View Full Version : The New Full Moon wo Sagashite Fan club.

19th May 2008, 9:23 PM
Ok, the first club died so I have started a new one.

Hello this is a club for the discussion of the Full Moon manga and anime. Here you can discuss characters, shippings, the story just anything in general. However please keep anything pertaining to major plot spoilers and character deaths in spoilers in case people have been unable to finish the series and don't want it ruined for them.
Now for the rules. You must read them:
1. No oneliners. I don't care if when you ask to join you talk about your favorite charecters and how long you have liked the series just don't have it be one line.
2. Don't bash people for liking certain characters and shippings ect
3. Respect everyone
4. Don't use chatspeak hear. Lol and such are permitted but you should be able to make a proper post without all of that.
5. When joining please post "Meroko" somewhere in the post to insure you read the rules. I am not going to be specific about the color because I know what a pain that is.
6. Don't ask to be a co-owner. If I want one and need one later I will message somebody I think would be good for the job and they will either accept or decline. If they decline I will ask someone else.
Ok now that you have read the rules. (if you didn't scroll up now) here is the list of members and ranks.
Ranks: (will edit when I get ideas. also it won't be on a point system I will just decide based on activity and advertising and such saves me and you a lot of time)
Regular member:
Advanced member:
Official bannermaker: (must have banners accepted)
Elite Member:

Now for what the ranks mean:
Newbie: Can contribute to discussions and give ideas for topics but they cannot be officially started without approval
Regular member: Same as Newbie but they can start topics They cannot approve Newbie's topics though
Advanced member: Same as Regular member but you can approve topics posted by Newbies
Elite Member: starts topics and recommends disiplinary action for unruly members.
Official Bannermaker: Makes banners these people will be listed in 2 categories
Co-owner: Active, responsible member who helps me manage the club and can ban members with my approval. They can recommend rank ups and such for members that have been active. They are in charge when I am gone. Any co-owner abusing there power will be temporarily banned from the club and demotted upon there return.