View Full Version : Lyrics and song help. Can you identify these song titles and singers?

31st May 2008, 12:45 AM
I have listened to quite a few songs that are very good. But I cannot get the titles online for some reason... Can anybody identify the singers and the song names of these lyrics? I remember some.

Man sang this:
"I want to make love in this world, in this world, in this world." And then some lines I forget... but is something about eyes.

And a woman sang this:
"Give me, give me hey give me give me hey."

And some song I think Jonas Brothers sang it but not sure.
Is some "I am addict, I'm addicted to you." Something like that...

And some other song but cannot remember the lyrics. Is sang by a girl singer too, similar to the woman's voice who sang give me, give me hey.

Can anybody identify these song names and titles??