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15th October 2008, 3:04 PM
Awww, cute Quilava. <3 I love how she can be all sweet and docile while doing a hardcore job. A very clever job to put her in, I might add. Although, I would've thought that as a fire Pokemon, she wouldn't need protective gear ... but maybe I'm just overthinking it. =/

~Magic Thunderbolt~
15th October 2008, 3:58 PM
Quilava, that's a real good way to portray a fire pokemon being used by firefighters(how ironic). But seriously, the fire could use a little description...

By the way, could I request a Starly story?

19th October 2008, 5:18 PM
I used Paras/Parasect through my very first game of Pokemon, so of course I like it. But it took a bit of thinking to get this story ironed out.

In Process: Torterra
On Deck: Nidorian male/female, Stunky, Starly
Reserve: Rotom (10/31)

Emerald entry: A Paras has parasitic tochukaso mushrooms growing on its back. They grow by drawing nutrients from the host. They are valued as a medicine for long life.

The small shop was still and quiet. Two desk fans swept back and forth, one rustling some dried corncobs. It all blended into a background hush. A small Paras, a red Bug Pokemon with orange mushrooms growing out of her back, was peaceably gnawing on a ginger root on top of the checkout counter. There was no human in the shop. Despite this, the sign on the door claimed that the shop was open.

The natural foods and herbs store was stuffed with products. The shelves were full of a mixture of natural remedies and organic foods. Customers said that it had a distinctive smell, a complex mixture of all the products there: earthy and fruity, dense and tangy, mysterious and somehow familiar. Despite the old world philosophy, there were a few infiltrations of technology: small speakers scattered throughout the store playing ancient music, the computerized register, and the tiny bar code scanner carefully attached to the Paras’ left forearm.

A jingle of the front door broke the Paras’ attention from her lunch. A boy and girl walked in. Judging from their gear, they were Trainers. “Man, this place smells weird,” the boy said.

“It’s natural, so it has to be good,” the girl retorted. She came in further to look around the shelves. “Hello? Anyone here?”

The Paras went up to the register and ran her scanner against a bar code there.

“Good day,” the speakers answered from a recording. “I have gone out for a little while. If you need assistance, please ask my Paras. She can handle purchases of most items in the store. For anything in the locked cabinets, you will need to wait until my return.”

“Ask his what?” the boy asked.

The girl found the counter, so the Paras waved her claw. “I think it’s this Pokemon. Aw, she’s cute.” She picked her up. “But what’s with the mushrooms?”

The Paras patted the girl’s hand, then jumped back onto the counter. She scurried over to a glass jar with dried mushrooms in it and scanned the bar code. “Dried tochukaso mushrooms,” a nearby speaker identified. “This mushroom lives symbiotically on the back of the Pokemon Paras. When eaten, this mushroom promotes longevity, joint flexibility, and heart health.”

“Sounds good.” The girl glanced over the label on the jar. “Uh, but maybe not for that price.”

“Well if it only comes from a Pokemon, it would be hard to get.” He came over to the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. “So this old shop has a computer that can answer verbal questions?”

“No, didn’t you see?” She picked up the Paras again. “She has this itty bitty scanner that tells the computer what we want to know about.”

“Huh. I’ve always wondered why, if they can understand us, why don’t they talk like us?”

The Paras clicked her mandibles and rubbed her legs together. “<You want me to talk like you when I can only make sounds like this?>”

“Well I think she must be very clever if the shop owner will let her run this place while he’s gone.” She looked at the Paras. “I’m looking for some honey drops, if you have any. One of my Pokemon is sick with a sore throat.”

She waved a claw in an affirmative reply, then pointed to Aisle 3. She had to correct the girl from going down Aisle 2, then guided her over to a basket of various bags of the drops she wanted. Then she waited to be of more assistance.

“Could you get a basket?” the girl asked.

“Sure thing.” He went back to the entrance to fetch one. “Which one of yours is sick?”

“Girafarig. She won’t speak and has a hard time eating. But Nurse Joy said it didn’t look serious and recommended this place.”

The boy came into the aisle. “That sounds miserable.”

“Yeah, even her tail is being quiet. I hope this is really all she needs.” She pulled out a honey drop bag. “Hmm, ‘with chamomile.’ I know she likes my chamomile tea, so this ought to be good.” She placed it in the basket.

“What kind of healing stuff would this place have?” the boy asked. “I mean, like something to replace an Antidote. My Charmander doesn’t like the taste of the standard stuff; he’d almost rather faint from poison than drink an Antidote.”

The Paras thought for a moment, then pointed over to Aisle 4. Once taken there, she pointed her scanner at a bar code for a display of small dark bottles. “Natural flavor concentrates. Should a liquid medicine taste undesirable, add a drop or two of flavoring to make it palatable. Works with standard Pokemon medications, non-prescription drugs, and natural oils. If adding to any prescription medicine, please check with your doctor first.”

“Huh. That might actually work.”

The girl laughed. “You might want to not pick a flavor he loves, or he might just intentionally get poisoned.”

“That’s true.” After looking over several kinds, he took a grape flavoring. “This should be fine.”

“Oh look, Lava Cookies,” the girl said, picking up an orange and red package. “I hear Pokemon love these.”

“Are they actually made with lava?” the boy asked.

“I wouldn’t think so... look here. ‘This product is not made with volcanic materials. If your Pokemon is inclined to eat rocks, please look for the original recipe in the dark red wrapping.’ So maybe some of these are.”

The boy picked out a dark red Lava cookie. “Awesome. ‘This cookie is made with volcanic materials and is not suitable for human consumption, or for Pokemon with organic diets. Please make certain that your Pokemon can digest this product; otherwise, look for our plant or meat based variations.’”

“Looks like they really did their research on what Pokemon like to eat.”

The pair wound up picking out a cookie that each of their Pokemon would like, for a total of seven Lava Cookies. Then they brought the Paras back to the check-out counter. “So now what?” the boy asked.

She hopped onto the counter and waved for them to put their purchases on the counter. After making certain that they had put everything there, she scanned a different bar code on the register. Then she scanned each product one by one, pushing them towards the stack of recycled paper bags. As her memory was excellent, she rarely made a mistake. Once she was done, she scanned the register’s bar code again.

“Your total is eight dollars and twenty-three cents,” the speaker by the register announced. “Please scan your debit card or deposit your money in the appropriate slots.”

“My day to buy stuff, right?” the boy asked. He took his Trainer ID card and scanned that through the register’s reader.

The Paras hopped onto the register to where the receipt was printing. When it was done, she tore it off, then offered it up to the boy.

“Thanks,” he said. “Responsible Pokemon, aren’t you?”

“She’s so cute,” the girl repeated, patting the mushrooms on her back. “Hope you’re not alone too long. Goodbye, little Paras.”

She waved a claw to say goodbye to them, then returned to gnawing on her ginger root.

19th October 2008, 7:16 PM
Great story!
I really liked this one.
It was pretty cool how Paras can run the store by itself when it's trainer is away.
Looking forward to the Stunky entry!

20th October 2008, 4:36 AM
That was such a cute Paras =D I loved it, it's awesome how you made a Pokemon depicted as utterly useless in the anime into a more intellectual Pokemon. Awesome job!

20th October 2008, 2:44 PM
Excellent job! I don't really consider Paras to be a cute or smart Pokemon, but you proved me wrong. The Lava Cookie thing was also really interesting, and it makes a lot of sense.

20th October 2008, 3:04 PM
Finally, Paras gets a turn in the spotlight. I've always liked Paras, I even had a Parasect on my team in Blue version. I loved the Paras in this story, it was so cute. And smart too. This story had several small details that made the story really interesting. Such as the lava cookie discussion or the bit about the flavor drops.

Kutie Pie
21st October 2008, 1:02 AM
The Paras clicked her mandibles and rubbed her legs together. “<You want me to talk like you when I can only make sounds like this?>”

Lolz xD.

This was really cute, a helper Paras. I didn't think it'd be possible. The entry fit, when it came to the herbal shop, but honestly, I was thinking something along the lines of the mushrooms being "stolen" from a Paras. *shrug* Or at least a Paras planting a mushroom (remember the Mount Moon episode?). But I liked the idea nevertheless.

Are Lava cookies really made out of lava? Well, how about crusty, cool lava? It must be much safer than fresh lava x3.

21st October 2008, 3:20 AM
The Paras went up to the register and ran her scanner against a bar code there.

“Good day,” the speakers answered from a recording. “I have gone out for a little while. If you need assistance, please ask my Paras. She can handle purchases of most items in the store. For anything in the locked cabinets, you will need to wait until my return.”wow how did you think of that

~Magic Thunderbolt~
23rd October 2008, 5:39 AM
I like how you integrated the Paras, seeing that it could take care of the store even without her owner. I mean, I thought that it was about getting the tochukaso from a Paras' back...

23rd October 2008, 5:34 PM
Coming up with this kind of stuff is often because I connect seemingly unrelated bits of information and am really reluctant to label any idea stupid. Like this story came from some rather unrelated bits.

1. The Torterra entry offered a good opening to another Pokemon and Starly happened to be On Deck.

2. On the Author's Cafe, there's a thread on the overuse of Eevees that I've been shadowing. One person commented that part of the reason is that starters often grow so large that it's awkward to use them in a scene. They used Blastoise for an example, but Torterra is even bigger. I consider it seven foot plus the tree.

3. There's a whole mess of noisy starlings hanging out in my backyard right now, like 200+.

4. I like Star Wars (okay, so that's just one detail, but details are fun!)

5. (another detail) I thought of doing Stunky and Starly together, just because their names sound so alike.

Then it's just twisting it all together into this.

In Process: Nidoran male/female
On Deck: Stunky
Reserve: Rotom (10/31)

Diamond entry: Small Pokémon occasionally gather on its unmoving back to begin building their nests.

Pearl entry: Usually with a large flock, it is barely noticeable when alone. Its cries are very strident.

It was a crisp fall day in Sinnoh. The trees were a bright assortment of reds, yellows, and even purples. Although those dried leaves were crackling in the breeze, a light jacket was enough to keep her warm. The sun was bright and thus it was the perfect chance to take a break and read a book. She had a Star Wars novel that was quickly coming to an exciting point; she might just have to make this break a little longer than usual.

She waved a Bug Pokemon away from her book. “Shoo, I’m resting up there.”

The Burmadam crawled back to get away from the waving hand, but then was snatched up by a Starly. The small brown bird then flew up to a nearby tree to eat its snack.

The Trainer looked up after them, then tapped the hardened dirt beneath her. “You’re attracting your own little eco-system, did you know that?”

A tan colored head poked out of what had appeared to be a small hill. “<So long as the birds get the bugs before the bugs get my tree, I don’t mind,>” the Torterra replied.

“Holy Luvdisc!” a male voice yelled from the road below. “Th-that hill’s alive!”

“<That’s... not a hill,>” a Pokemon replied.

“<Hey, I’m not that slow,>” the Torterra retorted.

The girl sat up. “Oh, hi Mark!”

“Carol? What’re you doing up there?”

“Taking a break to read.” She grabbed her book and slide off the tortoise’s back. “You remember how you teased me about picking the little Turtwig?”

His jaw dropped. His Empoleon was as tall as the Torterra, but nowhere near as big. “That’s your starter? How’d she get so big?”


“<He’s not someone to talk about patience with,>” the Empoleon said. “<We’re always in a hurry to get somewhere or do something.>”

A Starly landed on the Empoleon’s head. “<Hey, got any food, got any food? I’m hungry,>” he squawked.

“<Ah, grow up,>” the Empoleon replied before retreating back to his Pokeball.

“<Ack, rude!>” the Starly cried, flapping his wings frantically to not crash.

“<Rude! Rude!>” his peers called out.

“What’s up with the Starlies?” Mark asked.

Carol shrugged. “They get less annoying when you evolve them.”

“So what’re you doing blocking the road?”

She put her hands on her hips. “We are not blocking the road.”

He leaned back slightly, scratching his head. “Okay, okay, so you’re not blocking the road. You’re not going to hit me, right?”

“Not for now.” She put her hands down. “Anyhow, she gets most of her energy from photosynthesis now and she’s too big to take many places, unfortunately. I even had to request a Gym battle to take place outside once because her tree would have touched the ceiling. So for those reasons, I try to bring her out at least once a day, maybe half an hour.”

“Huh. And here I was getting annoyed at my starter having to duck through doorways. Sorry, didn’t think she’d really grow this big.”

“Well she’s still my friend,” Carol said, patting her Torterra on the head.

“<For always and ever,>” the Torterra added.

“When I get my own house, I’m gonna have to add a special greenhouse just for her.”

Another Starly dropped near them. “<Hey, hey, wanna fight?>”

“<You’re asking for a concussion, bird,>” the Torterra replied. “<You might want to think twice about your challenge.>”

“<Um,> he tilted his head, then hopped up. “<Yeah, fight, fight!>”

“Ugh, they’re so annoying,” Mark said. “It’s like an infestation, how those Starlies are everywhere.”

“As much as I like my Staraptor, I don’t want to bother with these little guys,” Carol agreed. She pulled out a spray can and sprayed some Repel over the brown bird. “Scram.”

“<Ew, ew, ew!>” the Starly squawked, rushing off. “<You smell disgusting now!>”

The Torterra wrinkled her nose. “<It is pretty bad.>”

Landing on a branch, the Starly blew a raspberry at the two humans. “<Stupid smelly humans.>”

“<Ew, you’re smelly,>” a nearby Starly squealed.

“<I’m not smelly.>”

“<Are too smelly.>”

“<Are not.>”

She hopped away from him. “<Are too... oof!>”

The female she’d crashed into fluffed herself up. “<Hey, watch it! Don’t get no smelly on me.>”

“<He’s the smelly one.>”

“<I am not smelly!>” he insisted. While he could still smell the disgusting Repel (something like rotting trash that humans somehow could not smell), he didn’t want to admit that he was wrong, or smelly.

“<Will you keep it down?!> another male called, flinging his wings out and accidentally smacking two others. “<I’m trying to nap here.>”

“<Hey, no hitting!>” the two beside him squalled.

“<Well if you wouldn’t be in the way.>”

“<No shoving either!>”

“<And get away, Stinky Stunky Starly!>”


Below them, the two humans glanced at the tree. “And for such little birds, they make such an incredible racket,” Mark commented.

The Torterra sighed. “<I normally wouldn’t mind them, but...>” she shook her shell.

The bushes, grasses, and single tree on her shell all shuddered like a strong Earthquake had hit them. Panicking, the Starlies flew off in a large cloud of brown and tan, squealing, “<Monster!>”, “<The world’s gonna end!>”, and “<Mommy!!!>”. Their wings caused a chaotic mess of wind, knocking over a sign and causing panicked stampedes among other small Pokemon. Carol lost her new straw hat and had to go chase it down.

When she came back, Mark shook his head. “Life with Pokemon: never a dull moment, right?”

“Right,” she said, checking her hat for any stray debris.

The Torterra chuckled. “<But that’s exactly what you wanted, right?>”

23rd October 2008, 5:44 PM
What a coincidence, I pressed refresh at exactly the moment you posted this. Weird, huh? Anywho, I love it, I've always liked Torterra since I first saw the new starters and no amount of attempted convincing from my brother managed to make me pick Infernape. I always pictured it as a gentle giant, probably because of that dex entry, and that's exactly how you portrayed it. Once again, a fascinating glimpse of the world of pokemon :).

23rd October 2008, 9:43 PM
I love how you explaned the repel, I always wondered what made them stay away from it.
I do think Torterra could have had a bigger part though.
It was a good chapter otherwise.

~Magic Thunderbolt~
24th October 2008, 3:13 AM
“<And get away, Stinky Stunky Starly!>”

Epic win. Plus I like how you portrayed the Torterra as a "living island", so to speak.

Kutie Pie
24th October 2008, 5:04 AM
“Holy Luvdisc!” a male voice yelled from the road below. “Th-that hill’s alive!”

Lolz, it's like how I say "Holy Moses" x3.

“Well she’s still my friend,” Carol said, patting her Torterra on the head.

“<For always and ever,>” the Torterra added.

Aww, cute, a bond Torterra wants :3. I like her response, reminds me of how little children reply to certain questions.

“<Ew, ew, ew!>” the Starly squawked, rushing off. “<You smell disgusting now!>”

The Torterra wrinkled her nose. “<It is pretty bad.>”

Landing on a branch, the Starly blew a raspberry at the two humans. “<Stupid smelly humans.>”

“<Ew, you’re smelly,>” a nearby Starly squealed.

“<I’m not smelly.>”

“<Are too smelly.>”

“<Are not.>”

She hopped away from him. “<Are too... oof!>”

The female she’d crashed into fluffed herself up. “<Hey, watch it! Don’t get no smelly on me.>”

“<He’s the smelly one.>”

“<I am not smelly!>” he insisted. While he could still smell the disgusting Repel (something like rotting trash that humans somehow could not smell), he didn’t want to admit that he was wrong, or smelly.

“<Will you keep it down?!> another male called, flinging his wings out and accidentally smacking two others. “<I’m trying to nap here.>”

“<Hey, no hitting!>” the two beside him squalled.

“<Well if you wouldn’t be in the way.>”

“<No shoving either!>”

“<And get away, Stinky Stunky Starly!>”


LOL just a loud argument over one smelly Starly xD! This is epic!

The bushes, grasses, and single tree on her shell all shuddered like a strong Earthquake had hit them. Panicking, the Starlies flew off in a large cloud of brown and tan, squealing, “<Monster!>”, “<The world’s gonna end!>”, and “<Mommy!!!>”.

More epicness!

Short, but with light humor with annoying little things, almost like the Bidoof. I wonder why nobody complains about them. I'm kinda glad now I don't have Diamond or Pearl. I'd walk in a field of Pidgey anyday!

25th October 2008, 12:49 AM
Aw, I loved the Torterra. I never really thought of it as being female, but the way you showed its calmness proved me wrong again.
Also, I LOL'd at Starly challenging Torterra to a battle.

I noticed a little error:

The Burmadam crawled back to get away from the waving hand,
But that's the only mistake I could see. Otherwise, nice job. ^^

25th October 2008, 10:24 AM
That was a really good one, I loved the random Starly squabble and the way you portrayed Torterra. Love the way you take aspects of the Pokemon world and bend them to your will in the most believable manner. Kudos!

26th October 2008, 6:36 AM
Wow man these are so amazing. I love your work. Could you possibly make a Primape one, or a Honchcrow, one, please?

26th October 2008, 7:33 PM
Fair warning: I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, so November's updates will likely be scarce.

A triple entry, just because it worked out that way. I do like cats, and therefore I like Persian, but this story needed a 'villianous' Pokemon and Persian fit the bill. Also, there's an in-game character here. See if you can guess who before you're told.

In Process: Stunky
On Deck: Primeape, Honchcrow
Reserve: Rotom (10/31)

Fire Red entry: Though small, it must be treated with caution because of its powerfully toxic barbs. The female has smaller horns.

Fire Red entry: Its large ears are flapped like wings when it is listening to distant sounds. It extends toxic barbs when angered.

Leaf Green entry: Although its fur has many admirers, it is tough to raise as a pet because of its fickle meanness.

The room belonged entirely to the Persian. It was furnished with a luxurious scratching post, expensive assortments of toys, gold plated water and food dish, an antique mirror, and an extravagant four-post cat bed with sheer white curtains, silken pillows, and a heated mattress. When he wasn’t busy being groomed, looking nice, or lording over the house, he liked to sit on the antique mahogany chair and admire the finery.

Not that he used much in the room. The toys were something to be proud of, but he couldn’t be bothered to play with them. The bed was great for chilly nights, but he preferred to take his naps somewhere in the way so no one forgot that he lived here. And while he liked to check over his beautiful self in the mirror, he much preferred....


A violet colored Pokemon with large ears had slid right into his scratching post, knocking it into the water dish which flipped over and splashed water everywhere. He scrambled to the middle of the room. Shortly after, a light blue Pokemon followed; she looked similar to the male, but was smaller and less pointy. She tackled the male, tumbling them both several feet while she was apparently giving him a savage attack.

He laughed hard enough that he began wheezing. “<Hey, hey! Stop... stop it! Stop tickling me!>”

“<Ti-ckl-ish!>” she squealed, not yet relenting.

“<Okay, okay!>” She hopped off him and waited while he caught his breath. “<Okay... you’re... faster than me. Geez.>”

“<Told you so,>” she teased.

The Persian frowned at them. “<Ahem.>”

The two finally noticed him. “<A hem of what?>” she asked. “<You aren’t wearing any clothes.>”

“<I assume that you must be new here,>” the Persian replied haughtily. “<Who are you and to whom do you belong?>”

“<Uh, I’m Nino,>” the male said.

“<And I’m Nina. We were caught by that Leo kid a few days ago.>”

He sniffed. “<The servant boy; I should have suspected. He has a weak imagination to hand out such poor names.>”

The male scratched his ear, very low-class behavior. “<It’s better than calling us both Nidoran.>”

“<Well my name is Lord Fausto Augusto Terzetto Sagittarius Ontario the Third and among Pokemon, I rule this household.>”

Nina tilted her head. “<Soo... you’re Lord F.A.T.S.O.?>”

Nino laughed. “<Oh wow, that is really appropriate.>”

Lord Fausto glared at them. “<I’m big-boned and big-furred, not fat in the least. Hmph, such peasants. Now, you are to follow my rules and orders always, including...>”

“<Why?>” Nino interrupted.

“<Because I’m owned by the Master and you’re owned by the servant!>” he hissed, raising his tail in warning. “<Hasn’t anyone taught you any manners?>”

“<Uh, my Momma taught me not to use my horn except in battle.>”

Nina nodded. “<Right, like mine did. She said it was because we are very poisonous, but we don’t want to cause unnecessary suffering.>”

“<Then neither of you have ever lived a civilized life, I presume. You have a lot to learn. First and foremost, obedience to me.>”

“<Hey, we only have to do what Leo says,>” Nino argued, bristling his barbs. “<And he didn’t say nothing about listening to some bossy spoiled Pokemon.>”

“<Did not say anything,>” Fausto corrected with a growl.

“<I bet he hasn’t fought nobody,>” Nina told her peer. “<He must be, like, a real weak loser.>”

Fausto jumped off the chair gracefully, for his size. He brought up a paw and extended his sharp claws. “<I’ve been made more powerful than you could ever dream of becoming. How could you dare challenge me...?>”

“<Tackle!>” Nino shouted, right before he and Nina rammed their smaller bodies into him. Their horns jammed into his shoulders, hurting Fausto more than he’d ever been hurt before.

The Persian screamed. “<Murder! You’re trying to murder me!>”

“<Uh, I don’t think that’ll kill you,>” Nino said, puzzled.

“<Yeah, that’s kinda a normal battle wound,>” Nina added.

“<The Master will make you and your boy pay,>” Fausto growled before passing out. His body vanished, going back to his all-white Pokeball.

Nina scratched her head. “<Sheesh. You’d think he’d never been poisoned before.>”

“<He probably hasn’t,>” Nino said, then flicked his ears around. “<Leo’s coming.>”

Their Trainer ran past the doorway a moment later. Skidding to a stop, the teen came back to the door. He seemed to be in a dark mood as he brushed his black hair away from his face. “Nino, Nina, there you are. Come on, we’re getting out of here.”

“<But we just got to this nice place,>” Nina pointed out.

“What’re you doing in Fat Cat’s room anyhow?” He picked up the white Pokeball and looked at it. Then he turned pale. “You guys poisoned and knocked him out?”

“<And he deserved it,>” Nina said.

“<Pompous old cat,>” Nino muttered.

“Master Silph will be really mad about this.” Leo considered it, then got an angry glint in his eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go.” He stuck the Pokeball in the pocket of his jacket, then returned to running out the hall. Nino and Nina followed him.


In an alley between some upscale apartments, Leo was fiddling with a device attached to Fausto’s Pokeball. Nino and Nina were using a puddle to clean themselves up with, but they listened as young teenager talked.

“My Dad always said that a hard day’s work makes an honest living. But where’s he gotten doing that? Nowhere. He and Mom have worked all days and most nights, and I still have to put up with crazy Master Silph to help them make ends meet. It’s not fair. At least, I had to. If I hadn’t quit, he would have fired me.”

“<They say you can tell how a Trainer is by their Pokemon,>” Nina said.

“<What’s that say about Master Silph if his Pokemon is a fatso who couldn’t fight a Kakuna?>” Nino asked.

“<He must be lazy, fat, and stupid.>”

“How can he punish me for messing with electronics when he’s stealing all of his employees’ ideas and making huge profits? I bet he hasn’t done a day of hard work in his life, but he’s making more money in a day than my Dad has made his whole life. I don’t care what people say; it’s obvious that the cheaters get ahead.”

“<So what’re we doing now?>” Nino asked, bumping his head carefully against Leo’s leg.

The teenager smiled for a moment, forgetting his anger to scratch Nino’s head. But it didn’t stay away for long. “Well now I have his stupid Pokemon. A Persian is rare, I hear, because you can only evolve it with a stone that is so valuable that only someone like Silph could buy it. Maybe it’ll be really powerful if I train it. And with this,” he detached the device from the ball, “Fausto is now registered to me. Come on out.” He pressed the button.

Now healed up from the double poisoned Tackle, Fausto looked around the alley in disgust. “<Ugh, how dreadful. Where am I?>”

“<You’re with us and Leo now,>” Nina explained.

“<And Leo’s not Master Silph’s servant anymore,>” Nino said. “<Which means we don’t have to listen to you after all. So there.>”

“<What?!! I have to live out on these miserable alleyways like some common street Rattata? But that’s so unfair!>”

“<Hey, so long as there’s fresh food and water, it’s good,>” Nino said nonchalantly.

“Okay, Fausto, you’re taking orders from me now,” Leo said.

“<WHHYYY???>” the Persian whined, causing Nino to hunker down and cover his sensitive ears. “<Where’s my gold-plated dishes? Where’s my heated bed? Where’s my authentic mohair squeaky toy? I can’t do anything without them.>”

“Quiet down,” Leo ordered. “We can’t get caught here.”

“<But how can you afford to groom me every single day, and feed me properly, and give me my own servants? I’m a Lord, not some filthy commoner Pokemon like these two rodents.>”

Nina growled, showing her barbs fully. “<What’s so bad about rodents? It’s better than being some spoiled cat.>”

“Calm down and keep quiet,” the teen hissed, his patience worn thin by various bad encounters throughout the day.

Obediently, Nina settled herself down and looked to Leo. But Fausto hissed and tried to scratch the female Nidoran. He missed, but the male Nidoran jumped up and bit the Persian’s tail, causing him to yowl again.

Leo pressed the white Pokeball’s button, recalling Fausto. “Stupid Persian. Why won’t he listen to me?”

Feeling safe in that the teen wouldn’t understand, Nina said, “<Well you did steal him instead of capturing him properly.>”

“Hey you!” a man called out. “Kid!”

Leo jumped up, hastily putting his device behind his back. “I-I’m not doing anything. Just dealing with my Pokemon, that’s all.”

“Was that your Persian?”

“Of course,” he lied easily. “I call ‘im Sissy Cat.”

The two Nidorans snorted.

“But, well, he’s kind of a handful, more than I expected.”

The man came up to them. “Could I buy him off you?”

Leo made a good impression of being puzzled, but his mind was already in action. “Um, what for? He was kind of a gift Pokemon.”

Scratching his head nervously, he replied, “Well, to make a long story short, the man I work for is Master Silph, and I think his Persian has been stolen. He doesn’t much pay attention to him anyways, as he’s just a trophy, but I’ll get into real trouble if he goes missing. I think he won’t notice if I just replace him, though.”

“Isn’t that dishonest?” Leo asked in feigned innocence.

“I’ll give you twenty thousand dollars. I’ll take care of the registry, don’t worry.”

“Okay, I guess. I can get another Pokemon.”

“Great, thank you so much.” He filled out a check and handed it over in exchange for the white Pokeball. Then he hurried back to the Silph mansion.

“Must be the new butler I heard about,” Leo mused when they were alone again. “Idiot; even considering the Moon Stone, Fat Cat’s not worth that much.”

“<He isn’t worth the litter box he uses,>” Nino commented, rubbing his left ear.

“But I wonder why he wouldn’t obey me.” He clenched his fist. “He should have listened. There must be a way.... I’ll find a way to make all Pokemon obey, somehow.”

“You’re Leonard Giovanni, am I right?” another man said from the shadows.

Leo spun around. “Who are you?”

“You’re Giovanni?”

He nodded. “Yes, what of it?”

“I’ve been watching you for a little while; you’ve got smart talents. If you’re not too picky about the laws, I could teach some things. You could change the world, if you only know how to begin.”

The two Nidorans looked at each other. “<Should we be worried about this?>” Nina asked.

“<I think he’s saying that Leo could be the greatest Trainer ever,>” Nino replied. He tilted his ears back proudly. “<Which would make us, as his first Pokemon, the greatest Nidorans in the world.>”

“<Or the greatest Pokemon ever?>”

“<Maybe even that.>”

“<That’d be awesome.>”

Young Leonard Giovanni considered his options.

26th October 2008, 7:47 PM
I'm going to guess Giovonni
Well, I was wrong
Nevermind! I was right! And now he has his Nidoreena and Nidoking from the games!
Lol, I love that Persian. F.A.T.S.O, I'm going to catch a Meowth and name it that now.
I think this or the eevee one is my favorite!

26th October 2008, 10:29 PM
Pretty interesting.
I thought he would've kept Persian though.
Good story anyway!
Looking forward to Stunky!

27th October 2008, 7:35 AM
"<Well my name is Lord Fausto Augusto Terzetto Sagittarius Ontario the Third and among Pokemon, I rule this household.>”

Nina tilted her head. “<Soo... you’re Lord F.A.T.S.O.?>”
Yasvvryl, you are full of epic win. That is an awesome name.

Anyways, liked that one. The back story of Giovanni... *cue dramatic music* Great grammar and spelling, as expected, and yet another great context for the Pokemon to be in, as expected. Looking forward to the next one as always =)

Oh, and could I request a Drapion one? Thanks in advance! ^_^

28th October 2008, 6:31 PM
Ha-ha :D funny and ingenious as always and (even though it's not official) a wonderful insight into some of the mysteries of the pokemon world.

Just one teeny thing, Meowth evolves by level, not by Moon Stone; sorry for being picky but... meh, it doesn't really affect the story so who cares.

Oh yeah, what's 'NaNoWriMo'?

29th October 2008, 5:16 AM
It's National Novel Writing Month which, despite the name, is an international challenge to writers to write the first 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November. I told my family about it and they said, "And you'll have it done in two weeks, right?"

That's a fair bet, but I still want to do it officially once. See the thread in the Author's Cafe for a link.

Oh, silly Pokedex bit that I forgot to mention! According to the R/S/E entries, Persian can be calmed down by grabbing its whiskers. I don't know about you, but I've never known a cat to calm down when its whiskers are being grabbed.

29th October 2008, 10:38 PM
That was a very interesting chapter!

I never expected that Giovani would know silph in the past. I wounder why the nidorans listend to him int he game, because they seem good natured.

30th October 2008, 8:18 PM
Off-topic: I'm also doing NaNoWriMo. This is first attempt.


I liked the Torterra's personality. It seemed to fit such a large creature.

The Starly were hilarious though. It really does sound like thats what birds are talking about when you listen to them

As for the Persian/Nido one: I like all the cameos in your stories. It makes them seem to be more, I don't know, "canonical" I guess.

The Persian screamed. “<Murder! You’re trying to murder me!>”

“<Uh, I don’t think that’ll kill you,>” Nino said, puzzled.

“<Yeah, that’s kinda a normal battle wound,>” Nina added.

Lol. That Persian was a wimp.

31st October 2008, 7:12 AM
“<Well my name is Lord Fausto Augusto Terzetto Sagittarius Ontario the Third and among Pokemon, I rule this household.>”

Nina tilted her head. “<Soo... you’re Lord F.A.T.S.O.?>”

L to the O to the L.

So much explained! Giovanni as a teenager? I can almost sympathize with him now. Although now I wonder who the man in the shadows was.

31st October 2008, 8:05 PM
This year's Halloween surprise: a morning power outage. Joy.

A month and a half ago when all the fuss with Platinum's release was going on, the main page here posted a picture with Rotom's 'dex entry. I looked at it, considered what it could turn into, and two things immediately came to mind: Rotom's last line here, and a thought of 'Oh you know what electronic device I would have Rotom possess?'

There's a reference to another person's fanfic in here; see if you can find it. (And to that author, hope you don't mind!) Happy Halloween!

In Process: Stunky (almost done)
On Deck: Primeape, Honchcrow, Drapion

Diamond/Pearl entry: Its body is composed of plasma. It is known to infiltrate electronic devices and wreak havoc.


Rotom, an Electric-Ghost Pokemon
Karen, a political telemarketer
Polly, a political telemarketer
Bob, a boss telemarketer
Adam, a pizzeria clerk
Tim, an ex-boyfriend

(Phone rings)

Rotom: Hello?

Karen: Hello, this is your friendly Jurisdian political party headquarters in Solance City. We’re calling to see if you received our recent postcard detailing our plan to turn Sinnoh in the right direction.

Rotom: Yes, he was a brave mailman.

Karen: Pardon me?

Rotom: He was a brave mailman. Most of the postal workers are terrified of the Houndoom at the front gate. He likes to collect underwear.

Karen: Um, I see. Is this the head of household?

Rotom: That depends on what your definition of head is.

Karen: ...

Rotom: I probably am.

Karen: Good. Have you looked over the mailings and thought about the upcoming election?

Rotom: I think someone ate it.

Karen: (kneads forehead) What are your opinions about this election? The economy needs strengthening and we intend to work hard to address that issue while keeping all jobs secure and fair. Sinnoh doesn’t need to turn into a pure tourist region and lose all of our core jobs.

Rotom: Huh... well I think Pokemon battles should be outlawed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Karen: Pokemon battles?

Rotom: It’s only fair, really. Pokemon do all the work, but don’t get a weekend like humans do. But your weekend of Saturdays and Sundays are packed with Gym battles, because that’s when all the kids are off school. So battles should be outlawed on Mondays and Tuesdays to give Pokemon their own weekend of rest.

Karen: It makes sense, but it’s not an issue this year.

Rotom: Hmph, well it should be.

Karen: What else is important to you?

Rotom: Oh! My sexy new Pokegear 3.0!

Karen: I see...

Polly: (glances over the cubical wall) What’s up?

Karen: (pushes back microphone) Pokemon League fan, a little obsessed I think.

Polly: Ah... then mention the Gym Inspector bill.

Rotom: With this, I can access the Internet wirelessly, make phone calls, download all sorts of music, check out Gym battles, catch TV shows that I missed, play games, and all that comes with a touchscreen! Only, I have some problems with using the touch screen myself...

Karen: (puts microphone back) Have you heard about our recent bill to...?

Rotom: I like the phone part best. I always loved phones. What kind of phone are you using?

Karen: Um... (checks booklet) it’s a Devon Graytooth Wireless Headset.

Rotom: Oooo, Graytooth. Can I check it out?

Karen: Sorry, it belongs to the party headquarters. So what are your plans for voting?

Rotom: Voting?

Karen: (holds back temper) Yes, in the election next week.

Rotom: I can’t vote. I’m a Pokemon.

Karen: Oh... you’re a Pokemon?

Rotom: Duh. Humans don’t live here. I’m Rotom.

Karen: Then sorry about taking up your time, um, Mr. Pokemon. Goodbye. (Cuts off call) Ugh, another low point to this week.

Polly: You reached a Pokemon?

Karen: Geez, who does research around here? And who sells a Pokegear to a Pokemon?

Polly: Are you sure they weren’t messing with you?

Karen: (sighs) It might have been. I’ll put a note to not call that number again.

(Phone rings)

Karen: Hmm? Hey, did they put me on autodial?

Polly: That stinks.

Karen: Here we go again.

Adam: Good morning, you have reached Skarmory Pizzeria; we will deliver your pizzas hot and fresh within half an hour or it’s free. How can we serve you?

Karen: Uh...

Rotom: Hi there! Say, how many people are working in this office?

Karen: I... I’m not suppose to release that information.

Adam: M’am... sir?

Rotom: Well, there’s twenty-one phones. Can we order twenty-one large pizzas?

Adam: Certainly, which office is this?

Karen: We’re not supposed to...

Rotom: The Jurisdian party headquarters in Solance City.

Adam: Okay, and what kind of pizzas do you want?

Karen: Bob won’t approve of this.

Rotom: Whatever. Surprise us, will you? Oh, but make sure at least one has Luvdisc sardines. Mmmm, sardine pizza.

Adam: Great, so twenty random large pizzas and one Luvdisc sardine large pizza. Excellent choice.

Karen: Who eats Luvdisc sardines on a pizza? That’s disgusting.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Rotom: Well excuse me for being reincarnated from a sea predator. At least, I think so.

Adam: Luvdisc sardines are underappreciated seafood delicacies and we make sure to only order the finest and best for our pizzas. They have a refined and sophisticated flavor that only the most discerning of tastes can love. I suppose your Jurisdian party can’t appreciate such finery.

Rotom: I like them because they come in a cute little tin.

Karen: We aren’t ordering pizzas.

Polly: Aw shoot.

Adam: Well you don’t deserve a Skarmory brand pizza. (Hangs up angrily)

Rotom: Smooth move; you made the pizza guy mad.

Karen: What are you doing on this line, Pokemon?

Rotom: Checking out your phone. Oh hey, what’s this number?

(Phone rings)

Karen: Stop messing with my phone!

Tim: Are you trying to make up again?

Karen: Oh, Tim, sorry. This Pokemon is playing pranks on me.

Tim: What kind of Pokemon messes with phones?

Rotom: I love phones!

Tim: Hey, who’s that guy? What’s he doing on this line?

Karen: It’s...

Rotom: I’m hanging on her ear.

Tim: You cold-hearted...! (slams line shut)

Karen: Why are you doing this?

Rotom: Doing what?

Karen: Calling random people and making my day even worse than it started!

Rotom: I just want to know where those numbers go.

Karen: And what else?

Rotom: What else is there?

Karen: Well I’ll make sure you can’t mess with me anymore! (Gets up and shuts down the office power)

Polly: Hey, I had someone willing to talk!

Bob: What’s going on in here? Why’s the power out? We can’t make any calls like this.

Karen: There’s this crazy Pokemon messing up my phone.

Bob: Uh, right. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off.

Karen: I’m not crazy! It’s...

(All the phones in the political office start ringing)

Polly: Uh, do these have batteries?

Bob: No.

Karen: I’m not answering that, I’m not answering that...

Bob: Let me see. (Puts unused headset on speaker phone) Hello?

Rotom: Hello. Where’s that woman that called me?

Bob: How are you calling? The network’s down.

Rotom: Because I’m in your network, silly billy. Now where is she?

(Pause; Karen mumbles with her eyes closed)

Polly: She doesn’t want to talk right now.

Rotom: (sadly) She doesn’t? Does she not like me?

Polly: Um, she’s been having a bad day.

Rotom: But I was just having some fun. She really doesn’t like me?

Karen: You’re terrible!

Rotom: B-but nobody ever calls me. (Sniffs) I’ve got this sexy new Pokegear and nobody ever called me until you did. None of the other Pokemon in the Chateau appreciate technology... I just wanted to talk to someone who appreciates phones like I do. I thought that since you worked with phones, you must love them too...

Karen: Well I wasn’t expecting to call some Psychic Pokemon.

Rotom: I’m an Electric Ghost, not Psychic. Can you at least hook me back up to my Pokegear? It’s my new home and it’s way more comfortable than your stupid Devon Graytooth... (Sniffs)

Karen: Okay, fine. (Turns power back on) There you go, call your Pokegear.

Rotom: If I could vote, I wouldn’t be voting for your mean party.

(Phone line closes)

Polly: That was a little harsh, wasn’t it?

Karen: It’s not like I’ll ever talk to that crazy Pokemon again, right?

The End

(Or Is It?)

Rotom: I’m in ur washing machine, washing ur clothes.

Karen: (shrieks)

31st October 2008, 10:13 PM
That was awesome!
I liked the script technique you tried.
I only read about three fan fics, so most likely I don't read whatever one you were referencing too.
Keep up the good work!
Still waiting on Stunky!

P.S. Can I request an Abomasnow story?

31st October 2008, 11:00 PM
Lol, maybe your funniest yet!
That Rotom was hilarious!
I'm in ur washing machine, washing ur clothes
Lol, I'm gonna be singing that all day!

1st November 2008, 2:46 PM
Rotom: I’m in ur washing machine, washing ur clothes.
Epic win XD

Loved it to bits. That Rotom is pure sex and win, I want another Rotom one! ;_;

2nd November 2008, 5:39 AM
I laughed so freaking hard at the end. I can imagine opening a washing machine and hearing this mischievious little voice drifting out of it.

I also loved how they tried talking about political stuff, and that Rotom responded by talking about the underwear-collecting Houndoom. XD

3rd November 2008, 5:18 PM
Just one more day... then those political telemarketers will stop... just one more day...

Stunky's entry is one of the less interesting ones, more of a 'fact' than a wild urban myth. I considered it for a while, then thought it could make a good guard. But what to guard? My wild brainstorming came up with an art museum, and then it was, 'Hey, I can use that Pokemon here too!'

BTW, the reference in the Rotom entry was to Smunkie's Gym Rat. Good story: go read now.

In process: Primeape
On Deck: Honchcrow, Drapion, Abomasnow

Diamond entry: It protects itself by spraying a noxious fluid from its rear. The stench lingers for 24 hours.

Diamond/Pearl entry: It marks its territory by using its tail like a paintbrush. There are more than 5,000 different marks.

It was either very late at night or very early in the morning, depending on one’s point of view. The stars were still twinkling in the western sky, but the eastern sky was beginning to turn violet-blue. A few people and Pokemon were preparing to help the majority of the city’s dwellers to get into their morning routine. To these morning workers, it was the start of the day.

While the Art Museum would be closed for a few more hours, two Pokemon were inside discussing the art. One of them was rather lovely, with her long and soft violet hair, sleek body, and button-cute eyes. However, she inspired more fear and loathing than awe. The Stunky reputation ruined most of their chances in society. This was why she worked the night shift guarding the Museum; most patrons never knew she even lived there.

The other was more socially acceptable... to a point. He was quite likely the scruffiest Smeargle in the world, with a few cobwebs clinging to his tan fur, smudges of painting fluid on his tail, paws, and nose, and most of his left ear completely missing. As a instinctively artistic Pokemon, Smeargles were novelties admired and collected by the elites of society. This particular Smeargle, though, wasn’t exactly high-class material even if he was considered a prodigy of his race.

“<This painting must represent the struggles of the common man,>” the Smeargle was saying. “<Observe our central gray figure: the vast kaleidoscope of modern society overwhelms his mind with potential, pressure, and problems.>”

The Stunky gazed at the painting, then replied, “<Picasso, it’s a bunch of colored splotches.>”

“<No it’s not, Lucy. You have to destruct the meaning, find the symbolism within. See how the figure of the common man is curved and natural, while the other figures are hard, sharp, and angled? This is a battle for the man’s soul reduced from the fine trappings of things as we see them.>”

“<It looks messy to me, like something a Bidoof could have splattered out with his paws.>”

“<But that would be mindless splatters, not art. Art must have the mind and soul of creativity behind its creation, such as this painting before us.>”

“<Uh-huh, and how do you know that?>”

Picasso flicked his tail; Lucy ducked to avoid a splotch of paint. “<That does take training or talent, I suppose. That’s the problem with modern art; it can only be appreciated by certain minds.>”

The guard Pokemon continued on her walk around the Museum. “<I like the Renaissance art. It’s pretty and you know it’s art.>”

The artist went with her. “<Well that was before the invention of photography. Once making images became so easy that any idiot on the street could do it, the true artists had to find ways to vindicate their talents to the masses.>”

“<Why don’t you do Renaissance art?>”

“<It’s harder for me, since I can’t make my tail do fine movements like humans can. Changing colors is even worse; if I use anything other than my natural green, I have to use my paws.>”

“<I understand. And your paintings are better than those scribbles in this traveling modern exhibit. Your pictures actually look like stuff.>”

“<But my work has to look like more than just stuff,>” Picasso insisted. “<I have to add soul and passion to the lines and shapes. Then it’s art; otherwise, it’s just a picture like a photograph.>”

“<How do you add something like soul?>”

“<That is one of the eternal mysteries of the artist.>”

There was a tinkle of broken glass hitting the floor in the next room. Lucy sighed. “<And that would be a dumb art thief. Excuse me.>” She ran ahead.

“See?” a muffled voice said. “This museum has horrid security.”

“But they’ve never had anything stolen from them,” a second their answered. “They must have something in place.”

“I checked the place out this whole week. There’s some stuff, but easily bypassed. Now come on; the morning crew will be here in a couple of hours.”

Lucy entered the room and growled. Holding her tail high, she stared down the two thieves. “<I won’t let either of you get away cleanly.>”

The second thief, who had just come in through the window, dropped against the wall. He cut his hand on a broken shard doing so. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You said nothing about the Stunky!”

“It’s just another Pokemon,” the first thief said, although he was hesitant to come closer. “Not even an intimidating looking one.”

“But nothing gets rid of that stench! And I hear they’re territorial...”

Lucy stepped towards them, getting a cringe from both. “<And you’d better believe it. You gonna try anything, punk?>”

“Our Pokemon can take it... I think.” The first thief stepped back. “On the other hand, we might attract attention. Let’s retreat and find another way in.”

“Ri-right boss.” He hurried back out the window. The other followed soon after.

Lucy came over and sniffed the ground. “<Good, they left evidence.>” She left the room. “<I’ll need to... what are you doing?>”

“<Leaving my mark,>” Picasso replied. He had draw a symbol that looked remarkably like a Smeargle missing his left ear. “<I’m the special guest today, so the signs should have my mark.>”

She sighed. “<I suppose it’ll have to stay for the day. Look, could you keep an eye on that broken window? Just make sure no one comes in.>”

“<Sure. What are you doing?>”

“<I have to hit the security alarm to get the police out here, then check to make sure that this wasn’t a distraction. The safety of the art overnight is my priority.>”

“<Ah, I see.>” He looked at his paw, then asked, “<Say Lucy, do you mind it when people freak out just on seeing you? I noticed that you didn’t even have to spray them.>”

“<Sometimes I think it would be nice if people weren’t intimidated by me. But if it were like that, I couldn’t do my job.>” She started off, but then thought of something. “<I usually don’t have to spray anyone. Which is good; the custodial staff hates having to neutralize the stench and the Museum would have to be closed for a few hours.>”

“<So they can get rid of it?>”

She chuckled. “<Because I make sure that the fluid itself sticks to the thief, like you make sure yours sticks to your design. With that marking, anyone who would try to steal from my museum would be caught easily.>”

Picasso laughed. “<Excellent, dear lady. Carry on with your job; I’ll watch the window.>”

3rd November 2008, 7:50 PM
Another great name. Picasso made me laugh. XD

Yet another nice, laid back story, with yet another interesting scenario. I'm loving these. Can't wait for the next one ^_^

4th November 2008, 10:20 PM
Chikorita and it's evolutions hadn't been done yet, or had day?
In the case earlier is true, use the male version of that starter; the anime is using way too much female ones in a row.

Don't you think.

Oh! and the dialogues of the rotom in the fic previous to this one were the best example of comedy that I've read in long time, and seem to prove your clamings of being a pro author very well ma'am.
happy writing!

5th November 2008, 4:08 AM
Male version of Chikorita, eh? Sure; I always like doing unexpected genders.

Something I'm surpised no one pointed out yet. Vincent Van Gogh is the artist who cut off his ear, not Picasso. But Picasso makes a better name for a Smeargle, I think.

7th November 2008, 5:54 PM
This scene just sorta struck me; it makes me want to play the Gamecube games again. I have no idea what Mr. Shipley's title means, but it sounds impressive. I guess it could be that he's beaten the Mt. Battle challenge five times.

In process: Honchcrow
On Deck: Drapion, Abomasnow, Chikorita(male)

Fire Red entry: Light and agile on its feet, and ferocious in temperament. When angered, it flies into an uncontrollable frenzy.

Emerald entry: When it becomes furious, its blood circulation becomes more robust, and its muscles are made stronger. But it also becomes much less intelligent.

Although it hadn’t yet reached the ramshackle stage, the house had seen better days. The white paint was peeling off the weathered wood, the porch railing was shaky, and the shingles were coming loose. On the bench swing, an older man was sitting back, playing a harmonica. He too had seen better days. A Primeape was nearby, looking in a smudgy mirror. Every so often, she adjusted her fur. Out in the yard, a Mankey was sitting absolutely still, legs crossed over each other. He was staring at a tall cactus.

Once the Primeape was satisfied with how her fur lay, she picked up a hairclip with a giant silk flower on it, formed like a pink hibiscus. She secured it to the right side of her hair. There, perfect. She fancied that it made her more exotic, like a tropical Pokemon.

A rumble of an engine and the crumble of gravel caught her attention. As her Trainer was still absorbed in his harmonica, she jumped onto the post to see who was coming. It was a mismatched pickup, with a blue body, a red hood, and a light green passenger door. Despite the decidedly unprofessional look, there was a magnet sign on the driver’s door. She couldn’t read, though, and she didn’t recognize the pattern.

The truck shut down with a sputter. A man dressed in a white jacket and tan pants came out. He had a clipboard in hand and some kind of machine attached to his belt. He came up the stairs a smiled briefly at the Primeape. Then he looked to the Trainer. “Mr. Shipley?”

Shipley finished the bar he was playing. No matter what anyone tried to do, he always took his time. He spoke with a drawl like molasses that definitely wasn’t from the region of Orre. “That would be me.”

“Good. You’ve joined the effort to heal the Shadow Pokemon that were captured in the recent raid against Cipher, and we thank you. I’ve come to check on its progress.” He looked quizzically at the flower-wearing Primeape.

He chuckled. “Not ‘er. That’s ‘im out there in the yard. Sophie, would you mind checkin’ on ‘im?”

“<Not at all,>” she replied, jumping off the post into the yard. She hopped over to sit by him. “<Hey, kid.>”

The Mankey didn’t blink. He didn’t budge. He kept staring at the cactus.

“<Kid?>” She stepped closer and waved her hand in front of his face. “<Hellooo?>”

He kept staring.

Sophie frowned. She still wasn’t sure what to make of this kid. He spent most of his time staring off at inanimate objects. If he wasn’t doing that, he was probably angry. That was quite normal for their kind, and yet he wasn’t normal. He had an odd glaze in his eyes and she often felt uncomfortable around him. But Shipley had told her to be friendly, so she’d try.

She sat next to him and stared at the cactus too.

“Do you have his Pokeball with you?” the clipboard man asked.

“Course I do.” He spent a moment unlatching it from his belt. “I usually let ‘em roam around, unless they’re bein’ ornery.”

He took it and attached a wire from his belt machine to it. “Are you an expert on their species?”

“Mm,” he rubbed his chin. “I reckon I am. Trained ‘em mostly over the years. A few others here’n’there, but mostly the Mankey family.”

In the yard, the Mankey turned to Sophie. Maybe he had blinked, but he’d finally acknowledged her presence. “<Hey.>”

She turned to him and appeared friendly. “<Yes?>”

“<You look stupid with that flower on.>”

She glared sharply as her blood began to boil. “<WHAT?>”

The clipboard man’s machine beeped. He checked the readout. “He seems to be healing nice and steady. Do you battle with him?”

Shiply shook his head slowly. “Nope.”

“But you’re listed as an Ace of Mount Battle.”

“I am, but,” he paused for a slow shrug, “these Shadows aren’t that reliable for as powerful as they are. An’ I’ve been workin’ on Sophie for some time; she just evolved yesterday, she did.”

“<You look stupid,>” the Mankey repeated. “<Girly.>”

“<I am a girl, idjit!>” She jumped up to kick him, but he backed out of it, then jumped in to punch her.

“Then if you’re not battling with him,” a furious howl from the Mankey pierced his sentence as the Primeape blocked his punch with one arm and punched him with the other, “what are you doing to heal him?”

“Mmm, well,” a rock kicked by one of the two struck the doorbell, causing it to clamor off-key. “Well I do laundry for some of the busy folks out here for extra money. I throw an old towel in the dryer an’ later toss it on top of ‘im with a fresh dryer sheet. They’re the scented ones, mountain fresh, I think.”

“A warm towel and a dryer sheet?”

“Ayup. It’s cheaper then those fancy perfumes and colognes they sell for this purpose. A couple a pennies or a couple grand; what’re you gonna pick?”

“I see.” He made a note on his clipboard. In the yard behind them, Sophie and the Mankey were wrestling aggressively, growling and spitting at each other. He tried to bite her ear. “Is he giving you any extra trouble?”

“Not particularly.” Sophie yelped and slammed the Mankey into the ground. They rolled for a few feet. “As I said before, I’ve trained ‘is kind for a long time. Can’t really tell now, but I reckon ‘e’s one of them mild types, you know?”

The Mankey gave a fierce bark, enough to make the clipboard man jump slightly. “You think this Shadow is a mild one?”

“Ayup. I’ve seen much worse tempers than ‘is.”

“Really?” He glanced back at the two fighting primates. The Primeape had been pinned to the ground, but she got her legs up and kicked the Mankey into the mismatched truck. After leaving a brand new dent in it, he dropped to the ground, dazed.

“Really. Sophie, come ‘ere.”

She calmed down immediately. Being called by Mr. Shipley was the only certain thing that did so. Once her blood cooled, she hopped back to the porch beside him. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and soon had her hairclip undone. “<Rats,>” she said sadly. “<My flower wilted.>” She held the scuffed and bent flower to him.

He took it. “Don’t worry, gel, I’ll fix it up. You go get yourself one of the others and we’ll make up some banana shakes, alright?”

She tensed for a moment at a scraping sound, then let loose a backwards punch as the Mankey tried to tackle her. He got knocked onto his back again, although not as powerfully as before. “<Alright, we’ll have banana shakes!>” She started back inside, but then glanced back at the Mankey. “<Hey kid, behave yourself.>”

The Mankey put his hands over his eyes and moaned. “<I have a headache...>”

7th November 2008, 9:48 PM
Sorry for not replying to the last story, it was good. Interesting as always.

And, now for the current story.
Lol, I love the comedy you put into these.
Another gender-bender, I never picture Primape as female but, you made it easy.

9th November 2008, 7:19 AM
That was a cool one, and very different. Good old psychopathic Mankeys and Primeapes. XD

Can't wait for the next one. ^_^

9th November 2008, 5:36 PM
This came out a little wacky, as any time I see the word 'cronies', it makes me laugh. It's just one of those words, you know?

In process: Drapion
On Deck: Abomasnow, Chikorita (male)

Emerald entry: Murkrow were feared as the alleged bearers of ill fortune. It shows strong interest in anything that sparkles. It will even try to steal rings from women.

Pearl entry: It makes its Murkrow cronies bring it food. It idles its time away, grooming itself in its nest.

To anyone else, the attic space was a reserve of junk. Tacky beaded lamps lit the room in a multicolored display. Ratty old clothes made with sequins hung from crocheted hangers. An overabundance of glitter coating made the room seem like a small child had gotten hyper enthusiastic with a craft project. A disco ball missing a few mirrors hung from the ceiling. The aging cardboard boxes held a ton of costume jewelry and other shiny things. The door was locked and the key in one of the cardboard boxes, so the humans had forgotten that this mess existed.

To the Murkrows, the attic space was a grand palace. Everything about it, the glitter, the glaze, the beads, the mirrors, the disco ball, the jewelry, it was all that they treasured. They had brought the bits and pieces here in honor of their esteemed leader, the one and only, the main man, the Grand Honchkrow of Snowpoint. He lived in the old attic and all the Murkrows called him The Boss.

The Boss had a problem, though. He was far more powerful and cunning than the unevolved birds. That was why he could order them about and make them do all the work. If needed, he could come out and fight off some Purugly or whatever was bothering his cronies. However, the reason he could do this was because the Murkrows had no idea how to evolve. He was the only Honchkrow in the area, and he had intended to stay that way.

But then he had seen it again. A Dusk Stone. One of the Murkrows had brought it in as a gift, thinking it especially nice in that it was dark, shiny, and somehow tasty smelling. “Like something sweet and salty and smokey, and really good,” he had said. “I thought about eating it myself, but then thought better of it and brought it to you.”

That was last week. He had thanked the fellow and given him a single pearl earring, as if it were any other mysterious but shiny thing. He didn’t want them to realize just how special it was. But what to do with it? The Boss had thought long and hard on this issue. He kept coming back to one solution. For that, he left the attic and went to a nearby roof to call a meeting of all his Snowpoint Murkrows.

Down on the streets below, people saw the Murkrows gathering. Whispers of some bad fortune coming over the town began to spread. They had noticed as the mischievous black birds had begun to infiltrate Snowpoint, but had no idea how many there really were. Upon seeing how many Murkrows were sitting on the rooftops... and whatever that grand black bird was. Seeing a Murkrow was thought to bring bad luck, but that Honchkrow, it had to foretell some terrible event coming upon them. The humans hurried home, making signs to ward off evil.

As the Murkrows were all chattering over what this meeting could be about, The Boss spread his wings wide in a showy display. It hushed them. He then nodded, made a grand gesture of tapping his foot, then started his announcement.

“My followers, you have all been loyal and true. I thank you for all your assistance in making this city our own. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

The Murkrows all cheered to this. “But you’re The Boss, man,” a few called out. “We would’ve gone nowhere without you.”

“Our Boss is the greatest, man!”

“Our Boss is the Man, man.”

The Boss chuckled. “Thank you, fine fellows. Now I have been thinking over my life, where I am and where I’d like to be. I have decided that it is time for me to take a bride. If any of you girls are interested, you are to find a great treasure within the next week that represents your devotion to me. To the lucky lady who wins my heart with her gift, I will use my special magic to make you a Honchkrow as grand as I! And probably more beautiful; we’ll see about that.”

There came some excited twitters among the female Murkrows. They were given the chance to become as great as The Boss? This would certainly cause a fierce competition.

The Boss smiled to himself. This was the perfect way to deal with that stray Dusk Stone and make sure he stayed in power. Delighted with his own cleverness, he went back to the attic and started plotting other plots.

A week later...

Dozens of gifts from potential brides lay on the floor in front of The Boss. A string of glass beads shaped like pink hearts, a great many jeweled rings, several school art projects made by gluing a thick layer of glitter in hopefully artistic shapes, this was just a sampling. The Boss was pleased, but still looking for something outstanding from the one he would choose.

The next hopeful put down a shiny spoon. “I’m an interesting bird, so I choose to give you this interestingly shaped object, just like our love would be interesting for everyone else to hear about in interest,” she chattered.

The Boss picked up the gift. It was interesting, with a clamshell shape at the end, but he had other treasures of the spoon. And she talked a lot. “Very nice. I will consider it.”

The next female came over, dragging a heavy gift with her. It was a silver hand mirror, with a beautiful human woman on the handle and black curly lines like a flower on the back. After she made the effort to bring the mirror in front of him, she bowed. “I bring you this fine gift as a token of my feelings for you. I think it fits nicely.”

As he was much larger, The Boss picked it up with little effort. He admired his reflection and cooed. “It is a pretty thing.”

“It reflects just you now, but maybe it will reflect us?” she asked hopefully.


The next female bumped into her with excitement. “Here, I found this pretty ring, it’s so pretty,” she clamored.

“Yes,” he said patiently. And he stayed patient while the rest of the hopefuls came forward with their gifts. When he grew tired of the exercise, he flung his right wing out. “Stop. I have made my choice.”

The last few females to bring gifts looked at him expectantly. The others looked on nervously. Save for one. She was completely cool under the pressure.

The Boss pointed her out. “You, the thoughtful miss who brought me this lovely mirror. You are to be my bride.”

Amid coos of protest, disappointment, or thoughtless cheering, she hopped forward. “Thank you for choosing me. I did my best to bring that mirror back to you.”

“Now the rest of you leave so I may work my secret magic on her.”

After the other Murkrows left, The Boss closed the window shutters, just in case. She didn’t seem nervous at all. Just curious about what he was going to do to her.

What he did was start a random muttering of stuff. One time when he was a Murkrow, he had watched a television program on wizards, and they seemed to always be doing random mutterings before casting their magic. Showmanship was more important that having actual ‘magic’.

“Are you just muttering random stuff?” she asked.

“No,” he replied. He brought out the dark shining Dusk Stone and passed his wing over it a few times. Then he handed it to her. “Here. Eat it.”

“A rock?”

“It’s not a rock. It’s a magic piece of salt.”

She sniffed it, then took it. “Alright.” She ate it thoughtfully. “It does seem to be some kind of salt mixed with something else. Hmm...”

“You are sharp to notice that,” The Boss said as the white light of evolution surrounded her. She grew into a lovely Honchkrow. A fitting bride to him, one who would prove how powerful and clever he was.

“Your magic does seem to have worked,” she said, looking over her form. “May I see the mirror?”

It seemed like a harmless request. “Sure.” He handed it over. “It will reflect us now, as you wished.”

“Hmm.” She tested it out, comparing her new strength compared to when she had to struggle to fly the thing up here. “Did you look closely at it?”

“Of course.”

“Then you must have noticed the royal lady here.” She showed her off. “This is a Queen’s Mirror, you see.”

At that moment, The Boss felt like he had made a mistake and had chosen a female cleverer than he was.

9th November 2008, 5:47 PM
Caught this just before you put out the PMs.

I loved how cunning that Honchkrow was, it's too bad he picked bad, he shouldv'e picked the one that brought the ring...she sounded pretty dumb...
I liked how you made the stones food, it makes more sense that way.

Killer Grunt
9th November 2008, 7:53 PM
Well it took me a while to read through all of those but im glad i did, i think my favourite one at the minute is the one with Rotom in. Anyway if there is a pm list i would like to be added please

9th November 2008, 8:04 PM
May you do another Rotom one? This time female perhaps?

I loved the past few stories, add me to the PM list?

9th November 2008, 8:05 PM
May you do another Rotom one? This time female perhaps?

I loved the past few stories, add me to the PM list?

10th November 2008, 3:55 AM
The Mankey/Primeape and Honckcrow ones were great, especially the Honckcrow one.
Cronies is a funny word. :)
Can't wait for the Abomasnow one!

10th November 2008, 6:07 AM
That Honchkrow one was cool, quite different from the other yet again which is always good. The Boss thought he was so cool, but no. Pwn'd.

It seems you are running low on requests, so may I have a Feraligatr one?

10th November 2008, 5:44 PM
A female Primeape, a female Honchkrow ... I bet that when somebody requests a Machamp story, the Machamp will be female. :p It's cool, though. You're breaking my stereotypes, and I love that.

Also, nice way of portraying how stone evolution works. Although, the stones are big, aren't they? Those Murkrow might choke on them. o_0

12th November 2008, 4:30 PM
Responding to responders. I have an idea for Drapion, but the NaNo story has got most of my attention right now. The Drapion story is a primitive kind of thing, a nifty idea.

@cbriesa: Yeah, and you freaked me out when you replied so fast! lol

@Killer Grunt: Adding you on! May have to see about trimming the list some time soon, though.

@Jason-kun: Adding you too. I won't be doing another Rotom one, though. It may have various formes, but it's still one Pokemon (with only one 'dex entry too). I do love that phone addicted Rotom character; he might prank call some of the other stories.

@MarshtompMan: Some words are just fun to use. Cronies... or spork!

@otaku-dono: Sure. Big toothy reptile Pokemon, heh.

@darkdragontamer: The enchanted hunk of salt was something I came up with in a random discussion with friends about how stone evolution worked. The other major idea was that it was a radioactive rock. But I like my salt rock better. And I don't imagine them as big, maybe about the size of a Lifesaver candy.

19th November 2008, 4:21 AM
It's been a while. Well, my NaNo challenge is done (yay me!) so I can get back to these. As I mentioned before, this story is set in 'ancient' times, relatively speaking. There were several things I've wondered about, like the ancient statue of Pokeballs in the Lilycove Art Museum, that fed into this story.

Also, with the end of the year holidays coming up, a bunch of wild reserves have appeared!

11/26: In thanks for saving Silph, the President gives you a Lapras. So for Thanksgiving, I'm writing about Lapras. But a day early, as I'll be busy on the holiday.

12/21: Winter Solstice, so Froslass seems like a good choice.

12/24: For Christmas, I'm considering doing a legendary Pokemon. The only one that's appeared here is the Regigigas that JammyU wrote about. I'm not sure which one, so I'm open to suggestions. But not Jirachi. I've already got a story about Jirachi.

In process: Abomasnow
On Deck: Chikorita (male), Feraligator
Reserve: Lapras (11/26), Froslass (12/21), (12/24)

Pearl entry: Its body is encased in a sturdy shell. Its head rotates 180 degrees, eliminating blind spots.

The desert appeared quiet, but that was no reason to relax. There were all sorts of sand and tar pits that one could get stuck in. There were prickly cactuses and scraggly bushes that could hide anything. Even the Drapion scuttling low to the ground, who seeking out some prey for a meal, was cautious despite being one of the predators.

He came across an opening in the desert. Twisting his head around to get a good look around, he stayed low, for there might be larger predators out. He had strong purple body armor and sharp claws on his forelimbs and tail. Still, there might be something out there that could kill him. Today, he saw nothing of danger to himself, but there was a group of small rocks nearby that caught his attention. He left the scrub brush cover to check it out.

It was seven rocks arranged in a specific pattern: one larger rock surrounded by six smaller ones. One half of the resulting ring had been scraped to give it a different texture. It was a symbol that all Pokemon acknowledged. The symbol signified a special place where, according to the law of tradition, one could not kill another.

Drapion snorted and scattered the rocks. This was obviously a lesser Pokemon’s attempt to keep him away from something. Perhaps newly hatched young or perhaps a resting place for a group that had traveled far. Although it was in the peace pattern, it was not the official mark, so he need not acknowledge it.

He lifted himself off the ground and turned his head to get a full look around. There was a disturbance in the sand to his right, a little behind him. He went over to check that out. From the indentations and ridges in the sand, it was apparent that a group of three smaller Pokemon had indeed slept here recently. Hence the attempt to make the place safe for them to rest in.

Nearby, there were ashes contained within a circle of rocks. There had been a fire, but small and contained. It was unusual to find a fire like that. To get a better idea of the situation, he took a deep breath and checked out the smells. These Pokemon weren’t familiar to him, so they were likely traveling through this desert. The fire had died only a few hours ago. And there seemed to be another two body scents that weren’t with the rest of the group.

Curious, Drapion went to one of the other scents and checked out the area. The pattern in the sand was unfamiliar to him. It was a set of perpendicular lines with a larger indentation. A larger Pokemon was protecting the smaller ones. A similar pattern was on the other side of where the three small Pokemon had slept. Not unusual; the smaller ones were probably doing something for the larger ones in exchange.

Would it be worth it to keep an eye on this site? They had left the symbol and he could wait a while. Drapion found a nearby scrub brush that could hide him and spent the rest of the day there.


They came back as the sun was going down. Of the small Pokemon, there was a yellow-orange fox with three tails, a dainty Bug with colorful wings, and a blue Plant with green leaves poking out its head. As he had thought, they were not native to the desert.

The larger two, though, they didn’t seem like any Pokemon the Drapion had ever seen. They were tall and bipedal, mostly hairless save for the their heads. They lacked any kind of natural defenses or offenses, so they had to wear the skins of others and carry large sticks. However, there was something these two had that seemed to indicate some great hidden power.

They were bearing the peace symbol on the backs of their hands, the sacred ring that was half red and half white around a central black point.

This greatly puzzled Drapion, for he knew of no Pokemon that could actually bear that mark. That symbol was likely the reason why the smaller ones stuck with these two, for even he wouldn’t dare kill them while near it. How could they have enough power to make that mark properly while looking so weak? He decided to observe them for a while to find out.

The smaller of the two went over to the small rocks that had made up the symbol. He made a complex string of noises, which Drapion came to understand as him saying, “Something’s disturbed our campsite.”

An odd way of speaking. The larger male replied, “Go ahead and set it back up. We need all the protection we can get out here.”

The smaller one nodded and set the rocks back into place. The presumably older one checked out the area; he either missed or ignored Drapion hiding under the nearby brush. Then they cleaned up the fire pit, set some new wood inside, then had the fox start a fire. Normally such a thing would burn out, but the strangers were able to keep it going and under control. Intriguing; they didn’t seem to be Fire-types, not like that fox who had helped them.

The Bug flitted around, reminding Drapion of what he had started this stakeout for. If it could be lured far enough away from the symbol-bearers, he could have his meal. Quietly, he left the scrub brush and searched the area. After a few minutes, he located a few stray rocks. He picked one up with his mouth, then spit it out onto another rock, making a thwack sound.

By the campsite, the Bug noticed the sound and came to investigate. Drapion hid by a bush. Unfortunately, it turned out the Bug was also Psychic, as it noticed him and began shrieking. “<Aaaaah, monster!>”

“<Quiet,>” Drapion ordered as he tried to snatch the Bug out of the air.

He missed, and then the younger of the symbol-bearers came. “Master!” he called. “I think it’s the one we’ve been looking for!”

“Then don’t let it get away,” the older one said.

“Butterfree, use Stun Powder.”

Under orders from the symbol-bearer, Butterfree calmed down. “<Uh, right!>” It flapped its wings furiously, sending a fine violet powder over Drapion.

“<This is not worth this effort,>” he grumbled as he started to scurry away. But as he inhaled the powder, his limbs became heavy and he found it hard to move. So hard that the symbol-bearer was able to loop a rope around his legs to keep him from leaving. Snarling, he attempted to scratch the strange creature.

“Careful, boy,” the older one said as he came over. “If he gets you, the poison will kill you.”

“I thought we were here for a Drapion’s poison.”

“We are. While it is very deadly, its properties can be reversed to make a fine healing potion.”

“<You can’t get to my poison,>” he hissed.

“<That’s false,>” Butterfree said. “<But it is true that they can’t understand us.>”

“<What, are they idiots? All Pokemon can understand each other.>”

“<These humans are not like Pokemon. They have power over all the elements.>”

He lifted his head up, getting a startled gasp from the younger symbol bearer. “<What? But that’s impossible!>”

“<I have seen them do it. That is why I follow them.>”

The older human then managed to put a stronger version of Butterfree’s Stun Powder to his nose, robbing him of all movement. Then somehow, they massaged his claws in such a way that his poison dripped out into a glass vial. After he was drained mostly dry, the younger human placed a tablet in Drapion’s mouth. Within seconds, he regained all movement.

“<Would you follow too?>” Butterfree asked.

“<No way,>” he grumbled, then scurried off into the desert. It was going to be difficult for him to hunt tonight, with so little poison at his disposal. But he would have to eat something to get his strength back.

From then on, Drapion avoided humans whenever he smelled them around.

19th November 2008, 4:42 AM
That was nicely done Ysavvryl, I liked the whole taking poison for an antidote thing. YOu did one of my favourites justice. ^_^ I'll say it again, as always, but I love the scenarios you come up with.

For the legendary on Christmas, I'll vote Mewtwo. I'm sure the would be some good laughs regarding him in a Santa suit or something. XD

19th November 2008, 9:02 AM
Hey! Lovin' all the ones since I last posted.

It's ashame there isn't a turkey pokemon, because you could have used that for Thanksgiving =D, I suppose Lapras will have to do. I belive Mewtwo has already been done (the one with the Tauros and miltank) so I suggest something to do with the season, ie: an Ice-type. Regice or Articuno could be good (maybe you could tie it in with an Abomasnow or Castform entry, I've been meaning to request Abomasnow) there could be some sort of hilarity with Regice looking like some sort of christmas decoration, I don't know, that 's your job. XD

19th November 2008, 3:05 PM
A Lapras entry? *wild applause*

I loved that Drapion's attitude. Also, the Poke Ball as a symbol of peace? You never cease to amaze me. IMO Articuno would be best for Christmas because of its mystical wintry aura thing.

Just out of curiosity, how dark would a guest entry be allowed to be?

19th November 2008, 4:14 PM
It must stay within PG, which for me is nothing graphic and with cussing censored. The Nightmare Before Christmas was dark and still low-rated, so that's a fair gauge. And I need to approve it anyhow, so I'll point out anything that seems a bit much.

As for Mewtwo, he appeared, but since his entry didn't show, didn't really count. However, given that at least one entry mentions 'a savage heart', it'd be kind of tricky to fit him into Christmas. Regice or Articuno sound fairly good. And if you didn't notice, Abomasnow is next.

19th November 2008, 9:49 PM
Why don't you try Delibird and Stantler with Articuno for Christmas?

I noticed a mistake in the Drapion entry.
You put that the attack that Butterfree used was Stun Powder, but it's Stun Spore.
Just a small thing, it doesn't really matter.

19th November 2008, 10:09 PM
I'll like to see a chapter with a piplup, and a chimchar fighting with each other and getting trapped in the woods.

19th November 2008, 10:49 PM
Abomasnow? XD I just can't see Abomasnow getting any spotlight, Ysavvryl, but then again...

You've written up something for Honchkrow, Drapion, and countless other Pokemon very well... (Spiritomb and Ditto need mention too...) so prove my opinons of Abomasnow wrong, if you'd please...


20th November 2008, 9:05 AM
And if you didn't notice, Abomasnow is next.
No I didn't, woops. ^_^;

given that at least one entry mentions 'a savage heart', it'd be kind of tricky to fit him into Christmas.
Maybe a Scrooge or Grinch spoof?

Well, I'm still voting for Regice. The Regis don't get enough attention and, in my opinion, they have the most interesting in-game backstory of any legendary.

21st November 2008, 7:01 AM
can you do a draikrai one?

21st November 2008, 5:34 PM
Well, I tend to avoid legendaries in this thread, although guest writers can do whatever and I'm making an exception for Christmas. So far, it looks like Articuno is the preferred choice. BTW, I was trying to avoid using Stantler and Delibird as the obvious Christmas choices.

Also, while I take requests on the Pokemon, the stories are whatever I want to make of them. Like this story. I'm not sure where exactly this idea came from, although it was probably a Food Network show. And Kansas! And a certain famous Abominable Snowman.

If you didn't get a PM for this story, it's because I trimmed up the list.

In Process: Chikorita (male)
On Deck: Feraligator
Reserve: Lapras (11/26), Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24)

Pearl entry: It blankets wide areas in snow by whipping up blizzards. It is also known as ‘The Ice Monster.’

The fairgrounds were busy, noisy, merry, and sticky. It was ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit and it should have felt more like a hundred and ten with the heat index where it was. But there was a breeze blowing through, either cold or warm depending on where one was. And, obstinately ignoring the heat advisory, the central part of the fairgrounds was snowing.

Fair goers came to the central walkway to escape the heat, but soon had to leave as it was too cool in that area to be wearing shorts and tank tops. Brave people who came to find out why it was snowing in the middle of August found an ice cream stand where the snow was managing to stick to the ground, at least for a few seconds. And at that ice cream stand, they found an Abomasnow.

It was highly unusual to find a mountain Pokemon in Kansas, so the stout, six foot high, furry Pokemon was gathering a lot of curious onlookers. He was quite friendly, smiling at all who passed by (and unwittingly showing off his large teeth) and patting the heads of kids who came up to him (even though his hands were often bigger than their heads). Even though his natural powers chilled the air noticeably for the humans, he was keeping under shade. Being out in the sun was too hot for him.

One mother walked by with her toddler. “Oh look, Mark, look at the nice, um...”

“Abomasnow,” the ice cream vendor said kindly. “His name is Mr. Bumble.”

She nodded in a way that showed that she had no idea what this Pokemon was, and didn’t care so long as he stayed nice. “Yes, Abomasnow. Isn’t he neat?”

Meaning well, he growled softly, “<Howdy kid.>”

The toddler, who’d been staring at Mr. Bumble with wide eyes, burst into tears and clutched his mother’s leg.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the mother said, although it wasn’t clear who she was apologizing to. She picked her son up and moved on.

Mr. Bumble looked down sadly and scuffed the ground with his feet. “<Aw, I scared another kid.>”

“It’s okay, buddy,” the ice cream vendor said. “People aren’t too familiar with your kind around here. How about we change the music?” She held up a CD case. “I’ve got the Bellsprout Boogie.”

The Abomasnow grinned. “<Sure, play that!>” Once the cheery music started, he started bopping his head to the rhythm.

“What kind of Pokemon is this guy?” a young teenager asked. A Zigzagoon was trying to hide behind his legs, keeping a wary eye on the larger Pokemon.

“An Abomasnow,” the vendor repeated. “I picked him up in Tibet. They call him the Ice Monster there, or the Abominable Snowman. But really, it’s an exaggeration. Mr. Bumble is very friendly.”

“<Howdy, little buddy,>” Bumble said to the Zigzagoon.

“<Uh, howdy?>” the Zigzagoon replied uncertainly.

“He’s awesome,” the teen said. “Do you want to battle?”

“<Against him?!>”

The ice cream vendor shook her head. “Sorry, can’t do that here.”

“Why not? It’s not against the fairground rules so long as we keep out of the main paths.”

“Yeah, but he’s making snow right now because he’s in a good mood. If we go into battle, he starts making hail. I don’t think the people around here would appreciate a hailstorm.”

“Oh I see. So what are you doing with him out here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” the vendor asked, pointed at the sign above her head. “We’re making and selling fresh ice cream. Would you like a pint?”

“Fresh?” the boy said skeptically. “Anybody can say it’s fresh. You probably made it all yesterday.”

She shook her head. “Nope, we’re making it all today in small batches. It’ll take a little bit, but we make the best ice cream anywhere. What do you like?”

He looked over the list. “Chocolate walnut sounds good.”

“It’s four dollars for a pint.”

“That’s a bit much.”

“Super premium ice cream, made really fresh. It’d cost around five in stores due to taxes.”

“Alright.” He handed over the money.

She took the bills and put them in the register. “Good, then we begin with a cream base.” She dipped a measuring cup into the mixture and poured it into a white container. “I remake this every hour because of the milk and eggs.”

The teen leaned over the counter to watch. “Sure.”

“Then chocolate sauce.” She took a ladle and put a full scoop into the cream base. “And walnut oil, then the walnuts.” After drizzling the oil from a black flask, she tossed in two handfuls of nuts. Then she took a lid with a spiked bar and screwed it on tight. As she gave it a quick shake, she added, “Now the key to great ice cream is to chill it as quickly as you can while keeping it agitated. Mr. Bumble, your turn.” She tossed the container to her Abomasnow.

“<Okey-dokey!>” He caught the container, then began shaking it furiously. Using one of his Ice powers, he made the temperature in the container drop sharply. The air close to him grew colder too, making the teen shiver.

“You’ve got him trained to help you cook?” he asked.

“Just the cold items,” the vendor said. “He can do other things, make no mistake, but he seems to enjoy this best.”

After two minutes, Bumble tossed the container back. “<That one’s done.>”

The vendor spun the top off, then removed the inner lining. That went into a second paper container which she handed over to her customer. “There you are. And a spoon and napkin.” She passed over the two items.

“Thanks.” He took a taste of it, then looked at it in surprise. “Wow, that is really good.”

“That’s how we make it. Have a good day.”

“Right, you too.” The teen walked off with his Zigzagoon. The racoon Pokemon glanced back to make sure the Abomasnow wasn’t going to attack when their backs were turned, then trotted after his Trainer.

The ice cream vendor leaned on the counter. “Of course, we wouldn’t be making much money if you weren’t cooling the surrounding area down. It was nice of the organizers to give us that extra income.”

Mr. Bumble looked out as another kid began crying. He sighed. “<Now if only I wasn’t scaring the kids off, it’d be a great day.>”

Killer Grunt
21st November 2008, 5:45 PM
Ah i forgot to comment on the last one so sorry about that, anyway i come back to comment on it and find a new one :D

They were both good entries and its always nice to see what ideas you come up with for each pokemon. I can just imagine a group of kids getting scared by a friendly Abomasnow.

Anyway good work.

22nd November 2008, 1:20 AM
That was another excellent one, I loved the idea of it. Ice cream is epic win in my books, so Pokemon + Ice cream = Epic win. ^_^

You seem to be running low on requests again, so I'll ask for a Sudowoodo one please. That could be interesting. Hopefully you restore some of the glory it lost with the arrival of 4th gen. >_>

22nd November 2008, 2:26 AM
This was a great story.
I loved the creativness of using an Abomasnow as an ice cream vendor.
The little kids crying made me laugh a bit, also.

22nd November 2008, 8:17 PM
Wow, extremely interesting.
This goes in my Top 5 favorite Pokedex one-shots. :)

I like to request odd matchups so can I request a Togepi/Flaafy one?

23rd November 2008, 2:01 AM
OMG, Abomasnow's like a clown! Because kids cry at clowns and their funny-looking makeup! XD

Anyway, nice job. The idea of a blizzard in Kansas is too Farfetch'd to be possible, but I absolutely love it. Keep up the awesome work!

23rd November 2008, 3:37 AM
OMG, Abomasnow's like a clown! Because kids cry at clowns and their funny-looking makeup! XD
Anyway, nice job. The idea of a blizzard in Kansas is too Farfetch'd to be possible, but I absolutely love it. Keep up the awesome work!
You should try a Farfetch story.

23rd November 2008, 4:51 AM
A blizzard in Kansas isn't farfetched. I live in Missouri. Although, we tend to get ice storms more often than blizzards. Now a blizzard in the middle of August, that would take the power of Pokemon to manage.

You know what's weirder than a Togepi/Flaafy matchup? The fact that I saw that and thought, 'I know exactly what to do with that!' Yeah, so it might actually show up soon. And there's a huge chance that Chikorita and Feraligator will wind up in the same story.

I miss my Crystal game...

23rd November 2008, 3:07 PM
Can you do Cherubi for me on December 15th? Please?

23rd November 2008, 9:26 PM
I have an idea.
Since Blissey is known as the Happiness Pokemon, why don't you do it on New Year's Eve, to represent happiness for the New Year?

23rd November 2008, 9:33 PM
Neat Abomasnow story. I liked the hailstorm bit.

Anyway, can I request a Lugia story? I rewatched movie 2000 yesterday and I really thought Lugia was downright awesome. Especially that song bit. The song is beautiful...

26th November 2008, 4:03 AM
can you do a salamence shelgon and bagon one (drakrai was for x-mas}

27th November 2008, 4:27 AM
I'll put Cherubi on the request list, but it'll show up when it shows up, with no reason to put it on reserve. As for Blissey on New Year's Eve, that's got a sound reason to it. And Lugia is neat, but it'll need several requests for me to consider it; Darkrai, having got about three (I think) is likelier to show up as my second legendary.

Although Mewtwo has gotten some mention, I've got a little project I'm working on called 'The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo', so neither of them are likely to show here for a while. It's not actually a ballad, but it is pretty silly.

The Chikorita/Feraligator entry is alarmingly cute; it'll show on Friday or Saturday. The request list has gotten long again, so I'd advise against new requests. And now for the actual Thanksgiving entry!

Completed: Chikorita/Feraligator
In Process: Flaafy/Togepi
On Deck: Sudowoodo, Farfetch'd, Cherubi, Salamence family
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Emerald entry: People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, it is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

Riding on the energy of the storm, the waves crashed into the rocky isle, sounding as loud as the thunder that roared overhead. The mix of near total darkness and sudden flashes of noon-like light was disorienting and nightmarish. It was dangerous even for sea Pokemon; they hid in crevices and caves. It was particularly frightening to a newly born Lapras, who huddled close to his mother.

He shuddered as a particularly vibrant stroke of thunder echoed across the sea. It would take a few months for him to reach full size, so he looked up to her. “<Does this happen every night?>”

She leaned down and touched his head with hers. “<No dear, it just happened to storm tonight. We’ll be fine.>”

He looked down at the cave entrance they had swam through just twenty minutes earlier, when the waves were starting to get rough. It seemed like those waves were gathering up enough strength to come up and knock them off their ledge. And while he had liked swimming before, he didn’t like to looks of the sea now. He crept back away from the edge. “<Okay.>”

“<I know it can be scary,>” she said in a soothing voice. “<But think on nice things and ignore the storm. Sometimes I like to think of things that I’m thankful for, like having a life of freedom, having good health, or being in the clean seas. And I’m thankful to have you with me now.>”

He smiled weakly, still afraid of the storm. “<I’m thankful you’re with me too. And I’m thankful those hunters didn’t catch us.>”

She nodded. “<I agree. I’m not sure what they do with us when we’re caught. All I know is that I’ve not seen anyone else like us in a long time. All my friends disappeared with the hunters and I’ve never seen them again.>”

“<Maybe they’d eat us like the Sharpedos.>”

“<I wouldn’t know. They could have the others working elsewhere.>” She shook her head sadly. “<Still, I wish they had never gone away.>”

A lightning bolt struck awfully close to their cavern hideout, making the young Lapras shudder again.

“<But we need to think on nice things,>” the mother said. “<Let’s work on your singing.>”

“<In this storm?>”

“<A Lapras of true heart can sing anywhere, at any time. Give it a try.>”

The two of them practiced singing until the storm had subsided enough for the young one to go to sleep.


The next morning, the young Lapras swam along the island’s beach, finding all sorts of items that had been washed ashore. There were a lots of shells, rocks, seaweed, an empty Pokeball, a net, broken pieces of wood, and an unconscious human. He sniffed the human’s face and felt a warm breath. “<Mother, it’s one of those hunters!>”

She came up and examined his clothes. “<I believe it is one of them. His boat must have been caught up in the storm last night.>”

He looked over the human more closely. He didn’t seem so scary lying down like this. “<What do we do with him?>”

“<Take him back to his village, that’s what we’re going to do.>”

“<Take him home? But why are we helping him when he wants to catch us, and maybe eat us?>”

“<Because that’s the right thing to do.>” She crawled up to the beach, then picked the man up and put him across her back. “<We don’t know exactly what they hunt us for and we are a noble race. Therefore, we help those who need it.>”

“<What if he’s trying to trick us?>”

“<I doubt that. Make sure he’s not going to slip, all right?>”

The young one nudged the man until he seemed more stable. “<Okay, I think that’ll work.>”

“<Good, then let’s go.>” She returned to the water. “<They can’t survive out here as easily as we can.>”

They swam across the waters to a place the mother knew about, a place where humans lived. It was a seaside village of simple wooden houses and fishermen. The fishing boats were gone already, but a few local children were playing on the docks when the two Lapras swam up. “What kinda Pokemon are those?” a young boy asked.

“Those are Lapras,” his older brother told him. “You don’t see them come up here much, especially not a couple of wild ones.”

“Hey, they got somebody!” another boy called. “Is he alive?”

The sea hunter had come around to his senses, just barely. “Am I alive?” he echoed. He turned to the young Lapras with a bewildered look.

“<I’m pretty sure you are,>” he replied with a coo. He tapped the hunter with his nose.

“Come on, mister,” one of the boys said as he leaned over to help him onto the dock. “You guys go get Doc.”

Once on the dock, the sea hunter patted the mother Lapras’ head. “Thank you, lady. Although, I’m not sure why you’d want to help someone like me.”

She bowed her head. “<Kindness should never be a missed chance. Good luck to you.>” Then she nudged her son back towards the sea. “<We’ve done what we can. Let’s go.>”

Not wanting to get separated from his mother, he nodded. “<Okay.>” And they left to travel the seas together.

27th November 2008, 5:15 AM
Great story.
At first, I was skeptical about a Lapras for Thanksgiving, but I liked how you put in the mother being thankful about stuff.
Was the town you talked about Pacifidlog?
And I don't know why, but I just started laughing when I read about all the random things on the beach, then an unconscious human.

P.S. I second the Lugia request.

29th November 2008, 2:32 AM
Firstly, I'll be against the Lugia request. ^_^

Secondly, that was a sweet story. I have no idea about Thanksgiving, but I'm sure you captured whatever it is you wanted captured with that one. ^_^

29th November 2008, 5:20 PM
Lapras! =D I absolutely loved how sweet and calm and grateful you made them, even when things look bleak. Mega kudos. ^_^

I'll third the Lugia request. It'll be interesting to see whether or not it's violent. ^^

1st December 2008, 5:19 AM
A violent Lugia? Doesn't its entries paint it a different color? I might go check that. But I'm sticking to writing Articuno first.

I had a story written about a cute Chikorita... it was male, honest, but he still was super cute. I even named him after my Chikorita, Basil. But then in a weird mess of Serebii not letting me post and my own computer's weird habits, I lost the story. Ack! So now I gotta go rewrite it. It might be a couple of days, though; I've been busy.

Anyhow, a guest entry should be up soon. darkdragontamer has written a very nice story, although, you might want to avoid reading it at night. Spooky...

1st December 2008, 6:14 PM
And... I'm back.

Its been awhile and although I failed my quest, (total NaNo word count: 7,076) I still think i did pretty good for a first attempt. I will be back in NaNo next November for sure.

Anyway, I loved the Lapras entry. I seemed to fit the thanksgiving spirit and had a good moral.

I did notice a typo though:

And while he had liked swimming before, he didn’t like to looks of the sea now.

It was up at the beginning.

I will try to catch up on the stories I missed over the next few days or so, but I though I should read the current entry before I post.

As for the computer issues and the lost story. I've been there. It sucks.

1st December 2008, 6:35 PM
Great stories, great idea! Keep up the good work!

2nd December 2008, 4:49 AM
And I finally got Basil's story! Yes, I know Feraligator is technically supposed to be Feraligatr. I blame it on the name limit, so I'll use what looks nicer.

As for Lugia's entries... not violent, even though it can wreak a lot of havoc. And a 40 day storm.

Guest entry: darkdragontamer with Banette
In Process: Flaafy/Togepi
On Deck: Sudowoodo, Farfetch'd, Cherubi, Salamence family
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Emerald entry: It waves its leaf around to keep foes at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, creating a friendly atmosphere that becalms the battlers.

Fire Red entry: It is hard for it to support its own weight out of water, so it gets down on all fours. But it moves fast.

It was a toy wrecker, about five inches long with a four inch crane. It had a reddish orange body and a tanish-yellow crane. Despite some scuff marks and chips in the plastic, it was Basil’s favorite toy.

The Chikorita nosed it backwards, towards a powder blue sedan that was upside down. “<About right... there!>” He lifted his head up to make sure, then pressed a white button on the cab’s roof. The crane opened up, dropped down, grabbed the smaller car, then lifted it off the ground.

Crowing happily, Basil pushed it hard, sending the wrecker zooming along the floor and into a door. He raced after it, nudged it in a new direction, then sent it into the next room. There, it ran right smack into Elm’s foot.

The Pokemon Professor looked down at his young charge chasing after the toy. He chuckled and spared a moment to pat Basil on the head. “Rescuing some unfortunate folks, are we?”

“<You bet!>” He nipped at the crane’s tip and pulled it back, then looked up at Elm.

“According to the reports I’ve got, your two friends have all grown up. I keep thinking of sending you out with one of my helpers. Still, I think I’d miss you most if you left.”

Basil flicked his leaf, sending some of its sweet aroma into the room. “<Well I’m happy to stay with you. Somebody’s got to keep you from working all the time, right?>”

Elm then leaned over, turned the wrecker around, and shoved it back out the room. Scrambling frantically, Basil chased after it again, nearly crashing into one of Elm’s assistants. He ducked out of the way of falling papers and got to his wrecker. Once he had it, he pushed it off and chased it all over the Pokemon Lab.

Until it made a run for the automatic doors and rolled outside. Basil paused for a moment to sniff the air. It was turning out to be a nice day, warm and sunny with a calm breeze to keep things comfortable. Pity that Elm was working indoors today, again. But there was something he could do about that. He nosed the wrecker back inside, released the powder blue sedan, then fetched a couple of items.

A minute later, he was back in Elm’s office, holding onto a leash. His wrecker was now holding onto his Pokeball. He patted the professor’s leg. “<Come on, outside time.>”

Elm didn’t notice right away, absorbed in reviewing new Pokedex entries. “If the theory is correct, then this can’t be its initial form. But that’s all anyone is finding it as. I wonder... hmm?” He looked down to a more insistent nosing. “You want to take a walk?”

He put the leash down. “<You need it; it’s not healthy for you to be inside when it’s nice and sunny out.>”

“I really should finish up this review so I can upload it to Oak.”

“<Later. We go out now.>”

Elm looked at the screen, then back at Basil. “I suppose it’s not due for a few days. Come on, let’s go.”

“<That’s more like it,>” the Chikorita replied as Elm attached the collar to his neck. The professor then tied the other end through the cab of the wrecker. Basil would take his toy everywhere he went, and this was the easiest way to let him take it outside. Elm then took the Pokeball, informed his assistants, then left to go on a walk.

The Route leading away from the lab was quiet. A few wild Pokemon were out, but weren’t interested in attacking the pair. The sky was bright blue and clear, stretching above for as far as they could see. The trees were decked out in their deep summer green. It was calm, as if nothing bad could happen here.

Elm stretched his arms out, then looked down at Basil. “I’m certain that my productivity has gone down ever since you arrived. But it doesn’t really bother me. I haven’t been as stressed out lately.”

“<It’s good to relax,>” Basil said, then nudged his wrecker around a patch of pebbles.

Then a loud bellow interrupted the calm afternoon. Basil jerked his head up, but only saw a blue blur as he was snatched up and stolen away. When he looked back, Elm had grabbed his Pokeball to call him back. But then a kid with spiky red hair yanked it from the Professor’s hand. The thief then ran into the woods with them.

“Basil!” Elm called out, but then the Route disappeared behind the trees.

“<Elm!>” He tried to squirm away. “<Let me go!>”

“<You’ll thank me for this later,>” he replied, and kept running through the trees.

They came to a clearing and stopped. Basil was put down on the ground. Worried, he checked out his wrecker. After pushing it upright and pressing the crane’s button, he figured out that it was okay. He looked over at his captor, who had dropped down on all fours and was breathing heavily. Like that, he was at eye level with the Chikorita. “<What’re you tired for?>”

“<I normally don’t run that far,>” he said after a moment. “<So the nerd calls you Basil? Hmph.>”

“<What’re you called?>”

“<My proper name, Feraligator.>” He winked. “<You remember me, Chikorita?>”

He tilted his head. “<You? I don’t know. Maybe. I see a lot of Pokemon in the lab.>”

He grinned, showing off dozens of sharp curved teeth. “<Maybe as the toothy little terror?>”

“<You were Totodile? Gracious, you’ve gotten much bigger.>” He leaned forward and sniffed. Feraligator did smell like Totodile. “<And much toothier.>”

“<And you’re still just a little sprout. But don’t worry. We’re here to change all that.>”

The spiky haired boy finally came into the clearing. “There you guys are. That went easier than I thought.” He sat down by the two of them. “You’d think that after the first time, he’d learn to get some better security, but no.” He shook his head.

“<And this is the guy who kidnapped you?>” Basil asked. “<Why’re you still hanging around him?>”

“<He liberated me. And he’s the greatest Trainer in all of Johto. He’ll make you strong, unless you wimp out and cry.>”

“So this was the third option, huh?” The thief took Basil’s chin and looked him over. “You don’t look that impressive, but you were the professor’s choice. That means you’ve got to be great, somehow. They never give out losers and weaklings as starter Pokemon.”

“<May I go back to Elm?>”

“<Why would you want to do that?>”

“<Because he needs me. I make sure he takes a daily walk and doesn’t work too hard.>”

The thief then took the leash and looked at the wrecker. “And what’s that thing attached to you?”

“<It’s a wrecker! Or a tow truck, if you must use the less interesting term. It’s the best toy in the whole wide world.>”

Feraligator snorted. “<Sheesh. I’ve gotten big and strong while you’ve stayed little and gotten spoiled.>”

The Chikorita flicked his leaf indignantly. “<Just because I have a toy and you don’t doesn’t mean that I’m spoiled.>”

“We’re gonna have to get rid of that,” the thief said.

He gasped in alarm. “<But it’s my toy! I want to keep it. If I can’t, then I want to go back to Elm right now.>”

“<But we’re going to make you one of the strongest Pokemon ever,>” Feraligator said, trying to convince him away. “<We’re going to build the best team in Johto and show everyone true greatness.>”

Fortunately, the boy thief didn’t take the leash or wrecker away immediately. He took his stolen Pokedex and checked with it. “Okay, I think you stay as pure Grass type, which helps me out immensely. I’m done with just taking Pokemon as I find them. I’ve gotten rid of all but the one who meets my criteria of power,”

Feraligator grinned. “<Me, of course.>”

“And you must become great; otherwise, Elm wouldn’t have had you. So now I can work a team around you two and show them all up.” He scowled. “Especially that goody-two-shoes... bah. I swear, he acts all innocent and sweet, but he must be doing something to his Pokemon to make them better than they should be. If only I could figure out what that is.”

“<It can’t be that ‘friendship and kindness’ stuff he was going on about. That won’t get you nothing.>”

“<I think kindness can go a long way,>” Basil said, twitching his ears and leaf. “<That, and making sure to relax some every day. That’ll get you a peaceful and long life, at least, I think so.>”

“<What? That’s ridiculous. You can’t hold onto peace, because too many bad things happen all the time. But I’ll tell you what you can hold onto and believe in, and that’s...>”

He tilted his head as if curious, although he knew what was going on. “<And that’s what?>”

Feraligator blinked. “<Oh, um... darn... I had this whole ‘get you pumped and ready to rumble’ speech ready, and... I forgot it.>”

Basil flicked his leaf; he knew that it was his scent that was affecting Feraligator and he had to make sure he stayed affected. “<That’s too bad. Maybe you’re just tired out and need a nap. It’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a nap outdoors.>” He didn’t have any skills to put Feraligator to sleep, but maybe some cunning could do the same thing.

“<Yeah, that sounds nice right about now.>”

The thief looked up from his study. “What’s wrong, Feraligator? You look a bit spacey.”

“<We were gonna take control of the League and make them do things the proper way, our way,>” the blue reptile rambled. “<But, uh, maybe we ought to take a day off and relax, you know?>”

“<Relaxing is good,>” Basil agreed, flicking his leaf towards the human.

“You need to stay alert in case... they come looking.” The thief blinked, then shook his head. He tried to sound stern again as he turned to Basil. “Is this your doing?”

The Chikorita nodded. “<Yup, I help people relax.>”

He took a deep breath of the sweetness, then coughed. “Okay, this isn’t going to work out. I need a fighting team. I don’t need somebody that’s going to keep everyone from battle.”

“<Then I’m not for you, I guess. May I go back to Elm now?>”

“We’ll have to,” he shook his head. “Nah, forget it. It’s not worth the trouble.” He tossed Basil’s ball aside. “Let’s go, Feraligator.”

“<Can we take the rest of the day off?>” he asked as they went back into the woods.

Basil pushed his wrecker over to the Pokeball and picked it up with the crane. Then, not wanting to steer it around all the trees, he picked the wrecker up in his mouth and carried it back to the Route.

As he came out from behind a bush, he found a policeman searching the area. Pleasantly surprised, the officer patted his head, then stood up. “Professor, is this the one that was taken?”

Elm came over and smiled when he saw the Chikorita. “Basil, thank goodness you’re all right.” He undid the collar, then picked him up. “So you got away on your own, huh? I knew you were the clever one.”

Basil nuzzled his head against Elm’s neck. “<Like I said, somebody’s got to keep an eye on you.>”

Killer Grunt
2nd December 2008, 12:18 PM
Basil the Chikorita, such a great name.

Great chapter as always, sorry i didnt reply for the last one but i have been away quite alot recently.

The Lapras one had a nice ending as well, well done.

2nd December 2008, 7:14 PM
Hi I've looked at all your storys and I must say they are great !!!

3rd December 2008, 3:00 PM
Ah, the cute Chikorita and his drug-like influences. XD And Silver! *fangirl squeal*

True, Lugia stays out of the way to keep its power down ... but how would it know it can be destructive, unless it did wreak some havoc?

Anywho ... I'm assuming I can post this now, if not, my apologies. A warning to readers: this little tale is not for the faint of heart.

Sapphire entry: A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as Banette. This Pokemon’s energy would escape if it were ever to open its mouth.

There was a story, handed down from generation to generation, of some dark spirit which brooded in the valley, one whose vengeance could tear asunder the very mountains which separated it from the rest of the world. There were rumors of an evil influence from the nearby country which the valley bordered, a remnant of the last great war which, given time, might bring about the end of the world. The inhabitants of the valley’s humble village scoffed at such an idea, claiming that their ancestors had lived there for centuries, and nothing supernaturally horrible had happened to them. Of course, at this time of year, when the icy wind howled against frosted windowpanes and the dark, unused corners of the older homes creaked ominously, it was difficult to chuckle at the antics of the nervous believers of such a legend.

But today, in one of the cottages in the valley, any traces of fear had to make way for celebration. Six small children shrieked happily as they chased each other in and out of rooms, darting back and forth. A sudden blast of freezing wind announced the arrival of their father, and yelling “Daddy!” happily, they flocked towards the opening door, where a dark-haired man was shaking off the snow settling on his heavy coat. He looked tired, but grinned at them all the same as he shut the door.

“Now, where’s the birthday girl?” he asked, scanning the room.

“Here, Daddy!” yelped a black-haired girl, rushing toward him from the back of the crowd. Her face was lit up with happiness; however, it looked pale and drawn, as if she hadn’t slept in days.

“Emmi!” Laughing, he scooped her up in his arms and spun his giggling daughter around, feeling the warm air from the fireplace already seeping into his skin. Her white dress whirled in the wide, sweeping motion. Setting her down gently, he reached into a large pocket on his coat, withdrawing a sloppily wrapped parcel. “I have a present for you.”

Emmi’s eyes shone as they took in the sight of the parcel. Still giggling, she took it from his grasp, tearing off the brownish paper excitedly. Her several siblings looked over her shoulder curiously, wondering what on earth her gift could be.

The last of the paper fell away, and Emmi yelped in delight as she found herself holding a smiling doll, nearly half as big as she was. The doll, dressed in a simple cotton dress and topped with a mane of blond yarn for hair, had to be the perfect new playmate she’d been hoping for all year. Squealing happily, she hugged the doll tightly. “I love it, Daddy, thanks! So much! I’m gonna call her Sally!”

Her father laughed. “You’re welcome. Is your mother still cooking?”

“Yeah, she’s been in there for ages,” one of the little boys pouted, sticking out his lower lip. “I don’t think she’s ever gonna be done. I wanna eat cake, Daddy!”

“I’m sure she’ll be done soon.” The man ruffled his messy hair. “Why don’t you all play some more for a while?”

“Okay,” the boy sighed. A second later, the children were rushing through the house again, sliding under furniture and laughing. Emmi played with them, Sally clamped firmly under her arm.

* * *

The humble little party ended late that night, and the children indignantly set off to bed. Emmi entered her own room, chattering happily to Sally.

“I’m seven years old now, Sally! Isn’t that wonderful?”

<Very wonderful,> Sally agreed.

Emmi heard her speak, but was unfazed. She was at that age when belief in the unseen unlocks doors separating the real from the imagined. “We’re gonna have so much fun, Sally! We’re gonna play tea party and Three Scary Psyduck! It’ll be so fun!”

Sally just smiled. As a doll, she already knew the numerous games children enjoyed playing.

Emmi’s room was a simple one, containing a bed, a small box stuffed with clothes, and three other toys scattered across the floor. They stared at Sally curiously from their various inert positions, and she looked away from them, embarrassed.

“These are your new friends, Sally!” Emmi said excitedly, setting her down next to them before rushing out to wash before bed.

Left alone with the curious toys, Sally glanced about the darkened room, unwilling to meet their intent gazes. With no human present, they could move freely, and they did so, stretching and sitting up from their uncomfortable positions.

<New one, eh?> asked a stuffed, tattered Teddiursa, scratching his ear. <Been a while.>

<Don’t mind him,> said another doll, this one a good deal older than Sally. Most of her hair was gone, exposing the grubby cloth scalp underneath. A jagged line zigzagged from the top of her head, down her face, and disappeared into the folds of her tattered dress, testifying of some accident bad enough to warrant the dreaded sewing needle. <He’s a tad crusty. I’m Sanda, by the way. The Teddiursa is Di, and the gal in the corner is Betty.>

Curiosity overcoming her shyness, Sally looked over in the corner to the third toy, which was yet another doll, slumped in a position usually associated with the dead, and rightfully so. Unlike Sanda, she had obviously been in poor repair before she lost her will to live. All of her stuffing was missing, having spilled through the large, gaping holes in her body, and some sort of dark crimson jam had been spilled on her long ago, giving her the appearance of being soaked in blood. Sally shuddered for a moment, before belatedly realizing that she might have offended someone with such outward horror.

Sanda chuckled. <Everyone gets the willies when they see Betty, sweetheart. It’s perfectly normal.>

Di gave Sally a meaningful look before glancing sideways at Sanda, rolling his eyes. It seemed that Sanda was blissfully unaware that there was no consciousness in Betty’s wide, blank eyes; no cheerful meaning graced her dead, lopsided smile.

<Heard the parents talkin’,> Di said, abruptly changing topics. Sally wondered if this was what the toys had been discussing before her sudden arrival. <They’re worryin’ ‘bout the country next door. Rumors ‘bout war with them ‘n’ so on.>

<War?> Sally asked, her terrified answer coming out as a soft squeal. She’d heard fairy tales about war, but one could always count on the hero’s Pikachu destroying the enemy’s rampaging Gyarados. In a desolate valley like this, it was harder to believe in such a happy ending.

<Maybe. We just gotta hope that they’re not that desperate for all this land.>

<I’ve wondered about that,> Sanda said thoughtfully. <Pity we’re so close to the border. The family’d get swept apart by just a few of their soldiers.>

<Dunno if we need to worry, though,> Di mumbled. <We got a bunch o’ Ponyta of our own. Ridin’ into battle can’t be that much harder ‘n tillin’ fields. ‘Specially in this weather.>

<Shadows beckon,> hissed a voice.

Startled, Di and Sanda stared in horror at the darkness under the bed. Apprehension rising, Sally followed their gazes.

A Pokemon was materializing under the bed, a jet-black orb coated in an arcane, purplish gas. Dark eyes flashed in malevolence, and small fangs jutted from his mouth.

<He’s back again,> Sanda whispered fearfully. <We thought he’d gone for good … and Emmi was just starting to recover from the nightmares, too…>

Sally shivered. Gastly were uncommon monsters whom delighted in dwelling in the dark shadows between bed and floor, cloaking them in their gaseous bodies and weakening them with their notorious toxins, before devouring the sweet dreams of their young victims, replacing them with the howling torment of their own imaginations. Parents could look on in concern, pat their children on the head and say that everything was all right; but how could they know of the ghoul floating just a few inches underneath their child, cackling in delight as the young one slowly wasted away over the years?

A sudden protectiveness of Emmi gripped her. She had known her human for barely a few hours, and yet she had seen the purity of her heart, the sweetness of her mind. Could she let the child suffer from such a fate? Could she bear to watch the light in Emmi’s eyes flicker and die? No, she could not. There was not much within a doll’s power to counter a fiend such as this, but she could at least try.

<Leave,> she whispered, locking gazes with the ghost.

<Dreams are mine tonight,> the Gastly hissed, floating out into the small, dark room. <They will float on my tongue, and I will slowly lick innocence away from her. I will be fed, she will be dead, you will linger in despair.>

Horror gripped Sally’s heart like an icy claw. The Gastly was advancing toward her, his gas shrouding him like a robe of darkness. <Leave,> she repeated, this time her voice barely stronger than a squeak.

<She will find horror,> he continued, a horrific smile stretching his face. <I will find power. I will become drunk on her screams.>

He was almost upon her now, and, being paralyzed with fear, she could not will herself to widen the gap again. Sanda and Di, frightened beyond normal capacity, had slumped inert to the ground, finding themselves unable to stand against his dark power. Fear radiated from the ghost like the icy wind outside, but this was no mere external discomfort; this was a sensation that pierced the skin, froze the heart and turned blood to ice.

A wisp of the ever-shifting gas swept over her face for a moment, and the scent of decaying meat it carried made her shiver even harder.

Hardly thinking about it, her mind clouded in fear as it was, she felt herself getting to her stubby feet, standing erect before the ghoul. <Leave,> she growled yet again, and she was vaguely surprised that her ability to speak had not abandoned her.

The Gastly merely cackled again. His shroud was shifting, reforming itself into a pair of clawed hands, which reached for her with agonizing slowness. Realizing it was hopeless, she closed her eyes in despair, willing for quick release.

Make it fast, she pleaded inwardly.


A sudden rush of defiance entered her heart, thawing it so fast that she was forced to gasp. She could not let him win. It was unthinkable.

Her eyes were still squeezed shut, so she could only feel her mouth opening, sucking in what must have been a final breath; could only hear the sound of her voice roaring <BEGONE!> as a strange energy began to tingle around her clenched fist, which swung around in a wide arc, slicing through the freezing darkness that was Gastly’s body. An anguished howl ripped the air apart, and she forced herself to open her eyes in time to see him collapse through the wooden wall, fading out in the night.

The oppressive sense of doom it had brought immediately dispelled.

Breathing heavily, she sank to her knees in exhaustion. It took her a moment to put herself together and clear her mind of Gastly’s influence. When she was herself again, she could barely move for shock. Had she actually done that? Dispelled a Gastly from a dwelling where, once it decided to stay, it would stay? But toys could not do that. They could comfort, but not banish.

A soft sound behind her caught her attention. Turning around, she saw Sanda and Di half sitting, half lying down. Both were staring at her in shock.

<What happened?> Sally asked them, examining her hand. <I don’t think that—>

<Stay away from me!> Sanda shrieked, eyes as wide as saucers. She backed up until she had her shoulders to the wall.

Sally’s eyes glinted in shock and hurt. <What?>

<Darkness,> Di muttered, scooting a little ways away. <For a sec you looked … diff’rent. Like you were some sorta fiend or somethin’.>

The young doll opened her mouth to tell them that she didn’t understand, that she had, after all, cast out the Gastly; and surely that ought to provide enough excitement to boggle their minds and skew whatever they believed they were seeing.

“Hiya, Sally!” Emmi said cheerfully, bursting through the door.

Then the world erupted into flames.

* * *

The enemy soldiers were swift, their Rapidash steeds agile. They swept through the homes in the valley with deadly force, annihilating the sturdy wooden homes as if they were made of toothpicks. A burning smell stung the noses of everyone within a quarter mile of the nearest fire, as the Rapidash spat thin, writhing streams of flame out at random flammable objects. The screams of residents shattered the bitingly cold night air, rudely replacing the calm silence of just a few minutes earlier.

A few foot soldiers kicked down the door of Emmi’s house, drawing swords as flickering tongues fire began to lick the doorframe. A savage war cry drew their attention, and in turning they caught sight of Emmi’s father, still dressed in his dark-colored nightclothes and waving a makeshift wooden club.

A swish of a blade, and he collapsed to the floor, mouth still gaping in a silent roar.

Someone screeched further inside the house. Emmi’s mother, blond hair tangled in disarray, was rushing from room to room, grabbing as many children as she could carry. The soldiers glanced at each other, nodded, and wordlessly advanced toward her. Noticing them coming, she blanched and spun around in an attempt to flee, but they laid hands on her easily, grabbing her roughly before she could make her escape. Whimpering, the children cowered, and were taken more quickly. As a few of them proceeded to rope them up with thick, black twine, the rest proceeded to kick down the other doors, searching for more.

The flames danced higher, their bright, malevolent orange drowning out the pale yellow of candles flickering on the mantle over the empty fireplace.

A soldier burst through Emmi’s door, grabbing her thin arm before the situation could sink in. Wide-eyed in fear and immediately forgetting her toys in the face of danger, the girl screamed shrilly and desperately tried to pull herself free. Scowling, the soldier slapped her across the face with shocking force, leaving her too shocked to protest.

<Emmi!> Sally cried, watching the soldier drag her beloved human away. If only she could do whatever she had done to the Gastly, and save the girl from whatever awful fate lay in store for her! But no toy could act on its own in the presence of humans. No matter what she could do otherwise, she was as helpless as a rag now.

Emmi’s mouth weakly formed the words “Help me,” to no one in particular, tears glinting in the corners of her eyes, before they disappeared through the doorway. The door slammed violently, knocking a few dark ashes from the burning ceiling.

<They can’t take her!> Sanda cried indignantly, shoving herself to her feet as soon as she was able to. Harsh voices reached the toys’ ears, followed by heavy footsteps which grew fainter before vanishing altogether.

Sally looked around frantically. The flames were spreading with deadly speed, sweeping down the walls like a wave of water. Shaking in fear, she rushed to the door and beat against it with all her might. But the weak stuffing of a doll is useless against the hard, solid wood of a door, even one weakened by the heat of fire. Desperate, she spun around and ran toward the bedpost, climbing anxiously before reaching the window. Bracing herself, she leapt at the window, only to collide with the cold, hard glass. Gasping in sudden pain, she hit the floor, winded.

The flames leapt higher, licking the floor as they towered over the toys. Frightened, Sanda and Di rushed to the bedpost, climbing frantically onto the bed just before the fire reached the spots where they had stood a second before.

Still dazed, Sally rubbed her head, screwing her eyes shut against the pain. A sudden shriek, and they flung open again; she was dismayed to see Sanda rushing back and forth across the bed, her dress on fire, clothing her in bright and dazzling colors. A stray tongue of flame extended towards the blanket beneath, and before long the entire bed and Di were also aflame.

In the corner, Betty’s dead smile shriveled into a twisted grimace as the inferno consumed her rapidly burning corpse.

Sally watched in utter horror as the bright flames roared, almost spanning from floor to ceiling. Her head still spinning, she could barely summon the energy to open her mouth before the thunderous blaze sank its teeth into her body.

Her scream ripped through the night, and she writhed and howled as piercing flames ripped gashes in her fair cloth skin. Small pits of angrier fire burst through the gashes, feeding on her stuffing within. A rouge flame ripped across her lips, bursting open her frail throat. Fire poured from her mouth, and her head jerked back and forth in a soundless shriek of unimaginable agony as her tongue withered from the immense heat.

And then, in a final burst of unspeakable pain, she died.

* * *

Something was wrong. She could accept that she was dead, although the loss of Emmi would tear her apart for the rest of eternity; but death was something one experienced with a strange feeling of isolation, the knowledge that no matter how much one was loved, no matter how many friends one acquired in one’s lifetime, one would inevitably die alone. Nothing could be brought along besides memory.

But she was not alone.

Child, whispered a voice in her mind.

Her mind still in a daze, Sally whimpered in confusion. The fact that she could still make a noise was somewhat surprising, but she could surely put that matter aside for now. A faint tingling manifested itself a slight distance away, and reflexively her fingers twitched. She still had fingers? Strange.

You must get up.

Her body – she could feel it, but how? – struggled to its feet, seemingly of its own accord. Memories of the pain suddenly rushed back, and she cringed.

They are going. We must hurry.

Sally tried to respond, but found to her surprise that her mouth was somehow sealed shut. What was going on? Unsure of these developments, she hesitantly opened her eyes.

The darkness seemed to shine like the sun on a bright summer day. It illuminated the hidden corners of the valley, lit the sky with incredible brilliance…

Shaking her head to recover from this wonder, she noticed with a start that surrounding her were heaps of gray, fluttering ashes, scattered by a slight winter breeze. Besides that, all was still. No fire burned. No shouts punctured the cautious quiet. No Pokemon of the night slunk along the bright snow. It was as if all the world simply lay in wait, unsure of whether to pounce or flee.

She happened to glance down at herself, and would have gasped in shock if it were possible. Her body was charred black, a horrific testimony of the heat of flames. Her dress was gone, but that made sense – it explained the small pile of ashes at her feet. Feeling her head gingerly, she stiffened as her long black hand felt something long, crooked, and pointed, like a wizard’s hat, where her hair should have been.

Have you no sense? We must hurry.

Worry started to resettle in her gut. What is this? she wondered, touching her sealed mouth. A cold zipper kept her lips tight together, somewhat similar to the zipper which had been on her dress, although this one was obviously bigger.

Something you are lucky enough to not understand.

She froze. She wasn’t sure how, but somehow, something had heard her thoughts. Shivering slightly, she took a few shaky steps forward and abruptly slipped on something smooth, dark and round. The object rolled a few feet away colliding with its twin with a loud clack. Wincing from the unexpected impact, Sally unsteadily got to her feet. Her eyes narrowed in curiosity for a moment before widening in horror: those marbles had been Di’s eyes. A feeling of bile rising in her throat, she backed away as fast as she dared to.

No! Not that way!

She came to an abrupt halt. Who are you? she asked quietly, wondering if whatever fate lay in store for her would hurt more if she were unable to scream.

Surely as a doll you knew of such tales? There is a story, one of great horror and fear that would make your very skin shrivel in terror. It is said by many that on the last day I shall rise in the form of the great Armageddon and tear souls from their bodies with such agonizing slowness that both portions will scream in the great pain for hours on end…

Shudders began to wrack Sally’s frame. The presence.

Of course, they also say I hide under beds and in closets and devour naughty children, and we all know that’s a load of drivel, the presence went on. I do wish the Armageddon thing were true, though. It’s a lot better than what I really have to do.

Slowly the shudders grew far less violent. The presence’s claim might not be true, but it was at least perversely comforting. Unsure of what to do next, she kept silent.

You don’t believe me? Sad, sad, sad. If a doll can’t believe, who can?

She shut her eyes in concentration. What do you want?

The same thing you want.

And that is?

The extermination of evil.

That was not the answer she expected. But you are evil!

Am I? The mere fact that I prefer darkness does not make me evil. The Hoothoot searches for prey in the dark to keep himself alive, is he then evil? The Absol travels by night to avoid persecution, is his soul then corrupt?

Sally half-opened her eyes, taking in the blinding brightness that was the night sky. I still don’t understand.

I could argue about it all night, but due to circumstances I cannot elaborate. Suffice it to say that we share a common goal, just as we share this body.

She shivered again. The idea of another intelligence inhabiting herself was extremely unnerving.

The soldiers have taken the children to their land. They are preparing for a full-scale war against this country, and wish to appease their pagan god, their Unseen King, for the sake of power.

Her mind worked furiously as it put two and two together. You mean … they plan to sacrifice them?

And worse.

The thought was horrifying. And yet…

You doubt yourself?

Of course. After all, what could she, a mere doll, do against the forces of an evil army and some Unseen King?

You are no longer a “mere doll”. I have possessed you, and I will help you overcome them, as we overcame the Gastly.

You mean … you saved us from him?

Naturally. I suppose that the “begone” bit was a tad unnecessary, but it added to the “epic hero” feel, don’t you think?

I suppose…

Let’s not dawdle any longer. We must crush them before they gain the arcane power which they seek.

What? We can’t kill them! Fighting is wrong!

War itself is not evil. It is the way of deciding who is superior. Even sudden, unfair ambushes on defenseless villages, such as this, are not wicked things; for out of such struggles do heroes arise. But this … the taking of children! A wave of intense anger rippled through her mind, and she winced at the violence in the emotion. Nothing can excuse it. They must suffer for the crime.

She felt horrified at the idea of killing something, no matter how wicked it was. Life was so precious, and the taking of it was so much more than just a crime: it was cruel evidence that some could not appreciate that all hearts beat alike, that they all ran side by side in the race against time and misfortune. But a part of whatever she had become stirred. What were the soldiers doing, then? Their vile nature could not excuse their own injustices. And Emmi? If she left Emmi to their mercy, she was no better than the soldiers. Her eyes narrowed as she came to the only available conclusion.

I will do what I must.

Without warning, she lifted off the ground, floating serenely in the bitterly cold air. She glanced down at the space between her feet and the earth below, and felt somewhat giddy.

This is how it must be, said the presence. But our crusade will warrant a sacrifice.

I will do what I must, Sally repeated, although slightly apprehensive.

Very well.

With a sudden jerk they soared outward, wind biting at their charred-black skin as the edge of the valley slowly but surely rushed toward them.

* * *

The enemy encampment was relatively easy to find in the light of the night sky. There were no tents or similar structures on the flat, desolate wasteland; the many soldiers simply stood, their Rapidash snorting in excitement. Their ranks encircled the hapless captives: mainly children, but a few mothers were also present, clutching their children’s’ shoulders in a useless attempt at comfort. Directly behind the hostages sprawled an evil-looking altar, upon which sat a pile of burning, dead wood.

Floating high above the oppressive scene, Sally watched in dismay, searching for Emmi among the captives. There she was! The girl slept in her mother’s shaking arms, evidently exhausted. Her siblings whimpered in fear and confusion, huddling around their wide-eyed parent.

So the girl was safe, at least for now … but her heart sank as the soldiers made way to form a path for their captain, an unshaven man whose countenance loomed darker than the jet-black folds of his cloak. A heavily scarred Gliscor followed him, sneering down at the shorter humans. The man halted directly in front of his prisoners, and his soldiers quickly reformed ranks, preventing any escape.

The man spoke in a deep, guttural language that the terrified villagers would naturally not understand; but as a doll Sally could, although she immediately wished she was unable to, from the moment he opened his mouth.

“You are useless,” he said, in a voice that somehow made the surrounding chill seem more than physical. “Useless as slaves, useless as townspeople, useless as feed for our noble steeds. There does exist a single use for you, which you could never appreciate…”

The Gliscor, with snakelike speed, seized a random child with its claws, a feral grin stretching its haunting face as the young human’s alarmed squeals rang through the air. Sally’s stomach turned over as she watched it drag him to the altar. Was it her imagination, or her strange new sight, that made it seem that the flames were a dark, unholy azure?

It is beginning, the presence snarled. Sally could feel it longing to throw caution to the winds, to tear into those soldiers for their atrocious misdeeds.

“It is you who shall feed our Unseen King,” the dark captain continued. “You who shall appease him in return for strength, the strength to crush your own foolish king and add to our empire that land which is rightfully ours. You should be honored that we give you the opportunity to participate in this momentous event.”

The Gliscor, with agonizing slowness, lifted the child into the air by his arms, giving him a good look at those ravenous flames. Yet it paused, not yet throwing the child to his doom. The soldiers did not seem to find anything amiss, but instead bowed toward the altar, keeping their eyes on the ground.

Why isn’t it killing him already? Sally asked nervously, peering at the scene. Could it be that it doesn’t want to? A feeling of hope started blossoming in her chest.

The presence growled suddenly. It is killing him, do not be deceived! Watch!

Taking a closer look, she realized that the Gliscor’s huge, jagged claws were slowly but surely crushing the child’s frail arms. Ignoring his shrill screaming, the brute continued to squeeze painfully. Some ancient whisperings broke loose among the mad crackling, and Sally, in increasing apprehension, knew that it was not her imagination.

It is time, the presence declared suddenly.

Unwilling to be distracted, Sally peered closer at the goings-on, watching the child go slack in the Gliscor’s grasp as he fainted from shock. Time? For what?

For our own sacrifice.


We can only stop them if we pay a certain price. True, they can be obliterated, but I must give up this body, and so must you.

Sally tensed. She was still so new to the world, so many paths left unexplored … and yet, watching Emmi lie unconscious in her mother’s arms, she knew that the children must come first. That, after all, was the purpose of dolls.

There is one thing, and one thing alone, that we can do against their Unseen King. I will tell you what that is when the time comes.

Instinctively she grew apprehensive, in spite of her resolution to protect the children. I can’t move when they’re around, she said, stalling.

A doll cannot, but you are no longer a doll. You must do this! They need us!

With a sudden jerk, she pushed herself toward the grisly scene, eyes streaming in the biting wind. As she rushed toward them, the soldiers screamed in surprise and scattered, ignoring their duty and the prisoners. Swearing loudly, the captain roared at his Gliscor to hurry up, before turning back to Sally and watching her approach with a cold, almost curious gaze. The children whimpered in fear as her shape grew larger against the darker night sky.

She veered slightly to the left, knocking the Gliscor to its knees and freeing the boy from its grasp. His limp body collapsed onto the ground. Surprise overcome by rage, the Gliscor opened its mouth in a feral snarl, baring its claws menacingly as it watched her swoop around in a wide arc before facing it again. Behind it the shimmering flames continued to flicker, and in them a translucent, almost invisible shape appeared – something hunched, with long, claw-like appendages protruding from its back.

Noticing the shape in the flames, the captain leapt in surprise before bowing before it, singing in some ancient, vile tongue that even Sally could not understand. The Unseen King seemed to nod, extending the appendages just beyond the boundaries of the fire. It then lifted its head toward the dark sky and opened its beak, emitting a shrill, keening shriek that seemed to split the sky in a million tiny pieces, an anguished for the power it had once controlled. A dark, easily visible shadow began to cloud around it, making the flames brighter rather than snuffing them out. Wide-eyed in utter terror, the prisoners could not even move for fear.

There is only one way to destroy it, the prescence murmured, as the soldiers, upon noticing the Unseen King, double back at the prospect of the demon destroying Sally.

What must I do?

Unzip your mouth.

She put a stubby hand to the zipper. Somehow, suddenly, unsealing her lips seemed to be the one thing that she could not do.

The furious Gliscor now leapt into the air, reaching out at her as it rushed towards it; she had only just managed to dive to the right when its claw sliced above her head. Swerving around, it flapped uncertainly in the air, attempting to regain its balance.

What will happen when I do it? she asked, tracing the jagged zipped line as she kept her eyes fixed on the returning bat-scorpion.

All of us will perish, the presence replied, almost unconcernedly. You, me, the soldiers, the prisoners … the Unseen King will probably rise again in a few hundred years—

She dodged the Gliscor’s incoming claw again.

—But one will survive: the one you devoted your existence to just a few minutes after you met her. There was a reason I chose you above those other two, after all; they did care for her, but only because they felt like they had no choice in the matter.

Sally’s heart swelled in pride at these words.

It is fitting that the lone survivor will warn her own country of the danger. The King may be banished, but the soldiers in their vile cities are many.

Perversely cheered by the presence’s words, she looked the Gliscor in the glaring yellow eyes, waited until destruction by its claws appeared imminent, and yanked the zipper open.

Pain exploded along every inch of her body, seeming almost to squeeze her into a pulp as her vision rapidly began to darken. Straining herself to see, she noticed the Gliscor yowling in agony as some strange crimson shock wave paralyzed him in midair; even stranger, the energy seemed to be undulating from her own gaping mouth, although the pain made it difficult for this to register. As more and more poured out, its flow intensified with the pain, and it seemed that any moment the wave would suddenly cease and die; but it rushed valiantly on, swirling around the screeching Gliscor. Struggling violently in its confines, the brute gave her one last murderous glare before a great light exploded from within it, leaving only a shriveled, moss-like thing. The moss immediately fluttered to the hard white snow, where it settled gently and remained still.

Horrified, the soldiers paused in their relentless marching, staring at the remains of the beast. The energy, hungry for victims, was ready for them: it encircled the hapless men, freezing them in place, while another wave pounced upon the prisoners, silencing their screams. Emmi snoozed on, her face oddly peaceful in the destruction around her.

Snow billowed like waves as the red energy rippled through the entire area, swallowing nearly everything in its path. A Murkrow flying overhead had not even the time to blink before it was consumed. Cursing again, the captain attempted to flee, but he had barely taken two steps before the energy washed around him, halting him as it worked its magic.

The Unseen King, looking rather unimpressed, turned to the incoming energy and shrieked horribly, slowing but not stopping their progress. As they crawled toward it relentlessly, it turned directly towards Sally, who could dimly acknowledge that its black-and-gold body was appearing more solid. Its bright, ancient yellow eyes spoke volumes of its unrestrained malevolence.

Then, though her vision was now nearly black, she knew who was speaking when a chilling, dark voice pierced her mind and froze her heart.

<Foolish girl,> it hissed, <dost thou not know that I shall torment thee after thy death? It is I who doth oversee the paths of souls departed. Thy suffering shall be so great that it shall be whispered of in legends!>

Her vision blinked out. Will it hurt me when I die? she managed to ask the presence through the pain, attempting in vain to stop her violent shuddering.

You, and myself as well, the presence replied almost airily, although a faintly veiled tension indicated that it too could feel her anguish. I will die with you. Naturally it knows that I’m here, and who I am, and what I’m doing … but it seems that fate has thrown us together for a longer journey than life can span.

An enraged, venomous shriek dimly reached her clouding brain: the energy must have at last found the Unseen King. Her eyelids drooped halfway over her now useless eyes; she had never felt so tired. Thank you.

See you on the other side.

Together they sighed, a last relieved breath before they relaxed, letting the pain float away as if on a cloud, and there was nothing …

… nothing …

… nothing.

* * *

The shadows fled as morning brought a new day, a new chance to watch the sun smile upon the world and bathe its snows in bright reddish light. A break in the endless stretch white clouds allowed a strip of the purest blue to show. There had been no recent snowfall to conceal the events of the previous night; the snow was still dotted red where blood had sprayed. There were footprints, boot prints, and claw prints throughout the snow, but none headed toward the ring of tall mountains to the west, which looked lonely after the purging of its valley’s citizens. Shriveled, off-white lichens were scattered on top of the snow, frost clinging to them like jewels. The evil stone altar sat malevolently in the center of the scene, though in the clean light of day its dark appearance seemed diminished. Upon it sat a pile of charred, dead wood, covered in marks which looked ominously like the teeth marks of some frenzied demon. The entire scene seemed like the site of a recent battlefield, a sort of ironic reverence blanketing all that the eye could see.

Nothing stirred.

On the western side of the altar, in full view of the mountains, lay a young girl, fully conscious but as still and pale as a corpse. Her dress was tattered and torn, charred black by the dust of ashes. Tiny layers of thin, delicate ice laced across her eyelashes like spider webs, the remnants of tears frozen in the utter cold. Fingers, stiff from the chill, held something close to her chest. The thing looked like some sort of nightmarish ghoul: red eyes glaring sightlessly from a blackened face, a golden tail like a throwing star, looking oddly out of place. But in spite of the ghostly dark body, and the jagged lines of zippers which lined the mouth like uneven yellowed teeth, she resolutely kept her hold on it. The eyes of a child could see those things which existed unseen, and she knew that the ghastly thing in her arms was Sally, whether or not the doll looked like a doll should.

Emmi closed her eyes for a moment. She would depart soon, navigating her way through the icy valley which was once her home on a quest to inform her country of the attack. She felt far older than her age, as if her soul was that of a bitter crone, locked in a child’s body and mindset. A faint sigh escaped her dark purple lips, and the breath hung in the freezing air for a moment, a tiny white haze shimmering to life before it was extinguished in dissipation. Everything seemed fragile, as if a mere whisper might rekindle the dark fires of real life. They would ignite on their own soon enough, but for now she would simply accept the chill while it lasted.

For now, she would mourn.

4th December 2008, 4:39 PM
I really like that Bannette story.

In Process: Sudowoodo
On Deck: Farfetch'd, Cherubi, Salamence family
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Fire Red entry: Its fluffy fleece easily stores electricity. Its rubbery hide keeps it from being electrocuted.

Emerald entry: As its energy, it uses the feelings of compassion and pleasure exuded by people and Pokemon. It stores up happy feelings in its shell, then shares them out.

The light in the room shut off. “Good night, girls,” the Trainer said, dropping onto the bed. After a long yawn, she added, “Don’t make too much of a racket.” She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. It had been a long day.

“<Racket?>” Togepi asked.

“<Don’t make a lot of noise,>” Flaaffy said, then sighed and dropped her head onto the other bed.

Togepi looked at her other teammates. They were all tired too, asleep as quickly as their Trainer. But she had napped that afternoon, and hadn’t participated in the Gym battle. Flaaffy wasn’t sleeping either; she seemed miserable, though. The ball at the end of her tail flickered gently, casting a soft glow like a nightlight.

Wanting to do something, Togepi made it her goal to reach the bed Flaaffy was on. It wouldn’t be easy; her feet and arms were small, so she often got toppled over by her speckled shell. Their Trainer’s backpack was sitting by an armchair. Using that, she hopped up onto the armchair, then onto its arm. Then, it was a careful jump up to a cabinet and she could easily drop down to the bed.

She giggled. “<Hi. I got up.>”

“<Yeah, nice work,>” Flaaffy grumbled.

Togepi tipped herself over and smiled. “<What’s the matter? You’re not usually grumpy.>”

“<I usually don’t fight terribly in a Gym. Weren’t you watching?>”

“<Yeah. They were strong Pokemon.>”

“<I thought I was strong too. But I guess not. I didn’t even last two rounds. Who would have thought a stupid fish could beat me?>”

“<But you are strong. You’ve beat plenty of Pokemon. I haven’t beat much of anybody.>”

“<You’ve only been in a few battles.>”

“<You just had an unlucky day. Cheer up; tomorrow will be better.>”

Flaaffy rolled her eyes. “<How can you know?>”

Togepi rocked herself back onto her feet. “<I hope so. You’re a great Pokemon, so don’t let one loss get you down.>”

“<Hmph.>” She closed her eyes.

She watched her teammate for a moment and realized she wasn’t asleep, just upset about losing. Bored, Togepi bounced on the bed. She hopped down the bed, then back up, then sprang onto Flaaffy’s back. Her skin was springy enough to send Togepi spinning and crashing into the bed headfirst. It only made her laugh.

Flaaffy lifted her head and checked on her younger teammate. “<Careful. You don’t want to break your shell.>”

Still standing on her head, Togepi waved her feet. “<I’m fine!>”

The sheep then came over and nudged her back upright. A small spark escaped from her wool and hit Togepi. “<Sorry.>”

“<It’s okay. It don’t hurt that much.>” She waved her arms now. “<Of course, you weren’t trying. When you try, zappo! Lots of power.>”

“<Hush. Everyone else is very tired. We need our sleep.>”

“<Okay. You know, she loves you lots, so you shouldn’t be worried.>”

Flaaffy glanced over at their Trainer. “<I’m not so sure. I didn’t help her much today.>”

“<But she was really really worried when you fainted. She came back here as soon as she could to heal you.>”

She tilted her head. “<Did she?>”

Togepi nodded so enthusiastically that she tipped herself over again. After a quick giggle, she explained, “<I was with her to cheer her up. Look, look, I show you.>” She got herself upright and tapped Flaaffy’s nose to share the memory.

The Trainer had set Togepi on the counter while Nurse Joy was healing the others. “It was my mistake to call her out then,” she said sorrowfully, scratching Togepi’s head. “I should have remembered that was a bad move. I hope she can forgive me.”

Back in the darkened room, Togepi gave Flaaffy a friendly kiss. “<She loves you lots, I can feel it. You’re special to her. We’re all special to her, so we have to do our best for her.>”

Flaaffy nodded. “<Yes, that’s true. Tomorrow’s another day; thanks for reminding me.>” She nosed Togepi again. “<Now get some rest, because we’re probably moving on in the morning.>”

“<Okay.>” She hopped over and leaned against her partner’s side. Flaaffy lessened the glow of her tail and soon they were both asleep.

5th December 2008, 2:40 AM
I love Johto, so I'm glad you used it in the Chikorita entry.
Why'd you name it Basil?

The Togepi/flaafy entry was great as expected.
It was short, but who ever said excellence should be long?

Darkdragontamer, that entry was great!
I hope to see more of your entries in the future.

Until next time!

6th December 2008, 3:38 AM
Brilliant work!

I'd like to be added to the PM list.

And if I may make a request with my first response... Could you do either meditite or medicham (sorry if I missed them). Thanks.

6th December 2008, 4:02 PM
These are cool.I loved that last story(Yay for kind togpeis!).

Can I regeast leafeon and eevee please?

Once again....THESE ARE COOL


7th December 2008, 10:21 AM
DDT, that was epic. Really really liked that one. You really captured the mood brilliantly there and conveyed what you wanted to near perfectly. I especially liked the death scene of Sally, that was great.

The Flaaffy/Togepi one was short but sweet, very pleasant. ^_^ The Feraligatr/Chikorita one was awesome, I love the way you give random characters cameos and pull them off so well. Looking forward to the next one.

7th December 2008, 4:45 PM
My internet has a short attention span right now, so hopefully I can get the PMs out.

I mentioned it before, but Basil was my Chikorita in Crystal. I thought an herb name was nice for its design and happened to like Basil best. I know Chicory is what Chikorita is named by, but that's more of a girl's name. Licorice would be a fitting name too!

Hi -Hayward-, I'll add you to the list. Haven't done either of those two. As for eevlotiun, I have done Eevee (in the only four Pokemon entry), but not Leafeon.

In Process: Farfetch'd
On Deck: Cherubi, Salamence family, Meditite/Medicham, Leafeon
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Fire Red entry: It disguises itself as a tree to avoid attack. It hates water, so it will disappear if it starts raining.

There were Pokemon in the world that loved battle. They would test their skills against each other in dangerous games. Often, they would give control of their lives over to humans in order to fight and become stronger. Sudowoodo was not one of those Pokemon. Most of the time, they stayed hidden deep in the woods, but one was creeping out from the edge in pursuit of a promising smell.

It was rich and earthy, the smell of nutritious dirt. Like the rest of her kind, she ate dirt and only dirt. She could even distinguish between the dirts of various parts of the forest; if it was clay-heavy, it belonged near the caves, and if it was fairly salty with calcium, it probably came from near the river. But this was a new kind of dirt, not like anything that belonged in the forest. She really wanted to know what it tasted like.

She looked around from the edge of the tree line. This area had been cleared by humans. Their buildings had been growing out of the ground since last year. The scent she had followed was behind a large chain-link fence. In that fenced-off area, there was a large amount of trees, bushes, and flowers in neat even rows. To the side, there was a large building with a glass roof and a parking lot.

The dirt was spread all around the nursery and greenhouse. There didn’t seem to be a way for her to get past the chain link fence or the building walls. However, some of the dirt was in the parking lot, unprotected. She could reach that.

She checked one last time for predators. She was a rock creature, yes, but her body was like chalk, soft and easily hurt. And easily eaten for the predators and battle-happy Pokemon, so Sudowoodo always took caution. Since nothing seemed interested in her, she snuck through the grass and to the parking lot.

Sitting by a van, there were twelve small Apricorn trees. Apricorns were commonly mistaken for bushes, but the short plants were indeed trees. They had little puffballs of leaves and bore orange fruits with hard pits. These seeds had an odd blessing from Palkia, the master of space: they linked up to little bubbles of extra space, which made them good for storing things and as primitive Pokeballs. More importantly, they looked exactly like a Sudowoodo, for it was the Apricorn tree that her ancestors had sought to mimic for safety and peace.

They were clustered, two to four in big pots of the rich-smelling dirt. Sudowoodo got into one of the pots and sampled the dirt. It was delicious, spoiling the Apricorns into growing stronger fruits. But she probably couldn’t get a hold of this dirt often; the humans would make this dangerous. Sad, really; it would be good for the young Bonslies.

“We’d best hurry out,” a man’s voice said. “Pack up the rest of the trees and we’ll go.”

“Right sir.”

She froze. They were too close for her to try running away. So she sat absolutely still. If there was one thing her kind was good at, it was being motionless. She also dropped a special skin over her eyes. It was tan colored, so it matched the rest of her body, but transparent enough to allow her to see what was going on. It did turn everything brown, though.

Two young men came to the back of the truck and began putting the Apricorn trees into the van. Not noticing the subtle signs, they picked up the pot she was in and packed it as well. Then they shut the door and locked it. A minute later, the van trembled and started driving.

Sudowoodo opened her eyes fully to get a better look around. There were the twelve Apricorn trees, eight evergreen bushes, various flowering plants, bags of mulch, bags of dirt, shovels, hoses, and various other tools. It didn’t make much sense to her. What did make sense was that there would be no easy escape. The van was completely enclosed. The only light came from the front, where the early morning sun came through. But she could smell the humans up there.

She continued to hold still. That had worked all her life; it had worked for all the Sudowoodos that had come before her. Eventually, there would be a moment to get away. It just required patience.

Some time later, the van stopped. The humans began unloading the plants and tools in front of a red brick building. A sign out front stated that this was a psychologist’s office. Although it was a carefully designed building, the landscaping was only half done. She disguised her eyes again.

“The designers called for twelve Apricorns,” the oldest human said.

“Yeah, and we brought twelve.”

“There’s thirteen there.”

The younger one checked over the pots. “Um, I was pretty sure I only grabbed twelve.”

The older one picked up the pot she was in. It caught her off-balance, which she easily regained by mimicking how the real trees wavered. “Set one aside to bring back. And learn to count next time.”

The landscapers then set about to planting. They had a special shovel that grabbed onto a pack of dirt and lifted that instead of touching the plants directly. Sudowoodo had to grip the dirt tightly with her feet in order to stay still through this. They set her down in a ditch with five Apricorn trees, then poured dirt and mulch around them.

As they worked on other plants, Sudowoodo kept alert to an opportunity to make a run for it. She heard the rustle of trees and smelled forest around behind the building. She could go there and check the dirt to figure out where she had gotten. But there was always one human working by her and she couldn’t run that fast.

The leader of the group came over, carrying frightening looking tools. They had heavy but sharp blades built for cutting tough branches; those could take off her limbs. She tried not to tremble too hard.

He handed one of the shears to the other human. “Okay kid, now trim up those Apricorns for me. Make them look nice and neat.”

The leader then stepped over to Sudowoodo and the Apricorn trees. He examined them, eventually coming closer to her and touching one of her false leaf balls. As he was still holding onto the larger pair of shears, she dreaded that her arm would be cut off. Every second he lingered was a torturous period potential discovery or pain.

“Like this one,” the leader finally said, stepping back. “Even and balanced in appearance with no scraggly leaf spheres.”

“So trim the rest up to look like that one?”

“Similar. But leave any growing fruits if you can.”

Relieved, she continued to hold still while the human worked on the Apricorns. Sometimes he looked at her as if he might trim her up anyhow, but he never did. He also didn’t recognize her as a Pokemon; humans had a hard time distinguishing an Apricorn tree from a hiding Sudowoodo.

The other young human came around with a hose. “You up for a shower?” he asked jokingly.

“You’d better not, or else,” the other one retorted, playfully threatening with the shears.

“It’ll be a tougher shower later on.” He then turned the sprayer to water the transplanted plants.

She could never hold still during a rainstorm, and apparently she couldn’t hold still when sprayed by a hose. Squealing in shock, she rushed out of the rushing water, towards the corner of the building and safety in the forest behind. The two young men jumped in surprise. “What is that?!”

The older human managed to catch her and lift her up. “Hold on there. How’d a Sudowoodo get into the Apricorns?”

“Uh, I’m sure there were just twelve when I brought them out,” the one with the hose restated.

“Well get that last one and plant it before you get much further.” Then he brought her to the back of the van and kindly toweled her dry. “So, little one, what do you think of becoming a mascot for the greenhouse?”

And that was the beginning of her new life.

7th December 2008, 5:45 PM
Aw, what a sweet Togepi. ^_^ And I loved Sudowoodo's reaction to the water, especially after all that effort to stay still. But who'll feed those little Bonsly?

Also, thanks to everyone for the feedback. I do have a few more guest entries in mind, but they might not show up for a while, seeing as the last one took forever to write.

11th December 2008, 4:58 AM
So, I haven't played Mystery Dungeon either, but I read a few MD fanfics this week and thought the setting would be perfect for this. I do actually have a DS now, but only Animal Crossing for it. Though, I like being able to see my Castlevania games clearly!

In Process: Cherubi
On Deck: Shelgon/Salamence, Meditite/Medicham, Leafeon
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Ruby/Sapphire entry: Farfetch’d is always seen with a stick from a plant of some sort. Apparently, there are good sticks and bad sticks. This Pokemon has been known to fight with others over sticks.

FR/LG entry: Its steel-hard head can shatter boulders. It longingly hopes for wings to grow so it can fly.

Leaf Green entry: Because its wings aren't yet fully grown, it has to hop to get around. It is always staring at something.

Patchwork Cave was one of the stranger Mystery Dungeons in the region. Most Dungeons had at least the same look, if random layouts. Patchwork Cave seemed to have random looks as well. One chamber would be pale white limestone while the next would be sparkling red sandstone. One would have a lots of water while another would be as dry as bone. Because of this, it was much easier to get lost in Patchwork Cave than to find the exit.

“Are you sure that we shouldn’t have taken an easier mission instead?” Bagon asked.

“Buck up, buddy,” Farfetch’d replied, twirling his green and white stick around. “Patchwork Cave is known for holding amazing treasures. We might pick up something awesome along the way.”

“Our client got lost because she was looking for treasure and got in trouble. Who’s to say that we won’t get trapped too?”

“Isn’t it a little strange that you’re the worried one?” Natu asked.

“Just because I like cliff diving doesn’t mean I’m reckless. My last group ditched me because I was too practical for their tastes.”

“Pity for them.” The small bird glanced around, then pointed his beak towards a pile of rocks. “Could you clear that? I think that’s the way.”

“That’s the rockslide, huh? All right.” Bagon lowered her head, then charged at the rocks. The pile collapsed into the next room, clearing the path. “There you go.”

Natu hopped over, then bowed. “Good work. Hopefully the Jynx isn’t far. Farfetch’d, go check that hole up there.”

“Right-o.” Once he got into the new chamber, he flew up to the hole and peered around. “Heeelloooo? Any cuties stuck down thereeeee?”

The leader of the team sighed and hopped along down the chamber. Bagon followed him, glancing up at her teammate. “Is he always like that?”

“Yes, but it’s not enough for me to dissolve the team. Hmm? What’s that?”

At the end of this chamber, there was a crack in the ceiling, allowing a shaft of golden sunlight to descend upon a strange rock. The white rock had been carved into a perfect cube. Stuck in it, or growing out of it, was a green and white stick just like the one Farfetch’d carried. There was something mysterious and majestic about the set-up.

“But it’s a stick,” Bagon said, tilting her head. “Who would go to this effort to display a stick?”

“I know who would,” Natu replied. She hopped around. “Farfetch’d! There’s something you should see.”

“What, a luscious babe?” He flew down to them. “Are you just,” then he looked past them to see the stick. His lower beak dropped. “Tha... that...”

“It’s a stick,” Bagon said helpfully.

He hopped up and flapped his wings. “That’s not just a stick! I never thought I’d ever... that’s the legendary Styxcaliber! Oh my word, I think I’m gonna faint.”

“Get the bag,” Natu ordered.

“Oh, uh, right, that bag!” The Bagon opened up her pack and pulled out a brown paper sack. She put that over Farfetch’d beak. “We can’t have you fainting this far into Patchwork Cave.”

After taking a few deep breaths, Farfetch’d pulled the bag off. “Phew thanks. Anyhow, that is Styxcaliber, the most powerful stick known to Pokemonkind. It was owned by the greatest Farfetch’d warrior king ever, King Farthur who ruled over the fair kingdom of Pokelot with his lovely Queen Genev’re. It is said that whoever can pull Styxcaliber from the rock will be the best hero of the age. And it’s right here in front of us!”

“Are you making that up?” Bagon asked.

“No! It’s a precious tale passed on from Farfetch’d to Farfetch’d for generations. I would not joke about Styxcaliber.” He crossed his wings across his chest and stuck his beak in the air.

“But it looks like your stick.”

“It is not like my stick. My stick is good, yes, but Styxcaliber is perfect! It has the perfect balance of weight, the ideal shape for gripping with a beak or wing, thin edges that never dull... it’s every Farfetch’d’s dream to own Styxcaliber. So I’m gonna take it.”

“Are you sure? Natu?” She looked at their leader; he was staring at Styxcaliber with wide eyes. “Natu? What’s wrong?”

“He does this from time to time, no biggie. I’ll just...”

He waddled towards the stick in the stone, but Natu quickly hopped into his path. “Don’t draw that stick.”

“What? Why not? It’s the best stick ever.”

“Something evil is sealed by the stick. I see great destruction, battles that last all day, evil clouds, leaping flames... do not take that stick.”

“Are you sure about that? What if we’re supposed to take the stick in order to fight against the great destruction you see?”

“I guess it could be... but should we really risk it?”

“We’ll be fine. You just worry too much.” Farfetch’d hopped up with a quick flap of his wings to get on top of the cube stone.

“And you don’t worry enough.”

“Oh, I’m sure.” He grabbed hold of Styxcaliber with his wing and pulled. However, the stick wouldn’t budge. “Sheesh... it’s... really stuck in there.”

“Maybe if you use your beak?” Bagon suggested.

“Maybe.” He bit onto Styxcaliber and jerked upward. His beak slipped and he tumbled off the rock. “Owww.”

“So you’re not ready to take your legendary stick,” Natu said, sighing in relief. “Come, we still have to find Jynx.”

“Sooo disappointing,” Farfetch’d moaned, looking mournfully at Styxcaliber. Then he turned and followed his teammates into the next chamber. “Now when are we gonna find the babe?”

((I could've used the Master Stick, like Legend of Zelda. But Styxcaliber is funnier.))

11th December 2008, 6:31 AM
That was excellent, I really love how the stick was introduced. And Farfetch'd's babe obsession! XD

Is it just me, or is it really odd that a bird would crush on a woman-thing? o0;

11th December 2008, 6:35 AM
“What, a luscious babe?” He flew down to them. “Are you just,” then he looked past them to see the stick. His lower beak dropped. “Tha... that...”

“It’s a stick,” Bagon said helpfully.

He hopped up and flapped his wings. “That’s not just a stick! I never thought I’d ever... that’s the legendary ! Oh my word, I think I’m gonna faint.”

lol Styxcaliber

11th December 2008, 11:05 PM
Looks like a have to review a couple of stories.

The Chikorita story was great. I loved the character.

The Banette story was... well, epic. There's no other way to describe it. The sheer scope and dynamic atmosphere tied in with the creepiness created a really interesting entry.

The Togepi/Flaffy entry was incredably cute, and reading right after the Banette entry created a stark contrast.

The Sudowoodo story was hillarious. Just picturing the looks on the two guys faces as what they though was a tree just bolted off still has me laughing.

As for the Farfetch'd/Bagon/Natu story:

After taking a few deep breaths, Farfetch’d pulled the bag off. “Phew thanks. Anyhow, that is Styxcaliber, the most powerful stick known to Pokemonkind. It was owned by the greatest Farfetch’d warrior king ever, King Farthur who ruled over the fair kingdom of Pokelot with his lovely Queen Genev’re. It is said that whoever can pull Styxcaliber from the rock will be the best hero of the age. And it’s right here in front of us!”

That whole paragraph made me laugh. The tie in to Zelda was cool also.


I need to keep up more to avoid having to read so many at once.

Great entries all around, and I hope darkdragontamer can write another one.

13th December 2008, 1:59 AM
The Sudowoodo one was rather cute, I liked it. Successfully restoring the pride of something slaughtered in 4th gen. ^_^

Farfetch'd/Bagon/Natu was rather funny. XD Styxcalibur, what a great name for a stick. Classic. And Farfetch'd was a riot, the babe obsession was well pulled off. =D

14th December 2008, 6:11 PM
As always, awesome stories Ysavvryl. I especially liked the legend of Styxcalibur; 'Farthur' made me LOL XD.

Congratulations on a fantastic story to Darkdragontamer, too. I think I know what the Unseen King was but what was the presence?

I have an idea for another guest entry myself. I'll PM it to you, Ysavvryl, though I'm not sure what you'll think of it.

14th December 2008, 6:39 PM
Cherubi's entries really aren't fair to it. I mean, look at that Diamond one! The Pearl entry isn't much better (something about it shriveling for evolution). Poor Cherubi.

-Hayward-, I can't send any PMs to you, sorry.

Also, I was gathering some stats on these one-shots, just for fun, and I noticed something: I have no entries for any third gen starters! Whaaaat??? On the plus side, though, there's one for each of the second gen starters, which is nice.

In Process: Shelgon/Salamence
On Deck: Meditite/Medicham, Leafeon
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Diamond entry: The small ball holds the nutrients needed for evolution. Apparently, it is very sweet and tasty.

Pearl entry: Inflating its poison sacs, it makes an eerie blubbering sound for intimidation.

The sky rumbled. Dark clouds advanced. Pokemon began to lie low. A storm was moving into the swamps.

Deep in a bush, a red spot quivered. Cherubi was certain now that coming this way to explore had been a mistake. There were pretty flowers in here that made tasty nectar, but there were more dangers than he had expected. The ground was almost liquid at some points; his weight was minuscule, but he still had to struggle out of one slimy pool before it swallowed him up. One flower had nearly eaten him.

And not just the flower. Lots of strange Pokemon had chased after him. There were many predators in his home meadow too, but at least he knew what they were and what they could do. Here, he had met moving vines, electrical threats, and some very mean bugs. There was even one Pokemon that manipulated fire; he had been lucky to escape that one’s notice.

Could he make it out of the swamp before the storm struck fully? He’d be taking a risk moving when there might be strong winds coming, definitely heavy rains. But this bush wouldn’t be great cover either.

Thunder rumbled overhead.

‘Think of sunny days in the meadow,’ he thought. That would make things seem better, at least. The beautiful sunny days, when the rays came down warm and strong, with not a cloud in the sky. Meadow flowers bloomed brightly; the grasses waved gently, offering thick cover for hiding. He and the other Cerubi would be playing hide-and-seek, or watching the Cherrims dance and sing with joy. Beautiful sunny days, with croaking...



Cherubi brought his mind back to the miserable present and looked around. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary to see, but something smelled different. Something smelled rather bad, like the slimy pool that had nearly swallowed him. That something was to his right, almost behind him.

He turned and saw a patch of pale blue before a blob of sticky mud got thrown at his hiding bush. Cherubi fled in time to avoid getting hit, but then was out in the open to face his hunter. She was an amphibian of some sort, to judge from her slick skin, webbed feet, and bulging eyes.

The frog made a fist and held it up in a threatening manner. “<You hold still, yes?>”

“<No,>” he said, shakily. “<Not for you!>” He hurried to fly away.

He didn’t get far when she jumped into his path. “<Sweet little one, stay. You’re mine.>”

“<You just want to eat me,>” he cried, rushing in another direction. Maybe if he flew over one of the slimy pools, she would get stuck. He spun his small leaves as fast as he could. “<Dear Shaymin, don’t let the wind start now,>” he prayed softly.

This time when she jumped at him, she pushed her fist ahead with a dark energy. “<I won’t let you go.>”

“<Couldn’t you...>” he panted, “<not eat someone that can talk to you?>”

The skin on her neck shook, making that ‘gu-gu’ noise again. “<Couldn’t you not deny me a meal?>”

She jabbed a fist at him, raising spines that were probably poisonous. Cherubi darted out of the way just in time for the storm winds to strike. They grabbed hold of him and flung him away as hard as a wind could manage. He crashed into a path, rolling for several feet to lie right below the beak of a large bird.

This was bad. Trembling, he closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure he could get off the ground right now, and even if he could, the winds could toss him into a slimy pool instead. Would he never see the sun again?

“What’s that?”

A human voice? Cherubi opened his eyes. Overhead, he saw a teenaged boy, struggling to hold his brown hair out of his eyes. His brown trenchcoat flapped in the heavy winds, showing a Trainer’s belt with several Pokeballs attached. The Staravia that had just frightened him was owned by the boy, and thus wouldn’t be inclined to prey on others.

Thanking his lucky flowers, he struggled to get upright. “<Would you take me? Please?>” It would be a safe life, a productive one. Maybe rough, what with all the battles humans held, but the boy would surely take care of him. Right?

“What’s a Cherubi doing out here?” the boy asked. “This isn’t your standard territory.”

“<And we’re not here looking for a featherweight like you,>” Staravia added, puffing himself up importantly.

“Cro-gu-gu-gu,” the frog called out, then hopped onto the path. “<Don’t keep me from my meal, stranger.>”

The human boy clenched his fist victoriously. “Finally, a Crogunk! Get rid of the little guy, we’re taking that one.”

“<Bub-bye, twirp,>” the Staravia taunted right before beating his wings furiously to create a small whirlwind.

“<He-hey!>” The whirlwind picked Cherubi up and tossed him even further away.

But they were taking the, the, Croagunk, right? They were taking the Croagunk away. There could be others, though. The swamp was too dangerous for him.

However, the winds were moving in the direction of his meadow. Not straight for it, but enough that he might be able to ride his way there. He spun his leaves quickly to gain enough altitude for the distance he needed to go.

With some luck, he’d be able to land near the meadow and wait the storm out.

14th December 2008, 11:26 PM
This one was nice. I loved the logic between Croagunk and Cherubi, like teenagers. XD The Cherubi was rather cute though I found. ^_^

Hmm, I feel it's time for a request. LudicoloL/Shiftry, whichever you get a better idea for would be awesome. =D

Killer Grunt
14th December 2008, 11:36 PM
Seems i had quite alot of catching up to do but it was worth it. All the stories were as good as ever. I am going away soon and probably wont be back until January so hopefully there will be even more new ones :D

15th December 2008, 2:25 AM
Ugh, creepy Croagunk. That poor, sweet little Cherubi doesn't deserve to get scared by one. Nice work, as usual. ^_^

And thanks again for the kudos. The presence? I'll give you a hint. Consider what Banette is, and think: what if that transformation process wasn't one-sided?

I've actually just gotten around to starting another one (shocking!), though I should warn everyone it's going to be just as depressing as the Banette one, if not more. =P

15th December 2008, 3:54 AM
I enjoy your writings. Read the first pages and last pages. There is probably more in between so i need to catch up. They are good though.

15th December 2008, 6:50 AM
I hope that Cherubi made it back home safely. I was worried for the little guy.

The frog made a fist and held it up in a threatening manner. “<You hold still, yes?>”

That is exactly how I pictured a Croagunk would talk.

“<And we’re not here looking for a featherweight like you,>” Staravia added, puffing himself up importantly.

For some reason or another, the Staravia's response made me laugh.

I guess I'll have to put in a request to fix the lack of third-gen starters.

I think you could write a good Torchic story.

Also, its nice to see darkdragontamer is returning. I'm looking forward to that one, no matter how depressing it ends up being.

17th December 2008, 1:56 PM
Good job! That was a nice fan-fic for my birthday! Anyway, I loved the way you made Cherubi act like a teenager. And with Croagunk always right behind the Cherubi, it led for comedic suspense that made me laugh! Nice chapter, anyway!

From the fic-writer/fic-reviewer

18th December 2008, 2:44 AM
Great story

18th December 2008, 4:46 PM
Hi to new readers! It is nicer when you say more than just 'great story', though, cause I need to know what was great about it. Remember that any author is looking to improve!

This one took me a bit, not because it was difficult, but because I was writing the two upcoming holiday stories too. I think the Froslass one is pretty; somebody reminded me that at sundown on the 21st, Hanukkah starts, so I added that to the winter solstice story. And the Articuno story? Yeah, it's gonna be longer than usual. And it involves one of my favorite game characters ever! Okay, so he's not from the Pokemon games... but still!

In Process: Meditite/Medicham
On Deck: Leafeon, Ludicolo/Shiftry, Torchic
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Emerald entry: It hardly eats while it awaits evolution. It becomes hardier by enduring hunger. Its shell peels off the instant it begins to evolve.

Sapphire entry: By evolving into Salamence, this Pokemon finally realizes its long-held dream of growing wings. To express its joy, it flies and wheels all over the sky while spouting flames from its mouth.

Shelby lay in the darkest part of the room, under the bed. He smelled a pot roast. A lovely pot roast: beef cooked with onions, carrots, black pepper, thyme, sage, and bay... it smelled so good. It had been one of his favorite foods for the longest time. His body was feeling weak with hunger. But he remained under the bed.

The blanket was pulled up; a girl’s face appeared. “Come on, Shelby or it’ll get cold. Come out and eat.”

He remained still. He would be strong, no matter what. He could survive, even through this test. And it was a test, to see if his determination and willpower was enough to reach full glory. But the onions and beef... that would be wonderfully tasty, melting in his mouth... no. He must endure temptation for the grand dream.

The girl dropped the blanket. “Please? I can’t see how this can be normal. That dragon tamer guy must be crazy.” She sighed and plopped onto her bed.

Shelby whined, feeling bad for making her worry. But she didn’t understand. Every Shelgon had to go through with this. If he failed and gave into temptation, he would be this way for longer. This sluggish, heavy body, it wasn’t what he wanted at all. If he endured, he would be rewarded.

Above him, there was a tear of an envelope being unsealed and a flap of folded paper being opened. He closed his eyes. This was tough. He wanted to eat, yes, but he wanted to be able to fly even more. Everything had to be sacrificed for the dream at this time. But how much longer?

The bed creaked as his Trainer sat up quickly. “Aw shoot,” she said, deep concern shading her words. “I have to go back. But... dang it, I’m too far from home now. I don’t have any Pokemon that can Fly back. And one of them is starving himself. This stinks.” She dropped back onto bed and punched it.

About that time, his shell cracked.

Was it time? He opened his eyes and was caught surprised when not only did his shell pop off, but he also abruptly grew significantly bigger. His head knocked into the bed, not enough to knock him out, but enough to make it throb. The girl yelped when the bed was bumped up; it threatened to break with a snap of wood.

But he was finally a Salamence. Happy, but more hungry than happy right now, he crawled out from under the bed and gulped down the pot roast, mushy onions and all. It was wonderful. Obviously, she had gone out of her way to buy a nice piece of meat for this.

“Shelby?” She hopped off the bed, in case it decided to break. “Oh great! Do you feel better now?”

He felt better than he ever had. He growled contentedly when she hugged his neck, thanking her for making the roast for him.

“I’m glad you’re eating again. But, you have wings now? Do you think you can fly me back home?” She clasped the letter she had been reading. “My mom’s gotten badly sick; she’s in the hospital, so I need to go see her soon. Can you take me?”

Well, he’d never flown before, certainly not with a passenger. But he had to make up for a number of things now, from the delicious pot roast to making her worry for several days. Shelby nodded.

“Thanks! I’ve got the Fly HM around somewhere. Let’s go outside.” She took his Pokeball and recalled him; it would be harder for him to go through doorways and halls now.

When she released him, they were on a grassy patch near the Pokecenter. Sitting on the ground, she pulled out her TM case and shuffled through the CDs she had collected. They hadn’t been well organized, so it took her a minute to find the white HM Fly. She pulled it out of its slot, then placed it in the reader on the other end of the case. The reader was hooked up to a clear gem that refracted light into rainbows. This prism was a psychic transmitter that could translate signals from the CD reader. It unfortunately tended to destroy most CDs, but the HM CDs were sturdy enough to withstand repeated use.

“Okay, this shouldn’t take long.” She stood back up and placed the case close to Shelby’s head. Once he nodded, she activated the machine.

Shelby listened to the machine’s hum. The gem sent a train of thought into his mind: how his wings would work most efficiently, what air currents could do to him, how a passenger would change his center of balance. He had an instinctual method for flight and this HM was enhancing what he knew.

After five minutes, the machine shut off. “You feel confident?” she asked.

He nodded and spread his wings. He’d waited long enough and he wanted to fly now. Never mind that a trek back to her home town was quite a distance to go. Shelby felt like he could fly halfway around the world.

“Alright, I’ve got everything.” She climbed onto his back, behind his neck. After a moment, she put her hands on his shoulder blades. “Gosh, I’m nervous. Don’t go too high, okay?”

He nodded again.

She took a deep breath. “Okay, I think I’m ready.”

Good. Smiling, he beat his wings and jumped into the air. She gasped in surprise and gripped him tighter. Pulling his forelegs in, he grabbed hold of her ankles to secure her, then set off over town. Being free of the ground and soaring high.... well, soaring low over the ground... it was better than any dream he had had over his whole life.

Some time after they left town, she stopped trembling and leaned forward. “This is amazing,” she said. “You can go higher now, if you want.”

Roaring happily in response, he climbed into the sky with her.

18th December 2008, 5:32 PM
Okay, I really liked how you made TMs/HMs work. As in, REALLY liked it. It makes more sense that all the millions of weird theories floating around about it.
The evolution was a bit abrupt, but aside from that, great job. ^_^

18th December 2008, 8:38 PM
Wow, second review.

Anyway, I though the Shellgon's thought process at the beginning was well written. It really captured his character.

The TM/HM machine was really cool too.

18th December 2008, 9:28 PM
The way you made TM/HM's work was awesome. Shelby's thoughts were written well. Agreed with TheSeqR. you made his character pretty well. DarkDT i agree with also, the evolution seemed a little to soon, probably could have made it a little more suspenseful. I enjoyed it though, i could almost taste that roast.

21st December 2008, 5:45 PM
So, it's the shortest day/longest night of the year, the first day of winter. And Hanukkah starts tonight, so if I happen to have any Jewish readers out there, happy Hanukkah!

And if you were wondering why I said no to Jirachi for a Christmas one-shot, it's because I wrote a Jirachi story for the sci-fi/fantasy contest. I'm doing a bit or rework on it, but that should show up in its own thread sometime this week.

Completed: Articuno
In Process: Meditite/Medicham
On Deck: Leafeon, Ludicolo/Shiftry, Torchic
Reserve: Blissey (12/31)

D/P entry: It freezes foes with an icy breath nearly -60 degrees F. What seems to be its body is actually hollow.

She wasn’t sure what had happened. A deafening light; her ears were still ringing. An explosion? Maybe. It had gone by so fast: one second in a quiet refuge, the next second screaming and pain. Had she died? She didn’t know that either. But the fact that she was thinking, that was promising.

Assuming that she was alive, Froslass opened her eyes. It was a white room, hushed, with green curtains. Someone had placed her on a bed, but hadn’t put a blanket over her. Instead, the blanket was bundled up around her. That was nice; she usually slept in a shallow pit of snow or dirt, so whoever put her here knew about her kind. And the person must have healed her, for despite a possible explosion, she felt no pain anywhere. She left the bed and floated out past the curtains.

A blue haired woman spotted her. “Good, you’ve woke up. You’re free to do as you like, although the man who brought you in is waiting in the lobby for word on you.”

“<That’s kind of him,>” she said softly, then floated towards the door.

The nurse went ahead of her and opened it for her. There were several people in that room, although only one got up upon seeing her. It was a bearded man wearing a long black coat and a black hat. The nurse nodded to him. “She’s all right now. You got her here just in time; there shouldn’t be any permanent damage.”

He nodded. “Good. We’re lucky that bomb didn’t hurt anyone else, but it wouldn’t be right if we left an innocent Pokemon as a victim.”

A bomb? A man-made weapon; she wondered what it had been in the middle of town for. She bowed to the man who saved her. “<Thank you.>”

“You’re welcome.” He left the Pokecenter and she followed him. Once they were outside, he turned back to her. “You’re free to go back to your home in the wilderness. God bless you, Froslass.”

“<I see.>” She bowed again, then flew off towards the forest.

But not too far away, she stopped and turned back. The man had saved her life, after all. She should do something for him. But what? He obviously showed no interest in capturing her. Maybe he had his own Pokemon and that was enough for him. There might still be some other way of repaying him.

Flying as stealthily as she could, she went back and searched for him.


Froslass settled in a tree outside of a large old building. The man in the black coat was standing there with another dressed similarly to him. The other looked older, with gray hairs instead of black. They were talking about the building, it seemed. Their breath turned to wispy vapors as they spoke, while the fog began to condense around them.

“It is sad that we’ve let the synagogue fall into disrepair,” the older man said. “But we’ve all had tough times lately and we’ve been focused on helping the families keep going. Things are getting better, slowly.”

“Can we raise enough money in time? Somebody on city council must still be against our presence.” Her hero seemed disheartened.

The older man patted his shoulder. “We will trust in God. Let us pray and consider the options. We must overcome this obstacle.”

“Yes.” The two men went inside.

Froslass stayed in the tree for a minute. She wasn’t sure what their problem was. It was something to do with this old building. They were trusting in God to help save the building somehow. Could she do something to help?

There was a flag on the synagogue. It was blue and white, like ice and snow, with a yellow six-pointed star in the center. Icicles from the previous night’s rain remained on the flagpole and building, although someone had gone to the effort to replace the flag. It gave her an idea. She had only done this previously in fun, but just maybe it could be useful.

The fog continued to thicken, which was perfect. By the yellow-brown glow of the streetlights, she skimmed over the parking lot and found a clear area. This would work. She dropped down to the ground and blew hard across the surface.

It was just below freezing this night, but her breath was far colder than that. The fog crystalized instantly, forming a layer of ice on the ground. She would need a large base, so she created a solid area of ice. And then built more layers on top of that. This would take a long time, but this was winter and it would be a long night.

When she felt that the blocky base was strong enough, she created two pillars growing out of each other, like an elegant heart. The fog remained thick, giving her enough moisture to work with. She had to watch how she balanced everything, so that the sculpture didn’t lean over and collapse. But it held up as she carefully blew on small portions of ice to join the two half-hearts into one whole.

Pausing for a moment, she looked over it. It was pretty, but not quite done. She checked the flag; as it was all-weather, it had been left out. She wanted to copy the star design onto the heart, to hang it within from the joining point. This would have to be planned carefully.

Froslass went back to the lower portion of the heart and began building the lower horizontal line. A gust of wind could mess her up terribly at this stage, but the air remained still. Slowly, she built the line. Then she built up two lines to make a triangle to the joining point. Icicles grew by water trickling down and freezing on the tip; she was building these in reverse, freezing water upwards. After she felt that was secure, she built an inverted triangle to complete the star.

It was pretty, but it left her exhausted, with a dry throat. She plucked one of the icicles off the synagogue roof and ate that. As the sun rose and started to clear the fog, she found a hidden nook and went to sleep.


By the time she woke up, the short-lived winter day was already gone. She ate a few more icicles, then went to check on her sculpture. It was still standing, but weakened a little by the sun’s light. It was foggy yet again, so she strengthened weak spots in the ice.

A crunch in the snow put her on alert, but it was the man who had saved her yesterday. “Then it is your work, Froslass.”

She nodded. “<A sign of my thanks, that is all. I worked hard on it.>”

“You must have worked hard all night to make it.” He smiled. “Many people came to see it, even those not of our faith. It’s something special.”

She brought her wings together on her chest. “<It is the biggest one I have made. The best so far, I think.>”

He turned to the sculpture and looked it over. “Many people came. And they heard of how our synagogue is in danger of being removed unless it is repaired. We’ve gotten many donations to help cover the cost. We’re not quite there yet, but we almost have enough money to cover everything. And it’s all thanks to your work here.”

“<Is it?>” she asked, bashfully cover her face. “<I didn’t mean to do that much.>”

He patted her. “Thank you, although I feel you did this in thanks to me. Perhaps God has worked through you today.”

21st December 2008, 5:59 PM
Good job, Ysavvryl! I like how you made Froslass act, almost as well as you did in my birthday story. I'd also like to reserve a Cherrim story on March 24th, because that's my brother's birthday. Thanks!

21st December 2008, 6:11 PM
I really liked this one.

Froslass was well characterized and all the little details such as the construction of the sculpture made this one stand out.

21st December 2008, 9:07 PM
...This...is...epic. I like how you portrayed Froslass...

@_@ And you've certainly been doing your homework...

Froslass went back to the lower portion of the heart and began building the lower horizontal line. A gust of wind could mess her up terribly at this stage, but the air remained still. Slowly, she built the line. Then she built up two lines to make a triangle to the joining point. Icicles grew by water trickling down and freezing on the tip; she was building these in reverse, freezing water upwards. After she felt that was secure, she built an inverted triangle to complete the star.

...Good work! Keep it up...

21st December 2008, 10:44 PM
“Good, you’ve woke up. You’re free to do as you like, although the man who brought you in is waiting in the lobby for word on you.”

Is the "you've woke up" correct way of saying it? I mean, I know people say it like that, but after reading it, it just seemed slightly off to me. Just really a note for myself than a comment on the grammar for it.

Keep them coming. Their good. I especially like how Froslass seemed so, ghost like lol. Floating here and there. Simple minded, and not empty headed but... listless i think is the proper term?


22nd December 2008, 1:33 PM
I agree with #Chimecho# I think it should be "you've woken up," also, it's "word with you" not "on you" I belive :)

Excellent work since I last commented. That Froslass one was fantastic, and both the Froslass and the Shelgon in the previous one's characters were captured marvellously.
As always, keep it up :D

22nd December 2008, 1:41 PM
I have to agree with everybody else about the grammar thing, it's woken. Anyway, I forgot to review your Shelgon one. How could I have done that?! Anyway, I'd like to say that the Shelgon one was awesome as well, although most of your one-shots are. Hope you get my next request, because I really want it bad.


22nd December 2008, 6:53 PM
Ah, I would've thought Froslass would be a sneaky, mischievous girl. She's cool this way, though. *no pun intended* And to be hurt by a bomb! So ghost Pokemon are alive and damagable ... nice! Excellent job as usual. ^_^

24th December 2008, 6:51 PM
Bombs (and probably guns) are non-elemental damage, so I'm guessing they'd hurt any Pokemon. I think the woke up line isn't exactly wrong, but I'll probably still fix it.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas!

In Process: Meditite/Medicham
On Deck: Leafeon, Ludicolo/Shiftry, Torchic
Reserve: Blissey (12/31)

R/S/E entry: Articuno is a legendary bird Pokemon that can control ice. The flapping of its wings chills the air. As a result, it is said that when this Pokemon flies, snow will fall.

Fire Red entry: One of the legendary bird Pokemon. While it is flying, it makes crackling and snapping sounds.

Leaf Green entry: It is said to be the legendary bird Pokemon of fire. Every flap of its wings creates a dazzling flare of flames.

Cerulean City was sparkling with colored lights and festive decorations. Lying at the foot of Mount Moon, it was surrounded by snow and ice, both in the fields and in the rivers. But the humans managed to keep their city clear of winter’s signs. They even had evergreen plants hanging from lamp posts and other signs to remember the warmth and color of summer.

Articuno knew that, even though she was roosting on a mountain top some distance north of Cerulean. The city was just a sparkle of lights and snow-covered roofs from here. She had flown over the city late some nights, because she admired the people’s compulsion to decorate. She wondered if she should try decorating anything, but she lived on mountains that were forbidding to most creatures. There wouldn’t be anyone to admire her work.

And looking south was better than looking north right now. She kept an eye out that way, for she didn’t like what she saw. There was a large army of conquerors there. Since they hadn’t crossed into Kanto lands yet, she had no reason to do anything about them. But they were making a wide sweep of the area, blocking in her homeland. They were strong and well-disciplined, led by a brilliant if maybe mad general. It would be foolish to think that he wasn’t interested in taking over Kanto as well.

However, there was an agreement that she had to abide by. Because of that agreement, she couldn’t do anything about this army until they invaded Kanto. She kept thinking of sending word to her siblings Zapdos and Moltres, to warn them. She should.

There, Articuno had another problem to face. The last time they had met, it hadn’t ended well. It had been a foolish fight, she realized. Somehow the conversation had turned to which one of them was the strongest. They were all about equal in power. But then Zapdos had to point out that she was weak to both of their attacks, so she was the weakest, and he had strong attacks against both of them, so he was strongest. Moltres hadn’t taken that well, giving him a nasty burn on his wings, then leaving in a furious mood. She had snapped at him for inciting their younger sister, which made him mad at her. She thought about apologizing to Zapdos, but it didn’t feel right unless he apologized first. That had been well over three years ago.

Articuno ruffled out her wings, then twisted around to smooth out a few stray feathers. The humans used this time of year to celebrate family love, right? The thought made her feel more lonely without her siblings. It had been three years and it had been a stupid argument; couldn’t they make things up now? Especially with danger lurking over the horizon.

Looking closer around her mountain perch, she noticed a group that seemed to be stuck behind the results of a morning avalanche. It was four humans traveling by two sleds, one pulled by an Arcanine, the other a Ninetales. She wasn’t one to leave humans stranded in these dangerous (to them) mountain paths, so she left the mountaintop and came down to listen.

“We can’t just abandon this cause,” a man dressed as a priest said. “The people of Sunridge City are allies and an important trade partner. We must support them under this siege by General Slagle.”

“But the soldiers are watching the main trade route closely,” another man argued. “If we go that way, they’ll certainly attack us. There aren’t many safe paths through here during winter, so if all three of my routes are blocked off, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Surely there’s a way to get to the alternate path from the main route, once we get past the mountains.”

“Last time one of my boys went out that way, he found troops at the end of the mountain part of the route. No, it can’t be managed.”

One of the traders; she usually trusted them to pull through, save for during the worst storms. Since the humans were together discussing if they would continue, Articuno landed near Arcanine and Ninetales. “<Greeting, travelers,>” she said.

“<Greetings to you, lady of the glacier,>” Ninetales replied. “<We’re all right, just can’t get through.>”

“<Don’t even want to melt that,>” Arcanine added. “<Could worsen things.>”

“<It could. What are you taking to Sunridge?>”

“<Supplies to get them through the siege. You know, food, medicines, necessary things. And some toys.>”


“<The priest said that the church women made a bunch of cloth dolls, wooden blocks, and wooden trucks,>” Ninetales recalled. “<War is hard on children, you know, so it should comfort them some.>”

“<Certainly.>” Articuno considered it. She wasn’t supposed to interfere; Sunridge City was out of her territory. But now that she thought of it, she wasn’t sure if any Pokemon in her league of power watched over Sunridge. If she just took the supplies to them and didn’t bother the army any, that shouldn’t be a problem. “<I could take the supplies that way, if you two cannot manage.>”

“<You would?>” Ninetales asked, tilting his head. “<It’s not part of Kanto.>”

“<If I can help, I will.>”

“<I’m sure they will be grateful.>” The two Pokemon barked to get the humans’ attentions.

The four of them were awed when they realized that she was there. There weren’t many Pokemon like her in the world; some humans said that she was the most beautiful in Kanto. She had dark blue feathers, some with an icy sheen that glistened in the winter sun. She had a long flowing tail that she kept clean and neat. She couldn’t speak to the humans, so she whistled gently.

The priest came up to her and bowed. “Articuno, if I may ask something of you... we are trying to take supplies up to Sunridge City, but the snow is blocking our path and an army stands in between us. Would you take them instead?”

She nodded.

“Thank you greatly.”

They then untied the two crates that held the donations. The crates were large and somewhat awkward, but she felt confident that she could manage them. Picking them up with her feet, she then took to the sky, heading for Sunridge. Snowflakes followed with every beat of her wings.


Being a part of Slagle’s army was a rough life for both people and Pokemon. There were daily training exercises that everyone had to do. There were long months on the road, long hours on patrol. The soldiers pressed on, though, either from respect or fear of their brazen leader.

Ashton had joined a year ago, hoping for a better turn to his life. Bad luck seemed to follow him everywhere and he wasn’t sure why. But it followed him here as well. For one thing, the Dudrio the army assigned him was a troublemaker that liked to chew on his boots and nip at his ears. And today he had been assigned to perform two long patrols, this last one just him and the mischievous Dudrio. Bad, bad luck.

He tried to watch the land, but the whiteness of the snow burned into his mind. Dudrio wasn’t making trouble, but plodded along at a slow pace. Occasionally, they stumbled into a deep snowdrift. Both of them had the same thoughts: get done, go eat, then go sleep for ten hours no matter how much the commander yelled at them. It had been a long dreary day after a long night of guard duty.

Snow was falling, somewhat breaking up the monotony. But after a while, it got monotonous too. Ashton rubbed his eyes, then checked the sky. Sunridge had a famed Avian Guard, so the commanders had been adamant about insisting that not one bird was allowed to leave or enter the walled city... like that one up there now.

He squinted, but the bird was flying almost in the clouds, obscuring its form. It seemed a bit large for a Pidgeot... it certainly wasn’t any of the flying Pokemon that Slagle’s army used. Ashton took his rifle, loaded it, then fired at the strange bird.

There was a shrill cry of pain. For once, his luck seemed to be good, as he was much too weary to have actually made the shot on skill. He still couldn’t recognize the dark blue bird as it fell. It wasn’t like any that he’d seen. It was a bit of a shame that he’d hit such a magnificent and pretty Pokemon, though.

Wait... that seemed like one he’d heard of. That would mean...

Ashton grabbed his radio. His heart seemed to have jumped into his throat, yet somehow he got himself to talk. “Base 4, come in. This is Ashton and, I think I just killed Articuno.”


General Slagel came to the scene himself. It was Articuno, one of the Guardians of Kanto. The bullet had pierced through her side and lodged in her left wing bone. With that there, she would be grounded for weeks. One of the first responders had placed a restraint band around her neck, preventing her from attacking them. She couldn’t do anything right now.

The young soldier who had shot her was trying to hide his nervousness. But his skin was pale against his black hair, and he shifted his balance every few seconds. His Dudrio was looking to the ground with all three heads. Nearby, there were two wooden crates. Another soldier and a pair of Xatu were checking out what was inside.

“So you shot down a legend,” Slagel said to Ashton.

“Sir, I didn’t realize it was her, sir,” he said hurriedly. “I just saw a bird in the clouds and you had ordered all birds shot down.”

“Was she carrying those crates?”

“Y-yes sir.”

“What’s inside those?” he called to the other soldier.

“There seems to be a number of toys in here, sir,” he reported.

“Toys, is it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Strange. But no big loss. Let’s go back to base.”

“And just leave her... sir?” Ashton asked.

“It gives us a quick chance at Kanto territory if she’s not guarding the northern border. Good work. Finish your patrol and return with a full report.” And with that, he left.

Most of the soldiers left with him, even the Pokemon. But Ashton and his Dudrio didn’t leave. Neither did the two Xatu. The two Psychic birds seemed nervous, sticking close and looking at each other’s eyes. Ashton looked at them, then at Articuno. The bird looked at him sadly.

He couldn’t leave her this way, practically helpless. He could take the bullet out of her wing; he had, unfortunately, had to do that to his Dudrio once. He wasn’t sure if his partner had forgiven him of that incident yet. Besides, he had been taught to honor the legends, which meant not shooting one out of the sky. Perhaps if he helped, it could be forgiven.

Ashton turned to the Xatu. “Could one of you hypnotize her for a bit? I’m going to take that bullet out.”

They checked with each other. Articuno cooed. Then one Xatu nodded and flew over in front of her. He gazed into her eyes, humming oddly. She watched him until her eyes drooped and she fell asleep.

Ashton walked over to her left wing and examined the wound. Dudrio followed, looking at him curiously. “Hold her wing steady, but gentle,” he told him, then dug out a Potion spray to heal the wound in her side first.

Once that was clean, he turned to where the bullet was. It was in the bone, damaging it, but thankfully not shattering it. While it would be weak and prone to breaking for some time, Articuno could potentially get herself away. He took out his pocket knife and carefully pried the bullet out. Her wings were cold, enough that he could feel it through his gloves.

With that done, he took another Potion and sprayed it on this wound. It started to heal the flesh and killed any bacteria trying to infect it. Her bone, though, would take time to strengthen back up, if he recalled right.

He looked back at her face and saw her looking at him. He wasn’t sure when she’d woken up; hopefully not while he’d been using his knife. The restraint band was still on her neck, so he took that off. “There, you should be able to take care of yourself now.”

She made a warbling sound and gently nipped his nose with her beak.

He blushed and scratched his head. “Well, I guess you will have to rest here for some time. I’m really sorry about this. I have to get back to camp now, or we’ll get in trouble. Still, I’m not sure I want to leave you on your own...”

She bowed her head. She seemed sad. At least, that was his interpretation of that look.

“But really, I don’t want to get in trouble with Slagel. The punishments are severe. But then,” conflicted, he glanced around. The Xatu were still here. “You two. Could one of you stay with her while the other looks for the other two? You know, Zapdos and Moltres?”

They didn’t have to consult this time. ‘We can do that,’ the male said telepathically. ‘You should go back to camp and rest. Then take our Pokeballs and meet us back here.”

Ashton paled. “Steal your balls? B-but...”

‘It will work out,’ the female assured him.

“I, uh,” he looked back at Articuno, who nodded. “Okay, I guess. I’ll try. Come on, Donny.” He got back on the Dudrio and went back to base camp.


Winter was Zapdos’ least favorite season. It was harder to build up enough charge in the sky and in the ground to produce his noisy thunderstorms. He could still pull it off, though. With a wink of his eye, he managed a gorgeous branching bolt that struck Lavender Tower. “<Ha-ha, I bet that woke the ghosts up,>” he chuckled.

After the thunder’s echo ended, he heard chiming notes of distant music. The humans were indoors and weren’t going to let his games interrupt their festivities. He checked, but it was going to take time to get enough charge for another one.

Zapdos sighed. “<Gah, I’m soooo bored. Isn’t there anything to do?>”

He looked off to the west, into a mountain range. There was a volcano in that area. Was Moltres hanging about there? And where was Articuno, anyhow? His sisters had always been good for a flying game or an interesting conversation. He could go visit them.

But were they still mad at him? It wasn’t really fair, but they couldn’t understand his position. Technically they were neutral to gender, being the only ones of their kind. But their minds slanted to particular genders and he was the only one of the group that slanted towards masculinity. He liked to be competitive, proud, and brash. He always figured that it was something innately male that made him that way. But they, slanting towards the female side, they were about gentleness and gracefulness. Articuno was much too selfless, helping in situations she really shouldn’t be messing with. And Moltres was much too sensitive, taking things more seriously than they were meant to be.

In a way, he couldn’t understand how they were thinking either. He just knew that it was different. And that he didn’t really want to apologize. It had just been a joke, right?

They took things way too seriously. Zapdos huffed at the thought. Still, he felt lonely right now.

As he looked around, he noticed a flying Xatu headed his way. Odd. He thought they didn’t live around Kanto. It had to be a foreigner. Zapdos wondered if this bird realized who he was. He rubbed his wings against his body, making his static charge crackle.

“<Hold on, lord of the storms,>” the Xatu called ahead. “<I’ve got bad news.>”

Well he knew. He held his head up. “<Bad news, huh? Then you’d better have good reason to bring it to me.>”

He got up to Zapdos’ position and bowed his head. “<It’s your sister, Articuno. She’s been shot doqn and badly damaged.>”

“<What?! Who shot her?>”

“<A member of Slagel’s army. General Slagel told us to leave her as she was, but a few of us decided against that.>”

Guns were a worrying invention. If all it took was one shot to badly damage a Pokemon of their league, it could completely shift the balance of power in the world. Zapdos narrowed his eyes. “<Some Slagel guy, huh? Idiot. Well come on, let’s go wake up Moltres. I’ll think she’ll listen for this.>” He took off towards the suspect volcano, with the Xatu following behind.


People appreciated fire the most on winter nights. Its warmth, light, and protective nature was needed on these cold and long periods of darkness. Even now, when electricity warmed most of the human homes, those creatures still liked to have a fireplace with a comforting fire crackling away. Moltres was glad of this.

But both humans and Pokemon liked to gather together during this hard season. Moltres was alone. It was sad. She wanted to go see Articuno, to let her know that she didn’t agree with Zapdos’ boasting last time. But she also didn’t want things to seem like they were isolating their brother, even if he had been a jerk. She wanted to tell him to apologize to Articuno, but didn’t want to get into another argument with him.

It was really bad and she could see no way out of it. She rested on the side of a steaming volcano, thinking. She tried to keep herself occupied by observing the lava bubble underneath the plug of stone and ice. If the volcano showed signs of bursting, it was her duty to warm nearby Pokemon and humans of the danger. And winter was a terrible time for an eruption. There were thick sheets of ice and snow that would melt into terrible mud flows, and the rocks were particularly weak from water crystals growing inside cracks. Pressure was building, so it could happen.

A bright lightning bolt struck the volcano, blinding her for a second. The following thunder rattled her ears. Moltres growled before taking off into the clouds. “<Zapdos, you idiot! What do you think you’re doing? The volcano’s unstable enough as it is.>”

“<Getting your attention,>” he replied.

“<Couldn’t you just land politely and...?>”

“<Hang on, we can argue later.>”

“<Would you cut that out!?>”

“<Excuse me, lady of the lava,>” a Xatu with Zapdos interrupted, trying to be as polite as he could be. “<But it’s your sister; she’s been hurt.>”

She looked at the smaller bird. “<Articuno? What about her?>”

“<She got shot down past the northern border,>” Zapdos told her. “<He’s going to take us there, so are you coming?>”

“<Of course I’ll come.>” She glared at her brother. “<But you had better apologize to her now, all right?>”

“<Fine, I will. Let’s go.>”

The three birds flew north, past the border of Kanto.


It didn’t take long after he woke up for Ashton to recall what had happened yesterday. And what he had in plan for today. Grumbling to himself, he dressed as if going on another long patrol, then went to the supply tent to get restocked. Articuno probably wouldn’t mind the cold, he reflected, but she might appreciate some food. He picked up several seed and suet blocks for her and Donny... and the pair of Xatu, them too. Fortunately, the supervisor of the supply tent seemed half-asleep.

When his pack was full, he went to the Pokemon barracks to pick up his Dudrio. He pulled that Pokeball and... how was he supposed to identify the Xatu? There were a good dozen of them in Slagel’s army, as far as he knew. Ashton found the section they were in. There were nicknames by the registration numbers, but he had no idea who those birds were.

He checked one ball that held a Xatu, sliding the panel that hid the status screen. It reported that the resident was inside. So this one didn’t belong. He checked two more, and finally the next one reported that its resident, a male nicknamed Isaac, was ‘out-of-range’. Articuno’s position was far enough to trigger that warning, right? He checked the females until he found another ‘out-of-range’ warning for Holly.

Ashton looked around, but it seemed that he had woken up early. No one else was in claiming their Pokemon partners. He slipped the two extra balls into his pockets, then brought out his partner. “Come on Donny,” he whispered. “I don’t know if we’re coming back, but we have to leave before things get busy.”

Donny nodded, then held still as Ashton got on his back to ride out. They watched the other soldiers nervously. Slagel was notorious with discipline; he wouldn’t hesitate to order a beating, even in situations where the misfortunate one would be in danger. Punishments weren’t the only reason that his soldiers died; nearly everyone below command level was overworked, living in poor conditions.

But those who were awake seemed busy with their own tasks. The only one who acknowledged him was the gatekeeper. “Heading out again, Ashton?”

He nodded. “Yeah, again.”

“Somebody hates you. Anyhow, good luck, and get back quickly.”

“Is something going to happen?”

“While you were out yesterday, Slagel announced that we’re storming Sunridge this afternoon, then heading down to make a sweep into northern Kanto. They shouldn’t suspect anything.”

“I see. I’ll be back.” He tugged at Donny’s middle neck, ordering him to run out quickly.

If he was going to desert the army, he might as well save some lives in the process.


Articuno had slept most of that night, letting her wounds heal. “<But I do appreciate your company,>” she told the Xatu.

She nodded. “<You’re most welcome. I just hope he’s okay.>”

“<Your mate?>”

“<We’re not supposed to bond like that within the army, but yes. We kept it quiet between us. He could have reached them faster teleporting, but we do not know these skies.>”

“<That’s fine. I hope they don’t trouble him.>”

A Dudrio approached them. It was the soldier who shot her down again. She didn’t mind him, though. He had tried to make up for it. Ashton dismounted and walked up to them. “Morning. Did I get the right ones?” He pulled out two extra Pokeballs.

Holly nodded.

“Good. I brought some breakfast.” He pulled out three seed and suet blocks for them and some kind of energy bar for himself.

While they were eating, Zapdos and Moltres arrived with Isaac the Xatu. Zapdos landed by Ashton with a threatening look. “<What are you doing here?>”

“<Calm down,>” Articuno said. “<Even if he did shoot me, it was an accident and he’s been taking care of me. The rest of the army would have let me suffer.>”

“<Are you all right?>” Moltres asked.

“<A little weak now, but my wounds were healed. My left wing feels stiff, though.>”

“<Look, I’m sorry about last time.>” Zapdos shook his head. “<I was being an idiot, I suppose.>”

“<I understand. And I’m sorry for arguing with you.>”

“<Me too,>” Moltres added. “<And about burning your wing.>”

“<So can we never discuss that again?>” Articuno asked.

The other two nodded.

She nodded too. “<Good, then I have to find a way to Sunridge.>”

“<You shouldn’t really be flying,>” Moltres pointed out.

“<But I promised to get those supplies to them. The roads are blocked off, either by ice or soldiers, and the people need them.>”

“<That isn’t really our territory,>” Zapdos said.

“<But I promised,>” she sighed.

After being told a bit of what was being said by Holly, Ashton spoke up. “If you’ll pardon me for interrupting, I got news that Slagel plans on storming Sunridge this afternoon, and then heading into Kanto quickly. I, um, don’t plan on going back, although I’m not sure where to go now.”

“<Then we ought to stop them at Sunridge,>” Articuno said. “<They’ve attacked me, so I think it won’t harm the rules much.>”

“<But what do we do about this guy?>” Moltres asked.

“<Since he hurt our sister, he ought to serve us for a while,>” Zapdos suggested. “<That’ll be a suitable penance.>”

“<Since he accidentally hurt her,>” Moltres corrected, “<He can serve her.>”

“<I can work with that,>” Articuno said.

Holly told Ashton, who nodded. “All right, I agree to that. Articuno, my life is yours.” He crossed his arm over his chest in his trained salute, then realized he still had Slagel’s badge on. He unpinned that and tossed it aside.

“<Then we need to get these crates to Sunridge and warn the people,>” Articuno said.

“<But can you fly with your wing injured?>” Zapdos asked in concern.

“<If you must,>” Moltres said, “<then let me fly in front of you to make things easier. Zapdos, take the crates; I might burn them.>”

Ashton got back on Donny the Dudrio, who was cooperative enough to fly with the group. Moltres flew first, both breaking the air up and warming it to make it easier for Articuno to fly in her weakened state. Zapdos flew with the crates nearby, while the Dudrio and two Xatu flew last.


Sunridge City was a community on its own. There weren’t any regions it was connected to firmly, although it traded with nearby cities. Its trades were old, though: ceramics, weaving, textiles, and farming. Sunridge had a glorious past, although modern times were making it obsolete.

It was a walled city, surrounded by stone walls twelve feet thick and protected by a famed legacy of bird Pokemon. But those walls protected against old technology, not new. Slagel was holding a siege only because Sunridge had some secrets that he wanted. They were bound by ancient traditions to keep them secret, but could they manage?

Five children were having a snowball fight in the main square that morning. The main problem had been that they all wanted to be part of the Avian Guard and nobody wanted to be General Slagel. So they wound up fighting each other to see who would be the Master of the Guard.

There was a sudden rumble of thunder that made them pause and look at the southern sky. Three large birds came over the wall. The first seemed to be on fire, with her wings apparently little more than large red-orange flames. The second was bright yellow and brown, with jagged feathers that crackled with static. The third, struggling a little to keep aloft, was a beautiful blue as if she had been carved from ice. Three more familiar birds traveled with them.

“Wow, are those the Kanto Guardians?” a boy asked.

“What’re they doing up here?” a girl added.

The ice bird managed to get to the main square before she dropped to the ground; the way she held her left wing seemed to mean that she had been injured there. The other birds landed with her. The Dudrio had a human with him. His black overcoat was in the style of Slagel’s soldiers, but he didn’t have any badges or patches identifying him as a member of the army. The kids ran over to see the strange legendary birds.

One of the real Sunridge Avian Guards was in the square with his Fearow. He went up to the soldier. “Who are you, stranger?”

The black-haired soldier made a respectful bow and salute. “I’m Ashton, a former solider of Slagel’s army, now an attendant to Articuno here. She’s brought a donation of supplies from Cerulean City, but got injured on the way here. May we stay here for a little while so she can recover?”

The Guard scratched his chin, then said, “We wouldn’t deny assistance to her, but you... I’ll have the Master of the Guard speak to you later. For now, stay only in this square.”

“I understand. I also need to warn you that the army plans on a full attack on this city this afternoon. I believe Zapdos and Moltres are willing to help protect your city.”

Moltres nodded and Zapdos cawed.

“I see. Fearow, go get the Master now; he needs to hear about this.”

As the adults went to open the crates, the kids came up to the birds. “Can I pet you?” the youngest boy asked Zapdos.

He made an amused cooing sound and tapped the boy with his long beak. A small spark jumped to him; not enough to hurt, but enough to cause him to yelp in surprise, making the others laugh. Moltres echoed his laughing coo and teasingly nipped at her brother’s head.

“Hey kids,” one of the adults called, “the Kanto churches sent you something.”

“What really?” a girl asked.

He nodded and held up a cloth doll in a green dress and a wooden truck painted red. “Go get the other kids around town; they sent enough for all of you.”

The kids cheered and quickly ran off to the neighborhoods to find their friends.


Articuno smiled as the kids scattered in excitement. “<It was worth it.>”

“<Yeah, you would say that,>” Zapdos replied. “<I say it won’t be worth it until we knock some sense into Slagel and keep him from taking over this place.>”

“<You rest and don’t worry about us,>” Moltres added. “<These people will be safe.>”

“<I trust you. I’m glad we could come back together.>”

24th December 2008, 10:19 PM
This was well written. I say you could write more into this story, since it had a plot that you don't see in most one-shots. It was like a excerpt from a book, or novel.

24th December 2008, 11:12 PM
I agree with #Chimecho#, this one did seem like part of a larger story.

I would really love to see the upcoming battle scene.

One small error, Dudrio should be Dodrio.

This was a long one, but thats good. It gave more story to enjoy.

27th December 2008, 7:09 PM
That was EPIC. I especially liked the reuniting of the birds, to tie in with the whole Christmas spirit.

Like the above posters said, this was like part of some bigger story. It's definitely up in my favorites. Keep up the great work ^_^

28th December 2008, 4:55 AM
I have Pearl now, so I'm a bit distracted, heh.

The entries for these two are really exaggerated. Oddly enough, Meditite is more exaggerated than Medicham. Well, except for the 'Meditite eats one berry a day' compared to 'Medicham can go months without eating'. I took one of the extremes and tried to explain it.

In Process: Blissey
On Deck: Leafeon, Ludicolo/Shiftry, Torchic

Emerald entry: It continually meditates for hours every day. As a result of rigorous and dedicated yoga training, it has tempered its spiritual power so much it can fly.

Emerald entry: Through crushingly harsh yoga training, it gained the power to foretell its foe's actions. It battles with elegant, dance-like movement.

“<Mind and body are one. Mind and body are one.>” The chanting Meditite was completely in tune with himself, but completely out of tune with the world. His large head was lowered, with his eyes closed, and his lean blue body was perfectly still. “<Mind and body are one.>”

Nearby, a Medicham was supporting her weight solely on her off-hand, the left. Her pink legs curled over her head in an apparently uncomfortable position, but she was in perfect balance. She had her own meditations to go through, but she was also watching this apprentice. “<That’s right. Continue>”

He didn’t seem to register her words, but she knew that he had.

She looked around the mountain for any potential danger. It was dusk at Mount Pyre. The air was tinged orange in twilight and many flowers were closing up. More importantly, the spirits of the mountain were beginning to stir. Every kind of ghost Pokemon in Hoenn could be found here, if one were patient enough. Even those only slightly ghostly, like the elusive Chimechos with their haunting bell calls, were here.

Ghosts were not good for herself and her apprentice. It was difficult to strike them and difficult to guard against them. But that was why their kind had always come up here for their most intense training. Tonight was one of those nights. Meditite had to continue his meditations through the moonless night in order to prove his dedication. He had to do this without moving from the spot he was in.

This was his first new moon meditation on Mount Pyre, which was why Medicham had come. Meditite was still working on focusing his mind and body into one whole, so he couldn’t spare any attention to the ghosts. She would be his main defense against mischievous possessions.

The orange shifted to red and the red shifted to black. The sun sent up a last golden glow over the western horizon, then dropped away. Now it was night. Now the stars gave off tiny speckles of light, breaking through the darkness. Down below, a lamp from the human inhabitants shone. The little stars and the distant lamp would be the only sources of light this night.

“<Mind and body are one,>” he continued.

“<Except when you don’t have a body!>” the first heckler called out. A chorus of hoots and laughter indicated that the ghosts were well aware of their presence.

“<We could always subtract your body for you,>” another added.

“<Hah, then you wouldn’t have to go through that stupid repetitive nonsense you’re yammering on about. How’d you like that?>”

“<Careful guys,>” a sly one added. “<He’s obviously just a baby if his mommy’s got to stick with him.>” That got a loud and rude response.

Medicham observed his reactions to this. So far, he chose to block them out. It would be an effective strategy, if he could maintain such ignorance after hours of continual taunting.

At least he was still working on his inward focus. That made this vigil less stressful. Once they reached inner balance and were able to focus outward, like she had reached, these long moonless nights were nerve wracking. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the darkness held firm. The ghosts would spend several minutes teasing them, then lapse into silence. The periods of silence were the worst, for it made one wonder, what were they plotting?

She shifted her hands, remaining inverted. There had been nights that she had not been able to stay on Mount Pyre, but her spirit was much stronger now. She meditated on the question of if the ghosts were able to remember and recognize different members of her kind. Certainly she couldn’t recall any individual among them; the ghosts kept to the shadows and rarely showed their faces. And they spoke no signs of remembering her from previous vigils. But what if they did remember?

There was a shuffle of rocks that put her on alert. The ghosts were making up some prank. Remaining in her position, Medicham glanced up the slope.

“<Mind and body are one,>” Meditite chanted on. His aura was building, indicating that he was close to some epiphany. But this wasn’t the time to interrupt him.

Her aura gave her a split second warning: the ghosts were sending a pile of loose rocks their way. Some of the rocks were quite substantial in size. Most would strike near her, but one was heading towards Meditite.

The minor rockslide rushed at them. Medicham braced herself, then flipped into the air. Focusing her mind and body to defy all apparent limits, she landed on the rock headed towards her apprentice, then pushed herself off it hard. The rock flew away from Meditite and continued on a different path than the other rocks. All that hit him were a few pebbles.

Then with elegant precision, she landed back on her right hand in the spot she had been meditating in.

The ghosts booed and hissed. They drifted away to leave the pair in silence. At least, for the moment. They would be back, with more pranks and more taunts.

“<Mind and body are one,>” Meditite chanted on. The rockslide had not interrupted his inward focus one bit. It was a good sign of his progress, but also why she had to be with him tonight. That one rock could have killed him and he wouldn’t have noticed.

His aura actually sharpened, she noted. His mind and body became so focused on becoming as one that his powers began deflecting gravity. For a full minute, he levitated a few inches off the ground. But those powers weren’t strong yet. When he fell back onto the ground, his concentration was broken.

“<What have you discovered?>” she asked him.

He blinked a few times, then resumed his meditation position. “<Gravity is what draws us to the planet, but if your aura is focused enough, you can push against gravity. You really can fly.>”

“<As have you just now.>”

He tilted his head. “<Really?>”

“<That was hardly an impressive flight,>” a ghostly heckler shouted out. “<What was it, only three inches?>” The rest laughed.

Meditite finally noticed their presence; his short fur began to stand on end. “<When did the sun go down?>”

“<Just long enough for the darkness to settle,>” Medicham replied. “<That was a good breakthrough, but now you must return to your meditations.>”

“<More like retardations,>” another ghost countered.

He took a deep breath, then returned his hands to his knees and closed his eyes. “<I must. Mind and body are one.>”

28th December 2008, 2:36 PM
Holy crap! You made Meditite and Medicham seem like gurus or nomads. They acted as if they were the Air Nomads from Avatar or something as well. This may of been a shorter chapter then usual, but at least you made some of the best offensive Pokemon seem like complete nerds!


28th December 2008, 2:57 PM
Great one-shot! It was clever and I can't wait to see the Blissey one. If possible, could you make a Turtwig one?

28th December 2008, 4:41 PM
“<Just long enough for the darkness to settle,>” Medicham replied. “<That was a good breakthrough, but now you must return to your meditations.>”

“<More like retardations,>” another ghost countered.
Win. XD

Great job! I especially liked the ghosts' taunting and Medicham's ninja reflexes. Keep it up ^_^

30th December 2008, 5:02 AM
I just finished catching up.
The Sudowoodo one, the Mystery Dungeon one, the Frosslass one, and the Legendary Birds one were my favorites.
Sudowoodo was refreshing and funny, and the MD one really made me laugh.
The Frosslass one was interesting, and the Birds one was just plain epic.
Like everyone else, I really think you should expand upon the Legendary Birds one; It gets the prize for my New Favorite Pokedex one-shot.
Can I request a Wailord/Igglybuff one please?

31st December 2008, 5:10 PM
The Waillord/Igglybuff request reminds me of Finding Nemo: "I can speak Whale!" That ought to be interesting. Sometime later today, I'll be back with an end-of-the-year review. I think it's nifty.

So here is the reserve for New Year's Eve. The surprise egg is a traditional New Year's item; I think it's from South America, but I'm not certain on it. I made them a couple times and they're a lot of fun.

Have a Happiny New Year!

In Process: Leafeon
On Deck: Ludicolo/Shiftry, Torchic, Turtwig, Igglybuff/Waillord

Pearl entry: It carries a round, egg-shaped rock in its belly pouch and gives the rock to its friends.

Emerald entry: If it senses sadness with its fluffy fur, a Blissey will rush over to the sad person, however far away, to share an egg of happiness that brings a smile to any face.

Lilac the Happiny hopped along the stools by the kitchen counter, excited by all the activity around her. The humans were preparing for the New Year’s Eve party tonight. They even had the neighbors over helping. Their little girl laughed at Lilac. “She looks like a happy fluffy bouncy ball,” she said.

“That she does,” one of the women said.

“<I’m happy, happy, happy,>” Lilac sang. She stopped over by her mother, a larger and prettier version of herself. The little Happiny dug in her pouch and pulled out a smooth oval rock. “<Here you go.>”

Chantal the Blissey smiled as she took the white rock. “<Why thank you, sweetie. It’s kind of you.>”

Lilac giggled, then hopped onto the counter. There were several cartons of eggs there, but no ordinary eggs. The humans had spent all day on these ‘surprise eggs’: cutting small holes in them, draining out all the contents, drying them out, then filling them with sparkling confetti and glitter, and finally sealing them back up. Apparently at midnight tonight, they were going to smash these eggs over each other’s heads. It sounded fun.

The mother in the neighboring family pulled out the container with all the yolks and whites. “So what are you going to do with this?”

“I’m making my special eggnog,” the Trainer of Chantal replied. She was pulling out several kitchen tools from the drawers. “But you only want a little bit of this at a time.”

She laughed. “One of those ‘special drinks’, I see?”

“Not exactly, if I know what you’re thinking. Have you ever had a Blissey’s egg?” She glanced over as Lilac pulled one of the surprise eggs out of the carton. “No, Lilac, those are for later.” She picked up the Happiny and placed her back on the stool.

Lilac pouted. “<Aw, I just wanted to play.>”

Chantal took the white stone and gave it back to her daughter. “<Here, have this.>”

She grinned as she took it. “<Yay, I have an egg now!>” She put it in her pouch and began hopping across the stools again.

Footsteps thudding down the stairs announced the arrival of Lilac’s Trainer, a fifteen year old girl. She was dressed oddly today, in her darkest colored casual clothes, black if she had it. She even had a black hair ribbon to tie back her long brown hair. And she’d used a different kind of makeup too, one that made her face paler. It was a look that she’d been shifting into for the past few weeks, but hadn’t gotten dramatically dark until today.

Lilac hopped over to the nearest stool, then squealed and waved her arms. “<You look spooky! What happened?>”

The girl patted her absent-mindedly. “Mom, I’m going over to Jeremy’s party now.”

“You be careful, Sunny,” her mother responded while she measured things out for the eggnog. “Don’t let them pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to.”

“I know.” She grabbed her coat and turned to leave.

Lilac hopped off the stools and ran over. “<Hey, hey, what about me?>”

Sunny shook her head. “Not tonight; I can’t take a Happiny to a party with the cool kids, sorry.”

She drooped as the door slammed shut. “<Aw, why not?>”

Chantal came over and picked her up. “<It’s okay. She’ll play with you tomorrow.>”

“<I hope so.>”

Sunny’s mother sighed. “I get worried about her hanging out with those kids. I can’t see anything really wrong with them, but they’re so pessimistic and brooding. Kids shouldn’t be like that.”

“They’re being teenagers,” the other mother said. “It should be just another phase.”

“I hope that’s all. Still, I’ve seen that Jeremy boy wearing a t-shirt that said ‘The world is hopelessly lost’. It sounds awful.”

The Blissey considered that, tilting her head. “<On the other hand...>”

Lilac squirmed around. “<What, mom?>”

She put her down. “<Let’s go after Sunny and see what those kids are all about. But we’ve got to be sneaky and not get caught.>”

She giggled. “<Sneaky! Cool!>”

After leaving the house, the pair of Pokemon found the teenager walking along a path. By moving quietly behind bushes, they were able to sneak up on her. It did help that she was distracted in thinking about the party.

“Jeremy is just too awesome and cool,” Sunny said to herself. “Everybody wants to be like him. And if I talk to him enough, I might be able to get him to be my boyfriend tonight.” She squealed, then stopped and shook her finger. “No, not like that. He’s not interested in girls who squeal. I have to be cool and mysterious like him.”

“<Why’s she talking to herself?>” Lilac asked.

Chantal hushed her, then continued following as the girl began walking again.

“Cool and mysterious,” she repeated. “Only the night will listen to my cries. That’s perfect.”

“<Is she sad? Should we make her happy?>”

The Blissey frowned, then brushed the fur on her arm back. “<She’s not sad, just pretending to be so. She’s actually excited and hopeful.>”

“<Huh? But then why would she say something awful sad like that?>”

“<I don’t know. I’ve seen people act happy when they’re really sad, but not act sad when they’re really happy. Let’s keep following for now.>”

A couple blocks over, they arrived at Jeremy’s house. The party was being held in the backyard. It was all teenagers there; not a single adult was around. Gritty music was playing on the stereo and nobody was dancing. The kids were all talking or playing a card game. A group of Pokemon hung around, but they were all spooky or creepy sorts, like three Grimers, several ghosts, and a Honchkrow. Strangest of all, to Lilac’s eyes, was the fact that they were all wearing black or near-black. Some wore a vivid red too, but it didn’t help to lighten the spookiness.

Sunny walked up to a boy in a long black coat and longer red scarf. “Hi Jeremy,” she said in a bored sort of voice, then sat down with the group around him.

“So you came to my cheap party too?” Jeremy asked sarcastically. “Are you also ignoring everyone’s weak-minded attempts to wish for a happy new year?”

She sighed. “Yeah. It’ll still be the same boring stuff over and over again.”

“<Mom, why are they all acting upset about the holiday?>” Lilac asked, tugging at her mother’s skirt frill. “<They should be happy and celebrating.>”

“<I still don’t know why,>” Chantal responded. “<None of them are truly unhappy, although a number of them are bored. Let’s see if they’re just waiting on something to happen.>”

So the Happiny and Blissey sat and watched the party. Nothing seemed to happen. All the teens talked and complained about whatever they were talking about. They drank the punch and ate the snacks, but then called out on the host on being cheap (something he seemed strangely proud of). The card players griped about losing or acted as if winning was nothing but chance. And there was never any dancing, singing, real playing, or laughing.

After an hour, Lilac huffed. “<This is the worst party ever. There aren’t even any balloons.>”

“<Hardly a decoration,>” Chantal agreed, eyeing some origami boxes made from black paper.

Sunny was still talking to Jeremy. “I know my name doesn’t fit in,” she said, looking embarrassed to be talking about it. “I thought about changing it, though. Something like Luna, maybe.”

“It is awful that people can name you before they know what you’re going to be like,” Jeremy agreed.

“<But I like her name,>” Lilac said.

“<Well this won’t do,>” Chantal added, picking her up. “<Come on, we’re gonna crash the party!>”

“<All right!>” she cheered as her mother leapt the fence, surprising some kids lounging in lawn chairs on the other side.

“<Let’s ring in the happiest new year!>” Chantal called out, throwing a cloud of mystical sparks in the air as her daughter somersaulted to the ground.

The teenagers all stared, not sure if they should mock the Blissey or cheer with her. The party-going Pokemon mumbled, having been content with the lackluster bored air. Jeremy bolted up in his chair, eyes wide. “Hey, who let those two losers into my party?”

“<Sunny, Sunny, Sunny!,>” Lilac called out, scrambling over to her Trainer with her arms held up. She hopped into her lap without asking. “<Don’t change your name.>”

“They belong to my mom,” Sunny answered, trying to salvage some pseudo-bitterness to keep face around this group. “Did she send you two after me?”

“<No,>” Lilac answered.

“<We came to make this party a party,>” Chantal said as she pulled her last egg from her pouch. She tossed it up spinning, then caught it. “<So everybody can be openly happy and not falsely sad!>” Next, she expertly cracked off the top half, revealing a soft boiled inside, and presented that to Jeremy. “<I’ve only got one right now, so it goes to the host. I’d have brought some eggnog too, but that might be a little strong for you kids.>”

Jeremy looked at it puzzled. “An egg? That’s weird.”

“How’d she cook it without a fire?” another kid asked.

“She just does from time to time,” Sunny answered. She considered for a second, then added, “They are pretty good, to tell the truth.”

“An egg a Pokemon cooked on its own?” Jeremy asked skeptically. “Guess it’s no big deal.” He took a bite of it.

“Do we have to put up with such pink and pastel Pokemon hanging about?” another girl asked darkly, getting a few laughs. “They’re for little kids and sick people, not us cool party people.”

“<This party’s not very cool,>” Lilac complained. “<It’s no fun at all to just sit around complaining about nothing to do.>”

“<You have no clue about the coolness of an epic lament,>” a nearby Ghastly sneered.

“Wow, these are really good,” Jeremy said. Then he laughed. “That’s amazing that you can do that, Blissey. Thanks.”

While the kids around him gasped, Chantal bowed. “<You’re welcome. I’m always glad to make others glad.>”

“Is that some kind of happy drug?” the rude girl said loudly. “That’s crazy.”

“It is not a drug,” Sunny said sharply. “It will leave you a little weird for a bit, but it’s perfectly fine.”

“It’s really great,” Jeremy said dreamily, then held the rest of it up to her. “You want a bite?”

She cringed. “Not if it’ll kill my cool.”

“It’s not like that,” Sunny muttered, uncertain of if she should glare at Chantal and Lilac for crashing the party or at the other girl for making nasty remarks about them.

Jeremy laughed. “Kill your cool? Come off it. You know that it’s all fakery and facade.”

The rude girl was now puzzled. “Uh, yeah, we know others are fakes...”

“Everybody here is fake,” he went on. “Especially me. I act all depressed and stuff because it gets all you girls attracted to me.”

“What?” at least three girls nearby (including Sunny) asked in shock.

He shrugged. “So what if I get dates out of pity? I still get far more dates than any other loser in school, which means that I am the best guy around.” He smiled, too blissful from the egg’s influence to care who heard him.

“Is that it?” Sunny asked, standing up in a flash of temper. “I came to this terrible boring party and you’re just faking everything?”

“I probably wouldn’t get any girls if I didn’t fake stuff so well,” he responded.

Sunny went over and slapped him across the face. “Well that’s what I think of that!” Then she stormed out, carrying Lilac with her. Chantal, and soon after, every other girl at the partly, followed her lead.

Lilac popped her head over her Trainer’s shoulder and stuck her tongue out at the Ghastly. He responded in kind, spooking her into gasping and looking away.

When it was just her, Lilac, and Chantal, Sunny put her Happiny down. “Sorry for that, girls. And, thanks. If I’d have known that he was a true loser, I wouldn’t have gone to that stupid party in the first place.”

“<You live and you learn,>” Chantal encouraged, patting her on the back.

“I never really liked how I looked in all this black anyhow.” Sunny pulled the black ribbon out of her hair. “I guess there’s still time for me to clean up, change, and go to the other party. I wasn’t looking forward to the cheesy games, but it’ll be better than all that bad poetry about ‘another awful new year’, right?”

“<Of course you have time,>” Chantal said, nodding.

Lilac squirmed while trying to wave her arms. “<Yay, we’re gonna go to a real party! Let’s smash some eggs over people’s faces!>”

Her mother chuckled. “<Over their heads, dear, and only the surprise eggs.>”

31st December 2008, 5:51 PM
Aw! That was a really cute chapter. Lilac was acting like a little girl on New Year's Eve, and Blissey was acting like a stereo-typical mother. Very well done! Anyway, you described everything perfectly, and there might be one grammar error, but you still get an A +!

31st December 2008, 8:29 PM
Pokedex One-Shots Year End Review
Magikarp to Blissey

TOTAL: 85/493 - 17.2%

First appearance: Gen 1 first with Magikarp, Gen 4 last with Spiritomb

R/B/G/Y: 29
G/S/C: 20
R/S/E: 20
D/P/P: 16

First appearance: Water first with Magikarp, Fight last with Heracross

Normal: 16
Grass: 11
Flying: 11
Ground: 8
Psychic: 8
Fight: 8
Water: 7
Poison: 7
Dark: 7
Ghost: 6
Fire: 5
Electric: 5
Bug: 5
Ice: 5
Dragon: 4
Rock: 4
Steel: 3


Starter: 6
Blastoise, Charmeleon, Quilava, Torterra, Chikorita, Feraligator

Legend: 3
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres

???/Shadow: 1

Guests: 4
Regigigas, Staryu, Starmie, Bannette (not counted in other totals)

(Note: this category may be off)

In-game Trainers
Bug Catcher, LT Channeler, Lass

In-game Characters
Bruno, Steven, Giovanni, Silver, Professor Elm

Other Game Characters
Ashton (Star Ocean 2)


The Lengthy List

Magikarp, Skitty, Torkoal, Shuppet, Hoppip, Skiploom, Umbreon, Spiritomb, Gible, Shuckle, Clamperl, Spoink, Phanpy, Donphan, Snorlax, Ditto, Snorunt, Shedinja, Zangoose, Gardevoir, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Seviper, Miltank, Tauros, Rhyperior, Pidgeot, Aron, Sableye, Metagross, Blastoise, Ariados, Heracross, Dugtrio, Sunkern, Sunflora, Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Raichu, Charmeleon, Whismur, Cubone, Marowak, Kingler, Riolu, Lucario, Quilava, Paras, Torterra, Starly, Nidoran M, Nidoran F, Persian, Rotom, Stunky, Smeargle, Mankey, Primeape, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Drapion, Abomasnow, Lapras, Chikorita, Feraligator, Flaaffy, Togepi, Sudowoodo, Farfetch’d, Bagon, Natu, Cherubi, Croagunk, Shelgon, Salamence, Froslass, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Meditite, Medicham, Happiny, Blissey


Questions To Ask
What’s it like to be a Gym Pokemon?
What’s a Pokecenter like?
How do some hold items work the way they do?
How can a ten-year-old control super-powered Pokemon?
Are there Clefaries on the moon?
Can a Torchic tapdance?

Characters For Potential Use
Cyrus, Veteran Trainers, Lieutenant Surge, Pokemon Breeder Trainers, Tuber Trainers, Swimmer Trainers, Fisherman Trainers, Parasol Lady Trainers, Fantina, etc...

Other Stories
This may or may not interest you, but it’s my review, so...

Pokemon Mage Ruby requires 5-6 more scenes written, then it’s done on my end. It’ll be done posting, um, February or March with my current updating scheme. It might have a sequel.

Still working on The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo. I think I’ve got the structure ready. May show up sometime in January, so look for it!


Yay, normals are most popular! *hugs a Snorlax* There were a few things that surprised me. In particular, why Rock and Electric are so low. I can understand some of the other low-shows as being uncommon, like Steel, Ice, and Dragon. But Rock's pretty common in game, and Electric has quite a few. Also, Ground was often requested when Rock wasn't?

Dragon is a little odd, because they're popular, yet there's only four, three of them being from one evolution line. Then again, I do like writing for unpopular Pokemon. In that case, why is Bug low?


Pokedex One-Shots will continue. Am I ambitious enough to write for all 493 Pokemon? We’ll see. I think I’ll put one legendary (or group, in case of trios) in the reserve category and whenever I can pull together a longer story for it, I’ll post it. I believe the current requests on legendaries are Darkrai, Lugia, Mewtwo, or the R/S/E Regis.

31st December 2008, 10:50 PM
Very good!
A great story to ring in the new year!
I swear you could write a Pokemon Chicken Soup book if you wanted too!

Well, I couldn't think of any Steel Pokemon, but since you're low on Dragons too, how about a Dragonite/Garchomp one?

2nd January 2009, 6:11 AM
“I’m making my special eggnog,” the Trainer of Chantal replied.
The bolded part sounds a bit awkward, but that's the only grammatical error in there.

LOL, pink fairies crashing an emo party. That's something I'd like to see. ^_^ Excellent job.

3rd January 2009, 2:07 AM
That made this vigil less stressful. Once they reached inner balance and were able to focus outward, like she had reached, these long moonless nights were nerve wracking.

This sounded a little weird. I think once you read that part you'll understand. Otherwise if it is meant to be like that, then i am just dumb lol.

It was a good story, but seemed to have been lacking a little. I don't really know in what. It was still good.

I liked the Happiny and Blissey story. It was nice to see how the spying worked out, and how Sunny found out about Jeremy and grew up a little. It is also funny how Blissey's eggs was a truth serum.

In your Review, i liked those questions. Good thoughts for new stories.

I also have a request. A story about a Dragonite, as Marshtompman has requested. So i guess i am adding to Marshtompman's request.

3rd January 2009, 5:32 AM
I have currently read up to the Torkoal story, but I need sleep. Please add me to the PM list when you add a new story, because they are really good for One-shots. The best sp far IMO is the Magikarp one. Too bad the girl didn't show off Tuna at school, to show up Billy and his Tauros......... keep up the great work.

EDIT: I read all the storys, and they were all great. The Metagross one was funny, as was the Chikorita one. The Happiny/Blissey one was alright IMO, but well written none-the-less. Everytime I finish reading one, I get sad that there isn't a sequel. If I can make a suggestion for a Pokemon to use, why don't you do a story about a Blaziken/Infernape fight. That would be great, but make sure Blaziken wins. Or a story about the Zubat line.......

4th January 2009, 5:28 PM
Request list is getting long again, so you'll have to be patient. And I only take requests for the Pokemon, not the plot. I like to surprise people, like with this one. If you've seen the show Animaniacs, you'll know what this is about. But I think you'll still enjoy it if you don't know that cartoon.

Checking my calander, I see that January 26 is Chinese New Year, and it's Ox this time. The closest Pokemon to an Ox is Tauros, which I already did. However, the 26th is also Australia Day and Republic Day (for India). So, uh, combining all three cultures, the closest Pokemon is... Kangaskan!

In Process: Ludicolo/Shiftry
On Deck: Torchic, Turtwig, Igglybuff/Waillord, Dragonite/Garchomp, Zubat line
Reserve: Kangaskan (01/26)

D/P entry: Just like a plant, it uses photosynthesis. As a result, it is always enveloped in clear air.

Pearl entry: It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.

It was an idyllic suburban neighborhood, with tidy green lawns, brightly white houses, pretty flower beds, and the occasional tacky lawn statue. It was a place where fences were to keep pets in place and the kids could run across the street at any point. Freed from the worries of the big city and small town alike, residents were able to pursue any passion they wanted.

Particularly if it made one’s family look better than any other family in the neighborhood.

One home was especially happy, if the delighted squeals and laughter from the backyard were any indication. There was a toddler tied to a harness, which was secured to a large oak tree. Somehow, she had climbed up the tree, got the leash caught on a knot, and thus was using the harness as a bungee cord to bounce up and down in midair. “Hi Buttons!” she called shrilly before being snapped back up.

In a sunnier part of the yard, a Leafeon wagged his tail in response. He wasn’t too concerned about her play, even if he was supposed to be watching out for her. He’d seen Mindy pull off crazier stunts and she always walked away unhurt. As for him getting hurt by her stunts... he’d rather not dwell on that.

The backdoor opened, letting out two nicely dressed women. Buttons looked over them, wary about any strangers coming close to his girl. But it was just the lady of the house and one of her party guests.

The guest came over to him, knelt down, and scratched his head. “Aw, it really is a Leafeon. It must have been so much trouble to get him, since Eevees are so expensive and it requires extreme effort to get this evolution.”

The lady of the house smiled, knowing that she had one-upped everyone with this choice of a Pokemon pet. “But it’s worth all the trouble. He’s such a sweetheart and very gentle around Mindy. Since he gets most of his energy from the sun, he doesn’t eat much, so the food doesn’t cost a fortune like your Arcanine. And he cleans the air in the house naturally, so what more could you ask for?”

“How wonderful,” the neighbor said cheerfully, although inside she was burning with jealousy.

The back door opened again. “Honey, how does this camera work again?”

The neighbor sighed. “I’ll be right there.” She patted Buttons one last time. “He’s obviously a sweetie.” Then she got up and went in the house.

The lady of the house waited until the door was closed, then said, “Remember, Buttons, that you can’t be making a lot of noise while everyone’s over. And don’t go digging in the trash can; we don’t want to look like savages, do we?”

He shook his head. “<Of course not.>”

She patted him on the head. “Good. Mindy?”

The blond-haired toddler squealed as she started back down. “Hi Nice Lady, wheee!” She bounded back up again.

“Can’t you call me Mommy, at least for the party?” she pleaded.

“Okay, Nice Lady,” Mindy replied, blissfully more concerned with her bungee harness.

She shook her head. “Oh, I hope you break out of this phase soon. It’s so embarrassing. Don’t hurt yourself.” She went back inside to the party.

Buttons watched, then huffed. “<And you wonder why I’d rather spend all my time with her,>” he mumbled to himself. He went back to soaking up the sun. So long as Mindy kept bouncing and squealing, she was all right.

A gust of wind blew through the yard, bringing in a violet colored balloon. The balloon opened its eyes, betraying itself to be a Drifloon instead of an ordinary decoration. Thinking, he twisted his ribbon arms together, then apart. He moved closer to the toddler. “<Child, come with me,>” he said soothingly.

Mindy’s momentum had slowed some, so she pointed at the Drifloon. “Ooo, pretty balloon.”

Knowing that tone, Buttons checked on her. That ‘ooo’ nearly always meant trouble. This time, the cause was a Pokemon that he wasn’t familiar with. He got up and moved closer, just in case.

Drifloon held his ribbons out and swished his string tail. “<Come with me to another world, yes? You never need come back to this one again.>”

A kidnapper? Buttons growled. “<You’re not taking my girl anywhere!>”

“Aaa,” Mindy said, reaching out with all her might. She grabbed hold of the Drifloon’s tail. “Gotcha!”

“<You get away from her,>” the Leafeon threatened.

“<What can you do about it?>” Drifloon taunted smugly. “<I’m up here, and you’re going to be toast.>” He flicked a ribbon, summoning a gust of wind.

Yipping in pain, Buttons was knocked over and flipped in the strong wind. He got back onto his feet, but was dizzy. “<Ugh, I’m gonna... get you for that.>” He fumbled to the ground, too dizzy to stand.

Mindy broke into laughter. “Silly Eevee,” she said.

‘She doesn’t mean anything by it,’ Buttons reminded himself. ‘She’s too little to really understand.’

Drifloon wrapped his tail around her wrist to get a better grip. “<Come away, child, come with me.>” He started to pull her away.

The girl looked down at the ground and noticed that she wasn’t bouncing anymore. So she squirmed until the harness started stretching and retracting again. “Whee!”

Still holding onto her, Drifloon was tugged up and down as well. “<Whoa, hang on! I...>”

By the time Buttons got his bearings back, Mindy was going at full tilt again. She clung tight to the stranger, jerking him about. “Bouncy, bouncy!” she called out merrily.

“<Oh, my poor head,>” Drifloon moaned. “<I think I’m going to hurl.>”

He snickered. Then, an idea came to him. Buttons went over to the trash can and located what he had in mind. He plucked that out, then returned to the backyard.

One way or another, Drifloon had managed to unwrap himself from Mindy’s wrist. He was hovering low by Buttons’ house. The Leafeon came up to him and dropped his item. “<So you’re gonna play with Mindy now?>”

“<Yes, play,>” he replied deceptively. “<She will play with me. I do wish that she would come down and play a little nicer.>”

“<That can entertain her for hours. Anyhow, I thought you’d like to see this.>” He nosed the limp remains of a popped balloon.

It was just an ordinary balloon, but it had the effect he wanted. Drifloon shivered. “<Th-tha... what terrible carnage.>”

“<This was Mindy’s last balloon. I’m just warning you to watch out for yourself. She’s too young to realize when she’s being too rough.>”

In the meantime, Mindy had slowed in her bouncing enough to unlatch the harness from the leash. It was supposed to be childproof, but nothing was around that child. She dropped to the ground and ran over to the two Pokemon. “Balloon!”

Drifloon hovered up out of her reach. “<Erm, I believe I must locate a less dangerous child to ta... I mean, to play with, of course.>”

“<But she’ll miss you,>” Buttons said in mock sadness.

He flicked his ribbons. “<Ahem, I won’t.>” Then he set off to catch the wind again.

“Awww,” Mindy pouted, sticking her lower lip out.

Buttons nosed her affectionately. “<You’re better off with regular balloons.>”

Just then, the lady of the house came back out. “Now where did I put that bowl?” she mumbled to herself.

Uh-oh. Buttons knew that his mistress was occasionally sharp-eyed, and that included things like the busted balloon. He went to cover it with his paw.

But she came over to them. “Mindy, what are you doing off.. Buttons! I told you not to go digging in the trash.” She snatched the broken balloon away.

He lowered his ears. “<B-but I was saving her from an evil balloon,>” he stated, even though he knew she couldn’t understand.

Seeing him upset, Mindy hugged the Leafeon. “I love you, Buttons.” Then she gave him a sloppy toddler kiss.

That made the trouble worthwhile. He put a paw on her shoulder. “<Thanks.>”

4th January 2009, 6:50 PM
Aww, it was a nice story. I liked Mindy's character. Leafeon being called buttons, sounds kinda funny lol, but it works in adding to Mindy's character in a way.

4th January 2009, 9:09 PM
Aah, Mindy & Buttons.
That brings back memories.
But I never would have visualized Buttons as being a Leafeon.
And the idea of Pokemon kidnappers is just creepy.
Great job!

5th January 2009, 12:33 AM
Good chapter again. Mindy and Buttons are wierd for names, especially for the Pokemon you used, but are still clever. There might be one grammar error, but that doesn't matter. Keep up the good work!

5th January 2009, 3:45 AM
Good chapter again. Mindy and Buttons are wierd for names, especially for the Pokemon you used, but are still clever. There might be one grammar error, but that doesn't matter. Keep up the good work!

Well, the names are actually from the show Animaniacs, as are the characters.

6th January 2009, 2:27 AM
“<Child, come with me,>” he said soothingly.
Remind me why I thought Drifloon was cute again. *shudders* He was really creepy. Although I LOL'd at his reaction to the popped balloon. Leafeon as a perfect pet was a nice touch too.

6th January 2009, 6:16 PM
is jordan shoes (http://www.b2bsneaker.com) good enough for play basketball?。

6th January 2009, 10:00 PM
I adore these one-shots, this has to be my favorite thread ever. ;o; May I be added to the PM list? To make this less spammy, my favorites are Hoppip/Skiploom's and Quilava's, though there weren't any that I didn't really enjoy reading. I'd request one but I see you're full of them, I'll be patient~

Looking forward to the next!

11th January 2009, 8:08 PM
Seems like I've been writing on nearly every project at hand but this one.

@darkdragontamer: Drifloon is cute! Cute like those creepy little girls in horror movies, which still gets it into Amity Square.

@Estuary: Hi, nice to hear from you! You're added.

#Chimecho# has a nice story coming up, so look for it!

Guest: #Chimecho# with Sandshrew
In Process: Torchic
On Deck: Turtwig, Igglybuff/Waillord, Dragonite/Garchomp, Zubat line
Reserve: Kangaskan (01/26)

Emerald entry: When it hears festive music, all the cells in its body become stimulated, and it begins moving in rhythm. It does not quail even when it faces a tough opponent.

Sapphire entry: Shiftry's large fans generate awesome gusts of wind at a speed close to 100 feet per second. The whipped-up wind blows anything away. This Pokemon chooses to live quietly deep in forests.

The Zamastil Wilderness was an alpine forest, thick and green all year round. There were signs of a former human habitation. Open-walled wooden structures provided shelter from rain. Cozy cabins held coal-burning stoves, which could be used by Fire Pokemon to keep others warm during snow. The asphalt paths were mostly broken-up by tree roots and hardy weeds, but could still be followed. However, humans hadn’t been here for a long time.

Another thing they had left behind was a building called the Main Lodge. It had solar conductors on the roof, which provided good power for the stray Electric types that survived only on that food source. The solar conductors also powered an intercom system, through which any sound played in the control room could be heard for miles around. It had provided a novelty for young Pokemon when the control room was first broken into, but was primarily used by the two Guardians of the woods.

Unfortunately, the sound system led to a civil war.

During the day, Ludicolo was Guardian. He was a bright and cheerful Pokemon. He loved high-energy festive music, and there were a dozen CDs of samba, salsa, mambo, and polka that he adored. He would then dance his way merrily through his patrols, calling out greetings to others and making sure nobody littered. The daytime Pokemon liked their Guardian in the same way they liked his music: they either enjoyed it or learned to tolerate it.

But when the sun began to set, the festive music abruptly ended. Ludicolo would rush to the Main Lodge and call out, “What was that for?! That was the best music ever and you interrupted it for your boring slow songs.”

The Night Guardian Shiftry shook her head. “Your music is a pain and so are you.” She would then slash her fanned leaf arms at the air, sending an intense gust of wind at him. He would tumble back into one of the pine trees, then get up and grumble off to bed.

During the night, Shiftry protected the forest. She was a quiet and somber Pokemon. She loved music that touched the soul, and there were a dozen CDs of blues, soft jazz, meditative chants, and soul that she adored. She would then quietly go through her patrols, telling others of her reflective meditations and breaking up any arguments. The nighttime Pokemon liked her, but thought she was a bit spooky and that her music wasn’t a good background for battles.

But when the sun began to rise, the gentle music abruptly ended. Shiftry would appear by the Main Lodge and call out, “Your music is too disruptive. Nobody can think properly with that racket going on.”

The Day Guardian Ludicolo would stick his tongue out at her. “Your music is boring and so are you.” He would then strike her with a blast of water, which invariably messed up her carefully arranged leaves and hair. She would then slip off and grumble her way to bed.

Over time, the twice daily arguments got louder and longer. Shiftry would try to be at the Main Lodge before dawn so that she could sneak attack Ludicolo before he changed the music, but then he would come in through the window. He would try to disturb her nest so that she slept longer, but then she would already be gone. They even tried using the sound system itself to discourage the other, calling out insults or challenges.

Then the battles spread down to their younger cousins. The Lotads and Lombres followed Luidcolo and declared that the daytime music was better. The Seedots and Nuzleaves went with Shiftry and argued that the nighttime music was better. These ones would fight each other upon sight, often disrupting other Pokemon.

And then the battles spread to others in Zamastil. Weedle fought Caterpie, Geodude fought Nosepass, Bellsprout fought Oddish, Zubat fought Taillow. Some species even fought within their own group when two individuals preferred different music styles. During this, the shy kinds, like Abra and Ditto, went into deeper hiding to avoid all the fighting.

Finally, it got to be too much. In one terrible battle, both Shiftry and Ludicolo fell unconscious, leaving the forest without an able Guardian. During this time, a particularly brave Ditto snuck into the control room and made an announcement. “The wise and considerate Elder Venusaur sends me with a challenge: a week from now, Ludicolo and Shiftry are to have a dance contest to see whose music is better. Until then, she decrees that there will be no fighting and no music.”

And since nobody wanted to argue with Elder Venusaur, the Zamastil Wilderness was silent for one week.

Then came the fateful evening. Elder Venusaur arrived early to make sure everything would be fair. She was one of the oldest and wisest creatures in the woods, yet the crimson and yellow flower growing from her back was still bright and soft. She didn’t move around much these days, so a great many young Pokemon came to see her as much as they came to see the contest.

Ludicolo was there. He had brushed out the yellow-green fur on his body and polished up his colorful sombrero. Being naturally energetic, he shifted about and paced while waiting on the contest to start.

Shiftry was there. She had carefully dusted over her leaves so that there was no dirt in them and brushed out her long white hair to be graceful. Patient, she sat on a log bench and checked her red-brown skin to make sure the sheen was still uniform.

Venusaur ruffled her fern-like leaves, causing the gathered crowd to hush. “I want no booing or disruptive actions from anyone,” she told all that were there.

The crowd of Pokemon nodded in agreement.

“As for you both, you will have one song to dance to. A Kadabra is already in the control room, ready to play the CDs for you. The songs will be of equal length, so it is up to your dancing alone to decide which kind of music is best. Who shall go first?”

Shiftry glanced suspiciously at her peer.

Ludicolo made an overzealous bow. “I will allow the lady to go first.”

“I thank you for being so gracious,” she replied, although the tones they used showed no graciousness.

“Then let’s begin,” Venusaur said.

When the music began, Shiftry was pleased that Kadabra had picked one of her special favorites, an elegant jazz piece with a reminiscing saxophone and a plaintive piano. She danced with her soul, using gentle twirls and beautiful leaf swirls to express her love for this music. It was very touching. Even Ludicolo was reminded of the quiet tender moments of his life that brightened his soul when all else seemed dark.

At the end of her dance, the audience clapped, rustled, buzzed, or cheered in approval. Or just politeness in a few cases. Shiftry smiled and gave a bow, feeling confident that she had passed on her love of her music.

“That was beautiful,” Venusaur said. “Now, it is your turn.”

“All right, Elder,” he replied. He felt nervous to be going after that flawless performance. But if he did not succeed here, then his music might be banned and life would become dismal. He prepared to show off his best moves.

Thankfully, the Kadabra picked one of his absolute favorites, an animated polka with a joyous accordion that never failed to boost his mood. He danced with his heart, using spinning jumps and a righteous boogie to express his love for his music. It was invigorating. Even Shiftry felt elated and festive as she watched her peer dance about with no inhibitions.

At the end of his dance, the audience all cheered and whistled, ready for a party. Ludicolo smiled and made an exuberant twirl for them. Shiftry felt worried, because he had put everyone in a good mood that did not agree with quiet moments.

“That was thrilling,” Venusaur said. “Now, give me a few minutes to consider this.” She closed her eyes and would not be bothered by anyone.

The Kadabra appeared in the crowd as various Pokemon discussed which dance they liked better. “Don’t forget your duties,” he quietly reminded the Guardians.

Agreeing with that, Shiftry and Ludicolo walked among the crowd and made sure none of the discussions broke into arguments. They knew Venusaur did not like being interrupted when she was thinking. And neither wanted to lose because of that.

After a long wait in which the night completely overtook the evening, Venusaur opened her eyes and rustled her leaves. “I have made my decision.”

Everyone paid attention in earnest.

“Shiftry’s music is ideal for the night: contemplative, meditative, and somber. Ludicolo’s music is ideal for the day: active, bright, and cheerful. Therefore, each should play at those times, not the other.”

“But what about evenings and mornings?” Ludicolo asked.

“Those are always the times we argue over,” Shiftry added.

The Elder nodded. “The evenings and mornings. These should be times of silence, in respect for the passing of the old, and in awe of the coming of the new. And thus it will be.”

And thus the Zamastil Wilderness had festive music for the day, elegant music for the night, and silence for the morning and evenings. With that, the battles lessened and peace returned.

That is, until a Mankey discovered how to work the zip cord lines.

11th January 2009, 9:15 PM
That is, until a Mankey discovered how to work the zip cord lines.

haha! That felt like a dun Dun Dun moment.

He felt nervous to be going after that flawless performance.
This sounded a little awkward.

sound system led to a civil war.
I thought this was funny to. I share a room with my little brother, and we never fight over music because he learned to tolerate mine. I wonder what would happen if we fought about who's music would reign supreme :D.

The Elder nodded. “The evenings and mornings. These should be times of silence, in respect for the passing of the old, and in awe of the coming of the new. And thus it will be.”

I liked this quote. Specially "in respect for the passing of the old and in awe of the coming of the new."

Open-walled wooden structures provided shelter from rain. Cozy cabins held coal-burning stoves, which could be used by Fire Pokemon to keep others warm during snow. The asphalt paths were mostly broken-up by tree roots and hardy weeds, but could still be followed. However, humans hadn’t been here for a long time.

I would love to live here, even though it is a little run down. It seems peaceful and inviting to me ^^.

I will post the Sandshrew story up after people have read and commented Ysavvryl's great story.

11th January 2009, 9:17 PM
I knw I asked to be on the PM List, may you take me off of it? I'll be a bit busy with other fic writing of my own. Nice one-shots though.

12th January 2009, 3:03 PM
Drifloon is cute! Cute like those creepy little girls in horror movies, which still gets it into Amity Square.
Well, I guess it is in that sense. ^^;

That is, until a Mankey discovered how to work the zip cord lines.
One can only imagine. o_0

I liked the conflict this one produced, the whole dark versus light thing. Excellent as usual. ^_^

12th January 2009, 9:12 PM
The Leafeon / Drifloon one was good. I used to watch Animaniacs, so it was a kind of nostalgic for me.

The Shiftry / Ludicolo one was very well writen. I alwayls like those stories with the light verses dark plot. As for the Mankeys and the zip-lines, that could be a whole new story.

I've been busy lately, but I should be back on a more regular scedule soon so I'll be able to check in for each story.

12th January 2009, 11:16 PM
Shiftry and Ludicolo chapter=ownage! I loved it, and it seemed like a chapter that would appear in my story, although it would have humans. You know what, I might do a story on here. See ya!

13th January 2009, 7:42 AM
The Shiftry-Ludicolo story was just epic, and I loved the Venusaur's decision. It was also very clever to have the Pokemon take over a human habitat and manipulate it for their own uses- these stories are so inspiring sometimes. Great work!

13th January 2009, 10:36 PM

I want to thank Ysavvryl for allowing me to post a Podedex One-Shot, and helping fix it up. I possibly should have gone for First Person, since I am better writing in First, but we shall see how it fares. I hope to have the privileged to possibly post another.

Anyway, without further a due.

Ruby: Sandshrew's body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in an arid desert. This Pokémon curls up to protect itself from its enemies.


He was lost.

Every direction he looked, there was a dense wall of trees. It was cool and damp here. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like water and rarely needed it. Daylight barely faded in through the treetops. He had to get out of here before the night fell and it got colder. Once night hit, he wouldn’t be able to see. That wasn’t new to him. Vision had never been his best sense, but in places where he was foreign, it was the only sense he wanted to keep.

<Which way do I go? I don’t know which way I came from.>

He decided to pick a direction and stick to it. If he wandered around in circles he wouldn’t get anywhere. He picked a direction, stepped that way and kept on going, crawling over logs; rolling through bushes; walking around trees; rolling down small hills.

It had been hours since he began crawling through the forest. He was tired and didn’t want to move much more. He sat down and started thinking about home and how much he missed it. Thinking too much, he started to cry.

<Even if I got out, where would I pop out from? How would I find my way home? Or would I get even more lost?>

Sandshrew's thoughts stopped as he stiffened up from a noise nearby. It came from the bushes who's leaves were shaking violently. Instinctively a defensive type, Sandshrew curled into his defensive ball blocking all sight.

“Whoa? You’re a Sandshrew!” came a voice. “I never expected to see one in a forest. Are you okay little buddy?”

The voice got closer to Sandshrew and he tightened in his ball even more. Sandshrew didn’t know what to do. He understood this foreign sound, but he didn’t want to uncurl.

<What creature has a voice like that? It can’t hurt me if I am like this. I will just remain curled up for now. Hopefully it will go away.>

“I bet you’re lost. I don’t know how you ended up inside a forest in the first place, but you must be pretty scared.” Trying to be comforting the voice went on. “It’s okay if you’re scared. I got lost inside here once. I found my way out eventually, but I cried for a while. I was so scared. Now, I come to my spot inside here everyday to get away from everyone. It’s my one place to be alone and away from the world. My only place of comfort.”

Sandshrew didn’t know how, but he understood how the creature felt and what the creature said. He began to trust the voice, a little.

<Maybe it can help me find my way out>

He thought for a little while before he decided to meet the owner of the voice. Slowly uncurling, he stood up straight and looked where the voice came from.

A boy stood in front of the bushes that were now pushed down and parted through the middle.

The boy was little, with brown, spiky hair and eyes green like emeralds. He was wearing a white T-Shirt, blue jeans and brown boating shoes. His face held a smile that was soft with gentleness. His cheeks, however, were swelled with redness and his eyes had a red tint to them. He had to have been crying just a little earlier.

The boy didn’t look aggressive to Sandshrew and that was enough to trust him fully. What else could he trust in this forest?

The boy looked at the Sandshrew standing in front of him, with its yellow armor like hide, white belly, white claws and black eyes. Rolling his eyes over its body, he caught sight of a cross-shaped scar on its left ear.

How do Sandshrews get scars? Their skin is suppose to be tough right? It must have been something powerful to cause that.

Wondering what it was, he forgot for a second Sandshrew was there. When it moved a little he snapped back into reality and remembered Sandshrew had to get home.

Whatever, I gotta get this Sandshrew out. Theres plenty of day left so I can get back home in time.

“Come on Sandshrew, follow me, I’ll get you back home. If I am right you live in the desert, close by here, correct?” The boy asked hoping the Sandshrew would understand what he was saying.

Once again the boy spoke to him, and he understood. Without thinking he answered.

“<Yes, that’s right.>”

“Haha! I’ll take that as a yes. Come on then.” With that, he turned and walked past Sandshrew on his left, heading East. Sandshrew followed closely behind, not wanting to lose the only thing that could save him right now.

They began inching their way through the forest.

The boy helped Sandshrew over logs, and even crushed down bushes sacrificing his arms and legs to cuts just so Sandshrew could get through easier. Sandshrew didn’t really understand it.

<Why would he help me? He doesn’t need to do this, I can easily get through bushes unharmed.> It was comforting to Sandshrew, how the boy would do this for him. He was never shown such a kindness… It didn’t make sense.

Sandshrew started to think about what would happen after the boy brought him home. <Would I ever see him again? Why do I feel like I will be sad?> Something was pulling at his chest. Something wanted him to remain with the boy. Something wanted him to be there for the boy and in exchange he would be cared for by the boy.

After a little while, they saw through the edge of the forest. The sun shone bright and illuminated a field of grass. Beyond the field lay a desert. <Home> thought Sandshrew. They walked out of the forest and across the field.
The closer to home Sandshrew got, the more pain he felt about what would happen once they headed their separate ways. <Maybe…. Maybe it will work out. Maybe I will forget about him or…> Or what? He didn’t have any other ideas.

They stepped into the sand.

“All right Sandshrew. I believe this is your home. I think I will rest here a little.” With that, the boy sat down and laid back on grass that was rooted in sand.

Sandshrew felt compelled to stay. Home was there, but he didn’t want to go now. Home wasn’t something he enjoyed too much, but it was better than being alone. With this boy, he wasn’t alone. He felt… something. Something he couldn’t explain. But it was there; that was good enough for him.

He nudged the boy with his head and laid down too.

The boy didn’t understand why Sandshrew didn’t dash off to home right away, but he was glad. This little monster grew on him. The only thing in this world he liked right now was the Sandshrew and he only had just met it.

The sun slowly went down. It was getting late. He sat up in the sand and looked around. Sandshrew wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The boy felt a sadness trickle in his heart as he stood up. He had to leave now and that pained him.

Looking around one last time, he saw nothing and slowly turned away. As he walked away something hit the back of his leg. He turned around and saw Sandshrew balled up in front of him. Uncurling, Sandshrew looked at him with a sad expression in its deep black eyes.

“Don’t worry little buddy. I’ll come and visit. I know you don’t like the forest, but hey, come visit me too anytime. I will be at the spot we met. The forest is my comforter right now, so you will see me in it often.” He started to chuckle. “I hope you can understand me. I don’t even know why I am talking to a wild Sandshrew.”

Sandshrew rolled up into a ball and rolled back into the sand. He was gone.

Oh well. It didn’t. Well maybe I will see it again sometime.

He walked on.

Why do I feel sad? It shouldn't be new to me... but....

Sandshrew looked around. Home… But it didn’t feel like home to him anymore. Something told him he belonged somewhere else… not here.

15th January 2009, 5:11 AM
Cool, first review!

Anyway, I liked this one. It avoided the clich&#233;s that usually go with this type of plot yet still kept a touching feel. I hope you can write another one sometime.

These guest entries are making me want to give it a try. I'll think about it and maybe do some planning before making an official reservation.

15th January 2009, 5:11 PM
I love that Sandshrew story. Especially with how it ends; an acknowledgement that truly loyal friendships take time to develop.

Looks like I can expect a few more guest entries soon; great! Also, I'm putting Luvdisc on reserve for Valentines Day. Should be obvious why.

There's a stealth pun in this journal-type entry.

In Process: Turtwig
On Deck: Igglybuff/Waillord, Dragonite/Garchomp, Zubat line
Reserve: Kangaskan (01/26), Luvdisc (2/14)

Ruby entry: Torchic sticks with its Trainer, following behind with unsteady steps. This Pokemon breathes fire of over 1,800 degrees F, including fireballs that leave the foe scorched black.

August 25

I got the Torchic! The boys were arguing as usual, so I slipped by them into the lab. That way, Professor Birch gave me first choice. My Torchic is very cute: as soon as I picked him, he started hopping along after me. If I stop suddenly, he bumps into me and falls down. Poor guy. His balance is kinda bad right now, but Birch told me that he’ll improve.

I was so excited. I named him Trails, because I wanted to take off right away. But then we got an unwelcome announcement. Since we’re only ten, we can’t leave because we have to start school tomorrow. It’s so unfair. People keep talking about how exciting it is to pick your starter, and then go off on a journey around the land, maybe even around the world, but then school has to butt its ugly head into the picture. Gah.

I still like Trails, though. He’s watching me write, occasionally nipping at the pen. Stop it, Trails! He’s funny.

September 2

I feel bad about going to school and leaving Trails on his own. He always follows me to school, giving me the most forlorn look for leaving him behind with the other Pokemon. I keep telling him that I’m sorry, that I’m not abandoning him, that I’ll be back to pick him up when the school day is over, but he still gives me those sad eyes.

The principal says that we can’t bring our Pokemon into the classroom. He says it would be distracting. Well I think it’s distracting when I feel bad about leaving him behind.

September 14

Trails has been better about not giving me a guilt trip over leaving him for the school day. I guess he’s figured out that he just has to be patient. However, he’s been tired whenever I do go and pick him up. I’ve caught him napping when I get out of class. I wonder what he’s doing.

I don’t think he’s fighting. The Mudkip and Treecko are getting really good at battles, while he hasn’t improved much at all. It’s weird, but I bet the boys are going to pick on me about that, saying that a girl can’t be a good Trainer. I’ve tried to tell Trails that we can’t slack off. But I don’t want to make him fight if he’s tired.

September 17

I found out what Trails has been doing while I’ve been in school. It’s funny and it proves that he’s much cleverer than the other two.

At lunchtime, he came up to my table and got my attention by nipping at my pants and tugging. I thought he was just looking for attention at first, but then he would hop off elsewhere and look back at me. I finished eating early, so I followed him into an unused classroom near the room where our Pokemon stay.

There was a TV with a DVD player on the desk. Trails can get up there by hopping onto a chair, then onto the desk. And he’s figured out how to peck at the buttons to turn them both on and off, as well as control the volume. When he turned the DVD on, there was a screen saying that there was no disc inside. He chirped at me.

I fiddled with the TV and discovered that it doesn’t get any channels in. I figured he was just watching movies during school; I wish I could watch movies during school. Anyhow, I went to a shelf with DVDs and pulled one out for him. But that wasn’t what he wanted. When he saw the movie previews, he shook his head and chirped again.

Then he did this funny little dance where he scuffed his foot along the desk, then tried to kick up. But he unbalanced himself and fell down. It took him a bit of pointing and more attempts at dancing for me to figure out what was going on. There were five DVDs of tap dancing lessons in with the others. He’d been watching one repeatedly, trying to figure out how to tap dance.

I probably shouldn’t have laughed at him, but it is a silly thought, isn’t it? But I figure, if he wants to dance, I might as well let him try. So I put in one of the tap dancing lessons and he was happy with that.

October 28

I bought Trails a couple more videos on tap dancing with my allowance money today. Mom was surprised and asked if I wanted to take lessons. I hadn’t really thought of it before, but it could be a lot of fun to learn to dance with my Torchic. So I told her about what he’s been doing and had him show off his progress. He’s still tripping himself up and stumbling over his little feet, but he seems to have a few routines memorized.

And starting in a couple of days, I’ll be taking dancing lessons too! It should help both of us.

November 5

I got a new outfit for my dance lessons, and new shoes. I think Trails is jealous, though, because my shoes are actual tap shoes and make clacks when they hit the floor. He can only make little scuffing sounds. I asked the salesman if they made tap shoes for Pokemon, but he said no.

That’s really disappointing.

December 11

My dance instructor got after some of the other kids for not practicing by saying that Trails was a better tap dancer then they were. He heard that and puffed his little chest up proudly. It was so adorable; I wish I’d gotten a picture of it.

But then he stumbled onto his face when he was trying out a new step. Poor Trails. He’s really happy when other people comment on his dancing, but then gets upset when he fumbles a lot. I’ve been telling him not to give up yet. I’ve been having some trouble too, but it’ll be so cool when we can dance great together. We can go to contests and surprise everybody with our moves.

I hope that cheered him up.

December 25

Dad just proved himself to be the most awesome dad ever. He normally fixes up old cars, but for Christmas, he used his best tools to make a pair of tap shoes that fit Trails’ small clawed feet perfectly! He even made them a little bit wide so that he can balance himself better.

I think Trails loves them for the noise. He hasn’t let anybody take them off yet. Mom says that she’ll always know where I am now, because she’ll hear Trails going ‘click, click, click’ right behind me.

January 3

Well the reason Professor Birch called us back to his lab was because he wanted to check on our Pokemon’s progress. He said that he’ll use this to decide who gets to be his assistant over the summer. I was worried when he said that at first, because of the boys.

They made fun of me and Trails at first because he’s still a Torchic. Their Pokemon have already evolved into a Grovyle and a Marshtomp. But then Birch started asking all sorts of questions: what did the Pokemon like to eat, what kind of personality did they have, what they liked to do. The boys could answer stuff about battles, but on other things, they were clueless.

On the other hand, when Birch asked me about Trails, I proudly told him about how we were learning to tap dance. I even put his shoes on and let him demonstrate his favorite routine. And Trails was happy to do so. He’s happy whenever he gets to dance and shows it by fluttering his wings and stretching up on his toes.

The other two Pokemon must have been mean, though, because he ended the dance suddenly and shot fireballs at them for making fun of him. They both squealed and jumped away. The Marshtomp just had a burn on his front legs, but the Grovyle’s skin became blacked with soot. He whined until a Burn Heal was sprayed over him, and then he quieted down to a sniffling whimper.

The boys laughed, but then the Professor said that I had learned far more about Pokemon then they had. And that means that I’m more likely to get picked as his new assistant when summer comes. But I’ll have to wait and see about that, you know. I might want to take further tap dance lessons with Trails during the summer.

We’ll decide later. That is, when Trails stops nipping at my pen! He’s always trying to get my attention when I’m writing.

Could he want to learn to write? Nah, that’s just silly.

16th January 2009, 2:30 AM
Aw, the Sandshrew one was so sweet. I loved the friendship message, and the last paragraph really hit home for me. Awesome job #Chimecho#. ^_^

LOL, the tapdancing Torchic was epic. Reminds me of Happy Feet ^^;

16th January 2009, 4:32 AM
People keep talking about how exciting it is to pick your starter, and then go off on a journey around the land, maybe even around the world, but then school has to butt its ugly head into the picture. Gah.

I agree. Darn School! lol. I want to go on an adventure myself.

Well I think it’s distracting when I feel bad about leaving him behind.

I feel that sometimes too. Or maybe its just i don't want to go to school. lol!

But I figure, if he wants to dance, I might as well let him try.

I love Trails. ^^ i like dancing.. but more of breakdancing lol

I asked the salesman if they made tap shoes for Pokemon, but he said no.

That’s really disappointing.

Indeed! and it was funny how she actually asked. It says that, even if she knew they didn't, she would do anything for her buddy.

Could he want to learn to write? Nah, that’s just silly.

lol! this made me laugh.

I really liked this. Short entries at random dates, but still gave you full idea with what had been going on, sort of. Not everything but what you wanted us to know.

The name Trails was very fitting too.

16th January 2009, 7:31 AM
I really enjoyed this one. I'm glad I requested this one now.

My dance instructor got after some of the other kids for not practicing by saying that Trails was a better tap dancer then they were. He heard that and puffed his little chest up proudly. It was so adorable; I wish I’d gotten a picture of it.

That must have been incredibly cute.

On the other hand, when Birch asked me about Trails, I proudly told him about how we were learning to tap dance. I even put his shoes on and let him demonstrate his favorite routine. And Trails was happy to do so. He’s happy whenever he gets to dance and shows it by fluttering his wings and stretching up on his toes.

The other two Pokemon must have been mean, though, because he ended the dance suddenly and shot fireballs at them for making fun of him.

Trails is officially awesome.

As for my guest entry..., I'm still working on it.

16th January 2009, 8:57 AM
#Chimecho#, I loved your Sandshrew story. I hoped they'd stay together at the end, ahh. The thought of a lost little Sandshrew was so sweet, and you wrote it so well. <3

And AGHH, the Torchick entry was so cute and fun to read. I can totally picture a tap-dancing Torchick, and I loved how she managed to show up the boys at the end. It's laid-back entries like this that make me squee with contentment.

Also, can I make a request? ;o; Gallade+Gengar I would loove. I always wanted to do a little story about the two, but alas, I never got around to it. Can't wait for the next one!

16th January 2009, 1:06 PM
Before I review, I'd like to make a story here. It will be one with the three main Sinnoh starters, but they will have a special guest: a Starly! Anyway, the Sandshrew one was really good. Chimeco, I'm just going to have to say to write a full fic. For the Torchic one, that baby was hillarous and cute at the same time. Groyvle and Marshtomp couldn't face the wrath of the cutest starter Pokemon ever! XD.

20th January 2009, 4:18 AM
The Turtwig entry had to be put on hold. It has an uninspiring pair of entries, unfortunately. So I went with the request I had an idea for. The Igglybuff entry reminds me of a super ball.

The stealth pun was that if Trails is a Fire-type, then he must be a Trailsblazer. Yeah, it's a groaner.

@Stoc15: Do you remember the Torterra and Starly story? That was fun to write. I was considering reversing it to correct the Turtwig's dry description.

In Process: Turtwig
On Deck: Dragonite/Garchomp, Zubat line, Gallade/Gengar
Reserve: Kangaskan (01/26), Luvdisc (2/14)

Leaf Green entry: It has a very soft body. If it starts to roll, it will bounce all over and be impossible to stop.

Emerald entry: It breathes through nostrils that it raises above the sea. By inhaling to its maximum capacity, a Wailord can dive close to 10,000 feet beneath the waves.

The cool breeze smelled salty. An Igglybuff sat on the boat’s rails and looked around. Water was all around them; only a green haze on horizon indicated an end to this ocean. Elsewhere, the light blue of the sky moved right into the dark blue of the still waters. “<It’s bigger than any big thing I’ve seen,>” she said.

“Careful there, Melody,” her owner warned. She stroked the tuft of pink fur growing from the Igglybuff’s head. “The water’s very deep around here.”

“<I won’t fall,>” she stated as she looked up at the old couple. She had been an anniversary gift for them, a Pokemon companion when their others had passed away. They were kind, lavishing her with attention. They were both silver-haired and weak-eyed, but they were still active, still traveling the world on a quest to see all of its wonders. Melody adored them, but was waiting on the right time to grow up.

One of the sailors came up to them. “Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Woodward, but you should go inside for the next few hours. There’s a storm nearby. We’re trying to avoid it, but we don’t know where it’s headed.”

“Alright,” the old man replied. “It does look calm, but the sea can change moods rapidly.”

“<I hope it’s not a loud storm,>” Melody said before hopping into the old woman’s arms.

Due to a planning mixup, they had missed the large passenger ship that was going to take them to their next destination. Instead, they were traveling on this moderately sized research ship. Due to the smaller size, the ship began rocking when the storm hit an hour later. The wind blew loud and the rain crashed into the ocean with a steady hiss.

The old couple wasn’t bothered much by it, though. They played chess with a magnetic board. “I once saw a storm at sea where the waves were as tall as three story buildings,” the man said. “That was an exciting voyage.”

“<I think I could live without that kind of excitement,>” Melody replied nervously. The rocking of the ship made it hard for her to stay in one place

“But you never know your true strength unless it is tested.” He nodded to that. Having lived with Pokemon his whole life, he usually knew what she was saying.

The woman was the same way. “That’s true, but she is just a child.”

After a quick knock, the sailor from before opened their cabin door. “Have you got everything secured?”

“I think so,” the woman said, glancing around to see if there was something.

That unsecured something was Melody’s black and gold Luxury Ball, which was sitting on a stand by the door. A particularly strong wave crashed into the boat, causing the ball to tumble off and roll past the door. “<I’ll get it!>” the Igglybuff called, jumping down to the floor after the ball.

“Whoa, hang on there,” the sailor said, reaching down the grab the ball or the Pokemon. Both of them slipped by him and onto the deck.

The rain had made the floor slick, causing Melody to stumble and slid after her Pokeball. The ocean was the complete opposite of when they had been watching just an hour before. The rough waves reached up towards the terribly dark clouds. As a lightning bolt split the sky, Melody saw her ball hit a bump and skip straight into the air. She wasn’t sure what would happen to her if it broke. Afraid that it would be something bad, she jumped up after it. Although it was quite large compared to her size, she managed to catch it.

And then kept going right over the edge of the ship.

She hit the water shrieking. The crashing of the waves soon overwhelmed her ears. Shortly after, those waves threw her into the side of the boat, overwhelming her everywhere else.


When Melody woke up, she was damp with salt water, but not overly wet. She was in a dry and cool place. The ground below her was smooth and almost rubbery, like that wetsuit she had found in the dive supply room. Curious, she opened her eyes and sat up.

A shimmering shield formed a small domed space around her. It emitted a slight luminescence Beyond that, there was a thick watery darkness. Below her was a dark blue surface. Melody got up to check out the shield.

“<Stay still, little child>” a Pokemon’s voice came from below. “<I don’t want to lose you. Are you better?>”

“<I think so,>” she replied. “<Where are we?>”

“<Underwater. Don’t worry; my power will protect you.>”

She looked down, but there was only the strange blue surface she was on. “<Where are you?>”

The other chuckled. “<Right with you. The surface is still agitated, though. It would be risky to go up. We shall follow the boat until they enter calmer waters.>”

“<But what happened to my pokeball? It fell in with me.>”

There was a low clicking following her question, then the ocean Pokemon replied, “<I think I have found it. Hold still.>”

Melody’s body trembled with a strange movement. She was holding still, yet she seemed to be moving quickly. It was almost like the ship’s motions, but smoother. She looked around for something to explain this, but the dark waters held no clue that she could read. Occasionally she saw hints of other ocean life: the cruising wing shape of a Mantine, the silvery glisten of a Tentacool, the yellow glow of one she could not identify, the shining sharp teeth of another stranger. But none of them gave heed to the small Igglybuff, so they couldn’t be her rescuer.

Then she spotted a golden reflection, followed by a spherical shape. “<Oh, that’s it! But how can I get it? I can’t swim.>”

“<Be patient.>”

The Pokeball moved oddly, finally giving her something to compare the motions she was feeling. It drifted upward, then came towards her. When it came to be above her, it fell straight into the shielded bubble she was in. Melody grabbed hold of it when it landed by her. “<Got it! Thanks.>”

“<You’re welcome. It will take some more time, but the ship will come out of the storm.>”

“<But who are you? What are you? Can I see you?>”

This amused him. “<I am sure you can see me, for you are riding on my back.>”

Melody tapped her foot gently on the blue surface. It could be skin, she guessed. “<This is you?>”

“<Yes. I am a Wailord. I don’t have a particular name; I do not mind. Now what would you be? I’m not about to let a land creature drown in these waters, but I’ve never seen one like you before.>”

“<I’m an Igglybuff! My people call me Melody, so that’s my name. I have to go back to them. They’re old folks and I’m the last Pokemon they have left.>”

“<I see. It is good that you can make friends with humans.>”

“<And with you.>”

“<If you wish. I’ll certainly remember you.>”

Melody giggled. “<I can sing for you. I’m still learning, though, so I can’t sing for long.>”

“<I would like to hear that, thanks.>”

While the Wailord trailed the ship, Melody sang for him.


He surfaced alongside the research ship, immediately getting their attention. He felt the small Pokemon hop up on his back and heard her squeal for attention. “<Hey, I’m back!>”

It had been an odd encounter when he found the Igglybuff falling in the water. Remembering long-distant days of when he had traveled with a human and other Pokemon, he had gone to catch her, using his Dive skill to give her a safety bubble of air. She reminded him of the Clefairy that he had known back then. She had been a good singer too.

The humans on the ship noticed. “Hey sir, I think he has your Pokemon with him.”

“Excuse me, Wailord,” another sailor said before he climbed over the railing of the ship and jumped onto his back. He picked up Melody and brought her back on board.

An elderly human woman soon came up and took her. “Thank the heavens, you’re safe. We were so worried.”

“<I’m sorry,>” she said, sniffling a bit. “<But I made a new friend!>”

He swam out a little ways to get a better look at those on the ship. He soon spotted little Melody, a round ball of pink fluff that fit nicely in her Trainer’s arms. Turning slightly, he brought up his long fins and waved to her. “<I’m afraid we split ways here. But don’t be sad. Be glad that we were able to meet.>”

Melody waved both of her arms. “<Okay! But wow, I’ve never seen a Pokemon as big as you before! The ocean’s full of big things.>”

Amused by her awe, he shot a quick spout of water into the air. “<I’ve never seen one of your kind either. Take care, Melody.>”

“<Take care, Mr. Wailord!>”

He dove back under the water. A couple minutes later, he jumped out of the water and gave Melody one last wave goodbye.

20th January 2009, 7:02 AM
This was so beautiful! Just one mistake:

The cool breeze smelt salty.

I think this should be 'smelled'. Only certain words end in 'lt', Like 'dealt' should never be 'dealed'.

Occasionally she saw hints of other ocean life: the cruising wing shape of a Mantine, the silvery glisten of a Tentacool, the yellow glow of one she could not identify, the shining sharp teeth of another stranger.

I really love this description.

My favorite part was when she sang to the Wailord- it's such a great image, a tiny Igglybuff singing to a giant whale of a Pokemon. I also really loved Wailord's dialogue, his personality was very memorable. <3 Great entry.

Also, thank you very much for taking my request!

20th January 2009, 4:53 PM
This one was great! I especially liked the Wailord and the way you described Dive was cool. You can add Igglybuff to the list of incredably cute characters you've created.

20th January 2009, 5:48 PM
Some one should do about Bannette, since is was a disowned doll in the D/P entries

20th January 2009, 5:57 PM
^actually, darkdragontamer did one for Banette. It's back on page 17. I did Shuppet early on too.

I think 'smelt' is an example of regional dialect. Bad thing is, I couldn't tell you which dialect. I have about three or four different dialect influences due to the people I grew up around. Probably should change that anyhow.

21st January 2009, 8:00 PM
Ah, I don't usually like pink puffballs, but I can definitely make an exception here. That Igglybuff was so cute, and the description was beautiful. Dive was portrayed excellently too. Great job ^_^

22nd January 2009, 1:11 AM
Well, I've read from the Ludicolo/Shiftry entry to now and they were all great!
The way you described the Zamastil Forest was great and I hope to see more stories about it.
The journal format for the Torchic entry was cool and Trails is one of my favorite POS characters now.
I liked the characters of Igglybuff and Wailord and I have to agree with TheSequelReturns.
As for the guest entry, it was very touching, and I hope they reunited.
Can I request an Aipom/Piloswine entry?

23rd January 2009, 4:27 AM
Finally got this one figured out. I like Turtwig. I named mine Oakly.

In process: Kangaskan
On Deck: Dragonite/Garchomp, Zubat line, Gallade/Gengar, Aipom/Piloswine
Reserve: Luvdisc (2/14)

Diamond entry: Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes.

Pearl entry: The muscles in its wings and legs are strong. It can easily fly while gripping a small Pokémon.

The road winding around Mount Coronet was rocky and dusty. The old pick-up truck kicked up a tall plume of dirt behind it. Trying to see more of where he was, a small brown Turtwig tried to climb onto the bench.

His captor, a blue-haired man in a silver and blue jumpsuit, picked him up and set him back onto the floor of the truck bed. “Stay down there, squirt.”

He stretched his head out of his shell. “<Where are we going?>”

However, the grunt didn’t care enough to know what the Pokemon was saying. He kicked the Turtwig back. “Keep it quiet. You’re going to assist on a very important mission.”

“<Like what?>”

“You’ll be a big help,” he added, then yawned and stretched his arms up. “Unlike before. You ought to be grateful that we’re giving you this opportunity to become important.”

Turtwig waved his forepaw in the air. “<Important how?>”

“Your last owner was a twit, leaving his PC account unsecured, then just stuffing you in a box and leaving you there to rot. You’ll be of better use with us.”

He couldn’t be sure of that. He didn’t know what had gone on since he last saw the boy who had chose him. Certainly, there was a time gap of several days that he hadn’t realized were gone by. Had he been abandoned? More importantly, how was he better off with these losers?

The driver snorted. “Like it’s going to live through the process. Don’t get too attached to it.”

“Of course I know better than that.” He rubbed his eyes and slumped down against the cab. “They’d better be grateful for all the hard work we did getting a hold of this one. **** **** lazy admins, expecting us to work all night, then drive all day.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing! Sheesh.” He grumbled under his breath a bit longer, then closed his eyes.

Turtwig waited a moment, then crept up and nosed the grunt’s shoe. He was asleep. The young Pokemon decided that if he was going to make his escape, he’d better go now. Looking around the truck bed, he tried to gather a plan.

Between his short legs and bulky shell, it would be hard to climb up on anything. But if he made the effort, he could get up on the edge of the truck bed. Turtwig started with the angled part of the wheel cover. After pulling himself onto that, he could stretch up and hook his front legs onto the edge. From there, he lifted himself to look over the edge.

Due to the slope and the winding nature of the road, the truck was going fairly slow. He was facing up the mountain, so he might be able to make it. His back legs flailed for a moment until he got one propped against a hook. Then he pulled and pushed himself up and over the edge of the truck.

Ducking into his shell quickly, he let it absorb the impact of falling onto the rocky road. His momentum made him roll over a couple of times, thankfully ending with him upside up. His sprout got bent up a little, but that could fix itself in a few days. He then remained in his shell while the dust plume passed over him. Some of it slipped into the cracks and made him sneeze. The Galactic grunts kept on going.

It took a few minutes, but the air and dust settled back down. Turtwig peered out of his shell. The road appeared empty. He brought his head out further and looked around. This was a desolate area, all craggy. There were plants growing, but they were harsh weeds that defied the tough landscape. Although the road was in decent condition, there were no other signs of human habitation. He was on his own now.

Deciding to locate some place with water to hide, Turtwig started walking along the road. This place seemed arid, so he might have to travel some ways. Downward seemed like a better choice, even though that meant he was headed in the same direction as the truck.


Hearing that intimidating shriek, he froze. Next thing he knew, something snatched him from above and took off into the air. The ground dropped away at a sickening pace. Turtwig felt like his head was spinning.

A minute later, he was dropped onto a small ledge. The large black and gray bird that had swiped him landed next to him. She had a large crest over her head that seemed like a great feathery knife. She clucked proudly. “<Hello, dinner.>”

His mouth felt dry with fear, but he still managed to squeak out, “<Um, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say back, so hello.>”

Startled, the Staraptor ruffled her feathers. “<You’re not supposed to say anything! Sheesh, are you trying to make me lose my appetite or something?>”

That did seem like a good idea, to him anyways. “<Sorry. It’s just, it’s like my mom says. Some days the world is like a big happy meadow and other days everyone is out to eat you.>”

“<Can’t argue with that.>” She leaned down and sniffed. “<You smell dirty. I’ll have to wash you off first.>”

He shook his head. “<Oh, no, that’s normal. My shell is made up of dirt.>”


“<Yeah, it’s packed dirt that I’ve accumulated all these days. I’ve made good progress; don’t you agree?>”

She gagged. “<Eww, that’s disgusting. On second thought, I don’t think I want to eat you.>”

“<What, am I not good enough for you?>” he teased.

“<I didn’t think that you were a dirt clod. So anyhow, sorry for snagging you for dinner. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?>”

“<What can you do?>”

Staraptor stood up proudly and patted her chest with a wing. “<I can beat up anybody you’d like! Doesn’t matter if they’re ten times bigger than me. I’ll cream ‘em good. That’s because my kind are the strongest birds ever.>”

Turtwig wasn’t too sure of that, but it seemed better not to argue. “<No thanks, I don’t need anybody turned to cream. Are there any human towns around? I’d like to figure out what happened to mine.>”

She pointed off to the west, down the mountain. “<Sure thing, there’s a nice one over that way. In fact, they got one of those Gym places that likes green grassy sorts. You could get a job there.>”

He perked up to this news. “<Really? That’d be great. Can you fly me there?>”

“<Sure thing, dirt clod. Oh, and you might want to close your eyes if that little flight earlier nearly made you sick.>”

Staraptor picked him up again, then flew Turtwig to Eterna City Gym.

-Next time: Gardenia chews out Turtwig’s former Trainer.

Not really, but that would be funny.

Smear Vinci
23rd January 2009, 8:38 PM

These are really, really good. *Super late*

If you are accepting at the moment, may I request one for Ariados? As well as a spot on the pm list ^_^

25th January 2009, 1:52 AM
a mudkip one

p.s mudkip marshtomp and swampert like saltwater...... from bulbapedia slatwater swamp thiny

25th January 2009, 2:02 AM
-Next time: Gardenia chews out Turtwig’s former Trainer.

Not really, but that would be funny.
That would be GOLD. =D

I really liked this one, especially Turtwig's interactions with everyone else and his escapes. Great job ^_^

25th January 2009, 8:19 AM
Ahh, poor Turtwig! One bad thing after another- good thing he was bright enough to save himself at the end. I hope he finds a nicer trainer who can appreciate him. >.< Great work as always, no spelling/grammar errors that I could see!

26th January 2009, 3:13 AM
-Next time: Gardenia chews out Turtwig’s former Trainer.

She should do more than chew the trainer out! mhm..

Nice little story. Dirt Clod... lol! My new nickname for one of my cats.

27th January 2009, 12:02 AM
um... not to be rude but Kangaskan is a day late (i live in Australia)

27th January 2009, 1:45 AM
I'm aware of that, I'm sorry. It will show up when it's still the 26th where I am (I still got time). I found a hang up, though, in that one of those words the Serebii server doesn't like is in the story somewhere and I have to hunt it down. It'll be here. EDIT: It hated my first sentence and I don't know why.

Ariados was done with Blastoise as the skyscraper cleaners.

In Process: Dragonite/Garchomp
On Deck: Zubat line, Gallade/Gengar, Aipom/Piloswine, Mudkip
Reserve: Luvdisc (2/14)

Emerald entry: If you come across a young Kangaskan playing by itself, never try to catch it. The baby's parent is sure to be in the area, and it will become violently enraged.

Cold rain dripped into his eyes. He blinked and shook his head, then continued bicycling along the muddy route. Someone had bravely tried to make a stone road, but the muds made everything slick. It was somewhat dangerous, but the lesser used of two winding routes to a remote city. And when it came to criminal business, the lesser used was the better choice.

The city of Sia Gendru was his goal. There was some festival going on there later tonight. A religious holiday? A celebration of some long-ago victory? A tribute to independence? A special time for a different culture? He wasn’t quite sure. He had the notes in his backpack, but didn’t want to stop just for that. What he was after was a special charm made in Sia Gendru that enhanced certain Pokemon abilities. The managers of his group wanted one to see if they could make one.

He was regretting his decision to sign up for the job, though.

The bike sloshed through the veil of mud. The chain spit water droplets everywhere, slowly soaking his pant legs. Because of the haze, he couldn’t see hazards until he was almost on top of them. Because of the winter’s frosts and thaws, the rock road was further cracked and dotted with potholes. His raincoat didn’t do an adequate job of retaining heat and he knew he would be chilly if he stopped. The standard uniform would have kept him warmer (and drier), but it would stand out too much and betray him.

This was all before he arrived in Sia Gendru. Once there, he had to consider how to get a hold of the charm, who might be guarding it, if there was a hiding spot... if he could get a warm shower. That would be nice, really. He could feel slick mud that had been flung from the front wheel starting to slide down into his socks.

Letting out a huff of water vapor, he looked ahead. There was a roadside shrine of some sort. It was brightly colored in orange, red, and yellow. It had no walls, only a rocky slab floor, four columns, and an elegantly designed roof. The roof was all that mattered to him. He parked his bike next to it and took shelter for a short break.

There was a low table with a few worn offerings: tiny bowls, foreign coins, little boxes with prayer slips peeking out. This sat in front of a statue of a legendary Pokemon he wasn’t familiar with. It was probably some myth the locals believed in, nothing that really interested him. He was interested in the real and powerful Pokemon of the world.

However, he had lost his last team in a debacle about a busted mission a month back. It hadn’t been his fault. Everything had been going smoothly and he had nearly gotten away with the artifact. And then there was that Trainer. Nobody had warned him that there would be some ten-year-old kid running around with the most powerful Pokemon he had ever seen. The kid had a Raticate, a freaking common Raticate, that was at least twice as strong and quick as any that he had seen other associates use. It was ridiculous.

The blame had somehow fallen on him and his team had been taken. Not that he cared. If they could be beaten by a stupid Raticate, he couldn’t use them. Surely the syndicate had some better Pokemon in storage. If he succeeded in claiming this charm, he should prove himself worthy of those better Pokemon.

Now that he had stopped, he was getting cold. The near-freezing rain was going as steady as ever. He looked around for any hope that it would let up. Nothing really, but...

Further up the road, he could see a small shadow through the rainy haze. It seemed to be a child splashing through the muddy puddles. But in this chill? As it landed, he realized that it was much too small to be a human child capable of jumping like that. It was some kind of Pokemon.

He bit his lip. He was supposed to turn over any Pokemon that he acquired. However, didn’t that concern stolen Pokemon? If he caught a wild one, he might be able to keep it. Some guys he knew did have personal Pokemon that could not be taken. That would keep him from finding himself in this kind of situation again. But would he want a random Pokemon he found on a strange Route?

The Pokemon kept traveling down the road, closer to the shrine. He could begin to make it out: a broad oval head with small outgrown ears, a thick tail for balance, strong leaping legs, a dark brown and tan skin that was thick and hard. It was around two and a half feet tall. It didn’t seem familiar until he saw the pointed claws on all four paws and the way it playfully jabbed at the puddles as it landed. She was the youngest Kangaskan that he had ever seen alone.

His heart thumped in excitement. Those were really rare and powerful. This kind of Pokemon was restricted to the upper levels, not given to grunts like him. But if she was his own, they shouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Right?

It was worth a shot.

He opened his backpack quietly, to avoid drawing attention from her. He had several pieces of equipment, including the secret Bandit Pokeball. When a stolen Pokemon was released, it was normally hostile to its captor. If it was transferred over to the black and silver Bandit, though, they would initially be released confused, but less hostile. The manual said that it could be used as a normal Pokeball and the captive would not become confused. He could only hope that it was true.

With a Bandit in hand, he hid by a column and waited for the young Kangaskan to come by. Rare Pokemon were usually hard to catch wild, and the Bandit wasn’t much better than a cheap Normal Pokeball. But he could chuck some mud at it. That would startle her enough to make things easier. And since she was a youth, she might be easier that way too.

She continued jumping along the road, landing in mud puddles whenever she could. If she even noticed, she paid him no heed. He knelt down and scooped up some of the thicker mud. When she splashed close enough to splatter the column, he came out and...

Stopped dead in his tracks. Behind the young Kangaskan was her mother, a grand eight foot tall dame that looked like she could yank the shrine’s columns right out of the ground. She could easily snap his bones. The daughter looked up at him and barked curiously. The mother smiled darkly and shook her head. She flexed the claws on her left paw, then drew them across her neck in warning.

She wasn’t worth taking on alone. He stepped back into the shrine carefully, holding his hands up. The mud ball he’d been holding splattered onto the ground. The mother watched him without blinking. Unnerved by this, he backed into the offering table and nearly stumbled onto the statue. But he caught himself and kept watching her.

After a minute which seemed to last forever, she took her eyes off him and went back to watching her child. The adult walked instead of hopped, with surprisingly soft footsteps. That was how he had missed her completely. Hoping they would pass by soon, he stepped over to where the rain streamed off the roof and washed the mud off his hands. This wouldn’t go into his mission report. Not a chance.

The daughter eyed the road, spotting a particularly large puddle by the corner of the shrine. Engrossed in her game, she shook herself, then bounced as high as she could manage to land in the puddle with a grand splash. Mud went flying everywhere: onto the columns, onto his bike, onto the mother, onto him, onto the offerings, onto the statue.

The mother made a concerned gasp. He looked at the statue and noticed that the mud had splattered onto the legendary Pokemon’s face. Although he didn’t know anything about this myth, he knew that it generally wasn’t a good idea to anger one of the legends. This dragon might not care about a lowly roadside shrine, or it might be fickle enough to be enraged over a muddy statue. It might not even exist, or it might be able to take immediate vengeance. One could never be certain.

In this case, it was best to not take any chances. He remembered getting a packet of finger wipes from the last restaurant he ate in. Finding them in the front pocket of his backpack, he used those to wash the mud off the dragon statue. As he cleaned off the dragon’s eyes, he noticed that yellow gemstones had been placed into the sockets. Temporarily shined by the wipe’s moisture, they seemed to gleam with life.

It caused his blood to turn icy cold. It was just a statue, and yet there was something about this shrine. Looking at the yellow eyes made him uneasy. It was like his mother had caught him stealing cookies and was about to scold and punish him. He felt guilty, but he wasn’t sure of what.

There was a hard tap on his shoulder.

Tensing, he managed not to jump in fright and knock over the offering table. He turned and looked up at the mother Kangaskan. Her head barely cleared the roof of the shrine. It was far more intimidating to see her from this angle. But she just nodded and made a soft yet rough growl. Was she grateful that he had taken care of the unintentional insult?

He nodded back, finding his mouth too dry for anything else. Satisfied with this, she turned and left the shrine to say something to her daughter. The Kangaskan girl’s eyes went wide and she nearly whimpered. The adult told her something that seemed to settle her nerves. She then took another step into the rainy road, then bounded away. She was gone.

The young one was still there. She looked at him, tilted her head. She made a quiet bark that could have been saying anything. Was it really going to be that simple?

He got up, but made the mistake of glancing back at the statue. The dragon’s yellow eyes were glaring at him accusingly. The mud was gone, so the young Pokemon was in no trouble. But somehow, he found himself being judged of something he couldn’t understand. Or maybe it was something he did know, but conveniently ignored.

He went ahead and used the Bandit ball to capture the Kangaskan. She didn’t struggle any, so it locked her to him with no difficulty. But that only served to make the statue’s gaze more intense.

Grabbing his bike for a running start, he set off back on route to Sai Gendru. The rain never did let up. Neither did the gaze of the unknown legend.

27th January 2009, 2:55 AM
It was somewhat dangerous, but the lesser used of two winding routes to a remote city.
The last half of this sentence sounded awkward

and he knew he would be chilly if he stopped.

So did this.

This one was good. I was surprised he got the little one. I wonder why. Must be something to do with that legendary. Seemed a little too good to be true. It was nice though. A dark, evil, and yet soft touch to it. Very nice! I like the rain, mud, and the legendary. All added into the mood greatly. Even the pouncing little one. All was wonderfully portrayed.

Missingno. Master
27th January 2009, 3:15 AM
I've been reading these, they're fantastic. If it's not too much trouble, could I request a Dunsparce/Qwilfish story? Or if that's too difficult, they could be separate. Or if you're too busy, you could disregard this altogether...

27th January 2009, 6:08 AM
Wonderful mood in this one! Especially when he cleans off the statue. I was just sad that it ended.

A great tribute. <3

27th January 2009, 8:07 AM
nice story and thanks

28th January 2009, 2:30 AM
I really liked this one, especially the main character's shady past and the mother's attitude. The Bandit was a nice touch too, and I was surprised that he managed to get it without getting his head ripped off. Great job ^_^

31st January 2009, 4:21 AM
@Missingno. Master: I'll do that. I love odd combos. Just look at the other two in the 'On Deck' status.

Whenever there's a thread bashing my dear Pokedex, these two always pop up. Garchomp because it can't learn Fly and Dragonite because the claim of flying around the world in sixteen hours seems like a stretch. So of course I did my best to show how they potentially could. Next time you see someone complaining about those entries, point them to this counter-argument story. And probably to the Cubone/Marowak one too.

And this continues the PMD Camelot theme!

In Process: Zubat/Golbat/Crobat
On Deck: Gallade/Gengar, Aipom/Piloswine, Mudkip, Dunsparce/Qwilfish
Reserve: Luvdisc (2/14)

Diamond entry: When it folds up its body and extends its wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed.

Leaf Green entry: Only a very few people ever see this Pokemon. Its intelligence is said to match that of humans.

The most dangerous Mystery Dungeon of the region no longer existed. Known as The Trembling Tunnels, it had been a place where a team could prove themselves the best of the best, if they survived. To get to it, one had to pass through a vast field of stinking sinkholes and poisonous pitfalls. Even the strongest and nastiest of Poison Pokemon could become overwhelmed by the lethal vapors.

Once the team found one of several entrances, they had to make their way through confusing and winding tunnels. These tunnels were littered with lava pools, steam geysers, and frail stalactites. And as the name suggested, earthquakes were rampant. It was highly likely that the path out would be obstructed. In order to prove that they made it, they had to acquire and bring back a rare Star Ruby from deep within the Dungeon. Rumor had it that an even greater treasure lie within.

However, that treasure was possibly long gone along with the dungeon. Last month, The Trembling Tunnels had experienced a massive explosion. It had been felt in distant regions. A giant cloud had mushroomed from the spot, putting those within view in awe. But then that cloud had rained rocks and ash everywhere. It had been a frightening time.

What remained? No one was quite sure. No one had been brave enough to come out and see, fearing another explosion. So he was the first, as far as he knew. He had the most experience with The Trembling Tunnels, but he was never after the Star Rubies. He was after the special treasure, the thing of legends.

He was Jaithan, a Garchomp. He didn’t work with a team. Teammates would drag him down. Those who could match his speed usually couldn’t match him in battle, and those who matched him in battle couldn’t match his speed. Jaithan didn’t mind. Being around other people usually got on his nerves.

He made it through the toxic fields the same way he always had. Running on all fours, he kept low to the ground. He kept his elbows out, as the fins on the back of his arm kept him stable at full speed. He could hold his breath for a long time, and knew by feel which air was dangerous and which air was safe. In this manner, he could fly along the ground from safety zone to safety zone. Where a team could take weeks to scour this deadly land, Jaithan could zig-zag across it in hours.

As he approached the central area above the dungeon, he noticed strange things. The land itself had sunk. He used to see a large shallow dome above The Trembling Tunnels, but it was gone. Did that mean the dungeon, and its legendary treasure, was truly gone? After dozens of attempts to find it, the heavens merely laughed at him.

No, it had to still be there. It was a treasure greater than any other. It had to exist. It was known as the Holy Nail. It showed up from time to time in history. Although the stories varied, it was obvious that whoever managed to find the Holy Nail was destined for greatness. He had already proved himself to be the best in the land, yet he wanted something greater. He felt like his growing legend was incomplete. Gaining this treasure of treasures might be just the thing he needed.

Jaithan arrived where one of his regular entrances had been, near the center of the dungeon. But it was no longer there. A massive chunk of the land was gone. In its place was a gurgling gray lake of mud. Escaping gasses caused large bubbles to rise from the surface, bursting with hisses of dangerous vapors. Steam filled the air. Strange that it had changed like this.

He shook his head. This was not good. The books he had read indicated that the Holy Nail was last left here. How was he to find it now? And, what if it had been blasted away with the rest of this rock? If that was the case, then where was it now?

Normally, he preferred to stay close to the ground, but for this, he lifted himself on his hind legs and looked into the air. Where would it have gone? He had been in and out of various damaged dungeons, but had seen nothing resembling the Holy Nail. It was reported to be a shed claw of the Original One, but anyone stumbling onto it should recognize the power of the One it came from. Not only that, but it had been marked centuries ago with an open eye, a symbol of great power and knowledge.

While he was musing on what to do, he spotted a ripple in the sky above. Something up there was flying unbelievably fast. It slowed, then descended in a wide circle. Jaithan dropped back to all fours; his dark blue skin didn’t blend well with the brown rocks, but it made him less obvious. The flying Pokemon descended a long time, indicating that it had been extremely high. What sort of Pokemon could reach that height and speed?

It was a fellow Dragon, one even rarer than him: a Dragonite. She had yellow skin over a large body. With her relatively small wings, it was hard to imagine how she flew, let alone so tremendously fast. Of course, it was hard for him to imagine how it was to actually fly. The Earth was sacred to his kind. He felt strongest when he was close to it.

The Dragonite stopped to hover over the putrid lake. She gazed over the remains of The Trembling Tunnels. Within the steam and vapors, Jaithan could see a strange force coming from her wings. It seemed that her true wings were much larger than what could normally be seen. They were strong for both hovering and racing. He felt quite jealous.

However, her kind was known as the wisest of all mortal Dragons. They were hailed as sages; they knew and understood many things that other Pokemon did not. She may know something that he needed to know. So he moved closer to her. “Greetings, cousin.”

“Greetings, cousin,” she replied, not looking at him. “The same force that made the Star Rubies made this deadly lake. The forces of the Earth are so strange, to both create and destroy.”

“The forces of Earth are sacred,” he replied.

“As such. Now you know what has come of this place, so now you may go. Hanging around longer could bring your doom.”

“I came looking for something.”

“Something you left for another to find? That is unfortunate, to have lost a treasure. You’re out of luck in finding it.”

“I’ve never left anything here. And it’s not the Star Rubies. Once you got down far enough, they were easy to find.”

She looked at him gravely. “Then you must be looking for the Holy Nail.”

“It was here?” he asked before he could think to check his excitement. So he countered it with a more subdued, “Rumor had it that it was left here over a century ago, and yet no one has found it.”

“No one had returned with it,” she corrected.

“Where would it be now?”

She shook her head. “It could be anywhere. It’s probably not here, just somewhere in this land. Someone will find it.”

“How should I go about finding it?”

“Why do you want to find it?”

He tilted his head, curious at her lack of desire. “Doesn’t everybody want to find it? It is a power directly from the Original One. Those who hold it become more powerful, perhaps even immortal themselves until they let it go.”

She hovered around to face him fully. “Why do you want more power? You can reach this dangerous place and you have survived it. You have all the power you should ever need and then some.”

He straightened his front legs up to lift his head. “I want to find the greatest treasure, that’s it. You seem to know something about it, so how could I go about finding it when it could be anywhere in this land?”

“But can you take the treasure?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It is a source of great power, yes, but not everyone can handle this power. It is said that only the truly innocent can touch the Holy Nail without going insane. Do you know your heart to be truly innocent?”

He crouched back to the ground. “That’s just part of its legend. Nothing can affect people like that.”

“Nothing? Lesser treasures can cause great strife, dividing teams and inciting battles. The greatest treasure can cause the greatest wars. Many Pokemon will die so that one can claim it. But if this is so, what is so great about it? What is Holy about it anymore? Perhaps only the truly innocent can remind it of its origin and thus becalm its bloodthirsty desires.”

Jaithan snorted. “That’s just plain ridiculous. It’s Holy, so that’s that. And I will find it.” He took off across the poisonous fields again. He would find it. And if someone else happened to find it first, well, he’d find a way to get it before they realized just what they had on their paws.

He would hold the Holy Nail.


The Dragonite sage sighed. “And thus, the strife continues. Forgive the foolishness of us poor mortals, oh great ones.”

31st January 2009, 5:33 AM
w00t w00t! Dragonite. Tied for my favorite with Sandshrew. I liked this. The ideas of a Holy object not really being Holy since it is saught after, and causes strife. I like how the dungeon was a pretty nasty and vile place. A place full of evil. Inside, lys a 'Holy' item. Seems to be much meaning (though, I may be over analyzing lol!)

1st February 2009, 1:17 AM
[QUOTE=As he approached the central area above the dungeon, he noticed strange things. The land itself had sunk. He used to see a large shallow dome above The Trembling Tunnels, but it was gone. Did that mean the dungeon, and its legendary treasure, was truly gone? After dozens of attempts to find it, the heavens merely laughed at him.

No, it had to still be there. It was a treasure greater than any other. It had to exist. It was known as the Holy Nail. It showed up from time to time in history. Although the stories varied, it was obvious that whoever managed to find the Holy Nail was destined for greatness. He had already proved himself to be the best in the land, yet he wanted something greater. He felt like his growing legend was incomplete. Gaining this treasure of treasures might be just the thing he needed.[/QUOTE]

ROFL Holy Nail

2nd February 2009, 5:07 PM
I've got to the hundreth Pokemon! And it's Crobat! Awesome. Makes me want to go hunt down a shiny Zubat/Golbat. Pink Crobat is awesome. And before anyone asks, I wrote the dialogue exactly as I heard these three in my head.

I was looking at holidays in February that I might want to do something for. Presidents Day is there; Probopass came to mind, but that seems ridiculous. There's also Ash Wednesday. That would be neat, but since I don't belong to a liturgical church, I'm not sure what would be appropriate. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Got another guest entry coming up. It's a good one.

Guest entry: #Chimecho# with Ponyta/Swellow/Barboach
In Process: Gallade/Gengar
On Deck: Aipom/Piloswine, Mudkip, Dunsparce/Qwilfish
Reserve: Luvdisc (2/14)

Sapphire entry: Zubat avoids sunlight because exposure causes it to become unhealthy. During the daytime, it stays in caves or under the eaves of old houses, sleeping while hanging upside down.

Ruby entry: Golbat loves to drink the blood of living things. It is particularly active in the pitch black of night. This Pokemon flits around in the night skies, seeking fresh blood.

Pearl entry: A Pokémon that gained vastly enhanced flying performance by having its legs turn into wings.

As the sun began to cross the horizon, Zubat woke up. He didn’t open his eyes, though. He never opened his eyes. His ears and sonar voice told him everything that he needed to know. What he found out for the moment was that he was still in the shadows of an old rundown barn. A difference in warmth told him that the sun was coming close to his location, something he didn’t like. But an older member of his kind, a Golbat, was hanging next to him, blocking the light from reaching his more sensitive skin.

Zubat stretched his wings out to help wake himself fully. “<Hey, thanks man.>”

“<No problem, man. You think you can find your flock?>”

“<Pretty sure. Once I find some landmark, I should be able to find the cave, at least.>”

Golbat, who did have full use of his eyes and his sonar, looked around the countryside. Farmland was all around them, fields full of wheat, soybeans, and corn. The barn they had spent the day in was abandoned and falling apart, but other buildings around were in better shape. From memory, he could name off twenty or so small caves that the young one could have come from. But he needed something to help Zubat become un-lost.

He rubbed an itchy spot on his nose with his wing tip, then pointed out to the northeast. “<There’s a group of three grain silos out that way a couple of miles. That any help?>”

Zubat checked to hear which direction Golbat was pointing in, then nodded. “<Three grain silos? Yeah, I think I know which ones you mean. We hunt around there sometimes. I can find my way back from there.>”

“<Good. Well, you’ve got a little while before the sun fades. I’ll hang out so nothing tries to snag you while you’re alone.>”

“<Right, they would once I was by myself. I got lucky last night in finding you before dawn.>”

“<S’alright, man. No biggie.>”

Then, quite to their surprise, another one of their kind came flying over the roof. This one slowed abruptly, sending it into a couple of aerial somersaults to turn around and face them while hovering upside down. “<S’up, dudes? Mind if I hang out and rest my wings for a bit?>”

“<Nah, we’re waiting on the sun to drop anyhow.>”

Zubat was quite awed. “<Hey, you’re an actual Crobat, man!>”

Crobat flipped around and clamped his lower wings onto the underside of the barn structure. “<Sure am, little dude. I come from far off, by the western sea.>”

“<Wow, I never thought I’d actually meet one of you. Almost nobody can evolve that far.>”

Crobat shrugged. “<Well almost nobody means somebody has to, am I right?>”

“<So how do you get that far, man? Is it like some super hard quest of the gods?>”

He laughed. “<No, thankfully not that. You got dreams to fly this far, little dude?>”

Zubat flipped his wings excitedly, almost falling off. “<Well yeah! I want to be that awesome.>”

Golbat snickered at the near-accident. Then he added, “<I’ve wondered that myself. I thought about it real hard, but can’t seem to figure it out. It’s not about getting real powerful like the other Pokemon ‘round these parts, cause some of my kin can fight off a Tauros, but can’t evolve.>”

Crobat nodded sagely. “<Well, you’re right, we ain’t like that. It’s a personal journey, dude, in order to get to this point. The inward instead of the outward, if you get my drift. You’ve got to take a good hard look at yourself and figure out who you really are and what truly makes you happy. It is hard; the answers will escape you at first, leaving you with more questions and uncertainty. But then there is that magic moment where you realize the simple truth and that’s when you can evolve into a bat like me.>”

Golbat frowned. “<Well if it is a simple truth, how come more of us don’t evolve? And what is that truth?>”

“<Sorry, can’t tell you.>”

“<Is it one of the secrets of the universe?>” Zubat asked, timid now.

Crobat laughed warmly and tapped the young one. “<Dude, you’ve got some serious dreaming going on in your head! I ain’t sure about that. The truth seems to be slightly different for each one that reaches this point. At least, mine wasn’t quite like the other Crobat I met a year back. But keep on dreaming; it’s a good sign that you might fly up to my level someday.>”

“<Oh, okay. So what’re you doing around here, man? You said you were from the sea.>”

“<Well I heard it said that the Shellos of the west coast have different tasting blood than the Shellos of the east coast. Now Shellos aren’t exactly the greatest meal in the world, yeah, but I’ve been wondering if that’s true. I’ve lived on the west coast forever, it seems, so I’m flying out to the east coast to find that truth.>”

“<I’ve heard about that too,>” Golbat said. “<But I’m not sure it’s worth flying a great distance just to sample the blood of a Shellos.>”

“<Come on, dude, where’s your sense of adventure? I’m sure there’ll be other Pokemon I’ve never tasted before too, so I think it’s worth the trip.>”

Golbat shook his head. “<Nah, there’s plenty of farm Pokemon around here, so I know there’ll always be a meal. And if I get lucky, I can take the blood of a human. Now that’s some good stuff.>”

“<Oh, I’ll agree with you on that. But humans are a dangerous prey to mess with. They got tools that’ll mess you up far more than any Pokemon could. And the Pokemon will usually fight you back alone. The humans will bring up other Pokemon and stomp you flat.>”

“<I wouldn’t know about that,>” Zubat said. “<I only eat microbugs right now.>”

“<That’s fine, you’re just a little dude right now. But if you ever get the urge to try later on, make sure to confuse ‘em real good. Or better yet, get them asleep.>”

“<But make sure they’re not confused in the first place,>” Golbat advised. “<I did that once and her blood tasted funny. And then I was all funny in the head all evening, not flying straight and laughing at every stupid little thing. Then in the morning, ugh, it makes me queasy just thinking about that morning after.>”

Crobat snickered. “<That’s called being drunk, dude. The human probably had too many beers that evening. You can tell cause they smell like it.>”

“<Whoa, okay, I’ll keep that in mind.>” Zubat stretched his wings out again; he sensed that the warm areas were cooling down, a sign that the sun was completely down. “<Well we’ve got to find my flock now. Goodbye, Crobat.>”

Crobat stretched out one of his main wings. “<Bye, little Zubat dude.>”

Note: Microbug is my term for insects that are not Pokemon: fleas, mosquitos, flies, beetles, normal 'bugs' for us. I imagine that you couldn't catch them in Pokeballs (and wouldn't want to, anyhow).

2nd February 2009, 11:02 PM
lol, I really like this one. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, just as you said. It had that feel too it (probably since you reminded me of it in your reply ^^ ).

Wonder what that Truth is... (only I would get that pun.. and my friends)

This was good. I liked the way the bats had a surfer feel to them. Man, and dude lol!

I really liked it.

EDIT: Nothing I could see wrong with it. Described well and the characterization was good. (I noticed I haven't been giving feedback on your writing. I will post my Guest Entry after a day or so. When and if others reply to your story)

4th February 2009, 12:41 AM
The Holy Nail? Where do you come up with these awesome ideas? I loved it. And Crobat's personality was awesome too. ^_^

President's Day? If you hadn't already done it, I'd suggest Obamasnow. *shot*

4th February 2009, 8:49 PM
Just checking back in to let you know I'm still reading.

I especially liked the Kangaskhan and Zubat/Golbat/Crobat ones.

The Kangaskhan one had a great setting and atmosphere and the "unknown" legendary statue was really cool.

The Crobat was hilarious. Just the way they all talked seemed so perfect. And I actually have a shiny Zubat.

Anyway, I'll PM you details for my guest entry soon.

4th February 2009, 10:23 PM

Here is my second guest entry. Once again, thank you Ysavvryl for allowing me to post a Podedex One-Shot and helping fix it up. I hope everyone enjoys it.

><> Truth

Pearl Entry: Ponyta’s legs grow strong while it chases after its parent. It runs in fields and mountains all day.

Ruby Entry: Swellow Flies high above our heads, making graceful arcs in the sky. This Pok&#233;mon dives at a steep angle as soon as it spots its prey. The hapless prey is tightly grasped by Swellow's clawed feet, preventing escape.

Sapphire Entry: Barboach's body is covered with a slimy film. If a foe grabs it, this Pok&#233;mon just slips out of the enemy's grip. This Pok&#233;mon grows weak if the slimy coating dries up.


The sun was setting. Oranges, pinks and purples spread across and rose in the sky. A pasture of Ponyta lay in the distance. They galloped and frolicked about all day long, giving chase to their parents or racing one another. Through this perpetual motion, the Ponyta had muscular legs.

A lake was on the edge of the pasture. The water was a clear blue, and all around it furry plants and grass swayed with the wind. Inside the lake was a limited amount of life that hid under the rocks I the lake. There were only a few kinds of fish, a dozen Magikarp, several Goldeen and a few Barboach.

High above a creature lurked. It stared down into the lake with its keen eyesight, scanning the water; waiting. Its blue top and white bottom wings held it easily in the sky. It had two tail feathers, both lunging sharply upward.

A Ponyta in the distance had noticed the bird. She stopped chasing her all too quick parents and instead observed the bird. She was eyeing it curiously, wondering what it was up to, way out here. Absent mindedly, she trotted towards the bird, never letting her eyes of it.

I wonder what that bird is up to, flying above the lake.

She came closer to the shoreline of the lake and recognized the bird immediately. It was a Swellow, a strong and stubborn bird. It would fly up their all day, waiting for its decided meal to poke its face out of the water. The Swellow’s powerful blue wings would allow it to soar all day. The bird looked fierce, with a neck and face of red, almost like war paint. One blue line streaked through the red, creating a collar.

Fierce and handsome were these creatures. Soaring elegantly, with minimum effort. Two tail feathers, sticking straight up always meant a sign of good health. This swellow was healthy, and no doubt looking for food; diligently waiting for the right moment to use its red claws to dig into the skin of some unlucky fish.

Ponyta, however, knew not the intent of the bird. Instead, she gazed upon its majesty; mystified by its elegance and power.

“Hey Fitz. What brings you over to the lake?” asked a voice. Startled, Ponyta leapt backwards and frantically looked about her. She noticed the fish, sticking its white head and blue mouth out of the water. Two blue whiskers protruded from the top of its mouth. It was her good friend Muds.

“Oh my gosh! Don’t startle me like that next time. I almost died from fright.” She spoke, with a breathy voice, relieved that it was her friend that spoke to her.

The barboach giggled, his squeaky voice filling Fitz’s ears. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were so lost in thought or something like that.”

“Well, that’s okay.” She looked up and didn’t see the bird above her anymore. “Hey, Muds, did you see a swellow in the sky just now?”

“A...a… swellow?” Muds shivered with fear. “I didn’t see one. But I think I should be going now. If there is one… I don’t want to be around to shake its claw.” With that, Muds dived into the water and swam towards the middle of the lake.

“Aww… cmon, don’t be a scaredy skitty. It was probably just looking around. I don’t see it anymore. It must have gone off. Come back here!”

She huffed as her friend ignored her. The flames on her back light bigger with anger. “Fine then! I’ll just talk to you later!” With that she stormed off.

“The nerve of that guy. Scaring me then running off without so much as a goodbye. Just because a little bird was around he quivers his fins.” She had walked a couple of minutes away from the lake before she looked up into the sky again. She noticed the Swellow flying closer to the ground, going towards the lake at an angle. Its powerful wings held close into its body, gaining speed, descending towards the lake at an incredible rate.

“Now, I wonder what this guy is up to.”

Before she realized it, the Swellow had passed her and shoved its claws into the lake, pulling out a skinny white fish, with a blue mouth and protruding whiskers.

“Help me! It got me!” the little fish squeaked, even higher than it normally did. It was Muds.

Without hesitation, Fitz galloped towards the lake as the bird started flying back in her direction. “Muds! Wriggle free. Aren’t you suppose to be slimy?!”

With her quick thinking, Muds realized she was right, and wriggled harder than before. Even as tight as Swellow’s grip was, Muds managed to slide free. He started plummeting to the earth. The Swellow was not about to let his game get free though. Quickly and elegantly spinning around, the bird dove after its prey.

Fitz was close now, and saw swellow dive back down for Muds. Muds was getting closer to the ground, too fast for her comfort. A thought flashed through her mind. He might not survive the fall.

Fitz, worrying for her friends safety, decided that all she could do was save him from either the powerful creature, or help him survive the fall. So she chose. I need to cover his back. He should be able to survive the fall if he…

“Muds! Save yourself. Squirt as much water you can towards the ground!”

Muds opened its small mouth and blasted water out, hitting the ground. The ground became muddy, and the blast was slowing him down.

Fitz puffed her chest up, rearing her head up. The flames on her body blazed faster, brightening. Without knowing what she was about to do, she blasted a long streaming flame into the sky. She couldn’t control it, but she managed to block the swellow from grabbing his prey again.

Muds had landed softly on the ground, spent after using all the water it could. He was breathing heavily. He could survive on land, but it was difficult to move easily on it.

Fitz was shocked at what she had done, but quickly recovered as the swellow descended upon Muds. After running for many days on the field, Fitz gathered all the strength she had and blitzed towards the bird whose speed was demonic.

Fitz, could not match the speed, but she had been closer from the start, and stood above the fish before the swellow could reach out with its claws.

She pulled her head upwards and roared.


Her chest puffed up again, and the flames on her body blazed quickly once again. A stream of fire shot out of her mouth for the second time today, creating a sucking sound from the intense heat. The fire scored a direct hit on the swellow’s chest and neck. He got rocketed upwards, flung across the sky and into the lake.

“Muds! Muds… are you all right?” the Ponyta asked sympathetically, forgetting her previous anger towards the fish.

Groaning, and breathing raspy, he managed to squeaky “yea.”

Fitz stood by the fish, letting him rest before she would ask him if he wanted her to take him back to the lake. She then remembered the bird and glanced where it fell. She noticed the bird was not getting up and flying away.

I hope he can’t fly anymore. Deserves him right, he won’t bother us anymore. She couldn’t stop thinking about the bird as she stared now at a figure floating on the lakes surface. Her amber eyes betrayed her, showing the worry she felt now. A lump built up in her throat. Did I kill him?

“Fitz, what’s wrong? Is something the matter? Are you hurt?” the fish coughed, regaining strength as he breathed more evenly.

“That Swellow… is not getting up from the lake…”

Muds raised his head, looking towards the lake. At first he felt glad. But as he stared at the unmoving figure, his eyes began to widen. Worry and fear were painting themselves on his face. His strength rejuvenated itself faster now.

“Bring me over into the lake. Maybe I can help him. Hurry before he sinks.”

Muds gave a commanding voice, almost deeper than his voice has ever been. Fitz didn’t argue, and opened her mouth. He hopped in, and her hate for the taste of fish came back. Her kind never ate meat, but she accidentally tried to eat a magikarp before; it didn’t work out too well. What was worse was Muds slimy texture, but Fitz ran to the lake anyways, trying to push the taste out of her mind.

Once she reached the lake, she lowered her muzzle and Muds slid into the water. He sped off in the direction of the sinking swellow, whose head managed to stay above the water for a few more seconds.

When he had reached the swellow, he pushed up against the bird with all his strength towards the shore, where a now a worried Ponyta waited.

As gentle and close as he could, Muds put the swellow up onto the shore. Fitz sat there, dazed, wondering what to do. The only sign of life the bird showed was a steady breathing. He hadn’t drowned; only knocked unconscious. Muds lifted the swellow above the water just before he was about to breathe in water.

He needs to dry off, Fitz thought to herself. She nudged the bird up the shore with her muzzle, away from the water. She then laid down around the bird, curling her body close to his. She relaxed and made her flames shrink enough so she would not burn the swellow.

She sat there for ten… twenty…….. thirty minutes before the bird started to move. He first coughed a little, then pulled his head up before swinging it back down. He was dizzy. He looked around after his head stopped spinning. What he saw surprised him.

A ponyta was huddled around him, gazing intently at him. A barboach lay on the shoreline, not too far from where he was, staring with just as much intensity as the ponyta.

“Wha… What… happened?” Swellow managed to say, breathing deeply with each word. He never felt so out of breathe.

The ponyta answered him. “You tried to eat my friend! That’s what happened. Then I gave you a lashing. You plummeted, and fell in the water. Your earlier ‘catch’ saved you just in the nick of time, before you started swallowing water.” She was suddenly angry at him. She huffed and looked away. The flames on her body started to grow.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…. Please forgive me.” He was apologizing. Food was food to him. He never thought much about the food he ate.

“You’re lucky Muds over there saved you. I would have been long gone before you woke up if he didn’t look so worried about you,” she snobbishly looked away, “Thank him for saving you too. And apologize to him. You didn’t do anything but worry me about my friend. Whom you were going to devour.” Fitz stood up, easing herself up around him, and walked away.

“Sorry about her. She angers quickly, but she is really a kind person. My name is Muddling, but everyone calls me Muds.” The Barboach spoke to the Swellow. His fear of the bird had gone.

“My name is Starkly," the bird puffed up proudly, only to cough in pain. "Sorry about earlier…. Food is food…. You know?”

“That’s okay. I understand. Except, I would have hated to be eaten….” Muds laughed a little, “I guess you will be going when you regain your strength.”

Starkly nodded. He managed to stand up, wobbling a little from side to side. He had gained some strength.

“I don’t think I can fly. That fire…. whatever it was…. was too strong. It might take me a few hours to recover.”

Muds nodded sympathetically, “Makes sense. That was a strong blast. She would have roasted me.”

The two talked a while longer, before dark had fully descended. Fitz was sleeping near her parents. Muds dove deep, hiding under the lake floor. Starkly remained in the grassy field near the lake most of the night. Regaining strength as he slept.

He awoke in the middle of the night. The stars twinkled in the sky. A cool breeze came from the East, making the grass sway. Kricketune chirped their melodies, singing to the full moon. Starkly felt a wondrous peace that he never once came across. The way the world was completely at ease; molding everything together into beauty. A beauty he did not think he encountered before… or had not noticed. His experience with death now must have brought about this new awareness. He looked up into the sky, and thought about life. He thought about death.

How trivial, is it, for one such as myself to merely survive? But what is there besides only surviving?

He tried to shake off his ‘ridiculous’ notion, but then stopped, and mumbled to himself, “Maybe there is more to life….”

The bird flapped his wings, testing his strength. He could make it some distance before he needed to rest again. He sat up, preparing to leave. He looked at it all once more. A star flashed across the sky.

He jumped up and rose with the winds.

Fitz heard something, a whistle of wind. She looked up and saw the bird, flying elegantly in the sky, rocking with the wind. It flew high going at the pace of the clouds, shimmering next to the stars.

How she wished she could fly. She closed her eyes, and lulled back to sleep, listening to the Kricketunes’ song.

Smear Vinci
5th February 2009, 1:21 AM
Go barboach! :D

These are as good as ever. I would like to request a beedrill b lease?

10th February 2009, 3:50 AM
Those three worked so nicely together. I'm always pleasently surprised when that happens with a group of apparently random Pokemon.

I'm tempted to play around with this story and make it much longer. It has some interesting questions and issues that I've not seen done in Pokemon fanfic. Course, it might have been done and I've just plain not seen it.

In Process: Aipom/Piloswine
On Deck: Mudkip, Dunsparce/Qwilfish, Beedrill
Reserve: Luvdisc (2/14)

Ruby/Sapphire entry: Sometimes, on a dark night, your shadow thrown by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It is actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow.

Diamond/Pearl entry: A master of courtesy and swordsmanship, it fights using extending swords on its elbows.

It was late. The flow of people along the city sidewalks was slowing. Most were in a hurry, to get home, to get to a party, to get to an appointment, to get somewhere else. A woman trying to hold onto a full basket and dial her cell phone was unwittingly asking for an accident. The accident obliged, catching her heels in a crack and causing her to stumble forward.

Someone caught her. At first, she thought it was some skinny teenager with odd tastes in clothing. Fresh white and spring green wasn’t a fashion trend that she was aware of. But then it was apparent that his body was too slim and his head was not quite human-like. It was a Pokemon.

Still, it was polite enough to bend over and pick up a stray package that had fallen out of her basket. When he handed the underwear box to her, she was briefly glad that it was Pokemon helping her. Blushing, she slipped it back into the basket. “Thanks,” she mumbled, then went on her way.

The Gallade nodded. “<You’re welcome,>” he replied, then went on his way.

He walked down the street on his errand. True, he could have teleported and made this menial task much quicker. But he wanted to soak in this moment alone, reflective... quiet.

The night streets weren’t exactly quiet. There were still cars and motorcycles rumbling along the roads. The lights overhead hummed and attracting buzzing bugs. Apartments he passed by had blaring radios, loud conversations, noisy machines. It was different though, and in that difference he could be reflective.

Arriving at the parking lot of the convenience store, he paused and wondered why he was doing this. He had been loyal and obedient to his Trainer for years. He had defeated many difficult opponents and achieved many lofty goals. All that, and what did he get out of it? Moving into a frantic city where the best thing to happen all day was running a simple errand? It didn’t seem fair. He was still young, he should be able to...

Although he was standing, his shadow jumped out in front of him and made a rude gesture. He tensed for a moment, but soon realized what was going on. He stepped forward with his right foot and extended both of his arm blades. “<Looking for trouble, shadow?>”

It appeared to laugh, bringing out identical blades and waving them about like a bad kung-fu actor. In contrast, the Gallade made several quick jabs with his right blade, then followed up with a graceful slash of his left. The shadow brought both of its arms over its head, then sliced them down in a motion of brute force. He responded by retracting his left blade, then shooting Psybeam at the ground.

The false shadow popped right out of the ground, transforming into a hulking dark purple beast. It had ghostly claws on bulky arms, nothing suitable for mimicking a graceful sword artist. Still, he had a broad grin. “<Hey Ray. It’s been a while.>”

He sighed as he retracted his right blade too. “<Good evening, George. And yet you still look like a fool when playing at my shadow.>”

The Gengar held his claws up and shook his head. “<I ain’t got no interest in following your smarmy style. How’s the jerk doing?>”

“<You’re just angry that he traded you off.>” Ray paused a moment, considering that it was a fair reason for his former teammate to dislike their Trainer. “<He’s all right. Does good at his job, has lots of friends, that kind of thing.>”

“<Boring. I’m glad to be on my own.>”

“<So what exactly are you doing? Pestering me for old time’s sake?>”

“<Could be. Nah. I was looking for you, actually.>”

Skeptical of this, he put his hands on his hips. “<For me?>”

George nodded, but the glint to his eyes suggested something was up. “<Yeah, for you. What are you doing on this lovely night?>”

“<That’s none of your business.>”

In his usual spooky manner, he was soon standing next to Ray instead of in front of him. “<Oo, are we being evasive tonight? You’re not evasive unless it’s something you really dislike.>”

“<It’s nothing, really, just picking up some things from the store.>”

“<Like what things?>” Enjoying his discomfort greatly, George grinned to show his sharp teeth. “<I know you won’t lie to someone you know.>”

“<You know me way too well,>” he grumbled.

“<So what is it that’s got us all tensed up tonight?>”

“<It’s just a stupid errand, but it’s the only excuse I’ve had to leave the house all day. I’m picking up some baby formula and diapers.>”

To Ray’s surprise, George seemed almost pleasantly surprised. “<Is that so? The jerk and his woman had a baby?>”

“<Twins, actually,>” he replied, relaxing some at how the news was taken. “<Two boys. It’s been quite exciting the past year.>”

He chuckled. “<Nice, twins. Sounds a bit too exciting, if you ask me. You all getting settled into the domestic life, then?>”

“<It’s only as long as the twins are little. When they’re older, we’ll go back to traveling and camping like before.>”

“<Yeah right. Sounds like you’re stuck being a homebody.>”

“<Just temporarily,>” Ray argued, getting tense again. “<Our, sorry, my Trainer is all for heading back out to the wilds when the kids can handle it. He likes to tell all the great stories, like how we explored those old mines and found that Dawn Stone just in the nick of time to keep me from evolving into a Gardevoir. And even ones with you, like how you intimidated all the Ghastlies into leaving us alone in the graveyard that night...>”

George waved that off. “<Ah, then he’s turning into a storyteller like all the others. I’ve talked to a bunch of other guys, and they say that once the humans start having kids, then it’s all over for you. Your best days are behind you.>”

“<No they’re not,>” he replied, although there had been many times that he had thought that exact thing today.

The Gengar chuckled, then pulled out a large coin and tossed it over. “<You keep telling yourself that. Or, I’ve got an offer for you.>”

He caught the coin and looked at it. Made of copper, it was marked with an Octillery on one side, and a name on the other. “<A bar token?>”

“<I’m heading out on a quest of sorts, with some guys. It’ll be quite an adventure, but I doubt any human would come along with us. We were talking about what and who we might need and I knew immediately that you would be an immense help. That is, if you’d come along.>”

“<I’m a loyal Pokemon,>” Ray said sternly.

George nodded. “<And so am I, to those who deserve it. That is why I came looking for you. Are you really going to stay loyal to someone who’s going to restrain you to home for the rest of your life? And what difference is there between how he treated you and how he treated me?>”

“<He’s not about to trade me.>”

“<Are you sure? You keep your blades pretty sharp, don’t you?>”

“<Of course. I’m proud of them.>”

“<So what’s he going to do when his woman complains about having a bladed Pokemon around their kids?>”

“<I wouldn’t hurt the twins.>”

“<But you know how mothers can get.>”

“<She knows I wouldn’t harm them.>”

“<Okay, then you just keep telling yourself that it’s not a bad thing to be stuck as a homebody, only getting out at odd hours to serve the crying babies. Or, you can drop by that place some night this week and talk with us. But this week, mind you. After that, I’m sorry, but you’re on your own.>” George then dematerialized back into the shadows and left.

Part of Ray’s mind told him it was best to throw the Octillery bar token away. But it wasn’t strong enough to make him do it. More of him feared that George was speaking the truth, that his best days were behind him thanks to those two brats. Not that he’d tell anyone that he thought of the twins as brats who were stealing his Trainer’s attention and love.

Even after all this time apart, George knew him much too well. Ray went in to pick up the formula and the diapers. But as he paid for them, he wondered if he had the nerve to run away.

10th February 2009, 4:12 AM
When he handed underwear box to her,

A 'the' is missing.

This was good. I liked Gallades character and the thoughts about a trainer having children and what happens to the Pokemon. Jealousy... just like a child. Which made it rather... heartwarming in a sense.

I liked it ^^

10th February 2009, 9:51 PM
You're right, I haven't seen an issue like this brought up in a fan-fic. It does have some interesting points though. Well, congrats on another original idea. I enjoyed this one, as well as #chimecho#'s. Who would have guess that three random pokemon would work so well together.

11th February 2009, 12:41 AM
The ponyta answered him
Needs punctuation. Besides that, I couldn't find any errors.

I quite liked Ponyta/Swellow/Barboach, they just fit together so nicely. And Gengar/Gallade does bring up some interesting points that I just have to ponder over. Great job to both of you. ^_^

11th February 2009, 12:55 AM
Dun Dun DUN!!!!! An Error Was Found! haha!

Thanks for catching that ^^, and for the nice replies.

The Gengar/Gallade was really interesting, in the sense it brought up multiple things I haven't really seen other stories bring up. There are such great story ideas in most of Ysavvyrl's one-shots. Things to expand off of is what I mean.

12th February 2009, 4:54 PM
Intro to this one went on a little longer than I expected, but it's still good.

Glancing ahead to March, there's two holidays in close proximety: St. Patrick's Day (17th) and the vernal equinox (first day of spring-20th). Since the last legendary story I did was back in December, I'd like to do a legendary for one of those holidays and something thematic for the other. I'm open to any suggestions (although I have a feeling one legendary has a 75% chance of being picked for either holiday).

Completed: Luvdisc (2/14)
In Process: Mudkip
On Deck: Dunsparce/Qwilfish, Beedrill

Emerald entry: Its tail ends with a dexterous, handlike appendage. However, because it uses the tail so much, Aipom's real hands have become rather clumsy.

Emerald entry: A Piloswine is covered by a thick coat of long hair for enduring freezing cold. It uses its tusks to dig up food that has been buried under ice.

The first in line was the Piloswine. He seemed like a tall mound of brown hair wading through the sparkling snow. Acting as a natural plow, he dug his tusks into the stuff and heaved it off the sidewalk. He did not walk directly down the path; instead, he wove around clearing it of snow. Snowpoint nearly always was coated in white, but last night’s storm had dumped two feet of hard icy snow on top of everyone. It crunched delightfully when one walked on it, but made it dangerous to go far.

The second in line was the Aipom. Unlike her peer, she was not happy with the cold. Over her natural violet coat of fur, she wore a bright green coat borrowed from a child, a rainbow hat knitted by their Trainer’s granny, and a custom made glove over her tail. In that tail’s grasp, she held onto a shovel. She used that to get spots the Piloswine missed, as he was best at clearing large amounts of snow.

The last in line was their Trainer, a ten-year-old boy who carried an old broom and pulled a red wagon. The broom was for clearing anything leftover snow and scaring off wild Pokemon from his working ones. The wagon was for carrying his things and for Aipom to ride in on the way back home. While Piloswine didn’t mind walking around all day, she would get tired or start fussing over her wet feet and hands.

Although it wasn’t yet noon, they was starting to feel tired from the day’s work. They’d been up since dawn shoveling people’s walks and driveways. While it was a chore that the residents got used to, their neighbors were grateful to have a Saturday morning free. They had paid pretty well, the boy thought. His goal was to buy a heated bed for Aipom.

He had caught her during the summer when he’d been visiting some relatives in Florama Town, so she really disliked the northern city’s climate. She had been sleeping near Piloswine for a while, but they wound up annoying each other. His parents did not like the two of them arguing in the middle of the night, so he had to tell Aipom not to sleep by Piloswine even though his fur was warm. Then she started digging into the laundry basket and sleeping in the dirty clothes. The boy’s mother had not liked that either.

He was pretty sure that he had enough money for the bed, but felt bad in not buying his older Pokemon anything. However, his parents had limits to how far he could go from the house, even with his two Pokemon. They had run out of driveways and sidewalks to clear. But then at the last house, he got a great offer. They could get ten dollars instead of two if they cleared the path and stairs leading up to Snowpoint Temple.

The Temple was a source of wonder for all the kids of Snowpoint. Few people allowed inside, but the older kids said that if one snuck in, there were tons of powerful Pokemon waiting for a fight. He wasn’t interested in doing that today, though. He didn’t think his Pokemon could handle the ones inside alone. Maybe if they were stronger.

The group reached the stairs, which presented something of a problem. The Temple sat on a raised stone surface, so there was nowhere to throw the snow to except back down where they had already cleared. Piloswine stopped and turned to him. Aipom dropped her tail down, putting the shovel on the sidewalk.

“Go ahead and toss the snow down here,” the boy told the older Pokemon as he parked the wagon. “And you swap tools with me.”

Piloswine huffed agreeably, causing the lower parts of his fur to billow out. Then he dug a patch out of the lower step and began shoving the snow down.

“Oook,” Aipom squeaked, then brought the shovel back up for him to take hold of. When she took the old broom, she playfully spun it around before figuring out how to wield it properly.

The boy then went about shoveling up the snow Piloswine threw down, then tossing that off the sidewalk. Aipom followed up by sweeping off the steps and getting into the corners. It took a long while; the houses he’d done so far had a few steps leading up to the door, at most three. The Temple had twelve long steps leading up to its entrance. Adding to that time, Aipom and Piloswine kept flicking snow at each other. But they seem to be having fun, so their Trainer only laughed.

As they finished up, the gatekeeper of the Temple came down the path. “Thank you very much for doing this,” she said. “I’ve been busy making arrangement with a group of scientists who are visiting later.” She handed over a ten dollar bill.

“You’re welcome; glad we could help.” He took the bill and put it into a box where he kept all the other payments. This would be enough for the heated bed and some treat for Piloswine. And maybe even some trading cards for himself.

“You three are good workers. I never liked having Fire Pokemon clear the walkway. If they don’t make sure the path is completely dry, it freezes up something awful.”

“Really? So, what’s it like in there? Can I go see?”

“No, you can’t. It’s too dangerous.”

He was going to try pestering her into letting him in anyways. Realizing this, his Pokemon looked around for something to do to pass the time. Aipom looked up at the edge of the roof. A dazzling row of icicles sparkled in the sunlight. One of them had something stuck in it. Something dark, shiny, and small.

Cooing in interest, she hopped over to underneath it. There were columns holding the roof up, but none close enough to the icicle she wanted. There were trees growing thickly nearby, but they also weren’t close enough. So how should she get to it?

She tried putting her tail hand on the ground and stretching up tall. But when she stretched her small arms out, there was no way she’d reach it. She tried hopping up, but couldn’t manage the height. She even tried standing on her forearms and stretching her tail up. No, that wasn’t enough.

Piloswine scuttled up to her. “Fuuff fuu?” he huffed. He rarely made significant noises, but she could tell by how his eyebrows pushed his fur aside that he was curious.

Hopping back up on her tail, she pointed up at the mystery treasure in the icicle. “Ooo, ook.”

He shook his head, clearing some fur away from his eyes, then looked up. Those brown eyes squinted, though. He didn’t have the best eyesight. Huffing again, he looked at her.

Aipom waved him over and hopped back. Trying not to be too excited in her gestures, she pointed at the spot directly underneath the icicle, then back up at it. Piloswine might just be tall enough to help her get the treasure.

“Mmmm?” He glanced back up, then seemed to get the idea. He shuffled over to the spot she pointed to. “Fuff.”

“Aaip.” She dropped down to her hands and feet, then reached her tail up to grasp onto Piloswine’s back. Flipping herself up from there, she checked her reach to the icicle.

It was closer. Not quite there, but other icicles were longer and she could reach those. She grasped the nearest one. It was slick and she instantly lost grip. After trying a second time, she tensed up her tail and hopped up higher. “Ooof,” the Piloswine responded, then shuffled aside to watch what she was doing.

Aipom had to scramble to get a good hold on the icicles. Once she found a rough patch, she managed to steady herself. She was now in a better position to see the treasure. It was some sort of claw, either mid- or dark-blue depending on how she tilted her head. Its owner had probably lost it climbing up these icicles too.

But it was hers now. She grasped the icicle with her tail hand and yanked it off the roof. It snapped off cleanly. The claw stayed in place. But above her, the snow pack on the roof trembled. “Uh-ooo,” she murmured.

Nothing happened.

Relieved, she reached over to the next icicle in order to get a good look down before jumping off. It snapped quickly, disturbing the snow pack again. This time, it slid right off the roof, taking several icicles and Aipom down with it. The mass of snow crashed down right next to Piloswine, making him grunt in surprise.

The two humans then paid attention to the Pokemon again. “Aipom?” the boy called when he didn’t see her right off. He hurried over. “What happened to Aipom?”

Piloswine huffed, then went to the new pile of snow and dug. Before long, he had enough snow moved so that Aipom could get herself free. “Brrrr,” she said, shivering.

“Fuuuff fu,” he responded, bumping into her.

“I’d better get you back home. Come on, you can ride in the wagon.”

She scrambled fully out of the snow pile and brought her tail up to her face. The icicle was still there, along with the claw. “Oook!” she called excitedly, presenting the frozen treasure to her Trainer.

He took the icicle. “Huh? Is this a Weavile claw? Cool!”

“Now there’s something we don’t see in town often,” the gatekeeper said. “I hear that you might get lucky if you let a Sneasel hold onto that.”

“I don’t have one of them. Might as well keep it, in case I manage to catch one. I’ll see you later. I’m really cold right now, but I’m sure she needs to get warm more than me.”

She nodded. “Right. Thanks again for your hard work.”

Aipom jumped into the wagon and waved at the gatekeeper. Piloswine huffed, then followed alongside the boy as they went home.

13th February 2009, 8:12 AM
First! Woot!

13th February 2009, 8:12 AM
First! Woot! Good story!

14th February 2009, 4:26 PM
Still looking for ideas on St. Patrick's Day and first day of spring with one being a legendary.

This story partly comes from how, in Ruby at least, you nearly always find a Heart Scale hiding in the landscape around couples. Happy Valentine's Day!

In Process: Mudkip
On Deck: Dunsparce/Qwilfish, Beedrill

Emerald entry: Luvdisc make the branches of Corsola their nests. There is a custom from long ago of giving a Luvdisc as a gift to express one's feelings of love.

The coral reefs of Hoenn made for one of the most diverse and colorful ecosystems in the world. There were many kinds of fish and fish Pokemon. There were both jellyfish and Tentacools. There were micro-bugs and the occasional Surskit. Even the reefs themselves, much of them were ordinary plants, but some of them were Corsolas. Hiding within these reefs were Luvdiscs, a Pokemon special to local traditions.

The small heart-shaped fish usually kept hidden, save for springtime mating rituals and the test of adulthood. The latter was a rite peculiar to the species. Most other Pokemon did not have such tests, but ancient traditions stated that a Luvdisc was not considered fully mature unless it could produce a whole Heart Scale and offer it to a loving human couple. Why this was so was buried in legend to the point of the Luvdiscs continuing it simply because it was always done that way.

And that was her mission when she had left the reefs a week ago.

She had been so excited when she’d finally shed a whole Scale that she’d crashed into a Clamperl trying to find her mother. It had not been pleased and she had been afraid for a bit that it would ruin her first Heart Scale. But she’d managed to get away and show off the Scale to her family and friends.

It was a lovely thing. Most of their scales were pink, but a few had an iridescent sheen to them, like a rainbow painted on a pink canvas. The iridescent ones were the only ones that could become a true Heart Scale. However, when they were shed, most of the scales had frayed edges or cracks. To shed a whole one, with clean edges and no dullness, that was something to be proud of. They were happy for her, but now she had to give it away.

But who knew that it would be so hard? She could see plenty of humans on the beach, but none she felt right in giving her scale away to. Maybe she was just being possessive. It was her first Scale, after all. And yet...

It was nearing the end of winter, as the days were becoming even with the nights and the air was warming little by little. Still, there were people walking along the shore. There were beachcombers carrying their woven baskets. There were joggers running up and down in daily routines. There were a few children, but that was in the afternoon and their parents weren’t around. There were surfers and swimmers, artists and anglers... but not many couples.

The young Luvdisc swam close to one couple she did see. It was a young man and young woman, he wearing waterproof pants that all the beachside anglers wore and she wearing a nice yellow dress that made her wary of getting too close to the water. For a minute, he had put down his fishing gear to help her balance on some rocks. The cold waves lapped against those rocks and teased at her black shoes.

Once she was as far out as she would go, she knelt down and tossed a berry into the water. “Luvdisc, Luvdisc, heart of the sea, will you prove my true love to me?”

The young Pokemon had heard that little rhyme several times over this week. The berry certainly smelled tempting, but she had been warned not to accept bribes from undeserving couples. And this pair didn’t seem right. There was a feeling of tension between the two that didn’t bode well for long-lasting love. He had put away his fishing for the moment, yes, but was annoyed because he had been doing well before the interruption. She had dressed up nicely for this, yes, but her attention wasn’t completely on him.

They were doomed to fall apart unless they changed themselves. They might be looking for a Heart Scale, but once their love failed, it would no longer mean anything special to them. With that in mind, the Luvdisc ignored them and swam off to find another couple.

The next pair she found was a pair of teenagers, both with red hair. They were playing around, kicking a soccer ball between each other and joking around. “No seriously, it’s an awesome Pokemon and would work great on your team,” the boy said, knocking the ball high into the air.

“But it stinks something horrible,” she replied, catching the ball with her knee, then kicking it back. “I don’t want one like that.”

“Aw come on. You’re not going to stand a chance in the League if you only use cute and pretty Pokemon.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “What makes you think that, squirt?” Then she laughed.

He laughed back and shook his head.

They certainly loved each other, even if they weren’t that open about it. But they didn’t feel right either. Somewhere in her heart, the Luvdisc felt that this pair were actually cousins, and thus weren’t appropriate humans to offer her Scale to. So she left them and moved on.

How did she know how to judge the quality of love humans had for each other? She knew she could do it, but she didn’t know how. Legend had it that long ago, there was a holy man and holy woman who were deeply in love with each other, so much so that they had died at the same moment because they could not bear to live without the other. The older Luvdiscs had told her that a pair of trees had grown from their graves that were so intertwined that one could not tell which leaf came from which tree.

During their lifetime, the man and woman had seen many of their peers foolishly pursue false loves and unhappy marriages. They tried to show others the wonder and joy of true love, but human society wouldn’t pay attention. They then began leaving offerings on the sea, praying that the others would learn to be loyal, loving, and patient. The Luvdiscs living at the shore began eating the offerings, and then some way or another, they gained the ability to discern true love from false. To use that ability, they began rewarding true couples with a lovely Heart Scale.

It seemed such an odd story, even to her limited understanding. Why would the spirits decide to answer the couple’s prayers by giving the knowledge of true love to a lowly Pokemon like herself? There were far more beautiful and graceful fish in the sea, so why the Luvdisc? But even if she couldn’t answer those questions, she knew she had to follow tradition. It was her gift, and it was only right that she share it properly. Which meant waiting patiently to find the right couple for her Heart Scale.

She paused a moment to check the sky. The sun was starting to pass from its highest position. Wondering if she would meet that one human again, the young Luvdisc hurried on to the southern arm of the sheltered bay. The land was a bit higher here, with many grasses and reeds growing freely. There was a hardy oak tree by itself. Next to that tree, she was indeed there again.

This human was about the same age as the fisherman and his girlfriend, old enough to be on her own. She had tinted prescription glasses and long black hair, which was how the Luvdisc knew this was the same human. Every day this week, she had come out here to eat her lunch. And she shared, which was the main reason a handful of other fish were gathering.

Like before, she pulled out a chunk of bread and began tearing it into pieces. “I thank the sea for your protection, your life-giving abundance, and your unbiased ear. I thank you for listening to me.” She then tossed a handful of pieces into the water.

Normally, the Luvdisc ate algae and small pests that bothered the corals and Corsolas which made up her home. But such things were scarce in these shallow waters. She darted in and snatched a piece of bread before another fish could take it instead.

The woman noticed. She lay down and reached her hand into the water. Most of the fish scattered at this, but the Luvdisc remained. “Are you the same one I’ve been seeing all week? It’s early for you to be up here and you’re all by yourself.”

She swam up and sniffed at the woman’s hand, getting patted for the action. This young woman held a great love, she could tell, but was always alone and thus she couldn’t give away her Scale. It was reckless to judge true love just on one half of it.

“Of course, I’m all by myself too,” the woman said. “It wouldn’t be like that if I’d said something to him before he left. And now you go into the Trainer’s Fan Club and hear all sorts of talk about him. He could probably date anyone he wants now, so why would he think of returning to me? I knew he’d be good, but I didn’t expect him to get this popular with the Frontier.”

She felt sad for this human, since there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She could only reward truly loving couples. Frustrating, that the only love she could find worthy of her Scale couldn’t properly be judged because the man wasn’t around.

Someone else walked up to them, startling the Luvdisc into darting off towards the bottom. When she looked back, she saw the woman stand up and greet him warmly. Curious about this, she swam back up to listen better.

“I heard you like to eat lunch around here lately,” he said, obviously familiar with her. “I was in town and decided to drop by and see you. So what are you doing?”

“Oh, just feeding the fish. It’s relaxing, for the middle of the workday.”

This was the guy she’d been talking about all week. He had dark blue hair and light blue eyes, like the ocean against the sky (that’s how she put it yesterday). The Luvdisc wasn’t much of a judge on human beauty, but guessed that he might be attractive to others. And he held a great love for her as well, but was holding back on the issue. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship by trying to be something they weren’t.

If her Heart Scale could encourage them to take that risk, she’d gladly give it to them. She popped through the ocean surface and splashed around to make noise. But they were too intent on talking with each other to pay attention to her.

Well she’d spent all week waiting for them to appear together. She wasn’t about to let them slip away from her. The Luvdisc swam down to the bottom, then rushed upwards and jumped clear out of the water. With a clumsy flop, she landed on the ground.

“Oh dear,” the woman said, kneeling down to pick her up. “What was that for?”

He smiled in amusement. “Your pink friend is a bit enthusiastic, don’t you think?”

“She’s been here by herself all week. I’m not sure why.”

The air hit her gills and irritated them greatly. She found it difficult to move and to breathe, but she’d got their attention. Squirming until she could manage, she took her Heart Scale from underneath her fin and pressed it against the woman’s hand. She then found herself being gently placed back in the water. It was such a relief when she could shake the air out of her gills and fill them with water once again.

“Oh, she gave me a scale,” the woman said, surprised.

“Really? That’s odd. Poeple say the Luvdiscs only give them to certain people,” he stopped abruptly, not sure what to do.

“Yeah, that’s true.”

He was awkward for a moment longer, then opened his travel bag. “You know, I’ve got an extra Net Ball hanging around. Do you want to see if you can catch her? I know you haven’t had your own Pokemon in a while.”

The Luvdisc watched as he handed the blue Pokeball to her. What should she do? Should she go with them and see if the legends were right? Or did she go back to her school and be accepted as a fully mature member?

There was only seconds to decide.

15th February 2009, 5:41 AM
instead, he wove around clearing it of snow

I think a comma should be added or the comma should be shifted to after 'around,' Just being nitpicky ^^

A nice story. Though oddly a bit random haha! All your stories have so much more that could be made out of them. It is so dissapointing more isn't. However, they are good little stories.

The Lovedisc one was sweet, but boo at the ... semi-cliffhanger?! Haha! I wonder what will happen. I liked it though. It had good thoughts about love to ponder.

I also liked the legend/folk tale you added in there. Made it seem all the more real and plausible.

><> Truth

15th February 2009, 11:03 PM
I loved both of those stories, particularly that last one. The folk story was quite awesome, it made it deeper and more real. Now I wonder what would happen if a malicious Luvdisc intentionally gave a scale to an undeserving couple.

Also, I'll suggest Celebi for either of those days. Because someone had to. ^_^;

16th February 2009, 12:32 AM
Darn beaten!
I was going to suggest Glalie/Bellossom for the Vernal Equinox to symbolize the change from winter to Spring and Rayquaza or Celebi for St. Patty's Day since they're green, but I think you should save Celebi for Serebii's tenth anniversary.

I read most of the stories I missed from the Turtwig/Staraptor one, but I'm not done catching up yet.
Can I request a one-shot for the Porygon line?

16th February 2009, 12:44 AM
Can you do a Dragonite/Salamence or the Hitmon family?

17th February 2009, 8:40 AM
Sorry it's been so long, I didn't have access to a laptop. Anywho:

Dragonite / Garchomp - Such a moral in this one! Jaithan's arrogance is spot-on, a few people would do well to read this one. Also, ha, holy nail. I can't help but wonder what it would look like.. I especially loved the descriptions at the beginning.

Bat family - Dude, I smiled like a drunkard through this, man. Their happiness is intoxicating. Some of the greatest anecdotes come out of this thread, I swear.

Swellow / Ponyta / Barboach - A lovely insight into the Pokemon food chain, and certainly more. I loved how this seemingly simple encounter changed three Pokemon for the better. A meaningful story, great work, #Chimecho#.

Gengar / Gallade - ASLDFKJD Oh gosh, this was exactly what I was hoping for when I requested these two. The ever srs Gallade and the renegade Gengar. I loooved this story. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be ecstatic if you continued this, but then it's your story!

Just a typo:

like how you intimidated all the Ghastlies into leaving us alone

Gastlys*, or Gastlies*, there's no real wrong plural for Pokemon.

Aipom / Piloswine - Reminds me of the window-washing entry! The variety of characters and situations in these are amazing. Yet another odd couple, somehow living symbiotically. These glimpses into lives are always inspiring. <3

Luvdisc - Loved this story. The Luvdisc backstory was interesting in itself, and I loved her assessments of each couple. It was very sweet, and the cliffhanger sure surprised me. D: Well, I can always pretend I know what happened. <3

I suppose I'll suggest Shaymin for St .Patrick's Day, since it was the first I thought of. Either way, I'm looking forward to reading. Thanks for doing my request!

18th February 2009, 4:54 AM
I like the idea of Glalie/Bellosom. So for St. Patrick's Day, it's Rayquaza, Celebii, or Shaymin. But I agree, Celebii on Serebii's anniversery would be better; I'll have to find out when that is exactly. So the question now is, Rayquaza or Shaymin? (Personally, I think the name Shaymin even sounds Irish...)

I did both Dragonite and Salamence. Which one of the Hitmons, then? I'm not too sure about doing another 4 entry story; if I do, I'll have to stick in on Reserve for whenever I get time to arrange it.

As for this story, I always thought Mudkip was a victim of its own internet fad. It's such a nice Pokemon, but that 'Mudkipz' line makes it so silly. I was going to do something dignified with it... and then I suddenly got in the mood to do something with Caddyshack instead. Man, it's been too long since I've seen that movie.

In Process: Dunsparce/Qwilfish
On Deck: Beedrill, Porygon line
Reserve: Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Ruby entry: The fin on Mudkip's head acts as highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, this Pokemon can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes.

Fire Red entry: It burrows through the ground at a shallow depth. It leaves raised earth in its wake, making it easy to spot.

The surface of the pond was brilliant blue, but the water underneath was dim. Mud particles saturated the bottom, making it difficult to see. But Azure had no trouble with that. She could click in a low tone, then use the returning sound waves hitting her headfin to figure out what was on the muddy bottom. There didn’t seem to be any more, so she started back for the surface.


She raised her fin back up to get a better feel of the disturbance. A small sphere had dropped into the pond. As it was an inanimate object, she swam right up to it and snatched it with her mouth. The small dimples on the surface confirmed what it was: another golf ball. She brought it up to the surface, where her Trainer waited.

He was an older human, with a bald patch he hid under a tan baseball cap advertising the Pristine Meadow Golf Course. He always wore tan overalls; at least, she had only ever seen him in tan overalls for the two weeks she’d been working with him. He was the groundskeeper of the golf course and she was learning to be his assistant Pokemon.

Azure dropped the ball into the basket, which held twenty others that she’d retrieved from the pond. “<That should be the last one.>”

The groundskeeper patted her head. “Good work, girl. Any more?”

She shook her head.

“Okay then. Hop into the cart and we’ll head over to the third hole. Now that I know you’re a hard worker, we have to talk about the most important part of your job as Pokemon Assistant.”

Eager to hear that, she jumped into the passenger seat of the golf cart they used to get around. It was like every other cart on the course, yellow-tan and off-white, except for the green flag on back. That marked them as staff and the golfers respected them for it.

She hadn’t been over to the third hole yet. There were no ponds for the golf balls to fall into, just several groupings of trees for them to get lost in. The grass was green and immaculate, like everywhere else in Pristine Meadow. The groundskeeper did an excellent job and Azure was proud to be picked as his assistant.

He stopped the cart and leaned on the steering wheel. “Okay, you see the problem?”

Azure put her forepaws on the dash and looked ahead of them. But the course looked pretty much the same here as anywhere. Lots of tough grass and a flagpole marking the third hole. “<Ummm, not really.>”

“It’s that darn Diglett again,” he answered, hitting his fist on the dash. “I call him Little Demon. He can dig pretty deep into this soil, that’s for certain, but he always digs right under the surface, leaving unsightly lumps and trenches that ruin all my hard work. And every year, at least a dozen people sprain their ankle stumbling into one of his tunnels. I’ve gone with all the traditional ways of getting rid of a Diglett, but Demon has it out for me.”

Knowing what to look for, Azure finally spotted the trouble. There were several long winding lumps in the otherwise smooth grass. “<That jerk. You do so much for the course and he can wreck it in no time.>”

The groundskeeper scratched her head. “But that’s why I picked you, Azure. You can hit him where he’s weakest. And when you evolve, you’ll grow into the same type as he is, so he won’t stand a chance. You’re my best hope of getting rid of Demon once and for all. You can do that, right?”

“<Sure thing! I’ll root him out.>” She hopped off the cart and sniffed the ground.

“Careful. He’s a tricky one.” The groundskeeper picked up one of his tools and went to work himself.

Keeping her fin extended fully, she checked out the scene. Some of the tunnels seemed fresh, with newly revealed dirt. And there was a scent of another Pokemon around. So Little Demon was here. The trick would be making him appear.

Through her paws, she felt a slight rumble through the ground. There he was. She couldn’t sense him with her fin while he moved underground, but wherever he popped up, she would know.

He came out right behind the groundskeeper. All that showed was his smooth head and his grubby paws, but that was enough. Azure rushed up to tackle him from behind. His head and grip were harder than she expected, as she was pushed back instead of him being thrown out of the hole.

Demon spun around in his hole with surprising fluidity. “<Hey, what was that for?!>”

“<You’re ruining our work,>” she said, getting back onto her feet. “<So I’m gonna get rid of you.>”

He gripped the grounded and leaned forward. “<Get rid of me? But this is my turf! My family has lived here for centuries before the humans took over. So it’s my land and you need to be gotten rid of.>”

“<You’ve lived here that long?>”

He crouched partly back into his hole. “<Well yeah. Great-great-great-great-grandad Dugtrio was born here, and he kept the land as fresh and pretty as anyone would like. But now it’s all strict manicures and foreign plants. He’s ruined everything.>”

“<But he’s my Trainer, and he works hard to keep things nice.>”

“<Well it ain’t so nice when...>” he trailed off into a sad mumbling.

Azure hopped closer to the Diglett. “<When what?>”

He looked down at the ground and mumbled some more.

The Mudkip stepped closer. “<I can’t hear you well.>”

He popped back out and slashed her across the nose with her claws. Laughing maniacally, Demon dropped into the ground to come out of another hole. “<Hah! You’d believe any sob story, huh? Softie. I came here to overtake this field and it shall all be mine!>”

Snarling, she turned to Demon. “<Not a chance, jerk!>” She shot him with her Water Gun attack.

At the same time, he threw a rock at her. Both attacks struck their target, but the Water attack hit harder. Demon dove back underground and scurried to another hole. Azure stood her ground until she knew where he was appearing, then shot another Water Gun at him. This time, he didn’t stick around, but went back under and to another hole on her other side. He was trying to make her dizzy, but thanks to her fin, she was able to keep focused.

After several minutes of hide-and-seek, Demon moved to right underneath the Mudkip and slammed into his tunnel walls with such force that it felt like a minor earthquake. Azure stumbled and fell into one of the holes. After a second to get her bearings, she saw Demon looking back at her. “<Hah, I’ve got you now!>”

He grinned. “<Well, well, well. Welcome to my side.>”

She shot Water Gun at him; he responded by flinging a slimy ball of grime at him. Some of the gunk slipped into her mouth and made her gag. Upon realizing that she had gotten poisoned, she scrambled to get back out of the hole. She managed, but fell unconscious shortly after.

The groundskeeper saw her fall. Dropping his gear, he ran to pick her up. “Curse you, Demon!” he shouted. “You may have won today, but your days are numbered!” Then he left to get her healed.

He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that he heard laughter from behind him.

Venia Silente
18th February 2009, 5:16 AM
I never took the appropiate time to review this. Oh Arceus how much time have I spent...

Those small stories have all of them been very enjoyable. Some of them have been delightful, and some of them what I would regard as masterpieces of Pokémon writing. Among the ones that I liked the most, were:
;197;Umbreon: a take on the species I did not expect to see, yet true and straight to the concept one usually gets of them.
;029;♥;032; the Nidorans one... with Giovanni as a guest! (interesting take on the character, alas, and I still can't get the "F.A.T.S.O." joke out of my system),
the ;133;Eevee one with the three "original" evolutions, was a very beautiful and mystical story
;018;Contest!Pidgeot (that specific Pokémon was loaded with win),
;292;Shedinja (ughhhh...... creepily enjoyable :D),
;152;Anti-Silver Chikorita, I mean, come on, I knew grass starters are pure win, but that one was AWESOME

All these reasons to suscribe to this thread. There was a Luvdisc one and a Ponyta one too that I enjoyed, to a lesser degree. The one with the Kanto Legendaries reads very majestic and has more the tone of an actual story than that of a tale. Any chance we might see a stand-alone sequel or something related?

Oh and the Dragons one (Garchomp and Dragonite). That one alone raised my mood by two stages, and I couldn't switch out from the thread afterwards. :D

I understand that you might be busy, and that there are tons and tons of requests (well, maybe tens of tons, but still...). However, I would like to add my own, selfish request :D.

I don't remember it having been done (I may have skipped a page or two), but I would like to request ;123;Scyther. If that's not possible, I would like to request anything in the "fossil" lines: Omanyte, Cradily, Aerodactyl, or any other. I have the feeling your tale-take on them could be very interesting and surprising to read.

I was thinking about suggesting something in the Slaking line for Labor's Day (that's May 1, right?), too, but IDK if it would actually "fit". You, Miss Full of Win, be the judge.

Thanks for many hours of guilty pleasure.

18th February 2009, 6:29 AM
Ha, Caddyshack indeed! The Diglett nearly had me for a moment there, I'm ashamed to admit. I think he's there to stay~

Ohh, someone's mentioned the Hitmon family- I just have to request something now [is it okay? I've already made a request before]. Hitmonlee / Baltoy, if you don't mind?

These NEVER get dull. <3

18th February 2009, 9:47 PM
I had an interesting idea involving a Magnemite and a Ghastly, but I don't have the time to write it at the moment (I'm on an exchange). I might be able to do it a bit later, so can you hold off doing a story about either of them for a little while?

19th February 2009, 2:55 PM
Again, never really thought of Mudkip as being female, but it worked, and really well, too. I can see how well she goes with that line of work. And the Diglett's sneakiness is epic. Demon indeed. Excellent job as usual ^_^

19th February 2009, 3:25 PM
I was thinking about suggesting something in the Slaking line for Labor's Day (that's May 1, right?), too, but IDK if it would actually "fit". You, Miss Full of Win, be the judge.

Thanks for many hours of guilty pleasure.

Um, I'm pretty sure Labor Day is in September.

21st February 2009, 3:40 AM
Snarling, she turned to Demon. “<Not a chance, jerk!>” She shot him with her Water Gun attack. ROFL! so funny

Missingno. Master
21st February 2009, 3:55 AM
Um, I'm pretty sure Labor Day is in September.

Could possibly have mistaken it for Arbor Day. Arbor Day isn't in May, but rather in late April (the final Friday in April, to be exact).

Can't wait to see that Qwilfish/Dunsparce story! That's up next, right?

21st February 2009, 4:09 AM
@solovino: Hey, you're welcome. I put Scyther on the list. This thread pretty much thrives on requests. I keep some ideas for extended stories, but the main ones I'm looking at are Shedinja and Gallade/Gengar. And I tend to pick holiday related reserves a month ahead or so.

@eyha: Sure, just send the story to me for approval. And my Pokemon picks are all in the lists that show up before each entry.

@Missingno Master: Yeah, your post showed up right as I was editting and formatting this :P.

I went with Shaymin. Also, realized that I haven't done Dragonite (d'oh), but I did do Salamence. That kind of thing is why I keep a list.

Another guest entry coming up, this time the second from darkdragontamer. Again, a well-done entry with one used in a way I didn't expect. And my entry is about as odd as the two Pokemon in it.

Guest entry: darkdragontamer with Absol/Lucario/Kadabra
In Process: Beedrill
On Deck: Porygon line, Scyther, Hitmonchan/Baltoy
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Emerald entry: If spotted, it escapes by burrowing with its tail. It can hover just slightly using its wings.

Emerald entry: A Qwilfish uses the pressure of water it swallows to shoot toxic quills all at once from all over its body. It finds swimming to be somewhat challenging.

At a secretive-business-like-location-but-most-likely-Japan, there was a building that served as the development lab for Game Freak. It is a unique place in this world, where ultra-hidden gateway portals allowed Pokemon to cross into reality in order to help programmers develop their games. Any who would dare to take a peek at a real live Pokemon would be in for a nasty shock, though. The development lab had defense systems that made military bases green with envy and background checks that would make the FBI blush. And with oaths that made the workers swear lifelong loyalty to the company or else be damned to designing and playing party games for the rest of eternity, the portals were kept under utmost secrecy.

It was a bustling time for the lab and the Pokemon who visited. Work on the fourth generation of games was in full swing. Some didn’t need to worry; Pikachu could rest on his laurels, knowing full well that he would get some nice place within the games. Others weren’t too sure about development on ‘new mechanics’; it looked to shift how nearly everyone was used or not used. New Pokemon were always a worry, as it made unknown rivals and adversaries.

But the biggest announcement had to be that many older Pokemon were getting the chance to gain new evolutions and abilities. This caused some to worry and hope a great deal. Many of them were virtually ignored as they couldn’t handle the top tier battlers. They didn’t stand a chance against such Pokemon as Skarmory, Blissey, and Milotic. But new forms and new powers could even the odds, perhaps even giving a forgotten member a chance to shine.

One of those hopefuls was finding the biggest obstacle to be the stairs. He had an awkward shape: rounded body with poisonous quills and a oval tail fin that flopped uselessly as he forced himself up the stairs. In order to do so, he rocked himself a bit backwards, then pushed forwards and up with all his might. This was his fourth attempt at climbing the stairs. The previous three times, he would miss a jump and bounce all the way back down the stairs.

He cussed on his trips down and grumbled on his trips up. “Darn stupid rules saying that all Pokemon must use the stairs instead of the elevator. Sure, it’s no problem if you’ve got feet, but what about us fish? Not to mention how chapped my gills are getting from being out of water. Man, I ought to go to school and study law. Then I’ll sue for unnecessary hardships and unfair employment.”

“Wouldn’t that be eating the hand that feeds you?” a female voice said from behind him.

“What would you know..?” he started to snap, but then saw the speaker. “Oh, sorry Dunsparce. Didn’t hear you come up.”

“It’s no problem, Qwilfish,” she replied. She was designed as oddly as he was. She was too fat to be a snake, but had no legs. She had a head like a spearhead, but a tail with a conical drill so she could slither forwards or drill backwards. And she had two tiny white wings that were almost like a cherub’s, except that nobody could mistake Dunsparce for a chubby baby.

“And I think that it’s ‘biting the hand that feeds you’, not eating it. I know it’d be a pointless suit to make, but I just get frustrated. Still, it might be neat to become a lawyer. I’d get more attention by doing that then continuing on with these games. We’ve never played an important role.”

Dunsparce had some problems with the stairs too, but she managed to slither up them easier then he was hopping. She slowed so they could keep talking. “We did in that Colosseum game.”

Qwilfish snorted. “We were cast as Shadow Pokemon, remember? And we still didn’t get much attention. All the players were like ‘let’s get these two purified in a hurry so we can use the better ones’. Bah. Kids ain’t got no respect for the trouble we go through for their entertainment.”

“At least they had to pay attention to us. I heard that in Gale of Darkness, some Pokemon just got stuck in the Purifying Machine, not even to be considered again. They had to experiment with us manually in order to figure out how to turn us back to normal.”

“I still don’t like it.”

The door up ahead burst open as a dark blue Pokemon entered the stairway. Sneasel jumped onto the railing and slid down past his two peers. “Haha, I got it! Later, losers!” At the bottom, he bounded away towards the main portal.

Qwilfish snarled. “Jerk. Just because he’s based on a weasel doesn’t mean he has to be one.”

Dunsparce raised her head, looking over the last few steps. “Want me to carry you up the rest of the way?”

“Can you manage without poisoning yourself again?”

“I’ll be careful.”

Beating her small wings into a blur, she lifted herself into the air. Delicately, she took hold of his tail fin and carried him up to the next floor. She put him down, then landed with as much grace as she could manage with her awkward body. Which is to say, not much grace at all, just plopping down onto the concrete surface.

Qwilfish hopped around to face her. “Thanks. And you’re getting better with the hovering bit.”

Pleased, she shook her drill tail. “I’ve been working on it; thanks for noticing.”

One of the human employees opened the door. “Qwilfish and Dunsparce. Here for your review?”

“No, Mr. Rocket Scientist, we’re here for the free donuts,” Qwilfish retorted. “Duh, of course we’re here for that.”

He smiled slightly. “Okay, then wait outside the interview room. They’re interviewing Sudowoodo right now.” The worker went back to his work area.

They were now in a large room with many drafting table, cabinets, markerboards, and other tools of the design trade. An automated water fountain was over their heads and next to the closed door to the interview room. Dunsparce looked around. “Do they have donuts? I like the jelly filled ones.”

Qwilfish shook himself. “Hah, Sudowoodo. What’re they going to do with him? He’s a fake tree, for goodness sakes.”

“Well, they have to give everyone the chance to make a case for themselves.”

“Yeah, I know, and we ought to be grateful. What kind of evolution are you looking for?”

She perked her head up. “Me? Well I’m not sure how, but... I thought it would be neat if I could evolve into a kind of holy Godzilla.”

“Holy Godzilla?”

“Well, I’m a reptile, for one, and I’m an angel, for another.” She twitched her white wings. “Look at these wings and deny that I should be an angel.”

“I wouldn’t deny that you’re an angel. A kind of unrealized case that needs something more to prove to disbelievers.”

“So what’re you thinking about suggesting?”

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot. The thing is, I’m already based on the most poisonous fish in the sea.” He rolled his eyes. “And the deadliest delicacy, for that matter. But they did call me a balloon Pokemon. They ought to make a blimp out of me. A big spiky blimp.”

“Spiky blimp, huh?”

“Hey, I think there needs to be more balloons like me. And what better way to do that then to make me an even bigger balloon?” He smacked his lips. “Man, I’m thirsty.” He found a nearby chair and jumped onto that, then jumped onto the automatic fountain.

Dunsparce turned her body around so that she could look up at him. “Be careful up there.”

“I’m fine. I’ve survived bigger falls.” He hopped into the sensor’s range, setting off the water spout. Letting it run over his gills, he sighed in contentment. “Ah, that’s the ticket. Now if only it went a little faster.” He opened his mouth and let the spout hit him.

The snake giggled. “You’re silly.”

Once he had enough water to satisfy his thirst, he jumped back onto the ground. His weight had increased enough so that he hit a bit harder, but his quills were tough. “Hey, a fish has got to do what a fish has got to do.”

She tilted her head, examining the way his quills were fully extended from his internal water pressure. “You sure it was a smart idea to drink until you were armed?”

He turned to the door to see if there was any indication of how long they had to wait. “Hey, it’s no big deal. It’ll soak into my dry parts before long and everything will be...”

The door slammed open, letting out a brown rock Pokemon that looked like a small tree and a tall human in a black suit. “All right then, we’ll...”

Startled by the door, Qwilfish shot out all of his quills and the water he was storing. Sudowoodo yelped and bolted back into the interview room. Also panicking, Dunsparce stuck her tail to the floor and quickly drilled away from the Poison Pokemon. She crashed right underneath of a row of drafting tables and cabinets, wrecking them all and frightening the employees. Anyone struck by the flying quills was poisoned so badly that they had to be rushed to the hospital.

That included the man who was interviewing the Pokemon. “What was that for?” he snapped. “Why did you do that?”

Letting his cheekiness get the better of him, Qwilfish retorted, “We’re doing exactly what you designed us to do, no more, no less.”

And that is why neither Qwilfish nor Dunsparce received new evolutions in the fourth generation Pokemon games.

“But I want to be a holy Godzilla...”

Missingno. Master
21st February 2009, 1:16 PM
Alright, THAT was pretty good. A holy godzilla.... Poor Qwilfish and Dunsparce. I've always felt they never get the attention they deserve, they're really good in battle, actually. But y'know, I've felt that new evolutions wouldn't solve anything. Then players would just direct their attention to the new evolutions, completely ignoring the pre-evos as they used to. If anything, they need pre-evolutions. And you wanna know? I actually used Dunsparce and Qwilfish in Colosseum, and they were damn useful as well. But I don't want this post to turn into a whole Qwilfish+Dunsparce rant. This was really good, I liked it.

21st February 2009, 5:37 PM
Didn't you just do Dragonite with Garchomp, or am I going crazy?

22nd February 2009, 12:11 AM
I enjoyed the Mudkip/Diglett one. The characters fit right into the golfcourse and it has a pretty good plot to it (reminds me of Roadrunner. Wolf will never get that dang bird). I was just, suprised to see it being about a goldcourse. That was pretty different, and cool.

The Dunsparce/Qwilfish one had was pretty funny in the sense that, they really don't have any real rolls or parts. It makes me feel bad for the Pokemon that go unnoticed. (Actually, on Diamond today I had a swarm of Dunsparce. I caught about four of them, and using the Pokeradar, I got 2 shiny yay! So, I no longer feel bad ^^ ).

Now, for just two minor details I noticed in the Mudkip/Diglett one

He popped back out and slashed her across the nose with her claws.

'his', unless he did use her claws, then she is clutsy lol!

She shot Water Gun at him; he responded by flinging a slimy ball of grime at him. Some of the gunk slipped into her mouth and made her gag.

'her', unless he somehow flung it at himself haha!

Platinum Pichu
22nd February 2009, 12:20 AM
One of those hopefuls was finding the biggest obstacle to be the stairs.

“Darn stupid rules saying that all Pokemon must use the stairs instead of the elevator. Sure, it’s no problem if you’ve got feet, but what about us fish? Not to mention how chapped my gills are getting from being out of water. Man, I ought to go to school and study law. Then I’ll sue for unnecessary hardships and unfair employment.

"They ought to make a blimp out of me. A big spiky blimp.”

I can just imagine it. In fact, I'm in stitches imagining it!
I'm a newcomer to Serebii, and one of the reasons I joined was this Pokedex One-Shots thread.

Could I please request a Tropius one-shot?


Killer Grunt
22nd February 2009, 3:52 AM
I know its been a while since i posted but your doing a fine job and i can never think of anything uselful to say, just letting ya know im still here and still loving it!

24th February 2009, 3:21 PM
“But I want to be a holy Godzilla...”
Words cannot describe how awesome this is. Seriously.

Unfortunately I'm about to ruin the mood with this gloomy piece here. Hopefully everyone likes it. ^_^;

Emerald entry: It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived Pokemon that has a life-span of 100 years.

Diamond entry: If one is nearby, an eerie shadow appears on TV screens. Seeing the shadow is said to bring bad luck.

Pearl entry: By catching the aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.

The plains soaked up the light of the August sun with a reluctant, pained flow of heat. It crushed the breath out of the exhausted little Bellsprout, who panted slowly and shallowly, an acidic thread of drool dripping from the rim of his mouth. Sweat beaded his bell-shaped head, and he pulled himself uselessly along the ground toward the shade of the distant tree, which seemed so far away …

<Oh, here!>

<Wha…?> he croaked, as a shadow fell across him. The next thing he knew, something gently picked him up in its teeth and carried him in a great, speeding rush of wind to the tree. The yellows and blues of sky and land blurred as he experienced a strange giddiness, a sensation almost of flying.

Suddenly the teeth let him go, and he splashed into water: deliciously cool, almost cruel in its delightfulness. Dazed at the sudden change, he plunged his head wildly into the liquid, slurping it up with uncontrolled gusto. Only when he felt that his leaves would surely burst with hydration did he glance up. He was lying in the puddle, moisture was untainted by the sun, courtesy of the tree above him. A gentle warm breeze swayed the grass.

Sitting at the edge of the puddle sat the creature who brought him here. She was beautiful, with a layer of black fuzz covered by a mass of long, silky white fur. The light of the sun ricocheted from the sickle-like formation on her head as it moved, and as it lit up her fur with a heavenly glow, it seemed almost as if she were an angel of light, in spite of the ruby-red eyes which she used to watch him.

<You okay?> she asked finally, in a voice like music.

<Huh?> He jerked himself to sense. <Oh! I’m fine now, thanks so much!>

He glanced at his leaves: it was impossible to tell that they had been wilting minutes before.

<Great!> She got to her feet, and what little tension remained in his body fled when he noticed that her claws were sheathed. <I need to leave now, but I’ll see you later! I need to get to the wedding!>

<Wedding?> He sifted through his thoughts. Then it dawned on him: only one Absol was so helpful. And there was that wedding planned for next Thursday in the village of Dawn’s End. An Absol would be the bride, if he remembered correctly. <Ah, I know! You’re Kelsa, aren’t you?>

The Absol beamed. <Yes! It’s been nice to help you out, but I have to dash off. I need to hurry if I don’t want to be late for my own wedding.>

<Okay, hurry on, then!> He waved her off, unwilling to delay her. <My congratulations!>

<Thanks!> She shot him a last grin before breaking into a sprint, her slender legs seeming to fly over the land as distance suddenly widened between her and the pool. She raced toward the horizon, shrinking steadily into a bright dot, then abruptly vanished.

The Bellsprout sighed and leaned back into the water.

* * *

Kelsa smiled to herself as the wind whipped her fur about her face. It was so nice to help people. The poor, silly Bellsprout. She knew it was a beautiful day – not a cloud in the sky – but why should he get himself hurt to enjoy it? At least she could feel better, now that her sickle was tingling less.

The smile slipped a little as she thought of the sickle, and she sighed. With all other Absol, it was all about the sickle. It was the reason why Absol could sense danger, and why they were compelled to prevent it: it became irritated to some degree until the danger was passed. There were many factors that added up to this: the differing of wind currents, the subtle rises and falls in temperature, the amount of moisture floating in the air. Why it worked that way she didn’t know, but she hated it. There was always some form of danger lurking around, and its omnipresence was the main part of the reason why Absol were so somber.

In an effort to break away from their gloomy view of life, she had begun to ignore the pull of the sickle from a young age. And, after a few years of endurance and teeth gritting, it worked: no longer did it burn like a vengeful fire, but merely itched a little. Of course, the particularly dangerous situations produced a horrible sensation, but wasn’t that worth the cheer that saturated her everyday life?

A Cascoon, nestled in the security of a bed of dead grass, twitched in acknowledgment as she passed. She slowed just enough to flash her dazzling smile at him, but kept her concentration on the miles she had yet to cross.

She remembered when she’d had to leave Dawn’s End a few days ago, in order to travel home and receive her parents’ blessing for the marriage. The parting scene still played and replayed itself behind her eyes, giving her the fuel to continue on.

The moon shimmered over the humble little village. Scattered huts marked the borders of makeshift streets, through which laughing children scampered while the tired voices of mothers wafted from the open doors. It was too hot to sleep; it would be at least an hour before the blistering summer heat would give in to the ever-reaching coolness of night.

They stood at the village’s edge, its dirt transitioning smoothly with the tougher earth of the plains. The moon’s light bathed the dried grasses in silver, creating the illusion of an eerily beautiful ocean, still and yet moving; but the two lovers had eyes only for each other. Her forepaws rested on his shoulders, giving her the ability to stand as he did, to look him in the eye as only equals could. His own arms encircled her body protectively, and his hands rubbed her back affectionately, feeling the white fur ripple underneath his fingers. Two pairs of deep red eyes bored into each other, speaking of emotions that no earthly words could shape.

It may have been hours that they had stood there, or possibly minutes, for time seems to fly when love permeates the air. In either case, it was with great regret that Kelsa finally tore her eyes from his sleek, gentle face. <I need to leave now.>

His own eyes became downcast. <I wish it weren’t so.>

<Papa doesn’t approve,> she murmured, pressing her cheek against his. <If only a blessing wasn’t needed.>

He sighed, and she shivered as she felt his breath tickle her face. <It’s simply how it is. I’ll only have to wait a week or so for you to get back, and the wait for the wedding itself will be longer than that.>

<Eleven days,> she said wistfully.

She felt her cheek move a little as he smiled.

<I love you so much, Gabriel,> she whispered into his pointed ear, feeling his warmth saturate her.

He chuckled. <That’s not an overused line at all, is it?>

She ignored his jibe, instead slipping her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. Their hearts pounded frantically as the space between them slipped into pressured nonexistence, and their shared warmth pulsed with every excited, impatient beat. Slowly, hopefully, she pulled her face back a little to see his, preparing for a final farewell.

But the traces of aura wafting from her stated her intentions clearly. She had hoped to make the first move, but he was too fast for her: his mouth crushed around hers before she had parted her lips, and his hands cupped her face, gently but firmly, to push himself forward. She shuddered lightly in the ecstasy of increased pressure.

And then, abruptly, he withdrew from their embrace, staring at her analytically. <You’re worried.>

She scowled, dropping back on all fours, and wrapped her arms around herself; even in such a hot season, the sudden absence of his body left her cold. <Am not.>

<Are too.> His eyes narrowed, examining her aura further. <You worry that … you’ll get hurt?>


He snarled, clawing at the dangerously sharp spikes protruding from his wrists. <I hate this! Why do I have to be so well equipped for attacking when it can hurt you so easily?>

<I’m not worried about that, you can’t—>

His gaze locked with hers. <Kels, don’t tell me what I can or can’t do when it comes to making sure you’re safe. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.> To emphasize the point, he used both hands to point to the spot directly above his heart, where a small, circular patch of extremely short fur was visible. Dark crimson scars sliced deeply across the skin underneath the patch, a testament to some past agony.

Kelsa blanched at the sight. She appreciated that he would go so far for her sake, but the idea of self-inflicted injuries repulsed her. He shouldn’t have to hurt himself just for her.

<You were exactly where that spike had been! If I hadn’t removed it, you’d be dead now!>

<But you hurt yourself!>

He gripped her shoulders firmly. <Listen to me, Kelsa. I love you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. And I would never be able to live with myself if I hurt you. I think a few moments of my pain is better than death on your part.>

<”Moments?” Gabriel, the healers were with you for weeks! You almost bled to death—>

<Not while I thought of you. Look, it’ll be fine. I’ll get these removed while you’re away, all right?>


<By the healers this time.>

She hung her head, defeated: how could she object to the logic of using skilled experience in place of brute force? <I can’t argue, can I?>

<No, you can’t.>

<I don’t want you to do anything you don’t have to,> she sighed, biting her lip. <And the Warrior Guild will be disappointed, they don’t want you getting rid of any natural advantage you might have in combat. You could get demoted!>

<Kels, look at me.>

Slowly and uncertainly she craned her neck upward to face his stare again, though now it was softened and gentle.

<I have to do this. The Guild might need me, but I don’t need them. You’re more important to me than a million promotions. And I don’t need spikes to fight. A dagger is perfectly acceptable, isn’t it?>

<You’re asking a civilian’s opinion on this?>

He laughed and kissed her again. <Ah, Kels, I love you.>

She grinned. <Now who’s got the overused lines?>

Before he could reply, she quickly pecked him on the lips before leaping away into the sea of silver grasses, giggling. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched him stand there, smiling in adoration.

<I’ll be back before you know it!> she called, before turning and dashing into the depths of the plains. The wind snatched his reply from her range of hearing, but she knew that it would be sweet nothings, born to dance through the mind in their blissful meaninglessness.

She laughed to herself as the yards flew beneath her paws and the distance to her love grew ever so gradually shorter. She hadn’t worried that Gabriel might hurt her, as he had thought; rather, it was the other way around. He was no expert in the ways of aura reading, and in a way that comforted her. She didn’t want him to see her own subtle, simmering concern.

Her sickle, the source of much pain in her earlier years, was hardly less dangerous than his spikes; all she had to do was twist her head at the wrong moment, and … she forced herself not to think of the gory scene that would follow. Yet the problems it posed were less easily remedied, for it was as essential to an Absol’s survival as the heart and the mind. To amputate it would be nothing short of suicide. At times she wondered if that was what it would take to keep her love alive and well. Was it inevitable that one of them would inadvertently kill the other, with the cruel gifts that Nature had forced upon them before birth?

The question spun through her head as she galloped across the vast, endless plain.

* * *

The trail had gone cold.

For a moment the pursuer paused, twitching in an effort to keep the blank expression on her face. Control was everything, especially as far as emotion was concerned. Her eyes sparked with rage for the briefest of moments before returning to their former, impassive gaze, sweeping over the withered grasses. Her clawed fingers curled viciously in a death grip around the Trusted, which sat in her palm, smooth, still, and cold. That was the only true sign of the fury welling within her.

There is no need for that, the Trusted murmured. It sounded almost reproachful.

I do not need your opinion on what I can or cannot do, she snapped back telepathically; she did not trust herself to speak aloud. Doing so would surely betray her rage.

Am I not your guidance, your counselor?

Do not treat me like a child.

If there was ever anyone who was not a child, it was you.

Do not to attempt to appease me, either.

You are so young, and yet so close to achieving the Master status of the Shadows Guild! No, I am not merely trying to appease you; I am telling a truth, untainted by any efforts to uplift your spirits.

The praise soothed her, doused the roaring flames of anger with a simple cool phrase. She sighed in relief and immediately winced at the expression: her thin face had not held so much emotion in a long, long time. That may be so, she conceded, rubbing her face gingerly with her free hand, but that does not bring us any closer to our quarry.

The Guild’s training can serve you well, the Trusted advised. It is difficult to find the minds of those shielded by darkness, but surely others have seen her.

That is true.

The Kadabra glanced around at the wasteland around her, eyes narrowed. A brief movement caught her eye, attracting her attention. A tree grew a short distance away, casting an insignificant-looking puddle into enviable shadow. The darkness against the light alleviated her sore eyes, but she fought the urge to sneer in disgust at the flopping plant underneath it. The thing wiggled in delight, most likely in relief that it was safe from the insufferable heat. There was some sort of thought at the forefront of its mind, inadvertently repeating itself every few seconds; a quick scan of the thought told her that this was the right direction in the hunt.

Him? the Trusted asked.

It has seen her, she confirmed, putting deliberate emphasis on the pronoun.

With a subliminal hiss, she faded into thin air, reappearing directly behind the pathetic plant a tenth of a second later. The Bellsprout took no notice of her appearance, but continued to splash around delightedly, if a little tiredly. She felt a deep urge to hurt the thing, to crush its mind with her own superior mental powers, or to force its ridiculous head underwater, where it would thrash in sheer horror, unable to scream …

As if sensing her intentions, the Bellsprout abruptly stopped its splashing, its leaves drooping in the water as it glanced from side to side. It briefly glimpsed her dull yellow body behind it as it continued to look to and fro, before jumping in shock and whirling around to face her, sending droplets of water flying everywhere. Its eyes widened in fear and apprehension. <Y-yes? What do you want?>

Her expression remained completely impassive. <I’m looking for someone.>

He gaped, looking even more ludicrous. <I-I haven’t seen anyone, I s-swear! It’s just b-been me!>

But she knew better: the black face surfaced unintentionally in his mind, and her eyes glinted dangerously at the sight of it. Her. <You are a liar.>

<N-no sir, I’m b-being honest, I—>

<I am not a sir!> she snapped, displaying teeth far sharper than a mouth such as hers should allow. The plant reeled back in horror as she gripped the Trusted with an angry fist. <Do all fools such as yourself look solely on the surface? Can you not hear the pitch of my voice?>

<I d-didn’t mean anything, I-I j-just saw the mustache and—>

It cut itself off with a pained squeal as she dove into its mind, taking care to wreak as much havoc as she could. The information she needed she took without reserve, extracting them from its memories agonizingly. She ignored its tortured yowl and the undulating waves of pain wafting from the deeper regions of its mind: the first was physical; the second could only strengthen her.

She summoned the forces from within herself, pushing against its weak defenses, withholding any mercy. With an expression of cold iron she watched as its brain begin to collapse on itself from sheer power, while the rest of its body thrashed uselessly in the puddle, scattering water everywhere. Its beady eyes twitched as the leaves that served as its hands clawed at its own head in an effort to save itself. Its shuddering rapidly grew more violent before suddenly ceasing, a sign that its brain had been reduced to a pulp. Satisfied with her work, she released her hold, and the corpse flopped listlessly into the puddle.

He was nothing, the Trusted breathed; it was always fascinated by its holder’s shows of power.

She shrugged, nudging the body with a clawed foot. Unbidden, the words of the Heads of the Guild echoed through her mind: We are the darkness in the light. A golden age such as this is sure to blacken into war, if some form of pure evil is not kept alive. Pain must give way to pleasure, pleasure to pain, if balance is to be kept.

How right they were.

A hiss, a brief sensation of nonexistence, and suddenly she hovered at least a hundred feet above the ground, with nothing but her psychic emanations keeping her aloft. The Absol galloped almost directly beneath her, completely unaware of her presence. A quiet anger boiled in her black heart as her attempts to probe the dog’s mind were rebuffed by the clouds of darkness which shielded her from mental manipulation.

A steep, enormous hill sat at least a mile to the right, looking dead and dusty in its coat of dry grass. A quick psychic scan of it, however, revealed that it hid something ancient and deadly. Her eyes narrowed in a cruel smile.

<She will be dead if she’s lucky.>

* * *

Something flickered at the edge of Kelsa’s vision. She turned and saw a hill, looking ridiculous against the backdrop of extreme flatness. Her eyes narrowed slightly, and she frowned at the sight. She didn’t remember passing that on the way to her parents’ home. She wondered just how far off course she was. Then again, maybe she could climb up and get a view of where she was supposed to go. Besides, the hill intrigued her. Curiosity aroused, she changed direction slightly, resetting her course for the looming hill.

A sudden shadow swept over her for a moment before clearing abruptly. Surprised, she jerked her head upward, but she was too late; whatever had cast the shadow was gone, perhaps swallowed up in the endless blue sky. She brushed it off with a shrug as she returned her attention to her running. It was probably only a Taillow, soaring toward a cooler place. Nevertheless, she had to make herself ignore the sickle, which was beginning to throb faintly.

Barely two minutes had passed before she found herself at the base of the hill. Its sheer volume forced her to skid to a halt, and she gazed with awe at its seemingly insurmountable peak. For a moment she considered finding her way on her own – but the moment passed quickly, and she began the climb with a leap; mere size would not daunt her.

From the second her claws sank into the hard, dusty earth like knives, she saw at once that the task would not be impossible. The slope was steep, but not overwhelmingly so. The dust beneath her paws was distracting, the grass slippery beneath her paws, but her claws would keep her firmly lodged in the hill, not to be moved until she pulled them out. She increased her pace rapidly, soon moving almost as quickly as she had on flat ground. She laughed to herself as the wind whipped her fur about her face.

Almost too soon the slope began to level out, and before she could begin to feel disappointed that the challenge was already over, she stood at its peak, feeling the sun’s burning rays soak her coat of fur. Catching her breath, she squinted out over the distance, feeling quite on top of the world as she surveyed the vast expanse of plains spreading beneath her, several less lordly hills scattered here and there on the horizon. For a moment the world was her kingdom, and she was its queen. She smiled at the silly idea before returning to the search of any landmark, any sign that might point her to the village.

On the horizon – there! A particularly twisted and gnarled tree sat on the very edge of the horizon, a little to her right. She remembered it to be a favored place to play during her childhood. It seemed far smaller now, here on the roof of the world. A wave of nostalgia washed over her, followed by a stronger one of longing. Gabriel.

Her eyes lowered from the distant view for the first time since arriving; but her decision to head for the tree was overruled by a sudden, shocking revelation. Her claws dug into the earth until her knuckles turned white under the black fur, and her eyes widened as they struggled to comprehend the sight just in front of her paws as she broke the silence with an abrupt, astonished gasp.

She was not standing on a peak, as she had assumed: she stood instead on a rim, a narrow border of earth encircling a wide, somewhat deep pit which could not be mistaken for anything but a crater. Its tall walls were jagged and gray, some sort of metal. Strange statues, hewn from the same substance, were scattered across the mottled floor, twisted in unearthly shapes as varied as their sizes, though all faced the dark altar in the crater’s exact center. The altar was not much larger than the smallest of the statues, yet it seemed to emanate some sort of ancient power, a testament to times long since dead, buried and forgotten.

Shock died down for a moment, to be quickly replaced with fascination and a sort of pride. She, no brave or daring explorer, had been the one to discover this! Curiosity overcoming her better judgment, she glanced about for a way to get into the crater, to get a better look at the strange artifacts down below. She was startled to discover a flight of stairs right at her feet, hewn roughly from the metallic walls, leading to the pit below. Briefly a shadow flickered again above her, and an ominous thought in her mind murmured that those stairs had certainly not been there a minute ago, but she pushed it away. They had to have been there, she told herself. I must not have looked properly. Besides, it’s not as if I’m going to stay for long.

Decision made, she placed a careful paw on the top step, slowly trusting her weight to it, and paused, waiting. When nothing collapsed or creaked, she took another step, glancing around almost furtively, ears pricked. Hearing nothing, her fears vanished, and she confidently strode down the steps, her claws clinking and clacking against the metal almost musically. As she reached the foot of the stairs she paused and glanced over her shoulder, but the stairs were still solidly there. Reassured, she turned back to the sight before her, letting her awe show without reserve.

The altar looked similar to a pedestal, a wide platform sitting atop the dark, jagged column. Strange dark stains were splattered across its top, giving it an almost striped appearance. She strode through the twisted statues toward it, eager for a better look. As she drew near, she noticed an intricate symbol on the striped platform, a sort of spiky star whose five points were uneven in length. Something glimmered blue in its center.

Abruptly the sickle roared a warning in pain, the only language it knew. She gasped and clenched her teeth at its unexpected intensity. A single panicked, coherent thought formed in her agonized mind: I thought I’d stamped this sort of pain out!

The shadow flickered above her a third time as the pain dove down to almost a murmur, just present enough to assert its existence. She glanced up reflexively, worry beginning to surface in her mind. There’s something about this place that can, in just a minute, override all my years of self-training. That shadow’s not really reassuring either. Still, that funny-looking star is interesting. I’ll just take a look at that before I leave.

Shaking her head to clear away the muddled state in which the pain had left her mind, she arrived at the altar. Its top was level with her collarbone, allowing her to examine the symbol with ease. She gasped at its strange, unearthly beauty: the star shimmered with a silver quite unlike the metallic silver surrounding it, for the star’s silver seemed to contain the light of ancient moons glimmering off of life-giving desert rivers, clear and potent. Yet the object at its center was infinitely more incredible; it was a shining diamond, its blue depths gleaming softly in the sunlight, soft and cooling. No scratch defiled it, and every side was as perfectly smooth and polygonal as the next. The stains half-concealing the symbol could never hope to conceal its incredible splendor.

<It’s incredible!> she breathed, her voice emerging as a mere whisper. Compared to this wonder she seemed so small, so laughably insignificant. How could something like this ever be forgotten?

Timidly, she reached up with a trembling paw and touched the star, marveling at its incredibly smooth and cold texture. It felt nice after a long day of galloping. She could practically forget that blisters had ever formed on her sensitive paw pads, and instead imagine that they had always been as perfect and smooth as what they rested on.

She drew it back and froze. It was perfect and smooth. The surface of each black pad was unbroken, as it had been before leaving Dawn’s End. What was this? It was almost as if—

She collapsed as the sickle sent bolts of roaring pain through her, forcing her to curl protectively into an almost kneeling position. Tears wrenched themselves from her eyes as she blinked hard to try to calm herself. A sudden rumbling above made her tremble, and a shadow began to block the light, throwing the pit into a menacing darkness. It was not the same shadow as before, for it was large and had a definite shape. Dread leapt upon her as she realized that the guardian of the altar must be irritated at her blatant entry.

<Thinkest thou that thou canst trespass on my site of worship?> the guardian roared. Pebbles clinked against the metallic walls as the pit rumbled in its fury. <Thou art an insolent wench! Thy impertinence shall be dealt with!>

Squinting against the pain, she forced all her will into her paws, jerking into a sudden run for the stairs. Letting the pads push against the cool metal, bearing her with ease toward safety, she chanced a glance over her shoulder. An incredibly tall Pokemon towered over her, looking godly as the sunlight gleamed around it. It was far too large to glimpse properly, but she could tell that the star on its chest matched the one on the altar. Fear of the being’s divine wrath added extra spring to her paws, and though the flickering shadow appeared briefly at the edge of her vision, she ignored it as she turned her attention back towards the stairs.

There were no stairs.

She flew toward the wall, unable to stop herself in time. The collision sent deep throbbing pains coursing through her, its dark bass symphonizing with the sickle’s shrieking tenor. She collapsed in agony, crouching, her head bent from the intensity of the cacophony. Squeezing her eyes shut, she choked out a sob as icy terror sank its poisonous claws into her heart.

A dark shadow cut through her closed eyelids. <Where didst thou think thou couldst run?> the being snarled. <For I wouldst reach the ends of the earth and shatter all thou dost hold dear before thou couldst escape thy punishment, for punished you shall be!>

There was a great intake of breath, a momentary pause, and then a roar that seemed to drown out everything else, incredible in its unnatural volume. The sound seemed to surround her, like an ominous fog or mist, and suddenly there was a sensation of extreme movement, though as her body remained in the same position, she knew that it could not be so. Blood rushed through her ears, carrying a wave of fresh pain with each pulse. Almost immediately she felt a horrific weakening, as if the will had fled from her limbs when it had the chance and had left her at the being’s mercy. She could almost feel her muscles shrinking, and her head swam as a cloud of muddled weariness descended over her mind, and she was tired, oh, so tired, as she began to drift away …

A faint, clear voice from deep within her whispered, The technique.

In a weak wave of understanding, she realized what she could do. The days of her childhood, ignoring the sickle’s pull, had forced her to push her endurance to its limit, until the day came when she mastered the ability, and with it a technique she had not anticipated. Survival was guaranteed with its use, but she was not sure she could use it in this state …

I’m alive, she told herself, a single lucid island in a sea of agony. Just think of Gabriel, and endure the pain.

Weakly she began to shield herself from the assault, withdrawing the will from her limbs and into her soul. With it she created a fortification around her soul, to prevent it from being torn away while also blocking out the pain. The sensation gradually dulled, although it was still present enough to make her grind her teeth.

Now it was up to fate to see if she lived or died.

It seemed to be hours later – or perhaps days – that Kelsa wearily opened her eyes and glanced about her. No celestial monster loomed over her, nor did the roar continue to ravage at her body. Turning her head to glance about, she saw to her astonishment that the metal of the floor around her had been reduced to mere dust. That could have been me! she thought, and instantly felt doubly grateful for the technique.

It was when she struggled to her paws that she first realized that something was wrong. Her limbs felt weak and tired, and they trembled violently as she pushed herself into a standing position. Her back seemed hunched and heavy, as if a great weight had been placed on it. She took a moment to try to focus her vision, but it stubbornly refused to cooperate, leaving everything dull and blurry. Annoyed, she reached up to wipe her eyes clean, but instead halted with her paw halfway to her face, staring at it; her sight seemed to be good enough to tell her that it was shriveled, bunched in wrinkled layers of skin through which coarse white hair peaked. What did it do to me? she thought, horror fast returning.

Her weak eyes wandered about, and then they fastened on something that made her heart leap, although it seemed too tired to be enthusiastic. The stairs had returned! There they sat, not ten paces away, gleaming from the sunlight. Though her eyes streamed from the brightness, she hobbled toward the staircase, her key to escape.

The stairs seemed steeper than she had imagined, and her claws made a weaker clicking sound, but she was too relieved to care as she carefully ascended towards the rim of the crater. Someone in Dawn’s End can fix this, she told herself. And then Gabriel and I will be married! The thought cheered her, but it was difficult to ignore the small voice in the back of her head, which murmured that Gabriel might not be so anxious to marry her after seeing her in this state.

A wave of sadness threatened to wash over her, but it halted as she reached the rim, paws creating shallow depressions in the coarse earth. The ground seemed dizzyingly distant, and her head spun at the height. Surely the hill hadn’t been that steep when she had climbed up? Yet still it seemed to dip nearly straight down, making her head swim.

Nauseated, she half closed her eyes, willing the problem to go away. When that didn’t work, she reopened them and considered her situation. Maybe if I go really slowly, I can make it down there! Ignoring the shadow flickering at the edge of her vision, she cautiously took a small step forward, careful not to slip and tumble.

Abruptly the earth behind her slipped from under her hind paws. Taken by surprise, she began to slide slowly but dangerously downward, gathering a little speed. Frightened by this sudden turn of events, she attempted to halt by digging her claws into the hillside.

That was a mistake.

She had not counted on the fact that her claws were too brittle to gain sufficient traction. Although they did indeed force her forepaws to halt, the rest of her body, still captive to the motion, flew above them, forcing her to somersault. She flailed wildly as she did, trying to regain control, but the situation was out of her hands now. Helpless to do anything but fall, she shut her eyes and tried to block out the inevitable impact as she began the lethal tumble.

The first sickening crunch came, and she screamed.

* * *

Gabriel sat motionlessly in the air, feeling mild confidence that his aura would not fail in keeping him aloft. His eyes were closed, but he could feel his aura keeping numerous objects floating, including a small boulder, a dried log, and his Master, who spoke softly so as not to break his concentration.

<Feel the aura flow around you, Gabriel. Do not force it to bend to your will, but guide it, lead it …>

He felt serene as he sensed it all around him, seeing it in colors that most saw only in dreams. His Master’s aura had a vast, untapped quality to it, something he had only recently learned to appreciate. He felt small and weak compared to his Master, and wondered a second later if his aura had already given his thoughts away. He forced himself not to be embarrassed.

In another second, he felt something new from his Master’s aura: the bitter colors of curiosity and confusion, then alarm. A bit apprehensive as well, Gabriel reached further out with his own aura, feeling his hold on the lifted objects weaken slightly as he did so. He stretched out for three miles, searching for whatever had made his Master worry.

Immediately he saw it: a sudden jagged flash of pain louder than any scream. It dulled for the briefest of instants, only to immediately return in full force. His heart stopped as he recognized the tortured aura that he sensed.

<Kelsa!> he exclaimed in horror, withdrawing all other holds on his aura and opening his eyes as he did so. Everything hit the hard earth with a resounding thud. Stones and sticks rolled for a few feet before coming to a halt. He instantly leapt to his feet, tension building in his lean frame.

<Gabriel!> his Master moaned, having hit the earth himself, and none too gently. The older Lucario grimaced and rubbed his bruised backside. He looked up, and the concern shone in his eyes. <Run, Gabriel! Run and save her, before …>

But he did not stay to hear him finish the sentence. He was already gone, following his lover’s aura in an almost blind sprint. He tore through long stalks of grass, leaving a makeshift path behind him. The beat of his heart thumped rhythmically with his hurried dash and his rapid breathing, all in time to the chant in his head.


The more he examined her aura, the more he saw: terror, dizziness, and a sensation of great movement, although none of these came close to the waves of her excruciating agony. There was something new about her too, something that he couldn’t quite place his finger on, though its remote familiarity seemed ominous to him. Each new discovery was a fresh stab to his heart. His eyes stung with the beginning of tears. How had this happened? Everything was so happy one moment, so gloriously joyful and romantic … This new turn of events had to be something out of a nightmare.

Far on his left he spotted a distant gnarled tree, a place he remembered playing at with all the other village children. Her aura seemed to be coming from that direction, so he turned toward it, never slackening his pace. A sense of foreboding crept upon him. What if some monstrous fiend was attacking her? His hand spikes had been removed too early. If she died because of their loss …

As he neared the tree, he saw a looming hill far on the distant horizon. He dimly recalled seeing it while playing lookout with his friends, but it had been a mere piece of the background then. Now it seemed stern and ominous, for he could sense Kelsa’s aura coming from it. He rushed toward it, feeling the hard earth beneath his paws and the cruel west-bound sun on his back.

His love and fear gave new speed to his paws as they swallowed up the distance. As he swiftly approached, he noticed more: there was something ancient and powerful about the hill, something no mortal was meant to disturb. Its guardian had already come and gone; it had left traces of potent aura as strong as the sun’s blinding light. Drawing still closer, he could now see her white body, tiny from the distance, tumbling uncontrollably down the hill. With each grisly bounce he could faintly hear an explosive cracking. He faltered momentarily as he choked back a sob.

A different aura, floating somewhere above, attracted his attention. The black, sour colors overwhelmed him: hatred, rage, jealousy, and ambition, all woven into an intricate pattern with the unfeeling gray of duty and the darker, more seductive shade of sinister satisfaction. Simultaneously repulsed and fascinated, he withdrew his sense for it slightly, searching for the stranger’s intentions. He drew a rather muddled conclusion, for he had yet to master the art of more refined aura reading, but a single phrase reached him quite clearly: Kill the dog.

Briefly his own anger replaced his sadness. What sort of unfeeling weasel would want to harm Kelsa? Her soul was far too beautiful, her aura too radiant with kindness, for anyone to wish ill of her. Even those who were blind to aura could tell from a distance that she was far gentler than her cold, calculating brethren.

He was almost at the foot of the hill now, his eyes glued to Kelsa. Every horrific bounce was, from the speed at which she traveled, greater than before. As he watched her smash against the earth yet again, he realized that she would arc through the air high enough to force her to hit the ground. From the speed she had built up, slamming into the hard earth would surely kill her. Determination sparked in his eyes. He couldn’t let her die.

He saw her fly through the air, limbs bent at sickeningly sharp angles. Her head lolled about as her upward journey grew slower, until at last she leveled out before beginning her descent. He gritted his teeth as he pushed himself to the limit of his speed, sending clouds of dry dust flying beneath his feet. Even so he could tell that, at the rate she was falling, he couldn’t get there in time.

Well, I guess I’ll have to make time.

His muscles tensed as he slowed for the briefest of moments before leaping into the air, his long feet serving as a sort of springboard. He felt the hot, dry air ruffle his short fur, and it stung at his eyes as he watched her get nearer to him, and the giddy sense of weightlessness almost blocked out the fear and terror for a second …

And then he had caught her, his spike-less hands breaking her fall smoothly. For a moment they hung there, floating in a gulf of dazed relief, before he dropped back down again. As they hit the ground, his knees buckled to absorb the impact. He let himself get used to the harsh pull of gravity for a moment, feeling her broken body weigh his arms down. He then straightened up again, and his gaze returned to her face, searching for a sign that she was still conscious, and hoping against hope that she was too far gone to feel the pain.

At once he saw how she had changed, and his eyes widened in horror and shock. She was no longer some charming damsel in distress; her skin was loose and wrinkled, her fur coarse and matted. Her form seemed to be hunched, as if she could not support her own weight. Her paws were shriveled, and her claws were chipped – what was left of them, anyway. He couldn’t understand how it had happened, but somehow something had forced her body to the brink of its life. She had become an old, wizened crone.

But even this discovery could not stain the joy he felt as her eyes fluttered weakly. She was alive! Her beautiful aura was still the same, the painful color of terror ebbing away with each erratic, uncertain beat of her heart. He felt an odd protectiveness, cradling her in his arms and knowing that, had he not sensed her when he did, she would have met an unthinkable end.

Her wrinkled eyelids finally unveiled her rheumy eyes, and she looked up into his face in confusion and wonder. For a moment she simply stared at him, before her face broke into a feeble smile. <Gabriel,> she wheezed, and he noticed that several of her teeth were missing.

<Hush,> he breathed, <you’re hurt.>

It seemed like the greatest understatement imaginable, but the challenge and terror he had just endured had left him far from eloquent.

A tear formed at the corner of one of her eyes, shining in the midst of a bloody mass of cuts and bruises. <I’m sorry,> she whispered, her body slumping dejectedly in his arms.

He tilted his head to the side, confused. <Sorry for what?>

<For being a fool. I made a stupid mistake, and it—> She broke herself off with a coughing fit, a series of dry hacking sounds that racked her body completely. He saw pain begin to weave its insidious colors in her aura again, and she moaned softly.

He forced himself not to cradle her to his chest, knowing that it would only cause more pain, physical and emotional. Instead he closed his eyes, feeling a tear of his own slide down his cheek. <There’s nothing to be sorry for,> he said soothingly, though his voice quavered. <Whatever happened, it was a mistake.>

<But something … someone must have forced me to fall,> she murmured, her voice getting quieter. <There was a shadow, I don’t know what … I don’t … know …> She trailed off.

Gabriel glanced around. The shadow and the blackened aura that he had noticed probably belonged to the same person, he decided.

<How right you are,> a cold voice commented dryly.

Moving as fast as Kelsa’s broken body would let him, he spun to the right, facing a Pokemon who stood just a few yards away. The newcomer’s strange, vulpine body seemed to radiate some sort of quiet, boiling malevolence. Her pointed ears twitched involuntarily, and her slanted eyes held a forced blankness.

<A Kadabra,> he said quietly. <A psychic tried to kill her.> He put uneasy emphasis on the word tried, hoping to keep his cool as he faced the fox-creature’s untapped malice. For the first time he noticed a strange aura of pure light radiating from one of her hands, contrasting brilliantly against the darkness of the holder, and he felt confused. Her spoon has a living aura? But it's an inanimate object. Is that normal for Kadabra, or is she something different?

<It is normal,> she said, coolly answering his unspoken question. <I have been slighted too many times to take offense at such banal speculation. And do not think there is any hope for that dog. There is none; I know this to be true. It was I who piqued her curiosity. She doesn’t have much longer, you know. If she hadn’t been aged, she’d have probably survived.> Her expression did not change, and yet as she spoke her voice picked up a faint note of smugness.

He felt his own anger threatening to break through his emotional turmoil. <Why did you do this?>

<Because that is what the Shadow’s Guild was created to do. This is an age of light, but it will blind us if there is no shadow to filter it.> She didn’t need to add how much she had enjoyed it; memories of those restrained emotions were woven deep within her aura, plain for even a novice like Gabriel to read.

Disbelief warred briefly in his head with fury, and in the end it suffered a crushing loss. Shadows Guild or no Shadows Guild, she liked pain. She was surely soulless in her cruelty, an abomination. Such a person could not be allowed to exist. His mouth half opened in a snarl.

And then he paused, watching satisfaction rush through her aura once more. She wanted him to fight her? He considered this, thinking quickly and uncertainly. The conclusion came to him at once: of course, his anger could only strengthen her. She would let him make the first move, letting him get just close enough to taste victory before striking him down with her vast psychic power – power fueled by his own rage.

Disgusted, he returned his gaze toward Kelsa, his fury weakening. His face softened as he watched hers gaze up quietly at him. He could feel her hold on her body begin to give, and knew that time was against her, each soft heartbeat carrying her closer to death.

<I look hideous,> she whispered, startling him. No more tears formed in her eyes; those expressed more regret than a mere drip of saltwater ever could.

He smiled gently. <It was never just for your body that I loved you, Kelsa. It was for your soul, your heart, your aura. Age alone can never corrupt that.> Abruptly he thought of all the time they could have spent together. That could never happen now. A fresh trickle of tears rolled down his cheeks.

Her eyes crinkled into a smile of her own. <Don’t be sad. Won’t I … always … be with you?>

He was about to answer when her mouth opened slackly, and a single, rattling exhalation clawed its way through her throat. Her weak heart beat once, faintly. Then it was still.

<Kelsa,> he whispered. Shifting the body’s weight to one hand, he reached up, softly stroking her cheek with the other. His throat grew tight, and his eyes grew unbearably heavy with tears.

As if sensing that its body no longer held any ties to it, Kelsa’s aura poured forth from her body, detaching itself from her skin. It curled above him as he looked up, astonished, and watched in awed fascination, marveling at her beauty. If it had been stunning when it had been chained to her, it was nothing short of blinding now. The dazzling colors of its joy were free from the darker shades of pain, and he grinned. She was truly happy now.

The aura drew slightly closer to him, as if he had called it. He wondered why this was. How would it know who he was, now that it was no longer connected to a brain? Maybe, he thought to himself, maybe it runs deeper than thought. Maybe she instinctually remembers me. His heart leapt at the idea.

His hopes were confirmed when it touched his own aura. He stiffened in surprise at the intensity of the feelings he sensed: love, joy, peace, a little confusion. He reached toward it with his free hand, and it curled around the offered limb, constricting itself around it until it seemed almost solid. The feeling was not unlike a comforting hand as it grasped his own.

His tears flowed freely now, but they were no longer tears of anguish. We will always be together.

The aura simply squeezed his hand once in response.

Finally tearing his eyes away from its glorious light, he looked toward the Kadabra. She had barely moved a muscle since he had first noticed her.

<Thank you,> he murmured, nodding once to her. He turned away from her then, not caring what her response might be. The tree where he once played as a child was a tall and gnarled shape on the horizon. He began the long trek toward it, the corpse in his arms bouncing gently with each step. He knew there would be nothing but shock from the village when news of this reached them. The villagers’ sympathy would almost drive him to infuriation. They would not understand why he was at peace; that luxury would be reserved for his Master. Perhaps his joy would only be shared by the aura which cradled his hand. He was fine with that.

And so he walked through the long, dry grass, death cradled in one arm and love hanging onto the other. He began to whistle, as if he had not a care in the world.

* * *

She was so surprised at his response, she actually dropped the Trusted.

I’d be quite happy if you didn’t do that again, thank you, it said sharply, but it sounded more distracted than anything else.

She reached down reflexively to pick it up, never taking her eyes off of the retreating figure. How could he possibly be happy? He was holding an empty shell.

You must discover that yourself, the Trusted murmured.

The Kadabra watched him shrink steadily toward the horizon. His love lay dead in his arms, and the village would think of him as a lunatic upon his return, and yet … well, he might not be the happiest Pokemon in the world, but he probably came pretty close. In their confrontation, he had been the one to walk away. How could that be?

And then, for the first time in several years, she contemplated the possibility that maybe – just maybe – emotions were more than a mere liability. Maybe they needed to resurface, so she could understand why.

Maybe she could embrace them again someday.

26th February 2009, 4:56 PM
Aw, nobody's responded yet? I like it, even as a creepy romance story, which doesn't work that often. I especially like how all three were used in ways that most people wouldn't think of, but fit nicely with their Pokedex entries.

@MarshtompMan: Gah, Dragonite and Dragonair get me so confused. Checking back, it was the -ite.

@Platinum Pichu: Really? Nice to know that I'm getting notorious.

Flipping tones yet again to meet an accident-prone Beedrill. Don't you just love how this thread changes tone so often?

In Process: Porygon line
On Deck: Scyther, Hitmonchan/Baltoy, Tropius
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Fire Red entry: May appear in a swarm. Flies at violent speeds, all the while stabbing with the toxic stinger on its rear.

“<I won’t be late, won’t be late, won’t be late...>”

The young Beedrill rushed through the forest, trying to reach his destination in time. His bright yellow and black pattern could be easily seen, but kept most other Pokemon away instead of calling their attention. The swarm owned this forest. The others knew to leave the Beedrills alone or else face the wrath of all of them.

He zipped around at speeds that others would be shocked at, from a creature of his size. He darted up in order to avoid crashing into a large tree branch. Looking back at it, he thanked the spirits for his quick reflexes. Otherwise...

He smacked right into the next tree branch.

“<Uuuurrrgh...>” he moaned as the impact vibrated his entire exoskeleton. That was the fifth one this week. He really ought to have learned by now.

“<Toughen up, soldier,>” a gruff voice scolded. “<Report!>”

“<Y-y-y-yes sir...ow!>” He had flipped around, trying to get into the proper saluting pose when he crashed his head back into the branch. “<This is Private Jun reporting for guard duty, Captain sir!>”

The older battle-scarred Beedril, whom Jun only knew as ‘Captain’, grunted in response. His sharp harsh eyes contrasted with his battered stingers. According to stories, Captain had defended the swarm against many hostile enemies. It was said that he even defeated a giant three-headed Fearow. Captain was no longer on active duty. Instead, he trained the young members of the swarm to be great warriors like he had been.

“<So sir, what am I guarding today, sir?>” Jun asked, anxiously flipping his antennas.

“<Calm down,>” Captain snapped. “<You got a lot of energy, soldier, but maybe a little too much. Today, you are to watch this path.>” He jabbed his right stinger, which was nearly split in half, at the area below them.

Jun looked down at the footpath. It had originally been made of flattened dirt and gravel, but tough grasses were beginning to overtake it. The main way anyone could see that it was a path was how the vegetation was less dense there. “<The path, sir?>”

“<It leads to our swarm’s meadow! For that reason, we need someone to watch this path in case humans come through. If you see any humans, rush right back to the meadow and warn the advance guard.>” Captain narrowed his eyes. “<I’m sure that even you can manage this without breaking anything. Except maybe your head from crashing into things.>”

Jun brought his front stingers up in front of his face in embarrassment. “<Uh, yes sir, I mean, no sir! I mean... I’m not going to break anything today, sir, not even my head.>”

“<Good for you.>” He started to fly back to the meadow, but then paused. “<Right. Soldier, I want you to keep an eye out for any Combees as well. Some of the scouts have reported spotting these dastardly Bugs in and around the forest. But this is our territory, and we aren’t sharing it with some honey-loving wimps.>”

Jun tilted his head. “<Combees? Aren’t they the ones that are led by the beautiful Vespiqueens?>”

“<Don’t lose your head! We live for the swarm, we fight for the swarm, we die for the swarm. Remember that.>”

“<Yes, sir! Of course, sir! Won’t ever forget it, sir!>”

“<Sometimes I wonder about you.>” Then Captain took off for the meadow and training others.

“<But I try real hard,>” Jun said plaintively. Not that it mattered. The old Beedrill was gone.

Landing on the branch, the young Beedrill looked around. Okay, so today it was watching this path. Warn the advance guard if humans show up. And report any Combees sighted. That wasn’t so bad. Not like the nerve wracking job that was being on the advance guard. An advance guard Beedrill was likely to get into a battle every single day, with any other Bug that tried to take over the forest and any other Pokemon that tried to take over the small meadow the swarm rested in.

Watch the path. Watch, watch, watch. It wasn’t like the path was going to go anywhere. Would anyone come down it? Or was this going to get really boring really fast?

He began counting the grass that was growing in the worn path to pass time, but lost count somewhere in the seventies when his eyes crossed and he couldn’t remember if he counted certain stalks or not. That passed a good deal a time. As he started the count again, a Ratatta ran across where he was looking. “<Hey!>”

“<Hey what?>” the Rattata snapped back, but then looked up and saw who was speaking. “<Oh, sorry there! I didn’t mean to cross into your territory, I just...>”

Jun looked at her, then shrugged. “<Eh, I’m only on the lookout for humans. Don’t go that way,>” he pointed back to the meadow, “<but carry on if you’re heading somewhere else.>”

“<Um, well okay. Thanks.>” She ran into the vegetation opposite of where she had come in.

“<Rattatas probably don’t matter,>” Jun said to himself. “<But if a Combee came, I’d smack some sense into it.>” He jumped up and began jabbing the air with his stingers. “<You call yourself a bee warrior? You only got one puny little stinger while I have five! You think you can stand up to the jab-jab-jab-jab-JAB!?>”

Jun got so into his mock fighting that he twirled around while jabbing and stuck his poisonous stinger... into a Spearow that had stealthily landed beside him. The red and brown bird shrieked, jumping back into the air. With his insides turning cold in fear, he brought his front stingers up defensively.

“<What in the world was that for?>” the bird screamed at him. “<That hurt!>”

“<Uh, of-of course it did! For I am a mighty Beedrill warrior!>” Who happened to be scared silly of being eaten at that moment. But the bird didn’t need to know that.

The Spearow glared at him. “<One of these days... ooo, my head is spinning. I feel sick.>” He flew back into the depths of the forest. After a moment, there was a distant crash in the bushes.

Jun relaxed. “<Did I really do that?>” He looked himself over and found a brown feather stuck on his tail stinger.

That evening, when another Beedrill showed up to take path-watching duty, Jun went in to report to Captain. “<The path didn’t move an inch, sir.>”

“<Very funny,>” the old Beedrill grunted. “<So no humans. What about Combees?>”

“<None of them either, sir. But I defeated a Spearow in single combat!>” He brought out the feather as proof.

“<You did what?>” Captain snatched the feather and looked it over. It was torn from his stinger, but the end of it had some blood from being ripped out of the Spearow’s body.

“<Honest to goodness, I did, sir,>” the young Beedrill said proudly. “<Poisoned him and made him crash into the bushes, sir.>”

Captain stared at the feather a moment longer, then chuckled. “<It seems you did, soldier. Nice work. There might be more to you than meets the eye.>”

Jun jumped up gleefully. “<I did my be... ow!>” He rubbed his head from smacking into the branch above them.

He laughed. “<But you still need work.>”

26th February 2009, 9:51 PM
Well, that was a great story! Nothing really much I can say is that you are the best fan-fic writer I know, and that your stories are great! Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the next one!

I would like to suggest Totodile line.

26th February 2009, 9:53 PM
I really like these stories! Especially your magikarp story from way back when! [any chance of a squirtle story?]

Platinum Pichu
26th February 2009, 11:01 PM

Is this Beedrill based in part off the D/P/Pt rival? He deserves his own TV series! :-)

Smear Vinci
27th February 2009, 12:12 AM
Oooh, Nice! XD

*Names his beedrill Jun*

27th February 2009, 5:22 AM
Heh...these are all pretty nice. Each of them sort of has their own unique little world, their own little style...such a wide variety of settings. Coral reefs, big cities, rain, snow, swamp, volcanic foothills...very, very nice!

And you make all the Pokemon fit their rolls so well, naive, serious, wise, foolish...whatever the situation calls for!

And, um...if it isn't too much to ask, could I request that you do a Electrike/Manectric story? Either, or both, or with different Pokemon, whatever's convienent for you...and, um...keep up the great work!

1st March 2009, 3:35 PM
Yeah, I gave the Beedrill the Rival's anime name (still don't watch the show, but I see it so much around here). Although... I actually named him Waldo, because he reminded me of the 'Where's Waldo?' guy.

Anyhow. I did Feraligator, so I'll put the other two on the list. Remember, if the request list is long, you'll have to be patient.

I feel like I should warn you about this story. There's a touch of Pokemon-human romance here. However, it's nothing explicit and could be interpreted as platonic or unrequited if you're really against that kind of thing. I considered it and decide it was the best way to tell this story.

In Process: Scyther
On Deck: Hitmonchan/Baltoy, Tropius, Totodile/Croconaw, Squirtle, Electrike/Manectic
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Leaf Green entry: A Pokemon that consists entirely of programming code. It is capable of moving freely in cyberspace.

Fire Red entry: Further research enhanced its abilities. Sometimes, it may exhibit motions that were not programmed.

Diamond/Pearl entry: Additional software was installed to make it a better Pokémon. It began acting oddly, however.

Porygon condition check.... good.

Situation check... located in the doorway to Trainer’s room. Trainer is at computer, examining program files. Porygon currently guarding doorway.

Noise detection triggered... footsteps. Three sources, all climbing stairs. Check identity.

Identity check... Subject 1: annoying little brother. Subject 2: annoying little brother’s friend. Subject 3: Mom.

Orders are to forbid access to Trainer’s room to annoying little brother. Response 1: Growl.

Humans speaking. Commencing translation.

A.L.B: See Mom? Porygon keeps growling at me whenever I come up here.

Mom: Michael, what’s the meaning of this?

Trainer: Todd keeps bugging me when I’m trying to work. I wouldn’t have to do this if he’d stop coming into my room without knocking.

Mom: Todd, you should be knocking. But Michael, you don’t need to have your Pokemon growl at him every time he walks by. And you should stop working in that dim room. Come out and get some fresh air and sunshine.

Trainer: But Mom, I’m almost done...

Mom: Make Porygon stop.

Trainer: Alright, sheesh. Porygon, you can let Todd in my room, if he knocks. And stop growling as much.

Orders altered. Affirm with short call.

ALB: We wanna see what you’re doing.

ALB knocks. Move aside and allow him in.

Mom: I still think you should get a real Pokemon.

Trainer: But Porygon is a real Pokemon.

ALBF: She’s artificial intelligence, though.

Mom: And she doesn’t act like a real Pokemon should. She just sits there until you tell her to do something. I can’t believe people were willing to pay so much for a fancy paperweight.

Trainer: Well this science is still new. This Upgrade will make her better, you’ll see.

Mom: We shouldn’t be playing God, you know.

Mom leaves the hall and returns downstairs. ALBF kneels down and pokes Porygon. Recommended response: Turn to him and see if he means harm.

Trainer: It’s not like that.

ALBF: So this is the Pokemon you stole from the Game Corner?

Trainer: I did not steal her. I liberated her from Team Rocket.

ALBF: Yeah, right.

Trainer: It isn’t really stealing if you’re taking it from a thief. Besides, she’s officially registered under my ID Number, so as far as anyone is concerned, she’s mine.

ALBF: So why haven’t you given her the Upgrade? Did you get it late?

ALB: No, he signed up for it as soon as it was announced.

Trainer: I’m studying it carefully so that I know how it works. I already know most of Porygon’s programming, I just want to see what Porygon2 is capable of.

ALBF: I hear they use Porygon2 in space to repair satellites and explore the moon.

Trainer: That’s true, but I’m not sure this Upgrade will be enough.

ALB: You’ve had it for two months now! Come on, evolve her already!

Trainer: Well it’s not going to do any harm, and I have a copy of it made. Porygon, move to my computer.

Move onto computer; affirm with short call.

Interface with infrared connection... done. Transfer data into computer... ... ... ... done.

Silph Inc. Upgrade 2-PYGN-XGSC detected. Checking registration... authenticated. Checking for bugs... none found.

Install Upgrade? Y/N


... ... ... ...

Data downloaded. I am well.




I have encountered a small item that is not identified in my database. It is on the kitchen floor. It is a spherical object with a diameter of nearly one centimeter. It is green and partially coated with ice crystals. I poke it with my beak and it rolls. It smells of frozen water and green foodstuff. It must be some sort of food.

“What are you doing, Porygon?” Mom asks. She looks down. “Oh, you have a frozen pea. Play with it if you want. Or can.”

A pea that is frozen. It has been three years since my upgrade and I still find new things to notice. I have registered that item and will recognize another frozen pea if it falls on the floor.

I push it around for a bit. That seems to be play for the other Pokemon, although I see no point to it. I eat the pea, and it is good.

The door opens as Michael and Todd come home. The younger boy rushes in. “Mom, I got an A on my history test!”

She claps a few times before hugging him. “Good job. What about math?”

“It’s good,” he replies.

I bring my wings around and look at them. Could I clap? It seems possible, a simple motion. I bring my wings together. Yes, that seems right.

Michael takes an envelope from the table and opens it. After reading the letter inside, he grins. “Yes, the tech institute accepted me!”

“Ooorriii!” I cheer and clap for him.

He laughs and picks me up to pet my head. “Hey, you learned something. Thanks, Pory.”

“Gooo,” I say as I put my head against his chest. The petting always feels nice.

“Good going,” Mom says. “How are you going to pay for it?”

“I’ll manage,” Michael replies.

I clap again.

He shakes his head and taps my beak. “No, that’s not the right time to clap.”

I will have to learn when the appropriate time to clap is.


Michael has been working almost non-stop since he got thrown out of tech school. They did not appreciate his attitude, if I understand correctly. I do not know what this means for us, but he shows no obvious signs of being upset. Unless, this constant work is a sign. He has worked all night on previous projects. However, this has taken him months.

My internal programming recommends that I make sure he does not make himself ill. So once an hour, I prod him to make sure that he is drinking plenty of fluids. When it is time for him to eat, I gently nip his arm. And when it is time for him to sleep, I tug at his clothing.

It works on most occasions, but then he goes right back to his computer and works. Is this normal for humans? It is normal for him.

“Don’t worry, girl,” he tells me. “I’ve almost got it.”

He’s always referred to me as female. It makes no difference to me, other than having to learn to look at people when they say, ‘girl’ or the like. The last friend who visited suggested that it was because I am taking care of him so much. But that was over a month ago.

“I’ll make it so that they can never deny that you’re real again,” he continues. “You’re the only one who stands by me now. You appreciate me and I appreciate you. I’ll make sure that everyone can appreciate how wonderful you are.”

He is my Trainer and that is why I stand by him. That is how I was programmed. That is how other Pokemon must be programmed as well, for they stand by their Trainers faithfully too. I do not understand what this business about me being false is, but if Michael says he can fix it, then I know that he can.



I had been napping, but I woke up. I brought my head up and looked at Michael. “Re?”

He clapped his hands and grinned. “I’ve got it! The Psyche Disc!”

I looked at the orange CD case he had, then smiled and clapped for him.

He came to pick me up, then sit me on his lap in front of his computer. “This will further enhance your emotive and learning capacities, as well as give you an open-ended editing routine that will make you truly like the other Pokemon. You’ll still be made of pure information, but with this, no one should be able to distinguish your behaviors from that of others. Then you and your peers can be fully appreciated, as you were meant to be.”

I am not sure what this all means, but if he is happy, then that is good.

Michael gazed at the computer screen. “I’ll call your new form Porygon-Z, for it is the zenith of created intelligence programs. Whenever you’re ready, move into the computer and download the information.” He opened the case and slid the CD into the tower.

My systems are all working fine, so I transfer myself into the computer. I can recall how drastic my first evolution was. A Porygon2 does not look much different that a Porygon, but my mind advanced so much. How will this change me?

I cannot answer that now.

I check the download. I trust Michael, but procedures must be followed. It is good and clean. It is official from Silph. I connected myself to it and take in the information.

... ... ... ...

It is done! Hurray!


The spring shower feels utterly divine as I spin and dance in it. The cold water splatters on my brightly colored skin, giving it a sheen that Contest Pokemon would kill for. Such fools! Wasting their time in hour after hour of parlor treatments and dance lessons. They endure blindly hot spotlights while wearing such ridiculous costumes to look their best when all I have to do is dance in the rain. The raindrops are cool and kind, natural and friendly, while those hideous spotlights are hot and bright, unnatural and merciless. No thanks. I’d rather take my chances with the mud puddles.

Michael slips his cellphone down to softly call, “Pory,” then taps the bench beside him.

Giggling, I come over and sit by him. “<It’s such fun,>” I tell him. “<Why don’t you dance?>”

He turns back to his cellphone, though. “No, we’re waiting on the evaluation of Porygon-Z... No, I’m not obsessed with Porygons, Mom. I’ve worked hard on this, but... I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t think I’m ready... it’s not like that! Don’t you ever listen?” He hung up. “Why do I even try this again?”

“<Don’t get too upset about her,>” I say, patting his leg. “<She was never on our side.>”

A man comes out with an umbrella. Another Porygon-Z is beside him. “Michael.”

He gets up. “What do you think? Aren’t they great?”

The other Porygon-Z looks up at the sky and gawks. “<Oh my goodness, the sky is crying! We’d better do something to cheer it up, fast!>”

I laugh at him and spin around. “<I think they’re tears of joy! It makes the flowers happy.>”

“This is awful! It’s the worst possible evolution to the Porygon line I’ve seen, and we didn’t even let the others enter actual testing phase.”

“But haven’t you seen how strong they are? And how much they act like other Pokemon? It’s an insult to call a Porygon-Z an artificial intelligence now.”

That’s precisely the problem. We didn’t need them to act like other Pokemon.”

“That’s why people say they aren’t real.”

“And that’s why a lot of our customers like them. You only feed them when you want to and they require almost no care to gain their trust and loyalty. Plus, with their limited numbers, they’re a great status symbol for rich people who have little time to give a ‘real’ Pokemon. But Porygon-Z, I have no idea what he’s going to do next. It’s difficult to get him to behave even with obedience reinforcements. And he demands far more attention when I have no time for it. I can’t afford to keep him now, but I know of no one who can afford to buy him and take care of him.”

“Well Porygon to Porygon2 is a large change,” Michael points out. “They’re often tricky to handle the first few days, but then they settle down. This is the same thing; they’ve gone through a large change and it will take time for the Trainer and Pokemon to get used to it. But it is worth it.”

“Not to someone whose time is at a premium. We will not accept distribution of this dubious disc and if we hear of you doing so, we’ll sue for copyright infringement.” Then he goes back inside.

“<But I was just starting to like this rain,>” his Porygon-Z comments as he follows his Trainer back inside.

Michael is devastated. He drops down onto the wet bench, looking strangely lost. “It’s not right to leave them behind for the sake of your convenience.”

I don’t like seeing him sad now, as it makes me hurt deep inside too. So I hug him. “<They don’t appreciate you either. But I do. You let me enjoy dancing in the rain.>”

He picks me up and holds me close. “I’m sorry, Pory. I tried to convince them.”

“<It’s okay.>”

I put my head on his chest. We’re there like that for a long time, just the two of us. Then he sighs and gets up, still holding onto me.

“So his problem is that those with Porygons don’t have time to handle a Porygon-Z, huh? Well what if we got some Porygons into the hands of those with time? We’ll have to add some programs to the original form, so that they can handle living in the wild. But it must look accidental... along with any distribution of my Psyche Disc until your peers come into popularity. But it’ll be worth it in the end.”

“<I’ll help however I can,>” I tell him. And that is the truth, because my heart belongs to him.

1st March 2009, 9:33 PM
Jun as a Beedrill made my day. A huge flighty bee with spears ... XD

The Porygon one was really cute. I loved how her devotion to her trainer developed, and how curious and playful she was. There was a bit that needed punctuation, though:

That’s precisely the problem. We didn’t need them to act like other Pokemon.”

Besides that, great job. ^_^

1st March 2009, 9:51 PM
That Porygon one was epic.

I loved how her personality changed, she developed from acting much like a computer (using program layout patterns to understand actions and perform the appropriate response) to becoming so like a real, living Pokemon.

I sense forboding in her trainers ideas. Any clues on why there are Porygon in the Trophy Garden, or why a Dubious Disk is just 'dropped accidentally' on a route in Sinnoh there? I oved how that guy actually used the game term for the disk.

And I feel so sorry for the Porygon, reduced to mindless pets to people with no time...

I hate everyone who refuses to put effort into getting Porygon Z. Another strike against the rich of the Pokemon world!

The Porygon Z having feelings for her trainer at the end was just beautiful, it really was. While I tend to restrict human and Pokemon romance to humanoid Pokemon (Gardevoir, Gallade, Lucario) you have just opened my mind to a new area of that tricky zone.

To round this off, I would like to request a Milotic/Dusknoir one-shot. And if you wonder why those two, look at the Tournament of Champions RPG I'm a part of. It should become clear...

2nd March 2009, 5:10 PM
I think I'm addicted to these one-shots, hurry up with the scyther one, Ysavvryl !
My favorite is the one with Rotom, but Dorapion is close after (lol for hairless bipedal creatures..)
The peace symbol was brilliant, and I love your ideas on how TMs and pokeballs work!
To sum that up... Holy Godzila ! XD

4th March 2009, 4:19 AM
Well thankfully I'm addicted to writing these and the idea for this one came pretty quick. I've seen Scyther in several other stories, generally used in similar manners. The standard does fit with the Pokedex entries. I still wanted to do something different, though.

In Process: Hitmonchan/Baltoy
On Deck: Tropius, Totodile/Croconaw, Squirtle, Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Leaf Green entry: With ninja-like agility and speed, it can create the illusion that there is more than one of itself.

Emerald entry: A Scizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. It flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.

Not everyone appreciated fine music, the Scyther considered. The near-metallic ringing of her two blades being slid across each other was very fine music, but the group of Pokemon sitting nearby winced every time those lovely notes broke the hot humid air. A Ralts being carried out of the building by her Trainer started crying when she heard it. The Scyther smiled at that. At least she appreciated it, in her own way.

They were sitting on the steps to the GTS station. It was a graceful building, in a way, but it inspired dread in many Pokemon. Being traded was a daunting prospect as it was, but at least with the Wireless Club, one could meet the new Trainer before being transferred. When it came to the GTS, a Pokemon had no idea where it would wind up, who it would be under, or what its future would hold. So the gray concrete facade, the enormous archway entrance, the sparkling fountain out front, it was all destined to become the elements of nightmares.

“Skyra, come here.”

The Scyther got up and walked up to steps to her Trainer. “<Is it our turn?>”

She waved her hand to follow. “Come on. We finally got rid of that slacker. About time, too. I’m not liking all the system failures they’re having here.”

“<It is new to the Jasper area, didn’t you say?>” Skyra looked around the lobby as they came inside. Some human kids were staring at her. She narrowed her eyes and they pretended that she wasn’t there in a hurry.

Chuckling, she followed her Trainer back to the receiving area. Camilla was graceful herself, quick and nimble too. Skyra respected that she was talented like that. Other humans would rely on their Pokemon all the time, but Camilla could kill an enemy as easily as Skyra. That is, if she could do that without getting into trouble with the police. It was one of the things that made the Scyther glad that she was a Pokemon.

Camilla brushed her long black hair back, then smiled warmly to Skyra. “I found a male Scyther in exchange. He seems pretty impressive, based on the forms at least. We should be able to build you two into a strong Doubles team.”

“<That would be nice.>” She looked down at her blades. “<Too bad I don’t have stained blades to show him how tough I am.>”

“And if you two get into any ritual fighting in here, I’ll have to recall both of you. I hope you understand that the staff wouldn’t appreciate that. I’ll let you two go at it outside of town if you want.”

“<I know, but it depends on how long he has been around humans.>”

A polite female voice interrupted their conversation. “Trade #3074, commencing arrival of a Scyther named Miguel.”

Camilla crossed her arms over her chest. “Miguel, huh? Could be worse. I ran across one named Skizzles before I caught you.”

Skyra shuddered. “<How awful.>”

A boy wearing a wide straw hat came up. “Hey, are you that Camilla woman?”

She turned to him and nodded. “Yes, what is it?”

He looked up at her critically. “You’re trying to open a Bug Gym around here? You don’t look like any Bug Maniac I’ve met.”

“I’m not a Bug Maniac,” she said patiently, as she’d been told that a lot lately. “I’m an entomologist, which means I know far more about bugs than your run-of-the-mill Bug Maniac.”

“You can’t be serious. Girls don’t like bugs, except for the cute ones, and even then...”

Skyra ignored the conversation; she’d heard variations on it before. Instead, she looked into the receiving room. It was a large dome-shaped area with strange glowing panels running around it in a spiral. The panels were beginning to hum; the air inside the room shimmered and turned into a haze. For a moment, it was impossible to see anything in there.

The haze then condensed into two objects. One was a green Pokeball with a netting pattern on the top, which appeared open on the floor. The other was Miguel. He was taller than Skyra by half a foot and his white scythes were as sharp (and clean) as hers. His exoskeleton wasn’t quite the same color as her’s. Skyra had a bright meadow green armor while he had a more muted desert grass green. She wondered briefly if it was due to where they had been born; Camilla probably knew why.

When she looked at his face, his eyes seemed dazed and disoriented. Skyra quickly looked down, not wanting to insult him by acknowledging a moment of weakness. As she did, she noticed that he was wearing an odd accessory. It was a vest made of connected steel plates. Why had his previous Trainer put him in that? It looked uncomfortable, not to mention hot for this kind of weather.

Then the air around him began to shimmer again. Skyra wondered if the trading machine wasn’t finished, but then felt the energy release of an evolution taking place. She grabbed hold of Camilla’s sleeve. “<Hey, something’s happening!>”

“What?” She looked into the receiving room to see Miguel evolving, but not in time to interrupt him. “Oh... M’am, I wasn’t informed that this Scyther was wearing a Metal Coat.”

“We don’t give out information on what a tradable Pokemon may be holding,” the worker replied.

“But I listed exactly what my trade was: history, accessory, and health records.”

“That sort of thing is used for surveys, not for listing the Pokemon.”

Miguel’s armor was now a sandstone red. His wings lay differently, grown wide instead of slender like hers. But most different were his blades. They were no longer scythes. Rather, they reminded Skyra of scissors, or tree branch loppers. They were about the same size as his head, and even had markings like eyes near the joints. They still appeared sharp, but...

Skyra wasn’t sure what to make of this. As far as she knew, she was supposed to judge a peer’s power based on the condition and size of his scythes. His earlier form had been impressive, but this now: did she judge based on original or this form?

“<Que?>” he asked. He brought one of his hands up and noticed the lack of the Coat and scythe. “<Qué me ha sucedido? Por qué soy tengo gusto de esto?>”

“<What happened to you?>” Skyra asked, not understanding him.

Startled, he looked at her, then looked down, ashamed. “<Sorry, senorita. I didn’t know where I was. Or how I came to be like this... it isn’t the right time to turn into this.>”

“<Into what? I didn’t know we could evolve.>”

“<Scizor.>” He started out of the room, but stumbled from his change in weight.

“No, I’ll keep him,” Camilla said, continuing her conversation with the GTS worker. “I’ll just see about pushing for better listing information.” She went into the receiving room and picked up the Net Ball. “Miguel, I am Camilla, your new Trainer. I have chosen you as a strong hunter for my Gym. I expect nothing less than your best.”

He straightened his posture and lowered his arms. “<She knows us well.>”

“<She could hunt like us, if it were not against her kind’s gentle hands,>” Skyra pointed out.


Camilla pointed to the Scyther. “This is Skyra, another of mine. I have other Bugs working for me, but they may not be to your interest. Come; let’s go outside.”

“Are you gonna help him?” the boy with the straw hat asked. “He doesn’t look too steady.”

Miguel growled. “<Don’t be cheeky.>”

Camilla brought her hand up. “Hush.” Then she looked at the boy. “He is strong, so he needs no help. I know my Bugs. This is why I am an entomologist, not a Bug Maniac.” She went on past him towards the door.

Skyra followed after her. After taking a few tentative steps to gauge his new balance, Miguel followed as well. By the time they arrived at the fountain, he was breathing heavily in the humidity. “<This is not like Amarillo Desert. Where is this?>”

“<We’re in Queens Port of Jasper,>” Skyra answered. “<There’s no deserts on this side of the sea.>”

The entomologist looked up at the temperature display. “Miguel, you need to beat your wings.”

“<What for? As far as I remember, Scizors don’t fly.>”

“Do it.”

He huffed. “<Fine. But it’s so sticky.>” He set his wings off with a ringing hum, like a tuning fork left to vibrate.

The Bug Catcher came back out to them. “Hey, so you really know a lot about Bug Pokemon?”

“Of course,” Camilla said. She made a quick wave to Miguel. “Scizors are found naturally near harsh regions where the Scyther’s territory overlaps with a lot of Rock Pokemon or those that can use Rock-type moves. Such regions must have deposits of mineral-heavy clay or sand around. Where these Bugs take a lot of risks with falling rocks or Rock attacks, they eat bits of clay or sand to strengthen their exoskeletons. After several years of this, they retain enough metal to evolve into Scizor. However, since the advent of electronic trading, it has been discovered that this process can be greatly sped up by trading a Scyther with a piece of metal from another Pokemon. This is most commonly the Metal Coat, which is found on Steelix.”

“Really? I had no idea you could find naturally evolved Scizors.”

“You’d have a terrible time trying to catch one, though. Also, while they do protect themselves from Rocks by trading their Fly type for a Steel, it leaves them prone to overheating, especially on scorching hot days like this one. Thus their wings have shifted form and function from quick bursts of flight to dispelling of excess heat.”

Miguel’s wings slowed for a moment before speeding back up. “<I would have figured that out, given time.>”

Skyra chuckled. “<She knows us well. Miguel.>”


She flipped her wings out and darted into the air. She then skipped around until he thought she was coming from his front-right, but actually she was just behind him and to his left. Tapping his shoulder with her left blade, she said, “<I would like to see your power. But when you are accustomed to being a Scizor, not before.>”

He smirked back at her. “<Do you mean to be flirtatious, senorita?>”

“<We shall see. I do not know how to appraise one like you. But, you were rather intriguing before.>”

“<If you wish to be impressed by your defeat, then by all means. You will hardly make a scratch on this armor.>”

“<You will not find me to be a pushover,>” she replied.

...A year later...

Camilla had put her Gym outside, in a large grassy field. It was still odd to Miguel, who was used to harsh rocky deserts with the occasional tough grassy patch. But the other Bugs of the Gym loved it, so he didn’t make a fuss. As a Scizor, it was his duty to keep all wild birds out of the Gym grounds. He enjoyed the job initially, but the birds were wising up to his presence.

In fact, he hadn’t seen any today. As he was considering going out of the Gym bounds, he heard a ringing almost-metallic sound. Not true metal, but bone so sharp and solid that it might as well be metal. That could only be Skyra sharpening her scythes. He always loved that music, but it made him giddier when he knew that it was her. He went to find her.

It was pointless for him to sneak up on her. When the rings of her scythes weakened, he rushed at her with his claws at ready. By the time he reached where she was, the Scyther was already gone. The grass rustled on all sides. Lesser Pokemon would fear attack from multiple foes, but Miguel knew it was just Skyra zipping around making it seem that way. He braced himself, then spun around and brought his claws up in time to catch her scythes.

“<It seems that you have caught me,>” she said. “<What do you mean to do to me?>”

“<Did you let me catch you?>” he asked.

“<That depends on what you want with me.>”

“<I wanted to ask if you would come hunting with me.>”

“<Really? We are lone hunters, though we follow the pack.>”

Miguel pushed her scythes aside and moved closer. “<I would only hunt with you, Skyra. You helped me so much in the past year, getting used to this new place and this new form. And the way you move in battle is so devastatingly beautiful. Would you hunt with me?>”

She smirked. “<I think you have more than hunting on your mind.>”

He grinned back. “<I know you have more than hunting on your mind.>”

“Skyra, Miguel, come here now,” Camilla called.

“<Do we have to put some rookie back in place?>” Skyra asked.

“<Seems so.>” He rushed to the battle area. She still got there before him and teased him for it by beckoning with her right scythe. He responded in kind by clipping the air with his claws.

Camilla put her hands on her hips as she looked at them. “I wasn’t aware that you two were courting. You’ll have to put it off for now.”

“<Only because it’s you, Camilla>” Skyra said.

“<I don’t like it, but yes, as you ask.>” Miguel then winked at Skyra.

The Gym Leader then looked at her challenger with the same stern look she gave her Pokemon. “Look kid, every type has its strengths and weaknesses. So don’t dismiss any one of them, or you will be defeated. We shall demonstrate this for you.”

“<And when the blood of one foe lies on the hands of two, they shall hunt with one heart evermore,>” Skyra said.

“<And we shall take your blood and be forever bound as one,>” Miguel added.

The Murkrow facing them pretended to gag. “<Sheesh, she told you to cut the romance already. I think I’m gonna lose my lunch.>”

The bird’s partner, a Gloom, stared at them with wide eyes. “<I think I lost yesterday’s lunch.>”

5th March 2009, 2:42 PM
It's a little different than what I imagined scyther like, but I LOVED it!
If the last line is a joke, I didn't get it..

7th March 2009, 4:49 PM
It was, but it was slightly off-color.

The Shaymin entry is looking nice. Still need to look over the other reserve for that week, though.

In Process: Tropius
On Deck: Totodile/Croconaw, Squirtle, Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Fire Red entry: The spirit of a pro boxer has infused this Pokemon. It throws punches that are faster than a bullet train.

FR/LG entry: It was discovered in ancient ruins. While moving, it constantly spins. It stands on one foot even when asleep.

The desert winds whipped around them, throwing up a veil of flying sand. It ran over their skin like sandpaper. If it wasn’t for the goggles, they would probably be blinded. Despite the discomfort of being out in the sandstorm, it was their best option. An engine roared nearby. The desert might just be able to hide them.

The human girl dropped down on her knees, thinking it would make her less visible. She wore red-violet runner’s shorts and a matching sports tank. Her shoes and socks were in the canvas bag she carried, for she had been out here training just minutes ago. Her orange hair was tied back with a clip that had the logo of the dojo she trained in. She watched the direction the engine sounded from.

Next to her, her partner kept an eye on other directions. He was a Hitmonchan, a four foot tall Fighting Pokemon with brown skin and a killer punch. His fist were covered in red callouses from his constant practice against stones and boulders. He also had light purple armor that had grown over his chest and flared out past his waist, to protect vital organs from serious damage. All adaptations to help him in close-quarters combat.

The engine changed directions. It was an ATV, perfectly capable of driving in this sandstorm. The driver and passenger were something to worry about. They had showed up five minutes ago, with guns in hand, demanding that the girl come with them quietly. While she and her Pokemon were both capable of defending themselves in regular combat, guns were something they did not want to mess with. So they had run into the sandstorm in hopes of losing them.

The Trainer then nudged his shoulder armor, letting him know that they were to move over to the cliff walls surrounding the desert. There might be a shallow cavern to hide in. He nodded and led the way. They trained often here, but generally not in the middle of the sandstorm. It would cover their tracks, but made it difficult to see the way ahead. The flying sand made him completely miss a rapid sinkhole until he fell right into it.

“Jack!” the girl shouted. She tried to grab his hand, but he slipped under the quickly moving sand in a blink. Seconds later, a burst of gas shot a plume of sand into the air. But not the Pokemon.

The ATV headed right for her.


Although Jack feared that he was going to drown in sand, he was soon falling through air. He rolled in time to hit the ground safely. When he got back to his feet, he saw a gas hole shoot out all the sand it had swallowed up. As it finished, a yellow shimmer appeared in the ceiling, keeping the sand from falling inside.

“<Casey!>” But the sand blocked his voice and that shield blocked him.

Seeing as he wasn’t getting out that way, he pushed his goggles onto his forehead and looked at his surroundings. He was in a room carved out of tan stone. There were a few holes in the ceiling like the one he had dropped through, corresponding with holes in the floor. What purpose they served, he had no clue. There were drawings all over the walls. These were simple figures, abstracts of people fishing, farming, and building. Other figures appeared to be Pokemon, some he recognized, some he didn’t. The room was empty save for himself and another Pokemon.

This other was shown in the pictures, but Jack wasn’t sure what it was. Appearing to be made of clay, it had a head shaped like an onion, a slightly larger body, and no legs. Instead, it pivoted slowly on one point, like a child’s top. It had flat arms that curved out, nearly touching the floor. It spun about two inches off the ground, perfectly balanced. Even while it levitated, it was a head shorter than he was.

“<Excuse me, but where’s the exit to this place?>” the Hitmonchan asked.

Two eyes opened up as it stopped spinning. “<Hmm?>” it asked sleepily.

He bowed his head. “<Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you were asleep.>”

It glided around him, observing. “<Fascinating.>”

“<Pardon me for asking, but what are you?>”

“<Baltoy.>” The voice had a higher pitch to it, so was this a female? “<You?>”

“<I’m a Hitmonchan. My name is Jack.>”

“<Name? Lucky.>”

“<You’re Lucky?>”

She shook her head. “<No name. You lucky.>”

“<I see. I’ll ask again: where’s the exit to this place?>”


“<I fell through a sinkhole up there. My Trainer was with me when we were threatened by strangers with guns. I have to get out to help her.>”


“<Very bad weapons. We can’t fight them.>”

“<Ooo, bad. Exit. Come.>” She moved towards the door, turning herself to it as she went along.

Jack followed the odd Baltoy into a hallway. There were more of the same tan stones and more of the same style of drawings. “<What is this place?>”

“<Ancient,>” she replied. “<Temple.>”

“<An ancient temple to who?>”


“<That would make sense,>” he said, mostly to himself. A temple to rocks in the middle of a desert... but then why had their been pictures of fishers?

She paused in front of a small shaft and whistled. It seemed to be some kind of signal, as it was long and moved between several notes. Then she moved on down the hall.

“<What were you doing there?>”

“<Calling. Come.>”

She made a curving turn to go through a doorway into another room, much larger than the one he had fallen into. The outer rim was a raised pathway of stone, but the central area was dusted with sand. Six tall columns stood there, surrounding the middle of the room. But there was nothing there. “<Is there supposed to be something here? It seems like there should be.>”

The Baltoy stopped in the center of the pillars, on top of a large block. She tapped the floor. “<Rock. Sleeping.>”

There was a whistle, followed by another. And a dozen more. Many Baltoys entered the pillar room, looking exactly like his guide. “<Guest?>” one asked.

She shook her head. “<Trouble, above. Help?>”

The others looked over him, then nodded. “<Help.>”

Jack bowed to them. “<Thank you. My Trainer was being threatened; I don’t know why, but I have to help her.>”


“<Of course.>”

His guide beckoned with her hands. “<Exit, come.>”

Setting off as one, the Baltoys moved to the largest doorway in the room. Jack went with them, glad to find stairs on the other side. The lead Baltoys pressed a few switches on the way up, causing a rock slab to slide backwards. The wind sent flying sand at them, but the Baltoys just closed their eyes and pressed on. Jack put his goggles back over his eyes.

He did not hear the engine. “<Casey!>”

With their eyes shut, the Baltoys all pointed to the north. “<Three,>” his guide said.

So they had her. Jack rushed that way, ignoring the sand blasting away at his skin. He soon saw a tall rock jutting out of the ground. Casey had her back to the rock, trying to watch the two men at once. Only one had a gun this time. The other was threatening her. “You’re going to give us the password, one way or another.”

Normally, he wouldn’t hurt humans. But this was a definite exception. Jack slammed his right fist into the back of the gunman’s leg, then spun around and punched the hip with his left as the human was falling. Before the man hit the ground, Jack grabbed hold of the gun and yanked it out of his hands.

He had no clue how to actually use the gun, so he simply bludgeoned it onto the man’s chest. “<You don’t threaten my Trainer,>” he snarled.

“Jack?” Casey asked in astonishment. “Thank goodness.” Then she delivered a fierce kick to the other man’s chest.

He gasped, but then got hold of his gun.

One of the Baltoys tapped Jack’s arm, then pointed to the rock. “<Up.>”

Deciding to trust them, he nodded and darted over to Casey’s side. He pointed up onto the rock. “<Come on!>”

Seeing the first man scramble for another gun, she nodded and picked him up. Once he climbed onto her back, she jumped up for a handhold. She was on top of it in the blink of an eye.

Jack looked back down in time to see the sandy air vibrate. The Baltoys all released Psychic energy that, while not bothering each other, put the two man below in immense pain. That energy left trails in the sand, all directed straight at one or the other. Since they were so short, their blasts did not touch Casey and Jack up on the rock.

“What’s going on?” the first one said, panicking.

“Let’s get out of here,” the other replied, rushing for the ATV. Once his partner had stumbled on board, they got out of the desert in a hurry.

Once the sandstorm drowned out the vehicle’s roar, Casey slid off the rock, putting Jack down. “That was sure impressive. But, where’d they go?”

For a moment, it seemed like the Baltoys were all gone. Only the straight trails of sand held any hint that they had been there. The sandstorm was already erasing those. But then one glided into their range of vision. “<Safe?>” Her voice was familiar; it was the one who had guided him.

“<For now, I think,>” he replied. “<Thank you.>”

She bowed. Then she raised one arm up. “<Follow?>”


Casey knelt down, like she did when she wanted to talk to Jack. “Thank you, little Pokemon.”

The Baltoy brought her other arm up and appeared as if asking to be picked up. “<Follow?>”

“I’m not entirely sure what you are.” She put her hand to her chin. “What do you think, Jack? Want to fight with this one?”

“<She’s different, but sure, let’s give it a try.>”

She bowed again. “<Good.>”

14th March 2009, 4:18 AM
Guess everyone must be busy. Me too. And I got stuck on this entry. So I went to get the next one, and got stuck on that too. Then I had the idea for this one. I think I know what to do with Totodile now too.

In Process: Totodile/Croconaw
On Deck: Squirtle, Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir
Reserve: Shaymin (3/17), Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

FR/LG entry: It lives in tropical jungles. The bunch of fruit around its neck is delicious. The fruit grows twice a year.

“<Good morning, Tropius!>”

The giant sauropod Pokemon strengthened his last few wingbeats to land gently beside the bamboo thicket. He then bowed his head to the Bug who had greeted him. “<Good morning, Pinsir. How’re you doing?>”

“<Great, just eating some bamboo... oh, but you’re more than welcome to join me. How are you?>”

“<I’m fine, thanks for asking.>”

A Swellow flew nearby, but stopped to hover by them. “<Hey, have you guys seen any Mightyenas today? I was driving a couple away last night, so be careful.>”

“<Okay,>” Tropius replied. The large black wolves were one of the predators of his kind, so he was especially grateful for that. “<Thanks a lot.>”

“<No problem.>” She flew off to patrol some more.

“<I could scare them off too,>” Pinsir said. “<If I caught them by surprise, you know.>”

“<I’m sure.>” He then settled in for a mid-morning snack on the bamboo stalks. Between his great size, his unorthodox flying, and his constant movements, photosynthesis was just not enough for his energy needs. He was hungry almost all the time. Thankfully, this bamboo grew as quickly as his hunger did.

‘They’re all so nice to me this morning,’ he thought. He didn’t have to wonder why. Like all Tropius, he grew a cluster of fruits underneath his chin. Their scent was losing the tart tang of greenness and taking on the mellow sweet of ripeness. All the Pokemon he knew loved the rare delicacy of a Tropius fruit. And so, every time a cluster approached ripeness, all of his neighbors became extra kind and generous.

Although he liked the special treatment when it came, it was disheartening to know that they were only nice because they wanted one of his fruits. Once they were gone, he would have to watch out for Pinsir defending ‘his’ portion of the bamboo. And if any predators came, he would be on his own.

There was also the antagonizing debate over who he should give a fruit to. Some took the fruit and never spoke to him again. Others, if he didn’t give them a piece, would be bitter and hate him for some time. But he only had so many pieces of fruit, this time eight. There were far more than eight Pokemon who would be asking to get them.

Still, the special treatment was only available to him twice a year. He might as well enjoy it while it lasted. It was a pity, though. He was the most avid lover of fruit in the jungle, but he could not eat the fruits that his own body grew. It just wasn’t right to eat a part of oneself.

There was a rustling in the bamboo. A Zigzagoon came out of the thicket, wagging his tail. “<Hey Tropius!>”

He swallowed his piece of shoot and bowed his head. “<Good morning, Zigzagoon.>”

“<Hey, I smelled really nice and fruity on the other side. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe a new kind of fruit.>”

A new fruit? It sounded intriguing. “<You think? I may know it; I’ve eaten every kind of fruit that goes in this jungle.>”

“<I don’t know what it is. But it sure smells good.>”

“<I should go check it out with you, just in case it is new. Otherwise, I can tell you what it is.>”

“<Okay! It’s over on the other side somewhere.>” He darted into the thicket.

As the bamboo was growing too thick for him to walk through without knocking a bunch of stalks over, he beat his wings rapidly to take to the air. It was a short flight to cross over the thicket. Once in the clear, he hovered until he saw little Zigzagoon in the open. Then he landed.

And he could smell the new fruit too. “<Oh wow. That smells amazing.>”

“<Doesn’t it?>” Zigzagoon asked. “<I was gonna check it out, but then I thought, you’re a nice guy, so you should come check it out too.>”

After the new fruit and his own? Tropius was too interested in the new scent to be bothered. “<Thanks, you’re a good buddy.>”

“<So what is it?>”

He walked towards the scent. “<It might just be new. It smells a little like Leppa berries, but not. Strong. Maybe fermented some, but it should be safe to eat. And yet there’s such depth and complexity to it, tartness and sweetness, with a hint of various spices. If that would grow here regularly, it would be wonderful.>”

“<Wow, I wouldn’t have picked up on that much. I just thought it smelled good.>”

“<I’m an expert on fruit. It’s my passion. Should be... very near here.>” He looked down.

There was a wide ceramic bowl on the ground. But there was no fruit inside. Instead, the white interior showed off an amber colored liquid. It was this liquid that was giving off the heavenly scent.

“<That looks like some human thing,>” Zigzagoon said, patting the bowl.

“<I wonder where the human is, then.>” He looked around and sniffed the air, but the fruit juice drowned out all other scents from his nose. There didn’t seem to be any other signs of human activity.

“<They’re awfully forgetful, leaving this kind of thing behind. Maybe they left more stuff.>” His innate curiosity led him to sniff along the ground, looking for some trinket treasure.

Tropius lowered his neck all the way down so he could take a couple of drinks from the bowl. He wound up drinking most of the liquid in doing so, but left a bit for the other Pokemon to try. It was thick and smooth, tasting exactly as it smelled. Hints of spiced complexity, yet tones of fruity simplicity, it was one of the best snacks he’d ever come across.

He lifted his head back up with a smile. “<Like Leppas, but somehow different. This is really amazing. You’ve gotta...>” he yawned. “<Oh my. All of a sudden... I feel incredibly tired.>” He collapsed to the ground, fast asleep.

Zigzagoon looked at him with wide eyes, then rushed off towards the bamboo thicket. “<Poison! Murder! Help!>”

But despite how quickly his neighbors came, the Tropius was captured by a human Trainer who had been hiding behind the bushes.

Moral of the Story: Don’t drink apple cider from an open bowl. Somebody may have spiked it with tranquilizers.

14th March 2009, 5:28 AM
...I really wish that was the moral of more stories...I could have used that one growing up.

The previous two stories were pretty good. I have to ask, do you ever plan on revisiting characters from previous One-Shots?

14th March 2009, 5:39 PM
Sometimes I do. Let's see who I can remember.

The Snorunt that appeared in the Gible entry showed up later in its own entry.

Jaithan the Garchomp has recently appeared in my RPG, The Dream of Two Worlds.

You won't find it here, but I used Picasso the Smeargle on another forum.

I was given the suggestion to used the Darkrai from Pokemon Mage Ruby here; haven't done that yet.

The telephone-obsessed Rotom was supposed to show up in The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo... but that thread somehow died. I'm rewriting it and the Rotom still appears so far.

I've got the rewrite of the Gallade and Gengar entry in its first draft. It's now got a name (A Mundane Story) and is around 25 Word pages so far. And I'm supposed to do the Shedinja one longer as well, but that's still in the ideas file.

Since I don't want to repeat entries for myself, any second appearance of a particular Pokemon would be strictly cameo.

16th March 2009, 3:47 AM
I was listening to America's Funniest Home Videos while writing this. That may explain the tone...

Completed: Shaymin (3/17)
In Process: Squirtle
On Deck: Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir
Reserve: Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)

Leaf Green entry: Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its Trainer must be careful.

Emerald entry: Once its jaws clamp down on its foe, it will absolutely not let go. Because the tips of its fangs are forked back like fishhooks, they become irremovably embedded.

The Endangered Pokemon Adoption Act was an enormous success. The Pokemon on the list had been driven to near extinction due to habitat loss, over-hunting, or even overuse in illegal death matches. Certain approved breeders were authorized to breed the listed Pokemon for distribution to new Trainers as starters. Because these were ‘first Pokemon’, their Trainers quickly grew attached to them and helped in the efforts to preserve their kind.

One of the approved breeders was the Stanton family. They were allowed to breed their favorite of the list, Totodiles. It was readily apparent that they took their job with pride. Their backyard had been turned into a flowery swamp, which the reptiles loved. The Pokemon were free to roam around most of the house. And everything was kept clean and functioning, for the health of all.

Two of the young Totodiles, ready to be sent off in a couple of weeks, were in the kitchen. Two of the humans, the mother and one of the sons, were preparing for a party this evening. The boy handed down a coconut that had been drained of its milk. “Here, it’s her turn.”

“<Mine!>” the female said gleefully, opening her jaws. Dozens of small sharp teeth lined her mouth.

“Remember, watch your fingers,” his mother warned.

“I know.” He placed the coconut in her jaws, then snatched his hand back before she cracked them with the nut. When she opened her jaws again, he took out the pieces and put them in a bowl of water to rinse.

“<Got any more?>” the male asked. “<This is fun!>”

“No, sorry, that’s enough coconut for the recipe,” the mother said. Then she gave them a wink. “You’ll get some to try too, don’t worry.”

“<Aw, but what’ll we bite now?>”

“Go on out and play,” the boy said. “Or rest; there’ll be a lot to do at the party.”

“<A nap would be nice,>” the female said.

But before they could head out, another Stanton son pushed the door open with his back. He carried a skateboard. At the other end of it was a Croconaw the family was keeping. He had bit down on the skateboard and was allowing himself to be dragged inside. He growled.

“Mom, Steve won’t let go of my board. He’s put holes in it.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to go out today?” his mother replied. “We still have a lot left to do.”

“But he has my board...”

“Shouldn’t you be clearing the driveway and walk?”

He gave up reluctantly. “Okay, Mom.”

She nodded, then tapped the Croconaw on the shoulder. “Steve, let it go now.”

Letting go, he gave her a grin. “<I’m just keeping him in line.>”

“Now if you’re not helping in here, shoo.” The mother went back to her cooking.

The two Totodiles followed their brother out the door, along with the older Stanton boy. “Man, I don’t care about this party. It’s just going to be the same boring talk and the same stupid board games as always.”

Steven nudged his head against the boy’s side. “<Come on, you’ve got a job to do.>”

“Okay, okay.” He went to the shed, soon followed by the Croconaw.

“<Hey, why did we never get names?>” the girl Totodile asked.

“<That’s so our Trainers get to name us,>” the boy replied. “<We’ll go on adventures and be awesome together.>”

“<Well that sounds fun... hey!!>”


She went over to the abandoned skateboard and pointed. “<Look, big brother lost a tooth.>”

And indeed, there was large white tooth jammed into the skateboard. “<What’s he going to do without one of his teeth? Maybe we should return it to him.>”

“<Yeah, that’s a good idea.>” Being small, she easily grabbed hold of the tooth and pulled. The skateboard jerked up and hit the end of her snout. “<Ow!>”

“<I can do it.>” He put his foot on the skateboard, then took hold of the tooth. But no matter how hard he pulled, it wouldn’t budge. Finally, the board slipped out from underneath him, causing him to fall on his back. “<I meant to do that!>”

She giggled. “<Sure you did.>”

“<I did.>” He got up, trying not to look embarrassed. “<Oh, I know! I’ll bite onto it and you pull it out.>”

“<But what if you lose a tooth too?>”

“<I won’t. You ready?>”

“<Um, all right. Be careful.>”

He bit onto the skateboard before she was finished, so replied, “<Aiff wifff.>”

The girl Totodile grabbed the stuck tooth and pulled. It strained her muscles, but wouldn’t budge. She put her foot on the board to get a better hold, then tried again. Still, it wouldn’t move.

But the skateboard had taken a lot of strain when Steven and the Stanton boy had been wrestling with it. It gave a crack as she pulled, then broke into jagged halves. His jaw got knocked onto the ground while she tripped back just like her brother had. He let go and got up first. “<Did it come out?>”

Triumphantly, she held up her right paw, with the lost tooth. “<Got it! Do you still have all your teeth?>”

“<Uh...>” He felt his jaw with his hands and tongue, then looked at the remains of the skateboard. “<Yeah, I’ve got all my teeth still.>”

She got up. “<Good.>”

Steve came back out of the shed. “<Hey kids, what’re you up to? Hope you’re not hurting each other.>”

The girl held up his tooth. “<Big brother, you lost a tooth! We got it out of the skateboard for you!>”

“<Yeah, but it’s kinda busted now,>” the boy added, looking down at the splinted board.

The Croconaw laughed. “<Whoa, hey, no need to worry about that. I’ll just grow a new one in a few days, that’s all.>”

“<Really?>” the Totodiles asked in unison.

He nodded. “<Sure enough. Although, I don’t think there’s much that can be done for the skateboard.>”

The human boy came out of the shed, dragging a hose behind him and grumbling. When he saw the state of his board, though, he dropped everything. “My... my skateboard! What did you do to it?!”

“You think you’d have learned by now to keep your toys away from the Pokemon,” his mother said as she came out.

“<We’re sorry!>” the girl Totodile cried, but the boy still gave her a dark look as he went to hook up the hose.

“<Don’t worry about it,>” Steve said, patting her snout. “<You’ll have a Trainer that appreciates you soon enough.>”

16th March 2009, 6:31 PM
I seem to be really late here. *feels bad*

I really enjoyed the Tropius one, I wasn't expecting the sad ending (which I liked a lot, actually). And the Totodile breaking the skateboard was priceless. XD Excellent job as usual.

17th March 2009, 4:13 PM
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I like Irish folklore, so I tried to write something like that here. I thought for a moment about doing something with snakes, but Shaymin's typing makes it weak to Poison and you can catch both Pokemon snakes in Sinnoh. Eventually, anyhow.

April Fool's Day is rather special to me, so I put a specific reserve on it. And there's a significant milestone this thread is approaching. I ain't telling you yet, even though it does prove my obsession with writing.

In Process: Squirtle, Glalie/Bellosom (3/20)
On Deck: Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir
Reserve: Meowth/Voltorb (4/1)

Pearl entry: It can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers.

Jubilife Castle was a busy place in the morning. Late merchants were moving in to the day’s market while the staff was busy keeping things looking nice. A number of the farmland peasants were waiting for the market to officially open. After all, it was the largest city in western Sinnoh. Not even Port Canalave could compare to the grand stone castle of Jubilife.

As it was so busy, few people noticed a shimmer of green light in the late autumn grasses by the northern road. Those who did must have felt it was a trick of the eyes. Even if they went to investigate, they would only find a small Pokemon there. She wasn’t usually seen around here, though. She was small, with green bushy fur and pretty pink flowers growing on her head. Shaymin usually wasn’t seen at all, mostly because she faded into the greenery so easily.

But this wasn’t where she had been called to. Crossing between dimensions wasn’t the easiest thing to do. She sniffed the ground to get her bearings, then scurried off along the north road.

Not too far from the castle, the road led to a twelve foot tall cliff. A tunnel had been dug out from the base to the top, then lined with orange-tan bricks. Shaymin took a chance and peered inside. There was no shrubbery she could hide in should someone enter it with her. Instead, she climbed up a nearby tree and jumped to the top of the cliff. Nobody would see her unless she wanted to be seen. She took some pride in that.

The top of the cliff was not flat land, like around Jubilife. No, it began climbing and falling as the native foothills of Mount Coronet. The tallest hill around was just ahead, a rounded plateau that stood nearly as high as the castle’s watch towers. However, it also wasn’t green like around Jubilife. The ground lay dead, dry, and dark.

It made Shaymin shudder to see a piece of land like that. She put her nose to the ground and investigated the earth in several spots. There was the sharp tang of poisons, the smokey fume of fire, the tragic odor of blood. It had to be war. This kind of saturation didn’t come from a single battle. Rather, more like days of death and destruction.

But this was where she had been called from. Was it dangerous? It hadn’t seemed like that. Taking caution by hurrying between large rocks, Shaymin climbed up the hill.

There were three humans at the top, a woman and her two small children. The older child barely came up to her mother’s waist; the younger child was still crawling on his hands and knees. But she was there, with three large tubs of water, some washboards, and several long clotheslines with white sheets fluttering off them. A little past the clotheslines, there was a small hut that faced southwest. A couple of Pokemon were with them, acting as guards: a Luxio and a Starly.

It seemed safe. Shaymin slipped over without them noticing, then jumped onto the edge of a washtub. “Good morning.”

The woman gasped and dropped the shirt she was scrubbing. “Oh! You... you talk?”

She laughed lightly. “It’s okay; I mean you no harm, Flora. I am Shaymin, Lover of Flowers. I heard heartfelt prayers from a long distance. And so, I came.”

She brightened at that. “You can bring back my husband from the war?”

She shook her head. “I’m afraid not, sorry. But you said you were alone. I can keep the watch with you, if you like.”

“Oh, I see.” She looked sorrowful for a moment, then went back to her laundry work. “I am grateful for some company. I thought others would be here with me, waiting, but no.”

“Why are you waiting here? Can’t you wait at the port where the ships come in?”

“I could, but the land around Canalave is so low. On the other hand, on top of this hill, I can see farther out to sea than from the port. His ship would come in from that way,” Flora pointed to the southwest, where a patch of sea could be seen past the castle, “then come up around to the north to enter the port. So I will know up here when they come back before the port knows. And definitely before the castle knows.”

Shaymin put her front paws on a hinge to see better. “Yes, you would. But this hill is such a dead place.”

“I know. It used to be a beautiful place. But it’s been since I was a little girl like her that this hill has been like that.”

“What happened to it?”

“The same problem as now, war with Veilstone. Their army made an encampment in Eterna Forest and dozens of battles were fought right here. Both sides were using Poison Pokemon intensively, so the sludge and vapors settled into the dirt, killing anything that tried to grow. The water that runs through this hill will make you sick and it stinks like a rotting corpse. I have to put gloves on my son’s hands because he’s still crawling, even though the dirt smells so bad that he doesn’t put it in his mouth, thankfully. But it’s been so long since the knights sailed off for Veilstone in revenge. I don’t want to miss it when Patrick comes home.”

Shaymin looked up at Flora. She was deeply sad, but loyally keeping her watch and doing her duties as both mother and castle washwoman. “This is why you pray to Mount Coronet every day?”

“Many times a day,” she replied, looking over her shoulder at the grand peak in the distance. “You can see it well from this hill too. The forests block most of it from other places, or even the hills do. But I can see it from here, so I know that it can watch out me.”

“We thank you for such respect. I can heal this hill, if you like. Flowers are my sign; any place that I bless will have many flowers for generations to come.”

“Can you really? There was fighting on this hill for over ten years. So many died here, and such terrible things remain.”

“I’m sure I can. Would you like that?”

She smiled, something her face hadn’t seen in a while, it seemed. “Yes please, dear Shaymin.”

“I’ll gladly do it, then.” Shaymin hopped off the washtub and focused her attention on the ground.

The earth here remembered death and poison. She had to make it remember life and greenery. It wasn’t a difficult process for one with her powers. However, this hill was a much larger piece of ground than she had revived before and the poisons had submerged deeper for longer. But Shaymin was resolved and she had come to answer at least one prayer by this devout woman.

She closed her eyes, fluffing her green fur as much as it would go. Poison was a destructive power, slow and choking. But she had the capability to transform it into a creative power, bright and thriving. It was a simple process; they were both powers of Nature, no matter how much they worked against each other. There was a lot of destructive power here. She started with what was closest to her, then used that to blossom outwards in transforming the rest. Purifying the air helped too, for that would encourage the earth.

There was soon five feet around her clear, then ten feet. That ten feet moved out to twenty, and so on, outward and downward. But as Shaymin’s power began to touch the water table below the ground, she realized that this was pushing herself to the limit. There had been too much death for so many years... no, she couldn’t let that destructive energy latch onto her. This place remembered flowers, but it had to be given hope or else the flowers wouldn’t come. Someone cared about this place, and as long as one person cared, that was reason enough.

As the last bit of destructive energy was transformed, her own body struck back with exhaustion. She found herself gasping for breath. Her mind felt like it was breaking and she didn’t have the concentration to summon flowers immediately.

“Shaymin!” Flora came over to her and picked her up. “What’s wrong? Is there something evil here?”

“No... nothing like that. This place... is clean. You will see flowers this spring... I promise that.”

Then she passed out.


Shaymin woke up to the sounds of a crackling fire. Worried, she opened her eyes to look around. She was inside a one-room house. There was a small fire contained in a hearth, attended to by a Staravia. The bird also looked after two small human children who were playing with a pile of river rocks. There was just one bed here, covered by a sturdy quilt made from colorful scraps. There was a single chair and table. She was in a shallow basket nestled into a smaller quilt.

Staravia noticed her stirring, so he left the fireside. “<Don’t push yourself too much, great one. You’ll only hurt yourself worse.>”

She lifted her head up and the floor seemed to spin away beneath her. Her body ached and felt cold even with the fire and the quilt. “<Ugh... what’s happened?>”

He leaned over and nudged a bowl with water closer to her basket. “<Here, if you feel up to coming out.>”

Nodding in thanks, she dragged herself out and stumbled to the floor. She waited a second for the room to stop spinning before taking a drink.

In the meantime, Staravia went on. “<The ground seems much healthier, thanks to you, but you exhausted yourself in doing so. While your body was weak, it became ill. You’ve been out for two months, only stirring when you had fevers.>”

She paused in drinking to ask, “<For that long? Illness takes the best of us by surprise as well.>”

“<Don’t worry. Just rest and we’ll take care of you.>”

After she had enough water, she took his advice and went back into the basket to sleep.


Over the last part of winter, Shaymin stayed with Flora and her family, recovering her strength. Flora was busy with the castle laundry and was out cleaning every day, even when bitter cold winds blew down from Mount Coronet. One of her two Pokemon would be out with her, leaving the other with Shaymin and the kids. In the evening, a wagon would come out to retrieve the clean laundry and drop off more dirty. But on those evenings, Flora would come in and tell stories to her children. Among the legends of the land that Shaymin knew so well (and had lived through in a few cases), she would tell stories of how she had met her husband Patrick.

He was a knight of a noble family, and thus shouldn’t have married a servant of the castle. But he came to the cathedral every day for prayer, the same as her. One day after prayers, he came across another knight who was attacking Flora for denying his demands for her attention. Patrick interceded; his testimony got the attacker stripped of his title and position. After that, he started walking with her from church, in case she got into trouble again.

They talked on these walks, eventually falling in love. She told him that she would always be devoted to him, even if they could not marry. Patrick replied that he would find a way for it to work. He had once saved the king’s life in battle; he used that as a bargaining chip to get Flora a noblewoman’s title. With that, they were able to marry with little scandal to his family name.

The first few years were happy for them. Flora no longer had to work hard by living as a knight’s wife. Patrick continued to serve the kingdom well, but managed to always be there if she needed him. They named their first child after her mother and their second after his father. It seemed like they would always be happy and prosperous.

But then the Jubilife king decided to strike back at Veilstone. He took his knights by ship to Sinnoh’s other shore. This included Patrick. They promised that they would pray each day for the other’s safety, and then they had to part. Flora should have been able to attend church and wait for his return, but then the queen intervened.

The Jubilife queen was a jealous woman. She disliked any other women who could be considered pretty. She especially disliked Flora for rising from servant to noblewoman. In order to make herself the most beautiful woman in the castle, she began striking down various others from high positions. She sent Flora back to being a washerwoman and threatened to make sure she stayed that way.

Flora took it patiently, though. She moved out to the hill to watch for the returning ships and wash the clothes in peace. News of the war was scarce. Weeks would go by without any word of the king or his knights. No one was certain who still lived and who had died.

Shaymin listened sympathetically. There was nothing in her power to end a war or bring a knight home. But she hoped that healing the hill would give Flora some happiness.


One evening, a man came into the hut without warning. He had coarse black hair and wore fine clothes. “Well here you are, Flora,” he said, with a sly smile. “People have wondered why we haven’t seen you in the cathedral for months.”

“I’ve been busy with the castle laundry. The amounts I get should be handled by three people, not one. I’ve asked for help, but none has come.”

“But you need to keep up with your religious duties too.”

Flora nodded. “I do. I pray to Mount Coronet every day.”

“You need the Father’s blessing, or something may happen to you.”

Shaymin sensed destructive feelings from him. Worried, she hopped out of her basket and came closer.

Flora gave the man a harsh look. “I have the blessings of the immortals and I thank them for it every day. You’re just looking to get me in trouble again.”

He brought out a dagger. “You are a servant once again; you shouldn’t speak to me like that. Not that you were ever wise enough to keep quiet.”

Shaymin growled, ruffling her fur up. She knew that with her small size, she was hardly threatening. But she couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

The man looked down at her angrily, but then hesitated. “What is that? I’ve not seen that Pokemon before.”

“That’s Shaymin, the Goddess of Spring,” Flora answered. “She’s been living with me through the winter. I don’t know why, but I’ve treated her kindly.”


Shaymin kept growling. She generally didn’t speak to someone she did not respect. With what he was trying to do, he was one of those few.

“I’m sure you have seen her picture in the cathedral. This place will bloom when the snow is gone, thanks to her. You should leave; you don’t want one of them angry with you.”

“I don’t know about that.” He gave Shaymin one last look, then left.


One morning, Flora came in and placed a purple crocus by Shaymin. “Look, the first flowers have shown. I have a feeling that the hill will look amazing in a few weeks.”

She sniffed at the flower and was pleased with the vibrant life it still emitted. “It will. I have a lot of things to do, then, since this flower has bloomed. I’ll looked over the hill to make sure it’s all healthy, but then I have to leave.”

“I understand.” Then she smiled, warm pleasure infusing her aura. “And while I was picking this, I saw the sails of the king’s ships. Patrick should be back now.”

“That’s wonderful. Then you’d best hurry out to meet him.” She bowed her head. “I thank you for your generosity, Flora. I hope the days to come are blessed for you.”

“Yes, and thank you, Shaymin, for your flowers and company.” She then took her children and Pokemon to meet with her husband.

She chuckled, then put her paw on the stem of the crocus. “First flower of this spring that I have seen, let me sing praise of the world with your kin.”

The aura of the flower brightened noticeably as the flower itself began to disintegrate. Its power then fused into her, allowing her to change into the form she only used for spring. She stood a few inches taller and her fur was less bushy. Her legs grew longer, letting her walk through the grasses with more grace. And her ears grew out and wide, letting her hear the tiny whispers of buds that wanted to bloom. This was always the busiest three months of her year, but also the happiest.

She stretched out, then wagged her tail. “All right. Better make sure everything is good here.”

For the next few hours, she poked around the rejuvenated hill. The grass had returned gratefully. Many types of flowers were going through their life processes, whether they were breaking out of their seed’s hull or gazing thoughtfully at the sky in full bloom. The sun sent down her gentle rays of life, while the water underneath was running fresh and pure. This place was already far more beautiful than it had been when she arrived last autumn. Truly, it was difficult to see that it had been dead for many years.

It seemed like that would be the end of it. But then a familiar Staravia landed on the hill, by himself. “<Shaymin! Are you still here?>’

His emotions felt of dread and worry. She ran over to him. “<Yes... is something the matter?>”

“<Lady Flora is in trouble,>” he said hurriedly. “<They have accused her of terrible things, like betrayal of her husband. But it isn’t true, none of it.>”

“<That’s awful. I should be able to speak for her, though. Will you lead me to her?>”

“<Yes. Do you need me to carry you?>”

“<I have my ways. Let’s go.>”

“<Good.>” His wings lifted him back into the air. Shaymin poised herself, then ran straight up into the air. She raced to follow Staravia to Canalave Port.

They found a crowd of people gathered near the port town’s entrance. Flora was being held back by the largest knight there. She was trying to be brave, but her children were crying and her heart ached. Her husband Patrick was there too. He had suffered a bad injury to his right leg, but was confused and uncertain about the accusations made of his wife.

Her accusers appeared to be the queen and the man with coarse black hair. The king was standing nearby, considering his judgement. But his mind was clouded by unfair bias to go along with his queen.

Angered, Shaymin landed on top of the knight that held Flora captive. “Excuse me, but what is going on here? Why do you have an innocent woman on trial?”

Her spring form was better known to the crowd, causing no doubts as to her identity. The knight she had landed on nearly jumped at being startled, but then he decided to stand very still. The king put his hand to his chest. “Oh... Shaymin.” He bowed his head, causing the others (save the knight) to do the same. “The fidelity of this woman has come into question.”

“There’s no need to question it,” she replied. “Flora has been patiently waiting for the return of her husband all this time, up on the hill north of the castle. She probably knew you were back before those at the castle did. I know because I’ve spent the whole winter with her, while I was weak.”

“She was the one who spread word of the return,” one of the king’s advisors said.

“I thought you were watching for us the whole time,” the king said to the queen.

“I was,” she said, but not very convincingly. “Anyhow, she hasn’t been seen in church at all and people have seen strange men around that place.”

“But she prayed with her heart and soul, every day, to Mount Coronet,” Shaymin pointed out. “That is all while she did all the laundry that you made her do. And as I said, she is innocent. It is that man,” she glared at the knight with coarse black hair, “who threatened her safety for his own pleasure. It is a despicable plot for one who was entrusted with the safety of the people.”

“That is so,” the king agreed. “Let Flora go.”

Once the knight did so, Shaymin patted his helmet. “But you, King of Jubilife, you have faltered in your duties as well. It pained my heart when I saw what your actions had done to that hill. You so poisoned the landscape that your own people were suffering. I do not want to see Flora’s Hill, or any part of your lands, fall back into that sickly state. If they do, I will be very angry with you.”

That flustered the king, something he seemed to be unfamiliar with. “B-but that hill, it...”

“It will bloom this year, and you’d better make sure that it blooms every year after that. And don’t put the blame on your neighbors. I will give them the same warning. It is your responsibility to take care of your people. If you take a policy of life, then they will thrive. But if you continue this policy of death, then they will continue to crumble and you will fall.”

“Y... yes, Shaymin.”

Flora clasped her hands to her chest as her husband put his arm around her. “Shaymin, I..”

She smiled. “It’s fine. Keep your faith and your life will be blessed. I’m sorry, but I have many things to do. Goodbye.”

Then Shaymin took back to the skies. Before long, the port of Canalave was far out of sight.

19th March 2009, 12:11 AM
The Shaymin entry was great!
I liked how you turned the cities of Sinnoh into warring "countries".
And it's good to "see" a Shaymin that isn't a whiny ungrateful brat.
And I know it's a bit late, but maybe you should make a Giratina entry for the Platinum release, but if it's too late then you should reserve it for the European release.
And are you talking about the thread's anniversary?
And can I request a Pupitar/Grotle entry?

And I think you should ask "Pokemon Mage Ruby" to be moved to the "Completed fics" section.

19th March 2009, 6:40 AM
I'm a bit late, but I've read all of your fanfics. I loved all of them, especially the Gible one.
I'm so glad Shaymin's personality is completely different than from when she appeared in the movie. >.<

19th March 2009, 7:31 PM
Yay! You took my idea, thank you. I agree with the guys above me, shaymin's personality is more like a legendary should be.

20th March 2009, 5:18 PM
Really, Shaymin had a weak personality? Maybe it's a good thing I haven't seen those movies, cause I like Shaymin. It's cute.

I know about Ruby; I was just holding off on it. Anyhow, the milestone isn't the anniversary (that's in July). No, it'll happen with the next story, which should appear Sunday or Monday. I'll think about Giratina; I forgot exactly when the Platinum American release was.

In Process: Squirtle/Buizel
On Deck: Electrike/Manectic, Milotic/Dusknoir, Pupitar/Grotle
Reserve: Meowth/Voltorb (4/1)

Ruby entry: Glalie has a body made of rock, which it hardens with an armor of ice. This Pokemon has the ability to freeze moisture in the atmosphere into any shape it desires.

Leaf Green entry: Bellossom gather at times and appear to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun.

The air was cold and damp. The skies were cloudy and dim. The ground was icy and hard. Although it was below freezing, Duke Glalie was perfectly happy with the circumstances.

Some said that Duke had once been a Geodude, with a heart so frozen that the ice spread out to protect his body. Others said that he was a vengeful ghost, keeping the land as cold as it had been when he had died. And it was even said that he was the son of Winter itself. The stories were all ridiculous, but he enjoyed them secretly.

He lived in a castle that he had built himself, although no one else knew how. It was made of clear ice, warping the light into cold glares and bright spears. It had corkscrew spirals instead of stairs, open slots instead of windows, and frozen sculptures instead of furnishings. In the central and highest room, Duke had made a grand throne from which he liked to gaze over his creation and, indeed, what he thought of as his lands.

Most of the Pokemon living near Duke’s Castle were too busy trying to survive the harsh winter to challenge his rule. And the Glalie never demanded anything, unless one strayed into his courtyard. Then he wanted unquestioning respect. So most would leave him and his castle of ice alone.

One day, a stranger came into the castle. He was a small Pokemon, with a bright green body, red flowers for hair, and a thick grass skirt down to the ground. He shuffled into the throne room. “Hey, what’s this castle here for?”

“It’s my castle, and it’ll be where I want it to be,” Duke replied. “What are you dong here, you... plant?”

He made a dramatic bow, then twirled around. “I am one of the Bellossom. I come here every year, about this time, to dance and make the sun shine!”

“You can’t do that. This is my land and I don’t want it to be sunny.”

“But I have to make it sunny. Spring is upon us.”

“Not anymore. I like winter and so it’s going to stay winter.”

The Bellossom put his hands to his mouth in shock. “But spring has to come! Or we will all die.”

“That’s not true. And I won’t allow any sun dances to go on.”

“But you can’t do that.”

“I can make you stop!” He took a deep breath, then blasted a stream of ice at the smaller Pokemon. The Bellossom squealed and ran out of the castle. “Stupid plant.”

Five minutes later, another Bellossom came into the throne room. She pranced in by twirling in a zig-zag fashion rather than walking in straight and practical. “Hey, what’s this castle here for?”

Duke Glalie growled. “Are you here to dance for the sun too?”

She smiled, bowed, and twirled around. “Yes! Every year, I...”

“Not this year!” He nearly hit her with his ice breath as well, but she managed to rush out before he did.

Five minutes later, another Bellossom came in. Duke didn’t wait for this one to say anything. Instead, he drove her out immediately. Four more came in, but also got driven out. After a while, the seven Bellossoms gathered near the outer wall of the castle.

“What do we do now?” the youngest one asked. “We have to dance and bring the sun back out. But that mean Glalie has put his castle right on our dancing field.”

“Can we dance somewhere else?”

“No,” the oldest one said. “It has to be this spot, because it’s always this spot.”

Another one clapped her hands together. “I know! Can you see that mean Glalie from here?”

“No,” the others said.

“Because the wall’s there. That means he can’t see us either. So, we can dance right outside his wall!”

“Great!” the oldest one said. “So let’s begin right away.”

In most cases, they would sing as they danced for the sun. Since they had to be careful, this time they danced in silence. It was an ancient dance passed on through generations, two circles around a leader, twirling and swirling in graceful patterns. As it was still cold and icy, the dance was solemn. But once the air grew warm and the land grew green, they would repeat the dance in cheer and celebration.

It took many rounds, over an hour of constant dance before the cloud cover broke, allowing golden rays to filter down to the ground. Once it broke through, the sun quickly dispersed the clouds and shone bright over the white landscape.

Squinting, Duke looked at the now cleared sky. “Bah,” he said to himself. “So they got the sun to come out. But that doesn’t matter! They cannot end the winter where I rule.”

But as the clouds went away, they pulled warm air into the area. The sun reflected off every icy surface, further bringing the temperature up. The ice weakened over the rest of the day, dripping down to the ground and cracking as various Pokemon came out to explore. And Duke’s Castle became frail.

He became angry. “They can’t do this to me! I’m the ruler here! I’ll show them.” He began rolling around his castle, using the sheer frigidness of his power to enforce the supporting columns.

But as soon as he’d strengthen one column, three others would begin to crack. The floor creaked and trembled under his weight. The reflected light became spread out and brighter. Finally, as the sun was close to touching the horizon, there was a mighty crack and the whole ice castle crumbled in on itself.

The seven Bellossoms clambered onto the pile of ice shards and approached Duke Glalie. “You should come dance with us!” the youngest said. “Dance for spring!"

He burst out of his broken castle. “What? Never! I’ll be back next year, and you won’t be able to defeat me then!”

Then he fled for the icy caves of the north.

20th March 2009, 10:09 PM
Forget about the US release, since it's on Sunday, just reserve it for the European release.
And Shaymin's personality wasn't weak, it was just a brat that expected to be thanked for everything since it's the "Gratitude" Pokemon.
On Topic:
This entry sounded like an old folk tale.
It seems the shorter the one-shots are, the better.
Like I say: Short and sweet!
I like how you made it so that winter is made by the Glalie and spring is made by the Bellossom; I knew it was a good idea to request that.

23rd March 2009, 4:26 AM
It does seem odd, that many of my stories are either really short or really long. Anyhow, the extended version of the Gallade/Gengar entry should go up in its own thread sometimes this week. I'm still deciding if I want to post all 36 pages at once or split it up.

So, with this entry, I have written up Pokemon 124 and 125 on my list. So, what's that mean? It means that I've completed a quarter of the whole Pokedex! Woohoo! And with the lovely guest entries, this thread has featured a total of 135 Pokemon (counting Lucario only once). How many other threads in the FanFic section can boast that?

*throws confetti*

On a side-note: it took me some time to figure out how to interpret Buizel's method of swimming.

In Process: Electrike/Manectric
On Deck: Milotic/Dusknoir, Pupitar/Grotle
Reserve: Meowth/Voltorb (4/1)

Emerald entry: Its shell is not just for protection. Its rounded shape and the grooves on its surface minimize resistance in water, enabling Squirtle to swim at high speeds.

Pearl entry: It swims by rotating its two tails like a screw. When it dives, its flotation sac collapses.

A small flame from a lighter burst to life. A small shelled Pokemon nearby watched it warily as it bowed into the wind. While its only purpose was to light the cigarette in the stranger’s hand, the Squirtle shuffled to the other side of his Trainer.

The boy looked down at him. His pale skin was unscarred, but that was due to skilled surgeons. “Todd, you... I never knew a Water type that was afraid of fire,” he grumbled.

“<Water can’t put out a grease fire,>” the Squirtle replied shyly. He might be able to put out that lighter. But still, it was too soon.

He touched the collar he was wearing. A small silver bell hung off it, chiming gently when moved. It was a soothing thing to have, even if he wasn’t sure why. A quiet call from the spirit world, perhaps, telling him that everything would be okay, that he wasn’t a bad Pokemon. Sometimes, though, it was hard for him to believe that.

The collar had been given to him by a kind man who had visited Todd and his Trainer while they were recovering from massive burns. It had been an accident and he had tried to stop it. Unfortunately, he made the fire worse. His relationship with his boy had been strained ever since. Todd sometimes wondered why he was kept around after what happened.

In fact, he suspected that this trip was to turn him over to a Ranch. But he didn’t say anything. Things might be better that way.

The boy Trainer sighed and leaned over the edge of the ship. He brought out an old pocket watch. Its golden gleam was brilliant in the sun. Like fire? Todd trembled. The boy’s eyes softened. “Grandpa. I wish you were still around. I wonder if you would have taught me how to use this for hypnosis.” He swung it gently back and forth.

Todd watched it for a moment. Could something that simple really work? He tapped the bell on his collar and watched.

Another watched as well, a Wingull. But it was not drawn into falling asleep. It was drawn by the gleam. The bird Pokemon swooped down and snatched it out of the boy’s hands.

“Hey!” the boy shouted. “Give that back!”

Todd leaned out from the rail and shot a Water Gun at the bird. His aim was perfect. The Wingull squawked, dropping the watch right into the ocean.

‘Oh drat, now you’ve gone and made things worse again,’ he thought, angry at himself. He jumped into the sea without a second thought.

“Todd!” he heard his Trainer call, but he swam hurriedly into the vibrant blue sea. It was warm and salty, not like the lake he had known before. It gave a different resistance, but he paddled with his four paws and darted for where the watch had fallen.

For a second, he spotted the golden gleam. But then a reddish-brown body darted in and grabbed it. It continued swimming on.

Todd turned right quickly and raced after. It was harder to see in these waters, but he could still feel the ripples from the thief. Then he saw the reddish-brown fur again. This time, he could see the Pokmon better. She had a yellow skin that hung limply around her shoulders, like a neck brace.

“<Okay, thief, give back the watch,>” Todd demanded.

“<What watch?>” she asked, playing clueless.

“<The gold watch you stole! It dropped into the water and I saw you grab it.>”

“<But I don’t...>” She put a paw to her chin. “<Oh, I think you mean my brother. He takes stuff from time to time and I saw him just now zooming along.>”

“<I need to get that watch back; it belongs to my Trainer.>”

“<I’ll help. Follow me. I know where he hangs out.>”

The strange Pokemon twisted up her two tails, then dashed ahead using them as propellers. Todd had to hustle to catch up, but then she was swimming normally. Apparently their tails were good for getting a burst of speed, but not for long.

After a minute, they came upon her brother, floating on the surface. She surfaced, then inflated the yellow skin for use like an inner tube. When Todd came up and started treading, he saw that the guy had the watch. He was examining it by shaking it while floating on his back. “<Hmm. I’m not sure this is food.>”

The sister bonked him on the head with her fist. “<You bad Buizel! That’s not food! It’s a human thing, a watch.>”

“<Well how was I supposed to know that?>”

“<You do now. You need to return it to this Squirtle and apologize.>”

“<Why should I? It just fell into the water and I got to it first, so it’s mine.>”

“<It belongs to my Trainer,>” Todd insisted, causing his bell to jingle as he nodded. “<It’s very important to him, so give it back, thief.>”

He huffed. “<I’m not a thief! I didn’t take it from nobody.>”

She bonked him on the head again. “<I say it’s not yours. Give it back.>”

“<Cut it out, sis. Okay fine, here.>” He turned upright in the water and handed the watch over. “<And sorry.>”

She frowned at him. “<You didn’t mean it.>”

“<I didn’t steal it, so I don’t have to mean it.>”

“<Yes you do. Now I’m gonna punish you.>”

He blanched. “<Ack! I’m sorry! Okay?>” He dashed off with a blur of tails.

She pursued him. “<You’d better stop taking stuff that’s not yours!>”

Todd watched them rush off across the sea’s surface. “<Huh. Now I’m glad that I don’t know any of my siblings.>” Then he swam back for the ferry, carrying the watch in his mouth.

Partway there, the space around him turned hazy. It reverted to his Pokeball space, a small sandy beach by a pretty lake. He was released onto the deck of the ferry almost immediately, still holding onto the watch. His Trainer knelt down by him. “Todd, what was that... huh? You got Grandpa’s watch back?”

He took it in his forepaws and held up out. “<It’s still ticking.>”

He took the watch back and opened up the cover. “It looks like it’s working. These old things do work the best.”

“<I’m sorry,>” Todd said, hanging his head. “<I keep messing up.>”

“Oh Todd.” He picked his Squirtle up and hugged him. “Thanks for getting it back. And I’m sorry about blaming you for the fire. You’re a good Pokemon.”

Todd hugged him back. His bell jingled as it was knocked around. Things had been bad, but they would get better.

24th March 2009, 3:50 AM
So cute <3 what a heart warming story (Cept I was hoping for a female squirtle but oh well)

24th March 2009, 5:15 AM
A quarter of the whole dex already? Awesome! Just goes to show what great work you're doing. ^_^

Ooh, Shaymin. My fave legendary~ She was so sweet, and her ability to bring life out of death is depicted really well. The cold and bitter Glalie also made a great counter to those *shudder* overly cheery Bellossom. And I loved this:

The sister bonked him on the head with her fist. “<You bad Buizel! That’s not food! It’s a human thing, a watch.>”

For some reason the image of a Buizel bonking another Buizel on the head made me giggle. XDDD Great job as usual.

26th March 2009, 4:26 AM
I like how this story turned out.

In April, I'd like to do reserves for Easter and Earth Day. I picked Manaphy and Phione for Easter; the idea I have in mind has a better theme for that holiday that what could be done with Lopunny or Chansey, the other two I considered. Earth Day, I'll let you guys choose.

Also, there's only two on the waiting list. If you've been thinking of a particular Pokemon, now's a good time to request.

In Process: Milotic/Dusknoir
On Deck: Pupitar/Grotle
Reserve: Meowth/Voltorb (4/1), Manaphy/Phione (4/12)

Sapphire entry: Electrike runs faster than the human eye can follow. The friction from running is converted into electricity, which is then stored in this Pokemon’s fur.

Sapphire entry: Manectric discharges strong electricity from its mane. The mane is used for collecting electricity in the atmosphere. This Pokemon creates thunderclouds above its head.

Platinum entry: Long ago, its entire back was shielded with a sturdy shell. There are traces of it left in its cells.

A herd of Stantlers were grazing peacefully in the meadow. It was a lazy afternoon, with hot dry air, cloudless skies, and not a hint of a breeze. A pack of Poochenyas lay in the shade of a lone tree, but made no signs that they were on the hunt. The Pokemon sought to move as little as possible, to avoid getting overheated. At least, most avoided motion.

There was a violent ripple in the tall grasses, a straight line shot that was easier to see the result than the cause. The Poochenyas lifted their heads, to see what had caused the shifting. And then a sound hit them, a strong sound that they could feel in their bones.


The Stantlers panicked and ran away. The Poochenya herd growled, bracing for battle. But the zooming Pokemon was already long gone.

At the start of the grass ripples, an Electrike started his slowdown stride. He dropped to subsonic speed, then dug into the ground to slow himself further. Bursts of sparks started to appear; his fur was already filled out with static energy. There didn’t seem to be enough room for his slow down, though, and he ended up crashing into a pond.

The water hissed as his electric charge leaked out into it. Electrike shook himself, sending off another shower of sparks. Then climbed up onto the shore. “<That was a great run!>” He turned to get a long drink of water.

While he was at it, a Magikarp popped up and splashed him. “<I keep telling you, stop doing that! It hurts when you shock the water! And you knocked out three of my cousins because they were too close to you.>”

He stopped drinking and stuck his tongue out at the fish. “<Well bad luck for you if your pond is at the end of my cool down stretch.>”

“<Can’t you stop before you crash into the pond?>”

“<Maaaybe,>” he replied, toying with Magikarp. “<But it’s so nice to have a cool dunk in the pond after a run.>”

“<But we live here!>”

“<So do I.>”

Magikarp shook a fin in the air. “<Well I’m sick of this daily routine. Gastrodon, get him!>”

The pond’s surfaces gurgled. Then a large slimy Pokemon burst out into the open. He had pink skin with a two-horned helmet. The back of his neck and body were covered in a brown skin that seemed like it should have been armor. Gastrodon snarled, then said, “<Rude one, you are to be punished for your indiscretions.>”

His deep earthy voice was intimidating at first, but Electrike recovered quickly. “<Hah! What’re you gonna do? Slime me? You can’t catch me!>” He darted into the tall grass, which grew well above his head. “<You won’t even be able to find me,>” he added in a singsong tone.

Gastrodon glowed for a moment, then shot a stream of slick mud into the grass. Electrike easily dodged it. However, that kind of mud would ruin his built up static. So he raced back across the field to the hole where he lived.


For the next week, this afternoon repeated itself. Electrike would race across the field and crash into the pond. Gastrodon would rise up and fight him. The battles never lasted long. Because Electrike was short to the ground, green as the grass, and fast like the lightning, the muddy Pokemon could never hit him.

As much fun as it was, Electrike was tiring of being lectured every day. “<He says respect your neighbors,>” he grumbled one evening. “<He says to control my powers. Well who does he think he is to ruin my fun? I shouldn’t fight him like this... but if I was bigger, I’d show him who’s boss. Yeah.>”

He went to sleep thinking these thoughts. When he woke up, he was in fact bigger. And blue. And with a large yellow mane that lay across his neck and down his sides.

He saw this all in a small stream next to his hole. Smiling to himself, the new Manectric puffed himself up with pride. “<Now that’s a handsome face! Let’s see that slimey fiend take me on now.>”

A crackling above his head responded. Looking up, he saw a small gray cloud hovering over him. It was little more than a puff now, vibrating the air so that what little moisture was there appeared. It just amused him.

Later that day, he went on his daily run. He was certain that he was going faster now. And yet, his fur didn’t fill up like before. It was building up even more static. His mane hairs began to stand straight up, like a steeple. He changed directions to gather up more static, startling even more Pokemon with this change in routine. In the end, though, he crashed back into the lake to stop.

When he came out to shake himself, all the water drifted up into the little thundercloud. It had grown more solid and darker. Little sparks flashed across it occasionally. Manectric laughed. “<Well, I suppose you’re a new friend.>”

The pond surface gurgled as Gastrodon came back out. “<I know it’s still you, Rude One. You must stop disturbing the fish of this pond.>”

He lifted his head haughtily, sending a couple of sparks to the ground. “<Whatever, slimeball. I’m sure it would only make their day even more boring if I didn’t stir things up like I do.>”

“<You injure your innocent neighbors. This is unacceptable.>” Gastrodon glowed, preparing his mud attack.

Manectric threw a jolt of electricity at him, then darted into the grass as usual. This time, however, his rival nailed him. The mud coated his fur, negating the static charge and making him sticky all over. He howled. “<What was that for? How did you do that?>”

Gastrodon made a jabbing motion with his helmet horns. “<I can see you now from that cloud above your head. In the end, you cannot escape justice.>”

“<Whatever, freak,>” he grumbled, then went to run away.

However, the stickiness of the mud made it harder to move. It clumped his fur, preventing any static buildup for now. As it hardened, its weight was a burden. But that wasn’t the worst of it. No, the worst was how the other Pokemon saw his state and laughed at him. None offered to help him. In fact, they seemed jolly that someone had gotten the better of him.

By the time Manectric made it back home, he felt miserable.


For a few days, Manectric didn’t run across the field to gather static. He ran around his home area instead. He missed having a nice dunk in the pool after his runs. It had always been so refreshing. But he didn’t want to mess with Gastrodon.

Then, as he was drinking out of his stream, he heard a familiar gurgle. He looked up to see Gastrodon wading along the stream. Manectric sniffed, but poised himself to run. “<You... what do you want?>”

Oddly enough, Gastrodon bowed his head politely. “<I want your help. We may need your help.>”

“<Why’re you asking me? You kept badgering me about not coming into the pond.>”

“<That is because I owed the Magikarp school for letting me stay in there. But the problem that drove me to seek their help now drives me to seek yours.>” He looked up at the sky.

“<Like what kind of problem?>”

“<This weather. The sun shines brightly on cloudless days, over and over again. The air is dry; the ground is dry. This drought is bad for me. It is becoming bad for other Pokemon as well. Bad for you, even.>”

He shook his mane, sending a shower of sparks over his body. “<How so? It’s good for static.>”

“<But you need water to survive, as does most life. The water is drying up.>”

“<This stream is slower and smaller than normal.>”

“<It may stop in days to come. We need more water to come.>”

“<How can I solve that?>”

Gastrodon then made a strange gurgling-warbling sound and shifted his body back and forth. The air shimmered and then raindrops began to fall lightly. But he shook his head. “<I can make it rain. But these days, my power is weak and it hardly fills the ground’s needs. You now have that cloud that hangs over your head.>”

“<Really,>” he grumbled, recalling how it had betrayed his position.

“<And I know that when electricity is strong, the storm will be strong. I thought, perhaps, if we worked together, we could call a rain shower to end the drought and satisfy everyone.>”

“<You want to work with me?>”

“<I believe that you have learned your lesson. And I am not one to hold grudges, especially in a time of need.>”

Manectric felt impressed, and further humbled, by Gastrodon’s words. Would it be better to be more like him? It used to be just about having fun, but the drought was an important issue. He nodded slowly. “<All right, I’ll see what I can manage. But you’re right, this rain you’ve called isn’t strong.>”

“<I can make it stronger by continuing to call it, but that wears me out. That is why I want you to affect the electricity, to encourage it.>”

The Electric Pokemon closed his eyes so he could focus on the electric charge of the objects around him. He hadn’t paid much attention to this lately, so he was surprised when he could read this energy all the way into the sky. There, he sensed a dead pool of air. It was keeping the weather of the area stagnant. But just beyond this pool, there was a massive dense flow of water and air.

Gastrodon began his gurgle-warble again. The local rain tried to strengthen itself. Manetric felt that if he could break up the dead pool above, it would help. He focused his energy on that area, gathering a charge around himself and in that air. Electricity didn’t like to build too much, so the energies sought out paths to opposite charges to release. He felt a touch from the dead pool above and...


The surge of power left him frazzled, but mostly unharmed. The dead pool weakened greatly. With this slid towards atmospheric instability, the water dense air rushed in to fill the gap. Manectric’s actions had shifted other charges as well, setting off a chain reaction of lightning bolts distrubing the quick moving black clouds. Wind whipped up sharply, trying to stabilize everything, but it was too late. The storm had been born, and it doused the thirsty plains in rain.

Gastrodon made a pleased gurgle, shaking himself in enjoyment. “<Thank goodness it worked. You did well.>”

“<You too...>” he paused as he saw a thick curtain of rain approaching them. “<Wait, now my home is going to flood!>” He rushed back to his hole and began anxiously checking the strength of the dirt walls.

Before long, Gastrodon was at the entrance. “<Don’t fear, my friend. I can drain any water that would try to invade.>”

Manectric paused, then came up and sniffed him. “<Friend, huh?>”

He bowed his head. “<If you wish.>”

Touched, he bowed back. “<That would be great, thank you.>”

26th March 2009, 5:23 PM
I liked it! It was rather...endearing. *And, of course, Electrike and Manectric are my favorites...*
Umm...could I request that you do something with Tailow or Swellow? And have you done anything yet with Treeko in it?

30th March 2009, 4:31 AM
Okay, got those three. Still looking for something on Earth Day. Or, would Treecko work for that?

This one came out a bit longer than I expected. Again, it's two Pokemon without much in common... no, wait, they do have common ground! Weirdness.

In Process: Meowth/Voltorb (4/1), Pupitar/Grotle
On Deck: Taillow/Swellow, Treecko
Reserve: Manaphy/Phione (4/12)

Sapphire entry: Milotic live at the bottom of large lakes. When this Pokemon's body glows a vivid pink, it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to restless spirits.

Platinum entry: It is said to take lost spirits into its pliant body and guide them home.

Ghosts are everywhere; you just can’t see them most of the time. There are ghosts like myself, Pokemon who have earned the blessing of the Guardian of the Dead and come back into the world in a new form. Most of the others are spirits of the newly dead, lost and confused without the presence of their body. These ghosts generally figure things out on their own and find the final path that leads to an unknown world. At least, unknown to you.

But there are plenty of spirits that can’t or won’t start on that path. The lost souls of children cannot grasp their death and latch onto people like those they left behind. The bitter souls of murder victims can harbor intense hatred and seek revenge, even when they cannot identify their murderer. Mind you, this is only a sampling. There are many more reasons why a spirit will not leave this world.

Some can be coerced into leaving this world by a sympathetic listener, but most people are too afraid. Or the ghost may be particularly stubborn. This is where I’m called in, me and my kin. I am one of the Dusknoir, chosen to be a Reaper. Nothing to be frightened of, I assure you. We deal with the lost souls of the dead, not the living. It’s a very important job, but one that you shouldn’t ever notice. A good Dusknoir will find the lost souls before they can become a problem.

Still, even the best of us can miss a troublesome soul. Then people who would normally avoid mausoleums and spirit towers will come in search of us. They’re afraid, but I understand why and tolerate any cross-making or warding signs they make. I don’t mind if they avert their eyes; I hold no illusions that I am anything like attractive. I simply get the information I need, then seek the spirit out.

Most cases I get from humans. But one that stands out in my mind actually came from a fellow Pokemon. It was in the last weeks of a terribly hot summer. Even the nights were scorching, with stored heat rising from the ground, only to be replaced by a merciless sunny day. I was spending the afternoon in a fairly new graveyard. All of the stone markers were clean, bearing few signs of weathering or cracking. The memorial gardens were pristine. It wasn’t my preferred place of rest, but it was where the dawn had caught me.

Having slept my fill, I was passing time in a shaded pavilion, waiting for the sun to sink low enough for me to venture out comfortably. I noticed her enter the graveyard and was quickly aware that she was unfamiliar with the place. She slithered along the path at a hesitant pace, watching around as if not certain what may have been there. Not only that, but in all my life, I had never expected to see a Milotic, especially one out of water.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, or see one of the many artworks featuring them. So I don’t need to tell you that she was one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. The front half of her body was pearl-toned peach, while her tail end was covered in scales of the rainbow. Still, even I could tell something was wrong with her. Her eyes were dull and her long antennae, which should have stood tall, were hanging low behind her head with her red hair.

I wondered what would bring a Water Pokemon this far from their normal habitat; there was a reflection pond out front, but nothing lived there yet. I made a motion to catch her attention, then waved her to the pavilion. The fact that she came right over gave me a good idea of what she wanted. “Have you come looking for my help?”

“Yes,” she replied. Her voice was weary, but still sounded as lovely as she looked. “I’ve come a long ways, but there isn’t anyone where I live that could help.”

“Come rest in the shade.” It seemed like she needed a moment to arrange her thoughts, so I added, “My name is Dusty.”

She came in and circled around so she could face me in her most stable land stance. She held her wide tail fin up and waved it slowly to alleviate the heat. “I am called Luna. I live in a lake west of here, in a valley the humans don’t live in. It’s usually quiet, but...” she looked anxious.

“Take as long as you need,” I told her. You don’t get to be in a position like mine if you don’t have patience.

“Thank you.” She was quiet for a minute, then told me her problem. “I can deal with most spirits. They come when they hear me sing and I know how to bring them peace and acceptance. But there is one that has persisted, staying for months. I thought it simply needed time to come to terms with death. It reached out to me and I thought nothing of it. However, I’ve become fatigued and weakened somehow. It got to the point where I had to leave my lake and come here, to seek healing.

“When the doctor looked over me, he said that something has been draining my energy. It’s only little bits at a time, apparently, but it could come to the point where it might kill me. I’m afraid that this lost soul is the cause of this. But if it stays because of me, I need someone else to get it to move on.”

Luna stopped then, looking tired out from talking at length. I nodded. “Very well, I will come with you. You should rest for the last hours of the day. I believe the reflection pond out front is shaded by some trees.”

“Yes, I saw that.”

I followed her out to the pool. She was asleep as soon as she settled herself into the manmade pond, just large enough for her to fit in. During that time, I noticed that she wasn’t sleeping well. Her mind was restless and tried to wake her up, but her body was worn out. That is a sign I notice on those who are haunted by lost souls. It can persist for a nearly a month after the ghost is taken away, depending on the strength of the haunting.

As the sky was turning orange, she came awake and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Luna and I set out to her lake. There were still many questions I had to ask her to know what I was getting into. “Do you have a mate who lives with you?”

She lowered her head and shook it. “No... I am a widow.”

“My apologies, but I must ask: could it be your mate’s soul hanging on?”

Her reaction was stronger. “No, it couldn’t be. He would never harm me. And he died nearly a year ago.”

I didn’t quite believe that. Ghosts can do harm without realizing it. That is, in fact, the most dangerous thing about them. They can see a living person suffer, but not understand that it is their presence causing that suffering. They can try to help the victim, but only make things worse. But I said nothing more about this. In my duty to the dead, it can be just as important to deal with the living.

We traveled for two nights. The distance we crossed, I could pass that in a half-night on my own. But Luna was in a weakened state and needed to rest often. That, and traveling across land was difficult for her. I was of no mind to push beyond her limit.

Around two in the morning of that second night, we arrived at her lake. It was a charming little place, allowed to grow free and natural. A stone shrine was on the east end of the lake. I knew the place as a sacred lake to the humans, which was why they only visited there. Over the years, I’ve rarely found spirits there. It’s likely because Luna has her own ways of calming such ghosts. So it wasn’t part of my normal travels.

She slipped under the water, grateful to be back home. I followed after her; water affects me no more than air does. The lake was deep and clear, lit brightly by the full moon overhead. As we went deeper, my senses alerted me to several lost souls underneath the surface. Most of them seemed puzzled, as if expecting her to be there.

There was one that was different. This one had been badly confused by his death. He had a deep-seated loneliness and a yearning for something he missed. I was certain that this was the one causing her problems. He was trying to grasp life as tightly as he could when it had left him. I kept alert to feelings from him as he circled the bottom of the lake.

At the bottom, we came upon a human structure. It was curious to find something like that on the lake bed. It had a square floor made of white stone and twelve tall columns made of the same. A few of these had fallen over while others had damage, but some were still whole and standing. Extra rubble scattered around seemed to indicate that it had a roof at one point, but no longer.

She settled herself on the stone floor. “This is where I live and sleep.”

“Why is such a structure underwater?”

“I’m not certain. It’s always been here as long as I’ve known this lake. The humans say it used to sit on the surface, but they did something wrong and the lake swallowed it whole.”

“I see. Now, when do the ghosts usually show up around here?”

“They would come whenever Edwin and I were singing at night. We were fine with that, bringing peace to restless souls. But they’ve never caused problems like this before.”

“Would you mind singing now, to bring it out?”

“No, I understand. Give me a moment.” She took a little while to catch her breath and prepare herself. Then she started singing.

I think it was simply practicing her scales, but it was still lovely. The ghosts were attracted to that beauty and began to gather. Most seemed content just to hear the music. But that one still paced around, his heartache only deepening to the sound.

That confirmed my suspicions. “Would you sing something you used to with your mate?”

She got anxious. “Oh, well... there’s some songs I haven’t sung since his death. It’ll be hard, but I’ll try.”

Then she began singing a song I’d never heard before. I’m not certain, but I think these are the words:

I saw her caress your shining scales,
But it was just the silver moon.
I saw her tease at your gentle hair,
But it was just the silver moon.

The silver moon,
Witness to our love.
The silver moon,
Keeper of secrets.
The silver moon,
Our friend in the sky.

That may not be right. I’ve never been much for music or songs. But that’s what I remember it being like.

That caught his attention. As she started in on the chorus, he came to the columns with the rest of the souls. As she started a second verse, he began singing with her.

She recognized him. I gave her a hurried sign to keep going before her faltering turned into a full stop. Her voice was shaky and weak for a few lines, but as the chorus came back, she stopped worrying and put her heart into singing with her mate Edwin once more.

The pain in his voice turned the song bittersweet. He circled around her, trying to find some sense of normalcy and failing. His form became clearer to me as the song went on. He was a Milotic, just like her. Beauty was his strength as well, although his hair and antenna fell shorter. Noticing her weakness, he became fretful and worried. He drew closer to Luna, trying to reach out and comfort her.

But he couldn’t, not without hurting her. “Stop it, Edwin,” I told him.

She stopped singing mid-line, shocked at having his identity confirmed. By then, he had grown visible enough for untrained eyes to see as well. He was furious with me. “How dare you interrupt us like that! Who do you think you are?”

“Dusty’s one of the Dusknoir,” Luna explained, uncertain of what she should do now. “I brought him here.”

I drifted over to him, stopping when his posture got too defensive. “You have passed the divide of life and death. You cannot cross back this way. When you try to touch her, you wind up hurting her little by little.”

He shook his head violently. “No, I’d never harm her! I couldn’t ever do that...”

“I realize that you wouldn’t. But like this, you can hurt her without knowing it.”

“Edwin,” Luna cried softly.

The ghost Milotic turned to her. “Don’t believe what he says. I’d never hurt you. But it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. Sometimes I hear your voice, but I’ve been lost in dark tunnels. I... I don’t know what’s happened, but I’ll never leave your side again.”

In response, she lowered her head. A warm pink glow formed around her body. I wasn’t sure what that indicated, but then she started in on another song.

I wouldn’t dare write down this song. It’s probably not one that should be written by someone like myself. It’s a holy song, I know that much. I had heard of this kind of power before, a different form of what I use to calm ghosts. But that was the first time I had felt it in person.

And I did feel it. I am still a ghost, even if I have a heart that beats once again. The holy song added to the aura she was emitting gave us a sense of peace and expectation. It is something like being at the end of a long journey and seeing your home in the distance. You are not there yet, but seeing it begins to ease your heart and your soul feels eager to feel welcomed home at long last. It might be something like seeing the Gates of Heaven. I wouldn’t know; I haven’t been that far down the final path.

For a little while, I had completely forgotten why I had come to the lake. The other ghosts around us were able to take that song and find the final path on their own. However, it didn’t affect Edwin in the same way. Perhaps it was because he had done this himself many times in his lifetime, but he became horrified. “No! That’s not it! It can’t be...”

His panic grounded me. Luna was faltering again. She wanted to comfort him, but realized that she shouldn’t touch him. Being unaffected by such powers, I went over in her stead and put my hand on his head. “It is so. You died a year ago.”

He began wailing. It was obvious that her song wouldn’t be enough. So I used my own touch to strengthen it. I’ve always used touch to calm lost souls. I’m one of the few who can do so. It is often a thing they miss.

After five minutes, Luna couldn’t keep up her aura anymore. Edwin had subsided into trembling while looking between us uncertainly. His heartache had taken on a new turn, as he was realizing that he could not stay with her. “You seem ill,” he said.

She brought her tail up to her nose, shyly. “I’ll get better. But you never did.”

He started forward, but hesitated. “I don’t want to leave you.”

She brought her tail down and smiled sadly. “I... it’ll be okay. Our hearts are connected. I’ll find you again.”

“We will find each other. Then... I must go.”

“I can bring you to the path you must take,” I told him. “The rest is up to you.”

“I see.” He hesitated a bit longer, then added, “I don’t want to say goodbye, so... I will swim with you again someday, Luna.”

She nodded. “Yes, we will swim with each other then, Edwin.”

He then released his hold on this world and I was able to bring him out of it. I can enter that world from anywhere, but can only return to this one at certain points. So, I never saw Luna after that. I am not sure what came of her.

Even if I do see her again, I wouldn’t ask for anything in return. I usually want some kind of payment, most often in the form of food. But in that case, I don’t mind. The holy song she sang still echoes in my soul. I know, should I ever find myself unable to return to this world, that I have nothing to fear. That song promises me peace.

31st March 2009, 1:01 AM
I'm not one for Romance stories, but I really liked this one.
It was so sad that Edwin was unable to touch Luna without hurting her.

May I request a Magby/Smoochum/Elekid entry?

31st March 2009, 5:16 PM
First Quarter Review



R/B/G/Y: 40
G/S/C: 31
R/S/E: 32
D/P/P: 27


Normal: 24
Flying: 20
Grass: 18
Water: 18
Ground: 13
Poison: 13
Psychic: 10
Fight: 10
Ghost: 9
Dark: 8
Bug: 8
Electric: 7
Ice: 7
Fire: 6
Dragon: 6
Rock: 4
Steel: 4


Starter: 12
Legend: 4
Shadow: 1
Shiny: 1

Guests: 11
JammyU, Kutie Pie, darkdragontamer (2), #Chimecho# (2)


Normal type is still ahead, while Rock and Steel are still straggling at the end. Grass, Poison, and Water all jumped up several positions, while Fire fell. And Psychic and Fight have been keeping up with each other, neck and neck...

I think first gen is ahead of the other groups because if I pull in extra entries, they tend to be from the games I've played most, 1st and 3rd gen. But that's also what lots of people request.

A little over three months and this thread will be a year old! July is also where Serebii's calender lists a birthday... anybody know if this is the creator's b-day, or the site's? Cause I still have in mind to do Celebii for the latter if I know the date. I pretty much want Gyrados for this thread's anniversary, since I started with Magikarp.

1st April 2009, 12:01 AM
If I'm not mistaken, Serebii's birthday is July 28 and the Site's anniversary is October22/24.
Also, I realized that you finished a quarter of the Pokedex on Page 25.

Smear Vinci
1st April 2009, 5:33 AM
Very nice, as always. look forward to tomorrow's ^^

May I request the Aron/Larion/Aggron line, or if that is done, Politoed?

1st April 2009, 5:33 PM
I did Aron, with Sableye, but not the other two. I'm also moving Treecko to Earth Day.

April Fool's Day, when you'd better be skeptical of anything that appears for the first time. Despite that, the truth is that 4/1 was also my cat's birthday (one of them, anyhow). She died a few months back, but would have been 19 years old today.

So, in honor of my cat Amber, I cast her as the Meowth in this story.

In Process: Pupitar/Grotle
On Deck: Taillow/Swellow, Magby/Smoochum/Elekid, Lairon/Aggron, Politoed
Reserve: Manaphy/Phione (4/12), Treecko (4/22)

Leaf Green entry: Adores round objects. It wanders the streets on a nightly basis to look for dropped loose change.

Sapphire entry: Voltorb is extremely sensitive - it explodes at the slightest of shocks. It is rumored that it was first created when a Pokeball was exposed to a powerful pulse of energy.

The factory guide was quite enthusiastic about his job. “And this is where we are manufacturing Pokeballs! Yes, no longer do you have to spend days carving an apricorn just so, or building one ball at a time over a period of weeks. Now we can put together Pokeballs in the matter of a day.”

“But they don’t work that well, do they?” one of the schoolkids asked.

“I hear you have to use like half a dozen trying to catch strong Pokemon,” another added.

“Even the older models could fail,” the guide pointed out. “The good thing about these factory balls is that they’re cheaper and will soon be readily available wherever you live.”

Amber yawned. As a Meowth, she wasn’t that interested in the tour. She was simply along because her Trainer was. She glanced at her reflection on a shiny piece of equipment and noticed that the coin in the middle of her forehead was a bit smudged. Not wanting to put up with that, she paused to rub the spot until it shone clean again.

When she was done, the group had moved on. But that didn’t worry her. She went exploring.


There was a buzz from the intercom. “Hey, you want to go over to the sub shop for lunch?” one of the factory workers asked.

“What about those power cords over there? Those sparks seem ominous.”

“Nah, it’s in an insulated spot. It happens from time to time.”

“Really? Isn’t that a waste of energy?”

“That’s management’s concern, not ours. Still, they haven’t done anything about it yet. Forget about it and let’s go.”

“All right then, if you say so.”

Amber squinted, looking under the conveyor belt. “<Aw, come on,>” she said, then reached under the metalwork and swiped. A sparkling orange-brown penny came out. “<Jackpot!>” She picked it up with her teeth and walked out to the door.

As she approached, they made an ominous clack. When the Meowth tried to push against the door, it wouldn’t budge. She got up on her hind legs and tried beating on it. Nothing happened. She dropped the penny and called as loudly as she could.

“<Come on, dummies! Open the door! I’m still in here.>”

Nothing happened.

Amber flicked her tail. “<Well. Inconsiderate humans. Forget about them. I wonder if there’s anything around to play with.>”

She looked around, but the factory floor was full of large metal equipment. None of the big stuff was on, just fans and lights. There was a dangerous looking group of wires off by themselves; bright sparks occasionally snapped between them. Although enormous, the room was pretty much spotless. Over by the wall, there was a bin labeled ‘Invalid’.

Twitching her whiskers, she went to the Invalid box and jumped on the edge of it. Inside, there were about twenty Pokeballs. About the size of an orange, they were white on one half, red on the other. There was a thin crack at the divide; a circular latch kept the ball securely shut. It wasn’t quite like her apricorn ball. Then again, she couldn’t play with her Pokeball.

Leaning in, she snagged a ball on her claws and flipped it out of the bin. It landed on the concrete floor with a hollow metallic sound, bouncing once before rolling away. So it wasn’t much for a bouncing ball, but it could roll well. Amber jumped down and batted at it. Ir rolled a couple of feet before she went chasing after it.

She captured it from escaping her, but then smacked it the other way. Then she had to go chase it down again. And smack it again. It might have seemed pointless to others, but there was no one around to play with her. She had to keep the game moving all on her own.

Thrilled by the chase, she hit the Pokeball as hard as she could, sending it flying towards the sparking wires. Right as it reached there, a large pulse of electricity jumped between the wires, catching the ball between them. It caused a huge “Crack!” and flash of light, so she scrambled for cover under a desk.

She heard the ball rolling back, so she cautiously peered over there. The Pokeball rolled in an odd curving pattern. Only mechanical balls rolled like that, and they weren’t that interesting as toys. But it was interesting when the ball opened its eyes and spoke. “<Uuuhh... what happened?>”

She came out and sniffed. It smelled like electricity. “<I didn’t know you were alive.>”

It turned to her. “<Me either. What’re you?>”

She sat up proudly. “<I’m a Meowth. My name is Amber.>”

“<Oh, hi Amber. Um, what am I?>”

Twitching her tail, she considered. “<Hmm... I don’t really know either. You were a Pokeball. I tossed you into those sparking wires.>”

It turned and looked. “<Then... you made me?>”

“<It seems so.>”

It spun back around and titled itself forward in a bow. “<Oh, thank you! I suppose this is better than not existing. Now, where are we?>”

“<A Pokeball factory. The workers locked me in here on accident.>”

The ball growled. “<What?! How inconsiderate!>” Then it blew up.

Amber ducked back behind the desk, managing to avoid most of the explosion. When things got quiet, she peeked back out. The ball Pokemon was unconscious, but the scent of electricity was a hopeful sign that it was alive.

Also in sniffing the air, she noted the distinct tartness of a Revive crystal. It came from the desk. There was a hinged door instead of a sliding drawer, so she grabbed it with her paw and pulled. It took a couple of tries, but she got in. There were three Revives in a small bin, so she plucked one out and placed it in front of the ball.

“<Hmm...>” She sniffed it. “<I think my girl has always snapped these to get them to work.>” When she bit down on it, the smell intensified. Amber then placed it under its face. Presumably it had some kind of nose hidden there.

It came back awake groggily. “<Ooo, my mind is spinning.>”

“<You blew yourself up,>” she pointed out. “<You’d better be careful about that. There aren’t many more Revives in there. Or maybe...>”

It looked at her, expectantly. “<Maybe what?>”

“<That explosion was pretty strong. I wonder if it could open the door. I dunno if one of you is enough, though.>”

“<Are there any more like me?>”

She shook her head. “<Not now, but in that bin,>” she pointed to the ‘Invalid’ one, “<there’s lots more Pokeballs. I guess if tossing you into that bunch of wires worked once, it could work again.>”

“<Great, let’s do that!>”

“<Okay.>” she hopped onto the bin’s edge again.

Amber fished out another one with her claws, then tossed it out onto the floor. The ball Pokemon then rolled up to it and pushed it into the jumping sparks. It wasn’t as quick about it as she had been, but once there were there of them, they managed to keep up.

Before long, it was her and twenty of the strange Pokeball Pokemon. “<All right, how are you all doing?>”

“<Great!>” one of them replied. They all looked pretty much the same, so she wasn’t sure if it was the first one or another. “<We are a new life thanks to you. We’re gonna remember you forever.>”

She smiled; that was a great idea. “<Good. Now the problem is, we’re still stuck in here. But I’m sure those doors over there can’t stand up to your powers. Then we’ll all be free.>”

“<Right, we’re doing this for freedom!>” one of them yelled, causing the others to cheer. They rolled up to the door. Amber stayed behind a short ways, not wanting to get caught in another explosion.

After discussing things, three of the balls volunteered to take out the door. They parked themselves right next to it. “<Okay, one... two... three!>”


There were some screams from the hall on the other side. The rest of the ball Pokemon rushed out the door, rolling past a group of startled humans. “<Ha-ha, you can’t keep us caught!>” they jeered as they searched for a way out of the factory.

Amber walked into the hall with her tail held high, as if their antics had absolutely nothing to do with her. Her girl came up and grabbed her. “Oh, Amber, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to leave you behind.”

She licked the Trainer’s cheek. “<No worries.>”

She looked up to one of the factory workers. “Hey mister, what were those things that went by just now?”

“I... have no idea,” he replied, flabbergasted.

Amber flicked her tail, pleased. “<Just some new buddies of mine, no biggie.>”

1st April 2009, 11:29 PM
I thought I edited my old post, but I meant to suggest a Muk/Cherrim entry for Earth Day.

2nd April 2009, 7:48 PM
The ball growled. “<What?! How inconsiderate!>” Then it blew up.
I love how casually it blows up. XD

“That’s management’s concern, not our’s.
There shouldn't be an apostrophe there. That's the only error I noticed, though. Great job otherwise ^_^

5th April 2009, 4:45 AM
So, people complain about the Pokedex stating that Garchomp can fly and I showed how that could be twisted into an accurate statement. However, I don't think I've seen a complaint about Pupitar's entry. While being hilarious if you think about it, the one I used also states that it avoids damage when hitting solid steel when, by its typing, it takes major damage from steel attacks.

I guess there's a difference between taking a steel Pokemon's attack and what happens here.

In Process: Taillow/Swellow
On Deck: Magby/Smoochum/Elekid, Lairon/Aggron, Politoed
Reserve: Manaphy/Phione (4/12), Treecko (4/22)

Ruby/Sapphire entry: Pupitar creates a gas inside its body that it compresses and forcefully ejects to propel itself like a jet. The body is very durable - it avoids damage even if it hits solid steel.

Diamond entry: It lives along water in forests. In the daytime, it leaves the forest to sunbathe its treed shell.

Rain softly pattered on her dirt shell. Light was scattered by the clouds, but still, the Grotle came out by the lakeside. It was a gentle enough shower that most Pokemon went about their business as usual. For her, that meant sunbathing, or rainbathing, by the lake and reflecting on her past.

The day passed as expected. The humans were less, and those that came wore rain gear and carried umbrellas. Other Pokemon went about daily routines she knew by heart. After years and years of sitting here, watching, thinking, it was always the same. Sometimes people made an attempt to capture her, but she didn’t let them. Eventually, they gave up and sought a more cooperative team member.

Every day, practically the same.

There was a fizzle right before a dark streak zoomed across the lake’s surface and crashed into a pickup truck. A clamoring wail filled the air as the truck’s alarms went haywire. Before long, the dark fizzle returned, this time landing close to her. It fumbled and rolled until the Pokemon came upright with considerable skill. It was a blue cocoon creature, with a mask of hefty spikes warning predators away. Grotle had seen something like that once, long ago.

The Pupitar hopped around and looked at the scene. “<Phew. Guess I should watch where I’m going.>”

“<Are you all right?>” she asked.

It hopped around and faced her. “<Well of course! A little crash like that ain’t gonna hurt me.>”

She looked over at the parking lot, where the truck had been knocked several feet to the side. Its door had a punctured dent in it. “<Little?>”

“<I’ve been in worse.>”

“<What’re you thinking? To be flying around that recklessly, it’s irresponsible.>”

“<Not flying. Rocketing.>”


“<And I’m having some issues with controlling my trajectory,>” he grumbled, looking at the ground.

“<Then why?>”

“<To see the world, of course! And to find a great Trainer. It might be a little hard, though, considering that I’ve already evolved. But I’m sure that if one comes up, they’ll realize how great I can be!>”

She nodded slowly. “<I see. At least you have enthusiasm.>”

The spiky cocoon Pokemon looked to her again. “<So, what do you do?>”

“<Why are you interested?>”

“<Why not?>”

“<I suppose that’s as good a reason as any. I’ve been sitting here, thinking... trying to find myself.>”

He leaned over a bit, apparently puzzled. “<Trying to find yourself?>”

“<Isn’t that what you’re doing, in a different way? Looking within to find out truths about yourself?>”

“<Huh. Well...>” He considered it. “<I know that I’m gassy! That’s a truth.>”

Despite herself, she chuckled. “<That’s not quite what I meant. I mean, why you are at the stage of life that you are.>”

“<I just evolved a few weeks ago. Although, it will be a stinker when I evolve again. I’m pretty sure that as a Tyranitar, I won’t be able to rocket around so much. But I’ll be good and strong! Isn’t that the same way with you?>”

“<No. I evolved fifty years ago.>”

Pupitar’s eyes widened. “<Seriously? You don’t look that old.>”

She lowered her head. “<Thanks, I guess. Nothing’s changed for me since then, though. I spend my days wondering why. I consider all sorts of things about the world: how the sun changes its path across the sky over the year, how the surface of this lake changes in the same ways, how the plants bud, grow, bloom, fruit, then die, only to come back and do it all over again. There seems to be nothing new.>”

He hopped up with a short fizzle. “<Then you should travel, like me! Then you’ll see all sorts of new things.>”

“<Are they truly new? Or are they variations of the same old things I see here?>”

“<You never know. So then, why here?>”

“<Why here?>” She gazed across the lake, a tired old melancholy stirring. “<My Trainer drowned in this lake, all that time ago.>”

“<Really? Sorry to hear that. That’s gotta be tough. But, why’re you still here after fifty years?>”

“<I don’t know. Surely I should have moved on now, with someone else, or just on my own. But while time carries on, I feel like I’ve been in a standstill. Like my life has been frozen to this spot, at this stage in my life.>”

He watched her for a bit before saying, “<Weird. Why are you frozen?>”

“<I don’t know. I keep thinking about it and I can’t figure it out. I should be able to just move on, and yet...>” Grotle shook her head.

“<Hmm.>” He hopped around for a bit.

“<You don’t have to stay. You can move on like everyone else.>”

“<I could, but I might regret not being able to do anything.>”

“<You did break up the daily monotony, if that’s any consolation.>” She turned her head back to the parking lot, where the truck’s owner was cussing to someone over his cell phone. “<Not much happens here.>”

He hopped up onto her shell. She didn’t mind; she often let small Pokemon take the berries that grew there. Before long, he prodded at something. “<Hey, what’s this?>”

She craned her neck around. “<What’s what? I can’t see there.>”

“<Something’s stuck in your shell. It doesn’t look like anything else up here.>” He jumped up and chipped away the dirt. “<Oh, sorry. Does that hurt?>”

“<No, it’s pretty thick.>”

“<I see.>” He hopped a few more times, eventually knocking out an oval-shaped rock. It was dark-gray with flecks of pink in it. Pupitar hopped to the ground beside it and looked it over. “<There’s something odd about it.>”

Grotle’s memory flickered, recalling the painful last day she had spent with her Trainer. “<That’s... he gave it to me while we were traveling near this lake. He said there was something odd about it, that it could be valuable. But we had picked up quite a few things from the forest and he didn’t have room in his bag, so he gave it to me to hang on to.>” She touched the rock with her nose. “<It was really there, after all this time?>”

“<It looked like your shell had grown up around it. It probably has been there for fifty years.>”

“<That’s very strange. I wonder... I’ve heard that some rocks emit strange energy that affects us. If I didn’t know it was there, could this rock have kept me pinned here?>”

“<That’s some pretty strong rock. But it’s gone now! You can move on.>”

“<Maybe. Thank you.>”

Pupitar hopped around, considering the area. “<Then, are there strong Trainers around here?>”

“<Sometimes. There were ruins we were exploring back then. The humans couldn’t enter without strong Pokemon.>”

“<Excellent! If I go there, I might be able to find one for me finally. Where are these ruins?>”

“<Off to the south.>” Grotle looked over the lake. It had really been too long that she had been here, just thinking. “<I could show you the way; I think I remember it.>”

“<Awesome. Let’s go!>”

5th April 2009, 10:52 PM
This is definately your high quality work. One question... Is the pink rock spose to be an everstone? Cuz they're spose to be more bluey grey...