View Full Version : The Awesome timoteyo7 is here baby!!!!

8th September 2008, 12:18 AM
Yo! What is up my fellow Pokemaniacs!!?? The great, the amazing, the incredible, the one and only timoteyo7 is here!!! I've been using the Serebii website for info on Pokemon for a year now but I have never registered for the forums! doh! if you want to know my favorite Pokemon pairings then they are Advanced and Pearlshipping I like them both equally, as long as its not the red haired chic, whats her name? Ah i think its Missy no wait Misty!! Did I get it right?

I am also Naruto's number 1 fan baby! Believe it!! i know almost everything about Naruto! but lets not talk about that as this is a Pokemon site.

I'm going to tell you guys straight up. I am a character, I'm crazy, random, energized, and stupid yet smart at the same time! (don't see that combination everyday!!) My friends calls me Crazy Tim, my whole family is like one big sitcom! Sorry guys I just had my orange soda and I'm just going nuts right now! ahahaha (No i don't have A.D.D. yes I can read minds! Very useful!XD!)

I read the rules guys and my face paled.... I was like omg!! I'm going to get banned in 5 days!! I can already tell Moderators are going to be all over me like a bad itch!! They're probably going to be watching me even in the bathroom to see if I'm doing anything wrong! Lmao. The rules on this forum is no joke! I'm scared to even use swear words right now!!

I am also a very awesome fanfic writer! I have two Pokemon fics on FF! I am better than Matkin22! Better than PikamasterAdv! The greatest author of all time!Me!!believe it!! Check out the awesomeness:(I hope this is not considered advertising...)

Pokemon Destiny (Pearlshipping)

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4242297/1/Pokemon_Destiny

Pokemon Generations (Advancedshipping and Pearlshipping)

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4518515/1/Pokemon_Generations

anyway I hope to meet some cool people on this forum, and if I somehow disobey the rules....uuuhhh "i didn't do it", and by some chance somebody thought I disobeyed the rules..... uuuuh "it wasn't me"....

Psst if anyone from Advanceshipping Inc. is on this forum don't tell them I'm here lets keep this a secret between me and you guys haha....