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11th October 2008, 5:11 PM

Welcome to the Bakuman Club, by the creators of Death Note, a manga about two high school students trying to make a successful manga that can become an anime. Moritaka Mashiro, the main character, is a promising artist who feels that he must prove himself a mangaka to his greatest crush- Miho Azuki. Akito Takagi, Mashiro's classmate, is the smartest kid in the ninth grade and a manga-loving writer who decides that he wants to work with Mashiro. Feel free to respond to club topics, post fan art, club art, or most anything about Bakuman. Also, as a warning, spoilers are not required when posting something from the manga, so you should probably get caught up if you aren't already. The manga is not very long so if you haven't read it, it won't take way too long to get caught up.

Before reading these rules, you should be familiar with Serebii's rules.
1. Do not spam or post oneliners.
2. Please do not flame or bash others, even if they made a mistake. If someone messes up on the rules, it will be handled by me or a co-owner.
3. You can post for topics and other things only once you have joined. If you have not joined, you can only post saying that you want to join (and why).
4. Concerning the initiation post, please post why you want to join along with your basic request. To actually be accepted, the word "mangaka" in bold must be included in that post.
5. Give credit to any banners, userbars, etc. that you use from here (or anywhere for that matter).
6. When posting artwork, always include a link to the raw image as well as your name. Smaller images can also be posted right into here but still need the raw image link. Look to the Fan/Club Art section of this post to see what I mean
7. Do not make double, triple, etc. posts. People can tell the difference between lag and noobishness.
8. Disobeying/breaking any of these rules can land you a strike. Three of these will get you banned for a week, after which your strikes will be erased. If you post while you are temporarily banned, you get perma-banned.
9. If you see someone posting something that infracts on the rules, please use the report button. It helps a lot in regulating members.


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What kind of manga do you think Mashiro and Takagi should make next for the competition?




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12th October 2008, 5:49 AM
Ah, the club was approved! Hooray!
I have seen plenty posts out there of how people have read and liked Bakuman. If you are interested, join!
I shall start with a topic.
What kind of manga do you think Mashiro and Takagi should make next?
Personally, I think that their next one should be about some students that find they have special abilities (just a random idea).