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Pokemon Trainer 619
2nd September 2008, 5:05 PM
Hello everybody and welcome to the:

Official Omnitrix Club!!!

This club is all about Ben 10. The games, the series, the aliens, etc.
The rules are quiet simple:
-No One-Liners
-No SPAM(Stupid.Pointless.Annoying.Messages)
-No insulting allowed

Pretty simple eh? Then i think no-ones gonna get a hard time following these. Now for the form to join:

Write "Omnitrix" in lime green
Why you like Ben 10-
Your favorite Alien(s)-

^^Thats pretty simple too! So i dont think i will see people posting to join without using this. Artwork is welcomed with open arms. Any art or info given to the club will be highly apprecieted.

Member List:
Masters of the Omnitrix:
-Pokemon Trainer 619(leader)

Elite Omnitrix users:
-(elite member)
-(elite member)
-(elite member)
-(elite member)
-(elite member)
-(elite member)

(more ranks later)

Thanx for Joining!!!

the green gardian
3rd September 2008, 5:28 PM
I will Defanatly join as i tryed this club but it failed as no one would post i love ben ten because its jus unreal my favourite alein is spider monkey =]

3rd September 2008, 6:27 PM

Why I like Ben 10: becuase it brings together so many elements, like aliens and magic. Also, I really really liked Race Against Time. Eon was an incredible bad guy.

My favorite alien/s: I like Diamondhead becuase the whole nearly impossible to break thing is really cool.And Grey Matter becuase he is smart, like me.

Could I be a co-owner please?

3rd September 2008, 7:43 PM
Why you like Ben 10? Because always has something we haven't seen yet.
Your favorite Alien(s) my favorites are HeatBlast because of the fire jet move it can do and XLR8 beacuse of its speed.

Pokemon Trainer 619
7th September 2008, 11:07 AM
Ashds and storymasterb can be the co-leaders since their entries are perfect. mangaeyes and the green guardian can join, but only after proper entry forms are used.