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5th October 2008, 9:00 AM
Hey there. I am Prastoai. After lurking around this forum for a few days, I have decided to join.

I am a fan of the Kanto and Orange Islands sagas from the Pokemon anime. I am not a fan of the sagas from Johto onwards, though there are a handful of episodes from them that I like. Regardless, the Kanto and Orange Islands sagas (in my opinion) are better than the others by a long shot.

I have played Pokemon Red, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Ruby. I want to play Pokemon Emerald, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have read good things about Diamond and Pearl, so I am considering trying one of them out in the future.

What else? I am a huge fan of Silent Hill, the Tales of Series, House M.D., Yu Yu Hakusho, and the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

See you guys around.

Sapphire Milotic
5th October 2008, 9:07 AM
Welcome to the Serebii.net forums! :D Have fun exploring around and interacting with other members! :)

5th October 2008, 2:29 PM
Greetings! And welcome to SPPF! Make sure you have read the rules (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=4220622; in case you didn't know) and we'll enjoy having you here!