View Full Version : Hello from Thunder Downunder!

9th September 2008, 2:27 AM
Hi all.
I've been using Serebii.net for a long time to get information on everything Pokemon, but I thought it was about time I joined the forums.
I've been playing Pokemon since the beginning, and it's one of the most enjoyable games I've ever had. It's certainly the most addictive! I have only recently completed my Pokedex in Diamond (yes, that's 493 Pokemon!) and am having an absolute ball chaining for shinies (I have nearly 2 boxes full!)
I am eagerly awaiting the release of Platinum, but since I live in Australia I will have to wait much longer than everyone else.
I'm an avid furry artist, and will hopefully update my sig with some Pokemon art for your enjoyment. If anyone wants to trade, battle, or chat, you can email me on crittertoon@hotmail.com or MSN me on the same name.
Hopefully you'll see me around in the forums though.