View Full Version : The Giga Impact Warriors Club!

Kitty Aruseus
28th October 2008, 3:14 PM
Hello. Welcome to the home of the Giga Impact Warriors. If you wish to join, please pm me and with a reason to join. If I deem you worthy, you must have at least one pokemon who can learn Giga Impact on your game. Cherrio!

All SPPF rules apply
No *s when blocking a cuss word.
No cussing at all for that matter.
and you may battle on wifi here.

Giga Impact Champion (Me)
General Impact
All people start out as a recruit. only those who prove themselves worthy in this club can be promoted to General Impact, and even then I only have 2 at anyone time.

We plan to have a wi-fi tourny, level 100 single soon. Otherwise, discuss things here. They can be about anything pokemon, but I would like to focus on how to improve Giga Impact.