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30th October 2008, 12:22 AM
... or not. I could turn out to be amazing, or at least talented. Who knows... ;3

What's up. Just call me Angel, for now. I'm old enough to know right from wrong and old enough to know when to say "screw the rules". I am here mostly for help in putting a unique PKMN team together, but since there are all these other threads and things here I though I might as well do some other things too. X3 My favorite PKMN is Alakazam. My least fav's is Armaldo. He's alright to play with, but I have two words for him: Ugh and LEE. :(

IRL, I'm looking to take up a few computer certifications (MSOffice/Vista and maybe a Networking Cert. as well). But until then, I am stuck relying on the kindness of other people. I wouldn't take me lightly, tho; surprises me how focused I can be if I try.

Other than that, I'm mostly very chilled-out. If there's no reason to speak, I usually don't. I'm usually the first one in class, the last one out. And if you didn't hear me come in the room, it's totally not your fault. :3

Thank you, and have a nice day.

30th October 2008, 1:57 AM
*wave* hi!

30th October 2008, 4:36 AM
Hello AngelicDirt! :D