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23rd September 2008, 8:37 PM
Y heyo thar.

New here, as one might guess.

Like a few others recently, I left a rival site due to mass falling out over unfair rules... Almost gave up with this site. Why does nothing load?!?

*Likes to RP*

Anyhoo, hello, and I'm currently trying to port my signature over, but why won't tables work?!?


Dave. Btw.


23rd September 2008, 10:27 PM
Hi there!
There's plenty of RP threads here (though you'll probably have already found them) so no doubt you'll enjoy that ^^
About the forums lagging, it happens a lot at peak times when too many people are trying to go onto serebii. You'd be best off coming at quieter times, or just being extraordinarily patient, like myself!
Fraid I can't really work the sigs myself, I just improvise with the few things I can do on it =Z Hopefully someone more tech-savvy than me can help you there.
Most new rules get discussed here to the point of death, so they're normally worked out pretty well, I find...

24th September 2008, 5:18 AM
Unfortunately, the lags are pretty common. I delete at least one double-post every day. But your mileage may vary ;3 Welcome to SerebiiForums ^^

24th September 2008, 5:59 PM
Why thank you... I guess.

Shame about the lag then, although with any luck that shouldn't be a terrible issue.


24th September 2008, 6:41 PM
Hey, hey, welcome to the forums! Be sure to check out the Announcements forum for the Forum Rules and Signature Rules. Normally staff won't punish you unless you break a rule intentionally.. although if you did break it without knowing (for some reason), you should receive a warning for that. Either way, I'm sure you won't have any problem with that if you've read the forum rules / the stickies in each section. And you can be rest assured I won't touch your signature as long as you abide by our Signature Rules.

Well, aside from all the formal stuff, I hope you have fun with the RPGs and in general, the forum! Feel free to PM me of any inquiries, etc. in a reasonable manner.

24th September 2008, 8:49 PM
Okay then, thanks. I try to keep to whatever rules are around. I've read a few 'rules' threads now... there really should just be one... ^^