View Full Version : Vampire Knight Club (Manga & Anime)

25th November 2008, 3:03 AM
I did not see a club for this already so I am making one because it is my favorite anime.

1. Follow all SPPF rules.
2. When posting to join - please give good reason as to why you want to join.
3. Any members can ask questions in the club. Its a good way to keep active.
4. If you post a picture, make sure there is more to your post than just the pictures.
5. Please stay on topic at all times.
6. Use spoiler tags for anything that is not out in America. For example if you read the manga online and wanna discuss it.
7. No posting to ask what the topic is. Read the thread and find out.

Rules can be updated or changed at any time so please stay updated with the first post of the thread. Thanks!

Club Owner:


First club topic: Who is your favorite character & why?