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19th April 2008, 11:48 PM
Hey everybody! Little new to the community, so I thought it'd be a good idea to drop by and say 'Hi'.

A little bit about me:

1. Ajiryn is pronounced: AH-jeer-in. (Not really a roll, but more like a flick on the 'R'. It should sound like a very short l, if anything.)
2. I'm a dude. Should say right in my profile, too. So please, don't ask.
3. I pride myself on having all Eevee-styled members on my team! (For the small group that may not know, that means FLAREON, VAPOREON, JOLTEON, UMBREON, ESPEON, LEAFEON, GLACEON, and of course, EEVEE.) I'm the only one I know to really do this prestigiously, but I'm willing to bet there are others out there too. ^_^
4. I am very open to suggestions for my team. Gonna post it up once I get a chance.
5. As afore mentioned, I'm just a plain Eevee fanatic.

I look forward to meeting you guys!

19th April 2008, 11:58 PM
which is your favorite mine is jolteon;135;

19th April 2008, 11:59 PM
Ah, a fellow Eevee lover! I also have an Eeveelution-based team on my Firered.:)

Anyway welcome to the forums, have fun!

Darkmaster Rannon
20th April 2008, 12:11 AM
Welcome to the forum! I like Vaporean, it's obviously the best eevee-lution.

Do you do competitive battling with your eevees?

20th April 2008, 12:16 AM
I like plain old Eevee. Maybe a few of you guys should check out the EE club. Though if you'd like to join you have to PM someone in charge of the club first. ;P

Anyways, welcome to SPPf! ^_^

Shadow Aura
20th April 2008, 12:17 AM
Welcome aboard!

My favorite Eevee-lution is Jolteon. I often use it as my Electric Pokémon. ;)

24th April 2008, 1:43 AM
Ah, many apologies for the delay in my reply! The CPU was going a bit 'wacky' to say. Many sites were unaccessible for awhile.

My favorite? I'd pick Flareon. I remember all the way ack when Red/Blue came out, Flareon was the one I endd up with. All though I think Eevees are the best, even though they can't really be considered an 'eevee-lution'. ;136;

I think all of them are pretty useful though; I have one o' each for battling. I usually bring Flare, Jolt, Vap, Leaf, Umb, and Esp, but there's been a few times I switched one or two in favor of Glace or Eevee.

Competitive battling? Definitely. ^_^ I've gone through a lot to make sure that I make a name for Eevees out there. It was so fun at this year's AX (Anime Expo). Waiting lines were common; Hour long lines not unusual. So I got a good chance to tear up a few teams! Except for that one dude that used all ubers; That match did NOT go well... Oh well.

Contest times were also great, too. My pride and joy is my 9th Eevee. It's barely Lvl. 1, and I don't really get to use it in battles (o' course), but I've done wonders to its contest stats. I managed to get all 20 contest ribbons with it! ^_^

Ah, nearly forgot: Would you happen to know any of these people from the EE? I would definitely like to meet them.

Meg Is Hoenn's Champ
24th April 2008, 1:53 AM
My personal favourite was Leafeon,But to see NotChip's favourite please click on my spoiler,It's actuallyy pretty amusing!
Maybe,I hav a favourite new Eeveelution now called Sh*tteon,Hehe!

24th April 2008, 6:21 AM
Welcome to the forums,
So many ....eevee fans.