View Full Version : Hey, Hassan here.

12th November 2008, 3:27 PM
I just joined a minute ago, and so I'm kinda lost. Is this a branch of serebii.net, or an unrelated forum? Also, where may I post battle requests?

12th November 2008, 3:44 PM
Hi Hassan!

This is a branch of Serebii.net! Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!

Are they battle requests for PBR or for D/P?

12th November 2008, 3:46 PM
D/P, But I found the board. Thank you.

~Silver Aura~
12th November 2008, 4:02 PM
Hi welcome to Serebii I'd battle you but right now I'm EV training.

12th November 2008, 4:18 PM
I'll play you later if you want. Just, maybe pm me when you're done?