View Full Version : So I guess I have an account I didn't make. O_O (I guess im supposed to move it here)

22nd April 2008, 12:23 AM
Apparently some dude has been copying me and making s/ns like mine on Youtube and stuff. At first I thought it was a coinkydink, but then he was going around insulting people and saying "DOODLEZ RULE." I used to have that in my sigs. And now, out of boredom, I googled my s/n and found this. Kinda weird lol.

Should I delete this or just keep it? I probably won't be here that much, and I doubt he still uses it. This seems like a nice place. :P And he hasn't been active since October apparently. Plus, looking at his posts, he was making threads saying to change his name because he "doesn't want the real Doodleboy to know he copied his screename."

Weird though, why would he care if he copied me? Well, maybe because I deleted the Youtube accounts and he thought I was onto him or something. But then what would he be planning to do? O_O Probably nothing now, since he hasn't been on in forever.

It seems like I'm answering most of my questions myself. lol :P

Mobile Suit Pilot
22nd April 2008, 12:24 AM
How did he copy your password OR how did you find out his?