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Mr Dreavus
25th April 2008, 3:35 AM
Intro:The title should explain it, but lemme break it down for you! :D This club is basically for any people who are of Native American heritage. Doesn't matter what tribe or region. It includes ALL tribes native to ALL Americas . The purpose it to share anything you want! Pride, stories, cultural artifacts, anything you want. Also, I ENCOURAGE sharing your opinions on the hardships faced by our people throughout history...

I am the following:
[Not sure about these: Alaska and Hawaii Native]
That's it. :] It all makes up about 40% of me!

In addition to the basic forum rules [ found URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=4220622"]here[/URL] ], there are a few more rules to follow...

1. Please, have some sort of Native American in you. x_________x; It doesn't matter if its 100% or 5%, though.
2. No arguing about "My tribe is better than your tribe". If you make statements such as this out of pure cruelty, you will get a ban.
3. If people take offense to a word you are using, stop using it. [ i.e indians, I know many people don't like this slang, including me, but I will allow it. If anyone else has a problem with it, though, please do not use it ]
4. Make your own topics, but not if there is/are other active topics atm.
5. NO RACISM WHATSOEVER. You WILL be reported.
6. Please try to not use one liners, if you use them too many times, I seriously might suspend you for a short time!
7. FOLLOW ALL RULES! If you break rules two,three, or five ONCE, you will get suspended for a week. Break it again and you will get a two week band. And if you're dumb enough to break this rule AGAIN, you will no longer be a member of the club. All other rules [excluding rule 1, considering you won't be in the club if you dont apply to it] you will be suspended if you break it three times. If you break it three MORE times, you will be permanently banned.

Just answer the following questions, and type "NAP" [ Native American Pride ] telling me you've read the rules...

What Native American tribe(s) is in your heritage?

Through what family member(s) does your heritage come from?

[I]Co-Owner: [I will announce. Ask me to be the co-owner, and you will not be.]