View Full Version : The Dragonite has landed!! :D

Dragonite Benn
16th April 2008, 4:34 AM
Hello everybody! I'm Dragonite-Benn. I've been a pokemon fan since the very beginning and I loved every minute of it! :D My favorite pokemon by far are "Dragonite","Charizard" and "Mew". But enough with the Pokemon talk. I also like other videogames such as Animal Crossing,Legend of Zelda [entire series],Metroid [entire series] and a lot more! I also love my Gamecube and Nintendo DS but don't have a Wii yet. D: I love music as well,Heavy Metal,Classic Rock,and Techno are all my tastes. I tend to find myself daydreaming and I have a pretty active imagination. I'm 16 and live in the USA,learning to play the guitar and I review video games on my YouTube account which can be found in my profile. I've actually have been on Serebii for quite sometime but never had a forum account. I can tell I'm going to have fun here! If you ever want to trade with me or battle just let me know! Till next time,Laterz! :D

16th April 2008, 4:37 AM
Welcome to the Serebii.Net Forums,where NASA stands for National Awesome Society of All!Have fun,but don't explode