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Erik Destler
15th April 2008, 12:28 AM
So, the older one was pretty long, and pretty spammy. So, I remade it. :]

~The Rules~

* Don't attempt to trade here
* Don't spam
* Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, THREE good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.


15th April 2008, 12:37 AM
firstly i bred hippopotas to try and get a really good iv one but they didn't turn out that great :( then i spent a whole hour levelling up my slowking, got a quick claw and now going to chain budew or wooper. but before that im sorting out my wifi team.

Capt. Price
15th April 2008, 1:39 AM
Can they be 4 things in one really long sentence?

Finished training my Pokemon, I also evolved Price. I beat the 5th gym and now I'm looking for a Fighting pokemon to replace SSgtGriggs. Should I wait for Lucario or no?

Oh by the way I just talked to Cynthia and I'm heading to Canalave. Still need some hints on how to get fast cash, getting low on supplies.

15th April 2008, 1:45 AM
I just caught my first shiny ever =]! I had been chaining Shinx for a while, and after 40 I started resetting. After about 20 MRs' worth of nothing, I decided to continue chaining. After 55, I started resetting again. After about a half hour, I was about to go back to chaining when BAM! Right in front of me, sparkle patch! I totally freaked, and scared my dog XD I named him "Lux" with stars at the beginning and end.
Also today I levelled up my Squirtle (now Wartortle), Cubone, Duskull, and evolved my Weedle into Kakuna and then into Beedrill. I'm taking a little break now but I might go back to chaining later. Pidgey is swarming today =]

15th April 2008, 3:15 AM
I did the Iron Island challenge with Riley... The thing I like about playing with NPCs is that they heal your pokemon automatically!! So I took advantage of that and raised my Gyarados for fighting Byron. : D His Bronzor kept putting Gyarados to seep so I ended up having my junk Roselia against Byron's Bastiodon, which I believed was part ground?? But Mega Drain did hardly anything and he kept healing. e_e It took forever to beat it. Then his last pokemon... Steelix?? Was a OHKO. XD Sucker.

So then I trudged my way slowly up to Snowpoint City where I SAVED MY GAME and now I'm online. : P I have to raise my levels a little higher before challenging the next gym... I'm thinking I'd like to be around level 42-45 as opposed to 35-38. ^^;

15th April 2008, 3:23 AM
Hmm, I caught about 6 pokeradar-exclusive pokemon. I'm trying to breed for a Trapinch at the moment, but all the bug egg group pokemon I breed with it don't like it. <<

I'm also trying to grow some berry bushes that DON'T yield only 2 berries.

Tri hawk
15th April 2008, 3:47 AM
I walked around for a bit, and now i'm training this Mime Jr.
I'm almost complete training for my Regice as well, off to Regirock and Registeel soon.
Attempt at catching Trapinch -Failed.

Tune in later for more thrilling adventures!

Capt. Price
15th April 2008, 3:57 AM
Just got my 6th badge, going to go get my Riolu egg before I move on in the game.


Warpig (Torterra) lvl 33
SSgtGriggs (Ponyta) lvl 28

Soap (Shellos) is also one level from evolving. Exp Share ftw.

Tri hawk
15th April 2008, 3:58 AM
Welcome back to Tri hawk's thrilling adventure!

Surskit were in abundance today as a swarm, and I managed to catch a few before sundown.
Regice has completed training, and is ready for online. See you on the battle field!

15th April 2008, 11:48 AM
Wondered where the old thread had got to. I was all OMGWTFBBQPIEBAGDESU? *bricked*

Okay so anyways. I beat the Elite Four once again and four of my Pokemon gained a level... alas, Senirasu is only level 98. Good for most but not for me; I wanted her on level 100 already so I can put Arkhaios on my team. I'm also getting two darling Sneasels ready for transfer over to Pearl. One will have the moveset Swords Dance/Crush Claw/Ice Shard/Brick Break and the other Swords Dance/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch/Brick Break. I like to experiment with Sneasels movesets. (:

15th April 2008, 12:17 PM
Exp Share on Garchomp to try to get it to 55 and Dragon Rush.

Charizard up to 95, Empoleon up 95,

Hatched a Mantyke and Gible beforehand (not same Gible that's a Garchomp now.

15th April 2008, 1:10 PM
PEARL- Still hatching chimchar eggs, i have hatched about 200 already but no shiny yet
i've been entering contests in beauty and cute to win the master ranks
I have also been picking berries to get some more accessories from floraroma town

DIAMOND- I descided to re-battle the elite 4 with my infernape, staraptor, roserade, floatzel, drapion and lopunny

15th April 2008, 2:14 PM
Diamond: Just defeated the E4 for the 28th time, LVLd up my Snorlax to LVL 95 (getting pretty bored of this), My Dialga got Pokerus and now three more on my team do, i chained 45 Machops for a lousy stinking Geodude to come along and wreck it.

Pearl: Restarted, Chose Piplup, got him to LVL 18 before seeing Prof. Rowan, now have Staravia and Graveler, I just defeated the Ghost Gym, and am now in Iron Mountain thraing with Riley, Piplup is now Empoleon LVL 63, Staravia is still the same level as well as Graveler.

15th April 2008, 3:10 PM
Beat Candice by the skin of my teeth with pokemon level 39-ish... And completed the Veilstone Galactic HQ before bed. Next I guess I'm off to Sunyshore.

Dark FireBird
15th April 2008, 3:17 PM
pearl: growing some berries for trades, just traded with Spodee for a wish eevee (thanks! ^^) so going to use him for breeding, won an exp share in the lottery (i can never seem to get all the numbers. >.<). also wanting to start doing some contests (since i haven't even tried 1 yet, lol), so trying to decide on a good contest pokemon... would really like to use 1 of my shinies, since they probably won't be used for much else and it seems a bit of waste to have them just lying around the pc...

diamond: haven't done much lately, but going to check swarm pokemon *crosses fingers that it's cubone* and trophy garden pokemon to see if there is anything interesting to chain today. also will head to the resort area to get a massage for togepi sp that she hopefully evolves soon!

~Heaven Help Us~
15th April 2008, 4:09 PM
Skitty was swarming today and i caught 2, one i kept as a skitty, the other into a delcatty.the mansion pokemon was bonsly but i had it already. won the lottery for the 3 time in a row, pp ups.gave my eevee massages to increase its happiness and now i need to get umbreon at night.and now imma go catch lapras.

15th April 2008, 4:25 PM
Just beat the battle tycoon's 1st team for my 25th time! Yay! Hoping to get past 60 wins this time at least with my new gengar I trained up specially for the battle tower.

15th April 2008, 5:21 PM
Forgot that I had to do Mt. Coronet before going to Sunyshore, so did that with level 40-41 pokemon. ToT Just barely beat Cyrus, I don't think I've ever been this reckless before in any of my games. o.o; BUT I caught Dialga in only two Ultraballs. : D Thn I finally got to go towards Sunyshore and after about half an hour, found a female Chatot to add to my team. Next I'm going to the name-rater and nicknaming all my pokemon. Chatot so far is the only named one, Finch.

15th April 2008, 8:10 PM
I watered my berries before going to work today. I have an obsession of sorts with the Kelpsy Berry... and i'm not sure why. I don't use them to make Poffin and I don't use them to drop my Pokemons base attack... ah well. Always helps to have a lot, right?

15th April 2008, 8:30 PM
I just caught two Ditto and gave one to my friend... I'm trying to plan out a semi-competitive team but it's hard with the differences between special and physical attacking between the 3rd and 4th generations. e_e So I do all my breeding/training in the 3rd gen and when I migrate my awesome pokemon...... It sucks. Like my ele-punching Alakazam. All she can use now is Psychic because her punches don't do any amount of damage.

Capt. Price
15th April 2008, 10:59 PM
Capt. Price:

If you're short on cash, I believe that you can reach the Gentleman and Socialite trainers on Route 212 and challenge them with the VS Seeker. If you grab an Amulet Coin from the northeast hut in Amity Square, the rewards will be all the sweeter.Ok, thank you! I'll get like $500,000 before going on.

Soap evolved to Gastrodon. Currently HATING Golbats. Still heading for Riley. Is Modest a good nature for a Gastrodon?

EDIT: Vasquez is level 34, taking the cake for strongest pokemon.

15th April 2008, 11:03 PM
Trying to get any Combee on GTS, if it's a male I'll breed it with a Ditto, I really don't care, I just really want a Vespiquen after seeing what it can do. : P Have to migrate Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres later to send to my friend.

15th April 2008, 11:04 PM
Today, more like past midnight so this morning, I caught a stantler. It was male and the next in the chain was female so I sort of wish I waited but I guess it is fine. I also did a little defense ev training on some of my pokemon in the oreburgh mines. When their levels increase, I will take them to iron island instead. I had a wifi battle with Tha saviour, our second battle. The first time a few weeks ago he won but last night, I won. It was fun, it was tight and took a long time which is good. So that is one win apiece.
I was thinking about my old idea for my smeargle. I wanted to have it use lock-on + guilotine since the second gen but realize that this wouldn't be permitted in wifi. Maybe I must come up with something different for her now.

15th April 2008, 11:09 PM
Well, I've had a Lotad with 12 / 23 / 8 / 30 / 31 / 29 as its IVs for a while now, but I just bred more Lotads and now I have several of which that have similar IVs. Yet still, I'm trying to aim for better HP and Defenses as their IVs for those stats are still pitiful. Still going to breed Zangoose, though.

15th April 2008, 11:45 PM
@ Capt. Price: The best natures for Gastrodon are usually those that boost one of its defences while decreasing the power of one its pretty pathetic speed stat; quote me if i'm wrong but I think those natures are Relaxed and Sassy. However I do see Modest and Calm Gastrodons so yeah, I guess you're good to go. ;D

On topic, I once again kicked Elite Four butt; it's one of my favourite things to do as my personal game completion is getting Pokemon to level 100... plus you get bundles of money as well with the Amulet Coin.

Erik Destler
16th April 2008, 12:11 AM
People, I said "Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, four good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail."

This isn't that hard. ^^;

16th April 2008, 12:32 AM
I went on GameFAQs to find an item guide and got all the items I could/wanted. Tried out the Battle Tower for the first time, too. Then I went underground. I got tons of stuff: water stones, leaf stones, everstones, a couple plates [Stone, Icicle, and Earth I believe], heart scales, shards, a couple rare bones..I don't know what to do with it all XD! I trained up my shiny Shinx some more, debating whether or not to evolve him. I'm now off to check what today's swarm is and do some chaining.

16th April 2008, 1:29 AM
Im currently chaining dunsparce and im at 11. before that i chained kriketune (broke on 21), started training my slowking again and it's on lv74, went into the battle tower and i lost before so now i started again and won easy. and had enough to buy a power item so i bought power weight

16th April 2008, 1:42 AM
Recently, I am finishing up on my competative team that I have already started. I just got Leftovers and Choice band out of a trade so now Im doing farely well for myself.

16th April 2008, 1:43 AM
Pearl: Still in iron mountain training with Riley, i think ive killed her Lucario a hundred times with Surf. Empoleon at Lvl 66, Staravia at Lvl 30 and Graveler is still on the same Lvl. I am planning to get both Staravia and Graveler to Lvl 34 and im also looking for Shinies in Iron Mountain. question: Can you still see shinies in the wild if you are in a double battle?

Capt. Price
16th April 2008, 2:05 AM
Just finished the Iron Island and got my Riolu Egg. I plan to name him Command. In completion of the Island, Vasquez became level 35 and Soap became level 37.

16th April 2008, 2:25 AM
Somebody traded me a male Combee on GTS and it only took seven eggs to get a female. : D Now I have a few unhatched Combee eggs in the PC. She's lax-natured and I'm not sure if I'm going to EV-train her or just level her up like crazy... She has better defenses than the rest of her stats, which is obviously good for a Vespiquen.

16th April 2008, 2:26 AM
hatched like 15 munchlax eggs which take forever and still don'y have the right nature...

Capt. Price
16th April 2008, 3:02 AM
Talked to Rowan, Dawn, and Church (Rival) about Team Galactic. Beat Saturn, which took forever because I swapped to the wrong pokemon at the wrong time.... BUUT, good ol' Vasquez killed the Toxicroak enough so that the Stealth Rock set up by Warpig will take him out. :D Currently in Lake Verity and I'm stopping team Galactic.


Price ('Zam) lvl 29
Big Bird (Staravia) lvl 28
Egg (Commander)
Warpig (Torterra) lvl 34
Vasquez (Luxray) lvl 35
Soap (Gastrodon) lvl 37

16th April 2008, 3:11 AM
For the first time in forever I turned on my Diamond game ( I restart so very much, it's ridiculous ) and I find that I last played early February. Apparently I received a pokemon from a guy name "SHOOPER".

I laughed so hard.

16th April 2008, 3:14 AM
For the first time in forever I turned on my Diamond game ( I restart so very much, it's ridiculous ) and I find that I last played early February. Apparently I received a pokemon from a guy name "SHOOPER".

I laughed so hard.

SHOOPER are you serious?

16th April 2008, 3:21 AM
Just came out of Iron Mountain, with a brand new Staraptor. Lvl 37 and an Adamant nature. Also my graveler is at Lvl 36 and my Empoleon at Lvl 70.

Does anyone have a suggestion to what i could fill the other 3 slots with?

16th April 2008, 4:43 AM
Just played underground for about an hour and a half. All my spheres that I buried the other day are like 60+ and I found a whole bunch of treasures. Lots of water/leaf/moon stones, smooth/heat rocks, and an OLD AMBER!! So I got an Aerodactyl... Not like I'll ever use it but I thought it was cool that I found one anyway. I found two other fossils but it caved in before I could dig them up entirely. ;_;

Ah... I found light clay (didn't get), and claw and Root fossils, which I also didn't get. It's okay because I have those pokemon from RSE and I don't use Light Screen or Reflect.. It's just really cool that I'm finding so many wicked things underground.

~Heaven Help Us~
16th April 2008, 5:23 AM
finally got umbreon, tangrowth, masquerian and shiftry and its preevolve for the dex.

16th April 2008, 6:33 AM
Today I've been leveling my shiny Raichu, she's at lvl 66 now.. I also traded for some new TMs and random items.

16th April 2008, 7:22 AM
Today i chained 95 larvitar and end up with 9 shinies, 6 of them were adamant plus 2 were adamant/likes to thrash about

16th April 2008, 10:03 AM
yay just caught my first shiny pokemon with out the radar. i was a machoke in mount stark. lvl 58 and i think it had a brave nature not sure. hoping to evolve it soon. any ways i am trying to figure out on how to chain because i really want umbreon and glaceon

16th April 2008, 11:44 AM
Jakliona, my Rayquaza, is now level 99; she always gains a level a day as I use her to try and perfect my chaining skills, which are still super pathetic... my highest is nine and it's not even Sneasels! *is lucky to chain 5 darling Sharp Claws* I wish I was awesomesauce at chaining...

Igglybuff was in the Trophy Garden today as well, so that's more dex data. It's slowly getting there but i'm in no rush to complete it. Too into getting level 100 Pokemon at the minute, ha ha. ^^;

16th April 2008, 11:45 AM
after weeks of SRing for a shiny drifloon....i gave up...
the a-button on my ds isnt working fine anymore too...Need a new ds ;)

Tried chaining again..
1st: buneary -> broke at 25 -> no shiny
2nd: Wurmple -> broke at 12 -> no shiny
3th: shellos -> broke at 19 -> no shiny

now going underground

16th April 2008, 12:05 PM
just beat wake, flogged the bloke with my tortera and my newly aquired golduck(thank you great marsh), aipom faught well against his gyaraos but lost after a good fight.

16th April 2008, 12:43 PM
Lol, pwnt noob teams in the Wi-Fi tower.

Dark FireBird
16th April 2008, 1:37 PM
pearl: finally some of my berries were ready- i got 15 berries each from the pamtre and durin plants! i didn't know you could get that many- the most i've ever managed to get off 1 plant before was 5! (lol, and i thought i was doing well then! ^^; ) still waiting for berries off of the other 2 plants. tried chaining eevee in the trophy garden, but ended up finding bonsly 1st- chain broke at 11 though... may try again for eevee later.

diamond: still working on raising the happiness of my togepi... wish it wasn't taking so long! >_<

The Benmeister
16th April 2008, 2:19 PM
Beat Tycoon Palmer again with the unlikely team of Drifblim, Torterra and Magnezone. The whole battle was done in eleven moves. Drifblim destroyed Dragonite with Explosion (suicide is always the best option), Torterra battered Rhyperior to rubble with a Wood Hammer (if not suicide, domestic violence) and Magnezone duly electrocuted Milotic with enough energy to power a billion watt lightbulb.
...I also kicked Milotic a few times whilst it was down.

Other than that, I'm having a rather spiffing time training my two new team members - Ambipom, my residential pickup king, and Qwilfish, aptly named Killfish (woo, how original).

16th April 2008, 3:09 PM
oh what happened today...let see...

i searched around on the gts(for shiny's)
got a shiny mesprit and beldum(both hackedDx)
traded my burmy Bumper for a golbat.
and i tryed to chain(with no succes)

16th April 2008, 3:54 PM
i started off this morning trading with someone via the wi-fi centre that had 18 shinies and three events as a result, it took us one hour to trade everything we had,
after that i was busy with filling my dex busy again catching poke's for seeing the gender differences and after i had done everything i could i traded a bit via gts and now i have to clone two shinies i got from a friend of mine.

16th April 2008, 4:43 PM
Went underground
Traded spheres for a bulbasaur and chikorita doll
Most of the spheres I buried are 99 now.

I found the following items:
8x water stone
1x leaf stone
2x thunder stone
2x moon stone
5x everstone
1x revive
1x max revive
3x star piece
6x heart scale
5x hard stone
6x red shard
5x blue shard
1x green shard
2x yellow shard
1x light clay
1x iron ball
1x icy rock
2x smooth rock
1x old amber
2x dome fossil
2x root fossil

16th April 2008, 5:55 PM
pearl: finally some of my berries were ready- i got 15 berries each from the pamtre and durin plants! i didn't know you could get that many- the most i've ever managed to get off 1 plant before was 5! (lol, and i thought i was doing well then! ^^; ) still waiting for berries off of the other 2 plants. tried chaining eevee in the trophy garden, but ended up finding bonsly 1st- chain broke at 11 though... may try again for eevee later.

diamond: still working on raising the happiness of my togepi... wish it wasn't taking so long! >_<

15?! :O
You must have been watering them obsessively, the highest i've gotten is 5 :p
How'd you manage it?

On the subject of Berries, I need to plant some of my best ones to prepare for making Poffins for my Eevee and Shiny Umbreon.
I've trained up my Ninjask a few levels, but i'm trying to capture Heatran so that the trainers levels will increase, as ever, it's being stubborn -__-

And I tried chaining Vulpix, but no luck. Turns out that Snubbull was my Swarm, so I had to change that to stop them from interfering with my chains :P

16th April 2008, 6:07 PM
Went to the pokecenter in resort area, healed the pokemon and went towards Stark Mountain. Battled several trainers along the way. Found out that today’s swarm is krabby. Maybe chaining krabby later on this day. Currently chaining Fearow, the chain is at 9 at the moment.

Dark FireBird
16th April 2008, 8:17 PM
15?! :O
You must have been watering them obsessively, the highest i've gotten is 5 :p
How'd you manage it?

basically, i did water them nearly obsessively, lol! =P just watered them 3/4 times everytime i switched the game back on. and i hope you have more luck with vulpix, halcyon! ^_^

in pearl i bred a diglett, numel and finneon, and caught a wingull and tentacool (have been avoiding catching those 2 out of annoyance for a while) for dex entries. next i'm going to work on evolving meowth, jigglypuff, clefairy, magby and anything else that i haven't got round to evolving yet, so i can get a bit closer to completing the dex. also have been considering making up an all water themed team, so will be deciding on the team members soon.
and still watering the other 2 berry plants- hopefully i'll get a good number of berries off them too! ^_~

16th April 2008, 10:15 PM
Fearow chain broke at 16 by a torkoal. No shiny.
Next chains:
Camerupt -> broke at 8 by fearow, no shiny
Fearow -> broke at 3 by Rhydon, no shiny

Went back to route 226 to chain krabby.
1st chain broke at 7 by mankey -> no shiny
2nd chain broke at 19 by mankey -> no shiny
Primeape chain broke at 24 by Fearow -> no shiny
Several more krabby chains broke…no shinies
While chaining Linoone picked up a max revive, a rare candy, tm26

Currently chaining Banette..chain at 9

17th April 2008, 1:22 AM
Beat the Elite Four four times and finally have Senirasu at level 100. She is now sitting happily in a box and Arkhaios has come out to be trained and eventually smite Pokemon. *nod* Will train him tomorrow after work.

*is going to water her Kelpsy Berry plants obsessively* I'm somewhat addicted to them and I have no clue why, ha ha.

17th April 2008, 1:29 AM
Pearl: Destroyed the Ice gym, headed to Veilstone, demolished Team Galactica, destroyed everyone in and on top of Mt Coronet, caught Palkia with my last Ultra ball, i only had 5 pokeballs, 3 great balls, 3 ultra balls and a master ball, and forgot to save before Palkia, so that was lucky, did something ive never done before, caught both Uxie and Azelf without touching them or lowering there stats with quick balls. Made Mesprit run away and now on the path to the last gym place.

17th April 2008, 1:31 AM
basically, i did water them nearly obsessively, lol! =P just watered them 3/4 times everytime i switched the game back on. and i hope you have more luck with vulpix, halcyon! ^_^

in pearl i bred a diglett, numel and finneon, and caught a wingull and tentacool (have been avoiding catching those 2 out of annoyance for a while) for dex entries. next i'm going to work on evolving meowth, jigglypuff, clefairy, magby and anything else that i haven't got round to evolving yet, so i can get a bit closer to completing the dex. also have been considering making up an all water themed team, so will be deciding on the team members soon.
and still watering the other 2 berry plants- hopefully i'll get a good number of berries off them too! ^_~

Thank yoooooooooooooou for the luck!!!
I got an early Shiny Vulpix at a chain of 30 :D
I've had several chains break now, mostly low numbers but there was one that went at 37 @_@
My chain now is on 32, so even though I got an early Shiny, i'm hoping that I can successfully get this chain to 40 for more ;D

Early Shiny Vulpix encounter (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc261/halcyonXlll/Pokemon%20GBA%20DS/Poke%20Radar%20Shiny%20encounters/Jpegs/EarlyShiny_Vulpix_encounter.jpg)

17th April 2008, 1:31 AM
I've been hatching starter eggs for trading (only Chimchar, Charmander, and Squirtle as those are the only ones I have) and the last two Squirtles that hatched had the exact same natures and IVs. I don't know how common it is, but it just seemed weird to me that I got pretty much the same Squirtle twice in a row.
Anyway, I've just been watering my berry plants. I won the lottery today, I got a backdrop. The swarm today is Snubbull, I might catch one for the 'dex but I don't think I'll go for a shiny. I'm not very fond of the little pink puppy.
Ah well, back to hatching eggs!

17th April 2008, 1:36 AM
hatched a coupleof hippopotas and charmander eggs, then i chained dunsparce and they broke on 19, chained purugly broke on 21, on the GTS now, and after that im going to do sopme SRing for aerodactly

17th April 2008, 11:38 AM
uh ......hiUh... stop spamming?

On topic, Jakliona is now level 100 but she'll stay on my team as my flyer. I'm too lazy to raise a Pick Up Pokemon to level 91 for the chance of it picking up an Earthquake TM to teach her. Maybe one day; I don't normally battle with ubers even though I like raising them. *shrug*

Oh yes, pumped Arkhaios with Protein, HP Up and Carbos. Now to kick Bibarel and Golbat butt later.

17th April 2008, 1:54 PM
My five birds are getting closer to L100. Currently they are: L95 Pidgeot, L94 Fearow, L92 Noctowl, L92 Skarmory and L92 Pelipper. I've given up on Togepi for the time being so once these five are done, I'll be focusing on Dodrio (L34) and shiny Pidgey (L51). Either that or I might EV train my Kyogre and Rayquaza. It might be nice to get out of Route 229 for a while.

Dark FireBird
17th April 2008, 5:30 PM
pearl: started breeding to get the right natures/moves/etc. for the pokemon i want for my new water theme team- have eevee, mudkip and remoraid so far- 3 more to go and then i can start training! ^^ can't wait! =P also waiting to do some important trades and still watering my last 2 berry plants- hope i get some berries soon! ^^;

edit: only got 5 berries off of each plant this time... oh well, shouldn't be greedy!

2nd edit: still trying to breed the perfect staryu from my awesome starmie, Zodiac, but with little success so far as i can't seem to get the ability "natural cure" along with the right nature and moves. the closest i've gotten so far was the right nature, right moves, but with illuminate as the ability. *sigh* it's rather frustrating! >.<

3rd edit: yes! finally got the perfect staryu, after at least 15 failed attempts! ^____^ named him "Cosmo". now just need to breed 2 more team members, and think of good nicknames for them all...

17th April 2008, 7:58 PM
Tried chaining several times..but no shinies
Ampharos reached L.100. Gave his lucky egg to Furret.
Replaced it with Solrock on my team.

Current team:
Furret(89), Lapras(75), Pidgeot(54), Breloom(55), Solrock(52), Linoone(100 - HM+pickup)

17th April 2008, 11:16 PM
Arkhaios is now fully EV trained in HP and attack... and I got a kick from seeing the high stat jumps (( +19 and +21 in attack )). I will train him in speed later tonight and tomorrow too.

Also somewhat considering using AR to get me 99 of every TM, although a part of me is telling me to forget it as I used it to get what I wanted (( Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai and Manaphy )). Gah.

17th April 2008, 11:54 PM
chained gastrodon and managed to get a shiny out of it, then i checked some other of my pokes ivs, and found some good ones :). Now im going to train my slowking with at the same time trying to get my money back to 999 999

Erik Destler
18th April 2008, 12:31 AM
Umm.. guys..?

I thought I said..

Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, four good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.

People, please. Learn to count. ^^;

This is your second warning as a community. :)

Capt. Price
18th April 2008, 12:46 AM
Umm.. guys..?

I thought I said..

Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, four good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.

People, please. Learn to count. ^^;

This is your second warning as a community. :)What do warnings as a community do?


Beat the Snowpoint Gym Leader, really hate my team. That Riolu egg seriously needs to hatch it's like 100 more steps. Now I'm preparing for the Veilstone Galatic Base. I feel bad for my Rival. Besides the fact he loses to an underleveled team, he just saw a sentient being on a video game be captured. :P


Plowed through the Team Galactic Veilstone Base. Learned that almost every Team Galactic lead Pokemon will be obliterated by Vasquez, who is now level 40. Beat the Boss, and almost done with Saturn. Then I get to free the trio, and TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH DIALGA! AHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

*pats hair back to normal*

Hehe, sorry, I mean catch Dialga and then beat the Elite Four. :D


18th April 2008, 6:41 AM
^Do people read? XD What's sad is the warning post is only two above that one.
Anyway, I hatched a couple more Squirtles today. I'm still collecting Chimchar and Charmander eggs, my goal is to have a box full of each starter I have (Chimchar, Charmander, and Squirtle) for trading.
I did a couple trades last night, I got a Piplup and a Cranidos, in exchange for a female Charmander and a Shieldon respectively.
Swarm today was Absol, caught one for the 'dex. When I finally got on today though there were 15 minutes left of the day so I didn't bother trying to chain for shinies. Charmeleon is now level 33, woo!
Watered & planted some more berries, also. Sadly, I didn't win the lottery =[
Ah well, that's all for now.

18th April 2008, 8:00 AM
i think i just learned on how to chain i started on budews first with a chain of 14 roselia broke the chain and no shinys. then went to chain again just to make sure i didn't just fluke those budews with starly and got a chain of 19 but no shinys. now i'm currently trying to chain larvitars for shinys. and eevee's and chansey for lucky egg.

just caught heatran as well. tried about 100 hundred times ( meaning i had to reset because he kept killing me because my lvl 70's weren't catching him) so i thought i mite just use the master ball( still got one left, maybe i should use it on mespirit. so har to catch)

might go underground later as well

18th April 2008, 10:39 AM
Imported over my hard to get Ice/Thunderpunching Mawile, started EV training.
While EVing I found a Shiny Bidoof its only a bidoof but yay :P. Bred a calm/Aftermath Drifloon as well. Raised the final member of my new team, Scizor.

18th April 2008, 11:35 AM
@ golduck#1: Mesprit isn't that hard to catch really; if you have a Pokemon with Mean Look or Wobbuffet then you can trap her. Although I will admit, I used a Master Ball on her bcause I was feeling Hella lazy. Same with Cresselia, with the Master Ball I imported from Ruby.

Anyways, Arkhaios is now fully EV trained, now it's just a case of using the Elite Four to gain his levels. ;D

I'm also sorting out a group of Pokemon to be transferred from my Emerald over to my Pearl. For definite are going to be Cream, my shiny Persian, Nahonal the Latias and Jhudora, a Sneasel who is going to use my moveset of Swords Dance/Ice Shard/Crush Claw/Brick Break. I'm just not sure on the others; there's two Sneasels (( One to be a Weavile )) that would be perfect to be sweepers as they both have 31 IVs in attack and speed... alas, I got them before I went Ice Punch Sneasel breeding crazy so i'll have to get 96 BP in Emerald to teach them both Ice Punch and I only have 3, ha ha. I also want to send over a bunch of others... gah, who would have thought that a simple thing like transferring is going to be such a *****?

18th April 2008, 11:52 AM
i trained my sowking up to lv80, but im mostly focusing on my chaining at the moment, i chained jigglypuff but broke on 21, chained eevee but broke on 7 now im going to chain lickitung to take revenge on the one that broke on 40 with no shinies a while back.

18th April 2008, 1:30 PM
Chained a bit. No chains got higher than 20.
Checked the mansion pokemon. Today it is Plusle, So tried to chain that but ended up chaining Staravia. Staravia chain broke at 38 by roselia -> no shiny
Linoone got me 2 dawn stones and 3 rare candies:D
Went to PokeCentr and healed my team.
Trying to find a good training spot for breloom...any suggestions?

18th April 2008, 2:03 PM
hm.... took out fantina, mainly with crobat, caught a shiny steelix, nicknamed him Gyro. beat Byron, trained team to low 40s to battle cyrus at veilstone. currently working through the galactic base and also training the newly hatched riolu (Lv23). Team is currently:
steelix Lv40
crobat Lv41
golduck Lv42
ponyta Lv42
riolu Lv23
tortera Lv44.

~Heaven Help Us~
18th April 2008, 3:53 PM
okay i turned my game on, went to the little girl of the swarm pokemon, it was corsola, after that i went to the lottery and i won 4th prze. the mansion pokemon was chansey i had it already.now just checked the great marsh pokemon and dont need any.now gonna get the massages done and the ribbons from the lady at sunyshore.

18th April 2008, 3:55 PM
Went to route 222 and battled several trainers (need the money and exp)
Went to 7 stars restaurant and defeated all the teams there.
Breloom reached Lvl 57.
Linoone picked-up 1 dawn stone and 1 dusk stone
Put all the pokemon in the PC and took out slugma.
Going to breed several Riolu..hoping for a shiny

18th April 2008, 9:30 PM
Caught a 29/30/7/31/13/0 Relaxed Bronzor...if only Defence and Sp/atk were swapped...
Will probably breed it, or maybe just catch more.

Went to the Restuarant near Lake Valor. Saw 2 skeletons. Apparently they were young girls who starved to death becuase the stupid owner wouldn't serve them until they battled and won. And Team Galactic had stolen their Pokemon beforehand.

EDIT: Now I've caught a 17/5/30/14/31/11 Relaxed Bronzong...how contrary to the one above

18th April 2008, 9:44 PM
Tried chaining some more.
Non of the chains reached 40 or revealed a shiny..
Currently i have a flaaffy chain at 21, but no shiny yet.
Lapras is holding lucky egg to gain more exp during chaining.
Linoone found 1 rare candy and 2 dusk stones so far

18th April 2008, 10:56 PM
Decided to make my way through victory road with the help of some max repels so I only had to deal with the trainers. This way I've now got the pokemon league registered in my town map so I can fly back and forth from there ^^ Before I take them on I need to train my rapidash and a flying pokemon, probably staravia. Planning to take them on when I have a full team of lvl 55's.

19th April 2008, 12:03 AM
I'm back to doing what I usually do; beating the Elite Four to gain EXP for my Pokemon and get them to level 100. That is something that should happen to Valtou the Misdreavus within the next couple of days; she's currently level 96. Then it shall be the "palaver" of choosing six Pokemon from Emerald to transfer over to my Pearl.

Also went down the Underground for half an hour. Got a lot of shards, three Heart Scales and a fossil amongst a million Water/Leaf Stones.

19th April 2008, 1:07 AM
I SR for a shiny aerodactly for about an hour and a half and of course it didn't turn up shiny, i will plan on doing more later today. i also chained lickitung taking revenge but broke to staravia on 27 and then i kept beaking on 15, 7 and 12 :(. I then this morning checked my swarm and it was pidgey (still no corsola or smoochum), then i went a trained my slowking up a few levels.

Twilit Dragoon
19th April 2008, 3:39 AM
Caught a shiny Seedot today using the Pokeradar. It is a Lonely male Seedot, not sure if thats a good nature or not. I found him at 11 on the chain. I plan on EV training a few of my shinies.

Also SRing for shiny Dialga in my second Diamond game. I already have a shiny one, but I'm hoping that this second one has a Modest nature. I'm using a fainted Synchronize Modest Ralts.

19th April 2008, 4:01 AM
I just finished EV training my Espeon.
Now I'm doing battle tower.

~Heaven Help Us~
19th April 2008, 4:05 AM
evolved donpahn and chikorita to maganium.then i caught 3 elekids.unfortunately none of them had electrizer.looked for tauros but again no luck.2% percent chance of finding it that sucks.

19th April 2008, 4:37 AM
got both ranger 2 events in a trade, which are legit. then i got a shiny careful regirock from a trade, which i will ev train later.

19th April 2008, 11:25 AM
Defeated my rival Tommy.
Went to route 225.
battled the trainers on that route several times.
Went to the Pokemon League, healed my team.
And bought:
10x heal ball, net ball, nest ball, dusk ball, quick ball, timer ball, repeat ball
20x luxury ball, 100x pokeball + 10 premier ball, 50x great ball, 75x ultra ball, 50x hyper potion, 50x revive, 25x antidote, 75x full heal, 250x max repel

Dragon Chimchar
19th April 2008, 11:41 AM
on diamond im training a Marowak and Vaporeon for double battles because they try to electricute Vape and lightningrod takes it.Then if they send out a grass type Vape Ice Beams it.
and evolved Tyrouge into Hitmontop

19th April 2008, 11:47 AM
Went to jubilife city to the lottery corner and won nothing. Battled the trainer near the lottery corner. Went to floaroma town to get a Aspear berry in the shop. And got a chesto berry from the berry master. Battled the trainers near his house. Went to Solaceon town to the news reporter. He wanted to see a Rapidash, got some ultra balls for showing Rapidash. Got to Veilstone city and gave Furret a massage. Found Wealthy Coin on it. Went to Pastoria city and got a Haban berry. Got the free great ball in Celestic town and went to seven stars restaurant and earned money there.

19th April 2008, 12:56 PM
Pearl- Still hatching chimchar eggs, oh wait anothers hatching yes yes its a shiny one woooooooo
Still colllecting berries for accessories and i went to amity square with my driftloon to get some more
Trying to get max happiness with my togepi so it will evolve finally

Diamond- Got bored with the game so i restarted it for no particular reason again and i am a boy called bob with a Turtwig
Just traverling around and i have beaton the first gym and am about to challenge the second one

Capt. Price
19th April 2008, 3:59 PM
Well, I plowed through Mt. Coronet with a lot of lucky guesses. Got a freakin' critical hit EQ on Dialga first time, but caught it second time. I beat the 8th gym without Dialga and went through Victory Road, which will be my training hotspot for my new team once everybody is lvl 50. Right now I'm training Commander (Lucario), Price, and Bigfoot (Snover) all to level 45 on the route below. I'll take on the E4 once I have at least 1 level 60, and everybody else is 55.

Oh by the way, my new team is

Atom Bomb (Floatzel)
HighFlyer (Golbat)

The training's pretty fun. I love rich old people now. :P

19th April 2008, 4:44 PM
I've now gotten my birds to L100. Dodrio and shiny Pidgey are in my team waiting to be trained (although I'm going to have a break from playing for a while) but I was looking through my box and figuring out what I needed to do to finish my birds' movesets/items. I now need to earn 64BP (for a Thunderwave TM and Flame Orb x2) use 4 Heart Scales and get hold of 2 more Roost TM's. Plus I still haven't fully decided on the movesets/items for some of them. Getting the BP should be interesting, I've never gone into the Battle Tower before. May have to raid my boxes for my old EV trained Pokémon for that.

19th April 2008, 4:52 PM
I started breeding my new team. So far I got my adamant Murkrow and Magicarp, and sassy Bronzor. I started EV training them with the EXP Share too already, to take a break from breeding.

Overwhelming Latios
19th April 2008, 6:18 PM
Hatching Eevee eggs. And I'm searching it for a female Eevee with Bold and the egg move Wish. Thanks to my Bold female Umbreon with Wish. And I got Skitty with Wish as well. So far, only one female Eevee.

19th April 2008, 6:20 PM
started to ev train, only to find i have no more money. i better go train to earn money.

19th April 2008, 8:04 PM
This morning (midnight xD) when I got home I checked the swarm and caught a Drowzee for the 'dex. Won the lottery, only a backdrop though. Trading with people really ups your chances!
Hatched some more eggs. Almost done with Squirtles, Chimchar's next. This is taking forever, though, so I might only hatch ten or so of the other starters I have. Traded a Squirtle for a Cyndaquil today. Cyndaquil is my favourite starter! =] I had him nicknamed "Ty" after my Cyndaquil in my old Crystal game.
Not much else going on..just endlessly biking up and down through Rt. 209 - Solaceon Town - Rt. 210. Chimp and Ditto haven't made an egg in a while. *pokes with stick* Do it already! XD

19th April 2008, 9:38 PM
In Pearl, I beat the 8th Gym, and I'm making my way through Victory Road.
My team consists of Toxicroak, Cherrim, Staraptor, Lopunny, Pachirisu, and Empoleon.

In Diamond, I'm chaining randomly. I hope to get one of these Pokemon (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/iluvkoga/IlkShinyList.gif) soon.
I haven't managed to get a chain past 15/16 lately. It's driving me nuts.


Capt. Price
19th April 2008, 9:58 PM
I've been doing the E4. So far I'm on the 3rd guy. Using Floatzel, Golbat, Lucario, Alakazam, Luxray, and Dialga. I'm on his Steelix and I don't know whether to use Surf or Waterfall. I've tried Aqua Jet already. Surf does a whole lot more. He's only really Screeching me.

19th April 2008, 10:30 PM
Battled many trainers on different routes.
The swarm pokemon today is Smoochum.
Battled the E4 for the 52th time.
Current team:
Solrock(64), Pidgeot(55), Furret(91), Breloom(59), Lapras(80), Linoone(100)

19th April 2008, 10:43 PM
Aesir, I glanced at your post and thought "Smoochum" said "Shaymin" XD!

Anyway, I just traded a Dusclops (with Reaper Cloth) for a Lv. 12 Japanese Milotic ^_^
Hatched more Squirtle, on the last three eggs! I've gotten a lot of offers for my Pokés, so I'm pretty excited about getting all the starters.

19th April 2008, 11:06 PM
Aesir, I glanced at your post and thought "Smoochum" said "Shaymin" XD!

if that only could be true;) swarming Shaymin;) that would be a nice glitch

Migrated 6 poochyenas from Emerald holding items.
Battled several trainers outside of pal park.
Went to route 225 and battled the first 3 trainers several times.

19th April 2008, 11:53 PM
swarm is smoochum..xD

i caught this today:

Shellos - #422 (Relaxed)
HP: 26 - 27
Att: 23 - 26
Def: 23 - 26
SpA: 9 - 13
SpD: 13 - 16
Speed: 27

20th April 2008, 12:00 AM
Just beating my through Mt. Coronet.
I'm about to face the 2 Admins :D
Hoping for a good Dialga..
I traded a Turtwig and a Torchic :D

20th April 2008, 12:18 AM
Currently EV training my Quilava.

I think it has good IV's, its a bit early to tell, but I doubt they're terrible. I'll check again when it's evolved into Typhlosion just to make sure.

20th April 2008, 2:05 AM
currently trying to find a nice IV hippowdon but female so i can breed it with my male one which has awesome IVs. Trained slowking up to level 83. and currently giving my snorlax a good moveset for battling. and later on i will check my swarm and i hope to get either a corsola or smoochum swarm *crosses fingers*.

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 2:38 AM
Well I can get to the Champion with my new team, but not quite beat her. Trying to catch Azelf instead of having 'Zam. Swear If I don't run out of Pokeballs I KO it with Payback. -.- Gunna try to paralyze it with Force Palm/Thunder Fang. D:

20th April 2008, 2:46 AM
finished training an Omastar, Retrained a Blaziken, Caught and am training a shiny Yanma, also training a ninetails.

20th April 2008, 3:05 AM
got a shiny regice with a calm nature in a trade. has 31 iv's in 3 stats,(or more, the others couldn't be identified). bit lucky i guess, as it is ev trained.

*dances* well, i tested it in pbr, and it turned out legit there, so no max iv's. stats are also within legit boundaries. ^_^

20th April 2008, 5:10 AM
After runing around in the underground trying to find a Water Stone I finally got one... and evolve my Eevee...

And now I'm leveling Vaporeon, Porygon-Z, and somewhat Manaphy.
Trying to have a nice team... but yeah.

20th April 2008, 8:48 AM
just came from underground and got 8 fossils, 10 thunderstone,3 water stone, 3 leaf stone and 8 fire stone. now trying to hatch eevee eggs to get the other eeveelutions (flareon,umbreon,espeon,jolteon,leafeon and glaceon)

20th April 2008, 9:03 AM
yesterday I got bored in the car and decided to battle some in the battle tower.
I turned out to suck at that XD
I got to 38 with: gengar w/ hidden power ice /sword dance lucario/skarfchomp
and to 37 with: Baton pass Ninsjask/ Sword dance lucario/Marowak

It got me enough battle points to get toxic orb whitch I needed anyway for the breloom I got. Now I'm going to try and get some regileague badges today :)

20th April 2008, 10:31 AM
Currently still looking for a double or more flawless IV female hippowdon so it can breed with my other double flawless male hippowdon, i feel like it is going to take forever because the first hippowdon just showed up after fifteen minutes of looking and it had ultra crap IVs. DId some more training on slowking and now it is at level 87. I've got 8 days to train it to level hundred before the theme leage opens, but im not doing much at the moment , so i better level it up some more and later on im going to chain glameow again.

20th April 2008, 11:08 AM
Went to the fight area Pokemon Center and healed my pokemon.
My Rival tommy’s pokemon are stronger then before, between lvl 68 – 74, but defeated him.
Battling trainers around route 225.
Today’s swarm is Dunsparce. Trying to chain that one.

Current team:
Solrock(65), Pidgeot(56), Furret(91), Breloom(60), Lapras(81), Linoone(100)

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 1:14 PM
Calculated Dialga's EVs. They're like 28/10/15/24/13/20. Pretty nice but I can't breed it. It's a modest one so I'm happy. Caught Azelf and named him Snoochies (female symbol). Now I'm taking on the E4 one more time. If I lose, I'm gunna get all my Pokemon to level 50+. Gunna try to Uproar Sweep the first few guys like Azelf does to me. D:

20th April 2008, 2:30 PM
Pearl- Got a shiny Chimchar at last from hatching eggs
- Ev trained it a bit
- Hatched some more eggs to see if i could get another shiny but i didn't get one
- Picked some berries, planted and watered some aswell

Diamond- Beat the second Gym and am about to challenge the third in vilestone
- won a cool contest with my shinx that rescently evolved into luxio

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 2:33 PM
Pearl- Got a shiny Chimchar at last from hatching eggs
- Ev trained it a bit
- Hatched some more eggs to see if i could get another shiny but i didn't get one
- Picked some berries, planted and watered some aswell

Diamond- Beat the second Gym and am about to challenge the third in vilestone
- won a cool contest with my shinx that rescently evolved into luxioNice, what nature is the Chimchar?

Wow! Flint's Rapidash is a Bounce Spammer! Really, really, really, freaking low on supplies for the E4. Stupid Rapidash, you noob. I won though, Lucario>Steelix. Well Flint's at least.


razor fire
20th April 2008, 2:39 PM
Planting berries. Baked some level 40 poffins. and tried contests. eevees happiness is almost max and soon I have a umbreon. Also migrated some berries for ev training.

20th April 2008, 2:51 PM
ben getting lv.100s off the gts by the bucket load, have ben breeding charmanders for 2 weeks now and havn't got anygood ivs or shinys. found out that cressalia in my game is shiny. eh i guess this last few weeks were okay, nothing special though.

20th April 2008, 3:14 PM
Done my usual thing of beating the Elite Four a few times to raise the levels of my Pokemon. I know it may be repetitive to some of you but I enjoy it, I get money from it for vitamins and I like having level 100 Pokemon. ;P

Nothing else of great importance. Watered my berries, caught a few Pokemon for dex data and nearly flung my DS as it took an hour to trawl the Trophy Garden for a Castform. Hey, I can be very impatient sometimes.

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 3:34 PM
Well, lost to the E4, AGAIN!

God I can't win. D:

Gunna breed some Hypnosis Zubats. I'm gunna also take a chance and try to hatch my Happiny egg.

20th April 2008, 3:39 PM
Destroyed Volkner with my team of Hippowdon, Bronzong, Raichu and Honchkrow. Hatched the Riolu Egg and obtained a Careful Riolu. Got the final HM from Jasmine and went to Mt. Coronet to train my team. Watered my EV reducing berries in Pastoria for helping my Riolu's happiness level. Going to find a 6th member for my team to face the league but before that I'm going to hunt Feebas in Mt. Coronet. Wish me luck!

EDIT: After giving Riolu the EV berries, it's now a Lucario :)

~Heaven Help Us~
20th April 2008, 4:03 PM
FINALLY GOT A TAUROS!!! i got one through the gts for a lvl 1 bulbasaur.i put a kangaskahan on there but so far no luck. now i checked the swarm pokemon its swinub. i need to catch 3 one for each evovlution. now gonna do some lottery and the massages.

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 4:07 PM

Every time I hatch an egg on the bottom of Solaceon Town, the freaking double battlers battle me. AND I HAVE LVL 1'S!

I am sad, but this is my like 10th egg hatched. :D I also hatched my Hapinny and it's Relaxed. I'm only paying $20 though, not much.

20th April 2008, 4:25 PM
Just got my second shiny!!
After about 20 max repels and a chain of 52, the shiny patch appeared and out popped my shiny Skitty :3 It's a boy, so I named him Mickey after my cat we had to put down a few months ago. He's gonna be the prettiest Delcatty around! ^_^
While chaining, I was also levelling up some of my newly traded starters. Pip evolved into Prinplup, and Twiggy evolved into Grotle. Now I'm off to water my berries and train Ty, my Cyndaquil.

Capt. Price
20th April 2008, 4:46 PM
Finishing hatching Zubat Eggs. Just finishing these last 2. Got an adamant and jolly one. Gunna use the Jolly one. D: Gunna trade the rest.

the master123
20th April 2008, 5:32 PM
I battled a friend called Bethany it was close but i beat her.
Then i caught a gible to train.
finally i took on the battle tower.
This has being a boring day!

20th April 2008, 10:09 PM
My Farfetch'd (Daniel) beat the Cool Master Rank Contest. I didn't feed him Poffins or anything, he's just a beast. We beat all the Cool contests in about an hour. Having the move Swords Dance really helped get those hearts!

Dark FireBird
20th April 2008, 11:40 PM
pearl: now have 5 out of 6 of my water team bred- just waiting for a good psyduck, and then i'll start training everyone up! (if i ever get anything resembling free time in the next month that is! >.<) still also trying to think up good nicknames for everyone- water themed of course! ^_~ lol.

diamond: finally got togepi to evolve (yay!) and now trying to decide on some good contest pokes... once i've done that i'll begin planting more berries and making some good poffins.

21st April 2008, 12:04 AM
finished ev training my shellos in sp. attack. that wasn't to hard. ^_^. took 12 minuites.

now to move onto hp and defense.

21st April 2008, 1:43 AM
Chained wurmple but it broke on 27, because i didn't see where the patches wriggled >.<
checked my swarm and it is spinda, not corsola or smoochum. Traded for a shiny phanpy. and now im about to start a new chain on glameow.

21st April 2008, 1:59 AM
found out my shiny registeel has a mild nature -.-

also got some tm's and shinies and getting ready to ev train my heatran.

also started to chain, but had no money to repels.

and figured out my shellos has HP ground

Twilit Dragoon
21st April 2008, 2:05 AM
Tonight, I was SRing for shiny Dialga and I managed to get one :D. It is a Modest shiny Dialga, the battle was pretty long. I managed to paralyze it with my Roselia's Stun Spore and it kept fainting my Pokemon. I finally managed to catch it in a Dusk Ball. This shiny Dialga took me 5515 SR's, while my first shiny Dialga took me 9990.

21st April 2008, 2:50 AM
I'm really happy right now. I'm officially at Pokéx 559, and working my way systematically through the national dex. I'm on Hoenn right now, trying to get my Sealeo to evolve to Walrein. WEll, not at the exact MOMENT, as my DS needs charging. But I finally got around to evolving my fem. Snorunt into Froslass, so that's one more for the dex! Prolly shoulda leveled her up to ten, first, so she'd learn Bite, but she hatched with Ice Beam, so she should be fine.

I"ve been omostly wandering around Sinnoh, getting berries. Most of what i need to complete my dex is event Pokémon, actually...

21st April 2008, 5:02 AM
My Dunsparce chain gave me 2 shinies before I broke it by walking to far to the right...
1) Female, Mild, Likes to run, Serene Grace
2) Male, Quiet, Proud of its power, Serene Grace
What nature is better for dunsparce? mild or quiet?

Currently going after one of the shiny targets, Glameow.
Raising my team to lvl70 and above.

21st April 2008, 5:15 AM
I'd say Mild is a better nature; Dunsparce is already slow enough.

I've just recieved a Moltres, Zapdos, and Suicune from the GTS. Hooray for legendaries! Capturing those Vibravas sure was worth it. I'm hoping I'll be able to get an Entei soon.

Bali Song
21st April 2008, 6:23 AM
First post...
New addition to the forum, been playing Pokemon since it came out in the US.


Iono if anyone has picked up on any of this, but I noticed Celebi didnt cover this on somethings...

In D/P, you notice that theres houses where other regions leaders would have lived...
After a while in the game, past Elite 4 and maybe legendaries (didnt keep track, jus stumbled upon this...) If you return to a certain house, either the leader or someone affiliated with them (father, etc) will be there, and will tell you a short story, then give you an item before you leave...
If its already been covered, oops, if not, hope it helps.
One that I kno off the top of my head, is at Iron Island, someone is at that house. And they give you Metal Coat.

Also, once you reach level 100, it doesnt mean that your stats dont increase... It takes a loooong time and a lot of battles to get a stat up an extra bit, once youve hit level 100.

I noticed this playing Pokemon Stadium years ago... I had a level 100 Mewtwo with 401HP at level 100. And at that time, there werent many other games to choose from or things to do like the future games, so I would constantly battle with him.
Not sure how long it was, but I later noticed that its HP went to I think 407.
Never kept track of stats until recently with D/P, so I dont kno how much theyve increased or didnt.

Hope this helps and isnt just a waste of my time typing, haha.

21st April 2008, 8:12 AM
It's been some time since my last post here, and yet I can't think of much that i've done :P

Ummm, I've chained some more Shinies, namely four Lunatone. I found two in the first chain where I accidentally broke it, and on the second one, a Shiny broke my chain 'cause it was on the corner :rolleyes:
I tried chaining other Pokémon too, Beldum and Hoppip, but they didn't go so well..

I also traded a Shiny Floatzel for a nothing-special Modest Ditto :-)

And now.. I am about to finish the training of my Ninjask, and begin EV training a Poké-in-waiting - probably either my Shiny Larvitar or Eevee.
Or something :l

21st April 2008, 11:52 AM
well after a while of searching i finally was able to obtain a shiny Moltres. all thanks to Lorelei from smogon. the moltres has a Rash nature wich is ok. also its HP is ice wich is cool, plannig on ev training it later today =D

21st April 2008, 12:14 PM
Well i haven't been training my pokemon much today but i have been breeding some more mainly hippopotas and i managed to get some few good iv ones namely one with the ivs of:
31/30/14/9/31/30 too bad for the defense.
Also did some chaining but didn't go too well mainly because i was distracted by the TV.
Currently training slowking it is at lv88

21st April 2008, 1:06 PM
Just found my game after it being lost for a few days. My team:

Pikachu LV36 - Shell Bell

Shock Wave

Empoleon LV36 - Quick Claw

Aqua Jet
Grass Knot

Staraptor LV34 - Soothe Bell

Hidden Power
Aerial Ace

Graveler LV33 - Rock Incense

Rock Blast
Rock Throw
Rock Slide

Kadabra LV33


Ponyta LV33

Fire Spin

Got the coin case, and swept through the Veilstone gym with Kadabra. Currently looking for a Misdreavus, but since i don't like GTS I guess I'll just wait for my sister to get Pearl.

Beat the Hearthome City leader and the Canalave City leader. I have no idea how since their pokemon were way higher leveled than mine, but I managed. Now I'm going to Lake Valor to beat team galactic and all that stuff.

Beat Team Galactic in both Lake Valor and Lake Verity. Went up to Lake Acuity to find two galactic grunts blocking the way, and I kinda don't know what to do next :/

Capt. Price
21st April 2008, 1:09 PM
Wow, ev training without Power Items is so boring. I hate the E4. -.-

And hax, I hate hax. 5 Hypnosises missed. Stupid Hypnosis. I could OWN the E4 with an EV Trained Crobat at least lvl 60. God. D:

Well at least I'm into breeding/EV Training before the end of the game.

21st April 2008, 1:14 PM
today, i trained up my Crobat and Charizard.
then i beat the elite four again.
then i started pokeradaring for shinies and...GASP.
my very first shiny: A Lvl 14 Kricketune, not my favourite pokemon, but still, a shiny is a shiny.

21st April 2008, 3:41 PM
Updated my signature with the 2 shiny dunsparce.
Fished for staryu, but did not find any shiny.
The swarm today is Spinda, but not going to chain that.
Hatched another 10 Riolu eggs (9male, 1 female) but still no shiny.
Migrated 6 poochyenas holding items from Emerald.

Capt. Price
21st April 2008, 3:50 PM
Caught 3 gibles. One has perfect HP, and another has perfect attack. Currently breeding Gibles for perfect HP. Once I get a male one I'll breed it with the one with perfect attack. Gunna hatch about 60. Torterras on gibles ftw.

the master123
21st April 2008, 6:43 PM
Today i finally lost to my arch rival (not the one on the game) it was down to my rhyperior who lost after Bethany's palkia pulled of an aqua tail.

now its 7 victories to me and 5 victories to her


21st April 2008, 7:32 PM
I'm starting to EV train a Chimchar I hatched. I've never EV trained before, it's annoying keeping track of everything Dx
Checked the swarm earlier, it's Swinub. No way I'm chaining in that mess! Chained Roselia a little, no shinies though. At the moment I'm in the Old Chateau breezin' through Gastly with my Haunter.

21st April 2008, 7:56 PM
I'm now EV training Karkov (Weavile) and Thesius (Leafeon) for my post-E4 team.
Also, using Honey on some trees to get a Munchlax and a Heracross.

21st April 2008, 8:37 PM
Pearl- EV traing my new shiny Chimchar that hatched the other day
- Entered some contests for the fun of it
- Did a little chaining and didn't get a shiny chatot like i hoped for
- About to rechallenge the Elite 4 because i am bored

Diamond- Nothin much just picked, waterd and planted some berries for contest accessories as usual

21st April 2008, 9:52 PM
Battled several trainers at route 225.
Tried chaining solrock, but the chains broke before reaching 15, and no shinies.
Currently fishing at the Route221.
Hoping to catch a shiny clamperl or an other shiny fish pokemon.

21st April 2008, 10:51 PM
Caught a Burmy from the honey trees and a Electrike from Valley Windworks.

Still training my new team:
Zero (Umbreon) Lv.45
Karkov (Weavile) Lv.43
Nightslash (Crobat) Lv.38
Thesius (Leafeon) Lv.20
Atumi (Glaceon) Lv.15

...It'll still take a while...

22nd April 2008, 1:12 AM
In D/P, you notice that theres houses where other regions leaders would have lived...
After a while in the game, past Elite 4 and maybe legendaries (didnt keep track, jus stumbled upon this...) If you return to a certain house, either the leader or someone affiliated with them (father, etc) will be there, and will tell you a short story, then give you an item before you leave...
If its already been covered, oops, if not, hope it helps.
One that I kno off the top of my head, is at Iron Island, someone is at that house. And they give you Metal Coat.I think that is actually Riley's house on Iron Island, which could make sense as him and Byron the Canalave Gym Leader are close friends.

That's one thing i'll give D/P for, all of the Gym Leaders bar Maylene have other appearances than their respective Gyms. Roark greets you in the Underground, Gardenia is there when you to go the Old Chateau after beating the Elite Four, Wake's around the Battle Tower talking to your rival about his time overseas, Fantina partakes in contests, Byron's on Iron Island training his Pokemon, Candice gives you permisson to enter Snowpoint Temple when you get the three Regi's and Volkner has that mini storyline in which he's repressed and lost his "spark" to battle. That I think is a lovely touch.

Lawl I type too much.

On topic, I did my usual whip-Elite-Four butt thing. My Misdreavus, Valtou, is on level 98 so not long now before I replace her with my shiny Persian, Cream... who is actually going to be a Nasty Plot swepper. ;D *nod* Then I think I may raise an Arcanine; I have a female Growlithe to breed from and her IVs certainly are decent enough.

22nd April 2008, 1:46 AM
last night i was breeding some more wish/curse eevees and i was checking there ivs as well, and i checked one and its ivs were 23/31/30/11/6/30. i thought that wass pretty good but a shame it has a bashful nature. I also did some more training which i hate cause it is soooo boring.

22nd April 2008, 1:53 AM
i got some money, and then ev trained shellos in hp. now to moe onto defense...

anyways, i also got some events and shinies and traded with some other people.

22nd April 2008, 7:53 AM
I actually played last week. I FINALLY got Ivory, my Mamoswine, to lv.100. Now that she's done, I'm not too sure who I'll train. I'm thinking maybe my Smoochum once I get around to it...

22nd April 2008, 10:34 AM
Fished again at route 221 to find a shiny clamperl, but no luck. only 2 clamperl appeared and a lot of gyarados and lumineon.
The swarm today is beldum. Went to the lottery but didnt get anything.
Currently trying to chain solrock again. But the chains keep on breaking before the reach 20.

22nd April 2008, 10:49 AM
Bred a whole new batch of hippopotas whoping to at least have a triple flawless one in HP, defense and attack, but also trying to get it as well in special defense. Might take a while though.
Trained some pokes.
Tonight i might chain for glameow agian and i might do some SRing on aerodactly

22nd April 2008, 4:39 PM
Battled the people in the restaurant again.
Hatched 10 riolu's, still no shiny.
Tried to chain Solrock again, but no luck so far.
Current team:
Solrock(74), Pidgeot(60), Furret(91), Breloom(65), Lapras(82), Linoone(100)
Currently on route to lake acuity to chain solrock again

22nd April 2008, 4:44 PM
Was doing some EV training on a Roserade. Might get back on to it once I'm done a mini project on my other versions.

Once I get that done, I'll have a clear idea of who I'm going to transfer, and/or what I'm going to need if I want to consider transferring.


razor fire
22nd April 2008, 6:57 PM
bred a modest cyndaquil. ev trained it and now gonna use it for fun. picked the ev reducing berries. I have a few so I might ev train some ones now. working on my new team with: Dragonite, typhlosion,espeon, umbreon and some others. Won against the TT Palmer but ended on 31 -.-'' no new record yet. baked some new poffins and won other contests.

EDIT: New Rank!

22nd April 2008, 7:10 PM
^^-- Why do you want to be banned? :P
If you don't want to use your account anymore then just remove your details and forget about it.

Eh, I finished training Ninjask to Lv. 100 last night, and obtained the Shock Ribbon for it.
And I also got a PP up from the lottery thing, I keep forgetting to get them so where I once had an abundance of them, I now have pretty much none :/
And I sorted some Shinies out to trade to someone for more box space. Not much else lately as i've been playing LG again.

22nd April 2008, 8:04 PM
Watered berries and whatnot, didn't win the lottery, swarm is Makuhita (ew D:). Caught one for the dex but probably won't touch it again, it's weird D:
Currently I'm Eevee training (get it? EV training? Eevee training? *cricket cricket* >_>; ) I have my Glaceon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon! :3

Shadow Aura
22nd April 2008, 8:17 PM
I finally got Pearl today so alot of things happend!
I chose Piplup as my starter Pokémon and he's now Lv. 11. I spend a whole hour running in the grass at Route 202, because I thought I could catch a Growlithe there. Later I read that I first can do that after I've recieved the National Pokédex.. Waste of time..
Besides my Piplup, I caught a Shinx which is now Lv. 11 too. I caught a Geodude in the Oreburgh cave aswell.
I made my way to the first gym, and now I'm prepared to get my first badge!

22nd April 2008, 10:10 PM
Updated my signature with the wanted shinies.
Gave up on chaining solrock for today.
Migrated again 6 poochyenas holding items from emerald.
Went to route 215 to battle several trainers there.

22nd April 2008, 11:08 PM
Just traded my friend a Charmander over WiFi and while I was at it, I checked out the Flareon he bred from the Eevee I gave him a while ago. Is there anybody that can estimate if it's been EV-trained?? It's level 45, naive nature, and has 150-ish attack. I tried a stat calculator but it didn't make any sense to me. The reason I'm wondering is that something he said made me think he doesn't EV train but I want to be sure. : P And I learned I had an adamant Charmander with DD on my FR so I may migrate another and raise it.

23rd April 2008, 1:00 AM
Rejoice, my friend.

I'm trying to catch Sephiroth, AKA Azelf. My tactic is to paralyze with TBolt within the first 2 turns, since Gardy 3HKOs with the move, then spam CM to counteract Nasty Plot, before balling it and healing when necessary.

Soft resets at time of post: 7.

EDITUM: Jesus arceus! SHINY!!!

23rd April 2008, 1:05 AM
Ahhhh, I just got PokeRus!!!!

What should I do?Pass it around to as many as your Pokemon as possible and reap the rewards; Pokerus doubles EVs given at the end of a battle. For example a Gastly gives out one special attack EV however if a Pokemon with Pokerus beat it it'll get two instead. ;P

Anyways, on my Pearl I found out that Jakliona, my level 100 Rayquaza has seriously crap IVs... which would make sense as even after EV training her HP is STILL below the given minimum of 353. Just as well i'm not that bothered, only when it comes to Sneasels. *nod* I also did the usual daily stuff and caught a Minun from the Trophy Garden.

23rd April 2008, 1:23 AM
Well, quick looks at the stats reveal that my new Shiny Azelf's IVs are pretty much crap. It's got 17 SA IVs, and mediocre everything else. However, it's stil sweepworthy, and shall therefore be mine.

Needless to say it'll take terrible news to wipe the smile from this mug.

23rd April 2008, 1:30 AM
congrats Fishey fool, that's one of my shiny targets.
Training slowking it is now on lv. 93.
SR for shiny aerodactly but of course it didn't turn up.
checked all my latest batch of hippopotas ivs and the best one had 31/15/31/12/20/30/2
and i'm going to breed it with my hippopotas with the ivs of 31/30/14/9/31/30 and hopefully my next batch of them with have really good ivs.
Also rearanged my PC box around to make it more organised, and i released some useless pokemon

Bali Song
23rd April 2008, 3:54 AM
- Got Dragonite to lvl 100 last nite... But I need a decent moveset...
Relaxed (too lazy to rebreed)
*Aerial Ace

- Got Tyranitar to lvl 100 today.
- Hatched a female Adamant Larvitar with Dragon Dance.
- Hatched a male Jolly Gible with Outrage.
- Hatched a male Modest Bagon with Dragon Dance and Hydro Pump.
- Raising a Relaxed Lickilicky.
- Leveling a Modest Palkia.
- Leveling a Mild Lucario. Too lazy to rebreed at the moment...

Ive been busy/bored...


- Finally beat the Tower Tycoon, barely though. His Milotic is a pain... By chance his Milotics Hydro Pump missed my Nidoking, then I got the Thunderbolt...
Then after I went to get the TM for Earthquake and Flame Orb for Swellow, I find out that the TM is more than 40 points... :llllll (I had 47 at the time.)

23rd April 2008, 7:38 AM
today i got the Eevee from Bebe (i forgot all about it :S)
Then, i went to Moss Rock with it, to get a Leafeon.
Once i got my Leafeon i went a looked for a Ditto, bingo, first go with Pokeradar.
Breeded Eevee until i got 4 eggs. Once all were hatched, Went to Ice rock straight away, got myself Glaceon.
Then I got Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. (Couldnt be bothered to try and get Espeon or Umbreon for that matter)
Then i went to the Route 229, just above the Resort Area and i am currently training my Charizard there, he is level 81. (If anyone knows anywhere better to train it, PM me yeah)

23rd April 2008, 9:52 AM
last night i spent 3 hours SRing for a shiny dialga and still no sign imstarting to believe there is no point in doing it.
also im going to train my floatzel (if you know a better water type for the pokemon league then pm me please) and luxio(i will evolve him) to level 45 and i will train my AiAi(infernape) and Star (starapter) to level 50 before the 8th gym. and my abomasnow will be trained to level 45 aswell.
Also i almost got beat by the galactic boss cyrus but thanks to my starapter for dodging lots of attacks i could revive most of my team.
after the gym i am going to get my whole team to atleast 55-60 and then challange the league yay.

23rd April 2008, 11:54 AM
Did the usual daily stuff; third Chilan Berry on the trot from the woman in Pastoria. O:

Also thinking about replacing Jakliona with another flyer. Not because of her crap IVs but because I want to teach her Earthquake and get rid of Fly... and then raise another flyer to level 100, replacing Fly with a competitive move afterwards. It means more level 100's for me! *cackles* I'm thinking about Zapdos... as said Fly will be replaced when she reaches level 100. 8B jffhfk

23rd April 2008, 12:13 PM
Ah bred a new batch of hippopotas hopefully this will be the last of them i will breed, i'm sick of them. I just hope i can get at least three flawless stats, but i'm breeding to get four.
Also i'm about to start chaining growlithe, for the first time.
Also did more training but this time on my shiny lefeon

23rd April 2008, 4:30 PM
Tried chaining solrock again, but no luck.
My swarm pokemon is phanpy, so tried to chain it. But also no luck.
Fished around route 219 for shiny fish pokemon. non found.
Went to the pokemon lottery, didnt get anything. Battled the trainer near the lottery desk.
Current team:
Solrock(75), Pidgeot(60), Furret(99), Breloom(65), Lapras(82), Linoone(100)

the master123
23rd April 2008, 9:07 PM
Today i caught myself a shiny munchlax which i traded for a shiny abosol and a shiny sparrow i plan to train the sparrow to evolve it

plus tomorrow its me vs my arch rival (not the one in the game) Bethany's and its do or die the winner gets the others strongest Pokemon! THE STAKES ARE HIGH

23rd April 2008, 10:03 PM
Traded my 2 shiny dunsparce to my Diamond game for storage.
Gave pidgeot a massage..found Peculiar spoon.
Gave Breloom 4 PPmax.
Battled the people in the seven star restaurant.
Migrated 6 poochyena holding items from my emerald.
Tried chaining several random pokemon, only 1 chain passed the 25.
The Shellos chain broke at 32 with no shiny.
Currently fishing around 223

24th April 2008, 9:31 AM

Spent all day getting my Charizard to Lvl 100 in Route 229.
Went underground, found many stones and stuff to sell.
Thinking about getting my Glaceon to Lvl 100 now.
Did a bit of SRing for Heatran.

24th April 2008, 9:36 AM
EV trained my shiny Salamence and it´s at lvl 100 !!
going to cool contest with Blaziken and after that,I´ll EV train my Metagross then :)

24th April 2008, 10:37 AM
Currently doing some chaining it is budew and it is on 10.
Trained my slowking and lefeon a bit more.
Veresed some rich people to get some more money.
Went to the battle tower and did a challenge, now have 11 Bpts, saving up to get a power item i don't have

24th April 2008, 11:08 AM
diamond game 1: i caught a nosepass and am going to get a probopass for my sandstorm team. in my sandstorm team i have: hippowdon, empoleon, Lucario, (soon to be) golem, Probopass thats it so far any suggestions.

diamond game 2: i caught dialga (not shiny) after i gave up SRing and am training team for the 8th gym. also im training my luxray its lv 30 still.and i finally got my abomasnow (abomnable). also im working on a hail team i have: Abomasnow, Dewgong, Mamoswine, weavile and thats it so far any suggestions.

24th April 2008, 2:39 PM
Fished around route 223 for shiny pokemon, non found.
Battled the E4 again.
Furret reached Lvl 100, so I put her in the PC and took out Flygon to replace it on my team. Gave Flygon pokerus.
The swarm today is Farfetch'd, mayb chaining him today.
A budew chain and many solrock chains broke, with no shinies.
Went to the pokemon lottery and won a PPup and battled the trainer there.

24th April 2008, 4:58 PM
Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to chain Ponyta. I had terrible luck, I tried on Rt 214 AND Rt 206. All of them kept breaking for silly reasons. But finally, around 2am, I caught my shiny Pony ^_^ I'm so happy<3
I also did the standard berry watering, lottery-checking, and massage-getting. And I evolved two of my Eevees into Glaceon and Leafeon.
Today the swarm is Cubone so I might go look for a shiny. I also plan on evolving for my last Eeveelution, Espeon [my favourite!].

the master123
24th April 2008, 6:46 PM
I caught a spoink which i plan to evolve into a grumpig i also caught a shiny kecleon
and i beat Bethany and won her strongest Pokemon! this is a great day for the master123
8 victories to me 6 victories to her!

24th April 2008, 7:26 PM
Well, I''m currently training my new team. (sorry, can't tell you what Pokemon I'm leveling now :D)

I'm also spending more time in the Underground, digging for Heart Scales, and hopefully a Dome Fossil (coz I don't have one yet).

24th April 2008, 8:32 PM
Well, fishy productions brings you...

Fishy's Sunyshore Gym War Log!

One went in with a level 44 Hippowdon, Crobat, Gardevoir, Gallade, Umbreon and a level 45 Empoleon.

School girl 1: Pachirisu got damned hax against Hippo, using Super Fang abuse and Sweet Kiss. I took a foolish risk and didn't EQ it, and suffered.

Guitarist 1: Luxio was outrun by Hippo. 'Nuff said.

School boy 1: Mr. Mime overkilled Hippo with Energy Ball, damningly, and was subsequently raped by DarkCress the Umbreon, but paralyzed beforehand, the bugger. Sandstorm finished the clown.


Hardcore Pikachu Child 1: Sent out Pikachu, used Feint, Strength OHKOs. Second one uses Agility, Strength OHKOs and static paralyzes. Third one tries Feint, paralysis bites Hippo, rat agilities up, Strength OHKOs. Sacrificial lamb number four Agilities up and Hippo eats him with Crunch, getting another OHKO.

Guitarist 2: Raichu basically Pikachu with a bit more def. QAs, doin 1/16th of my health damage, Strength cuts about 10/16ths of his, sandstorm hits and static makes me it's biatch. QA again, parahaxes, sandeded. Slam does a potion's damage, Strength kills. Hippo hits 45.


Ace Trainer femme: Kadabra out, sets up Reflect, Crunch says 'LOL' and OHKOs. Fat Rat #2 sent out next, sets up Light Screen, EQ says 'NOOB' and OHKOs.

Guitarist 3: Luxio out, Crunch'd, countercrunches with crithax, scum. TFang finishes it off. HM Slave out, gets TFanged, OHKOed.

Ace Triner nonfemme: Steelix out, hippo swears and EQs, does about 2/3 damage. Screech hits, and EQ kills off Steelix. Medical Hamster is next, Meditates and gets Omnomnomed for over half, kills itself by meditating again and being devoured by Crunch. Hippo burps and levels to 46.

Volkeon: Raichu out, Brick Break does measly damage, EQ rapes. Octillery out, me takes chances with Hippo. Outruns, TFangs, and it lives...but flinches. TFang puts Occy out of his misery with a critical, lol. Luxray out, Crunch does decent damage and lowers def, EQ does what it did to the last 50 electric types and OHKOs. Amby comes out, agilities up like an idiot, TFang does less damage than I thought, monkey plots up and hippo takes the win by sending the chimp into orbit with Strength...nearly. Volkner FRs Ambi, Hippo undoes the work with EQ, almost. Agilities again and Crunch FTW. Beacon badge is mine.

24th April 2008, 8:40 PM
Fishy, your post made me "lol" ^_^
I can't wait for an E4 log xD!
Anyway, I just traded one of my baby Charmanders for a sweet Scyther.
Did some more Eevee training (*lols at own joke, gets dirty looks for bad pun, hangs head in shame*). Finally got me an Espeon after four "days" worth of massages and all the happy berries and vitamins I had. Mm, happy berries. I should get me some'a those >_>
Now I'm off to chain Cubone if I don't get distracted further. Which I probably will. Ooh, shiny objects O__O

24th April 2008, 8:52 PM
Fished on route 219 for a while.
Went to the Underground and found:
4 water stone ,2 fire stone, 3 leaf stone, 5 moon stone, 8 heart scale, 2 icy rock, 2 smooth rock, 1 heat rock, 2 damp rock, 4 green shard, 2 blue shard, 1 yellow shard, 7 red shard, 2 everstone, 1 iron ball, 2 hard stone, 1 star piece, 1 odd keystone, 3 revive, 1 max revive, 1 dome fossil, 2 armor fossil.
Traded several shards for 3x TM18, 3x TM11, 2x TM37, 2x TM07
Learned flygon Draco Meteor..
Currently trying to chain random pokemon.

~Heaven Help Us~
24th April 2008, 8:55 PM
started the game and i was at home so i went to the sandgem town and the swarm pokemon was beldum, found like 50 but couldnt catch any so i wasted 3 of my masterballs and caught 3, then i caught a hippowdon then evolved beldum to metang then metagross. now caught a lanturn and looking for a chinchou.

24th April 2008, 9:23 PM
1st game: finnaly finished my sandstorm team just gotta evolve gible into garchomp.
sandstorm team: garchomp, sandslash, lucario, empoleon, hippowdon, golem/forretress not sure yet..

2nd game: done victory road, currently training.

24th April 2008, 9:49 PM
What's this? Fishy productions has a second showing?

Yes, it's time for...

Fishy’s war log: Route 223.

Femme swimmer 1: Sends out Lumineon, Luna the Gardy fights for fishy’s side. TBolt roasts the fish.

Random 45 Tentacruel cannot be ignored. CM and I get PJed, and poisoned because the RNG hates me. Psychic destroys.

Femme swimmer 2: Azurill out, Focus Blast disintegrates the thing, critically, Ash cries. Azumarill out and back in after TBolt.

Laugh at remark: ‘When I’m in my bikini, I’m at a loss about where to carry poke balls!’

Random is 41 Tentacruel, ignorance futile. Psychic for the OHKO, Luna 45. Screw Future Sight.

Random offers Penislipper, TBolt says hi.

Random offers another yummy 45 tenta, déj?* vu with the crit. 1317 exp cannot be denied.

Male swimmer 1: Mantyke out, and turned into sushi. Remoraid follows in the footsteps, and Irwin is avenged as Mantine’s 140 spec def is torn aside by TBolt.

Random offers crappy 37 tenta. Ignored.

Random offers 36 Penislipper, ignored.

Double battle of Male swimmer 2 and Female swimmer 3, sends out Wingull and Marill. DarkCress joins Luna, and TBolt fries the bird while Faint Attack fails to kill Marill and DC loses, and I quote, 9 HP from Aqua Tail. Giggidy replaces the bird, and DC QA’s Marill, while FB demolishes much of Quagmire. The dimwit uses Amnesia, the rabbit Aqua Ring.QA finishes Marill, Psychic does Quaggy back to Family Guy. Penislipper replaces quaggy, wingull replaces Marill. Gull QAs doing all of 4 HP to DC, TBolt fries the bigger one and FA OHKOs Wingull, Luna at 46. Golduck out last, and taken out by TBolt.

DC switches for Luna, with Kreuger the Gallade in backup.

Random Tenta 36, bugger it.

Male swimmer 3: Tentacruel out, and Screeches. Confuse Ray hits, and I lol. Coocoohax hits and FA does peanuts. Coocoohax again and FA nearly kills it, but CBF and QA FTW. DC 45, yay.

Random TC of 44 is random. PJ does something, CR fuses. Coocoohax hits and FA slaps. Barrier ups def, swears as FA does nuts. Screech cut my def, FA does FA. Coocoohax ftw, FA ftl, and no confu again, Water Pulses and FA does tiny damage, QA nearly kills, Barriers, and QA finishes something off. Last tenta I fight with DC...

Random penislipper of 42 is decent. Toxic dooms the bird, it spits up air. FA does crappy damage, Spit up fails again, QA does peanuts, birdy stockpiles to my annoyance. FA does crap all, and Roost pisses me off. QA, and the biatch Roosts again, annoying me greatly. QA, Roost, swears, and CRs. Guess what, Spits up some damage and QA chips again for Coocoohax and poison to end it. Pain in the ***.

Femme swimmer 4: opens with Wingull, DC gets QA’d for nuts, and FAs an OHKO. Seaking comes out next, and toxic hits home, while it Aqua Rings. FA does decent damage, Waterfall does respectable damage. FA nearly kills, Flail nearly kills me, but is fail as poison does the job.


Random Tenta ignored.

Random penislipper also ignored because it’s gay.

See above random.

Finds a Pearl.

Shailor 1: Guess what, Penislipper. Tox up, Stocks up, buggers my strat up. Backup strat CRs, and Coocoohax is win. FA does FA, and Spit Up does 22 damage. QA hits, and the ***** roosts to piss me off. QA, Stocks up, and thanks to AIDS QA kills. DC hits 46, rejoice, and switches out for Kreuger while Machuck Norris attacks. Psycho Cut kills before it Roundhouse Kicks me, and Gastro comes, only to be chopped by Leaf Blade.

Kreuger leads, with SpeedHax the Crobat behind.

Random emocruel gets screwed over.

Femme swimmer 5: Golduck becomes a la orange thanks to Leaf Blade.

Random is randomly fled from.

Femme swimmer 6: Finneon needs no explanation as LB 0.1HKOs. Penislipper again...PC almost kills and Stocks up on claret for Night Slash to cut neck and release. 45 Kreuger, ignore False Swipe.

Male swimmer 4: Gyara imtimidates, Kreuger dances and Ice Fang does solid damage. PC nearly ends, fang hits hard but NS kills.

POGEYMANS LEAGUE!!! Watafallz up and enters PC.


25th April 2008, 2:23 AM
Started out at Sandgem town. forgot to see what the swarm Pokemon was :S.
Headed automatically to The resort area and ran the whole way too StarkMountain. Trained in there with my Empoleon, only because Nidoking had EXP share.
Nidoking is currently Lvl 35 and has fairly good stats. all in the 70s. at least, i think thats good, i dont EV train, i dont understand it.

25th April 2008, 4:44 AM
Completed the route after Victory Road, since I forgot to do it earlier. I was sadly disappointed, but it could be because I migrated my level 100 Tyranitar. >_>; Swarm today was Dunsparce, again. Blech. Planning on breeding a nice Piplup later on.

25th April 2008, 7:28 AM
So far, I watered some of the Berry plants, followed by going to the old man in Snowpoint for the 'word of the day'.
Then went to Jubilife to check on the daily lotto (got nothing from that) and did some GTS trading. Currently hatching a Treecko egg for the Dex entry.
Might enter some Contests with my Luxray later.

25th April 2008, 7:38 AM
hmmmm, training for mt. coronet, team consists of, Gyro(steelix) Lv42, Sting(sneasel)Lv40, Blitz(rapidash) Lv41, Jet(golduck)Lv41, Aero(crobat) Lv39 and Tye(tortterra)Lv43.

25th April 2008, 9:42 AM
Well i got the power item i wanted from the battle tower which was power weight.
Also tried chaining buneary which failed only got to 15
Then did some more SRing on aerodactly.
Breed another batch of hippopotas. 2 were naive and one was hardy :(
Now going to chain something, but not sure yet

25th April 2008, 10:26 AM
Currently Training Up My New Team in my sig so i can stand a farer chance if i get accepted to join the Sinnoh Elite League.

Got an Alakazam and Golem using the GTS Glitch.

Currently looking to boost my teams Sp.Def/Sp.Atk/Speed/Def

Capt. Price
25th April 2008, 1:21 PM
Well, hatched a ton of Gible Eggs. 2 Good natured females. Adamant and Jolly. Gunna EV them with the same spread but different movesets. One will have Fire Fang and another will have Flamethrower. Currently trying to get a Burmy off the GTS. Dunno a good thing to trade for it. Gunna try Lucario. Seeing as TakeAChance, my Hapinny soon to be a Blissey will replace it. Going to start EV Training Speed in Trophy Gardens once/if Zubat gets to level 20 before I'm done EV Training Speed.

25th April 2008, 5:15 PM
Currently trying to get through Victory Road with my team of Bronzong, Azumarill, Hippowdon, Honchkrow, Raichu and Lucario but before that, I'm heading to Snowpoint and to Mt. Coronet to train my new Lucario.

Also went to the Veilstone Department Store and to the Eterna shop for buying Hyper Potions and Revival Herbs.

25th April 2008, 5:52 PM
Pearl 1: Trying to get all the Unkown.

Pear 2 SR'ing for a shiny Turtwig.

Diamond: SR'ing for a shiny Driftloon.

RF Steve
25th April 2008, 6:51 PM
Pearl 1: Trying to get all the Unkown.

Pear 2 SR'ing for a shiny Turtwig.

Diamond: SR'ing for a shiny Driftloon.
Good luck!

Pearl Eng: Chaining random Pokémon.
Diamond: SRing for a shiny Heatran. Haven't picked that game up since December. XD

25th April 2008, 7:14 PM
DIAMOND: I Just beat The E4. Wasn't Too Hard. It Just Took Time.

PEARL: I Caught A Cressellia. I Was Surfing On The Place Under Valor Lakefront And I Saw It. Mt Lv.100 Garchomp Was My Lead. It Had 1/2 Its Max HP, And All I Did Was Chuck A Nest Ball.

25th April 2008, 11:08 PM
Destroyed the Elite Four with my team with special thanks to Bronzong and Azumarrill.

Caught Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit in the same day. Mesprit was caught with my 2nd Ultra Ball (!) near Eterna City.

This was exactly was happened:

A wild MESPRIT appeared!
HONCHKROW used Mean Look!
HONCHKROW used Drill Peck!
MESPRIT's health is in the yellow zone.
Threw a Quick Ball.
Threw an Ultra Ball and caugh it!

Was it supposed to be this easy?

25th April 2008, 11:14 PM
i had to use my mastser on mine(hello emerald cloning glitch!)

anyways, i tried chaining for dugtrio and got a shinyy adamant one with these iv's:
HP: 26
Att: 14 - 15
Def: 19 - 20
SpA: 10 - 11
SpD: 2 - 3
Speed: 23 - 24

not bad except for spD.

26th April 2008, 9:25 AM
Went on the GTS to get some events but got none
Chained growlithe broke on 24
chained sentret broke on 4
chained sentret again got an early shiny on 14, chain is still going on 22

26th April 2008, 9:42 AM
Beat The Elite 4 for the second time in order to ev train my team to get stronger, lost my lucario/infernape in the final battle with champion cynthia.
Gonna train some more till my pokemon are powerful enough to increase my chances of winning in a wifi battle.

26th April 2008, 3:47 PM
Today at work i did not had much to do, so...

Found an area in route 216 where I’ve never been before. So a few ‘new’ trainers to battle. Fished around route 219. Then I went hunting for feebas, but after a hour I gave up. Did some SRing on Drifloon, but no shiny. Went to the underground and found several stones, shards, fossils and again an odd keystone. Won a PPup at the Lottery. Migrated 6 poochyenas holding TM’s from Emerald.
Solrock got a massage and Glitter Powder was found. Gave Flygon a Footprint ribbon and Effort Ribbon, Solrock and Pidgeot an Effort ribbon. Defeated Rival Tommy, his pokemon are lvl 69 – 74.
Battled many trainers including 7 star restaurant.

26th April 2008, 6:50 PM
Today at work i did not had much to do, so...

Found an area in route 216 where I’ve never been before. So a few ‘new’ trainers to battle. Fished around route 219. Then I went hunting for feebas, but after a hour I gave up. Did some SRing on Drifloon, but no shiny. Went to the underground and found several stones, shards, fossils and again an odd keystone. Won a PPup at the Lottery. Migrated 6 poochyenas holding TM’s from Emerald.
Solrock got a massage and Glitter Powder was found. Gave Flygon a Footprint ribbon and Effort Ribbon, Solrock and Pidgeot an Effort ribbon. Defeated Rival Tommy, his pokemon are lvl 69 – 74.
Battled many trainers including 7 star restaurant.
i gotta ask whats "SRing"

the master123
26th April 2008, 6:50 PM
Today i competed in some Pokemon contests Bethany is trying to come up with a team that can beat me so im quite bored

26th April 2008, 6:55 PM
Hi everyone, my first post here, since I've just managed to get Pokemon Diamond, and just started today.
I'm currently looking for a male Starly with a jolly nature on route 201.. taking long lol...
Anyway, good luck everyone!

26th April 2008, 9:06 PM
i gotta ask whats "SRing"
SRing = Soft Resetting
By SRing you can try to get a pokemon with the nature you want..or try to get a shiny pokemon. For example with Drifloon, Rotom, Legendary pokemon etc.

From Volteons FAQ
How do I soft reset?
Hold L+R+Start+Select. Soft resetting makes your battery live longer and works faster when compared with just Turning off/on.

Caught a new Magcargo. It will be used as an egg-heater (going to use it to hatch eggs more quickly). Tried chaining again. Today’s target was Miltank, but after several chains breaking before reaching 20 I gave up. No shinies.
Currently chaining random pokemon.

26th April 2008, 9:17 PM
I EV trained my Relaxed, Poison Point Female Nidoran, evolved it and now its a level 55 Nidoqueen. Another to add to my Gary Oak collection ^^

Tyranny of Tyranitar
26th April 2008, 9:45 PM
I'm currently planning a new team, maybe two, so I can play competitive from another angle. Right now, I'm trying to center a team around my favorite pokemon, Tyranitar. I'm currently in the process of breeding a Wooper to be a tank for the team. I managed to get a female one with Relaxed nature and am pondering which moves I'll place on it. (No, I don't need suggestions. I enjoy working this out on my own.)

I'm also hoping 'Everyone's Ranch Channel' comes out soon so I can start breeding pokemon for others again. My boxes are kind of full at the moment.

26th April 2008, 11:52 PM
Since my last post I have done a fair bit. I have taught a few of my Pokemon the final move they needed for complete movesets (( Thunder Wave for Valtou (( Misdreavus )) and Senirasu (( Luxray )), Will-O-Wisp for Chalaiana (( Rapidash )), Calm Mind for Yallinga (( Drifblim )), Swords Dance for Arkhaios (( Arceus )) and Earthquake for Jakliona (( Rayquaza )).

Also transferred a few Pokemon from Emerald; Sneasel... yes, JUST the one... that will be a Weavile, Ralts to become Gallade, my shiny Persian, Latias, Articuno and Zapdos. It sees like my Latias is already EV trained and knowing me back then it was awful so I better get the EV reducing berries out.

27th April 2008, 12:26 AM
Well only three more levels until sowking is on 100.
chained sentret got two shinies from it but then i accidently broke it :(
went on the GTS again
veresed my rival smashed him as usual.
Now thining of something else to chain

27th April 2008, 5:12 AM
I just got to Sunyshore on my Diamond game and went back a little bit to raise my team. I'm hoping to get them to level forty-five or so before I challenge the last gym. I also went back to Eterna and gave them all their nicknames. : D I also evolved my Roselia finally, and he's starting to actualy kick some butt.

Then I wanted to go treasure-hunting for a while, so I fired up my Pearl version and went underground. This time when I found Root and Claw fossils, I was actually able to dig them up entirely!! I also found a few more Armor Fossils. So now I have Anorith and Lileep. Yay!! I also found a few evolutionary stones and some everstones... I also found that the spheres I buried last week sometime had grown quite a bit (about twenty each), and I bought a Test Machine from my nearest dealer. It's so weird...

27th April 2008, 5:34 AM
I finally got around to doing some training on Diamond =3
It was a Shiny Beldum, one which I caught back in January on my birthday... I took my time training it alright xD

The Attack stat had a nice +40 jump in one level. I like it when that happens ~

:O (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc261/halcyonXlll/Pokemon%20GBA%20DS/S6000001.jpg)

One day i'm going to have to try EVing a level 99 Pokémon to see the whole 127 point boost in one go..
Er, anyways, I nicknamed the said Beldum and evolved it into a Metagross. All that's left is to acquire another Explosion TM and get it to Lv. 100..

Also on Diamond, i've been nicknaming some Shinies to trade to someone to clear box space, and my sister's let me borrow her copy of Pearl(that I brought for her xD) so that I can trade my best Pokémon in preparation of restarting the game.
Trading is going to be fun :l

27th April 2008, 5:48 AM
Erg, trading between your own games is always the most boring and it takes forever. I used to do it all the time between my 3rd gen games.

I'm starting to plan out a team for later on, but I really should start it soon because I promised my friend a battle next month. Luckily he has WiFi so we could just battle whenever. I was thinking of either Tyranitar, Empoleon, Torterra, Claydol, Magnezone, and maybe Magcargo or Lunatone. But I as also thinking of making a team using Frosslass because I find it to be a neat pokemon and I just migrated a female Snorunt onto my Pearl.

Light: A test machine is some weird piece of furniture for your secret base. When I 'talk' to it, it tells me how many times my flag has been captured, which is zero because I have nobody to play with underground. ;_;

27th April 2008, 5:58 AM
started a rain team, and like my emerald guide says, "Where there is rain, there is kyogre", so kyogre is on my rain team(i haven't used an uber in months ^_^), but it won't be too hard cause im sure i will allow a uber to the challengers i face so it will be even.

I couldn't find a good choice specs swift swim kingdra set(curse smogon!) so i made one for myself, and then used a common ev spread.

27th April 2008, 6:38 AM
I'm going to go on a Heart Scale hunt soon. I can never have enough of those things. >_>

Anyways, I caught a Slowpoke and I'm going to breed it so the offspring will be Bold and know Slack Off. I need a Slowbro.

27th April 2008, 9:57 AM
Defeated my rival Tommy again.
Gained a lot of exp by that.
Currently chaining random pokemon, but no luck yet.
Current team:
Solrock(84), Flygon(54), Breloom(74), Lapras(87), Pidgeot(63), Linoone(100)

fighterman x
27th April 2008, 10:27 AM
Im catching lots of ekans to get a female one. then I discovered ekans is in the same breeding group as my perfect IV: HP, ATK and SPE nidoking.

trained up nidoking twice to calc his IVs for exact: 31 hp, 31 atk, 23 def, 0 spA, 6 spD, 31 spe

27th April 2008, 1:30 PM
Cloned several poochyenas on Emerald holding items and migrated 6 of them.
Went to Solaceon Ruins..battled several unonw, no shiny.
Battled the trainers in 7 star restaurant.
Currently chaining some random pokemon

27th April 2008, 3:55 PM
I was checking the EV spread of Cream (( the shiny Persian )) and it's crap. Absolutely bloody crap. Looks like i'll have to use a lot of those berries and train her all over again... but will it work? She's level 93, hence my concern...

Also been EV training Halliaraya. She's done in defence and special attack, nearly done in speed and about halfway through in HP. Damn I hate EV training for HP. So much.

27th April 2008, 4:15 PM
its 93? you need a lot of berries, but if you train on weak pokemon(like the ones that give 1 ev point) you should do fine. i ev trained my magnezone in 3 levels ^_^(level 29-32)

anyways...trained kyogre, and looked for heart scales, and found a revive.

Citrus Face
27th April 2008, 6:22 PM
Training Dragonair(M) to a Dragonite, I was surprised that he didn't evolve at lvl. 50. Also received a Poliwhirl from GTS and quickly evolved into Poliwrath (to fill up Pokedex). The Riolu I have been hatching are very disappointing.

27th April 2008, 11:43 PM
its 93? you need a lot of berries, but if you train on weak pokemon(like the ones that give 1 ev point) you should do fine. i ev trained my magnezone in 3 levels ^_^(level 29-32)So are you saying that it'll still be okay to EV train Cream again? Oh what a relief! I have a new moveset for her that will take advantage of her ability and her nature and was wondering if it was too late...

On topic, nothing major. Just EV trained Halliaraya a little bit more in HP. Am also planting a lot of EV reducing berries. I was going to use them on Nahonal, my Latias... her EV spread is crap too... but it looks like i'll be using them for Cream as well. ;D

27th April 2008, 11:55 PM
I evolved my Pineco, beat my Rival. Went on to GTS, hoping to find good deals on Ledians.
Found one, asking for a level 9 and under Girafarig.
Looked for Girafarigs on GTS, idiots are asking for legendaries.
Decided to try to catch one. Failed at doing so three times. Slathered tree with honey.
Entered and won a Normal Cute Contest with Surskit.
Hatched a Cleffa with Wish and Magic Guard. Still angry.

End to a boring day.

28th April 2008, 5:41 AM
Today, I leveled up a Pidgey so I can get its evolutions date for the Dex.
Besides that, I think some more Berry water and a bit of leveling with my current team. Did a trade with a friend of mine.
Currently hatching a Caterpie egg...because I forgot how you can catch one with having FireRed inserted in the DS. ._.

28th April 2008, 8:07 AM
Well not much happened. I recieved a fully EV trained metagross in a trade with full attack. That was good. Thinking of putting it in my team.
I also did some chaining but didn't go too well mainly because i was tired and wasn't concentrating. All of them broke under 10.
snover: 8, Snover: 4, snorunt: 8, worst this holidays.

28th April 2008, 9:56 AM
Yesterday my swarm was Magnemite so I decided to chain it. I got to 40 the first time but sadly my chain broke when I was resetting the radar. I got 5 shinies from the chain so it's ok. Now I'm chaining Bronzor and hoping that one will be holding a Metal Coat because I want to evolve my Scyther.

28th April 2008, 3:12 PM
Pearl: SR'ing for a shiny Cresselia.
Pearl 2: SR'ing for a shiny Turtwig.
Diamond: SR'ing for a shiny Driftloon.

28th April 2008, 4:24 PM
In Pearl,I finally got all 12 starters last night.My Pokedex is at 480 seen and owned,I'm almost done!Right now,I'm training my Kingdra that I got from the GTS.Next,I'm going to train my Infernape.

28th April 2008, 7:57 PM
Battled 7 star restaurant
went to the pokemart and bought 500 Max Repels
Migrated 6 poochyenas from emerald holding TMs
Fished at route 219 for shiny pokemon, no luck
Hatched 20 Riolu eggs and 30 Burmy eggs (no shinies)
Currently chaining my swarm of today, krabby.
Chain is at 29 no shinies yet

edit:Found 1 shiny Krabby on the chain, before I broke it..damn..
Krabby, Lvl 52, Male, Hardy, Strongly defiant, Hyper Cutter.

Krabby evolved into Kingler. Gave it Pokerus.

29th April 2008, 4:17 PM
Was training in Victory road to finish off my team for the elite four and....i caught pokerus off a machoke!! I was soo happy lol I then proceded to spread it as much as I could, and then traded an infected ralts to my mate cus she wanted it =3

The same mate then helped me get an alakazam and a machamp for my dex, and she got a dusclops and scizor in the same way =3 Off to get TM13 (ice beam) from the snowy route to finish off my piplups moveset, and then go try and defeat the elite four with this team!

;393; lvl 56
;404; lvl 56
;078; lv 56
;407; lvl 56 (caught pokerus ^^)
;397; lvl 56
;208; lvl 55

Lets hope this team gets me through, I wanna start chaining and all the other fun stuff after the league ^^

29th April 2008, 4:25 PM
i won a wi-fi battle lately plus i lost one
after that i was busy for a long time with getting a streak of at least 50 hits and lost at the 42th streak worth to cry for. if i poisoned my enemy i would win, right now i am planning to do my best at the wi-fi battles at the battletower.

the master123
29th April 2008, 5:40 PM
today i met someone on wifi who had the power to beat me after that i demanded a rematch for tomorrow which he accepted so at the minute im training my Pokemon and trying to come up with some kind of strategy to beat him nothing so far though.
maybe ill just do some Pokemon contests.

29th April 2008, 5:45 PM
My Wifi friend gave me a level 100 S. Salamence, and a S. Eevee. She gave me the S. Salamence to replace my reg. Salamence and she gave me S. Eevee because she's nice ^^. She is pro EV trained all of her Pokémon and EV trained this Salamence that was ADAMANT to max Attack EVs (405 ATK!!) and max Speed ^^. Waiting for reg. Mence to trade at GTS for lv. 100 Rampardos. Then i will compelte my non legend party at lv. 100!! (S. Mence, Rampardos, Blaziken, Swampert, Roserade, Snorlax)

29th April 2008, 5:48 PM
Fished on many spots..trying to find shinies..but no luck.
Hatched 40 Burmy eggs, no shiny.
Battled the E4 again.
Went Underground and found several useful items.
Chained several random pokemon, but no shinies

RF Steve
29th April 2008, 9:56 PM
JPN Pearl: Nada
Pearl: Just caught a Shiny Marill, chain is at 41.
Diamond: Traded over Shiny Electvire to help chain Marill. (Before I started the chain.)

30th April 2008, 2:42 AM
Lmfao, I received an Ho-oh from GTS, it was holding mail. the mail reads as this:

I love WATER SPOUT, too!



30th April 2008, 3:00 AM
Currently EV training my Roserade. It's going...okay I guess.

Just a thought, at level 38 its' SP. Attack is about 136 at Modest nature. This is alright right?

Even so, I'm doing the best I can to make sure it does well. Afterwards I plan on acquiring a Gligar to evolve into Gliscor to add another to the team.

And, I've transferred a good 18 to my PC. I'll probably continue for a while, I've checked for some good Pokémon and have found quite a few.


Senor Finaleze
30th April 2008, 6:10 AM
Well I finished EV training Pineco. :D Now I only have to level it up a few more levels. Then I can teach it rest and heat scale toxic spikes. :D I could teach it rest right now but meh :P

30th April 2008, 11:44 AM
Started chaining for glameow, but ending up chaining Ditto.
Reached 40 on the first try. Found 1 shiny ditto before I broke the chain (stupid me)
I caught it in a premier ball and it was holding Quick powder.
Ditto, L29, Serious, Capable of taking hits, Limber.
I gave the Ditto Pokerus.
Went to Jubilife city, checked the lottery but didnot win anything. Battled the trainer there.
Checked today's swarm and it is absol, currently chaining that.

Edit: updated my signature
edit2: Tried chaining for absol, swellow and glameow..no luck. Traded shiny kingler and shiny ditto to my diamond game for storage. Breeding for a shiny stunky now
Edit3:Hatched over 60 stunky...no shiny...getting bored, so going to battle some trainers again and raising my team.

30th April 2008, 1:19 PM
Attempted the elite four with the team I posted. Didn't do too bad, got to lucian but his alakazam swiped my team with psychic. Am now revising the moves and have made a few vital changes suggested by a very helpful person here on the serebii forums. Now lvling them a bit more too. I don't think 56 is high enough =/ 60 is probably better!

30th April 2008, 1:39 PM
Training my Shinx Lvl 13.
Try to catch a Starly with a good nature, isn't working well </3

30th April 2008, 2:53 PM
Currently in the Underground, digging for Dome Fossil, and some stuffs too like Heart Scales, etc.. Then, I'm still leveling my Lapras, Magnezone, and Ninetales in some parts around Battle Tower. And also, I'm currently using my Leafeon in Pokemon contests.

30th April 2008, 10:26 PM
Um, what the heck?? Everything is different, we have post numbers, in our Userbar thing and PM's are changed to notifications. Smilies changed, and Silver post box. I'm bewildered:p.

On Topic: I'm breeding Gastly and it is going very, very well:D! The first 6 eggs all had at least 1 flawless stat.

30th April 2008, 10:56 PM
Recently I was chaining and I was so eager to find a shiny ponyta of the right nature, I found two that were bold and jolly, and when I was checking my third ones nature, it was what I wanted and my game turned off. I was ******. I thought It would last another 10 minutes! I Eventually found it though after that

Politoed Lover V2
30th April 2008, 11:35 PM
Just EV training up a new team. This one is going to win. I have thought about it for quite some time now. But yea i hope it goes well.

1st May 2008, 12:11 AM
I'm trading on the GTS for a few pokemon I need, to fill up my Pokedex (either by leveling them up or breeding them)
Also leveling up Vigoroth by battling the Elite 4.