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11th November 2008, 1:15 AM
Hi guys i am new around here. This is my first EVER forum that i signed up to, and I am hoping it will be a good one.

11th November 2008, 1:25 AM
well welcome here

11th November 2008, 1:29 AM
thanks. Oh, and if you don't mind, could you tell me how to change my avatar?

Blue Snover
11th November 2008, 1:34 AM
Welcome to the forums, i hope you enjoy your time here, be sure to follow the rules.

11th November 2008, 1:50 AM
well you can change your avatar by clicking on Private messages at the top then going to EDIT avatar under settings and opions then you sould be able to get it from there

11th November 2008, 1:52 AM
HI, I remember my first forum, one thing i learned was, read and follow the rules. And to change your avi, go to User CP or click your username and click the link on the left sidebar.