosemon winning because she was faster. Togekiss went against Stinkfly, though even after Ancientpowers, the bug was switched out. Ghostfreak cleaned it up with Thunderpunch. Lucario was again up against Mastazu, who kept Aura Sphering it, but Mastazu just ruthlessly Earthquaked everything. Cynthia tried to heal but Lucario still fainted in the end. Last up was the ever-so-uber Garchomp. Emolion came in to Intimidate it, and Stinkfly came in, dodging an Earthquake. It Bug Buzzed as much as it could before falling to a Dragon Rush and Giga Impact. Emolion used that opening to deliver the final blow... an Ice Fang to the knee.

Joe was once again the champion, and his adventure was truly over. Joe then went back to his home, brought out Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse, and..... ate pizza.

24th December 2011, 5:17 AM
Well, I decided to restart my pearl and have a character with 2 badges already. I went with turtwig this time as my ranch is very light on them after the great migration to unova. I made it all the way to the commander in the spike building and got my lunch handed to me by the commander. I guess I am a bit rusty and contemplated restarting from scratch in a nuzlocke style of determination. But, no, I'm going to train up and try again, like my hero Jim Gordon would. Sure he got beat and had his kidney taken. But he got up and saved a kid from an explosion. And so will I gosh darn it.

Except I didn't lose my kidney, or explode.

Aura Sensei™
25th December 2011, 2:30 AM
I made it through Victory Road after wandering about.Then I trained with the Vs Seeker.And I saved.My team:


26th December 2011, 4:20 AM
Basically re-started over my game cause I'm just too good.

Golbat lvl 22
Luxio lvl 22
Piplup's 2nd evolution (forgot the name) lvl 25

1 badge

26th December 2011, 10:08 PM
After I successfully RNGed a flawless Scyther and evolved it via trading, I needed to teach it some tutor moves. I went to the Underground to collect some needed shards. I had forgotten how enjoyable the Underground is, and so spent some more time down there, all the while picking up useful items such as evolutionary stones. I then went to the Survival Area to teach Scizor Superpower, and saved after also teaching him Roost through means of TM.

Aura Sensei™
27th December 2011, 12:17 AM
In my Pearl,I caught myself a Gastly in the Old Chateau.Then I headed through Cycling Roas and defeated all the trainers.And finally I tried catching a Gible.(Only to find out you need Strength).

27th December 2011, 1:46 PM
Plat update:

-finally started working on the pokedex
-caught a shiny bidoof lol (random encounter)

27th December 2011, 7:52 PM
My battle tower team of Garchomp, Milotic, and Gallade ( strongest trio I've ever trained ) will officially be moving to the Johto/Kanto regions today.

I'm gonna trade them over and start a new game on my Platinum. I really want to start a new game with Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, who I will breed for preferred nature and stats on HG, then trade over the eggs to Platinum, hatch, check natures, trade back to HG to check their IV's and so on so forth.

Of course, I don't have Bulbasaur yet, as I have only recently beaten SS and I picked Squirtle, and I already have Charmander on HG. I need to play through SS again before I can do this, which I also plan on doing today.

31st December 2011, 5:54 AM
I started playing my Platinum and after catching a few Pokemon in Mt. Coronet. Those Pokemon were a Nosepass, a Chingling, and a Bronzor. I then headed over to Route 211 to beat the trainers there. Prinplup easily beat them due to being overleveled. So I headed over to Pokemon Center and put Dustox, Cascoon, Silcoon, and Bronzor in my party to join Prinplup and my slave, Bidoof. We then went into Eterna Gym, where my Prinplup used Peck on every single Pokemon only losing a few Hit Points. We then battled Gardenia.

Jonathan VS. Gardenia

So Prinplup proceded to use Peck on Gardenia's Turtwig. Turtwig used Reflect ruining my whole strategy so I had to come up with a new one. I switched into Dustox and Turtwig used a Razor Leaf on it. Dustox used Gust while Turtwig called for the sun with Sunny Day. I continued to spam Gust until the Reflect and Sunny Day were gone. After Turtwig was healed and used another Reflect it finally disappeared right after Turtwig fainted. Now I sent Prinplup back out to take on Cherrim. Cherrim was a breeze but it healed. I used Peck one more time and it was gone. Now time for Round 3:


I sent out Bronzor against Roserade. Knowing that it couldn't do anything to me, I used that to my advantage. I confused it to disable it and then I used Hypnosis. As soon as it fell asleep, I sent out Prinplup who proceded to use Peck and KO it.


As soon as I won I headed out the gym and into Route 205 so I could access the hidden part with Cut. I caught a new Starly on Route 204 and checked on my Honey trees and Berry trees. Nothing. I then proceded to go to the Old Chateau. I caught a Gastly and then I watched some TV. Some Castform-esque Pokemon shrouded with plasma attacked me for thumping the TV. It turns out it was Rotom. I caught it and added it onto my team. He is the second member that I will actually use.

Aura Sensei™
1st January 2012, 12:18 AM
Well,I got bored,so I restarted my Platinum.

I started off as a boy.Then I tried to go into the grass but got stopped by Prof. Rowan.I chose my starter (Turtwig) after being asked if I loved pokemon.But,I decided to keep resetting for an Adamant Turtwig.

1st January 2012, 10:15 PM
I restarted my Platinum version earlier today. I first chose Turtwig as my starter as I feel like I choose Piplup too much and I just used Chimchar. My goal for this walkthrough is to use Pokemon I have never used ingame before (minus Turtwig). I got the Pokedex and trained a little bit before being taugh how to catch Pokemon via Dawn. Then I made my way to Jubilife City where I met Looker and received a Poketch. I beat my rival (I had 2 critical hit Tackle's in a row!) on Route 203 and skipped all the trainers on my way to Oreburgh City. I headed north onto Route 206 and captured my second team member, a Ponyta. I took a break before I do some training.

;387; Lv13
;077; Lv6

2nd January 2012, 3:51 PM
evolved my togepi to togetic and gave it shiny stone to evolve into togekiss.using metronome,it used many powerful moves like roar of time,doom desire,earthquake,blaze kick,brick break,volt tackle,frenzy plant,hydro cannon and hydro pump.

2nd January 2012, 4:36 PM
I went back to Jubilife to train Ponyta against the trainers on Route 204 as well as on Route 203. Once I had it at a decent enough level I headed back to Oreburgh and into the mines. I trained Turtwig for a little while before speaking with Roark. He headed for the gym and so did I. Turtwig beat the two gym trainers easily and then swept Roark's team using Absorb and Razor Leaf. After the gym battle Turtwig evolved into Grotle! I got my badge and left towards Jubilife again.

I found Professor Rowan being attacked by some weird Galactic dudes so Dawn and I teamed up to stop them. I then continued onto Route 204 and beat the few remaining trainers before saving in Floaroma Town.

;388; Lv18
;077; Lv15

3rd January 2012, 9:45 PM
Today I decided to continue my amazing game. Went to battle Cynthia in Platinum in the Pokemon League. Won, only lost one Pokemon.

Infernape, lvl 79
Luxray lvl 77 (lost )
Staraptor lvl 79
Roserade lvl 76
Porygon Z lvl 79
Tentacruel lvl 76

3rd January 2012, 9:59 PM
I did the Power Plant stuff easily and then made my way north through the Eterna Forest. Soon I was in Eterna City and I headed to the gym which I swept with Ponyta. Next I went to the Galactic Hideout in Eterna City and made my way through that with my overleveled Ponyta and Grotle. Once I cleared it out I made my southwest to Hearthome City.

When I arrived in the city I talked to Bebe and received the Eevee, which will be my third team member. I slapped the Exp Share on it and then I went and battled the trainers I had skipped. The Hearthome Gym was my next destination so I headed there and beat the trainers and had a surprisingly easy time with Fantina. Ponyta beat her Duskull and Haunter while Grotle beat Mismagius. I headed east again and beat my rival before wandering in the grass on Route 209 until I found a Chansey. I caught it with a Poke Ball at full health which surprised me. Now to take on the Wayward Caves and level up my new team member.

;388; Lv29
;077; Lv30
;133; Lv27
;113; Lv18

The Red Thunder
4th January 2012, 12:10 PM
Started Pearl over using the male character. Named him after his Manga counterpart: Diamond; and named my rival after his Manga counterpart: Pearl.

Left Twinleaf Town and headed to Lake Verity, where I chose my starter. I decided to use Piplup as my starter, since that's my favorite of the three (and I already have one of each of the Sinnoh starters at level 100). I decided to use a naming theme for this replay (I do it with every replay), and this one is after Final Fantasy IV. Since Piplup is my starter, I named him Cecil.

After a brief exchange among Pearl, Dawn, and Rowan, I headed home and got my Running Shoes. Immediately following, I made for Sandgem town, where I encountered Dawn. She showed me around town and explained that she's the personal hand maiden to Rowan. I entered the lab and talked to Rowan again. He gave me the PokeDex, and sent me off into the vast reaches of Sinnoh. Nope, not dangerous at all. And what's an elderly professor doing with a pre-teen girl as his personal sidekick anyway!? Sounds a bit sketchy if you ask me ... Cynthia will not be pleased.

Anyway, I bought some PokeBalls (ten and a Premier, to be exact), and caught a few Pokemon. The first two I caught were two Bidoofs, which I traded with my Diamond game for two HM Slaves: a Bibarel and a Skarmory. I also traded back and forth until I had six EXP Shares in my new Pearl game. I'm testing a new method of in-game progress to see how it fares against my usual method of raising. The next two I caught were again a Bidoof, and a Starly. Since neither of these two Pokemon are intended to be part of my final team, I chose not to give them nicknames. At this point, I went home and told Mom that I was running away forevermore. She didn't seem too concerned, although Pearl's mom did. She gave me a package and asked me to give it to her son. How am I supposed to find the kid that can't sit still for more than fifteen seconds without me leaving the game to idle?

After spending an hour bringing Bidoof and Starly up to Cecil's level range, I headed to Route 202 where I encountered Rowan's slave girl again. She proceeded to show off "her superior skills as a trainer" and teach me how to catch a Pokemon. My reaction to this can only be summed up thusly (http://www.vgcats.com/super/images/080816.gif). You know, I really wish Cynthia would just liberate this poor girl from that dirty old man's oppression, because he's keeping her down! After her little spectacle of doing what I'd done twice already, I caught a Shinx. I was also looking for a Kricketot, but it was too late in the morning for me to catch one. Oh well. Like the two before it, Shinx is not an intended member of my final party, and as such didn't warrant a nickname. She's just temporary fodder until something more deserving comes along.

Here's where things got tedious. I headed back to Route 201 to train my new Shinx, and I figured it would be reletively easy considering she has Intimidate. By rights, it would have been, were it not for crits in every single battle. Every time I was slated to win, the enemy would go first AND get a crit. This happened in every battle until I finally broke down and used the switch-hit method to raise Pokemon. This went on for a good hour or so until my Shinx was level 6.

At this point, I decided to take Cecil and company onward to Jubilife City! I beat a couple trainers along the way, mainly using Bidoof and Shinx. At the gates of Jubilife, I once again encountered Leia ... I mean Dawn. We talked a minute, and she told me to go to school. So I did ... and beat up two poor little kids' Abras, and took their Hidden Power TM. I found Pearl with his face buried in a chalkboard, so I did as his mother bid me, and delivered the Parcel safely. Inside were two maps. Pearl gave me one before fleeing the scene of what I can only assume is a crime worthy of being exiled from the city for. What it was, who can say?

Deciding to drop out of school after my first day and set a good example for my young Pokemons' minds, I tried to follow my accomplice. But, I didn't make it past the Pokemon Center before I was accosted by a corporate slime ball who forced me, involuntarily I might add, to play along with his little promotional game for some silly watch. So, after stalking a couple clowns, I got my goofy watch (with a fantastic pixilated Pikachu design on the display!) and headed north to Route 204. I again battled some trainers for some EXP.

Figuring that was enough havoc wreaked for one day, I saved my game and decided to loiter in the Pokemon Center until such a time came that I decided to leave ... like the cops escorting me out.

Mr. Reloaded
4th January 2012, 7:19 PM
I defeated Maylene and Wake, togetic mainly beat Maylene's machoke and meatite Lucario was good taking togetic down but falling to
Pontya then Wake got destroyed by my Raichu's grass knot and thunderbolt so easy win there my team is mainly 40-38 so yeah.

5th January 2012, 6:12 PM
I went to the Wayward Cave and ran to the back to find Mira who wanted to get out of the cave. I took advantage of the fact that every battle was a Double Battle to train Chansey for a while. I beat all the trainers inside and once I was about reach the exit I started training Grotle until it evolved! I exited the cave and went back to Hearthome City and then continued east. I beat all the trainers there and soon arrived in Solaceon Town. I quickly went to the ruins and grabbed the three elemenatal stones as well as the HM05 and the bottom of the ruins. As I exited the ruins I figured now would be as good a time as any so I evolved my Eevee into a....Vaporeon!

I went to the Lost Tower and trained a little there before going north and fighting the various ranchers and trainers around the cafe. I spammed the trainer with the Happiny so I could level everyone up. When Chansey reached Lv31 she evolved into Blissey! I battled that guy a few more times and then took a break.

;389; Lv34
;077; Lv32
;134; Lv31
;242; Lv31

5th January 2012, 8:32 PM
With a heavy heart, I said good-bye to my Normal type team, and transferred them to White so their legacy will continue. I then reset Platinum, and began afresh!
I named my character Mikey, and my rival Josh. After the introduction, I chose my starter, a Chimchar! I battled Josh's Piplup, received the running shoes, met Cyrus at Lake Verity, and finally continued on to Sandgem Town to obtain the Pokedex. I nicknamed Chimchar Helena since it's a female. I'm not too happy with the Quiet nature, but I can live with it. After this short first run, I saved and turned off.


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/80/Spr_4p_390.png Helena, Lv.7

6th January 2012, 2:52 AM
so! i've started playing diamond again, after starting on it in august '09, winning through all 8 gyms, and then saving before victory road, leaving it behind in early '10 i think; i missed a lot, but it feels good to be on the horse again, although i do think white was an improvement on it. but the delights of the post-E4 game are keeping me occupied on diamond again now;

to start with, i made my way through victory road and then got through the elite 4 and cynthia with this team - ;405; ;448; ;392; ;184; ;483; ;480; - with levels between 48 and 56. i was impatient and just jumped into battling them; i had to use a bunch of elixirs and ethers, around 10 revives and over 50 hyper potions to beat all 5 of them :/ pretty lame i guess. but whatever. i love cynthia, she's awesome, strong and likeable and her pokemon are favourites of mine too - milotic, spiritomb and lucario are cast-iron favourites and roserade and garchomp are pretty cool too.

anyway, after beating her, i had a go at the battle tower, before sending a few pokes over to my white game, and then i went to the spring path and into that weird cave to find giratina; it didn't take too much to find it or catch it, which was nice; i had uxie yawn it and then got azumarill aqua-ringed and had it chip away at tina before throwing my balls at it. i got it in a dusk ball which was sweet! the serebii IV calculator revealed it wasn't exactly flawless, but whatever, in a fit of joy i'd saved after catching it and it doesn't bother me much anyway.

since then, i've been going to the mansion to get me some rarer pokes from mr backlot, following the swarms and trying my hand at the poke radar. as i type, i'm looking for a miltank on route 210, which is quite frustrating as it only had a 2% encounter rate; i've already got a tauros from there and i've seen around 10 5% encounter rate chanseys, but no miltanks yet. after trying for the past 2 hours, i'm continuing until i run out of max repels. 30 to go, could be a long night. sigh. after that i'm getting a kecleon from the northern section of that route and then i'm done with diamond for the day.

my god, as i type, i've just found a miltank. tempted to use my master ball on it. (not really) got it in an ultra ball. time for some kecleons! PEACE OUT

6th January 2012, 2:37 PM
I continued on towards Veilstone City while battling trainers. When I did reach the city I healed and went straight towards the gym. Because I have no good Pokemon to take out Fighting types it was somewhat of a chore considering Vaporeon's lack of a good move and Blissey's weak defence. I did manage to get through the four brothers though and soon I was battling Maylene. She started with a Meditite and I had Blissey come out to gain experience. I switched to Torterra and beat it with an Earthquake. She went to Lucario so I had Ponyta come out but it was beaten by Bone Rush. Torterra finished it off with Earthquake and did the same to Machoke. I grabbed my badge and then defeated Team Galactic near the warehouse.

With all that done I headed south and battled the trainers on my way to Pastoria City. When I arrived in the Resort Area I headed to the restaurant but it was closed so I continued on until I reached Pastoria. I beat my rival in front of the gym and saved. Thank god Vaporeon is about to get a water type move!

;389; Lv36
;077; Lv36
;134; Lv33
;242; Lv35

6th January 2012, 9:56 PM
Continued my nuzlock on diamond. Couldn't play for a few days cuz I left my ds at a friend his house. But let me start of by saying what I did from the beginning of the nuzlock until now.

Dec 27:
Started over again cuz I couldn't load my file.
Caught a Starly, named Erza.
Caught a Bidoof, named Xigbar.

Dec 28:
Training, training and more training.
Caught Shinx, Laxus.
Caught Zubat, Xaldin.

Dec 29:
Beat Roark.

Dec 30:
Nothing much, just training.
I think I caught my geodude, Bruno, on this day.

Dec 31:
Caught a Buneary, Lucy.

January 6:
Caught Drifloon, Xion.

Currently abusing that girls healing powers in the forest.
More info about the nuzlock in my sig.

7th January 2012, 5:13 AM
I went to the Wayward Cave and ran to the back to find Mira who wanted to get out of the cave. I took advantage of the fact that every battle was a Double Battle to train Chansey for a while. I beat all the trainers inside and once I was about reach the exit I started training Grotle until it evolved! I exited the cave and went back to Hearthome City and then continued east. I beat all the trainers there and soon arrived in Solaceon Town. I quickly went to the ruins and grabbed the three elemenatal stones as well as the HM05 and the bottom of the ruins. As I exited the ruins I figured now would be as good a time as any so I evolved my Eevee into a....Vaporeon!

I went to the Lost Tower and trained a little there before going north and fighting the various ranchers and trainers around the cafe. I spammed the trainer with the Happiny so I could level everyone up. When Chansey reached Lv31 she evolved into Blissey! I battled that guy a few more times and then took a break.

;389; Lv34
;077; Lv32
;134; Lv31
;242; Lv31

How did you get your Eevee early in the game? Trade?

7th January 2012, 4:06 PM
How did you get your Eevee early in the game? Trade?
In Platinum you can get Eevee the first time you enter Hearthome City by talking to Bebe.

I went through the gym quickly using Torterra and Blissey to defeat the Pokemon. When I arrived in front of Crasher Wake I saved and then started the battle. Vaporeon went up against Gyarados and weakened it to the yellow before it fainted by a critical hit Bite but thankfully Blissey's Quick Claw activated and I was able to beat it with a Shock Wave. His Floatzel was next and Blissey did some damage before fainting so Torterra beat it with Razor Leaf and Quagsire was beaten the same way.

I saved after the gym battle and then chased down the Galactic Grunt after he set off a bomb in the Great Marsh. Cynthia showed up after I beat him I asked me to clear some Psyduck and then give an Old Charm to her grandma. I headed all the way to Celestic Town (Ponyta evovled along the way) and beat another Galactic member and then I had to beat Cyrus. At this point I turned off my DS but forgot to save so I had to continue all the way back to this point...again.

Once I got Surf I headed to Floaroma Town and surfed to the Fuego Ironworks and captured my fifth team member, a Magnemite. I beat the trainers in the Ironworks and Magnemite evolved into Magneton after the last battle. I flew to Pastoria and taught Magneton Tri Attack before beating the swimmers east of the city. Since Magneton was about to level up after the battles I took it to Mt Coronet and evolved it into Magnezone! Next I headed to Sandgem Town and went all the way to the Pal Park and beat the trainers along the way. Then I went back to Pastoria and went all the way to Hearthome City while beating those trainers that lie inbetween the two. Finally I went to Jubilife and went west to Canalave City (I never knew about the Rare Candy on the small route between the two cities!). I beat my rival on the bridge and finally took a break.

;389; Lv41
;078; Lv41
;134; Lv40
;242; Lv41
;462; Lv41

9th January 2012, 4:05 AM
In Platinum you can get Eevee the first time you enter Hearthome City by talking to Bebe.

I went through the gym quickly using Torterra and Blissey to defeat the Pokemon. When I arrived in front of Crasher Wake I saved and then started the battle. Vaporeon went up against Gyarados and weakened it to the yellow before it fainted by a critical hit Bite but thankfully Blissey's Quick Claw activated and I was able to beat it with a Shock Wave. His Floatzel was next and Blissey did some damage before fainting so Torterra beat it with Razor Leaf and Quagsire was beaten the same way.

I saved after the gym battle and then chased down the Galactic Grunt after he set off a bomb in the Great Marsh. Cynthia showed up after I beat him I asked me to clear some Psyduck and then give an Old Charm to her grandma. I headed all the way to Celestic Town (Ponyta evovled along the way) and beat another Galactic member and then I had to beat Cyrus. At this point I turned off my DS but forgot to save so I had to continue all the way back to this point...again.

Once I got Surf I headed to Floaroma Town and surfed to the Fuego Ironworks and captured my fifth team member, a Magnemite. I beat the trainers in the Ironworks and Magnemite evolved into Magneton after the last battle. I flew to Pastoria and taught Magneton Tri Attack before beating the swimmers east of the city. Since Magneton was about to level up after the battles I took it to Mt Coronet and evolved it into Magnezone! Next I headed to Sandgem Town and went all the way to the Pal Park and beat the trainers along the way. Then I went back to Pastoria and went all the way to Hearthome City while beating those trainers that lie inbetween the two. Finally I went to Jubilife and went west to Canalave City (I never knew about the Rare Candy on the small route between the two cities!). I beat my rival on the bridge and finally took a break.

;389; Lv41
;078; Lv41
;134; Lv40
;242; Lv41
;462; Lv41

I thought you gotta have a national dex? Btw, I play diamond.

So it's difference in both the games?

9th January 2012, 5:36 AM
I thought you gotta have a national dex? Btw, I play diamond.

So it's difference in both the games?

Yes, it is different in both games, as the DP Sinnoh Dex had 151 pokemon, but the Platinum Sinnoh Dex was beefed up to include all the Sinnoh pokemon, Eevee included due to Leafeon/Glaceon, making it 210.

9th January 2012, 8:28 AM
Anyone know how I can get the TM's Flamethrower and Thunderbolt?

9th January 2012, 4:20 PM
Anyone know how I can get the TM's Flamethrower and Thunderbolt?
They are pretty much right next to each other. You have to surf north of the Power Plant to get Thunderbolt and then surf up to the Fuego Ironworks from there to get Flamethrower.

I decided to do the Canalave Gym before going to Iron Island. Blissey (who recently learned Flamethrower) and Rapidash took out the gym trainers due to super effective moves. When I reached the top and met Byron I knew I was in for an easy battle...and I was right. Rapidash beat Magneton with a Fire Blast, Vaporeon beat Steelix with a Surf, and Torterra defeated Bastiodon with an Earthquake. I got my 6th badge and the Flash Cannon TM which I taught to Magnezone and then headed outside.

My rival was waiting for me and said to meet him at the Library but first I went to Iron Island and trained for a little while before heading there. Once I was done there I went to the library and met with Professor Rowan. Suddenly a huge explosion occured and we found Team Plasma blew up a bomb! I headed to Lake Valor to figure out what exactly was happening and had to beat some Plasma members, including Saturn before heading to Lake Verity. After defeating more Plasma members there Rowan told me to go to Lake Acuity so I traveled through into Mt Coronet and onto a snowy route. I beat a few trainers and saved once it began to snow really hard.

;389; Lv46
;078; Lv45
;134; Lv46
;242; Lv46
;462; Lv46

11th January 2012, 2:34 AM
so, i've been exploring stark mountain; it's pretty cool! some tough trainers in there too, i was impressed. i've decided not to go all the way with buck for now, as it's a nice place to level up mah pokes with free healing;

in the meantime i've been collecting poke radar exclusives, swarming pokes as i'm informed of their swarming by dawn's sister, backlot's trophy garden boasts - after all these years i finally have a meowth - and now i'm trying to get the honey tree pokes too; slathered the 3 trees in the vicinity of floaroma town, will see what i'll get tomorrow.

another reason i don't want to fully explore stark mountain is that i'd like catching heatran - and cresselia - to be the last thing i do in diamond, or more specifically, i'd like them to be the last new pokes i find in the game. i actually wish i'd waited to catch giratina with them instead of getting him straight after the elite 4. ah well. peace out

12th January 2012, 3:03 PM
I continued north while battling trainers and eventually arrived in Snowpoint City. I grabbed the Rare Candy and then went straight to the gym. I beat all the trainers and then beat Candice easily with Rapidash, Blissey, and Magnezone. Once I had the badge I went to Lake Acuity and found my rival after he lost to Jupiter. She mentioned Veilstone City so I headed there and made my way through Team Plasma's hideout until I beat Cyrus and Saturn and released the three Pokemon of the lakes.

Mt Coronet seemed to be where Team Galactic was orchestrating there plan so I headed there and spent a while climbing all the way to the top. My rival showed up and helped me beat Mars and Jupiter but we were too late...Cyrus had already put his plan in motion. Dialga and Palkia appeared and soon the Psychic trio arrived as well. Not wanting to miss the party, Giratina showed up and grabbed Cyrus and dragged him into the Distortion World. Cynthia and I chased after them and once we found Cyrus I had to beat him again and then capture Giratina. Cynthia and I exited the Distortion World and I went to tell Professor Rowan that I was safe. After talking to him I went to Lake Verity and found Mesprit there and it wanted to play a little game. After chasing it for awhile I finally found it and captured it. Since it was so playful I decided to make it my last team member.

;389; Lv49
;078; Lv49
;134; Lv49
;242; Lv49
;462; Lv49
;481; Lv50

13th January 2012, 11:43 PM
I've recently got my pokemon for team breeding in Pt- a Ditto, Aerodactyl, Skorupi, Spiritomb, Feebas and Electabuzz. I've been hanging out near Solacean (sp?) hatching guys.

Thus far, my team is
Monferno- lv. 28
Spiritomb- lv. 21
Skorupi- lv. 13
Aerodactyl- lv. 14

When I've got all 6 guys, I'll train them up to be closer to Monferno before proceding much further. This is the first time I've purposely broken my rule of only one type per team (I'll eventually have partial Dark types in Drapion and Spiritomb). I'm not sure I'll replay again, and I wanted to make sure I used them both.

I'm hoping for an opinion though: I'd initially thought I'd use Milotic in my team, but now I'm thinking I might use Vaporeon instead. Does anyone have an opinion as to which would be best?
So it's difference in both the games?In edition to the pokemon in D/P, they've added the evolutionary lines of the pokemon that gain a new evoluation in 4th gen. So now Eevee, Ralts line, Magby line, Snorunt line and many other are including in the platinum regional dex. Also included some random ones like the houndour line and swablu line.

Here's (http://www.serebii.net/platinum/sinnohdex.shtml) a page laying out the full regional dex.

Anyone know how I can get the TM's Flamethrower and Thunderbolt?You can buy them at the game corner, I think. The slot game in D/P/Pt is much easier then the other slot games.

14th January 2012, 6:52 AM
I used a hotel's wifi to get a hold of a bunch of the pokemon I needed for the Pokedex. I also evolved my skitty, togetic, and one other pokemon who I can't remember. I've made the 30x through the E4 mark, which is somewhat pathetic, but at the 20x mark your rival in the fight area levels up, at least in pearl, so that was cool. I got my girantina to lv. 100, which is a noteable occurence for me. I also am planning on migrating the birds from Kanto.

14th January 2012, 4:16 PM
I made my way to Sunyshore City and was greeted immediately by Flint. He said something about the gym leader not wanting to battle anymore or something and I wasn't going to have any of that so I went ahead and found in a Lighthouse and got him to go to the gym. I beat all the trainers in the gym and then challenged Volkner. Since it was a few days ago I don't exactly remember how it all played out but I know Torterra used Earthquake a lot. Once I had my badge I was going to head north to Victory Road but Jasmine showed up and gave me HM07. I thanked her and went off towards Victory Road. The cave itself wasn't too difficult to navigate and after a hour or so I arrived at the Pokemon League. My rival was waiting for me so I had to trounce him. I'll probably train a little more and then start the challenge.

;389; Lv52
;078; Lv53
;134; Lv52
;242; Lv53
;462; Lv53
;481; Lv53

16th January 2012, 9:15 AM
Just won my 6th badge. Doing some training to boost up the levels of my squad, then I plan on meeting Barry at the library, then the real stuff will go down.

;389; lvl 49
;078; lvl 48
;405; lvl 48
;398; lvl 48
;130; lvl 48

What should be my 6th be? Physic, rock, fighting?

16th January 2012, 10:28 AM
Restarted my Platinum for those 4th Gen. Only moves, don't really care for this file that much, I'm just trying to speed through it.

;387; Lv10
;396; Lv10
;403; Lv10

Aura Sensei™
17th January 2012, 10:26 PM
I settled for a Careful natured Turtwig.I beat my rival,then I trained Turtwig to Lv.8.I just started battling the trainers on the route that leads to Jublife City.

18th January 2012, 4:09 PM
I started my Elite 4 challenge with Aaron, a Bug type user. He used a Yanmega and I used Magnezone. It tried to use Double Team but Thunderbolt still hit it and knocked it out. Next was Heracross which took out Mesprit before being beaten by Rapidash. He went with Vespiquen as his third Pokemon but it fainted to Magnezone's Thunderbolt as well. Blissey's Flamethrower attack managed to beat his Scizor so he went with a Drapion. Torterra almost beat it with Earthquake but Drapion beat it so Vaporeon beat Drapion with Surf. I healed and moved on.

Bertha was my second opponent. She went with Whiscash and I used Torterra who won with Razor Leaf. She used Gliscor so I went with Vaporeon and beat it with Ice Beam. Golem and Rhyperior both fell to Surf and so she sent out Hippowdon. Vaporeon ended up fainting due to the Sandstorm but Mesprit came in and finished it off with Psychic.

;389; Lv53
;078; Lv53
;134; Lv54
;242; Lv53
;462; Lv53
;481; Lv53

19th January 2012, 3:37 AM
alright guys; so, i'm not far from being practically done with my diamond playthrough; i'm just revelling in post-elite-4 stuff, like backlot's trophy garden, from which i only need bonsly, and then might go back for more porygons, eevees and chanseys, checking in on dawn's sister for swarm news every day, visiting the great marsh - from which i only really need shroomish now, looking forward to having a bunch of brelooms, for a couple of reasons - slathering the honey trees for a few more outstanding pokes, and finally hoovering up the awesome pokes available via the poke radar;

also checking out places like the old chateau - yet to visit, looking forward to enormously - the survival area and stark mountain, where i'm drawing out my adventure with buck, to level up my pokemon with impunity; when i'm done with all of that, then i'll get heatran and cresselia, and then i'll be finished with diamond. *silent tear* not there yet though! *grin*

19th January 2012, 5:59 AM
lol @ barry and that girl having an orgasm about the magma stone. Wtf does that do anyway.

Anyways, my team is pretty stacked right now. The sandstorm was brutal IMO.

Staravia lvl 60
Gyrarados lvl 61
Lucario lvl 61
Rapidash lvl 61
Luxray lvl 63
Torterra lvl 66

19th January 2012, 12:13 PM
Well i started playing my Platinum a while ago and i haven't played it for ages so i didn't remember what i had to do. I have 7 badges so i'm up to a part with team Galactic,but i don't know which part exactly and since i didn't i quit early. But i think i'm up to the bit with Giratina so next time i play i'll go there.

19th January 2012, 9:42 PM
So I was battling Cynthia the first time around in the Pokemon League, finally was about to beat her, but Hail was falling from my Abomasnow, and I had my Raichu out vs. her last Pokemon, Togekiss, I used Thunder on it, brought it down to just a sliver of health left, Togekiss attacked Raichu, brought it down to just a sliver of health left as well, and they were both taken out by Hail, they were both the last 2 Pokemon left.

I would've won if an attack by a different Pokemon wouldn't have missed. I've never been this mad at a Pokemon game before.

20th January 2012, 6:41 AM
I was playing my Diamond version before to see if i could try to catch Heatran so i could transfer it to my Pokemon White game. I have no trouble catching it really, but i just saved before it and i'm trying to get a good nature for it. I'm not to fused but i like to try.

21st January 2012, 4:47 AM
There's not too much to do anymore... So I'm just beating the Elite 4 over and over.

Staravia lvl 65
Gyrarados lvl 66
Lucario lvl 68
Rapidash lvl 66
Luxray lvl 68
Torterra lvl 70

I guess I'll wait to buy Platinum. :)

21st January 2012, 6:19 PM
I started off the battle with Flint by using Rapidash against his Houndoom. There was a lot of healing during this battle but Rapidash pulled through. He used Infernape next and I went with Mesprit. Flare Blitz almost knocked it out but Psychic managed to beat Infernape. He then went with Rapidash so I stuck with Mesprit. It used Bounce so I switched out to Magenezone. It barely did any damage but then it used Flare Blitz which brought Magnezone to 6HP. I used Thunderbolt and got it down to a sliver of health. It went with Bounce so I healed up during that turn. It decided to go with Flare Blitz again and this time Magnezone survived with 5HP but the recoil made it commit suicide. Flint then went with Flareon so I used Torterra. Flareon went with Overheat and knocked out Torterra so I switched in Vaporeon. Surf brought it to the red but he healed it so after two more surfs it was beaten. Magmortar came out so I sent Magnezone in to allow Vaporeon to heal up. I used Blissey once Magnezone fainted but it wasn't doing much damge to it but I kept at it until Blissey fainted. It had done enough damage to where Vaporeon was able to beat it with Surf.

;389; Lv53
;078; Lv53
;134; Lv54
;242; Lv53
;462; Lv53
;481; Lv53

22nd January 2012, 3:43 AM
lol @ barry and that girl having an orgasm about the magma stone. Wtf does that do anyway.

Anyways, my team is pretty stacked right now. The sandstorm was brutal IMO.

Staravia lvl 60
Gyrarados lvl 61
Lucario lvl 61
Rapidash lvl 61
Luxray lvl 63
Torterra lvl 66

i think it controls heatran, according to some dude in a house somewhere, i could be and probably am wrong. but whatevs, heatran will come with me anyway. but buck will always know i appreciated her help so much. she's a top gal. :D

I was playing my Diamond version before to see if i could try to catch Heatran so i could transfer it to my Pokemon White game. I have no trouble catching it really, but i just saved before it and i'm trying to get a good nature for it. I'm not to fused but i like to try.

i'm saving this guy and cresselia for the end, when i have nothing left to do on diamond. which, it turns out, is some way away...

some natu are swarming today, so when i tried to find route 224, i realised that i have to take marley through that cave on the east side of the victory road cave... which is awesome, another stat trainer to level up pokes with! and she uses arcanine too; i love her.

additionally, there's also wayward cave to go explore, find some gibles and flash around in, and then when i've done all of that and the other stuff i have left to do, i can beat the elite 4 and cynthia with some sweet teams, and then that'll be that. but that's some way away!

i soft reseted my game a few times at backlot's mansion until bonsly was the one he was boasting about and then caught a sturdy one and a rock head one, so now i'm done with backlot until i want to find some more chanseys/porygons/eevees, and i explored the victory road before route 224 with marley a bit; i also checked the great marsh, but the only pokemon i'd still like from there, shroomish, won't poke his head out, annoyingly.

i wonder if you can soft reset for different swarms, like with backlot? i tried SRing for the great marsh, but that place does seem to have the same pokemon every day. that, or shroomish is really keen to avoid me.

22nd January 2012, 4:49 AM
Bought Platinum today. $hit is about to go down tonight.

Will post more details later. Having a tough decision on my starter.

Can I get Eevee before National Dex so I could get a Vapereon?

22nd January 2012, 5:18 AM
Bought Platinum today. $hit is about to go down tonight.

Will post more details later. Having a tough decision on my starter.

Can I get Eevee before National Dex so I could get a Vapereon?

Eevee and its evolutions are a part of the Sinnoh Dex, and you get Eevee in Hearthome, I think. You gotta talk to Bebe.

22nd January 2012, 5:31 AM
Eevee and its evolutions are a part of the Sinnoh Dex, and you get Eevee in Hearthome, I think. You gotta talk to Bebe.

She's a babe. <3

22nd January 2012, 10:38 AM
i think it controls heatran, according to some dude in a house somewhere, i could be and probably am wrong. but whatevs, heatran will come with me anyway. but buck will always know i appreciated her help so much. she's a top gal. :D

Buck is a guy... hahaha

Anyway, after I restarted Platinum, I've just reached route 3 and beat my Rival, after spending ages looking for a Jolly Magikarp. Now looking for a decent natured Zubat, such fun!

22nd January 2012, 5:12 PM
I decided it's much easier to only train 6 instead of however many I was training so I started over on Platinum. I wanted to train a froslass and a mothim because I've never trained a froslass and I've only trained a moth once on pearl. It took me 2 tries to breed a female snorunt and 3 tries to breed a male burmy. I named Froslass Kate and Burmy Jasper. I started with turtwig and named him Omega, got to jubilife, beat the kids in the school, got the poketch, beat Cj, my rival for the second time, caught a female abra which I'm going to use and named her Alice. got the rock smash hm, got to Oreburgh city, beat the trainers in the gym, and beat Roark after 2 trys >.> now I can tranfer over my burmy and froslass.

22nd January 2012, 5:41 PM
After obtaining a considerable amount of BPs in SoulSilver, I switched to Platinum to search for shards in the Underground. Not only did I get several shards, but evolutionary stones and fossils. It's a shame the Underground isn't in any games other than DPPt. I still needed a few more, so I repeatedly changed my DS' date and SRed at the Great Marsh to receive shards from the Ace Trainer there. I saved after I had enough.

22nd January 2012, 8:06 PM
About to go capture Heatran, then attempt to capture the roaming legendaries.


22nd January 2012, 10:51 PM
I started off the battle with Lucian by having Magnezone go up against Mr Mime. Magnezone wasn't doing much damage so I switch to Torterra and had it finish it off with Earthquake. He went with Espeon next so I switched in Blissey. My plan was to make it use up all of it's Psychic attacks so I could switch to someone else and not worry about being knocked out. Blissey ended up beating Espeon however which was nice. He went to Gallade next so I sent in Rapidash and had it use Bounce. I luckily got a critical hit so it only took one to beat Gallade. He used Bronzong and Rapidash kept using Flame Wheel until it fainted. His last Pokemon was Alakazam so I used Mesprit against it. It took two Shadow Ball's and a Swift, but Alakazam finally fainted.

;389; Lv53
;078; Lv54
;134; Lv54
;242; Lv53
;462; Lv53
;481; Lv53

23rd January 2012, 1:57 AM
Buck is a guy... hahaha

well... he looks like a gal... effeminate/androgynous sprite ftw?! or wtf?! or perhaps just my bad lol.

anyway, you can't manipulate which swarm dawn's sister will tell you about and will subsequently appear by soft reseting, unlike backlot's trophy garden. not a problem really, just good to know. honey trees are a game of chance decided when you slather each tree too, while the poke radar doesn't need activating or rotating availabilities.

what i'd really like to know is whether shroomish has a time of the day when it appears in the great marsh in diamond? i keep looking for it on the binoculars and it doesn't come up; i tend to play diamond at night, is that why? or do i just have to wait for a day when it does appear in the marsh? as an aside, the ones i do see tend to be the same after soft reseting as well - for example after several SRs i see the usuals - wooper, marill, psyduck, hoothoot - and the same 'changing' pokemon - croagunk, skorupi, yanma - so like the swarms it's not manipulable, it seems.

upon further research, bulbapedia gives a basic guide, but serebii's guide to the marsh is more detailed, and from what i can gather from both, a new changing pokemon will appear every day, with some who appeared on previous days reappearing for several days in a row afterwards sometimes, and some not appearing for ages. so, it's a waiting game. peace

23rd January 2012, 5:34 AM
I beat the galactic grunts in jubilife city, got the memo pad, got to Floraroma town, beat the other galaxy grunts, beat Mars, got through the eterna forest, and got to Eterna city.

Aura Sensei™
24th January 2012, 12:54 AM
Well I beat all the trainers on the route I saved on.Then I arrived at Jublife City.I got myself a Poketch,and I beat the trainers in the school.

24th January 2012, 12:20 PM
sweet! i found some shroomish in binocs so i went into the great marsh and managed to catch 4, one getting away from me. 3 poison healers and one effect spore demon; what sucks is one of the poison healers is adamant, and it has like 30 IVs in HP and speed and high 20s in both defenses - but 0 in sp.atk, and just 4 in attack! gutted. the effect spore one is also adamant but has poor IVs in all. still, i now have the ultimate catcher pokemon, and i can leave the great marsh behind now. also caught a couple of swarming drowzees on route 215; peace

24th January 2012, 5:13 PM
I beat the trainers in the eterna gym, beat Gardenia, beat Jupiter, got the bike, beat all the trainers on cycling road, beat the wayward cave, got to Hearthome city, got my 5th team member, a male eevee I named Benjamin, got the poffin case, got most of the items at amity square, beat the trainers in the gym, beat Fantina, beat my rival, gt to Solaceon town, got defog, beat the trainers in the lost tower, beat all of the trainers in between Solaceon and Veilstone, and got to Veilstone city.

Aura Sensei™
24th January 2012, 11:23 PM
I got myself an Old Rod,and maybe I'll use it later on.I battled my rival.I lost the first time,but I won the rematch.

24th January 2012, 11:37 PM
I beat the trainers in the gym, evolved Benjamin into Vaporeon, beat Maylene, beat the grunts who stole Lucas's pokedex, and beat all of the trainers in between Veilstone and the restaurant.

25th January 2012, 3:55 AM
After a while of deliberation, I've decided to transfer all my stuff to HeartGold (again) to start anew on Platinum. Team will be Infernape, Feraligatr, Espeon, Yanmega, Raichu, and Dusknoir. Rarely use the final three, will be an interesting experiment.

25th January 2012, 6:26 AM
Platinum is so much better than Diamond. Wow.

Better graphics, more competition, etc.

Aura Sensei™
26th January 2012, 1:21 AM
I caught myself a few pokemon.Then I crushed the trainers while heading to Oreburgh City.Then I arrived and saved.

26th January 2012, 10:47 PM
Cynthia....oh how I don't like this battle. Rapidash beat her Spiritomb by using a couple Fire Blasts and a Flame Wheel. She went with Milotic next and so I had Magnezone come out but her stupid Milotic knocked it out with Mirror Coat. I had Rapidash come out and revived Magnezone but they both fainted so Blissey came out. Blissey did enough to where Magnezone could come in and beat it with Thunderbolt. Garchomp was next so I had Vaporeon. After barely surviving Earthquake I used Ice Beam and only brought it's health to halfway. It used Dragon Rush and missed so Vaporeon beat it with Ice Beam. Her fourth Pokemon was Roserade. Mesprit used a Psychic against it but wasn't able to survive a poisoning. Rapidash came in to finish it off with Flame Wheel. Magnezone was next vs her Togekiss but Aura Sphere beat me. I used Vaporeon again but it fainted to Shock Wave. Blissey came back out which gave me time to revive Vaporeon and Magnezone. Once Blissey fainted I went with Magnezone and finally landed a Thunderbolt. She used Shock Wave which left me with 2HP so Thunderbolt knocked it out. She used Lucario last and I went with Rapidash and got a lucky critical hit Flame Wheel to win me the battle!!!

;389; Lv53
;078; Lv55
;134; Lv55
;242; Lv53
;462; Lv54
;481; Lv53

26th January 2012, 11:09 PM
Still can't capture Articuno and Zapdos, I've been trying for the past week or so. VERY irritating! Both are paralyzed and they keep using Roost when they get down to low health. I must've used 100 Dusk balls and a good 50-60 ultra balls.

I used my Master Ball on Moltres as soon as I saw it, since I already had Mespirit, Uxie, Azelf, Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga.

Well I finally got Zapdos, now I just need to get Articuno down to low health, run, then try a quick ball.

Aura Sensei™
4th February 2012, 12:05 AM
I got HP Fighting on my Espeon.Yay!Then I Poketransfered it to my White.

4th February 2012, 12:52 AM
Training at Iron Island with Riley at the moment. I never used to go there except to get the Riolu egg, but now I see how great it is since I've been undertrained recently : P everyones about 38-40 save croagunk at level 36, waiting for the steel gym to revenge my way through it with the croagunk :P his names Big P. (after one of my older friends whos a black belt) anyways, now im fighting the team galactic guys. Heres my team:
Blitz the ponyta lv.37
Celina the garevior lv.39
Lawrence the torterra lv.40
Big P the croagunk lv.36
Pippin the Starapor lv.38
Last members going to be a miltotic. found feebas once, whos to say I can't do it again? :P

5th February 2012, 1:39 AM
currently collecting swarm pokemon, trying for the masterball in the jubilife lottery and failing, and leveling up my shroomish while holding an everstone so it can learn spore. there's a trainer near solaceon town called PI something, and he has a goldeen and 2 seakings, levels 36, 37 and 38, who know horn drill and flail. edit - i mention this guy because spamming the vs seeker and fighting him repeatedly is a surefire way to get some mondo EXP for mah shroomish. he gives 4,500 monies for a win too; i'm not far from getting to spore-learning levels - sweet.

i might do some outstanding stuff tonight too - explore the old chateau, wayward cave and stark mountain; fun

edit - so yeah, couple of days later, and it's the middle of the night, and i can't sleep, so i played some diamond; i thought about double posting since no one's added their adventures... but i decided to just edit this post.

today was fun; i got my shroomish to level 45 when it learned spore, and then took its everstone away and leveled it up again so it would evolve into breloom, then teaching it flash; i then went to route 206 to catch some swarming nosepasses, which along with their evolution are the oddest pokemon i can think of. got a sturdy one and a magnet pull one - and then figured what the hell, let's go to the wayward cave. flashed to see my way, and then had a looksee.

i didn't really explore it properly, because i immediately found the main reason i went there - a gible. it had pretty good IVs too, so i'll leave that cave alone for now. then i thought i might as well make a night of it and head off to the old chateau, since i was in the area anyway :)

i loooove the old chateau. that scaredy cat wasn't around so i just cut down the tree blocking the way and burst in. had a look around, before going to that TV and catching the rotom; i love that it gets a spooky little animation when you give the TV a slap and then it gets its own battle music! did that a few times before getting one with pretty good IVs, and then went looking for ghosts! and possibly a shiny gastly.

i didn't really commit to a shiny hunt, and obv. didn't find one. but i did find the room with the eyes in the painting that disappear when you face it. so awesome. and the little ghost girl in the next room appeared a few times too :):):) however, i couldn't make the butler appear in the dining room, which was a shame.

still, i think that place might just be the single most awesome place in any pokemon game. peeeeace

8th February 2012, 5:02 PM
I beat the lite 4 + Cynthia last night. It was probably the herdest time I had beating them. Here is my winning team:

;389; Omega lv 50
;454; Tanya lv 50
;134; Benjamin lv 52
;065; Alice lv 51
;414; Jasper lv 51
;478; Kate lv 53
Now I'm going to finish the story and catch heatran, cresselia, mesprit, and the legendary birds before possibly starting over on sulsilver.

11th February 2012, 7:49 AM
Decided to start a new platinum save file.

I got six pokemon hatched from eggs in Pt for ot purposes, trained them in HG, then after I traded them back, I discovered they obeyed me despite the high level...

I beat Roark after using a lv. 25 starmie, one of the six pokemon that was born in, as mentioned, platinum, and it breezed through the first part of the game as well as using up only 3 hours of game playing time according to the file as a result of my brilliance...

^ sweet!

11th February 2012, 2:45 PM
I started a new game earlier today.. My team so far is: Prinplup, Chansey and Shinx.
I have just beaten Roark.

11th February 2012, 4:48 PM
Haven't been here for a long time...

Anyway, grabbed my brother's Platinum and started a new game. Chose Piplup as my started but it will be replaced for a Vaporeon. Always wanted to use one... now it's teh time.

So far, I've defeated my rival twice and, at the moment, I'm searching for a Jolly Zubat at Oreburgh Gate.


;393; - lv.14
;403; - lv.14

Badges: lol, none

11th February 2012, 5:42 PM
Its been ages becuz of HG.. But yeah I decided to go against milotic since i practicaly always use her, so im going with gyradoes, which besides in my old Gold file I have never used. and that was when I was like 8,and taught him all HMs XD Traded over a magikarp to my pearl, used the mysterious rare candies to level him up a bit along with some other members and am now heading up the snowy route.team:
Torterra lv.42
Gyradoes Lv.40
Rapidash Lv.41
Staraptor Lv.41
Gardevior Lv.41
Toxicroack lv.41
My bro doesn't hack but I use his pearl to train allot. XD also put plat progress in siggy :P I kind of want to use Ninetails, actually, so she might replace Rapidash after the E4 if I can get my hands on one.

11th February 2012, 9:52 PM
Finally found the freakin' Zubat! However, I didn't know training him (yeah, a male) would be equally painful...

Moving on, I defeated Roark:

;393; vs ;074; - one Bubble was enough to smash lil' Geodude. And it was enough to give my Piplup a level. Level 16, awesome. Me - 1, Roark - 0.

;393; vs ;095; - oh, an Onix. Bubble didn't OHKO. As such, Roark used a Potion. But it wasn't enough. That stupid Onix was no match for my Piplup. Me - 2, Roark - 0.

;393; vs ;408; - Cranidos... meh, a Bubble will send him down. I wished: first try, flinch. Second try... there was no second try. Two Headbutts knocked out my brave penguin. Me - 2, Roark - 1.

;403; vs ;408; - Shinx's Intimidate lowered that skank's incredible Attack stat. His Headbutts would no longer be as devastating as they were before. Spark, Spark, Spark. Cranidos was defeated, Shinx went to Level 15 and I won the battle. Sorry Roark, but that badge is mine.

Oh, and my pals evolved. Even more awesome.

After this victory, I went back to Jubilife. Defeated some Team Galactic Grunts with Dawn's help and headed north, to Floaroma.


;394; - lv.16
;404; - lv.16
;041; - lv.8

Badges: 1

Yeah, Zubat needs training. Gardenia is next and bringing that Roserade down isn't going to be easy.

11th February 2012, 10:21 PM
I'm about to enter the spear pillar. I beat Candice rather easily, with the help of rapidash. I'm contemplating if I should train more, but I remember the first time I played through my highest was lv.42.. heres my team:
Gardevoir Lv.43
Torterra Lv.44
Staraptor Lv.41
Gyrados Lv.42
Rapidash Lv.44
Toxicroack Lv.43
hmmm..I'm contemplating trading out Toxicroack for Garchomp. is poison even good against anything? XD theres hardly any pure grass types in the fourth gen, but idk for sure. I could go for a jolteon as well, seeing as I never have electric types. Either way I'm going to change it after the E4. for now, I'm about to face the two main commanders with mah rival. pesky little grunts and their stunkys. :P Waiting to post till I get to him..allright!!! stupid munchlax. I remember once I killed him on purpose XD OMG!! ITS SO TROLL!! skuntank kills my poke, then munchlax kills him so I get no exp -.-

12th February 2012, 8:40 PM
Well, advanced quite a bit in my journey. This is what happened:

-Trained my Zubat. Learned Bite.
-Reached Floaroma Town.
-Trained my Zubat. Learned Wing Attack (finally!).
-Received the Works' Key.
-Fought Team Galactic at Valley Windworks. The redhead admin, Mars, was the main target:

;404; vs ;041; - One Spark knocked him out. Simple.
;394; vs ;432; - Oh, an illegal Purugly. You like sending us those, don't you, Game Freak? Anyway, not an easy battle. Four Bubblebeams were required to teach that fat cat a lesson. At least, my Prinplup leveled up. Sweet.

-Escorted Cheryl through Eterna Forest. Boring.
-Reached Eterna City.
-Trained my Zubat. He evolved to Golbat. Changed his name to Venomfang.
-Challanged Gardenia for the Forest Badge, in one of the quickest battles I've ever had with a Gym Leader:

;042; vs ;387; - Wing Attack and KO. So long, Turtwig.
;042; vs ;421; - Sorry Cherrim, no sun for you today. One Wing Attack didn't destroy her. This meant my Golbat was hit. By a Grass Knot. You had Stun Spore. Why didn't you use it? Anyway, Wing Attack and KO. You tried. You failed.
;042; vs ;407; - Finally, the big one. Roserade, I was expecting you. They said you were extremely powerful. Give me reasons to believe in them!... oh, you're already down? One Wing Attack knocked you out? Weak. Gardenia, give me the badge. This was a waste of my time.

-Went to Team Galactic's building, where I've stopped.


;404; (no name yet) - lv.23
;042; (Venomfang) - lv.24
;394; (going to be replaced) - lv.24
;066; (Rock Smasher - not her name) - lv.5

Badges: 2

Jupiter, you're next.

12th February 2012, 11:32 PM
It's been a while.

Started a new game. Already planned my team; Luxray, Heracross, Quagsire, Tangrowth, Swellow. All going to be named after shades of blue (Dodger, Royal, Navy, Cornflower, Carolina).

Did all the necessary crap that had to be done pre-Shinx. Caught a little dude, and scrapped Piplup. Nicknamed him Dodger, and am currently training him.

13th February 2012, 12:26 AM
I deleted my old file today, and decided to RNG my ID/SID. After that had been done, I chose Chimchar at Lake Verity again. I trained him up a bit by battling around Sandgem Town, then advanced onto Route 202. I caught a Starly there, as I have a soft spot for them, then reached Jubilife City. I saved in the Pokémon Center.

Current Team
;390; Pyro Lv. 9
;396; Apollo Lv. 8

13th February 2012, 9:54 PM
Not much had happened since my victory against Gardenia. Went to the Team Galactic's building and fought against Jupiter:

;404; vs ;041; - Poor Zubat. Sparked with style. Who's next, Jupiter?
;404; vs ;435; - What happened next was completely unexpected. Short story: hax killed my Luxio. Out of 4 Sparks, only one landed. Smokescreen + Poison Gas = Slow and painful death. You won that, Jupiter. But that was only the first of my squad.
;042; vs ;435; - Now face the wrath of Eterna's goddamn freakin' MVP: VENOMFANG!!1!! 3 Wing Attacks and one Bite (even with one Smokescreen) taught Jupiter a lesson.

After this victory, the second against Team Galactic's admins, I received a bike, an egg from some trainer named Cynthia (one guy in Unova told me she was extremely powerful), and an Explorer's Kit. The first one allowed me to cycle through Cycling Road, in order to reach Hearthome City, where Fantina was waiting. But first, a visit to Wayward Cave. I've been told you could catch a Gible there. A Garchomp in my team... awesome.


;404; (still with no name) - lv.25
;042; (Venomfang) - lv.24
;394; - lv.24
;066; - lv.5
;175; - lv.1

13th February 2012, 11:30 PM
I immediately went to find Barry at the Trainer School, then received my Pokétch in Jubilife City. I headed on for Oreburgh after battling Barry, and located Roark in the mines. I battled Roark in his Gym then, securing my first badge. I went back to Jubilife, then headed north for Floaroma Town.

At Floaroma, I defeated Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks, then entered Eterna Forest, accompanying Cheryl on her way. I found Eterna City on the other side, where I obtained my second Gym Badge, and once again battled Galactic. I received Cut from Cynthia and a bike from the man who I rescued. I then headed south for Cycling Road.

I took a detour to Wayward Cave, catching myself a new member for the team. Then I continued on my way to Hearthome City, before meeting Dawn again. I battled the trainers on the path, and met Cyrus in Mt. Coronet. I soon found myself in Hearthome, where I saved my progress.

Current Team
;391; Pyro Lv. 22
;397; Apollo Lv. 20
;406; Diana Lv. 20
;418; Torrent Lv. 21
;436; Dotaku Lv. 18

14th February 2012, 12:49 AM
Got my Gible. Worst part was catching it... no, catching one was difficult. As difficult as a Zekrom. Anyway, got a Jolly one and trained it to level 25 thus, catching my team. Now, it's a beautiful Gabite. Named it Machshark. Also renamed my Luxio. Leothning. Yep, it's lame. Moving on, to get to Hearthome, I had to travel through Mt. Coronet. At the entrance, Dawn gave me some goodies. Sweet. Inside, I found some blue-haired guy...Cyrus, isn't it? Yeah, he be crazy...where were we? Ah, Mt. Coronet. We left it and walked until we reached Hearthome, where we stopped.


;042; (Venomfang) - lv.27
;404; (Leothning) - lv.26
;444; (Machshark) - lv.26
;394; - lv.27
;066; - lv.5
;175; - lv.1

Badges: 2

14th February 2012, 8:38 PM
Oh, going for a double post. It sucks.

Anyway, I was told that Fantina was at the Contest Hall, so I went there... but first, I went to some girl's house. Bebe, it's her name. She gave me an Eevee! Vaporeon is coming. Not now: need a Water Stone and a good special Water attack. Moving on, went to the Contest Hall and I found my mom. Creepy. She was talking to some Contest Judge named Keira. Short talk. Then, I talked to Fantina. She went back to the Gym, waiting for my challenge.

The Gym itself was fairly easy. Both Venomfang and Leothning had Bite. Dark attack + Ghosts = Easy Exp. Points. It didn't take a lot of time to reach Fantina. For the Relic Badge, here's the battle between me and The Alluring, Soulful Dancer:

;404; vs ;355; - She started with her weakest Pokémon: Duskull. I started with the amazing Leothning, who bit her three times (Fantina used her first Super Potion). Knocked out and Exp. Points for Leothning. Two more levels for evolution...

;404; vs ;429; - Already using your main gun, Fantina? Hehehe... You're going down!... or not. Mismagius confused my Leothning, who hit himself. He couldn't land an attack. No problem, my friend. Venomfang will avenge you.

;042; vs ;429; - Eterna's MVP is in the house. And he is angry! Sitrus Berry? No problem. Super Potions? Whatever. Psybeams? Who cares! Bite is the solution! And it worked: despite finishing with 7 HP left, Venomfang won. What a beast!

;042; vs ;093; - Last Pokémon: Haunter. Her physical defense sucks. But she could be faster than me... let's give it a shot. It worked! Bite OHKO Haunter, giving my Golbat a level. And as a gift, evolution. Ladies and gentlemen, Eterna's and Hearthome's MVP: Venomfang, the CROBAT!

Fantina gave me the badge and I left the Gym. Next destination: Veilstone. But I think someone's coming in my way...


;169; (Venomfang) - lv.29
;404; (Leothning) - lv.28
;444; (Machshark) - lv.27
;133; (no nickname yet) - lv.20
;394; - lv.27
;066; - lv.5

Badges: 3

14th February 2012, 9:22 PM
Planning on starting a new game soon, after I do some stuff in HeartGold.

Gonna go with the starter I've never picked before, and that is Turtwig.

15th February 2012, 4:32 PM
I went east for Solaceon Town, where I explored the Lost Tower. I didn't spend too long there, and headed quickly on towards Veilstone City, as the path to Celestic was blocked by some Psyduck. In Veilstone, I defeated Maylene without too much hassle, then went south for Pastoria.

In Pastoria, I took down Crasher Wake (I've just realised how weird he'd look without his mask - shaved Chuck, anyone?), earning myself Sinnoh's fourth badge. I then pursued a Galactic Grunt and received the SecretPotion from Cynthia. I used that to make my way to Celestic Town, where I got Surf and met Cyrus again. I trained a bit outside Celestic, then headed back to Hearthome.

I immediately headed for the Gym, where Fantina awaited. Her Gym in Diamond and Pearl is laughable, but I found the battle itself to be a bit of a challenge. My newly-evolved Bronzong was very helpful, though. Now that I could use Surf outside of battle, I headed west of Jubilife City for Canalave. The surfing speed is so damn slow in DP. At least the encounter rate isn't as severe as HGSS and BW (imagine DP surfing speed combined with the encounter rate of the later games. It'd be a nightmare!). In the idyllic Canalave, I saved my progress.

Current Team
;391; Pyro Lv. 32
;398; Apollo Lv. 34
;315; Diana Lv. 33
;419; Torrent Lv. 32
;437; Dotaku Lv. 33

snivy trainer
15th February 2012, 7:08 PM
Recently started a Platinum runthrough. Did the beginning stuff, being thudded into by Barry. Chose Chimchar as my starter. Saw Cyrus, and heard the Legendary Pokemon. Then saved.

The team:
Chimchar (M)

16th February 2012, 6:01 PM
I battled Barry as I headed across Canalave's bridge, then took a boat to Iron Island for training and something else. I went through the cave with Riley, who gave me a Riolu egg as a parting gift. Back at Canalave, I hatched the egg, then gave the Riolu a Soothe Bell and a massage. After a while, he was ready to evolve. I then trained him a bit, and headed for the Gym. Byron was very easy, and after that, I went to Canalave Library to speak with Rowan.

After the earthquake had been triggered, I went to Lake Valor to fight Team Galactic. I soon made them clear the area, then headed for Lake Verity and later Lake Acuity. The road to Snowpoint was slightly tough, but I got there in the end. Ready to take on Candice, I entered her Gym. The puzzle, as always, was very fun (I love ice-based puzzles in Pokémon games), and the battle was simple.

With my seventh badge in tow, I visited Team Galactic in Veilstone City. In the end, I managed to free the Lake Guardians and defeat Cyrus and Saturn. I began to train my Pokémon before heading into Mt. Coronet.

Current Team
;392; Pyro Lv. 38
;398; Apollo Lv. 38
;315; Diana Lv. 36
;419; Torrent Lv. 40
;437; Dotaku Lv. 38
;448; Jack Lv. 38

17th February 2012, 12:49 AM
Ive trained everyone to level 45 after failing against cyrus the first time. reset and I was at my partner part ,-, now im using dragon danceto try and sweep his team like that, but weavile is immune to everything streangth-like XD I'll teach him some other good moves later. yay weaviles dead! I was considering using one actually. I should make a team of all these guys Ive considered using, but never used (minus jolteon since my first game)
anyways his gyarados is being troll and doing more damage with ice fang then mine for some anonymous reason. oh hes a level higher. tries strength? almost kos. giga impact? can he even learn that? left with one health XD gyarados be dead bro. next?Honchkrow. keep battling. ice faang :D i named my gyarados ice fang. Icefang used ice fang XD having used four dragon dances by now ice fang OHKOs Honchkrow. oh, thats another pokemon I've been meaning to use. Crobat? keep. oh its his last :D icefangs almost level 46. wow I'm faster then him o,o crobats are supposed to be intensley fast, only used it once. yay hes frozen XD awwwh full restore D:< crit ice fang to finish cyrus :D I'll edit for my girantina catch l8r. Team:
Gyarados Lv.46
Torterra Lv.45
Rapidash Lv.45
Toxicroak Lv.45
Gardevoir Lv.45
Staraptor Lv.42 (ik hes gonna be behind a while XD)
EDITED part VII or whatever
Master balled the girantina. never use legends so idk why I did, also considering i wanna chain soon so I probs shoulda kept it... anyhow EPIPHANY!!!! *sp* I was training on the route west of Sunnyshore cus of my low level when I decided to use ELECTRAVIRE!! (one of those always-wanted-to-use) its going incredibley well. already lv.46!! of course I have this lucky egg I traded over from my HG. but I've had that for who knows how long. yay ok NOW im lv.46 was just a pinch below earlier. I love gyarados'!! oh btw I rid of Big P the toxicroak for it. he sucked. no offense toxicroak luverz. wow this guy with two gyarados is rly helpful. Also, the electabuzz's name (havn't evolved yet) is Josef. now hes 47. how much should I train him? XDDDD torterra is lv.47 as well due to grinding. I think I'll just train till 6:00 then go on. XD its 5:30 now.
Josef/Electabuzz Lv.47
Lawrence/Torterra Lv.47
Pippin/Staraptor Lv.43
Blitz/Rapidash LV.46
Celina/Gardevoir Lv.45
Icefang/Gyarados Lv.46

17th February 2012, 1:30 PM
Had to rethink my team as I forgot that Sweet Honey Trees are far more of a pain in the *** than headbutting in SS. I've decided that Lucario will replace Heracross. That means that I'll be using Luxio/Luxray until Route 212 when I can first get my hands on Wooper - joy.

Anyway, just left Jubilife to go to Floaroma. Shinx, now a Luxio, is level 20. First gym was a piece of cake with Bite for Geodude and Onix and Spark for Cranidos.

18th February 2012, 6:03 AM
I've beaten the E4!! Cynthia was the easiest of them all actually XD garchomp was OHKOd with a dragon dance + ice fang. everyone else was just a matter of a super affective hit to KO them all. most annoying E4 poke: YANMEGA!! it raises speed EVERY turn and uses double team. PERFECT TROLL. so annoying. took me like ten times just to get past him xD
Anyways I got the pokeradar, and if you saw in the shiny thread, I got my first shiny hunt accomplished. Shinx. :3 Training her right now for attack EVs then speed. I think those are best, right? plz correct me, i suck at EVs. so bad that I'm nto sure if its EVs or IVs XD

snivy trainer
18th February 2012, 4:52 PM
We headed off to Sandgem town, and was given a Pokedex by the Professor. He also asked whether or not I'll nickname Chimchar. Nicknaming gives the Pokemon more background, so I was obviously going to nickname it. He's called Liam. We listened to Dawn boasting about how much better she is at Pokemon than me, oh and about the Pokemon center. After that **** we headed home, had to deliver a package to Barry, and get on my Journey.

Dawn met us on route 202 (?) and showed us how to catch a Bidoof. Yay :p. We then went and caught Justin the Bidoof (well done if you get my meaning), who is to become my HM slave. After a while we caught Seamus the Shinx, who had the intimidate ability and an Adamant Nature. Then we caught Hermione the Hardy Starly. We trained in the grass to level 4 and 7, and then beat the trainers on the route. We met up with Dawn again, got a VS recorder from Looker, and caught Jenny the Naive Budew. I think we'll save the training for later, when we're taking on Roark.

The team as it stands:

18th February 2012, 11:15 PM
As soon as I had finished training my Pokémon to Level 42, I headed into Mt. Coronet. I battled Galactic Grunts as I went, and eventually reached the summit. There, I faced Mars and Jupiter in a double battle alongside Barry. Once those two were finished, Cyrus called forth Dialga, whose powers caused an enjoyable lights display. I battled Cyrus, leaving me to calm Dialga. I then went about RNGing Dialga, and once that was done, I caught it and left Mt. Coronet.

I made my way to Sunyshore City then, and met Flint as soon as I entered the city. I found Volkner at the top of Vista Lighthouse, and shortly after that, battled him at his Gym. I was able to beat him quite easily thanks to my Lucario's Swords Dance and Bone Rush. I headed for Victory Road once I had gotten the Beacon Badge and Waterfall from Jasmine.

Once I had made my way though the challenging cave, I was at the Pokémon League. However, my Pokémon weren't ready to face the Elite Four, so I began to start training them. Diamond and Pearl have an absurd level jump between the Spear Pillar and the Pokémon League. It's not present in Platinum, even though that has higher levels throughout. :/

Current Team
;392; Pyro Lv. 47
;398; Apollo Lv. 46
;407; Diana Lv. 46
;419; Torrent Lv. 47
;437; Dotaku Lv. 46
;448; Jack Lv. 47

19th February 2012, 1:44 AM
Today, I started off in the middle of Route 209. I caught a Staravia. I defeated all of the trainers in there with my Kirlia, Gabite, Roselia, or Rotom. Since Prinplup with was overleveled, due to being the only Pokemon on my team until I defeated Gardenia, I decided to let him rest. I then placed the Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower and headed into Solaceon Town to heal. I met Barry who recommended I head into the Solaceon Ruins. Don't worry, I'll still visit the Lost Tower. So I got a few apps for my Pokemon Watch and headed into the Solaceon Ruins. I caught an Unown and obtained three evolutionary stones. I also got Defog and shared it with the lost Hiker. After that, I backtracked to catch two new Pokemon with my Good Rod. These Pokemon were a Goldeen and a Barboach. After catching these Pokemon I headed back to Route 209 to go into the Lost Tower with my new HM. I defeated the trainers but couldn't catch anything really new, except a Golbat, because it was around 4:00 PM. Duskull, I shall return for you. I made it to the top of the tower and got the Spell Tag and the Cleanse Tag from the hags. I left the Lost Tower and headed north to Route 210. I am done for right now and might edit this later.

Rotom - Level 31
Gabite Level 29
Roselia Level 27
Kirlia Level 26
Prinplup Level 33

EDIT: When it became night I went back to the Lost Tower and caught a Duskull. I headed up to Route 210, defeated all the trainers there, and caught a Chansey and a Noctowl. I went inside the cafe to purchase some Moomoo Milk and battled some rowdy trainers in there with pretty cool Pokemon. After that, I went to Route 215 and caught a Marill, a Kadabra, a Lickitung, and a Scyther. I also defeated most of the trainers with Kirlia. I eventually reached Veilstone City and a pretty cool guy gave me a Porygon. I went into the Game Corner, got some coins and headed into the Department Store. I bought some Poke Balls and decided to level up my Kirlia and Roselia before taking on the gym. After everyone on my team was Level 32+, we headed to the Veilstone Gym.

Roselia Level 32
Prinplup Level 33
Gabite Level 32
Kirlia Level 32
Rotom Level 32

snivy trainer
19th February 2012, 11:45 AM
Well, I got everyone to level 7 (and Liam to level 8) we met Barry. We delivered his parcel and decided to head to Oreburgh city, where the gym was. But we ended up getting harassed by a stupid Poketch man, forcing us to meet 3 idiotic clowns who ask silly questions and get a watch that I might not even use. We then battled Barry, where Hermione took out the rivals Starly. I found out that Jenny has Poison Point as an ability when Barrys' Piplup Pounded on her head. We then critted with Absorb and destroyed the penguin. We then headed back to Jubilife and healed, and to say goodbye to Seamus the Shinx. I decided I didn't want a Luxray. As a bonus, it made training tons easier.

The team as it stands:
Liam the Quirky Chimchar (Male)
Hermione the Hardy Starly (Female)
Jenny the Naive Budew (Female)

I might not have to evolve Chimchar for the gym, since I've got a Budew. I will evolve it anyway, so I'm not 100% underleveled

22nd February 2012, 6:03 PM
on my platinum im currently SRong for shiny Giratina but im not sure im doing it right. do you just save infront of him then if hes not shiny u just press start select L and R ?

22nd February 2012, 7:49 PM
Over the past few days, I trained my Pokémon so that they could take on the Elite Four and Cynthia. I got them all to Level 55, then stocked up on supplies and began the challenge. Before that, though, Barry battled me. I took him down very easily. The Elite Four themselves also didn't provide much hardship, and I soon found myself facing Cynthia. She was a little challenging, but I beat her without worry. I was entered into the Hall of Fame, and then shortly after that, woke up in my room. My mother spoke of a ship in Snowpoint City, so I immediately headed there, and was taken to the Battle Zone. I saved in the Pokémon Center in the Fight Area, prepared to explore the island.

Current Team
;392; Pyro Lv. 56
;398; Apollo Lv. 56
;407; Diana Lv. 56
;419; Torrent Lv. 56
;437; Dotaku Lv. 55
;448; Jack Lv. 55

snivy trainer
24th February 2012, 9:15 PM
We went a grew a few levels (Liam anyway) until he evolved into Monferno. We then took on the gym, which was swept by Jenny once she had a Growth up and learnt Mega Drain. We then beat Team Galactic, and we are currently training around Floraroma town.

The team:
Liam the Quirky Monferno (M)
Jenny the Naive Budew (F)
Hermione the Hardy Staravia (F) (Not going to be part of the main team)

25th February 2012, 5:31 AM
I restarted my Diamond several months ago, around September I think. I've been doing a Normal monotype challenge on it. The team I'm using is Bibarel, Staraptor, Clefable, Lopunny, Girafarig, and Blissey. I currently have seven badges and have just finished defeating Team Galactic and Dialga at the Spear Pillar. Now, I'm going to head towards Sunyshore City where I'll get my last badge.

25th February 2012, 11:37 PM
Just restarted Platinum.

Named myself "Eric", as always, since that's my first name. I chose Turtwig for the first time. I'm also doing something I've never done before in a Pokemon game, and that is nicknaming my Pokemon. The nickname I chose for Turtwig is probably a common nickname for it, and that is Terra.

OMG, this morning, I was training my Shinx, and I encountered a shiny Starly! I wasn't planning on capturing one yet, but obviously I changed my mind. I caught it and will begin training it after I get the badge for Roark.

27th February 2012, 3:29 AM
SR'ing for shiny Giratina on my Platinum

27th February 2012, 3:59 AM
Doing a full party trade to HG

Nutter t.KK
27th February 2012, 6:36 AM
A reminder to all.

The First Post states 4 Sentences or More is allowed.

One Sentence update are NOT allowed.

It best you follow this rule in all Recent Happening threads.


Platinum: I've not play Platinum for a long while. I found I was Breading Staryu. I ran around for a while until and Egg hatched. I forgo naming the newly hatched Staryu.


See That's 5 min's of my play time.

snivy trainer
27th February 2012, 5:10 PM
I did the boring Floraroma stuff, beat Mars and entered Eterna forest. We battled with Cheryl, and got to the end. I got the Explorer Kit early, and decided if I found a Fossil I'd use it. Well, I got 4 Heart Scales and a Armour fossil. So I've now got Juggernaut the Lonely Shieldon. We beat Gardenia, got Cut, and may go and get Rotom for a new team member...

27th February 2012, 9:37 PM
So, since last update I've advanced quite a bit:

- Evolved my Eevee to a Vaporeon, whose nickname is Watermelt, and put my Prinplup (now in level 42) into the Day-Care;
- Evolved my Luxio. He became a powerful Luxray;
- Got to Veilstone City;
- Got a Porygon. Named it Intel, evolved it by trading with my HeartGold and trained it.
- Defeated Maylene thanks to Gabite's powerful Earthquake and a bit of luck. If that Metal Claw landed...
- Helped Dawn retrieving back her PokéDex;
- Searched 2 days for a good, Timid Houndour. Found a weak one. Bred her with my Prinplup. Got a good one and named it Cerberus. Still training him;
- Found a shiny Houndour. I won't talk about it. No, it is too painful...
- Got to Pastoria City.

Right now, I'm training my team. Want to have a complete team before facing Wake.

;405; Leothning - lv.37
;134; Watermelt - lv.36
;169; Machshark - lv.36
;233; Intel - lv.36
;444; Machshark - lv.36
;228; Cerberus - lv.17

Badges: 3

1st March 2012, 9:31 PM
I'm currently on my way to the second gym. As none of my team members can be obtained until after the fourth gym, Dodger (Luxio) will have to do the gyms on his own (unless someone would like to donate a Taillow and/or Tangela egg).

Dodger is level 25 now, so will be a Luxray fairly soon (onsidering he's getting all the battle time). He shouldn't have a huge problem with the second or third gym, as long he's at a good level (35ish for the third). The fourth will be easy. Then I can get a Wooper (Male, Navy), raise him to parity, and fight the fifth gym. After that, I can go to Iron Island, get the Riolu egg (Male, Royal) and have a fairly balance team for the sixth gym.

After that I'll have to find someone to trade me a Taillow egg and a Tangela egg (Carolina and Cornflower if it'll fit).


Decided to change my final team. It is a fairly long shot for someone to trade me those two eggs, so I decided to add a member to my team that is recently obtainable: Bronzor. I caught a Bashful one (didn't want to harm any stats and couldn't get one - Speed) and named it Yale (if you've not noticed, all my team members are blue and all have blue nicknames: Dodger, Navy, Royal, Yale).

I'm also going to change my water type to Golduck. I can get a Psyduck now, rather than wait for a Wooper. I need a special-based player, and Golduck fits this better than a Pokemon I'll rely on fr Earthquake.

The fifth member of my team will be a Garchomp named Duke. This will be my ground type.

My final team will be as follows: Luxray (Dodger), Bronzong (Yale), Golduck (Navy), Lucario (Royal) and Garchomp (Duke).

3rd March 2012, 9:47 AM
EV training the Shiny Gyarados from HeartGold in Diamond. Gonna have fun training it to Lv100 after that.

Having that Red Gyarados in Diamond is cool, cause it was the reason you started out your adventure. Can't wait to beat my rival up with it lol.

4th March 2012, 12:12 AM
Going for my first Platinum playthrough. Already played Diamond, but that was years ago. I've played all the gens a lot, I even played through gen 5 three times now, but I only played through Diamond once and that's pretty much it for gen 4 for me.

At the moment, I have two badges and am training around Hearthome city. Enemies seem to have quite high leveled pokemon, sometimes even fully evolved. Facing a lvl 20+ Skuntank just after the 2nd gym was surprising and pretty challenging. I like it.

My current party consists of:
;391;Monferno lvl 29
;394;Prinplup lvl 24
;444;Gabite lvl 26
;315;Roselia lvl 22

I plan on adding a Yanma/Yanmega and Sneasel/Weavile eventually.

4th March 2012, 3:20 PM
I got my 4th badge last night.

I tried battling Maylene with my Kirlia at level 26, but that wasn't working out, so I left the gym, leveled up my Kirlia until it evolved into Gardevoir. That helped a lot more. Easily beat her then.

snivy trainer
4th March 2012, 5:31 PM
We didn't catch Rotom, but went and destroyed Jupiter with Shieldon, who maxed out its defence, Taunted it, and then sweeped with Rock Tomb. We then did a bit of training, where Jenny evolved into Roselia and learned Giga Drain. We then got to Heartome city. We got ourselves Hermione the Staravias replacement- Aquapelt the Eevee. We were bored, my Pearl had a spare Waterstone, so there you go, I've got a Vaporeon. We then beat Fantina with a load of luck:

Jenny came out, Giga Drained Duskull, but got burned. Haunter came out, got Stun spored, but critted with Shadow Claw, and Jenny was defeated. At low health, Haunter was defeated by Liams Flame Wheel. The dreaded Mismagius came out, and took out Juggernaut after a long battle, but Liamcame in, got pushed to the limit with Psybeam, and burned with a Blaze boosted Flame Wheel, which took out the ghost. We then saved. I'm planning to train in Wayward Cave, because Juggernaut and Aquapelt need it. Juggernaut needs Earthquake and Aquapelt could do with a water type move, but we won't get it. Team is levels 21-25.

4th March 2012, 11:58 PM
Got a good natured Psyduck. Decided to make training less tedious and *try* to find a Lucky Egg while training Yale the Bronzor. Now it has Extrasensory it is much easier, and it takes a beating so training isn't too bad. If I can get a Lucky egg this will be 100x easier, though. Once I get Psyduck and Bronzor to their evolved forms (level 33 is ideal as Luxray is that level now) I'll head to Veilstone for gym #3.

snivy trainer
5th March 2012, 5:13 PM
We beat Barry, and trained a bit near Wayward Cave. We caught Dragomir, the Quiet Gible, who I will not be using. We eventually got to Vielstone City, and got Data, the Brave Porygon, who I have just evolved. We taught Data Shock Wave, Juggernaut Earthquake and Aquapelt Blizzard We need to do a bit more training before Maylene.

6th March 2012, 6:52 PM
Not much has happened since last time. I:

- Finished training my team;
- Defeated my rival while sleeping (Barry, Y U so easy?);
- Defeated Wake. Leothning was the MVP;
- Cured those Psyducks' headache and reached Celestic Town;
- Defeated Cyrus and received Surf. Finally, Watermelt could use a good Water special attack!
- Went to Canalave and... defeated my rival. Again. Easy;
- Defeated Byron. Watermelt was the MVP. Cerberus' Ember wasn't enough to send his Steelix down;
- Reunited with Dawn, Barry and Prof. Rowan and heard the explosions;
- Went to Lake Valor and defeated Saturn. Then, went to Lake Verity and defeated Mars;
- Went to Snowpoint. Cerberus increased that gym's temperature by some degrees. I may have seen a burning Abomasnow running in circles. Sorry, Candice. Oh, Intel and Machshark evolved;
- Returned to Veilstone to sweep Team Galactic in their HQ. Not even Cyrus could stop me. However, he was harder to defeat this time. Saturn was also there. But it wasn't important. Defeated their boss. Twice;
- Climbed Mt. Coronet. At the top, me and Barry defeated Mars and Jupiter. Well, I was doing all the hard work but... whatever. Cyrus was the only one remaining. But some mysterious Pokémon kidnapped him, after summoning Dialga and Palkia. Weird;
- Followed Cyrus and went to the Distortion World. We had our last battle there. And again, I came out victorious. After that, my award: Giratina. 3 Ultra Balls later, it was mine. So much power at the palm of my hand... nah, you're going to the box. Sorry;
- Went to Sunyshore and, with the help of Machshark, smashed Volkner without taking a single hit;
- Adventured myself into the Victory Road;
- Reached the Pokémon League. Barry was there and his Snorlax gave me a good challenge. But Intel showed him who was the boss.

This is it. The real thing is coming. And I must be ready.


;169; Venomfang - lv.51
;445; Machshark - lv.52
;134; Watermelt - lv.53
;229; Cerberus - lv.53
;474; Intel - lv.53
;405; Leothning - lv.55

7th March 2012, 7:49 PM
I decided to restart platinum since I didn't like my team. I started with chimchar since it's my favorite starter. I wasn't planning on it but I got a female without trying XD

7th March 2012, 8:45 PM
Since my last update, I've gotten two more badges, the 3rd and 4th badges. I'm currently in Pastoria City, where I just caught a Yanma in the Great Marsh for my team. Haven't done the 5th gym yet. I'll probably get to that when I evolve Yanma.

Current team:
;392;Infernape lvl 36
;395;Empoleon lvl 36
;444;Gabite lvl 38
;315;Roselia lvl 36
;193;Yanma lvl 27

7th March 2012, 11:11 PM
I decided to name my Chimchar Tammi at the moment. I couldn't think of any zelda names that would fit. After that I got my pokedex, and after like 20 minutes found a male starly to catch XD I named him Crimson since I remembered the crimson bird on skyward sword, then I got the poketch, and beat Cj.

10th March 2012, 1:54 PM
Since my last update:

-I got a couple more badges. Yanma evolved into Yanmega and I beat the 5th gym, which was fairly easy, although Floatzel did faint one or two pokemon.
-Went to Celestic Town to eliminate the Galactics there.
-Traveled to Canalave. There I beat the gym for badge #6. Kind of challenging, Steelix surprised my with Ice Fang and Bastiodon managed to get a Stone Edge in to faint one of my pokemon. But Empoleon got the job done with his many resistances.
-Went to Iron Island to get Strength and while enjoying the large encounter rate there, I found out that you can actually catch a Steelix there! Also found a Shiny Stone and evolved Roselia into Roserade with it.
-After getting back, Gabite evolved into an awesome Garchomp in the grass right of Canalave.
-Went to Lake Valor, kicked Galactic's ***, then went to Verity and went through the events there.
-Went through Mt. Coronet left of Celestic and arrived at Route 216. There, I captured a female Adamant Sneasel.
-Got through the remaining snow routes (and they are very annoying as you get stuck in the snow all the time) and reached Snowpoint City.
-Cleared the gym with ease and got the 7th badge.
-Went to Lake Acuity, did the events there. Then I had to go to the Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone. Went through the entire place, finding the Razor Claw which I'll need to evolve Sneasel into Weavile and complete my team. Saved after that.

Current team:
Infernape L48

Empoleon L50

Garchomp L50

Roserade L50

Yanmega L49

Sneasel L33

10th March 2012, 6:01 PM
I'm training my shiny Luxray right now. Fighting Barry or whatever his name is and assorted gym leaders. atm shes level 70, almost 71. everyone else is in the low 60s. Team:
Hope *(Luxray)* Lv.70
Icefang (Gyarados) Lv.61
Celina (Gardevoir) Lv.57
Lawrence (Toreterra) Lv.61
Blitz (Rapidash) Lv.56
Pippin (Staraptor) Lv.59
not planning on anything but training hope atm xD

14th March 2012, 5:21 PM
Since my last update, I went through Mt. Coronet to go after Cyrus. At the top, I went to the Distortion World for the first time ever, as I had never played Platinum before. Very strange place, pretty cool though. After finding my way through I beat Cyrus without too much hassle and captured Giratina!

Then I went to Rowan, who said the pixies were back. So I decided to catch Azelf with a Modest nature, and eventually I managed to get one. Then I continued the story and ventured into Sunnyshore. Short trip, just had to beat the gym leader, which was, of course, extremely easy with Garchomp.

Then, I surfed my way through route 223 and went through the Victory Road, where I got a couple of nice TMs. Fortunately, this Victory Road wasn't that annoying.

About to challenge the Elite 4, which should be no problem.

Current team:
;392;Infernape LV56
;395;Empoleon LV55
;445;Garchomp LV57
;407;Roserade LV55
;469;Yanmega LV58
;461;Weavile LV55

17th March 2012, 5:29 PM
I EV trained my Cresselia, Salamence and Scizor recently so that I could use them in the Battle Tower on SoulSilver. I went about training them to Level 50 if needed, then taught them some TMs and tutor moves.

18th March 2012, 12:17 AM
I'm working toward the second Gym in Pearl now. I traded over an egg for a Misdreavus I caught in Eterna Forest before finishing up there, which I plan to hatch and give the exp share which I should hopefully get just after it hatches. The egg contains a Murkrow since I cannot legitimately catch one in this version and I had planned my team out beforehand. I'm trying to stick to the Sinnoh Pokédex though, although it is rather limited. Any tips for the sixth member? I plan to use Infernape, Empoleon, Torterra, Honchkrow and Girafarig but I'm not sure what to use as the last slot because I don't want to repeat any types. I was thinking a rock type like Rampardos but I don't want to trade over too much and it's rather slow, which I dislike. Maybe a Gengar? I haven't used one before.

Current Team
Kirk, Grotle, Level 20
Harry, Monferno, Level 21
Pippo, Prinplup, Level 20
Shinx, Level 3
Bidoof, Level 6 (HM Slave)
Egg (Murkrow)

21st March 2012, 5:13 AM
;I beat the elite 4 earlier. Honestly I don't know which one gave me more trouble Cynthia's garchomp or her Roserade. Man my team has bad special defense, except for garchomp. Well here is my winning team:

;398 Komali lv 48
;419; Tetra lv 51
;094; Crimson lv 48
;392; Arill lv 50
;445; Valoo lv 50
Jolteon Ninetails lv 48

24th March 2012, 2:07 PM
Today, I completed my Normal monotype challenge on Diamond by defeating the Elite Four. Overall, I found it quite challenging. Aaron and Flint weren't too bad, but Bertha and Lucian were tough and my battles against them took quite a while. Cynthia was definitely the hardest, though. I mainly relied on using items like X Attack against her, which was a new experience for me since I've never used them in battle before. It took a very long time to get my Pokes set up. My Bibarel (!) took down her Spiritomb, Roserade, and Lucario, while Clefable beat Garchomp, Gastrodon, and Milotic. In total, the battle lasted around 40 minutes!

I was glad to see that last battle, and my monotype challenge, finally end.

24th March 2012, 5:08 PM
I decided to come back and play in Sinnoh again and like before, I chose Chimchar as my starter following my tradition of doing so. Anyways, I already have 3 badges. I still haven't finalized my team yet but as of now, my team mates are Luxio and my starter, now an Infernape. Right about now, I have about 20 pokemon captured for the Pokedex.

26th March 2012, 6:17 PM
So I started Pearl again and, after getting the Explorer Kit, I realised why this game is soooo good! I started out picking Piplup as always, and then realised it was a female Modest Piplup, which is always a bonus. I am up to Snowpoint in the storyline, and my Riolu egg just hatched, with an Adamant nature, so I've decided he's coming on my team permanently; I need a a Fighting-type on my team :)

29th March 2012, 3:28 AM
I recently decided I wanted to play through Platinum again, so a few days ago, I started a new game. I picked Piplup and got through the first quarter or so without incident. I just completed Wayward Cave, and in doing so rediscovered my long-buried hatred for Bronzor. Currently in Oreburgh City, ready to make the trip to Hearthome, (which I already made to get my Eevee).

Current team:

Tempest (Prinplup)
Hawkins (Staravia)
Ren (Luxio)
Goliath (Gabite)
Faron (Leafeon)

29th March 2012, 2:39 PM
Currently at the sixth gym. My most recent game-chronology achievement was Iron Island: I had to do this side-quest as Lucario is part of my team.

Hatched the egg, evolved Riolu (named him Royal), currently training Lucario: he's level 30. Raising him to parity for Byron.

My team as it stands is;

- Dodger the Luxray, level 47
- Yale the Bronzong, level 47
- Navy the Golduck, level 47
- Royal the Lucario, level 30
- (HM Slaves)

Once I've trained Lucario and beat Byron, going to hunt for Gible and train him.

29th March 2012, 8:14 PM
I just beat Fantina, and thank God I did! I tell ya, I only just BARELY dealt with her Mismagius! It took the combined efforts of Goliath and Hawkins, but it got done, I'll tell you what! I am BEAT from that fight, and I mean BEAT!

No changes in my team to speak of.

29th March 2012, 9:53 PM
last night i caught giratina on platinum,ive never played platinum before and the i found the distortion world very strange,even though it looked like a mission to find my way through it was pretty easy with it only letting you go certain ways.
i also caught giratina with the master ball as i realised i only had 15 ultra balls on me so i couldnt be arsed,now im going to atempt to catch uxie,azelf and mesprit before i do the last gym and destroy the pokemon league...................

29th March 2012, 11:47 PM
just found this...

beat first and second gym with Prinplup easily, 3rd with Empoleon and Rampardos, 4th and 5th with Empoleon, Rampardos and Drifblim, and 6th with Them and Lucario. I then looked for a gible, and after a day of many crits, I finally caught one, and raised it and Lucario. Currently in the house in the snow route.

Current Team:

Pulpip (Empoleon)
Lv 42
~Rock Smash

lv 43
~Zen Headbutt

lv 40
~Ominous Wind

lv 24
~Quick Attack
~Force Palm
~Bone Rush
~Metal Claw

lv 26
~Dragon Rage
~Sand Attack
~Take Down

EDIT: No ones, posting -,-...next part!

Today, I started in the beautiful Snowpoint gym. I battled a few trainers, then Destroyed the rest of the snowballs. I went to the pokecenter to heal my pokemon, but when I came back, the snowballs were there again. I was sad. D: But thankfully, it was easy. I destroyed the snowballs again and headed to fight Candice. First, I sent out Lucario, while she sent out Snover. I used force palm, getting to just past half. Snover used ingrain, healing it but insuring it won't be able to switch out. I used force palm on it again, beating it. She sent out Medicham, so I switched Lucario for Drifblim. The Medicham used Detect, making Ominous Wind not hit it. Candice then switched Medicham back for Sneasel, which took 1/4 damage from Ominous Wind. He used taunt, while I flew up. Then he used taunt again...While I hit him with fly, getting him to red. Candice healed Sneasel using a hyper potion, While I used gust. The Sneasel used faint Attack, getting Drifblim to red, then I flew up. For some reason, I attacked first (probably because it used Avalanche) and beat it. Though, Drifblim also fainted due to the hail. Candice sent out Abomasnow, while I sent out Pulpip (Empoleon). I used rock smash, doing 1-4 and lowering defense. It used avalanche...doing 8 damage. I used rock smash again, lowing defense again. Again Abomasnow used Avalanche. Candice then used a hyper potion, healing abomasnow. Pulpip used rock smash, then Abomasnow used Swagger. I got lucky and hit it, beating the giant yeti. Next it was Medicham vs Pulpip. It used Ice Punch, and to finish it, I got out of Confusion and used peck, beating it. I am currently saved infront of a Galactic member in the basement of the warehouse.

Current Team:

Lv 44
~Rock Smash

Lv 32
~Dragon Rage

lv 44
~Zen Headbutt

lv 41
~Ominous Wind

Lv 25
~Quick Attack
~Force Palm
~Bone Rush

2nd April 2012, 8:41 PM
Beat the seventh gym and went and caught Palkia (VERY easily: Dragon Claw, Hypnosis, Great Ball). On my way to the 8th gym.

My team as it stands is;

- Dodger the Luxray, level 50
- Yale the Bronzong, level 50
- Navy the Golduck, level 50
- Royal the Lucario, level 50
- Duke the Garchomp, level 50

2nd April 2012, 11:40 PM
yay! a filler!

Today, I started in the water before the league, and made it to victory road. After many battles, I finally got out, healed my team, battled Barry, healed agin, then looked at my pokedex. I needed 12 pokemon. Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Tentacool, Spiritomb, Milotic, Bronzong, Vespiquen, Infernape, Palkia and one other. either 108 or 114...So I found Mesprit and let it run, and I am currently saved infront of Azelf, but I'm going to go buy Dusk Balls after seeing they are waaay better then Ultra Balls. Also, I used 5 rare candies to make Gabite a Garchomp

Current Team:

Pulpip (Empoleon)
Lv 49
~Rock Smash

Lv 47
~Rock Slide
~Zen Headbutt

Lv 44
~Shadow Ball

Lv 42
~Aura Sphere
~Quick Attack
~Bone Rush
~Swords Dance

Lv 48
~Dragon Claw
~Rock Climb


today, i started infront of Birtha, heading onto flint. I beat his team easily with Pulpip and Garchomp. Next was Lucien, and after a hard battle of lowering his defense with rock smash, I finally won with a waterfall. Finally, the champion...Spiritomb went down in 2 Earthquakes by Garchomp. Her next pokemon, Garchomp took 2 aura spheres, 3 surfs, 1 shadow ball and a quick attack before finally going down. My pulpip countered Milotic, giving me a chance to heal up my team. Everyone else one her team lost to Garchomp. I actually won...yay! I went to the elder in celestic town, and recorded my final pokemon, palkia (my last ones before I faced cynthia were Spiritomb and Milotic) and got the poke radar. after many attempts of chaining Starly, I left and caught buizel and Bidoof, and taught bidoof cut. I went to eterna forest, and caught Rotom in the *shutter* haunted house. I went to the battle tower, and did a battle. I saved after battle 1.

Current Team:

Lv 52
~Rock Smash
~Drill Peck

Lv 47
~Rock Slide
~Zen Headbutt

Lv 50
~Dragon Claw
~Rock Climb

Lv 44
~Aura Sphere
~Quick Attack
~Swords Dance
~Bone Rush

Lv 48
~Shadow Ball

Lv 15
~Thunder Shock
~Confuse Ray

19th April 2012, 7:50 PM
This isn't exactly a recent event (it happened a few months ago) but it still haunts me and I felt the need to share it.

I was playing my Pearl version, trying to fill my Pokédex, and I went into the Safari Zone for some reason. (Maybe to catch a Croagunk...?) As a rule, I don't really go to the Safari Zone, because I'm always afraid I'll encounter a runaway shiny.

Well guess what happened.

A wild shiny Quagsire appeared. I didn't wanna throw anything in case it ran away. One ball, and it ran. I was so disappointed. Had it been anywhere else in the game, I would've nailed that sucker.

I think I'll stick to my "No Safari Zone Rule" more adamantly from now on...

Meowth City
22nd April 2012, 5:46 PM
Diamond: I haven't posted in ages, so I'll just recap everything I've done since I last played. I completed most of my TM collection. The only ones missing are the Battle Frontier Shop exclusives. I hunted many Chanseys and Pikachu for a Lucky Egg and Light Ball respectively. Coincidently, I managed to find one of each just a day apart from each other. I bought and then spent coins at the Game Corner to obtain the Silk Scarf, Wide Lens, Zoom Lens and Metronome.

Current goals: Train all my (in-game) team members to Level 100. They are currently at Level 79-80.
Beat the Battle Tower-and obtain all the Battle Tower prizes.

7 tyranitars
25th April 2012, 8:26 PM
Started platinum as part of my all region challenge *see sig for info*, I picked Piplup as my starter. After that tedious tutorial part in Platinum I got myself a Shinx, I defeated the other trainers in Route 202, and arrived in Jubilife City where I got a Town Map and a Poketch, I healed up my pokemons and challenged my rival and defeated him. I defeated the trainers in route 203 and the Oreburgh gate, I got HM06 and I arrived in Oreburgh City, I went to the mine and found the Gym leader, I healed my pokemon and went inside his gym to challenge him, where my Piplup took care of his pokemon and evolved after the battle into a Prinplup


;394; Prinplup Level 16
-Water Sport
-Metal Claw

;403; Shinx Level 11
- . . .

30th April 2012, 2:28 PM
Switched back to Platinum after playing about halfway through HG (at E4 right now).

Got the badge in Snowpoint, did all of the stuff with Galactic and Giratina, went to the electric gym and easily beat everyone there with Torterra and Swampert. Earthquake and Mud Bomb, respectively.

Now I'm using the VS Seeker on random trainers to prepare for Victory Road and the E4. Most of my team is in their low to mid 40s so I'm trying to get them all to level 48-50.