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9th May 2008, 12:46 AM
Elloz and welcome to my newbie club! I'm guessing I'll need a ton of help make this so please help out and bear with me!


1. All SPPF rules apply (whatever those are >_<).
2. If you flame, I will personally come to your house, and I will have a spongue... A WET SPONGUE, and you are not going to like what I do with that spongue. I HATE FLAMERS.
3. Please remember, all nicknames have to be maximum 10 characters long in the games.
4. Please, no sensless nicknames like "poopoohead" here. That will be concitered spam, and not the funny kind.
5. Please don't wander off-topic to much, feel free to have short, one-or-two-post conversations though!
6. Bad grammer makes my eyes bleed, please reveiew your grammer rules >_<. Also, as a reminder, Please put a space after your commas and periods (/exclamation marks/question marks.).
7. Punishments are given out by the judgement of the "Janitors". If you are one, them please pm me about infractions and applications (accepted ones) so I can put 'em up here.
8. Only the Janitors and everyone with a higher rank can dish out punishments and accept applications.
9. Ranks are only given by invitation. Ask me and- SPONGUE!
10. Show respect to everyone in this thread.
12. Do not question the 'spongue!'

~What we do here~
Anyone of rank basicly starts a topic, and everyone else chats about it. This is a place to post your favorite nicknames, say what kind of Pokemon should have them, and talk about why you nickname them!


Head Janitor~ Controls the world. You are all slaves to the head janitor.
Vice Janitor~Takes over the thread when the Head Janitor isn't around.
Janitor~ Starts topics, accepts applications and beats up problem people wit their brooms (gives out punishments).
Members~ if you cannot guess what these people do, go stab your eye with a fork.
THE SPONGUED~ banned people ^_^.


(Master of the Universe) My Mom
(Thread owner) Special Fred
(President of the finiancial commidy) R2D2
(Head Janitor) Mewthreehundredandfour
(Lead Janitor) Tri hawk


1. What nickname are you the most proud of making?
2. What Pokemon did you Nickname?
3. Why should we let you in?
4. Did the jokes get repetitive?


1. Hellfire.
2. Charizard.
3. I'm your frikkin' other personality you twit! You have to let me in!

~Favorite Nickname Archive~

Anything that is powerful-looking and can use fire moves.

Any Dragon-type.

RedTide and BloodyWtr~
Any red water pokemon.


Tri Hawk~
Giratina, it can clog a toilet with it's own pee!

Anyone has permission to make banners, I'm working on two right now.

~THE SPONGUED! (Banned people)~
Mewthreehundredandfour's other personalilty.

Tri hawk
12th May 2008, 9:46 PM

1. Peeclog
2. Giratina
3. You should let me in for I have control of the western 'spongue'. As well as I'm Vice Janitor apparently.
4. Make poop, not spongue.

I always say Giratina is the elephant caterpillar from hell, and that it is so awesome that it can clog a toilet with it's own pee. Hence the nickname, "Peeclog".

*Holds the mighty western spongue* Yes, this will do nicely. Muahahahaa! *Explodes into thin air*

Might I suggest a new rule?
12. Do not question the 'spongue!'

12th May 2008, 10:45 PM
Exellent! Anyway, You didn't need the app. Your already in :P.

I'll add the rule and put your name in the archive! Anymore you want in? Like RICK the gender confused Tropius? Lolz...

Tri hawk
13th May 2008, 3:43 PM
Meh, might as well start on a topic:

What nickname do you regret the most?

Mine would have to be RICK, the shiny female Tropius which I traded to my Pearl...

13th May 2008, 6:46 PM
Lolz, I was the one that gave him RICK... He shose the name ^_^

Mine would be my lapras, "Survial". I miss-spelt "Survival"...