View Full Version : The Metroid Prime/Samus Aran Fan Club!!

21st November 2008, 6:16 AM
Okay I didnt find one so I decided to make one, anyone who is a metroid prime/samus fan can join! Please read the rules.

To join:
Post your favorite Pokemon and no one liners.

1. obey serebiiforum rules!
2. No one liners please
3.No random topics that dont have to do with Metroid/Samus
4. No more than 5 topics
5.Have Fun!!!

If you have Fan art..Show us!

;006;Owner:bob_shmoe Rank:*****

Owner:5 stars
Co-Owner:4 stars
1,500 points/Gold Member:3 stars
1,000 points/Silver Member:2 stars
500 points/Bronze Member:1 star
0 points/Normal Member:0 stars

How to earn Points:
Make a Userbar/Banner for the club:100 Points
Create a new topic:25 points
Being Active in club:10 points (You will get these each month if your active.)

If you are not active for a month you will be removed (Unless you tell post that you will be inactive.)

Also if someone would make rank userbars that be great. (Such as Gold for Gold member.)
Random Picture of Samus I found on photbucket: