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24th May 2008, 1:11 AM
Do you hear the people sing?

(thank you to PSYCHIC for the idea of using that)
do you?
have you?

If you've seen and love Les Miserables (my favorite show ever), then this is the club for you! I for one love Les Mis, and I know there has got to be other Les Mis lovers out there.

You haven't seen Les Mis? Well, then go away! No, not really, but Les Mis is.. *quotes dead RP first post* a beautiful, touching, and meaningful play. The story of each character is complex, and every musical number is well thought-out. The lyrics to the songs are intriguing, and thought-providing, while the melodies are beautiful and harmonious. The plot moves seamlessly, and it is a great joy to watch. The original book is by Victor Hugo, the music is by Claude Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, the English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer.

Here is just a place to talk about the play, and talk about the play, and talk about the play!

To join, fill out Les Form:
I saw Les Mis in: (a community theater, Broadway etc.)
I love it because:
My favorite character is:
I am looking for someone to make us a nice banner, and a co-owner as well, so join, Les Mis fans!!!

Oh and just to tell you, I like Eponine, not Cosette. CleoCosette just sounds cooler than CleoEponine. XD