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Shadow Dream
22nd November 2008, 4:03 PM
Hi! *cough* Totally forgot to make a thread here. Anyway... I'm Shadow Dream, purposefully mixing two common words for a name for no reason at all! I've been an on and off Pokemon fan for... well, since it came out and I was very little and my mother and older brought bought me a little green gameboy and Pokemon Red. I was pretty much a dedicated fan until some time after the 3rd generation came out when I got busy with school work (booo high school), but resumed to dabble in it here and there. It's like an addiction, you never can get rid of it! You know, like eating... and breathing... hard things to stop doing.

Anyway, I enjoy writing and playing the games (never could finish XD, not sure why. I blame the little kid who follows you around. It irks me). I've never been much of a strategist when it comes to playing the games though. I would just pick the ones I like, get them a flashy moveset (meaning the strongest attacks with the least likely chance of missing), and trying to dish out heavy damage. I mean... what's fainted can't beat you up, am I right? *innocent smile*

I'm currently starting a new Pokemon fanfic (shamelessly points to her sig), and yes... I am female... 19 years of age too. And yes... I like Eevees. ._. I'm still not used to Glaceon and Leafeon... they scare me... *hides behind an Umbreon in fear*

So, how are you?

22nd November 2008, 4:12 PM
I am good. Welcome!

I like Eevees too, though Glaceon looked cool enough that I overlooked the horrible haircut on the Leafeon. Regrettably the two new Eevee-lutions disbalanced me, because I had a team of all Eeeveeforms at level 100. And you can't carry 8.

Oh, and the high school thing? My teachers let me play in class, due to my abilityto surpass everyone else with 1/3 the effort. So, junior and senior year I sat there playing my GBA, listening to cds in one ear while keeping tabs on the classes progress with the other.

WHy they block your fic?

Drake Pokétrainer
22nd November 2008, 4:16 PM
Hi Shadow Dream, I hope you like this place.
I've also been a Pokémon fan since it came out (in 1998 here).
And I also don't pick uber strong Pokémon, but the ones I like.
Now that I think of it, I've never introduced myself in this forums, meh, it would be kinda stupid to do it after two years, wouldn't it.

Shadow Dream
22nd November 2008, 4:17 PM
I kind of like Leafeon's look more than Glaceon to be honest. But both scare me more than Espeon did when it came out... and yes, I know what you mean by the imbalance thing. I was considering making an all Eevee team myself at some point... I guess trade out Flareon or Umbreon? *sad face* Both suck, Fire and Dark types are so cute... awesome, but cute. *cough*

It used to be the same for me, but our tight-butt principal would drop in and do random checks. All electronic devices were banned from out school. Ipods, MP3 players, Gameboys... I'd have to stick my head in my backpack just to play. The MP3 player ban didn't get me so much. Long dark hair plus black earphones wrapped around my back = win. Hardly touched my grades. >.< I could finish a paper before my teacher finished the lecture... even in foreign language classes.

And I dunno. Something in my words won't let me post it here. I get the 500 internal error stuff. I've been trying for... three, four days now. Eventually made a Fanfiction.net account and posted it there with a link to my banner.

And hello Drake! Yeah, that would be kind of weird, but as the title says. Better now than never! So... welcome! ... as of two years ago. *nods*