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Garchomp dude
23rd November 2008, 12:27 PM
I have trained my modest shiny volbeat
Got a torchic lv.1 from a friend
Trained my torchic to a lv.61 blaziken
Was chaining shinx

23rd November 2008, 4:38 PM
Fishing for clamperl. using Covet on them. Also hoping for a shiny fish pokemon.

SRing for shiny Cresselia, still no luck. Hope it will appear before 1500 SRs

23rd November 2008, 5:20 PM
After very on/off plays, I'm trying to get back in to Pearl, so have been checking all the daily things and filling my boxes with my swarms of Electrike to put on Ranch at some point.

23rd November 2008, 5:44 PM
Restarted my Diamond, about to collect items I want my Platinum Trainer to have, berries, and whatnot.

23rd November 2008, 5:53 PM
Began the process of redoing all of my pkmn for better iv's, half way through.
Hatched a shiny Bulbasaur while doing so.

23rd November 2008, 6:43 PM
Been playing on the Batlle Tower maily and always get a streak of 8 in the wifi battle tower and lose on the 9th. Got my streak in the Multi battles up to 28 and the streak is still going there.

diamond trainer
23rd November 2008, 7:30 PM
ev training my reasent team. after im done with some of their training im going to train my blaziken for one of my competitive teams.

24th November 2008, 1:11 AM
Well, I've been planning a new Battle Tower team, trying to have a disabling/set-up and resist team.

So for now, it's breeding Rotom, I have a Timid Ditto with Everstone breeding with a 31 Speed Rotom, and now it's down to SRing for good IV's. Tricking things will be fun when this ends...

24th November 2008, 1:58 AM
Started breeding Gligar AGAIN noticed that my jolly one had sand veil!!! put everstone on it and breeding with a male gliscor with good attack IVs

Trained intensily studied my weaknesses found another 4
captured a male adamant kadabra and jolly kadabra with synchronize to help getting the perfect Gligar and Tangela

24th November 2008, 2:23 AM
-Started EV training my Gym Gliscor and Turtwig in HP.
-Did a little trading on the GTS, traded my Blissey for a new Kangaskhan with 31 Atk IVs. Woo.
-Traded my PBR Magmortar for an Emerald Groudon, Quiet Nature. It'll just be a nice little Trophy.
-Attempted to chain Magnemite that were swarming, but Pachirisu kept breaking my chain at around 12. =__=;
-Tried yet again to find someone with Platinum to help teach my gym Cubone Fire Punch.
-Started breeding Hippopotas with Slack Off

The Dean of Suds
24th November 2008, 2:24 AM
Restarted my diamond and I'm currently training my team to level 70 for the elite four, but garchomp is taking a while.

24th November 2008, 4:38 PM
- finished my SC, Shuckle was a hell to train x'3
- on my other game i caught a mild Igglypuff, I think its sweet ;3

Blazing Charmander
24th November 2008, 5:33 PM
Since reaching Floaroma, my scramble challenge has gone from strength to strength. Before getting to such a point, Budew held its own well, but it now has company. Upon visiting Valley Windworks, I encountered and caught a Shellos (who I nicknamed Shelldon - a play on the name Sheldon, and I realised after that it has part of both of Shellos and Gastrodon's name lol). Then I managed to foil Team Galactic's wind energy plan, with Shelldon defeating Mars' Zubat, and Budew Mega Draining the life out of Purugly.

I then proceeded to slather all the trees in sight with Honey, and by doing so managed to accumulate a Cherubi, Aipom and Combee (the latter joining my scramble team). No luck with finding the elusive Munchlax yet, but I'll keep going til I do find one. Up to now, I've reached the end of Eterna Forest with Cheryl and caught a Buneary (named Thumper), and have backtracked to the Honey Trees near Floaroma to see what my next batch of Honey attracts.

Budew (Blossom) - Lv20
Shellos (Shelldon) - Lv15
Combee (QueenBee) - Lv17
Buneary (Thumper) - Lv12

24th November 2008, 5:57 PM
I've been EV-training my docile-and-probably-horrid-IV'ed-but-still-awesome gallade in attack and speed. My electivire helps by defeating gyarados near the resort area. I hope my gallade's EVs are maxed out soon. I want him to level up fast.

I wish I had saved a dawn stone for a later-bred gallade, but oh well.  It's okay. I'll use this one and he will pwn.

25th November 2008, 3:16 AM
Got my adamant Ferligatr to lv 100 really happy with him,working on my calm emploeon for my rain Dance/water team

25th November 2008, 6:51 AM
I caught a roselia at level 29 and I raised to level 31 to learn sweet scent. THen I spent about. I saved my game at the bincolars at the safai zone, looking for carnivine. I think I spen well over $15,000 if I never reseted. I finally saw a carnivine. after hours and hours and hours of searching. I manage two catch a couple in the safari zone and I also saw yanma and decided to catch some I ended up catching 3 of them on a second run through the safari zone/ great marsh.

Blazing Charmander
25th November 2008, 2:49 PM
I made my way back through Eterna Forest, this time alone after backtracking to the Honey trees near Floaroma (which may I add, had nothing of note). On the way to Eterna, I got a fair bit of training done, and quickly made my way to the Gym.

This Gym was harder than the first one as I only had Combee's Gust as a super-effective move. I persevered though, and defeated the underlings to reach Gardenia. Buneary eventually got the better of Cherubi with a number of Quick Attacks, although Leech Seed made it a little more difficult. He then did some damage to Turtwig before making way for Combee, who defeated it with Gust. As for Roserade, the signature Pokemon took out all but my Budew and heavily damaged/poisoned Combee. So I opted to give Budew the go-ahead in a very tedious battle. Evenually, Budew got the better of its evolutionary superior and i acquired the Forest Badge.

Finally, I raided Galactic's HQ, where I easily destroyed all the Grunts and Saturn. In the midst of the action, my Combee also evolved to Vespiquen. Huzzah!

Budew (Blossom) - Lv21
Shellos (Shelldon) - Lv18
Vespiquen (Honeybee) - Lv21
Buneary (Thumper) - Lv18

Aurora Valor
25th November 2008, 7:48 PM
Wow, 7 pages since my last post, lol. Anyway, haven't updated in quite some time.
Diamond: On Diamond, I did not do anything significant, just BT'ed and EV trained my Rhydon, which brings my total of Ev'ed Pokemon to two. Still planning for a next one to EV.

Pearl: Nothing great, got through Eternal Forest, and swept 2nd Gym, haven't been bothered to do Galactic Eterna Building yet. Also gave Pokemon their nicknames, and this is what it became, so team:
Slantyille/Seel (Quiet) lvl 20: Headbutt, Encore, Ice Shard, Icy Wind.
Hocidarxon/Growlithe (Relaxed) lvl 20: Bite, Roar, Ember, Flame Wheel.
Sennilyia/Skorupi (Timid) lvl 21: Bite, HP Fire, Rock Smash, Pin Missile.
Haoryiata/Luvdisc (Relaxed) lvl 20: Lucky Chant, Take Down, Water Gun, Agility.
Marntilx/Dustox (Jolly) lvl 21: Moonlight, Confusion, Poison Sting, Gust.
Welnaeryix/Castform (Impish) lvl 21: Sunny Day, Ember, Water Gun, Powder Snow.

Arceus Master
25th November 2008, 8:06 PM
I took up the Battle Tower challenge. I started off using the Sinnoh starters of Infernape, Torterra, and Empoleon to balance the team out a bit. Those battles were a little difficult and didn't balance too well so during the second set of battles, I used Lucario, Houndoom, and Latios. The battles went smoother and faster too; they increased in challenge, but added excitement to the game. I then went with Kingdra, Lucario, and Electivire for the last set to match up with Palmer who wasn't as hard as I previously thought. Beat him, got my battle points, got a Bronze Trophy, and decided to break until the next time when I go to beat him again (hopefully).

25th November 2008, 9:00 PM
I've been EVing my Gliscor in health and attack by fighting Gastrodons with power bracer attached. Also trying to figure out what move it should have instead of night slash which doesn't seem as good as a bug move or ice fang. Also trying to train up my adamant mamoswine. While training it I found a shiny pinsir :O which i managed to catch :D. Tried battle tower but as soon as i reach Palmer he pwns my Luxray or torterra depending on who i choose as a main water counter, with milotic :/ not good

25th November 2008, 11:27 PM
JPN Pearl: Traded all my salvageable pokemon to my sister's Diamond version. I plan on restarting...again.
In other news, I got a Chickorita in a trade for a Glaceon. A rip off, but oh well. Chickorita was salvaged.

26th November 2008, 9:26 AM
Did some SRs for the shiny Cresselia. Going to do more SRs at work today.

Chaining and breeding at the same time. 2 pokemon for chaining in my team and 4 Tropius eggs. No luck in getting a shiny by chaining or breeding today. Currently chaining Bibarel.

26th November 2008, 11:41 AM
Currently at Battle Tower Streak 21

26th November 2008, 1:32 PM
I just went to BT
After I lost twice for Tower Tycoon
I decided to change my strategie and defeat him
So, I won the 7th, the 14th, and went to him
Was a nice battle and I won

Defeated the 28th and 35th, but lost at 36th

But I´m happy with my new record

26th November 2008, 3:09 PM
I finished EV-training my gallade.
I wish I had some special defense reducing berries, but I don't want to start over.
He's level 39 now. I can't wait to get him to level 53 so he learns close combat.
For now, I'm breeding phione, trying to get a mischievous one. Grr...

26th November 2008, 4:29 PM
Well, I finished scrapping my JPN Pearl and restarted...again,
I choose Turtwig as my starter, and caught 3 other junk pokemon to trade to my sister for a Chickorita, Drifloon, and Riolu as my team.

26th November 2008, 4:55 PM
I got a mischievous rash phione on the first egg! I bred it with my modest ditto and got a mischievous modest one on my next egg! Yay!

Now, I'm breeding an adamant, likes to thrash about male ralts. I'll get an adamant female and breed it with my "likes to thrash about" ditto. It can't fail... at least not until I get too impatient.

26th November 2008, 5:34 PM
So, I decided to restart. I'm not that upset as I've haven't played the game in 4+ Months. I think I am going to do a fun team. Ones I really like. Nothing to fancy. No dragon pokemon. With my garachomp, it just made it to easy. But other than that I think I'm ready. I'll update. Ha Ha free credit report.com commercial is playing the background.

26th November 2008, 7:15 PM
I finally hatched an adamant female ralts. I'm breeding her with my "likes to thrash about" ditto, looking for the perfect future gallade.
I'm afraid my DS will run out of power at the rate it's going.
I hatched a jolly, likes to thrash about male. I'll keep it for a few hours, but then I'm getting rid of him.
Oh well. It could be worse, I guess. I hatched a modest, likes to thrash about female. XD

26th November 2008, 8:17 PM
I went underground dug up a couple fossils and got kabuto, omanyte, and shieldon. I also caught a wurmlpe and some burmy. I put honey on all trees I found. I'm trying to catch combee and cherubi. Its a shame time travel doesn't work. Maybe I'll go underground or start breeding again. Play time 202:02.

Update caught some more pokemon

Heracross( wasn't really looking for it but hey.), Aipom (I already transfered one from my game, but decided to catch it anyway.) Cherubi and combee(male) :(

I guess I'll be breeding some then. I'm done with honey trees.

shiney mew
27th November 2008, 7:07 AM
After seeing the 10th movie, I decided to EV-train my Darkrai that had been rotting in the PC. So I finally did that... the poor thing nearly got owned by a level 16 Gengar because I was almost done with the EVs and didn't want to make an extra trip, so I messed around with Hypnosis and Nightmare, and somewhere in there, the Gengar managed to get in a Curse. Darkrai just barely won against the low-leveled jerkwad, and then I went and got a Thunderbolt TM to replace Nightmare. Now I'm fighting the Elite Four, and Darkrai's Bad Dreams and Thunderbolt just owned Flint's Drifblim. My party is currently this:

Rhyperior level 57
Darkrai level 55
Purugly level 88
Mesprit level 61
Vaporeon level 66
Honchkrow level 60

27th November 2008, 7:14 AM
im still breeding for a male adamant bagon 0.o already got over hundred bagons hatched, but non of them are adamant.

27th November 2008, 10:20 AM
Started a new game and am already up to the 7th gym not training a Strapator this time my team will be


Pretty original but hey!

Dragon trainer
27th November 2008, 12:17 PM
I'm starting to breed pokemon for my Platinum which I will be buying when its in UK/USA. Here is my next project:

Flosslass: Nothing needed. May breed for female with Modest/timid nature
Gastrodon: Blue with Lax/Relaxed nature - either gender.
Roserade: Modest/Timid nature with Sleep powder. Would prefer Female but not important
Umbreon: Dont know yet actually if I should wait since i get ingame this time around and Togepi.

Right I'm also going to breed a
Clampearl for Huntail
Clampearl for Gorbyss

and for my pokemon for Platinum:
Eevee - i'm going for ingame breeding with wish/baton pass for a final moveset of

- Toxic
- Baton pass
- Wish
- Faint attack

I'll grab a lot of heart scales and have to rethink Togekiss's moveset. I'm going to Edit this post several times for an Special Sweeper sets.

27th November 2008, 2:29 PM
I checked up some info on my chosen Scyther
Noting down the info at Serebii
Doing calcule damage right now

I defeated my brother twice:
at 1st, I defeated his 6 and he just defeated 1
And after, he defeated 2

But it was not fair, as I have EV and IV trained and he´s still going to E$

27th November 2008, 6:45 PM
Ok this is my first post so I just beat the forth gym w00t Sgt Price (my Torterra) evolved into a torterra w00t again. Decided to train Big Bird and Gaz (BB is crobat and Gaz is Rampodoas) at the double battle resturant owned know im thinking about kicking the fourth gyms butt all over the sinnoh lol current team:

Sgt Price (Torrtera) Lv 32
Big Bird (Crobat) Lv 31
Gaz (Rampardos) Lv 30

27th November 2008, 8:06 PM
So, I decided on 3 team members so far. I like it. Infernape, Golduck, Honchkrow. I don't know what to add so I think I'm just going to make my way through the game and decide when the time comes. Ha Ha freecreditreport.com commercial came on again. They know when I am typing this.

Blazing Charmander
27th November 2008, 8:21 PM
My scramble challenge is coming along pretty well now. I'm currently situated at the Milk Cafe between Solaceon and Veilstone.

Since leaving Eterna, I made my way to Hearthome and then Solaceon, with a few things happening of consequence. I made two treks from Solaceon to Jubilife (meaning spanning almost the region's radius and going through Mt. Coronet). One time I went to the GTS to request a Misdreavus trade for my team, which somebody did in a matter of hours. Then when I got back to Solaceon, I realised I hadn't received the Memo Pad app for my Poketch, which would've been helpful for the Ruins maze. After leaving Solaceon, I began training my new Japanese Misdreavus, and while battling a trainer, my Budew finally evolved into Roselia! And that's where i've left it for today.

Still can't find that elusive Munchlax though...

Current Team:
Roselia (Blossom) - Lv25
Shellos (Shelldon) - Lv23
Vespiquen (Honeybee) - Lv24
Buneary (Thumper) - Lv24
Misdreavus (Stuck with random Japanese name lol) - Lv22

28th November 2008, 3:18 PM
- Been trying to catch a Clefairy, but failing
- The Clefairy attempts meant I have ended up with lots of Zubats and such for Ranch
- Sorted out all my boxes, as they were such a mess
- Hatched a Grimer from a Kanto Muk, in order to get a new Muk for Ranch

28th November 2008, 6:42 PM
Well I just hatched myself a Jolly Meditate. Since I don't have any Rare Candies I leveled it up to Lvl 10 on Solaceon's Breeding center and checked it's Iv's and it came out like this 24/30/24/24/4/24.
I don't know if checking them on level 10 will give me an accurate number, but this looks too good. Do you guys recommend leveling up a bit more and checking them again? (sorry, I know this isn't the place to ask but if someone could reply, that would be awesome)

28th November 2008, 7:43 PM
Did a few SRs for shiny cresselia, but still no luck.

Tried chaining again after a couple of days playing Pokemon Ranger: shadows of Almia.
No luck so far. Highest chain was a shellos chain at 32. Also hatching Tropius eggs.

Blazing Charmander
28th November 2008, 8:35 PM
Made my way to Veilstone after trudging through the route with torrential rain. I also felt that I had the biggest challenge yet against the two Cooltrainers who challenge you to a double battle outside Veilstone. I can't remember how the battle went, but I definitely know they gave me a big scare lol.

The Gym battle in Veilstone against Maylene was nothing special really - just the standard taking down Machoke and Meditite, before struggling a little with Lucario. The anubis dog eventually took down my relentless Misdreavus, but upon sending out Roselia, the confusion that was inflicted on it by Misdreavus kicked in while he was at low health, thus saving Roselia the effort of taking him down herself :).

29th November 2008, 5:22 AM
I'm going back and forth between Twinleaf and sandgem towns I'm raising these pokemon right now.
Lucario- level 8
Squirtle- level 1
Glaceon- level 20
Pichu- level 1
Yanma- level 5
Aipom- level 8( unless I decide to switch it for something else.
I did some running between towns. Switching around pokemon. Level up pokemon. I also traded later.

29th November 2008, 3:16 PM
I started Ev training my Scizor after I traded with pidge14 to evolve and traded back

I have already Spred 4 HP
And some DEf
Apart of Vitamins ones

I´m now at Eterna, fighting with Silcoons

29th November 2008, 4:39 PM
Interesting battle I use VS seeker then I end up battling a level 19 starly
I have on my team
Leafeon-- level 4
Squirtle- level 7
Pichu- level 1
Yanma- level 5
Aipom- level 8
Lucario- level 8

I was thinking it would be a lower level it Koed leafeon and aipom. I decided to use Lucario next and I figured I would lose the match after starly use wing attack I used counter with Lucario killed it in one hit.

I got latias and teddiursa in a trade both level 2. nothing has been done to the stats. teddiursa I'm going to breed.
Maybe my next team will be
1. Glaceon 2. Chimchar 3. Latias 4. carnivine 5.teddiursa 6. tentacool

Absol trainer
29th November 2008, 4:46 PM
Started my scramble challenge!:D
I'm at Jublife City now, with this team:
-Shieldon lvl9
-Shellos lvl10
-Pikachu lvl11
-Cherubi lvl10
-Psyduck lvl10
-Burmy lvl 10 (that was a pain)

I'm now going to the first gym.

29th November 2008, 10:14 PM
So, I got a chimcar and and evolved it already to monferno. Ehh, its alright. I like its style. I've decided this is the last time I am going to restart. Once platinum comes out this is the last time I'll play. So anyway I beat the first gym and caught me a pysduck and I'm now going to battle team G. So, I guess I will write soon. No free credit report commercial. That sucks.

Misty's Golduck
30th November 2008, 6:13 AM
I went to another Pokemon forum where someone traded me a Pokemon egg - a Squirtle egg to be exact. =D It just hatched, so Tidalwave, my Squirtle, is my newest addition to my Water Pokemon team. We've made it to Oreburgh City, and I'm waiting for my other two eggs (Mudkip and Totodile) to hatch so I can train them before going for our first gym battle. =)

30th November 2008, 10:06 AM
Pearl 1: started a new game, got careful turtwig(i have a 'hit me with your best shot team' dual types) whopped roark with budew HP ice. now in eterna gym with my team as:
24 Budew (Thorn)
19 Grotle (Sanshouo)
3 Bidoof (Slave)

pearl 2: i started a hit me with your best challenge on this 2, but with pokemon that resemble animals. i got me a queit piplup, did all the beggining stuff, and caught a relaxed bidoof. went a beat roark with my piplup, who evolved after the battle. i then went to floarama and caught the third member of my team, pachirisu. im now in valley windworks, training my bidoof.

my team:
FlavaSava(prinplup) lv16
DamIt(bidoof(almost bibarel))lv14

30th November 2008, 3:08 PM
Got 5 shinies from the Budew chain. After 5 shinies I stopped resetting and just tried to get the chain in the 80s for my record, but it broke at 59 by a Smeargle. But the chain is in the top3 now.

The 5 budew:
Male, lvl 16, Lonely, Quick to flee, Natural Cure, Poison Barb
Male, lvl 16, Calm, Strongly defiant, Poison Point
Male, lvl 16, Careful, Likes to run, Natural cure
Female, lvl 16, Modest, Hates to lose, Natural Cure
Female, lvl 16, Calm, Highly persistent, Natural Cure

Gave them all pokerus and send them to my Diamond file for storage

30th November 2008, 8:50 PM
I started to EV train my Scizor yesterday
(actually b4 yesterday at night, but just Vitamins)

Well, I wanna spread:
6 HP/252 DEF/252 SDE

I spred:
4 HP (Bidoofs)
232 DEF (100 from Vitamins + 32 from Silcoons and Geodudes)
100 DEF (From Vitamins)

30th November 2008, 9:21 PM
Finished training Jolly Medicham
Leveling up Hasty Absol
Leveling up Bold Blissey
Leveling up Jolly Electivire
Deciding on a Team for BT round 2

30th November 2008, 10:19 PM
While my team as been switched around which it is now this:
1. Aipom- level 8
2. Yanma- level 5
3. Leafeon- level 10
4. squritle- level 10
5. Gligar- level 5
6. Mareep- level 5

Team 2 is going to be
1. Teddiursa- after I breed it.
2. Spinarak or combee(female)- after breeding it
3. Chimchar or Turtwig or maybe one of the starters between Kanto,Jotho,Hoenn, and Sinnoh.
4. Rattatta(maybe)- after breeding it or maybe another pokemon
5. Eevee( I'll probably try to evolve it at a low level maybe espeon or Umbreon
6. Latias or Murkcrow

I'm also going to check the swarm pokemon which I think is voltorb last I checked and go catch it. I'm also going to transfer regice,regirock, and registeel over from ruby and get regigigas, then go after Girantia. I'm also hunting down Latias in Saphire.

30th November 2008, 10:55 PM
Guys. How hard is it to type at least four sentences of detail per post? Really. And some of you seem to think this thread is for talking about the game, which it's not. You come here, post 4+ sentences detailing what you've been doing in Diamond or Pearl recently, and then leave. Posts not following these rules will be deleted.

Now behave.

1st December 2008, 4:32 AM
1)I just chained a bunch of Togepis with pretty cool IVs. AND THE FIRST ONE I FOUND WAS A FEMALE. Hoo-AH!

2)Hatched about twenty Zigzagoons to get some good IVs, but it's going to take some more time.

3)Currently breeding two Togepis with IV stats (in order):
A- 21, 12, 17, 22, 17, 18
B- 27, 29, 6, 1, 6, 29 - but I'm not sure what'll happen.

4)Seven-win streak in the Battle Tower Single Battles.

1st December 2008, 4:37 AM
Got Squirtle and Bulbasaur in trades, and I'm going to breed Weavile next. I'm going to breed it with Ice Punch and Ice Shard and I'm going x/31/x/x/x/31 but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting 31/31/31/x/x/31... Also going to chain Sneasel and breed Squirtle and Scyther. I'm also helping my brother on Mt. Coronet if that means anything...

1st December 2008, 7:00 AM
i was only kidding :.(

1st December 2008, 8:37 AM
I've just restarted my Pearl so that I could go through it with a new team. I've started off with Kricketot. I'm not going to be using a starter in this team so Piplup's just sitting in my party. Anyways I evolved Kricketot and got my first badge, beating Roark easily with Fury Cutter haha. I'm now in Eterna Forest with Cheryl and my lvl 26 Kricketune.

1st December 2008, 2:43 PM
Still training my Scizor EVly

As my plan says, it´ll be:
6 HP/252 DEF/252 SDE
I have finished in 4 at HP
252 DEF
and still 109 at SDE

I´m fighting with Dewgongs and Seels at Route 230
And using Vs.Seeker to match against a girl that has both Seel and Dewgong

1st December 2008, 2:53 PM
I got through Eterna Forest and went to take on Gardenia. I beat her easily with just Kricketune then went and traded Lucario, Jolteon, and Cherubi over from Diamond. I then trained Cherubi up a bit and went to defeat Team Galactic in the city. I got my bike, and beat the people on Cycling Road and rode down to Oreburgh City again.

Misty's Golduck
2nd December 2008, 4:27 AM
I've been training my team like crazy today. It took quite a while since three of my Pokemon originally hatched from eggs, thus started at level 1, and one is a Magikarp, which takes special care and dedication to train.

I'm letting my Pokemon relax for a little bit right now before we go take on Roark in the Oreburgh City Gym to get our first Sinnoh League badge. =D

Here's my team as of now:

Piplup/Blue Level 15
Magikarp/Seafoam Level 12
Squirtle/Tidalwave Level 12
Totodile/Riptide Level 12
Seashell/Mudkip Level 12

2nd December 2008, 1:30 PM
I´m training my Scizor EVly yet

Well, the EVs I have to have are:
4 HP/252 DEF/252 SDE

I already have:
4 HP
252 DEF
and 122 SDE
Still missing a lot

2nd December 2008, 1:51 PM
Well, I'm still rebreeding to build up my new Gym Team, though I'm having a really hard time trying to get a Swinub with a good Nature.
I've been doing some scouting on the GTS for some Legends I don't yet have, only to shove them the bowels of my PC, never to see the light of day again.

I'm also searching around for a copy of Diamond so I can do my first Scramble Challenge ever. Considering I'm a little short on cash, it's a little hard, but I'm just looking around to see if I can find one at the thrift store...I got a copy of Pearl there for $4, so hey. You never know.

2nd December 2008, 2:10 PM
Today I rode up to Hearthome evolving my Cherubi on the way. I defeated my rival by using my whole team for once, as he usually loses to one of my Pokemon haha. I then rode up through Solaceon all the way to Veilstone. I defeated each one of the Gym's trainers and I decided to try to take on Maylene with just my Kricketune. I beat her Meditite in one shot with X-Scissor, and took her Machoke down with a few Secret Powers. Kricketune then fell to her Lucario but not after taking down his health to less than half. So I let my Lucario out and beat her Lucario with one Force Palm, thus, earning myself the Cobble Badge.

Blazing Charmander
2nd December 2008, 7:10 PM
Fresh from our victory against Maylene in Veilstone, we have journeyed south with our next destination due to be Pastoria. We waded off all challengers en route while stopping off at the Seven Stars Restaurant to accept the challenges of the customers.

Finally we arrived at Pastoria, where I wasted no time in going to the Gym. Needless to say that Wake's underlings were fairly easy to take down, but the big cheese himself was a slightly tougher prospect. This is how the battle went:

- Gyarados V Vespiquen - Vespiquen wins (Toxic wittled its HP down while Super Effective Power Gem and a couple of Healing Orders ensured victory).
- Floatzel V Buneary - Buneary withdrawn (Ice Fang made Buneary's HP dangerously low and froze him).
- Floatzel V Roselia - Roselia wins (Roselia took a Pursuit or two before OHKOing the otter with Giga Drain).
- Quagsire V Roselia - Roselia wins (Giga Drain. GAME OVER).

So in summary it was an Anime-inspired 3-on-3 battle where Vespiquen and particularly Roselia were the stars of the Gym. Buneary may have gotten the short end of the stick here but i'm sure he'll soon find some redemption.

2nd December 2008, 7:38 PM
Main Pearl: Let's see...Bred a Rotom and a Froslass, and traded the eggs to my second Pearl and hatched them, then I traded the hatchlings back to my main Pearl. Got an Entei from a friend, but it seems to be hacked (it's not his fault, since he got it from the GTS) because it's Timid (not the best Nature, but still) and the IVs are 29/27/26/31/28/31. It looks Legit otherwise, but I know that any Legendary Beast from Kanto will always have crappy IVs. Going to trade it to my spare game and release it (I don't have anything against hacks/cheats/whatever, but I like them to be within legal boundaries. The Entei is not legal, so I'm getting rid of it).

In other news, I EV'd the Rotom, and recieved a Darkrai from Ranger 2 after completing the "Liberate the Tower" mission.

2nd December 2008, 10:49 PM
Well, I've decided to train a hacked Ho-oh I got in a trade awhile back.
Why? Well, I was very good to the person giving it to me. I let him have a shiny I managed to clone. Besides, I want to see how sacred fire looks. (and have a smeargle sketch it, despite smeargle's horrid attack. I want a judgement/aeroblast/sacred fire/spacial rend smeargle to own the route 201 Pokémon.)
I won't use him in regular battles, don't worry. I also want to see what his IVs are, just to make sure they're not all 31. (which I doubt.)
I also managed to score a legit-seeming lugia from the GTS. That was awesome.

3rd December 2008, 3:21 PM
I Anime Style Train and Battle just thought you should know

My Journey So Far

Started off with Chimchar and then my friend traded me level one Turtwig and a Riolu egg I then caught a Starly and Moved on When the Rorak Battle came around Turtwig Beat them all with Razor Leaf

On The Way To My 2nd Badge i Caught Buizel

Against Gardenia it went

Chimchar vs Cherubi(Chimchar wins)
Turtwig vs Turtwig(My Turtwig Withdrawn)
Staravia vs Turtwig(Staravia wins)
Staravia vs Roserade(Staravia Wins)

After That I went on to Hearthome Where My Friend Gave Me and Eevee and carried on and By The Time I Got to Veilstone i had a Staraptor and Lucario to go along with my team

and the Battle Against Maylene went Like this

Chimchar vs Meditite(Meditite won)
Turtwig(I Wanted to give him exp) vs meditite(Turtwig one)
Turtwig vs Machoke(Machoke won)
Staraptor vs Machoke(Staraptor Won)
Staraptor vs Lucario(Staraptor Won)

On The Way To Pastoria I Let Turtwig evolve
so my battle with wake went like this

Staraptor vs Gyarados(Staraptor won)
Lucario vs Qaugsire(Lucario won)
Grotle vs Floatzel(Grotle won by the skin of his teeth)

And Then On The Way To Hearthome To See If Fantina Was Back yet Buizel Evolved into Floatzel and I went to Pastoria to Teach him Crunch via Heart Scale man

Then I went to Celestic town and Finally i Got an Umbreon so then i went to Challenge Fantina

My Battle against her went like this

Chimchar vs Drifblim(Chimmy won yay)
Chimchar vs Gengar (Gengar won)
Floatzel vs Gengar (Floatzel won)
Floatzel vs Mismagius(I forgot it could use Magical Leaf so Mismagius won)
Umbreon vs Mismagius(Umbreon won)

so now i am outside Fantina's Gym and Chimchar is Going to evolve in time to beat Byron

3rd December 2008, 3:27 PM
Well today I decided to use my Diamond. I went and trained Crobat on some Rhydon for a bit. Then I decided to EV train my Turtwig. So till now I've been EV training Turtwig on Gyarados. Although, Turtwig is now a Grotle, and should be evolving into Torterra soon. So far, Crobat level 97, and Grotle, level 31.

3rd December 2008, 4:55 PM
Just came out of Iron Mountain, with a brand new Staraptor. Lvl 37 and an Adamant nature. Also my graveler is at Lvl 36 and my Empoleon at Lvl 70.

Does anyone have a suggestion to what i could fill the other 3 slots with?

is soap still there
hatch riolu
get a roserade
teach it shadowball
get a fire type
or save place palkia or dialga
and give one slot to either uxie or azlef
azlef takes too long to catch though;482;

3rd December 2008, 5:05 PM
hav not done much since aug but heres my team
mew lvl100
empoleon (hydrowing)lvl100
infernape lvl61

other lvl 100s include mewtwo(mindshoker)
blastoise (HYDRON EX)

3rd December 2008, 5:05 PM
hav not done much since aug but heres my team
mew lvl100
empoleon (hydrowing)lvl100
infernape lvl61

other lvl 100s include mewtwo(mindshoker)
blastoise (HYDRON EX)

3rd December 2008, 5:28 PM
Well, kept training my Scizor EVly
My final will have: 4HP/252DEF/252SDE
Well, current EVs are:
4HP (4 Bidoofs)
252DEF (Lots of Silcoons and Geodudes)
180SDE (Battles at Route 230, Seels, Dewgong, Tentacruel and Swimmer Sophia)

Well, traded a TM for a Togepi and gonna trade in some minutes
Cuz had idea on training 2 Togepis

3rd December 2008, 6:57 PM
Did several SRs for a shiny cresselia, but still no shiny appeared.

Hatched several tropius eggs.
Tried chaining in the trophy garden. Had a happiny chain at 32 when it broke by pichu. Currently having a castform chain at 5.

Blazing Charmander
3rd December 2008, 7:06 PM
Today, I have continued onwards from Pastoria, opting to take the west exit from the quiet City/Town after receiving the Secret Potion from Cynthia by Lake Valor.

I inevitably had a torrid time getting through the route with a combination of wild Pokemon encounters and the boggy swamps hindering my journey. However, I had no problems defeating the trainers along the way, and I eventually made it safely to Hearthome, taking a break at Backlot's Mansion en route. I then embarked east and then north via Solaceon to the foggy route blocked by the group of Psyduck, who I cured with the Secret Potion. Cynthia appeared, thaning me and then requesting that I take her Grandmother's Old Charm to Celestic.

I left my progress for now just as the fog kicked in, but before packing in my Shellos (Shelldon) finally evolved into a Gastrodon! Still no sign of Munchlax unfortunately though :(.

Roselia (Blossom) - Lv32
Gastrodon (Shelldon) - Lv30
Vespiquen (Honeybee) - Lv31
Buneary (Thumper) - Lv30
Misdreavus (Random Japanese name lol) - Lv31

3rd December 2008, 7:06 PM
had a shinx chain at 24, messed it up with a starly 0.o now im doing it again, chain at 7 atmXD

pidgey rules
4th December 2008, 11:32 AM
just hatchedachikorita stats are (excluding hp) 6/6/5/6/6 :D

4th December 2008, 4:07 PM
Did some more Abra hatching, then decided to test a go at catching Uxie with Bold Abra in front. Got Uxie paralyzed and after what seemed like +10 Dusk Balls caught the little pixie. Unfortunately he was Careful so had to start again >.<

Back to hatching Abra, waiting for a Timid Synchronizer to hatch to use at Azelf's soon.

4th December 2008, 4:36 PM
I trained my Torterra up on the Tuber with the three Gastrodon on the beach outside Pastoria for a bit. Then I went to start my Battle Tower Challenge again. I used a team of Torterra, Feraligatr, and Blaziken (in that order) to get up to 21 to beat the Tower Tycoon :D. I then carried on and am now taking a break at 35 I think.

4th December 2008, 4:46 PM
traded many pkmn to complete my dex
Completely EV Trained my traded Electivire (finally) and entered it in a Battle Tower challenge.

4th December 2008, 4:52 PM
So while my DS was charging with Diamond in it, I got my brother's DS to play Pearl. I defeated the weird Team Galactic guy who was running away from me talking to him self, then went and helped the Psyduck with the headache on that route outside Solaceon Town. I then carried on to Celestic Town, beat the Team Galactic guy there and got HM 03 Surf. Next, I flew to Hearthome to beat Fantina for the Relic Badge and I proceeded to travel on towards Canalave City.

4th December 2008, 5:34 PM
Decided to catch Mesprit, I didn't know that the nature and ivs are set as soon as you see the picture of it, so I can't SR for a good one.

I haven't caught it yet, I want to make a video out of it...

4th December 2008, 9:34 PM
I've decided to not EV-train my blaziken and just give him the seven more levels he needs to be level 100.
He wasn't meant to be EV-trained and I wasn't meant to do it.
*sniff* it's so emotional... the first Pokémon I raised from level 5 to level 93... and it took me almost a year! *waits for everyone to laugh at me*
I can't believe I'm this attached to a bunch of pixels. =/
He must be my favorite Pokémon out of all the ones I have!

4th December 2008, 11:14 PM
It has been awhile. So I have 7 badges. I'm not going to go indepth as they were not amazing. But, My final team is going to be Infernape, Honckrow, Roserade, Raichu, Clefeable, and Floatzel. I didn't really want to scramble challenge it. But yeah, I'm now going to evolve murkrow and train a cleffa. go me!

4th December 2008, 11:19 PM
Well, kept training my Scizor
Not took so long and my DS battery has run low

Well, its IVs will be:
4 HP/252 DEF/252 SDE
Well, it´s right now:
4 HP
252 DEF
180 and something SDE

pidgey rules
4th December 2008, 11:22 PM
i just hatched my eevee eggs got this docile male 12 hp 6 attck 6 defense 6 sp attk 6 sp def 6 speed im in shock its almost perfect

5th December 2008, 12:04 AM
Just chained nine Miltank.

Evolved my Eevee into an Umbreon.

Just got a Mystic Fire from my Zangoose at the masseus.

5th December 2008, 10:29 AM
Same as always...did several SRs for shiny Cresselia. Sometimes it takes a long time to hunt the cresselia down. Hope a shiny Cresselia will appear soon.

Did some chaining for castform and happiny, but no luck. Chains broke before reaching 15. Hatched several tropius eggs while chaining, also no shiny.

Blazing Charmander
5th December 2008, 7:12 PM
Not done much after leaving my file at the foggy route on Wednesday evening. Saying that though, I have made my way to Celestic where I disposed of the Galactic Grunt who threatened to bomb the small town. I have expected Buneary to evolve recently ater leveling it up a couple of times but he's obviously not quite there yet lol.

So after getting Surf from Cynthia's Grandmother and listening to Cyrus drone on yet again, I made a return journey to Hearthome, where I am to challenge Fantina for my overdue Relic Badge. I've defeated all of her 'underlings' thus far and have saved in front of her for the next time I play.

Ze DreamGirl
5th December 2008, 8:17 PM
I have beaten the league. Here is my fight against Cynthia's last pokémon.
Garchomp is sent out !
Kitty used revive on Floatzel
Garchomp used Brick breack
Staraptor fainted !
Infernape is sent out
Kitty used Full Restore on Floatzel
Garchomp used brick break
Infernape fainted !
Floatzel is sent out
Garchomp used Dragon Rush
A critical hit !
Floatzel fainted !
Golem is sent out
Kitty used revive on floatzel
Garchomp used Brick Breack
Kitty used Hyper potion on Floatzel
Garchomp used Dragon Rush
Golem fainted
Floatzel is sent out
Garchomp used dragon rush
Floatzel has 15hp left
Floatzel used ice fang
A critical hit !
Garchomp is frozen solid
The berry takes effect
Garchomp is frozen solid
Floatzel used Ice Fang
Garchomp fainted !
Then I obtained the national dex and the pokeradar. After that I chained some togepis for fun. And I am breeding Gibles.

5th December 2008, 10:05 PM
Finished EV spread in my Scizor:
Well, the plans were:
6 HP/252 DEF/252 SDE

Current is:
6 HP (6 Bidoofs)
252 DEF (Silcoons and Geodudes)
252 SDE (Seel, Dewgong, Tentacruel and Swimmer Sophia (Mantyke and Mantine))

Demon of Light
5th December 2008, 11:41 PM
PEARL: Am now trying to defeat the Elite Four. I've found that, without further training after getting out of Victory Road, I could defeat the entire Elite Four save for Cynthia. The second run through was easier, and when I got to Cynthia I discovered that I can defeat three of her Pokemon easily (two Brave Birds and Airazor the Staraptor takes that Spiritomb down! And she doesn't even lose too much HP!). A few more attempts ought to do it.

DIAMOND: I'm thinking of running through the Elite Four again. I just have to train three Pokemon to level 60-something... I already did that with my Drifblim, Charizard and Gyarados. Now I need an Ice Beamer, a Grass Pokemon and something extra for kicks. I should train a Togekiss.

6th December 2008, 12:06 AM
this is over two days as i forgot to do this yesterday.
Well I started the game again on Diamond, I was a girl cuz im getting tired of being the boy and i named her Jess after my step-sister and my rival Ron from Harry potter. I got a Chimchar and i meant to save it beofre i went into the lake but being me i din't save it so i couldn't be bothered to SR for a good nature {i woukld have had to go from where you are in your room and im just to lazy} and then being the double dufass i am i saved it at home so then iwasn't definatly going to soft reset, anyway i trained my new Chimchar {Blaze} to lvl8 in the grass and then i went to see Professor Rowan got the Pokedex and 5x Pokeballs and then heaed to my home to tell my mum about going on and adventure {i don't know what there talking about im not going anywhere im playing on my DS silly DS ppl, lol} then i went to see what Lucas wanted with me and he showed me how to catch a pokemon {this video is always annoying it is so slow arwell it is faster than the one from Emerald now that really got to me lol} then i caugth a Starly and named it Hawk {the irony} then i went to Jublife city had some fun there trained up my hawk on the abra and then delivered the parcel to Ron. Got the copons and then got my poketech. thats it really haven't played on it much ow and also i did the route going to Orenbourgh city i am at the entrance to the cave i have beat the trainers and tomorrow going to search for an abra with a Modest nature and Sychronize abilty {i have taunt on Blaze who is lvl 13 sorry and Hawk is lvl 10 need to evolve Blaze for the next Gym more info tmorrow or the next day}.

On my pearl I sorted out my boxes so that they made more sence to ME no one else lol. I did another streak of the bqattle tower Using TheBeast {feraigatr} Jazzy {azelf} and Heatran yet to rename him thinging off RockHard or ImhottertanU lol I.

Now for just a little annoucment I will be playing pokemon Diamond more and then using my pearl as my main game, so in some updates you will only get Diamond not both but i will mainly be completing pearl and using my diamond as a storage game and to get Dialga {i have got one already lol} and another set of the Pixes I will then be posting my platinum stuff when i get it.

OK bye, and untill next time Peace out

6th December 2008, 12:10 AM
Well, after finishing to train my Scizor EVly,
I have battled twice with a friend of mine
He won first, but cuz my team is not full of EVd
And 2nd I won, this was 3vs3, so I used the ones I have EV trained

Scizor made a really good performance on Baton Passing to Salamence

6th December 2008, 4:08 PM
Got a Bold Uxie at last ^-^
Didn't take much effort, after some paralyze support, 2-3 Flash and False Swipe.. His Future Sight kept failing (due to Flash, I guess) and IIRC he only wasted around ten or so Dusk Balls.

Then went to level up Pikachu some more. Two Lax Synchronizers hatched o.O right after one another. Weird..

Where art thou, Timid Synchronizaaah?

Twilit Dragoon
6th December 2008, 4:26 PM
Hatched a few more Croagunk eggs. No shiny one yet though, but I'm not that bothered. They are fairly quickly to hatch, half the reason I started hatching them. I'm using the Croagunk I have from Ranch for my breeding partner, hopefully he'll transfer his moves to a shiny one.

I helped a friend earlier in the week with a trade, so I'm pretty happy that I could help.

6th December 2008, 6:16 PM
Main Pearl: I've been leveling up my Ranger 2 Darkrai and my Rotom. The Darkrai is currently Level 70, and the Rotom is currently Level 60. Haven't won many PP Ups from the Lottery recently. Going to EV-train a Snorunt/future Froslass soon, and maybe I'll breed a Houndoom and trade the eggs to my second Pearl or Diamond (if I decide to play through it again), then trade one of the Houndour back after nicknaming him.

Blazing Charmander
6th December 2008, 7:12 PM
Phew! I managed to scrape victory against Fantina to win my 5th badge. It was probably the most difficult one so far and this is how it went:

- Drifblim V Gastrodon - Gastrodon wins (Multiple Water Pulses and HP Ghost did the trick despite Drifblim Minimizing loads of times)
- Mismagius V Roselia - Mismagius wins
- Mismagius V Misdreavus - Misdreavus wins (typical Anime style underdog VS its evolutionary counterpart battle lol)
- Gengar V Misdreavus - Misdreavus wins

So Misdreavus proved to be the hero(ine) of this Gym, and somewhat fittingly too considering the Gym's theme and the fact that she triumphed over her evolutionary cousin lol. But now that I have the ability to Surf, I have reached Canalave for my next Gym Battle and hopefully i'll find a Munchlax soon.

6th December 2008, 7:40 PM
Yesterday I bred some bronzors. The one's with natures I needed had heatproof, while the one's with natues I didn't need had heatproof/levitate. I then decided I had enough breeding, so I went to hunt them in wayward cave with a synchronizer. After about 7 bronzors, I got one with the nature I needed and levitate. I think tommorow I will try to ev train it.

7th December 2008, 2:34 AM
Well, went to BT
Went til 20, lost

Came back
Defeated tower tycoon
Now at 35, still going on

8th December 2008, 12:08 AM
I started hatching Chimchars hatching for a naive one with perfect IVs
Ev'd Aipom a bit more
rose my 3x3tales to level 65

8th December 2008, 12:55 AM
Got a Smile Ribbon for my Zangoose when I thought I exhausted my resources from that woman.

Tried to get a color-changer Poketch App, but failed. Got the Calendar App instead.

Transferred over a few pokemon from a used Emerald game I bought today. It felt so cool.

8th December 2008, 1:28 AM
I began my Pokemon quest on my Pokemon Pearl Version on November 21st, 2008. I started with a gorgeous little Piplup that I named Blue, and since then have caught 7 more Water Pokemon. =)

I plan on making it through my journey training and battling with only Water Pokemon, as that is my specialty. Yes, even battling in the Pokemon League with only Water types. I think that gives the game a bit more of an added interest and definitely makes it more challenging. To me at least. =P As of now, on my team I have:

Piplup: Level 15
Magikarp: Level 13
Wartortle: Level 16
Totodile: Level 15
Marshtomp: Level 16
Psyduck: Level 15
Buizel: Level 15
Shellos: Level 15

8th December 2008, 1:57 AM
Well, I was at BT
Defeated 7, 14, 21
Tower Tycoon, was so happy!!
28, 35
So, I lost for the 37th


8th December 2008, 3:07 AM
an update:
pearl: staraptor and luxray now at level 86 and 88 respectively.
ev trained an IV bred exeggcutor. close to leveling it to 80. will train a shiny tauros with lonely nature, 31 IVs in speeds and an average in atk (22-24).
fought with the elite four a number of times today and yesterday. FOught my rival at the fight area.

diamond: fought rival at fight area. still raising IV'ed aerodactyl, roserade and yanmega.

8th December 2008, 9:28 AM
On my Pearl, I trained all my Pokemon up a bit more and flew over to Veilstone. I then went and got the key from the guy in front of Team Galactic Headquarters. Then I went to the other part that Team Galactic hide and went in and beat everyone to get the other key. So I moved over to their Headquarters and am now half way to getting to the boss.

The Benmeister
8th December 2008, 10:06 AM
Got rather high in the Double Battle tower. Stupidly, I beat Dragon Tamers with ridiculous combinations only to lose to a Rich Boy with an Exploding Gengar. Easy come, easy go.

The EV training for Nincada shall continue eventually, and finishing off EV training my Slowking must also be done.

8th December 2008, 10:31 AM
In Diamond, I left the Battle Tower to go do some training. I flew over to Pastoria and biked down to the beach. I found the Tuber with the Gastrodons and battled Torterra against them all. I kept usign the VS Seeker to get loads of experience off of them. I then flew over to the League to fight the Elite Four. I tore down Aaron with Blaziken, then got to the training part. I used Torterra on Bertha and on most of Flint and Lucian. And I just defeated Cynthia by mostly using Torterra again, but also training Feraligatr.

8th December 2008, 3:22 PM
Well, traded some pokés
Got Thick Club, and 2 power items at these trades

Well, went to this stupid BT
Was defeated cuz my luck is so great that the 6.25% the opponent has to land a critical hit always works!!!!
So angry!!!
I hate this!!!

8th December 2008, 3:40 PM
Another Lax Snychronizer hatched o.O
I've had them, like, 3 of them. Why won't a Timid one hatch????!!1

Then decided to try my luck at catching Mesprit, but he bounds around such a lot I gave up and reloaded in front of him and went to Azelf instead. After some soft resets, I got a Modest Azelf XD

Too bad. I aimed for a Timid one, and Timid it is. So... buh-bye, Azelf.

I'm also thinking of bringing a Choice Specs Trick Kadabra to Azelf.. Who knows, I might trap him while he's Nasty Plotting away.. Makes life much much easier. But for the time being I just send out Crobat after his Nasty Plots and Haze 'em all away :D

8th December 2008, 8:47 PM
Did some wifi trades with my friend and on the GTS and did more Multi Battles in the Battle Tower bringing my streak to 35 and that is basically it.
Also withdrew a whole bunch of Pokemon (like 100) from Ranch to trade over the GTS since most of them were on Ranch.

8th December 2008, 10:37 PM
12/8/08 ~ Entry 1
OK, well today I decided to dust off and play my pearl version while I wait for Platnum's release. I decided to start fresh, so I hit 'delete data' and started over (My team stunk anyway).

I went through the EPIC intro with prof. Rowen[/sarcasm] and started my new adventure. Like always I named my rival Scott. With all the options stuff out of the way (text, frame, buttons) I began to play.

Skipping to the starly attack, I decided to pick Chimchar as my starter. (I was really getting sick of raising a ponyta.)
Time Skip: I nicknamed Chimchar 'Inferno', and got my Pokedex.
At the market I grabbed some pokeballs and went hunting. I caught 2 bidoffs and a starly. The bidoff I kept was nicknamed Chuck, and starly is named Talon.

Let the never ending training begin! Inferno was raised to Lv. 10 and Talon to Lv. 4

Plans for tomorrow~ More training! Oh JOY! And a shinx hunt to top it off.

Current team~
;390; Inferno Lv. 10
;396; Talon Lv. 4
;399; Chuck Lv. 3

9th December 2008, 12:19 AM
JPN Pearl: Defeated Fantiana, earning me my 5th Gym Badge. My Bayleaf evolved, making it a level 32 Meganium. Obtained my Happiny egg. And I still have 3k steps to go. And I defeated my rival easily in Canalave City.
Not to bad. Did all that in under 45 minutes.

9th December 2008, 1:47 AM
Main Pearl: Decided not to EV-train the Snorunt, and put her in the PC and withdrew a Houndoom which I'll breed to get a few Houndour eggs once my Rotom is Level 100. I'll trade those to my second Pearl, and hatch them, then trade one of the hatchlings back (for boosted EXP.). Anyhow, my Darkrai and my Rotom are (IIRC) Level 80 and 90, respectively.

Might get a Calm Female Eevee for a future breeding project. Once I have room in my Party, I might get a few Vulpix eggs and trade/hatch/trade one back between my two Pearls. Will think of names for a Female Flygon, a Male Chatot, and a Male Honchkrow in the meantime.

9th December 2008, 1:50 AM
Just been looking for a modest abra no luck so far

did some training then my ds run out of battery so i lost my levels to lazy to do them again ATM so untill next time BYE

9th December 2008, 2:14 AM
I recently restarted my Diamond file, vowing that it'd been nearly 6 months since I'd touched the game, and with my knowledge atrophying somewhat, it'd be better if I just restarted. The goal is to speed-run through the game past the E4 so I can get right to the meat of the game, which is breeding (preceding statement can all be read as "in my opinion").

Grabbed Turtwig as my starter because I feel it's the best one to have for the first couple gyms of the game; however, Turtwig soon saw very little use past the first gym, as I discovered something very wonderful(?) about this game; everything you need to run through it, you can get by your second gym badge.
It's actually a little saddening to me that it seems this easy, and I have a feeling I'm going to get wrecked when I hit the Elite 4, but the first six pokemon I caught and trained have been my party through the entire game so far (currently working on my Glacier badge, 27-odd hours in). This is what the party currently looks like:

- Infernape (traded my Grotle for it via GTS while it was a Monferno)
- Kadabra (caught as an Abra at the beginning)
- Staraptor (caught as Starly)
- Gyarados (caught as a Magikarp and tediously leveled to a Gyarados)
- Geodude (pretty much just a strength/rock climb/rock smash slave, also used for anything electric)
- Luxray (caught as a Shinx; this might as well be my starter, based on how much it gets used).

From what I can tell, this party should be able to last me pretty well until the Elite 4. Hoping I beat it by tonight.

9th December 2008, 2:24 AM
Since I have done nothing in my Diamond, all this is from my Pearl:
I bred tons of Mudkip Eggs just trying to get a Quiet one. It is now rotting in my box until I get a second pokemon to EV train. I have also tried my luck with Pokeradar Chaining. I figured I should try it since I got 2 shinings from it in my Platinum. I hope to obtain a Jolly Shining Shinx from my Current Chain.
EDIT: Yay! I got a Shining Shinx from the chain! Too bad its Calm though.

9th December 2008, 8:35 AM
SRing for a shiny cresselia..

Hatched several Tropius eggs..stil no shiny..
Chaining in the trophy garden for Happiny or Castform. A castform chain just broke at 29.
Going to try again.

9th December 2008, 2:39 PM
Restarted my Pearl.

Chose Turtwig for the heck of it. The starters all sucked for me so I decided to dump it in the PC Box after I got a Pokemon I liked (Budew~). But suckish thing is, the first route with trainers has trainers that are unavoidable =/.

Ohwell, caught a Budew and now training it up.

9th December 2008, 2:59 PM
Well, I finally got the BPs to exchange for the Power Items

I defeated the Tower Tycoon
Take it!

My Salamence was with a 18 HP
Well, but I won!!!

9th December 2008, 4:08 PM
Recently finished breeding for, EV-training, and evolving a new Porygon-z. Leveling it up now.

Other than that, been fighting the E4 a lot to get more money for vitamins for training, and sending up all the rare candies I have in Emerald via Pal park.

9th December 2008, 8:11 PM
Began hatching Riolus in hopes of a shiny one. Will take a while, but imo, its worth it. It'll be main Lucario once I get Platinum. Already hatched 4 females out of 18 eggs though. And then an Adamant male. =o Been good so far. Though Ditto and Lucario don't like each other much so getting eggs is painful.

10th December 2008, 12:45 AM
I actually managed to beat the Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus at Spear Pillar and catch Dialga with only a team of level 40-48.

10th December 2008, 1:03 AM
Well, as I said earlier, getting eggs is tedious from Lucario and Ditto. I go about 5 - 7 mins without them producing anything. I may look at getting a new partner for Lucario, but not sure who to go with. /= I'll have to see who I have that is in the same breeding category as Lucario. I am sick of the long egg drought.

10th December 2008, 1:03 AM
I"m starting 2 EV train my team 2 battle. I' m planting berries to get rid of old evs yhat i put on their by mistake. I'm also destroying the elite four for money. I should b ready 4 battle soon once i get all the berries i need.

10th December 2008, 2:05 AM
12/9/08 ~ Entry 2

Today I trained my three main pokemon until they learned some new moves (exept bidoof). Suprisingly training went by faster then I thought.
Afterwords I got that package with the maps in it and started to head for Jubilife.
I caught 3 pokemon including a Shinx. However, I decided this time around I'm gunna raise a Pacharisu, so shinx is going into the pokemon ranch.

Tomorrow~ Some Trainer battles, and hopfully entering Jubilife.

My Team~
;390; Inferno Lv. 10
;396; Talon Lv. 10
;399; Chuck Lv. 8

10th December 2008, 4:19 AM
Lemme see,
First i was working on a little cup team. my friend challenged me to a little cup battle.(we still need to do that)
So i had my little cup members and a few lv 100s so i decided to go to the e4. but i forgot that i had a lv 5 at the head of my team. so my poor lv5 got murdered by dustox. I beat aron with ohkos from my milotic (i think)
but i forget to fix my order so my next lv5 comes out against bertha. Now i dont switch out cuz i dont want a lot of exp to screw my little cup team up. so i try to do some damage. I use toxic it uses some status move. then i start with attacks.
Long story short i get the lv 53 or so down to red before bertha uses a full rrestore. after a few more turns my poor lv5 dies. I nearly beat a lv 53 or so with a lv 5 LOL
How much has the e4 declined?

10th December 2008, 5:00 PM
Today..well..I caught a lvl 54 dugtrio and bred with a ditto.. for a purpose only.. then i did my most ever crazy thing.. the egg hatched to a diglett.. so... i went to pokemon league to challenge E4 with a team of all lvl 100's [5 lvl 100's] and lvl 1 diglett.. i attached exp share to my diglett.. after beating everyone including the champ.. it was a lvl 30 dugtrio.. and i was surprised to see that when it was newly hatched itself it knew 4 moves including mud bomb and EQ.. how the blue hell is that possible?? I was confused... Sorry, i dunno that much abt breeding...

10th December 2008, 5:46 PM
Well my friend was over and we were playing Pokemon. So we traded a bit, mainly me helping him with his Pokedex. After that I decided I wanted a Milotic so I started hatching Feebas trying to get a Modest natured one. This took maybe the whole night as I got EVERY nature but Modest. It was really annoying. Anyways in the end I finally got my Modest Feebas and evolved her into a Milotic. I then EV trained my Milotic and I am going to train it up later.

10th December 2008, 11:56 PM
JPN Pearl: I finnaly hatched my Happiny egg (10k steps is way too much). Then I went to Iron Island and defeated the two galaxy grunts there. I obtained the Riolu egg. I also rose all pokemon to lv 37 and defeated the first half of the Canalave Gym.

11th December 2008, 1:23 AM
12/10/08 ~ Entry 3

The 3 trainer battles were a piece of cake, and they leveled up all my pokemon to the double digits.
I arrived in Jubilife city and answered the clown's questions. Now the Poketch is mine! WHoooooooooo!!!!![/over exageration]
I visited the pokemon school and got the town map. While I was there I battled 2 trainers and got 'Hidden Power'. I used the TM on Bidoof so he isn't as worthless as he looks.
After exploring the city (Dang selfish people didn't give me anything), I headed left and got a really cruddy christmas present from a fisherman. I used it to catch a madgecarp and stuffed it in Box 1 afterwords.

Jubilife wasn't as exciting as I thought. Hopefully tommorow will be better.
;390; Inferno Lv. 11
;396; Talon Lv. 11
;399; Chuck Lv. 10

11th December 2008, 2:36 AM
Well, my team of Water Pokemon and I have made it to Eterna City. Finally. =D I've played the game for about 21 hours now. Yes, I'm much slower than most, but I enjoy taking my time to train each member of my team and enjoy the game to its fullest.

After searching through the Underground for about 30 minutes for a Water Stone, I went to Eterna Forest to train my Pokemon. Since they're all Water types, my battle against Gardenia surely will be a difficult, but unforgettable one. =)

11th December 2008, 5:39 AM
I actually played Pearl today. I got a Manaphy from the GTS, nicknamed some Pokemon.... etc. I also bred a Jolly Quick Attack Pinsir I'll train at some point. No matter how many Pokemon I get to lv.100, there's always so many more to train.

11th December 2008, 7:54 AM
Main Pearl: My Rotom reached Level 100 the day before yesterday. My Ranger 2/Almia Darkrai reached Level 100 just now. Going to get a few Houndour eggs before trading them to my second Pearl, and trading one of the hatchlings back. Might repeat the process with Murkrow.

11th December 2008, 12:14 PM
Well i have been catching abras like made i caougt ten and i ran out of balls and money.

My abra is a rash ne so i thougth that that is better than a calm one {surprisngly all thers had nothing to do with abras strenghts no speed natures either meh}. i gave him hidden power and after two battle one agaisnt that bug thing that only know bide and against a starly i figured that it was HP oce so im keeping it.

now just training my abra its level 8 IIRC my Blaze is level 15 and my hawk is level 10 going to get Hawk and Santa the Abra to leve 13 before i continue.

11th December 2008, 12:34 PM
I went hunting at Stark Mountain for and Adamant or Impish Rhydon for my Sandstorm team and used the Pokeradar...I caught about 20 Rhydons and I got 1 impish and 1 adamant...So i plan on using the impish one because of the rock head ability...Too bad the adamant one has lightningrod.

11th December 2008, 2:01 PM
On my Pearl I trained up my Cherrim and Jolteon on the swimmers just north of Sunyshore on the way to Victory Road. I then went and healed up at the Pokemon Centre right in front of Victory Road. I started finding my way in Victory Road and am training on all the trainers in here. I'm still in here and fighting a Hippowdon with my Cherrim so hopefully I'll get out soon and trade my Milotic over to train on the Elite Four for this team.

11th December 2008, 3:39 PM
A Timid Abra finally hatched! *does a jig dance*
Off to catch Azelf, then ^-^

At Azelf's cave...
I had to sacrifice my Timid lead so I can revenge-wave, so yeah..
Azelf knocked out Abra in a single hit (No wonder, he's L6)
Sent out Pikachu, Azelf used Confusion again, Pikachu hung on using its Focus Sash (had to sacrifice one ^~^ )
Managed to paralyze the elf..

Then sent Staraptor out, one Brave Bird sent his HP to the yellow, then False Swipe with Sneasel... And all the time keep Hazing with Crobat if Azelf Nasty Plots too much..

After some Dusk Balls, caught teh lil' pixie ^_^

Also, a bonus came with the Timid Azelf (yes he's Timid on the first try XD ).
I ran an IV calculator and his SAtk IV is between 30-31, and his characteristic is "Highly Curious". Guess I got myself a 30 IV Azelf :D

*does another jig dance*

Too bad his Speed was 6-7. Ah well, never mind~

I'm so happy

11th December 2008, 3:53 PM
You should put a scarf on it ^^

Found out that the Naive "Alert to sounds" UT Dialga I got from the GTS had crap IVs :(

Also decided to breed an Impish Skarmory.

Emperor Giratina
11th December 2008, 4:02 PM
Pokemon Pearl: I finished EV training my Bagon in it's Attack stat and now I'm going to EV train it in Speed. I also imported my Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Blastoise, Persian, Arbok, Pigeot and my Snorlax from my Pokemon Firered to my Pokemon Pearl.

Pokemon Diamond: Nothing special... I'm not currently playing Pokemon Diamond.

11th December 2008, 6:13 PM
SRing for shiny Cresselia

Hatched a couple of Tropius eggs. Tried chaining in the Trophy Garden again. No luck with castform or happiny. Won a PPup at the Pokemon Lottery Corner. Battled the trainer there. Going to chain for a Lotad.

11th December 2008, 6:25 PM
I beat loads of the trainers in Victory Road training up my team and found my way out. I then accidentally walked to where my rival challenged me and couldn't reset because I hadn't saved for a while. I wanted to reset because I was going to heal before but it turns out I needn't have worried since I beat him soundly even though I hadn't healed. I then traded Milotic over and trained her up from level 30 to level 53. I'm going to train her up to level 60 then go and take on the Elite Four with a team of Lucario (61), Jolteon (60), Milotic (60), Cherrim (57), and Kricketune (46). However, I may train up Kricketune a bit more first.

12th December 2008, 1:04 AM
You should put a scarf on it ^^

Good idea :D

Or I might try a Nasty Plot set...

Ah well. To Sunyshore!
Prepare to be pwned, Volkner~

12th December 2008, 1:52 AM
12/11/08 ~ Entry 4

Well, today wasn't a good day for me.
After playing for about an hour, I caught some pokemon, leveled up, and beat my rival..................but I forgot to save! x.x
Now I feel really stupid, cuz I haven't done that in years.

But anyway, in depth of what I did. I left Jubilife city and caught a Budew (TWICE!), I nicknamed it Buttercup. I decided not to add it to my team, cuz I already trained 3 Rosedraids, and I don't want to do it again. When I battled my rival (for the SECOND time!), I used Inferno to take down Starly, and I used Talon to handle Piplup. He didn't help level me up that much, so I trained on the outskirts of the city.

My Team~
;390; Inferno Lv. 12
;396; Talon Lv. 12
;399; Chuck Lv. 11

12th December 2008, 4:22 AM
Well, traded some things
Had to breed a Hoppip to this

Well, tried to breed for a Adamant Ralts, but my plan didnt work
It was a Synchronize was I was after
But I traded the Hoppip with an Adamant Ditto

Will start to breed my Elekids

shiney mew
12th December 2008, 8:09 AM
Decided to get around to SRing for Mystery Gift Pokemon, specifically Pikachu, Electivire, and Magmortar in Diamond and Dragonite in Pearl. Check out the IVs on the Dragonite I kept:

Dragonite - #149 (Mild)
HP: 28 - 29
Att: 28 - 29
Def: 28 - 29
SpA: 30 - 31
SpD: 24 - 25
Speed: 31

I am so frikkin' amazed that I actually got that.

Anyway, in Pearl, I'm right before Sunyshore and training a Gabite. The rest of my team is Infernape, Roserade, Floatzel, Staraptor, and Clefable (well, Clefable and Infernape are currently in the box for Dragonite, which I'm probably gonna breed, and an egg, probably a Gible). But I just generally don't like Infernape, so I might replace her.

In Diamond, I spent most of my money on coins for a Hidden Power TM to check Magmortar's Hidden Power, but I didn't save after teaching it because it was the wrong type, but I'm already stuck with that Magmortar. :P So I got a ton of cash from the rich couple by the mansion, and in the process of that, Purugly grew to level 90 and Darkrai to 60.

Ah, and the egg just hatched. It is indeed a Gible.

12th December 2008, 10:14 AM
just got pokemon pearl today and it is my second pokemon game 1st being pmd blue. and that the moment i have a lvl 23 monferno, lvl 22 budew and a lvl 23 staravia and a lvl 14 magikarp i am train with a exp. share to lvl 20 to get it to evolve

12th December 2008, 3:17 PM
Well, I have Rare Candied my newly gotten Togepis and I think I´ll train one of these
I´m happy with its IVs

I tried to battle a friend of mine
But an error occured and we were disconnected

12th December 2008, 3:21 PM
Done pwning Volkner XD

Meh, it was so easy I wonder how the battle really lifted his spirits, I mean my spirit wouldn't be lifted after being one-shot by a trainer..

So the battle went on like this. I EQ'd his Raichu, first of all. Then he sent out his Ambipom and started to Shock Wave me, which didn't hurt much. So I got 2 free turns to Swords Dance for Drapion =P

After 2 SD I noticed Drapion's health is yellow, huh, must've been a critical hit before (I wasn't paying attention) so I started sweeping through his entire team~

Ah well. The annoying Victory Road awaits.

12th December 2008, 3:53 PM
Well, I have Rare Candied my newly gotten Togepis and I think I´ll train one of these
I´m happy with its IVs

I tried to battle a friend of mine
But an error occured and we were disconnected

lol it isnt togepis.. its togekiss.. lol what a shame to it!!!!

anyways,for me i hatched about some 5 diglett eggs today.. i dunno why i did that.. but just wanna do somethin..for the sake i did like that.. personally i dont care EV training and all.. just want strong pokemon.. yeah I follow paul's method of training... :D

12th December 2008, 5:13 PM
Well I finished training up my team on Pearl and went to buy loads of Full Restores and stuff to take on the Elite Four. Turns out I needn't have done that. I used maybe 3 Full Restores and 2 Full Heals. My team just bulldozed the Elite Four. Only Lucian gave me any problems. It was fun tearing through their teams though. Anyways after that I went to go fill up my Pokedex a bit more since I hadn't seen all the Pokemon I needed to and I soft resetted for shiny Uxie but no luck.

12th December 2008, 5:42 PM
I've been training my Pokemon a lot lately, and last night my Totodile and Magikarp both evolved. =D With those two on my team, I'm sure beating Gardenia will be a breeze.

12th December 2008, 8:16 PM
well i got my rash Santa to level 13 and hawk to level 11 or 12 IIRC i am heading to the first gym haven't played it much.

12th December 2008, 9:01 PM
I got a UT Japonese Caterpie off of GTS for a Dragonite. Deposited my Rhydon with Protector in the GTS for a Charizard level 9 or under, Then did a simple trade (I forgot what) and took back my Rhydon so it would evolve into Rhyperior. Then did 7 Single BT battles with my new Sandstorm team and won them. Now plan on changing that team up. I also am probably going to restart my Pearl since I haven't restarted it since Mid August.

12th December 2008, 10:26 PM
Did some SRs for shiny Cresselia

A shinx chain reached 40. after some resets the first shiny appeared.
Ended with 2 shinies. I walked out of range.
Going to give them pokerus and evolve them
1) Female, serious, Impetuous and silly, intimidate
2) male, Lonely, proud of its power, intimidate

13th December 2008, 2:54 AM
Entry 5 ~ 12/12/08

Today a few things happend. First off I fought through a swarm of trainers and came out unharmed. My Chimchar evolved into Monferno!! So he learned Mach puch which means I can cream the first gym!
I captured an Abra, and it was holding a TwistedSpoon! Today has been nothing but luck =)
I entered the cave (Forgot the name) and some random hiker, who I've never seen in my life, gave me a HM!!! I never knew people could be so generous! Wait.......wait...... its just rock smash :(. What a lame christmas present!
And in the cave some punk decided to battle me. poor kid was left of the cave, no pokemon, no hope XD

Team so far:
;391; Inferno Lv. 14
;396; Talon Lv. 13
;399; Chuck Lv. 13

13th December 2008, 8:06 AM
Main Pearl: Bred a few Houndour eggs and sent them to my other Pearl, then sent one of the hatchlings back. Got a Female Hasty Treecko, then I bred her with a Tyranitar (so I could get Treecko with the Egg Move Crunch) and traded eggs to my other Pearl/hatched them until I got a Hasty Male (which took quite a while, even though the mother was holding an Everstone). Currently EV-training the Grovyle, will EV-train the Houndour later.

Might teach a random Pokémon Energy Ball, so I can get a Smeargle to sketch it so I can pass it (and Extrasensory) onto a future Vulpix.

13th December 2008, 11:39 AM
Diamond: Nothing.
Pearl: Taken to chaining, and I have been suprisingly successful. First, I got a Shining Shinx, but my Synchronizer didn't work. A Voltorb chain broke at 39(>.<). My Zubat chain, though, at 40 produced me a Shining one. Then, at 41, it was taking too long for a patch to appear, so I purposely went out of range. Still, this time my Synchronizer worked! I got a Jolly Shining Zubat.

13th December 2008, 11:44 AM
Diamond:Bttlted elite 4 and am now battaling Cynthia.Nothing but revives and 1 max eliker left.Thank god I jve lucario and My movie Shymin leftShe has Molotic and Gastrdodn.

13th December 2008, 1:17 PM
Well last night I was looking for a carefull nature ditto

For 6 hours that during the night I was looking for one I caught 20 and did not get 1

Today I went and started lookinga gain adn got 17 more and did not get one!!!

I reall need one!

13th December 2008, 2:38 PM
Well, I tried to batle with a friend of mine
But the net failed
I am gonna start to EV train my Togepis
And I´m planning them right now

13th December 2008, 3:36 PM
I'm back on the weekend and I'll be gone again tomorrow, and back for the holidays next weekend.

On topic:

Between that time, I caught a lot of pokemon. I also went and caught my original 6 sinnoh team and I'm raising them.
they are
1. Piplpup-item- everstone-level 10
- pound
- growl
- ice beam
- bubble
2. Shinx- level 10- item everstone
- tackle
- thunderbolt
3. Starly- level 10 Item- everstone
- Tackle
- wing attack
- aerial ace
- quick attack
4. Buneary- level 12 item- everstone
- pound
-defense curl
- ice beam
- endure
5. Pachirisu- level 11
- thunderbolt
- bide
- quick attack
- charm
6. Buizel- level 10
- water sport
- quick attack
- water gun
- pursuit

I might also go back to breeding to get some more pokemon and I'm going go transfer some more and I can't decide which to transfer right now. I'm also thinking about getting pokemon diamond this month so I can transfer gym leader tms over into pearl and so on.
my total play time: 246:01

13th December 2008, 6:00 PM
Reached the not-so-elite Elite 4!
Yesterday night I had to sleep late so I decided to plunder through the sea and the not-so-victorious Victory Road, so today I'm at the E4 yayz

Then came the silly friend asking for a battle. His Heracross didn't get KOed by Azelf's Psychic, weird, (though sent his HP into the red zone), but weirder still, his Night Slash didn't even put Azelf's HP into the yellow zone. Hmm...

Then saved before entering.

First try, Empoleon got OHKOed by Hippowdon's EQ so I decided to get out again and SR for a Shuca Berry and planted them.. Whiscash also had some hax with Fissure << How could a 30-accuracy move hit in one try when my Pikachu (some time long ago) ALWAYS misses with Slam? Stupid hax.

Next, entered E4 again.

Aaron's buggies were no problem to me. I sent out Empoleon first to Stealth Rock, then after his Dustox started Light Screen I knew it'd be hopeless to keep Empoleon in so I switched Sudowoodo instead. Even through his Double Team I managed to land a Rock Slide, and....
Heracross was pwned by Brave Bird XD
Another strange occurrence was between his and my Drapion. I has a L53 Drapion, Aaron's was L57, but mine outsped him o.O My Drapion is Jolly but still, there's a huge 4 level gap. Anyway as I know his attacks wouldn't harm me much I got in some free Swords Dances and OHKO with EQ.
Beautifly and Vespiquen went half-health as soon as they came out. Sweeping them wasn't very hard. Go Stealth Rock!

Then I went in to Bertha. I didn't bother with Stealth Rock this time, knew it wouldn't be of much help. Whiscash took 3 Grass Knot to die, even through x4 weakness. Hmm.. Strangely enough, her Hippowdon didn't use EQ this time on Empoleon o.O It used Crunch instead. Stupid Bertha.

Flint's next! Aar!

I didn't know why I wrote this, actually. It's not like someone bothers to read them XD
Ah well.

13th December 2008, 10:21 PM
I've recently been wondering... what's the hype about Garchomp? Gible aren't all that good, and they're REALLY hard to find. What's the point? This week I decided to go and search for one. For about three hours total during the week, I was on floor 1 of Wayward Cave trying to find a Gible. I never found one.

Today, in frustration, I looked to my cruddy D/P guide and found that there was a second entrance. I got Earthquake and caught nine Gible. One is at level 17 and has stats that are much better than my level 16 Gible (I doubt it has Pokerus, I've never seen it happen and it wouldn't have an effect when first catching it, right?) and I caught a level 15 Jolly Gible, which I'm really happy about. Now all I need to do is find some good breeding ditto and give the Gible an everstone. I hope the Gible has good IV's, but my parents STILL won't let me connect to the internet on the DS.

13th December 2008, 10:29 PM
Alright so I restarted my Pearl yesterday and I picked Turtwig as my starter...I caught a Zubat and trained that up to the same level as my Turtwig and beat Roark. Then I went to Floroma and beat Team Galactic at the Valley windworks and caught a Buizel which I am now training.

Grotle 18
Zubat 16
Buizel 10

14th December 2008, 12:17 AM
I bought diamond today.
So far I on route 204 looking for a pokemon to catch and I caught a shinx.
I choose piplup, but since I also got pearl I'm going to trade pokemon into diamond and use a different starter along with other pokemon.

14th December 2008, 12:23 AM
Entry 6 ~ 12/13/08

Today, quite a bit happend. I arrived in Orberg city and did some massive training. My Starly and Bidoof evolved! Bibarrel is especialy importent because now I have my water type.
I entered some buildings and got a Dusk ball and Heal ball which were wasted on an onyx. I caught a machop and traded it for another abra.
I met the Gym leader and followed him back to the gym. The battle was short and sweet by using Monfeno and Bibarrel. I got my coal badge and moved on back to Jubilife.
I entered an underground cave and caught a Psyduck and Geodude.

That was all the main things, I left all the minor junk out.

My team ~
;391; Inferno Lv. 17
;400; Chuck Lv. 17
;397; Talon Lv. 15

14th December 2008, 2:43 AM
i finally got a cyndaquil.
mostly ive been training up espeon
trying to evolve feebas, with no success. :(

14th December 2008, 1:29 PM

Done with sweeping the E4. So here's my story, to anyone who's interested <_<;

I didn't save after Bertha, so I fought her again >.<
Nothing special, just that this time her Hippo did use EQ against Empoleon. But I was ready, and have a Shuca Berry attached. :D

Flint's battle was quite hard.
His Rapidash Flare Blitzed my Empoleon sending him to yellow health. I used Stealth Rock, then to avoid being Flare Blitzed again, switched to Sudowoodo. He got another free turn of Flare Blitz, but Woodo didn't take much damage, of course. Then he foolishly tried to set up SolarBeam so I one shot him (after his own damage due to Flare Blitz) with Rock Slide.
Next, Infernape. I forgot how I killed that Ape =P Sorry~
Then starting from Lopunny's fight everything became easy. I sent Azelf out and Nasty Plot once. Then Punny used Sunny Day. THANK YOU LOPUNNY! Flamethrower made short job of him and Steelix, what with a x1.5 and Nasty Plot's boost x2.
Drifblim came out. Zap! Thunderbolt ftw~!

Then Lucian.
Mr. Mime was OHKOed by Drapion's Night Slash before he could do a thing <<
He sent out Bronzong, and I sent in Azelf. Nasty Plot again, while he Gyro Balled me >.< Luckily Azelf survived! Then, go Flamethrower!

Gasp! He survived >.< With some HP left in red. Recovered a bit using Sitrus Berry, then proceeded to Gyro Ball Azelf. I'm sure he'd die.


Azelf survived another Gyro Ball. I can't believe it ^-^ And my Azelf is Timid, too. Hmm.. 6/7 Speed IVs certainly had its uses sometimes, I guess. Then.. I guess I don't need to tell, another Flamethrower yayz~
Girafarig came in. My Drapion got some free turns of Swords Dancing again, then pwned it with Night Slash.
Oo-er. Here some Alakazam. The worst nightmare >.< I kept in Drapion. He used Focus Blast, and it hit >.< Luckily Drapion survived the hit... And.. Need you ask? How can Alakazam probably survive an SD'd STAB Night Slash? XD
Ah. He's gone. Final trouble before Cynthia, Medicham. Brave Bird made short work of him. So short it wasn't even fun.

Oooh! Cynthia's next~
I led the battle with Drapion.
Spiritomb's moves didn't hurt me much, but he survived a STAB Night Slash from Drapion. I guess that's to be expected, as my Drapion was L54, but he already danced 3 time, too. It sent Spiritomb's HP down till the red, probably 1 or 2. Anyway Cynthia used a Full Restore, stupid of her, as slow Pokemon will only die because they'll lose one turn and get outsped the next turn. Anyway, killed the Spiritomb w/ Night Slash.
Gastrodon was OHKOed by Night Slash again. Wasn't surprising, his Def compared to Spiritomb's was way lower.
Then came teh uber, Garchomp. I healed Drapion, and hoped and hoped that Cynthia is not clever enough to use Earthquake, and my wish came true XD Her Garchomp used Giga Impact, so I proceeded to OHKO with Ice Fang. Lucky it doesn't miss. Huh.
Milotic got two-shot with Night Slash. Her turn was wasted on Aqua Ring. Duh.
I pit Azelf against Luke. Got a Nasty Plot in. Lucky Dragon Pulse didn't kill him, then went on a Flamethrower rampage. Heh.
Ice Fang Drapion killed Roserade IIRC. Didn't remember the last one very well, except that I sent out Drapion again as Roserade's attacks don't hurt him very much. (Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb)

That's it! Battle Tower next! But I'm going to finish other sidequests first, though.

14th December 2008, 2:14 PM
I've got nothing to do with my Diamond anymore, since the Pokemon that I should level up there are in Platinum right now. So instead, I'm playing my boyfriend's Pearl (WTF I'm playing my boyfriend's Pearl?! O_o). Long story, but what the heck.

Anywhos, I just defeated Candice early today, and it was easy because Infernape is all I need. Next, I did some quests regarding the Team Galactic HQs & their plans to take over the world, blah blah blah. After I was done in the HQ, I headed to Mt. Coronet to face them again. I battled them again, and after that, I battles & caught Palkia using a Great Ball. (WTF Great Ball actually worked! XD)

After the final quest regarding Team Galactic, I caught a Glameow & a Misdreavus, and I'm planning to transfer them to my Diamond in order to complete the Pokedex. (my boyfriend owes me, so that's the least he can do... err, I mean, I can do. XP) Now, all that's left is to defeat Volkner & get the last badge. D:

14th December 2008, 2:18 PM
Going to start getting ready for Platinum. Though if I want to have the nicknames I planned out I'll have to hack sadly. Seeing as I want to nickname a Shaymin, Lugia, and such that can't be nicknamed if you get them legitally. I didn't realize that till AFTER coming up with nicknames. =( I don't look forward to this, but meh.

14th December 2008, 2:34 PM
I traded these pokemon into diamond
1. Cyndaquil- now level 11 ignores orders 2. Shellos- level 11 ignores orders
3. spiritomb- level 5 or 8. 4. eevee- level 5 5. Phanpy- level 5

rest of my team is zubat.
original team.
1. Piplup- level 12 2. Shinx- level 8 3. Starly- level 7 4. Zubat- level 8 5. Onix- level 8
6. Machop- level 10.

I got my first badge from roark. I am now in flormora town(I spelled it wrong I bet.) Now I'm going to go after my second badge.

Blazing Charmander
14th December 2008, 6:10 PM
I've done so little since my last post. I carried on after getting my fifth badge from Fantina (which was about a week and a half ago lol) towards Canalave, where I lost enthusiasm for playing for a while. Either way, I attempted to hunt for a Munchlax by slathering most of Sinnoh's Honey Trees a couple of times, with no success so far. Just today, i've put fresh Honey on the trees so hold a little hope of finding one.

On the story side of things, I did the Iron Island quest where little of note happened apart from Buneary finally evolving through happiness, and took on Byron in Canalave Gym. My battle was like this:

Bronzor V Misdreavus - Misdreavus wins
Steelix V Gastrodon - Gastrodon wins
Bastiodon V Gastrodon - Gastrodon wins

Pretty easy battle, which brings my badge count to 6. I was then summoned to the Library by my rival, where I was lectured by Rowan before the Galactic Bomb devastated Lake Valor. I was sent to investigate the cause of the large tremor, and discovered it was none other than Team Galactic. I defeated Saturn and his minions at Valor and then took care of Mars' troops at Verity as well.

14th December 2008, 7:20 PM
JPN Pearl:
Defeated the 6th Gym Leader in Canalave City.
Completed the Galaxy Event at Lake Valor.
Completed the Galaxy Event at Lake Verity.
Found HM 07 "Rock Climb" in Route 217.
Defeated the 7th Gym Leader in Snowpoint City.
Now my 3 main pokemon are at level 42.

14th December 2008, 8:02 PM
I beated Roark with my Monferno and Wartortle.

Wartortle vs. Geodude Wartortle
Wartortle vs. Onix Wartortle
Wartortle vs. Cranidos Cranidos, Wartortle didn;t listen to me, so he got defeated after 3/4 turns
Monferno vs. Cranidos Monferno

Caught a wild Geodude and learned it Rock Smash so I could go the Floaroma Town.
Currently just training my Monferno against Starly's and Shinx for Speed and Attack.

Soon I will trade Caterpie over to Pearl, so I can battle with it against Gardenia. Also I'm thinking of catching
a Pachirisu, its just awesome <3

Monferno lvl19
Wartortle lvl19


Send myself a Timid Caterpie, and currently training it on speed. Also caught a Hasty Playbunnie and decided to train my Naughty Munchlax.
And if Im bored, I just cycle a lot for happiness for Munchlax and Playbunny.


Torterra lvl 52.
Buneary lvl 11.
Butterfree lvl 10.
Munchlax lvl 30.

14th December 2008, 8:15 PM
Just yesterday I started a project of fishing for a shiny Magikarp. One good spot, one that works well for me, is on land on Route 229, on the space that is second from the top of the waterline. I am using the Good Rod.

14th December 2008, 8:41 PM
Right now, I am trying to breed a colony of Charmanders, Charmeleons, and Charzards. Oh, I tried to get in contact with some other kids that have the game. But, my Nintendo DS wasn't near any access points.

14th December 2008, 9:11 PM
Well I trained up a few Pokemon on my Diamond and I started filling my Pokedex some more. I then traded some Pokemon over to my Pearl for later. I started chaining again and all my chains kept breaking at 28 and such. I then managed to get a chain of Starlys up to 40 and started resetting. In the end I only caught 2 shiny Starlys because my brother came in and distracted me to break the chain. Ah well, at least I got 2 of them :D

15th December 2008, 1:32 AM
Entry 7 ~ 12/14/08

While in 'My Pokemon Ranch', I traded my Lv. 5 geodude for a Pikachu.
Name: Pikachu
Lv. 20
Grass knot
Double Team

Wow! That was a good trade! Unfortunatly he won't obay me. I'll have to wait untill I get my next badge.

In my actual game, I arived in floraroma town and got some berrys (finaly).
I did some junk with team galactic involving 3 battles and a key. Once I opened the door I did a few more battles and took on Mars.
Victory was mine and my team continued to grow.
Bibarrel learned Headbutt, and Monferno learned Flame wheel!
I slapped some honey on some trees and am hoping to find a Cherubi.
I started to go north and thrashed quite a few trainers along the way.
And I ended my game when I entered the Eterna forest.

My team:
;391; Inferno Lv. 19
;397; Talon Lv. 20
;400; Chuck Lv. 19
;025; Pikachu Lv. 20

15th December 2008, 3:44 AM
Well, I started EV training my Togepi
6 HP/252 SAT/252 SPD

Well, used Power Items and my Togepi got Pokérus from my Crawdaunt

Have already trained:
6 HP
124 SAT
252 SPD

Will finsih it before go to sleep

15th December 2008, 8:37 AM
On my Pearl I finished the Sinnoh Pokedex. After that I went and fought every trainer on Fight Island or whatever it's called. I went and crushed my rival then helped out Buck in Stark Mountain. After that I went back to find Heatran to catch him. He just wouldn't stay in ANY ball I threw at him. He had 1 health and was asleep and 30 Dusk Balls wouldn't catch him. I then saw that I had 1 Great Ball in my bag and I was like "why do I have a Great Ball? I'll just get rid of it then." So I threw the Great Ball at Heatran and was AMAZED when it caught Heatran hahahaha. After that I went and trained my Milotic up to level 100.

15th December 2008, 9:16 AM
Started my game again, dont know why. ANyway i think i may forget about it and just wait for platinum! (english)
Otherwise i shall continue playing and then just transfer my guys afterwards.
Been a slow playing period for me but i think i shall get my interest back.
Oh and im trying to play the whole of platinum using just lucario

15th December 2008, 3:02 PM
Done plundering through Victory Road and Route 224 D:
It was long~

Released Cresselia from her cave. Too lazy to track her up yet, so she's on the loose. So is Mesprit. There's no way I would want to reset for their natures. Takes too long.

Then sailed to the Battle Arena (or whatever it's called). Now walking through all the areas first, when I'm done I'll start on my Battle Tower team. Yeah!

Planning to leave Heatran and Giratina until later :x
But now that I've got some good Synchronizers (Calm, Bold, Impish, Modest, Timid) it's okay I guess. Might go Bold on Giratina & Modest on Heatran.

15th December 2008, 3:17 PM
Well, finished EV training my Togepi and I´m with him to evolve
Well, forgot that babies dont breed
And tried to breed and Elekid
Making it forget egg moves and I´ll have to take a female breed into a male
And breed again with a Admaant ditto
I´m so angry

15th December 2008, 3:36 PM
Did several SRs for the shiny Cresselia...

Tried chaining for lunatone last night. No luck, chains broke before reaching even 10.
Tried Lotad this morning. Had a chain at 28 when it broke by ralts. No shinies.
Hatched a few tropius eggs while chaining.
Been fishing for a shiny shellder, also no luck
Battled the trainer in jubilife standing beside the lottery corner. Won a ppup again...
Going to find Swinub..the swarm pokemon of this day...hoping for a wild shiny encounter

Also made a new shinycard

15th December 2008, 3:38 PM
On my Pearl version, I levelled up my Milotic to level 100 by using the VS Seeker. I then went back to Victory Road to explore it. I picked up many of the items that I had missed but I still haven't finished exploring the whole of it. I got annoyed because I didn't know that I'd need Defog when I teamed up with Marley so all her Arcanine did was miss. I then went and defeated all the trainers on Route 224 and am now training my Jolteon who is at level 86.

15th December 2008, 4:46 PM

well i jus recently beat Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia so i was able to do the darkria mission. So now i got a darkria and ive since raised it to lvl 68. I rose my empoleon to lvl 80 and got its spc. def. up some from ev training. I started breeding phiones and now im waiting for christmas to see if i can get emerald so i can get wut i dont have from there (rayquaza, kyogre, grouden etc.) only problem is GBA is sort of a dead system so im having no luck so far, ill have to check gamestop, but thats really it for me

15th December 2008, 10:06 PM
Alright so I am now in Eterrna actually just leaving Eterna but I beat Gardenia and won handily with my Zubat and gave the EXP. share to Buizel since it was a little underleveled. Then I went to the Galactic HQ and my four main Party members were KO'ed by The boss' Skuntank and all I had was a lv 3 Bidoof and 10 Chatot that I traded that kid for another Buizel I had. The Skuntank was in red HP and I sent out Chatot and it was Confused from my Misdrevis' Confuse Ray and KO'ed itself in confusion. So Chatot gains over 1500 EXP. thanks to boosted points and I found that as a Sort of a waste of EXP.
My party is now:
Grotle 21
Misdrevis 20
Buizel 20
Zubat 20
I also am going to go underground before Cycling Road and get a fossil for Sheildon to be my 5th and last party member.

16th December 2008, 1:20 PM
I have seen yesterday Swarm
And it was Slakoth
I decided to chain!!
So, I got my chain to 40
(So happy, I had already got it to 40 just once)

So, caught 3 Shiny Slakoths
2 Adamants and one Lax

Now, I´m breeding Machops with Ice/Fire/Electric/Bullet Punch to breed with my Elekid

16th December 2008, 4:14 PM
Did several SRs for shiny Cresselia.
Went fishing for relicanth..hoping for a shiny

Tried chaining lotad again, but took ages for a lotad to appear and the chain broke early. So gave up on that for now. Went fishing for relicanth. Currently chaining random pokemon. Sentret chain just broke at 28..no shiny.

Currently SRing at a Honey tree in Pearl. Its an Aipom...hope it will shine before the honey tree stops shaking

17th December 2008, 1:17 PM
Rare candied all the bred Machops
And choose one of them
I´m right now training it at E4 to make it learn Cross Chop
And so, I´ll breed with my Female Adamant Elekid, that will still be bred

To have a Egg moved, Adamant and Good iVd Elekid

17th December 2008, 4:05 PM
Main Pearl: Evolved my Houndour into Houndoom, then leveled him and Grovyle up to Level 40. I also tried EV'ing an Absol, but I forgot to infect him with Pokérus and ended up messing up his EVs, so I had to SR since I didn't want to waste EV-reducing Berries. Oops x_x;

Might use some PP Ups on my Pokémon later. The DS is low on power, so I'll have to put it on charge in a minute. I feel like raising a Gallade, so I'll breed for an Adamant Male Ralts (as well as a Timid Female Vulpix) once Houndoom and Grovyle reach Level 100.

17th December 2008, 4:50 PM
Well I've had no Wi-Fi for the past few months due to my router going bust and my internet provider being PRICKS! Anyways not played much but my sister lost her Pearl and I bought her a new one in return for getting the Azelf on there as I caught mine without SR'ing for IV's and nature etc on my Diamond lol. Anyways just got a decent one with a 28 IV in Speed, 30 in Sp.Atk, 25 HP and 25 Atk and Timid nature. I only want to put it on 352 Speed so it's all good anyways. Thinking for a moveset:

HITOKAGE/Azelf @ Life Orb/Expert Belt/Lefties
U-Turn/Stealth Rock/Thunder Wave

Anyways I'm at college at the moment and my teacher's a prick so I better cut it short now.. Peace


Sir Marly
17th December 2008, 6:37 PM
I picked up my copy of Diamond and saw that I hadn't play since November 2nd. So I resumed breeding for Igglybuffs. I found a decent one that I'm training to evolve into a Jigglypuff. No plans to evolve it after that of course. :3

17th December 2008, 8:23 PM
Trained my Modest Cherubi to lvl 23, dont want to reset the clock to evolve her n.n
Munchlax is almost full happyness, and Buneary isnt even half its way
Butterfree is trained to 18, and Shinx will be added to my team .

Cherubi is hard to train cause she only knows Grass moves, so Im searching for a good ghosht killing mover for her.

Torterra lv.52/Adamant
Munchlax lv.30/Naughty
Cherubi lv.23/Modest
Butterfree lv.18/Timid
Buneary lv.11/Hasty
Shinx lv.4/Adamant

17th December 2008, 8:31 PM
Today I defeated roark with my prinplup. I also trained my charmander, which evolved into charmeleon. I'm now training my charmeleon for the eterna gym.
My team:
Charmeleon lv.26
prinplup lv. 19
turtwig lv. 11
ralts. lv 6
eevee lv.16
skorupi lv. 11

17th December 2008, 8:31 PM
I bred awesomeness itself a few days ago o.o
As a machop:
No Guard: 31/31/22/22/30/31
And the spitback isn't bad either:
Guts: 26/31/30/30/30/31

Egg moves: Elemental Punches + Bullet Punch.

Bred specifically for a ScarfChamp, because it just owns too hard.

Blazing Charmander
17th December 2008, 9:44 PM
Since triumphing over Byron in Canalave, I have been constantly slathering Honey trees across Sinnoh in the hope that a Munchlax would be lured at some point. However, I haven't had a single one appear so far, with my only consolation for waiting being a solitary Heracross.

Either way, I continued my quest by climbing Mt. Coronet and trudging through the northern snow routes in order to reach Snowpoint City. I eventually got there, and challenged Candice for my 7th badge. It was a fairly easy battle, with only Abomasnow posing any problem for me with its Grasswhistle. The stars of this battle were Vespiquen, Lopunny and Misdreavus.

After meeting my rival at Lake Acuity as well as Jupiter, I went to Team Galactic's Veilstone HQ, where I busted all the Grunts, and finally battled Cyrus. I then had to battle Saturn in order to free the Legendary trio, and was informed that the syndicate's next and final plan of action was to awaken and seize control of the Deity of Time atop Mt. Coronet - Dialga. Due to this, I felt more than inclined to follow them to Spear Pillar, where I have currently arrived and won in a double battle against a pair of Grunts.

I now have the steep task of defeating the Commanders and their Boss in order to dismantle the organisation and save the universe from spiralling out of all control at the hands of Dialga.

Roselia (Blossom) - Lv42
Gastrodon (Shelldon) - Lv42
Vespiquen (Honeybee) - Lv42
Lopunny (Thumper) - Lv41/42
Misdreavus - Lv43

Steven ain't my even
18th December 2008, 4:45 AM
Well today I finished getting data on the hard pokemon to lvl up (30-55). All I have to do now is get the trade item evolution pokemon which is near impossible with the GTS, either I have to connect with my friend or wait till platnium comes out in the US. Then I can start making cool teams.

18th December 2008, 4:59 AM

I've started on me Battle Tower team.
I was breeding for a Jolly Sneasel.
They (Sneasel + Buneary) were taking too long to make eggs, so I've decided to hatch the remaining Abra eggs that I've got.
One or two Sneasel hatched, nature was Lax, Gentle, Quiet, even Modest XD
Then one of the Abra hatched. A Jolly synchronizer! O.o

So I decided to catch myself a Jolly female Sneasel to ease on the breeding process.
Got one, and after a Lonely (IIRC) one got 2 Jolly Sneasel.
Went to check their IVs, both had crap IV in Atk (5-9) but one of them had good IV in Speed (20-25) so decided to keep that one.

Now breeding Skarmory, looking for Adamant + Sturdy Skarm.

Went looking for a Bold + Sticky Hold Shellos, too. After a few tries got one, thanks to mah Bold Abra :D

Synchronizers are damn useful.

18th December 2008, 4:29 PM
Well, I'm back for the holidays and I got home last night and didn't have classes today due to an ice storm that is suppose to come today.

On topic:

anyway, a lot has happened between the time I was.


I got four badges now, this is my team right now
1. staravia- level 23( tring to get staraptor
2. Luxray( the first pokemon I caught in the game and my second strongest)- level 32
3. Crobat( my strongest pokemon)- level 37
4. turtwig- level 1( I traded from pearl) I choose piplup as my starter pokemon and I did that in pearl too.
5. Chansey- level 16( trying to get blissey)
6. Shellos -level 8( I might change this one to something else)

I choose piplup as my starter pokemon in both diamond and pearl.

I also caught a lot of pokemon in diamond to and for some reason carnivine and skorupi were easier to find this time than when I was looking for them in pearl.
I also have 25 ponyta.

I also traded porygon between diamond and pearl and got porygon-Z it is at level 18.

Pokemon pearl:

I got a two star trainer card, from that capture the flag game. 50 flags was a lot though, at least you don't have to have 50 different flags anyway. I guess the next star I'll try to get is the pokedex one, then either try contest( which I don't do well at.) and then the battle tower( I haven't tried this yet.)

18th December 2008, 8:10 PM
Well, bred my Female Elekid (Evolved to Electabuzz) with my Adamant Ditto to get an Adamant Female Elekid
So, I got it

And after I evolved it to breed with my Bullet/Ice/Fire/Electric Punch Machop to the ones that will born inherit the moves

Well, right now
Rare candying them to calculate IVs

19th December 2008, 8:53 AM
Err... been busy lately; studies, Christmas preparations & DS games made me busy. =P

Aaaaanyway, I continued playing my BF's Pearl (he's too lazy to play it -_-"), but lended it back to him for a short while; that's because we had a trade earlier. I traded my lv. 100 Empoleon in Diamond for his Misdreavus. He's just going to borrow it anyway, so he can finish the Pokemon League with no problem. (but the Misdreavus is mine! >D) Afterwards, I continued playing his Pearl.

After finishing the Pokemon League, I completed the Sinnoh Dex by finding the remaining Pokemon. I was too lazy to capture Uxie & Azelf & just ran away from them, since I know it'll take a while to catch them, and Azelf was too hard to catch, even with a Dusk Ball. >_> After getting the National Dex, I got the Pokeradar, and went to Route 215 to catch a Houndoom. (for completing the National Pokedex)

19th December 2008, 9:10 AM
Did some SRs for shiny Cresselia

Did several SRs at a honey tree till it stopped shaking, no shiny aipom.
Hatched a couple of Tropius eggs at work yesterday.
Currently SRing at a honey tree. There is a Combee in it.

19th December 2008, 12:01 PM
Calculated the Elekids IVs and found the better
I have discussed a little bou their IVs and finally found what will be:
6 HP
252 SAT
252 SPD

Gonna start now

Blazing Charmander
19th December 2008, 2:43 PM
I fought the two Galactic commanders in a double battle alongside my rival on Spear Pillar in anticipation of saving Dialga from the syndicate's evil clutches, and the universe from the deity's adverse time-distorting powers. The double battle went incredibly well, with none of my Pokemon fainting (my rival had two faint - Munchlax and Staraptor, although Staraptor was a huge help before going down) and me only having to use a Hyper Potion once if memory serves.

After defeating Mars and Jupiter, we witnessed the Legendary Trio of Emotions stop Dialga in its tracks, thus stopping it distorting time and breaking the Red Chain. This served to enrage Cyrus, and he took out his rage on me. He was one tough customer, as he took out the majority of my team, and I even had to revive a few to eventually win the battle. I feel cheap having to do that, but I wouldn't have fancied either soft-resetting from the beginning of the Admin double battle, or taking more time to train before making the long journey up Mt. Coronet again. Either way, I won :)

Then I battled the deity itself - Dialga. It took a while to subdue it, but I eventually caught it with an Ultra Ball. Only downside is that it has a Lax nature.

19th December 2008, 6:14 PM
I caught Rotom in pearl.

In diamond I found HM05 defog. I'm going to head over to Celestic town. I'm training a team up for the fifth gym it might take a while before I decide what pokemon I want to use. I got the happiness appilcation, I'm using it to check chansey it is at one small heart. Crobat is still my strongest pokemon.. Staravia is level 26, I need to raise it eight more levels. I'm also trying to decide what starter I want on my team between chimchar and turtwig.
On my team now
Staravia- level 26
Crobat- level 37
Chansey- level 16
Luxray- level 32
Chimchar- level 1
Shellos- level 8
Play time: 26:31 Pokedex caught: 46 Seen 89

Sapphire Phoenix
19th December 2008, 7:12 PM
I decided to pick up my Japanese Diamond again and finish my Scramble Challenge. I'm in Eterna City now, getting ready to battle Gardenia. I had battled her with my Luxio alone, but Roserade KO'd it with Grass Knot and I resetted. So, I just traded over a Gible egg from my English Diamond. I'm training my Luxio for the Gym Leader right now.

-Luxio Lv. 25 (need Luxray)
-Cranidos Lv. 20 (need Rampardos)
-Gible Egg (Need Garchomp)
-Slave (Need Skuntank)
-Slave (Need Pelipper)
- (Need Lucario)

19th December 2008, 9:22 PM
Haven't made much more progress due to schoolwork but I made my way down Cycling road, and got a fossil for Sheildon, revived it, went to Heathome and now my current party is
Grotle 23
Buizel 22
Zubat 21
Sheildon 21
Misdreavis 21

20th December 2008, 3:34 AM
Well, I gave vitamin to my poke
And its IVs are right now:
6 HP
100 ATT
124 SPD

Wanna finish´em tomorrow

20th December 2008, 3:53 AM
I got my fifth gym badge which was fairly easy. Only lost one pokemon.
I used Luxray- level 32 and used bite and I used Crobat- level 39 and used bite. I also taught crobat poison fang. My staravia is almost ready tp evolve into staraptor it needs 877 experiences points to evolve into staraptor. THen I'll level up chimchar and turtwig.
Then I'll be raising my team further for the sixth gym in canalive( spelt wrong I'm guessing.) city

20th December 2008, 1:38 PM
I used Luxray- level 32 and used bite and I used Crobat- level 39 and used bite. I also taught crobat poison fang.

You should give him Cross Poison, it's got better base power. Unless you want the chance to Toxic the opponent, of course, in which Poison Fang is better.


So I finally hatched mah Adamant Skarmory. But it's got Keen Eye, and I wanted Sturdy. Lucky it was a female one so I could just start again and give the Skarm an Everstone. Poor birdie, it just hatched and I'm forcing it to have *** already XD

Ah well. So from that, I got 3 Adamant Sturdy Skarmory. I Rare Candy'd em and checked for their IVs, apparently the third one has the best among all three (I definitely won't breed for IVs) so Im sticking with it, I guess.

I'm now debating whether just to train my three Pokemon or rack up some points first to buy the Power items. They'll make training a lot easier, but then... That's funny, entering the Battle Tower to gain points to but items so that I can actually train my real Battle Tower team. Anyway if I do I'm not expecting the Pokemon I entered to last long, I mean, they're from the main storyline and are not EV trained properly. But they do have the right natures though.

20th December 2008, 2:50 PM
I just finished my EVD Jumpluff and Celebi, they're pretty nice

EVS: 188 Def/ 68 SpD/252 Spe
Leaf Guard
-Energy Ball
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder



252 Hp/252 Def/4 SpA
Natural Cure
-Heal Bell
-Leech Seed


They're pretty good, eh? All bragging aside, i don't breed these myself. I get them in trades from people who can IV breed and all of that, and I EV them myself ^.^

20th December 2008, 5:32 PM
Main Pearl: Houndoom and Grovyle are Level 80 now, they'll (hopefully) reach Level 100 either tomorrow or the day after. I decided to chain some random Pokémon out of boredom, and I managed to chain 20 Ponyta before it got broken by a Chansey >_>

Second Pearl: Going to SR for a Female Jolly Eevee, since it'll save me the hassle of trying to breed one.

21st December 2008, 2:59 AM
Ev trained my Elekid
6 HP
252 ATT
252 SPD

I traded and traded back to evolve it and wanna now test it
Gonna do it ASAP with a friend of mine in here

21st December 2008, 1:45 PM
I beat the rival( who, I hate popping out in random places), Monferno evolved into infernape, shellos evolved into gastrodon.

My team now.
1. Crobat- level 41
2. Infernape- level 37
3. Gastrodon- level 37
4. Luxray- level 41
5. Staaraptor- level 36
6. Chansey- level 17

I also made my way to snowpoint city. Next I'll be raising my team for the seventh gym battle. I might raise ponyta to evolve into rapidash and raise cyndaquil too.

Pokemon Pearl:
Nothing happened recently in the game, been mostly playing diamond. I pretty much been cheking swarms and that is it.

21st December 2008, 2:34 PM
The last 2 days I've been breeding and SRing.

At Diamond I did several SRs for a shiny Cresselia.

At Pearl I hatched several Tropius eggs. I also did several SRs at honey trees. Currently SRing at a tree containing Combee. Still no new shinies.

21st December 2008, 3:03 PM
atlast completed my national 'dex, but was infuriated when got nothing but "thank you" for all the effort. not even a small certificate. that was really a downer. took away all my interest from the game.

21st December 2008, 3:58 PM
Just defeated Team Galactic at Eterna City after obtaining my new badge.
Team is as follows :
~Budew lv 22
~Monferno lv 21
~Starling - Staravia lv20
~Simba - Luxio lv18
~Missy D - Misdreavus lv 17

I like my teams to be balanced out. Want all of them at least lv 25 before I get to Heathome City.

21st December 2008, 6:01 PM
I just won my seventh badge without a problem. Now I'm going to continue to raise my team for the eighth and final badge in sunnyshore city.
Here is my team right now and levels. A few of them leveled up anyway.
1.Infernape- level 40
2. Gastrodon- level 40
3. Crobat- level 42
4. Luxray- level 42
5.Staraptor- level 38
6. Chansey- level 17

I might also stick around in snowpoint city to catch a sneasel or two and a snover or two.

22nd December 2008, 2:35 PM
Did some SRs for shiny Cresselia, as usual..

Decided to chain in the trophy garden. A castform chain reached 40 on the first try and within 10 minutes of resetting I got 2 shinies before the chain broke. A male (brave) and female (calm).
Shiny appeared (http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii309/aesir22/Shiny&#37;20Encounter/Castformappeared.jpg)
Castform got out of the luxury ball (http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii309/aesir22/Shiny%20Encounter/CastformAppeared1.jpg)
Castform 1 (http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii309/aesir22/Shiny%20Pokemon/Castform1.jpg)
Castform 2 (http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii309/aesir22/Shiny%20Pokemon/Castform2.jpg)

Going to send them to my Diamond file for storage.

22nd December 2008, 4:43 PM
At Solaceon doing some major training on the happinys which give good exp.
Current team :
-Budew - Lv 27
-Monferno - Lv 26
-Gyarados - Lv 25
-Starling (Staravia) - Lv 24
-Simba (Luxio) - Lv 23
-Missy D (Misdreavus) Lv 22

I want the team to look like this before moving on, it will take a while though...
-Budew / Roselia Lv 40
-Infernape Lv 39
-Gyarados Lv 38
-Starling (Staraptor) Lv 37
-Simba (Luxray) Lv 36
-Missy D (MIsdreavus) Lv 35

22nd December 2008, 5:46 PM
My chansey finally evovled into Blissey. Wingull evolved into pelipper. I caught Dialga.
I also caught another sneasel. My team Now is:
1. Infernape- level 43
2. Gastrodon- level 41
3. Luxray- level 43
4. Crobat- level 43
5. Blissey- level 27
6. Pelipper- level 31

I also caught a snover.

Cain Nightroad
22nd December 2008, 6:22 PM
I recently found my old version of Diamond, which has been lost for over a year now. I'm going to be leaving my newer Diamond alone for a little bit, in order to get "reacquainted" with my game. I know that I'll need to do some training and working on my two Deoxys, as I left them in poor shape in terms of competitive battling. I also need to finish training my Venusaur to level 100 to complete its post-EV training runs with the Elite Four. I've got a lot of work ahead of me!

Blazing Charmander
22nd December 2008, 8:31 PM
After conquering Team Galactic on Spear Pillar, and capturing Dialga myself, I got back on track with my Pokemon League quest by making my way to Sunnyshore City.

I had a meal of a time attempting to defeat the fishermen with Gyarados at their disposal en route to Sunnyshore, but you could say it was character-building for my team and they got plenty of experience from it. Other than that, the other trainers were pretty simple to beat and I finally reached my destination. On arrival, I was informed by Ronald McDonald (aka Flint :)) that his friend and the city's Gym Leader, Volkner was bored at the Gym and really needed something to spark his interest in battling again. Due to this, I went to find him and promised him an exciting battle.

The battle lived up to the hype that I promised him and I eventually defeated him with myself receiving the final badge required to register for the Pokemon League. Roserade (yep, I evolved Roselia prior to the Gym challenge), Gastrodon and Lopunny were the stars for this Gym. I now intend on surfing north to Victory Road - the gateway to the Pokemon League.

After beating Volkner, I made a final attempt to find Munchlax in the Honey Trees. However, I had no success yet again and with the time it takes to buy Honey (the system of the merchant in Floaroma only selling one Honey at a time doesn't help) and then waiting for the Pokemon to appear with only a 1&#37; chance of Munchlax appearing anyway, I've decided to postpone the hunt until after I beat the Elite 4. Maybe the prospect of joining the 'Sinnoh Champion' will be attractive enough for it to appear. ;)

22nd December 2008, 9:00 PM
Main Pearl: Grovyle and Houndoom finally reached Level 100. Going to get Smeargle to sketch Energy Ball and Extrasensory, then I'll get a few Vulpix/Ralts eggs and send them to my other Pearl and hatch them, then send one Vulpix/Ralts back. Well, that's after I send a couple of Pok&#233;mon to my other Pearl for renaming.

Second Pearl: Got a Female Jolly Eevee after 3 SRs, going to trade her to my main Pearl later.

22nd December 2008, 9:01 PM
I'm currently trying to catch a Male Heatran with a Dusk Ball (Male because I'll alerady have a female legendary, wich is Crescellia.)

Then, I'll be spreading Sweet Honey all over Honey Trees. (I haveabout 10 right now.)
I'm hoping to collect those Pok&#233;mon: Aipom
1 Munchlax
1 Heracross
3 Female Burmy
1 Male Burmy
1 Cherubi
1 AipomNeedless to say that I alerady have a Female Combee from Honey trees.

The Benmeister
23rd December 2008, 11:58 AM
Got bored of my complete national dex file on Pearl so I decided to walk through the map with a new team (because there's no way in hell I'm restarting the file and it's the closest I can come to doing so). Bred a Dunsparce and Piplup to start my journey.


Dunsparce lvl.4
Piplup lvl.3
Kricketot lvl.3

23rd December 2008, 6:04 PM
JPN Pearl: I defeated all of the Galaxy members in their Veilstone Hideout. Then, I climbed Mt. Coronet. Took me 15 min to defeat the double battle before Galaxy Admin Cyrus because of those dang Bronzors. Then I defeated Cyrus barely with my Garchomp. And I caught Palkia with a Pokeball.

24th December 2008, 12:18 AM
Got to trade on the GTS for the first time. Failed to get hold of a shiny Eevee by chaining, got fed up and quit trying it for today. Caught 25 kinds of Unown, couldn't find the J one, gave it up and went to get a Hippopotas - with success. Currently owning Flint's team @ the E4.

24th December 2008, 6:32 AM
Restarted Pearl because I can't seem to find Diamond >_>

-Chose Piplup (Duh!)
-Caught Starly because there are no Murkrows in Pearl
-Beat Roark while Bubble OHKo'd everything
-Double Intimidation agaisnt Mars is fun rendering Purugly to a useless piece of Garbage
-Got through Eterna easily
-Caught Meditite
-Training Meditite while I find a decent Ponyta

Prinplup Lv.21
Staravia Lv.21
Meditite Lv.13
Bidoof Lv.2

Diamond: Still trying to find that >_>

The Benmeister
24th December 2008, 12:44 PM
Finding this more than infuriating due to some trainers having level 3s with the vs. seeker but others having level 19s. Also due to lack of Psyduck. Oh well.


Dunsparce lvl.12
Piplup lvl.11
Kricketune lvl.11
Shinx lvl.11
Ralts lvl.11

25th December 2008, 5:12 AM
ok well im currently breeding for a good Snorlax, metagross, and a Smeargle

mostly wasnt Smeargle to have a 0 as for Snorlax and Metagross. this is for my Trickroom team.

so far i have a decent Snorlax but im still breeding.

25th December 2008, 5:25 AM
Spent from about midnight to around 2am trying to get through Mt. Coronet and past Cyrus. Lost once, and had to do it all over again!

Got past 'em, and decided I'd catch Dialga with a Premier Ball. None of the natures and characteristics appealed to me, so I kept SRing for a nicer one.

Earlier this afternoon, I finally find a DECENT one. *I don't do EVs or anything, I just like appealing natures* I think Adamant and Hates to Lose sounds alot better than Jolly and Strongly Defiant or something like that. >DD

I hope I'll get through the game quick! I wanna start chaining <33

25th December 2008, 8:25 PM
I hatched a jolly, likes to thrash about, agility torchic very soon after I started trying.
I love my ditto collection.
I'm also hatching eggs to gain box space, plus breeding for a good bidoof. I'm making a team of underestimated Pok&#233;mon. I'll use sableye, bibarel, and something else. Maybe arceus! XD

I also plan to purchase Pearl and have a one-man team of bibarel. Do you think I can make it?
No, I think I'll just put together a normal team and save the bibarel team for Platinum.

26th December 2008, 11:37 AM
Resetted my yesterday purchased diamond game after learning that traded 5 level pokemon team soon disobey you quite easily and I had to not fight a lot of trainers. (I had whismur, electrike, torchic, bagon, spoink, corpish)
Got my first wild battle with my chimchar. I went to the poke center, and there was pokerus!
Caught random poke to spread pokerus (starly)

Shadow Tepi 8
26th December 2008, 11:39 AM
Finally managed to come online after a month-darn internet.
Well I did a lot of things on Diamond but I'll only type some of the things.

-Hatched a lot of Ralts eggs to get my perfect Gallade. Currently at Lv. 57.
-Hatched a lot of Beldum eggs to get my perfect Metagross. Currently still in EV training at Lv. 17.
-Hatched some Sneasel eggs to try to get a perfect anti-lead Weavile. None perfect yet.
-Went to catch some Dratini's (the ones I had are on my friends Ranch) to breed. Need to check the IVs of the Dratini's though.
-Won the Cool Contest Master with my awesome Chatot. Absolutely annihilated Loony who was in 2nd place. That leaves me with only one more contest to beat-Tough!
-Did a lot of Battle Tower to gain Battle Points. Gained about 300 in total and spent about 180.
-Did some breeding for wishing Eevee's. Will end up raising a wishing Vaporeon for my new team.

The Benmeister
26th December 2008, 12:58 PM
Took a different route to the norm, going from Eterna through Mt. Coronet to whatever that historical place is called and then down to Solaceon. Still looking for a sixth member.

Dunsparce lvl.21
Prinplup lvl.21
Kricketune lvl.21
Luxio lvl.21
Gallade lvl.21

26th December 2008, 3:03 PM
Did several SRs for the Cresselia.
Went underground and found several things including 3 fossils and 2 old ambers. Burried several spheres.

Migrated several pokemon from my emerald game. Did several trades for items.
Went underground and found several things, only 1 fossil though.
Hatched many tropius eggs. Still no shiny.

26th December 2008, 4:44 PM
I finally migrated my docile mewtwo, the most ironic nature for mewtwo. XD Now my only problem is whether to make it physical or special. I'm thinking to have brick break over aura sphere and make it a mixed attacker. I'd have psycho cut on it, but I lack heart scales. :(

26th December 2008, 5:24 PM
Just got the game yesterday. I just beat Wake in the 4th gym; I had to SR once because of Garados's Swagger made my Luxio KO itself. Looking for the 5th gym leader so I can get through the gym (if anyone can offer help, I'd accept it(I've already seen her infront of the contest but she's still not there)). I just evolved my Grotle into a Tortera and I'm almost to lv 30 w/ my Luxio so I can evolve it as well.

Twilit Dragoon
26th December 2008, 7:56 PM
Diamond: Caught a shiny Snover with the Pokeradar on Christmas day, after spending several hours of resetting the radar with no luck. Got my chain up to 43 when the shiny patch appeared.

I've also been breeding for a shiny Croagunk, I haven't hatched eggs in a while. Going to add some egg moves, once I finally get a Pokemon with said moves in its moveset.


Started up my resets for shiny Mesprit in Pearl once again. I've been hunting it on and off for several months now. I'm only up to 305 SR's, as I often get bored after 5 or so resets.

Still SRing for a good nature/shiny Chimchar in one of my Pearl copies too. I've had the game since October, bought used, and haven't touched it since. Been to busy with Platinum and other things. I've done about 100 SR's total so far.

26th December 2008, 8:14 PM
In Pearl: I stopped playing since i need to get a Gible with egg moves which i plan on doing with my Diamond.
In Diamond: Ive been training my team since they're only lv 58s and up. -_- I'm currently migrating Pokemon to breed like Arons and My starters. I've also been trying to to beat my streak at the battle tower (28) but i cant -_-

26th December 2008, 9:21 PM
Really, people, how hard is it to understand?
Do you all understand that now? It's not really a very hard concept.

26th December 2008, 9:26 PM
Overkill much? ^
Anyways, this morning I beat Volkner. I got lucky, 4 of my 5 pokemon got taken down (I was watching TV at the same time), leaving it to Kadabra to defeat Luxray and Octillary. I then trained them from level 46 to level 50, and now I'm going to go through Victory road. I'll probably be about level 53-54 when I get to the Eilte four, which is good; I like a challenge.

26th December 2008, 11:15 PM
Yay, my holiday present to myself was purchased. (although I was $1.99 short... :()

As you can tell from my signature, I have a second DS Pokémon game and a good wi-fi connection. :D

Instead of following a theme, I'm just going to put together a team of my favorites, make it through the game, delete my team's EVs, and EV-train them.

So far I have planned:

Sneasel/weavile (I can't decide... I like sneasel more but weavile is stronger.)
Palkia (because you know how I love ubers)
HM slave of my choice

I'm going to try and find a docile palkia. It'll take a long time...

Right now, I'm at Eterna, trying to defeat the grass mistress and evolve my cascoon. (I hope it has hidden power psychic/fire/ice.)

27th December 2008, 12:16 AM
It's been a while since I posted here. I've captured some new Pokemon: a Goldeen (Oceana), Finneon (Cerulean), Bibarel (Riverider), and Barboach (Sushi). I'm training all my Water Pokemon to level 21 befor heading to Veilstone City. I'm thinking of capturing one non-Water Pokemon to help me out, and I can't decide between a Pikachu or Girafarig. =x Hmm~ Well, we'll see what happens. I really really want a Vaporeon, but my only choice at the moment is to wait until I have the National Dex and get an Eevee from Bebe. I don't really want to wait -that- long though. D=

27th December 2008, 2:40 PM
Bu-YAH! I got Nintendo DS Lite and pokemon diamond for christmas! ^^
I've already finished victory road and i am training for the pokemon league right now. The storyline itself was more interesting and the gyms were easier than what i expected.
Anyway, my current team is:

Gastrodon (east) Lv. 50
-Mud Bomb
-Hidden Power (i think fire)

Honchkrow Lv. 50
-Wing Attack
-Night Slash
-Sucker Punch

Infernape Lv. 52
-Close Combat
-Fire Blast
-Mach Punch (suggestions?)
-Flame Wheel (suggestions?)

Drapion Lv. 55
-Toxic Spikes
-Acupressure (suggestions?)
-Poison Fang

How much do you think i should level these up before challenging the E4?

27th December 2008, 3:10 PM
Well, I havent posted here for a while
The last thing I posted was that I EV trained my Elekid
I evolved it
And made a Cubone chain
catching 6 shinies

Well, traded a lot of my unused pokes for rare items including some shiny cubones
Started to train my Cubone (not shiny YET)
Finished and evolved to the right level for it to learn the moves he needs

Well, I´ve battled a lot of friends with nice and bad results
And I´m lazy to train more pokes

I´m planning more pokes to my team

27th December 2008, 3:39 PM
Did several SRs today at work, but still no shiny Cresselia. Think im going to take a break from SRing for it.

Went underground. Found alot of fossils this time. Bought some honey and put it on several honey trees. Hope to SR for combee in a few hours.
Hatched several tropius eggs.

Going to restart Ruby...and SR for shiny legendaries..

in one of the honey trees there was a combee, so currently SRing for a shiny combee