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Tri hawk
6th May 2008, 2:29 AM
Welcome all people, geeks and jocks alike, this is the Mechwarrior club.
This is the place for all to talk of Mechwarrior. Be it the video games,
role-playing game, novels, and yes, even the short-lived 90's tv show.
Please do not hesitate to post interesting facts, banners,
wallpapers, or any information you may find. Enjoy the club.


1. All SPPF rules apply
2. Do not bash/flame other factions, or people.
3. Give credit for banners or images you did not make yourself.
4. Keep on topic.
5. Proper grammar is strongly suggested, and no 1337!
6. Make your post sensible, one liners are not advised.
7. 3 strike system, banned at strike 3.
8. Only I, and the co-owner can give strikes.
9. Do not double-post. (Or triple, quadruple, etc.)
10. No Foul language.
11. Show respect to other members.
12. Don't annoy me about becoming a co-owner.
13. Enjoy your time here.

Enlist today!
To join simply post or PM me the following details:
1. Favourite Faction
2. Prefered Style of play. (How do you play)
3. Why would you like to join / what will you discuss?
4. What genre of Mechwarrior do you play? (Video game, Role-playing, etc.)

If you cannot fill these out because you are new to Mechwarrior and
would still like to join, please PM so we can make arrangements.

Tri hawk (JF)
Mewthreehundredandfour (JF)


Wizkids news: (Directly from Mechwarrior website)
"Mechwarrior May 2008 Storyline scenario now available!"
Click here for full details (http://www.wizkidsgames.com/mechwarrior/mw_article.asp?cid=41761)

Mechwarrior club news: Coming soon!

Faction of the week:
The Republic

History of Faction coming soon!

Unit of the day:
ROS Cizin (71)

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