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17th April 2008, 2:36 PM
Hi guys im kinda new to this forum and I was just wondering on EV's that is that right that u can only max out 2 stats? and im raising a new blaziken and please correct me on this if this is right:1st Ok is Docile a good neutral nature form blaziken or shud i pick a good one please tell me wat good nature shud i pick. 2nd is this Ev calculation rite can i like do a half half on EV's maxing stats out like ok u noe that u can only max 2 out but can u max other ones like taking out lets say i wanted : HP,ATK,SP.ATK,SP.DEF. on my new blaziken and these were the pokemon EV points i saw : i have to kill 9 hariyamas for HP,30 sharpedos for ATK,30 roselias for SP.ATK,and i dont noe wat pokemon i shud kill for a SP.DEF and im using Ruby version. im kinda getting wat EV means cuz i just knew EV's today when ive been playing pokemon for like 2-3yrs. i hope this is right cuz my friend said if i wanted a lvl 100 blaziken w/ high ATK and SP.ATK at first i shud feed it w/ calcium and protein only then kill 39 sharpedos(+2 EV point) for ATK and 39 Roselias for SP.ATK(are there any RS pokemon give +2 Ev point to SP.ATK). so my main question to this is can i share around EV's to all my 4 stat(HP,ATK,DEF,SP.ATK,SP,DEF.) i want to raise out for my blaziken and wat nature shud he/she have. thx for your answers

17th April 2008, 2:39 PM
Considering the Pokes you mentioned I'm guessing this is for RSE which means you need this section: http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=136

I know nothing about EVs and such so I can't help more than that.

BTW, you should really use punctuation as well as space out your text so it's easier to read. Might want to fully spell out words as well (don't use 2, u, 4, etc) and capitalize those 'i's.