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Male of the Human Species
8th November 2008, 6:56 AM
Seriously, I spent like an hour trying to think of a creative thread title -_-

So, yup, I'm new here and decided to make my first post in the generic "first post section". You might (and probably won't) know me as me equally simple name at Pokecommunity, Mr. Person. I plan to become at least semi-active on this forum, and hope to have a good time here.

Laser Shuckle
8th November 2008, 7:31 PM
welcome to serebii.

make sure to read the rules, etc.

8th November 2008, 7:43 PM
Welcome, Male of the Human Species, hope you like it here in the SPPf (that's, Serebii Forums)

Make sure that you read the rules or teh modzorz will infracticate you...jk, they only infract you if you don't follow the rules xD

9th November 2008, 6:15 AM
I like this one. :D Yes, yes, read the rules. Don't double post. Please. Ever.
Thank you. :] Also note the nifty edit button.

Have fun! :]

Sonic Boom
9th November 2008, 6:25 AM
We've got ourselves a lively one here! :D

But yeah, like everyone's said, welcome and follow the rules (which I neglected yesterday :() and have a nice time here. :)

9th November 2008, 6:48 AM
Holy crap, a new user who uses punctuation and capitalization.

I welcome you with open arms, good sir.

9th November 2008, 6:53 AM
You.. used.. grammar. There is a God!

9th November 2008, 7:22 AM
You.. used.. grammar. There is a God!

As I've noticed.


9th November 2008, 1:09 PM
Welcome to the forums, Male of the Human Species!

You post seems quite intelligent, so I'm sure you'll make a nice addition to this community.

And don't worry, I can never think up good thread titles either, so you're not the only one. :)

Male of the Human Species
9th November 2008, 7:50 PM
Thanks for the nice welcome everyone! =D
Also, I didn't know that my grammar would be such an important detail. xD

10th November 2008, 7:23 PM
Well, a lot of new users don't use proper grammar, which can be annoying sometimes, especially since it can change the meaning of what they're saying. It also doesn't help the forum look very professional.

ppl who dont use gd grammar annoy me nd tis nice 2 c a new member usin grammmar n crrect vocab

Again, have a nice stay. :)

~Magic Thunderbolt~
11th November 2008, 2:39 AM
Good day to you, you do not seem to be one of those noobs who don't know a thing... May your stay here be a memorable experience.